THE JOURNAL. ' ' A K. ITU. "he " tv e KlUi. SXWBEHXC. N C M V ! It fa not thought tl.t ' ' kas)BBT wriotu Vnw'i - r -.'-. ... lit U too iir .i il Med i 4tlijcnn ot :tia" '. TlTE To&ieo "!' JLir(or Tr-Hurer l'-i tMtb pTmnt t Pi l r i ii i :- liaeeoM tAx. 'i ''. ' - " v caOM b will onU i-e. ,'. - tiajfoar home merciianP ir.,1 " fictarra at disadvantage :"- TOT, Pwidil's icf ' - inter-State comuierce e.T-.-.rr. . i i IMPS to give xta Southern Tmoopv I'.i: . ; . i . gtlm tike abort :rrn. COOLTT, of Miehigar.. . eB tht long term will probably b tne - tbo Commission. It is jpenemlly concede, 1 n t; Asai&t&nt Secretary Kuu, hp: will bo Mr. MiNMX'A uereso. It k( to be hoped th.u he w.'.l n, attempt to carry ut r Min XiJiQ'a ailvef ideas, bo- w '.: the w and call in all N,a,l , are aow dae and let the mont ofthe TAoIts of th treasury . e v iat -1: ' ' "SHEXXax's work in the Sruri: ,.i a Ul to be that of an ev mgcl: - . He ia teat to ronrcr; the "i 1 Wbfjpw Xbe question n.unrillv ari.ieo, what is Rla ink's work in the Weatf Shebmas will BraiXHWlH water bot the Whigs will BOt ir the increase neces.a ry to elect either of tbem I'res iderr of these L'aited States. IF SHXSMaK wants to droi' the "bloody shirt and meet the Derao crats oa the, qaeatioos of a revenue tarifT and a protectire tariff, in the Dime oC eonmoo sease let aim do it. ; Bot we, predict, win.n he is roated these gret practical questions, b will again tly to the "Woody ahirt. Ir seems that the "free pass' members of Congress rather over done the thinfia passing the inter State commerce bill. The railroad mea construe it so as to deprive them of the right to issue free pxea,- This Is probbl lie (yst featareof the bill, bat one which wilt be Strkieo .at at an early ME. DlrSK is making a trip tUroash'tho. wwt and northwest. No politics ia this; there never is. Whea theae 'fellows want to look after tbeirfcoce- they it on the Iy. 8njqfAX has the advantage i,f l'LiVC io that he h never Uen a candidate for the Tresi d.ency, and Botbinx has turned up to convince the people that they made a mistake ia not electing nr.Aixs President ia 1.SS4. - THK Lite lottery law is none the made by Senator .ImiN Shkum an better by beiaic 4lan exact copy of at Nashville. Tennessee. It is an the Jfew York law,' as some of our attempt to induce the former mom contemporaries seem to think. We bers of the old W hig party to to! hive already too many exact copies, low htm. where he had U-.-n led, of Other; people's foolishness that into the Republican parry. I: is are not suited . to oor own people. ; not ncu a speech as he wdi make Some papen.are rejoicing over this i in Ohio or New Voik. w heti he death bW,'as they consider it. to speaks in those States . r any this. Louisiana Iraud while their other Northern State, he must columns are ftUed with other and show that the negro is oppressed. greater lraads and ham bugs Cartes Harkiso has pos. tiTtly refused to be the Democratic candidate for re-election to the mayoralty ot Chicago. One of his reasons is-that the President has taken sides against him. W hen the President's attention was called to the tact he did not know whether amused or indignant. He bad to ponder a little before he could recall the fact that Mr. 11 au RISOJf was io existence. So mnoh torJeing prominent. - SfxAKER Carlisle deserves the sympathy of the people. Tmreca tionshaTe been heaped upon him because he could not recognie everyone on the last day of th 4'Jth Consress who wanted the rules sus pended in order to get through a bill.' He probably niade co many promisee,, but he alone ough: nor to be held responsible for fooling sway three months of the session and then fail to get everything throofh on the last day. "iTHS ews from Washington is that Recortier Trottkr is critically , ilUi.'If his sickness terminates fatally, we suggest, in advance, to . President Cleveland, t hat n he is determined to have a colored man to III that ortice. to come South and get a geunine repre se&tatiTe Of the colored race. He could find in the Kev. ) i I'khk. s4f North Carolina, if he would con descend to accept the office, a genuine aegro and one who would , in aay position, reflect credit upon " is race. CLETELASI) THF DM Henry Wstterson of the I Journal, notwithstanding rare criticisms on Ci.kv V C. i,i his se :- : i s : ' s !i' man .'bin administration . has come I eoociosion that he is :he oii -that en Wd the par-v : '..' nextyear. In an .nrerv.ew liahed in the Chicago ' M i Watterson says . . X do mot beliTtthrr is n.i- ..-.:ent chaaMcrftbe Dmirn; ; T n lia(MXt jetranltm u di nom,n: CievelsiMt. He is the only man ih: M uJ4T prwnt condttKin. -arry '.h party to victory. I don't ho sra (Oinc K sround it They Ilka kin. It will tx prMM to r thf j must omi likes tat Of medicine. the waek y. im my bv.: then, .