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Fine line of Notions, Handkerchiefs, Buttons, Ruch injfs, Everlasting Trimmings, Embroideries, Para sols in various Myle-S iti fict w- car.:, t cn-.nnerat.' all we have for tie laiisp. BEADY MADE CLOTHING in any luantuy for Men ud boys T?Wt of Shoes ' j Zieglsr Bros. moke. Gents Hats, Neckwear, ao 4oth. - PailW Goods from 10 eta. per yard to fl.7."i. TiiraUtire, Furniture, Glassware and Groceries, in truth most iuytbing needed tLat whili you will snwly to Yonrs ginctreiy. SigTi of fuTAX 3Q.HWERIN HIS CLOTHING EMPORIUM to l& Store lately oeeapied by "Wm. Hotlieter. where with more Room to display hiM teerAeJ Stookhe i, with the assistance of iXt. fAMUKl. 11- BALL, prepared to (how and Mil at Hard Pan Prioee, Tha FIWEST. NOBBIEST. NEATEST. PRETTLEST and BEST niBinVf it inp I1CAUT-I.IAU1. ULUiniHU, Gents Furniahing Goods, Straw, Derby and Fur Hats, Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods, Etc., Etc. I AM SOLE AGENT FOR 1 1 BATTLES' MEN'S CALF SEWID $2.50 SHOES Tb only Shews 10I1I In this rttv that r WARRANT ED; by th MAJDUtactarer TO ME and BY M K TO MY CUSTOMERS, vli: iLVerj rlr ia Wj-rmjitdi should any ot them In anyway vlthtn auy remonable time glw ont, I will upon return o dtmaged p'.i and sta le mtnlM to lepgta of wear, iituih Rirrsa the jloxrr or erra Af othkb y sw pair in nriuniE. It :a the boat, finest and cheapest Shoe In the world for the oouer. They come la Button. Y lAln Dl tvtarpToed Ocraarea and Lace Up Shoes. - 1 bare taatiaaoBials from some of onr best and ld ing eltlzena. who have bOTghtUie -BATTLEa HUOK," some of which have worn one pair as Ions as 13 months iml promo nee It the Rest. Cheapest and Knslest WeaP tng Shoe In t&e worlJ. rcvpccifally aolicit an inspection of our ten to all parchasing from nt. Middle Street, at Wm. KINSEY Cjrlsand Young Ladies LmgL G-rang-e, O- Full eorps of Teachers. Boarders. Write for torma to janl6 dwtf DAHL BROTHERS, dies ale -iy.. HAVE KKMOVE1) TO T LI K 1 II TWO STdRES, SOUTH OF THEIR FORMER STAND, And kr?p of FLOUlt, CI EATS, COFFEE. M OAK, SYKUJ'S MOLA8BE8. SALT. TOBACCO, MNTFF AN1 CIGAxtS, n werrfJslntr in the GKOt'EItY 1JNE, a FUJ.L STOCK and al iW r KICKS for CA8U &i24b Em r 1 1 r f t "l'b ' Tai ?f iscuatr Bseator aarHaa4 rsia lUmir Suvswt i MttaWtenaiMai rlMMMMS.! i bMpsan ad DS 1 1 a iim iif inar Irrramil I fACUUlfac.iu iubk a t m iph3et.aa. JtWTVSO fitXMf Bja liaw FRKS OLDEST AND LARGEST Walter D. 014 AIX'S STIIEET, 4 'Ss ?A . ii i -r-j'i v i XtUfvOaUtsSS Vaaiiwu vaniujj nee ''4'.' janlT d w im ROBERTS L EED: V. .tJ Jteoil Isscuct Agents, Netr XJerno, IV. Only ofifst la CocrpttnieB rt rccn. . ' ed in lTrt. Liittti sUdisBt Innraae. ' Total Capital over Fortj Milliona o I '- at all prices, besides the well known f a-id ; v.'Ur happiness, sivin Tour patronage may procure hv OETTINGER BROS., 41 The Celebrated Pearl Shirt." OI ftTIJIMI Stock and guarantee entire satisfac MAX SCHWEBIN, Hodister's Old Stand, Sign of Flag. SCHOOL, New Building. Ample accommodations for JOSEPH KINSEY, niLNCiPAL. Grocers, AsaWsasBtLsBBaVMaBBBaasBBasBBBsUssBBsssBs Anid UM Imy ail, at I IMStumtraDM, ud ail tack to omj aim U to bld tatr n.s Ckna.Tmka a STTRX RuuT Lul nil IsXBXf) u BUnlt. doa cut kmexr, wft urmmB w tmtfiMM. or f "- i rwitjfle ncdol prripti. Bf xaKo lo Ui - ml ol dtmjt uj pctf. of the hnmao ormnmn f ci rtA annatmc lratin of Uf otiiiw hag, tlw pa4 f fiiiaairapslyraaabtlasactaaal K"i't TKEATMEIfT. Cm Mara. t3. Tro aU. . Tte, HARRIS REMEDY CO., KmCvutzrr SOBS w. Tenth Btreet,BT.IxnjrB, MO, Trial of our Appllarvce. Aak for Termol MUSIC HOUSE IN VA. oses UICIIMOM), VA. Fianas and Orstir.s on ea.y monthly phm at factory prices. old Instruments t.tken iu excnnt.ge. bought, rented and repai r. d . Iniann.r Stork, of SIIEItT IIT'SIC. I nsiruc tieiu H'KikPi.f nil kinds. Sis..,- si' p a Count to Toachers and skuoolf. I atal"jc.eB niailed free. Assortment of Maslc ieot on siectiL4jn ii ueir.?a Lriuys jur an .iiisicai l'riirn'-nfs. A few sifchtiy urpi r1ani4 aud raiii of sraa iir-l makes, from S S t" ?"'i''.'. Aeetaa cf l.aL4on's Professional Mlver Be'.l i4 Dl J'W. Violins.. c .ai "nc aal etTthli.g ia the MnsVal l.O.e. main.''! 