V a , fir; v"rAJ.A: - A, vt?AA4 a-a-A z .7; .a. ' IV- Ii f THE JOUKNAL. '... - - " i K,qutrBH. - - xcr. a win nnoxi p j i. nCi"' 1 18 maw u-iw.-.. - -- I.lu,ro.oic.s.B.i.. no. UMWilliM attur. ' " , .. Sirs SET COX will De ot iar more oc , .rM tn hia ennntrv ill ( OnizresS ' " -" ... , than at Constantinople. uis repiy t Wiwui -iinuoi" rnu-.y vu c - ""J , . lor the holidays wa, clean cut and, Ported. THE Sapreme Court having de- cided that licenses issued by the count v commissioners of Wake for the sale of wine and beer in Raleigh townsbtp was unauthorized and Toid, the Mayor ot the city gives notice that all violations of the local option act will be prosecute 1. Senator Chandler has ofteied a direct insult to the States of South Carolina, Tiorida. Mississpp: and Louisiana by introducing a lv.!l ... . . ' I V .. , 1 .. 1 . r- I , proviuing a special eievtiuu .m those States. It IS hard for him U- nwiri. that a Southern S'ate . -s-"(5 - Has tne same r.gut uuur. Constitation that a Northern btate has, but he might as well learn , now as ever that the days ot 1S63-'C9 are gorje, and he cannot revive them. Secretary Faikchild is rather ahead of the times. It will be time enough to make another cut in rt o r.f fli rnrnms dl s Lllo Clptuavo i ' 1 mi. v - - - tricts when a reduction iu taxis It has been made. All money saven , bv redacme these expenses now s inst that mneh more to hck op in the vaults of the government unless i .- nnimitiniT intprimr nn the UOCU 111 HLU1.I ',iuu(, 1 " . . public deb' or having bonds before piiurn, ucu.,ui uuv 6 matanty. Secretary Don t be too smart, .Mr. The Republicans are evuivnt.y preparing to fight the n-xt cm; paign on the old prejudices a gainst the Soatb. The appointment ot' lion. L. Q- C. L imar to the S 1 preme Coutt bench is the i unda ,tion twou which the new otis.aug:;; upon the South is to bo m olc a-. ! they hope by this side issue t dirert the attention of the Northern and Western people from the rea, , isue reduction of taxes. i the Democrats let them sueeee i ;p this? THE Senate committee . :; i tion unanimously ordered a ta-.-T able report on the Blur eJma't"! bill. This is going at it ei:. n ' l: ' '" the session, we nope a suan. wuiDoiif.,p.,i!.....i- the object;. liable teaturt-s ot the Blair bill. The mouev slio.ild te . o the S-a'es to b expended ' ir Vi,, Uws rv.M-out their s uoo. las w..I.o ,t given to aader infrfrencr on the part i t ttl teilerai governmeu.. m u.- w-.n . way can the money which has hi i-n nnlAtrfu'.lv wrtiPtrfrotn toe neopie be restored. x. I ate-Naj hi.M been ar . Uesby S. Ivtvs. the poleon of finance," has rested on a charge of grand larceny. I Ue gave bail in the sum of fJo.'H'Xh n. -. i ,'r-il' I " " the property of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Davton IC nlroa.l Company, which had b-en sent to v .... i him as trustee ot tne ( .-mpitiy. lie is sarrrTied at t.:e criminal nroceedings agaiust him, ,1- .ci-.i ing a large amount I ke ;! generally termed defaulting is left with the civ.l court adjust. THE New York Star thinks tne namoer-i Tie V einn i! I'livvi-;!' all should bt held in that c.'v as -hc! Statu r,l" Vtv X'orL- n i e O.-.f ! VJbhV. . v ' ' . .. .- .... real battleground of the cimp.cgn. "As goes New York, .-o goes t'tie Union,"' may be a trueNm which no one will den), but tlie Na'.ouai Tlam oerii. ( ',1 n r .e if.n 4 ' '. '1 ' i New York city sn.ee the war have j not teen followed by suecrs-s Loo is and Chicago have be.-n the lucky places: but there may Le nothing in luck. There will be .p great deal in what the Bemocrats of the Fiftieth Congress do.tttiie present session. HARXO.MZI.M. I I?anraiintitir.j iif "h M , f '.. llarri'J'wings of the K.-fuBI:.- it; party of North i '.iridina me' ,n Rjleigh dtiri ng the ; apreed n;on a cab ;' vention to l? hell the 23d day of !ay parpoe of elect i p' the National Been' t' e r i : . i : i atti i :i R .! h v :i t". r ' . t Iv'.y r ; tion. and to pon. i .ce i ,--p,; ' ;, for tro error .. . 1 i.- i :- officers. They evidently ::.,-:..; p. a strong, united :T ir: x '. : -the State from the 1 b-uoci .c s their saccess ile; et:ds e:.:;:ei . : ; .:: the action ( the i pp-i. ". r c s mating n; their t; ke' ai.i line of policy up n -xl.- :: '. . :. duct the camp ipp. From tho ':,- p.. can obtain ( 'h.iriey Price or ' a Kassell will be the eand.d.Ce : ,r Governor and doh:. Nicipps a l. expected t. play the role ef --l:; dpnilent" in ti.-- metro; oiit.c. district with .he lope of -w.-ehmg orTa sufficient 1 e-n . .e.-.c. .". "o torn the scales in : c -r :' -'.. B pablican ticket. THE PRESIDLT K.MS KK U1LL. The Washington correspondent of the News and Observer -ciys that Mr. Randall was at the White JJoose t the President's re.pae.sr and went away pleased with the result of his conference. He says ft tariff bill Will DC Introduced 111 , ii- . .r . .i the House that Will not aLeit ,he Indnatri! interest or disturb the . . , , . in f hit it ujaiucoo wa i.aw . will pa8 that body and its failure 1 to become n. law will bo with the republican Senate. The prospect are good now tor i,i4.. u.r Kl" " " coropronr..se lH-tvvfcn the llan-LiII ana me i.iriii rt:.riii 1 e!iioorai o ,whichthet..xo:itobae - o,u,,l brands distilled from t. u:t w. 11 be abolished ,,,,1 iieh i re.bi.T m i.V it) th ilutv on !lli",r-'i ;1- '" '' reve n ue ri-ir.ii' w;:h:n de- t:,e maud i-t . e I't.-'.'.t- ' -1 veri;.nei.:. The (i. i::e ':s ,...! from the peoi-'.e anuu.illv ,,ne hnn- ; n ;, neoesaarv for the a.lmimstration of the government :s o .epiu-nant to the principles ..n l.a !i our g..v- eminent N fer.nde.l rii . ;' ;s is tom. - hing th ac ai. p.ry politic: it; s '.;' -b i -ik 0t i . i ; tniet .t h::i-b ret, : in -r t in i at ::-, h i-.nr.ec pnip-----i o- w ea:y taxav. U.!l bo t lie para ir. - : s U e : -e t o; e t l.e J eop . e : a t : v i e ' , i' ::. it t .; e lem - '- jj,,,, , .',;,;. ,- a::d :,-.,r- a :e repu'-i; s.