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Alt oaf young ladies who have been attending school, are now at home on vaeatiow- The law business has revived a little. Oar new Mayor heard hi first case last week. We svppose he likes the busi ness) not much. Cnurch service last Sunday ana a j ..;, at tk C! T- hr RV. W. FL Swain and at the IJiactplea LBurcn , . . , T . v iu. cmucw 3 . fj BtMrBarper. , order by the Fourth of July. ; DepiUy sheriffs Blackledge and Smith A heavy rain, the heaviest for years, i The turpentine distillery on East ; iet Saturday morning with five re fell just north of this place last Friday. Front street belonging to Mrs. E. B. . craiu for the penitentiary. The pris- Mr. Noah Bouse and C. a. wooten. Km., say that it was exceedingly neavy at their noose. Ura. Ava Capell died at her residence ia Buckleabory teat week after several weeks Ulneaa. A useful and good woman has died. The bereaved family hava the svaaDathvof theoommunity. i The aeverest hail storm for many years passed through this and Falling creek towriship Thursday 2d t. The Kail oortion of the storm crossed Neese , rv . - . irrer just netow we mwuw ji ocmi creek and its coarse wss nearly north case. The farms of Noah and Joshua Satton, B. F. Sutton, Thomas 8utton, Jnlios E. Snttoo, and others being in its track. The destruction to gardens was greatest, some of them being al Btosa rotated. Corn sad cotton was eonsiderabty damaged in some places. In Falling creek township it is said to have been very severe. Some of tbe hail (tones were said to have been as larg as hen eggs. We hear that the storm was equally severe on the south aids of Neuse. Davis commencement came off last week as announced. The program, ex cept as to Gov. Cameron, was carried out as announced . Tbe exercises by the boys wss not only good, bat very good. The speech of General Moieeon Wednesday ia oompUmented by all who heard it- The concert by the band Taesday wss sronoanced a success by the male hearers, and the ladies call it "fart "plead id," The school during the past year ass beea better patronised than sWMTlomsyear,inere naving seen - eorettaf 183 daring the term, an in- ereass of 60 over any previous year. TW seboo! U doing s good work, and is ftlUtag a place long needed in Eastern Cairrfiwa We wiab. it the success in the fatare that it so richly deserree. We wish we were able to give the names of aU the fair ones who visited our place daring the commencement. "There was loci of 'em." and they were pretty, prettier and prettiest. This is alt I can say of them. Jones County Items. - We are having very cool weather for the middle of Jane, too cool for crops. The entire community deeply sympa thise with Mr. and Mrs. Abner Dawson ia the death of their darling little baby airU Abbie, aged three years, eleven nxiBtaa sad fourteen days, which sad event occurred Saturday, the 11th of June. We learn that two small colored boys at Cap. Page's plantation were playing, w iUt a loaded pistol on Saturday even ing last and one of them was shot through the hip the ball lodging near the saekboca. The boy was alive Sun day evening. The Datlv JocbjiaI. of Thursday last reaches! Trenton next day. and your iteenisers name was missing in the Friday edition. I mast say that I can bear these little disappointments about as welt as most of the human kind, but nevertheless it is s little annoying to me to fce others enjoying the luxury and I deprived of it by a mistake. Ws are of the opinion that if no dis aster ocemrs to crops, corn in Jones next year will not retail in Trenton at 70 cents per bsbaL.as all the corn crops of nearly every farmer is in good con dition, and the indications are that there will be an extra yield. Cotton is now looking very well; some of it has been a little grassy, bat we believe nearly every one is now clear of it. Tbe tax takers and assessors, we IssTn, are surprising some of the citi zens of oar county with the present assessment. WeU, we moat bear it, we know that the current expenses of our oounty mast be paid, and that hereto fore the valuation of property in Jones county in many instances was very low. So let us be taxed a little and pay as we go. Mach better than to have our county paper selling st fifty cents dis count, making the speculators rich and the poor poorer. We bear several of our farmers com plaining thas they called for the early rose mcatoea. but the moat of them say that they find some other variety which give tremendous thrifty vines and smau lata potatoes. I find that mine are mixed, part ear If rose and part peach blows. The rose are fully grown and large while tbe blows are thrifty, full of blossoms and have not their growth Farmers who expect to ship potatoes ought to be certain that they plant the genuine early rose potato as they ma ture much earlier. We learn that the teachers of Joce county who may desire to attend the Teachers' convention st Morebead City can obtain tickets st Core Creek to go sad return at tbe same reduced rates as st other places on the road. We learn that our worthy and efficient superintendent, who is always to the front in educational matters, was very ixvftrumental in securing for our teach- ra these advantages. We must say ttyt ia our humble opinion no better selection for that important position maid have been made in our county. W aotiee that he is very careful in his examinations and strives hard to obey trWIv Lh instructions ziven by our State superintendent. We don't think that oar citizens will have any cause to munnliln at incmarjetent teacners in oar eoentv. We wish our superintend eat God speed in his work, believing that it is much better for the money to stay uaexpended than to have it thrown away on teachers not properly qnsuneo for teaching Biskop Stevens Dead. Philadelphia. Pa... Juno 11. Wra. Baooo Stsveos, D.D. LL. D:, Bishop of