North Carolina Newspapers

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I 1 - V t-'-t a- V' .a --K 4
C - '
Terms $ii.OO Por "Voa:r.
NO (.
. .. ..
Some have plenty, some have more.
We have euough and so much to p.ire
To talk to yoa matters concerning our
which iQ fact and substance is just this, thar we haven' t had any lair
01..IIC sooner, to tell yon, that our now spnn pi,0tl. have come ,n. ami
What is still better we hare sold a Rood quantity f them already, but
not enoaeh to break the imruense
LADIES' DBESS GOODS th, ... w loaimg .-haJe-.
Ginghams. Pongees, India Lawns, Piques, Em
broidered Dress Robes l
Fine line of Notions, Handkerchiefs, Buttons, Ruch
ings, Everlasting Trimmings, Embroideries, Para
sols in Virions style", in fV-t w- .-ttir..-: .-nu::.ert- a'.', w.- hiv.
for the lsdie.
BEADY MADE CLOTHING m mj (uant. lor M n
and bovs rientv of Shoe?
j - .
Ziegler Bros. make. Grents' Hats, Neckwear, nd
so forth. Pants Goods ' ctJ- rer Jard to ? ""
Furniture, Furniture, Glassware and Groceries,
in tint moct nj thing needed that may add to yonr happines..
which you will surely
to Yoars ?ino T--1 v,
Sign of
to Lbfl Stare Utelr occupied by Wm. Holligter. where with more Room t . d isplay
hie increeeed Stook, he is, with the assistance of
rvilt. SAMUEL Ii- HALL,
prepared toahow and aell at Hard Pan Prices.
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Straw, Derby and Fur Hats,
Boots and Shoes,
Dry Goods, Etc., Etc.
The only Phn aoid in th'.n ritv that are WARRANT
ED; by the Manufacturer TO Mt nJ BY MK Tu MY
Cl'srOM KKH, vli: ltvery pair la VV rrn ted f ihoaltl
any of tbem In any way within any rpasouable time
alve on t, I will upon return of damaged pan and 8t to -ment
aa to lepgLQ of wear, uniiBKjrivio the .Moy tv
Dat. flneat and cheaoeat sho In the world for the.
motiey. They come In
tm and Lar l p
1 have
lna eltlMna. who have
omt of which have worn ooe palraalouic 8 12 month,
and pronounce It the Beat, Cheapest and t ajtlest Wear
lag Shoe In Ibe world.
I reepectfally eolicit an inrpection of our Stock and guarantee entire satisfac
tion to all purchaainf from as.
Middle Street, at Wm. Ilollister's Old Stand. Sign of Flag.
'87 Spring Announcement 87.
We wish to call the attention of our Cus
tomers and friends to our elegant stock of
Spring Clothing and Gents' Furnishings.
Oar Stock is now nerlv complete, and we are prepared to give you
Ii u a well known fact that onr Suit. give better -at.-'.Vn n thn unj
jom emn find in the city. Why Because we buy fr.-m the h.-t houe. and
whea we guarantee an article you can depend on it, and any article that Jcu
BOt uit may be returned and money refunded.
BLUE 8UITS, 95.00 to $10.00. Our H'.o.i Suit we -uarai.t-. fast
color ; if it fades we return your money.
Our line of $10.00 Suits can not bo match, d in New Heme tiny all say.
Be nw and see us ir vou want a suit
of stock w can order it for you.
We kaye as usual the finest Jmc of STRAW HATS in ti..- city. Boys
50c. Straw Hats a specialty. Mackinaw Straw Ha;s .".iv. up.
We wish to call attention to our line of MF.N'S FINK SHOPS. Stacy
Adam & Co.'s and James Means & Co.'. We arc -ale agents h"r-.
Oir stock of NECK WEAK is very complete, an I i b,ing .-enantlj
added to.
Large line of GENTS' FURNISHINGS, cch.-imI: of I'mi rwear, Sus
pender, H. Hoee, Garters, Collars and Cuffs,
Trunks and Valine, Straw Mattings, Pine Straw Matting, a:. a 'arp. t..
Nice lot of PorpoUe Hide Shoe Laces.
Do not bay before you see us.
War, War, War,
Y Look Oxit for llio A :ix-
A Large Stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots,
Shoes, Hats, Caps, Notions,
and eTerything yoa can call for usually kept :n a o'a- l)ry Goods Store,
I am determined to open war against rackets and high prices.
To prOTe the same I quote some of my j-nc :
Hate as low as ,V.; a nice hat for Joe: ar. i f r .",Oc. I a:, jive you a fr.e
dree hat.
Shoes, I caa astonish the natives. w :.y 1 can give y l.u a Laiiiu
Batton Shoe for 97c; a nice Foxed Gaiter, --nly boa I also have a nice line
of Ladies' Low Quarter Shoes, In fact I have a lar.'e and well selected
stock of Shoes, and guarantee prices to suit the times.
Three nice Handkerchiefs for 5c. Also a nice Lin. :; Hataikerchief for ,1c,
I also hare a well selected line of
i i
GfinfS Furnishing GOOdS.
awisi i Hiiiiuuib mwwmws
A. food CJnlaandried Shirt from ooc. to oOc.
A Tarts and well selected line of Neck Wear; Scarf- up to one.
