THE JOURNAL. F. St. ITTIt TKW VZXSZ. 9. C DEC- W IMS I 1 1 i it O- IT I bffleially denial that th fop will War Uont. TlOX. M. C. BrTLM of fioath CafoHa, wceedi hlmaU U I": S. Order, Auocrrr Lkikk, or iri-ii. tSB'ttodidata for Speaker of th XIoOM ia tb Bxt Lialaturt. ITU aaiJ that the nev 8pQib Mlaktr? i com p! of weak and bcar ma, aad caoiot laat b joad ant pria. - - A XSir poatofiJop, called Malmo, lu tMa M&biUbd at the pUce BMQtnmrn kaowa aa Hfitr, in '. 2canoa4 eoaotj, . (. . THs ciar tarieo 10 di on kU firkndailp with Kapxror Wil Haat aa4 U dtpij offended ajr-am: V&a Garaaaa fOTernmeat. A raw daj rj reported taattaaev mer aad harbor bill accomplished Th JoCKAX this wk ron taiis proceedings of the annua ! Msaioa of th State Grnc held ' Id Kinston, loclading tbe aildrejs of Worthy Master Will K. VVil- liarus. Ol all the farmer' orgiDiations iq the coantry the J i umi is orjiewbt partial to the (iraoge, on acvouat, perhap. of it ed'tor h.v oz oure been . memlxT of the a d I. t" , tteouuso ; : is national in ils organ : at ion , and -ocn hi nf to a greater eilen: nnre than other organiation. social with basine-s feature. We notice fiat tho Farmer' Alliance and Wheelers are atx-ot to unite. The combination will mate a powerful organ; it ion, and when united with the Grange for a common purpose will 1 able, by persistent and united effort, to correct any legislation detrimental t.- the agricultural classee. and be fore whom monipol:ts, nimbi na tions and trusts will tremble. There :s much to le gained by organizations when wie!y and 'pradentlv conducted. Mmh can n e ery neighlor- WHATTHE RANGERS SAY. Addrrx f tWrthy Hatter Willi It. Wllllaais Patrons : This is onr 1 r. 1 an nnal meeting. YVe are brought together by irateinal adherence to the fundamental doctrines and teachings of our order, as ennnc: atel in the declarations and pur po.e ol our noble order; among which is to "develop a higher man liood ,nd wnmanliood among our selves," and to -foster mutual understanding and cooperation." And furthermore, to study and to consult wrh the lew of discover ing some plan, some way, some enterprise, it may t the originating or alteration of some law. some residence to the oppressive designs of the monopolist, and combina, turns of money men called "trust." Some of whici. like the cotton seed oil, and jute baggiDg trusts are aimed directly in their baneful eflects to the Southern farmer. The tor tin ..-m.. Tffn eneli profits of i radc the purchaser. For instance, i f one h un d red dol lars' worth ot articles he sold at wholesale rates qnartt-ily for eon sumption dm iuj: the ear there will te nothing at the clo e ol the ear to present either as an evi dence ol economy or thrill. Hut il the same amount be so the tiist quarter at retail, and the profits ot lo percent be invested in favor ot the purch.teer, : there would be A' the beginning ol the second quarter $ 1 1 1 to reinvest this amount and repeat the operation during the year would bring forth at the commencement "f the second ear 1 P'. 7 1 . et it should he born ,n mmd first and Lift, that successful co operation depends upon cash and cash only, and not upon wholesale buying on extended end;: and sell ing on margins at great r;-k. k i r r r i n is of all : lungs mast needed by the their sons and daughters of levying oon t rihutioiis upon t he j should take our own lioanoke Pat poopV to have thtm paid and keen ron and the North Carniina Termor tueni at par. both good papers and deserva a u heiieser a country, submits to wide and extensive patronage. As b. governed, and ruled by a lew ; first-class papers, cheap and useful, r-ii io id kings, t In u indeed wiir there are none better for the human liberty feel the iron heel of Granger or farmer than the Farm the despot, and men who laboi and and Fireside, printed in W'ashing- inu leu, -ii ,i ron Litj, The Grange Visitor, wor.