th DioceM of Pennsylvania!' OX t rmlartant Episcopal Cburch.. did at hi raidBce at 1.033 SprM strvet, at 0 o,elckUUa mom ing. (VUdrca, tali the Pretty School Xa'm, -SammarSJk ia stripe and plaids b orth 60c per yard, and it takes 20 yds. to make a alressu I h Dtna dollars in my pocket sd my salary is three doUara per week, bow much longer mut I wait before I haveenoogh to buy my drees. " . Before any one had the tune to wink. a uttle girl s band went up. "Wbv. Grace, "said the teacher "TOU cannot have th answer so soon. "Oh yes I hv, teaehex! Too don t haf to wait at ail, because A. M. Baker U aelliBK aaiftflae silks si 3e. Mamma bought a drees of U yesterday, and also om of that lovely Camel's Hair Check Mhp. She aey it la the best bar- gaia aba srrer saw. . - ,fajjfrrnoe as to the steamer, so long as .?JOne look her place at the head afP1" ... o Paprt with tke JeirmtJ Club Rate. We hare made tmngemtnU with the following publications, among the ablest and most valuable of the country, whereby subscribers to the Jotjrn'al can secure any of the below named , at the following low rate, strictly in ad vance : Jocrnal and American Farmer . . .$2.06 Araer'n Agriculturist 8.50 Southern Cultivator 2.75 Demorest'B Magaxino 3.00 Scientific American. . 4.25 St. Nicholas 4.00 Century 5.00 Detroit Free Press) . ... 2.30 Texas Siftings 3.33 North Amtr. Review 5.25 New York World 3.50 Star 2.33 Country Homes 3.00 Home and Farm 3.00 Southern Bivouac... . 3.00 Courier Journal 3.50 News and Observer. 3.83 Harper's Magaxine ... 4.50 Weekly 4.70 " Young People 3.10 Atlanta Constitution. 2 50 Chicaao News 2.25 ; ; Old subscribers receiving tbe JOCB- and desiring to have any of these papers, can, by making application to i tfl office in person or by letter, have a ' statement of their account on our books - V- .- V I III U.wa Mtnlt frt ""w,l" w "" "TO, J,- cations they mar selset. rUKTHXH rS'DUCTlTKNTB. Every subscriber to the New York World clubbing with Journal receives a handsomely bound illustrated History of the United States. CITY ANtTvkINITY. ; I rr...i . , i : 1 1 w : 4 ... V . Ellis is being rebuilt. It is with deep regret that we see in the telegrams that Mr. John C. Wash- Ington, of Kinston. is dead. j The State Press Association meets in the beautiful mountain town of Hen- ; dersonville on the 20th of July, a steamboat line between Asheville Bre d u an enWrpriMDOff under ... . virianlArtir,n in f n a f api-tinn or enter- prises. Mr. John Dunn is having a new front ! put in the bricks store next to bis pree- ! ent stand, preparatory to moving in ' when completed. The committee are at work on the I preparations for the celebration on the j 4th of July. Circulars are being sent ; out. anc' a good time will be had. j Mrs. Susan Stanly has removed to Middle street, in the Bishop building, opposite the Baptist Church. The book store and Mrs. Dillingham's ice cream parlor can both be found there. We call attentiun to the advertise ment of Mrs. S. Parsons's boarding house at Portsmouth. N. C. This ia said to be one of the finest resorts on the coast for either health or pleasure. Wa have been shown, by Geo. Allen & Co., a bunch of oats grown by T. A. Bell of Polloksville, N. C, containing ninety-five stalks, said to be the product of one grain. They measure thirty eight inches in height. The Buffet Pullman car just out' on the A. & N. C. Railroad is a thing of beauty. The passenger traffic over the road bids fair to be heavy this year and the cars have been put in condition to accommodate it. Whether the board of city council can agree or not there is no restraining order against the people's having a grand Fourth of July celebration. We need some of the love of country and patriotism that inspired the men of "76. :lfir. John Dunn has drdeed' the Sre wotksTor the fourth of 'July. Several vher .North Carolina towns are taking steps to celebrate the Fourth. New Kerne will be second to none of them. We want ail to join in: share in the expenses, the honors, the patriotism and the pleasures. It is estimated that at least twenty thousand barrels of Irish potatoes went forward to Northern markets from New Berne and vicinity last week. At an average of four doll.-irs per barrel some brought five and six this would bring in the neighborhood of seventy five thousand dollars to tbe community. Professor Price Thomas who was once superintendent of the graded school here, has received the degree of Ph. D. at the University of Tennessee. He is said to be one of the youngest gentle men who has ever received the degree in this country. The many friends of his here will join the Journal in extend ing bim congatul&tions. The death of Miss FaDnie, daughter of Mr. James M, Hinee, was a shock to her family and friends. Up to but a few days ago she was in apparent good health and was only sick a shore time. The afflicted family have the sympathy of the whole community in their sad bereavement. The remains were taken to Lenoir Institute Tuesday for inter ment. Among the young ladies at Miss Man ly 's school we can mention in compli mentary terms Miss Hellen Smith, a daughter of Dr. Smith of Yanceboro, I whose excellence in every department won for her many honors. We would say in this connection, what we hear so of ten repeated, that our friends in the country can do no better thing for their children than to send them to the excellent school in this city. New Bern a no:ed for its intelligence and cultivated people, and the schools of this city are capable of giving the finest instruction. Huge R-attleanake. Mr. Chas. F. Hanret brouzht to this office Saturday the rattles of a monster j snake which he killed on Trent road five ; mile from the city Saturday. He says that the venomous reptile was about six inches in circumference, more than foar feet long, and had twelve rattles and two buttons. The Justices' Case