-aate. 1: ti..- I )e ::: "erat s it , - . .,, . ..r (1,lt, ;h,.v ,; . , , , :. he M i't s; ion s; lm o . The can ;,Cl OI1;plih y,,-. without ;iu. most or.cc.j h irmi.:,t . because 1k 1:enUbl;e.ins are iipxidus to fix . , , . ,- , , upon them tne odium el l.ii.ing to re'i.viv t'.ie p, -pie and w.'.l throw l . ...a...,.;.. , , - , , e . . ii-.'sull ,t .11 ... i i ' - The Bres b ;: form Ib'n.eera ,1 i re are right in their etb its Kan !a I. rui'Ui .'i, Mr. no ias i ii e i ax : u i b t.,-w ,t t-. ix in.uy would be rt-niiM tsi 1 n iin-rv Ont!;; , ,wr.,f.,..r. r ... 1.....V vii. s-.ar. Thi s n ,p: . ; h e. bee n le l to f he cop c , i-ti We h..d , bv argu- . .. ments advanced 1 y t he St.-.. that , . remo:ng uie :a oa ,..,w"m uu;u give iree euas a::u nee smi.Ke B it ie-w it appeals that a. i en. oval of the t i w 1 p.o- help ''no con siinnr. It i!,,s 1 world a it- '.lie' i i ;' ps;:::.. : . 1 ' m e ':';.- v s' s V HERE AND THERE. 1 ; a . . i Mr. .b,;.:: B kr p s s ; . The i ivOft d p- eiiareh at I.- e '!;'. : The ;Vstiv.-.I . I'.iiinitel pos-j oa- Aug. I. ith itn a : een e.ee'e.l .. . ... ivv ' "' . ,' p.istoi ot r.in'ego i uure a 1 1 s . i ' . i . 1 1 : i a - o . . lots . ' 1 1- a - 1 Llj lor soiin- ',-, s ' .-:':i;g a.-r oil la! m , -' - So;,s ha-.e ha-1 a buxer it; Hv.b- to ' -iv i .ee. :-,r s ,!;ie jAy p... Bishop Wats,;, i t ti.e B.B 'hut a ii i .-.reached at sr. .1 m. s en ti. i ri : . None to;., iirmed. Ci, 1. ( . w av ,v 1 -i. i-x .,m m.r,p,1,K.v,ii 'ii iv,. ' ,i.w - v j. ...... ... . mill in working order by .March 1. M. ,lt, , xir- i, -v.rr,-i , ,. , J Mr. aud Mr. lk.t.eny ot (,.eene , couutv, are in 1 1 1 de on a visit to ' . ,, . , . her parents. S. B. ( assee and wife .rh( S11.xe. ,-.r ;l j.-.,, t, 1 lrom . M.ick lev's creek to Bantego :s c,,m. ; . , t, . ...... -I i i begin s..o:;. uiinini n.t- - i.. . m.. '- i. ; 'uu'u " hurch. I .c.i'i , j r-,ir. icn l r o ; l-old , , 1 , .11 . . i . I V I . , .. is s. . n !,-,- I 1 1 an t at :o ;: t. ! r. B i a ' .' ' Binladelphi i, aad w .11 i. s ,J or ' la-t c ti ; 1 le : n i a ' ui v. : ; Brv. Mr. W . : ti..- M. 1 '('h areh. who .turmg the p: cseii v ear has m 'ashing: - ' ' l''" i ft;: r c . 1 ; r ; , c 1 1 Mas J . i '.. ; , W'.iK.i.s m.iri',i ii . ' the p-v li-i.o- ' lather la 1 .. : : t g i op : pe go to Prut W. C. A, it :. by K, Bat ham. The happy couple left at once for Baltimore, where thev w;ll s.ar.dthe 1;. ne v m. m. At th ci ur: iu Beanfor; couutv l."o m.-u were sun: moiied to Washington as a .special venire, aud were ordered there at g" o'clock .. m. on Wednesday. It ;s rejiolted that the .1 udge h d to ilischarge them, as the:.- - ... i.ttle j. robab.ii- ;v -. g le leia ,!. but no: the attor:,.--, s , ,.;d Pet con sent, and thev were l..-pt until l-'ri .lav many ot ; hem without a pen ny and for several hours vv,;h.u;' ti K":. W hive ; p; . - ' 1 : a .. rti. 1 E' 1 ' v ' ' . Musiel Thi-. In I,. ; ps have more u, IP ill tlie p 'd lisle re n ii r a nv.t- an . I" " I " I ).". w hen ' h - s e ires. II x al ts her ; ti t : Pure in ;-;.'--i ail 1 1: kel v to s w . i -, . , e ar. at i s t lie l.i a: No ...-';i 0 he 1 ' 'a one , in i.-:ou : iie mips, out feeling a des.re to do am bet ter. American -'-.ttrna'. cat ion . " Tim Mio Lrnl fdrntir) l.lwi ., . , , ul an i .treat relief 'ram const , pi 1 1 n . heaJiche ncl oftvoue- t v taktn.; Si ti 'iior, I irz-r 1 1 ! a . , r 1 i j a mp . f.u, harm:(W v,.it-t,v. e 'tnp und. sure to r.-ii-.a,. v.-a. 1'trs r.sof se.lor.- tarr hat i:,J e f ten su :Trr with, ki lcev af- fec-.oui. If they would maiCt,in thr strength of the di-restiv e.reans and iru- prove tae quality oi tae uioou py taiiin; tfa8 Regulator it would re-tore thki-l- neys to health and vijor. ' Swansboro Items. M.ss I! -.1 MiMire i. i- returned frm ller x?.t to f: letoU :!1 Wll- p,;pg'on . N. ('lllU r,w, .r s.mtii ,,.,1 l.,..b,.r. .,:, 0f this place leared for New Berne this week. Miss bit Plttmrtn letlil lie I. -..... Irnm l...p w. I, ,-.,) -it 1 -i rir-ini'.i ; , -h, " " . M :-s Alice Kilse. i;a not i-t . , .. , , . if.i.iiirii. nt ii. i oti vi iviii :; Wilmin-toti otnetime. a Wilmington onieti.ne. iar little ber" seems on the boom t r;M,it,. Additions are woeklv l'h;s week C'apt, Laughlin -d family. Mr. Henry Smith and tam.lv. ( apt. George Bell and (an,,V a;i iri,m t he country, have ni,,veil in town. Besides the large and enterprising tirm ot .Messrs. 1 1 .u r;son, 1 1 ilbard ec 'o,, merchants r.iil iiiiileis. have all moved m. 'e .ire Mist trotnthe Beaufort '.'.; and ironoiinee it a decided e. s. 1 he il. splay i-t W..i. IOWI. i'.b. o ters. C i, mis. fsCalopS. shrimps. ' talis. vStc. c, not to si a.ivth'iiig o! ;hi' gre.i' cuii , -.! i s ;;i ;,!;:-. -,: 1 eites' n. i il'.e v. et! : ,. : : i o: -1 our eXp.- 'tat id fog. : v a Vet ". le'A ;i" ai.d lett W ! i o i.-:.-re :.:gh!. ip-t know-.ng u i:at a gO..,i . xhibiti.iu o! , uriosit ;es were. si:::g. -I .li.ln : s i.tiiii:. to pa t -, ,.;v to go in and see. Ve met manv friends, among them Messrs. fol. nuncan, A . IB Better. II. F. Noiciim, who were managers ami , , , , ,, T.T f., lll.li M1.1IS. J.Ul-11 l-lll.ll .H'HM .Si. Ill- ;o;i i-;;:;y l);lI,o.iT). D. S. Sanders. i i i . ii'... t - lull .mil out g O' i 1 ; . os ; , v i: l . i . 1 ' . 1 1 . proprietor of Oo-.ill View Hotel, ' . ' .- - . . , . V -. w lere we .oil ourse ves on i e ties; of the best, and slept ourselves on 'he same t vie of sleeping Smvess -, , ... . ' ' ,,- i. ,o iriellil lull we sa . we isu i . i ... . , e nan spnee aim tune 10 iuiiu :..te the dilVerent great curiosities some of them, but we haven't. Miili.-e it to say all weie agreeably it pr:scii. a u an Ii j ami I" n belief. Bve.y one of the eonv.cied i nicago Anarchists were haters ot rt.i,gi0I1 ri..w- i,.,a ,-, . i ur iii-n tinvi ii,oi aiming the authority of the Scrip- tures. the teachings ot the I est a- me JIM me fiuees ot eimsuan Tu,vr hatred of law, ot' so- order, of all that comjnds si.!' denial and self control was j. .: t of their hatred of what claims : i be a revelation ol Cod, has w.il .:.