-e 'lrn Grange Hnlletin and Txtia l'armei . will competition1 Mv term nf nfflco PTniwi nl .thin ion beiu-tir the farmer 1 session. In 1882. unsoncht and toiler. The old adage that : whilst, nrntpafinir vrn thmw lha competition and opp. sit ion lower ' mantle upon me. I'feltthenaa I prices and gives to the public "cut do now. that it was :in nhlio-ation will be a thing ot the past. ' and a responsibility too great for aid that lor a starting point one so incompetent and so little ible to make sacrifices. I hate toll will l. keled during with a wretchedness slavery. l or no longer and oppo.- and YS hood by co operation, especially in the budding up and maintenance appropriate lia.OCO.OOO. aaoaM kar'e said $11 ,3&S0. Tn Freaca eopper syndicate ab aoiatolj oootroU the world's supply ia aanJ, and dictate ta prlee thai coosnnia shall pay. IT U said that England will not jodicious farming is not . - .. n...-. j nliahin much gooil. A. iuruMi...i.lni.ttlo.. Mr. vantages of orgamration and co .Paelpa may be recalled What taa1 A KirVBUCJlH PPr ujs "Teat did not make the fur dj from lagaE aAr all." How could he 1 Tact la ao far oa I a galls. He is a taak. &CSSXXL iiaBBi505, son of the '"Praaidant-elect, Ls a rery modeat Baa aad dialike to see his name la pxiaU lie ia a-aid to be a young La a of ability aad character of good schc-ols, gocnl roads, bridges. vc. l'-ut the (irange or Alliance that does not lnealcate the prin ciple of economy, self reliance a n is not aerom- t he ad operation amouut to nothing if the individual farmer does not husband his own resources, live within bis banking system, which discrimi nates directly against the farmer, farmer.' inasmuch as it refases to lend a And of t he States, it is alleged t hat dollar on his only security, real North ( arolirts. tWthe deepest en estate. The speculator who prices veloped in ignorance It is shame his products even befoie he has fully humiliating to think that a planted a seed. The railroads and State comprising a population as transportation companies t hat re-J noble, as generous, as brave, as ceive more patronage fiom the . hospitable as any the sun ever farmer, yet charges him lrghest, ! show n upon should bear this op the high" rate of interest to which probruim. Ignorance is said to he the usurer oppresses him. These the mother ol prejudice, the fruitful are not all but a few of the many source of idleness. The igtioran' ,ev;ls that help to make the hard- man or woman is often the v: tim 'shi and hard times of the farmer of the educated rascal, and deserve your careful considers- We cannot douPt tiiat i the Hon. ' farmers were as well educated as We all know that divided effort are other classes that they would without consultation aud co opera be tho controlling power in this tion will be in the future as in the country, and not the underling as past, only futile and useless. There they now content themselves to be. is not a single trade or profession The next generation should be an but will readily acknowledge that age of educated farmers. To do so agriculture is the basis, the bed j we should make our fn e school rovk of all human progress and system more effective and useful, eren human existence : yet it is not Our agricultural and mechanical that these shall give college - which like t he state loard i mik expected U.. .... ""'- . .. ., ,, w. , if. ' n( K ,i,nltnru li I it. ' n , T , : a n V in eilcier lutir nuie 01 iuuu(un w m.ui i n. n n . . . , t . , u b. ... the farm self sustaining There is no use for a'farmer to join the Grange- or tha Alliance if he con tinues to cultivate land in cotton that will not produce iff hundred poands of ?eed cotton to the acre, and buys his ixjrk, corn and bay fpim some one else. Sach a far mer will n6t be worth much to the ExCosuaCMXi.i V.hibheu of Grangeor Alliance, nor will either Saw Jtnej, ha been arrested on ta eaarf of perjury . He us no kla to Daa Voorheea, the n ' faiahed Senator from Indiana. AXOTXXa heavy drop in the Faaaaia Canal share at l'aru Tar Is mo farther ho of averting adiaaatar. a.bo4ate failure Is im liaat. Ta OTerameat aad the big flaaaeial eatabiuaaieats are raid to aasiat Laepe. Cr TMtenlar the woria com of thase organizations b' of much benefl: to hm unlesa they can in duce him to change his tactics and become a farmer in real.'