North Carolina Newspapers

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Balaaa Nauftr,
JCKW BEKNE. N. C. (XT. 21 18S6.
Cat aXlk roro4r J Bwi. ! -'-
. ' ti'll. Ur tt-t :
bea,Cshiar again. This tune lie
Minever W Wwt Virginia, cap
tared ' bass and a
fine back. lie 1 lucky LMiermdn
And this will ipake hiiu popular .1.-
caa4tdAtoVor eood term.
TaM Democrat of New York
hT Svfiited a Hon. A ram S.
HUriTT for Mayor. Their divis
ions way and tricks ure a stand
iag menace tp t)ixnocrtic satws
la " Prtidintil contest, aod i:
einathftt Uy weJect Presidential
It will bo hapry dJ for the Dem
ocratio party when it becomes in
dependent of New York rity poll
: A X3WtMTOirD3i of the iv..
C j , . gtmtimt Ftrwur demDd8 that the i
T:. '" Ciwit7 djrorjre the 75.X")
- . Ua J 4ript aod that it be applied
".- ta what it fM intended for, the
etaUIahinBt of aa agricoltuial
CTf aj4 aKhMlieal tchocJ. Col. Pi lk.
r . th editor Of tb Prgraire Farmer,
slbakiof atroag effort to ware
r , . 'What' belong to the afrncultaral
. eJaaa. aod in thia be sUoald receive
baarty aapport of aJl farmers.
t Tba State Pair begin on Tue
daT. October. 26tk. at IUkiigb.
:-'v -"by the. pteM t the capital to in-
.crowd to be present.
-T.i" -;W would b) glad to see more in-
;i.'t'ara takeo io the State Fair by
t tp. " anatern far teem. Kihlbiu there
i- -Tif ' goi adTertisemeTit for oar
l - aeetioo. Krery farmer who can
. ' i-l. htU riatl the Fair, meet hn
v - hcothax faraera from other nations
r of th' Stat and team what they
. '. axedoiag. And wheu the Tarmer
- ef goea to the State Fair be ooght to
i 04 aora to carry, the boya wbe hare
'uwsefced bard daring the year Io
' r'.vJ' wiaka a eren. It will do them eood
v and Lata tendency to e a coo rape
t them to rtmaia on the farm. Go
to ta SWso4 earry the lxy.
.; IldK&ialv a HrvriTT iu his
letter: aceepti the a otni nation for
" v ; Hajbref Yew York Citf ottered
trathlal-aeotiownt when he said
"the :'Alneriea KerolaMon wiu a
protest agaioat claM gove: noieut,
. - Oj.'p.Tepreaented by the arintocraey
" of-.Oreat' Britaia, aad when iui-
- . ' TpebdeBOaa.aJiaved proriaioo
v " ' ' agaiaat thgrowib and existence
V' "of"'aasariatoCTtic cIm in thia
" . j eoon.trj. 'JX& i; (be lave of this
, . 4 gjeaft, fuiidaiaenUl truth which ia
' C ; embodied i the spirit oi oar Com
, . atriulioa- ww aea v argaafaatiooa
- - aprtagiog op lor tne arowed por
' .. . i po ofarrajiag one cbuw aguiuat
anal aorv to array Jaoor acainai
. prcpertj, aodsubatitnte for Kepob-
, - - -1 tea a goTernateat the ide of the
anaxvhUt. eomnanUt, and socialist.
, . The growth of rach organ iiat ion.
- . ia aa daageroaa to the small prop-
ertj" JiokWr aa to the uillioaairv
Tbe vja4,wh, has acqnirrd a little
V"- propertj by hiaiadaatry, abstinence
- aad ecxaoaiyf eajoyt It aa aiacb, if
ot BQ9rf' ,Uaj the maa or large
' , -fwrtane. if there ia to be an or
"gaUaU effort agmlaat the right and
V ' owaerahip of property, one hundred
, poof mea will suffer to erery
7"t wealthy mao.
v '. Its.U a caaae of coagiatalation
- ; that these dlatnrbera of the peace
, . Hid, quiet of oor farored land axe
: v, Cewr and to Drereot their growth
the aalla of oar legislative bodies
- . . ahoald be panned; the people should
. .' b gotenied by . intelligence and
--''. . . ' aooad jadgment ia the ex ere use of
t( - ;tae eiecare . mncotse ana thus
.; : .prTa cUaa kgialatioo, aod above
7 ; . aH "obedience to- aad rarerenoe for
- ,'"iho lawa of the land and of the Oon
r. r.-V, atifutioa la a tafegixard against all
" .V troobleA.
' It nu( Im remembered that
JOOISIL obiecteil to bnneinir the
O UcoBtl XOTentmeot question into
' e.. BMMUit nnlttical rjtnv
uej PRNat political canvass
. Tlera Me newspapers in the eaat
.'flTlnt5onmldt.b4 spce anil time
V'l";'" t4TOCtbig "coantj government"
M t&oagVft vat a thing to obtain,
V-" v0C;7ifii aoaiebody outside oi the
sy. ' Epblli party was opposing ir.
; " . Tbe " 8tatBT7Uo Lattmark gives
- the following nenaible paragraph
6atit&. Babjflct. We are glad to
ee that the ciaim m1e In the
west thai thia system of govern
tent was given to the east at a
great aaeriflr to the west, is con
flaa$. t9 politicians who hare axes
to griad. We aee no reason h
the ajatem doe not work well . ;
the fttt as welt as in the east
Doring everv campaign there ;-j
wxafcaajrea an altogether une.-es tse'lau-u, Z. :L
arr alarm lest the et ahonld re I tm. Deunx ra'i
padlate the present system of,.;vst Satunlas
0UtJ fovenmeat. Speaking for;raet ,i: l;.eh!a: d
aiargv pan n ine pieomont nee
SMy we can saftHy aay that there
ia positfrely no public eutiarent ;n
favvr at a chaage. We aiax.- no
rbrtae f standing by the est :ni
this natter. Tbe east stands bs I
the west la its eJTorts to secure the '
repeal Of the mtemal revenue ss s
tewt ia which it .the east) has no!
parti cal ax eoncern, and it is a: best
aa aaal obligation. I'.a: the pre
at system of county government
wwrks well with as, aud the pt-op c
TQ mot clamorous for more e.t c
tlooa, aad they care nothing at a..
Abool how magistrates and counts
"ttHBStiaaiooers are chosen so long
sm thejr sostinae to be as good men
aa to present jstem has given
S4 eoauiaaeso give as One of
OOX eastern exchaaes was very
a oat wheo it aJfegel recentlv
ihat the west has a habit of claim
ing credit lor ajret, in .igu annuity
ou this account, and pleads it 111
bir of any further claims on the
part of the e.vst tor legislation for
it benefit. K utprn men need pa
no atteution to any western iohti
nan who goes to Kaleigh and tciU
them that unless they do thus and
so the west will go back 011 the
present system "f county govern
ment. Thr west will 1I0 no Mich
thin. and every Mich politician :
ut'.eiiii idle threat-, lie li t.- smiie
Pet -cheme and w.itit cistern
nicn.lers to i,.dp :' ti.r-'ii h. (I'd -
n i ' r ad : i.' l: n ; " n t itc . I' v
i.kow r h.
in Cew
lial 1 1 more M'i 'i u '-i- '
-ui; np he inimiti'
i :i 1 cap : t a ' 'ock ; n e.-t
e "erpr :.cs, .-t: lareme b '
old plants and th
mills alter iwiug
retMi'l J : n
lulled iu i
' S.nth. tor the tirst nme
the !;, and 1 1 n
mon t h
the t
to be .S.i.s.i t.2H .i ciist ;
Mi" lor the first nine month- oi
year l -.. Kentui k . it -viil
e'U from (Lie t
;ures i -1 i
S'ioW .
make the bes'
Arkansas has t h
iiowing. though
largest increase
l".' ." lie U-iJf... f
Alhni. f vOH VI"' s "-4 '"'m
Arko.i :4.s30iX' VXl i X'
Florid 1.219 CM- 1.23T.OV.