-om pound r HO laog will :t re letor. KirCHJjf of the Scotland JPmoeTt will coiw to the rjeoa clarion 1 Mo Neck same ;ng r. r e I : c.iv i r . Ar;i. lt-ir-,.-:- l-.iv : ' : e :. i r a'. a '.v -' - .- by KaN t - tinii 'he w i in' ill p ., ' a - ' ' ( k ;.' - : fo-: : ' s m e l al ' Ui-g.iiii-n we and tin' ' - on : in- i-i .ti-, i" Kejf. me:, ing. 'hro -rvi d -h 1 1- I!' I si.cie a . . . , i- I c verei 1 ' ii I'o1 1 : i ''i ' '; ' r'- C Suffered -eM.'-li N '. Ol' ' lleSe 1 i, 1 - . 1 i e n -1 a . srKKK.T. 'he oi;- cm: puts Ci o;r.'- ( icorgia and lie lace I . -N-..-i a luler, Kl K shaw 's South Carolina tho riizht and K o N n.'.oles in Ml 'somewhat in reserve. Such an error is ::iev a-. m e on the par' of !. N .- 1 Kb i ! . w.d ,t should no: be permitted to go into history uncontradicted. He does not even o much a-":, the fact (ieneril c , ki was woanded nigh unto death on that occasion, in lact. ignores entirely the livision commanded 'ay den eral 1U M. which tnire the In u a t i; i n a ina of the attack on M irye s II.... We think apt. ' v-- A. t . niM, ol the 7th. has already. ; communication to the 1 'ii il.iiU-ii Timrt pointed mi: the inacciiracv of I. "NiisVKK.l-.r- account, b-it we desire to see it corrected in tne same publication from which it emanated. This is what I;aisiim ls endeavoring to d. Had I.oN'.sTKKKl Nen d.sp.,,ed . to be itist to North C.irolinian he woold have corrected the eiror himself as ssni as ins attention was calleil to it. KKR.aN AT ASH VI 1.1. H That was an ingenious siveech robln'd and butchered on account of his political opinions, and that there is no loe for the I niou in the breasts of Southern 1 e:nixirats. At Nashville he was t lie content heating merelv allude to in elections ;u the black of the South, as i as ,1, cinnati two ye. us ao glad ro hear ; hat pubin i a t he Sou; u nou re vol unlawful met hods. 1 1 e enough .ukuow'.edgi Souther!: people d.d mantuily and lravel a their con y . ct soil s ; ,i war, and t here ton- he d. conn? ie.s" I.e ill I'm. lie was sent. meat ts ,i' such ;s grateful e that :he :.r-i diily to i ' : : the i- 1 , ' a s a. them to apolog l'roin the re. one would :ii;i. shirt" had bee: Will 1 a- e 1 .1 g.i '. of he Kepir'iic uroi ii-r time a: , e , ourse. speech o..i':v n and breeze . a: :he tli.C h.ll',,1 i ; a i ; ;..,c b 1 we expect ' he s' and : ag w N ishvi'.le. : : ;! a 1 : a x - 'i'ieS'iOIl to see this same spe.iM-i ard bearer "i ne e; he apparen' The Sena v bliPed a' ,,r thinks n st mi'er'a a:ion of the I lies: : ought discus, sipiare and di ; i.i r: lie nn a : i her uie lla: in-Hi ma. p ii. n re. i ix-r i' . a '.i e bag. -a a:. ! S In- nu icy -' e l X -e garr o;i,!:: 1 shal e id aiT.i. rs c, '; lev. e. taxes i ra v -'tVAR KKMIMM 'KNt KS we i a tt ! -i .in .n'cnn! the e .enses of the government i,er ! ,w!"u; nteects. or ill ti j'Ti'tect our e a' t lie eXpeliM- shall ,:.i.- ,1 tin- i i u ! 1 1 ' ,i-v:i,'. ' I'i.e 1 ell :e I mi ,,! M. coup. : !,. . Silt , 1 c l IH Is lit 'A r. Cirt'TPt Countv I'ems wei-K. Sattir' 'i- ::a i .1 a ;''-:olV.i' Weeks pi' ahe.ul tanner. Ke.l died at m eo.-ir m as'er. his home dropsv (d i ; I-. : : : . i r t - , . ; in- he.t : t. age 1 li'.i . i's ,t:i ,i n; i kevl, The" ' . . 1 f . i r : : - : . i . J - t a Sag.-, peas a: n r r : . t' I'.o: i : ;-, ,! ", ! wees ot about !(' ears. He t desritnte family, .il l ,.f S. 1 '.. Holland iiirr.eil uati- iew iiavs iim a tea i verv : iu-k ,-ab s.i al. he n ib lire iest i ; 'a; ,e- iH-.u ii i ; s i 1 ' We ge- 'he .1 , I..NA1. here the s.iine ,1 ly : comes from the press, and .' ,s i weicome visitor. )ar county paper, fieau'ort w i on, also ;s a regular visitor, and no one complains when ;t comes to see us. We have several schools in our co n m unity . M r. 1 1 . Ward is teach er a: old Kcthlehem Church. Miss l.iiy Tales at New I'.. Church. -Mr. Thos. rendell on liogue banks, and Mrs I.. 1 1 arget t near 1 'ellet ier's Mills. ur (ir.u-t ici ng physician lr. c. W. Hill, is as jovial as the longest summer days, and wears his hair like the old ancient doc tors did ;:i tiroes gone by. and he smokes lus short stem pipe like a Dutchman, if he is a good phy sician, liked bv many. Our county court convened List Monday at Keaulort. ,1 udge ('oner presiding. Several suits pen ling in cases of litigation and fraud so said. The steamer Margie case was put ort. and the county com missioiiers and the Atlantic Hotel property had some dispute in re gard to taxes due said pmpert . Oar quarterly meeting came ort l ist Saturday and Sunday a- New r.etlilehem. Kev. .1. I.. Harris. 1'. 