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I j en ro. 1 it; e i , , .u 7 ! i ( ' i , . i rr. , u-s. VA e Hellee tli.l' Irom t lit' time It me t. (j u i jimtu i. -v log e.ioiu will ' ' ea, .-neii ; o ei i j .pie i c.sr;;,. m. Dxjt ,!;tj, , , .. riV(... ia c .. I s'ies in mi ' he culled and 1 1 iso nmis ans er any t hig t hat will keep out hitrv of the nntry . has heen by Mjp:l:e i with h-a a-d tiysterr- i i , :r w.. in in the di:;!l'-i until it is rain and wind. Tliese la-t aienn- prompr and ( . r.-fie niea-uri s en- 'lnuve v:-s. f .rt-ts un-uLdm i. w,i!. .-, ih .J-inir i,v i a.- r ihnlo :,i.d out, noriaut. for it is in bad weathpr tireh extip., ii. .. Tlo.-ie , th("'-- J'-d mu-.-h mor--. the w -if i- i sumcd bv i he t hirst y, it e uries de- wlnn out door v ui k is v(liped, says the i ej.oi ; . i:.t .: ,i strurtion, dishonor .aid ci line before that the shop will be must u.m-(1. years when tlii.s in tl.idy ha it. We do not believe t hat an hod A il irt flour is preferable, as a stove confined to such rest i n-i u c j. me ; i i ,i:iy t li wori-1 f; find 1 ter j.e. j-.'e t.'.-m Onslow county funta::: -. :i they i.u uot fail to work when w ork v. ui is pay. A i iv u-j, tin y v,-:,nt aral a 1 r, in- M s . ( olnTi J Voter- in the S n il. Seiia'ol ('ohpiltt of Georgia ha euderrd a genuine seiwlee to the . allele by his aide and eand d e' . . i ' i ; i n'; irdinj; the neino-i- 111 the S'llt ielli States. and e I i i la.i ill the St ite id lii-oria. ' e ia ronteinplai-t lie siibjert without should t)e placeil lu the shop, that as at present, and i'-ui. ijui-n'l;. : 1 (- th.-r in:ei.d to hav;-. but t v.-o.'f i hi eouiin pivjudh-cil iio.unst the its ceupauc maybe able to wuik conditions ate v-iy i'a o: .,b!e !..; thc 1-'.d-i c-ur.u acn ., loiuur (leah-rs and tin-lapmr crimes, in coldest weather. A f'aruier is Us complete eradication. !j,,;,r,',7 '5".;;:.u) !;!'r V.'?? ' Ah e ha e to do is to t li.nk of i he entitled to comfort as anybody In relation to the D.-j-aiiia. r',', ,"" -.''''J'"-! J w i t-eks on ei: tier hank of t lie st ream else: m tins caoe Ue can have it at 1 -M'ei mienrs m reeiu;;r. t ue AIuo ,;u ! :. ;; .- ;: . ,- ;. ot death: the destitution ot the lit little coat. Tu equipments may Commissioner s.iys h - ii.,s v -r- th- v.- l; ft ::t th-- .. i 1 ' -a . .; th-eaihheu teaim at the we.iry 'e reiitei or lvss, according to hil aln.!sion t I' Mr. 8t-iiei!, the r'-'''r'ivtT ' ';:'' - ' aid i. ul, d iims ol wei-p;:,g and de- one's means A lai j.c oik block mveiiloi ,.t ; a-.- m a r h ; i ; ;. l;.. in r'. span ujg wives, Ik gmg lor l.ie.td sawetl oil' .-qa.ire, like an aiivii ti.at Aiiii-ni-.tii ji.tls call do th',- pla-.v-.' ' VeV;-!-. r i- . a. Vil : .i ,,, i ' OI' 'he fUteide.-. oi in- insanity, ot block, is ; ml lspe u - a : de lor chopping t ne as much work in a g.veis time the owner turns hi-!j..r.-,. i..t.r.r- h-' the lgnoialice and (.overt that it 'UrpoM-s. A w oi k bench with as I hp same num'iei' empiAi-d in to the end of iha row. t.h" f ann-a ui' . has pimiueed : ; In- talented men of i-e t. e l.Uiiitnay hae wooden the south of l-'iato e. This admis- -tick an J clay caimLey li. f .!! -u : genius that it has des-iiA ed. and clamps with l hell j tws iuied with f-ioti. he adds, is iVoh c! roboj-.,: ed J, wh'b'i "v"'," n.v i'." -''i t1.1 " w hen we h'.iik ot :(. pt .s.-ns. oi plates ol iron, lot hoidiiig sin, ,11 by other evidence ii: his pulsus, iup. "rp; jj.'.j y'-ly'lt "vo-i ''ri-r V : t he a I a, shuiises, ,.d' i he . '. u :ns . of oojects; orii oi.e call alio! d It. he I Xi-e'iii.i His h-.w i.of et of ' .,x I h. A-'. a-a :.ra-i." 'he s . , i , , s u o " 1 1 i.:, 'i s , mau can h a e a wo- aieii cla in p v l - e , a n d leaehe-l the ;u;:;:i.t j a : ng ' h-: l -csird, c,r-., ;i. i c w m. . ! us. : i t t is t ROYAL PJS'oM J Army Ispiicdl in ratiipariron to the Army of Hiiu'.'s t.o visit dni'y the lammoth ry Boods Fe Mi?soiuteiy Pure osifory uffy of the a;; i ac! ions : . : - .s, are! enn tic tnnllltucie r a-t ' ' a i ',,! i or phosphate Rc,, 11 il 0 A have made ,'heii .,s- , . . , : ,i n ,-e, an noli one besaie. An old.oivil own expense-, w,. ,h, nut wn; :I. i ihi- eei will be vers desirable, one Iiultlv miss'.o;:er s,,... 'houghtail man and w.-m .n is tuokeii and w oi n can usually oe ''''pod for wrh a plant si I 'l ej in le.-d .iLTiins' .ceiaid .n.d rs bought cneaii. In its ab-i-li. e a A I ,ie be I y ea: 's x i u-i ic lice. ilea lei s alul va-nns. I u em j ie a Ii ee cuts , itt 1 1 . - ex aie to !.-. - , a:. :raA I ha .va The v.-uif ,s ;';. A. a nt..!i . i; ii ;i t. piece ol steel railload iloti fastened I'ected. will si,f.v wha" entild s u voir h securely To the top ol a heavy block d. he umler fae'oiy comlit i-ui-." r !. th m of I !e r.