Gorgi - i.055 of' i Cs'J.OVi
Keotuckr 2'i aI2 Tiv. -.4 0W 0"V
Ix5uwin '. .M iW f 9.VWH1"'
iMarylmnd rt.:W0v K7.Sx
MiMiM'ppi '44 K ")7l,.V-0
North Cxo1id J 9C2 20o .'.v43,lVi
9oothCrohoa 71S(XX. 1KV1
Toomhs . 7.W9 1KK1 J 'MM, 0 n.i
Taiu 4 1S31X"1- J 21 0- o
Virgioia '' 74.0m ..7;-.'( CHKi
Wnl Virginia " 47:1 -0"' 9 Ml 000
Total if -M 2lV J.-.2,:W. 3s."
These figures are indeed gratify
iDg. The South will yet Ivecome a
manufacturing as well ,ts agricul
tural district. Hut it l - more a
matter of pride mid congratulation
to know that she 1- maVinp; com.
mendable progress ,n agr,cn!tnral
, . .
puremt-s as well as m n:if... -turinR.
N hile no rejoice to
coming in and the
see capital:
opening of i
mine, building of lactones and the
erection of mills, we would also ex
tend a hearty welcome to thrifty,
industrious farmers and stock
raiser who would help to reclaim
our waate lands and swell that
diis of our population, the honest
yeomanry of the country, in whose
bands the destiny of our country
Iu this immediate section the
greatest advance in industrial on
terprises seems to have tHcn in the
a erection of saw milU, bnt the mot
inviting field lor investment hsre is
io farm lands. The adaptability
of the soil frr the growth of grain,
gra and roof crop make it a
one stock growing section. Some
efforts are being made to embark
in this bosiness and they will sure
ly aacecetl if conducted on the
right prinejpU. Tbe climate and
soil are all right; what we want is
brainy men who understand the
basin es.
Onslow Items.
Plenty ol fine mullets at Swans
boro now.
Dry, dry, dry, and so very dusty.
Turnips, potatoes and gardens
nearly ruined.
Farmers art most done housing
their crope and find them very
short indeed.
. D. Koonce, Ksq , is a c-audi
date against laj. C. N . Mcdammy
for Coogresss. Frank is a smart
boy, bat on the wrong tract again.
Messrs.. W 11. Kornegay and K.
M . Koonce both have good schools
at Hichland.4 and soon they will
form a partnership and run a high
school together at that place. We
wish them aucvesn, for tnev deserve
Dr. .1. L. Nicolson, of liiehlands,
has a second crop ot wax bunch
beans in his garden, just ripe, and
they arr delicious, for we tried
tbetn. The Doctor is giol on gar
dening as well as curing sick peo
Revival of religion at Kichlands
last wetk in the M. K. t'hurch.
lievs. A. G. Oantt and . A.
Forbes oftictating, the latter from
Magnolia circuit, Duplin counts.
Several accessions, amont: them
Mr. and Mrs. Ja M. Franks, (i.
W. Ward. K. K. Franks
D. K. Sandhn. Va.. ha- a'xn;t
sixty fioe fattening hogs, and Mr.
3. V. Venters nearly a.s ruanv.
Greasy collards keep oil tlu Lhol
era, and tbe Stonewall itemizer
can profit by their example by
sending for a few seed, price re
dnocd to '.J." per ounce.
Mr. (i. W. Ward's m Ihso exami
nation came off lant wek and was
very good, so those say w1k- w it
nessed it. ilaster K Iward Murr;!!,
"Giaut and Dwarf;" Mr. lai. Tas
lor, "Farmer's llos;" I'ani enters,
uKuni Seller's Sign;'' Misses.
Katie Venters, "Waiting,'' Annie
Frazello. '.'hrist Our Substitute:"
Maude Murrill, -My Little Hand:"
Eflie Frazelle. "Trust n, t0d and
do the K:gV:" Henrietta ( anadas.
"Both Siden, or l',e 'i'nteli'ed;"
Katie Wn-tc:i, "Fven;:.g I'raver."
Ail were ginnl, aio! the compos;
Uous Tnrlnence," Uy Miss 11. Can-
aday, and P.
Venter-, were
The Kepjoi:
tn make no !'
tell ess, '
I'd ' b
li.lS e
it ions
l our I'oun'v.
Severn !
; sve
e uegrotv
c t u. aw i at .
a a
'In- tie
1 made
I ' i.cU : .
ciola:.. c
irwh iin-eiln-
( i n en
d:- cii
lur M i : r r 1 1 1'or
w:!i." A""'-ii
said, '-.i ii'j
i i 1 j 1 1 d
M . r.
bn ait vit
ml .i;i '
s e t wo U V .
rt,.- N.- a j :
romr..;. '
d jv w : : be 'ti :
niotin-r N, ir
Uir'i sa n iijc:
-1):1 yon caret
iii y. Torn n;y '"
home." w.i th
h.m, ih
'ar. 'h:'i,
"Not :i
i.! re
STATE r AIR 01 r
m y.
THE Ci iMlMi EVK.N 1 .
A reH)rter stepped into t he office
oi the State agricultural society
, otenlay. and found the secretary
busy oK'um letters, making en-
; tries, etc.. for the approaching fair.
i He noted in looking over the entry
books, department A, tic Ul crops,
that one enterpriMiig larmer had
made lilts tise elitriet-. ;Mid another
about thlits . Last sear a W ake
i-.":n's farmer led in the hiiiiiIkt 't
is. Imt up to the present a
western f '.inner is a head . In addi
tion to i number ul .-mailer
entries have Ix-eii made. In de
p.irtineiit H one lady has made
eighteen entries of fanes work,
most ol them very haudsouie. Iu
the department "1 cattle one sts k
raiser ha.s made lourteen entries (t
.registered Short horns
A number of entries base been
made in the other departments,
and next week there will to pub
li.-hed a list, trom das to das. a
entries are m.iic. Sccretars
S'i.OiIj u-ivh the li.Hiku wall be
retrularlv opened next Mondav and
will te kept ojx-n at h:s oflice until
Saturdav. L'dd inst.. alter jrhich
ilate the headquarters wil
l af
the lair eronnds. Those
i allien
who I'onremnlate inakintr entries
making entries at the office here
before the book i are moved to the
fair grounds. A number of entries
ment. which promises to In- vers
interesting this fair. programme ol races
at the fair will bo nnblished bv the
National trotting association. Mr.
W. M. Flviin. the secretary, will be
here and will publish his color pro
gramme and provide all tins ers
ri.l.irw irith rv-ilnra si Lr an.llirOUl
satin jackets anil caps, which will
, krp,,a I tt i t , iha ivilrtru in tliA
The cards trive the
colors worn by each driver find
uder (a cap printed id colors lH?mg
oppojit each driver's name) mak
ing it very convenient lor jndgee
and svecttr8 to distinguish each
horse in the different races, a they
cme nd" the wire" T'118 W!U l
i the only programme allowed on
, tbe Kroun(i9 dorinc the meeting.
jr. Klynn is lrom the office ot the
Torf, Field and Farm, New York.
