North Carolina Newspapers

Calar4 It Ik Toat oc it Bra. N O
aa eoa4-4 aiiur.
THEY keep lying- on President
CLEVELAND about .1 -ecoinl term.
Firet, he would not be . .huiilul.ue
for re-election tinder .iny em him
stance, now, be is not only t . in
dicate for re-election but is exceed
ingly anxious to head the lVrao
cratic ticket Again next year. It is
not a prominent Senator"' :h;t
start this last story hut a Nw York
politician. So says a special irom
Washington to the '. Y. UVm'm
The negjo jersecation of neg :.
who rote the Democratic ticket
a disgrace to the race. One o:
thaA w:.o surrounded at 'he si-eond
ward polla Monday by ncrow.l w-.: h
drawn knives who seemed a -mi tl.ey
would cat him to pieces. Anothei
was struck on the head Tuesday j
morning with a rock by one o( it:s
race, for the same otletmo. no!
bled freely. The air ha-s ail the- week '
been fall of threatenings against .
the negroes who voted lemom.-,tm j
in the mnnn ipal e.ect on. ana me
has been a harden to h-m.
Si at ex rills Ja nd um rk
A Democratic General Assembly
in the Clark and I.ane ies sus
tainetl sach ball dozer-.
TUK I.egislatn; e "l 'A- e-' r
ginia luis elected a Sen i or a' i i-'.
JadgeCHAKi .KS.lAMK.s F.v i.kni:i:
U the man. We h lieve ha
Wn afared tliat hl'i'ts. the (iov
I vm -
emor's appointee, will attempt '" ' . . ; r - .
holdover. The Kaltinmre .s'wwsaysj ' .
of Jadge Faulkner : ' in, I,.. sn'.'t'.'.'f.'io ,
In the prime of manh.d. .th ; ;
aa nnnsaally clear miellect. and i . ' ' r'
with well developed hamts oi .,. jo.. a. m- - ;--e
dastry, Mr. Faulknei nny be . -ne .::nv l':.f. a s .
pected to make his mark :n :i..w C..-:ier.i ! ' :i : : . - ii : i:
the Senate. A- a lawyer oi I , -t. th,. ,-,. x:
extensive practice, and -, n e ,
a ciricnit indge, in- ha.s i ''' ; " "'-
giveD evidence id' capa. .ty h:ch in.vrn o'..:.. t. 1"
promiaea the lH-t resnlts ::. the -n ;;he lera-ra! - t i.e.;
Urged arena to which his services j IH.:,.,i rj. ,j
are to be transferred. Tne bun ;,- .,M. r,,,,,,,-
that he received within one oi the '
entire democratic vote :n the West ' ':r N ''
Virginia Legislatnre shows that .v orh.-r i ..! ti.r.-ugi.
the place ha.s been confer: ed on r..,; '. made .le-.-late.
him with practical una:nm:t
it is to lx the new Senator's credit
that his record wa.s ,i riear that
the democrats ot all facf..n- con Id
give him their votes. Mr. i'aulk-
ner is about to years of age, and a
son of the late ilon. Cha; b-s -I ames
Faulkner, who in 'ongre.s, both
lie fore and snne Mie w ir.
and as I Q,tel Mat jn.n.s.. r
to France, s-r -d Ins eo!irrnents
and coantry with gre.i .i:n;:' .
The son in m.inv' ts st.-ong'.v
resembles his distinguished f.tther.
particularly in hi habit s ot nnlus: : y
and remarfcabie perseverance.
Iu his 8i.M-e-h on taking h.s sea;
as permanent ehairman m the lrii
tacky Democrat ie State t'onrrn
tion, Hon. Jon" G. ( ari.isi k said :
"The country will b? rery fortunate
if it can always gecure ihe service.? of
an executive so thoroughly ilevoted to
the real interests of the people, an, I so
just and impartial in the execm. r. f
the la w! . aa the present one i-
Tho signs of the times j..hnr in
evitably to the nomination of Pres.
dent Cleveland in l-oh ami .-ir
friend 'at. Kiu hin might -;;st
a. well get ready tor it. The oppo
sition to the President by Demo
crats has generally arisen out of
his determination to t-nfome the
the civil service law. I he .!m i;
XAL has for sometime regarded
the civil service law a a humiuig.
bnt we cannot blame the President
for his efforts to honestly adm;n:.
tr it. If it is a bad law. an honest,
faithful administration of it w;d re
l if, f.UlT- m.i -I-,., i,.i.r.h n- '!
i mi it..-, i.'iii .biivi in
demand its repeal.
It is evident tha' :1m "lore.!
people are iginti ng to exerc -t
some intelligence ami dmeret .mi ih
the nse of that great'--.' b..o:im
American citi.ensh-.p. the pri lee
f the ballot. There na b. Hem
ocrats who ih not can :. have
them vote in any other way h an
solidly for the Hepubhcan part.,
bat in a coinmnnity like ours we
must continue to appeal :he:r
reason, ami insist on au intelligent
ne ot the power confided : iln in
a.s citizens. They a.e e;t;.:ei,s:
they have been invested w th tin
ballot; our interests in man, re
spects are uientica . ttieii v ay
should we not contirmr to e'iucat. I
them to exercise independence and ,
jadgment in casting the r 1. allot! !
The following from ; he New Voik
Star shows what progress :he ar.
making down Smth. and we add
with pleasure, that the most intelli
gent tokred men in this community
are beginning to think tor them
selves, and are not airaid to cast
tlieir ballots for the mmi of the. r
choice :
"Last Tnesdav s election ,n
Montgomery, Ala., resulted ;n a
Democratic triumph, which derives
special significance from the fact
that a large JemoTatie coloied j
vote was polled. The opposition :
n-aa fsm m K xr n n m 1 1 n t-i T m n !i
tween Republicans ami independ
ents and it woa upposetl the
ollisnA tirnlil gaii n flit i innrf
mtiauw j V4 ov v i v 1 l t
ol colored citizens. This instance
is one of several recent i I lust rat ions
of the breakiDg down of the color!
line. The desirable change :s no :
confined to the Sonth.
"Tbe course of the President re
garding the Kecordership ot Deeds
of the District of Columbia has .
made thousands of triends lor his 1
party. The colored people have
learned to discriminate between
the valae of Democratic perform-
ancee and Kepablitan promises,
ana tne uemocranc canaiuates
will poll no small proportion ot tne
Colored TOte of the country at the
t- ;J .l l.l '
BcXb proBlUCUliai Cicui ion .
"Those who opposed the Presi-
dent's nomination for the place
vacated bT 3Ir. Doagbvs.s will have
occasion tb regret their uarrownesa
! ai.rnnvio1 (rn rn nrp.inr.n n.i
uu wn. v it -
well aathe Sincerity of Mr. ulere-
land's statesmanship.'' 1
"nator Varies iniro;. resent ihe
i. 'rii io. r;n ni .-otlc. i ar ima a:: i r.i-
attitude n iinwrjij f :heni
Tim ,ii o t' '. l
"I . I'ommn am: m t i,;.
the '..: :s- '.,.
1 1,.
