North Carolina Newspapers

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NO. 8.
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Ziesler Bros. 81k es.
OF WHTCH ta r. : - .
NO'A r;: s i
W r.i.l.
Bay State Shoes,
Of liktwue o? .apply. u i ' -
kio-U iV 2
: r 'Low Figures. Es:pc'.a'.', uASH BITiERS.
Oor tio cartacr . 1 ' i .T I I N - K S
kete, fof ti purpose of
. -'ifipCTXU THE best STOCK OF
General Merchandise
; tyW Will giT HOties their vrlv "
March. 18S6.
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4'If frfoaH joirparcb uniil you se
CA'waBulU f Very Low Prices.
. Boys 8llor 8uit fwo t ".-
'Hljig' '
Out Sua. f Underwear (OMl'I.i: 1 K.
: la Ladies' Dre Goods and Shoes .- ASTONISHING
Give TJs a Call, and See For Yourself.
m7 da
Snj Stat .e Penitentiary
Erry grWrTntei to Rle atlfACtion or mou.y rcfumloil
Patterson's Shoe Store
' ,8igi plO BOOT, Middle Strret. N ow H.-rno. t
Mas. jl j IPTjtoT t
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wiff- ftw u immf
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Vholesale Grocers,
A-a4 kp oT FLOUU, ntl.YTS, COFH1 vl(;u. svnt i
MOLAS3bS. 8AJ.T. TOBUIO, SMl'l M' M.iv
rerytbinx In fi. c, itocKKV iim. a nil i , M K .,,.t at
LOW rRICM fr CASH t- 1 ''
Spriiiii and 8uninier.
Our pruib ::. :' Nobbv Sack - Cut.iw .y S'.-.ts
Plaid Suite. SUaight C ,.'.s "
yarietT. Bot. 'I -'; 1 : ' ' "
l.0O M-mN P ic b . s . - '
Oar 13-10 sai-j t '.').'" -
Vh- lrg-r k ' :
ilea' n i 1 '" ' ' - " -
paying tl.l1" :'
50 doi. - Hx.-. V ' '
Bantirsti .iitT-r.-i.r i'il -.
Oar stock jf S a::.:: r '
ap. Alio 1'a.l: g'.'i'. '-:- ; s -'
Wo hi. e i -. -.- :' "'-'
in tho mirk -.
AiT-t fi- 1-. V- . -
Kl'j. :..:. '
S t r r. -Jim
ik.-r. '
W e bo-ig .' i . - "
W-ar, Pur.-. i
To rC'h-v :
be-. in thi a.rk--
lijy'i xz : M -..'-
Striw MiP-i'-g-'' l -
W ire i.' -r.-..- t' - !. -
Nobby Sack and
a run
i W ft lA'a : -it) 1 1 11.-.
'Ini lM U ILL Ku kT i-xa: n
lLt .tonCi n In x:n
IpiICtiioa in W ml O r J mrmr
, - - .'Si S mTT-- i t " -.
HARRIS REMEDY CO., Mf s Cutnn t,
ir.Taw.rT. Lorn -st-i
I M M . N 1 X I V N 1 N V I ' V 1 1 " N
- hi i: i i i tiM. nn i i n v
, : . . . t : . i t ..:
., . i ;. .;.:! ; i! C
. i- i - 'i i ' un-
!.'t:c I: m.l
; ' ; f f into t In- f;ro.i r
N : 'iv i v-;:"U h.fh
, : -a. :i !:. K ir:
l"r. f. t : i :
N.--.V I : r ; ; I . :i k. ' . .1..
1 I. . i'a .u .wnl K.w it an
f.ff :i ' w i ! 1 'U'.i t !'
i .i:n :r.i "lor' Stoi kton.
e . a .
i er !;:.'
iif ui . ies
. k - w
i; ,v il;(iiii. f ol
tbrouph sever
irriM' a 1 lonlen town .
.,: f u . jou.-ii :!it. the 1 tela ware.
(,.,.:,,' li'wn t'uat river, parsing
I'liii.nh-ipli; i. we enter the Chesa
...iki1 am! lk'law.ire e.w.a! fit DeU
v ,n- i ,;v. riiciice tourteMi miles to
i ::e.iie.ike ( ';tv. wiier- we enter
I . i:er.
! i I ; . s
ar t hf n
into Chesa
"tith of the
- .rli.lllli.ll:.
i o a ''.t 1 e 1 1 l
. -' : ii .. ii . 1
N :iif ro'is rur:- en
t i r 1 1 1 :i e. 'ti fi: ;. !. t
; fii nr 'litem in i if-.
: s one
;n the
: e r
of the
harbor- rfiy
aiol bv it we
. ' ' i'...i
! ; . . . N . ,
: . i . k . i.eii' i
t oin iurt I 'oi ! re.-s
ort New- aiiT Nor
,. e one of t he be.-t
arbors m the world. We now pivs
tiie 1'niteil States Navy aril
a-i'eml the southern branch of
: . i'...;'n r;fr; pa-smi ( i ii inertoii.