He was at the races at Klackwell
park, Durham, hist year, and his
management was so good as to win
the praise of all.
The races this year are special
features of the fair. This track is
now on the great Southern circuit,
with those at Washington, Rich-1
raond, etc.. and some fast horees
will t here. Tbe practically new
track admits of sjveed and of course
any former records here win te
Special preparations are in prog
ress fr,r the entertainment of the
memters of tbe N'srtbern press who
will le here. The convenience aud
couifort of these will be looked
alter on all occasions. Lunch
tables will be provided, at all hours.
A number of special contributions
for thee tables are coming iu from
the North and South. At tbe
proper time announcement will be
made of the contributors.
All things show that tbe fair will
be the greatest ever held in the
State. The attendance and exhib
its from western 2north Caroliua
will be remarkably large. Very
hard work is being done. The
movement to have Thursday of the
fair as a Raleigh holiday is popu
lar. The Governor's Guard will
visit the fair and have an exhibi
tion drill and dress parade. Tbe
music by the nne Raleigh silver
cornet band of twenty piece-s will
be very attractive. .NVir and Oh
Aurora Items.
Mwm. Thompson and White
hurst each have their gins busy.
Rev. James Watson, of Hyde
county, us m town visiting relatives.
Mori1 cotton has Ijeen sold here
than ever tefore at this time of the
The biggest jugwump I hive
sen was a hogshead of mgs on
our streets.
lioys mind how you shoot birds
in this county or you will kill an
Mr. H. H. Crawford, oi Gold
loro, is in our midst looking after
his (arming interest, etc.
Our school has opened up iq
good shape and istill they come.
That's right; send on your boys.
The farmers are having beautiK;!
weather for housing crops and the
cotton aud rice is nice and clean.
If son want yonr old coat made
new by having the gre.iy pot
removed go t" the "ole hat man.''
Mr. W. A. Harvey says Mr.
Langston has good apple butter to
sell but won't make a good repre
sentative iu Congress. Mr. Lang
ton has his card in the (hi:et(.
Mr. Newbold. one of the trentle-
I i ri rli irir.i .I t b j ...
'" " o i-'iu' f,v v. i in. i "il ill
llsde county, is in town. He savs
the work is done on the State canal
and they svill now go to the head
of Pnngo aud make a road from
there to Plymouth.
We regret to -as th it Mi. F. W
Guilford died la.-t week of hemor
rhagic loser. Mr G. svas. a prom
ising young man, a thrifts, indus
trious farmer. He extend our
-s mjiath
Hid chih
IxTc.ii ed
"No ,,!,
r:ght. bos
st as and
liuck aud Uryjti u
roni Charleston, ri
like home." That
come back hoine .
belli build up the
i i
North State. A 1
we need :
home, be so
Sil. ill
our Ikis .- 'o a
h is e
idlist rums ,n;d wt
in- ! -t eii;:n:rN :i; ;hi
I u rn
1 1 . Tiu'ir. jisuii :.- h i . i, :
1 li an led 'hi bu, id ,i :i m- I,. :
r M rs W A . Tiinm I--. .i, !!.- '.
'e leu . lie will buy co: tuti ,
in.ikc i)tron, tu:ld hnu.-vi
ve eil:Hi'vmel,t ti tin- b
. aiM :f I
-' i ' i : s k:
lit v I
1' - l.-'K. A !s. wh
i i . 1 1
!.::,'c U-yon.1 h:s depth iii t
;'er aw gracious liHik i n i
iitleiiiau dU) coniplaeet,:
: .. .ii h : :ii trom t !: !a :i s
' !:, :: ' :..-:;
. ri..-.!
' IV ' i
.i :,r.
: :i, '
Nn - I;i-V,-r
1 l
' N e 1 1 . 1 never il
ii-1. u.lher
l.e re.o"
::ck !
: . : :i : .
the !.i:i.i. '
Irvntllit,'. but
nt ph:'.i.-n
t.e llH.-
Greenville Items.
I it It'll 10; CI it'll liOi
i i e I 1 g .
h:s hands
wili tin n i
i n g will soon move to
omc residence i.n Kvans
here his excellent ladv
h hotel accommodation.--
to t he public,
boarding Imn
Her repu t at ion as a
e keeper i- too ss ell
known 'o iieei
from u--.
a n
om men t
Jlie col i u ei I pei
ter t a 1 1. nu n : l-'udas
gave an en
is .Mid s e
ins o t t in iii c m to
rl .lie
i . i ' : 1 1
i : 1 1 r i
as Well
' 1.- I b'.llol
all d troln
it (heirs
e , . 1 : . ' 1 1 . '. 1 1 ' 1 1
Mas , i .! ime-.
Les::mo!: ,.ld
Hall sv.i- -i
which imh-m1 li
than the rrivii '
I'i.ele P;!.:.
liii;- .: r .. .'. . ;.
per a nee mm in
to in ake other
wh'-ki'S and no
tavoi ot i'. In
more tor him: "
good l.ijllol . d r
e i
111 i 11
e a r ; 1 1 1 j i ;
Til has
I.; i.
ire will I il
ls to e.lli-e
e , i r llice o t
i ; e 1 1 1 1 e 1 1 1 S
pile ilese
i at ever son
g tolks aint
i 1 lie
I -hair
i 1 1 or s
ol di- b
i 0l'I,0M"d
to it.
Rons ol : em pt a t
i pal 1 Vm on
Hie IHT Mr.
-heritl King
Fobs or
r ( 'apt .
1 Mr. Suggs oi
W" h i te a i u t n ar one ot n-
. gs me to
g ' I n e to
gill w 1 1 1 s
i - u a- to
I'jtl ul. lined it I :-
! j me an s thing that'll 1 .e
key, and et oi.e o m i
jille I'd whip his legs
tO pull Ills bl Itl'lie.- oil o
:i i.
d hat
il- he, nl
dod bliitne hiin. I ss on!'
I 1 He gran.i temp.-ra
1 lie grand tern
s emeli t
uih : ng
j here lias been a iiiin.-s
! Mabee and K:;gli.-h ma
! of the most powcilu
id we n.iv
'S el listened to.
till' 'iled then
dge to ab-t.iin
ink.-. Mans ol
, naiIil s
' II
i i -i
. been
are men
. tors,-,
Much gooil h
1 cU'.minp th
111:. :i a
: ! pio.eViIV
s ii and coin
the youth of our to
mnnity. The members have formed
a working club with l'rof. John
Dncke'.t as President. at;d ate now
preparing to throttle ka:'' alcohol
and hurl him lrom his thioiu
ladies have also tormed a co opera
tive society with Mrs P. K. Danes
President, and they have over 100
members who wear the white lib
bo u as their badge of distinction.
The)- are a determined bods and
fully understand the responsibility
of their positiou. They will be
heard lrom in time. Success to the
glorious work.
The Spirit '" of the 1'ri -ulent's Order.
A correspondent contends that
inasmuch as
cause his u
as that of
tiie President can
resignation, as well
ii- appointees, the
"spirit" of his order to federal j
officials about interfering in politics '
will reijuire him to resign in case j
lie snotiM i nominated lor a sec
ond -term Tin-, because he can
exercise more inlluence to cause
his own re election than any of his
subordinates can to cause I heir own
or their parts 's success at the polls.
