North Carolina Newspapers

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We endeavor to keep only
and will at all times e 1 1 n:
We offer at w ho. ':r.
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Ard a fall line of Crec-r'. Me-e'r.audlse
at Loet: Market Prices.
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Weird, wuchins fugues from the pines
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Chorals upmiroJ from the billows
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Mvtic Nuvrmher' O br ef intermezzo.
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it has mi diSiistrousl. trilled, illtia
tr.itfd in the ujust uiumjuivooj!
manner m tti-- cureer and eh.irai'ter
of its candidates." H ilnnmrt' Sun.
Short Talks With the Men Who Guide
the Plow.
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the market.
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wholesale prices Men's Hand
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for a quarter.
Sixteen rib I in&relia. only 1.('1. r u.i .ino of lrunKs,
Values and Bju.t received
Carpet, Rags. O-l Cl -th an
Mr. Cleveland's Record Makes Hi
Nomination Certain.
Mr. I). inn. iii B. Ki'on. the well
kiMiwn t: vi 1 .--ei vice returmer. w n tos
as lullows iii the "urtb A rn -t ica n
Ri-cicw: "Notbing sKsiiiod i- hi
r-xn ane-Mis decided the ot
1S.S1. There were three uew r liiii
new to many voters involved iu
it, and they were the deci-MVe
Kiices : 1. The remarkable per
sonality ot Mr. Cleveland. 2. The
principle and need of adtnimtra
tive reform as a great l-sne in a
presidential election. 3 The ac
ceptance ot such a caudid ite and
principle by the democratic party
i as a political necexsit. Ir s not
important to nicels e-titn te the
relatl e lutluence it these el men!.-.
rnt we neeil to understand tb rn
Tin- new man in uaiioual atl.nrs,
who n the statesmen ot his party
a.ij; lciously supp rtel. whcim it
par: is in leader.- accepted in nieie
. .leplr of electing one ot their
kind, whom Vast DUillltelS of greed
ofhYe seekers voted f(r in the le
, Hel that they could force him to
j universal proncn pi iou this man
, who has risen more rapulh than
'any other in our history has, in
l the thim two month- t-iuce taking
'he presidential chair, Oeoame not
o i j I v the ere-itt-.-t mor-il and po
lltloal foice in his party, hut the
statesman most respited ami
tru.-ted liy thoe whose judgment
rt- leasr biased by parts prejucliee.
"He h.a become the real leader
oi bis party, so far as it ba.s auy as
a whole, not by going down the
way of its passions, but by calliug
it mi to the plane of its duty . In a
oabmet as able, perhaps, as any in
this generation he is eotispicuousls
to re most. It' we except Jackson
and Lincoln, no President since
Jefferson has be-?n so a po
litical force. His acts and State
(inrvors would be -i better platform
lor his party than any its leaders
could frame. He ba,s elevated tie
leadership ot his party and madt- a
new career po-sible lor it. Hid
death would be the severest lo-s n
could suffer, and more than that of
auy three men in the country would
cnanee all the problems of the iu-xi
; e-leCi ion.
j '-President Cleveland is certain
i to be renominated. To substitute
! mother, no matier on what pie
tense or with what platform, would
; lie held by every voter, intelligent
i enough to be an independent or a
! icformer, to mean a repudiation ot
his policy and a triumph of the
' patronage-mongers and office
kers whom he has 1. tilled and
"Feeble indeed would the demo
' cratic pany be, hopeless us pros
pects. if they d-ependeil on
oas beeu done in Congress, or tv
' the old party leaders. It is the in
j iieicn ba ble contract bewecn Pres
, ideut B .chanan and President
Cleveland which has made bo many
I people, fortunately tor it, loret
even the nominal identity of the
i patty behind them. A new Bu
i chanau would rain the democratic
i parts . There are hundreds of
boosands of voters feebly attached
' to any tarty, but deepls interested
. in good government, and having
Anarchists Another one of Their
t ircul dTi.
Chicago, Nov. The anarch
is s ot this city have prepared the
following circular for distribution
ainont: the wotkingmen here:
' I-'iht. Motto: Ruler we detest,
tieedom we leijilt-st. to be CQ'lals
we us pin-, we will or sve'll expire.'"
In the course of a conversation
between John Swinton and Carl
Matx which took place shortly be
iore the hitter's death Swinton
asked Marx: -Wnat will the future
bring:?' Rhort but meaning was
t he answer t he great thinker and
social philosopher gave, it was
but one short svord. set a word ex
pressing vt-ty much. The answer
w,h 'tight ' Hosv cleat ly M at X
could lo,.k into the future. Yes,
, tlht .itiil utiugiile. liven it there
i are Borne optiouists in ourrauks
tbe majority of our comrades ;ire
convinced that it will take hard
fighting to gain the gi :lr titial aim
svhieh the ttiinking pioletaiiat of
nil con n ; i u-s wi;h i! :i : ;i i :ir li-iver
is rj-w strugix.itig to re.u-a. I lie
picket sk;ruiislii;ig has been
d me dililiiU' the last tew eats in
1- r pe as ssell as America m t
wa for the erection and institution
of a free societs proves there is no
use in talking about a pe-iceable so
luiion ot this question. How bru
tally, without consideration yes,
barbarously, especially here in Am
erica, the moneyed ruling class
faces all those who v i : h pits for
thell fellow men and the courage of
their con ;ct ion s express their leel -nigs
and thoughts m words and
writings was shown bs the terrible
Cinc.igo -tragedy which ended on einiie" 11; h. ls7. Ivght ot the
liest and noldest i;oueei s of t he
Worklllglllell SVel'e sai-l 1 ticid . FlVe
weie kilied and ihu-e disabled.
Yciily such brutal i i iLs law as was
shown in tin- modern trial of here
tics here la t 'lucigo cannot again
Ih' f. oind in I he h i -t ory of I he
Wolld Yes. the tllal ot ileletlC-..