Once Mere. It is proper we think to state that the indictments against the justices of the peace vera found by the Qrand Jury before Solicitor White came" into office, and the bill that ha presented at this term, we are informed, was by agree ment wan counsel tor tiie iietenuanis in or(r to make a test. " Another Paper ia Goldsboro. We are rrejueiHd to announce that a paper will be started in ( lol Jsboro on ' or about the 1st of Ju:y. It id to repre sent tho colored people of North Caro lina, and will start a soon aa one hun dred and fifty subscribers are enrolled. CompetfCt gentlemen are wanted to canvass for the paper, and for particu lars will address P. O. box No. 5?9, New Berne. N. C. A Ketort Courteous. On the last trip of the steamer Pam- lico was a bride who had just been I rr-kA ma at Naw Rna. On Cept South gate 'a congratulating her and wish ing ho had his former ship tk Rh&naniah. ssKare he could pro vide more comfortable quarters. ;the bride tary replied, it mtlA Tirt Beat Thia. Mr. E. S. Street sent us yesterday two immense beets, one of them weigh ing three and a-half pounds Beat it. or beet us if you can. Solicit sr WhiU'a Work. At the opening of the present term of the Superior Court there wire 00 cases on the crisalnal docket. The following disposition has been made of it: Fifteen cases were matters of coat; in eleven a nol pros was entered; there were twenty-two submissions and convictions; four not guilty, and thirty-six were continued, moat of which were against jastioM of the peaoe. In the ramainder of cases the grand jury found not a true bill. Six go to the penitentiary, five colored and one whit. The Solicitor has done good work and proven him self to be a good prosecuting officer. Round Knob. ! In speaking of the Round Knob Hotel the Aaheville Citizen has this to say : What gives it its chief claim to dis tinction is its wonderfully picturesque position, deep down in the mountains. yet with ample spread of prospect around it: its peculiar relation to the remarkable triumph of engineering which here begins iu conquest of the Blue Ridge; and tbe peculiarities of the railroad itself, whk-h here winds in coils around the spot, showing no sign of access or egress in or ou out of a seeming labyrinth; and then the chief - est wonder of them all, that beautiful fountain which sends its jets of spray to greater height than any other in the known world. oners were convicted at tbe last term of the Superior court and sentenced as follows; Wm. Moore, larceny, three years; Perry Chad wick, larceny, two years; Dempsey Bell, larceny, two years; Wm. Petteway, larceny, two years; Alexander Williams, perjury, five rears. These were all colored per sons. Cyrus Westbrook, white, who was convicted for larceny, took an ap peal and gave his bond. Walter Jackson, col. , was taken along at the same time for the Eastern Insane Asylum. This leaves only five prisoners re maining in jail: one of these, Jones, for murder, is awaiting the decision of the Supfctroe conrt, one is awaiting trial and the other thrM1 are BerTing out ,,en. teQCM or he4d for The Talking All Right, but not the Audience. On Wednesday night last, while Clement Manly, Esq. , was holding the large audience in the theatre spell bound, while he told them of American poets and poetry, an old colored man and his wife wended their way thither to hear the Salvation Army, this being the place where they had been holding forth. Ascending the Bteps, the old man, being in the lead, could hear the speaking and thought everything was all right, but when he peeped in he saw faces on the rostrum that were not familiar at the Salvation meetings. He drew back and said: "Dat ain't de Salvation Army. " "Yes 'tis," replied the old woman, ''don't you hear de man preachin '.' Q'on in." The old man being struck with the force of the "preachin, " peeped in again, and scrutinized more carefully the oountenanees on the rostrum. "Umph, dat ain't no Salvation Army : dat's er preachin' man. but 'taint de Salvation Army." 8o they went away disappointed, not with the speaker, however, but didn't like the crowd on the rostrum. A Plea for Home Enterprises. A correspondent in a communication given elsewhere makes a plea for sus taining the Neuse and Trent River Steamboat Company. The Journal has often alluded to the fact that New Berne made a great mistake when she sur rendered her shipping and let it go into other hands. All the net profits arising from the carrying of freights to and from New Bernaxcept that made by the Elm City, goes to enrich and build up other cities. The corporations that have captured the business are not to be blamed; we welcome any one who takes up an enterprise that oar own peo ple have dropped, especially when such enterprise is of suoh vast importance to our commerce, and when they invest their money in such we like for them to succeed and make the investment profit able. We know nothing of the proposed in troduction of a new rrver line of steam ers, but we know it is true that the Neuse & Trent is a home enterprise, and besides spending all their money for supplies, repairs, labor, etc., here, whatever profits are made by the line are also left among our own people. This line is also continually moressiog its facilities for handling freights and aecommodatfng tbe people along tbeir lines by erecting warehouses and build ing wharves. It also runs a regular schedule, giving the people steady and reliable service. Major Credle Attends the Salvation Army. On Thursday night Major Geo. Credle visited the theatre to hear and witness the services of the Salvation Army After he had been comfortably seated j and the services had continued for awhile, the Captain, feeling that the MajorJ needed that consolation which can only be found in the faith of the re- deemed, glided through the aisle to his seat and asked: Have you made any preparation to get to heaven ? Major Credle: "Sit down, I can't hear good, I want to talk to you."' She sat down and repeated the ques tion. Major Credle: "Yea, I am running a schedule to get there on the tenth com mandment. "What is that asked tho Captain. Major Credle: "Do to others as I wish them to do to me." Captain: "You will hava to change your schedule before you get to heaven!" The Major baa been searohing the Bible for a day to find that tenth com mandment. He Is unable to find it is the revised edition. Interstate Commiasion. President Bryan, of the A. & N. C. H. R.. givee notice that on the 27th instant application or petition will be made to the intorstate commerce commission for the suspension of the fourth section of the interstate commerce law as far as it aflecta Kinston and Morehead City and all points between such points as freight is carried by the Eastern Carolina Dis patch line. This notioe, we suppose, is given in order that those interested in having this clause applied may be beard at the same time. Let such as are con cerned take due notice thereof and govern themselves accordingly. This bill seems to be a peculiar one, and while passed under a pressure brought upon Congress for its passage, is likely t rendered a nullity by those for i wiiuto av Ol Ussiivw i " r j - i tended. Let the freight payers speak out and they will doubtless be heard by the oomjxiesion. Proceedings of Board of Commission ers of Craven County. The board convened on the :irt M 111 day in .Tune' .-ill the c.-nimi-'ti.n-'rs present . A maudaaitu .n.-ued tv the rK-rk f the Superior emir: w.v; served upon the board to compel thorn to levy a tax to pay the claim of Joseph Nelsu:;. amounting to 151 51, which judgment was obtained at the February term of the court. Tbe tax on l.COO worth f persona! property iu No. 0 township for the year 18s5, listed to W. II. Bray, wan remit ted, the same having been liste 1 in No. 7 township. A demand was made upon the board by W. 15. Royd for tho payment of vouchers to the amount of 825.00. The claim of J. H. Hunter for burial of Beni Svkes. od., for :! 25 was al lowed. The application of Matiida Sykea for ( relief was referred to Commissioner Watson to investigate. The board then adjourned to meet in joint meeting with the jutices. the proceedings of which meeting were given last week. After the adjournment of the joint meeting the commissioners met with the assessors and list-takers, and in con formity with section 4 of the machinery act, agreed upon the following uniform basis of valuation of personal property to be listed the present year: Horses and mules 1st class. 8200 00: 2d class. S150 00: 3d class. 875.00 to S100 00: 4th i class, 525.00 to 875 00. Standing stall ions, from 8200.00 to WOO. CO: jacks, $200,00 to 8500 00, bulls, two years and over, $5.00 to $50 00; oxen, 1st class $80.00 to $40.00, 2d clas $10 00 to $80.00; cows, milk, 1st class $20.00 to 850.00, all other cattle $5.00 to $20.00: sheep, $1.00 per head; hogs. 50 cents to Si. 00 each: coats. SI. 00 each: bees, 0 i per stock. Adjourned. The commissioners rcfoiiver.eJ on Tuesday. All present. Samuel Brett, having proved a good character was granted license to retail , liquors at Hotel Albert. I Commissioner Watson submitted his i monthly report oncondition of the poor. J wai approved. and filed. I Tbe monthly allowance to Norman j Ipock for B. Lathinghouae was discon tinued, it having been reported that said Lathinghouse is dead. Commissioner W. G, Brinson submit ted a report relative to bridges, which which was approved and filed. The accounts of H. G. Bates, coroner, ! David Tripp and Dr. R. G. Cobb were j referred to the committee on bills. j The item of $2.25 for medicines to ! Nash Higgins, of Onslow county, al- lowed in the list of E. H. Meadows A j Co's. bill, was referred to Commissioner Watson, with authority to collect the ! same for the county of Craven. L. S. Williams was placed upon toe pauper list for monthly allowance of 83.00, when he leaves the poor house. The allowance of $2.00 per month to Sarah Henitage was discontinued. The following redaction was made in the monthly allowances for paupers: M. Harris from $3.00 to $2 00 P. Moore Henry Wells. Dan Kees W. Fionner. .. Major Austin. Dan McCray. J. Wiley E. Becton 2.50 2.00 2.00 1.50 1.50 1.50 5.00 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.00 1.00 1.00 4 00 1.00 The clerk of the board was instructed to purchase twenty-five copies of civil and criminal dockets for use of justices. Aocount of J. E. Kornegay was re ferred to committee on bills. Tbe assessors and list-takers of town ship No. 1 were instructed to make a separate list in that portion of said township known as the "stock-law dis trict." The bill of J. J. Tolson was referred to Commisssoner W&tson to investigate. The petition of the stock fence com mittee of township No. 1 to levy a tax in the stock law territory was laid oyer till the next meeting. Sheriff Stimson submitted a report, which was approved and ordered to be filed. The chairm'an of the board was ap pointed proxy to cast the vote of the county in all meetings of the stock holders of the A. cfe N. C. Road for the ensuing year, and in his absence either commissioner Mallison, W, G. Brinson, S. W. Latham, W. M. Wataon or Chas. C. Clark, whichever of them may be present is appointed proxy to cast said vote. The attention of the treasurer, Isaac Patterson, was called to act of the General Assembly entitled "an act to pay jurors of Edgecombe and Craven counties. The poll tax charged to Collison II. Bryan, colored, in No. 0 township for the year 18S6 was "remitted, he being over 50 years old. On motion of Commissioner Watson. Commissioner Brinson was authorized to contract with G. A. Atkinson for rebuilding Price's creek bridge in ac cordance with plans and specifications