(';-. k ;
I : ,llr
. :
on several N a'
possible mr : .
tn the .'! t' v
and mr: , :
nusreiieen ' -North
ih i : ' ; . .
I. m
, h . I'
Y w
r.sMrr mr
re.-en: .t v, m.
ytlU pv ,itin
"' -..
N ' 1 !
a .i. :;
a : nin's- a I ,
Ye: de e V,
t. ia-
eoi: ; a j". II" .'; i a
he'n . and loo ii.i a
the:: ba. k on h : :r
' U' ' l,e 1 U " ra' -i.
I. ' : i ' - - . . i. g
never tut nr. l
I e : epreen
; N o : ' h 1
HMSsK U tiv vii Mil P V v-
( ,ei:
heard "i his p; op
j ."w.n .e:-r
j ' ): ..n . .x
j M.i ..r Holmes , m i ad . V .:ie!n
' a - My I tear M a "r 1 :. e
I reported rei e:;t 1 n the ;
j papers that Cen. 1'- II. S:..-r
i.. . . conrenip.a'e a a
j d.r- arm her ;:j. ;
e a 1 .
peil that
' I ' .
do.ii: a!le . i ha 1 h
,n:r 1" va'ie-. -U.
: aga u be desecra'c ! by h.s
pi a ;-. (':.!. ruel aiai : i;a
tnt:t !. the en ,ra ter : 'h;, who fondi'. cherishes mem
ones ut' tin- wild, wanton waste
and desolation wlm h his barbar-uis
torch spread through the valley,
laying in ashes the beautiful and
happy homes ot innocent wmneh.
young ami helpless children and
aged men. and who over t i ese
rums boasted tha' now a crow , aa
not tl'. ovt-r tlhs valley withuiit
carrying rations, (leh. Sh. i.
dan has do'.e no h i ng since t he war
"o atone for cnn l barb.urn
during the wa:. 'e hac nut tur
giittt-n that during his reign .n
New Orleans he a.-ked tha- our
fellow. oiti, :ens ot IvOuisiaiia ne .giit
proclaimed banditti
1 1..'
h;it he might set the dogs ft -ar
:i them. 1 'nave foigiv.-n the
rave men m the I'iikui armies
w hiiii
honorable bat :
ind "ho I'm ally triumphed oei
:n '.he great struggle. Among ; in : .
1 cm now name many of m
warmest and trues: and most pr . ed
'rends. They are good ,,ml ti: e
men. a:;.', t :i:nk none the h-ss m u
i vVitlg ! ''.ia helll Ithieed.
the', esteem him Imrhest unong-t
him leg
h' the hi
1) s w ho hum 1 1 ' tiiein t he hardest
She: hi m. s not mm m this k ; ' d
Ul'l lie h as he et' ai'Cc i; ded ' o ns
'hat i icai-e a i, ;cli ( 1 ; ah : .roc! a ; m ed .
! h , cv sj you. a: y ilea; Ma or.
a d to oc,r gallant . 1 1 , r . u '. s u i,o
ate now i ii : he v.tlie ' . t ha: I hope
vim ni'.l a.'.ow this man to h.ake :..s
; : ; u m ph a:, ' : de u p : 1 v.. 1 y . :
peace, bu h iv. ii .c go :'n- a ir:
mr le or . . rr-. g '.s
' '. ' ti hit:.
e"s ;
1 :; a
i: hi v l ion 1 1 1 mam i i 1 1 i: i s in
K A It Ml Nl.
tic . ...'
tmn m '
We ic w
m.oie ' he
rathe' a
o w ; h "
s rep, i
a I me : s ,
I'm: '.e
eim .:-
va i iio: -I
'.erne . ,
far me -
;imy m.
h e ale
. a : a ; .
ii vers, i
m a im: 1 1
eVel'V .
: v i :
go", i ci,
and s m
would be m-
s nee ; he ai".
1 '.u: t iie A'- , i
0M; t.lKt'
-she , ; i
to the Condi t mu o : on
dlSCUsse.s the 1 i ia- all
ot m
tures to farming, ami ,i - : contain
some good sngires :. s, a,- em , :
There may ne other papeis ,n the
South that can unit a more doleful
picture oi the powiry ot that sec-
tion than the Wilmington N.( ..
.vrr, but if there are any su. h we
do not, know them. I o say tiiat ,
the South is beginning to prosper.
ana i uai grauuany u i oemg lined
our ot tne overty ot t tie j.ast. is to
the Star what a red tiag is to a
l.,, ...,
ohm. j. iici e i.-i hu iaivl e eci l.i in w .n
of arousing tne ire oi our esteemed
contemporary than merely to hint
at the progress ot the .South. II
the Star is to be taken as author-
rv. oriii i ir i s wan ic
J l . .
coming poorer, but we imagine
that tbe other papers and the peo-.
pie generally . 'f State wi'.lj
liarilly admit t "it- coi reel nem of:
- ;'ii'h ,i
h a statement . I It-re :s me ol
ie a-.ulmg papt-. i.;' the State:
:i' ! -V aire: d. i : la. :: - o t he
1 1 1 . i ' .: rh mno.m.i .s grow-
orer. and s ;lis doing all ;ti '
' - p.r.v ei . - i. e!i.-: ; h'm . : a n ail !y o; j dr - r
ile t 1: e pei iple ! Ci HI w . - 1 1 1 1
' ' . '.'. . ' 'hi-;: ': i.ul e. uid . - ; ni'
i :. 1 : lv y ! t he ; e.r : a : .
u !:,. :: ga; . . . . .
. ;,,-:e. N.e. ..,. : . i 1 , t ::
.I'.'- !l).;e .. ,1 S-.ite t ' S -t ', ,al )
' ' " ' '" li die.', n , ; I ; ; , b.mU I I ,M , . . A !
: :;e A d w , ,. the '-' do : rii i ' . .
' - We k:i.- : reasn:- , :i
' bee ,t Mte'i a iiater ol a .Ml. ".e... 1 I .
: e ' a i . !' : ii i ea :i --ee no ': i . e'a - . 1
g ii any ;i ng h e .11 eonie to gna'l
: i--. v. . long as : h:e M : li.-lds, , :,
1 r..'V ;s . . :,r,,. .e , a:, :
i he '!'' a-e ;i, a;ri : ae: n ; e-. . u lia r i ' :
in : n :i d ; :i r..;lrad . oiiNirie wat. : .
' "U . g '. . u g : nl; ' ab.e employment : , .
' ii... nd- . i : : i : 'e:: "' t housands ir,:;:,h- :
"' :. ::: is. ; l:-:le i.; no pleas- , , t , ;:
'h :ne biv.i::-' wrongly .n-:r
:.: i g: ne tiiat .. tie lis a.! done ha.
' . r: a
r u. ! r I.