,,. I,, r in-r:i e :. 1 ot t he Dismal
.!! ;. f.wial. an. i enter the Albe
. - . a:,. I i he-apeako canal near
r.rt.le. ihe head of naviga
: i I re ;- the 1 irge.-t lock on
int.c coa-t, 40 teet wide.
l.nikX and eipiit feet deep,
r.wut in the most snb
n. n ( . i : h t and a half
.: cauai. through a
.:;ii' ii- to a river that
nr. iiea.-: called the North
l: river. lnt:hteen milea dia-
i . i :
..!. Ae enter (.'urntnek sound so
o. -ie orated tor it.s wild fowl. Here,
and also t hrouh the river, great'
. -..prov i men is iiave been made
; .:".lv ! the Albemarle and C'hes-
,L.. ' anal t'ompan under the
n ot Comtnodoie Marshall
i'arks. of Norlolk. w lio devoted
a l.leliaie to tiie uioject Passing
hroiigh the upper portion of the
-onnd and goingto C'oiniock bay,
we enter her f.wial construct
ed by tiie Albemarle and Chesa
peake 'oin pan and after going
live and a hall "miles due south en
'.r North river, which empties mto
A u.arle .-ound. Here we have a
v.t.-t extent oicoiiutis Umg Is'iore
u-. f ma navigate sounds and
riv.-r-. e ial to 1 ,miii miles of length
;u the aggregate, or we pa.-s through
( roal.wi ty Uoanoke ish:id and en
ter l'amli.'o sound a great inland
-ea tlit nee up t tie Neuse river to
Nea Heme, or up the l'amlico to
Wa-iiuigton, or through Core sound
to lieaub rt. 1 be latter sound :
so lull of shoals that a canal troin
the Neu.-e via t llliitoot creek to
llarloue h i- been -ubstituted and
the N. a i.iTiie and Iteaufort
( anal, " tnree n.iies I.hil', tia.s Ix-en
constructed tv a i oiiipau ot h'.ch
( omuKslorc Marshall Tarks is the
l'rvsident. This canal was proiect--!
in 1 and Alivert (ial latin,
t! en .-secretary ot ;:,e t n.te.l States
1 ri i-ur. sent a communication to
: gr. --. setting t r I : i the impiT
' : :i.:s inlani! naviga'ion.
K.itwrl I .'ult.'ii in 1 s 1 al.-o ,uh i-ed
ts con '.ruction and proposed to use
.: on Lis steamboat route from
1'n.l oleiph.a to I h arles ton , S. C.
The ClubfiMit and Harlowe canal
v chartered by t lie State of North
.. re I'M. Al'ei a long i nteival in
' a 1 1
:n e.-ted was
North Cir..,,a.i
.I. and afP-i re
n - to . ' - capita.
.::: t u.ouoy .
- ..-a ' proper: .
s-.c, p, fa::..- r iii-
i :
a --.glle,l
: :.- Park-.
! a:
t iie
g'.'s- C
, 1 1 1 , i . .ie
t :. a" ' h'-
pa- w
' . ' - . : i a ; :: n . a" . i . i !i '..: i - n . h .niini
N y Nu; : c :;'I ! N v
I a Nr , I, ) M ' I 1 I I i . II I ' M i s I I I i
,;i I , a " . : : g a'T I... ' . - .;. !
I llorts ol If I W t. People, i h-
deglee . g ' ' I . I i. I I ' .'
w.i- e'. er : . i -: . : f . i ' : .:. . : : . -
and tl.: .: ' k- ''
mole dp::.!. elnpl.' rd .s'. I ' -
debt. State and ; n d l vid mil . t ti.tli at
any tune ;n tiie la-t halt ertcun.
Texas has -urp i--ed t he Old No: t i;
State bi c w:-e ol her huge ,:it:i !
ininugratioti and .eahh: but North
Carolina has fewer b i eigne; - and
a more rompietei homogeiieou
population tlian any I'tlicr State o!
the 1'nion. Since '.he re-cue of the
State from the tempest of profligacy
that swept over it alter the war
tinder the Holden government, the
taies have steadily diminished
until they are eul nominal, ami
the school have incie.i-fd untii
thev proffer ediicatioi; to e'ei
child in t he co in in oi i ; h , iigard-Ie-
of co1., ,r. Her leg: t ; in at e d e bt
i- -readily tednc, d; i,. : 're.i-;.:;.
has a large siirplu-i in r
institutions, conducted w.'.h ciiia!
care and outlay for lo;'a i...i e-, are
monuments ot ere.l::: in : ; . I f
improvements h.o e kep' p.o e w.tu
the growing wants of her people:
her authority relief - tl.epiideoi
the State in its stain!. -- :;.'egr:!.
and thrift and content aie the com
mon blessings ol her people.
For t his except ;o;, a! i eco: d t hi : e
are many able a:i 1 nan to
whom North Caro'p na ..- indebted;
but it is no injustice to any to say
that to no one is -he -o mucii in
debted as to Tiiomas ,1. ,lar;-. the
!ato Governor. Hi- term oi six
years, ended only by the mandate
ot the constitution. ha brought the
State to the largest measure of
prosperity ever known in all her
past, and there is not a. son of North
Carolina who does not share in the
general pride ol a more than re
habilitated commonwealth. W hen
it is considered t hat Nor t !i Carolina
has every important mineral within
iier borders, (rum gold to iron: that
she h.vs every variety ot soil lor
every variety ot crops, troin wheat
to cotton; that she lias every variety
of climate, from the sunny Southern
coils t to the chills ol the highest
peak of the Appalachian range: that
?vhe has w ater I'o'A er enough m a
single liver to ,-piu and weave tiie
whole cotton ot the South, and that
her land- are i;ea:!y as cheap and
her climate better than the West,
when these (acts .ire weighed ill
the scale of intelligence, tin' nn -mentous ot a New S 'Uth.
with sectional tranquility .i.-.-ured.
may be understood m the North a
lt I- now ' d ;u the arc
l.n a.-.
r . t i a I at V dain - ( m k.
1 .:: ; i; .1 ' i: : - -All. u.e.
through ;.oi;i' iliiable paper. o
give a sy n op.-; - i
un bv some i .1 i
a te-t'iva. gottt ti
fir hl.l.e- lot the
purpo-e ,.f ra -;::g
the Met!.. ::- ..
creek .