-i i.s eternit v. In this scorn and :. Pied i f tebgioas truth and re- ligi-ais restraints th.-v were en- cotira -ed bv a mass of popular . ' , : ., . ,, i . tt-ratuie. iiopu.ar sconce and 1 ' . popular pndosophy. "dege pro- h;a:i- w liters, llilb.lei:- :;a! putaishers. e.oip.ii-ut lec'urei's. ..re a' work year alter j ear. Using . ,1! their gifts .m.l attainments to d.seredit the truth of the Sen;.- 1 lilies, .o aiatvt i.gni .'i i in- gi 'si nis. to up.b-i tntne the faith ot the x oung . :a Cod an 1 Christ and the life of holiness by tin- Spirit. Whichever w a xi a linn ni puu.a oi mviif .; . ,. , f . .-. , ' met, . n uie uiu-u in nj.eu a' ta. k on the foundation pi incij.les ; evangelical or ot all religion, , :, sicatTobi in Chicago we have a latter sp.-e; aa-n ot tne ripe iruu fioinail this seed planting by t he a.votnplished unbelievers. Bar- s -as. S;,,.,, L:ngg and their com- aniotis in tlie murderous dui- sp;racy were rejireseniam es oi t iiousands of no less desperate and misguided. Their carnival ol crime '..s nothing to the massacre they i,., I. i..i .p.. ....,.i i""l UMU' V u"u, -UJl l"15V(,r to ni a ke mar t y rs that heaxen , prisons could not contain , ,h.r ffnu nn- te the xiidins tuat woui.l now t'O awaiting execution for their murder i ,,t- riPers. judges and policemen. i r e 1 1 ' s a a i r e ii h i-r s s h on 1 1 i . . . . . ..... ..... - ........ .. uinunri ni.iv nn- "oinii t - . tostered by the iutidel books, which .ueissueu iooui gi eai puons n i p g t Houses, i.y t!,e lliUilel sentiments . t P , ..... m 1 o- T.y. ,(.i-, ,rs iy prolessors who ii,.- d ue to utter their full c .tiv.cf.oi.s. ' -. ;he infidel orators who exhaust their ingenuity in In-aping contempt on ; hings sacred. x e should iiiaKc the young rea.i. c P , , P., I -. ... ,,..1 O P , ' ; r . 1. i I P. I. ,r ii,.. i ue i.ospt i iigu.s loiMiii' e.i I 1 .1, ..,. li,.).e Or HOI, H'l I HUH 11, ll'l 1 1 '.' I V 11 , 111' . l.'l eternal I'., .!.-,,,.. in :l. ...w... ... ' ; -d i ha. is as yet to a gre.t. - grce estranged from its power. ' " Ithehornble ciimes and disgrace- -.vsjfllI deaths of Anarchists let them ;.; Ut see the legitimate result of depart- h nist.. :pg fro:,, thel.vmgGod.-Bxchange v, Ail". -mm. 'world that is as vet to a great d l lie State b rant The n iteenth annual meeting of ! the North Carolina State ('.range :s being held at this place in the .Masonic Hall. The attendance is much larger than usual and the tii-st meeting was held mucli earlier than lias been heretofore. The b laws make Tuesday at 1 L o'clock the time of calling the body to order It.: in tanner vears owing to tardy attcinLinrv tin- Cirange has seKioin in-t-n cii:ai::zed belore Tuesday ,lt This tune owm, tu inoru prom pt tendance and the verv gratifvin - erease tn the number'of sub.'.rdi - ite granges this bodv was ab! to eet and organize on time. ( ni ot sixty -two granges :t: the S'ate ' We alt v eight viz 1 i la :.' '-.r. 1', tttleb. B.ver B. : d. 1. a.;, -ra:..-.- II. ill. '1'. l'i.-.iviiz. : 'A odituti'ii. Si. irta. 1 ai ::. hie. ' h.il h 1 i P d . Belle View, ( oiuePtPea N.elv hra-ih', p. llraiplop, l'.pex liior. ! :.i--P. lla-k.-rv. lb p: P.'P- 1. I at a'-'- b a N aiiey. i. -'. , 1 . i i . ' ' i . l -s i 1 . Be -a ": a -k e. 1 p . -1 - p . i . i i o io r l-'oi h . ( 'at a ' B '. .-r. 'op,.y '( heek. ' h-n ,:l,i tiiai Mi:! e:e i epreseli t .-i 1 w :., .'. re a I ', S'P 1 '.v . .:g ealied the p- i 1 ,.e .nhhess !iy datel. i..- V, : . p. s. ip 1 ; a : . .1 t''i-p!.c appi ppl.p ' '. r i'ei i -1 ..: ; . gi.is c -:p n. i 1 . i.-.l. 1 1 e in 't es . ' a s i ' . s 1 ae ' P -Ii 1 - ke I'.I pld 1 Pel ea se i -1 1 1 1 . , . 1 h s j;, -th.rt a i;,i-:ii'.'i-ri,.p e . 1 reii , :.g i.een ir.st : i 1 or :c. p. ol. He urges ; j,,. ti ib-pir a-; be sent through the i ' e ' o instruct t he lire t hi'eii a ip 1 s; ri-.pi ; he heniticii-nt dce'.i an s. .i tei.e's I.; ;he order. IBs ip.-s'ri p he to the niib.e oi iinz ol a ii i . . ne tarnier. and his denunciation ot Peloids, s ndicatcs and specula , ,1 rinrr 'lr.. i -1 il . - , Tee. ',1s o' on. position which the Southerner i , , pp-c- i.n he.'ote its re.ub-rs nex- n 'V I The entire session bids fair to be an interesting and important one and will probably be not concluded until tonight. tar forty granges are repre- sented. t he attendance will num bt i , r i.ii l . i i i t i probable be a hundred. larboro ..... " . - .ii . in i i.i i- I -a ia n ready to return a 1 1 . 'a ar 1 oa 1 1 n-n t reek at a 1 i this fart of lh.ii;,t." f. r I knew I wouLl cure ai! d..r.!:lK-t- wuh Salvation Oil. Oei,v Never "bali.tc.-..." a rnati. Lut if v u itieet one witu a usa couku yon may "bulldose him to adTantngo with I I'aill'? Cough, Syrup. 2') ctsp Bines County lB.rn- V.Y e at ,i. i 'I .' lie i-!:. vi-: .1 l... cu:, l ; ' s i ''.!'- r i i ' ! ! : : -. ! - p. ev h a giving ! In-;;' ii g iht-t o'!ii: li mo ami s d' a a prevent it :ve ,::id Li.V I I , l' . in,'.; n'.r out : :v 1 v. i.e. - .!- il firms :-- s.) ap ill'"',;, i-it! , 1H',.i. propi;.,-,- that the at t ides rf C.teen M . u i ; i ; i ! : -' w , : w o 1 1 ! : n:o:e to he . . , t u:m i- -iiin ti.e . x: ei ::io-':: i! , . larm ... .ne r a.e. Saturday t ven; . i -' : .e- i: i-r at Tienton was bteraii v c.c. eu lr,.l, I,,!,- r,M,U- LirvM.tl'n-Mn VrlV Berne Mondav mo.ning. Our fanners all ,-av hid we a go ,d steam m:;l an i'the proprietor ..I it had a p'.entv o! ca : .; ; d woul -.1 n 't it be . ;i;,-e ;,'.: h;m to purehaMMhe-c , log-', s a '- . pi t In- ! u :.: 'n-r . i-. tongue ;P,d gfi.ave ! ship i' ' Vi -. m).- , would I,-'' l'i elltoll 0 ; r : : i . ; i 1 1 l : i ' -. w o : ; h take a i .on. ; -r i-T t.a.t el and i'.lt e In-: e .it hon e . J o.f t entet'pi ::ig n ;'i go,,d mil! ! Wei!, me teil ln'.l a'.! h ' '. 