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Tlie justices) and ooanty com mi 3 aionera were maeesion laat Monday tor the parpoee of levying t;ixe mad el6ctiaT aboard of edacatioo. f J exercisea of Davis's School. They i are priacipalij tbe yoang ladies, ; RJe over ix feet hlh from R F Of coarse. " 1 Arnold, Spring Garden, Craven county, We doubt not bat that the people j WM f" but Mt" or Kinaton will rise ap with one j Krmm wmld P""ty. voice and thank tbe Lord that pi O-1 The committee of arrangement are bibltlon la at least settled fbr two j Axing an interesting program for the yetlTS. The antlS carried the town Fourth of July. We expect the grand by thirty-two majority. I have est display of fireworks ever seen in the never seen an election in which bet-, city. terfeeliSaT prevailed. May it never i Doabie daily freight trsins are mn- liscnrD tne minus oi oar eunens i again. It aeeau to be some argument to my mind that prohibition mast not prohibit, otherwise it woald sot be the ease, that nearly every town repealed tbe prohibition law in which it was carried last year. Fartbermore, aufthing that will so bitterly array friend against friend ahoald be if possible avoided. Another commeneement of Kius Un College has come and gone. Uuce more the little folks played their tiny parts on their annnal stage of action, and most worthily did they do credit to themselves and to their teachers. On Friday, the opening night, a large audience greeted the little folks and gave close and quiet attention. The operetta, Jack the Giant Killer, was remarkably well rendered. Xany songs, interspersed through the play, were well sang by the wee actors. . And the giant loomed large and ferocioos amid the in fantile throng; bat his great natural amiability prevented him, to some extent trora being as sav age as the nature of the case re quired. After the operetta, the lads and lasses gave specimens of declamations and recitations all well done. On Wednesday night, declamations and recitations from the collegiate department, claimed tbe attention of a foil house. There were some very fine speeches by the boys, and capital renderings of r ho ice selections by the girls. Bat the girls had a "leetle" the ad vantage ef the boys. On Thurs day at 11 a. m., Eev. U. V. Battle of Wades boro, N. C, delivered one ot the best addresses that this town has beard for many a day. After the address, the Principal's report was read. Then the award of premiums. Then seven yoang Ladies: Misses Lola Griffin, Dora McDaaie), Nannie Isler f Emma Parrottv Lena Spain, Marietta Sut ton and La ana Warters, receiving diplomas, graduating in various branches. Thursday night Prof. Meaxes's annual concert caosed the noose to be packed. Vocal and in stnunental music vied with each other ill claiming applause from the aadieace. There were solos, duos, trios, quartettes and sextettes. There were yoang gentlemen music paplls also, who acquitted them selves remaikably well. These yoang musicians all gave evidence of careful training and hard work. Gold medals and silver medals re warded them for their diligence. Tbe si Iter medals were given to be ginners. This night wound up the entertainments of the week and the commencement is now a thing of the past. ( VoIsg Exercises ef the L. t'. I. La GKAJtax, June 1, 1887. Editob Jocmal: The closing exer cises ot the L C. I. came off on the vsning of Hay 31st, 187. The number of visitors in attendance was not large, owing In part, we suppose, to the un favorable weather. Tbe program varied from the asual exercises, and were on the order of a social reception and en tertainment. The crowd began to as-aesnble- early in the evening and con tinued to earns in till a Late hour. From 9 o'clock to 10:30, refreshments were served to all without distinction, and kit enjoyed themselves fully and freely. The committee, composed of young ladies of the school, acquitted lhm- i re gracefully and made young men, oid men, bachelors and widowers all alike, feel at home. It was our idea of a coca men oement. Thns h .closed the session of ISSo-'ST of the LCL, tbe oldest educational institution in our town, and notwith standing the many changes of instruc tors, the term just closed has main tained a fair patronage. Miss Heath, the principal, has won for herself a reputation that cannot be beaten, and let come what may in the future, she will noi be forgotten by the patrons and pa pile of the L C. I. During her ten months stay here not one word of fault has been made of her, in any respect, by patron, pupil or any one else. We are unable to make announcements as to the future of the school, but suppose that the trustees will see to it that the interest of the academy will not suffer, anal that a good school will be kept. We dose, and intend visiting Kinsey's commencement, about which you shall hear in our next. Itxxizkb. Zloa Lodge le, 81, Trrnton, X. ( . Whereas, It has pleased the Supreme Architect of the uivene to summon from his) labors upon earth, our beloved brother. Job L. Kinsey, calling him to His) omnipotent will to that judgment which awaits mil who are toiling in this earthly tasnple; and Whereas, The Masonic ties which have so long boond us in mutual friendship and enjoyment to our de parted friend, are severed, no more to be united, until the grave shall give up its dead ; therefore Resolved, That we sincerely mourn this disruption of covenanted friend ship, bearing in tender remembrance his) fidelity to Masonry and his deyot ion to the principles it inculcates. Bsaoired, That we earnestly sym pathize with the relatives and friends of er deceases! Brother, and tender them that eonaoiotioa which the world ma --itv ttrs mo take away. It ears' Tri Thata copr of this preamble be. foTwnrdsxt to the Xamily of our de (itanmi brother, and ioaerted in the Mew . Bera JOCxxi-' : , : .'f -'-v 8. E. K0JicaVrv ' :- Ch as. C Gbxxs, Committee i:r S. B. AifkZf), :-j . Paart witk tke JurmJ lb Et. We hare made arrangements with the following pablieatiooa, among the ablest and most valoable of the country, whereby snbscribera to the Jocrsal can secnre any of the below named, at the following low rates, strictly in ad - Tance: JofRjfAL and American Farmer .. $2.00 ' ttZf&XZ'lS ' Demoreefs Mazaaine 8.00 floientirlc Amerkmn. . 