- ' . " - ---- , V s. .... -7 y" 1 ' V- - ' '' v ' . : 1 ; ' V V t 'IP VI LrIIi. I I N L)K1JKX I )KNTT IN ALL THINGS. T,rna-h.oo ix-tt.-. VOL. XI BKKNK ( RAVi: COUNTY, N. C, DHCKM BI'i;, 188. " SO. 36. There Is Found This Season in Kinsfon, Larger, Better md Finer Stock of Goods than kept any where elsa in this section, and we call your attention especially to the many branches of Goods display! and for sale at OSTTINCER BROS. lit J Goods, I. a i Dosa)li mJ Ksaoy TVa of Clotiflt fu jonjaai old QteF7ia&hiG4. UU and Cap CUat mm4 L4kH Micas &4 CkiUrn a Afrma4tuMITrka, Rt u4 Valuta Ym triU i4 witk it kAjthm; u i TttT 1t4D ft(trMti aJl i ooaortAtl. T r nawa U !ot aaJ Ak r rtawfa. 1W r aU : 100 bid. Af Ma rrk. 23 kVU. LamIIaW n4 Tut SO kz 8ur Lj ad Pt5tk , 10.000 j4m. ol BarU 8eki u n -ouon 100 bJ N. C. rUad, 1.000 aUa Caata' pool Ctuo. AaJ aiar fi at W !! . 1 . K!mnel. i boforf. and ih.. THI KXTH0DI3T8 IN COUNCIL. Tba T. C. Confronc of tl.e M. K. Churoh South. KIRST DAY'S PROCEEDIM iS. At 9:13 o'clock Wed neJ ay morning Lh IIUr sound of the Ontnary H. E. Canrch bll f notice that the N. C Conferano wu about to conrsne. Soon the mliiiUn uJ delegate bcaa to file to ajd by tt.30. the ppiinteJ hoar, the cborch was well filled Biahop J. C. Oranbory. D. D.. a man of anaiura ae, with a pioua ami benev olant couDUniDCi, aacendf J the aLand and aakad that thara ta allecie while be rd a portion of Lb a 10th chapter of lha Ooapl by Maltha w . Thia he read with a rlc-h, ciT, mellow tcio, i n I r t r mj the reavdiDK with appropriate re anarki. Hymn 573 wu announced, and all the cootr4ion joind in the aioflng If lbi t 3 tie ti 1 Klaatoo, N Oku . Aigi ( the ( ''I'bravd lar', rihir TIMES MADE EASY! iin stein s Having purchased an extra largo stock, we arc prepared to tell Goods at Wholesale and Retail, AT Kock Bottom Prices. Country Merchants will surely find it to their advantage to call upon us and examine itock and prices. We can give you BETTER BARGAINS than any house in Eastern N. C. consists of Dry Goods in all its Branches, Liens, Boys and Youth's Clothing. BOOTS and SHOESS, Furniture, Carpets, and in (act too many articles to mention. Please call and we will guarantee it to to your advantage. Tea Biahop offered an earn eat prayar to tiod, thanking Him for paat bleaeings and Larokiog divine aid in the conduct of the work ol the Conference. The many herty rapoeea (are evidence of the earoeetneea with which thla body enter into lu work . Thara aeemj to be but one object in tifw and that ia to glorify Ood anJ do the work of Hia minletry After prater tba Biabop eaid he did ocx purpoe4 detaining the Conference with an addreee but dreired merely to ipcfaa the hop that the work would be entered into with the epirit of brotherly kindoeee and a d fa ire to ad Tance the iolereex of the church, and thai they woald all go forth feeling that they had been apiritoally etrengthened by the work oi the coofereoce. He Lhen cailed the eooferea to order anJ reqoeeted the Secretarr of the lut ron fereoeei to call the roll. IVxiaJd W. Bain arie and callrd the roll, numbering over thre hundred EBlnUtexa and lay delegate, noting the ibaaalm who were very few in num ber " Whom will you hae for secre tary " aaked the Biabop. "DoaIJ W. UeviD." reeponJxd many voice. The motion wee put and Mr Hon waa uoanimoaaly elected. " Whom for aaaiatact '' Oa motion of Rev I. W CrawfrJ, Mr ilaia waa allowed to name bia aa aiataate, evo4 he announced the follow lag : W. I Cvaniflggim, M Jarney. R. B. JHm. W. W. Roe. O T. SImmone ao J. T. Abwrnethy . TV bvof the eocfereace waa fixed at the atata pw from the altar. L motlA of Rer. L. W. Crawford, the hoKtn of (be aeeaioei were Axed at 30 a. m. to 1 . m. The Biahop urged the member to be preewot at the hoar o ovenlog, that ; they anight join In the) dvo4ioaal eier- Tt waa aaooanoed that Divine eerri- 1 ee would be held at 7 :30 o'clock of each , evening. The following ootnmittee wa appoint ed on public worehip Rev. J. T. Uar ria. Rev L. W. Crawford. T. A. Oreen and L- EI. Caller. On motion of Ir. VI. L. Wood, the Preelding Elder were appointed to ominate the committees. At the reueetof the Freetding Mldere, Rev. F. L. Reid preaented the following committee Clerical J. f. Gibbe, I. I.. Jobnnon, W.C. Socman, E. L. Pell. 11 . T. Hud ao. W. 3- Rone, U. W . Hardiaon. W. L. rimom , J. E Gay. Joih Whaeler. C. P. Jerome, E- L. Stamey, lr. R. ( . Burton, W. R. Ware . ly B. F. Dixoo. C W. Bynum.C. OUT StOCk ; H. Ireland. Francia Miller, J H. Martin. J. N. Ixsng. W. J Boylirf. F. M. John aon. W. B. Laaeiter. H. C. Wall. Ir. J N icoleoei. Geo. l. Beet. C M Cook. Jonathan White. cHi'ii u pioruTV. Crical Z. Pop), O. A. Ogleeby. J. A Bowlaa, O. W. Godwin, J. K. Fng land, A. M. Low. T. 8. ElHnirtoo, I.E. Su7. VV 8. CkafBn, J. A. Horn ad y ; C. W. 8mith, J. T. Waahburne, A I. Bette, J. O. Owthrle. t-ay D. E. VcKraevey, J A Johnaon. R. R. Crawox!, E. O. MmiId, T. K riwld. L. J. Heyle, W. E. Yoonte, J. D. Uaakill. W. H . Riaia. J. U. Lamb. U. B. Nicolaon. J. Q Jackeon. Dr W S. Androrj. (ieorge A. Phillipe. ILX CllSI. C trical N. E. Coletrain, J. E. I n derwood. kt. J. Hunt. J. F. Craveo, R. hi Taylor, kf . D. Gtlee, A. E. Wiley, C. W. Byrd, J.K. Wooaley, J F. Finlayeon, T. P. Rkud, M. M. McFarland, I.. J. Holde. W. H. Towneend. Iy- S. hi. Parriah. F. J. Parrieh, J M. McMlchae!. W. M. CundifT, J. R. Q0, Wilson. L L Smith, J- M. Dunlap. W. R. Joiineon. W. B. Laaeiler. J. T. John, Rev. it. i I . Srn.t': "f the N rt h I !org ia conferer.'