As in f.iimer tunes heretics were
saciiliced at the slake b.s a fanatical
mob, liilunated by biyoted piicsts.
o called political ciiinmals svere
Moore. Si oO; Mr
hunted dovsn and muider-ed t) the
ruling class ol then times, so the
soeial hereCics ol toil. is ail those
woo aspire to social equality are
persecuted by a rich mob. We
must be clear on this siinject. Can
religious and political free Ihiukers
and relorme: s express their opm
ions without fear of punishment !
i he pioletaiiat of today is without
religion. He pays his piiests, sup
pints his chinches, etc., but this is
only done to throw sai.d into the
people's i Sos. While they are
making lite upon this earth a lu-il.
they can ju-t as well assure lis ot
heaven alter dea'h. It is not ex
pensive. The p:en-:it so called
poll t te il i etor ;n 1 1 ton s are not in
tended t- llitelicle With the piisi-
After the crops are gathered
there is a disposition to procrasti
nate, to defer work until toward
spiing. The result is that the
farmer is usnallv very much crowd
ed in the spring, his work gets
much ahead of him and pushes him n.,,
inni. especially is tnis tne case
in wet springs. Imperfect work is
the consequence, and the evil
effects of it follow him through all
subsequent cultivation of his crops.
It is an old and excellent edge that
a farmer should push his work, and
never let his work push him. To
do this he must look well ahead and
plan judiciously; he must be vigilant
and energetic.
Iet him ask himself now: Is
there any necessary or desirable
work which can bo done through
the winter about as well as any
other time T A moment's reflection
will suggest a good many. First, 1
all those o;crations which look to
the stopping of injury done by
rains. Hillside ditching, terracing
and tilling ot gullies. Second, re
moving obstructions, gtubs, rocks,
arumps, etc. Third, repairing farm
roads, bridges, etc. Font t h, repair-
llt . ing implements, pieparing dupli
cate pans to provioe lor accidents.
making axe and hoc helves, single
aud double trees, wagon bodies,
hay frames, etc. Every one ot
, these things can be done duriug
the winter, and leave the fanner
free in spring and summer t de
vote his entire time and energy to
the preparation tor the planting
and the cultivation cd his ciops.
Hillside ditches If oho has
these, they are quite sure to need
some looting after. They will be
found obstructed in places, perhaps
biokeii over m some, little washes
may be tornied j list above where t he
water runs into them. The sooner
these things are canceled the bet
ter, delay only lnciea-es the evils
they produce. An o'ost I net ioii may
soon cause a bre.ikovei ; t he washes
-it breakovers sill row deeper
with every rain. Remember that
the cause of a break oer is always
below the point svhere ir tcctir-
too narrow or to shallow a place
in the ditch a root or stump which
lias collected trash, etc.. etc. When
new ditches h ivc to be run. the
ground in winter i. in good condi
tion for making them: i: is moist
Allowa- c-s Made by the County Com
missioners of C -,r.vr. Crair.ty at the
BegularjMoetinc; H-ld ;a Ncvc-r.-.l-.-r.
For the To-.-: Win. ( : v - . f r
eupport of M. H i.-ri-. si.1 o i. fr ; Kit-.
1 -M); S(rah Ilerriuge for M. Ii. Hill.
50 Oh; Henry W!!. s ; VJ; Auiun la
Clirk. Si. 5'".. A. Toier fir bin Kee. .
51 V: Mre. Wl-j- (Jray. sj e,i ,ry
Oat'.m si .',0: ".'ash. St.iv.-r for W
1 . llerrinton. -"1 J;;
D. S. Willis for J ,,- I'.is.s j 00
Blount for Caei-r i'-.i:,ntr. V
Nelson, 81 00: A. A. Lloy.L
O. MoaJey frr Einev H rowii
Betsey Westbrook. - 1.00; W. II
for Simon Rhem, ;.0O; Thonvas Jlarrb.
Si 00; M. Hahn for Iun M : ry. .?! CO.
Matilda Gunners-OD. SI CO: J. Wiley
anj family. S4 00; Ciif 2r I'-ec-ton for
!'.' - a: -.
'.V. ..;
most lui;
'): R.
. .v.
' foaturL.-;
"liiitiK a-i
i relate to
f railroul land grunt
''tot tl v ft.' tor ray app
'.lull ! i; nv have ti
fro;-;! its legitim-ite
E Becton. .-: ro
Si 25; Norm in lj. .. -k f r i
house, .31 00: Mrs Kltar.or
Sl.25; Shadrich R Dunn. S3
Pearc? for B. ' We.-r. SO or
-s rig
. W
. V."
Jacob and fJanoah Burr." .Ji (; ft
Carpenter for S.tbra Slade. S-! C".
The fallowing clai.-r- iv,T3 allow,. ..
the atn-.niH Ui:!.s- tie.- ,r:o as cl.iimc-i
unless otherwi.-e Ptiito ...
land, keeper of Wil:
E. Qui J 1-y . in:;-.r r
SlO 00: J hn T. Liio.-i In
mont bri 1.-. .-? i 0v.
guar-iian. ir.!- re-1 or;
na:-! ire-
r- p h r
Sen rp. k
M.irgar- . i ; .r.uro
L. Hah n -.i t;-.- ; i ui
rations f ..r ;-. . r. .:0
traveling p.t;. -p. - -E
istern 1 lis A-;
Moeley. h,.uj rc
Meadow?, hny f.r
E. II. Meido.-.vf .,-
poor r.:ais..- f ,r f -ur m:it:w.
J. F I.jr.,? pr : f serv
is' bridge. ST.o :
f cr-.ut !,-. -.--.o
. Leep.--r Cler
T E. Stover.
!.'.--. fi: -,:-. a.
!i iu-e, t0 oQ:
!-. -0 CO; Jo?tph
" '. J. J. T.-lsOU
. J. D. Rober:-.
Jri i. B.-van to
:o. ; G.
- .-. J. A.
jr houij. Si GO.
. for
Jj 00: Dr.
e-. Sj"i.S4;
the ;-,
men is
th I'jl
hold I b
that th.