4.S5 St. Nichola..- 4.00 Century 5.00 Detroit Free Preea. ... 8.80 Texaa Sifting 8.M North Amer. Review 5.85 New York World 3.80 Star 3.85 ' Country Home 2.00 Home and Farm 8.00 ' Southern Bivouac -. - 3.00 Courier Journal 3.50 News and Observer. . 3.85 Harper's Magazine ... 4.50 Weekly 4.70 " Young People 3.10 " Atlanta Constitution. 2 50 " Chicago Newi 2.35 Old subscribers receiving ine Jovrst- and desiring to have any of these papers, can, by making application to the office in person or by letter, have a I statement of their account on our books akowing what they will bats to remit to I entitle them to any of the above pubU-1 cations they may select. rcitTHXJi ntDccmnmuTs. Every subscriber to the New York World clubbing with Jo UBS a L receives i a handsomely bound illnstraUd History of the United State. CITY ANtTvICINITY. F. VI rich has received mammoth sudd r of Enzlish Tslajiu molusM. See n;.7 nn tv. A v. c. Railroad this week. The potatoes and other freights brought by the E. C. D. line for the in terior renders it necessary to send out the freight trains by sections. The stockholders' meeting of the At lantic and North Carolina Railroad will be held at Morehead City on Thursday, j the 30 of June. We presume it will! be a very quiet meeting, as we hear of 1 no propositions to lease, sell or runs way with it. Loe 1 Option Elections. Beaufort voted prohibition on Mon day last by an increased nnsjoiity. Durham went "dry-' again. Raleigh is satisfied to remain "dry." Change of Sailing Days. Providence ships have changed sail ing dsys to Mondays and Wednesdays from Norfolk. All truck from stations on the railroad should be shipped on Satnrdsys andJTuesdays for the Provi dence market. The Glouxious Fourth. The celebration of the Fourth of July, 1387, by the citizens of New Berne and surrounding country is now an assured fact. The only queetion now is, how big a thing shall it be? Many of the children of the present generation know nothing of a Fourth of July celebration. Let every one "chip in" and let's giye them a rouser. Tiger Wildcat. A most ferocious looking animal pro nounced a tiger wildcat, was brought to the city last week from Grantaboro by Mr. W. H Raw Is, who Bhot him near his house Sunday morning. The body of the animal is dark brown, with black and white stripes on tbe neck and small spots on tbe ears. lie is three feet long and is the size of in ordinary dog. Honor Worthily Bestowed. We are pleased to see that the Uni versity of North Carolina has conferred the degree of Doctor of Divinity upon our townsman, Rev. L. C. Vaas. The honor could net have been more wor thily bestowed. Dr. Vaaa is one of the most scholarly divines in North Caro lina. We congratulate him upon the recognition he has received at the hands of the leading institution of learning in the State. Personal. Miss Lena McCotter and Misa May Caho, students of Kinsey's School, and Miss Mollie Armstrong, Miss Bettie Hooker, W. T. Caho, Esq., Messrs. S. W. Ferebee, J. F. Cowell, J. T. Daw sou and B. F. McCotter, who had been attending the closing exercises, all of Pnmlico county, passed through the city on their way home last Saturday. Pamlico has always been well repre sented in Kinsey's schools and time seems to streoghten Kinsey's hold upon her people. Furniture Factory. Mr. J. M. Hines has begun the manu facture of furniture at his Btore on Mid dle street. Cheap furniture, such as safes, bureaus, tables and wardrobes are made for a little mors than half the cost of furniture imported from other factories. We have Ions thought that a factory for the manufacture of cheap furniture would pay in New Berne, and why some of our steam saw mills that have the buildms: and the power to run all necessary machinery don't begin the manufacture of such furniture on an extensive scale, we cannot under stand. Surely they have not investi gated the matter. We wish Mr. Ilinee success in his new enterprise and trust that he will rapidly increase the work. Delegates Appointed. The General Assembly of the South ern Presbyterian Church have appoint ed ttS following delegates to represent the Synod of North Carolina in the Pan Presbyterian Alliance which meets in London, in ISoS: Principals Rev. J. S. Watkins. D. D.. of Raleigh, and Judge J. A. Gilmer, of Greensboro. Alternates Rev. L. C. Vaas, of New Berne, and Hon. E. R. Stamps, of Ral eigh. Messrs. Gil.ner and Stamps are Ruling Elders in the Presbyterian Church. We are glad to note that our towns man. Rev. Mr. Vaas, is of the number, and we would be highly gratified if he should attend. Fourth of July JCeetiDg. An adjourned meeting of citizens was held at the city hall Friday night to re ceive the report of the committee to solicit contributions. The committee reported about three hundred and fifty dollars pledged. The committee was continued and instructed to collect the amounts already pledged and continue to solicit funds snd pay them over to the treasurer. On motion, John Ducm was' elected treasurer. The following committee of arrange ments was appointed and authorized to make a programme for the occasion : E. M. Pa Tie, chairman; Matt Manly, J. A. Patterson and Wm. Ellis. On motion, the chairman was added to the committee. Meeting adjourned. H. 8. Ness, Chm'n. W.B.GUOR, Soo't. iViiv': - ". "i .