-t w ;r;troduofii ly the Bish ip. Mr. Soiith a ldrt-syod the con ference fr a few minutes on the subject of hig ruiMiuU He felt at home in North Carolina an I.;- grandfather made ahingit'i. .ii -;i:iii not far from thia City about one i.unjrel eir U'O. He bad a hoot for nalj. which, in n liumor oud way, l.o i' u A ea v ored to 1 m pren upon hu hearer that all North Carolina min isters bou id have. The tiojk contains the life ! liish ;. '..eorge 1. l'earce whiwe i.uh.r. 1 ' r l.ovick l'earce. wa born ;n North Carolina, and mIi.iii1 wife hail panned through North Carclina on aeveral oc:niu:i.. Ktv l)r of ti,, 1 'ri nbj teriau t 'Lurch, was ; i: 1 1 m 1 uc ed and the Con ference riee in acknov le J c in e 1. 1 . Ttie Se retary read the report of the Publishing lloue at Na.-hville. The reKrt ho! total merchandise Kales for the (ideal vi-ar t-nJing April lot. 1SV amounting to s '. '. 1 Vju Ci", . Advo cate aubacnj tion!. Jlo Sunday school priodicoi eubei-nptii n S''.- 1&6 l4. Total volume if t -us in ens. fi ,'iC '...' 7, making in re.-e over lat r the Are .r life Tho crane 1'jpJ i;-3- i . c e year 84 t'tf'.' .'.''. N ; r. -i. f Tear i'J 2y V'ieticn J:h w;.s t. I. :. . all the j recht-r L.an.on" in ll. and ofncni administration' Hv. T. J liaily. 1 W. Av,nt. C. M.eB. Jgtcoii WiUnn. I 1 . K' and W. H Call pause 1 thf examination of character and aitked to be i in their supernumerary reiat fared to the o n. ::i.:tei' n ' Relations. Rev Tho- . ..:. a:.j V T. Cntcbinn pa-"- i tin t x.monali -n of chara'ter and aaked to be placed in the fiTect;e ht for tho connnr year. Rev. (ieo. E. Wyche. W. s llalp.m. Daniel Culbreth, J. W. Kindall. Milfs Foy, W. W. Altn a, iiaiton l arrar, F. 1 -ward 11 -Aiand, Jeph H. NVheeier, C. VI. PepptT, Thoi. S. t'amphell, Chan. M. Anders n, JhnTolett, S Li Peeler, M. l". Tho:r.g,v James W.Wheeler and John i I : u o y passed the chariCer and aaked t their s u p-r anc ,1 at 1 r f erred to the or:. .!..;. Relations. I v o v . I .. V. i. r.i .' r.i Thar.ksij.vip. service li church t- day a: ', '. u moo by Bishop ti ran he ry tion taken up f.-r the O examination of be continued in relations. R e -r: ' '-nference m-.ved taat a held in the U with str and a collec- f rd t 'rphan Aylum. ilotiLU as adopted unani mously . tjjeetion COth wa- rrf.meJ. Rev. J. B. Bobbilt was called. Rev. V. A. Sharps mado a atatement ifi regard to charge that had been made against Mr. Bobbitt, and asked that a committee of thirteen be appoint ed to Inveatigat the charges. The fol lowing committee wis appointed : Dr. M. I.. Wood, chairman; J. J. Renn, J. B. Hurley, T. A. Boone, J. C. Hartaell, A. P.Tyer, J. C. Rowe, I.. E. Stacy. J. R. Scroggs, J. N. Cole. J. II. Cordon, J. B. Carpenter, I.. I.. Johnsun, S. V. Hoylo. Counsel for defendant. Rev. L. J. Holdeu and D. B. Niculson. Preaiding Elders I". L. Raid, W. S Black, J. A. Cunninggim, B. R. Hall, K. A. Willis, J. R. Brooks, P. J. Carraway, W. H. Bobbilt, V. A. Sharpe, S. H. Adams, T. W. Guthrie, J. T. Hani. J. S. Nelson and W. H. Moore passed the examination of character. iJeiition 2 was taken up viz: Who rematn on trial? Rev. J. H. Cordon, chairman of committer on examina tions, announced the committee ready to report N. K. Richardson. J. W. ClegR. Jatne SI I.owder, Samuel P. Douglass. Thw. W. S. Parker, Ira Er win, Hampton Mcliaei Jackson, f.eon ida M. Chalo-i, John R lawyer, Lewi M. 1'rower and I'.obt. S Abernethy pa.sed examinati 'in and were con tinued on trial. V'leelion 2 was resumed. I'.lders J. T. liibbe. I. I.. Na-ih, Phillip (Ireening. B C. Allre l, J J Alpluus Mc 'nlien N. E. Coletra:;: J Rhodes i i---d : character. Ai only tt n minutes remained before the hour of adjournment, the Bishop gave tbi to announcements. Rev. I W. Crawford announced that there would be ervices in the Presby terian church today at 11 o'clock by Iiev. E. A. Yatos, D. 1., and services in the M E Church at 11.30 by the Bishop. Alfto service lat ciKht by Rev. t) (i Smith, of the (ieiTKia con ference. After benedict n by the B.-diop. Con- educational committee be requested to have their report ready at that hour. Motion ad opted . Roy. W.H. Moore moved that Rev. J. W. Puett" application for supernumer ary relations be referred to the commit tee on conference relatione Adopted. Mr. McKiah, agent of the Nashville Publishing House was introduced to the conference and mad announce ments in regard to bia work. Rev. S. D. Adams moved that Rev. J. D. Carpenter's application for super annuated relations be referred to the committee on conference relations. Adopted . ueation S was taken up, viz: What traveling preachers are elected deacone .' K?y. Dr. Burton made some remarks upon the necessity of bt iun careful in passing upon the qualifications of can didates. John D. I'egram, Chaa. W. Robinson. Tho. N. Ivey, Z. J. Needham, Martin T. Steele, Zidoc Paris, Daniel C.Geddy, James G. Johnson, George F. Smith, Henry B. Anderson, Richard "W. Town send paMed the examination of charac ter and were elected Deacons. The Biohop stated that on Friday, to day, he would call for candidates for Elder 's orders and would ask that they engaxe in fasting and prayer before be ing ordained. The case of Rev. John M. Poole, who was on the list of candidates for Dea con orders and whoee name was pasted over in calling the list, waa taken up. Kiv. John R. Brooks made a state meet in re.