It was held op 1
day nights la-p ;
and i.o ' -a . ' ip-r a p. i .
e lie v o t t he w ea' h .
crowd-',!. The to,
and ra-'efal'v ,!c ,
g: e.-n and tto we; -
ll cVel
:' vara .us kin..-.
l'ormmg appropriate inottoe-. ai
ranged in the nio.-t beautiful and
appropriate in. inner. The tables
were Hist -pleuditk or nan.e n ' ed
with rlower- ami loa,!,,l witli the
richest viand prepared by -killi.i!
hund. Theie w.-re cak. - --on.e
of t he n '
ous an!. :
'.terries I,
nun ep
ou! p . a
f.t,g 'o
I'!:.- :
. e
iw -:ue.-.
xi -- I
k it. i!
A - h
ir ii ::. . p , r
W e iii.u,. -:,'. ,
1 ite 11 -!. !'.' a:. .
. or ap; i .-c: r : :.
the : in ; vem. :C .
- . ;i w ':'; i
'.1 -- 11 a ie h p'p,
p I V I i
... - . . . -a -.':'. i : i - ' , . ., , - ; . be ; 1 1 - w r . : I ell . a: .. i
Pi cut Hp- .mii li. r,i llr.iln
. . d :;: ; . i : i i : 1 1 :
: --. '. . ' - ,'U-f v,is he,u
;. ,:: .: : W;;s !:; e,i v 1
gp . : - i:h ::i 1-1!'.
: 1 I . i if a ; In- pr.n- ,
f Pi.
-p. : ..: i.f great W 1
g a
... 11.
N ' a-!;i
lie II
A . 1 - .
I ': e.-ide!i : . Hi- speech
oeca-.oii was doubtless
1 piece on the -1 II in p.
. l.,-e 1 he oil back in a
U Pot
W la .ii the aim- ol .lames ( '.
.lope-. Ii ; in -e 1 1 a III agll I ticetl t or.
a ho hugged him to his bo-om and
exclaimed m an cc-tacv of (Mit husi-
.1-.-:. -Die
ne er h a i
Pletltls. die: vnu Will
such another Glorious
oppoituni-y It wa- at the close
o; ii. great speech in l'aneliil Hal!
:n 1-11 t'uat Ildw.trd l.veret t asked
llaniel Webster if he had ever
heard such a speech betole. and
the answer was. N e er. except by
1'reiitiss himsell."
l'rentiss was the very peisoiiifi-
cation of courage, moral and phvsi-
eal. Ho had a horror of the code, ,
,. ' '
but had no hesitancy in appealing
to it. as ho Itiund it an established
institution in the land of his adop-
t ion. Hi spirits weie so mercurial.
... I... ,rt . .. r...,.1..f l.P- .....Iiii..,nl
ii- le.ii .-o leiiiiei. ill.- .i i in inn ,
. , .... , , , , . I
o reined, that ll he had shun his
adversary in such a rencounter his amendment. M: . M- i..:: kn- w- n. u
Iea.-ol), iow frttll as It was, wetlld runn idk ac,iii,-i p,e ) a r ; .. ! - u: nnent
have been dethroned. Hut as so- of a lare eta-. ,.f p-.ple-Ab.. b.ala--cictv
then wa in Mississippi he 'e nd.t i.; .nt.-rrup; ;.t ;.: -u-ure
,, , ,, (! m .vein.-nt if i :a:n. ;c t.twe. n
w as compelled appeal Ii:s person- s; ,p- ' u: , -. . rv j . , j. , , ,-.
a! ijiiarre!- to that tribunal. The . (..upv A-c. -i, ,:, ,n . .:... n
only Ill.lll he ever met, though IlleS- ( when he -n .u: i .-. a.-i i- r the matter,
sage nas.-ed between himself and! "ould say th.o. .i was P'.e t:ut ol C n-
s,.v..r..l ,,-bers - H..nrv S I-'oote '
........ ........ ............. . . ,
of w hom I bop
to write in the
tat ure. 1 he cause oi the duel has
been variously stated. 1 will give
one. Prentiss was a man of in Unite
lest. l-Aetl when no argued grave
" r, ,
.. gal (piestions oelore a court lie
interspersed his speeches witli wit-
tiom r liiiPt'leil ll
p in all his
i; : ; oi a i ices, am
made him one Of
the un
engaging of men. On
. - . . ... iew w etks -uu w t . l u.i siiiit s were
one occasion he was sitting up w:th entireU- c,,mi.uut t., ... ,ii, p,,,,,
a party ol friends on attendance matters. Si far a- M:-.- :ri was ei-n-
Upon a gentleman who w as hors de cerned, whenever anv nrpeal b.a i been
combat: a bad case of delirium made to thevow-er i the spue, ir ha 1
tremens. The ph v-:cian'had said been responded to.
,, .. ,. , ' ' ii, i Mr- Teller and M . . M..xe ngn t d
that ll the patient could sleep he with Mr. Vest and Mr. CulU.n." and Mr.
would soon recover. The attend- piatt feared tt.e aim. in In,, nt would em
ants tried esery means in their barrass and p-Tiiap- in: : i 1 1 the pa--age
power to bring the drowsv god to ; "f (he bl1'- an., so :. ., .! Mr. Morgan's
the lids ot the sick man, but with- amendment. 1 ..p.i.y p,-. am-n !m, nt
. ,, ,, ,. .. was hud on tne pit,e--ea -K'. cavj ...
out avail. I-mally Prentiss itnpa- Mr BrtAVI1 tnr. , i u, :uu ;,', nt
tieilt l.V said: Oil, d U it. give him provi iing for t!:e p;;n:-n. :.: of t ; ::-
I 'oote's book on Texas. I'll war- injuring the property . ;' i ..ib i ! - :n
rant. Its sopontic ellcets." The joke panies. track,. buier-. e-o-. 'In.
w as too good to be lost, and there amendment weuid nuike it a i.-I r.y l,
, , , ,. maliciou-lv injure su -h pr. p.-rtv. nn i
were those who carried it to l'oote. jf Jt,ath r,;,u!:t.l fr,:.: ;!..' nnaiV ti.. n
the Uto.-t irascible ot men. A Chill-' the otTer.-o -h ul i n-iip.p. m-ail-r.