11.. preached two excellent ser mons Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Harris :s a tine speaker, and knows how to get the pay for his church. He introduced a new and novel way of raising money for church purposes, that of donating by the tarmers a few rows of cotton and watermelons, to be tended alike and with their own, kept apart and sold for the benefit of the church, ( Several subscribed in that way. One young lady said he had no I cotton or melons but would give a row ot beans just 'tie same. Cedar Point is the name of the large farm owned by K. W. .Jones, deceased, who was a brother ol ( apt. K. K. Jones of your c;ty, and once a member of the Senate troni this district : his widow lives in vour c;t and rents out the farm. Mr". K. Bed and .Mr. W. W". Weeks are tenants there and each have good farms on the way. lr. G. W. Knnett lives close by. he too h.ts a fine farm, and also oneoi the finest orchards in Carteret county : but we fear ins peaches are entirely ruined cold winds and frosts of this mouth March . The doctor is also in the iwuy raising business. Mr. S. H. Holland live close by. he too is a successful tarmer: he farms almost entirely on the tenant system. Onr good tr:end Billy and Bel! conies in next, and every body in Carteret county know or has heard of this lively farmer. Cotton. i 'oiis.iiei'.tl'ly increased act.;"y was shown by the New oik mar ket this week, but it is safe to satin.- greatest activity was :: the putting up of prices, as the ad vances ;n quotations made had a tendency to restrict the volume of business done. Port receipts tins week ran tar K-hmd those oi the same week last year, and evidences of decided exhaustion in the crop movement were made more visible. The Liverpool market was very active this week and sales were larger t han lor many weeks. Prices were advanced -d. :n that market, corresponding to an advance of -;c. in New York. Advices Iroin in land southern markets indicated hrm holding and that the supply of des, cotton was no more than was necessary lor home eonsurnp urn. New York and New Orleans now hold the bulk of marketable uplands unsold. Increased activity ::; desirable grades s expected a t he season advances. The course ,.; uices :h,s week ha.s been, with s'l gid interruption, almost uiiitorm iv upward. April delivery closed las- 1 : -..lay a lo.'1.'. A : call, 'ing tie vetr.eii: on s.uiim.n uepiesseii i : i o i ; : ; s . ( ) demand w i- tp ot IO 1J 'il letice ot Monday a coy developed which but on Tuesday he iles; i e to reai i I0.07. Strong s ot an increased , n Wednesday el . Ii g i , i e 1 1 , a 1 1 Apt i , uk 11. Mil I he n advanced s mp'oiis .1:, ' receipts. 1 rid. 1 w en o.:.g. 'Mancl : u 1 iein a: .day a the 1 the ..ver ei a ester 1 tor b I m . T Iv.H.ce "i ' w ee iv . i's ,1 , ,se, , s ' u , e cme tir en. and .i u r e u . : Silvan- i l-Mll-.-.-U.le don d. ft. '.lib ' me a r. t in 1 STATE NEWS 1 . 1 l-.l II 1 from Our Fxclian IV 11. Tl tut. will. 1 . ,v 1' ! n-.-P.v lil Uli II : llg.I. . .1 ; i r an, 1 e a 11m' 1.,- - m . ! 1 P.-:,' being nunii-r, we M wet, -''M m. -ten i :; t s e . :i . ki-r. 1 l.-e'.o: 1 breti iiui.-p..i Last Ki id.n . he fainted a: : struck his Lea was carried t aie h.ipp rapid i -. Wtimnv'to: rx tr.ior.l ;n a: at I'.ith Sitee t o: 1 foi ,-t ( hi; : i i a li i le uo.ii;:ig -i lie altar and :u i sevei c biov in g h home, :ii. i1. i 1 l.el.- A .... .Ill iton produced Ch'irch W cd irge piiiiioer nipri : M . 1 A i:!.r uesda i : i ' c ' ' CrOWlll-.l t lie itlteri'i';"; ; in -ome vcrv rob SiH n -i n""ii 1 1 the .-i.i a A legal ;i . mons m; 1 We.ii'e-l.i i tell- II ol oitser on 1 n i'g v i-: -t 1 stro tie id .ii. i-r i ' i r ; i er. ick ' than i in 1 i , .on -l .I.Ctl i"V.l! I , ei da v al noon . he leglsteied strength Less of t lie conn in I a vor ot tion. The about i.To, was polled I'steri bi ne railroad subscrip registered strength is and Lhu'iil votes weie polled im and in.' against it. with three townships to hear from. W ilmington st;r The ful! re turns of the '.lection held Thursday on tue question of a Hiibscr i pt ion to the Onslow railroad had not reached the court house yesterday : Harnett and federal townships are vet to hear from. So far the ag gregate vote lor siibsoiiption is ',.';." ', and against 1 Id. It is said at the court house that it will re quite the vote and close scrutiny and icv.:oti,,i the lists ol i egis' ered voters ' determine whether :o'i ti..s been car. ned Ol lac . 