1 rec on aep.ioatieu at, me oiace 01 MIDDLE STREET. NEW BERNE N. C. SAM A S IV Green, Foy & Co., BANKERS and Commission Merchants, r South Front Stbeet, ! fe4dwlr NEW BERNE, N. C. THE KING AND THE CHILD. The tMir, light ctione on iho of Mono And towers euMime an 1 till. King Alfreii eaf uirin hi" ihrcm- Within his i-oudcU l.all. n:1 Rlarjcitik: nr the fjiltrnii I t'ii rip. With eriiTc ami ,-olemn fuce. To wht-re hi8 uoble ViisnuU f-tuo.l. He hsa- a vac .nit pi net. "Where is the Earl of lluKhr.ies -" With anxioutt look. hi raiJ. "Alrtf, t) Kidk '." : courtier -ri,l. ' The noble Kirl is cJ.'hJ Uefore the monarch c.u'. l xprc--' The sorrow tli.-it h" .'It. A foIdior with a war-ivcrn f;i Approached the throne an 1 kn, it "'My iwortl." ht slid. '"h:iti ori-r l ::. Kidr ! at thv command. And many a proud and haughty I).r,i' llai fallen by tnv hand. "I've fought beside thee in tin- field. And 'neath the greenwood tree. It is but fair for the to give Von vacant place to me. ' "It i not just." a statesman cried. "This soldier's prayer to hear. My wisdom has done more for ihee Than either sword or spear. "The victories of the council hall Hare made thee more renown inn a11 tne triumphs or tne nei.i i Have given to thy crown. "My name is known in every l.tnd. My talents have been thine. Bestow this Earldom, then, on n;-'. For it is justly mine. " ft. wliile before the mnnari h s ti.r.-ne These men contending stcxul. A woman crossed the tl or who wore The weeds of widowhood. And slowly to King Alfred's feet A fair-haired boy she led "O King ' this is the rightful heir Of Uolderness," she cried. "Helpless he comes to claim his on d. It no man do him wronfr. For he is weak and fatherless. And thou art just and strong." "What strength of power." the stuteF man cried, "Could such a judgment trir.;x '. Can such a feeble child as this Do aught for thee. O King - "When thou hast need of brawny arms To draw thy deadly bows. When thou art wanting crafty men To crush thy mortal foes." With earnest voice the fair young bov Replied: "I cannot tight. But i can pray to God, o King And lieaven can give ine might The King bent down and kissed the .-hild The courtiers turned away, "Tee heritage is thine." he said. "Let none thoir right gainsay. "Cur swords may cleave the casques of men. Our blood may stain the sod. But what are human strength and p m a Without the help of I'xi '. " Eugene J. Hall. Need of Industrial Edncation. In a Iectnre by President D. C Gilman, of .Johns Hopkins Univer sity, delivered at New York under the auspices of the Industrial Edu cation Association, the following taken from the New York Tribane, wili interest many of oar readers: President Gilman's topic was 'Handicraft in Education." He spoke from note?, birt in an easy conversational manner, like a teacher to fellow teachers, as he himself put it. He began by call ing attention to the wonderful structure and the power and im portance of the head. The Ito mans valued the thumb above the other digits, but now "the rule o' thumb" was only a synonym of weakness. The hand should be re stored to its former importance; manual labor, so long looked down upon, should be dignified again by being made profitable, and in a sense artistic. No member better repays in results the time and at tention given to it. The great ef fort of every laboratory was to ex tend the power of the hand and the power ot tne eye. Aim so nana- , craft and the training of the eye ' that accompanies it had a place not only in the common schools, but in the high schools and imi versitiesi as well. The training of the hand, in iact, was notsimpiy rne training oi a simpie tinvsicai orran. in 1 educating the band the brain is reached also. The two react upon 1 each other and strengthen each other. On the average, the handi craftsman who cultivates his brain is the better workman, ami the' ! better handicraftsman a literary man is, the more accurate an ob server will he be. the clearer think er, the reader of conception and fancy. The hand and eye together are invaluable in the cultivation of the brain. The rudiments of handicraft, President Gilman continued, may be introduced into the schools with great ease and little cost. Forgiris, and even for boys, there were the needle and the scissors. Cutting and making a dress were the most delightful and rewarding ot tasks. ATong:de of the scissors and needle were the knife, saw ,-,a,l hammer. Anil more fundament ul t hau any ol 1 these was the pencil. Drawing lay at the foundation of all industrial arts. Its object was not to make ' pretty pictures, but to master the ' most precise and vivid language one can use that of