1 ell go tollow ed a nil the part les met. The amendment w .- : pi . n v ...,..
l'oote was as brave as Lord N'eh-on. Considerable debate tie n :,r. . n the
nit was so cxeitabla that he turned
pale ami trembled like an aspen,
w h . Ie his voice, when under the in-
ihlelieeol anger, was exceedingly ,
unsteady. As a consequence he
wa.- in, dangerous adversary, but he
.. , , . '
was game to the backbone. Ihe
ri'Stilt ot the tirst meeting was a
!'al! in l'l'iee's shoulder. w hile
I'l.-iito - t -capetl unharmed. The
-ccoiul meeting was occasioned bv
a ri
it that
'reiitiss "relied" on
!.; , ape w lu ll lie nreii at runn'. a
long coi'iesnorpleiice precetlctl it,
Alexander McClung bein
t he
II. end ot l'oote. When the parties
iae.-d e.iCU
ther Prentiss threw
away i...- calie. and at the first tire
1'oote fell wi;h a ball in his hip.
.e i i.i: r :e- Iriellils a snort
1 1 m
a : tei u a: , i and so cop . : n net
' " '" o ei. o , .,,
1 'it'll l 1 s s was lame ot one leg III. , 1
w a.ked w itii the aitl til a cane. He
had a in a g :: 1 1; Ce 11 1 bust and a rcval
h, ad. the space above the eves 'be-
. , , . it i" i
mg a three decker. He a
e.ig.e eye that burned !.kc the orb
ot day and tla.-hed like lightning
w hell lie was aroused. His voice
'.a- Pii.ler complete control, and
, , , , ., ,ii,i
v .,Vrrll,le a': l,r , Wll ,Ml'
.'.1.1..1 li.l'. Hi HI, 111,1,11 lo, llllll .nil
he rt qu.i. il a great oecaslon to
'..ppgoiit in bold relief ail his now-
t l-. At siit-h tune he never failed,
p..- , ;.,., !,) n i.
. n ; 1 ' i ; M :
,. ; i c , , - - o ? 1 1 -. , : t , r o 11 - ;
oi -eed tillie. W P
.- ill -toie we do not c.
tinit ' e h lives! -'shall '
I.-I-- no: riif woill :'
flop- may go a in 1 -s.
and will , 'o in f . .some b
- 'nn --i tl ..f, but we
- : . ei.eei e,i by t h" ".'
p 1 1 : e ' ; i r 1 1 . glad- ;
i a ; :i and by the Mill
l.l that I I ! , o I' Well a p P
. ' - ii-.Pitil I r,.;i; the
1 no -en ' e nee passed
.l;;,lge. ..p.y the i
'. i I ox .-ha!' 'boll e.i t :
'till .-, - e : to the n
Had.' bee ; i g:enas
: i . : . , ; 1 1 - at- '
i P nogir h ce bei p
gal ile, 1 . but none t he
: . The rewind ot
to ap '" i .verb" k .
' .. . in g award i : '
I , , ". i p . . i r ' i ,r, :;. in i s
I i 1 I e li.l
I ee I '
b In I-
k- ! Hew n
-. . . .i . . n - . . . - v . .1 i. : P j ive -.-ci a pr .a. in- n : n . in it
l n r r t - - ., n a 1 V m 1
I I e I '
(Ira:. 1
I .HP! I
Mr i
I:- ; .! .
jj,.,jrx ,7 ; . . .
seen i e 1 i v : . : v
I: an l t s -:i! .
v'--:-gap-p.. -
m e
A i.utnr r : j :;
ani referr. .! pie.;:
legulation a- or.-':
Ali.-r tn- r. rn..
the Intel -.,!- if. : .
"I'.i"1'1 r.-iderati . r,
Mr M ,r
amcn.l mei.t t ; an ,-h !v pp- a:.':
.ri-onnumt ne a i. . , ir.. :
or iDtonVre w ith the' tr.c.i.-
ent-h m lap r--,..p. C miner,-... Mr.
fT ur:
lU, reculatiT. ,.f c.n.n.. rce between
ih Mates, it should see travel be
tween the state -h.eilii be kept tree,
l'- w r''t ' (he whole. I.e.'t !e to
J1 lhtht lr, t' ;'
merce. Uht. iir on ltd to interfere
wlth cn!tl,,.u ... ullllKir ,t r.ii'roa I
company, a n .. . r a i.-pa.e v . f ,i;
tiiviauals. w .- - n. -thin tic.t :-r. -
i''.iii.i regu...:e hi. : net . al l
not escape u... iiuty :: it nr.. Pa: k to
uo anvtniiig at aP in
im,.rs.a. r ..