-arj to Mr. Ptole's health He is an excellent preacher and a good man. but had not been able to do the work assigned him the past year and is still unable for work. He asked th?t he be continued on trial. Rev. . A. Sharpe made a statement in support of the motion to continue on trial. He knew the brother, knev that he waj earnest and willing and hoped to be able t work. He thought it would be a good thing if Some brother would go around among the members of the conference and make him up a little purse, or a large purse if posdibla. to help him while unable to work. Rev. Mr. Brooks: "If he will come over thia way ha can get So Oo." Rev. W. H. Bobbilt thought if he could be appointed a second man on a circuit it might properly dispo-e of the matter. Rev. Dr. Burton apoka against the motion to continue Mr. Poole. If the brother Is unable to work on account of physical or mental troubles the brethren would help him, but it was not right to encumber the appointments by continu ing one unable to work: neither was it juat to the brother himself. He moved that be be diacontinued. The Bishop regarded it as an extra ordinary case. He could not while on trial be placed on the supernumerary list, nor could he be superanuated , and he did not think it a prudent course to continue one on trial who was unable to iio the work assigned him. The motion to discontinue w-as adopted. The following communication was read by the Secretary and referred ti the Board of Missions: T and times when the p-rvic liarly thanksgiving. 1'rai.t giving are as import ir.t in of God as prayar. We i; angels praying, but constantly on their !: been called to pray ..wi atllicted . but ?eid ni c i give prair--' uj ti.ank-tht'3- are in i;ood he:ilth. s are pecu acd thankg trie worehip ver read of praise of God is lie had often n tno git-k and . ilie i upon to vin when ut we will i k , ten n . T1IF.V' 'Kill Iw.-nn . I". t . I urand . W. 1 . Cunninggim, D. Arnold and J. M. examination of ferenc adjourned to 9 day morning. k Thurs- SK Pi 'IN' 1 at er' : u . mg EINSTEIN'S. Kinaton, Bept. 20. janl The Bergner & Eiigel BREWING CO.'S PHILADELPHIA LAGER BEER, IS UHaUXSTlOlTABLY THE Finest Beer Extant. It is hrewed from the finest Pale Canada West Barley Malt and Laazer Hops, and highly" recommended for its TONIC and NTT TBTTIVE qualities. Th wifh reputation .,' ' "OMPAJfY i J to tli fj.-t ib: 01 MATEKUL3 are smkI aJ th-t tu tr ax)rsisl dario; its mauct are. the r.HKt.NEl; A. EN'CiKL .! lie 1-IN F.ST AND RK3T (Cranage SKILL tnJ CATCK jj4 dwt lAgent and Bottler. Hew Berne. H. C. J C. Dvi. T A Greer.. W li. Pur w - I. Dr S A 1,00; icurtiiN r. Clerical -J E- rhompoC. M. H Hoyle, J. , Mann. C. P Snow, T. B. Bocner. O. B. Perry, A. P Tyer. A. O. tlannt, O. Ryder, J D. Carpoater, ii. V. Sherrill, W. J. Crownon. B. B. Cul breth, R. B. John. Lay D. W. Bain, John Mitchell, P. H WilHame. F. Miller, W. I.. Sher rill. D. Malt. Thompson. W, J. Boylin, H. W. Spink. L C. Uaynes, K. H. Worthy. W. W. Drvw, W. 1.. Arendell, C A Cook, Davul Brass weU. O .. rsiLXJKTI EKLATtoetS. B.C. AlLrsd. R. T. 7. Sfsohsasoci, J. B. CarpenUr, E. L. PU. E. J. Eodally. J. C. Harusll. W. C. Gannon, R. F, Bumpwas, J. R Scrofgs, J. W. North, D. H . TsiUis, F. A. Bishop, J N. Cole. A. K Stveo. liljtjuot cosraucx RKRDti. I. L- Nash. P. L. Oran, R.P.Troy, C. W. Oodwia, J. F Briakow, D. Malt. Thoaxipsoo, M. fl. Voors. H. M. Blair, C O. UtUs, M. A. Smith. J M. Aabley, W. W. Ross, T. M. Shamberger. HEHOI a.s J. W. Jo)t, J. W. North, J Sand ford. J. J . Rs od J. A. CunniDgglm Rev. T. J. Gallia submitted report oa Col porta gs. Rev. J. T. Harria wanted the question uuUI aa to bow the word oolportage hould bs pronounced. After a few homoroua angxestiona by some of the brethsa, ths Bishop announced that auch qnsstioo were not settled by the ooofsrsnce. Rev. I.. W. Crawford arose and in a xyeat, appr opriats, and timely pch of a fw miaou, welcomed the confer encs to ths city of w Brne aud to ths homes of our cititsna. th 1 :i. .at ck. ted e ith rence i.e.' to - roll Wed- t.-r to- d .pi. nied ONI' DAY'S Ce n .' e r e nee en;-.' Devolioaal txrr.iat by I r. Ii. 1 ' Hurt"! chat r of - i Tim j one 1 ::i ti' I.v:::r; Tr.e 1! i- hop c t '. . e i t : . order aa.i the Secretary Satcrai nifinbin w h ar i . neaday night answ-.