-. 1'lie e e ' bump l"io l-'ui akei I.-eeioly pua Ishi-d an a;!:ele in the l-' u am which 111 ladii-.l t he m ea n l r s i u ' !l I s s ,- ss : oi eak Hid pi.uiile. in oilluod alul iIoJee.lng lii oi.d r n. .tlitl age lu lis we ,k be loaud eon el, lent . d'h (' imm lb: i.du nejer rt -i-i ) :n n 1 1 m . I'i iiits r be ant ln.i i the agricultural A a. p. l tii. Bargains ! Bargains sale will Oi tools, ihe t mil hiiiuis s.i u , n.uciief, ui a w knile. hamnoi. "-'-i " i.iin-u , ue a g i ;cn 1 1 u i ,.i ; t;, 1 . f he iov me inni her. ciilseis. In, ice and hi ts, j at k plane. 'iesoi r;.e cuiiutry. at the mere all iiiu-,: c:v;a i.i i ,.; -mil w ..o.l-r.isp. cold chisel and punches cosr ei iiouraiul m a t en a I . elect i o nas- ua i to p.uDv o..,:cu ui.-u ;.. a. ,.;r liluo wid eiialne a I.u ane; to do mo-tot types. iA, : ! rat i m o' t he ! m his land down until i: won't uuk, ; . . , . ,, .- ... .i. i .. .. tn.-.n t er three huadr d n u:. Dero VOA-. and s ud t .,! the issue -.cli I,i-g:.ts ..a e', .il dope, me j.Hi, inr Ills I a I III calls I o i . ' o. : ' a- en. ots m 4 ties. if. t e c -tt ,n p.r a. re. ::lu I -.'hlh l a free tiailo' in flir S..,it a hVit a..d ' ! . - g s 1 1 , , a u luouii. .g age in fiicse tools A.ecd not Custlnuch: holding ;hr many ot these im-ni hi at-: . e v. r.h me aii 1 s.v t'. . V. . i ui tor iso; relutat on. l tl n ed oi i'o- n u i it "s 1 1 ec i s ; ne 1 1 . o leave Fol.ikel's p. i pi r eolll ex IngUlMifs ,a UAL lie sU . 1,11 f ssloil ol tile ei is,- , njual ! .e. !! : lited 1,. rs to th 5o 15c. 25c. SI 95 .. COc. S! 00 lure. 18c. 50c. 10c. 5c. 5c. a row to toe gi,,e 1' ;. educes 10 would get a eiy lair equip GEORGE A S H , THE CLOTHIE oar Rood, hive MERIT 1 QFTALITY, they a a ueii wilier ell cul.it ion than they in th? ho: ekness ,,,,, ne.iit Ii : u e.ikn, sS. noi m nt loi a f.u iii shop. With a shop r,l!! ''r 1:1 Tt:'' reports oi the De- ----ore .v. Yo:idcr i iiijh.i' i . -t , -ii ar. 1 OV iff.- -A "V i , -. : ik . nioi.t..-, I th.. rn i.e., 1 i.i r t mi ;r . Me renews h : , reeom .' ! l n ;n a:. a ..- - oiphaiis, paied to iiiiiiA ,nl rainy and veiy me nd.r i m mi i ne flection ot a new ' ,;t" "t"L.,"t, ! " '.I ', r..u,eis . I., i In-ggais. cold days uio-t piotifably. Much ol lanorar-.iy iai;..!ii.g. w as(r.:.g,o:i them to u ,: . x u -nstanc . ar. i v.-i., ah- c :- :!. ::i ; .... , , their frt-h: .-s- ..ndsw. ..-n :-!.:.. ' Hie ( . n ot!..,. ,,! La . ami. away. a;.d tae ii-herae a - r.d o, : : : I.i uN n '.v. 1 1 -a !1 Mr lailnur t.':.. f will ted yen the wolf l- i-i the i... , S -er. tr I t ln-l a; i. . ' :l ,-i - I ; - r, in- v.-,-: ! , in t h - 1 - , -, a T ,.t e i i ,-s ami ill,- ol ii.eg.u, -hi. he i-l. liieut .! ihe bioken: he call put lu lli-w ones. rl, a eiao m tia- t .. - - Trade our t.,r.-i; is had n iieg aii U! clat. tie pi. Ii if ihe high wav Ext I'H liealns.ilid handles may be H,ol. i-.! M t ; a r toi.iel.-. I ... -,- -i.ov. L... , k ..t til At:,': : i. in- lA tai, iin ma, " an. .Hi asl, e !o ii.eei einer- ueij e .a t:,- a , r -: ,, na 1 r- : ::.-, A I in -i ii , a ii ,1 i 1 1 e - u ; Jencies ib'iiiigtlie busy ciojisea and bilge Hon is Year Time to Secure Real Bargains! Mn, Working Paats as tow dawn 5K. Good warm O-rercoaU for only t- Xh Suita o pretty fair material, only 4 VV. Yon mujt fee our fine sura ta Hipriciate . u hi-gs.i il tl price are o low j oq will ouder how tbey cn be n.-iue .r them my ; ihr tnih ia the? cannot, but they MUST BE SOLD, and Boon too, no matter what the price. an Lp Rohea we are mal iog Special Drives. aJ they are g'iag fast too. Walking Jacket for oulv 1 DO M.t.'s A'o, ! Hats at 2oc. worth 50c. WenV fine cloth AMnter Hitf, ooc , w- rm r oo been i oi in d : u - -.u-s i u -a , tie- police ttu -;il-a tu ipj Mr ILi.loui sleeps an 1- Mi :y. pu;.i:a ua k':.,. r : tin p r 1 it,,.. . . . iii v - I sun i if r i n i . T -1 u i 1 t ,. . .., . t... . I i a " ,ui .M'i--"-., "i ii OHIlls 1 1 J.I I ,..! s. e.e., 1 III ue "H-l U.IUIfll ,.,,,,.,-,, llV a ... r:..n , ,. ,-, cd that tto'xuteot uoai, ,, nisii iio-s i, i hii ii . .!! esi s 1 1 1,.. ..lid lepailed. and duplicates uirtde tanel t arowu ttie his.,.s ,,( .:iuia 1 shadows all utheis iu na'iouai piel ACs . s Sell Itol J Hill She! 111.111 a s :. ik.ii tie -.inn- tAieim! u , -1 1 - n ' r a i L- i t li . ri . . e y 1 1 1 i 'in Hi need iV , I , A i e ' p . his a w .j..w . el oaiaiied an luteiesi whien r ue,-i ''ul hi n,-i would have atianied 'luouii: Ilu It Irtih I :: ulna isiu . i. uir.es guilt, the w I ii i el' call lie s j e a ! 1 U 1' . u. iy aglta: ion ol the . ' b- w.