SIP . rw. LNDEPEXDENT 1 1ST ALL TlillsO: 'll'oriniw IJJI3.0 0 X ' VOL. XI. NEW RKKNE, CRAVEN COUNTY, N. C, DECEMBER I'o. .x.s.s. NO. .38. "i Vs. i Tharo Is Found This Season in Kinston, Larger, Better and Finer Stock of Goods than kept any where else In this section, And- we call your attention especially to the many branches of Goods displayed and for sale at OETTINCER BROS. EDITORIAL NOTTS. vigorous! Dry Geo it, Li.i: u. r dirww aJ Wnp. Tfc of Clotala for jatinijt invi old. OMto Fraihrf Ooi. 11 at mi Cap. Om.t aal LadUa, Mum n i GVLlrc' Sr. v t:i ik A grand H of Ttaaki, Rg and Valis T prvttlast Crpu J R- ' ' r' 1 Ca Partita J Mir .. Ta will iai with s nut iny:h;nj do -if J ' - iy U JMr aa lUiMtiti and wmf.'rub!. warrant r re l lowe- in f ni 'o ,u- ".- Am k for . 100 bl. kn Mm Potk, 25 Vbla. LonlWd Uik Toi SQ1f. 50 kox Sur Lj tad PotMh. 10,000 oBarUp 8ki to eorr tun lr II . t iSic vir l too a riijj, I.OOO inn 0t' fool ( tton , Aa4 tkr gooJj WWmI. w i rui i n J ih. TiiKnew harbor lull appro; r 19.000,000. The tariff is bmg debated in the Sfnato. "Ers haa teen reivivoU tit lial eifh of the critical illness of Hon . Thomas Rartin, at Baltimore, where he is under treatment. The excitement orer the un fortunate affair at Birmingham lia.s abated. The Governor of Alabau;a sustains the action of the Slienil. Ar ronferen-ee of Democrat ;e Senators held last Tuesday it wa. dectded to make no factious oppo. sition to the Senate substitute Lull. The Southern Cultivator litis an interesting sketch of the State De partment of Agriculture, ird a portrait of Mr. John Robinson, the CommiMioner. N Tiie-d iy 1, ment i.-m d oi d fteamis (;.i'e;ia N.vvy Dfi'.nt :'or ; lie 1'. S ..1 Nan: sa;l i n ; hr i aa Brince t. en f. tli s ox'ernriic:;' ri'le.iv . : ., 1 1 u i I ; i . A Hi- - Ti r,-r ; i:a,- ... . jurd ...... ;.: rn bru ,.;.d :. mon.iii dus: :UU :. wui,,i! ! Tl! i . i by eh.' H' coming kuo w led tin r Tin1 ! in n.i-r 1 1 ,iv to ly for Port it'll: .llldS Of filiate !i Rl- ate: oi ii are : o I , , i'a T of poo; ;..o-.:,.:i .u : t'Vl-l, tf I.e. KiMtos, y. Oct. 1-. Sia of th '-I'bri'-ed Bfirl Shirt. HARD TIMES rr '!!., Li-: The pride of country so common government lias pa--t with Americans, receive a terrible political lab: c i ;i 1; shock when it is remembered that fathers to a i.naneial the Bresidency was stolen for .Mr. which private mreies Hayes and bought for General public ail' The sec Harrison. no public man. li-t Lis i SlIuKTLV after nine o'clock Dec. lnthl' be what tht-y : 10. there wM a daatanlly attempt "ace the money pow.-r to .leatroy Shufeldt Cos distil- Umi remain in r. lery, in the northern portion of I'ord's Maga:'.:;:e. Chicago by means of dynamite. There was a gTeat noise, but little damage was done. Me. Bk.LMONT, United States Minister to Spain, has be-en ordered to proctvd to l'ort an Brince and demand the dehverv of the steamer eluaI icult. )c'C. 1 1 v a to i i y i n -badly y this n.eal v. ii i kol a i s. Ali'i we ':i. ii- : liitht tii.'.t liit' o !eai n until l:eri to a ;- that our il from the u by the coiioi-rn in ts dominate ond is that -1 a ol :i and can our "Hi 'V a 1 - ::rer siring that h:s pai be ;:i can consistently o on a R can bond, thus knocking 1'emiH'rat oat I he can't see, and power, oilice perhiips. we : ' is a problem ol o i:s to solve how ""X MADE EASY!: v: itustein s any loyal Democrat a consistently accept a aid .n preventing the Democratic official, faith in the explan. lawver is obliged to ai a matter of business wi the case conti.cts w;t enees. bee.iu.te ; hat li l s private lights.- Bli'll.Hl ''C. lawyer can peeiai lee to seat i ng of a Ve put no tit in that a t'ept a fee as ether or not i his prefer akes away I ..uiri ii burg Having purchased an extra large stock, we are prepared to sell Goods at Wholesale and Retail, AT A energetic. "Billy Mahose is aspirmg to a Cbiet appointment." We do not like Mahone's politic, but if he it in personal and political affinity with General Ilarrison, we know of no reason why he should not Le in I the next Cabinet. He is the beat . , . worker this writer ever knew. Country Mercnants will surely nna it to DarlDffthe war Mahone never had a lull stan witn nim, always pre ferring to do the work himself. A DisTAT' ii from Annapolis, Mil., Dec. 11, says: "The steamer Governor McLane of the oyster : navy, had a pitched battle with illegal dredgers off Hell l'oint at the mouth of Chester river las! ; night. Two dredgers were f-unk : one captured, and four were run ashore. This is the first tight with oyster piratea since the State ves sels have ben equipped with cannon,, and the first