-r- :. Rv. IV. Black moi e i day the calling of the roll with. Motion was adopted. The Secretary lead the minutes of the preceding day w hich were appr vt d. li-v. I.. I.. Johns-n. not having ar rived, liev A.G. GL.tt w .is e u t si 1 1 u ted for him on the committees. Rev. T. W. Guthrie moved that a apecial ccrnmitt be appointed to ex amine John li Sawyer, of th class of t the second y.ar, who waa unable to be . bsfore the regular committee at the 1 proper time which committee was now engaged on other committees. The mo tion was adopted and the Bibhop ap pointed Rev. W. S. Creasy, Bev. D. H. Tuttle and Rev. F. A. Bishop. Rev. L W. Crawford announced that the piatora of Presbyterian and Baptist churches hid tendered their houses of worahip for the use of the Conference. Rev. L. N Crawford announced that Mr. James A. Gray, President of the endowment committee for Trinity Col lege wa in attendance in the interest of the endowment fund. Rev. P. J. Carraway moved that W. U. Fifer be substituted as a delsgate from ths Charlotte district in ths place of W. J. Boylin who had not arrived, and lhat his name be substituted for Mr. Boylin's w here ver the latter gentle man a name appeared on the commit tee. It was so ordered by the Bishop. Dr. R O. Burton moved lhatthe edu cational interest of the conference; Trinity College, be made special order for Monday at 1". o'clock, and that the M:so)V Kock-, N.A-n IK )', l-H"!' i N Ii M K. M!'. . I - I IlI'iI.iSA LiiSIKmN I ; Dfiai: BnnruHEN I send you the 1-orty-iecond Annual P.e port. Von will ee that the collections are larKely la advance of tnme of any preceding year. Vet they are less by $6.',.ir..')U than the UKumenti made by 11. e Mission Bconl. As the assessments represent the amount needed for t he success'ul progecu! ion Af the work. ou w. 11 see that when a ("onfeience fal Is to raise It assessment Us dtrtc.t must cripple uc.r missionary cperalions. Cur i-t.;.rrl. ought :o raise oi.e-1 aif a million for :n:ssion. Will your Conference endorse the ra.l for this amount ourwi rt In every mission is ninviii; on eneiuiraslng'.y. Though the Bo-aid could not seud out the re enforcements needed, the new mlsslonarle will he of great help until 'he Hoard can send out the force requisite to oeeupy every open field. We are much encouraged l y the increas ing co oreTatlon of the Con fere nee Boards. I'he'.r duties a detlned in Arts. XIII and XI V of the Constitution, design them to he active and efficient auxiliaries of the parent t-oard. I n some Conference they are doing important work In arranging mlsslonary miu meeting and in disseminating mis sionary Intelligence. I earnestly Invoke ihe co-oi-eratlon of ever- Board. We are glad to report a growing lnteret In missions on the part of our Sunday -chools When they are or-ganlzexl Into missionary o'letleF, as the Dlclpllne, Sec. V, and IP, directs, the tastor seldom falls to raise the fu 1 1 a mount of h Is aesmenl for DalMlon. Missionary mas meetiDgs are becoming valusl'le agencies In the disiemlcatlon of in isslonary in telllgence and the promotion of ni'.sslonary real. We trust oir Confer ence Hoard will make arrangements for l.eiu in every dlstrictand pastorate. We are sending out leailets to all who fur i. :. h.s ori'.ce with their address and post age at the rate of three cents lor fifty leaf lets. When our people are Informed they are . ..:inx to tjlve for missions. Tl.e MUiiouiiry K p-vrter is published i v '.:. Il-ar.l : n or J er to f u rn .sh In for ma t Ion to ur fr.aci.ers and people reBpeclirg our n. . ss:i mis 1 : g:es news fresh from the Held. : -. .s pu i. lis:. ed on terms which barely cc-er tl.e cost - II fty i-ei.Ts per annum to preach ers twenty-rite cents. Will end It free to i n y j -reac i.er uhowill s?nd i-uj twoormoie suhricr bers. Will the preachers aid us In disseminating in issl. .nar v Intelligence a:.. on-; the peop., ' Kespertfuily I. C. JoliS, Se -. t'ueetiOLi 7 waa taken up. viz: Who are the Deacons of one year .' G. B.Perry, Erakine Pope, Wm.S. rT.i. James M. Downum, George W. Fisher, Robert M. Taylor, Thomas C. IOvin. Curtia W. Godwin, Theo. P. Bonner and W. A. Forbes passed the examination of character. Question C was called, viz. Who has been tranaferred . Rev. Mr. Brook reported that he had a letter from Bihop Key stating that Rev. J. W. Strider of the Alabama conference had been transferred. Mr. Strider was placed with the Deacons of one year. Rev. Mr. Crawford announced that there would be services in the M. E. Church tonight Thursday) and Rev. Dr. Pool would preach in the Baptist Church tomorrow Friday night. Other announcements were mde for committee meetings. The hour having arrived for Thanks giving service, the church was filled to ovei flowing . The Bishop lined hymn 1014 which , was Bung by the congregation. Prayer by the Biabop was folllowed by reading the 103d Psalm, idymn 62o. The Bishop announced his text, the first rive verses of the 103d Psalm. The lermcn was one of power and specially appropriate for the occasion. There are fast days and feast days, said the Bishop, time of special humiliation not attempt even a sy nope in of the str mou. Tho Bishop is a forcible, logical reasoner. inak - well rounded sen tences, and is . i'ii-n!. easy, graceful orator. His representation cf the sins of the world as the dir-easc-s of the body was striking aud c ji.vincing, an J his exhortation at the ilj-e was grand, beautiful, full of pathos ai.d e irufcet- ness. The eeruion w.ir- followed with prayer by Rev. 