-ie-hi, ,-s . piaeii. (-s. m i.s.hidela. L'-i Us see li.il he Call piiditably Ii dies" ol ();ii,, (i-liiics lu,. "lis ,.,..s dihie. MUHaees Oo. He call oveiliaul his plow S.-ii.itor ( 'ohi.iit-' sh.ws-ii,; ; !,, I'lisuuii' urn. 1; s h.- i;i,; blood -locks: a beam or hamllemiy tie ed UlMt loU (1 t he LI Cheaper in Price than tnese cf any other Hoe in the C:tv "';r"' 1,1 fn,,, .ehn,,, wrw j " , 1 ' h t hem ai e ill 1 1 lie w it a I he im i We are caught this aca-soo with a bier stocK -t g.K l man we ruuld ((, ,u,. whlU. 1 )cm ,,. a a ; s ol ihe and mnlirgir ince. .liaiy. Ii i. i ii--. Tspr.r,,-.ear:,eref,irewen.veiAKh.ri. I M ft. . . .... , . ..... ...i um ujs uauui-. .s. - r..--. " " " o 'ii u . i ii' no iiii 1 1 ' 1 1 i if 1 u ee 1 1 ' " " ' i i ' 1 1 1 1 s i 1 1 1- i.u, n- irr . i in- ..... v . . . n . . . . . "'in ' " f, ii it I ,r m . ua a i e -' - 1 1 -L , . ntrr fiTTiTTf fl T V T n TTTl 'ftCT AT TUt .. , , ,. I'i ni'iili. aw .mil ...u Jrii.UJ.IT ana are u VY u u x i a vr i.wv iui. wox ini tu. ,..., ls , aii la d .ma ui;,-n t'.u-i. an. I c-'e, u. he il.srhemer. r-nis miyoiteii :e la.iiiil, wiilcli, points in tn mo-ii aif r, n. ruuii.i -a.. GOODS. , Uepuohc ill aerators attempt to It . io! i e - oollg.r nuis, ieeienees saw.d in i.vo. make e.c, li, ll! plow latrri, aHe- arena 1 tie- f r, Tr -.,1 ii -a i otht-r tirnb.r i.i 1 I -.fiiM ti,- i,..,r--- i.u il,.', 1 1 .in, imur, n. I .in . t del, Mu-s hail. As. 1 ne i . 1 1 ,v is lllenilone, t-ifrit,'ii,i,',i i . mi- n....v.iieie am.-: r: -aim 'W i : ii-As..:, ar.,1 :,:-,,!.,! .ul !' U Vo e ue-. -r,i: ., .11 lie. and "II -A as a simile. Ilairo vantaire. ia - , d,-i - i n ie e. ne Fm i.k-r (r-,,re;,i oil'lr to tie a" 1,-asi dud. . eil- ses (io I, alld des, , is, s Heaven, ol parts must likely io Wear out oi porn- a The pre! unin iry -o- . 1; i :. -a-as i.i-...t A. A: u , :: :. ,i. . .e.. 01)0. hut (ohiurt s'io.Vs i h it :t It does all I His an, 1 if. If kills UiVc way. Pieces ol aSli or other a"' il j i eat ,1 ,..a.u. ,u ,1.11,,, iur - . il . . e. ui, n,i- he ov. r L'.iO oOii ai., t i., lie sill . i is lu,. s i , ; i , 1 1 v ii .nils. oou . w ; i u su , i a nie cu I e loi ci itii.ii teu iio.a the tun. toe reuo illfie II is In HI IM Mli'll eXi'lieUleli t II e I a i 1 1 e I 1 1 1 ( I 1 III e , ilie luo. Her o unrein, may or niuiiu. .tiiu luuica metlt was tiaaOV rUlilH-irT Mr. ti df mr -u-l a, . ., t: .J :.- . : a ; . in the State since 1S1 as would aiunuiiiai uui. i he de il's best fi n-iul, if paired, and extra lingers made ,u all elaborate eritieisru .m the nns; con . 'T::o i A: s ; , . ... . i .....ii. ... i ....! i :. .! .. . , i , , I 1,1,1 .1.0,1.. I . i r I ii n i , . ii... r... r. , a . ia, r l f L1 ,,i u .,i , 1 , U .1 -r- .- - . vs .1 . HIIUI , H' I'll! It (I II I H'U' .1 IO, U I f uui lli'll rtHI,-.'. -l'll,l , . ...... ...-.v.. .... ,.....f.,... .... ....... ...... i. I kdf of Good, we can give bargains mat Cannot De pro- Uri,(, ,, t. ,t ,,r.u.Ml.iillv (. , I, ,(.,-,. ,tnv ,., ,-r ,,.; win. wag.u, bodies can be made or re compared MrU,:r .rev.- .y.nto Hun- d.,i,d c .:.il:;.on -..ul CUWd eI-Where :tes-ed election !s a iantv in an t k,s i he roper t hunglr win. wdi pai.ed: talse bodies for hauling "h'T'V, .m ''r ', ' WUJ ! cfi'-" '"VV K la LAi Walkinir JickeU and N e wo-arket. Shawls and a. 1 wool Blank, u .. , A i . , ,,,,m-, i , ,i i.,.. ... ,,. ,i - diri-tn.ii on tie- riiA; road . reina,,ud a mid ;-.ii t - K . A. " , - , n - . i , 0.4I I oi l Ue cou Ii: I , all il esoeei ul aai .n iifsiiin :i!g !. iiogn i ' I ne "umy ,n , on .-. ,i, . .aui. . an . r . . ,,,, , , ., r ,. ,,. ,, ,. - ..i. , T.-.i r,. in a s,;,,;,. i;Kf tKiHgia, wuele 1 1 1 " i , s , , i i : . j i . i : i ii.- ii.s; j ,,y i i iu s... ,i . , , . 1 1 j, s . . . u.ir.i i utiKspa.il p m ui p t , y u s a vi.-;. m i .-li-.d eul: el, c' ion dlst i n- s .ue t-r large and s,i uui. 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Mot of them mat the th.Dg for hunting, to be ?old at half price. -r..,. , 1 ... . . , ... ... , ., m,.,.., i,,.. a . ,l- ,, ,,. t i... tr m -o--! , , . , . w , i j ., i ii i s i u io ii e ii ie u ee i esse us nit- '' iron i 11 1 .-. . u u s . , ,i a i 1 1 ...... f. ... f, ...... . , ... .. . . , , ...... - Jiit fine Button Shoea at ,oc. and good one,, we do not keep a whites and blacks all. w o, k ag.m.st :,,,., to , he stopped, valu thle tune lost, and Dece.ube; l-'s "V'ate a't I nod die. ' e iii' i-; " J a : - i ti. Ari . r i f . h t Ait Mr. is ii i iAi m f ..ri; . .-.A-iviiw M.-n ii ; d II a V II ,r y Men V II.-,-. i I ', . 1 - Buv V li..; . ' i A , u .1 I, i ; v V I Pit;. .,, m. ' ' (' NTV', ' I' utde w i i ll, l Ashm. re. al ' , ' '' 1 'h.I ii-ea's Hint. .ii sh. .. , 1 "I I "Hi- ,. a , Ii .