: . 1 1 1 1 1 ' . u u
t a in i i ;. - t !.e
prets to e x. r . . -e . : - p . w , r
on-: any
w .Pi tin
; 1 I'e'i :':
p rtl .!.
i -a-l i.;;
tl,,r- . tl -
eommeree of ; i . o t . '
judgment of .-v. n nan w i.
provoked into . x - -s y ;!.,
of raiiroa.i cmj .i.b. w.
ngress in t,..-t. gi-i .ti ,n : but w !, ;;., r
it diJ or "t. t:.e .iiitv ..t i i,u. v,u
Mr. Ve.-t d i 1 n : think ti..- ..-pp.
ti"n gave Cong'e any r;b; ,., r the
question with wl.icii the .im-i. !m. nt
,, a'1' l taW'" ' ""' me i,a-i
t i. , ... ... -, .
r. P. .r In
. f w he-l.
r. plum b s n; :;::.. -p. ,.
prohibiting nu-m1 .-r- of p ngv,
ciaUof the (i..v-rM;i;ei,t tip :
ht's fr,,!" " u.e i n.-t
prohibiting 1 o n.i...;..i-
giTir.h, r r..i;.'..i r.:
Mr. Kdmua is - ud if Mr. I'.-II- r
extend the pr.'vii :: :' !.::.::. :
so iit" cover i. -. n. p. - : -;!:. I
!:..! i.t
, nr-
view ot m
'A , U
f a v . . r it.
jjr ;-,
Con-l it nut le epo
tin- .i menu iiit-i.! . and
I.'V-ar. ;: w.,s la: i . n ti.e lab
the '.all , r. .-'.erica'.-, and
Mr. llpmi: ,'ur. Ian ;.:
ii,, i ;.. . i ;
a . -; i .:. ai. :
-inina- nr pro
. , f the I ;!!
! i. r apply P la.u u-.e i. -;n.
as t re
need f ,r. -I
Mr K.ii.c,::...- -, -..: i , .-.:a....r
anu.,n.,..;t ar- t agi ; a . P. : ,,i , .
ip ian,i armv ir.-'.-t.rg.
A" amer. in-.-nr ,:Ter,d I y Mr.Sp : r
was agr. ,-i t n app. v .n tne word "iii;-
lawtul Ii, d i-ci i.-.urnit;. ns coinieinii'd
bv as t t , r .,f
(.;, lV;sn.i. wuhm the t, cbmcil m, .mng
of Uf olaue.
The bill was tinailv ordt r. .1 r.- rst.t-1
as amended . ami : a, .ng to arrive at an v
Conclusion as to w hen a voteshaiid be
taken, the Senate at .' --, a i.ourn,-!.
,T T.
1 1 . . -1 1 r.e
.-,,;,,..,, of t
p. 1 1 pr w i 1 npr :
c .in. :n.-: i. :
v ';- ' : ::
M,..:c . .in'i A
II U-e
,e Will.'
-n-:,p : t ,1 m
I. 1 ; i-- 1 the
i IP nn n : . ' a
. 1 rtl" ; -.;
r.. -of N. w
1'. r. ! fur
.:.::. M r. 1 : . . . ' . -..- .-.:-: a.. - .i-nn'i- o iiii i ,'? h- p f i . '. - ugh
th .f the f uriher
point of arrival. "
wouid be better than
.!vi i iifiit . be i-ausp the
it created, bo said, a
an i!iuiioo between
1 1
i t-
. a liule
i- at tirst
Mr. K i
el it iva
Several 1 and re-
iiis iimtTii 1 n
it w
i :. n:i - J i.-a
..Ver.'.l it later, a
T. '-'7. nay? 21.
i;i nt- v, re otTere
: P II ti
fi vea
a vote anil was
;T. nays 1. The negative
I'.rown. I'uliiuitt. Morgan
s were
A number of pairs were
'line cl.
he Ib-.nkruj toy bill was then laid
' ! b. for!' the Senile, but Mr.
.r :el led in favor of the I'enfion latter accordingly remain?!ied L'li-iiic..- for U o'clock to
ri :
V. '. ;T p. m. tin? Senate ad j mrnod.
1! -In the morning hour. Mr.
1'. Inn ait. of Xew York, on behalf of the
. .mmittee on foreign aifairs, called up
the joint resolution providing indemni
ty to certain Chinese subjects for losses
sustained within tho jurisdiction of the
I 'nitod States. The resolution was cou--l
iered in of the whole,
A lien Mr. Belmont gave a history of the
' hineso massacres at Hock Springs,
I V nd mg discussion the morning hour I
expired, the committee rn8 and the
House again went on with the army ap- i
pri ipriation bill.
Mr. It i'-kwoll. of Mass.. moved to in- i
rea-e from ."iXi.000 to $400,000 the
appropriation for the manufacture of'
arms at the Sprinfigeld armory. After I
.-i .me debate the motion was agreed to i
The committee liicu rose. Tnc House j
bv a v ne of il:! veas to 100 nays, re- I
fused to agree to the Springfield armory ;
amendment (thus reversing the action
of the committee, and the bill was;
passed. i
The House again vnt into committee
of the whole on the Diplomatic and !
i '.insular appropriation bills, and spent
ii," remainder of the day's session dis
puting over an item of $l.K)0fora steam
launch f.-r the use of the legislation at
Mr. Cannon, of Illinois, started the
debate by criticising this item and Dem
ocratic extravagance genend ly.
Mr. Morrison moved that the appro
priation be reduced to $1,000. If for
mer ministers had been able to get
ah rig with that sum. be did not see
why the present minister could not.
Mr. Morrison's motion was lost "0 to
sT. Mr. Morrison remarked that as his
Republican friend were voting against
him and his Democratic friends were at
he w ould not raise the point of
.Pending further action five
and tho
the eomn
i jourued.
Utee rose.
1 iirti.iv anila Public School AY rooked
HI any Children Killed.