1' w , n C . t y ' ... I'm- i a se ol State against Wash 1 hornton charged w ;h i iissanlt upon Mr 11 I Crawford on the nih: ,. I'cbru.iry j'J. was called .this in old i ii g in the court house by Justice Hamlin loi a preliminary trial to learn it the e idence was sulTicieii; to warrant the binding of Thornton owr 'o t he Superior com t. A good many were intro duoed. l : e i ' he hea ling ol I he e v ideii . and . m s.dei i n g the m at tcrthe Justice dec i ded I h a' the evidence did v.ot warrmt tin- bind ing over to coin t anil Mr rhoipb.n was I del efol e released ( hat ham ' com' 1 hei w ere some narrow escapes :i"i:i destruc tive files af ths place :, last Thursday. (u that day the roof of Mr. John B. Harris' dwelling ' caught on lire and bcloteit could Ih- extinguished live or six hundred shingles were burned. If the tire had not teen discovered so quickly the dwelling would have been de- strovci On the same day a stove mildiiig in the centre of ,et !: re ' : in- wood work bu- ' ' Mutt ,'y was dis ' i i be i t i n gu s h ed 1 .te .t.ii done. And - . b re to a j .or- . ,: :.i i hotel' ' and i iscovered 1 n : ; mo to pipe in i ' the tow n s, around. ; ' . covered n before that n . tion of that wu.s be cxtingn was done. betore any d.innge lireensboiu A . - Da Sunday last 'illie Carroll, a seven year old son ol Willinin S. Carroll, went home from Sr. church. In the af'ernoon, whi'e playing upon the portch with Iim sisters, and walking backward, he stepped off the porch and ti ll upoti the back ol Ins head. This caused concussion ot the brain, which resulted in his death on Thursday last. Mr. W. 11 Ben bow ol Oak Bulge, had on exhibition :r tha Benbow House esi erd.i some samples of "evaii oia'ed sweet , es whit :, an e i Die po tat'K's are ::i m and sweet ct-s, a im is chalk, even in -datable. t he : raw st ate. a: e Bv ' h is pr.M'i-ss crie s , c' pOt.'l'o, s ,-v ;. eai Also, 1.;. this pi-' ttees may be no; ;, ei ii in a i k et at iy have fie.h ry day .a the p: O; ess, sweet dlipped to the all seasons of ii o' '. iniiige t lie II , '.v I'll' Ml'. ll'lllll III t . Wilson .nt m no Thnrs ll.gll e, iiored Si'icietV i week was t he marriag day of M iss ( 'ur.i Chi handsome ipiadroon. White, of New lb i io -. tor ti.e M .liiila ia! d -' ci 1 v a u ; h oi ; ' : ' 's I 1 i ' 1 1 lib oil a t cr o. II. .citor I he t reet i-ster preacher day. Bl ot I ill 1st 11 tl.e e. .1 a : m ed I i;-. V bout the ilee the i ordered i gre: ex the lesl St Tee w rat 'O IV W I s s a ai n. n to collie, se pleao: II ICSt ed I e II; i l II 1 . x am near w as W a k i - h conn' y . as- .satin i ind theie . 1 . am h as Ml 1 .ved Uo ;:is;i sy m pat ill ties l.eno Sunday K 1 nit's by the . who b' church W 1, 1. I. wel e ti, .Ug. o ' piog: es s numerous i er his ioss. At i-'i-d .gliborhood. llleh Weie , e b 1 I . A. 1 sob-lidd a, in. around iroused 'rattier. ! hiptist .a : oti . I. ixton lui.ld i- such .!!, to i.e I.e ' I I'i 'rt 1 1 1 I '. ol li I ,1 ':, e r : es on ad W pass, a" n Ulie ' I ' . 1 1 Ulell .Ubd ilile led and am; V i 'lbs,' id tin procession of the Komic Krew of Komus. 100 strong, led by Lips I'Oinbs aesthetic wooden band. . The Kretv will parade in costumes j night. that appeared in the recent Mardi Mf w A ,larvev hM80meTexa8 I . ims celebration at New Orleans 1 nnmou l,pr win in- an iimresiing spec All thiise who desire to ; 1 1 1 Krew art- requested to is their n uii.-v at the Central, Orilv loo cost lines conld 1 uel'uc- suerm is in town. t I " . . ., . in e, i . ci instil lien I IV t He Krew ic limited' to KM) members. 1 m,w -eei: ears ago lalward Web ' t wa, ass mlteit and robbed Ol -,i.-ii monev bv a colored man for i.imc.l Kilieit Williams. Venter- ' -Cash .lohu" has turned wheel I iv W ,dster recogni.-ed W illhams wrirrht 1U1,1 tle .!.. hat man" to arolina Central depot in and nt once secured a war ' i h: - arrest. The warrant i ', he ham!-- of consta-' no a-: erea imams !".-.(. 1). (i. : t! '!. Webster made 'ice against Williams. - den ' i : in :- b i m as t he is uiiteii and robbed ears ago. The magis i v.'.!..uns under bond s, one tor assault and ! -: ! r L.gliwav rob 1 ngi i h be I a'.T i William v.eiit to lail to a ins ..cut to jail to ming of Judge Meares. s v.-:0 j ,,,,,-irk- Fiegant l'ihlm.,1, parlor cais hare been put on ;,- 'Aestern North Carolina i-, -.,.i i cliohnrr ana Aht-vi!!,-, aud the present ...... 'i in1 :hi-t 11' 1- .ILi nUUl lUl V l " . - l-oii.ts than the old schedule i .. i in 1 1 -i n r- i ii Art or nartT uij t i .,s. A series ol meetings began i: he Baptist church Tuesdav t... v:..r.. incr UlAA '..i ay. m..:n:ng and evening. The i-' or 11. is tiie assistance ol Kev. ; attle. of Wadesboro, who iching veiv strong sermons, c . Dr. W. A. Wood, pnstor P:esl,yi.rian church and mi 1. 