-re by I,;'!r H-if! ke: el, i-fs fur - .". r;-rreut All lire a I ! a n d 1; e r , h ;e i - .:. ,.a i.n.l ill i v "io ll ..ip?.iri. l:,l)ii' n And oth-rs i dly ii- r-t.i riling, to be : .c,tn'ir SPPn e oiinv em iy h. f ire they are all t wliii, ard 80'1- in, r.. hers I'lea" 'hiihiiIti t'ruo the "niBh" i (:. iris-ed '';,,ls'.-s us t , tarn au.iy euRtornera ;-:rit-g ii-- ,,aii'- '-hen f ire jmi ihouhl call early i , s .7 n ed h,. M-rvc I ;.":: To Th- Wholesale Trade. U e wmil I n Ar yen t 1 scores of 1 1 country nv a eiian t - in every vicinity of '.''"1 this and re! 1 anints' cuuic i.H wdio are ao s on . , r tually Rfttun: tn-h 1 elimij bargains , . bought of us. 1 (n We keep exactly what you need, at -' ' ' ; , IHI figures Ihnt bodily dt f y competition. , ( h As many Hats an I Shots hh any two "tores in Ihe aty. In the liintriiaK" of t he S d vat ion ist, ' Will you came . " .::;;' n-irtii Carolina 1ABBLE W 0 R fCS9 r. A i. u in bi-r took poce a:id many wr- ,r.s .-r ej ted fio.a the hill. Toe m i eut: o-n r . Ad 1 a: 0:1 ti;. :-s w,.rkit, fur - i" i e 1 t ui Cit -1 Ce- tn-'tiji f a- ih- .ai it; id ia -il p 1 1 ty . in J.-nu h ;. is 0:1 v. k;i :i i , tii c ev- ry t lirng w - ya . ,f A ti - ;H e- w ii, sjuil c t n' about at j aji.s; nv..ia. Ae I; el i- :a-i t ar ra h, h la . iti:, S r . a a s ai. full auck -of Our Now Celebrated $3.50 Men's Shoes agaiD alike. But it is doubtless true thai human lainilv. I.-t u- not b. come lepainng done hurriedly and im . Giinicu.ne's word of cociai-.n.L v. it:i the . a - n . a iv I- i f" i r ua:.-. i : a. a" - ria !. rhu np,ii-ui,ii, r.f r.,,pui i'- l.ic ,,rj ii'viin ,11,1 , 1 1 .i'..n r ,1 im- fAi.i iii-i'ti'i'I v Aoiiup' nitif R. wit Ii baik reiiularity of noldieni .i D.rwle. t.e.' !f.t ana v-. h ,.r ;: r. hand. A 111 guaxaatee giy.n with ejery pair ! venting voting bv delinquent tax ;on. for success smv ti- he oui peeled off and laid aside to season. the ranks ...f tu'-- p ...-i. !;' the rh. . ! -t We haye tuia aeaaon the larrest aad moet tasteful a.gortmect of eckwear; . n u 1 . - 1 . i ,11 ,..i- TI.,,iianr iw, n i,. i.,' Parneliues. ch-iriuiii not omy their o; i and ,ur i .--.vti i, u-.-.-t.- -.W..VrwJ I A fine .ilk Tlined Scarf new ahao-- for 25c I payers tells mme heavily against reward, it we try in the way we w ill make ex f lent hoc heheH by . , tut lhf.ir oii mi)r4,k .;.., r, f.f a c.-ri..ir.tv tiaovoi we nave ever had. A line aiix imea ocari, new snap--. ior oc. rhu ,,a(Trno than urramat thi n-int.. .h,,ni,i ,,i,ii -,A ,,,,,!A i.u , ...r ,. miiiiic. A L'.md Kiino v o y.x and tt..A ... ... i - ....- . ... , . . . . cs - , i ; iue n-iu suuieu Lite cnaiau.ei t' t oei: liui lure lo we 1 A s , : a-' t; aU'llt. "un-of M. a iv, !,t so ari s e uui r in an i'i." tin A, ii .1 in en f : a - lits tis re - - a -J - cf the Ma il 00 6 W -1 i0 The case is simibir to that arising ' our laoors. giuliblhg line handles should be party forever. AVith a d-oenoratiun uf boro. Oeorgv i tht-r. ptovided. These are liable to their moral li-.r- the IU.li,-ii? had town'.- no at a tueik.it any time, and if no extra a-iopted th- met.'... I. f their Irish aUie.-. h .nimer i.i the pi-: - ones aie at baud the laiiner is very Th-se had loiif. be. 11 nTTR. RTODir OP TTRDEHWEAR i especially large. In order to i - - -.11 : :. .. tt r o T Ta T n t- aiMOTiwwaiw aw..u.B ....uur xnaur . from the nrouert v o u ah ti'-at ion i u Elerant line of ouirendet-s ana Dracea. titnasouie an suk ssuspenderc : , . ' : A , , . . . V , . r . T, ,. . , jl ii j ,i r- Kepabhean li hode Is and, where a d ri n A 1 M-e'inir of Ihe ( x witk elaaue enda. nnrortad English web and Kng hsh ends. A so Gnyou1 ,,', , nniiai n t.iiu, oi in. .ra , .1 J 11TJ .-11 n.oisr.inna. In imn.rlpH Frnni-k Sil.npn. " ' ........ v. f . . , . v , ASSOC I HI I 0 11 . , C0IHOUS SAt'OIlS ut VKl ntlBDrKIBU 1,1 ClJ,V. u s. , s...K. ..ss.-.vUsUs.-.K ... s.v.. . . .1 ,,,.,,,,,1,,.,,...,, ,T,-,r,-.T w, .. .-. . .. . . s i,. V t' 1 ' U 'PI HI ' ' I'C -T-i : . 1 Ml, HI ,111 1 111! I 11 UU , ll, LU IU llll n-lT.. I-,ms,.fe, ,-.,.i..n a finp " o - - t r- i U1S ,V-SIH'lil lull U.IS dig till' t ' , " ' , - , .. .. .1- i..i-.. .1.. .,. ,.d the population than is shut out t, (h(, t lIIllt.r- In,is;, ,-,,,;, oy tne tax laws in tteorgia. ......,. w , ,., .... ...... ,,. ., ., f l- 10 'V- at Silk handkercniefa of unique designs and lovelv shades. Gentlemen' linen and can-brio handkerchiefs, colored borders and hem stitched. Sot apace enough to enumerate all our bargiins and attraeti ns. Hut for real good downright bargain call on lt to L. EL Cutler, or at the Branch Store, lower corn ?r of Federal Allev. in the Cihop Building. D1.TID M. JOHES of Carteret and Da A" ID ''AN APT of Oaslow are lodging out for their fnends and will treat ihsm right. Iu illustration ol the tact that igh. Januaiy L'7, lss7, by electing c.