Ka-.-a.- City. M. n.May 11. A fearful
-form of w ind and rain swept over this
city today continuously from 11 o'clock
till noon. The court-house, on Second
s-ireet. was totally demolished above the
s. eond torv. The Lathrop school build
ing, on Faghth street, was partially
wreck, ii. and many children were
cauglf. oi the ruins. A n overall factory
..p. S '-uijil street was blown down. The
, 1 water-works buildinsr. ntar by. was
blown down. At the Western Union
telegraph otiiee but one wire is working
out of the city. Communication has
be. w , -'ablish.-d w ith St. I.ouis over
that wire bv waiy of Dallas, Galveston,
New ( h leans and Memphis. One span
at t'ne north end of the railroad bridge
a r -- tiie river was blown
ml . i'ae river, blocking the
11 A Sr. Joseph. Rock Island,
YaPa-! iV Kansas City. St. Joe &
t un. il Phi'!' roads. ' Bight girls
hate been taken out of the
overall factory, four of whom are dead.
M my cullers arc in the ruins, but') there
is -car, -fly any hope for their lives. In
the rniiiusion it is impossible to ascer
tain dehnitely the extent of the calami
ty, but it is said that oyer 20 employees
are nnprisonedin the basement of the
factory. At ll o'clock p. m., as nearly as
can be harned amid the intense excite
iii. nt and confusion, about twenty per-:-.
r.s are known to L,e dead. At the
I...throp school 11 children are reported
,rm. although entailing such a
f life.- was nothing of the nature of
the tornado that
vistcd the
years ago. It w
', , , .. .. i j a . .
i, II : ,.lll le, t L'V 11 liuuu Ul w aifi miuouuic
nan. which urnea many street
rivers. Black cloud rolled over the
city, creating almost the darkness of j
night, and made timid people crouch in
terror in cellars. The streets wtre en
tirely deserted.
A l.icat and (.oucral Storm,
t ill , ... 111.. :.Iay i:j Dispatches
fr. niM: t'arroll. Uile-burg. Koekford,
Marshall. Tuscala and Street. Ph, and
other points in westean Iowa.
V,-eon-m and northern Indiana, iudi
- p.e that the storm last evening was
n. throughout th
localities named.
'.- place it n- reported as a severe
gorm. accompanied bv a furi-
an 1 a heavy fall of large hail-i.ici-.;
damage w.,s done to
in the tow t.a and tu c ro s and
r.'NA'ri. M.iy th Theit i- n-.tele-.-onimunicr.tion
wit'a Xrida and
. I a: from the railroad f !!i ials it
uiincd that the rain fell so rapid
. a culvert under the railroad
u n. lTlh! ing an reser-
h h hnallv t r- he tiie t
. : i-i-he i'thr, ugh X- i.h
r. - - an. 1 wa'luns awi.y
: - ji: - arc r-. poi ti- 1 ki
. number lujuia i. A
h w i w p Uor IP, i p
1-d and
! graph
i I
npl tht re wa- no c
i u n lea; ion
innati whatever,
many lives , re lo-t is n
t yet
. I at, a: l'J: . ' n
-t disas-
e Miami
I -- 1
tw t nty-
i ,'iit
i I
RiCHAloNl'. May 10. In the M. E.
(leneral Conference today Dr. M. P.
Chapman, of Mi-suri. introduced a
preamble and resolution in relation to
the Confe ieration of the Methodist
l lpiscopal Church South and the Method
ist Episcopal Churcli Nonh. The pre
amble sets forth in substance that the
two churches have a common history
and preach the same truths: thereore,
that this General Conference f hall elect
a committee of seven, four cf whom
shall be clerical and three lay delegates, .
who shall meet a like committee from
tho Northern Methodist Church in '
looking to the reunion of the two
churches. The resolution further sets ;
forth that it is a sin and folly for two
Methodist churches to occupy the same
Dr. Chapman, in his earnest advocaey
of this resolution, said that in his State
the sin and folly of the matter had been i
observed: that he has seen in a small .
town of 400 or 500 inhabitants, two ;
Methodist churches raieing altar against
altar a waste of men and money and a
waBte of the forces of our Christianity. '
The brethren in the South, ho argued. I
have not this thing to contend with, i
and know nothing of the clash which is j
met with in the "West, and know nothing ,
of the facts in relation to the segrega- '
linn nf Motlinrlism wViinh ia coiner on '
under the present state of affairs. Con
tinuing. Dr. Chapman said we who have
seen this state of things are tired of this
waste of men and money. Where the
Northern Methodist Church is in the as
cendancy we are dying by inches, and
where we are in thd ascendancy that
church is dying by inches.
Dr. "Whitehead, of Virginia, was in
favor of referring tho matter to the
Committee on Fraternal Correspond
ence. The question w as discussed at i
some lengm, ana nnany was rererrea
to a special committee, to be composed
of one from each Annual Cogference.
Another important matfewooking in
the same direction, was reference to an
appropriate committee the preparation
of a common hymnal that may be used
bv all different bodies of Methodism in
the country.
The Committee on Itineracy, to which
was referred the memorial from Douis-1
ville and Denver Conferences, that pro- I
vision be made for the appointment of
Evangelists, recommended nonconcur
rence. Dr. Adams, of Ga.. thought that Sai
Jones and other such men should have
nominal appointments.
fir. Messick, of Louisville, strongly
supported the report of the committe
and was in favor of allowing the system
of evangelism to stand as it is. He very
forcibly contended that the Church did
not want specialists on the subject: that j
every Methodist preacher is equally
qualified to save souls. To the name of
Methodism he, protested against such an
innovation, and when he concluded
there was a hearty "amen."
Dr. Neely, of Texas, said that these
I evangelists, as far as he knew, were run
, ning on the plan of religion made easy.
In the name of the Methodist Church
: and of our Church of God, he hoped
j that the measure would fail.
Dr. Winfield, of Arkansas, said that
if the memorial is adopted every gum
log in Methodism can and will be an
evangelist in the next five years. "Do
1 you know what a gum log is?" the Dr.