';". r
" i.rsr : rr.--.
nut l":v th.-;r
.mi e a ii n --d
a : :; " .!i i; :
l:;s is til
'.! ia -h
li tne "in ,u. u lae; u. i :,g rir
n" should seek , .suppr-s these
n s we do n " ku" w . The Ma iv
i x .' -i ii as i ed
t aese ! : u:
iegaroin, the onr-
e ii: toodstuils ,n ;he North
and es' aim urged a change un
' , . ' has almost beCi In e in on ot o
:, , - 1 : : ' : i 'he : i r m f : s w j . , ,
, a h d V- ge '. I bi e
'.e. : .i.g "i sympathy? There
:n,i he humd same slight excuse
hu !"-' w ho pa t heir bacon .
" 'i. anal' a:. hed goods, but hone,
we can be OlK'Ted foi
1 1 ios,. w h ' d. not rod ; n e e eh
"he r butler and vege; abies.
I'h. larniei's. says the !:. aie
p. .:. "c.. i'.iii "in ui' ii'l devise
ii -et ter ways f,.r .
' i.e. r e. .11 . : . : hi :ii,,;i ' v t h f ell
"ar.. genii :h o: in,niui,Miiit' :
M an a ;.tct ures ve empio uieht to
i',':M::i;i'h"' ag: : i n '. " ural nodiicts.
h ". s "i : Id : n g up a horn e mark et
he : : he ii.'. el -.hed products of a
: 1 1 :i. . I'.i kc a ' oiin ' y that is no w
: . . y g:eu : ' cot 1 1 : i raising and
,n w Inch t lie i e are no inanufacttii es.
1 ' 'hid b. tolly to preach divers;-
e i ag; ;eul ; ure. t lie raising of
hh.hs. vegetables, poultry, etc., fo:
s.ta . '; crying and similar things
tin- i anhers m ; hat c.-unty . because
he:.- s no home ma; ket for these
;.: . "!h. ; s. a;.,l ,,nly : n -c p: mnal
re ; : .ui: u t at mil h
: .. tit sh;;i them.
I nt
:,he lehteh n tll.l CilUhtV Oinp a
I', ihiihgham w.;l ;:s tln'.isan.'m m
i-;'.s- un-, 'aahi' s, .,r,d you a' nil
i i earn a ma: k et :, r v. i y t lung t hat
':,e : iru.t-r cm raise. Instead ot
:: : ' . ire-, 1 : i . i .use . ot to: : at a
.iss. !,,. r.uihei can turn his a-mi.
s;i:.. ; 1 ,-r, , j, . that br,n g : h
! hii.hi-y every week il the
'.ear. d ill plaee Ot pioclty he is
s,,., making a com lortable l.ving.
la. i-r. tae;,.ry and every tHinace
.starteit ami e ery mine ..pencil lit
tie Mii'i! i neiping on tne goon
t:me when t he Southern farmer will
iia long.-i be forced by circum
sMiie. s to raise cotton and cotton
mh! . If the man who makes two
blades oi grass grow where only
m:e grew before, is blessed, still
mm e blessed is t he in a n who pi an t
a ia, mry where there was none
beiore. and thus not mbv furnishes
em p.. - . me :. , ,o ai.e nahos, im,
o .lie liaihls, hit
crea'es a m.nke' lor the prd 1 net s
. ! t he u : rouiid.n g larms.
1". as matte: m m
most pmnti-dly j
Iia low :n; from .
am V,,,'.-. ,-, j
A f r. ar, . i-.i-m e.m-.-:i of Alamance
u v J.i! 1 - i tip "1 can pi amc'iiie;
farmers of my fi iin'.v and 01 twelve
ars ti,,rr,iw s-,,, o,,., a per csnt.
"How Jo you account for this
i: strentii - ' we m, mired.
' ;'. is largely o w i r. . " saal he. ' to
i th fact that we have several lame
cotton civmt employment to
m.oueandri who mut be fed and furnish
markets f -,r everything almost that our
farmers liavn to sell. Vou would be
-urprisfa m visit any one of these
factories and pee the great varieties of
things brought thre by the farmers to
sihh They sell everything, and hence
they produce everything and get the
'ash for it
Here is a hv-oii f .r the poor, for the
farmer. f..r the manufacturer, for the
apaalist. f, r the merchant, for the po
litical economist and the statesman.
1 ..vers:t..'.l industry is the true and sub--tar.t.a!
ts.-..- f healthful and perma
nent i r .-perit v. When w ill our people.
a r p 'at;,-lan-h on r capital is ts and leg is- !
Co r- rea i i e ii. is a 1 1 a rxi portant iru in
1 : is wh.r " 0 have for years
ah trying to impress upon the
people oi : he South, and the sooner
.is It'S-iiil
learned, the sooner
1 fa i mei's nl ; ha"
i e orOsl.i-l i
semmri '.ecomi
Aurora Items.
' .si. h :.;: 1,1- ia.l'l
I he A ; , rora i hi p: o ', mi
1 e h ' ass,
1 : . .b lb I'-onner has in, ugh- m,
e ass-n.-es , , f . I . . WatSoU.
aw hu.
s t)oi mm ' it
1 ii' hi l psoh .
( haj ci' has
.1. 11. jlo Il
: ami w
o i -b P.. Till hel id IJ.iV ; -oi
P l ss. , 1 i 1 I ' ' , g il ' . ' W I I I II If.-'- i I
Kd :.: : mi a v sp to . el.r r. es.
W 1,' - i: ' im: oor 'oiks a;,
iiegi oes . a, no: 1 ike chocolate candy
W:!I some ot' ..i! l eadei s answer
1 ne "ole hat inati" sa s he has
e prettiest corn oh the creek mid
e lies' co'lee ,Uld i lhd V tor I he
l'ia town election passed oil
..til I . . ,1 1ST,- , , , , I , . ..I
l''i ' i ii'iiuniu ,i-u i ie ii leu,
I V ainl IOIIOW lllg geut iehiel)
wa re elected : .MeSsps, 1 liOs. Mav-h.-w.
F. C. Puck. .1. W. Chapiu. P.
P. May., and S.T.S.dbm 'Two dry
and wet.
Vour oi respondent took a i ide
;n the eountrv this eva-ninc and
, a.s delighted with the outlook,
Messrs. V. J. Wooten, John Pate,
.Mrs. P. Guilford. V. Ih Guilford,
D. P. Pen net t. Henry Ponnm, A.
i. notinett, un seem to nave thmr
hinds in line order, crops planted,
and were plowing corn, and strange
.... 1. . . f I
iu Mil e ui-.ii'i no ni ui curlew
ougs. 1 he Kespass road is one of
our rich farming sections, llenrv
Bonner and l'enner lh (ludlord
have farms that are worth on one
n ni m oo ars it :irre ipintr
I -- - - v. ... &
the judgo. We have other pros-'
perons farmers on t his road.
Curb-ret -u-
M ,
: :;
' .. no
w a,h
I ' a
I the
, 1 I- 1 .
I n e r i
ha '
s ' n g s
W 1 1
111, I
1 he p," :
level. ip-
mporta: :
h : ee ti s i n
- ah '!
(j v
, e
. a .
. 'lie I.e. I .
:ne:.hinig : i
e ell bring - m
The -h' - m
! .1 e ' n . e id , e a ' i 1 1
e I r i e ' . " g i ' . 1
used .11 f'r.i.'' :,
i . 1 ih"' i .-Wf lei '
W.lli 1 ' -. ' '' a.s. , I ; . , !