-t.,mta tu Kicniaads. in. t rhetoric sound to ho i ;f th ., t )- drive?-!. ' ' I sa stoic and hu one. It is against brietr of statem- nt w hi.-h the ... untrv -.vo.f is in th- i his incessant buy ing at t he store "xp-ca-.l fra.ii iri.-iii- .: -t ,i snn Toe On our way . utterances even .. ta iur, :n s-. rsepar - iuei t un o! 1 c T'lonuiufents Tombs- it.G a. I kind irat7e and HulldliiK work In I f ALt A k f ?? 5: RSCAi ' GARBLE OeiiTn ill icceive pxanpi .iti.ut'Oi i-'O 00 t-itiKf action ifu&raiur.oi) ui 00 SOU L. . WILLIS. iVoprietor .''."- '. ri'' ' ' ypole) '" ' '" AA ?. Aoi ",.'... i I' hup that we are trying to guar the laiiner. Peipetual buying is lists leader- sh nvr.l failure to poll a full vote is com t ,1.M1 ,,.'s,,m,,r i,,, . i. - -s : . o .s ..... . ,v v ....... , , ... Xi ,. I, ,o . moil, uif vjfoigia oru.uoi cues lue , t..lch t-iliru,,intl ,1tn(.r 1U , tu. '""'"' ..... ... .uns ..,,.1.,, hid bo-ii inrc-ii I a ' of m 'Tal ie eeptl 'n. Mr ti ii).-rese w..n: m...Li. I tiiauu: a1 ,.cel t 'lu ,' s. case of the election in l'eunsxl re t rue; s ai.e .-f tee j; -te iiirwHt on : aa ; r re is no sAanib; Sri.if. a seeret,rv ami an ,-Yeentiva vauia for the Forty -ninth Congress. c. ,lInl lt tet. ul- ti'Vi. r H(i,lU.(l ;i at which 89..0(H) votes were east ,.,,. ,. ,,, ,,,,, ,,. it may be avoided by ir lliziug time, assertions ma i- by ium in hi .-mam eas v.nistie. bat uale-s io, oiiKiessmau-ai-i.iige, u I if ,.,v..rl. ... .... , I . ..a , ,rlfl to meet l FOE FALL TRADE Ihe ei 1 1 s 1 1 -1 1 1 i , i n I es 1 1 I , -I meiit oi democratic -Northern en tt. mi,n1i,t.r,il;p ..t r!. .,.ss,,c,.lt mn stitucneies by Krpublu-ai. Legisla to uch 0llU as ,,.,, rhleI ,. tures is a tact lamiliar to New ,t.rt.sf ,,, ,a'i m:ng. K ah count V Hi orkers, where ou. large Assfuihly th(. . ,N tMl.i:t.(l tu ,t. Ul'lliv distncts are called ou to cast t hiee ,,, , u o, ., (. . .... . , .,,.., Ia not. Terj encouraging in our section, and for that reason we will offei times as many ballots to elec" a jn tne lower br-i'nch oi our I cisla- - Rnoftiol TnHncATTifiTitR To Thft flash Trarlfi. : ZT ' u"1'1" ' -'' ssritc . leuusyauia, as av,m, (y,,,. ni,.H, Ulll,i shown by Senator Wallace. lG.tKO rhr .j,.,., pllr(l0i. ()t tl,e Kepuhilcau voters could elect a Association is to tlu- sileh ac ion congressman m ceisain uisiricis. winch they would otherwise spend speech at Nottinh-itii but ."dy uri.b.r whie-tk- b.-f,.r In idleness, bv winking in a shoo, threat ot a li..jer s leu-r. .in- .r-y,..- duiu-u ; . i I i-,, .1 i ., i r ,i..,.i .. I van had sal 1 tint t:i" t i; ni-r- :n lr Looking ahead and providing for f . . . . ... . , . ,., . tlf aggregate of votes for district mtlt, rKN ,- (;,eensiioro on the '"'ei gf ncii-s is a most valuable The fa -t w..s that durim: td- first ihrei t ongressmen in the State was ouly sernUll Wedio-sdav in .lunuaiv. .'.. ooo. inevntuai (Ustr.inctiise , ll'-cru ti a: t h.rnt Hi all liusliiess Ul none UlOie month of Mr Tr.-vr :A an's :..,b::inistra and Xt-w L.: so than in tunning. It saves time. the. as i 'nit -f S,-crtry f .r I-el .i,ii there .n jr c -u lt saves expense." .More tliaU tins, were .-.3 -v let mi:-, while I,-r the same t th - . ii. K secures ef.iei,-nt w..ik. An mi l" M" 1 "f thf- "'r ' . " ::,,;1'V;f '? "' :"-ft-r v ",';' , tne t'vi.'tl -ns n i, in her-d unly A.' Alter i.ir.ds. v,;u -i piemeui ma oi repair, or impel lect- r(o,.Jttlnt, ,ht, ftnre-n-nrs ,,f Mr Dillon ly lepailed . as when hurriedly and o h-'-s on th . c,.n din ai . flr.-Und. :a;. I. i.e V. ;.;:,:: y w. i - ... i . an I i i. ::i v: a I; , i ..- Ml-., M t'O l,i done, will not do good or satis hn c,,n d'i-i-1 bv pre l-.etir-j a triuin d oraer un er ta- p ' : y t: tt.- g -v.-i 1 U vJ 1 ; Cf Larger Stcre, Larger Stock and Lower Prices! In Clothing, see our line of 10 00 snito. Hlack Corkscrew Cutaway Baits for $9.00. Foil line ot Samples from Rogers. Pu t & Co. Men's Oyereoata from $-.50 np. Our line of Children's Hough and Tumble Suits will nut rip. ChiKir- n'a Jeraej Suit. HaU 25a. up. New Goods constantly arriving. Oar stock of Underwear is larger than ever heVrc. An ail-wooi Shirt for 01.00. New lot Boys' Undershirts just received. Men's (.'autou Flannel Drawer, all siaea. m We are Role Agents far Jis Means & Co.'s and S ao Adams & Co.'s Sh as. Iv ,-t i: the market. Job lot Linen un i ih- .u u: Collars at 5c. each Sample lot of Su-pc:.:, r, a wholetale prices Men s Han ' kerchiefs 5s. np. Lot or bgl t and medium coiorod troar:-, t-u for a quarter. Jyx'een rib t m ore 1 1 as en y Vbss and Bgs j.ist received. Carpej, Kugs, O.I Cloth and Csrp . I. :.; .