Look at this ! Why, I can give you
a -ar, an TTT ini Tl l c . i 4.17 ff
A Hie All WOOl UlUe riannel bUlt, Ollly vb.UU.
a n.-i -nt'awATial lnit Blflrlr nr "Rrnwn for fRQ 00
A GOOd Diagonal bUlt, UiaCK Or Ur0WHf lOr & J.UU.
Also, a good line of Carpets, Matting, Oil Cloths, Trunks and
Cons one ! Come all 1 to the Headquarter of the War Department, and be
eoarineed that I can
K 811 Yon Goods Cheaper
Bishop Building, opp. Baptist Church.
JA3. A. THOMAS, SiXESOIA. mar26 dwtf
assortment !n !;- various branches of
it alirrK'.--, b-sides the w
v civiin: vour
The Celebrated Pearl Shirt."
Kuium. l'Laln d 1 S.larp Tod
from aome of our rnat and ,ead-
booaht the - K ATTLKS SHi F.
of any Kind : it wo cn
suit vcu out
Than Any Other House In
Do you see that tumble-down cottage
Beyond the road by the sycamore
Will, ru itj In It, o Krat-in tt- inili itr-
' -'"-
nd thorns where the Mower-inns used
tn bev
Vou never would thick in such a place
"' ?0n rNoU.t.n
The-B litlle heroic, i ....nfe.
in the withered old man iu lua .-..rner
chair .
Nut a tooth n r a thv.ujlii,iii i.i- (.;un
he siw and mumbl.-- an 1 Krumblen
Hut if ninety years take much away.
ILi.-i title, kt leant, will alwavs siuv--
A soldier under Napult
llii dun eyes watch his dnuhur at
werk .
A thin uld wumau m calic. :
He sometimes IMU-a her Rr:Uid- -i.
With his painted soldiers all in a r w
And he dearly loves his iint of tin.
And his black clay pipe, this man v. in
hag been
A soldier under Napoleon.
But Jena. Marengo. Austerlitz,
And last and bloodiest, Waterloo'
Will his eye not Hash if I sneak theee
And the cluk;irli ll 1 in In- veir.s
burn true-
lie n deaf, but I'll shunt them ,ut ml
he hear.
And in memory n liht. at a.p.-i-.r
A soldier under Napoleon.
"Good sir," I say, ' do you reeolleet
That last great day w lien, the records
louiouum so urau'iy, imrqau . ur
Till the last man left of your
rades fell.'
"I've lost the names." he says to
"1 just remember I used to be
A soldier under Napoleon
ItKOOKI.VN 1. 1 I I h:
The boldness and Ire'pieiiey ol
burglaries in this city hus develop-
ed a general uneasiness and leai
amouutiug m some cases almost to
a panic. Mr. Perry, of South Third
St. went to Lodge the other even-1
ing, and when he returned he found I
his wife and children dragged by
chloroform, and his money conspic-
nous only by its absence. The
police force is scand.ilou-!v made
quate to its needs.
A number of ladies in this victn
it y have taken up the cudgels in
behalf of Milo 11. Dakin, and are
making things lively. Their do-
fenseofthis gentleman consists iu
the argument that he has only dune
what all working politicians are
known to do, and that his expul-
sion by the Senate ought to be lol
lowed by a general House cleaning,
These are vital questions, and it is
cheering to find women awake to
such issues.
"Brick Pomero " is again pound-
ing awav in the hemocrat. No one
would ever mistake this gentle-
man's use of the English language,
and if sometimes bis matter is a 1
little too vigorous, and lacking in
refinement, those who know him
well always smile and recall Dick-
ens "Bovnthorn." the thunderer
and threatener, a man absolutely
without guile, and as sweet and
harmless as new milk. Mir. l'om
eroy has the same fondness for
children that distinguished the im
placable enemy ot Sir Leicester
Dedlock, and the other day took a j
whole orphan itsy luni to the circus.
The last seven years have been
spent by this gentleman m driving
a tunnel directly through the
Kooky mts. English capitalists
have contracted to complete the
job. sub. OfM) having already been
raised. This tunnel will save -40
miles between Denver and Salt
Lake City, besides opening up a
number of valuable mines. Having
succeeded in this colossal under-
taking, Brick" has returned to
flirt Fmniro Srntfl to matu lliriil
1J. Hill President, at least tharis
what he says.
It is reported that Agnes Booth
always faints in dead earnest when
ever a stage swoon is necessary.
Sometimes these spells of uncon-
o r i r n .a , .ra o. t- li r t- ,1 i n rrj.iTinu on. I
. , ,. . -, , i ,
iiflnn nf.i,, linr- tinH. a n r, o h lint:
(irimuCU uei UII.11UO uuu cut: uno
r .u i..- ;.,
le'ous oi lueuj uic in ii,i a uin-
tressed when she is cast for a piece
.i. i-.ll l :
containing uie tailing ousiuess.