furnished by the board. The valuation of land listed to L. M. Blakely in township No. 2 was reduced from 84,225 to 81,225 on the tax list to 1886, tbe former amount being an error, ' provided said Blakely t adeem said land the same having been sold to the coun ty for taxes due in 155. Tho clerk of the board was instructed to record in a book a lirt i f all deeds for lands sold to the county fr ta.xcs together with tho amount cf taxes and coat due. The account of J. B. Gardner for ma terial and work on stock fence in .v o. 1 township was allowed. The account of W. H. Adams for the same purpose was allowed. The monthly bills were allowed and board adjourned. Hymenial. Miss Annie Blackwell, of this city wnn married on the 8th to Dr. CartwrigLt of Hyde county. Rev. Mr. Shields offi ciating. Tha oeremony was at Christ Church, and the bride and groom left immediately for the North. Complimentary to a Journalist. At the joint meeting of the board of magistrates and commissioners of Wayne county, on the first Monday in June, at Goldsboro, on motion of Major B. P. Hooks, the following very appro priate resolutions were passed. Whereas, This meeting has learned with regret that it ia the intention of Julias A. Bonitz to remove to Wilming ton. And whereas, we have long been in debted to his energetic activity in the promotion of our inteVeets in material and mental advancement, and whereas we recognize and acknowledge that Wayne county and the city of Goldsboro the common schools and tho graded every enterprise calculated to advance our best interests as a community, have always had his his hearty co-operation and active aid. Resolved, That we the board of magis trates and county commissioners in joint session assembled hereby acknowl edge the indebtedness of our county to him and tender him our united and several good wishes for his prosperity in the new held of usefulness to which he has been chosen. The Value of the A. & N, C. Railroad Pursuant to an act of the Cenrr.il Assembly, the rhairmen ..( t!:t-l.,eir 1 o; ommis!-ioner-1 of the ( or.r.ti j io:o ,1 beb'W met at ' v j'.'rr;-- n .;::, ;;,i '.'Ih. Ja-. A Iii ViW.. eliair;u:-.t, ,!' ihe i .if 1 of commissioners of o'niven county. Joseph Pit;;"tt. chairman b mrd cf commissioners of Carteret county. E. F. Cox. chairman of board of com missioners of Lenoir county. C. E. Foy. representing J. C. Bryan, chairman of board of cnimisioners of Jones county . Wayne not represented. James A. I'.ryan. under the act. was. by representing the county having the largest amount of the railroad property in its limits, the chiirn an. James C. Harrison was elected sr tary . The board, constituting a board i f assessors for th3t purpose, proceeded to assses the value of ihe A. t N. C rail road. Washington Bryan, president, making the returns to the board. The assessment was as follows: Raiis and track 2l0.000.oo Rolling stock HO. 000.00 Furn re t )ols at New Merne S50.00 Kinston. . 25 00 " ioldsboro . 7 5 Ou La Grange. 50. im) Road bed. etc 000.00 ' Total valuation $400,000 00 The valuation per mile was fixed at $4.210 52 60-95 and distributed to the counties as follows: Carteret. 1 Craven. 17 Jones, :: -Lenoir, 1 Wayne. miles P.ra "iin to ; 7 1.57s. 95 "07.s94.74 1 4.73(5. M 75.79.47 40,000.00 $400,000.00 The property of the road due to the cities and towns through which it passes and subject to taxation by each was apportioned as follows: Morehead City 1- miles nmnunti!.,- to ?0.315.7 Newport . mile amoui.tii:g to ;.- 052. C3. New I'erne 1; miles amounting to $5,203.1 5. Kinston mile amounting to ?2,105 .25. La Grange t mile amounting to 1. 052.63. Goldsboro 1 mile amounting to-rl.-210 52. The rolling sto:k was listed and. valued as fol lo ws . 7 Locomotives, 19,000.00 9 Passenger cars 15,000.00 3 Express and baggage cars, 4.500.00 7 Coal cars 2.&00.00 27 Platform cars 4.500.00 20 Hand and dump cers. 600.00 39 Other kinds of cars 13.050 00 Total s.Vj 450 00 Till' CAPITAL STCf'K. Amount of capital stock authorized SI. BOO, 000 ('0. Number of eharcs li. 000. ! Amount of stock paid up 81 .797.200 Cu. j Number of miles, including sidr tracks, in the different counties: j Wayuo County 11 Miles. Lenoir " IS " I Jones 3 " i Craven " 50 " j Carteret " 17 " ! Closj of Cypress Creek School. The closing exercises of Cypress Creek School, Jones county, concluded yester day with au address from our towns man Clement Manly, Esq. He was introduced by Mr. Joseph Kinsey, of La Grange, and chose for his subject, "The Progress of the Age." Upon this he delivered en eminently practical ad dress to a large, intelligent and atten tive audience. Our reporter will give full particulars of address and exei cises in next week's issue. This, the third year of this institution, has been a most prosperous one. and the people of that community ought to feel proud of such a school. We had the pleasure of attending on this occasion, where we met many old friends whom we wre glad to tako by the hand, and join with them in the pleasures Of these annual exercises, which bring the peo ple together to witness the educational progress made during the year. There was a great abundance of good victuals on hand to satisfy the inner-man after en joying snch a literary feast by the stu dents of the school and orator of the day. It was one of Mr. Manly's hap piest efforts, and wo were pleased to see the audience so well gratified. We have a tender spot in our heart for Cypress Creek. Long may her peo ple enjoy such educational facilities as they now possess, and may the bless ings of heaven attend all their efforts to advance civilization, learning and Christianity. A Rich Fee For Some Parson. Says the Charlotte Chronicle: It was reported on the streets yesterday morn ing that four people, two men and two women, had run away from the poor houae for the purpose of getting mar ried. Of