1 the Iiedell Blues, io d a sermon to the company . hutch last Sunday night. ciuireh was crowded. The turned nut about twenty-five, rank and file. It seems to e u in : The Blue, men , be understood that all of the peaches t hat are open have been killed, and it is feared that many which have not opened have been killed in the bud or that the crop w ill be found to le blighted. There have been he ivy frosts and oonsid- era Me ice almost every morning ' lor a week. The measles has t aken a serious turn, developing j into a dangerous form. A number , of deaths have resulted from it in ; this and adjoining counties within . the past week or two. It is stated that in the vicinity of Connelly's j m il. four miles north of Statesville, it :s particularly prevalent and virulent. Whole families are in bed. and ;t is said that there are hardly enough well people in the neighborhood to niirse the sick and bury t be dead. An infant: of Mr, and' Mrs. .1. A. .Jamison, of Pros pect neighborhood. county, aged eight weeks, being left alone in a room for a short time one day last week, rolled out of the chair in which it had leen nlaced and to i 111- lie. 11 ill. ii.i i irniii" .iniaoi u the mother, who found it lying par tially 111 ho tire Though dread tullv burned, it singularly enough escaped with its life. INTER STATE COMMISSION. iiiid.KY. MoIIRISON, M'lIOnN'. MiKl'K, WAI KFIt AND V. R A r; i, . Wasiiinu'Icn, D. C., March The President has appointed the following inter State com tnerce com missioners : Thomas M. Cooley. ol .Michigan, for the term of sis years; Wm. B. Morrison, of Illinois, live years; 1 Augustus Schoontnaker, ol New I York, four years; Aldace 1". Wai ker. of Vermont, three years ; Wai ter 1.. Bragg, of Alabamba. two years. Thomas M. Cooley. of .Michigan. ' was born at I'tica, N, V., in l$2i, I studied law ;uid removed to Miuhi i gun in 1 s-i:;, where he has since resided. He wus selected a Justice of the Supremo Court of Michigan ia 1SG1, and 1877. He is the author of standard legal work, and is now receiver of the Wabash railroad. William M. Morrison, of Illinois, . was born in Illinois, September 1-1, ' lS2o, is a lawyer, and was in Con gress from 1875 to 1SS7. Walter I.. Bragg, of Alabama, was born in Alabama in 1838, but resided in Arkansas from 1843 to ' 1-b'l He whs educated at Harvard and Cambridge, Law School. He has been the law partner of Sena tor Morgan. He has been presi dent of the Alabama State Kail road Commission, Aldace F. Walker, rd Vemiont. is a Vermont Republican lawyer, forty. four years old, who studied law with Senator tldmutids. He ha.s studied the liailroad question extensively as a meuibei of the Vermont State Sen ate. Augustus Sclioonniaker, Kings ton, N. Y., was born m 1'lster county in lb's, and is a lawyer, in active practice. Was a State Sena tor and a close fiiendo) Governor Tilden. and in 178 Attorney Genera! of New oik. succeeding Pan ch ild . lie was a delegate to the 1 iciin .oi at io nominating con veii" "b ol 1 s7o. ; -so and 1 ss (. I tl.e ': e I 1 1 ill 111 iSsiom-l s. .Me -sis. Mum ;s, ,n . Sc hoc n in a ker aud Bragg are 1 leinoci a1 s, and Messrs. Cooley and W alkel, I tepu bl lea n s. I ntil today, the names of M essrs. Morrison, :ehoonrnaker and Wai kei weie not decided upon, and it is not yet known whether they will accept, but it is believed they will. Considerable orit ieisui is indulged that a Kepubliean should be named by the Pres. dent as Ids' on the Commission, but the law cieating the Commission gives the majority po u ci to select a chairman from t he .r ii um ber. Tic. Atlanta City Guard ia Europe. The American iegiment. the ( ' . ; v Guard of Atlanta. la., which ;s to visit IT iiii'i' in duly, has some .jiigh woi k i ut oil' for it in llurope. This regimen: was remarked for its sinaiiness by Gen. Boulanger when he represented l iiince at the York town oolet'i at ion, ami its officers and iiii-n 1 m.iich pas' to t ah e p,.!.'i been in ited to he annual review e on r he N hi iiuial 11. The regiment . at A lit w-eij', wl'l a' Brussels by t he bins before coming the duly fetes the l.ird will emulate I'lS'll ,1 f .1 I .lis,, h King to Pa A-lan the d Icon 1 Vis;',., : !.,: w T eV.eW e.l the l'.elg Af'er C ; v Hi ,-, d.s Oi Co--. i Itah i. ! n b . 1 1 aninbal il and N 1 po .rig the Alps. Having the regiment will go v t he A merman I A h i I ' l '!)'' i ' . Mil II K TO MOI II11HS. '...,1 r.i-.vHs bi- U"l-J for children '.biii. Il soothes the child. noftt.-iiH ums. aibivs nil pum. cur.-s wunl , - ui;,i : the best renie ly lur liar- , twenty I've cents a 1- t -" . 1 r ' " ! 1 -1 1 . - ' w '. v ll. Aurora Items. Yonnrr Amprica tnuaanpinl I NOT 1 1 is rumored that Mrs. Swindell That aught wai easier than to b!el goiog to move to our town. !0. . ... , bhe is most fair, and thprpuntn .nmu. our popuiai : M l.., 1 1- .1 jh- u.iwug iuiei ncaiucr ;ind no ti me to catch "maUne." ! banners are all hnsv iiUnnnn6 corn, e. The prospect looks linght a trood cron cabinet making. Mr. G. I. Swindell is recreating in the country this week, but old cheap .lohn holds the fort.'' The chickens in town cackle and crow, now the preacher is gone . , I ) .-. 1 , . . 1 . L. .. 