Congri -; hi I r. t only mad
wnicn in. sjme instances exceed"
extent the area of a half-dozen of t
largest and most popular States of ;
1. nion. but in addition pro i led to
any losses of lands within th" Krant
limits should he Fati?licd bv eelert-e
oi lino-; iviuiiE oilier
limits, thus nearly d-e.iblmg
the oriKinal grams, i'ndir
the land department i a 1
from public ;inpi-opr:a-.i -n n
granted limits as rt-'iuif '.
also the 1.,:; 3 which too
limits at the request of t;
companies. Thus enormous
oi me puLoie lana wer
vatioa to await the conven ienco
respective corporati'-na ia iho .
tion cf their roads, the seio-t: on .
land.s and the uncertain adj'jstn
me rauis oy me iiopiiriii
witbstanJinc ind n.
rawaU v.-, -re ma ie rxebisi
n.lei. : of ' oompaiiios. f
if any cf thtia. cuetructt d
within the time prescribe 1 i
:r-g a I. as ..:r t v ; : . ;
w h
Jffiri;;' ;
with rap: :
withd rawiti
moet iuvari
lie land. .State-: an i 7,r; . ; . '
gridircne-d over with raKr.a 1 kt ::
and indemnity limits, and in man-,
stances the limits of one rua-1 ovet
piiii? and contlictinrf with other
in the mo. t bewildering mauner. so
the settler recking a home c:u! J
ly imd a desirable Jocati-t
not claim, j by some one
two or thi'to of the ma;
M. T. Bryan, c lVi :
T. IT. M .Hi cn. e .run.:---and
mi'.e.ii-. S "j ' VO V.
com , p.T it iem an ;
poor. u oo . w.
dieru. etc.. 0 : . W.
per diem ar.d mil- r.o. S
Bates. c..r.-n-r. holdoit: i
of Luke Ri-s-li. .jta'.m- 1
lon-ed .:", f.;.; W A. To- -:, ..
sf-rvitw to t n uv, r -e.
Si -10: R w S.rat!). rep.i
bridge. Si4 I','. Ne-v B -rn-
-' -10: J.
i burials. SI2 CO:
i ner. per rlle-n
M. Wats, n.
;up-ri:itt nJing
- n. c :a i r
. 1 . 1 1 a , rn . Corn .
11. I.
i. -i on 1. i
a d v e r t i - i r . & c .
Jket. &
in Wili-s'
J t :: i.
A llarrell.
tic l': Willis 0V
and solt The plow alone can do
nine-tenths ol the vo;k. .V two
hoiiie hillside plow is the proper
one. Mark off the line ol ditch,
then start the plow the distance ot
five or six furrows below the
marked offline, and plow up to ir,
i browing dirt down hill all t he time.
This done, go over and over again,
beginning each time one furrow
nearer the line ot ditch thau was
a wide, deep
hd-vards. co wheels for briJg". 0 00 ;
11 II. P- rry. as-essin,j property, claimed
S 0 C'"' illowe ! c ' 00; Dmiel Siimson
turnkey fee-. SC 00. strvinn suto nas
90c, s.iairnoiniin jurors. Sl" GO. build
i"K a f'rivy. eV .- . t'7 CO. f eedma; prisoners
for October. Si 0-5 50: O. Iiubbs. pr
diem. fees. x'j.. S-iO 0; James A.
Bryon. com p-r diem. &c 5-i 00.
R-'CHpitulation: Support
S273 10: department of ju-tii
mis -el laneous dep irtm-n' .
SnerilT and j-iil fees. Sto.' Vo.
month. ST00 7-3.
of porir.
:e. SO?. 24;
S;9i 40:
Total for
done bel'oi e. Fm
A Card.
. N C, NT---,
of Craven c
t v i :
thts of
lettes ami proi-ei
upper ten ; hons.iud.
War to palaces, peace to huts,
'L isalle exclo.'med twenty years
ago. Wiioes ei has heaid the pen
pie wail in their presest distress
and desperation, svnose heart is
ii-it witht-n-d in his bo-om. ought
to khosv that we need men who will
t.ike part wi h enthusiasm aud
passion in the tight of the working
class against the social evil. Who
ever joins us must take all the
consequences upou himself and
must be ready to sacrifice every
thing for the cause, even should it
be his life. Lite is not the highest
of treasures. Finally I want to re
call to the memory of our e-omrades
the words ot Sohilh-i: -When the
oiilifd rinivluTf finds Ins T-iuhf
when the burden eauno' be carried 2.';tho H broken by the plow
at,v h)::,.r then be trustfully
furrow will be formed along the line
of ditch svith a broad dam below it.
Tow run in this furrow a V-shaped
opener, made of stout dank and
two and a half foot wide behind,
and you will have a Dice, broad
ditch without a lick of hoe or
shovel, unless there should be roofs
or n-ck to be removed.
Hut, except tor cutting off svater
fiom uncultivated shapes, etc., ter
races are preferable to ditches.
Terracing is best done in fall aud
eaily winter partly because there
is then more leisure, partly because
more time is given the terrace bor
ders to settle and become firm be
fore the heavy rains of spring at
tack them. Lay off border lines
exactly on a level, going down hill
for the next one. just three feet be
low (measured on a horizontal line'
the oue above. Make a broad list
along tbe line, leaving the centre
u here tin
: hey w; 1
st .llelied
the base,
from the
the tninl
spi n,kl:iii
Jf-f raenbn we hvo move!
Storr a xt to National Bak. He
'r:-t I
:u: oil
sure suo Se-
'n 1 t -
us before
tbe Urge Brick
vou buv.
oward ? Jones,
l M tor Uwo irovftlM. ud kll Vuai
. b-M on.y mui to DM UlAtr .o--i
Lai TuatSCBlRiiiurLUlCAj
Cl RXT) Uouk oat B.-s -t
OC laeon tnct .a any wT r..iirJ
rot iemie med&l ps-nlp'. Br d.-l
vi vh owim y
mM UM foo miI m
tsotl. and hi hi
IiIiiiii rrln hiirn mrln" ' " T
I bwaiMMiflxiiftuaoa 79zl7fi2m both wLmi'Ji ckj
TSTLATEnn'. Cij UatX B.rrsllxB. tirif, CJ
sees ir.TaatstrMsT.ixrtrta. mx
UTVIULf PSB90MS oma hao FRE8 Trial or our AppHanc. AsH for Term!