Sailor jackets and sailor snits are
going to be very fashionable the
i coming summer, l nev nave the
square navy collar, and are trim
med with a blue Hercules braid
with buttons to correspond. For
the mountains gray tlannel with
gayer furniture will be worn.
ine receptions oi --atiss l.ioei i ronites. VI a u u 1 1 e v : 1 . e :n ;ne aa;:
are crowded everyday, and there tei-ntli and Felon iu ; iie s . x : ei-n ii
is to be a moon light excursion id' ceiiturv d.escnbed ;i.:s trie. : la
lovers to io her honor next week, lareest :n all Pab-s:;:.. . ,,a,; w
A alk over the Frooklyn Fridge is today pcrtectlv ,;,.:,.: aiai
is a thourough inspiration at this healthy.
season. No harbor in the world The present popul.-.taoi lu-b-
can be mo.e beautiful. Staten ron is about .joimi Inusi ,,t whum ai
Island with her green lulls and Moslems. Its situation in -i narrow
sweet veil of irestiness. the blue valley surrounded by :..'.'. :- ex
water, blue sky, and craft of all tremi-ly picturesque. tidiness
kinds, with Fartholdis' famous ot the soil, the s.i!u':u;;v ,.f tln-
statue looking down over the scene
giveji one a truer conception ol the
push and poetry of the American
nation than can be found any
where else.
l-.LKAN'iK KlKiv.
I'UK (tt'KKN as a liKi.. Futy
y ears ago we had the queen, a
years ago we had the queen, a
dainty little maiden, only 1 feet in
inches in height, with a delicate
figure, a flower-like face, a slender
arm and an exquisitely poised head,
The face was a little pensive, but
nevertheless mirthful, the corners
t,u' m,,ut'1 turning up as do-
cide.lly as they now turn down;
the tendency of the upper lip was
to curl, allowing a mere suggestion
of white teeth to appear. A simple
gown of soft white India muslin,
bound round the small waist with
8atiu riblion and embroidered with
field daisies. string9 of pearls wound
round the white throat and tapering
arms lett modestly bear, completed
the picture of the youthful niece of
George IV. And now the enemy
in HuiiiiiuKiuii iias sioieu n iiinui-
phant march upon Victoria. But
one thing neither time nor tlesh
has deprived the queen of, and
that is the really regal bearing, the
uplifted head and firm tread, which
in her triumphal entry into West-
minster Abbey fifty years ago lead
the beholders to declare that she
'was a tall woman.
Hebron. ;hr i r i , i I i : A i : m i 'I i in-
patriarchs, in i.i kiiuih ot ;ue
Arabs is us old .is the woil.
ular t radit ion ascrmes r-
. . .
tiou to Ailam ami d.-t
, , , ,
as t lit- plart- wneiv his
; 1 1 : - ;
:n ,i: i
buried, ('a tin- ii : A ;;
Mr, I'lfiiuin luniiri! un.
t"l A' r J ! t ' 7:'." J-V-'.V-f .i", v i""
tnurists. I, t!..- tr'ui.V.-H ,'.,t
t.ieir at n i : ,. ;i j
I In-
lioi i.'un;
the pa.-sai- to t lit- i-.i- .:id
scelid into I' some ;.-.
1m- was oveitaken au.i l
t 1 1-.-' ) in- is it.!. ',. in ii.i-
. U 111'
I;,-!, .:e
the w a .
i many s ( t -I'll :i u ;
W ill' f
1 e , , ' 1 -
Same. 'Ahlell w el c i . ' i 1
t h. --, . : lie pa' i ..: ; . :.
I no e : e : a ii ..ii: .. n, , .
and Its .11 ciil' e i -1 III i ' ! . ea ' e I '
oripinal use as a ei ;-;a:i eiiure'n
lis plan is that ola p -I bioa'i am
exteinliiiLT du'A n iiilu tin- a:n-.
UUU feet in length, l. leel wide, the
walls ot which are from ,"() to bo
leet iu neignr. .t iuo tour i oniei
ofthe mosque atesipine !uii
transformed into minarets, t -a o u;
uhieiiaie ii.ntiaiiv be m . ! ; - i .. . i o.
earthquakes. The w
ale . . ' ; :
structed ! y giantie s . no- ,,t ;
p,ilSl. with ehamiel- a II d eal ; a 's
I,- i , i '""
ailm irai ay executed, and .ne iiiin n
superior to t lio-e ot t lie i ampai : s , a
Jerusalem, tire ai cue was e ;di at
ly taken in the choice .: ma'eiials.
-ri,,, lflnr,nr, ...
perl.-i-- as m t lie
uioiiurnents ut the aes ('ii-r.iii
epoch, seems to have been ctVeted
only by the pruloni-d ni'.li,:, ,,t
tin' stent's :if.',ii!ht eaeii i .; in r. M.
