North Carolina Newspapers

Torma $Q.OO Fox- S -
NO 46.
Kinston, N. C,
General 3Iercliaiidise,
Which they propose to sell
Cash or on Time,
Reasonable l'riees.
t '
Mules, Horses
. -,A Cargo of Fine Horses and Mules mst re
ceived. "Tb Best Bogjrj on the Market Tor the money.
Hotses and Yeb'icles to hire at reasonable rates.
" - Broad Street, New Berne, N. C.
Wholesale Grocers,
TtfUii-kjilt. tk GROCERY l.fXE, H',L STOCK and at
LOitbEa'for CA8II. a2b
! ,
A9I5T t Monhciro-
- A b
, nir' wtt w bkki( e m . .w
ir tot ptfi
nlmolnc Th Xtlo jl I
Xt1Ui A nmn linn ol WMtmioj. 1' C- ,
MWctMlo ti MrtM 6t epiti. r'
.p.Pi,ii. mil mr,
t MA 01 W Millie. I D
ZZZZZ. ..u' j
Hrilli, MMtlln arat-laanr.
Omo. J. K.-iv
Hal Amt tor I. (X w Brn 1 O.
wa mw m m m t tii m. i.a.
lAafa. .
.4. a wntijflxi num.
11 prtl4B-
LA Din aU4 to f op Tr .': utM tor .
MiUNl k Igct itdi prm : u-i. ol ' -lllnatntad
Pnra aJ Ktm:3j l ot. p-c l
Affl latvwTUBtll parioa IkMl w
tat idTirwiiDiiii. w win hi4 rr
raw chom T AWnAn. TK.
CUffUlU.lkn.MiM. oc.JS.lwlm
WASTED Ht, nTitlc n-mo to ir;
faawsft A 15 por nun: h. rd pen--
tapt-. 0wrj on ha . otfl: r. A r.--
To Advertisers !
: Of C3) w vi! print
kntat lo i v Mill., n lm
Im ru M Oaky o a (a of r n . 't-
MWimtiil parrfcrT r r in M : l : i
ItABlM, Tn t irv? w I .-m a: iAtf
fcillt .& worda A-l-l m. W. :. ,.f .
ntt (tMk. or ten! tl v. ' 'or .h. - k f
Oko. P. ko f.; L .
IK. Mv York.
WholMal and RkhI IValer
General Merchants.
CoaiifiiaMQb of lin
I 1 I "
I tc
Prodac oliciis'
Krompt Attention ; n ar n n toe I
M. W . Ccr. South Front nr.
Pirlcr Suits, Chamber Se-s,
Walnut Bedstoads.
Biircan, Wjnlmli.
Mttr-p..s!, t h.iir
I.ounce, Soldi-.
Co IU r o T .i I
s I
1 ' F I (
8: B. STKKE1. t?s.. Fro;
Ttl Only Fir.-- K . im- i. c.
O-nnlbaa sotidmu r-cr. : i
TIM 111 and BILLIARD no
r : e ;
i hti w.ui m. 'iri o i - r.
and Buggies.
:nrnnnr i rmi o r r
MPIIKliP Blip II ft I.II.
w - . . " " " - ww
flo n pro! H q rrl vna ro
V A y A MA 4 VA T A V
Agricultural Implements.
Plow, Harrows, Cultivator.
Ht- and 'Aic,
Wood's Mowtm and Keapor,
Steam Knrtnc.
Cotton Glnit and Pres.".,
Kertlllrr. I. and Pla-tcr, Kauilt
Mccliatilc Tool and Hardware,
l.init" Hrick. (' nirnt. I'latr
Hair, I'alnt, KaUnnilnr, ur
uili. il ;i.i. Iutt and Hair.
FrfciiT, 1 1 1 1 i go r ,i t r )il
Cook t.)H. Kurckn Iturular
j i V
I" . i -1 1 I - U . v . r r a 1 1 ' o d t o
security aid sa t i sf.ol i . n
I'lllt CS VKItV l
;i AI.I.llN CI).
;tvf f.) lk r '. i1'
:i i
HKKM. . i
Moniunents Tombs
r 1-n
JOE K. WILLIS. Proprirt
: ih A.
M A ys y.
1 1 I'SK K K KPKl
l ;
L. H. (
anod from Oar Ei hnnijes.
Wado.-boro Intelligencer: About
t'ntoen months ago a strange disease
broke out among the hogs near
M:. 1 dead, an d has -read ilv moved
ward T:
! ath.
; evt rv swim
in its
l'.ro w n
united :
mony w
I in
never 1
coi:: " '
' ; 't
; . g : i
ii. .1 M :
n the
t he rr
:n the
een ,i '.
I hell
S. Moore were
bonds of matri-
idenee i
town (it
I t he onde s
tl iV
;nie in Rockingham
iii ::. !i in ' eres' wa
' ::i the i ill-,, i.f education ;s
at present. l'r;".i'e schools in
many sections .ire -iieeeedint; t he
pu :.,-. and m ;n my n":"ii private
-Com.,- .ire
pu1'!:.- .ire ,
morning the
;nod when thi
eiri :
house us,
a h irn.
toget her
( :
wn .
I r.-soott
wa- hurt
r : : v " f
w l
h a
h . n
( );
M r
.1. V
i :
' ak
K -. y
e is. t'.ul
i (
uranre. The
! : nre iu! larv
; n .
W;n.-;.:i A' pi. Ft . .i u : 1 r. mii Lex
ington. N. ('.. eotnes the iamiliar
-t. tv ot' ke p "-1 n e : !. ti re and death.