1 :,-.i '-; ; i. - ; ;- v, -:i ::; ;-' . ,-, , I ! ' i ' Ml . 1 ,..,!! g Is LOW at.d as - .,:. de-.., !ia e a'..-;;' w , e- i i h u:g i . i i 1 1 ' . - . ;. e II i u ,i rin w . 1.11 ' . I r, : .!' b.el.ag u Kk:-'' . p 1 1 e i' 1 : 1 . . . I i . c ; t ; i i ' , , '. ' ", dram a ; ; : Ti Ta'i;i: p'.v , : ;"'''' P'o;.:. i vti , mix w , ani-ie vuieg ir. i .- , it a. Ml : l.e I v p is' r; on s a ot I tie ptciv: a'tel oa h -'e liaisp then you can ha a g it up a g it :: a raise a smoke f; a n ipie ! . to dry it otl. You n e.i iov g.. any other attention ,ts j,,, .a v v bother it a:i n.-.ti'. B i' da:: a 1 u: g i i i ' i j p j 1 . ; ,- i a ; !, . ; WoltM be bes' ; I . 1 - -' - ' t.p:.,l asa.oeoipre'wp ps: at-l.p, l, r ; . Wii:. ca(.;, ,p,t n It 11 von w and ' t.0St.v j .- wp, at.d'wh.-i p KI : avi '. .,- . . ,, viPuil .1' la- l's A i t.v -r. t .ry :' . :. -.! Ah. of J..r.-s t--.u.iy ; orneilvr pi- to ict-n . u Trer.fn . n s.tari.y. I'i'ii,: - r . t-t tri.i: .e t :a ; i : .:.' , ... n---j w a a t :. .-a:, r v A o : a. e. , in ,:' k.-.-j s s,,:!ll. y.mii:; - .M i r in tisitn: in Hi erhl. ,,- .p,. --;-ea'es; di to the i. v,...s .a' ...;;ng ni. 1 1 -n t h e : r .-ci : e, : -a-: ' :. d w 1 1 P. II 11 - - - s to a - - a ' t . o : . 1 c :;.:: person s o : e , i-r n-i I :. !.., . . cma)o:i :s ;he i a'i.p' of sell sufu cient sm lit m s. anioi'ig ti ,- n:U t,,i ; a e e a: r e s : io a in" , ; r,.-'-m - , .. ' , "", ' , " ,,t aipcice Itoin II, e agid. P, It 1 would almost ai ear ,p;iu;;r i .:.-.- were, in ;h;. main:, r. .loomed to l.e retarded ui -,'s ,o i va m-. men t . Ii ,.aci, g,.mT.irp.:i wete t- start with ; h- I nil .o ! van ' age of : In- ex pe: an e,- 1 (,L.. , ceded ::. :t h lmll,:i',, t e,. .v.- ;,.- he:gY OI prosper:;-. . :.-! hupoipo-s at . wiJU., p. a.k.pd w..:i!.l uBtm.itely ' ,m;vc. lap ; M r.,, Peas ,'pti'i ' ... ,'ow wri. l i-'s!,on of threeseoie I l.e . , twenty as it t is :o train 1 1 f ;1 child of six vears old :.. the , r ' T! (, 1 enerf:v an,i cud " r ' v .- a!lu, d:'n, ' . o a deed brings tull-grown man. , . . , , Never'helt-ss we do 1 ,,- ,b s-opd 1 0Ver the case o I t hose w i:o na t ural 1 v 1 .i e i.. .., . r.ii- ,iii ii o iiis,. i- , i. .'I- . 1 ... . 1 ileCCsSOrs. ll.ele at least oPi ! medium tiirough Him-ii good r-im i 6el ,,resen t s 1 1 sell withou'aiiv en , rlnKf.1niv ni-vli . ioi--o.i.s noo to ,u.SI,;,. :;. ,m. ' . , . , '. . ' . , s ;p.. pea . ipel s. eibdts r. it. l .ti ll i.C .lie PpPO eiJU nt .nn:-.,- ; i o i 1 1 ' v v i as tju. v, .,,., ,,.,; 1 . oils i e a i ;:ig J, iearii to I t-tp-ct solllii ,1!', llli U ' . I'.i I ' W ' . ' ' t ' - i t 1 ' . ' Tl ir ., , . . , ' . . , - Linit iii..iri-i,ii:ii:igs ag. iin.-t ii.e ,-xPr: nc,- of tl....-.- who hav.- gom- In-fore tin no In the same measure, ' bv being made cxteiisivciv at- ' (i;a.li:)U,i ith the abilities of 'others :I;,V W!li h, h.d :o lllil)k U!U..h lesS 0!' u..v:i a -, , ; remeii t s. and to ... , .... , ,, t ss va i ue on ; p i :r own c i i vi to i . . t les ot actio;,. ( v.iMon al ly v. .- si c oiin; men ; ' ' , ' " 1 , ' s '".' " . H r' I ; " ' ' ' ;V",1 ' !i"L: ' , 'V'V j ihe Phiiimua 1 w...i seeia to ste-n at once, as it were prudence. They engage in their! occupations with coolness and de I liberation, patiently waiting br oppoitun::;. s id well doing, and taki rait' to avoit tho i ,o, i i ii i i o iiitiii V.. 1 ''"T o 'r ' " I''irtlall-V j f.'"."0, -' t '-'iii . 1 iT ' t'"" j.' .! - ' r 1 '-lltle, 1 V , ; -'V.'!1- ' r'll' , ':' ',',? ! " V.-' 'l''i'' w a v. r..i rig nil' yes an - tie 1 r e I : gainst I ii '-'; :i'''r ' ::' 1 ' ''' Pop- ird oi 1 ' jus-.-, hop !'.-: ;. -r : . ': l: . i : : t s , ; : e legit : mate. ip i :. ' ii. v a :. ot a ; expression nt in- -Pea ell'i'llll.st aip'es Is a Is i Used IP v 11 n '. In .;'!. ::' a w : ; i . ; i mi,- i , . 1 , . . .','. -ea "''' eglli Ited se I l s' , " Pi'st i f nn It is Oil II ,, w i ; u " t o i : io e 1 " ' ti.ie ,i i i' ,u,-,.ri. ii IPseii 1 ';-' const i;:;i-i:ees. n.igo' i-rv email,: -AN i 11. 1 d'Oht think ire 1 . v ,ii u. t i '. s o,u , i .ts This would pi'ububB make Self llstee'm look for an instant some what blank, and then break forth in a stream of rest-ntlul a'cise. Vet it might be quite true. li.ijv alivay lp-hp-. - utila: it" : i . a - i-le iip.'i t -p. e'p.itv p. tlas tniH 1U i;s ap- fhrttieii t the r.iiai.u) s-.stepp I.ix i- I r ulnvvs r iv. - time .-.p.: t r . va i-1- t v I r ,-ppt use in the !,, lar.i.a,,; of --kn-r.-v If ear liiil.v a se-k. Mi;:,-ri:o ami i i w un pou i.i eu unu n'i i n . coo.i it with Dr. ball's baby Svrtito I: i- safe. Price 0) c-nt. i on Tin: n ni.K vu i.tv. A i. II. I. In i'KuVIliE 1 ii: I ill" i;x rn.s 1 1 n ur nAXiitKi'i's aiji:ns ! M- .'I I UK VMTED S 1' VI ;s. W AsniNi; ri in, Dec. 1 1. The re- ( lit trouble with the Anarchist in hi. -ago, and the prosecution of John 'In- in New York, have suggested 1 1 eparai ion of a lull, which will he 1 :! i o.luced in the IIoum- Ol'ltep eea,.i, lies t lue Hon. Georm i.- . , , ' Aui.-n-., ol l liiran, providing v ... .1 ;e epul;o!i of daneious '.. i: :;s l.oni the ter.itor ot the u'.'ed States. The bill was sug- getell by lielllUltl IUStel', ll ,M l.r"r th' Staats Z.-itung, of hieago. in a peeeh made by him 1't',or, tlll l!l:n" League Club of '' Li'.v- Alter drawing the bill ;lr' Adams Mibrutttcd it to Mr. is' i r. and to riu-u; Mei s n; e 111 i 1 1 I'll in ges t to coiitci j ; e 1 1 -i ' e a ' and in i I II t .Ml' Ol : gO the;: vi.-ws. T; e li.il M-h s ; ;, s; i . g .a i i 1 . i ' . -! :: a i : -;' g. ' : n i : : i . 1 i 1 . 1 1 e 1 1 s i , S 1 ' e s i t e i le pi ai i ' i the d est i i , -the no,;,!, i t ; ; a ii- : . s : i 1 ; i .e Me,! S'a. ." aided, ad iles' I lie l.'l' of ai.y ,P ' e a. p' ei 1 ; ; r a g i i 'v or r , o i e Si i'le-ld. :1 ' I U) spa. Sl.i'i- i , : p" Li,, --e ; s( ai L 1 ret e d . The I'll1--e p r. el i i le V. ke 1 t I 1 a o: i : . i' o; n hi. -a .' 