1 . .. are gone to-well gone. . The Aurora .Mutual Benefit A '. sociatiou met last night. ihis Association bids fair to do a gieat good to this section in road im- provements, .idvei rising, Oic. 1 n last week's items ou made us to say "tied onto the coat tails of Wahington county," when we ?id,- or mertnt t0 Washington, , - . Kics 1 1' cent s a dozen : corn La contn ft bunhel ; dour L 75 to 85 50 . v in 1 1 4. ' - T 7 played out; sugar 0 to 8 cents; ri ;,ii r . lit .1 n i r s . i.uiotiiin meal ou cents per DUsUel ; pine wood tl-00 ; oak 1.50 per cord. 1v T W M.,t-I.a. iu Uri l,i. ofbee fixed up in a very tasty man- ner. He is making improvements all the while, and show . that he is I destined in the near future to make i one of onr most successful lawyers. ()ur citizens were entertained! aod ul8trUcted by attending the Arbor Exercises at Aurora Acaiie D)v lst prljay evening. This sc,ool is doing a great good in educating not ouly the cuildr. u, ht the fnends who visit tli school. "A Lamb at Bchool !" Most of our young readers wilhbe -.njmsed to hear the well-kuowu nUrsery song of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is a true story, and that Mary'' is still living. About seventy years ago she was a little ,,,1, t he' daughter of a farmer in W'on-cesrer County. Massachusetts, she was verv fond of going with i,er fat her into i lie fields to see the sheep, and one day they found a baby-lamb which was,, thought to U- dead. Kind-hearted bttleMary, however, lifted it up in her arms, and, as it seemed to breath, she carried it home, made it a warm! bed near the stove, and nursed it i tenderly . Great was her delight I when, after weeks of careful feeding 1 and watching, her little patient . began to grow well and strong, and soon after it was able to runabout. It knew its young mistress perfectly, always came at her call, and was happy only when at ber side. One day it followed her to the village school, and, not knowing what else to do with it. she put it under her desk and covered it with ber shawl. There it stayed until Mary was called up to the teacher's desk to say her lesson, and then the lamb walked quietly after ber the other children burst out laughing. So the teacher bad to shut the lit tle girl's pot out in the wood-shed until school was out. Soon after this a young student, named John Kollstone, w rote a little poem about Mary and her lamb and presented it to her. The lamb grew to be a sheep and lived for many years, and w hen at last it died, Mary grieved so much for it that her mother took some of its wool, which was "as w hite as know," and knitted a pair of stockings for ber, to wear in remembrance of her darling. Some years alter the lamb's death, Mrs. S.rah Hill, a celebrated woman who wrote Ixioks, composed some verses about Mary's lamb and added them to those written by John Rollstoue, making the com plete poem as we know it. Mary took such good care of the stockings made of her lambs fleece, that when she was a giownup woman she gave one of them to a church-fair in Boston. As oon as u became known that the stocking was made from the fleece of "Mary's little lamb," every one wanted a piece of it ; so the stocking was raveled out and tied to a card on which "Mary" wrote her full name, and these cards sold so well that they brought ihe large sum of one hundred and forty dollars to the Old South Church ! American RunniDg- an Account. It is a convenient thing to have a standing account at a store, w here you can go at any time, order what you pleat-e, and have it charged, without the worry of hav ing do consider whether you have enough money in your purse to pay for it or not ; but it is also true that these items, small though they may bo, mount up with appalling rapidity into a sum that always .surpasses expectation. Besides this, the very best calculators, and t hose u ho generally use a wise econ omy, buy things in this way which they could easily do without did they take tin- time for reflection which cash payments would often i ompel. 1; i.s mi easy , when an article that so ems at t he t ime de su able i seen. Io order It sent aiid charged foi. t he teinptat ion over comes tla- buyer before t he st ren g t h w liich comes from looking at the matter on all sides enable her to resist the impulse to buy. Often puicliiises are made m this; way and regretted, while some j thing that was far more necessary must ;n consequence be gone w ith i Merchants understand that a' gieat deal more is likely to bej 1. ought where there is a running; ;ii count than when cash is paid down, v, Inch exclaims their re, uli-j lies- tii 1 1 ii st t hose whom t he have I ! reason i believe will pay what . they honestly owe. The excess1 j will, in nine cases out of ten. more j t ll.lli co in pell. s.lte. for the loss of 111 ) tt-ie-; on i lit- our standing Minis.' enough there is no question but; that they si, met lines lose large amounts by failure of individual.