'Jos. Wheeler, after which a col lection was taken for the Oxford Or phan Asylum, amounting to .?l-.1-,,.'?:, which was turned over to Dr. B. I'. Dixon, superintendent of the Asylum. Rev. I.. W. Crawford announced that the Board of Church Extension would hold their mass meeting tonight (Fri day. ) Benediction by the Bishop and con ference adjourned to 0.3) oY'o;k Fri day morning. THIRD DAY'S PROCEEDINGS. Conference convened at 'J.30 o'clock. The Bishop asked that in the devotion al exercises. Birhop McTierre, who is in bad health, be remembered. Services were conducted by Rev. F. II Wood. Conference called to order by the Bishop and the minutes of preceding day were reid . Rev. M. II Moore was elected an (is sistant seoretary to aid in conducting the trial of Rev. J. B. Bobbitt. Rev. S D. Adams moved that R. D. Phillips, lay delegat-.' from the Fayette ville district be su in". i : ; t'd in the place of J. T. John. Rev. W. S. Blick moved that W. H. Branson, lay delegate of Durham dis trict be substituted for E. J. Paris. Dr. R. O. Burton wanted to submit two resolutions to the conference and the first. is that in view of the great dis asters to crop?, anl pestilence in tho land, a day be set apart for fasting, humiliation and prayer. Hi? urped the necessity of such action as there was a growing skepticism slipping through the land like a snake, in regard to the influence of prayer and the interposi tion cf Providence in the direction of affairs of man. He would name the second Tuesday in January next as the day. Dr. W. H. Bobbitt thought if the of this conference. On motion the re quest was granted. Rv. J. T. Harris announced that J Q. Jackson, a lay delegate from the New Berne district, had arrived. onestion 1 was taken up. viz: Who are admitted in full connection ': John D. Pegram. Chas. W. Robinson. ( Thos. N Ivey, . J. Needham, Martin T. Steele. Xadoc Paris. Daniel C. Geddy . James G. Johnson. George F Smith. Henry Ii, Anderson, Dr. Pinckney Tate, W. II. Puckett. Richard W. Townsend. nilliard M. Euro. E. II. Davis and E. O. Puse y were, after a solemn, impressive and instructive addres from the Bishop and answering the question submitted tothem. received into full fellowship. 'Juestioo 7 was taken up, vi: Who are the Deacons of one year 'J Joseph A. Green. B. A. York, M. M. McFarland. W. 1'. Collin and R. B Gilliam piassed the examination of char acter and were advanced to tho second year . Qut stion I! : Who remain on tr .al '. Ames Gregson and GuGtin were continued on trial . Dr. T. M. Jones, President of the Greensboro Female College, came for ward and read his report of that insti tution which w-as referred to the board of education . I'M V. 01. I HOI SI . A ruined house in a ruiiii- l lane I saw it just this morn. As I passed aiongon the whirling train An old house, lone, forlorn. The If. the sun streamed roof wan through . And the c h i n i ue h were f.il len d The iloor and the windows, mo path . Were ail w ith eeds o'er ruivr. Tin; old stutie wall was. lorn away And even the Kilt(! wiiB none : Forgotten (lowers and tall grass urew Neglected, wild and lone. And where had been home and pt perity . And youth with its pleasures fair. Sad desolation reigned mpreme. Around and everywhere, And vet I looked at it tenderlv As I passed along today. For there I knew and loved u-n hri-l. In the davs thrt have passed awnv. iwn ; little ill The report of Favettevillc I Tigh Scheol was also referred to the board of educa tion . V'uestion t!0 waa resumed, viz: Are all tho preachers blameless in their life and cfliciial administration ': Rev. N. A. Hooker passed the exam ination of character, and on motion of Rev, T. W. Guthrie his application for superanuated relations was referred to the committee on conference relations. Rev. N. A. Crisp was called, and Ruv. T. W Guthrie undo a statement in regard to charges that had been brought against him. which were inves tigated and not sustained. He moved that his case bo referred to the com mittee on conference relations for su peranuated relations. Motion adopted . The Bishop introduced Rev. Thoe. II. Law- district superintendent of tho American Bible Society. Mr. Law ad dressed the conference for some min utes on the subject of Bibles and the work which tho Society waa doing to distribute it and get it into the hands of everybody. He told them how cheap they were making the Bible and sug gested how the ministers could aid in distributing it Rey. F. L. lieid moved that the Sec retary and the assistant secretaries be appointed a committee to take into con sideretion the publication of the min utes of tho conference . Adopted The Bishop introduced Dr. LafTerty of the Richmond Christian Arlvocnt ". resolution was to pass the second Toea wheQ the Doctor asceaded the platform uay in Jsunai, wou.u uuv uc nuivsuic o Bv,ant ,uQf ha day, as there would not be time to hare ufficient notice given, and it would only be observed in a few towns, Dr. Burton: Will you suggest a day? I will accept it. Dr Bobitt: I am opposed to the reso lution. Dr. Burton. I will make it the second