'end . he t one i a i . n i s 1 1 i p : i d t - h- s .- ; i,e i .i:it!y i : go -d ea'i--v B ' i:e oif -ad: ; st, a; p; la -e :o ole-;, t io- ol del'. It shall be t iie ll 11 1 S ol tie- Si i let ary i f S' at e t o mso h i in t he a: rested and co:iveed out ot en .'or ot 1 1 :te S" , and i! be shall retain to this e-ein t.y ,e shall be putiLsheii by imp. s onmeiit not more than thrie jears, aie! ..' the expiration of his term of li:s : :;; p: .sop p;, ;i ' shall ag en be ,'oiny .1 01:' ol the country, ami :: p.-; nutted to 1 et 1:1 n ui.t'.i t he .id. 1 i xpell'pg lotn is 1 evoked. Section y .'.:' tiie 1).;1 provides, That w heiieVei'. in the judgment ol ' i: 1'; esldent i .f t he Bnited Sta'e- . the p-iblie ,-attty stall re ouiie. it sin!! he lawful for the Bieseb-nt to cause any such alien' to Pe alia sied without noticf and e i.ivct ed on ,,' ; ju. ' n i ted S t a t es . ' ' '" Tii ' b:l! is hiceiy to excite consi.b-r-' a bo -. utiitnt'iit ;. d .i:s.urii.:i. I.a.nl P.eiis. .V good deed never g..c i;:ii'i' w ir. icl. and the fanner sh mid make it a joint to cultivate the heart aim atb-etions as well as tlie soil, and s 'e that no foul weeds are ' springing up and clustering there. Winter is drawing nigh, and the domestic animals begin to jiost themselves on the leewaid side ot the farm buildings to protect them-t selves irom the cold winds. Have' you a poor widow in your neigh boihood wh i is ni iking a Prave tight to bring up lo.".- children and and keej. away fiomtiie aim -house '.' Co tij. ui. a load ol dry wood at Wdiat satisfaction such to the heart imbued - cnanix. aiake noiu.ss. oar peignbor know whit vmi aie . ' '.pppg .lip ge ::i;l a n-.iii lrom t . . , 1 . lle.lV; ii has an e e oii 1 1 SUCH char : v i . a a 1 1 there i - . lotl t hat v on h it 'o ; he uie: :' g ai t lie .ib.r.le.i i ret I I Y, COTIi u s n t e i v. wh. u ; 'a - i: -i la- . -t hi'oipgl; tie- i'Pr'i-i-i ill; i d .l.ipldatcd la i: a. Pai , , . , , . . . ,. I lei I 1 s o i . i , , e 1 1 i v i i a i i . - . , , i o ; i s i doll": 1 1 olil t lie cl- a:. ! s e i ; ,.e . lie) w la t 1' i s i :,. 1 iued too ir, uc'a to i . I'P'.'o a. 1.1 P !P"ui ' ..logs ill vine. The la: mrip thoiiaa h:.- bu -:i-v is . " .', .' ' , "',' ;,,'," . "' l, , ", '''' r",1." - ' , , V "! "'" 'Ud , i y;.,: h-:, 1 i'1-'; V ,', ; , ''n , . ,l rV ,' 'i?' " ' ,' ; pose. .Ml nature is sprea o t.ll t IP' soil, should i .: be all ! earth.'.', lie lets m : ip I and soul and les lor I his i a v sup out before us in ali its loveliness, its beauty and its majesty, and no employment gives better opportuni I tu,lltu's '"r contemidating the v oik ; ! of God. and the vai ious ojierat urns - i ot' animate and inanimate nature, tl. tdioic sc-Kxchangc. i The Tartars and Their Horses, Tlu.v have a"wav of living with' their animals, winch is truly aston ishmg thev talk to them, and when l' they wish to encourage them, they j tl 1 s 1 1 e t.) tlli'Ill us it ttiev Were ! birds, llthr-y do not travel well, !tlu'v a,1'5n'ss u thm P0Dlle re ! Vio.Hh,: and when special effort is i ro-eded o, their i-arr, they say to ; tln-en -me my dovey- yon must p up there: courage, my pets: come eld' And when the difiicultv is .p-e op piished. t hey gt t down iioin li.eii box and k.io-.' and caress ;!::, a . i o , : p .; r . p. i,-' and hi'.-a'iii Patl.PZi th-.a l-i-l .O-i'l! Mielr eyes, pp ., ,;.g t heir liases, stroking the hair -n their f nehfuds Let v, eeli their e.ll ili'ii ed ealess- ti.g tiiein in t-vi-ry v. ay. and iitat- P Z ' hem !!, ilPP'h 1 , ed iv ' ;. IMP. Oa i a .- t ra sii a '. v a, Yi t. eheeled a 'A le t e h e. 1 a'ae'.e. ghid 'ii i.oi ,; vi'i. kfii hea: t . i 'nb, a g.-n: le i iei. e.' I: fanned a i eh in g bi 1 1 ws. ehei led many hearts PV Its gel. tie t iich. ( )a ly a fiov. n .' Bait ii let t a s,id o:d :n the child's heal t. ij'li Ver a g lips and teal till e es. bily a smile'.' Bait ho-.v ir ehier id tiie blokeli hea:'. engelliieled hope, and c is' a halo ot 1 ght ai'ouiid t hat sick bed . )iil a v. oid of etita uragemeiit . a igle weld? It gave ilie droojiing ni' n,- -'.' a lid led ' O vieto- I A ! w ,i , ieiiiember a kind woiai rii, in-, nn' ra; v in Pa a n . Oil r ; dumb eia-at uii-s. happy . Ti.e longest tunnel in the woild is St. Ciothard, on the line of the railroad between Buceinaud Milan. being 'J 1 '2 miles in length. Burklen'a Arnica Salve. Till; P.est Salve in the world for 0ut6, Bruiflcs, Sores. Ulcers. Saiu Hhcum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Unrula. ChilDlains. Lome, ana an OKin Krupiionn. and positively1 euros piles or i. o pay required. It is Ktiaranteed to tfivt- perfect satisfaction, or money re- faipii-1. Price 05 cent per box. For - aie I. v U. N. DuiTv. dfcl8 tv Use House's Ghill Syrup (HAKITV. , fieii, liu- pr.o. . i el ,.i.i at; j plaint of woe. Oh, nt vi r. i,.:vtr turn away ihiue tar Forlern in this bleak wilderness below Oh! whut were man should heaven re fuse to hear '. THE SECItET DIIAWEK. In idle mood I t.uurhed the t-prings lhat opened wide the secr.-t drawer. To guz on half forgotten things lhat waked the memories of yure: Small serais of letter loot.L-ly tied With nlken banc- of faded blue. Containing words of love ana pn-ie. Wrung from mv heart wlu-n life was c e w . A lock of radiant golden hair That once adorned a gluriaus head Of a young angel heaveu y fair. And ln:ig rince numbered with the dead : A dark brown tress- the roU- remains Of ;t brave woman lost and g-.me. Tie- p . riner of m j -y. ana p.oi.r. v I-1-- -mil.- no. .e a:l.i. u la-r- o -1 Me p. ah .p- is 1 'TI.,-, 'a n '. i - as Might. a j , nr. Liu' -1 0. '! ol'-- - i ilmllSM Mllh v o , . o ! .. 1 "a lira:. : v i ' , ' l 11- kf - i 1 - '' ', C! H.y heart -. u a. i-iiii. n. ; he rn, ai - i , . f f :P. V ,1-V bl e-M i ri.i- r g,.;.l : : . '. 