R. tl. Duffy.
Surijlcal Appliances, Druggists' Sundries, 8c,
y OUISNiS PIONEER BLOOD KbNEWER-in valuable for the
core of Rbmmatiem. t-,x-t , -r -
ST Larttwt. brst delected ard cbearwst line of Hh LMrAKS n
tllddty 40,000 just received. The wholesale trade especially locked
f -r t t ' -A. r- li r T . : 1
Mates pcialtj of SUPFKlOri uyiur.a ior meuicitiBi
'he courage of their convictions,
who have taken notice that the
vigor aud moral tone of this ad
Ministration will bear comparison
1 with anv iu their time. Thev have
s, en with satisfaction the honor times
ind dignity of the nation firmly
U ohe'.d in every quarter ot the globe,
ind would dread a change, i-s
i-ci iliy iu a of diplomatic
meildlesomeui ss. Tbe moneyed
nterests of tbe country have In.;
i their auxiety and g i.tied coutidetice
: in the evidt-uce that the ti nances d
the government base never in then
lay been more wisely or honestly
d ministered. They i.ot only sec a
navy being btrlf, but apparently
! without fraud -. 1;' neither our cus
t oai s duties nor our currency sy sr ems
I oave been materially improved,
lies do not see how H would have
eeu bet'er had the last election
been decided d i ffel en t ly .
; "The not unnatural distrust lest
Confederate debts should be paid
j aud rebel soldiers pensioned has
1 ttivru place to gratitude towaid a
I I'lesuieut who has had the courage
I to veto more than a hundred in
defensible bills lor squandering the
iiro'.e mouey uuder the pretense
d pensions for Udlion soldiers,
h:ch the demagogues and
-etii-iiieis of both parties alike
'united in passing. No bill es
i peel. illy beneficial to the South haj
I e-n favoied by the dominant
fpirty or administration, out such
k bill presented by a republican
Senator w.wt defeated by the aid ot
leinoi-ratic arguments and votes
la other words, the Southern ques
. ; on is d ad, sectional issues are no
, more available, the outs cannot get
in on the feebleness aud the faults
d those in power. The record of
j ihe- republican pJr'y stands in im
l mortal glory, but is as u-e
1 less as IVgHsus for the war chariots
i the next election. With my
I rung conviction that the republi
reaches up to the stars and fakes
down the rights due him and uses
such means as are necessary. When
not hing else avails ttie sword will
help '"
The Fruit (ianlen in Karly Win'er.
Iecember is often a prolongation,
as to weather, ol November; in fact,
of October, also, and svoik suitable
to those months may be continued.
Howes or m;!d in the first days of
the month, cold often shuts down
with a snap, and svo should be pre
pared at liny day for the announce
ment that winteris here." Some
it is even mild enough to
continue tree planting bu: it' the
soil is at all frozen, leave the trees
y are. 1 f well b et-K d m ,
be e I it-ct 1 s s , f,- en 1 1 1
Yoii-ii,' tiees should be
by a in on ii d of e.u t h at
which sv il also pioteet
i'l,iils i ;" m iec ; I u Ol : ng
is vrn b ti. io ly me a
; with bio,
N'k.-.v Pi:::n r.
oi trii peoplo or Craven
Ab ut two years ao L. N Kdhur.-.
late county treasurer, was indicte 1 in
two cases for f.uiing and refusdlj; t..
post at the court h-)iis do r a ttatemcm
of the receipts and disbursements of
county funds as req iired bv law. tn i
the caits. after a mistrial, wire con
tinued until Monday the C':li inst.,
when Ge.j II White, sol ichor without
even consulliog mv-e!f an i llr. J. I.'.
ITarrisoa. the only S:ate witnesses, rep
resented to Dis Hjnor. Ju l,;.' Avery,
now lioldini; the f-dl term U.7 craven
Superior Court, th it he ha 1 examined
ibe case an l found nothing in i: to Jus
tify a further prosecution of Mr. Kil
burn and caused a nol pros to bo en
tered. The statements made by him are
untrue and aie a reflection upon the
honesty and character of Mr Harrison
and myself, the only witnesses on the
part of the Instead of perform
ing the duty of a prosecuting cfi'utr
and consulti::;; the State witnesses, he
eets up in open court and defends the
criminal whom he is sworn to prose
cute. It as a fact tha: D N, -v-.i
burn has. previous to his indictment
aDd repeatedly since, failed to pubii.-h
his monthly i-tateaients of receipts acd
disbursements of the county funds cua.-
lug into ins nani!?! as county treasure r.
ion crams r r
the desire
ently covered by a rail:
the setth-r would hardly .-
agents of the corporations
a claim to u. or the riht t
denude it under tb-.- rih;
constru.-tion i rlvileo-
grantinc; act. fhu
of his leftal right-,
advise him v.i.p, i
law or t bo fa w
peace r.:;
purcha-o fiom to
way these eorp: i
the lands y'J.'.u:
claimed . n: hi a-i i
a great th :u ,.f Ian
neitaer :
s!i i : . - i . :., r
sold by a 0 oo ..;
out- i lit cf th. ;:r;:
ty the de partmoot
tlie from th-.
himseif in ih? ucfortu
o: havia i : b-".:. !
Tne" S i o y .
Ot UUllio. d
by the i'r-. s
that c.f ot;.e
passace of
whereby ti:
wa d i recto 1 to
each of too raiir
ty C' to ai
ofra;l:o .as. " The Sec
that if the liepartme
with auiherky to make in Jem;
drawals. as had been d ine ::i
instances, the exerci? cf that
was a ma-.t.-r eniirely within s
cretion. au i not a matter cf '
nation it; any re-p. :. aa I ... - ;
onMiyCj. :t;T. rale-.: wcre i;i i u;
tne aitteicnt c.j
linsisaii mat is actually neces
sary. If this list is never disturbed
It Will grosv up in weeds aud grass which he is required to do bv law. and
and will filter out and catch the llie charges in the two indittmunts
dirt washing down from above.