.Saulcy thinks tiie ; ii eons-rm-tiun
dates from the j-ratud ut Solo
m on, while other .-.iv.iir-i attr.t'tite ot Herod the ('.teat. The
question, so important in its eua
nectiuii with the hi.str ut lK-bra:c
art. can only be settled li.-n 11:-
ropeans shall have live access t.
this interesting inoiiainei;-. Piie
aspect of its v,ills, to win. Ii time
has i vt-i i a ina-iiilicnt rolonng. i
so extraordinary . tiiat in spite ut
the pel feet pres't-r at ;mi'ne atne
it seems just to accord tu :t a gn-at
antiquity. The works t Herud'.s
tune show a much greater degree
of urnamentat ion m diive' contrast
tu severe simplicity. 1 lie wail
is fortified at distances by s.piare
pillars, sixteen on the largei -ales
of the building and e:.'!.' on the
others: not crowded by capital- and
only curiei-trd by a nniiurni sub
base without sculptui :ng. tin-
severe lines of which pioduco the
most imposing el'ect.
'ti the ioad Irutn IJethleheia to
Hebron may be seen another n-
inarkable though small monument
the t0Ulh of K-liel. 1 1 is crown-
ed by a white cupola situated do-e
by a door opening to the u est. Jn
tm' int?nor is a cenotaph with
sloP1DK 8ldt-s according to t he M us.
sulmanish custom. Ir.ulttion nxes
here, wit b an almos; eompk'i e e.-i -
titude, the place where J;.o hel
'elded up her hie m giving life tu
tieniamiu. in tin- tuneot yiu-e-
the place was already consecrated,
anil around a pyramid which indi
cates the tomb were raised twelve
rough stones in honor ol ; he : w el e
tribes. (); these si ones there re
mains, unlurtunatep . no vestige.
The present gracelui monument,
which one cannot view w.'huut
emotion, was ei. , :i .1 :u tin- seven
teen; ii century . i - an : 1 1 .; 1 . a cs
and tig 1 1 ees clusti-i about :;. At
the west gleell licids. well eulttvat
ed, mark the large til.ige o! I'.eitii-
da'.a. wilile III 'i.e soil'': is. soot
lT"ri t "e ui a
n a o 1 1 1 o -1 n a : 1 1
tne pre. ty c; ,y u i ,e, a a
Northwest ot lii-ar.e
an euorn.ous oak w:.;. a
ot "'teres!. It is Xlt
liatll pitched lit- ten's
a:i : ec,
:ut At.r.i
'ale' '1 s
Il.cA u ': y
-t I elidel S
may be
iie tint k
very tree, and f y et
his name. 1 ts st.e. at lea
it remarkable, whavver
tlio credence given tu -,;
antiiju;t . At tin- ba-i :
has a circumference ut t wenty t ei
feet and a half; it divides first into
three branches,
and a.'tei'waid.s
, .
eacn 01 III
ese, higher up. into two
H , 's "
which extend out from the
ightv-three teet: otic ut
them is so long 'hat it has been
found necessary tu su.-tatn .: '
SUJiports to keep It trnill lile.ik.t:g.
Cutler this niagntlrcent tu-egiuw-a
tine and luxuriant herbage which
is rare in Syria; there is a spring ot
water not tar o;l. a coinb;nat tun ut
causes which make ;; rather a !a-
vorite pleasure iv-or:
climate, the purity aad abui.danc
of the water, the luxuriant vege-u
tion of the valley . seem ;.. ,i.-t ,-n
happily upon t iie race. '- .. a : -- : .-
markably beautiful m leatiin-s and
tignre. Tin- men are t,l!
well made: the woiuei. e
slender in term, have
1,11 e.
g iii'.
necks, and hands .aid :
iu-rts, and nands ..-iii tee' i-xeee
, 1
mgly small. I: ; , ay ;,. s,.,. tj,,..
they come ol u n. '.. race. Tiny
are infinitely more gay and happy
than the majority ot Syrians h.e'u
fact is attributed to the halt bbertv
they enjoy. Thev possess quite a
strong municipal indeperideiice.
and so far have been able tu eon-
tend with advantage agams' :he
crushing centralization of tin- Tutk-
ish power. In this they have been
assisted bv the Bedouins oi the
desert, who are ready to ,,nl th.-m
whenever called upon.
Various industries are pursued
by the llebronites, chief among
which may be ment roned the man-
ufacture of cloth, the culture ut the
vine and the making ol gla-s.
j. uese Kiass worts are vers l m r or -
ant, turning out bottles of different
forms, Narghileh vases, lamps,
rings, bracelets for legs and aims.
the latter of which are very remark
able in their design and coloring,
These articles lind then wav into
all the markets ot Syria and Kgypt.
The works themselves are perhaps
'the most ancient in the world. The
let1 III r
urn' i l I
in- :l,
ce r
if i 'i
A 1 1
the ii.
r Hi.
.:e l'ui.
ot ;,,
! !,
I ; , . V i
- l.d
1 ivid
A Illl
I tn IM-
I'i'iiiii hi-
I ' ; i iv
: 1 1 i r : .
: n in
in ui:;l
fo-md :
pi ( sell
i -
I.i ..:; .