all the Gretna Greens on record this n pre-eminently the boss. One of the men is named Samuel Parks and his age is 76 years. He hasn't a tooth in his head, and his blu&hing part ner was Cynthia Parks, wh068 age is sweet 6. Theother couple were Green Kimmons, aged 30, and Sarah Baldwin, aged 20. Before their departure they told some of the inmates cf the p.oor house of their intention. CoimiiIsiouers' and Justices' Proceed ings of Pamlico County. The joint meetiDg of justices and county commissioners was held in the court house in Bayboro on Monday, June Oth, 187, for the purpose of levy ing taxes, electing finance committee and board of education. Upon the resignation of W. N. Pugh, Jas. S. L3ne was elected chairman of the board of justices for the ensuing year. The roll of justices was called and twenty-one answered. The chairman announced a quorum present and ready for business. The commissioners recommended that SI. 20 on the hundred dollars' valuation be levied for all purposes, and, on mo tion of J. B. Martin, was adopted. On motion. Schedule B and C tax was made the same as the State tax. On motion of W. N. Pugh, the board of commissioners were instructed to pay no more on the railroad debt until the courty of Pamlico received her proper credits by reason of Craven county refunding and compromising the said bonded debt. On motion of J. O. Baxter, the poll tax was established at 82.00. J. F. Brinson, Jesse F. Sawyer and J. B. Turner were elected board of educa tion for the ensuing year. W. T. Caho. George Dees and J. F. Brinson were elected finance commit tee. Ureal Painage l Storing in We-t Virginia. Chu'aoo. June 10. A 7'imes special from Wheeling, West Ya., says the al most continuous heavy storms of tho past ten days have done a largo amount of damage throughout the State and in contiguous parts of Ohio. Railroad travel has been greatly interrupted, bridges washed away, live stock drowned, crops ruind and great amounts of valuable timber car ried off. No through trains have run on the Ohio river road south of this city since Monday and last night three or four passenger trains were blocked. NOTE? . u-- ' i a i v,re rk- ! or merro ri River,-: : ! ' Ir;::,: . A I. . iy WKS f ; ; day. be'.We Y. . and F.d M -Mi lilci.t 1 .1 : ir 111- :;ient -i at '.1 : ! t -M : ' :c.o. -two rounds I e. ar n Jac Coo,: Y . Thurs- i I.vnc b. of Glean. N. ill . of Uornellsville. N. Y. The f.ht was declared a draw. ) redcrica Hermann, at Pittsburg. who raur a-n-d . hild. tried to kill wn throat, i T-.-ir.-day. his wife and then cut h last Mui.da aften.oon. d Mrs. Hrriiiann will reerjy Th 1 em L rain e .mmissi Y-tL y. ,t , day e-it.-idere pe;-- ,,f the oni N e w ol p'rmitt:ru t!.e landin ninety em ijr;,r;ts from Ireb - .f ; -.I'd. !- be pau permit ers. They finally l ie i to Su landing of three wo men t:;i or;.- man and their families, numbering in all twenty-one: all the others were, ordered to be taken back by the Inraan Steamship Company. j The Onciiir"-'5 Hamilton and Day- : ton R jad h .- i Pavid Sinton and j Tii'Mins J. Km-. . - t 0mm on stock of ! the Dayton and lt:.-bigan R ad for one j million doIlar. The road runs from) Dayton to Toledo. !;: .. and is leaded in perpetuity to the Cir.-ii.nnti. Hamil ton and Dayton Road. Aaron I. Still, colored, born in Phila delphia in 1S20. one of the most earnest promoters of un ierground railroads in slavery days .an intimate friend of Fred. Douglas. u:.J an early organizer of equal rights leagues and other organi sations for the protection of colored men. died at R jading, Pa. . Thu rsdav. Pamlico Items Ojr avL-rje negro man seems to happiest when lie is at work on around a stick of pine timber. The fair young farmer says thai s the vi ong one r o-- to talk consola- i lOIl to. Gen. ( 1 recn has ab ,ion of some of the our section. We cannot understand wbv it is that some of the farmers wait until their crops are almost smothered with grass before they br-gin cultivation. We have had it very wet for the past two weeks, too iiiuoii s for crops, but the heaviest rain of the season fell here on the 10th hist. It completely flooded the country and was accompanied by large but scattering ii.ul-stonc-s. The enterprising ci.-:ns of Trent Creek have ereit 'd a very nice school house b't t we have seen in the coun ty one tvo th: t the community ought to feel proud f. They conduct a very large Sun lav ehooi it that place, which meets Sur. i.iy evening at three o'clock. Some very mis. -hi- vein fellow cr fel lows put up a rough j .b on the horse of Mr. W. H. Whitcomh while he was here on a ;-it a few nights ago. They hac l the mai d tail ( f the animal so as to ru m l:; sorry to know t ! " 1: ; , - f him. We are at our vio;nitv contains Such 1 ude cL;:pc U. 1.. Hiiiitrl.iN s: shoe. Gentlemen w ho ,1, ,-ire a stylish, com fortable, well made shoo, unequalled for wear, shonld get the W. L. Douglas 83 Seam'ess Shoe. This shoe now has the uppi r cut in one piece, thus doing away w:'h the old-style seams at each side, m .king it much neater in appear ance and more comfortable to the foot. No other 3 advertised 6hoe in the world has this improvement, nor is any other made of as good material. But no ex pense has been or will be spared to make every possible improvement in the manufacture of this shoe, and those who wear them testify that it is just what it claims to I.e. "the best .