in which the dredgers were routed. The steamer McLane was riddled with bullets. '' .Bis Hi r K.AIN, during his sermon on the occasion of tile dedication of the church of the Sacred Heart at Richmond, made this notable declaraUoa : "I am a Roman Catholic. I am a Roman Catholic Bishop, and here from this altar Haytien Republic. If the demand s not complied with Admiral l.uce ill take the steamer bv force. ( At last the L'nited States census report of 1SS0 is completed, the twenty second and last volume harinf been issued. The work con tains over 19,000 pages and cost the country nearly 10, 000. &M. It is said to be the most elaborate undertaking of the kind in th-1 world's history. N. V. W orld. It is not to he supposed that the Harrison ('abinet will contain a i representative Southerner. Neither LongstTet nor Mahone are repre sentative of Southern sentimeut. ion gvcre C wouiu make a poor Cabinet officer; Ifahone 1 : J i, i : i- make a good Poetnuister General. . auu comuinauous raaue lie is prompt, methodical and for tlie advancement if pnvate enterpri.see and public measuies ( 0MUI'A1 10.V In t his age of the world, f siu-cial ly in t ' tii'ed dency is toward s . where men talk libert v and indivn States, the ten . tn'oin-.tion. Here most of personal lual ie.sTKUisibilitv THL MOH. Tin- sar, guiuary u flair that oc curred at l!:rmingham. Alabama last Saturday night :s a sad but impressive lesson. A man had been charged with the murder of his wife and daughter, and was incarcerated in the Jefferson county jail, in Bir mingham. A number of persons having threatened to lynch the piisoner. the sheriff assembled his poss at the jaii to guard it aim protect its inmates. A little after midnight a large multitude of people advanced upon the The sheriff hailed the mob, and urged them to retire, but they would not. He then called our. ! will count three slowly. If. after I have counted, and paused a moment, you do not retire I will lire." The crowd moved forwanl. The sheriff shouted "One, two. three!" The crowd stood still. The sheriff did not hie. and the mob moved forward with threats. The sheriff again oalled out, l,I will now count live, and if yon do not retire, I will certainly fire. This is the ttiird and last warning.'" The mad dened maw passed forward, and the sheriff rang out the command, "tire !" and instantly the Winches ter rules of the guard did their deadly work. Ten fell dead and many more were wounded. The affair is absolutely shocking. But who is to blame? The sheriff is now blamed because some" of the best men in Birmingham were killed, but the judgment of man kind will tie in favor of the sheriff who resolutely did his duty. The great fault is in the restlessness of our people in awaiting the ordi ary course of justice, an . the re peated failure of the courts to meet the just expectations of the people. Law and order demand leailes and impartial judicial tribunals, and a firm reliance upon the courts Co deal witli all kinds of crime with justice to all and malice towards none. dant harvests, but of their legit ;ina; bed I1S0 t ' 1 l a i : I t . are all absolute eC, productions. ( . ol the Atlantic -. I n, i Railroad, ai.d . riiis-ion th. '. lie un just too: iiuiii pi o ; ii 1 1 V loii ; ;i i i:r i io-i n Cai 1 1 c. . ni hilist imina- in: !;am.i: i.sbMi in its -al Si ..visii:. i which 1! . .'i .-. I 1 . i . J . Siate irang. ! Hit. jir, c.'t-::r;-.-- a-.---. I', of H.. ra:l :un in the :'. Kir.stwi-,. r-n the f I ire- inl i r. a', i '. In ing J re:-. .'i i J... i ... r 'i i-l ii ovi-.l . - :i - i ii .'i .ii' nwili I lav i !' Y! , liChl 'I !:t m A. Jl. Ikihh rp. ::ni t) ti vi ! v lit.. rT. !? 'on: , an - iii- .ii sehot . the v o: id t i: i ed ih'.i t e :: '. i hi With ,i:::; ! a J cltcct . ::: Witli i nr i.jr li ii by virtue ;n: l intei Noi : h arol; :.a w i!i. v. i; ings ol God. eoiitnbu share to tin.- wealth, glory ol North ('arobi.a. :lo. , em: . ila.- : i. s , liit. I. ii UCe, v. ; t ; i ' J. It. e e he i on or 15 HI IJKKV MI ST UK SI'Ol'l'KH. There is a point wliiclifoi bearance ceases to be a virtue, aiid that point was reached hen the country was Hooded wi;!: luoiiey to be used for degrading manhood and corrupting the morals of the people. All over the 1'nion em phatic protests have been made against the ba-e use of money in the l.i: e election, b;;t iti many sections o;' the count iy law abiding and honor respecting cit:;'ei;s are not satisfied with simple protests, but are proceeding to iirovide eflicient means for of c lie a del s and : he jiernicious ira. Tiie courts of N'c ar. il Illinois hae t of the evil, and a: convictions have place. In Ohio, w iicie vote bay in::. owinr comparatively lit; h into the State b : t -; ..: 4 li'-oi t 0 :i:i.j Ith degree, -i i YV. P. '.,-.'