Tuesday in February. Rev. L. W. Crawford asked that the resolution be put in writing so that the oonfertnee would know exactly w hat it is doing. Dr. Bobbitt was as much in favor of fasting and prayer as Dr. Burton, but he did not think the condition of things as portrayed by Dr. Burton existed. He therefore opposed the resolution. Dr. Burton again ured the resolution with much warmth. Had no: biotbei Bobbitt read the papers? Thc-ie was not corn enough made in Lis section to give the people bread until March. Dr. Bob bitt lived in the monctain; and had not heard of these thin . Dr. Bobbitt arose. Dr. Burton. "MY- sir, I won't be in terrupted." ITe proceeded to give an account of the destructive floods on the Roanoke river and the great destitution that prevailed in that section. Dr. Bobbitt: ''Bishop Granbery Are you through Dr. Burton?'' Dr. Burtcn : "No tdr, I'm not through. " Rev. J, T. Gibbs aiose to a point of order. "I am not out of order." sidd Dr. Burton. The Bishop: "Let the point of ordtr be stated . The point of order was that Dr. Bur ton and Dr. Bobbitt were discussing a resolution that had not been seconded. The resolution was seconded. Dr. Bobbitt secured the floor and again insisted that there was not such a condition of things in North Carolina as portrayed by Dr. Burton. He had read the papers and didn't live in the mountains the Roanoke river had suffered greatly by the loss cf their crops by the fresh ets, but the State at large had been abundantly blessed. We had just held Thanksgiving services on yesterday in acknowledgment of the gracious bless ings we have enjoyed during the year. He could not vot- for the resolution in that shape. The question was put and the resolu tion was declared carried. A division was called for. Dr. Black hoped that the r-- ,: utioi would nctte rejected. It was suggested by some member that if the resolution was rej -c:-?d the action of the conference might b.; mis construed . Dr. Burton stated his moliou, that the second Tuesday in February next be set aside as a day of fasting and prayer, and that all the churches of the conference be requested to observe that day as such. The vote was taken upon ih? division and the resolution was adopted. Dr. Burton's second resolution was that a committee of seven be appointed to prepare a pastoral address. A vote was taken and the resolution was declared adopted. A division was called for. Dr. Burton said if they weru going to hang on it that way he would tnake a speech, and he prooeeied to giffe lai-s reasons why the resolution ought to be adopted. A vote was taken upon the division and the resolution was rejide J. At this point several announces were made by members of various commit tees. A communication was read contain ing an extract from the minutes of tho o-al ministers conference and a request was no stranger to the cenference. He entertained them for fifteen or twenty minutes in a style that showed the goodness of hs heart and the great love he has for North Carolina Question 12 was taken up, viz; What trayeling preachers are elected elders 'i V . R. Ware, John A. Ilorneday, C P. Jerome, Duncan A. Futrell, W. W Rose, John E. Woosley, Chas. C. Brothers, Enoch L. 8tamcy passed examination and were elected elder?. When John J. Grigg's name waa called, Presiding Elder S. D. Adams. stated that ho was not present and could ; on() vessel, sin fill though it is. capn Die oi steamiuer anouc as iasi as am A Sad Accident. o.i Wednesday, Nov. 15:h, 1--V a sad accidfnt occurred near Ruscrll creek in Carteret county, between the New Berne and North River roads, on tho edjje of a ridge known as Johnson's ridge;, which resulted in the, killing of a young man of t 'raven county by the name of Fred. Eubanks The particu lars of the accident are as follows: (in Tbursday, Nov. Mth iust.. Mr. Fred. Eubanks came to Carteret county on a visit to relatives, R D. Eubanks and family. On the morning succuding the arrival of Mr. Euhanks. Mr A W. Dickinson, accompanied by R 1). F-u-banks, Cyrus Eubanks and 1-rod. Eu banks, w ent into the woods to hunt cat tie owned by Mr. A. W. Dickinson and supposed to be wild. After a search from early morning till about 1 p m. the cattle were found The parties mentioned crossed a dense swamp and were in the thicket between the swamp ami ridge when th" cattle were dn-nv ' ered. Mr. Cyrus E ibanks was the lirst to shoot the cattle After the firing of the first gun Mr. F'red. Flubanks insist- , ed that ho should have the next shot. ! Cyrus Eubanks dropped behind and Fred. Eubanks ran ahead with his gun to his face ready to fire at first sight, when a vine caught V10 hammer of Cyrus Eubanks' gun causing it to fire, the contents of which entered tho right side of the back of Fred. LOubanks, going directly through the right breast 'causing instant death. Mr. Flubanks 1 only lived about two minutes and said but one word, "Oh Lord!" The dead body was carried to the residence of Dr. ; A. W. Dickinson, where a jury of in- i quest was held by M. R. Springle. spe cial coroner for Carteret county. After ; a thorough examination of the witness- es and dead body the jury