Tuesday n:.ri::ng of 1 i.-t week the
ui:e ot Mr. Julius Fox attempted
to k ndie a tire by tne aid f kero
sene. The i an exploded, her cloth
:n ignited and before a-sistance
euild be rendered, she was so badly
burned t hat death resulted t he same
day. The deceased had just p.Lssed
her l:h year and 1 eaves a child
only three months of age.
Klizabeth City conom it : We
auuounce with pain that our ven
erable citi?D, Y. S. Proctor, was
stricken with paralysis yesterday
morning. Is it true that the
tides on our eoat are lower thau
ever known by the oldest inhabi
tant and that the August earth
quake was the cau-e of it? The
Hishon of the Diocese ot Car
ohnii made his annual visitation to
this parish on Thursday and Friday
and administered the right of con
hrmation to - x persons ou rriday.
(ireensboio Xeict: It is rumored
that parties from the east are here
negotiating tor the Steele blind and
sash factor near the depot, and the
proprietor, Mr. McAdoo, will have
it tested to show the panics ita
capacity. Mr. C. M. BeauiDg-
haust. a tobacco dealer of Balti
more, has been in the city for the
last few days, lie is well pleased
with the prospects for the tobacco
business in this city and says he
intends to locate here and go into
the business.
The Wetter Enterprtst gives the
following: Jim llurnett, col.,
batcher at this place, had a negro
to hold a beef while he knocked it
iu the head with an axe. Jim
made a mislick and the negTO
caught the lick which was intend
ed for the beef on his head. The
negro fell and Jim ran for a doctor,
but the unfortunate man soon
recovered, aud, while it lolted him
considerably, it's another living
evidence it is not worth while
to strike
i negro mi the ho Ail to
kill him.
Charlotte ChronicU: The firemen
of Charlotte are preparing to cele
brate the L'Oth ot" May in tine style,
and a meeting of com nut tees from
the vari.HLS companies was hold at
the Uoniet hall last night to set
the bill :n uio'.ion. There :s an
epidemic of mumps among the rail
road men. and the oiiginoers. con-
iluctors .in.
t ra: :i s see :n
l-es. V,-s:e
lie freight
. b.
he tavor-
r:i :
w .
s ! I .
'tr a freight
li his j.iws
:;M. is, and
house tv
. ii "
ell :
'e are told
l iii ' he em ploy
1 1 t :i : 1 lo ( 'om .
. ' ii t ii e d : seaso.
National Hank
a Exchange
bronoilt .");
W'.oks -.rock
n 1 1 owe. ono
sol this ei tv
.-. . d colored
rr-:. lo:; co es
:::g illness." He
th i: ' a en
ot the
. n
i an v
are ii.
1 m i n i
t r
s-.-st sold
Corner v.
auci lo
i dav.
r . s ; , -
I e s
( h ir. n.
a :o
c : f .
o( ..-v.
.1 ma:
1 1 1! : "
' e r
e the
.ke ,l
: :i a
das .
w h:
. 'U
Iroad to
. ;s w ook
es that
A I.
s .1
g row
w ,
a .
Worth in tin- years 1 --.' and Is-I
a little over three in ; llion s.
l"hr ti -ib in p season h is Fully i t i:i
and the catch is very good. An
old li-herman minim- us he
never saw herrings in Mich quanti
ties this early m the season tietore;
white shad. too. are quite plentiful,
one fisherman catching twenty m
one night last week. Hyde
Park, situated at the head of Puugo
river, contains thousands of acres
of land with a position susceptible
of easy drainage and of con von ien t
access to prospective shipping
points. This region could appro
pr i at el s be cai led the land ot the
huntsman's delight. Thousands of
deer and other animals roam the
woods and give It;! vt n o their
wild career.
Kaleigh .Vc n iti i m,',,, r: A
meeting of the board of pharmao
will be held in this c:'y February
hi to examine applicants. lor
license to practice pharmacy.
The joung men of the l'h.lnm.uhe
sian and F.uzelian soc ieties of ake
Forest are making unusua'.Iy great
preparations lor their anniversary
on Friday, Februarv ll'h At ei
the celebration of the Lord's Sup
per at the Second P.apMsr church
on Sunday morning las', a confer
ence was held and .it'er a full state
ment by the committee appointed
to nominate a pastor, the name ot
Kev. .1. W. Ford. I. 1 .. of L i
(irange. (la., was presented and
unanimously chosen. The attend
atice ot the church membership was
large and the action very harmo
nious. lr. l'ord is a graduate ol
Rochester Theological Seminary,
about 4.- jcars ag and is said to
be a preacher of great power. He
has been invited to visit ttiechurch
and preach Sunday after next.
Wilmington Star: A dastardly
attempt was made to wreck the
passenger and freight tram on the
Carolina Central Pailroad which
left Charlotte lor this city at -.15
o'clock Monday evening. The
wreckers had removed a rail from
the track at a point two and a half
miles east of Matthew's station
and some fourteen miles from Char
lotte. Fortunately, the train was
running slowly at the time, and
only two box cars and the engine
were thrown (rom the track. 1 he
engine and tender, however, went
clown an emoantinent twelve leet
high, and Engineer Meisenheimer
and the fireman, a colored man,
were slightly hart. No one else
wiw iDjuretl. The missing rail was
replaced aod the track
cleared in
time to prevent delay in frame,
and the damage to the property ol
the company will not excetd
1,.")00. A di'spatch lioin Ch.u h :e.
while it confirms the above. s. s
that Engineer Mei-enhe;u,er and
the fireman, Alex.n d.' . . i e
dangerously, if not fit.iUv. n : -.rid.