.v as well as in name. We commend the address of Worthy Master Williams and the advancement. Y e as farmers must look out for ourselves, and the leit way is to B i; A I . K and then stand by our organiza- ; tion. Ivearn to labor and to wait" not to expect too much at j once. We must bear in mind that great reform are of slow growth, and that by sacrifice, toil and pa-j tience, the eonsumation is only j reached. rrch llttren at p;ni which wp builJ to ' Vv' 'iO BOt bound . Tb ladir npon from th lowlf prth to ihe vaulted k if It oolr climbed round by round." In joining theGrange the heart prneeeJinrs of the.State (irange to most be right ; the understanding ail our fanner readers. The .Jm- awakened to the impreaions of the vai stands ready to cooperate principle, and teachings m foand Al" ,MUU, - 1 in its declaration of purposes; with you in auy morement to secure tben we can b, and will be, breth- better laws : to break np trusts and aud industry HARRISO.M AU THE SOlTH. Much haa been said, and is still being said, in regard to General . . . k.i.k moooDolifo, and advance in every Utter, wkkh it haa received I poaaible way the interest ot agn f,M.n n,. a th Site of V.w' culture, tne support of all trades York froaa the IemocTts who roCad axaiaat Cleveland aad who git thair raaaoaa for so doing. EXd FiABA and Ileory il. Staarj aara bee a captured iu Af rica. It U rumored that Ocman Jlxaa, ia kia letter, expreMed a 1SiafaM to aarreader Kmin Paaaa' aad bia white companion prartdad Erjp old gT to aaaadoa Saaklm. Tn Oaarxia iiouw of Kepre aaataiiraa aaa appropriated 300. COO for the eoaaaaa aeaocla of the SUta, aad taa bill wUI p throogh j ren, and per conaequence will be benefited in many ways, socially and morally, and pecuniarily. There is gTeat necessity tor im mediate action. -'Now is the ac cepted time." The truth is unde niable, staring us directly. Tarn any way we cbooee and there it is. Farmers are hemmed in and sur rounded as never lefore. We taaSeaat. Taiaeomaut the State conception Elarnaoa'a attitude towards the plunly see organized efforts of gontb evsry prolesaion and every trade, While it is of very grt im- banded together to protect their . pecuniarv and other intereat. hen portance that the new admimstra- w-hat other8 n doiag thfD tioa ajtsumes and maintains a wfaT 9tADj we here idle! The aatioual poaitioa iu which the medical professions have long since orth and the Sooth, the East and ' had their aaaociationa, and we can the West, shall be regarded as one ! doubt that much useful in for ' . , mation haa been gained by their magnificent country, it is infinitely coninUtioni about diaeaaesand more important that the their treatment, and we can trust true our lives to tbem with greater safety. And we also learn that rises of the Grange which : no- heing erected, should never be allowtd to languish. It should be kept a free school. Where our boys can obtain an industrial education that will tir them to make good livings and ie ful citizens. W have a 1 "Diversity which has been scarcely of any use to the farmer only the lawyer and the professional men, and yet it has been supported by taxation mostly by the farmer. Now let us have a scIki'I where the farmer's boys can obtain both a trade and an educa tion, and no longer feel "That chill penury check tht-.r mble sane. And free te ih" k nisi ruricriin the soul. We need more eth. cited fanners m our Legislature and in our National Congress, and when we rates It is Luis new aeai ontaineu its charter from North Carolina. I'lider&uch perilous circumstances it behooves' the f miieis to demand of the next Legislature a llailroad Comnns sion, which should be equitable, conservative, and protective, not to ciippIe the railroads, but to exact living rates ol travel and transportation lor the people. W e have seen it staled that even now the rates of travel and traiis poitation are higher in North Cam I in a t ban ; n any t het ot the c : ton States. (u a recent ti.p to Topcka. kaii sas. 1 found the highest rates of travel between Washington ( Vj and Tarboro. N. '. I i 1 '. i. i -. f all ! lie disadvantages and evils to which the farmer is subjected there is not one so much to be loathed and detested as gambling in tutnres. and speculating in margins. It prices his products be fore he