-rf-ist The Crop. From Magistrates and citizens from every section of the county who were in the city yesterday we gather the fol lowing information concerning crops: W. B Pearce from the western end f - of the county, states that the crops in 'his immediate neighborood are very promising and in good condition, but on - lo New Bern he sees con- ! siderable grasa George Oreen, jr., from near Tusca- reports prospects fine; crops in good condition. TV. C. Brewer, No. 1 township, re ports prospects as good as be ever saw. The seasons have been good and the farmer that is behind with his work must be lazy. 8. E. Whitford, from Ernul's in No. 3 township, says crops are looking well and farmers pretty well up with work. Wm. Foy, from south side of Trent, says crops looking fine but are some what in the grass. J. A. Ernul, No. 2 township on north side of Neuse. crops fine but short labor scarce. Major A. Gordon, of Kgy pt farm, ooUon, little better than uhuh! : little too wet last week, but cotton a good stand and looking well. The prettiest May for work in twenty years. V. A. Thomae, nrrth eide of Neuse, crops not looking so well as they might look: cotton louay and corn being eaten by the bugs. j D. W. Morton, near Carteret line; cotton and corn pretty fair, too wet for the last ten day s. Good stand of cotton, j bugs pretty bad on corn. About the i same area of cotton as last year. J. L. Taylor, Adams creek; crops j promising not much cotton planted. j B. F. Borden, Hancock's creek, near Havelock; too wet, cotton good stand, j bugs bad on corn, prospects pretty fair for a good crop. W. I! Flanner, Croatau, crops pretty fair, not quite as much cotton as last year: bugs have eaten corn badly, too . wet for the last few days. J. B. Gardner, Maple Cyprees; crops about an average; in good condition: good seasons for cleaning out; stand of cotton and corn not very good; about the same amount of cotton as last year. A School for Girls and Young- Ladies. : The JontNAL is a friend of education , and progress. It believes in practical j methods, and in that system of educa i tion which inculcates self-reliance, in I dependence of thought, the necessity of work and the importance of a higher i and more useful citizenship. Hence, : we are always ready to speak a word of encouragement to institutions designed i for the accomplishment of these things. Kinsey s School for girls and young ladies, at La Grange, is one of these in stitutions. Mr. Kinsey s qualifications for presiding over and directing the affairs of such a school, and his effi ciency as a teacher, go without dispute. We only wish to inform the people of eastern Carolina what he is doing and what he proposes to do. A new building has been erected &0x 36 feet, two Btoriee: lower story 14 feet pitch, second 12 feet pitch. To this is a wing 30x20 feet, two stories, and of same pitch as main building. The dining room, which is also two story, 57x18, connects the wing and main building and residence of the principal. The lower story of the main building will be used as the recitation room and office of the principal ; the second story will be used as a dormitory for the teachers and pupils. The rooms will be comfortable and well furnished : and a hall is also arranged for the library and the meetings of the Literary So ciety which the young ladies have dur ing the last year conducted very suo cesefully and with great benefit to themselves. With this new building completed, the principal can accommo date sixty boarders, besides the teach ers, who are all ladies, and will board with him and be where they can al ways care for their pupils. Four lady assistant teachers were employed last session : six will be em ployed next session. Girls will be pre pared here to enter any class in any college, or they will be given a certifi cate of proficiency and be fully pre pared to teach any of the branches taught in the public or high schools. The expense per session of five months is ninety dollars. This pays for boardi washing, lights, tuition, including music lessons, instrumental and vocal, drawing, painting, German and French. That the charges are reasonable, no one will deny ; but it is the incidental expenses in the way of dress that pre cludes many parents of moderate means from sending their daughters from home to school. Mr. Kinsey has solved this problem by prescribing a uniform for his pupils, which is neat enough for the rich and cheap enough for the poor. This uniform is to be worn by the pu pils whenever they go in public, so their minds are not disturbed over the ques tion, "What shall 1 wear to Church next Sunday ?" for they know, and they know that their classmates will be dressed no finer than themselves. And in this connection the principal is think ing of adding a dress-making establish ment to the school for the purpose of lessening the cost of making up uni forms and giving those girls who de sire to do so an opportunity of learning how to cut by measure. The location ia a most desirable one for such a school. There are four Churches, Baptist, Methodist, Primitive Baptist, and Disciples . Tbe Episcopals also speak of building a church. The pupil are allowed to attend the servi ces of either one of these iu company with one of the teachers. The teachers employed in this school are graduates of the beet institutions in the State. Their elegance of manners and aptness in teaching render them capable of making a most favorable impression upon those whom they teach. A session at Kinsey 's school will produce a marked improvement in any girl or young lady. This we speak from observation and a knowledge of the woik being done. The Dental Association of North Carolina. This body convened in the Atlantic