,:,,-,"! "da I
la-!,! ,h : in- la I
in i 1 : ' 1 1 i ' ' .
' i i e a ' : e 1 1 ; ii g ' t '
I he ih.inilll i ::
limehm.' -t.
I .' I
Ih a'
A '
V(i. li alal
l'hhs ,, . a ,
1 1 was
an' :a!
. ;1 tirttri-' cn.uu
st i uct n iv m 1 1
The ehiallell
well a 1 1 1 1 1 1 u i
111 ell t a hi I h i
all did u rl
the large . , n , a
I lie ih l h his to
s pec! h 1 Will h'e
i ' w a - a ' I e i to
ei audmnoti
, . s mr la i
p: eseh- . Miss lab .
home m M,.'eh. ,1 (
and w : a ea : v w ' a
.Ilgs o' hel p..;, N.
' I lllll I ' .
i,.,.., ., i
I .
e i ; i s
l , , ( t ,
!i, ... ,.
in '.h.i'ill s I , e
h a 1 a a h p i e e i '
.1 . .
Swansboro Items.
( ) a - a.oo, i
b " 'lie : , i
g . n :, n g to i v -.
Oil! lailhets
looking bet ' e r h
and sol m ' ' a
a so
.i.oti,, ;
week, ('a:
i a
hud m the If,
s li a l j 1 . e M a 'h c
Ml. ( leo. 1 h M
1 i io , ; . i , i ' ' (
IU ' h s e i: .
i : coin hi ;.:.
W. 1 le.i.iy g' ' i, s a, ;: ;
Week h, ! , w- the e 1 b. . ; .,.
doing vei v ' , h i c, .
cn ii'Ilel s (mime..'. I '
. e , . . h i I
I ,t t a iio w , a ; ,oi t .
Ward :; d.-..;, 1
' ::y. Sel.r. 11. I :a
ill.,' ibe" ii
i leal ed t, u
Nmv l:.'.er -o tab.- to I '. a 1 ; ; i n " : , . I
'nl'uii ; :.ok::.g wed, is eo: u.
a a c . i o i , , s i:as coin Miee-n igll .
I a e W a i d is don e coin
and I'' ii. e.i oil his en: ton.
The un ion mop amand Us i,,ol,-s
' 1 . 1 i . , i i - o the 'r.liiii: I
n gl"
e l-llli-
. l :
ll.iVl' i o ; , ; 1 a i I ee i t
aie e! V mm: ce e'. i
e.i n c s ,ii e j ! e 1 1 ' : i 1 .
g: ' ., es' . , ;; ah ' . f y o :
e v e : m rii ;ii ii a : u a ' m
Pi i i . i W . e ' i 1 1 ! t 1 as '
a ii : .foil' 1 "'! , oh ia.
o : age s 1 1 1 h e c I a i ' s . b
Is of Iia i a ' cat:.-,
v,-:;. oh. ap ha: :
: " : them . a .
t'api. .1. I. .imiibh i . is
gai . Um j .(-as. M . i ; im-, ;
I ; isii poi atoi-s. 1 )a e
best liittel;. Mac .b'hl
coin, M.s. I:. Poster
abbage. Mis. II. P
;!eas, M,s. N. llaiseli
grass, ainl ( a p' . A
dr. '. . .i.
le-' nm
W lb:- Iio
I as' e s : . 1 1 n o ; i eoiimiiin y
Messis. lb (,. aid. A. .1. Ilhi'st,
W. H. llhlst. ( ol. b. W. Po, l)a
and A , 1 ', I ' 1 1 h . '. . si . i. , t.. have
film crops.
1 ,, .- i I ', , i , -1 i i a , . a
preacher I : i m M ; gn 1 1 a I 1 1 1 ! i n
county, is ;n mw .
preached !! us t In ee t
and has
.m.s. .Mi.
Poiteris travelling aioimd in the
interest ut h.s ('hurch. Puptist is
an ecelimit pi eacher and desei m
gi ear eied,t im h.s eamn expound
nig t he Seriptuu-s. lie has been
blind all his hmi m-v. r saw the
light of day but cems .. p.;-
i. ciiy.'.r home unmn-: mo
lie has a l.ihm ol s own with
raised letters, and . an mad u;rh
1. ... ..1 L
11.1 mill li I'.hr ,e "in' mho n i s , , a
e e Mghf. lie i oe .m-i ot
Mr. md Mm.
II I nil u l.ll n l.und lilli 1.
of Pr.,- T..nm.-.. n-k van dedor im
om m,. o ' ,ii,ia.n
1 b an . ,1 t: a.iii (hi I' 1 ( ll.miri -.
' : :... ,. . I M . I a;, k
' ' 1 . : ' i.e a n :, :ia 1 inn ;
: ' b M. i.
' ' e - . .' I . oh I - lie . a '
- h'. 1 I.e. I :,,
: '- :-el,r : he I :.i:.
1 ::!'::.!, i. !.-. . .1
' ' ,:...i i 1 1 1 i ' .,'...
1 : ' ' : ' . : i . : . - 1 1 : e lea e :
A I.
d 1
'1 ei a
'1 "II
.! i.
a g
a I.
i '
. "ii a ;
' I : I .
. t
a . s ,
li i : I "
If-'l u
,.d. hi mi
eii : o 'in-
1 i . -' an 1 1 ,.s
' . . ! . . I s , ! 1 1 , . I I , I ' ,
": ' -e.,-.oh.
lie -I., i d MUlie
' : ei t h g.i
:' .ia,ca'i i n .htv
M. aiilav. -evi : al
' eih c Oil hi is-
ee I. ' s I i . a ii h.s
' a . , -. i : . . 'in- .1, i : i ' 'i hel : . . p , i
, . i ei h ' s : t i il- i h i ie 1 Hi i de.
V. e -.hjn's, i,,. ; j,,. ii it ', ;
ci 1 1 : s a a s ii, . 1 1 . than : i.e value i
h.s h-i s,. and 1. . hi sel ; lot t iie day
i a hist ,11 iib!a:n:n. liie leimtt atice.
M ih Ilka.- I I ai i i -. v. le. iii v -te-
i ..... i, , I , . .,,,. t ..,1 . V . , , 1 1 i iii , 1 1 1 t I ,
ag,,. i'l th'ihed hmn, ;,. .tenia,. Ile
si C.r- tha- rn. won, an uelit o'll will,
, ., . , , ,
a , hi
a s i i 1 1 1 1 i ; i a 1 . , i h . I 1 1 1 1 1 a e hail,., ,
o , lea o : a ! i an i Ion , h g
I a Hi i 1 V.
' , , , t,,. , - 1 MeTl . I i,i, i I I ! 1 1
',,o - Thedimioi ., clonal
uiTh ;:l I'.ahlu in '.cAiishp. named!