The trouble alxiut the ''spirit" of
civil service regnlat ions is that, like
most spirits, it "is willing-' beyond
the ability of the rle.-h that is to
say, it is alwajs striving to exceed
the limits of the practicable. The
President was not elected to resign
on any account before the close ol
his term, anil being the creator of
all civil service regulations the
tenure of his office is not subject to
the letter or spirit of his creature.
His continuance in office through
out his term is a political necessity.
His sense of official propriety must
!o trusted to insure his abstention
from efforts to reelect himself. He
does not need to chop logic m the
matter. The r.i.-r that he issued
an order tin- direct efTeof of which
must be ' lessen the influence of
his admin .-t rat ion upon elections,
and thus lndirectls lessen the pros
ect of his own re noni i n at ioh and
reelection, shows that President
Cleveland mas be trusted equally
with such men n. Washington and
Jefferson to act properly should he
like them be nominated fo. a sec
ond term. This is al
govern u;e:, : n-q n i rt s.
practicable peip!e a'i
alleged ".-p:r: t " of i ; s ;
ders and regulation- to
notwithstanding. .'.Ci
I t hat giKd
iii 1 1 all that
: a-k. the
si'r iiv or
he ci .ii t ra i
i turn i :n.
Washington and I lie Sen I tors
W asm n :t on had ci.n-:,nir aoiili
cations lrom pci-oiis sjljo wished
to write ii.- life oi print In. portrait.
There was ,i sculptor, named
Wright, who undertook to get a
model ol Washington's lace.
"Wright came to Mount Vernon,''
so Washington tell- the story,
"with the singulai reipie-f that 1
should permit him to 'ake a model
iii my face, in plaster ot Par:-, to
winch 1 consented With -ome re
luctance. lie oiled my teatnres,
aud placing me upon in;,
upoa a cot. proceeded to ,1 hi'i ms
face with t!:e p! l-ai . Whil.-t 'l in this ludtcr 'i.- attitude. Mrs.
Washington entered t he i oom, and,
set' in g u;y lace tii :- overspread
with thi. pl.ltitei . i 1 1 i 1 1 . 1 1 i : . i I' ; ! s c
claimed. Her c:s
disposition to -iii'.a
mouth ,i tdigh: t u l
slon ot the lijis. th.
, ss !
n il gave my
iu eoinprcs
now objierv-
j able in The b;i-Ts
at'tt-nvai d in u'.c."
- w iiii-h Wright
A in oi e .- uccess
ss ho sva.s com m is
a to make a statue
j till was llou. Ion,
' sinned In Virgin
ol Washingt
plaster mode
in .
took ii
and th
at tie
Ir i w iiicu iiv inane .
; A portrait .ai:
I ai.-o paid a s i-i ;
i i. . i i ....
and- :
ci .
::.iii.cil l :ni',
errii in
' 1mm
ds f
1 ur: ii
.ibonr 1 Ins
U .i.-h:
win ui,
is aii i
tn the
S asii:',
: -1 i ,i , .
Id .er
ill" .
,i' 1 .I'll
r I
le:r Lie.
a nil i
1 1 Ilea'
is .1 J,
w il.l'
At r:r
all i il.
th 11
I. -fun
: i y :
t r'
t !n
..i. I .1
11. ,t e
rh i-
' I iini. v
Jones County Items.
( 'otton nearly picked out; shorter
t ban ever.
It is rem ii kably health v in dones
at this I line.
Mr. Kedding May is set in a
en t lea ! condition.
Th: is one of the drs' times;
a f ci in 1 1 Is about stopped .
( ) u r ro u 1 1 1 v caiis ass com mi in i d
on Moudas at Vhlte Oak.
Sanmoii- will, sve think, lead mil'
t a ki t i n
Si j a 1 1 1 el
Ilou ; i j 11 1 1 1
t hem.
ail van ce ol a 1 1 ot hei s.
uniting is the sport
a plclitilnl supply ol
Tlii" I'leli! Iisel is ipnie losv but
the stiaiiiei- make lien il.-ual
A i - ale 1 1 t s' 1 1 1
.1 ' ' -ie that I hi
. li illi ll.-el I'
line, cool u eat he r
tarmei's are as id
ol it slaughter- '
ll I g .1 tell pie;- ,,
variety .
I lie ei 'II i n I I -- 1 oil e
t lie i on t ii ou.-e ll, ml
JMlMHIg lieu sea1-.
can 1 a- -i - a : e 1 1 . Mi.
cont ractor.
W'e learn that
ie ( )c"o'oei
are h i s i ng
h'S at ed and
. e 'e I Ih i Is
d . 1 1 d I I w
Lien! I -II 1 . 1 1 1
pa.-.-ed through Tieiilon on to Rich
lands and to .lacksons llle and other
points, m.rking mans einpiines
aboii- the conntrs. Unmoi has il
that he l- an advance agent ot the
gn at Noi folk and Southern
I oad .
What has b( coin e ol the long
I. inked lor and much s anted ware
house at 'ore Creek T W'e had
iieen led to believe that the rail
road allthoiitlcs sseie to have
erected one thcie befoleliow. We
leain that there is not eseii so
much as a public shelter to protect
articles that might be shipped
The chairman ol the boanl ol
commissioners of Jones county in
forms me that J ml ;;o 'lai k will not
be at Trenton to hold court until
Wednesday morning. This will
give, those who may wi-h it a
chance to stay at home Monday
and Tuesday and prepaie lor vo
ting. We sincerely hope that our
-people will turn out and just show
, ...i, i i
to Hie world how
large a vote
Junes county can
voll . Just do
this and nil will he well.
I had the pleasure of meeting at
on Saturday last an old
who shared with us t he
dangers and hard sufferings of a
Koldie- of the (idtli N. C. Troops.
1 found him a real lfynum man;
-aid that he knew him; said the
Democrats had hit in the. right
place this time. "Why," said he,
"where is the man that can bring
any charge against him. When a
Roldier in the army the soldiers all
loved him; how conld they help it,
as ho was always ready to help
them w henever he possibly could."
Yes, Lewis Iiyuum wns an officer
and a good one, too. Not one of
the 'highfulutin'' class that thought
the office made him superior in
character to an honorable private
soldier and placed him so high that
he ought not to mingle and asso
ciate with his men. Why Lieut
Bynum was known and respected
all over the camp of the Goth Regi
ment for his kindness to the pri
vates. Would visit our tents and
mingle with us; share our rude hos
pitalities. Yes, and my word for
it, the priva.e soldiers ot the OGth
will remember him on the 2d day
of November; will roll up their
sleeves, work for him with a vim:
when the votes are counted you
will find nine and nine tenths, of
the-e old gras headed soldiers of
thebbth Regiment have deposited
their votes lor him who was their
friend in the time that tried us all.
P.snum was a good soldier and a
fiiend to us all; in fact, his whole
life has Ix'cti ;i success. Yes, ;uh
he w ill be a success if elected to
I t he Legislature. Whv the people
mas need hiin then: look at the
List Legislature, a strong effort
was made to dismeuitxT our county
of a portion of her most valuable
termors. Psnuin will watch all
such moves and thwart them
Kfforts may be made to place upon
us the stock law. Bynutn is an
uncompromising enemy to the
stock law and will tight it to the
bitter end. Don't say if elected;
Fsiiinn will be elected. So let us
jail go to unrk. ice every one, tell
linn how important it is unit every
man should labor for t)ie good of
his counts and the good ol this
w hob- .sect ion . P.yiiuni is a live,
w iii( asvake, progressive citizen
and hiii lve;n a success m all his
undertakings. Sow we need him
for he will not fail as a legislator.