lines and sur faces. And all this could be taught with a limited amount of skill in i the ceacher himself. The demand for more manual training in the schools did not come chietiy from those who go in for physical culture. It came from the people chiefly who have always taught from the print ed page. Matthew Arnold, Mill, Farrar. and other men of letters 1 and research, have argued for a freer system manual instruction. ; The izreat defect of education now- a,e,ro wm rhif irt-.iii"ht (lie vmincr . to value the printed book alone, ' ,sKiiling the eyes with bad light aud bail type, and negleetiug en-' tii fly the cultivation of the eye and hand. For a long time, of" course, U would be difficult to get the new system introduced into the common schools. Efforts to set industrial training afoot have been vague so far, and the school boards were too often overworked, and slow to adopt even the best suggestions. The way out was that of private enterprise and individual effort. Plind asylums, deaf and dumb asy lums, even colleges, had at first to be started by private subscription, before the State came to their aid. The ideas must be spread abroad and their value made plain: and after that there would be some hope of enlisting the support of the public school authorities. In the ' South, the lecturer had heard, there was unusual iutcre-t i : i the new edupa: en, ,ind a en'r.il recogni tion id the importance, nt' manual training t industrial progress. In wie ;on he knew ot, the school au thorities allowed pupils fn come during a part of the school-day to a private manual training founda tion. And this was as reasonable a solution as the Industrial Kdncu tion A--oeiatiou could have looked for. As to manual training schools, they should begin wit h rudimentary "oik. advancing by stages adapted to tl.c capacity ofcach choIar. I n these rudimentary stages the cost ol the teaching should not be too great, nor should too much skill be expected ot the teacher himself. Drawing should be the fundament al branch taught. The system of t raining should be fitted to school bonis and school uas. and should b- started as auxdiaiy to the pub lic s .(lool-. by private sti bsc: : i a n . 1 'at ;s. 1 'i csi i id) t ( i : ' m ,: n (id in !u-;!!;". v. as ii!.ili ;,s lie in iluis I r 1 i I ccii tit' of the w : Id. In spite of all its mistakes and misfor tunes it had held that position ever since Colbert gave lorci inty to handioiaf: by ei ,r,d ! r'.i aiding i : . lb' -- ' o m.ik'tig sk.i.t ,V! ":.,:,.;.; I j tospefity of s i in . ; .i t- a the I e.-ui : am dig aging mscii u t lie . c s e r .il i Swr.nsboro Items. Warm eat I and p at last. Mis- Minn i home from lands to rest W ard h is u-t timed icr seliool tie. ir iiich- aM'hile bet'ore her re- turn again. ('apt. Wash. Wilbs from the straits are I steamboat S." feet long and mild for crew n g a ('apt. d a rn - Terry's mill works, i The cotton crop is severe ' aged by the late cold snaps ami heavy rains; melons nearly ruined: corn not hurt much so far. tfchrs. Kay. i'aekett and Kdwin, cleared this week, former for Wil unijgton. X. (J.; the latter lor New Heme N. C ai loaded with naval stores. I!. W. -ie'.ic-Jnne, of this the Northern . -on of Cap: . Harden 1 dace, has left us for climes. He is now, so we hear, master of a trading vsssels on the Hudson river. Good for you . 1 1' 'o. Mrs. Emma .x, wife of J. 11. Cox. of Gum llranch. N. ('.. her daughter I'.crtha, and sister Anna Erazelle. are lsit ing 1 C. 11. I'raelle and other this place. m- brother friends in ine .Miisouic burial services over tbe remains of Ero. Jno. A. Coston came oil' last Sunday. About 'J'j Masons, and about W citizens be sides, were there. The funeral was not preaeho first "f C' to Me-sis. D Pi "vow, geiils wi:o h at,'' to '"o t ; that w-.ll be dune e!'. C I'airil . lb II aticock and V. tin. nam e Pack two i : t wo ears of ti HVi I S, aci e la a on: l.i lid Elorid.i. 'o uct last week s : 1 1 '; ,: song, '!'!. t le l- :: Some icki,e. Tl;e little girl ot sell is verv low, can;i oack niliar ome." n lis now. ibyan Hat-exja-cted to 1 1 I: live long. Ti:e dcc:or too healtiiy for him and away for a season is sls It IS lie is going igaged, we hear, as drummer wit h a mercantile tirm in ( 'hicago. 