,:! .: : in- ;i: :,. ,r
ii- ,i profitable "
-.habitant i of 1 1 .
in-i ll
have ! iins
tln'ir fui .-i
i wed 'la-
i 11 1 PIM si i IMlOi'.v
i i 1
rats i Ki-IImI.
a con on 1 .
t i; ft..d nun
i.u :oi i lu ei
un Wed:
( 'ietii-1 a!
acela m r
drawn :;:
e j'lat !u! in u as
-. ,1'iIlN Ci. ( Alt
I.isi.i: and
'pi,,,; pir;
1 1 i;vi:'. V. at i k.i:
leicii::..- to
1 1 . i . o w :
aila.i - - ,.s
" Y e . ';. el ai e uur yon Ioii in .- , n
the iiitegnty and cuii-cient inii- .to
votluii tu duty "f ries'.deni (ii- I
I 'ieveland. and conurai ulate ' :.
cuii ; i ! i y a Ii. 1 the pal t y upon the . . e
ce.--lull u! :l 1 leinucl at le aiill. i..
t r a ' ioli, : i 1 1 : ''ii a 1 . ecuiio n i : e a a . i
clean, aad we part icul.u ly applaud
t iie I 'i e.-aii : : lor I he tide!:: y and
courage with whoai he has pro
tected the tivasiu y Horn pillage by
ils i xer else ut t lie etu pu ei . e
fa"or honest civil service reluim.
by uir.cli '.'.e nn-ali t lie ell lui ceniell t
ut tin' ta: lit ill pel '."i in, nice : per
sons appointed tu i itliee i if ad pub
he duties i ntiu-ted tu tiu-in, and to
t h : - end. as well a- ; . t lie in i ; a
tenant e ol tin- spirit ut our I e j . , e--eiit.itise
tur::i oi g. . erninen: . we
demand the -tncte-' mea.-are ui
personal and p.uty i espon.sibii.t y .
an. 1 a:, uppi ..-ed tu the siibst : ' u
Iron, ;a loom of :i:s Lie tenure.
a civil pension li-t. and all other
ai'peiidages of a bureaucrat - -
i em foreign to t l.e gey :ns ei n i
nisi 1 1 U tion s and people. We de
clare tile holie-t money ot the col
stitutiun guud eiiougii lor : la- p-..
pi.- as expressed m guld and silvei.
and p.lpel euIlVeltlble llltu Co'ill uli
tiernariii. ana are u
sunip; 11r.11 y law-.
.u.-eir to a..
We c-tit.-nd
; hat t In i e a : e .ui eady on oui
statute books sunieii-nr general
law- having a local application tu
protect the public nu-rals without
l n ii i nging on piiva'e rtglits. We
denounce the present war tantV.
laid to eu!i!;i-e as Well as to harass
the peupl.-. as a master piece ot in
justice, inequality and tal-e pre
tense. It ha- been ma'.nta.ned by
a seli'i-li and false theory of pr"
tecta.n. waa-h ride- the many to
enrich a few. It has piled up in
the national treasury a surplus
which menaces the prosperity of all aiol every lndu-tty. N'e
demand tie- immediate reduction
ui' this w.t: tar ill', not meielv a- an
act ot redress tu the people plom
ised by ail parties, but as the only
safe and iH-t Iiietiu'd ol reducing
the sinpiiis; . i : i . i in making sueii
red net ion we demand tuithei ;aa"
the taxes sj, ill jipst 'he abolished ur
.O A el eil I
and. tinal
: I : I : e ' 1: a '
I'Xel -;s . e
l.nre.i .
govern: i
I e
ties ot , .
W e I
sel't tile coli-
and 1 leinoei a ' a
ti ell.
o all
a . , -
a .
tar :,; home.
1 1 y n a: e r 1 1 -1
e :. . ploy .-. .riieb. "
i te co;; i leoils
cutae among yo
a w,i with gi H nl
tu str.n
so til at
gels tl,.l,
thev g.
Always eiicei' orr the men win. g.
in for :mpro einents. Y ov.r 'pui -tton
ut the cos- Wt'l iie no'hihg b".t
what is list,
1 b i : ; ' r k : . 1 ' at an;, p ; . , i . i . -1 1 1 : 1 1 :
pi . i einei: t s t .i-ea:;-.- ;: . , I., a a
y on: u-, n i';our or iu;- 'ear y "t;r
tales ua.l be I.ti-ed !ilt cents.
" i;;t i; .
( )
so in pruvein en; .
t t
putatc men
ilowp ; 1 1 stranger
so in c iithe: 1 1 v, : ;
( u
1 ige pa.e:.
1 o not invest a cent : 1
x -ur
rnuia-y out sutnewlieie else.
He p.irticti'.u to dtsi-redtt 'in- ::iu
tut1- of public spirited men.
Lengthen yuur face wheifa stran
gei speaks ui in it-
1 1 a in an w an t s to buy y our pi op
ei" e:;aie ii:in : wo pia.-e- for ;:.
It la- wants anybody else's iii'.-r
leie and discourage.
1 1 e !":; se i so,- the Hi el :' t tl at:,
scilellie til l' dues nut dtree't.V belle
ifpn r
How miii
! it It
a l l: : ' i
l'.Io'A i.
How mm-h ,).
tat-n .'"
! behee i:s
, X UilluilVil
1 i a.r's
-a, r ii iousl
pmo p. :, e isa'r it .'"