I know him; he has the will, the
eiiergs and limitless to succeed in
any thing. We must, sve will elect
hi in .
The Indians Disappearing.
Tiii' Jjcs. Dr. Farrows re
I'cntly published !;!. views on the
Indian question as ileiiioil lami u
thorough investigation made in the
West in the .-mniner of 'So. This
i n ve.-r igat ion goes to prove t hat the
Indians, instead of increasing in
iiuiuIhts. as la'els reported by the
Indian Commissioners, arc "wast
ing and disappearing." In Fsi'o, it
was estimated bs a government
official that tbeiv cie I 7 !l In
dians ss ithlll the bound. il ies of Ihe
I nited States, and to tins amount
must be added the numb, r of In
dians in the territory since annexed.
According to the census taken just
then, the sum total of all the Li
lians within the present boundaries
ot the I'nitfil Stutrt at tliattimt
was . js .,:. i Mir last census puts
tlicui at J.").",'.' Alaska not in
clnili -.1. The decrease, then, would
eeiii to he i'h."o 1 . These tigures,
I e.-peeiai I y trie original estimate, are
extremely uncertain. Jir. Harrows
plove.s t)i,it ariiimg the rivilled and
scliii c, ili.ed ind...iis :!.. tailing
nit' i- U.lMio per annum ' lor the iast
e.ghteeli ears. Allowing these
figures to he true, tlie increase, il
1 II deed I he; e he such . ol" t lie savage
Indian-, u ho iinniiiei' only ."''.(MM),
coald i;o; balance the lo-s among
the olher juii.iMio. He therefore
coin i tide- : he Indian- are wasting
.iii.i) . Tin- icsiil: may have been
i iie :' a! 'h : : u;' on e can not but think
'1-. it w:th !'!! p: e-el: ; c l : 1 1 at i on .
: In- -1. '!': .;:ld have been bet j
ticib.e lor i,:y
s 1 1 : 1 1 i 1 1 o 1 1 1 a s a e; ler.-oii ,
re m c ill 1 ii i ! h a I Hod ;.-
J I J '; s ' J Ml'!, th ill,
',1jc;i I
ropoMl 1 1 n
ru,. I
i. (i.,
:i. it lb.
l-r I
i i . .i.i.i.
: i. . -I.i
k n. w n
a i .i
. i - , a '.
I s,-r
. I.
ii.- id
i. fi.'i: n..i L. - in . i .i .ii ! ,
in J II -.jui- -ra. K i lnf-
r.u- f-'i'iii...-- Complaints.
. i.. '; t- tin m fur ii Im k
:u 1 v . i. 1 - r f u 1 .'a.-t-s uii
ru II.-.'.'.-iii
.. 1 .
-1 fr- t
N-.-A li. r:
iv .. i.i n
bv li N. Ibi'Tv
Incoming vessels at Now York report
very heavy weather at sea.
In the fourth Virginia Congressional!
district there are five candidates.
The employes of Armour, the Chicago
king of pork-packers, are on a strike.
Large and destructive prairie lires
have been raging in Indian Territory.
A -(xjcial from El Paso gives a rumor
of the assassination of (iongale.c i x
I'riHident of Mexico.
An encounter between two mrn with
pistols at Somerset, lvv.. resulted in
bolh being fntaily shot.
The United States have upward of
100. 000 miles of railway or more than
Kurope. A-ia. Afiea and Australia
Combined .
The Riitish Scientific At-socialion ia
making preparations t ) semi out an ex
pedition next ipriog in Pi-nn-h of liie
S- nuh Pole
Hon Abrani S. Kewett bus accepted
v 1 1'- .n 1 1 in ,i 1 1 in ii n i ii a i ion i or ii i a vor oi
New York City. He is an excellent
man and will prol.ably In-elected.
Two very foolish voimir men 1 i vim: at
I "-t ( ri ek Pa.. s:i i-,l (he railroad
Hack t" see lew close they could let a
j Irani approach llu-rii before gelling off.
, ( ne of lliein w us killed and the oilier
bad ly i n ju red .
' It is astonishing how much of the
I new ii lcgrphi-d over ihe country is:
liiifounded. The latest was the ,i-
i.ounc.-n.ent of the assassinatioi, of
, . , w ,
(o n. l.onzal.n, ex -President of M., I
w lin h turns out to be entirely false. 1
Kurther particulars from the Sabine
Pass disaster state that 101 persoDS are
missing, yo of w l.oru are known to be
drow ned white and .ri5 colored.!
If the one hundred anil fiftv houses '
thai made up the little village onl' five
The largest sale
of blooded horses
ever knowD took place at the Rancocas
farm in Nesv Jersey on lh 15th inst.
It was the property of the famous turf
man. Pierre I orillarri. The lot consist
ed of eighty-three horses and they
brought S142 s9fj.
Texas has been visited by another
very destructive storm to both life and
property. Snbinp Pass a little town on
the Sabine river, was completely
washed away by the high and raging
tide from the gulf and more than fifty
of the inhabitants were drowned.
Liability of Monar cits to In
. . i"(- imuimj ' iimn.iii.n
I lo 'usauuj prouamy owing io their
loneliness aim to the ettect ol power
in releasing the will from healthy
external compression, is greater
than that of other men, and is in
creased iu Europe by their habit of
intermarriage. Two clans prac
tically reign in Europe, the Catholic
one and the Protestant one, and in
both the disease has repeatedly
broken ont, the Spanish Hapsbnrgs
in particular constantly showing
the predisposition, which is attrib
uted also, in the form of melancholia
or insane fury of temper, to the
house of Romanoff. Its existence
is often quoted as a final argument
against monarchy, and as absolut
ism It is no doubt a serious one. It
is difficult to see what can be done
with an insane Pope or Czar except
kill him, which is impossible except
through a palace murder Rnch as
has, In Constantinople and St.
Petersburg, once or twice created
a vacancy in the throne. As a
rule, however, some Minister mas
ters the maniac, and iu constitu
tional monarchies the argument is
not worth much.
Kurklca'i Arnica Salve.
Tuk Bkst Salve in the world for
Cute, rjruises. Sores, Ulcers. Sau
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter. Chapped
Hands. Chilblains. Corna. id all Qkin
Eruptions, and positively cures piles.
It ia fruaran teed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or money refunded. Price 25 cents
per box. For sale bv Hancock Bros. ly
Need of Banking Capital in
tuk South. Wo have, frequently
had urged uikiu us by business
meu iu various localities iu the
South the need of more banks, and
our editorials on this subject have
elicited favorahje cqmipent through
out tho South aud havo attracted
considerable attention among cap
italists in the North. As a result
of correspondence occasioned by
some of our recently published ar
ticles on this topic, we think a uuiou
for this purpose, between Xortheru
capital and Southern need, can be
brought about, and we shall be glad
to present the claims of any town
w here banks are, needpd or where
there are banks needing additional
capital. Parties deiiing to be
put in correspondence with capital
ists with this object in view can
communicate with us. Of course
cominiiuicatjon of this sort must
come from some responsible source.