111. Mr. G. W. Ward closed his school last Friday in this place. ms examination ami reviews were verv goo The children ur.advanct 1 were all exami e. Will small and qnentlv didn nation as he wi i.n e ;l f: ' 1 tO h ! commence aga::i oi Rev. C W. T W t 1 i I , V 1 ' I V M T : 1 a-r, or dia .he blind and music N . C. will te;u.i1(., )n,In Aj ,(r;, preatdi, !). 1 . at ti i -it 1 1 'Mill L Pi jcv Grove, i near la ; e ; i August I.eI. and wife ,ir. Manila v in a. m. Mr. P. to be two of our citizen village in : thev Au-ii.- w I move in our ) we under stand. The colored folks here had a high time last Saturday. Two vessel loaded with the elite of this vicini ty and neighborhood went on the banks and picnieed m the day time, at night they held an enter tainment and festival at their church here for the benefit of their church and collected a goodly sum for that purpose, so we heard. They beat our whres in that re spect. They have a church and show their willingness to keep it up, while we d"ii"i have any church a" all and show n.. willingness to i'iiihl oioa Lev. l'aihip Williams ami others lectured to them on the'.r nice and goad problems of the liituie. which e:e very good, so we bend. We were net in vited, to go to hear the lectures, though some of the white hp n were invited and went and enjoyed i hemselves linelv. Our Aihieejwas Tinul. It has frequently been suggested to the farmers ol the South to raise hops as amouey crop to relieve them ot their tiuancial trouble. The Cultivator, however, advised them to "go slow " in this, a.s ju dlk. cul ture, tobacco growing, watermelon booms, etc., as a sun- means of re lief. And now comes the news that Mr. Geo. Clark, of Otsego county, N. V,,the great millionaire hop grower, has made au assign ment, and is owing over 1'00.UU0. He will have to "hop" around con siderably to get out of this financial whirlpool. The Jlusbawlman of Klmira, New York, says: Hop- farm in; new Yo:k has brougt verv little urolit in I he 1 two vi.ars on,! I lui nrixiiui-r -.t iirt.sTit isbvno means cheerint. Prices, always uncertain, have lluctuated i below satisfactory return for invest ments aud labor expended iu pro duction. The ravages of insects have been so great in many yards as to effect complete destruction of crops. Although the outlook is ex tremely discouraging; hence aban donment of hop-larming, in many cases the vines plowed under and the poles used for fuel, or sold to fai mers. Southei u Cultivator. CHEW OLD HIP TOBACCO. It soothes all sorrow and gladdens every ' heart. (.b-.ii;. a. : : c:a ():: ! ve'e . Kah iga ' .':: A u :. 'emm in thi- city bis a hen tha' !a s a i double egg every d iy. One of ; hese eggs can be seen at Mr. d,d:n lb , every d iy. be seen a' loceiy ston Terrell's (ioldsbo A rtrus : V, ' uao made a ere Mr. that Mr. d. U as much as planted in ( Ivt'i man has '.".no otV o: W atermelil'as Ovei man l aises n pulls t hem at t he the. a i e a i v. ay - me pro mr t:;e T time i an.'t and ripe - 1 1 1 tht in when he imlb sm-cess. Durham Kecorah r : !. e a white man working at Cap prize room, has stionc ja'.v: l.ee s Fi 1- e per il e on i sack in his s' ore day night he jistonished sons at ,1. W. Markham's s Mam street, by locking uj of salt, weighing 'Job pound teeth and walkinff across tl with it . ( 'hathani 1,'ecoib: Mr. .1 esse Mil liken died at his residence, about three miles from here, on the 7th inst., m the ninety third yearot his ace. Not withstand iug his extreme old age he had retained his mental faculties and was physically pie served in a rematkablc manner. He could read easily without -. ar ticles, and his memory was a re tentive as a man fifty years younger. Kaleigh Visitor: Theie is on ex hibition at the art store of Mr. Fred Watson a lite size oil painting of tin? late t'apt. Jtaudulph A. Shot well. The picture was executed by our townsman, Air. V. ('. Kinds, who has been making crayon por traits l'.-r a number of yeai. This is the first oil painting that has ever been exhibited by him. We make no comments but ask the pui t .,ll ,,.,1 .,. iC in.ln ic iu L.iu auu se-c iu auu jiuiftc lor tliemsei Vt;s. 1 lie picture SUOUIU be hung in the State librarv. Chatham Record: We are again called on to chronicle the death of; another of Chatham's oldest and most respected citizens. Mr. Owen Lindley died at his residence, in Hickory .Mountain township, on last Saturday, in the eighty-second year ot his age. He was one of the .. . . pioneer nurserymen of North Caro- lina, having been extensively en- ro oo,l 5 n thri linciniitv: fViT- T Arn than half a centnrv, He was an uncle of