. -l.'l iwi,.-. S- rr v, . afijicinti i '. 'c.i. n. 1,-.-- :cw;ir.h S. II ii. A. M.I .caiM-. i v . ( ; e K e;.t r r.i. ::.. N.-ira u:.-. (-. re.-.: niir i-y i I ; f r ii i r t.i i :i 1 1. i.u f. -; 1 1 . 1 1 ti:-' nif. ni o;i r:r i in the A- .c: -1-111:1 beiri.: I -.-tit. nv as i.-.i : !.. 1 -jif t en; lie- ii itch.rt -1 f.t I.-h--ir fru:a the anj re.ily f .r tlie tr;icraf- I 1 .-.!..- I. II. 1 , : : ' ' .'Oi find in tb i ;:rit in a winter :: population and :eu v the Dumber ol 1 inrt their win ". u.'-renHing. Flor . 1 , iv. d at lut : ' r froni winter vltit 1 i.::cinrFB i of com para oMh. What Florida has vt rv i.irt of the South ;i ' - .ititaKPB of a good .' ' : l.i- thoiiBand who 1 ith il.o npproach of 1 : 1 1 at i'il to huDdreda of " - ' .th mtiBt build Rood 1 re niodalion , and it atlrnetion and rn to tbo ,oAt- i-"i l: r Halt. 1 ! I ri-i t I. I M I. Mi s All! ! i-.-i ( ; A . I :oi I N 1 s 1 f I j.. tion ef euch l.u.-iriFs f c nriy o I. : ( n . I. ill v to-- f ri ere i . liii C. I ;Oll n. ivell. ti; it fr-'-m a (ir.-inr:e nor. July nppointil le'--i .! a--, tiio rprrf'cnt.'i- Tli-1 n.ctiou j-re- xi en co; : ca dv : b :-'i! ol Indiana iii.iiice :als and ta ken tiai- v. ;.j af eoi ntc-il ' J Kour.trfc and Jus. I. 1 M'.VL-J bv W. li. : ;:c:i:L.i - jirc-rnt r. prc-.nt-.i I y a gate . '.:,:! to 1 : cf tr.i'l 1 J;-,.) VILliL i ( n n:..t: ....;;."' i::':t.l!t--s cf lat cimuid tut'-etin v.- - -t o i-1- t; -cl v. ;;h. On inotiun of J. A. Ij.c. is the or ii r uf business cf !a.-t aui.uiil i:ic lin w;.. i-.-lopu-ii ri the fc-ovcraniect i-f this m. ::.' tints! oihf r ivise oril.-red. nir. the 5th degree on tho.'f :U-P i ii'X f-r it way made the Kperial 'iiUi i '..-::. c-s for tomorrow at p.m. T.'.e : ' r'.s i : oiti :i rs the Ma-tt-rV -r - - " ; : wa? .ecide the Pficrial v..rd W. II li.-iti.l t mittee. Ii' K": ii t i "ii - of n ' f Pro. J.i-.-ph K. lnri:.c ti... yer.r. v eh'; 1 1 i i s a I .-r.-.' "n I'Ci. 11 lie-";: :i li.l :i r c.'i k- 'ih ri t: I li - I 1 - 1 : 1 : 1 1 1 1 . T. K I t- ; tr:, 1 .1 1 .1 I'. TOT. V I., iii trod' r v .d 1 : 1 ti i 11I1 nt " '' ' " 'c 1 J.--A pe- 'lic :: l!i from KnoWTjUe, I '.num. aged 30, ' 1 ''Ii'H I. wig, agd i.-i c 'ah ,y the incoming : ' ' ' ' 1 he Western North ri. ,.; ri'-.-tr Alexanders, N. ' oi,,; f,i, i botaJiorribly '")' o.' litrraily ground he accident occurred on a -harp curve of the road. IMiil l IMIiVUNt-M t; i'ci -iin- id' .1 l. ii, hiiitf 1, ti- f 'in.; in. .Via IK -.iav ..f Mat 1 1 a iv, 1 rt iliCC- Killi .1 ! h.V the (.:. ,.f ; d in l i in k .-. le-a : d'h ! t ,e t v; 1 j i I.e. n, aid. red. t:e !i"d wa : l-'nt : 11a -t 1 .1 ciclCi r a r 1 , ! r " , ; d i r, r i : u c v : "i nt-'i ! t -1 its. eiii'-t i'.i:: To Call On ROBERTS BROS., SEHD Yc-jt ORDERS TO US. P.C '"KIE!'. w. d- Tbi ie wa 3 1 oiv ( ). tin ; at 'J l) a ni. ; mi-lion the (irany ic n hid afternoon at o'clock. ; 'acre was lit! !e ;o the fact that money was sent cither of the OIIK- S. II. 1; , W. W. Ar- National Cotnmii tee are keeiilv alive to tht tne people iiecessitv of owing evil from no one think of accomplishing any- woulj thing by himseli. Companies are VX KTY DISCIPLINE. Inasmuch as the Presidential election is o t : , there is a dispo sition to relax party discipline. We cannot see the wisdom of such a course. If we do not intend to abandon our time honored piin- l-erv citizen North Carolina ciPles tbcre niust be D0 retreat, no mnst feel an interest in this grand dismantling of Torts, no surrender old commonwealth. Whether we ' of positions. root ing out t hi ; State and National politic. A member of the Legislature, which is a' cut to assemble, has given notic that he will introduce a bill making the bribery of a voter, or the acceptance of a bribe, a high misdemeanor, punishable by a tine nf not loss than c!) nor more than , . , - , . " . c . , The General Dtf uiy, J. T. EatOD. then ;00, and imprisonment of not less eubnnr.ed bis report, which, on motion than one month nor more than six was referred to the committee on Good months, and if the bribe giver shall 0 cormem'ittce on Order of Business ri;-:-T jmy aite3N(ax sein '1 he ( irar,i.:o was called to order at 'J o'clock and declared -.n due t.rrn ready for bu?inera. The following coinmitti e on order of business was announce tree. II. A. i! i wards ar nold. The time for heai i:;K the repeats of cfMcer?, a-i announced at the morning session, having arrived, the Secretary read h:s report, which was somewhat lengthy and siiows tf.e general condi tion of the order to ho better than at laet annual meeting the initiation!