A simple vague statement that "a
bank is badly needed here" is too
ndelinitc to receive attention.
Mn hii 'act (,)',4 Record.
ai1vk e to mothkus, 1
Mk.-. Winslow's Southing Svkip1
should alw-.ivs be used for children !
teething. It soothes thf child . softens j
the Kunm, allays' all pain, cures wind J
colic, and is the best remedy for diar
Twonty-llve cents a bottle
jaji24dtuthsatw" v
Wi'.i.t. Said. More colored peo
ple will vote the Democratic ticket
this year than at any urevious elec
tion. They liegin to have conli
deiieo iu tjteir Jleiiiqcratic friends',
iiud to realize that tho supremacy
ol' that party has not taken away
any ot their rights. For many
years they were told iu every cam
paign that ii the Democrats car
ried the election, they would be put
back into slavery, ami many be
lieved it. And now although we
have a Democratic President, and
the State gocerumpnt in all its de
partments' is controlled by the
Democrats, yet the colored people
are as tree now as they were when
(Irantwas President aud Holden
was (lovei nor. Can any juan deny '
this; i;ot only is it true, but the!
colored people ae muiji better oil'!
now than they were then, and their!
condition is Improving every year. I
Clinhiun Kc'orL
Atlantic Itnptlnt Adulation.
Tbe Atlantic Haptint Association will
meet w itb tbe church at Kin.-tou. N . i ' .
in xt Tuesday an.i Wednesday . Oct. '.'6
iiii.l 'JT. A rranenients have been mad e
wnh tbe Atlantic and North Carolina
Railroad rx tiass delegates and visitors
.v. r tin i r road at2 cents per mile oacli
w:iy V- ti. HitiTT, Clerk.
weu't timidly in ,
mul a.sUotl the shopman how j
iii.lliV .slinii
atrinps sho could gef
lur a penny.
,111 f t belli '.'
t heln tn keep
i 'idle ul si
' ilow lonp tin you
' he nskeil. "I wan;
." w.ts the iiiiswcr. in
lit surprise.
To all who are suffering from the er
rcrn and indiscretions of youth, nervous
Vf ..k':e., ei.rly I'ec.y, 1"8H cf manhood,
etc., 1 will mSAii 'a recipe tout wul cur?
you, FREE OF CHARGE. Tliis gfea't
remedy was discovered by a missionary
in South America. Send aself-addresned
envelope to the Rev. Joslph T. Inman,
Stutwn D 'c York City. nl7dwy '
Not a Member.
Deep Run, N. C, Oct. 13, 1886.
Editor Journal: I see my name as
the Vice-President of Trent township
of the Prohibition Society of Lenoir
county. I desire my name to be dropped
as I cannot subscribe to the rules of the
Sociuty. 1 told the jieople. when called
upon to make a speech, ihat I was not a
Prohibitionist. I am uoinn to vote for
whom I please. I think I am at liberty
to do this, therefore I shall not bind
mjself to vole for whom I dislike. I
am for the people's rights: not for a few
to say a Country shall come at their
hiiblini;. Let nvcry man speak for him
self. If w-e e.aiinot do aH we cIioono, w e
oulil not la want to ruin everybody
else. I-t evry man ami woman set
Komi examples and others will follow,
liou't ti v to compel men to do. but per
suade them by i;iod and sound reason
ing. Respectfully.
1 1 r. SKY ( ' l ' N N I N Oil A J 1 .
Wlml ( nil lie D.iih -
Uy trs nig again and keeping up
. courage many things seemingly iu.pos
i Pi 1 do may be attained. Hundreds of
hopeless cases of Kidney and Liver
trying again and keeping
. , i i. .. i. i t..i
( oinpiaiiiL nave ueen eureil uy r.l(Jeiric
j Bitters, after everything else had been
tried in vain. So. don't think there is
n. n,re ",r v""' "'H try r.leelnc Bitters.
1 Iiere is no liu-di ine so sale, so pure
and so perfect a Blood Purifier. Klec
trie Bitters svill cure 1 Ivspeiisia, Dia
betes and all diseases of the Kidneys, j
Invaluable in affections of Stomach and I
Liver, and overcome all Urinary Ditli-I
culties. Large Lotties only oO cts. at 1
Hancock Bros.
i unur snniK.iii:
The CMyid .dates on the Coalition tiek.-t
will address Ihe citizens of t raven
COIlntv at lm, U,,wi,ig and
li.iveloek. Friday. October at 12
m' . ,
Maple Cyj- ri ss. Tuesday . October 20th,
Pleasant liill. Thursday. October
23th, at 12 in.
12 m.
Saturday. October 30tb, at
R. H. Meadows.
Glini'n Coalition Ex. Com.
1 R. U
(Tim 'a Rep Ex. Com , of Craven Co.
Public icakinir.
V. A. Dunn. T'-ip, th Democratic
nominee for Solicitor of the Second
Jud icial District, will add ress the people
of Craven countv
At Barnwell, Friday, Oct. 28d, at 1
At New Berne. Friday, Oct. 2'2d. at
AtCroatan. Saturday. Oct. 231. at 3
Other speakers are expected to be
present and to speak.
All persons, regardless of party affilia
tion . are cordially invited to attend.
O. H. Guion,
Chra'n Dem. Ex. Com.
"One fire burns out another's burn
ing,'' and most pains suffer more to be
cured, but Salvation Oil is pamless and
certain. It costs only 2a cents.
Lenoir County Canvass.
The candidates for the Legislature and
various county offices will address the
people of Lenoir connty at the lime and
places below named :
MoseleyHall: La Orange, Saturday,
Oot. 23.
Trent: Woolen Roads, Monday, Oct.
Pink Hill: Anthony Davis' store,
Tuesday. Oct. 26.
Woodington: Woodineton School
House, Wednesday. Oct. 27.
South Wet: Cobb's Mill, Thursday,
Oot. 28.
Sand Hill: Daughety, Friday, Oct. 29
Kinston: Kinston. Saturday, Oct. 30.
Nuoae: Parrott's School House, Mon
day, Nov. 1.
The above appointments have been
submitted and agreed upon.
J. W. Grainger.
Chm. Dem. Co. Ex. Com.
W. J. Pope,
Chm. Rep. Co. Ex. Com.
In compliance with tbe law I shall be
at tho ahovt named places with tax list,
prepared to receive taxes.
J. D. Sutton, Sh'ff.
Our firm Urllrf.
Atlanta, June 22, 1884.
It is our firm belief that B. B. B. is
the bkst Blood Purifier on the market.
We are selling four or five bottles of it
to one of any other preparation of the
kind. It has failed in no instance to
give entire satisfaction. Merit is the
secret. W. P. Smith & Co.,
Sold in New Berne by R. N, Duffy
and E. H. Meadows.
Public Speaking.
F. M. Simmons, Democratic candidate
for Congress for second Congressional
district, will address the people at the
following times aud places:
Scotland Neck, Friday, Oct 22.
Enfield, Saturday, Oct. 20, 12 ru.
Jackson, Monday. Oct. 23.
Rich Sipjaru. Tuesday. Oct. 2G.
lew iston, Wednesday, Oct. 2t.
Windsor, Thursday, Oct. 28.
Colerain, Friday, Oct. 29.
Polloksville, Monday, Nov. 1, 12 m.
New Berne, Monday night, Nov. 1.