Mr. .1. Van Lindley. the well known nurseryman of Guilford county. He was one of the most energetic and industrious old men that we have ever known. News and Obseaver : North Carolina is getting ahead of every- l,,'ncr in anothpr nnrticnlar that of mineral waters. The best lithia water in the country is now bottled and shipped in large qantities from Lincoln county, and is known as Lincoln lithia water. Il Is the la -si so far known according to the opinions of eminent chemists and physicians. Mr. John S. Pescud. ot this city, is handling it, and from the immense quantities he is selling it seems that if will take the place of all bottled waters in this market. It is handsomely put up. looks tempting in the bottles and when drunk has the most de sirable effect. The 'Old North State" is again ahead.. Kinston Free Press: There is a good chance of the cotton factory being established in Kinston. A. stock company, of 7O.OO0 lias been organized and near 50.000 of the stock is already taken. Our moneyed men should certainly not let this chance slip them to start the establishing of mauufacturies in our midst and to start the town to growing again. Subscribe liber ally to the stock it is almost cer tain to be a paying investment. Taking no other consideration into view, it is a moneyed man's duty to his fellow-beings to furnish work to people by investing in enter - prises of this nature. To look at ' . ,r , P - it in a selfish point of view, it is as safe an investment as can be made and will, besides greatly enhance the value of what other property veil may own in lvinstnn and vicin- it v. Don't let this chance through. Charlotte Chronicle: The peo ple of Providence township have arranged for a big barbecue at Carolina Academy, on the -"Jtb inst. A baud of music has been engaged, and a general invitation is extended to the people of Meck lenburg, I'liion and York counties to attend. There will be speech making, and amusements in abun dance, ii is to be an inter-county barbecue and picnic, in celebration of the good crop prospects. Mr. L. W. Hovey.of the 1 Hinn gold mine yesterday exhibited in this city a beautiful specimen of ore, that was taken from the 70 loot level in the Dunn shaft. The ore was studded with black diamonds, which were set off handsomely by little beads Of gold. Mining experts pro- nounced it one ot the prettiest sights they ever saw Mr. Hovey' says that he lias a large vein ot the same kind of ore in sight, Specimens of it will be sent to the Smithsonian Institute. Italeich News and Ooserver: Id the death of Col. Fd. Graham llav- wood, which occurred suddenly tit ins resilience in tins eu iasr nigtir, there passed away Olie of the finest intellects the State of North Caro- lina has ever produced. The men tal grasp, the power of analysis, ttie profundity of the learning of Col. Haywood were remarkable. The study of law was to him a pas time, and Ids mastery of that science, which he chose for his oro- feSSlOH, Oi nil it-! intrieneiAi 11 its details, all its deepest principles was little less than marvelous. He started out in life under the most favorable auspices possible to a young man ot' his day and had the bright promise of his youth been fulfilled he would have taken rank without doubt with the ablest law yers of the land. In this prime he was a superb orator, also. He was in short magnificent Iy endowed and he falls au intellectual giant. He was the only surviving son of the late F. S. Senator Win. 11. Haywood and has gone to his long home in the fifty-sixth year of his age. "3 NO': r i r ' I! l-.ei ti 're well a i Wed I. IIo:: .-i of la tba: v. be :: : -. -rn - an 1 the b-.. r, i io i a deny ts there, as ork. ant Herb. -ft six pers-.:is "17 ill TlK- i.- u r.-r Will: -.il i f.in'iii;. . a i e ;il 'inn a' Pd all. , pOoi :-.y ' r- ..i.a .; t to have it term ilk v. h u bet n impure. h i' bu. recov red. J- ".ir peojae were r:,, t. Iow.-t. during the WiM V, en: ' i f S: lis Hros. cir. ni'.t (b'orgc Hiriii w.-.s - .,.:,t fatally; Mrs. W. M i!, d angeroiirly : Wub.t ae.i lo. feriouIy. ne . f was als.i shot. The shro-.o luring t';-? t n.-.".unt- r r : and la : i a: -: in the rir P. ! i oeh v. 1. ; I ', !. rf V. .. ,: I'., .'..y. :' I':. , :. a i . i;-; i - -ad - r :' . il. left hi- !' an. A b-ared : a -.t l. .liter, t p'rform- . Ttarsday . :-i.l IT, . I. ( ra'uerl 1'l.iibpp, th - I n j ians : -v-i j ,t ne e .-.v: '-T8 ntc! .