I've an ab-a : hat
p.a' u it gi es Snanl
to deb;: me v. ;h ;:
aa :
1 "m
don'; mind."
A l'.l'.Ai.i.v Sivititi S. 'i:'i .--
um,,l,,i Ctrl: (). yo,: nun ,ne
erv"ni stei ions about mw secret
.oriel i.-s. Guess vou ,ini k.n,
we gii l h r. a Mrirt society too 1"
( imaha Man
not: y mi havi
teaily. 1 did
y i air seei i-t
i: w as i oi rued
eet ;s a m -ore : .
i e-. e 'i
ir.-h' ,
vou know."
-i suppose so."
"Ye-:uii .-.e ail
a i . -to be ; rin- to e.u ii
all 'cn vumstances."
t lie
I ! 1 1 -1 1 ! b e 1 s
he! Ulldel
, f
Ol course.
And tell each othei ail the sec-
; tlie hear. NiTt it snli-ndid ."'
I ; . i : , : 1-ta
r a, n n i c :. i
" I u ! )U
. : ( i t. i
o c .in p: on
i;-e and fund
i tt-ie and n:i-
- - -.
. i .'
iu; :
' e ! ie 1 1 e I In
; c upor t ;una'
' . i : i ; or rne i
t- ni ; : i ' i r i -'
dui in :' ; i,
I' e t ake- le
i he c.;-e to
1 :o
an - i
11 11 .1
. u, e .
a oir
d ltl htm
.'ed. I.u
1 ,
.i-ll.i-ll to
' I
i lie II It
. I - s ' i i .;
Wit i 1 1 1 1 I
,,s he .
cr at ;e .-:
ti.e ti. i
Iran a n
i i -; i '
A'. ::i a-;'.,
- -. " o: i . 1-. t -i '
t I . I e 1 1 lilts
yt i . a :
s ;
il -a.
e .
I " '
u ac
' el
a i y t.T
a: ten; l
. 1
q.' le'-ufs.
is , e ill a. le ui
i; .-: K:is.;a.
u :. ti; an u a-i - : ; y i
- : at her was k . lied le. '::-
v. a - -, . I
i : : : i to
now n t ii
nte nt o
Il '
w a
: a
. ;: em :
e. 'in;;.
d the as
. a". ;
t -. 1 ;;
l a s,.
i aitelit
. - ink
I I e
1 :
; : i a .
: ! , o a
i e I e '
aml l.e
1 1 :
t lie'e; i i.t I.I,',', ''
; In in. 'l ie n ; he Kta
tea: s ; w in n he d:
a 1 . t in ay i 'ec aa e a C
; I li s d,i:t at i i . 1
y eat u'.d g : I I . .las
and having eliddro!:.
fall :;.:.. : :
in, in Fmp'.re. a-.,,
i : iii.-; ;
ii : ..ti
iUIW '-
ii w M, n .oii anil t
ufpiu x. .I: ,,, :.-kv .-
I I 1 . . -.- : - - .1 . . !
'' lit. ;lll-. C...1II1I ,i la
.-eCOLnu i tiie nomia
n objection, he wa
-v, i., ,ng
: -.v , , r ;
i a
arid (tree
i n. .
i i
la- ;. b
v.-;.. s
u ha; (
wa- la
1 I. a.-.
w '.
iiii'Kh' aa- a : tt
ii.t was ) 'ix -i I - a' .
;' humor ar. 1 lau-i,
n. la-ia ; rial oi heirs..
r 1 . r
in ti.
wl.-n i:
I '
i .ar;.' 0- r. -a
n-111111:1'." !
:i th- - 1
May i- M
f -r t:.--acc.
i : 1 ti
pr nosed t
: a-
a- n
pr .i
I'- m
' -an
". W
am la:
ana f-
1: I
. l n
l, r.
a. c t .
L a;e J. Kennedy : .
C: ;i:.ei!:,:uu s. IP
T. i .. w for mar-hai
.' -tn. -diaai: L r;-.w
; . i iceia an a :. t
la x : 1 1 . :
i -c;. a
t ca t- a
a . w ,. . t
t :
II ;
: If i 111 e II il e (1 tl i.ul.lll.
- L -'I la . i ex...-. A'l.
Ma A. K. ILavia- i -
sivt'.- m-a pleasure to -ay'i
ijeeli u-niK your el,-,s-..s j ,.
past with much satislaction
uess. s. ; uu-.-.s. ana for ai. ;
tended . they or.- :a-t -a . ; e I have e-.-.-r w i r. 1
mend liiem t',!l wh. v.--.;,:
U as
I am v 1-. -pv.ct : a! 1 , -J
-ax Iia.l
l.u erin a
- 11 . - S Ii: ta I .;id the ht
A a o
a 11
a a ran -'a!
l'v. a
at the nr.' -1' r.
:i i.,n a i, w s.