-,, through misfortune. sickness, deal h. oi deliberate rascality to dis ' charge their debt . Toledo Blade. Virginia P. Noble has written a poem in which she says: "I know not love." She is evidently very voung yet. When in the near hit ure she begins to li x her bangs with more than usual care two or three nights a week, and yearns for the sound of the footsteps of a certain young man, she may know that she has some of the symptoms, ; and the disease is liable to break out in a virulent form at any mo men'. VoCl-ivr,,- ( Ilrrilld. A WOMAN'S POSTBAIT. J. R. LOWELL. Blessing she ia; God made her t-o. And deeds of work-day holiness Fall from her noiseless as the snow. hafl Rhf PVPr nhani-pH In Irnrm- Uer life doth heartily harmonize; eeling or thought that was not true NeVr marlr les beautiful the blue Unclouded heaven of her pyers. 14 " ""man; one in wi,om " " ' c" ",1""ear' Hath never lost Us freMi perfume. Thou gh knomtm weh that life hath room Fur many blights and tears. Plenty of Water. The aque duct commissioners of New York are about cous'ueting a dam at Quaker Bridge, which will make a reservoir of liesh water that wdl increase the Storage of the Cioton Yallev to neallv 4U.UOU.000.OOO ot Wlth this .1. ne. and w,tl, aqueduct. New York wi gallons, he new have a more abundant supph all seasons than an ot liei i ll n the world Not unt'il the city'ln-s over 3,UU",0()U inha it lit wiil population oveita ke r he water sun ply. 1 he present general. iimi w ill be able to waste dad, loo ta!loii per capita. New Y rk ought he he cleanest and healtliest . .ry in the world, as it is surround d by T" ?r8, au-1 w.llhax DUUfiailL-O ot tv this supera W ho eS' Ulle . r . , , t, ater. ior,f Monthly , An aB.d pd.tnau Next to a W i k I u e; "i-iiCh Is Mr Fi It d(iy . fi-hing ai.a i,,,,.!,,,, i,v t Athm. ja.i-75. is ,,ii is tm a running uiet-r munis l-- 30 y--nr. ne- bBlf. a .CrillurJ -i'd pr-vi u io tnnt ilav hHil n ! w ,ik' d nv. r i if n mile per div Inr30 eir- M S ulii-r, tne Kill tier - W 1 1 Ciiii n m ini R v Dr lalvin J ibLK ii -ay tiint tt B B cured the ul cer hi il restored hiui "'Oh Josie,' said little gleeful Maud, "'we aru going to have pome hODey made at our house.'' "How do you know." asked Josie. "Because mamma sent the servant after three B'b, and I don't know what beea are good for only to make honey. " Sold in New Berne by R N. Duffy and E H Meadows DR. J. D. CLARK i)Kf'riKi . NKWBKKS. U. C. Offlo. on OT-Rven fi-r.rl. Dftw.Ti Pollock nd Broad Idliriy FURNITURE. Parlcr Suits, Chamber Sets, Walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrobes. Mattresses, Chairs, Iboung-es, Sofas, Centre Tables, L7tc,, AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES JOHN SUTER, Middle Street. New Berne. N.C. MOST BRILLIANT Pure I Perfect Lenses IN THE WORLD. They arp as transparent anrl colorler-a as light Itself, and for softness of endurance to the eye cannot be excelled, enabling the wearer to read for hours without fatigue. In favct they ar PERFECT SIGHT PRESERVERS! Testimonials from the leading physicians lo the Lnitea states, governors, senators, Legislators, stockmen, mm o note In all pro feas ons. an In different branches of trade nanbe s. mechanics, etc., can be given who have had then sight improved uy their use HAWKES' PATENT EXTENSION SPRING EYE-GLASS, I he Xl.tPIH-P In i aie ie.-.u,,mci - -. h, tn1 ME Fa I'LI V inn. u. h ut in- ....utr IC L p essur.- iir.-dcciiig ir. it. le n. N . ai.ger t caitctr 1' ut is 8- n,e ate a n r. i-ult m wet ine'-thn, t- ih h, res 1 , u iib hbh up. any noe From Ih; Govrrnur of LuuUUnit BAION U..E T.i Mr . K. UttWK. ti i tee' i f r . t : e VHUibZ -I t Us b Drnnaiii-v with - ft- i.e e e, iiiorr ii.a- a. a J i ur -3 s-sti. O- ar -1, d. BO ir . p lent i f on h y comb gr. m h ) p : as. ntnKs ti tin e v. i f urn. s o Met- NERi . iini e- n. r . f L. uiiii a Prom Gov. Ireland of Ttxti. Io Mr. A K tl..whcM I 'i-tti sir 1 giver- iie plt-asu e t, i., ihai i liavi b.-eii using HUT g!t- tl f T BOM - t'U.e PKI.I Wjtli UjUCtl t ie a,- .lnic F"i -, itrtietp. soitneSH, unc -o -b purp.'-es n.icuoed, the are riot tturps.sed ny '.n tiiMt ' D.vuveiwurii i would com lut d luau l ail wlio wtiut a superior glass erv rhpectiuii oum. JciH I hJ.LAND. From Gov. P. Ilughrs of Arkantu A K Hau-kii' new Crystal - I HttVli.g UPPd iz.d Le:e.s for t :iie months I have foUDd i them the nnest giai-ses 1 have ever used. SIMON I' Ht'liStS, Governor of Arkansas. From Ei-Govtrnor W . R. Miller. I f.nd Hawfees' new Crystallzed Lenses of superior iiuainy. navlng worn them with great satlsiactlcn. W. K. MILLKK, Kx-Governor of Arkansas. ALL EYES FITTED AT THE DRUG STORE OF F. S. DUFFY, Newbern, N.C, VI..