-.tare, a ia;: with Vfrleo. lie uei horsi:- the inu-a'a a took u it'a hi:a ;.n pistol, a quantity i r t ' ' 1 f.,-i. I y.vjcr aa 1 ball. New- a and out in While ' -iv as ana ms LiaiiK DOi !:. u ? v. . town, drew 20 fr'-rn t!"1 b. while waiting for the train ivi t n tl p 1 ,) to nr ar i 'c v i r h i . . . . . i - rje was KOKing lit the w ea; accidentally dischars,. probably fatally wear.. ,d he w ;i s Jones Count- : We are certainly share of hot w eather. Our Trenton frierc I crying out dull tim- s. ! cuv of ni0Dpy- I "termvions iir- !at lrenton. cau.-eu i scarcilv of tht. a,- ., mei0n purchaser.' I . . - . i l r f u '. i ii th- time ; -r .-3 1 scar- . ' : a'al Fofcu-1 a a pleasure o: came , j t . Kebt a. :e the r that ae is itii , j subsi.ied f i v a u.l it ,:r- v l : : ;. ve )ni , i. !..na to th- siderab'e ii.in:a;e the freshet. 1 at r.o: near anticipated . We learn that the fart will have a grpnd xcjl . Trent an ! a f-r.md ba'l , the tth of Autu-t next. lars in our next item". Ejj-s are -lUng a: Trc i .' f Jones . n town the ,t Trenton on Full partit-u- a dc.-n ia no. do aL,d r, a w.oa- J ; huckieberri-. to 2j. ar.-t n t : corn "!.. per bushtd: chickens, r -0a-J3c. per ptar. -: . a . wan: Lli.il . UeU . r i u g . Mr. F. H. toy store hou'-e on th Trenton, aud ::! Trenton bridge :u lirst-class steam c I aro:.u! iic.ve i; d r. ::'.- . " aL Lear the n into a prist 1111:1. We learn thar the Free V.'al Baptists ' are making preparations to erect a house of worship at the crossing of the Core Creek, Trenton and Kinston roads this fail: and Mr. Lewis Km.a; will also erect a cotton gin there. J Those persons who are a i pendent upon their daily earnings for liie gup port of themselves and their Limbics are having a hard time to i, :. tain work ; now since the crops arc a'.cut finished ' up, as many of the farmers have ex 1 haustcd all their funds ia raisin-,' a crop ' and are unable to employ them. I We nm-t say that Trent ;,n has iin i proved surprisingly fi r the last few years. Ju-t a- soon as the r teamb oats ' commence 1 whistling there, the town . commence! improving; new store", new dwellings, row warehouses and new fences took the places of the eld dilapi- d opd or.es. few vears Iil'iI flur old , Dous9 of wor.-hip was" sadly in need of repair. Since then i: has been repaired 1 and the Fri-t-opalians have erected a ' n ,at. and cxmmodtous church house, while the Jattuoaiits. now have on tneir lncation the materidi t0 put up a church, while these are moving on our citizens are not forgetting' the old houses, the homes of their parents: the painters are "I'P'J'nfa Lnt- l-'"" ' lH1 il brushes in the neate: c manner n them. we ee our county town im hopo the banning boom rK.r.y vc..rs yet. are glad to i proving, and will continue We are glad to a-c our farmers im proving the value of th-:r plantations bv erecting good substantial d wellings and tenant hou-es where heretofore stood the old-time log cabin with its two doors in the center, a mud chimney on one end. and a small peep-hole of a window in the other. How much more progressive and comfortable the tenant houses of J. B. Banks. Lewis King and many others look th.-.n they did three years ago We are glad to see these old mud chimneys and dark, unventilated cabins pa-s away, and -- in their s-t'-au good bricK chimney s and good modern framed houses with a plenty of light and ventilation. We again repeat, we are glad to see the agreeable change, for withstood houses none of cur farm ers need fear of securing the very best 1" 'anQntLi' nr,,l 1. i , I nc i r Cre'iTPS :i COO,! feeling between landlord and tenant, causes the tenant to redouble his t-iforts to please the landlord when he sees him interested in the welfare of himself and f' time since I saw a state- , r, tho s. n w j sind 1 n-orver ina! John SUivant of Greene couDty, who is one of her most successful farmers, will takiDg particular interest in the comfort ,nd welfare of his tenants, having the OeSl O 1 lcuai. uo u s e 1 re .v ci l . . t j w u expense, also a house ot wors.f.p. a house ot wars vear employed d besides evci teacher ft r ha tenants chi.an will wager oar last dime that J- TaEt dr,u't eff n have to mourn t partnre of any of has good ten,.::', - i?amiijo items. The cor derfuliy ceaed. 