Unassisted, it may take years to
make a level terrace, by breaking
land svith a hillside plosv, throwing
dirt down hill all the time the le
sul: will be hastened. We commend
terracing with greatest confidence
to all wno have i-olli.ig lands liable
to wash.
For filling gullies what better
time can be lonud than the present?
The fields are iu great measure un
occupied by crops, and wagons and
teams may pass over them without purposes and from the best information
detriment. All manirer ol obstruc- I can obtain there is not to bo found any
tions, as rocks, loose Stumps, bushes record as required by law in the office
and briars, which should now be ' f ,ho TeUu' of deeds of any di5
. , , . , '- , bursements showing how this large
removed, lurnisli matenal tor the aiDOunr,f Tf.ur ,.1XCS have been paid
work. It is unneccrss.iry labor to out by th-.t t.tli.-er. The manner in
till a guiles along its whole length, which Mr. Kilburn's accounts nre kept
lbs-ructions nlaced at; renders it aim i.-t impossible f- r you
against him nre undisputed facts well
buown to many of tne peopie of the
county, and could have been sustained
without doubt As a taxpayer and citi
zen of Craven county. I feel int'-re- ted
in the welfare of its pv-oyte. and ooiv
desire to have the lovs executed at.d
every ciiiccr and persiu ioj.Is to ob-y
the lav. s. I a :ji not actuated by any
personal malieo -,r spirit tig d:;;t Mr
During the pa-t thrte y.rrs l.-i.
ls.j atid lss.j a very farce amount ot
taxes have been collected proDabiy not
lees than SOO.OuO for schoois. build inu
a new court house and other county
1 rom
slallgh-er ilntlv.
pel rabbits. A
killmg. and fat
eating. M ike
curs oil ; b
.;; and re
' gun is very
o's nre good
o d
s tl I tace d i at ns to
w a' e i 1 1 oin s mi n g
anssver every purpose. These svili
catch aud hold the dut which finds
its svay into the gulley. aud that is
the main point to be looked after.
Il a gully is not too deep, plow or
cut down its edges so that a horse
can cross it. If good obstructions
are placed across a guiley, aud they
are crossed in plowing, aud the dirt
aud trash on plosv shaken off in
passing over, it is wonderful how
soon it svill nil up. Flow the edges
of the galley in crossing but never
loosen up the bottom let that
remain firm and grow up in weeds
and grass. When a gully is a
an outlet lor svater.
orchards, t'ut cioiis beloie severe
weather, label, and store in saw
dust. A ini-i ;e in A g nou 1 1 ii 1 1 s .
Stonewall Items.
The cool wave has reached its with.ut
any signaling.
On SVe.i ne-d.iy . the 30. h ult , C. 11. nairo ly escaped a serious loss.
Ihe lint cotton from some cause, sup
posed to be a match, caught on fire, was
discovered bv the hands in ibe lint
room as it passed through the conden
ser and was put out without any serious the gullev can easily be kent clear
da-nxe. nf IiinIiin a-hioh of her wise I'nio- tin
rapidly and deface the field, or also
; .. ....... i. I .l.-... . ... . .......
tlie Ciew Heme colored brass Danddis- i------ -.v.-. ...o. v v
coursed the music for ihe occasion and keep them down.
ue. and all parties inter- s here rocks are present m C tl 1
to be well satisfied with rivaled fields, if is true economy to
necessity n?
sutlicient obstructions should be
placed in it to keep it shallow
enough to allow crossing svith the
plow, if not with wagons. Where
crossing is practiced, the edges of
The Order of Oood Samaritans had
pjite a tr;iud celebration last evening;
It v as well rh
e-te.1 SrellU-d
th- turnout and p trade, and all acted
their par: with decorum and good be
havior. I: was reully an honor to so
ciety. This morning at about 3 o'clock Dr.
Aumore and family were aw akened by
ihe fumes of smoke and foi.nd his hou.e
nil tire, and nil the help he had was S.
J. Lane aud himself, and Sbd said it
teemed that ih ey fought ih.tltmesby
themselves for an hour, but at last some
of his neighbors were aroused and
jy lrirjXioii compounded with care and dispatch.
13 dw ' - McTtlMret eor. Middle aad Pollock stA, Haw Berne, K. C.
Ca pari j" et contains the highest and hird tutu they succeded in outing
rtn iliHejriAriH fur wnnd crnvornmcrt. i 'rie Ibmes. Itwifl take at least thirty
I its success in the next election
j -jeetna boptdess, save on the oasis
f tbe most alxsolate commitment a0RTOA()E and Warrantee Deeds
o tcose great principles witi wnicn xtx
remove them. 1 bey retard hoeing,
and they inteifeie svith plowing.
The time thus lost svould soon pay
the cost of removing them. If too
large to handle, they may often be
broken un by building a lire on
them and pouring svater on them
when hot. Sometimes they may
be quite readily broken svith a
heavy hammer. If neither of these
reached the premise,, and after a loug are practiea ble, a hole near by may
be dag, and the rock buried out of
to learn how he has disbursed your
taxes I:i of tin order of your
county commissi rors. he has persis
tently refused to p. st his st ti met t..
The laws are ample and suOi.'ier.t
all I ask and desho is that this si, oi '
exi cute ! and complied with
John O. nco.
N --.V Heine. Nov. 00. ;-.-7.
A. one of the Stat" whir !- ia i;
two c.i-i-5 of Htate vs. D. N Kt'iburn.