; asked: "it is one you can't do anything
' with. When I was iu Europe with
Bishop Wilson we were shown a certain
kind of tree called feminine oak. You
can't split it or do anything with it. It
is just like a woman when she will she
l will, and you can't do anything with
- her. There is but one Sam Jones in the
w orld, and there will never be but one. !
and evcrv little fellow that tries to be
irv little fellow that tries to be
like Sam Jones will fail. Y'ou can roake-i
no more on that line. He is by himself.
Y ou can have but one, and if you at
tempt to duplicate him you will surely
fail. " Laughter.
lie has turned Chicago upside down,
and any man who has the courage to
attack Chicago cannot be duplicated.
Ho is being heard in Baltimore. He is
the rnan of the century. We don't
want any evangelists among Southern ;
Methodists. We have already the !
grandest machinery in the world, j
Brethren, I'll tell you what is the mat- j
ter. You go along lifeless and dead, lie j
kindle the fire in your own churches,!
for it is time Methodist ministers were i
looking this matter in the face. !
Mr. McFerran spoke at length. He i
did not wish Sam Jones to be an evan-,
i rwcWct nf fioi-tT-rria alrtno' til nnt wish to ,
. . , fi, i,,,n.
. eoiintrv.
ti ,ti. i
of Ky . was op; c
.--.! to
olht r
eratic missionaries, and several
; deiegates took the same ground,
, P , a. a
After a lengthy and interesting dis
cussion of the matter the substitute was :
rejected, and the report of the commit
tee was adopted by an almost unani
mous vote. !
Richmond, Va., May 11. In the M. E. i
Conference today a number of reports
from standing committees were made.
Among them was one making it obliga-tj-irv
unon BishODS to consult with their
presiding el ders in the appointment ot
preachers, w inch w as laid over un . r
the rules.
Rev. William Briggs, ul Canada, fra
ternal delegate from the M. E. church
iu the Dominion, was introduced to the
A p.iper bearing upon the subject of
mi-si "ms was presented by Drs. Kelly
and Bennett.
Dr. 1 A. Peterson, oi Virginia, olfer
ei a ret-ohuion that Bishop McTyeire's
Manual of Discipline be recommended
bv the (i.-neral Conference as a wise
anil judicious exposition of the laws t.f
the church. Discur-e I until aJj-mrii-juent.
Kk'um-'Mi, Va . May 2 In the M. II.
Church today, the Finance Committee
recommended that the matter in relation
to the will of the lute l. jienjo D. Br.igg.
of Massachusetts, be referred to the
book agent to be elected bv the Conler-
ence for him to do what lie may deem
host in the premises. Mr. Bragg died
p-av.u-i an estate worth .-co. uuo to be ii-
vided equally between the Sautht i n and
Northern Methodist churches, in th-
vent of ins two children dying Oef .r-
th.-v became of age.
TheC. mmittee on Bp;--..- y rep c P '
in relation to the meter oi F.pis ; it
resnieiice-. tnat in llieir , . n m .on mere
gi e c. si , i
, a bi-iiop from each of the
'.ion ,.f the country. Lr. I'.-t.-r-irgiuia.
chairman of tiie Cum-
- on Re v i-al . prt
nied a report in
la pre.-a ntat ion.
l-.ange UWlu a
-r i - .king to a
f electing deh-
n t1 , the ratio v( '
..niniittee Je'iii a c!
A- to tiie p.. pel
e in the manner , f
to the I a e 1 1 e r a 1 C
p . t . - 1,-. ouitn, n 1
Tin C 'lnmitr,-,' .-I
I), e. th-.-
COiP 111-
I , d
-concu rreuce
i it
m alter
w.-al preacher:
y r-. p . i-1 will be
In-. John Mih v
f rat
1 r an tiie Northern
w..- in; r .,iu.',- 1 : . I
e 1 1 C ' '
( 1
y . I-', irak. r
f.a 1 1-. .:, ti.
Ii.r:ie Di-triit (
p. in,- In-'i-i t C :
Kin-ten. N. C. n
:f, in
.- nioini
M..v .
Path. 1
oh the int
Ti ur-dav
' V
p. r
':.' f Tint-r -,-.-r,-t ,
i i. s: l ict 'or.fei n
thu s.i
g ue i
n Yictoria has taken quite a fancy
t) Mis
v loveiana s dook.
Henrv Irving's receipts since 1878 are
.a 1 p. be nearly 82,500,000.
I. ire cargoes of pineappleB continue
to arip c at Northern ports.
After a trial of sixteen years Missis- "
sippi has repealed the lien law.
The Virginia pharmaceutical associa
tion is in session at Alexandria.
Business men North say that the
strikes have paralyzed spring trade.
The American Clinatological Associa- .
cion is in or r.vntion at Philadelphia.
The bra- band contest at Savannah
vas won by a baud from New Orleans.
The public debt was reduced nearly
eleven million dollars during the month
of April.
A society of bachelors in New York
pay 6500 to each member on his marriage
A Georgia hunter says that during tbs
life he ha killed Ojl deer and 137 alli
gators. Over iKO.OOO has been raised in Chica'
go for the families of the killed and
wounded police.
The city of Baltimore has passed ail' ' '
ordinance to number their buildings o
the decimal system. r ( ,
Ten children were poisoned at Brook- ,
ville. Pa., by eating snake-root mistake
ing ir for sweet myrrh. c . , j
Four more deaths have occurred :pt,,i
Chicago, caused from injuries.received
by the recent riots at that place., . ; v
Two children in Arkansas were made
quite ill by drinking milk from a cow-'
that had been bitten by a mad dog, .