1 le your: Fran k Hi . i 15: h inst. We regr. a crip .c ti .' g, -t chi aged -". row i rains h . :,ni x. died on 1 i o: . month e regret to learn that L'r. i.insey. our -t to learn that D popular ihysician, ha- an attack ot fever. Wo wish him a 'peey covery . The last panae ;' ihc s-aa-n wa- i at Concord e a tii-'- I'hh in-:. Jad. from reports all v. ha at't-n he : : ; them -elve-a Miss -a-!, i B - : : '- ' :-:r ful hide, s of v ci;v. i - i. : - a a t a her . r a" ipar, :a-. Mr. ! Mi -a 7 Janes. We wi a la r rah i lea and enj lyment w hih araang us. Mr. Clias. M. ' 'ott-r. a w ung formerly of I 'aahico. i a: tew i !' ida. wli ' ha- i u sp.-.-. 1 i'-g a few . 1VS with rehitiva : , J Itiond.- of thi- pl.tC". lias returned to tii" land of lljwers w-here he seems to bo doing well going as captain of a tugboat. We wis:.1', him continued succets. nil:: i r: t- i-, a: before :.a : front of the h eternity i::'-'Ly him l h inU it : h o v.- a s w r. t k i it in I'a'.l vi;-v thre -r : : Ir ; - ! a; tliOrC r. i. . - i". his arm- i;:.::i : raar.glcd cor r l'eet and dr'" then rjajsini: authorit 1 :; 'he the As! o oa. v i ! i o i j : a chara :'a r .. r..-t': as al i v '.: i: not drinir: i 1 r-t r; 1 me a few iiiTtu-aw afa r th currer.ee thst ho ti;c;a,.i.: i.. christian youi;r raan. r. It was a sad affair and th.o 0'- t tation that can be River. t- forever sealed. niotivtF i '- th: have be: i the rtjrult of a i mind, wlii- a i: i ' hurr.l' ; lierc J l.is j r - --.:! c f t'.s t self murder. Ther ? v. - r throughout tii'!: v. 1 a- f.-"- ' down tile hail.5. "th tr.dn overatcati." T-io ''ir'tl; - t f i were blanched, but it '.vt other sex that excitcrarM'. rat a time. I: v.-a" about t,ho tir.u ladies were preparing their r:"it f ti:at the eve uintt : r e i 1 1 toidettes t their ro stayed ; ii a ed go th :-' :' and an on allay the i Of . ni 'It" second tl r f But at th- h a i with the- f r'.a come up h?r, hear a ban.il c f nition was t-u iii fair coniuir.r. 1 above f ats pa I learned aft' bards were if. on the hocr, ar blockaded . Tomorrow I Mount Mitchcl the Blue Hiige in as we r - .. tasi: and li t An ace: 0 jalv r .-, Hemphill" peak ot .'. mains c : t a a; tombed. Ha: t:a;:;" .: ' vented, n: . ' a. -a ' .r t was then ;..p'M; . t'. . your grand ceieliatiaa a' ' Uher : t'at- n;ca - : -' the party ! re ia .. ia ; : rowed down t I '.- o : V -eluded that for a p:-r:j-train was not ne-'e.-.-ar v. an to take the r it- on :Va Wo took an early bia.... Kno'j, and a: V,v a.m. ; the grandest c::;a Ji;: . The head wr.it-: i fully, ir. all c i- i -. suggested that if v. -. a. mountair.s w h i t a brandy i-i-a; a -a. should ! i - ' - him : -r t . ' . " ' : Blai: c 's '. - woman. -. a. : a a Mr. ihar. t; a. . a the ;ck;,a-' t'..:-t and e.- ; . ..ii ,ia... the maaii i v. .. a isc star, 'ineioute lay. c. r tor one en a was v. along lac heau-wa Miniature cataract. and bubbling tt.-taa anil enga.rea i-ur : miL-J, :a- evr;- :a, 1 us across the; pircam ways of ecaid roci :1 UP 1 jis iji i jii:i l: sound ana cneeiir nra....i. falls dist. elltd ail iLca.,;':.;.: fatigue. Here and the; stop to gazo upon sr mo h ' deavoring to hold back waters, and watch the a ra the vigorous curronl as it around and lini a ; ssa-' -circuitous route. Then t '. trees shoot. ng up from l. determined t out- trip th- !. aspiring altitude, would .t " miration and rtirati! ' a .. on slill n: -c . r :.p. '. . : . -an 1 . . -. . - i blazed tres ;a:d the w rk c " made it so plain that r. wr.-t f. though at'oet. need net err th Finally, leaving tao .a.. wo beg in to a-een i : ;. a a rate, every dvp v.:: :;a ii: h and tii e climb h;:d begun By 12 o'clock wo re.ache '. tl little park that 1 have o a out in al! of nature's a : -. :. trees iDokH'.g laore bke orchard :han the v. tl 's ...' . slope. 7;:.; green car; - t . i tert;? tic v: d to be tained a .pa icily i o.und ti lite bea tempe.,.: wati r. co i. a en was in a p. .ag : rni s i'.' i an a At 1;. : poo i it. . in n in 1 th eu: JU tl! t a' C '. we i i mine mi nut 1.-0 s- . il! cu ria I -.1!:- !,n; . . ,.- '- I " ! ( - f the ; o m a s t , iii k wo ocr a t tar.i I. IV Is la.;' i has ooaiv ice ral 1 In: n k it t r. " ai. ,t wa I mag :i but a ! aaa ,ry in. ;i. elc;: -e butsam ::' : .. wVca (.jr path lay be ' y . ihae to the n.dtcd . V" to the re . f nbcat. three feet, v-'.r had any fondness lor passing .g Grounds I v night and felt a lulajus as to lbs propriety of thii i..:,i Hoc tarnai capant ' , a a : i ': . u;t t ) ne v. here a lone oc m such bublime thought of that r a.s I. , , eiiraptur c . r.i.y r. n-i.lrra- ; o -1 I -Oililg .'