He tel at Morehead City Tuesday, The following members were present. Dr. J. E. Matthews, of Kenansville; Dr. E. L. Hunter, Enfield; Dr. T. M. Hunter, Fayetteville; Dr. J. H. Durham, Dr. J.H.Freman, and Dr. A. M. Baldwin, Wilmington , Dr. H. C. Herring, Con cord: Dr. B. U. Douglass, Aaheville; Dr. Sid. P. Hilliard, Rocky Mount; Dr. A. O'Daniel, Goldsboro; Dr. J. F. Griffith, Salisbury; Dr. B. Smathers, Waynesville: Dr. C. L. Alexander, Charlotte; Dr. J. R. Woodly, Norfolk, Va.; Dr. J. E. Shields, Weldon; Dr. J. E. Wyche, Oxford; Dr. J. W. Selby. Philadelphia, Pa.; Dr. Wm. Lynoh, Chapel Hill: Dr. J. G. Queen, Aaheville; Dr. J. N. S. Spurgeon, Hillsboro: Dr. H. Snell, of Washington. The Association was organized Aug. 11th, 1975, with twelve members. Du. ring these years the membership has run up to sixty-tire or seventy, and there is now, a bona fide membership of forty. Other members of the Association passed down last night. 'v a '-VJ5 - v . ". i Closing Exercises of Kineey's S liool I La Grange. N. C. j Tin? clii-ino- sxt-rel-i-h of th. firt .war jot Kinsey'rf t'l'h'iol for gii!o nr. 1 ywiiu ladies betran on Wednesday ev-n:i:-. June !st. fit - VI,..-k . This was the child ren'- ro!.,vr:. a:. 1 tht ful!..v:n program w...- luiidon-d lo i.h- ai:.r 1 , satisfaction of the large au-iiuno- j r. - j ent. The recitation, Daisy r F.utii. t-y ' tieorgie Joyiu-r. elicited speeiti coin J ruendatio!! from the audience, i n th 1 whole class did o -.veil that it l- i.a-.;!y fair to mention any indiv. 1 . .: I I Choru- Away with ! u!'. - .diu-.-- -Class. Music: om :-i ih ) -.Mountain Fen; Nelson . Recitation "1'ipa'- '.:.;' 1' ence Speight. Vocal Musi.' Sipptv S ip ( i Wooten. I'.ala Rouse. hu.-a Wo.; Katie Davis. Virginia Stanton .ml Carrie Taylor. Music: Trio Rosebud S-h m,. o,. Cyntie Rountrec. Mabel Vee;.-:i ;.n I Ava Taylor. Recitation "What Had I-i'.'b II -yi Think Abi-ut Things" --.Ian. ' i:o. n and Bingham Kin-n- Music Solo: "i iM n,s-i; 1 i, k-: " Gertrude rittn-o.ii Recitatun An:.' I' r . 1 . - i . Wooten. Vocal Mumc I'm,; A 1 i '. m -n- 'ho Barley -Cvt:tn K uo're-- .:. '. i K. ri ser. II Duet. C -necrt Wal;.- M.,. : ' V ,- n and Sid. lie Williani-o j Recitation Kitty -i '. I-thih- --i.i lie Taylor. MuaK' . S d,i ,alop N-. ; in. A.n eev. Vocal MTlsic ' . ' '. 1 V. :n a Besie Rause. Recitation: !'... 's 1 -n:!i 1 --i. r-u Joyner. Trio: La Dame Blancht Pe.-.il Har dee, Gertie Pittman and Ida Fields Recitation: Edith Entertaining ibr Sister's Beau Mollie Sutton. Music: Solo- A Country Iin - Cyntie Rountree. Chorus: Oh Dear' What 'i:. ': Matter Be V Class. On Thursday a lare n;iJ;--:..'o a sembled in the new and e.unn: ..ii -u hall to hear the address if R.-v. Dr. Robey. The audience was diappointed twice; first, at the announcement that Dr. Robev had been detained bv sick- 1 ness and would not be on hand to de I liver the address; second, at the happv way in which the principal, assisted by the audience, tilled the time to have been occupied by the absence of the ex pected speaker. The exercises opened with vocal music by the youn ladies which was a treat to all. this was fol lowed by the announcement by C. S. Wooten, Esq., who held in his hand a telegram from Dr. Bobbin that Dr. Robey could not be present. Mr. Wooten but spoke the sentiments of the entire audience when he told how he regretted missing such a literary feast as he knew Dr. Robey would have given them. Mr. Kinsey also announced his regret of the unavoidable absence of the spaker, but suggested that there were lawyers and teacherB on the ros trum and that the audience had a right to command them. Immediately N. J. Rouse, Esq., was loudlv called for; he responded in a neat, pointed, felicitous ; and appropriate little speech, and was! followed by J. V. Joyner, Esq. Cul. j A. C. Davis and Professor Walker who I entertained the audience a few mmut-s i each with stirring speeches. Ac night the audience reassembled to witness the concert by the young-dadies The program below was rendered amidst frequent applause, the recita tions and music exhibiting rare talent and skillful cultivation. The music teacher. Miss Lula H. Pell, ought to be proud of the success she has attain."! in her department. I. Chorus: Birds of Spring Vocal Class. Music: Quartette Visions of Rest Misses Rena Hooker, May Caho. Annie Moseley and Lela Carr. Vocal Music: Duett Serenade Mi.-ses Minnie White and Edna Barnes. Music: Solo I.aRevt-il du Lion Miss Ada Kinsey. Recitation: Nell Miss R.-na Hooker. German Song Misses Ida Sutton, May Rouse, Julia Daly. Music : Quartette Thunder and Light ning Misses Sallie Davis, Ada Ken nedy, Julia Daly and Ida Sutton. II. Charge of the Light Brigade Class Music: Sextette Bonnie Dundee Misses Alice Sanders, May Taylor, Ada Kinsey, Minnie White, Rcyssie Williams and Emma Jones. Vocal Music: Trio The Distant Chimes Misses Annie Moseley, Barnes and Ada Kinsey. Music Solo: D3y Dreams Mis Rouse. Vocal Music: Solo Milkmaid s Miss Ada Kennedv. Edna May Sjng '- Ia Recitation in ten pel Mi Kinsey. Vocal Music: Quartette Come Where the Lilies ISloom Misses Rett:e Kinsey. May Taylor and Messrs. Joyner and r mocd. Music: yuartutte Sins Souci--Mis?es Ada Kinsey, Ida Sutton. May R use and Eva Kinsey. Chorus: Tremaine Brother.