plants a seed, and destroys the oulv equitable and justifiable law of trade the supply and de mand. I have seen it stated there were sold in New York last year over -10,000,000- bales of cotton when scarcely 7,000,000 were made. It Is unmittigated gambling, of the vilest species, yet rendered popular and fashionable by the rich imd the pi oux ( .') There is a movement against it all over the Union I Thanksgiving Supplies For Stile AT JOH DUNN'S. done the best I could under the cramped and weakened circum stances. Down deep in my heart I desired to do more, yet it is pleas ing to know that the order is stronger and more progressve than when I first became Master. In the last six years in almost every part of the State the kind ness, the brotherly affection shown me by the brethren aud sisters will be gratefully remembered so loner as I shall live. In taking leave of you as Master, I can assure you that 1 shall con tinue to work for our beloved order, and when the Great Master shall give me the liual summon I shall be found a Granger. Onslow County Items. Several parties this week, one at Mr. Dan ltussell's Friday night last': they danced all night. Mr. Grady, one of our school teachers, killed a large fat wild goose last week out of a bunch thing over Lis school house. Mr. L. S. Smith, one of our promi nent merchants, is very sick from the effects of having a tooth pulled. It is supposed that part of his jaw bone was broken. Mr. Geo. W. Smith sold 45 bead of the prettiest cattle last week for Fine Suear Cured Hams, 15c. Fulton Market Corned Beef, 10c. Freeh Pig Pork and Smoked Beef Tongues, New Buckwheat, Maple Syrup and New Orleans Molaeeea, Philadelphia Butter, the be6t Butur on the market. Imported Macarorii and Cream Cheese, Al Cakes and Crackers fresh i by every steamer. Attmore's Mince Aleat, lOc. Leghorn Citron, 25c. Layer Raisins. 15c. London Layer Raisins, 20c. Loose Raisins, 10c. to 15c. hiristmas IS COMING! Do not spend your money foolishly, bnt b iv s ujiething useful (or 20c. 10c. 10c. 20c. 20c. 15o. 1 beet we ever saw iu this county, dwelt on it extensively in my last not a poor one in the lot. Messrs. address to the Grange, so I will be T. Henderson & Bro. purchasers, brief. Hut I hope I will not be Mr. K. W. Freshwater has just considered immodest by claiming newly plastered his dwelling, as far as my knowledge extends to moved another house on his place, be the tirst to bring this shameful and is now building a new one en- j New York. operation oi gamming oeiore a tirely lor his tenants. deliberative body First. the 0nr upw ..rhny- Ra,- T. C. Lovin has an appointment at i Bear creek school house ou the 3d Sunday in Jannarv next at 3:30 Currants, 3 lbs. for 25c. Prunes. 3 lbe. for 25c. California Grapes . 15c. Malaga Orapee, very fine, Cranberries. Tomatoes, Corn and Pie Peaches, Sweet Mis- d I cU a, London L: ri-igs, Pine Dates J .muica and Florida Oranges iu by every steamer. Constantly on hand A fine stock of Apples, liananas. Lemons. Mixed Nuts and Confectionaries. In fact my stock will please the most fastidious and try prices are ROCK BOTTOM. no24dwlm JOHN DUNN. MlljanTrf. Oliver,- INSURANCE AGENT ADJUSTER, Newbern, N. G. Connecticut Mutual. Life. ! Continental, of New York. Fire, .Etna, of Hartford, Fire. Ilibernia, of New Orleans. Fire, Travelers, of l'lariford. Life and Acci dent. Fidelity and Casualty, of New York. Marine Insurance Co., of London. American Boiler Ins. Co. I vonr Husband, Hindu r m Ih-au r Shirts, Underwear, Hosiery, Collars and Cuffs. Gloves, Neckwear, Trunks, Valises, Rubber Coats for Men r 'id Boys, Initial Scarf Pins, Cuffs and Collars, Silk and Linen Hand- Buttons, kerchiefs, Umbrellas, HOWARD Boys' Plaid Ties, Etc., Etc., Etc. & JONES. TO THI-; Voters of Craven County ATSM) VI IV Public Generally! TAKE SOTICK, THAT AT of Clothing and Shoe Store, Two doors Dorth of Ho'.el Albert. Middle stre(t, you will find a Ijirae and Well Selected Line of I Clotliing-, National Grange then tho State Board o Agricultural, and last be fore tbe Senate of North Carolina. When we sought to place it on an equality with other gambling schemes, with tho same forfeitures, penalties