1 ti.-.- pa-: ' .ia -.ee - fro, a o'.y lif--. a I.- Mi-- a. r-t ;. 1 . ki-1 r ull - I -n' n lt d st rife : '. i a - a; :- , f j v u ti; r ;! . in- mi 'h l ap" is hi - V,':,,--i I . I'nv, k: a . i M' i, ; I 1 i i k i t ii 1 1 r I i. ra v . n iy o v 1 - t: bri-Hst . ' - v. i.h i.... ii: tie- jrnVi'. - I- s M . i-. . 1 . l : -c pe, nn. re id.-., sine, than any ( app.y anticipation iel . I .- -.vison in t lie ear. v ainl pool bieeze.s 1 iiii-i; ites faster in tin- i , ga i t sp at ale t tie e e 1 1 1 1 1 . ' e . . . io ai 1 1 : t h .s .-, hi i. ntittl i,n llgo. look, d pile b. iski r In oiu.es i he the eheeks o y ,i b-'v weeks and languid : step, and how happy sounds .he laughter from ruby Bps : Yes; the heart and iniiii.s o; ; he fair st-x are liiied wiih raptiio:; . d, lgh looking towaid a v, inter si-asop ,,f eiiio ments. and hist, lltlt IK least, to man v a die llirtation and seii ous cor.quesf ELECTION NOTICE , ray - .- I'll I A : SA-; r.i , i - o; a ; ; ,.N r i. i aa p a:. .' 1- -. I'. r.KN H . 1 1. v . o 1 s .v.'' rs . ; i 'r:, -, c,;r. i; v : N o. s :.::-: .;v-a: ::, ,t " Thur.ilij-. January liGth, A I lsss, :ci :: a up. p., p,a t a- g..verl j ae- "'' ': ' ' o t i.unty i,,r ; h - one of "' -:' -: : - ' " o- ' sui.nil. a v, iters -a bu.i '"'jov vosP'iior sabscraariK the sum t-.v.. v .,;,,) ji.Phis p. t:.e '.;tul s-'" "v i- r lis. i no...: u ..a:, J ;u.ii Kal.vav C" u-a:.y. X : s , it-n'iiii t,, v.ae f. a- saiil prn; . o.-aei ',: s.;:,--::,:.,i:i, hiiii; ,i,p ,s:t In me in. u: i. ::.v v..;i:iu i-r.-cn.ot where he m iv I e a t i v, a ... ,, T-lere n; r-ani-rvitii Pie word sriiM KiioniN- Pithr ntt-n or ! weea-:c. st sa. i a op. isitio.a l", 'lie Jb ia p. -i.-i- i.f pnp,-i wi-ii tii- words ' sen t-ier'on "'''"'V': ' ,:Uk1 " uttet! 'ir,. siil-i -:tet;..,n v ig p . ,-oa iu,-:e,i iin.ler the u:uc ruVsan.l '-ettuiat imiin.Rrrin.il mr e. ecu m oi memiwrs ot tile general atseiulilv .Ml icrs.it n lieMrine P. viae at Ul elect! ', hrVpoi'up"-!!!;;,! nn... n-gstreo lo o,l. OU.ANP. I HPlta . Register of I tM elli ii i- Solo Livery Stables. Till: VI UM s i ,-- a. a- m nd' an o M H 1 1 N A i ' . 1- . A n 'i i.as esn 1:s- R.'lved by ii- ilehth it' ro'nanue the Dus-neis oi sack iX H V i i H AND I.I VI- KVuf tll'RSHs. M I'l.fcls, et -. a the .1 i ' .-. : ..M: 'O street, where ie huh t .-v j it-t-a -ti tn same Pti-Pe ss :v Uie .: s !. sG(;.v: l t. pl-HS-.- 1 to meet hs -..a fr e:i ls;iv -. ,-tis: orii.-rs W: . p , . e ,vi ti oi i In iiu- f-i-i.ii a FINE ca r ok notM- nii nnas A ..... a FIVE l,oT OF Hlia.IKS and V : N h ss. - 11 sI-'A ' I P .N -I'A A N I I HP. M. HAHN & CO. ic . i d'Ciin J, J. TGLSON, Wi. !,-.', ;,p i lUuil Dealer m ChoicS Groceries and Provisions, Dry Good?, Boots and Shoes BROAD STREET. NEW BERNE, N. C, SJaT GooJr! uaranted as reprcftciat ed cclO d3t wtf THE ONLY RON TONIC Will purify the BLOOD rsirulata th LIVER and KIDNEYS and KEBtori theHEAI-TIianciyill- UKoryouiH Drapeps'.a.w ant or Appetile, Indigestion. Lck fi Strengrb and Tired Feeling ab- jlutely cured: Bones, mus cles Rnd nerves receive ne-.. force. Knlivens ibe mind an.i snppliea llrain Power. , Suffering from coin p . ai Hta pecu ioMUIlaW HARTER'S IKON TONIC a 1 lar to T r. p; r oj T -. u i. n-i i n ixv Frae, .reedy cure. Gives a clenr. hen.ll-y complexion 1 .eiempti at counterfeiting only aiPle to its i or u v.-v.. I o not experiment ,:et ni.icas- ,1. and BE-T A Dr. HARTER'S LIVER PILLS F Tnre Constipation. Liver Complaint and Sick Headache. Sample Dose ar.d Dream Book -nre.l.-d on receipt of two cents lu postaec. th; dr. harter medicine co.. st. louis, mo Sealed Prorjo3als for tho Con struction of a Bridge Across Neuse River si : E ..a .Nairn Oak hi is a Z'.iAViN OP-MV iv!'. Pe.tr I County I'e.m m :ssi, n ee s. Ni-w n rue. uv,.pn, IssT i ,-.e I'-, avl -a C:uiulssli)iers f Craven I'l-iepv l.-:e!iy lijviirs braleu j.,ruposiie for ,-. -vb . i'ii--i : liii'l t.uilU'.ui; t t.T'.iiee across a-use llivei la . raven County, at some con venient p:ae witniii tviii miles of the Court llo..se in New 1-iTiiL-. to L.,- ileterruiiatd by ;iie said l ouuinissioners; sala proposal- to iv.iitHin pians and -p ci catioi.s for furnish aiK material and building bind Bridge, ami the et.timitt.il cost of tte same. The 6aid Hi lds?e to i'-e so constructed as to permit the . asv and iir.obs-.i ucttd jassage. when yomg in opp iR-.te direct ons. ot ail kinds of ehi ... and for i lie safe and convenient passage f animals and peisons to and fro. and siiad :u ail respects conform to the requirements and uses of a tlrst-clats Bridge, said Iljijge sliali also b provided with a l)ra-of 6uch Jiinenhiens and of such construction as to p. i inl: tiie pa.-sage, without delay, of all Sauls of steam or . a! . vessels. sa-ld Proposals, Willi plans ar.d specifica tions properly sealed, ; ddressed to the Board f 'oniinissioueis of era ven eourty, and eti- I'.orse l. "Stiueu proposal ror constructing a I'.ridge across euse KiverZ" 6hail Pe tiled with I tie Clerk of the said Board of Cotiruis sl meis at his office in New Berne, on or be fore the First Monday in February, lssS.when said pi oposals will be opened for examina ti in. The Board reserves the right to i eject any an.- all bids, and agrees to pay the sum of tifty dollars (or such pian and specirica tlons as tnav be adopted. Hy eider of tlie Board. OKLAN'I O PKIis, Kegistsr of Dec ds, -officio lerk. 'I'i.o WiliiiiEiston . N". C I Messenger. Uolds 1 A ratis and Kaleigii evs and observer ,i-P pP ia-.' pimps a for sixty days, once a ween, tie,- Hbove aav-i tisement. and send rji'l or account of soce. properly made out t,.p. inst ti-.e oui'ty ot era, en and veitned, to the Clerk of tlie Hoard of Couimisslonerg , of Craven County, at .New Berne. . 