.1,,,. i n', ,,:,k-., . a - ba: ued all
; , i .,;, ,-. a tew das a.;o. All
he ! inuiv wme .r uo'ik iii a d is-'
an' held a' the tin.,, m the id...
and , he- :, chm ': m r! f he v
..-a . .on h, i u m k.
m a' es
c hh ill i
. ,f : T , e , i hi i -
, ,". .
'lime's oh the 1 1 i 1 b
i ' heh t he
ive.stpeati,,,, was
ss. and 'he .pies-
a - : . e ; 1 iv : : ! i . ' i ess,
oi t i.e .ilellt ON' O
N'.- Napo'.eo..'s inaishai leii.a'.iis
a s- w he: c ;t w - s. Those w ho be
i ; m.'e ' he wel c iie a h d the same
all.- pleased beeam-e their theolV
i,,is a,,' been disproved. ,r d those
who ia .Id the con: : ar v aie j .leased
bee. : so the i 1m that i oh l'a iled to
i' ti;.' identity. The mot
..I bmies have pass. ,1 ;nto du-t.
Ti e under 1 a w was I on n d . v. i t h
iii.m, , i the t cc ' 1: i a : . . n a hood
state-: : a .set vat mm . um t high
hohe'A.i.s io.:id rmimmmg wiiole:
a.o'so: . . em':. n wm .mound, ami
he sc: i-ws w 1 :ei. i:ehi '. timethei'.
: :' though the eaith was sifted
i I ma a s. ,,1,1. 1 he s 1 vem ; ' e wh'.oh.
, : has been m d. was in the kiiii
,M h's'nai N'ev. was me m:ihd. nm
1 weie .my ot the bullets which he
i v. as :;..:....! !: ive e it t ed t" h;s
Richlando items.
: ti: ed ic- i
he Pap! isf ( 'hurch
Ah eee!!' ht Sel'-
al c , M'ccdlhgly
h ! I e I a ' ' ,1 good
hi , s coining hp
s ho: the Ihisior
d hm se last w cel
ls : i . . :..-i! ' 1 1 hi-
lial al
i : w i
Mi. P,
. o s i . a
I-. 'I :
s ih'O
i : . e W
hi -Ilge
' ' o I
a , '
as- . : ilay
'alley, '. e c.iU
.: .!! in
it all
1 1 1 1 ii e 1 .
. . i ' h
-'ti 11 Hie!
. e
' V i.M-s Oil Pack
All. I . lib. i c : i
. w g'm ' 11m :.e
11 hie h
Il Vi
'.lc i
ol aim
"!l H
I I S . I 1 I ht s
I - i hie o
! I s : e I
im' been I
1 ;.e ' o , : i eh I I
i a dved ot .hid mi ,o
M o 1 1 1 1 a . - I i
ol May . the el ito ai da ,,1 I l ed.
A boh iiln hail ot the him popu
lation hole candidates. Alter
much ele, tioncel ihg l no io. nm i n g:
to. Io w 1 II g
entlmnell .air dlllv elect ed : i
il. .1. W . lb
( oihin issionei s. i
.1 ohll
( iem h.e I '. 1 lumjihrey
and M. P. Steed: Constable.
Noith. W look tor a ear ol peace
. ,.l good oi .U-r wh.-n siirli geiitn-
111 i ii h a e colli 1 ol ol a II a 1 1 s.
I : i . .. in in iiuli'.l l.y ., tiii' IiiI.iiiiI.
: Tex as. A " "" '
."'-M: X,K- IIXV' , L
ies un- ileasiire m sa UkiI l loo
1,,., - n nsiim' vair Kl:.sseH I .r s. .me 1 1 me :
tb ncacli sati-l actc n . i or clear-
in -ss. : tn. ss, ana mr an i m r n is.-s in -
t-n.b-.l. they ar- ,,,.1 u rpasscl by any
u , ., ,, J. won hi reconi
,,.,,, ,),,. ,.,p u 1,,. umii :eii:,ii
aiaiiy -. . 1 1 r r .
.1 ii I i'.Kh a N h.
(iov em or of Texas.
... .! .. i
11 th i-ri illtt'il lltlil I'll' lit uuiauiccu
at 'the dm store ..f F. s. liuir.v. New j
licrne. myfi im )
in Mriioni.iM.
t'.h May.
aein.u's wonder, when 1 er..s the :
An 1 da? led -lale u nii tb
fare I.. ;, ,v, ,1 i,.,. ti. i,ii n,
inei-t rin- ;
' 'i alt the .b-.-ii .in- . I,., lane j.;. an-
'"!"r' '
I la-a .i u:!! . :..: ; a- C 1
i eo.' II,- lai.tin-.- ibat I -hull Le
-ate-:,. -il
' i. 1 i ! w in i i ' i
li"H to l.ll It
1 - at" n'l-rllnn ir - ".
' id".
lljlt 1 1 I,
,nd , I
ail the he. . d
i ,.t ii, v bitter
1 1 f
a 1 1 a h
mi---" , l
d '
- ii 1 1 '. i
: . i . i . ; . i
-: h i. h,r
Me- an ;, i: i
ill I lire.
11,1. . i t jo '
a. ! i.-n ! r
' ;'"
- , '. i i I
, v , ,ii : r-
-1 .
. 1 1, a t li i h -.!!,' hi
a ii- to na
il - ,,'lletin" - n.a in dia ain
, i i-t 1 1 1 a h r .
-: , i k i n i : i i -1 h- u k , ',
f r tie-"
i ' l . title Vi a a ie- u I
1 h Ml el i i in 111 d i- 1 11 1 11 '
siiiiiriit-r iti'iin-j hiant:.- huh -ir.
'lies t ' ' hue
- w i-et" I' 1 1 ) 1 1 - i e I h a 1 1 h ) hear i I
a.- l : w .is. he olid the , a - la h
ic'iieu County ilenih
1 h,
! tl mel s are
s ot i a;n:
ha vi ia
g li ice
tor the
"a: n.-ighboi .1. C. Mooie. lis,.,
.s fi sa-k with! I'e it.
I i; . 1 . '. Wood! v is gi :ng him
I h e 1 1 , e a I a i ' e 11 ! i o 1 1 .
I in- 1 1 i s ! i poratoe clop is teal
na e ;; ns. Ilinpty tlnwer bar
ie.s .Mi- :n demand. eiiitiiries are
1 a . made hu ' h .-In 1 o s) , ; he
i : o . hell lt'.nh".
e tax assessors have their
1 'li ne sir. :ng. taxes and
d death at.- . eit.iin. The histtwen-
- ;ydis mi .hum i- ; he t line i met
s. s,- :,.ed '-y law lor Iisriim.
h We leain that Mi. .1 oh ii A. Kin-
1. s,- . , , p.,.as a-r ( ' i eek ha.s be eii i j u He
e sa h. I'll! ,s now i eco eiaiig last,
1 Hopes aie entertained that he will
i be up a ii il out .main,
lie coin clop is looking We.
with lis. oat- aie promising, and
oill galdelis too ale looking fine,
but general giei-n i s m a rs h al i n i' his
i, i. ci s 1 1 '. . .
I it- hp
: in
d a!