-: and other accessaries being greater tiii yoar tlian last. Th: gener-1 c .r.diiion of the r.MtT n encouraging. The Tit asurwr read his rejea t and showed that the nuances arc in condition ihere L-tir, more racr.ey on hand than at any one time sic: Ivs2. Both the forcKOin.Lr rr ports were re ceived and referred to tho committc on finance. chart;. -i as . ,ri: reed ,'r,. ad been d ti..' a his : ' u ell as 1 ;ie y.a: ne t the v, iniian s bod v ar.d -ii' .11 ad 1 it ence ;it-ai:iri4lnwi - h-'r in i: ro 'T . .if v. a -aa ! '.dur.i! in. Mi-f . Wi d:iislav though .s:i','p"s... tu !,i'" a wi in in chain . On his ai i : v 0 i sa in m with los !a id c ' ;. c e i, a . .lrr.-stcd. ! I.i n it v ''. I-J lli V' I Mac rii'i Mtii Dei ;i in : ric cm day a week at;, c a idnhl. Search f, ; c ir.' at mi circumstantial i ii was secured. .Saturday t-venunr the hi id y of the ex-w i fe ("und in th,. hike, widhted ihoin iih ii-cn. This ciUji tl inten-e i xcit ment t iirtaihmit the city, and I'n-it niht II! or more i Hi - cerss were pi ,ci d around the jail ariiu d w itli Wiie iu s' . i rill'-n, iintiiiip.'itinjj n I'O.s-.ihle attempt io ! m-h I Uu i -. About 11 o'clock .Saturdav nic'l.t t" or three thousand men athereil in t ic i.-m h y of the j nl, niak in;r thrt-atrf. They i i , organization or leader, and after much parleying with the nro.or and ether, who tr i d to Rd them to i.'o away, the crowds finally reached tin end of a narrow alley-way leadim,- to the jail door. Then the cflicers warned them to stand b lck or they would he lired upon. After repeated warnings they would not turn back, and SherilT Smith ordered the oflicers to (ire. One volley was fired and 2d men fell killed or wounded. Three men were instant ly killed, six havo since !died and ter others are badly wounded. The mob timr. i,.aa.iu ac.... i . .- K ,.l.,,.l-...l t- .in ,-,fl ...i lirt c-linll a.i'n m ittaH lhaip ronnrl rarn-,r n-, ir,ai,' . ' ' " s UC CllCUU IU iLU y'il.y t. Li t ftuau luiu.vvlu iu.. .tp.v, icluuihiluuiuk rrpinr-P . . thftt t ri nriltr nf hna.nai:a Bi.itniaii Iqc . " I'uil bine of phovisions. & Sons Boots SllOC3. ioo! & Shoes, lion ton Mi Til! K'.'i : ..' a : .' I he !c FLOUR v ery low. 1 Gail & Ax i;013;;T'To BROS.,- '..' r -e;.' at.. .Veto ?srn,JV. O. Brick! Brick! Brickl 000 W. P. UURRUS & CO., OENERAL COfiJUISGION SIERCHANTS, AND G 2 A IN DEALERS, " Markkt Dock, N I-W I'.EKNK. N. C. CsjV Cora.ijjn us your produce. m iv6 dwtf Hlock Bottom Prices. their advantage to call upon us and examine stock and prices. We can give you BETTER BARGAINS than any house in Eastern N. C. Our stock consists of Dry Goods in all its Branches, Liens, Boys and Youth's Clothing, consider her pas! , her present, or her future, our hearts swell wit h pride and gra! i t tide. There is not a mountain or valley, a town or hamlet in the old Stat associated with hero ments, and hallowed memories. 1 lut East e; n "I : h forfeit the and made same, be disfranchised ineligible to hold anv When a paity throws up the sponge, it mar as well be buried. Mr. Cleveland in his last message otl'ue of trust or prolit. moved intrepidly forward on the The proposed statute will lurthei hat is not lme 50 gallantly established in his provide that it the accepter ol a achieve-' gieat message at the opening of bribe shall file an information v sacred the fiftieth Congress. against the giver and appear as a The Democratic membei s of Con- witness against him, he shall Lave arolma is gross are standing by their colors, i i munity from prosecution and loved o'er al! the world besides, and iu.sistiug upon tbe reduction of punishment and icetve one-half Here nature has been most prodigal the tariff to a revenue standard, the fine assessed. mate and and if there is any demoralization u e canine at. a;.. on oi ihi-up- ir is in the ranks of the snoilsmen. oroaching (jenei:;. A -.-em b.y and not the patriot heroes who North Carolina to that the order of business adopted last "T, r'-'Z V'T'L" ''.'V ' ' COQr tl.a lr fn, t V, rr, n Q . ' " . " """i " '" t.ui.M.u.r3 nat I' already arrived. The of this annual meeting. The report fee-lins: all Sunday and wa1 Huupieo . The election of cfii;er9 tras made the special order for tomorrow at 11 a.m. Dr. M. B. Pitt. Elias C. Llount and C. E. Kennedy were appoictcd committee on Einance. ncro was nuensr- ina: ail Sunday and yestertlav, bu! no ontl-reak of any kind, and none is fesred. The ci:y at Ui'idnih1 c.-.-ti o rv quiet. of her beauties: soil production eon:r;but prosperity and n i favor n a . 