-. Kmemrer we have moved from our o' 1 at -1 t th- I irg" Y Store neit to Naiisinal Bank. Be nre ana se -N us b t' r- ua 1 uv a WW" a G 1 v i fl.OO. Fa'. I when 44.000 votes were requisi 1 1 i i distric scoiitr.dled by the l.'etnoc r acy . Senator Cobpiitt's exposition id 'he cause lessiiess of Forakel's coin plaint and the unworthy motive that msoires it is eonvineing and Ade. Ue says: It is m ea' lies' b uiel". hioI warh a i sincenry and solemnity Ideclaie 1 . 'hat tiie present agitation ot t he n sUoii ol negio sutlrag,. by tu. li publ.eaii in an. igei s means -ei puis iieu'iie to the ci. u n t iy . Foi r,a, e ai s of ml in i n l sr r;i t i on . with every branch of the goveinmen' m tln-u c iirrol, rhe liepubLican party uevei uo'V.d a liege! to collect aba-e-tuif they would have the w oi lc dink have lire- no- i n ; .del a tile in ne : wo years n Mr. I it- ,-l,Uui'-ad tu 1 n i s' i a-ion . And now. when we hear scarcely a murmur of coin pliint in the locibties which eugur io ne tuecemeis .'i uouoie oeiween ,iiiUil ,r ,,,0,,:, ,,, aI , 1 ,.,.. , hi iek alul white, when the negro ,, ., 1 n ,1 , n 111,11,1,11 1 ilu 11. 1. , .,;-,, in, 11 .s. is may best improve and piomote he iigiiculiuial mteifsts of our people. l'his is the broad has s upon which if, s buiuded and it n pes to have the heaity appiovat and c o ope 1 at ion ol A-vei y t u iiifi in uUt Srae. Although ealied w ithout org in i.ed ill'oit ur loi mul.r eii pi ui, the convention of list .) um u was eoui : os,d of t, eai ly foil : hundred I tamers lepiese uting loily llilee cuu'ifs. Wi- i' ii,'i'-:l) hope that eVci c un'y Hi lie S a'e w.,1 Pe oe Hese li ! ed ill oar luie'it g ill ( 1 1 e e Ii s 1 h h o . I.-t , ne t.ii m, i s j u ci, ii e.-uir y 111 he St.l'f Call III 1 C ' 1 il gs at 1 ICC and elec; ilelega' es is many as W ill i ' HI, 1 ami fUe ihelll ee I' i 1 ti C 1 1 es, :.i Ihe end Ida- 11 .--.:;. ,ii- and the intfrt'sis ol all .-eeiions may he leulesented. Ueilllceil Ia'es oil allioads have lieell seelliei in- ag. irfsi ,,je 1 1 si - I 1 1 T . 1 io l-SUC factory woi k. It is tiue econotnv lor the farmer to have the best tools and implements and these 111 the best possible condition. A hand can do moie and belter woik with a sharp ax or a sharp hoe limh u.- annul than he can with a dull one: and this is true ol every 1 ai ; dem en 1 used on the lann. I'tr all there Appoint moid of ri Vie.i" '.pa-! li, e .North 1 u i". I i 1: , . A di-p.tiii frum K in- t . ar : ;-. . sine a., iii:. mCut 0 Itleht K -v L o li .! A l ) S. ! A a Vicar Apo-tuli 1 t N-.ri n 'Are ir a IL is n-w ;ibe ft t r-si. M;.y's A':, I r n c ill , X. I A r,H' ! e u lore 111 good cond'tion HO ' and An n.-y I v an i 1 " he s dan nr St make preparation to keeli them sO Vincents AhAv. in We-tT, are! un v-.-if f rum 1 1. I'iilLL - I li,i!!;: Id il', lay tr. r: ir I ". ; 1: 1 u e 1 1 i a I f d ,y ,h re dr. uunty in Hi ,t c iintv. in in t : -te. klv and Ju'' 10 VJ- l Viiic-nt's AA.yi- Hie 111 .' iur a'.ue.v ! tn- tseni-u a.-.i -n-111 the L'nited Slates. I'lie n-.v vii-ar api-iuHe ... ,,s e i uc ite.i at rit. V.n --iii 's An ey C- i t- ! t- -h. in- -,-.,. . vu ws o- I; is l r : i r S- 1 t to ' e r 17 ma tin- si'ieuin v.. . - i. Tubei 5, ATJ 1 1 - iv 1, s 1 r i , 1 1 a a ; 1 - -: I) nr r 'J I . !s7i! .ml w a- :..-. i 1 .., ! u a 01 I ivorli ill : h ci ; i -u a '; ' I . hi' eie 'iinil a oa ot ..' St .v. -ia t-.- -fririf.' id lss-, ., wa. u;,. tirtt a- llH) I.f St M.ti v s Abl ev . -hi n w -s fu nd u at th.it time. and. o is ,h ;i-i t. at the ii.vi st 1. n ;t t dir. in: .i liiii'.-n- ..!; It 1 eeoin mends the h,.; been vi.-,r vt"iic.f Nirrii hil.' dm ing ci op season, having every thing leadv to repair uui pel feet ly should 1111 cuiei geiicA a use. W. L. J., in Atlanta Con stitution. A g ricu If 11 ra 1 I ,t.-re-ts. II Ia "' iMMK.N I. TK N ul" Ci'.MMIS Sit NK it t'i 'I.KMAN IN IMS ANN I" a L KI'lh'11'1 . The annual iepurt of (.'oinmis sioiifi' (adman, of ihe Agricultural Department, has been laid before 1 he Pi esnb it oat r:.a hi UO;- the :;:,:i:.li! ' :. d-a i pru ii; -d u'Hi, li-i-o.ii uf his fn.m: :i-s: disc e red Ly who went t'i h is ru' i in 'rninur t , niaia' Kuo - k i rj ,r at tin- d a' answer, ho openoj tic and f , iun 1 turn l:r, -! i ais head bowel ;ia: tnat he was .-neagsd i several minutes, ati-1 1 hat hi-: s ul had tiki flight aa i w as then ' 1: ,:;.' -r cf th- ;-i - i rs. Il u: r, re a : :. 1 i a i that h 1 on lai 7o "..'J 7H ..1:11 ,'.:.i ; 1 .-.lal '. -: I-.