Mr. Dunn. Democratic candidate for
Solicitor, is invited to speak at such of
above appointments as may be con
venient. Other speakers are expected to be
present and to speak.
Ad citizens, regardless of party, are
cordially invited to attend thesc meet
ings. By order of Democratic Ex. Com.
It. B., Chm'n.
An errand boy in a Philadelphia fancy
store has just been left 500, 000, but it
is thought he will die early of consump
tion. There is nothing better for young
children that are daily exposed than a
spoonful or two of Dr. Bull's Cough
Jochnal Officb. Oct. 'J B P. M.
New York. Oct. Itf, Futuu-s closed
dull. Sales of r.'J. 700 bales.
9 ;:u
y. as
9 47
9.5 G
9 ul
Spots ijtiiet: Middling 9 Id: Low
Middling l'J 10; Good ( bdinarv "i-lfl.
New lierne Market iiuiet. ,,-t, of
1G7 bales at H.oO to S.70.
Middling S'13-10: I,- Middling 8
O-Hi; (food Ordinary s ." 111.
Cotton Seed ?1 0. C0.
TuiiPENTiNE Hard . 81. Ob. dip. Si. 75.
Tab 75c.agl.25.
Oats New. :','c. in bulk.
Corn 55ufMV.
Rick 50af0.
BEBfiWAX Ui. per lb
BKF On foot, 5c.
Cocntby FIams 10c. tier Ib.
Lard 10c. per II
Eoos 11V. por dozen.
Fkesh Pohk lla6c. per i ou,i
PKANUTfi 50c. per bushel.
Fodder 75c. aSl. 00 per hundred
Onions c.OvaS l"! per baru l.
Field Peas 65a7pc.
HIDES Dry, lijc; irreen 5o.
Apples Mut tamn-heet , ?ki40
freys, 81. 10.
Peaks 75c. ajfl.25 er himhel.
IIoNEY 35c. pier pal.
Tallow 5c. per lb.
CllKK.-iK 11.
Chickens Urown. ,"o,i:ir,c. .
. : (Jod-
Meal 70c. per buahel.
OaTS 50 ctH. per bushel.
Tuknips 50c. per bunhel.
IltlSlI PuTATOKS S'J.75 i-r bbl.
Wool 10al6c. per pound.
roTATOKB uanania8, ouc. ; yaois
West India. 50c. ; Harrison.' G5c.
8niNOLK8 Weet India, dull and n .m-
inal;not wanted. liuildic. 5 inch
hearts, Sii.OO; saps. 81. 50 Der M.
New Mkps Phhk-im
SnuL'LIiKK Ml' T 7c
C. R. "h. F. H's. Ii. '- and 1.. C.
Fl 'i u It ?'' tui.i'i.OO.
LaKP 7ic by the tierce.
Nails Rasis. 10's.?2 ."hi.
Sugar tiranulated . lijc
Ci iTEF- 1 ' al:'c.
Salt Oac'e. 'por sack.
Powder ?5. 00.
Shot Drop. SI. 75. buck. "J '.u.
Kerosene 9c.
House & Lot at Auction.
The Lot and Buildings on Hancock
street, adjoining the premises of J. F.
Clark and Mrs. Dicker son, being one
half of Lot No. 348, will be sold on
Sale at TVy KLVE, M., at the Court
House door.
It Auctioneers.
For C Ii ills
House's Chill Syrup !
If your Druggist or Merchant does not
keep it. Bend to
If Houbb's Chill Syrup fails to cure if
directions are adhered to, you can get
your money back.
The trail' supplied by It. JJerry.
House's i
al.i.e mul
hill Pyrnp a H,cl. it an iiniiic-rn.-aiii-iil
rnie ht-.'ote one linltle
was nseii.
K. I. I'.STl'KRSi )N, Shoe .St.
l e.
"Iln..- mil every of Home's Cl.ill
s nip I oi Kl obinin from the iiiHmifweturer
It noi only broiie the Chills but leu ihe par-
,n rohti-t Iu iillh
Wm. L I'AUtKi;, Jobaccoulat.
! "I was completely broken down and snf
: fered intensely wi.h dunib ohllis. Four doges
j House's Cnill Hyrup resulted In a complete
ou' f . I most heartliy recommend to all who
snller from ( hills ana Cover as harmless,
1 certain and sure.
j Kdhti. O (CROCK, Photographer.
"Mjself and i lu-ei; children were cured by
House's i lull Syrap. J cous'der It the beit
malarial remedy Iu the market."
"Have used House's Chill Syrnp in oar
families: cheerfully recommend It as a pool
live cure for Chills and Fevers."
At Erdman a Cigar Factor-.
Not a single complaint from the many
bottles of House's Chill Syrup aold.
Nothing but the most unbounded satis
faction as to results and surprise at ita
R. BERRY, DrugEist.
oc.12 d:im w3ui
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Choice Groceries and
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes1
fiaf Goods euaranted as repress ted.
oc!9 d3t wtf
e. w. suHLWona gi o. slovei
Smallwood & Slover,
Middle Street, Next Door to
Central Hotel,
New Millinery.
Millinery and Fancy Gocds,
FI!THi;iS. Etc., lite.
Also the LATKST STYJ5S of Hats and Bon
nets from ew York and Baltimore, and
have a large assortment of Novelties, Zeph
yrs, Saxony, Uermantowu, Felt and Felt
Tri minings, which I selected personally Ouv
eompauied by Mrs Dewey), aud am ready to
show my friends and customers, and am
confident I can give satisfaction as to quality
mid prioe.
l'rts-a ot business will provent me havlDB
an opeulng day,
Mrs, 0, M, V. FOLLETT,
Successor to
or 1 4 d w 1 ra
Mary D. Dkwky.
Oysters and Restaurant
Mrs. S. A. WOMBLE baa opened a
First-Class Oyster Saloon and Restaur
ant, one door below Cotton Exchange.
ana is prepared to furnish OyBters in
every sivie.
Meals at all hours. Families supplied
attlieir homes if desired. se28 dw3m
Why Not
Divine in hookas, glorious In pipe.
"Wheu tiptwith amber mellow rich and ripe,
et thy true loveis more admire by ftir
Thy naked beauties- jlve me a cigar !"
'I'liese you will flud in B. w. TansUls 4 CQ.'e
line brands nf choice cigais, always kept by
wm I.. PAi.MiRatliint)azir.
If you want the best, come to me and get one
or more, the best by far.
Next to the earner of Middle aud South
street, east side,
New Berne. N. C
Wm. L. PALM Kit.
For Fall Planting.
Cabbage. Kale, Spinach and Turnip
Seed .
aut;2l d w
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
General Merchandise,
li.VUCflNG- AND HUH, Kte.
Conicninentrt" of drain. Cotton and
other Produce Koliciced.
Irojiipt Attention Guiiriintcoil
N. W. Cor. South Front and Middle Sta.
Ni:V 1JE1SNE, X. C.
o-i dwif
l.iliriRl Irriiii anil arrangements. Ad
ilii's nfi'rni'(n
14 ill V nllnuloi, O. C.
Omoe on Orr.ven atreet,
i till II r tail
between Pollock
' I- K H. ItL'I.i.v. I' 11. I'.KLLKTIKR
s.,i-tii Kiiiint St., OPP. tiAsroN nersit,
l't ..-I ich u iiere Rervices an- Ii-nIi-i'iI.