Ex-PresiJent Arthur's health haa,
taken a turn this time for the better
though it is feared his days ate short.
A careful estimate shows that about '--A
919.000 pianos have been made in the
United States during the last century.
The New York Senate has passed ft"
bill authorizing the appointment of SOflki
additional police for the city of New ,
York. ''
The 'Indians out West are becoming
s tu: bulent that Gen. Miles-has declared
to open Ja vigorous campaign- against
them. . ... . .
In one of the northern cities indict
; ments have been threatened' 'against' ' '
j street railways who use bobtailed cars -.
j in lly time. s ,
' Cincinnati, the queen city, is not "sat
isfied with her present beauty and'Sfl' ':
going to expend $4,000,000 in payjajj-j-j
her streets w ith granite. .
Whiie ransacking a drugstore' m4 '
Chicago some of the anarchists d rankl e
wine (if calchicum, mistaking it for an f.f.
alcoholic stimulant, with fatal results.
The casting of a fifty-four tol!fbl&cl;J',
loading rilled cannon at Boston was, ; i'.
complete success. It is thirty ftet-long
and the metal w as three weeks pooling
off. ',;,
Women in Connecticut have' armddf
themselves with Cayenne pepper to li
throw in the faces of any who .attempt
to annoy them in their street jjarades'.
Japan is taking steps to preterit' th il
further export of adulterated teaaej Jfcy
is to her interest if she does not wish to. f
lose her American trade, 'as experiments - '
have proven that it can be grown hereto" 1
Knights of Labor from Californiahayefi;:
sent to their representative a petition.
2.000 feet long and containing' 'upwardf"' "
of 55,000 names, praying to forever po..'v
hibitthe further immigration of Chinese , .
to the United States. ' "
A new publication, 77ie New 'YdrW "
Wuccrlii' just out. With it isent a p i
very handsome oil picture goxfs entiuea. , .
I 'Evening Uevotion. tne wore 18
I' Evening
illustrated and
filled with serial ande
short stories, poems, etc. It is published
at 81 Warren St.. New York, at $3.00
per annum or SI. 00 for four months. C
A hex was received at the Govern
ment Redemption Office the other day
containing scraps of burnt paper whicb
the sender said had been bills amount
ing to if 10. 000. which had been burned! -and
he wished redeemed. It did not
take an expert long to determine that
the contents of the box were pieces Of
common paper and a few two-dollar;
bills mixed and burned together.
From the numerous comments in the
press generally in regard to the mar
riage of Presided Cleveland, ito Mi.
Folsom, it seems that it should be very
mortifying to them. Writing:
an unreasonable numoer . ,
i lLltr"
eek and keeping his apart
ments strewn witn uer pnoiograpns ore
some of the silly accusations brought
again-. t the Bre.-i dent, but the latest is
that he is not to marry Miss Folsom, but
her mother, a widow forty-four years
Wa.-iiimito.s-, May 11. Lieutenanft
Sealin-kyof the army has two patents
in today 's i.-sue for electrical torpedo
apparatus. One is for tiring torpedoes
by electricity. U is a most interesting?
N-'.lLi.i VI-.T i.'. Till: I'iU. U.Eli MA.VWELI.
;'i.l Al.
St. Loriv, May 11. In tho Maxwell
trial the w hole day was passed in form
ing a panel to teiect a jury. Forty
seven men are to be chosen, from whoa
afterward the jury of twelve are to be
taken. Three full panels of twelve
each ware gone through today, with a
net re-ult. including those chosen yes
terday, of fourteen. Work on the jury
w ul continue tomorrow.
oi.I.AT 11 vtlAt.E IN l.NPIA.NA.
i:A.N-Wi.Ln. May 11. Al 0:-lu this:
evening a terrific wind and rain storm
struck this city, tearing roofs off houses,,
breaking windows, tearing trees up by
tiecr I ..""- an-l doing other damage. No
ioi-.-of lile has as yet been reported.
The e.-tiiuatcii lpss to property is $800,-
r ! NA
. May
today thai
a- under '
e t pnri
1 1 . Secretary
the State Depart
n.siderat ion the
. regarding the
il i i
b - r c
- . 1 1
A ' . in-
I. o : p:
-.eiegr hi
e- -e
II. .Ill
illP 1 He
pent 'd t
ot P.'
n ' ' . . 1 1 ; t a
Ymerican schooner
i :n waters. Thus far
h-- received only the
acing the seizure of the
i oii-uls-Lieneral - at
i- anno',!
b,,t li;
iii, ! Mo
-ii to III I
red have both been
- ml! reports concern
1 n
.e d
s'- reports are ex
partineiit in three
i action as deemed
u r
0 t -
: i e W 1 1
... taken.
I I rif - ' ",'NDUKI.
: V'.ilP
:. i l.-l : Most sp 'lit
i a ceil at polictt
denouncing the
p He called for
mi it was not given
g tie stormed be
ne his face after
:i ui towel and eat
.. - 1 akeii to a photo
- n a lire tiken. A
: tt i
i 1
ill h.
---n i to the police of
s i - il -lie w ith badl
"I -i was taken to
. 1 t j - . ad to the in -against
him by
n . When ues
:. i.'l'.e Was John
a whether he was
a the charge in the
i r rcijuested time
nient. lb' wouldu
: guilty, w .la a right
.a .. ! u; u ro day
in !i 1 1 1 , . -1 1 ! or inter-
. 1 1
i f ,
b.-r gave
a amine
.nt bail.
that ti.e
1 lu-Sing.
; . houst --ulferir.g
Syrup, a
' i .
v , g ' , ' i e .: - . 1 ::::-.:. : : . . o . J. T. HapPI; i. v. : '. - - c agh: and colds.

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