County Treasurer, wherein h-- tttiioi
indicted for fading to post lii monthly
accounts of public nemeys r- ceived by
him as County Treasurer. I cm truth
fully say that i either the form-T So
licitor. Mr. J il C'oliins. nir the pros
ent Solicitor. Mr. 0eo. II White, has
ever s i d anything t -. or had any Con
sultation v. ith me in reference to the
merits cf toe a o e cases, and that from
my knowk ice of the fa ts. lite state
ments made by Mr. John t). Grdner
in the a ho vp c ion in reference
to Mr Kil burn's refusal to publish his prise: ritr
moniniy .-.c.-ount". ccc. a"c--r.i ictr to
law-, are tine, and that there were just
ground f r a prose, uti-m of the cases
by the S j; icitor. J.s C. Hakhisdn.
Jake Shnrii'sjCast'.
N ess" York, Nov. It w ; I e peeled
that an appln-ation for the r.-lea? of
Jac.'dj Smrp en b id woull be mtld-e
today, but bis counsel, Mr. Cochran, ex
plained that he must await the tiling of
a nmittur. which has nut yet ar.-ivt-l
from Albany. IIj expecij r . sect. re
Sharp's release tomorrow. The favc r
able dtci-Jion of the Court of
seems to have produced little tlTectm
Sharp. lie still dez--s resties-ly in h.p
cell duritig the greater p rtiot; t : the
day. partakes f little food ana n;.-:C-jests
little interests in a u y t h i n g
to nity dollars to repa l r d amazes .
narrow escape.
od hand idl the time.
sight and out of reach of plow. IXo
better use can be made of smaller
rock, than to make obstructions in
gullies. W. L. J., in Atlanta Constitution.
Mrs. Wi:-:.-! ;.v,-'s SooTiiiNG Svi:ti
should always be used for children
teething. It soothes the child, softens
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind,
colic, and is the best remedy for 'diar
boea. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
mar71 dtuthsat wlv
O.OK i;o- i; . :. -. e fk
. c .., , " o 'I -, ... ,.: tj.tss a ii... i: u-i. New
,.': ' vi:,',' y. ' .ht.n.glo:; : : going to b
ti-i. : . . ' a i , ; : r. c; i . then a
' :i t ;:"! I; i.e I n t he nea r
rn':;',', - ."-V f
.' "' ..,'.'. '' - - . ..-..v t'. d t!:- Citv of
'- " --.I-"- V , - .
I . ----- s.u.i.u i i -.-pel. ' i.i.s sue n.r, -u. i A SI i..K 1 A IK
' n - do ; . : - s a r:eliereoiial
lj;! f-o;:;-, t ;:. - ,;,.r .:: ,ar , P.u:... 'HI II I'WI's f,r
.e.v .' : - i to I.;-,-- : ar.d most it:; -..d
" Ihtspartff BE J"JT
tj. ;,r,.a 1t ar: -tie r or ! be third Coa., "
V 1- . : i . , . i . 1 from N .r 1 1 k
w:. O..".. .. t '.'- - - o: .: Co I. t- ao no !; i .t- 1 I
, , , ... : '- - :. i I o i t i Oc boi t ;
- ) , . . . . ' o i t -- . 1 ' A -1 .t 1. 1 . , S, . ,. , . . , i. - i i i p . .- s - aid-ounce-
.:,;.;,...-. ' ' ' 1 ' ' " ''" nu ct t!.r ugi. the J i-nr Hore
o. .- r -o ' ':.;- ' ; . . : , ;. r o ;; -,- i i aboo l i, . , , , , , ,
I ;;;;'!; , :.n I. : v... :: ,...e Kr,-a-. ' ha" . ''' " ' '"'' v. ,-, ewarms of
l in'r ' -' )':. r: t!:--n i-'ti.etime allxi,'llrt cu-t m rn. i otamining our
, f - - ' ' 1,1 ' n un'.;. d i - a f ; t 1 pri'-i s. ai.d (: ii.g as.-.-iy wearing pmilirg
t-: :- ; ';' ' '- ftiram.-t list faet. ..,;!,,! ,-.rrM,i .- d . :. . ! I ,,f bar-
,.oo- -' ' ' ' ctdi -OS and . u b-
i i.o - . . fa cf.
, , - - -i. : : : . no d then.
1 ! . - - . ... t , . r .- , - . - . , A - v. I : c I . '1 1 I 1 r 1 t . :l ; e s b 'IH t-Af-n
ro . . , , ; 1 oo .,, , -
. v ,. ' " '- I "' ' - i t'c. utt tie lout' i. and our !--,,-i.t crv is
iv :- ' ' 1 ' ' : . o: t:.- i :p- for more s ilivmi n and a b.rger ("tore
. -, .- o 1. 1 o; ; . i s - . - it -. 1 h'-re 1- r ,
,' ;.: -I ' - :- t -U. .. . c s...... , ,i;mi for .car. - :..tio . , xtinsive
, - -. : .-. ; ; .,, fl- . trade.
h to-- -on;; seas m.i C ; : : ; '-,' o. t oc on .p - c r a n , i -., . .-:.!-!.'
rio.-ril.- ,,-.; ."r- '.... i f-rmmc; ' f 1 '-t-e r - c - i o s.
f Co, 1 :o.;,, .. o ;.. .... - fo;rv , . : - ; : , : , a t h - ol . 1 ay . o pp y jj R y L -.
iii tl:- .' -pa-jr.). n- j '-' ': ' 1 irrq.r . . i 1 1 J J '
'" ; ' - ; - '" ; : " iv:::--: and
- . . r t . c'l to;) ;a vi; r
t;;' V ;. ' ,.!';v; '1L- " Bewildered
ub a-'V' ' v !; '::";-: i-'IV..1': Compttitors.
p., u.: Pi- i-.: rei.e-. t . ;; u.a-.e M 1 1 i a. .
. .- . ;t; l i:.,t- t --Mci, . f ho-.
''a-V-' '. I :l.;l,.:- 17 ST .ft JIT TlP '
land ha t ma . , e ; .-.omt-rs trading " " ' -
- s 1 r was this, a: I. ic.oo . ; .' .uu- , i , -.xx II v !'. ' ! i p s''1 I'.IIT-'
' ;; "- ! ' ''-V,',;,-. Fine Goods:
:,;v : r:::;';r:. Low Prices!