1 1 . 1 1 1 .
i ;!,,. :.n eiectioU
'J , , ,
hl'st Moll. lav, .
i; ai d u as elected .Mayor. ( 'om
missioners .lames Learv. .lulm 1'
;r..:de!i ah.
Mr Imirelb chief of
I .1 .1, ,111
i i ,,, ,,, ,i , , i ... i i .m
I'HliliL, 111! M.l.ll l(ll. l liai,
. " ' i i i 1
rn- ,lea.s.ure d grasjung the band ;
d I 'Iotessi ,1' I'lauser, who w as at I
ll eiitnli to aid our voung ladies ;
mde-ent -in cultivatiim their mu I
sical talents vo.-allv, should t hev
He su e II .
We leain that SherilV Kooncc'
" I''.-nft will start for West
1 ;"nt s,',t' 1 " ,hlr'K "'
v hei'e he w i enter as ,i cadet.
e preuici a iinguc lutnre ior nun
there, as he hits been heretolore a
'-'" hright promi-ing youth.
u (1 learn that Captain Page's
m 'Il ''iinie near being washed away
a feu nights .since. The water had
forced its way through the .bam
near the gin house when it w as
aeeiden I . 1 !y discovered by some
c. ilmed persons w ho were return-
1 um iroin I'lilireli uf 'I'ri.Yitnn oinl lat
it In- known in time to save it.
we leanv iioiieve tnar ,i ones
. ... ., i'. .. i , ., :
'. '"' 'a ,,, ; ;
I chickens on hand than I have ever!
seen Here. I musr say tllilf it ap-
ears that all our good wives cer-
are ;i v ry needful auxiliary in
making the pot bm 1 during' the
long summer months, most espc i.
, , ,
ally where the smoke houses are a
"tie empty.
.Mr. Sam .hums and Mr. llenrv
loggerhead turtles in the Trent
tha; were engaged in a real turtle
tight, scratching and biting each
other with a regular im, both had
water still clung to each other and
it was hard to separate them,
llach of them weighed I'M lbs.
Messrs. Parker vN Simmons are
placing at the river in Trenton a!
: Huge pile ol excellent evpress lum-
1 her which will be shipped in a few
davs t,, a firm North who have'
! given them a large order. These
, , ., ,
gentlemen are real thorough-going.
enterprising men, who are ever on;
the alert to pick up the dimes, and
while picking them up they man
age to sprinkle several of these lit
tle necessaries among their neigh
bors. Such men us they are are
needed in every community. Had
we a few more here it would not
be long before our sect ion could
I io,ist of ,i real boom .
He tl lllg
( ar leiitoii I riem
i ! to accustom their hogs to learn to
be satistied w ith a lonely country
life by driving them out of town
e ei v morning: in the woods. Some
1 o!
111 uppear delighted at the I
' change, but occasionally there is :
in old sow and her progeny t hat ;
appear a little refractory ami trie.
itonmlm their wav back to t own.
im; when nmt by the colored Lov
1 'tup. I 'lixjandhis favorite poplash, will re-
milled i Ul. lt ;i jt(ll t,ari- turn around j
r.d bdiii P. I head towards town and a. pear to'
least a wistful eye towards her hap- !
py ol 1 range. i
N I I N M AN S I I-t A MKU. - 1
The new I n man and I nternat iona 1
teaiiisii n ( 'oin nan , limited, has 1
contracted with Laired brothers,
I Pit Imnhead, for transat lantic
teamship. She will be built ol
m ee.. w 1 1 u 1 1 ij m.s ei .an s,. .u en K i ues
steel, with triply expansion engines j
and I win SCI e Ws, and Is I o be sh pe-
i im- iu speed to anything now Her dimensions will be
Length over all, oOO feet : beam, (l:.'
feet : depth ot bold, 4.1 feet : 17,0o(
horsopower. m.oOo tons register.
A feat ui e of I he ship will be her
longitudinal bulkheads, which, in
connect ion with the usual tram
verse bulkheads, will greatly in
ciease the number of watertight
1 a . i
( m i pa i i meiiis. nei wnci.i ami
engines win oe proiecieu u sine
coal ounKei's. i i er i a rge passen ger
. .,,-,.,(.; r v ,r is jm ended. Will be lif
ted up for.;. "ill tirst-clas.s passengers.
She will be delivered in the carh
s prin g of 1 sss. The construction
ihe sliin will 1 ir followed bv tbnt
nthn, ami imnnrhiit I m nroen J
f-'ncl'i I'tla Til mi 1"
ments in sinjo oi tne inman line
now in sermce.
Anotlier "ar 1'oeiii.
zlN Oi.u Soldier in tiik Atlanta
1 -ee many sketches a nd incidents
ni ilm ...... .1.1;., i 1 ; 1.,
ii Lin- ".it jitioiiiieu in tMii a t u
aoie papei ann nave i lei 1 eu iinirn
i . i , . ... ii i i . . i
pleasure lroin n a.: i; them.
In to oi.h i emit 1 1 uute my mite
t oWUl'd - t h a t de J).l it IIH-li t of VOUT
greai iaper, 1 end you the lol-
hi W I II g i II ( a dellt o I 1 1 i-oll life dill-
ingtlie winter or and 'ii.". at
a in i . Chase. Ohio. Jt is not my
i 111 en t loll f o peak of t he suffering
weenduied. as that is past and
L'OUld 111 no u a V be mitigated.
Illlt I o pi ueeed. ( 'oh iltel ' , ,S.
1 1 n k i ns. oi lt-niiesee. during the
earh' winter of "HI and '(' was the
most widely known and beloved j
mail a nioii ii- t 1 ie in i soners at. Cliim !
( IniM-, ( ihio, and allhoiiLdi not a
legulai minister of the gosiiel. lie
. 1
was ; he niosi eloquent and interest-
; I) IT evi'oneiit ol i he I loI Sei'iDturts '
I I iiave ever li-tened to. It
Iheselew lines -hoiihl haiipen to
eab h ihe ee of a eonleilerate
1 . " ,
W liit In i --!ol 1 line it was in have
. i .i . , i .i
aei II loea'eil a; ( amp ( hae ill the
u intei id r. i .uid "0.,, j,,. will re
Un hibel inc. eagerly We .u oiihl rush
r lroin oiii 1 ia uacks whenever it as
anincincee; t le t olom ! Hawkins
had fill,' m, ei lioin pli.soii to see
, ns. and v. hen lie would mount the steps and begin to speak
" or preach lie cmml hold us spell
bound lor bonis w ith his i loijuence.
1 He win an oi acle in e el thing
eon he 't ei with our weli.u e. bm h
" sp: I 1! 11,1 I a IH I i elllporal. but his
greatest a oik was done at ihe
Miches ol the sick and thing, and
I he is living today and has not
be i ii piosjiftun- in temporal a Hairs,
la ea n h e t he gl a n ti colisi i at 1 o n
"t be I II a' entitled to - iil 1 tlla I iia is
polity: ' inch tan miot be taken
from him .