Charlotte Ch remit Mn-irs
are taking hold of tin: : u u.d
the doctors report th it ;!.ie are
plenty of 'em arouid. though the
disease is in a very in 11 : : . In
one house in the city seci. ; , V
are down with the malady - - M :
Leah Frazier, an aged lady . !
Uuntersville, died esterdny. a;
her home in that place. Mrs.
Frazier was 70 years old. and had
been an invalid for several
previous to her death. -
1 he Sal
:.y tl.e
iv is: t.
pr ison-lollow-ne
irl v
vation Army, augminte
Charlotte recruits, yesteiil
ed the county jail, and held
there for the benefit ot t o
ere. The army now ha- i
ing in this city numbeiinj
100 teople, mostly young l
Columbus Eaker, ason ol M . .1 hn
Kaker, a farmer of Gallon county,
wa killed by a falling limb hist
Thursday. The boy out squir
rel hunting near his father's home,
and while passing through the
woods a largo limb loll from a tree
and struck him on the head, crush
ing him to the eai th aud producing
wounds that resulted in ins death a
short time atterwards. Mr. S.,1,
Warren, one of the n..i: tpo
rienoed gold minors of this section,
has. reopened the Jhividsoii mine,
near the western tor iu . nus .. t Trade
street and at a depth o! 'o t et 1 o struck brown ore i!. r -ii.U
?!(" to t ho toil. M ;-. I
tortus us that tlicre is n
activity in mining eircl.
more Imsin i-.s is U-nu
than at any time in t he
the courrtry. A party
cap: ' a! ist s ,i rc ; . art ; vi
week, an d they w ;',; at
work at these in.:.. .
Durham 7'o'on . l '
M. Kigsbee complo ed
work of three new stole
' a
and t hat
ono now
istorv of
f Knglish
lore In C
CO 1 r- ; 1 1
in .11 -
terd.lN .
and Mr.
since th
ot the w
ni'iis ot
house, f.
This makes
T.nn K.gsd,
e tiro. A
alls lett bv :t
'Apt. K. "l. I
ast Fr:d
a:.d si
; a w , i
laborers at work clcunp
debris n a r row !y,1
I hit popular and wort hy
i.en, M . A. Angler, V.q.
atHinted by the (
iVerili T
a il:i i c
icl to.
tor of tl
to till tl
North Car
ill K
the de.v h
( '.micron.-
mg. deso
hollse l.r
located i ii
i.oro :o.i,i
Ct , W .is
it tl:
last .
. :c t
-( :.
1 i.
mil; e
i. hell
he p
S l I
.list. II
tiii; i.hhw, Asitnm.v.
Sj ec-nl t i i:n :
K. ;.i:i ,u. fetrunry '.XT
In ih S. '..':. Willsnison ' f 1 1 1 v i j -s.
ii. P li ; l: an i Mir..vcr wcro ansnunrpvl
a." n mitte on ri! way oi.ffiinwi'm.
Tt.e f. 1!. wing : ols wire in t r.i.i uoeil
'i'.i c.tti;J j a r i s , i K-tiuii of nmg istniU-s .
To ;ruvi!r f r criminal t-tut iUcs : Te
in. i r p. i.-ate HariKtl i'.'Utity liailway
''.ii.j-st.y . i.ii; incorH r.uinx Wilming
ton, l 'ud.m- mi J Kaet Carolina II ;! .-it
tiiissed reii.iic.
A j , : i t . i. : i i reseiut'l Lv Mr. t iver-
in nil as re:i 1
iikw county ti
Tne petiti n :
inking tne creation of a
he known as Random,
s signed hy residents of
i raven county .
I lie follow iu bills were introduced:
To UK'urporale the Ivinston and Snow
Him Kailwav i'o. ; To pruhibit the use
of draft ni is in Carteret county.
The calendar was taken up.
Tt.e tall (o regulate the sale of .-eed
eott. n. .y requiriiic a record to be keit
of ail seed cotton sold, the name of ihe
seiier. tne j ri e. etc . were taken up
an i debated at considerable length. It
was finally referred to the committee
on agriculture.
Tne railway commission bill was i n
taken up. The House reconsidered . e
vote t y Inch it p:uised us secomi r.
in. ac i it therefore came up on i
reading. A motion to cointo comr
tee of the whole and consider the I
by sections was loot. The House thin
took iij. ir.e bill regularly.
Mr. IVuro. n opened the liebate. sienk
in warnilv in favor of the lull. He
charged the railways were daily violat
ing the etatutes.
An amendment was i ifind. that the
commissioners hall be elected by the
Mr. orkppoke in opp t-ition to th?
till and attacked Mr. Pearson's posi
tion, lie closed by saying that he a-
tired of the lonjf discussion. movd to
table the bill, and on that motion called
the veas and nays. He withdrew- the
call long eriouKli to permit several gen
tlemen to speak .
Mr. Holt antagonized the bill. He
said he would never support it as long
as section 5 wa allowed to remain.
He said the old roads cannot be regu
lated .
Mr. Kwart asked why these old roads
were so bitterly fighting this bill if it
was a matter uf indnTerence to them.
Mr. Holt said it waj because these
r .ads w ished to build branch roads and
had to get the money North, where the
lirst question asked would be. "Have
you a railway commission '.'1''
Mr. Worth spoke in favor of the bill.
Mr. Ewart also spake in its favor.