0. ; ileci lawpi la.xiLiJi-j", i:eii. BAKER'S NEW OPERA AI-'TItl! I ll K MIKADO. The bargains that bloom in tin- fall, Tra la. Are often but promise and show, The people ilmi'l know what the b u y , Ti t la. Tl.e ottt-n had belter go. -low. But ol that t hole's iiu need as to what we c el. Of bargains I har wentlei as ttades mr.i t his lb;,. Tra-la-la 1 a . t r a-laba-ia. The barg.iilis th M, ,,iu m (he fall. T. t I a. II i e la. gel to do with t lie case; All people t!n.- in ol mai a thing, Tla la. .'' i.. a. s, , ;i; , i . ,.; I, lM :i a : 's lag. Tra-la. Aiol buy at a t ; a-' Wo; : 1, plai e. Colio- end ee wh,o weiaaoi win n we say and call, Of bargains indeed which we offer this fall. Ti ai 1 i la la. t; u-la la la. Moral .f all this Go to Baker's to I ue .air I n Oi Is. - 111.'-'. Ill', fl .: I ll : . ii d ( i op r ; i . i ses Come and (J l; right nmud in front ol our toi e door. Jl them up. c.ime in, get tour weather I open by a look at our bargains. Don't be a .J and neglect this g..,,d tin 1 1 1' Oxot.r self. We J; in em nest when we Promise to suit I to a 1. B.iug along a V and we will W up half , , , , . . dozen bargains. do we do this! Simply because our prices are all u knocked ajiisdn UAiop. All this is foolishucss. hut it is a fact that A. M. Bakku we won't saJ any more : come and see us. On The List. . AS SO me day It milV ipj.en that you need this thing or that. We have a little little list we've got a ; A. . . , , , vl - Class gootis ;u I ICCS UOWn i uiciiuoM jiuuu.i ai jo ices, uun u ; tn iIim lnn-ist (1 a lUM. l ii.ii, In which we will persist, in which 1 We Will persist, I ; That our nobby stock of fall goods ne'er excelled, Befltting any lady whose name was ever appelled. (Jar cloaks of rare material and w oi kinanshijj to match, . UI oualitv superior, thev never need a juitch. : Alul lien 0,ir Misses' cloaks they'll convince the veriest pessimist. You'il find them on our lidt, on our unexampled list. A. XI. Bakeu, the Dry Goods Man, don't forget he wants you on his list as one of his best customers. Baker's bound to have a fit toda , lie don't care it "tis small, The fit he wail's is pro-fit, friend, So look you one and all. For gains. What gains? Why Bar gains, Iriend, Just glance within his store, Such bargains he will show jon, friend, As ne'er were seen hefore. New ties. What ties? Why novel ties, In every li De he sells, Don't shun. What shunt W hy re- dac shun, i Iu prices to please you well : . Sure gures. What gares. Why j low fi gures, Tiie 're bound to make you laugh: So call and see us cut the price, ' In just exactly half. l;Usir.Pc5 iTi6n who will ffivp It proper at tan - c v.-.anTca iir.ndie tins pump m every town in i. J , M-l . I-1 . Vj. . p.nd N. C.. and wUl b ao- V:i . N. c. rdede-, ntr. let -g;it;i! h: t ?rr:tory net already occupied CHARLES G. BLATCHLEY Mil M I ! rn pr-1 rQ or nil ptizea nnd ntvlet IfiMit U r st I U r.Cl i ofllOOD l'l'.HI'S. 11 Nizea rdiI styles W OOD l'l'.HPS. ni.:u j.i.i.1. n. office: ilJ." E City Hili Square opu ii:u-si st station v it. p. r iiiiaucipiiid, rd tefir rttP , Horses, IViyfes & P TVW'L sway - T - r.eir!-MrriIG,iSi I S -I 1 1 r tj i j sa v mm kin Mme, DEMOREST'S RELIABLE PATTERNS Are the only ones that will give a perfect ntung j MME. DEMOREST'S System of Dress Cutting. Chart and Book of full directions, enabling ary one to Cut and Fit perfect? . Paici, $3.00. Sent by mail, post paid, on recr'-it of price. MME. DEMOREST'S PORTFOLIO OF FASHIONS AND WHAT TO WEAR Tj large Magazine of BJ raees rf Fafhl, n N'. tor, acl Styles, Illustrated witu about l.OOOCuir. bent, pot-pald, for 3 tti.u. THE Demorest Sewing Machine, THIS STYLE OXI.Y Nearly 50,000 told anil eivinz vcv&'CS nal islacliou. t"Don't pay other companies $40.00 profit on a machino not go good a.o the DEMOREST, but buy direct of the man ufacturers. Sent 0. O. D. Write for Circulars. DEMOREST FASHION and SEWING MACHINE CO., 17 Itast I ti :,iet, Nc-.v Yori City W.I. c i-; ' ' THE BEST WAY TO is to sAvi: vorii monbv by At F. T. PATTE MIDDLE STREET bTORES, THEN A BOOM in the riPt ii irertii ai w ill bi- iii-e;.-;:--' - .1 hv m.iU ing our piirchaBea at the above roioieil SturcH. vi here jam will tir ,1 lurtrtiiw iu ( ientlemn ' furninhinfr Good a, iJlovt s. Neek wcht. Shiris. Hiinnel rriaei w eir. II itn. t'aps. Boo. s. Shoes, Um brellas, Trunbs. Valines and litibl.er tiaods I Railroad to Wilmisigtsi. via Onslow is J.l't r.ow aitHtiritf tl. f.ul.lir nr.ini . and r. 1. F'ti-rs on h sturi n are tlie i.p-ic pur ixt ii his motto a great dal far ili,i,ii,ninu ra 1 .r. i a O Tl i.i, 'iv iiii. , ill!,., ii j I'liief-Lii i hont of other Koo,lB. hoHt ot other A full l;n- of Bvr. Youtl'.s ainl l o title'... n ' K ,i.ii M ,,),. t'lutlnnp ot Bock j Bottom pricrs. Miih.-.n iir.-s-si-. f,,r ;, ,ri;. , a, .;, Tii.-.- iroods wre ! not n:ad. for the ( BOWN MUNVK ol' i;i;UM ANY op; -NY OTHKB I'OTEN I TATE hut for our o n market Be sure to give us a call and you will tirel I prieeH .in.) mid tjiiHlitiep. Holan & Spinney Common Smse Hliei'K air Specialty BOOKS, THREE CENTS EACH! Tlie followlnrr book are ptibiishpil In neat pamphlet form, printed from ttood readanls rrps 1 paper. an-J many of Lhem hanilsomely inustrateil IipheJ in any land or language, and furnipti to the l.terature nt tne day at the most tnflniiz vieue times tbe price at which ihpy are here uilVred Kafh out ih complete id itself - M onden of the Voill, N t r r a l avd (Itdfh. Con- The Forrllln1 flu Mr. Utrwrl. Fj M T Calm. tavin drcnption ami 111 ustt aimni of tt.t. niodt wnnilei (uj T he Old UhLcd 4 h rU A Nol H jr Btl wn Com ir wckml ni nrB nnd of mD a.t-tpr)(; n lnnrcitv. The I' earl tt th e UrfM. A h. By Ci- A uuutta. Wonder of th Sea. A 'men 'in. thi,j wonder ! Hollow Ah Hall, a f'wrt. Uj V am t mrr Hi.avT. ful an 1 tiHHul ibiDK lounj n Uoitoni cl m: wmd, wllb i niu..Jr,ani pm'un i;iuitr(fom. t llfTe llouae. A NiB Ttj ITrra Ywr. "A Pleasure Kxertlon." and Other Pketrhe. Ft I I nder tho Lilac, a hrei. Br tu uibor pf lor JoiiaB 1LLII I Virh.." A cniletioii ot 1 1 1 f i b 1 1 1 . . y funuy j Tburne." ik-ir-iim by lln mnit popular humuKina writer of tM .lnj. The Dlnmoad llracciel- A !oel. By lln. Himi The A ant K ezlah I'npcr. by ( 'l in A i bt . mitlinr w m HiuttTutrd of " ITos HuksI Uncnnituta ' a nimi ridfculouiiy lui.ny Uiolt I The Lawyer See ret- iNntth HyMlanV I TiaotMii. In every wa vqual to "Widow Hrdott." i Tho Mraotte ne of Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A DH'iiber of t !. most .'iaii ininif (.'la lilniai t ty tbe prte t writer lm eer Ibe) in -.ns-Hound th Keening l,nm,i. A 1 il. p'-TZir n, crti-. br tne? Bit - t. ma i t Cn 'opulitr lieiTtutlon ntnl IHulojj uc. t!'