-re an immense Rfh rtniriit of these cel ebrated Klasses can bt- fjnud and pro per lj" adapted to ail condition! of the eye. m a r ' dwlm EASTERN NORTH CAROLI.NJ MA RBLE WORKS, SEW BERNE. N. ( . Monuments. Tombs- And a., fc ;:ids Grave and Hu: ;di r. g work : u ITALIAN&AMERICAN MARBLE Orders will receive prompt attentiop satisfaction guaranteed. JOE K. WILLIS, Proprietor tHuccessor to George W. Ci&ypooie) Cor. BROAD AD CRAVES Sts. NEW BERXE, N. C O. E. Millkb ii my authorized ageij nKinston. na80-lTdw GEOBOE THE ot MAKES THIS SEASON A SPECIALTY OF FINE CLOTHING AND Furnishing Goods. mi A v rtisement Will Appear Later. $250 For . 3 3 tlr- e t w -us., ad Fi:y Dollars in Cash. s e w il e e cu ii- n-x ; n r.amPr i j i .i .ii will ge wh a h m nd r h 1- Mli.V I paper I H L Imi 1 Yg- locate nd il n oiiiitinini i lar nimi.erof tiooj storl b, Hoaeehold Receipts and General Infortn 1 ii fact :t is ui,e of u.e b?si papers published. Try It one year and If yon are notaatls- fled we wai return you your mone momb for one year and a fine present worth from 5Cc. to 8250, if you will send na yonr fall "ni' aa i address, and 25 iwo cent stamps for i-osuage We make you tbla offer to bay you try our paper and to get a large circulation for advertising purposes. We want avery reader of this paper to send at once and we guarantee you will be more than satisfied or we will return you your money. Send 25 two cent stamp and send today. Addreas, mar24 wit j B. RANDALL. IHontr.!, P, (A. War, War, War, AGAINST RACKETS! ILiOoIc Oxii fox- JjLi "Wairl1 FT A YUNG JTTST RETURNKD A Large Stock of Dry Shoes, Hats, and everything jnu can call for usually kept in a first class Dry Goods Store, I am determined to open war against rackets and high prices; To prove the saraol quote some of my priees: ': Hats as low as 5c; a nice hat for 25c; and for 50c. I can give yon a fine dress hat. And Shoes, I can astonish the natives. Why I can give you a Ladies' Button Shoe fur 97c; a nice Foxed Gaiter, only 6fc. I also have a nice line of Ladies' Low Quarter Shoes, 98c. In fact I have a large and well selected stock of Shoes, and guarantee prices to suit the times. ' Three nice Handkerchiefs for 5c. Also a nice Linen Handkerchief for 5c. I also have a well selected line of " J'", ; . SSSSt Gents' Furnishing Goods. A good LTnlanndried Shirt from 35c. to 50c. A large and well selected line of Neck Wear; Scarfs 2Ac. up to 50c. Look at this ! Why, I can give you A Nice All Wool Blue Flannel Suit, only $7.00. A Good Diagonal Suit, Black or Brown, for $9.00. Also, a good line of Carpets, Matting, Oil Cloths, Trunks and Valises, Come one ! Come all ! to the Headquarters of the Wnr Department, and b convinced that 1 can Sell You Goods Cheaper The Wm. SULTAN, Bishop Building, opp. Baptist Church. JAS. A. THOMAS, .Salesman. mar25 dwtf FOR THIRTY DAYS We will sell the balance of our Stock of Clothing AT COST. We wish to make room for the LARGEST and MOST COMPLETE LINE of SPRING and SUM MER CLOTHING we have eyer had. We can offer some bargains iu Suits and odd Coats and Vests; also in Children's Suits. Call early before they are all sold. Just received a new stock ot SPRING HATS in Black and Pearl Stiff. Also Crush Hats in all colors. New stock of Smyrna Door Rugs at $1.25; large size, $3.50,, A few pieces of Straw MattiDg now in stock. Full stock of Umbrellas, Silk, Alpaca, Mohair and Gingham. Chil dren's School Umbrellas, $1.00; Sixteen Rib Umbrellas at $1.00. Our stock of GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, consisting of Collars and Cuffs, Handkerchiefs, II. Hose, Bachelor Buttons, Suspenders, Garters, Shirts, etc.. is very complete. Be sure you see us before buying. HOWARD & JONES. DAIL BROTHERS, Wholesale Grocers, HAVE REMOVED TO THEJ.Il TWO STORES. SOUTH OF THEIR FORMER STAND, And keep of FLOUlt, MEATS, COFFEE. SUGAR, 8YIIUP8 MOLASSES SALT, TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIOAitS, All everything iu tue GKOCEKY 1JNE, a FUEL, STOCK aud at LOW PRICES for CASH. a24b LOOK HERE! HOUSE KEEPERS. DINNER SETS, 12.-. Pieces. TEA SETS, -!-! Pieces. CHAMBER SETS, 10 .S; 12 I leces. FINE TOILET SETS, AND A FI LL LINE OF HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS AT L. II. CUTLER S, 26 & 28 Middle Street, NEW BERNE. N. C. ASH, n oer, 50 Cents! - in. ii full name, addrew and TWBKTT ne i- IMILI JOUBN 1. F R INK. TEAR' ii. w receive and register ou our i e tbem free PI ME SILK DRESS PATTKHJ, WORTH - wi Klve $5 IN GOLD Ri K. BEAtJTIFCL PBESKBT well worth twle ap the size of the New York WHklr Reroember you will get a flm-claea paper twlre i FROM THE NORTH WITH Goods, Clothing, Boots, Caps, Notions, Than City. Any Other House In K. R. JONES, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES AND General Merchandise, AUGLNG AND TIES, Etc. Consignments of Grain, Cotton and other Produce solicited. Prompt Attention Guaranteed. W. Cor. South Front and Middle 8t NEW BERNE, N. C. J ' 'X par. ?3 1.

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