1 sect 0 -iilV'Ts, in o::s and o :- i, ii n : most and. i comb Ther tlucntial thetlisel c and arnpl. not unite tiUUCUS i ' North ( 'ai. :.:.a : to w hich : ' i- ( ;. ; iLs 1'irt'M nt at t i'.u position to which . i: g t o heal; h, ment. This i h ol nocessiiv oi i.trt . n . - r : 'U througii victory and defeat, pros perity and adversity have stood by the Democratic party as the body guard of the Constitution and the palladium o liberty. It is our fixed belief that the Democratic party is now stronger in the North than it was on the day that Cleveland was elected. In the last election the popular vote was given for Cleveland iu- . ami the high deed the popular Democratic ma nature and na- ,'ority iu 1SSS is greater than it was ;ned it. in 1SS4. conn : is suffered. : he w.u.t of or..; ion . ible and in- made for reputations they have is and con for 1 iastern oiisideration 1 bv v.rtue of iuiilai to that pro- Bro. J. A. Davij invited discussion of those principles upon which the eucc:-ss of our order depends. lie gave very stroce; reasons why the ' Grange- fh.ould succeed . The foilowicji coint: ::t-. con co-. .-ration was appointed : ...A. Davis, Geo. Turn-ir and J. M. V.'ooten. Bro. J. T. Eaton then a : !n i d. the Grange vn the subject of Grange work, lie was followed by Bru. J. M. Mew- borne. who cfelivered a very interest ! ilci i; t ion tativc i . has :. the iu rc- se o! money a which it is enacting a law posed by Ohio. dud'ie Hoi man introduced a re-ol House of Ki-prcsc-t: gard to the corrupt in thelrecent election proposed to instruct the .ludieiary Committee to -enquire what legis latiou is necessary and proper to suppress such contributions and expenditures." In an interview with the World's correspondent Judge Holmau says ad- in i '' .--Opt ' .-. io ;i the same by the mi1 i..wn. m a re c-r. '- cl;i:ic. e! mK nitrouuc ( I acation . oi , ' -! 0 ;. g. the the th'- trarr'..-: . The is.-, r" o; . .-: - c i, , ,J :,, rdi r by laoicr. op-r.i i in I'oiia in ami ductals ': leadv for -i . f I ::-..'.' arv lead the r.r -e lines tiie i..: vrmai leeetinc- of the S:ate irang- iic at lit. llcliv, Ga,-t"n coun ty, Aiu. j . l;-s'. Tiie proceedings ccntaine i th ? tion of that meeting, en tior-in.,.; a rc-oiution of Temr.erance LihII eiraiire, condemning the cotton baftpng truft. and crdlir.f; u port fanners to use a substitute for jute bagging. On motion the proceedings of the lit. meeting were made a part of the II: land of tbe fre. I hop that such a union will neuer be brought about In this glorious Kepubjic of the West.'' JtTx.K AEMFiELi', recently ap pointed successor to Judge Mont- and effort comb: gomery, will begin his circuit at The Hoard of Pitt Superior ('otitt January 7th. of New l'.err.e, Tlie u cress r to be appointed to app"iute! a it Judge Avt-ry will begin at Ihir- Covernor l'ow h ham, January 14th. The successor holders, and the to be appointetl to J udge Shepherd pne of the A. c. will begin in Cabarrus January conntry through 2Sth. Jadgei Shepherd and Avery posed to extend :! .;.-. - Wotions, Etc. Furniture, Carpets, and in fact too many articles to mention. Please call and we will guarantee it to be to your advantage. EINSTEIN'S. Kinston, Sept 20. janl The Bergner fc Engel BREWING CO.'S PHILADELPHIA LAGER BEER, 13 USaUtSTlONABLY THE Finest Beer Extant. - . , , opportomity for ocurte knowlealg It is brewed from the finest Pale Canada ofwhAtth fergto ar,.nmclen West Barlej tlalt and Laazer Hops, and highly .recommended for its TONIC and HTJ TBITIVE qualities. ture's Cod have ilcs Combination of 'iiibiet ee and Enough floaters were bought in it is not his purpose to initiate an effort most be delaved no lon-er the States of New York and Indiana enquiry into t he facts, but to enact proceedings cf chis meeting and i ordered l Doicij proclaim that l am opposed There must an p;::.-t for the to give the electoral vote oi those ium.uiuu aa enan uvou calculated to protect the purity of ana never wmn to see u iu tins tion. that way, uarrison was eiecteti uaooi. iu. iuiu.v. . .n. L.. on legirlation appcan' President of the United States. tne worm remains: "ah iiius;i- Grange We return to our original no- gation that does net investigate nual session of the State Grange. Bro. J. A. Davis made a few remarks Klh.MlXi.llA M. Ala , liic. , c. -- i iie - ,i oner s inquest today ia -tidtiv...ring t-. get at the bcttoni facts in tho S iturda night's massacre. Excitement still run very high, and the people are divided over the action of the ofiiceraa !ae erv remarkable feature is that nearly every man killed was slut in the bad;, shoe ing that the crowd had turned away when the firing was begun. Postmas ter Throckmorton was sli.a in the lowi r back, through and throne;!;: A. I). Bry ant was shot through th" In-art from the rear. Many pcint to this a-- '.cry ;..:,i aging to the o'li t a. .SJv. faner.d , t-ui: pi . .a lie a.M i r.ooniths- p ..iiiia ,terV . Mrs. iln.