-. t-', lih::nT
v Iu the iiourie of
.- 'unr the itiht Hun i ;rsi ! .- -r i of the
a la.-.! that the ( iovern
. ' that tin- allegations
t-i'i-mi-nt- concerning
a i ; . a, f the privi
v ii'-: - ii-liiiiii'il 1 1 v
,y ' The T: .. r-..m-
t! - iftmn f Mr. Charles
- .- i n-"i-vati e. member
. a . i t f r Nuili Antrim, on
. ntiuf: of the louse last
. 'Ii.- allt.''-a breach of privi
::....' : ! v ti,-- '!' . . . c. insisting
,L : r I ;.n art i.'le. by that
:. i-.n Mr. John I 1 a i on . Home
:. r for I '- i-t May .. with faise-
- .- i.-iin- i the ,. 1 legations of
i . - i 1 . . h n an an ae-
i and . t her Invin-
. . -iu eaable to fee who
e.i. i i:.oii id protest: as
l" la. i-sue had been
. i ! u h. re have evidence
. a ,r .- i f .-very t!img advanced,
- t-ii . at: from no form of inouirv
though wc do not think the
Jl ,..i-e well advised in dealing with the ,
r i it I
u. stion as one of privilege. However,
oarnal in the kingdom, and lagt of
ui. .he oralis oi the iarne lire ,s afa
' ; ' 'v;- : : ', T hH,i,,na',"Ui!8a,,,e,1,t0
'...' . : t a -tali-mi nt made in the
tt I- o 'la.u' to ehallengo this
P : r;a 1 a - have .-liiwpn
: . -. I. 'lI.''-.- mu-t he aware
a I i !.-.- i ra - -i -ail...! as a breach
i ; i a,. a. a-I i"' dealt with PC-pa-
: v 1 1
m o.ter. ! Irit hilh
i l ' r-aaain un
it ::;, ar-na: , :
1 -The race for the
pi ice at t 'hester today.
.Mr Somers Karl ton
-i r cap t
' . - w '1
r-' Iron-chid finisa
o. Pec'.r's 1 lunejarmn
. M ai.. M ,y t -II.-,n. ll.l
a . ; a-: r-a 11 ria-d f nan ;
i. ; a:ao d
ere from Sir
a . i t!i it he Sir J. ihn
w its
:!," .i'i-r,i,',. on the 21st
1 v at be iiiiai a seat in the
a - mi l win ri tire iiernia-
1 , 1 1 adiali polities. Sir.
a ; -a' bl -11 '.'. -1 him as
1 I.-, rvativ. -. Sir John
a i a. I irrmaly :: ( 'anad ian
i - p. 1 rai-. d t"
i v i nn.
. -. .-'aay t .n unKliown
a i- I . en wrecked on Sable
nly Hiformaiion concern-,
!i,T ':'Vv 'abl'uT ha'u Tnuie ' Near Market Dock, Middle St-,
t V .'Pi'xlSamers NEW BERNE, N. C,
! 1 i'e h.-d to the scene from is Wll F.KK Vol' CAN ALWAYS KIND
f ir
It 1-
rep. irted that
ina I- u r.
ked in the
.1-..- o.u- (. Ullliission.
. - a:- : n. M .y i -The State Lie
a. nt has received and transmitted
iiiti r-t ite commerce commission
-r i an the I 'tnted States com
sal acini at I.audon. Unt.. in
ii he ile-eriNi-s the disastrous effect
ait- r-tate commerce bill on im
iii't exports to and from Canada
the t ailed Stales. The- result of
:. a - fas been most damag-
a- !..-.t I: as regards exports and
.-; -. ii.d i - -e erely felt both bv buy
a ---u. -1 - I o a rid I i om t he I nittfii
1 i- - ords ,,f hi- ofli. e fer the
. iril-i,ow Is- activity and
.-ep--ri.s than ever before for the
pei ! I. un. I the same lit- believes
::.) -uuii'iut Canada. A set
:.: !..:.- i.ortlv he arrived at or
:..!.: - w ill receive such damage
.. . ink- ear- t regain the lost
1 a., pre-i.'a- v. hen we now
afi, eh,
i Jiii,- Mi , The mter
a: Jilt t today and
:; a '-'a i i hearing ttsti-"i-ni
of the l.oui-ville and
i i-i.vilie and t'hatta
'! f-i P :m trav.-ded bv
i -: 1 : a . .1 v. is not of a
: ' r:i'.-e ri.e c, HI v :ct ion in the
:::.s-- li" followed it closely.
1 -a-.- lain been naidu out in
-i a
--is closely, and
! rev.- f ;-i mi them
a. d th- force of
hville ', oiaas di-closed the
. L uissille and Nashvillt
'. 1 Na-hille r'.our mills a
i-iMe.l th.-m to buy wheat at
a- it p Nashville, convert it
and deliver it at points of
:. a.- ciieaj.'.y as if it had
into liour at Detroit in the
lth .ii; -aving tribute to
a m
: I
U-.v.iewall Items.
". .' un. step-,-on of Klder '
a; painfully and severely cut
a i .- t -oiturdav. lr. Attmore
tia iiecess.iry eurgical aid and :
:.:.: r- ; ,;:ra- may take up
; aa. a- much a they,
j...t pi'.-Veiit certain citizens
a, i I'aiiiii.- from getting
a -t ti.e sane-.
ap alcity. t-.ecially where it .