-'3 shoe in the world Luliaii War Threatened "Alio. June 13. A Times special from Tucson. Arizona, says: The hos tiies are supposed to be in the east end of the Santa Catalina mountains as their signal smoke lias been dis tinctly seen. The troops of cavalry are operating in that locality. Over one hundred fighting bucks are out. all well armed. The chief of the Avarapia Apaches says there will be a big Indian war: that more than four hundred warriois will soon be in the field, all with good guna and plenty of ammunition. Nearly ali his young bucks joined the hostiles. All "of the mountains have been fired. The Indians say this w tis done to stop the troops from using the heliograph signal llash. The crest of the Santa Catalinas lait night was ablaze for 15 miles. Wonderful Cure. W. B. Hoyt & Co.. wholesale and re tail druggists of Rome. Ga.. say: We have been selling Dr. King's New Dis covery, Electric Bitters andBucklen'e Arnica Salve for two years. Have never handled remedies that sell as well, or give such universal satisfac tion. There have been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced Consumption have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery, taken in connection with Electric Bitters. We guarantee them always. Sold by R. N. Duffy. DIED. Iu this city, June Sih at 11 p.m., after an illness of ten days, Mrs. Daisy Hutcheson.wife of Joseph Hutche son. Est;., aged 2G years. The remains will be taken to New York for inter ment, leaving on the train this morning. The funeral services were performed Thursday at 7 p.m. at her late resi dence by the Rev. V. W. Shields, rector of Christ Church of this city. The de- ceuitd was confirmed at the last Epic copal visitation of tho Bishop of the Diocese, and was one of the most punc tual attendants upon the services of the church, and died in tho possession of "a reasonable religious and holy hope of everlasting life," OBITl All V Died, cf puerperal convulsions, at her home in Carteret county. June s. ltlv:7. Polly L. Humphrey, wife of R. W. Humphrey. She leaves an infant, three girls and one boy. a devoted husband, all who knew her, to mourn her irrepa rable loss. She became unconscious after the first convulsion, and remained so to the close, and, thus escaped the pain incident to her condition, and passed up from earth without feeling the pangs of death. A good woman has died. A worthy Christian has gone home. A sincere and warm friend has left us. A true neighbor, an affection ate wife and living mother has passed up for her reward. She deserves it, for she was a good woman. At the meri dian of her t-rrestial life, fall of Chris tian virtues, and ripe in Christian deeds, she begins her celestial exist ence with a happy experience, lierlamp full of oil and brightly burning. Our Sunday-school has lost a warm support er, the Methodist Church a devoted and consistent member, and society one of our model exemplars. We mourn the heavv- loss, but our loss is her gain. We were l letter Dy ner living, rut wnu ncr . it wa- life to die. an ending of sorrow, j pain and death for r.n unending glo- i rious immortality. To her bereaved ; and disconsolate family we offer our ; sincere condolence, and that ct the en- tire community. j Rev. W. H. Puckct preached the fune ral at the homo of the deceased to a large concourse of friends, and per formed the burial ceremonies at the grave. The sermon was highly appro- priate and full of pathos and consola- ' tion to tho familv and frier. Is of the ; depaned " J. W. SAsi'i:; S imlers' Stole. June 0. 1.7. Funeral Notice. Jacko; yii.!.::. Jur.c 0. :7. I'here will be a Masonic funeral ovt r the deceased J hn A. Cos ton. at his residence near Piney Green, in Onslow , county, on the second Sunday in July. All ma-on? of good standing are re quested to attend. R. F. Pellhtif::. .o. r.afavette Lodge. No. ' iVasliinstou XlMys. ! Wa.-hixgton, June 13. The Prii I .lent today appointed John C. T.uning postmaster at i.eesbtirg. Fla. Ihe oflicc recently became presidential. A delegation from North Carolina. Loaded by Senati ra Ransom and Van- e an.J I I-rpreseiita' ive l leialeis. n. -w aited u the President today and asked the modi:i 'at ion of the c'Xf-cutive order c i. solidating the in tcrnf.l revenue districts -o that the districts in that State m:; not be changed . AOVK K TO ?10TI1KU. Mi:-. Wl.V-Low's Pi i.rillXii S'V.v' 1 -houM a!a-i I ' i: e. for ibibijin teeth;,-!.'. It soother the chill. --fr':i--tl.. jtiinis. allay-; nil p tin. cures wi- 1 colic, and is the best remedy for diir 1. a. Twenty-tlvo cents a bottle marl" d tuthtfut v-1 y Au L'.vpt'iish e Dela;, , to provide the proper meai.s I- fall to expei irom ttio sy germs which cause -tern those disease rerofula. indiges tion, debility, rheumatism, and sick headache. The only reliable raeai:g i I.'r. II iter's Iron Tonic. Work Kesumcd. Fm-wRCKn. pa.. June 13. The re sumption of work nt P'rick's coke i ovens now controlled by Carnegie. Phiip- A' Co., gives employment to! about 3,ijuii men and will probably re sult in a general resumption through out tho Counellsville region in a few ! . about 5,C09 tons of coke per da v. of which Carnegie & Co.. will use 10 cTt for their own mills. Uuekloii'M Arnica Mnlve. Tur. Best Salvk in tho world for Cuts, Bruises, Kores. Ulcers, S;iU Rheum, Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands. Chilblains, Corr.a. and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures pilpp or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money re funded. Price 23 cents per box. For sale by R. N. Duffy. dfcIO ly The Yellow Fever. Key West, June 11. One new case of yellow fever has occurred since yesterday. The record now stands: total number of cases 23: dead v. sick 10: convalescent 4 : discharged 1. The quarantine victims think this is a very poor showing to be the cause of shutting u: gained posses- out from the world 20.000 people and cotton patches in paralyzing business interests amount i ing to millions. ! ...... .Pleasant Vision. Tiie organ of sight, which is the .source of so much pleasure as well as benefit to man. is ory delicate. A great many persons, not appreciating this, are using cheap spectacles. These glasses, by their imperfect construction and blemishes. 