returned a verdict ' That the said Fred. Eubanks came to his death by an accidental shot being fired from a gun in the hands of Cyrus Eubanks." The body of said Eubanks was placed ; in a case and sent from Morehead City to New Berne, to his father Thomas ' liubanks and family. This is the saddest accident that has ever occurred in our commuaity, and should be regarded as a caution to those who hunt in the woods or else- i where. We deeply sympathize with the j parents and relatives in their sad be I reavement M. R. S.. Special Coroner. i I Torpedo and Other Fast Ship;. ; In. the Scientific American of No vember3 last we gave illustrations of the new American torpedo boat Vesuvius, which carries the novo pneumatic guns and discharges tor pedoes loaded with nitro glycerine. We learn that on a-recent trial trip the Vesuvius attained a speed ol J7 miles per hour. II thisisso,our navy department is at least to be congratulated in soon possessm Absolutely Pure. Thla powder neveir vane. A znjursl PUrltT, strength, aud wuulesomsmaaa. las oonomlral Itian the ordlnarv kinds. &n4 asss. Dot be sold in oom petition with ths In Hits Sa flow teal, short weight, alum or pbospfts) powdera. Hold on ly In cans. KOTAL BabUBHS Powdkb Co.. P Wall -st.. ,n. y dotU-ItAW For sale in New bern by Alei. Miller. Don't Fail To Call On" ROBERTS BROS., SEND Your ORDERS TO US. Wo have in euH k a Full Line of GROCERIES & PROVISIONS. C. S. Tarsons & Sons Boots and Shoes. Pomtont.iary Eootr, & Shoes, Also Sboe.i direct fr.-m ihe Boston factories. Wo are selling fli: gtadws FLOUR from the Mills in Michigan very low. We also jot, I.onllard and Gail A Ax Snuff. ROBERTS BROS., .Votifo FYonttt.. Vcti Item IV. O. Brick! Brick! Brick! 50,000 ox- Snle W. P. BUF1F1US & CO., GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND GRAIN DEALERS, Market Docic, NEW BEItJSE. Ji. C. CstT Consign us yotir produce. mav 6 dwtf not be present on account of health, i lie moved that his case be referred to : the committee on conference relatione. Rev. L W. Crawford announced that Mr, T. A. Green, President of the ; Neuse ana Trent River S'eamboat Co., ' had tendered the use of the steamer Kinstcn to the members of the Confer- j ence for an excursion down Neuse river in the afternoon . Other announcements were made and The World Stands Aghast ! at my row eitii'K.M other in ths world. A new torpedo boat, called the l.mpong, mint in England, has lately been delivered to the Dutch government, l.L'OO h. And wonders. How i n that I can sell p. bpceu on trial trip, lt.j, mnes per hour. Built by Yarrow & Co.. aud provided with Yarrow's water- f irrbf -ili ii'i n 'I ir-ui frmiiii M t U'liicli 1 ; may be briefly described as follows: In torpedo boats, owing to their i narrowuess ol beam in order to se Bishop adjourned to 0:30 o'clock Sat urday morning. Continued on th ird pajc. MANUFACTURING AND COMMKK (TAL REPORT, Made i-.v the Board of Thapi:. New Berne, N. C. the conference, after benediction by the ! cur0 speed, it is essential that all . the weights bo kept aa low as pos sible to insure stability, and for this reason the grate must of necessity ! be very close to tha bottom of the ; hull; consequently a very small l amount of water entering the stoke ' hole, from damage through shot or i accident, is enough to extinguish : the lire, thus leaving tho boat help less. I5y the above system the en , tire lire box anil furnace is inclosed. as it were, in a complete envelope or casing, the upper part of which extends well above the water line, and all the air required for com bustion has to pass over the top edges of this casing before finding access to the furnace. It will be evident that, if the water gain ac- bo much low er I ban any out; else? I'll toll you: I have determined to b easily satisfied for ihe cash, and WORK FOR SMALL l'KOl ITS. My Motto is: FAIR DEALING. Come and buy from me, and you will never regret i t . K. R. JONES, New I ?erne, N. C. 1862. EATON 1888. THE JEWELER II a; A KINK STuc There are in New Berne and vicinity about twenty steam saw mills, ranging in capacity from 5,000 to 40,000 feet of lumber per day, with an annual output amounting to about-CO, 000,000 feet, val ued at 8300,000. Theee mills give em ployment to a large number of men, es timated at between eight hundred and one thousand. The other manufacturing industries of New Berne include rice mill, grist mill, cotton seed oil mill, cotton gin ning, oyster canning, guano factory ,! cess io me ouuei vulu p.w mien i , aim wood plate and wood pulp mills, ice j if the pumping arrangements fail, i factory, marble yard, buggy works. 