,v;.v r , -'; ' I- i ti.-'le .-.t.iong tb.
- ' ;- - i - ' .o... AM
mi" wTh rr. !'t!-i i o n:o''' lo''y whe'b1; Honest Bealiiiff!
io e - "' - .' tt.d.lim - tlol;- S. 'CI iul". .- . , , .
. "f, . , :!;'l.,.' - ....... I. ; I t s; oh ar. i , :,t : - ' 1 " u ' ' -' a I r ; a I . nd j on will be
1 ;i ho to . roa d b v : ' t ti r - n ; . : tn.ent. . u:i , mat we sen K .( ) v
. , ,;.. 1 v - .. 1 ' o ;. I ;;-;. , : oe I .i r. ;, TH A N Ti i !; I. WKST
- '..'-.' '".' t o,:;0- r . f 1. 1 ' t . I ; i- 1 1 ;; . f ,, i. .-
V':.- o o ... O: MM i.:. .., v.rl.u, K Tli" W!- ITrt: .-p.cially
ecoivel lb - ;i,ce o- ri' ,; ' : -' dy. t't- ! - ' (f n nants looked after.
I to which tr'rcv h,i i v '' ' '-o.:.; , o. ..; o i. caa-o tb-- -
1 lur iior.i ii -;t. :;c ; . - . . o . - o p. es - o n o . tiiivni i-. -.t . ...... .
JBM-n t:EElBi U h R 3 L E W OR KS.
' ..: I o- 's ..e in :.i . .i .ar. .- with the ;;oaoir. if ..PTO '
cv'up-.nv f'''-o ' '-a .0-, -ooe by tl..- !a ,. Tb -ie ,s a HMO K. X. V.
o or-!, tt-i o.- -O-ol ;:t;-:. g. ti.e tax;-s a,. 1 valu ;-
I o, j ;, 't o- v. i.t -i; :; feaoyat low lij,;uies. Vrcg f &
o t i; t .Mr .onlin-irv lnrh and hard Vi Kg
:,:-, ti;!..- -; ..A w . !.!;, ng oi store s, .. a, fW$&i&
Mole, and t..e ;.-: s , o,, ;. ... r. ;l . i,.-. . . i e,.r,-.;u,-:...,, LCjiM; tvrt-
,enl for hi. protection co : w :m tb- l-t thr-w i.:. N . . n- v.a.t. l.W '
settlers, aod refers to ,;... '. m .- ;!-.,.-.... u.,t ,. rt. brO , 1
h- lav of March ::. ;-r7. . :--'"', :' ;;v ':' irv ! ' : - , : . - Wf '
s-ccr.caiy of iiie ii.teoei- .; ;'.;;.'': ' ; ' : ;;.'"' , ' 1 ' .- ,'JV z ; f. .
iw:at-ji.iteh- ad just " ".yo.-.u -u t...5 ....... a i Vtergs fi''J"
ad i.,nd grams ma le mfut. an U!,-n . xpl.,:n.-i and u..d.-,- . rmiT'::.
1 in the ccndruciitir '.i .i v . k- : ...y i by ih- LtJiii'iiiuiram-
was ciothed t t-ooa to t u. - p.- .pie in the rouid.y , g -fffe . -. ,
" - ' i . ;. , ' :',- i . , . .- '. - - .tf.r $t' -.'
cllion-.y - ' - " .... ji; ,
and d,- : !' ; : :'' '' y i';s:,,,s ..... , .. . ,r . -
y s-:;:.- :-bt;ova g. : utoi x.XVix ii 1 1 Lb 1GIUU3-
rt 'V ' ' ' 0' a. est a. ' : - it 1 ; ;rJs i irave an J llnlldlng work In
pan ;es or . ;i c o, an ; . x t
is had been m.iJe ( sb .-,- t ' -.v ... r..e SMO .-: lie- nar lulur- ( . ' . X v H ft; Z. j P U Ui tlt
it ilii dav -a :;-.- sal i v. I h- d.-o a n:oo:..ti .;, .c- to- s-ime from
..i , N, b ::. : ."-orb :. ..:;d t: cm- ' a .- t'taiu- at?ntior
isvh-'-''V" dj- .-o;. :: . f . b .. i,-!i will put s .I sfact. or. guaranteed
!it,i!ran i v' ti.-.- c.ty ..f New 1:- rue out the JO , ' . WILLIS. Prnnriotnr
t '.'. .-; . I i' t'.o'.y l ra -n oti siicli a boom -
Vf' "-I ',, ih- like !' svl.icii i. -,s nevi r i- en known or to (,..., rgc sv. c.'aypoole)
bdo-iii:-: o. iv on- ,i. , s to.- , t, , ..; :,..v ; ;. .. ; , , o, ,-... v M.
ii ere -'O'.oci. l'iao:.ou ,o . : 1 1 . b,i ;tor .
j-..f. to. b- !p put N sv Berne on a tbrouch line " -" HK'UXl"?, -V. t
,,,"'. of r. olr !, p u : I i enh 'ibe ' 1 1.-' ai n e of . .... , A . . .
i t-loo.- , , , , o. .lo .t ::i . r; auei t
., .,. - ir or io : : v ;u.o . r- at ' .-. demand for , - . , . .
ti g l . a- , ' ' - . I. i . o.s it. .o: diw
"' -.':.',.','- s Pi' -' t;o- oit-.'ii;.;; c; t .
a com-Mt " 1 ii,-"'.o ; ' . " - -N K as a n.isiaKe. i ;;-k
i -r:;n' ';"";-' u'o'i'-r o'-'' '' ' "' i! ' !' -;io- . ; c,.;oun s.o.s.; v. hat Sitr-li, I -. asu! IJ,ini,
e, ; j ; :- !. y I ,v i n. ; lo-
,..C,.,.T. . -..;; - cay. :: :'. v. - n-c for the A. .v ., ;i i , i , ;;...,
'"' '"." - " : C. :.; . ;. . ;.;- c.ty v.. aid not le
bCi-M-iilicis are 000,00,-1 -Ml': J.ZUM!;' d nr-, C 10 c n t I'la-t.-i.