He attacked Mr. Holt, charging him
with imftcision. with voting tirst for,
and then against, the bill. In this gnat
fight Mr. Holt and Mr. York were on
the side of the corporations against the
people. He said that stction 5. for
wnien air. licit said he would never
vote, provided that the commission
should prevent irright discrimination.
He made a bitter attack upon the rail
way lobyists and the disreputable
metho Is of some of them.
Mr. York thereupon renewed his mo
tion table, and called for the ayes and
noes. The call was sustained and the
House voted. The result was as follows:
aves 47. nots 47. There were many ex
planations vt votes and one or two Re
publicans cried out. upon Ewart's charge
that Kspublican lawyers had affected
their view,. Une of these Republicans,
Mr. Stewart, denounced Mr. Ewart's
remark as unworthy of a gentleman.
He said Kwart had congressional as
pirations. The chair cast the deciding vote no.
so the motion to table did not prevail.
The House, at 2 o'clock, adjourned.
H.u.Eluii, February 10.
to. lav bill was introduced
:bcry of delegates to nom
.ventions. Bill passed ei
:e f. r exchange of State
to pu:
i n a : : i .
ten !;:
bon i-
ii.. r-- - nt r.-j .ioinj over defeat
of th. i: , : ai.s iu the Llouse today
on tic.;: . . :. repeal county govern
ment. 1. , -..'.lieans are badly hacked.
Two of their number. Candler and
Crisp, vott.l w ith Democrats in favor of
indf l',n:te poetp jnement. Of independ-
ent-s. Lin.isav
I'arham. Pearson and
Waters voted same
Paschall voted with
Tomorrow 1'earso
biil to Sc. amend .
l; put-
i will
White and
i c a n s .
intro.1 uce a
law a-s to give the p-.-ople the right to
vote for commissioners an 1 magistrates,
the former to . .j !,,-n t. the lat-
;. r i give S". ! n 1. Tins is the bill
which the Independents will support,
lb u !..
The ilou.-e met at
morning. T h r e i . i
unusually large nun.
from various arts ,o
against t lie repeal : iv
Two resolutions w
one ti reuiove t h- p
of W. W. Hoiden . tne
Joint self t C mm litre
way c rr. n. is-1 i ;l
in- i.ts . . t -. up n .: .
A till as . -!f.-r. 1 :.
1 r.c- rp- -ral i r g t !..- ' : i
i . nit.n.y.
Th-- H. :. k t thi-
e .resent, d an
! .-r of petitions
the State f r .-r
-fence I i w s ,
ere introduced,
tical disahi.itn
otht r. to raise a
p. t is r the rail-
Ili.- i.iw
: k op ti - I ..I t create a
i : i . s-; i. . 1 h .s w ..s . n r.s
ir g :.s tne unfinished busi
s l.nii' i if ered a substitute
It in 'V id. s that there shall
. Il l Tel!
s. Mr.
the hll.
. Wa V
in :i. . to r.
. r.- r-. as ; ...
m-te e
1 '
1 .
o -rt t . tl.-- i
n i m .-ii : s w
e. . if.-r, d t
A r.
I r-
I t-d i
Mr. F
Mr. Fw ,,rt.
irt mad - a p
I s- 'to i i x p.ali.a
of his remarks
ma i y esterd ay.
d not meant that
i whom he had
ii: r.-gar l to s- -in.-gard
to 1 .hl-v;-t-.
. -dared that he ha
w ay I, 1 P lsts t
1 w . re Usin
ev in huving
r i I . I :
. t
. very
the t 1
dy f.-r
the ra
I r n g
1. IF
such a
I ill.
t r.
-p. k
d t:
"g -'
f th.
I '-hor
r. 1
..' am
'. k
the- h
I '-'-
M :
- - U -
P tl.t-r: .-.
It-finite p
ire-t .1 a
' Wiei crt
1 ie.
'te on the motion
The result was
i os "... r.ayg 49.
on the I en:o-
A mes-
Cel e.l m
d Isf uted I
a i IT. in,-
fr- m tlc ' ioverner was re
gir.l to the surveys of the
uniaries between this State
-. . anil South Carol ina.
Kvi.c: .
::,y tl.
I : 1:.
b i i ; - v. . :
due. d.
To all .
To i no. u-
To Coin;
count for
e f. homing
runt ir.tro-
i t'i,n to levy special tax :
rate Falkland, Pitt county:
1 county commissioners to ac
all ir.. i.eys --. n.irg into tl'.eir
y irtu.
f their (
rate W
I i.
,mins-t. n and
parsed third
give Yar.ce
as table 1.
th ird reading
( oast
read i
c un:
biil t.
was v
it tin
a nr.u
bill t
. l.ile
. pre
t i I .-
r : .-i
1 .r t tc 1. 1
i w.,i m.
port of the
I lie
bill as
-m ist s
d; I
! pai t no i
' d to
i le r. p. rt
n. in i;u ..- .
tl.e ooiic
as made Ly
the resolu
d isabh iiies
the niili.-i.ti
tn 'ii to rem.
' f W i ! 1 1 am
r: -iii
. i:,-r.
p-.-r c,
u r S
'' rs:r
I- -y
nUois and K pre
ss to secure the ro
ut bank tax--na'.ors
and Repre
- - b . secu re an in--f
life -uvrpc r-m-
s. I.tlitiv..-,
peal of th
K. qu. -selitative-
in (
' g '
: t;
: l:
unty commis
y thu popular
By ric. O- elect the o
sioners m , ... f, county bv
Hy Turr.. r. t i- -t- re to
the r iht to elect tic ir con r,
tl.e people
y co mm is -
To ali. w J n s , T.ui.ty t l.-w a
spec in I tax.