.aren LIU tu- niea mo va st rear: a; k th' Fut liu.' i halt must co wa are. und yuii. '.td you of .; to eleep ..eh iillJ its .a ' :a". e .lj the straight dead trees were all ..t of too question. Necee- :a.p ana v 1- BO. n. and : ia i ur re c r v ; l.o Ij3 tho mother of inven- hght faithfully did she serve t.l.,-a!3. I lir U",1 :nnv k hrlra 'tid brought from their rest A sometime, so they must be a t..c :0 ! re may 1 i -. .ov i. 1- at 1 at I'.tives and iii. I had a i i ho air ad : -i one ; arsp. ration . l was epent a P'Ot-r huc aboio thret' when w" g and botii no; a wat until orn-ing . raikii: taat witam a:. 1 i eak and v. e v.'.-ilking. Ti,e a cd art. und us : w hi-a !m g of . v ;. aid nco ir. - t . .. bs f the ri : :r the r.:- :a"d ab.w y i. , ; ; - - car . 'i . J 1- 'aa a urted ot: - d it bt a .! c- that t . the aur.try her eat .end.. t ather.-d : rat atations n th'-n turned to was gene. homo his :; i '.ill sister just ,..' : '.ieh loving v ' r , i.aracler A s I loi.k a '. iglit night . uch t-!: ovt ) mo, and -tu! lawyer, an d one of the m. ist eri'.s in the- build U aboad. Then I -.h a the itv ta l.in. a; r.ng s iaiaie t' -.il i i r, - 1 poo the a- the gentle and heard , . ', past days ah' to be lived . tay the dear ' lh- "so'.th, hold of eveiy com- ' v and lovinglv d n l :(' teS .'ill a. !! : 1 .'.-8 h Iter . e- ic ii he a ne and ideniial voi in-; Li ii 1 ir-an p-e 'ket. P'.el. !. s hen r;ie I v- i ,a: r ; iair- A a-a. '."".":" . . a-.;,::'i:':l;'Vr'' Genera: ?.": -Vordise, .t . . r. a : 'n.vci'.-ity to : ' ' r'-; :!- -' '-- L me aiwava, ' Aq(;1:,(j AM :s Etc. p 'ttictaaa put ; . -rth her best ,Jav tll'-'u:d be one of Consignments ef Cr.si:,, Ctiitin and . na-nac: : tne mi.ilary and other proj,;C(, KT Urittl . -.. - r .'.ra-' .a! with brass bana t ui:t-;1s:,1 into the the-' lrompt A!'.-;ion i;fcd. i .dr-t-.dv crowiied with a W. Cor. b ,::. Ft,,., md MiddloSf "-.a .r:7:hVhU;i":n 2V f n aacl Tl 1- ,"tra.-' pu i a -, n reiaa . . ci.loijarr i tri:t not be Bold In err) j-, of low tost, siioitw powders. So!C " y -.- .-: t. A mHrvel of a rmas. Mora . -v i : :kds, and oan i . rj il h i,e multitude ..:.!. tluj-i or phospbata finn. lauLiiin t..y 1 novls-iTdw r.i by Alex. Miller. rOwDBli For palo 1' Wr.' n New it mim, liJ.llo St-, fc I' it; t; No?.. NEW :!!.!tl . 'ir-,- s K I N D PUR'- LEQUS3S () every vi r quanta; s of TOBiCCC All of v. CHliAP John P. Dint.; dec2a dw in lfir,';p or small : .' ;n:-;st(;ijades .it L' CIGARS. ii v. . j 1 t -c hi dd ASH! a t aaan a: rn an. i'roprietor. Prepare for Season Blatchley's Freezers, (Will fretzc cream ""lid in foe minutes) Rcfr:crr.V:v Water C::lCiS, War: I-lra Ccvers, Wire VvindoT Cl;tri, Fly Fans, And a 1 nil Line t f House FurriishiiiP' Goods, AT T II -'i t"J rj xr tv i- , ; 1. U. 11) I LlMl H, - ' 26 k 23 Middle Street, N ft W liElCNF.. . Our e tore ia f i .- Provisis-t. .', Goods, ;:-, ; Etc. We kce: .. r OelebratC';" Pr ( .miu tl 1 , Loots and Qbnrv c: fons' Boots Ever faction : .- to give eatia- . t. : ml the people ' c. to call and ex ",:k beiaro purchaa vm I, ',v tiiruros. 'Saulf. Country me:-' generally are ret; amine our large t ing. We ii! civ V7e joij I.or.iiar 7) pm-r rrr; 61 K. Whiles;. 1 Deafer in CHOICE F it GROCERIES MOST UK I PLIANT, PURE &PERFECT LENSES In tlio World. They are as 'transparent and colorless ss llRht Itself, and for "softness or endurance to the eye. cannot lie excel!".!, enabling the wen rer to t t k. 1 r ' fact . I hey ai e l i itlr K( T r I. ul fallKue. In i'lil.SKllNERH, lf"iu)iua physicians . , .ic s. Senators, ii i . - - : 1 1 h 1 1 p' o C Tradth . t ii who t i , ( ir use. I : 'I t i :i a ' : I 1 BY V. Druggist, Tet.1 ! la the -, nils fr-on. A a a ! . i I f. s. d u r r ' jnai) ;:..- i . . . 6E0RGSALLEH' & GO. DEALERS IN General Hardware Agricultural 1 m i 1 e in o u t . i Pla i t , 11 arrow ii, Cultivators, H es and Axes, Wo ad s ?5owe rs aud Jteapers, s t I 'philips, C.,; : .: Fort. i. a" SIo. :..'. I.iliie, k note, nisli, I il, I'i ; ; '. - , Cook i Proof Sasli i ' . a ;.: ,! pi osses. a ter, Kmiilt '. ilnrilware, ;.!. Plaster :s.I:io, Var ty and II air. ...tots. Oil i.a JJurprlar irrancd to v. frivc Ht-curilv nv-l satisfaction. idiitais vt;iY low. ''. Ahl.MN & CO. .' - v- ,. if.- V'4 a '" -a- '; :'l ' -: 7ir h'tif ' ' ,.V; . ... ;.: ' v:.V ' ': 3 - n. ' V ' W ? - satr-"fcirll 1 rtfliMfriiaHrr "S J ? ! v- -s ' 4 - -4 s. i 7 JK? -Ia-

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