.: a with the Cherry planter,
i. i- coming at last. If we can
:o weather - rops will be ready
. , l:e.t eek.
i. Tm r-i iy e vt mng that
-. . : Aula la was elected
::..:; ..a. k un :i majority of
: . aai, la I s. hat has
'o -,.y t that :
i - ' io oi j . u ever saw is a
i ar : - -. i, . !. i- mi merry.
- .. . ii- : : :: : :" An i -ra pamt-
: a'..: g a . - J; -u-e. From
a a : - ' - w . : w 1 w ill
a-, t.oii m lias pjace and
-. i . ii' -auie'.lv ai.d Jas. T.
1 l.i L. r-a. and l r. I tcu. S.
t las pj; w ere elected
a i-l r .
ai ' . :te:,!,.-r siiould extend
' . -a: c .amy. and to the
i . .. e.: a. u here he can ste
Mi i.i; - - lie- line cows.
- ir ma!.- 1 liree. one of which
:a-.e a a a: 1 goo - .aght gallons
lei 1" a I-- plenty for
. the feea r . la Cows get
i. i t at I- ery poor.
; ;'. .. gallon-;
t i peiay lor the
,1 1 . at man . '
! : u . . . l . I I n a ii I in . e -
. : . a -a.-: lliapus. Did .
i m;a. lai Mi.-ctric
' , . a .- a i -, I ,- -1 r.-me.l -. laverv
f in every
Lotties, and
'-' 1 t years
Al ' d.-.a. il.ii.-. druggist.
. ..: .-.: :..i':::o:.- The best .el 1-
: . V.:'' .Vt-c'eu'VhTtHe Ha'
r- i': . u-ai' : - ot otiier-nave a.i.ied
ea-: laany. so th..t ttm- veruict is
io,::,:- ns l.itctnc Hitter do cur.
or v'lihaif'Uarte Z
X. Dutrv-V dniK e'.or.
Absolutely Pure.
loll powder never vanes. A marvel of
?rUy-"r e,gth'.?nd wholeomene. More
x'onomlcal than the ordinary klnda. and en-
not be sold In oomnotition fth th. mniaiS
of low teat, abort weight. alnm or pboaphat
ZV& L': yno.ltZ
For sale in Newbern by Alex. Mi t7.
In tlio orlci.
'I'hcy are as tinnsonrent and oolorless as
liht ilKeif. hihI for soilness or endurance to
,iu" e.y'- 'kiimhI i.i- rsi-.-linl. enaliiing the
" enrer i.i reuu mr i,. .n: s Olinut fatigue. In
r.. ... , 1. .......
l'l-trtr- i-cr sii.iir rui:sKitN krh.
lest i ?noi) i;i Ik frmn the IcaiiiiiK physicians
In tl.e 1 niled stales. inventors. Senatora
vernors, Kenatora,
11 o' note In all dt-o-
' -'' isai Tors, si m-U men . jnen o' note In all pro-
fess ens, and 1 11 d i fleretu liranc-lies of trade,
luuikers, iiiei-haiiii-K. elr.. ran he irlven who
have had 1 lio r Hlcn t I :n. roved by their nap.
AMi "I'll -: Kir Cl'AKANTKKIi BV
F. S. DUFFY, Druggist,
Of every .variety, in larfre or small
quantities. Also the FINEST ORADES
All of which will be Bold
John lb IhNKiNs, Salesman.
decl.'2dw Proprietor.
Take Notice !
Uur store in filled with
Provisions, (Jrocerie.s, Ciuincd
(ioods, Dry Hoods, Crockery,
Etc. We keep a full line of the
Celebrated Prison Boots and
0. S. Parsons & Sons' Boots
and Shoes,
Every pair warranted io give satis
faction. Country merchants and the people
of the long and generally are requested to call and ox
o mmissioners an'me our large stock before purchas
ing. e will give you low figures.
We job Lorillard Snuff.
South Front ut.. AVtc Berne. N. V
Rock Lime,
Cements -
Goat Hair
K. (). K. LOIXtE.
Hclow HxprctiB Ollieo.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
General Merchandise,
ConaitrnmentP of Grain, Cotton and
other Produce solicited.
Prompt Attention (iiiurantfMMl.
y. V,'. c'or. South Front and MiddleKt"
M-:W ItllKXE, N. :.
General Hardware
Agricultural Imploineii ts.
Plows, Harrows, Cultivator,
Hoes and Axes,
Wood's Mowers and Reapers,
Steam Engines,
Cotton Gins and Presses,
Fertilizers. Land Plaster, Kainit
Mechanics Tools and Hardware,
Lime, Brick, Cement. Plaster
Hair, Paint, Kalsoiuine, Var-
nisli, Oil, Glass, Putty and II ttir.
rre7.CT, Kef'riKerator8. Oil
Cook Stoves, Eureka Burglar
Proof Sash Lorku, warranted to
trivo security and satisfaction.
- w
1,-r ?-
' --s ' z, " Z n ,rXZFlTrTTr
- , '. -'- j, ' i j V'V" " " " " Co. v
r tl. s- ,t i

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