1 or are not sufficiently powerful to I furniture, candy, cigar, clothing and , k it unter it will rise inside the ' ?..a"el' 7sew" mp' 1 boat to the same level as the eur- lie knew that pecple on urirjg a portion of the year the number ! rounding water, but in spi to of t his will reach eiht hundred. The total tne air supply to the lurnace win value of their products is about four be free, and the fire can be main- hundred thousand dollars per annum. ; tajn(Hi burning. It has been found j aeveral j ' tual experiment that in such ; offices, five blacksmith shops, three ! a contingency, and alter the fire-; bakeries, one bottling and several j men have been driven out of the' tailoring establishments, all of which ' stokehole, the boat will maintain1 add to the trade and bufin-ss of the , its steaming powers lor a run ol j CIThe ticking inteie.t. which is large-! fo,ur l"urs at an eleven knot speed , ly the growth of the past ten years, winch might it eul.erto reach a now embraces about fifteen hundred port, or elude capture b theeneiny. acres, and produced last year about '. Our new ships of war now ill pro ; '00. 1-00 packages of vegetables, fruits c.e8!i (- construction are being built, '. ana oerrie. ior snmment to trie .wr- 00,000. thern markets, valued at over There are shipped from New Berne about 40.0C0 bales ol cotton, value .-l. 700. CO). Of this amount about lo.OOO bales are sold by the producers at the New BerneCotton and Grain Exchange. The fish and oyster business of New i Berne amounts annually to over $200, 000, and gives employment to from eight hundred to one thousand persons during the larger part of the year. ' Making a total of nearly two million ' dollars from theee sources, which amount could be largely increased if the capital could be obtained to de velope the natural resources of the country. The banking business of New Berne and the eight counties adjoining is transacted by tho National Bank of New Berne, whose capital stock is S100.000, surplus 70,000, and by thr private bank of Green, Foy & Co. IlECAriTCLAIIUN. Lumber business. SoOO.OOO, employs S00 men. Other manufactories. 100 00O, em ploy 500 men. Trucking. -Jo) o ;.i employs 2. COO persons. Cotton Sold in New Berne, 000. C00. Fish and oysters. :.j00.0Q0. employ 00 persons. SHK IS ' latATEI-l 1. ' 1 irnved the life of my little s'irl by a prompt useef Dr. Acker's English Remedy for Consumption . Mi; Wi. V. I a r. 1 1 r -man. New York. So;d l y R. l'.- uy. New Herne. N (' . for the most part, plans ond drawing most recent date. alter English , not of the Their speed will lie considerably hs than some ol the latec-t German and Flench vessels. This is to be regretted, as it is now generally admitted in naval circles that high speed, the highest attainable, is the first requisite for the model n man-of-war. The ship must be equal in speed to anything that can be brought against her, otherwise the adversary has a striking advan tage. As an example, take t he aiiimred tui rent cruiser Maine, t he construe tion ol which has been commenced at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn. This ship is io be of (!,ii,"n tous, ."10 feet long, o7 feet beam, S,7.0 horse power, calculated speed ltG, miles per hour. Jhnv slow and nld fashioned this boat is likely to be will be understood in view of the fact that the Germans already have atloat such vessels as the armored cruiser Greil, J.OOO tons. horse power, spied - knots, or almost L'7 miles pi i loon . Watches, Clocks. Jewelry SOLID SILVER AND PLATED WARE- S V ICt "T A C'l.KK. I keep a larger slock of Spectacles than any other store in North Carolina I take particular pains to fit them to the eyes of parties needing them. Having worked steadily nt tho bench for over thiriy years, 1 believe I can do as good work nc any watchmaker in th State. i 'i ) M K AND NEK ME. SAM. K. KATON. Middle street. Opposite Baptist Church. frfl2 dwtf GEORGE ALLEN & GO DFALKRS IN General Hardware AfTraMihiirii! I in p I in e n I h. I'lowH, HarronN, u 1 1 1 vatorx, lloon anil Aim, YVootl n Mowers anil ICtMipdrH, Steii:ii lairiiiCM, Cotton (Jins ami PrNHit, Fei til!r.T. I.antl 1'laster, Kuinit Mecli.mics TirnU ami Hardware, IjIiiio. Itrlck. Oiiient, l'laHtnr Hair, Paint, Iv alsom i n. Var nish, Oil, (ILiss. I'ufty atwl Hair. Freezer, KclrlgerHtorK, Oil Cook Slovcs, 1'iiit-liii ilurjrlar I'rnol :ah !. Ii, w.iwan'etl to Kiv security and i:it isfaclion . I'KIGIS VKKV LOW. OKO. A LI. FN & CO. JOHN McSORLEY, FASHIONABLE Bool and Shoe Maker, Pollock St., Newborn, N. C II -Hires to niiniiiuirii Hint il K A 1 ,1 , BT K'k () K M A'I'l : It 1 A 1 . Ins I if i n : i el eil mill he It preimreil to Mil onlt iK f.o FINE CUSTOM-MADE BOOTS AND SHOES vl, li it il work inrn . all Hn lii I w" ki:1" 1 1 r 1 1 1 i n 1 1 1 m 1 1 1 1 r ! n ill H"i:--.I I o -t-ll.'h I lllit I -1 I . . n tl 1 1-1 il 11 HI 1 1 ' Af "Th r,. 1 1 1- I (-1 l liTM ' I I -I I Will U I io II o I I 1 . I Mil li si . . - -i : i-i.- io -oi. M ' -li I ' I 1 - 1 . 1 ' , . I I U .1 . I I - - I M I M I I 1)LEAsE RKMKMRKR that I monev as well as the reet ol need man kind , and if you owe me please pay me. J. C. Wmittv. 1 lie v I e . Krjue.i .1.1: nea' r. I uMiiiin Xfm "Uip ..: i ' . liie lau-fil alyle .v 1 1 -t 1 inoiilala of ths i, v.. -i!i'oin fiom a , iiM.wn Mory: " i i: v k.n t, N. C, ' rt. th, IHHh ! no' a Blr tif i- V1 iniirie me two . '. I ' i i , i l u ii yura sncl I Iikvc been wearing :o.,i i i,..v ui e i lie best 10 M ' ' -1 ft 1 1 i v, I, . llll.L,. .il iii' met i lio-ie. or I 1 V 1 ' r t ' 'I- ! A. i - x t I ! 6 i . . c v . . .... r ;ir-.: Vf . t . V.. . -t 1 . . . ..... j-rs r

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