-" M-dlev Class. Thus closed the first year ,,f an insti tution destined to become for the girls and young ladies what "ol. Davis's school is for the bovs and voung men. Its success the first year has exceeded the expectations of the most sanguine. Ninety-one pupils were enrolled from the following counties: Lenoir 55, Pitt 7. Greene 6, Wayne 6, Pamlico 5. Jonts 4, Duplin 2, Craven 2. ns!ow 2. Samp son 1, Robeson 1. A large and com modious building is now in process of erection, situated in a beautiful oak grove, and will be rea Of the next session, th the We ning in Augut, Superior Court. Court convened Monday morning :.t 10 o'clock. His Honor appeared much refreshed by his yisit to the seashore and went to business vigorously. The Stat? docket was resumed. State vs. Alex Williams, perjury, was called L. J. Moore. Esq., appeared for the de fendant. Solicitor White for the State. The jury was out but a few minutes and returned a verdict of guilty. This was a bald case of perjury, so much 60 that Justice E. G. Hill, before whom it was committed, sent the defendant on to court without a prosecutor. His Honor gave him five years in the penitentiary. A few motions on the civil docket were heard and court took a reet-ss to 3 p. m. The civil docket was taken up and the calendar for Monday was disposed of, only one jury case arising Wooten vs. Perry which resulted in a verdict for plaintiif. TUESDAY. Court convened on Tuesday at nine o'clock. The calendar 6et for the day was taken up and disposed of. Only two jury cases tried. Millheiser vs. Erdmann: non suit. PlaintirT appealed. Stewart vs. White; verdict for defend- ant. Court adjourned to 'J o'clock Wed- I nesaay morning. Wants the Facts Know a. Mr. Editor: I and my neighbors hi-, e been led so many times into buying dif ferent things for the liver, kidneys and blood, that have done us more harm than good, I feel it due your readers to advise them when an honest and good medicine like Dr. Harter's Iron Tonic can be had. Yours truly. An Old Subscrihkr. It You Wlih Good Article Of pLra Tobacco ask your dealer for " Id Kip.'' oclldwlim HV - - -.r-. "-.- e1- - .-.'?. .-; t . ,.o . .. I Closing Exerciser ,ne GracUd Scho:l. The princ. r.c . t:.- -.!!:. n :" l"-1-1' wc e xf-n ist-s op--v A-iolph Nu ; ii r.e-i nn grao--. r ; i i ,1 and lie d ' ',Yha' a chan do' Ail ho wantCi uid leave .Ai. ince in r.i -1 and ontspeak (ier.eral Ksti--ni. I'.radlev Hanlf ted 1 a'o- day " and d i W. lo.; - t nail aright.' head to the The re.-itr cl-'-e 1 ith 1 it ni ..!d th ' He .iign. - n? f lood N inn. ..-! i did th -I, t y t S p r i n 1 .. i. .lb v-.re the iKt!.' creator.' . w, lb n 1 grade the little t and di 1 owed by little g 1 1 i -. h n w " k . ' w.-rb. r - - .to g .ht t. :t little ii par'. " It i o n '--r -vis f ,: Se IT! d i - .- I 'pr ipria A-h.v.h. t The . .pen' k : r ' . U spl r. -'i! at : 1 Willi They r endi !iv, This eek 1 lay of the W presented tbe t line; l, r 'vk:1;i: up with 1 1.- li.e "t, m rn and men t s an-! j. it y 1 1 was a b.ouit : f u 1 a : 1 1 oo pn for manor. Sam E iter: r cited til ' 'A : Hperu" as though he w- ill-fated ve:-st 1. Alberta Sneiliiii; :'ol ..v. ! -. tat ion widl -pokon. The Principal an n "Music by th- :;n, l,.u. Till I lift my hand . Ilj so-in raised hi.; hand an 1 Boys IVH Meil" was re,..d,.re.j by a dozen boys rti-hmg upon the "pellmt-Ii" sure enough and re I.:;il ab ii stage ei tin; s piece in perfect con -ert. This e. the exercises of the second gra b " What are little gn is g- J f ..r. ' the recitation by th- girls fit th grade. The fifth a:..l 1. ;:.;:. gr.d-..s represented by ILss Mav He-n and Miss Lottie Hnbbs. Mis- Hen recite 1 "Too faco agai:.-t the pa which -he- , 1 1 . 1 neatly. Mis- I.. Hubbi give -The rai ing Jairu daughter in - .i t and manner. The battie then btan between tin competitors for the declaimer's medal. Tins was opened by T. 1'. Simmons with "Curfew must not ring tonight." His delivery was good, his gesture grace ful and lo' spoke with ease an c ,n lldence. Robert (.'raw ford followed with "Tne Launching of the Ship." He spoke de liberately and with perfect composure. There is elciutnce in his voice: be : ; a "chi p of the old block. " "The Mariner's Liream" wss tbrill ingiy rendered t v Jack II Neal. It was well done. John T. Hollister was the next speak er, and he seemed determined that the successful competitor should have no easy tatk. His subject was "Bernardo Del Carpio" and ho held the audience from beginning to end. "The Polish Roy" was well recited by Shepard P.ryan. lie threw himself into his subject, -oul and bod v. so to peak anJ onco nr twW "stirred the slumbering embers of dramatic fire." John S. Thomas followed with "Spar taeiis to the ( 1 lad iat ts. " He is one of a family of yeung orators, and h" well sustained their reputation. Put few orators ever spoke with m -ire ' .i-e and graceful deliberation. The l.i...t speaker was Willie II. Dar ker. His subject was "Th cannot keep his secret. " 1' of this day p resent their cas murderer w lawyers ?s to a jury ith more force and 1 he repeat th" w. earnestness than I r Is ,,f tbe great Daniel Webjter. We are of the opinion that the com mtiee to decide who is the successful competitor w ill have no easy task. The benediction was pronounced by Rev. L. W. Crawford and the large audience dispersed, satisfied with the evening 's entertainment but not pleased at going home through a dn-nchirg rain. The New Berne Steam Fire Engine Rand added much to the pleasures t f the evening by their music. The exhibition was a complete sue-c-ss. and pleads, in thunder tones to the people of New Berne to sustain tuis school at any cost. The declamations of the evening would do credit to the t 'mversity . or any other College i:i the State. The Mas istrate'a aa Many of the Magistrates were m the I thvu-ttn.i city Monday and we understand some j t!); of them were much exercised about the j ('"'ln: -indictment recently found against l' ' l''' !'':i them. The this c Ernul Card n M. W Russe D. W. W, B. i f -Mowing gentlemen ju.