1 '' "I i. in t he su iirrmi' roun , and In t
'I- nl 1 ' nirl ti i New Pern-.
i'i ..-.. i.'iih linn will Hlwiivsbe nt the f,,I--ii
;.,(. I;,, 'k iu I iiie-s scirieil llow:
1 o-iiUjii . .loins ci.,, io , sannilay nf oa. li
: ,,i .., ,.-,- ueek.
li. uuiort, Cui ieret county. Tlinrsday ofea-li
dackaouvlllo. Onalowciiu' ty, tho Urst Mi
duv in eacU mom
New Goods!!
Has just returned from the Northers
Markets, where he purchased "
Dry Goods, Clcihins,
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Gaps,.
and ever thing usually kept in a Pint
Class Dry Goods Store, and he ia deter-- ' -
mined to ...... v
Sell Them Lower Than Ever ,
He will give Hhth Prices the Want V
Shaking they ever had. - ",f J
Look at some of our leaders:
A Good Button Shoe
.50 I
.20 -
-40 -r-
.pvt. 23 i
Ladies and M isses Jersey , 60 "
A Good Tie 4.
A Good White Shirt ......
Men's and Boys' Hata at.........
Boy s Suits aa low ae
Also a nice assortment of CnUdreaaf
Woollen Hoods and Sacks very low; J.
Carpets and Oil Cloth; Trunk and Val-
ises; a nice assortment at Shawla And
Blankets and Baezv Robea. . t
All we ask is to call and examine our V"
stock before purchasing elsewhere nd
we win save you money. - -
Don't forget the place, - a'' ,
Bllio, Building, Opposite lSftpl-v -..! .
tint Church.. A "C
V. OUiiliVCH.
Jas. A. Thomas, Salesman.
o7 4ir.'
nuiiuna, xi,' Vc -- . f
The Fall Pesslon opens October 11. 1!
,-Hn.uHia in a moral ana j
Kor further liiforruKtlon a
. FWnclpal.. ' ;
o Tbe beat MUtatoa ia Uw World ftr Table lft, ',
n.u.p,.. ui mow pan w ppumo n. am iqf ,
ftoaea. We ar anatti I
Mills, fottaa Oina. 1
Jw for Koilrr-Mill OBMtaUeaaauw7ci '
rogreMive lowm.-' ir:
fzicut a
m aaa uaaor aiaaaaia aaa aiiie -br
Haiarlaiea. BaHan-Haai. ' i - '
Plaaaia, abaltisc Sullera. -."' .'
fur ttim miliar ia every btmlifltw aa auUua,. .,- . :
Write aUtinc whal yoa waat aaa tem TOa wua to Knr aa. - -iiy-
Oir nfiiraaaM. Aaann. Narth CartUaa JUUl, ;
For Constable,
I hereby annonnc nyielf f ndTat( tif ..
Constable or Township fi umber Tbree, 'r-t- ,
ven County, and U elected pledge myaelf -
to execute the dnrtea of the olHoe fearlesaly ' v' -and
Impartially. I thank the people for their
past sidrrsgea, and oonfldently aaa: for UieUr !
support again. . . ,
jy32 WSmTTT '.. ' tST.KAUiKO. -
i .1. t ..
? 5.TOI7.
Ira tamra; ataal Saaatan, Baaal f
.i W luaaa aad la.a ,a-
WHawaaayaffaaflalgaa. ajrajaa
Frtaa Ual Biaatt thla aarwraaj
MMMJOMH rllll... ,
i. ..I , 6 i i , a .iv.-. ---- -
in mi ii J'r 'Tlitnii II nn i - '
Of the body enlarged ajia Btmnethanaa7FiiU pur imt" '
lam aent nenliwi free.ERIE MED.OO BOFPALO.N t i
W. P. BURRUS:C0f5:
new nEitirBVto.
rutin dw . . ' i
CoiitiigrnuieiitM Sollcljteil f)
Office at W. G. BRTAN'B, eoSoatiy Fmtt f, :
treet, two doors west of Qrcen Jfoy A Co,' . :. "
Bank. .1 .7 hrti j i iv V
Prompt attention gl ven to be ile of -, "
Cottqp and other Podnee. - ap4(lr)tm-
Opposite City Hall and the PoMtilk' , .
Tli's Hotel la one nf. Ue moat ajcjanplet k -i' - -its
appolnunenta and fomMnrajOI AW -HOT8B
In New York City and la fjontlbctc
on the EIOa',aV'Vv-
Kooaus only One iuollar perdaw fialf tnln-.
nte'a walk fiom Brookl
va1edR.K. All lines ol
mvn Br
rldira anil ia
I naas the door.
vaiedR.K. All lines of can paaa the door. V
Most convenient Hotel In
Nov, York) foe
Merchanisto stop at. l'lulng iiiHima, Cafes '
and l.unch Counter replete wltb ajt tb lnx V
urli-s at moderate prices, . . , . '-Jj7,,Jily "..''&, C
: - ' I i ,r .ii.,',X J -
For H ard Tfrs;; ,
he Daily oURNAl-:;
AND . :. ' -i ivr '
With Twelve Cut Paper Pattern of yaar 9W
both publicahohs or imi i ; ; :
$6.go (Six trif-rv)."Ai
Of all the Magazines.
ONTAININQ Stories, Poena aad otJiarLHarM
V ' B,4r.4inn.;.. A wtimf.n ' to tt n . m J
MoutahpTd .;.Vt,rV. " " ""-f 7M
Jflifirvtid taith Qrtfinal Steel JBhptwm
ing, Photogravures, Oil firturrt and .
fine Woodcut, making it the JUodrt
Magazine of Amcrim, -
r" Rach Magradnn contains a O0rTPO
OHIiPiK. CMtit linif the holder to the aetectioa m
AN v PATTEK v illustrated In that number t
and in ANY W1ZE. .,
nKMoitESTs MorrrnLY is imtir entHhi
the WurliPs Model Mairazine. The Lara-eat In
Form, the Largest in Oreulatlon. and tie beat
TWO Dollar Family Miifrazine iwiucd. 1886 wU
he the Twentv second ye-ar of ita publication 1.
it is eutitiuuiilly Improved 11141! iio iHilKllvilv r'
fe . .V4"; l 'u 1-ho tronCTlw 'Pf Fairtlf,,.
JcnoilieiiU. and equal to any luagazine, fl
contains ihikcs, litrire quarto, nil!? Ipebei, f
Ples-antlj printed ana fully illuatratod. Puh."
Ushed by w. .Ii nniiipa Demoreat, New York.
DAIXTf JOURNAL at $6.50 Per Tear
ii'or a Postal (iaril nipt send fpr a Vrae te4U
ploc:upy of TH K DkT&OIT KHKK PHKrtR,
and a Cataligue of their great Premium and
Coiiiblnatlou oilers. A rare chance to secura
an abunilanrtrof the choicest reading matter
fur a very little money.
TlIK Gheat IXlLLAR Wkkki.t.
be Most lteadnble, V'lvacloaa and Original
f Netvapapera. i il I
lcMuini Wit. Pure Humor. Entertaining
ski-ti-lii-s. Aneciiote, Poetry, Travel, Ho
iiinni-e aud Literary Kseaya of the
Hiphest order, hy Wrltera o(
(.leniusand Itenown.
wo and Admired wherever the Enaliah
Language Ih Spoken.
Mailed to any in the I'nited State
and Canada for
Don't Fail to Send for a SAME CBf
Free Frees Co., Detroit, Mich.
- S"2 -"V

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