-. r . the inurdc red woni-in. ar,. li 'lc M ( Tiiockmorton 's was t'na lurs-fsi and most imposing ever hil l m haril. After the body r f Mrs. liaw.-s been lrougiit into the c:lv t o!v Sunduy night, and lifter w ard urdiicl out by llavor Tin 1,1 ; -p. , ininx-i . .'as r 1 O ts " ere rife that the hoiy of liit!. Irene been found in the - .ine iaL but this :b untitle, i; less rot la.;, d is co v. red so (.'or oner Pobbj't sa s riilMl.vo.'IAM. Pre. li Iliwr-- ha no coii!Vs-i"ii. bat ti!l i . .t'-st-his innocence. Governor Scay hud a:i iiitt-r i-v. with many gentleiren this m .ruing a the subject of the trag'-dy of s .o.i lay night. Trie linrfrcur after vv;.s had an inlervii-w- witli Shri nT Sn.iii. i.nd said that he endorsed tbe sliei ill and was glad that JelTerson county had a nigh ,-snenu wno. no matter now nam- "sZ3 Ttc Wcrld Stands Aghast T ' i LOW KICKS. And w onders. How is it that I can cell so much hc. er than any one eUeV 1 II tell you: 1 have determined to b easily sati-di. 1 for the cash, and WORK 1-ok SMAI.I, l'K'iKlTrt. :dy Mo'.io i- : 1 A IK PKALING. G'.oe. ai. I l ay fmr-i me, and jou will li. 11. JONES, New 15orne, N. O. MGU 1888. JEWELER 1662, TH u i I'Im: stock ok 7atchc:;, Clocks. Jewelry SOLID SILVER AND PLATED WARE. MM ( I'. ( l.KS. ' I. ' p a l ii,'r Hlurk of Spectacles than any other store in North Carolina I take 'articular pains to lit thom to lha eyes of parties m ed ing them. the ballot i'a future. Whereupon on the sul;jct of having a -committee ful his duty, could uphold tin la. v and The c.x'.ciisic :i .-I the Atlantic and North Caroi:::a Railroad to gome point in the ulterior is im peratively demanded, and it is upon this work, that niiiuenee must e nter Trade nt the citv the pet N . " ! i ' e i-i cet : n g i e ' . . iv ait o.l i A a ' e s'Ock pie along the . P.. an Moved by i'jweii ties', a coi .mit (-e of three nn T ,if!! q r i m I. a si i.reiir. t , a sition. We must surrender nothing can accomplish lithe good. What to look after matters of lei::, lation pc-r- to the Republicans. Hold all that the country wants and needs to Dfj LVthoim we have : man every fortress : drill know is, who contributed to the isiattire. ''i'cndiuiS iu cor.ider8tio1s i .lie. .inline th fr.. amUUn w I0 . 000 raised Ov t he ivepUDUCans oi me motion. a.ure.-es were uenvpre-u the opjiortuuity comes, strike for victory. the is pro- will tke the oath of office as Su preme Court Judges January 1st. Of the 170 members of the new Legislature only ll' Berved in tbe laat Assembly. 7 in the House aid In the Sena'e. News and Observer. Mas. Whitney, the wile of the Secretary of the "avy, has rendered her friends and the eoantry a great servic by coming forward in a womanly and fearless way, as she anergu s. has done, and denying, by right of the produ. which it and endeavor to secure the. raid in extending said road into the interior of the State. The committee is composed largely of the best business men of New Periie.and we bespeak foi them the respectful consideration of Mich commun.t :es aa they may visit. it be remembered that the road will be ol inestimable value to every section it enters, developing their resources, stimulating their to their doors ol the best trucking T1IK LEGISLATURE. The Legislature wiil soon as semble. Tfre approaching session will be an important one. It is presumed tUit Governor Fowlt will deliver an inaugural address, repieie w uu ciutiueucc ami wisuoui, wl,o in wnicu ue win loresnauow tne policy of his administration. Perhaps it would be appropriate to defer any remarks upon the pro ceedings'ot the Legislature until the meeting of the General As sembly ; but. we venture to suggest subjects not unworthy of guber natorial and legislative consideration. The y stem of county government anti )0litica her intimate knowledge of their domestic litos, that tbe President is ankiod to bl vlft. The high chi racier of Mrs. Whitney and ber e nffleient to Mtd ad' iappreM these miaer I . acing on with region in t h- wornl . nnd them :n 1: tec .::::!, iti c it the seaboa: d. 