and Hues. It passed the Senate but was killed by designing men in the House. I hope such a pressure will be brought to bear against it this year by the farmers as will force its passage. I.nW INTEREST ON MONEY tret a arwd nne we ahnnld keen him there. To be effective and useful 1S Katly needed by the farmers, in anv trade or profession we must Slx" I,er cent 1 thlnt- ,! the Ieal servean apprenticeship. r'Ue m twenty-seven States. It was G per cent in England when RI our fathers came to this country, are combinations of capital .t8 jc remained so from tbe earliest whereby heartless men league to- 8e;tlement until the carpet-baggers gether to control almost everything 1 took possession in ISfiS. Then that a Urmer has to buy or sell, thpV added the S ner rent rlanse. ome ot them as l said oeiore. are directly aimed at the Southern farmer, such as the jute bagging and cottOD seed oil trust. Tbe President denounced them as "conspiracies, and said they ought courts under contract, which has driven out b per cent, unless when the widow, the ward and the orphan are paid. I do not know how many millions of mortgages there are recorded aeainst real estates in to be dealt with by tbe ; Sorth Carolina, but this 1 do know, Congres appointed a com-; tl,at there wonld be many millions mittee to investigate their nefarious eBH tue iega rate were q per cent designs, but it ended in jaat nothing I and an above usury. In 1S80 the at all aa every farmer expected, for; cerjsus reported 600,000,000 in who could have calculated different-1 vested in manufactnries of all kind, ly when there are so tew farmers in Th(J, rPnorted to "have made 30 ner hrr iow,-r- iiiJ ia aiaf tppropruatioa Cor j move ilb ccU-xsal strides to tbe pb!i school Mil iJ looked npon attainment of th grand iMibi!i- by t friend of tbe common ties that spread out before ner. mthooi M frvat rlctory. they are not only better brethren, bat have secured to them&elve what is still better greater reward for their skill and practice. We also se? oar bar association., not bat A redaction of tne tariff, bat their efiorU are anarailia. Foremot eaoag the advocate o( the people ataade Senator Vance. The Soa'.b kaaMaUeror more deroted chin frio ttaa ZeboJoQ B. Vance. TXX Wilaiinftoa MeMenger : aJvaji (eaeroaa. I; coald not be otnervise, for it u the represent tiea of a nobie and majfn.mimoui people. Every Xorth Carolinian feeta a jast pride ia Wilmington Her proa peri I y La the ueceeary r aUof the enerjty and enterprise of oerprofre sire people. Wetake plea so re ia transferring to oar oiamas an editorial article from tha lleaaenger oo the Atlantic and Soctll Carolina llailroad. If ia aaderetood tha: the lit -pobilcaa Seaatois have agreed to "hoid op'T certaiu nominations eat to the Senate by the Pre, deal at the present sesnon of 1 , M. i iifn in rarv .1 l 1 U ii I 1 ii . u 1" kj - l.-, uvw i v . v . . mo inrwm ,. -. . . . , - , taie, ana ine lawyers are nut uuij but Not for the wealth of the (Viars Tn Sonata's tabetitate for the i woald w' obliterate L12m biH ia aader dieeiuaion in the I memories that sanctify the past, brethren bv so doing, fiaaata. Tb Democrats of that our. coerisning evrrj momeuu oi they na e nxea np tueir prices lor bodr are doiaz their beat to secure Soathsi n honor and manhood, we serricea often only limited by the accept t tie situation ami move r7, , t , , . , In what is called the busi onward, right onward ess world we findthe same state There is nothmg to occasion of ag-alrl. All organizing, all federal interference m the affairs ireking the ties that bind oftheSoath. If State Legislatures them into a brotherhood, for do their datv. in conformity with pecuniar inrm. uu uiuiu. ru tbe will of the people, there will le no pretext or the enterposition of the general goernment. The peer'1 of the South are in perfeet harmony with the national sentament, and they are equally tection. Among them we will enuamerate the iron men, lumber men, manufacturers' associations of farm implements, barbed wire, nails woollen and cotton goods, patent medicine men, millers, boards of trade, chambers of com merce, and nools, and corners in in accord with