To provide for the care of the help
less and incurable insane.
Ward, colored, speaking to a question
of personal privilege, said the .statement
was false that he as a member of the
committee to visit the Morganton in
sane asylum had raised a row because
In was not allowed to eat at the same
table w ith the white members of the
committee. He aro said that he under
stood, in his vote yesterday on the mo
tion to indefinitely postpone the bill to
abolish county government that he was
not paired with Mr. Fatten and had
voted .
Mr. Potton sail that Ward had a bad
memory. Two white members testiiied
that Ward and Potton were paired.
Holloway. colored, called on Wil
liamson, colored, to state to the House
who had told him ias Williamson
stated yesterdays that the people of
Wilmington did not have any cause of
grievance against the railways, but
desired a railway commission simply
because they had a favorite son whom
they wished to get in the position.
Uollowav said he was told bv the
delegates from Wilmington that they
had told Williamson no such thing.
Williamson said he had no explana
tion to make. He was badly discom
fited and the House laughed whiie it
sneered at him.
a -ric i .vi. . 'ii: ku.
The House at noon took up the biil
to ratify and coiiiirm the consolidation
of the Rutherford Railway Construction
Company and the Rutherfordton.
Marion and Tenntss-.e Railway with
the Charleston. Cincinnati and Chicaco
Railway Cornpanv.
There was quite a debate on this bill.
A good many were cast upon
the railway company.
The speeches were rather heated.
Finally Mr. Crawford ollered an amend
ment that the company shall be requir
ed to begin work in McDowell county
in 12 months. On this be called the
previous question. The House voted
down this amendment. The bill then
pa-sed its second and third readings.
At o cljck the Hous" adjounej.
ICni-tlit? of Pythias.
The 17th annual session of the Grand
Lode of Knights of Pythias met in
Masonic Hall Tuesday. Twelve lodges
were represented, and the following.
olncers were pr--:
grand i hanceih
grand vi c char.
past gr ii. i I'linii
grand pr. lap-i J
k t .. r i f r- ro
ll:;. LT.lIii ll.ll.-il
Pa ie. g r.o.ii m .
how-, grand un,.
g ran.l outer gu ir
G. Harif 11. su-.-r.
Tl.e r. p .rts . :
read and i el .-rr.
in ittt s.
The ; i;
White r.-; r. s. i.:
con i r. i -ii in N. -n
Sim 1 C. White.
Nathan (CHerry.
r: J. i '. Brewster,
i : W. I.. Jewett.
I.. I i 11. -v. grand
1 s.-,.I. H. T. Scan
. . -h- quer; L. M.
at arms. C. D. Ben
guard: R
F. I.
. J A. li
.e re; r.-s
- gran i
:z and
ativ es.
'ers were
n i 1 '.-.a:;, ellor
i- i- hi -i healihy
i ina. ' h-.e new
:. i d iii n.g the
a ' -ii-;. It rable
r -. - i ': , . Hints the rr.on
ct to t he mern
k:i:g!.t. Samuel
i .do.- i ins o wn
:i the altar of
m and de-rv-
the life .f a
1 e erected at
Ti.e Grand 1. ig
men., ri ii pr- o- ct. I
u m r. t 1 1 prop -1 s p
ry . f ci.iv ii:
i I . 1 d r I ; i . . s . w .. , ,
life in R. -:.:;. p.d .
fri. nd-h.p. .:i a I.
term :::-.- 1 :T r: t . ;
brother kr.ight. -r
R .leigii . r at M.i-o
:; . N . i . . w i: ere ii is
:. :..:!. : ::. .:. at R-.-h-
:" ' i'li.i mi
: :: : :. : : p. the
:'. . r- t ; the rr.ej
I a- f. ,1 1 .w - ( Iran i
li- r ry . of ti d dsF to
mg t- rin r. sii .t
i ha-.i -. Ih.r. N. t
Grand ' ic. -t ' c
Wilmmgt ii I ir..
H. . f ,ir. , i.
at Arms. K. M. p ,
Grand Keeper o!
F. L. M- of
:. 1 Pre!at-. ( . Ih
-L r o G ran 1 M .ster
.vie. of New F.-rne:
Records and S.-al.
f Wilmington . i Irand
i, r. R. T Sc.o.lin. of
( . ;
.n F. I i-i i..-v . ..
ster , f Fxch. .
y -1 ti
r- h .
. i c ii
i In
Her I .
d. H. IF
Gr.o. i
f 1 'uriia:
:;.ti. 1 t'.
-. Fast
r: an i
. th.
J. A.
i ;
w as
i for
- I :v n.
A 1 1
r K-
-tart- I
to in
Th. i
o rat i
T.A.ROK a.!'K
r. 'n.:. :.. :
rr.iATi- n .
s.!ix,,T.-,N-. I cb. 7. The two bills
pased by the Senate this afternoon for
strengthening the coast defenses pro
posed to put c's.COO.UOO at the disposal
uf the Secretary of War and 6S.liOO.C00
at the disposal of the Secretary of the
Navy, the money to be applied exclu
sively to the construction of modern
irmy and navy ordnance. An amend-
meni appropriating the further sum of
S".ij0?,oij0 for the construction of forti
fications and other works of coast de
fense was also adopted, making the
aggregate s-.l .OOO.TX'O. These measures
were passed by a practically unanimous
vote. There is. however, not the least
expectation that they will pass the
House. The conference committee on
the fortifications bill, which has held
numerous sessions, eoems now to be
approaching the completion of its la
bors. It was stated in this correspond
ence some weeks since that the com
mittee would in all probabilitv even
tually settle upon a sum approximating
cu.uuu.oou. mis can now be reiterated,
and the report of the committee will in
all probability be made within a week
or ten days. The sum mentioned will
be applied in about equal proportions
for the construction of heavy ordnance
for the army and navy, the House
eonferre.-s. at the head of whom is Mr.