Colonel Hawkins m Ins dailv
loiillds among the sick and dvine
had lound a young soldier who
realized he was not long for this
woild. He was engaged to lie mar-
liedtoa lady and Was an.MOU.sly
looking for a letter llnlll her, that
he might once mom read her lin
ing words before he died, but the
letter came not unt d al'tei his death.
vhadi was humiliate lor the'poor
c.-Uow lot instead ofhn ingpi onuses.
she had wi it ten to break oil the
e n gtige m e ii t . ( 'olm, el Ha wki ns an-
swm ed t he mmg lady 's letter to
the dead soldier :n the lines which
1 hae enclosed for publication.
provided mi should think them of
.siiliii'iehl interest and have Hot
already been published in iiiiil
III o -' e v eel len t p;l pe I .
I), (i. W'ATK INS.
d e in be i of Kein per's 1 .it t cry .
Not t hem arm v V u ginia.
t lalk-burg. W . a.
M 1 I .' I F. N I h
i ar letter i aine. hut eame liu late
I ,,r l.eavi-n had claimeil its nwn.
b' Mi lilen clianpo. fmm prinii bara
Into the e;reat white throne.
Vihi ytt 1 think lie wouhl have t-tayej
I or one inure day of pain.
he have read those tardy wordd
wntcn y ' hi nave sent in vain.
Wh j d id vcu wai t. 1 'air la.l y .
rt-i l
ihroughao manv a wearv houi
n.ld vou other iovera with y0lI.
In that silken dainty bower-
I'id others bow before your charms
And twine bright garlands therm
; a' 1 w ei", m Uliu luro,,K
1 id spirit had no peer.
spirit had no pc
I wish that you were by mo now.
As 1 draw the sheet aside.
To Be how pure the look he wore
Av, hile before he died.
Yet the sorrow that you gave him
Still lias left its weary trace,
And a meek ami saintly sadness
1 1 wells upon that pallid face.
'Tier love.'' he said "eniilil change for
The w-intcr's cold to spring. ' !
Ah' trust of thoughtless maiden s love i
Thou arc a bitter thing i
l or when these valleys fair in May
I incr more with bloom shall wav
The northern violets shall w ave.
Above his humble grave.
! . . , .
pou, dole ot scanty words had been
I I5ut one more pang to bear:
i k" l" ''"- "--cu .i... ...u
1 This tress of vour soft hair.
i inj nol put it where he BaiJ.
l-'or when the angels come.
i 1 would nut tove them tmd tin- sign
' u falsehood in the tomb.
I The wiles that you have wrought
I To win t'iat not'e heart of bis
A"'1 med it. fearful thought'
, What lavish wealth men sometimes
; -,r a trillle. light and small.
What manly forms one often held
In folly's tlimsy thrall.
Vou shall not pity him. for now
lie's past your hope and fear:
Although I wish that you could stand
With me beside his bier.
Still I forgive you, Heaven knows.
For mercy you have need,
Since (iod His tiw-ful judgment sends
On each unworthy deed.
Tonight the cold winds whittle bv
As I my vigils keep.
Within the prison dead house, w hero
Few mourners come to weep.
, rude plank coffin holds him now.
i et ueatn gives always grace.
1 had rather see him thus
lhan clasped in your embrace.
"l your ro,oms perhT are gay
ith wit, and wine, and song,
An,l you are emilinK iuBt as if
Vou never did a wrong.
m our hand so fair that none would
It penned these words of pain.
our skin sa wh ite wouhl ( tod . your
Were half so free from stain.
Pd rather be this dear, dear friend
Than you in all your glee.
For vou are held in grievous bonds
j While he's forever free.
Whom serve we in this life, we Perve
: In that, which i, i,
1 I e c hose his w ay . ymi yours, I ,-t ' 1
Pronounce the i.tting doom.
AI l( L TO MOTH lilts.
Me-; Wivnijiu "s S", ,. .tii isa : Svina,
should alwavs be used for children
teething. It soothes tho child, softens
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
oli'h and is the best remedy for diar-
h" a. Twenty-live cents a bottle,
marl? dtuthsat wly
W P DIIDDilO 9. pn
w w v m WWI)
n c.w RKitNr:, s. c
ai:i 1,1,111
V. A. POTTS, Jr.,
.,,.,,., ., , , -, , r.H , ,f He(U, ., ,, , V(1(. ,.
l'ioih,,. U'7 wbiii
y w AI I U
(.1.0. SI.dVlR.
Smallwood & Slover
(H.ASS, I'AI.XTS, ons
- .,... ... T .
M ' d d I 6 Street, Next Door tO
Hotel Albert,
The Flowers that bloom in the Sprinu
movemanta in favor of the Siamese Twins.
The Middle Sfree
Gentlemens Furnishing Goods
( 'on - i-1 . n '
SllSliel. a .-1
-f i
1 I .
A I ..;- 1
com net n :,
N'ovoiii,: n
stoi i.
if y,
not i-a-
" .. '
f ! V '
f r 'in i ,
li a
rii if i
I. KIM '.
A Specialty of Fine
' Furnishing
T..I .. ' r . y . , I . I ... - 1 .1
j . v K.s r J 'osl H U :' Vl: b 'KS.
1 Mil Sail- are slyli-h and wi-l! i u
ltock I'.i, than lhaei -.
h,i l,n.. ol 1-1 KN 1-s I I ; -i.-s
In Wl.M: an 1 si IK t I M i
Kooiirf that an- .r. am.n- ,,f 1 1 , . a i : . h,
plicity .
81 S'l.lSH HATS- 1 "l hie.-. I it-hl , Ida.
qualities, an.l Crush 1'neket ii.UH m
Straw ilat-i. latest si;,,os. h.-nnin me anil
Full HtOi k of LiUV i.O d)S ami Nl )TI
to huh the tim.-s an 1 your pocket!.. ...k.
We ar,- t-till havinc a hii- run on our . - -
iu Hal., and C..nKres-. whi'eh are a, kni.u ledl-ed the nicest ami bent Shoo in the
market A full "anu arm e e. o. en null e-.ery pair
I.11 M. J.'M.s ..f i h-i 1 1 ; a i will
iislonit is at
i fin louittuuu aii,
-Vti xn icqti maiifMi so pa
OxrlTV pTAD a Iotko proportioD.
rALmUft.,.f whom took a full treat!
c-sent and were restored to health by owe of
A Itadical On re for Nervous Debility, Oraiin
VeAknea BndPJirsicBl Decay in Yoonor M
dleAeedMon. Ttd for PichtYfturn in t
thooBand oasea ther Abeolrit;!? mrtrfl rrf: jLtnmh
agenl and broken down men to the full enjoyment of
torfect and full Manly fltrerurth and Vioroon HhhI: ft.
To those who suffer from tho many obscure d ifWAr--i
hro ugh t about by Indi(cretion, Kj inmnm, Ow-ltmi .i
V orlt, or too free IndnlKeore, we ak thut yoa eeul t t
yifur name wiLu statement of your trouble, aiid nnir
lilALtAOKAOE FieKR,with Illuirt I J'am,!J..t
li The Little Store
'Round the Corner"
, Has doubled itself. It i
witli all.
ijiiaie in
Our old triends have long been cmi a need ot this mm. and il will take
: only one call from now ones to posit iv.-h assure them. Hear in mind
j we are always able to put before the customer airythmg and everything
-we advertise and at the prices named.