'i trust tl.a' n... ting- v;il be held along the of the proi.a ;od 1 railway and that there :'.! tie such combined action as will insure sue- -1 Vi Tfc adgk rptaika D,oved by Ii OMPA2CT i dae to tbe act lLt only 3fATT8IAi-S ax owxl aod fht to (tratet AT txareLaeJ daring IU maaaCaclarc- JAS. HKKC.NHK V KNGKI, l&gtnt and Bottler. Hew Berne. N. C. able icAadAl, which are unworthy cess. Of the American people. It is a This is a State enterprise of no poblie shame that it honld be small mom.-nt and commends itself necsary for a lady to come for to the favor of the Governor and ward and make herself so promi- the General Assem hi.. The con dent, as ifrs. Whitney has done, in tinuatbm of the A. A N. ( . K , to b V1NKST AND BK8T order to protect tbe sanctity of the Charlotte wd! unite the and and CARE feom r the I'resident anil His the v est ana mae the interests lOTety wiie irom tue iodkum oi vi uuu v aiocu.i one, anii inui- thoe who And it congenial em ploy- visable. ment to defame their character. We call upon the Governor, t he Mrs. Whitney has done a brave Legislator and the people to make and admirable thing. Now let the this grand entei pi :se a magnitieent tougnee of slander case to wag. success. SKILL jyi dwtf now in lorce win certainly oe con sidered, and we trust that it will be retained as the safeguard of our firesides, and the guardian ol well ordered society. The rank and file of the Democracy may have been discomfited, but they never sur render. Gratelally acknowledging their obligations to the West, the Democracy of the East renews their pledge of eternal fidelity to the principles upon which all good government must rest. We have something to ask of the Legislature. in Pennsylvania to help carry the doubtful States? Who gave the l0,OU. raised in Postc:: ! ' any this State on election day .' Who gave and who received the JoO. 0(H) said to have been sent by the Republican .National Gommittcc into Kings county on the Satuiday before the election .' Who gave received the loo.oon which Llliot P. Shopard's organ says was drawn Irom the Republi can fund to buy up 'i.u; move ments' in this city .' Who paid the .li 1,000 contributed to buy Indiana votes in 'blocks of five ?'" The defeat of the Na : De mocracy is a public calamity : Put if it results in biinging about a revolution that will sweep bnbeiy corruption fiom the by Pro. J. M. Mewborno, Worthy Mas ter Williams and others. The motion .-as unanimously adopt. i 'a iiiotini a -ai-ly :-y instructs i a p p o l ii ted c 01:1:1: i 1 1- e lo'tk after riuriai; the land, it must be accepted as anoth er illustration of the bies-ed truth that Providence directs the desti nies of men and nations, mid from apparent good. evil brings incalculable look 01 t rem tijki. The great reputation my spectacles and eye-glasses have attained through out the U. S. has led unscrupulous per sons to counterfeit them. There are none genuine unless the name of Hawkos is stamped on tlie frame, and The progress and de- I would respectfully mat I velopment of Eastern North Caro- positively employ no pe l io-it. Una is hindered by environ- All eyes fitted and tit cuaranteed by menta that she cannot throw off F. S. Duffy, New Berne. X. O. o.d iim without the generous assistance of ,-,OKN- shkllkiK Grainl-'an. Feed the State. Our fields yield abun ' v Cutters at 1 1 of Bro. Mc-wborr.e, the Worthy Ma-'.- r wes ad Jed to sail c-smmki. o n chair man. On motion of Bro. Powell a -.tun j ing committee en legislation was appointed 'or thi annual meeting: J. ('. Woeten. J. M. Ms . bcrrae and J. A havis. Pro. Davis introduced tlie folkwing resolution wl.Ph wa: uiiania: adopted : itcsci v.: d . Thai lid- s-. u- Ga: . ac-serablcd in Kinston. lit rt by in?) t h e c m :n 1 '. 1 0 c- o n 1 c g 1 .- i u 1 ; ; . : t 1 P.-ik a:;, r the interests i f or 1. gi-i.-s.tion appcintcd to tha iuttres.r of farmers fo.rU:c i'mir.c sirs-aon of the State I.'-cas-lature to riifmoraiize that body in lis n-'xt General Assembly, denicrid .in ol th"" Sp -alter t the II .:i-e a;i 1 n' the St na:e in the appoititrra nt of the c"ni rnittee on Az. lcultur-:- that lum; tut f iimi rs be placed on said comnotte. who re had ing int. rest 1 - farming a::l are a tualiy engaged i.i iifiricuiiuie. ani thut legislative i'o.-!ituitt.-e ask the co-operation of meml-ers- of the Farm er's Alliance in said demand, and that we re?p-e:fui;.v ask that the Hon. W.R. Willi ims b-.- in 1 ie c'.. airman of the ag ricultural co.-ntnitti e in the Sena: -. Tne Wortiiy Master announced the following star.dircg committee, in addi tion to those appointed heretofore: Agriculture 8. EI. Rountree, Jas. Wall and Nathan Purser. Fertilizers II. L. Leggctt. IL f I.