the enlightenment graln. hogs, cattle, cotton, and of the times and the spirit of tbe every necessity and lnxury of haman existence, even down to tho Congress T No one can doubt lor a moment that if tbe farmers were iu the ma jority there that some legislation would have been enacted that would have bursted the '-conspiracies in the shortest sort of time. The cent on their capital The farmers reported 1 1,700, 000,000 and reported to have made .5 per cent. These are statements I have seen in the newspapers, and have never beanl or seen them de nied. The Agricultural Depart o'clock p. ru., I). V. We hope he will be there at that time. Before another issue of the Jour nal Christmas will have passed, and given us oar good and evil things. We hope we and all the readers a merry and happy Christ mas. The Farmers Alliance on Bear creek is progressing. President, R. G Ward ; Vice-President, A. D. Freshwater ; Secretary, W. H. Hawkins ; Treasurer, Miss Sada Haskins ; Chaplain, Rev. Benjamin Ward; Lecturer, Rev. I. X. Hender son; Assistant Lecturer, J. A. Freshwater, Esq. Meets second Saturday in each month. PROMPTNESS First a eold, then a cough, then con sumption, then death. '! took Dr. Acker's English Remedy for Consumption the mcment I fcegan to cough, and I be lieve it saved my life." Waltxr N Wal lace, Washington Sold by R. Berry, N'tw Berne, N. C. It was with profound wisdom that the Romans called by the same name courage and virtue. There is, in fact, no virtue, properly so called, without victory over our selves ; and what costs us nothing is worth nothing. De Maistre. farmers are combining and I hope ment at Washington City reported tney win continue to oeienu tuem- 0olv iter cent mmle bv the farm selves against these men "who would shut the gates of mercy on mankind" in order that they might fill their greed with gold. THE 1 A K 1 1 I the National Grange decided cars ago was a legitate subject for dis cussion in t he subordinate Granges. At that time it was not considered partisan. But the election which has iust convulsed the country plainly showed it to be distinctly end iutenselv partisan. I wi age. If au)th;D :i wanting to ma terial development, or ; the full exercise of rights and privilege., it is competent for the legislature to supply the deficiency Are election law delcciive, -o that suffrage is hindered or em birr.i4d The S'.ite ran sapplr th rcmrdv. faneral directors and coflin makers who make one final grab at us as we pass to that bourn where mo nopolists and trusts are nnknown. Now theie is not a farmer or a laborer that is not more or less injured by these associations. Not that thev sointend, for I am well argue from any political standpoint, but simply state an undeniable truth, that no farmer can be bene fited by accumulating money in the treasury that is not needed by the government, especially as there is not sufllcient currency in this part of the Union to till the needs and requirements of the people. The only Umefit that the advo cates of a high protective tanfl' has ever, or can ever claim for the farmer is that when manufactories are established there springs up a demand for farm products. This fallacy is exploded by the able ad dress of the acting Master, James era. rarmers can t auora to give sach exorbitant rates and should not allow it. I know it is said to make the interest less would be to drive the capital out of the State. There is not an economic neither of note or character from Adam Smith to the present but declares that high interest ever makes money scarce, and low interest more plentiful. 1 would advise the farmers to see that the next lfgis not lature repeal the S per cent clause and place interest in the Old North State where it was before carpet bag rule. ! Ira niir illivrait -if- f ho lwf m pursuaded that no clasa of men can j - ' f A National Grange, who is Tti-ff nothing '.ha: cin cali foi federal interference o long as ti e e . true to : he citizen. '.-.n gresj nevrr had .en iiut to regu! it iaai.ncat ions of voters in 'h" S ':". i'erhp. under the o e i o .4 1 : e 1 l r . : ( ' lis o ! : Hi" i r n . c x - I ' . ' r ,- , : i id ; i t c i r . ' c r i n T ; i r-..