Listen to the wonderful inducements we aie oileiing this seaHon, and
remember we have not the slightest fear ol competition ; our prices can
not be met by any house in the city. W h .' do mi ask f It is a him
pie story and easily told---
Thus saving the time pi ices and the cash discount, which is a very
large item. Uur customers get the advantage of these in our very low
prices. Mow see for yourselves :
Heavy I nbleached Homespun. ard wide. "..
Good I'nbleached Homespun. I
("rood Gingham, ..c Plaid Homespun. I he ei best , .iIk-och, .V.
Lawns, very handsome patterns ami good ouabiv . .'..
India Linens, from Sc. per yd. up.
Plaid Nainsooks, all grades and all pih es.
Striped Nainsooks, all grades and all pins.
Colored Stripped .Nainsooks, only Ibc ard.
Embroidered India Linen Suits, only $2.50.
Beautiful Cliambrays. Saimes,
Kmbroidered Sat i no Suits, the
season, elegant and very low.
Cashmeres and Woolen Diess floods ol all kinds.
Percales. Dress Gingham, and Gingham Dress Suits.
Large sie all linen Towels, only Inc. An elegant knotted fringe
bleached Damask Towel, only ::..., and the lamest and finest Damask
j Towel in the citv for guc. and im,-.
Endless variety of Napkins and Table Damask.
Stamped Linens of all kinds. Poufe Searls. Splashers, Tidies, Table
Scarfs, etc., with the best wash wanking mlks m all the new colors, only
4c. Skein, and the very best Piench W oikmg Cotton, turktt nil, blue
aud white, at Hc. per dozen, math L'.V.
Rick Rack Braid, full 18 yd. pieces, 5c.
All linen Torchon Laces. Inc. do.-, yards. n line imported Torchon
and Medici Laces, very low. (Mir rmnt il and Pgyptian Laces are
cheaper than ever seen.
Ladies' Cape Collars, oc. and Io,-. "hilil's Imen Standing Collars, Sc.
Ladies, Cull's, Hc Lace Setim. lull w :.Pii and beautilul goods, only
lie. per yd., worth HUc.
Cambric embroidered Ldges and 1 us. -i t ions, embroidered Cambric
Flounces, Swiss I'louuces, Cambim All Overs ami Swiss All Overs.
Ladies' Corset, good, J..c. Ladies" sohd colored Hose, Ic. Gents'
i Hose, oc. Gents' Hose, Punish, no seams. ;ic. pair. Gents' .
Ilose, imported liritish, i'c.
Pants Linens ami Cassunei e.s m all kinds, a good Pants .leans, Mc.
Gents' Soft, Kelt and Still' Hats, and ask bu mu pure Mackinaw Straw
flat at ooc.
Gents' nice linen Cuffs,
Gents Collars in all the very best and latest stIe
Gents' gauze Shirts and Drawers of all grades.
Ladies' gaue and llalbi igan ests h um pi.-. ;.. :.
Be sure to call for our
hole Shoe, only
And leinember we have a complete In ;' l.idif
Children's Shoi s of tho very best grades. W e aie at lea
cent, lower on dents .shoes than any home m town.
Pe sure and look lor us. Our stand h t he sa me old place, one door
j lroin Pollock mi Middle stieet.and
much ciilargeil and altered in ape.
N. P. 'Ihe linest and ci best i, cuts' Sim! ever sold in North 'aro
lina can be found with lis. at only Too. Kciimmber it is made of New
ork Mills .Muslin. L'l hundred. I. men Posom. Collar Pand and Cuffs,
and Inniil mailt- huttnn holts. Wo guarantee them to be as good if not
better than any shirt ever sold m .New Pei ne lor l .. If not so we
will refund the money to any customer who is not satisfied.
Ask for Ives' Leader Shirt. .1. V. 1VF.S.
Wholesale Grocers,
"d keep of FLOUR, MEATS,
everythlnir in tho O ROC FRY LINK, a f I'LL STOCK and at
n.K.MKNT SIAl.l.V.
A TTOiPVUvo Am t i ie
Will practice In the Conrtsof Craven, Jones
Onslow, Carteret, Pamlico, Lenoir and Hyde
and In Uie Federal Court at Ne w I'erne.
have nothing to ilo with Garibaldi's
I.I h 1 1 '
i, d I nd I mi it wear.
I it".
hi. i 1 1 1 i , a h that excel
eieiiii.i loli piaeeH.
1 1 "a tin- lianilBeme
. , . ;, i a i ii.ul it y . do
' a i n-v . nil ne w ,
lit i k'i'niTal Ktock,
in 7 i wfini
A Si N
and Gents'
''a to mil l h" mo it f;nt i i un u the
f ' ! i-t fui f 1 1 r i and a r e Kohl at
,.,,tl ex..,vU,.i.,j that ( ienllemen ubo.
K I I ; 1 1 1 I . I v.,- are fx h il.innn a lim of
1 ., ,, d ,,t . n in their eleK:ini sim
k :,l 1 1 raw 1 m I I ; I H of ! I hiiiiima uriil
ad eoi.irs. ..nlv 7m. Hil- asHorlment of
i.NS. I. ,, In - and CfntH- SIio.-h at prices
A Iidie-h I ,,m-,1 ( iaiter only .'.tic.
:: :,n i:..,. ir..n,.i-, t'oUh.r. vk,,.,.
pi ea- .- i to in. -ot Inn obi friends nrxi
Middle utreet, next to L. II. tutler's.
Att) i1 Um tntpnwtiua oi pretontMua mne.
i. ui. w- irouDiei, ana aii viackh,
wwjwdin; aim IH IQ ie1 UlAir f lo-
tiius Tfcke a 8URK Rimu'T iimuuaj
wilh WTOUon Ut buiinui. or r&uM nam
or inconvenience .n any wiy J oundrd
n srienUfic modira.1 rjr(tn-ir.i Hrfi.-
kppiiration to the rtt o dueur iu spcciflc
HiMnrfia ff I t tvtttiont Hl.. 'T-v. i
("unrtionn of th humaai nrirkniim ir,.rm, 'rv.
WuteUttiminne rlenwnti of life ur Rivr n l.k, the pKtira
Decora cb Uiuerful auil rapuilygaiaa hoth UX((LU aud baua
TBEATKEHT: Oio Kosth. W. ToMoi.t5. Tim, tl
. I 300 N. Tonth Street. BT. LOOTS VQ
Trial of our Appliance. Ask tor Term I
shap,-. ainl 'ijiiaie in its dealings
latest am
' I e i I i e s t 1 1 u v i
ty of the,
only 16 2-3c. per pair.
mil very low.
i I ti II e gl lOils.
Ladies Worked Button-
90c. per pair.
Misses and
L'a to "ill per
(hough the store has been very
nance, it can be easily found.
li TO Til I I If
Offlo on Craven street, betWMn Pollock
and Broad aprMdAwl,
w run rir
- --XI 'r ' :':V;!.

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