-t:-.v- i f i unity. Alexander Miller. C. E. Foy. Wm. Hay, or. A. J. ('hr-stnut. Wm . Carman. V. A. Thomas, A. P. oy. A. 1, Robert ( 1. Malb tt. A. P. D.iv s. Smith. F. S. Ernul. J. J. Tolson. Lane and Fd ward Whitford. were h! at tl.s present term of the indicted. Court. The fact Ml i b" about as s all Maois tho Cierk of cases tlnaPv follows: Ti-.e law re. pair, trates to make a return to the Superior Court of the d ispesed of by the on . llich of the defendant, d ietments al lege 'ml we I il be! the in- v o it is tin J i.-pu ted i 1 1: an 1 finally dt t it they have i, tried. : -rmine 1 a single case. and hence had nothing to report: out of the list of these cases the s; tor selected th case against Mr. C but E Foy as a test case. His Honor Judo Shipp sustained the exception of the defendant, holding that there was no violation of law un less the defendant had finally disposed of at least one case and, without hesita tion, quashed the bill. Firemen's ( lialleiitre. I The New Berne Steam Fire Engine ' Company anei Atlantic Steam Fire En- I Sine Company challenge any lire com- ! pany in the State to compete with them j on the Fourth of July, in this citv, for ' pri.'.es amounting to S17L TPST ll PHIZFs S Fill I ,,e-- I First For first stream thrown 0 feet from nozzle, through feet of hose. ' c7"j. i Second First stream b-d feet from ' nozzle through -100 feet of hose. cT". Third -Filling of a bucket suspended ilo feet in the air in the shortest time Stia. OO. Ear tie. wishing to compete can -o-t full information by addressing E. M. P.w il., Cb.m'n Com. "Nun ( iiililre'i." siiid Hie Rn Hv s( Ikmi Ma'iii,' "Summer dk in stripes and pi aids i. worth 'Uc. per yard, and it takes -JU yds. to make a dress. 1 have nine dollars . in my pocket and my salary is that uoiiars per weeK. now much longer must I wait before I have enough to buy my dress. " Before any one had the time to wink, a little girl's hand went up. "' Why. (Irare. "said the teacher, "you cannot have the answer so soon. " "Uh yes I have, teacher! You don't h iye to wait at all . because A. M. Baker ij selling summer silks at -15c. Mamma bought a drees of it yesterday, and also one of that lovely Camel's Hair Check Suitings. .She says it 13 the best bar- t.uu sue ever saw. 1 Grace took her place at the head of j i the class. . 3 - eisWi :VE-: Tbe tiirn' i win;: year that ' Oie-half e Rev. act amount levied bv t collected, by State, il Company, each a :. r: : . , '. -. Tli. -a ' : ti tion. - All 'ii ipar. ies ' i 1 1 1 1 : i o . dift ei!t( r " ( 0. n-fis, . .o. o. i . ecu b ter v. . ; i .. .bverv itinerant dealei br: c. . '. . .. 1 (ti) ,rd ta le -"..ro . , . . .- h b "a. ii b. . i 'ubl ic f er r ie -. .-ti . Public feiai- s. i gri .-- 'Halt of one per cent. Itinerant denti-ts. etc.. , r.r--rted bv State. b.a'.f coll e Commissi, n merchants, u-tc.. r.t on commissions. '. All merchants, jewelers, pt r c gro. am. f'tc. . 1 -lo flf 1 r,, r rr.tu on . .f 1'iirchases. J. lo.j'ior dealers, etc.. 1-C of 1 n amount of purchases. I', icli peddler, on foot. S2,"). 00; l iier with one horse or mule. ' ": each peddler with two or "is-'p ,.r mules, etc., .?75.00: i.ii p, more h"is-'e every itinerant merchant, etc., the meaning of this section. Cheap Johh merchants, etc.. each dealer in fruit trees, etc.. within 825.00: 850.00: -5.00. S"C. ' Kvery company ..f ( irypsies. etc. M'i i.v. Sec. -'7. Everv itinerant dealer in lightning rods, i.j bo. s,-c Every itinerant poddler in cl "'I, . ete. . o'.CO oo Lo ii or d. rs - c n e -. i s. . ; as esnle dealers 11 oth'-r deal- mir and ers I ' i, 'tale upon v. a- State up" 1 . of gre.s. '. verv tobacc ehiMse. tax bv ii ea.'ii marriage ffn-i'. ei.l.-. net in come, schedule A. 1 cel. : n in 'onu s f i ,.:n s .1 no -. i to. S S. A.. 1 2 per cut. Li-t;ce Hay waned t kn-j-.v i." there s any way to avo.d levy ink' a t i. for b.inded debt. He had not consulted 1 el tin anybody about it. but the State manipu lates the railroad for which the debt was creittd. and the ce.unty had no voice in management. Carteret c lUtitv d m t pay one cent, of her debt. Justice Hancock agreed with Justice Hay. but did not see how the justices couid g"t out of levying the tax. Robert Hancock, jr., wanted to know the amount of the bonded debt now outstanding- He was informed by the chairman that it was somewhere between one hun" dred and one hundred and five thou sand dollars; the record won! I show the exact amount. The chairman stated m reply to a re mark of Mr. Hay that the debt was gro w mf .ss, that it had been re- !ll' ed from one hundred and forty-live thousand dollars to what it i now, about one hundred and two iollars. He wanted to further which is ho would rather see the i t ten times what it is than i ir. th- p si;: ,n ibat 1 arn ret I'ountv is M was the Hay rpi Usl like nriit ..f d -e Uletl .1 tu.it L al a ir.au who i t county ul t j take law. He is -oatter. this :..lk tlie ban 1. mg d ii,,' king ;il-e n th.ugi d.r. Ii. :ice Hae-section.-o ipt a t) A. 1 1 :.- wort h in;! b.;-' . . ' ir, , ivas out '. f i i uoti "ti . : Ja :l;e la x b vy by Sc Tne list wa- takeu u Tiie ii :t item . u h i 11 1 cts. en the but it ion was called. Robert Hone ok ; h propo.s Led d.. o levy val u- .. fa d k-v Tne St.oe ti am.: tr x ; the- a?! v. had rc pee,,!,: u lew b e cents ar the the f the e. heneiit of it. Mr. Wat- a; Cock ioi;!.! -1. CO',1 o 1 (p. t 10 do It. Mr. Hancoek missioncis no..: themselves. Mr. Watson was late m c; umty .i-bt com- . o n g -niai, ,r re- mir.g forv.ar-1 1 trenchment au l ref Mr. Hancock i e siiow that tli- lv -pul inissiouers .n.i il' : Democrat ic Mr Dry;.::. :,. . ;. d commis- l o.ors. o. th chair, an i pr, ;r, s to f com as the an b :i oo. the L..ard 1 Mr . Latham to led to reply to ,iu; to o;:i:,i b lo-njiiii--, .tu-r. i.biir i-i ,;;:t'i of Mr. Haio oca'- bar. 1 He was p.-M ! h is rec. ird a t . v L' u : iuim i . e I la -tateno .1 fuini" 'tin; y t. pi i iie r.e t Willi tii-' i u pia I" dt ' ;. be: t 1 l it llliv cent... J list ice (lo.r,; Hancock i'uul.1 s w, ;uld answer in would read liy 1 Mr. lhnco-K 1 u lif V e elilS .'