- ' er, Nil A 1 , ( i ; aa - ,1 ( OoiilM, AM) 1 1 J : A I 'Mi s-( A S, T BOTTOM PRICES! i L. ll i I 'LKH, : o :a : s.rvbt, "1 c ALEX. JUSTICE, : ::a:.i:i. in Titie Flour of al! (.ratios, 1 a th 11 i i ii sampti' ill-iiii; t I' 1 i : 1 . a : ' 11 a" i abolition ot the seed depai tUleut lma pri a tu his , ievaii ai th- S uf ,.ii,l the rr.nisiei- ot its dniif-.-i r,, rh.. Richm..nd ai.dw .s I ..miliar witti ih State and Teiritoii.il experiment stations, on the ground that the Pll - Ot" the I A: hull' s . f the C' am ry . Tn vv as c in f errt ' n Adh' t U i -ST1 A. Jril-r' tt SifiliMiUMitu iiri br wot ,i5S?,V SEiintAL PVSnliES., lHi i I I BWr 1 1 II IU Itil'-l -'"'T tT1 tirMMtw mtma mi 1 a laaromm 1 H-Mta. ijr- tofUn" U'Ttym. aji.l Mi -- Quwcnij aura Utobai t-Si-- . -tur a ft B t RI Rxm U T : u , . s Ct KX!-) L-.soauwla, (U-r kvsj r.-- --, TU-. a--rjtwi :i I ajtrv- ct r-nar -9 iaopti TaKLaQfe .a ay way r ,1 "l r"-cn(Ac ETMathrai! Iriric:rysi. B r - 1 ?p rTsBii --n w i - a-- 1 c .. jr ar ij - z -jrx 11 fc' ' A ul dj-i fip aa:. r I 'ovt'-mi of" th hnmas amnuwi rm-wci rv U caim ar un of i : t rw t wn bark r h - a .-- IZSZtrJdr HARRIS REMEDY CO., Mro Chemist . Loins wn UPTWMSO PUtaOMS ean hay FREB Tral cf our Appliance. Ask fcr Torma! has his u c wspa ier to rep 1 e 1 sen t him; when there ate thousand ofin-gio f ich.-rs in the I ilid, and eigainz. d rrbgp.us denominations, w 11 h r n.-n uoliter.-i ces and their pi csby teries tlnl associations, to s.'lind tile darm-inthe lace o' these clear evi deiiees ot iui iirovemeut uudei lem 111 ratio ,ol in 1 u isi rat ion, ceilain tlis 'ur'iers of the peace are seeking to lash the public mind into a tag, about the uegio and Irs wrongs The people ol this gieat country are in effect counseled to turn from , 1 1 ra -u r , 1 r j , i I' tiie-ie 1 r i s t 1 t 1 1 I L-eiev s- .; ,-i,..,i Ulll "" - IM, .up ,i, -..a lielter the wants ol their lespetive abiy ret un tnat i:ic- : localities than the De.iarimeut h n"iv ''A-nitv Ti , ,. d-seiah- d as a ell el.d helf. . ... , , , , 1 1 al ad m n, ;sr ra! i. a In regard to tne elevation o( the tiu, n,,v Hll)1 rt... . Agricultural I lepan nii-nt to an exe- ;l,,,re s,in lai me; s lnstltir,- u iii He heiil ;'.- or,..w ..... .... v '"""'-"".- - !ee and dis- oiman uiscusscs n in a inauuer tt how that hedoes no' regard the C -ee-1 n ul b-ri.-d etl ' id ny Bist,..;. e i ill pru' - Mil' I i-i; V. 1 I , i- -t i- eili ed at l he lintels and hou-es in ( i ree s boia i. boat ding v. in ;.: :. '- 're! wit it a. r hi -.it i d il 1 in o the session. r i ii en i -h ei I ui'iaeu 1 tin is' s will ta , ,i , .,s- i i,.. i ,u . ,,, i in eli an ge as ex pod lent .M'l'AHit topic- connected With agri culture. F.veiv etloi Will In- made 1 1 1 re n de r t :lic 1 ui niiirrat i n 1 1 i 1 1 - A'asUIN',1- N" d. r . V c : t Ttie Sail in ri'itu! .!e iiiimicre.! a iioroduce I in I'le Se-. Ue tula. iiV Mr ii-i-ain. While the development of beet ;tuth .rze- the sj-cr,-tiy ! 1 1..-Treasury suirar is still in the expelimeiit tu a:a ant uis;i- ct -r- of irnrn Ar iti--n. think . I 1. h- ad t" hre die: s - ri i a-ra i:y -d.e.vi i in .nt.rtilhl. Christ: ah- bA-- d .: which he i-Hii'l iu : h ' i il k ; i n -"at ; -. a . : i I'r.-hyb riar ("iiii:'! - i i : I : - I'l'iiilll!--.: il-l1- i'i i ; ' ;'l 1 1 tiiu Nurt :c. rn an i S a; : a a the l'fe-byo riar: i.'aa '-411:10 11:1: ;: : ' - : . A is hUeiy th -i ; - :A sin ry 1 . :, i t ,ir l was SeiCCiCtl UM3, 1 Li i c coueci .ui that r.o and t'pices, e ie'iei'i.to liut'icr and Cht tst, from the e ni New bCit d.iU'i-'JS. I I 'l i'iiii., r. lie- I.'l-a.-s' H'l l i.e.. I s,. ,.,1..,1 SKM-li .1 I- I ) FU I IIS AM) VLl.KTAUL Ml ti'l'ili I Lt 1 1 1 ' N . 1 1 . I 1 1 . A .- 1. ,1 1 1 , . 11 i ie , ,a . il ll : e.' .. Is. I1NI1A 1 . I. , 1 ne I- : i ' -' , . ss s : . 1 u ' -, . 1 , : s 1 : , , , 1 ,.. 1 ,,1 mi,;, ,.!! . ,r 1 in. 1 1.1..'.:-- 1 a- 1 1 Miili'.'o "st next t i ! 11 111 pll rey V idnoril. f llrrne, laHH'll rdl K. R. JOES, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Boots GHCICE FAh-ILV GROCERIES AM d j 1 1 !': ' a id. s r -, 1 r . , f I , .1 i'.iiii in u.li ii'-i.r ce as ion 1 n t t-rest 111 iz ''lf-' 1 '" . ....... . .....v . eiuiugh is known to enable th The lb R. H. Duffy, AND DEALER IN ALL KIND - OF Surgical Appliances, Druggists' Sundries, &c, Druggist, the consuls ration of the many weighty problems which coniiont them, and 1 est till the ino'ro vofe comili tsiilvatioii A liny Ue:acumen 11.11 li is 111 New hurg. iiu -tl ill ti ive toe p iiver 1 1 r. v-. ATLANTA. (I i . A els -ma remove im:ni;i-:ii - 'li-re mm ;,"t.i:-tr.-;'t h .-- 1 n , ir.i er ru .ei-i rr o 11 wilt hi r tne'.' a r, ,. i ,- . , I . 1 : ., 1 country to anticipate at an eaily proh.,.;:. (i i-ro:!, Ur,n; .i. r this .,;. 1 ..