Randall, In recommending the adoption
of this report by the House, will con
sider that it is as far as they can go at
this session, and therefore, as said, it
not be anticipated that any serious con
sideration will be given to the Senate
bills passed this afternoon.
Representative Reagan, of Texas, has
returned very much elated over the
prospect of leaving the House for a six
years term in the Senate. He says his
bath, over which so much fun was
made, did not hurt him with the people .
of Texas, but rather elevated him in
their favor, ne says in the recent sen
atorial contest in Texas there was no
ill-feeling between any of the candi
dates, who were all polite and courte
ous to each other and to each other's
friends, and that there are no resent
ments to survive the contest. He
thinks the Texas delegation will rec
ommend to the President a citizen of
that Commonwealth for appointment
on the interstate commerce commission.
ihe Supreme Court of the Cnited
States will take a recess tomorrow tor
the telephone cases, Mr. Dickinson, of
the Bell counsel, pictured Prof. Bell as
a public benefactor and philanthropist,
who had been most shamefully perse
cuted, and he criticised the Department
of Justice for creating, as he said, an
annex to the department to a?8ist in
this persecution of a good man.
A friend of Senator Beck walked into
his committee-room a few days ago, and
to his surprise found the Kentucky
statesman in a towering rage, gazing at
a letter he held in his hand. '-What do
you think of thin for an insultV" he ex
claimed, after greeting his friend. "I
don't know what some of my constitu
entstakejne for. This letter is from a
young man who lives near my home,
and he has the cheek to offer me ten
per cent of his salary for the first year
if I secure him an appointment in the
railway messenger service. This is
a sample of some of the letters we get.
I have received a lot of such otfers. and
might make a fair salary if a Democrat
had any show, but he hasn't.''
Senator Sherman, President of the
Senate, is recognized as one of the most
astute and wide-awake men in public
life. He was today, however, actually
caught sapping in the Vice-President's
chair. Senator Morgan, of Alabama,
was delivering one of his usually long
but eloquent speeches on the Eads ship
railway bill. There were but few Sena
tors in the chamber at the time, and
the Alabama Senator was reading a long
list of statistics. One of the pages
looked toward the presiding officer's
chair and discovered Mr. Sherman with
his head bowed low, enjoying "forty cr
more winks."' He dozed for about ten
minutes, when he was finally aroused
by one of the Alabama Senator's flights
of eloquence, in which he shouted "Mr.
President" with considerable emphasis.
The Democrats of Massachusetts want
a stirring up in the postotiices ot that
State. A night or two since Represen
tative Cdlins and Representative eh ct
Leonid Morse spent several hours with
the Postmaster-General, going over the
whole matter. As a result of the con-
ference it is rumored that the
soon be put in motion in the
State, if the mugwump? do ::. :
much of a row- about it.
Sniirenie Court
Ex am i nations o f applicants f. r F . -;. e
to practice law were concludeil ja ster
day . and licenst s w ere grante.i to the
following: John C. Mncuriih. Sampson
county: Hugh. K. Foyer. Aiiegdany
County: Charles F. t. nnvfct i. Fowau
l uuntv: Wm. J. Fxuin. Wavne c u.etv:
H -nj. F. Wool. Cleveland e. unty; K "i
ward T. Cansler. lleckienburg county:
Thos. N. Winslow. IV-rduiaians cuumv;
J.'tph C. Pinnix. jr., Caswell ci unty:
Gi F. McLean. Guilford eoui.;V.
I-aac A .Murch is, m .Cumberland county :
Stephen P. Graves. urry cnunlv: V.'ni.
S. Thomson. Sampson county; Fihia.- F.
. hapin. Iicuufun ei-unty : R:eh..r-i I '
Guilev. J..l:n-f n county : Ja:i:..-- A.
Hartn.Si. Iredell c. ur.ty: Jaic-s H
Woods. Iredell muntv: J. hn A. M ere.
Fitt countv: James I. Mt-ares. New
overcountv: Aaron R., i'.ige
combe county : Joseph Hutches..;-., cra
ven com. tv. .V - o ; c o
Mr. I hui iuaii 1). cliii, s.
W.v-iilN. -70.N, Feb. .Senate:- ;
iailcd up II the Fresidtnt this nicl.
..urge tho lippointnu-r.t of G.-ii. C
iordo Wiilnmis to the (
; r
riission. I:: the cone, rsation the Vi
dent detailed the t xter.t of the t rvii
tn-i wori Un i.i-.i i-iicoia:. r,j i:
the throng .'
m ak in g his
'There h:
concern ric.
a bur Icr..
been m-th
.t has giv
. can.e n.o
s a r v t
th- i r
m m
-si . r. .
Mr. K.
it hi: i
f ho
II Will izo U
g.i tiie Fr. s:
. IF. r a ph..
d h:
in g
. He li
to F:
A lvlk county 'Ga.i man is living
pl.-as.'t.tiy with his eighth wife.
Atlanta. Ha., has doubled its manu
facturing capacity within the past five ,
Two w atei melons, fresh from the
vine, were shipped from Laurinburg.
N. C. . a few- days ago to a Congressman
at Washington.