- elf would ' y tin : raise Pa 0C0 for ti: Mr. Bryan, t! board, reminded il tr. :iv c.-nts cent- he endment. -b.., '.v that that this - : and d t chairman c Justices A the tl ir. Hancock liad tot tatvcii ml that thele 1 thousand . 0 ctUistderu a 1 u p.vu or 1 il 1 ai s wort h tlon lho f-iCl three hundr" re miti n i ru .'':!!:i--i'infr "','. i iancock. arman wrc elertei bninee u u .-1 1 e had ii . fiu!v ; iCK' i--.. : - won id ap .r tl'.e i :iu r-' la v Mil: 0.1: - en. is en s x .' i t i 1 ' Rec.tau. t.ou fr n oi LU i. s- ii j stii iaro; - ongs an : I ere-1 church i admira: i . i e conimei.iiaoi, j i ; a : Two oel. i-.tta v 'iooding r eiti'd pie. . ry . in v hr-h thf-v - counties iu Nori n C ir. Mai ! 'it- l.lll nt I These were bom r-.v.-l!.. and each war : A. n o. near 1 v efj on- f to" ve.ithf-i! I n wii nr ex fleii'iicv i and cert:, r.ees tbe in n l Kra -ntal ay I: a o.r.-.r.i : w o s ( e ! i.i rne 1 I "a . ! All the -..:.'...; :- ovi ".. .: -tion '-. v a i r. nr.. ; W r'. : ' i -i ' - . i . t . '. al ; y - . ; - . o , I and a. ..nioiti o . . . i i. o -is i"-."i-i. 1 1 v :, 1 1 iroiina ; the . tn ; i kind - oi i hi.. j geography, good thing' esi'iii; . orri tons upon Ai .r; o ' ivit an ; n i c ones and af.er 1 tie elf to ah t the award f-i . to the and among t he s Milton i ioii. v. eil i-l irr.est Wi -rki'i'. ' vivor was Mast.-r h i w. oi t h - iiri" . Ah '. Miiion. how coni 1 1 girls '.' Th-y will pnv y j A number r f iirize oi'l ieaf h ' h i i .i t hat ' ' wer" i-a'n. , First came a beautiful gol 1 me I'd f v ! the scholar wii: rank-d b r in v- r j departmfr.t. si-holarshi;,. ncntr, - s an 'i behavior. Th: : wis w .;, t,y '.j ,ry (.lOodini'. Th -n a handsoiu- t o-, k v. a given to the cholar -tanding m-r in each of the three grades in the -chool. j The-e vt re Mi-,se, Sophie J n.s, Etta j Nunn and Rita Willi-. iou rature i prices were (tai-u to Mioses Etta Wiiii. ! and Mamie WoixYndtn. an', to M;uters j Wiiiie i'i well an ! Milton I loiioweil. j These premiums were- delivered ty , Rev. Messrs. Crawford and e-;.-. with ' appropriate comments. Mr Was deemed to think he wa - a 1 back ti i ill- school lutdiioii-u an i s y ;i.-i..',, .- :. ge'lLjC lavs, gave ...me o. .- end Mr. old : .IV, e bo scnool v. back t i teacher ' ilog.an men: da IK. An f -id oiesome . -i u p i 1 s , :iM - -! r?'. -u,rA- I tie. New ii, ing her life to the Ob.e uig. ;u. i s i.'r:.! u : at" io-r i-r.i rg let our a tr o n 1 .h i its h'i . cti.t :.s nioiu iltieS. We I! d an t a-c e f ! -u n n -Connect icnt Mutual I.i - C in' an v i - !""': .lo ' f tii lina and us f rt e.ar.s ex ll" icl'crr- no It ha.- IL ' -p-o. 1 u ho .re o. e, an 1 fort' :f -1 st. if khoiders t or indirectly, t'a-i a !or, . -ui at its actual c by year: t b . to rued to i. o . , I : s . . e e t s ii i.i in be i.i: ,'.,:;:. lev , : 1 . . 1 Tl - ,. . bv otic i absorn Evci v i to tin,. ' t ' U, it ti" o I O. - U 1 i ,'1 a : rt : ob m oi; th iii-un 1 tit. r t.-u ,u re - iii ; r will . t Of v, . pi ir.t- 1 tbir ill v No 01:1' is nil-el" ti b 'Sl ot continue paying 1, al h,s i-j j . ease 1 tji 1 ; i.ii 1011- in .1, N Itinkien ArnlcN iie i.Hii BLsT iSvLTK in trie vv.-riei f. Cute'. Bruises, Sort s L'l rs. Salt Rlii'um. FeViT Sore", I- .u-r. t i.apped Hands, Chilblains. Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively . nrcs pil -e. 1.1 r 110 pay rcoiuie.L It ss guarar;t-:fd lo ,:iepeafeii sft- i-faciiou. t-r laont-y ie ftiuded. l'ri, e 135 ceo.'. - ptba. For' sal.-bv K V. IwsiTv -- tv ' i of Kev. J. T. Harris. I sfJSV pi()iiiti:ient K. :i i cii f New Rnrnt -1 at oate 'field b i.- the is well ilh lcate. A r v ! appreciating tacles. These t construction ap -p !.-i!-!y injure and nil.. the Hijillt. d Lenses aro the 1:1 the world, being the preservation glasses i.,pl, 1 ! ir.alion of the sight. 1 the tit guaranteed : 1 . S DufTy. New jun5 lm ?! Hit I F.I). lay of June, is'-7, in Hope . at I! o'clock a.m., by Rev. H. Mr. S J. Sanders and !'. n:bHt. ! ioi. A. Koonee and Miss ' Mr. John Bell and Misp Mr. t'urt. Taylor and Miss 1 . Reception and party at h. one of the groom. I.I I I ne in this city - I .. e i m i 1 1 his on June 1. 1 W age 111 ( had wick, in the 82d The deceased was a Methodist Episcopal an 1 the Mason i- irder. irsitav. 3Iay ., , in New York of New Berne, the late Fred- Marg .ret A. Lente . uiigf-r sister of 10. 1 . nte, .M.I). , J?fice. June '1 6 P. Vf I TON. ititv. .June Futuies closed es of 9'J.IOO bales. Jnn Jol . I'J December, January. February , March, April, Mav. 10 0.s 10.12 11.18 "pteTn r,. r 'ioi or ovf-niber, HM1 t ana tea.lv : Middling 1 1 i I. . w . I'. 1-: flood Or iiorne Maiao-t no salet M Idlmer lfl 1 a-lO; Middling 1 . 1 w 0 l: Mi Kb Good :n liO.ISiHIlC Ti A Jl H V T o. TT , ;.oo. ..TTO.vSK!1 1() 00. ..'.r:-VTi::K Hard . i no ip, SI.'jO. ! -"I ..N l-aY" . V.V '!! rui-tf.O. HiMWiX- 1 "C o. r ih. -On for t. :jc to ,ac. rrty H Ms lfial 2?c. R-r lb. I , : :-.r 10r. ner lb. : " t r dozen. ' ihk -4iaCi'. pet iound " 7 '.. a?1.0o per bushel :.' - VSr.a81.00 per hundred s 00a2.2.r per bushel. Pn , H -r-or. tv:'. (Mown b"iaco, spring . per husho larlv Rose ; Lihainai :'0" p vain. r bid . "iOc. 1 .' T ' ' ,UWO)- 1")'-1 per Dound. n:- V."(--t India, dull and mm el wanted. Builiing .s inch A- co srjps.fii.so per it. fioI.KS A.LK PKIC'EH Mo -s POKK.-515 00 lder Meat 7c. ' I , R. s. F. B s. B. 's and I ( -VR- ?3.00ao.OO. I,.s.rtl. 7 , c. by the tierce. .vil.a Basis 10's.i?2 75. Ji'GH Granulated, 'be, ( "i FKl'.E 17 -a'.o . ' 'i: i-.ksf 15 S aI.t S0ao5o. p.-r sh. M jlabseb and Syrf??-'0a4V- P- iWOER-t'li .00. o - Drop. 8l. 7r buct. $2.00 f-r ! K' ;SFVK - v e. -c. a." . 