-,-hv. -'"ri - , day the production ol sugar limn The m ist- r ni tae v,s-..-l ma-t pro uoe wntreled i'.-;:f- a plant as easy of cultivation as a i-ertiiie-ae fro a each iinmi;:t. 1 .un-s; re.a -.v. . w. un colli. t)Ut little CircUniSCI l'aed 0 SIV .w llltt l 11 s'-e 11 on 001:1 aio i- nriuu-i l;iv ,'i rl 1111 a ii- i . 1 tl 1 1 . 1 1 1 'e iiiol ir,. iviiiKi. 1 a .."'.,.- HIS ueeu apponiieii , r. '. i iihi-erd j't i'ciAtnuise, It.AitilNO VM THIS i:tc. I'un-ienm n'.s f (iniin. t' on and oth'T i'rod U' .f Hiil iuited . l'riaiipt Attention Iti;i utecd. F.I. IAS ('AUK. Fles'i. Peciinie a Salvatina I.as-l, M.ss Mm a Acton, once a belle of l'.eh i . W is wider of the Iludsou I.ivei wit h he is a eiiniin il. a p .np-r. ri T an 1 lot. alio .. ....... ...,l ,,.,,, r.- , r, r , , n i r produ.-ts have a value equal to . ' la.l0r ln th;. i-niJi st',A-' ihe cost ol rai'illg. It is made lawful tor anv bo.lv inter- n iii'im and securely 11, the L'r.lsO dvailon Allliy oe , at n in . 11 s u "f : i e 1 .litre w Ilea t product of this ,li.-te-I bv this ,ct to ent-r ill- , ., ,. t r v . ,.! rhe lif i, noli, em n.irtv " liea.npia I ei s in .m- oui.. n. is ..,.,1 ,r , ,, . , ,. ,. , ., All su-h unir pers The truth is that the greatest nincieeu ye. us.m a.- a.... ..s . ,. .lk,,n aIul tllt. ,,,mmpMl,u,r attneexp-u - 1 ... I ... I 1 . . .l.l.-.l.vTl lt-t- .el '.v. wl, lAAitS, . ' : - in W ( ur. Suuid f ront mid MiddleSt" N r.W . :it v 1.. N. . if :: -i i . ne r,-tu rm a .vui-rs u! iraar- 1 terrorism that was ever practiced tt'1.-1'1 to an India missionary. states that the work of the bureau grant Ves-els over tbe negroes ol the S-uth was Mina has notitied him that lie is f rt,,im:1l industry has been greatly by the Loyal Leagues that were , Ir,' u' ,1" 1,s I",,"' " ' "r 1 extended during the past year. The he w ill join her iirmy Tin1 WAoir.i'.k liaid. Mai an. ti i . De.a I t. - Tin- was be in a (1 e tine. The after. governors ot thirty-one States and ninth da of tm trial ..f w.-olt.-ik. l'-r . Territories have accented the rules murder. Mr Ii.iili. rfor.l. for the de- x idiobes .-be wore in aud regulations of the bureau and f-nse. concluded hi- w . h'.ur- v,-u, been converted into nr,,,,.i tl, aHitvnei- of I, . I " one " viock. mvi m l.ir,iA ilial c r V World promised the assistance ot lot al IlarJem:in b,.c lt) his argument for the i. um. police otbeers to secure their en- S;ate. Tn a-.rt took a reee at ti-.-.- I ; tr Us!i: ' ,v e. i - rli H '11 ; ! a 1 - ph il !h . I'a C on:p ir, v. ::a! ' f i .-" ir li. f r Jr.r-H-s ti a i' mmTW. r-.Ty.TrT riT noli u L -rir l:n . i.ui ,- mil nr nrnn r ,.r I'Anniaiiiiu ubq Ol opilIilHl wisest a triKJt rjcn, nnooo i il,--. t, r. i i ii v aiua tne ior tne " - f"i .f D earno t hAiirers. Ihnt is the dnmi. aim nieio CU'C iucuui..ifuj . - i is , , r- Tari7Mr ht soltpd :inH rhfjwsf line of FINK ( KIaRS in nation that Foraker would restore, spienuni wan ion. ...j jo rwwi i. ...i ti.o i.,,iai',t- tm.L ,...,.ii i.a-.. a withonf retrartl to thp in finitp mis- Leloit hae EtOM V4bI V, VW 1U9I iriTliril. luewue.,!.-,!!,- iim,.- iriirtin llmril - . ' J ' . .. c . u . . lii.. i . .. ar m v e ot d i n IT euiri ium wouiti ue uiiue to nee - " tfaVaa a. nuoiiiir cf -?T P P f? in I! I.IOT'ifDS i,r imii,ai sunrge an I tree government. . lorcement. ltie regions miected u'ciocl. nntd v.m- toavrrow. unrn.g "v " "r'"J . i - ...i A. th,. sn-nr.l ,,1't ICO nammr- .....1.. .1: 1 1. .. If- If. .-I...... .n,'l, l, w,.i,u.,r. PHllV i 1 I nnTT1--i . oiiit. ' i.. i muim nun Ciii 1 1 f ti isf asf nave oeen nji"rl,,u ..... ...... parpoeee ..... . tH 'iief.,1 is musr tlevible. sn ilm ..1 ., .1,,,. ; ,1 .,e., t , ,, , l runn-d bv cries ot "huAildm' fr..:n dt n . . 't Hit, o cord cable can draw so f. r- truly generous ai e mos pliant ana 0 cattle allowed to leave them tw" or lrr 1"!"n . ' , .f 'IT, : :: i in ,a d t e "V; -ar Ctrl, i i .:.,v ' f j., lrMCription8 compoanded with care anil dispatch. -"V ci s I mm -s. UKHEKB OUUUliai. M . a r mi i- w I . ; i.i. ..:.. J . , I 1.1. i .. . . , . . . . ., D - otiiti so i as i , as love can c -u. , r"..s , i. i c . i ituoim iu:uen witnout eareiui examination and ment in the creat crowd but on.'., r wf.s PAITIIS in r-i-fwlSttV. aortli-weat cor. lllddle and Follock sta.,l,ew Berne, .C. do with a single thread. '.nfeiiuis. special permit, Among the locali- promptly restore i. KS sale at this cilice. 3 lb. Cans Tomatoes, AND .230 . t D a ,s Cans Corn, best quality a i . A t '!' -;X ( "on I s a Can : ! , -d g .- ds.) li.tM iJiisiiS Up 1 New Berne, N. U. .: r.: ..., :,,':'.-5. , . - '.' ' ..: ' a'.-'A'-A at -' .. -'.-.. Ai - V- :t-d nnnn nn t mt

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