ihcir tl.are of federal ai n :o;o n ' ro :. 1 . . . t. must r th:t tiai.-
I: is C: tight tber- v.- IH !.r- ;; -;;. t; r b ' : , . r. . . I ; o; .; s. ; :. t t l.-y v e, A N D
in the or.-; nb- di'd- M M , .... , ttor-;. o. o. ; - 1 f, :,v cos ;igo. i ,,;; A ! i C I 1 a,U s . . I ( tiid.SN'i AM)
; ' n.o-t.-o.o ; r p o;!" f .c 1 i 1 ties
that M.s-ii. Terr :.r : ' .:.;;:. v. ,; t . ?-::.( : idi lin-r cities and towns. U MA VlSi iSVOXV.S,
be a j nd - ; . r .- thov w :ii be le f i fir b hit.d in
It i, ,,: 1 ti. c c;o;o:;:t.;.l ia c ,e li 'Itit, t:;u;li of BOTTOM PiUCES !
of Lieut Taun.. of the navy. 5. :;:.:o cd yooi . tb ;.':.-sp.ce. Lut 1 desire t. add ,f , " f 1 1 n
him t, .:i-.;::s,.i b ;. t m-o. :; le i my ;;.;; r -b st: :-o, -s the rail road , (, LlJ,
... r "oM1-;;! 26 & 28 Middle Street,
,;,J.I!'!)n "'!.' I '"VL 1 ' '":1.'., . m:w iii-:iNk. n. j.
:-'r tb::,--Vo ".. ALEX. JUSTICE,
tioucl tie irati.- 1, .'::!;::. 1 ( -::' tj.-n in DEALER IN
Senator f,.;;;.r.n pvicc tl.-: ; .:..: . Fi.-.e Flcur cf all Grades,
billwiiiTe passe: by tb: ere-- during o ; . . c ,. I .... ; 0 g , .' ol 1 11 gelcctcd TeaSi Vurc Coffcel
the coming session. Io-: ;. o; 0 - Opt aaer 1 n..,.t ; 1 ,. : A s;-oo ol t i o II will , .
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and assume tbe : ; ;.;:.r. -c to- m-;o:o; Wo. i :, : d ay in.Ion- Cutter tiiid Cheese, from the
in the EI u-e. o ty. '; : c- !: ry. Mr. L. 1'- best dairies.
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throng: ; .;.,.;..;. so c t a . ; o . t . a . ..'.., ., , , v , .-
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1 .. ; ; ...r. i . . ; ' i.c no el in L'
niiO y-c - ot : ; -.; -. ; ,. ... i ' o -1 g i. no:, ts of Grain. C . on and
cadmg to- ;.i:p r . ; t... rrs. . ' ". ." ' ' ' ' . ... ... ', ' tb r Pr b;-e e--1 ie ited .
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nay .a tlx.- 1 .i ! i "i:i tec; '. i -i !. ... . ,
was sentence : in iloglan 1 to . ;.;.. - : . '. -i . , . f .
months" iiiip. I- i. n; -;: ; r ; :..;; : I:: 1 - ' ' -c ' ' - - - .
in the T'reib- d it.e k .1. io c i i t o . ' '
wh-n be P.: --it of c -b .. ...... .s . .. i o- H.copc:aod
cirtif to tills c o.'.titry. an ; h ,- t ;
mained h-re. Nest Mood -.y -,v . ; t . :
1 u - -ri:; , ' ' viiiiG, Edwards & Co.
1 1! -l f'.il ' ' ' . o i.oll'. eNee. 1 0 l n M ach in
nc c. : n 1). i ..
.,, . i - t be- i- :' "be-- i--e and
, -, a..-;-.- r ' r 1 b ; ! . a t r : i. ...
; i ', , it , . . t . b .' . , b , -. i , . . , a b 1 1 . 1 i . ! o ,i , , 1 r y to
ii i :; re i . ,". ' , r ...; I. --. a o 1 a i' e j i . j . ; : 1 o tb
t a: c ' '''' ' I -: -f uu 1 i -n C.istn ; .
ai. ! : i'-i. i ' '.;.'.:!,': I i ; i . ii::.!.. e it a s ;-... , , b v .
C I'' V"".- o , ; ; . ! - i . , ' ' . I : i , ; I '. ; ... ,.;i' ,; e-l .'it o
pec-ton- .:.. ; .-,! , . - , ., ;;r.o 1 1 or !. goiO a. eel and Co
-v I1 i''i, o deleica:. clcodd vio, sv i.l g and ; . .
1 -t ....,: . S HO S:.! II oil ' I t;III I .SOllI lll-l E 3 fj
'Ul io'o: o-'-s.-J-ooio-osivc Farmer. .USSH
ti: withdraw
cause bv a c
drawais should not be re.- .b
the hearing the orders with
lands within the indemnity
reserving; the --cm-: from set
were revoked and the iand.. n-
the public domain and to fett
a large number uf cases v h
mentioned by the .seen. tar;,
amount of land, restore I to tli"..
domain through the orders revel
indemnity withdrawals is
commissioner of the g c;' v
to be il CJ j O'.'O ades. I
the Secretary urgr the cc,
propriat-ons for the ?urv
w h i c h
i a
i. .. N .-.
IU'- !-: oi lTJ ..: ,
i it the m rob o, ;
d to about s-jo t.c .
g i - f a iittb-- more tc.
.v. 11:-- disbar-- -a ;
;n wo re Usually i .-iv .
v t ntialiod the receipts. ' d
UjO was p.,i i nut on acc tdit of
I: is estimated ;:t lac treo-iir
ment that there bas been an i:
nearly a million dollars
debt during November.
io to- a call.
it ai price
oil wly
ouse'sOhiH Syrup
.--, -;'::: ("y''----',r:vt..M-

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