'ry . Uic. . green Sr. ).' per in Mrs. S. Parsons ip ir F 1 1.0 C on the ; iv : l.p ac- leeaKHllt dim wit W. A. TOTTy, Jr., T 0 HIT E Y AT LAW, AT Ai'ROU.W X. (' nil ot e -It. Ii;. up' ainifl ele nnd ' wtui Sale at a Bargain, tie HORSE, with BEGGY ana H i.'NJvsS. 1'articulars can be d i'ii application at JOURNAL olii js J 1 w wlm For Sale at a Bargain. i': .1 SO :: ,11 e.l 1 il OliKlow COUIlty, '"irci am! Jacksonville road. As from SwauHlioro, conUiin li ' .l a( r, 6 in. n e or le&, thirty !i are rli-ire" ami adapted to g'-ii'-ral eiops. Ualance well ik. as!:, eypress, Kr.m, holly r - -.-aiF'. . a new d we i : ; v.x and :i lee C.re'e. !- , !nri !;. r p.u-i icr.lar apply ve. i; ma rkkt, Wind s Muls, i '!!;. ow County, ,". ('. Williams' Freight Line "Eim Ri. ed " ;.i, ih i ijuires . Baltimore ip. ! sei: his l.o" i r I lian Idle liovtest. . Ckk.oli:. Ag; : ! A M.I. M i New Berne. N. C . Agents, Balti- J V WILLIAMS, I'ro prietor Farmers, Look Here ! eiies f' the SOUSEin the CITY, . . a a oh retu ni',1 a- n n, :-"pr, resii oiu y w liootjtjodfi are - .i. 4 " '" :iy respectfully . ,. B. HAGKBURN. M()()KSTORE. i L. HARTSFIELD- K I NVIOX, N '., 1 h'.XLFR IS 'OKo ,v:d STATIONERY m .. i'. ...:vs ;,n,i ..'heiol Supplies a rpecialtN' ...' . . a foo tHuiories, . -'-'. '. rc T 'V GUihxivare. . . . i i. .oi; 'a. .e. .7c. I -1 'Oil. if I "i tin 's Bank. I. AR I SEI FED. ! H I ' !' I.I. FT I H K F ELLETIEK , uiu:: t 1 .....r NEW BK.n.K, . C. wi: -re i-ervlt'es Hie desire !. ,r, ii.e r,uprem; t'oeiri aaii In i etc. i -N' !, ! ' e-li in Ne w Pt ,r!li, -.''1 t -as il Ian vi i! always be at Mie fol- 0,.',.;, a: 1 i ii, pp spee 1 lied lieiio.v : .. ion . .1, .cos r.iunti. Saturday each ! very v. e.-tl . j :;! t. 1 . ' t'. l ei coer t T!i urBdRy ofeftoh : k M- it i .-I ihn tlrsl Mou- ' t' District M. K. : L i ! 1 -June 'a, R l n " 1112 J -fr JONES PAYSIHaFREICllt .8 Tan W sWlsr 1 roo Sua! iKlut Inn r Sua m1 a ur . aenlioa tkla pftrwr u4 mtirtm Mil ft IRMtaaTSI. n BINGHAMTON. St. ir. Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad Co. .'ni.TAin .. OFFICE. --o wi i r.N, N. C, Jane 4th. 1887. 1 1 'y henl Annual Meeting of tns lo, i i- ..r the Allanlir A North Caro I'oci ; roR.I Compni y will bo held at MOKKIIKA ! ( I'J A , N. C, on 1'Hl'KSl A V . i M i i : i , . .lu iil I-.T1I .lnynf.irNK.lKS7. V. C. HOBEKT8, (Secretary. ROUND KNOB. i OIS vat 1 oo report is now open to vlll O 1 liRK li Pun t horrmirti 1 v rnnw 1 anil Ii.i ninlied tlirouichout with an rn to Hie id romfnrt or guesU Baths, Klec . watei In ev-rv room, wlillo lh lrie It 1 A BLK 1b uiiHurpassed by any on the road The Heenery in unexcelled In plctnresque beauty, with a FouuUln thiowliiK a ttream 2tis Wet high. A near way has been opened from hers tfi the I'lNNAOUi of the Blue K)da. MITCHKLLW PEAK and TOK RIVJfiK, which shortens the dlktane one-half; is ovsr .1 good road, at less expense, more comfort, nnd thP whole route a aCKNK OF BEAUTY .Mule Trail at ihe Hotel (.uldes arid Tentn,all to be bad The W. N. C. K. It. trains stop here for din ner. Ex press. Telegraph and PontofTice 1n the building. Every ellorl mi the part of the maiingemeiit will be to make your stay pleasant and agreeable. Terms reuonsble. W. 1). SPKAOITK. I'roprletor. npi rl. SAPnoN In n braneh of Ja. H. T! 1 .oiiituran s. Aaheville. N. C. msj tr i:. W. SB4LLW00D. bEO. SLOVFR. Smallwood & Slover DEALERS IN QKNEUAL HARDWARE, TIXXVARE, GLASSWARE' WO'JDKXWA RE, CROCKERY, ol.SV, DOOR.1;, RLJNDS.Z ' ;..i. ;,, rAjxrs, oils AXD STOVf r:SI'RpASSED AS TO PRICK AND QUALITY. Mi !!!. y treat. Nxt Innr tA street, jN'cxt lletel AlLcrt, NEW BERNE, N. C. Wr;uit to 33xi v fill Coats and Vests, Pants, Shirts. Drawers, AND I o th in g ' 1 r A.N 1 KIND. ALSO Second Hand Clothing, OO TO for. South Front and Middle Rtr., m:v hfkne, n. j. niay'Jfi wtf DON'T BORROW FROM YOUR NEIGHBORS. Buy your GRAIN CRADLES from J. O. WHITTY. lie deals in all classes of Farm Implements, Hardware and Ma chinery, and will treat you right. it turnip; The tine Chestnut Sorrel Stallion "TURNIP" offers his services this spring at Jacksonville, Richlands, Cath arine Lake, and other places in Onslow county. "Turnip" was sired by Montreal; Dam. a blooded Canadian. He is eight years old. 16 hands high and weighs 050 pounds. Will make his mile in three minutes. Will work well in any harness. "Turnip" will have to be seen to be appreciated. TERMS MODERATE. Apply to O. B COX, Catharine Lake, Onslow County, N. C- THE 0SL7 TROS TONIC Will purify the BLOOD renlate thx LIVER nnd KIDNEYS di1 liFlHTi.BE the HEALTH ndV10 thf, R and f YOUTH Drunamd Want of Appetit. iDdiKMtion.Laok of olrnlD uiiii Tired Faellnc ah fwlulely ourofl; tlODaa. maa lea and nerro receive new force. EnUvena the mind , aod antpllea Brain Power. Z bufferina from oomDlaiDteDecu I AniEaTJaS liar to their ! will find in DR. HASTKB'8 IKON TONIO a nnfe, itpeedj oare. GMrea a olear. healthj oomplezion 1 attempt at connterfeltina only addii to itm r poi larity. l)o not experiment net Oriuin al ahd BE8T Dr. HARTER'S LIVER PILL fC'ure Conatlpatlon. Liver Complaint and Sick 1 Headache Sample Dole and Dream Book! mauetf on reoetpt or two oenta in poeiaAje. j TH- DR. HARTER MEDICINE CO.. ST. LOUIS, M0. Just Received : 45 Hhds. New Crop English Island Riolasses. Will Sell Cheap. A EI'LY TO Ferdinand Ulrich, WHOLESALE GROCER MIDDLE STREET, NEW BEKNE, N. U X A tiKEiiN's Old Htanu. REAL ESTATE AGENCY OF W. 55. Boyd, la o . in , . ,1 i esn 'iidence with several pur t.es Noiiii t !,.. cesiit' to initio Invegtmenti i:,,:., ,-i,' . In this vicinity, persoul bkv f:iTi:, . ..- wii. ill 1ki.i1 for inie wouJJ dp we',: in :; i ,et h il.-Bci ipiiop, with .prto 1jhi i i, ailf it 16 Dii ftnectea Charir" moderate vchen sales are made. W. IL BOYD. Uoath Front Street. 1 toojll enBl rf OfWt-on Uotiec, t r 'V' rt & "X 't- . 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