-is-riir and R C. Strickland. Transportation J. W. Robins. in. W. IL Powell Snd W. B. Nucn. protect the county i-u! The event-T of today are biitilv O ld. The cc.roner's jury to investigate tlie fhooting met and adjourned till to mar row in order to procure witnesses. Sheriff Smith was released on s ,'"i.u'Jii bond an 1 will take charge of Ins olhce again tit ence. Heginning; tonight the troop? v. ill be sent away, one c i:ip any at m t:me. until all are gone. Mai tin Walker ami Jcif. I :io .. n . c 1 ored.have Ix-i-n arrestttl as n:pptsd ccoomphees m the llavsc- lieaidt-r. but the- evidence ak'air.-t th. m i- oi.' v . ;r cumstfiiitiat. None 1 f ii," m. ui.d.'d have died today. I'HAilNOll i M I) !,.!.. i -1 I,. , :r in the Kawes ip'ord.r 1.1-" i .C' lu b ii the investigation today, a;: la v 1 whs rendered that both the weae n and the girl. Flla llaucs. can". ;.i their death at the hands of It 1: I i ;v, e 1. and that Fannie Hry&tu in: i .MO. ii r.oi. r son were accomplice-. Two more warrants, . i-'rirgiug shetiiT Smith w ith murder, were ew. rn imt todav. arid I " is a on a t r i-'e r o, jab." Ibdrls lei- iul. i- 1 mi: i si Th-- Saath is nve. ii g i.-i th. of better hotels t- .-. -m.ii ! if u tiavel. ami New i:rh a:.s i- talking of buiiriing ''He to ru-i si! n 1:1. ( n. 'i'li.. Manufacturer's It crd has , ..'tin 11 r lic d the 1 si, p. ii ta rice i " (;. .. .. i i i t . ' - for winter i-.t ts ti at it sc. ms alri.o- t i.n Having woikrd steadily at tho bench for iv. r thiny yearn, I beiievn I can do as good v.urk jinny watchmaker in the ! 1.1 I c 111 (. 11 t a. v. 1, t ultlvntora. necessary to set the muter up. that section. h 1- i to st 1 II f arth' r 1 si: pi 1 s n t ie- I 11-11. 1 -s in. 11 1 a Fi"'.' I.e. j.)e s' l. to thil.k w rapidly t!a- winter 'oar:--. bu-,.iu-s4 itvelopintr or to e tl.-ii! i' ' "hat it 111 1 an -s to 1 hs' S ,11 ; h . In fje s nth t'lt-ie a;e found all vai i"t 1. .- of it inter cl:-m-ste. In lhs m iu:.: on uin.-.s running through so in ' ,.r .ioia i.i: I ill. Ge.vgia tlo re are .-1 i aitraclioi.s wiii-li. if knoivn. would draw then- ' O'.II AND ski: mk. V'iM. K. EATON, Middle street. !''-: '.. LGhurch. fal2dw-tf GEORGE ALLEN GO PHALLUS IN General Hardware Agrtoiilt'iriil i unv-t, .':,in. Ilce.H ai:s! Aich, Vi U.xi s .Vimcru umi ItcHpeirs, StJ'iiiu I',iiMiieH, Culttn ;itns anil Ir"KKCH, lh 1 (ilit ! s. Land Plaster, Kauilt .:-. Iianit s I.m.u kikI llartluaro, l ini' lirit !v eiii ;it, IMiiHter liair, I'aint, Iv alsom 1 ne, Var ni"Ji, MI. ;i.iss, IMitty and IIr. I'r(' ii, Itrl ri-gei ators. Oil t oo!; sti.M s. Ilurel.a llurtrlar '''"ii! S.isd l.ofkH, warranted to f'ti' s.ttiiit;, and hii( Isfacllori. cum ;s vi:ky low. UFO. ALLKN A- t). AND CLOCKS ! T. J. TURNER & GO. HTIIjIj a ii .- , : oil h I (rood of the Order J. M. Me ne, Al. Allen Johnson and H. C. E I war Education J. T. Eaton. W. S. Pud and J. C. Woote-m Constitution and By-Laws J. ( '. Wooten. F. M. Hick in? and - I. Vonn tree. Organ N. T. Ridi. v. D. M Lb'-iile and W. II . Powell. Dormant Granges I). M. I'.eal, Thec pe'.us Stancill and Ivy P..:kt-r. Recess till tomorrow morning at tpm o'clock. r-KONn PAV-M 'llNi: .. si sj. .. The State Grange was. opened in due form for the trnisuoi'n if business. sands of winter vi,-i: o d red that go tin re Ho rn the mountains the t vc ry col.i . and on the it is loo rough to be here t nd there are v 1 r v 1 1 1 n -v. It 1 - 1 1 u e that . "atli.-r is at tunes high, r 1 dcvati a: comfoi laid.1, bu 1 shell i i i d I., .ok - w . 1 1 wiiere nature seems to ha-.e done l..i b.vt to create a dry. bracing su:is-hin atmosphcie that brings l.caUh and strength f the sick. Thrimeh th. Piedmont rtgion a milder climate e found , li.avi ng man v of tie at : raot ioi.s of l!ie I'.ii-uni.iit) air, wi. iie Io . r t!o 11 we com-' io ;hc lim- reKi n- ui, their lo l..di::. and i!, n the 1 1 1 f 1 '.,a-; . where air. eardi an I skv i;.i!.- i months s f , -,::.l,.,..- i,f... fri.- f r an t h. blizz irds of the North. Ail ila-.-.s. whether they seek the br nar.g a,r d the in u-.n'.ains or the soft, balmy " r i i e 1 v 1 nn pv. ry k 1 1 kinlifr Hu1t. I '. Ski,. llMby t r- lo.Kf". 1 In "I M trtorp, I'ltv t 1. n, Knd w 1 udow ' uot.aii nn.l tt a 1 1 1 IT fill c . II i-t el hr ii'.i.rfa In 11 k n kk a 1 1 . 1' '.1 ' Rl .. Ni -w Hi rue. N. t". ft 1 CiGAHS rC-h SALE AT COST. Hoo, i ne liu'ol large stock of iga:- o il !:.'.' demand I i same binn small I n .w 1 iTer to the merchant olGAhs .'. T rosr until my Block ia reduced. I 'ash on delivery. FL. 1ST. HTJLly V 0 . , ... 1 I'l.' 1 i V. "nWfiilftWJil.-jWt' tJCT5 ' i ..' s-.... - : t I..." .. 1 rsV' ? - -srr I ill'CJll I il , ' - J - us- "7 f..-4w&xm 4swrtiw-'K'a.ib-ii --Si-S . a et-tt. J.-VlV-A''l V.. c

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