A ltt..r .addressed to a party in
l ather .Mich, was sent to a postoffice
expert, and he forwarded it
to Paw
Mich. He guessed right.
The Detroit Free Press says the tobag -
gan business is only a temporary mania,
and predicts that
every slide in the
country wi!
abandoned before July '
The latest proposed desecration of a
land sacred in childhood's recollections
is the running of pleasure excursions
from Valparaiso to Robinson Pmam'.
The Macon Telegraph throws out the j
following suggestion: -The United
States are not in a position to threaten I ment "" M,S 8CftWi
Canada or anybody else whose relatives ! Th same or a greater propor
an i fnen is own war ships. " tion of deaths obtains in America.
The new city and county clerk at San 1 Dr. Fayne also Says that One-
Francisco has erected the following ; "alf the total number ,of deaths
sign: L idv anrlicanta r,-.i- from all other panaua htiu dI. Ar
- ' . - -' - ' l'vi-i
weep m the ante room, as
the clerk sutlers greatly from dnr '
The slaughter of lobsters at Prince '
Edward Wand is something astound-
ing. There
were exported the past :
season 'Jl.uoO caseB. mostly to Europe,
which involved the killine of 35.000 000
Pancake, of Anoka, Minfl.
leaned on his un while talking with a j
couple ci men. George's dog, being in !
a playful mood, toyed with the hammer !
of the gun. Death took the Pancake.
M. H. Dalton, of Palatka. Fla., has a
cat that is 22 years old and a dog one
year younger. The cat is vigorous, but
too deaf to be a successful mouser. The
clog shows his years in his gray hairs.
A Chicago girl who is a member of a
Browning Club, on becoming engaged
to an English lordling. has bsen horri
fied to overhear him remark that "the
uppr classes in England regard Brown
ing as a crank. ' '
It's been given cut that my daughter
w as married, but 1 want to Btate there
ain't no truth in it. Such talk as that
will keep the young men away. She
ain't married at all, but is jest as willin'
as ever. ':
A St. Louis shopkeeper gives away a
little secret which he 6ays has been
worth many dollars to him. He keeps
his window-panes free from frost by
rubbing them once or twice a week
with a rag damp with glycerine.
At New York preparations for the
sale of the Stewart pictures are being
pushed forward. Among them is the
printing of a gorgeous catalogue, with
fac-simile etchings, got up most elab
orately, and to be sold at 823.
A bill has been introduced in the New
York Assembly providing that all rail
roads in cities of 500,000 inhabitants or
over shall use only groove rails, flush
with the carriage w ay. All other rails
are to be removed.
A California paper lays down this
rule for the guidance of its readers who
may be thinking of speculating in
mining stocks: "Buy em when they
are loo- and sell when they are high,
and watch your broker with a shotgun. "
TwoeiHy fellowa fought thirty-five
rounds at Shelbyviile, Ind., to decide
which should mnrry a certain girl.
While they were being carried off the !
field in an ambulance news came that
the pirl
A sch
had been married a week be-
ieme is pending in the Missouri j
turc to print the school text- j
Leg is!
ers of
the pr.
n th.; penitentiary. The Drint-i
;'.. J.
uis vigorously denounce j
.i. end the Republican of ;
that city sajs the idea means, first, sumpuon: 1'irst, WeaKenea kld
jobheiy. ana secondly, increased com-1 neys; second, retained uric acid,
petition ti" i ri.-on with free labor." poisoning the blood; third, the de
N. nun in Germany have io velopment of disease in the lungs
he v ry cardul about punctuation. The ; by the irritant acids passing
li-jfer Tagebi&tt a short time ago said i through them. Then there is a lit-
1 1 Kl
i ii deconition had been conferred
n Count von Holstein. By an over-
ight mi i xclamation point instead of a i
tellCt- 1 a
the wht
; .eared at the end of the sen
a , r . u
.1 for this the authorities seized
.' issue, and instituted a suit I
he editor for atrocious libel.
i id. I. in. Ft b. fh The Berliner Xach
i i. nt'. n -ays it has authentic informa
ti n that Gen. Boulanger. the French
minister of war. is preparing for a
movement of troops to the eastern fron
tier, i ur battalions of infantry are to
go to
.-..' airy
min ana ioui. a bngado of
w ill also go to Verdun and
r.. i.-ion trams to Toul. Four battalions
in Algiers have, been ordered to France.
Gen. Foialanger has instructed the
military railway committee to remain
.n permanent session. The orders for
F.-TO movements, the Nachrichten
s. .-. will not be issued until the 21st
The Munich Aiigemeine Zeitung pub
lishes Cardinal Jacobini's letter to the
nuncio at Munich. It is dated January
The Cardinal says that in view of
the impending revision of the church
laws the Rope desires the centie to sup
port the septennate bill in every possible
w;.y. and concludes: "It is well known
t:...i tl.e government attaches the great
. t importance to the passage of the
Ii! If by irs adoption it should be
' JK'S possible to avert the danger of
u ar ;t. i;.'.-near future, the centre would
: :. ': r : great i-vrvi- ti the Fatherland
..: . -. . sii-f . f hum iniiy in Europe
hill." Cardinal
tl-'I a
I i. e
the i:unci-)to urge .
cent:., to inlluence
that such a course
fy the Hon- Father,
( ;
tte accuses
Baron I-'ianken-
r-. t me first letter
c t-i ting pressure
te ngc hi-1 the sp-
w 1 1 1
is about to ap-l-.e
the orgm of
re party w hieh
'th- h'- Ihsh- . of Fim-
N .-sau. Prussia, has for
c .--; of hi., d ic-cese to take
oh.-t the septs-cnate bill.