- The M ir-m:,d- Men of" Mo I liu. III t i me of F-n a t t f .. P I I'firnlHur Q not u tlotin. '' ta r, nir i e ' i id u,.--v oi -fl f- e , ,,f i" : -. 'i.ri m i sa 1 ti ti A 1 'i ' U rk c ' re : en l.w Life In ew 'orL. a " ' : a me ,Ju; k :: rf : p tu g -nt ;t '1 he Koail to Wealth. N i n ut a i .,: i , p I . v r"-" t :rl wo-k. ,v'r,t:n w i a I may ' t i-oiift easily. ri id. lne II u itd red Popular fon-, sen a: '. 'to 1 tic ni.."i .' : tie 'ai ifa, i, Mr Noel- Heir. A N..il. I'. M Mi A Itnrtrrt'l Life- ANnv.l. l TM,u -A ii Old Man' Sacrldce. A v. ,. Sti-- rs - ii a A s v s iv.i 1 - lj - v ma 1 e-a.V;a orvl any" f : rf 1-e R'.nr.i 1 flv- ; ,.r 4 en I ; ' " I .io. T'; a - ' - - .---n- l.1' ' ' U l '-t.MfrA ntJ rfu I. le'er t'i any rifwipiipcr i-'i'-Bsh? 1 i ma.l. Atiren u.. 1 . AZ. Ll I' E ON, OLDEST AND LARGEST alter oi4 uv n s! .:i:i:t. . vii K1 , rk' VktM&ZpA ' b .p p. .p.; j U: : .r. i:o..o;g-Z- - Curre-poa iei:.-; s ! icit'-.i . ( ' it.il-:ues m frr- on application at tho oflice of ou Nort'i ("iro!i!i;t ftit, Adolpli Colin, At Mm. S. F. Stanb : !t . .I; st. or- laa 1 , .1 ,v f.-ii A FULL Sll'BLV oi GOOD ,.oBB.-, Ml BBS and PON IKS always on hand, which will be sold VKltY BOW far BASH, or on time with good secuiity. lso, BUGGIBS, ROAD CAHTS, liABNl'.SS WHIPS, etc. It will be to your advantu"" to call . n me lit fore purchasing. A man iu the Stables at ail hours, day and night. J. W. STEWART. leeS SEY iris and Young Ladies Bull corps of Teachers. N v Building. Ample accom inodat ions for Boarders. Write for terms to liinlG dw tf . AC- . ' . s ... :' . dvv bW-ya i:a- 1 he JillM til Hi, ih d iie i r '- -ralinn ever !. - f r Cornet a. , .alii v, t-linr-" Vsi i'oiuPlLr,d . . , vaiioui ::. WABIitn-a CORALIWE" FCR SALE CY ;tl tt-.;a-. l MERCHANTS). tVAip:-:.::i bh-otkebs, 33C Erc:.-:. frv; Ycrk C.'ty. AGENTS flnBU tlifr moDr mHidx our BKAMf tint tied corrugated REFLECTING SAFETY LAMP. .in l-o pi, lii in WTcry famllr. Qirm Tin, re I ip I , t t linn t hr ordinary lamp. H- ii ti I It 1 ri fli ibU for I lump and ! ood V 1 mri. wb iiiiinularture ft larg Hue of hmisehol.1 articlfs. hud for frea Illuptrated ('lrciilara to F0RSHEE A McM AKIN, Cincinnati,!). We boat the world for lov Cll-farl W prlrm A haodaonio u4 CJi V ar I ai tronclr Bound Pbt- graph Album. S x 10i iiH-tH-n, srilt sides and dgos, boldlna 23 prs of Cab- eifl an'l. ard plrtures sant ror fift cants, rlall prioa. . "- A llfl I' I nali frioaog-rms.ki AIxisi,H ' llin.ioaRed padded sides, gol4 da'ss, eztaasfosi o ,.;.. I,,.,hni -2 pagi's of Cabinet and Card tHctura - f r f i r.-nuli, for 2 26. Illuatrated elremtars ALBUMS M:tL 1'iMH mum rrr iiifimaull. Uluo. BUILD A BRIDGE o . - ' - - u ,! NT llioes ai; Cost RSON'S w Pile ceir.omv is the order of the dafr -h to piai uee true economy, multum in a little War down price in Calicoes. SJ O T- l I . t , - r.. . I . J r". , 1,1 v is. 1 Hill' I. (.ivi IH. Vlllll, nun a They are w;ltioul exception the cheapen! books sar pub masBcfi of the people an optiortunity to aecrara the oasl In any ntlier (nt'n ttiene ereat worki would Wait mM.m A Wicked Cilrl. A N i 1 Vr Mi,rrrn Hat I.ndy ValnuKb' lflumond. A Nmrl. lj Tmm Itetweon Two ?ln. A NotpI. flj- turn author of Dor. lih. The Mne of Heart. A Sorel Tiy i I. Tiuini. Drtrla'a r or til nr. A-Nm-fl. oiimi Wimnir. A I ou VlirrluKr. A N..vp ty hi uta Mi mmi IUui rl ho u'.lty liU er. A Nnv.l l.j Wn ur ( tun im . i Ali'if bmriEC. a N'.tpI in Un Hmit Wn J'-rirlnic the Fetter. A Nuv.i Hy Un AiXA)rTa. h I'lui w rltht' lHUf btrr. A Nul. HyMn. iiu a, m., yj.no ,itfd fair but rale. A Ntvel. I'j- Uie autlaor of "Dor. T- i " , t - ,, tr.,t,,t I nn lifter t ubln. A Novel By Ur. M V. Vicroi, .wcr,i I'ltir. iKc I-lncton'a Oath. A otel. Ty Mr. Mv A . I'. mh i trd. I ! Womiiii Ilwter. A XmB Hy Ii J II ltomorv :.';i,.i..ir-, Tbi i nlirortita. Cabin. A Novel Uj M. T. Caldobv 1 i -n. I ii'."n rer-eiTt of nn ' y ISOntt; nny ten for K 1 ' .i.'.; fur rut ; the entiM- Iim hoiinil in board ii : - t e vi-r cib -re-1 I . . not f a. I Lot ke aitvuDLar ol It. i t ik.'ti '.ir!rrtKin''f ailid'.ar A k if) our reliability. ( " .rmn-Tn 1 A t-iif iea All orders (Iliad by I'uUti-l.cr, o W Murray Htrvel, ,ew York. MUSIO HOUSE IN VA. Co. oses imcimoxd. va I'l.-iiuw and OrHDB on rany monthly pi .in al factory pricea. OJd IoBtrument taken in iM'lnin', bought, rented and repaired ltimeiiae Stock ofMIKlCT HH SIC. Inr- ilii'licti IhMikK.if allklmla Hpeoiftl I) la, c -. : r i t () j Vjicht' r h atul srtioolH. 'alalogue infill' r i .-. AKeiortfiH'iit t Mvmc oemon i-,lii- n il (lt'Nlre-a st r lun ior all M HAiOftl i h- nimni'H few allKkily tiBerl l'.iftiiiM ana , rg; i n h - f Hf )i nt latd itiak 4-n I rorn to f AK). . l; nis i nhsinj'N i'r ofcmltiiial Silver Hell ' i o' "oi-ii ms, and evri vUiIlr In t ra '1 i : . b,.. rrva- Hro.il nnd Middle Sw., NKYV IllCKNR, N . omes LsVcRY STABLES. Broad Street. New Berne, N. C. SCHOOL JOSEPH KINSEY, PRINCIPAL. -. - - X. . e-P ' . - Jm1Hmmt.KmimTm f . f-HtrWH. S Tit. iWJ pSJfc,. tCftfK f ---p . . , . . SS , s ... - ' - s, ' f - . " . ' ' .ip ..' ! ,1 b -.. .. " . ,. 5 t s--J ! I y1 "( L.1 - , s, l- ' - - , . J s . - V... . I . - J s . . . . S. . . f . ......

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