60iiously injure and sometimes almost destroy the sight. Hawkes' Crystalized Lenses aro the most perfect glasses in the world, being especially adapted for the preservation and sometimes restoration of the sight. All eyes line 1 and the tit guaranteed at the drug store of 1-. S. Duffy. New I3emc. jun5 lm Lartiiq uaki St. PETEESbUKti. June 10 Several shocks of earthquake have occurred at Yenome, in Turkestan. The town wa6 almost entirely destroyed . 120 persons killed and 125 injured. Among the latter is Gen. Fried e. governor of the province of Semirtchins. Shocks still continue to be felt at intervals. The inhabitsnts of the town are panic stricken and have fled for safety to the open country. Sir. John C. Washing-ton Dcai Ashevili.::, N. C, June 13. Mr. John C. Washington, of Kinston, died this afternoon at Black Mountain Station. He will be buried here tomorrow- in Riverside cemetery. (rently Kxdletl Not a few of the citii-ens . .t New Berne, '. C. have recently become greatly excited over the astounding facts, that several of their friends who had been pronouneed by their physi cians as incurable and beyond all hope suffering with that dreadful monster Consumption have been completely cured by Dr. King's Now Discovery for Consumption, the only remedy that does positively cure all throat and lung diseases. Coughs. Cdd-. Asthma anil Bronchitis. Trial bottle free at R. N. D:iffy. Drug Store, large bottles tl. Snow in Yircini.i Lv.cuiiL"l'.r,, Ya.. June SllOW fell on Peaks of the Otter this morning This is the first snow since 1657 so late in the season. The weather is chilly. IT Von Wl.li n Ci ood Articla Of Plug Tobacco ask your dealer for " )14 Rip.'' oolliiwfim COMMEECIAL DOBKSlIt PlVitiVki.. Seed cottox 553.00. Cotton Seed 810. 00. TtrKPENTTKE Hard . 3:",o. j-p. Tab 75c.a81.25. Oats 50c. in bulk. Corn 48a55c. Rice 50a60. Beeswax CO i per lb. Bkjif On foot, 3;. to 5c. Ooc.ntry Hams 10al2c. i-:-r H " TiABD 10c. per lb. Eggs 10s. per dozen. Fbksh Pobk 4ja0c. per i;oua Pkanuts 75c. aS 1.00 per bub.t Foddek 75c.aSl.00 perhuti-In Onions S2.00a2.25 per bushc'. Fikld Peas 60c. Chickkhs Grown . 45&S0-.-. . 20a5o. Meal 70c. per bushel. Oats 50 cts. per bushel. Potatoes, Early Rose S3..' 0 Potatoes Bahamas. 30c. : van 90. inn bl Harrison. 65c. Woo:, 14a2c. pernouno. SuiNGLEg Weat India, dull and n-m inaknot warned. Building- 5 incl bearta, 83.00 : saps. gl. 50 cer H wholesale rjurns New Mess Pobk 815,00. Suouldeb Meat 7c. C. R.'s, F. B'n, B.'s and L C ;n., Flouh S3.00a6.C0. Lard 7c. by the tierce. Nails Basis 10's.?2 75. 8uqar Granulated. 0. c. Coffee 25a3Uc. Cheese 15. Salt 80aS5c. percck. Molasses and SYurpa OC-i-' -Powder 6.00. Shot Drop. 81.75: buk. ?2 oo. Kerosene Sic. Hides Dry, 10c: greeu 6c. Tallow 5c. per ib. Sea Shells. OM: Ul'NDKKI) :' r ONE I'tJl.I.AK. for :n ; !c : . ". :...!. N. c' I-'AM'Y SEA-MIKL1.8 j-ei.il tv. en'y-fl vo ct-uls 1 '. i ., x 1 . uatis i . H. WA1'.:'. BENEFIT OXFOBD ORPHAN ASYLUM Prcf. EH1TEST RICHARDS. OF OXFORD, ENGLAND. GnA.3Mrj Siereopticon Exhibition NEWBEEN-THEATRE. Mondui Niylit, Jui;e -O. Tuesdav ht i)'i!ii Reserve'' soaw. or c i.io'.v; ' drug stort (iencr:'! :i:'.mi.sicr t-.-'" Chancre of Prou;rr!iii r.ti !i . jl2 dOt w-; .v.-r-.s ii. Gu-w, r li : t: GUI0N & PELLETIE ri:rKT. l'M'c iw .lOVUNAL OKI IE, If. c. SEW BKIiNE. I'ractictj where services are desliocl. Pructicc in tin-supreuic ourt, and lii the federal Court at Ne.w Herns. une of tins tl rm will always lie at the fol-l'-'H-inz pluoes at tiiiics npecied l elow: Trenton . Jones county. Saturday of eftcb ar il e verv Jck . Hi auio'i ;. Curterei comnty .TUnreday ofeacsh .I:icks-jn vi : 'e, Ouslr.w cuu" ty. t be first Mou f. : u each tio ': :it ! it fastis W Ncrtfc Carchna Hailf kHo. j -:!".rftKT. U S M i l''F. S i.u l-Fiiv, N. ., June ;1 ,17. ":.!rtl A-.i.'Ml Mivt'ngof Hip ' t 'e Aloiiitic ,v NorTli Caro- o ai pi, a y wiii he held at i - , i'.,".. 'l ii!"li-l'.l, day el i i NK. I1-:. '. K' 'I'i:i: ! .-, -it re tary Tones PAYSfrte FREICHT . Ton Mnuon Nfalra, I-on J,"..r. SuT rVarir.gB Isrui I arc r..3 n- d I--nm Y fr 860. vrv tfie Scnle. For lrr price lilt mtjiiion lb U parr and ddras lONIS (F BKOHAMTBS. : Bl.NfilUMXO.N. N. T. J. W. STEWART, Jii: ln.il'AKTKK,S l-'Olt Mt'liKS, H'tKSKS niu! i;n.GitM. I i' ! si s an ! i ."a rriaL'i-R to tiiiem i'i8i)Oalle ihIW. Kvr- y DiiiiL' irnaranteeil n s r. j-reiseiilcil. Broad St.. Nfwlifrn, . c. Just Received : 45 Hhds. New Crop English Island Will Sell Cheap. APPLY TO Ferdinand Ulrich, WHOLESALE GROCER :di ' STltKE r, BKUNi;, N. ('. Stam. Ui. W. K?.UI.nl)IUl. (.hO. S1.0VHI Smallwood & Slower DEALERS IN .va';:.i ::.-:Jir.!A'K, ?7Yir.!j.. GLASSWARE.'. O , hJ-.XM'A RE, CROCKERY, SA!t. DOOIi'3, BLISDS.', or. AW, J-'AIXTS, OLS axd sror? CN- PPwICE 'RPASSED AS TO A1TD QUALITY. Stvvot, XV xt Door to '? " 1 Albert, NEW BERNE. N. C. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE. TUe flnly S3 SEAMLESS Shoe in th World. 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He, !u this vlclnliy, person hiaV fiirtn or wckhI laud for mle would do well to give me it description , with prlott No charge mailt If fcale 16 not erforted wa B. BOTH, rn BoutU Front Street. id room east of OaBton IIoiik. ROUND KNOB, This ilellsil, t fu 1 resort Iu now ien to visit ai t. Tub hotel U8 been UioroiiKbly nnn vate,i iu 1,1 riirnulieil throughout witfeaoeyo Uitlie lolia comfort of giiRsU Btli, Elffl trie Bells, watei lu every room, wblU ll TABI.K. Is rmsiirpftKteil by any on the road. The Scenery Ik unexcelled In pletrjresqu beauty, with a l-'oiiuUilu throwing a stream 2bh iKfi hich. A iiuiti way lais heen opened from here to llif PfN.VAiT.l-: ol the Hlue Kldge. M1TC1IKI.1S l'KAK and TOK B1V1CK. which HhorU'ns Ihe alhtanoe one-half; Is otst a Kood road. aL less Xene. mors) oomforta. and the whole route a st'KNK OK BEAUTY AMulTtn,1JUoklt todetrs34o iuJt at tttelfotel: - -The W..ti..;K. ttflrIwspSJrffr Id- ner. 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