F. h j Gen Horvatovich
tn.- mimand of the Ser-
c o.i-.- of the rejection of
i y ti.e skuptchir.a.
t".'i:l-.N-L.M.. )-eb. l.
a :: r. CciveJ here recently
:t p- ints on the continent
ran aggregate of IOO.jO
i meats.
o. '.' German agents are
yed purchasing horses in
N -oTtsl
New and Important Opinions of Pul
monary Experts !
Cftn the Universal Consumption bt
Successfully Treated T
Dr. Borgeon, a leading French
doctor, has a new treatment lot .
, consumption !
He gives an, enema of carbonic
acid and sulphuretted hvdroirn
I fC Hps f V. A 1 a t-tcif rraa - t -
7 ' . . """"" e1" anjmg fcae,v
lormer into every part of the throat'
, an rl 1 n n on . . .. .
This treatment, too, IS directed'
I at effects-the nana ,Tf!
. distnrbed. -
What this - cause is has been
stated bjperhaps the highest pah
monary authority in the world. i.e.,,
the Brompton Hospital for Con
sumptives, in London, Eng.
This malady every year carries
off from one-seventh to one-fifth of
the entire population of England!
! r ??J-"-
... ... ... . , v. BUCUO MJL
i. : ji . . - .. ...
1 Lnis "isease in tue system which
require some irritant
r!I an tV-
"L?.ULaonil 7
Cnnsilmntinn is nansorl Htr ilAn:.i
, Z,t "IT Y T "J lltl
the laDffs. bv
These authorities cannot be dis
puted. The medical world recog
nizes them. The uric acid i th
irritant in the blood that causes the
development Of the Seeds Whfch"
Brehmer says Ife dormant in
the blood.
Every particle of blood wbichv
passes through - the lnngg and .
heart, also goes through the kid
neys, and if they are in the least
deranged they cannot rid the blood
of its killing poison. The thousand
little hair-like sewer tubes of tht:t':
kidneys very easily get blocked np
and diseased; and -when tney nio,
they corrupt instead of purifying
the blood. Kidney disease may- :,
exist, and yet no pain occur in that
organ, because it is deficient in
nerves of sensation.
Dip your finger in acid every -day
and it soon festers and is de-
gtroyed. Send acid poisoned blood
through the lungs every second,
and they soon give way.
The Brompton Hospital investi
gation showed that 52 per cent, of '
the victims of consumption were
afflicted with deranged kidneys,
which permitted the uric acid poi
son to remain in the blood and irri
tate the lungs. This nric. acid is
always fighting every vital organ,
and if there be any inherent weak
ness in the lungs it inevitably causes
pneumonia, congh and consump
tion. The real cause of pulmonary
troubles being so authoritatively
shown to be faulty even though un
suspected action of the kidneys, ex
plains why, in order to master the '
dreaded consumption, one must rid - '
the blood of the uric acid irritant
which inflames and burns np the
long substance. For this purpose
there is nothing equal to that great
specific, Warner's safe cure. This
remedy has now the favor of medi- ,
cai men all over the world purely .on . ..
its merits. We have no donbt that
if the kidneys are kept in natural
action, consumption and a great
. i i
mauy oiuer diseases, caused Dy
uric acid, will not only be Cured bat
Will be prevented
When the kidney is healthy, no
albumen appears in the water, but
albumen is found in the water of
more than half of those who die of
This, then, is the condition of
things that always precedes con-
wa LUUsu 'u tul5 moiiiujg; noon
thick, yellow matter is spit up, fol-
lowed by loss of flesh and strength.
... , . ... o
witii ureauiui nignt sweats; and
when the patient goes to his school
physician for help, he is put on cod
liver oil which his stomach, weak
ened also by uric acid in the blood,
cannot digest. Because there is no
pain present in the kidneys, the
patient does not think they are
affected, but the kidney acid is do
ing its work every minute, every
hour, day and night, and by-and-by
the disease of the lungs has ad
vanced until pus is developed, then
nrv. - n - i,.,ori,r. a ii. n
glassy stare which denotes that the
end is near.
A post mortem examination of
such cases shows that the terrible
uric acid has completely destroyed
the substance of the lung.
It is impossible to cure lung dis
ease when the blood is poisoned
with uric acid.
Proposed Monument to Lee
at Richmond. In Richmond, the
city Lee defended, a monument is
to be raised to his memory. Its site
is iu a park. Tha foundation will
be a broad and elevated terrace
overlooking the city, the river and
the valley. Charles A. Siehaus, of
Cincinnati, has furnished the
design. The ladies of Vi
nrnrnrptl tiif fnm.n tn arant tkA
l - v- u v. v V- A J till)
monument. A massive pedestal
supports the bronze statue, which
is to be of heroic size, on horseback.
The pedestal is ol crauite. with in.
rnhlefs of onlnroil mnrWo "
each of the two opposite sides are
two caryatides iu granite, four in
all. They represent Peace, Justice,
Religion and Patriotism. Fame,
War iunl Charity are also figured
in bronze. At opposite sides oftbe
base are bas-reliefs of "The Depar
ture" and '-The Return."
hen this monument is raised,"
says a writer, "many a man will
visit. Richmond to stand beside it,
to do revereuce to the remains t
may cover, and to say, "Here lies
the body of one of the noblest men
who ever lived or died in America."
Ta uses.' ' What are pauses V
nskoil the teacher of a primary
class. "Things that grow on cats,"
piped the small bov at the foot.
' ?'-;
' '''-

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