-; i; :' i - j u ' c h - j ; i' i ti i Arc edacut I'Mul far. lines oar!;a Coorre- untd March uh. w here i f , Th(. Stv, , Jn rn there will be vacancies In office for I r?. 'him President Harrison to nil without tae neceeaity of removing any one. It ia even said that the Uepablfcan , Seaate will adop: the policy of "BaJirinx ap" ail nominations now before the Senate or to b ent in by the Preeulent a; this eioa of CoOfT- Richmond W 'hi,; TUB I)atmaaer General, having received the reeignation of a roa aid4XbU namber of i'reaiden t..: aad (earth clas-s imtnj.M'.Tv :th reqeeals that lpablican tbm they Bene and r4omtnad lw ip pointed to their places a '.!:'. no raaigaations a4i b.-a or wo.;'.l : accepted, that are mad ' r :i:t pqrpoae o( fcireeca'-iag e::cn of the in coating adaun stratiou ! tat appotntmen ; c' Kep'ibl. can. Taa eeinioa lis vn fiid ibit SO resignations w.l accepts! vhiea are tethlered in anticipation 1 m( acaaage la the a.latm'tra'ion af the gorraaier SOUS days ago one Serfmera, Us!td Statea Attorney at In ' diaaapoiis, reeigned his o&cm. gaapiciM attevaee to thai action, firaea tho fact taat the proeecuttoas to btibeiy im electioae are pending taa eort with which Selmsrs is aaor faatlllar than any oae else Tte attoraey u re,aeeted to vilkdnv hie reeignat ion , bot re fajta to do ao, and, it te said the fraeideat aad Attorney GeoeraJ x rerj nock dteaatlaaed wita bia have any but the kindest regard for the farmer; yet the workings of the whole machinery is inevitably to 'rr to ; a -.. ..It. h - :o reg-. a : a '. ;. mi1!) -" de n '. I laws ot w 4 v ! fe tare oi N S ' a ' . c ! 4 on gr ca. c .-t-'. x - I : 'lie i ci N t a.'ol , n a a : :i ; v r . f . r the I . g 1 a ! a -r h i ;ri . .t ' o amend . v ; 1 1 c n " govern ed .on 'am 'iia. u t! :..-a-. i and o , ;tr r ' x- or . i ' f i n ;on , f ! 1' r on "7 his injury ; for as they put up prices of things he is compelled to I'tiv. in the same proiortion, he is out of pocket. Professional ser vices, hardware, farm implements, dry gx)ds, groceries, transport tion of our crops, all and everything cvit us more ; and we get less for our cotton, corn, and produce of all kind. Ke-'auso other me.n com bine" for their own good and farmers or aboiish their, and pr.if .ib safeguards lor the people 1 1 is n 22 c '. j to : a n d ; :i a ilarrjuon. oi . we a men a! , to attend his ()3.ui! ;s tbe cio ' 'o Sou ih. la :rt I 'y ui : a h lartf o . 1 . m . t e. m.aeral ealth nil manbooil ;c is superior to a sections. rhan, let her move on ward to her deatmy. of r..u. h :i-i' soil, i u u a 1 1 Te ot her arr, red aad nar diaaitre aim La Caad ofaHoolar hiss to rign. Kv (juVEBNcii JiKVIi in New York laet Friday. Kvkky day it becomes more ti Jest that very little will be done by tbe prrseent Congress. do not, or what is worse, farmer, do organize t h f w -far. d hv their o!'h gat ions I ikii.m :t is tMiid that l.iani-i lauiiot juotect them f.'i.e iga:ut these c.m!'i m:o:i l'tieic ik'Vit was a mo.-e f.t,! acious .issertloii Tin- o iii ceitainly combine d ! ' i tint i . : he i iriee f,lls , :it.; the price rises. 1'hey are i on'v 'a king in will and det er m ; n a-' tii'U. I"he can wait loDger than the uianjjlacturer, or that devilish combination called a trust, if the) will only make their home supplies and keep out of debt. -KKAlP-. Urgau, nation lead to c 011.1 tiou, aa is taught by the (irange. Jo boy together and sell together should never be loet eight of. We are aware that iu the early days of tne Grange we maJLe many Wun ders by co operative stores. Hut when they werj aoadncted properly on a cash baa is and on trbat in known as the JtochdaJe plan, they hare tccreeded not only weJl but proeparocaly. The Texas aaaociaUon is an lllnstration. They iomgaenxed with a small cjitUal. It is nosr immense. Co- a resident of .l assacnusettp. ile says a carelul study and considera tion of our tariff" law (hows that the average duty of all interest com bined is alwiut 17 per cent, and the manufacturing interest alone is protected to ; he amount of 'ij per cent., while average agricultural products are only 1'n per cent. This inequality has existed too long, and although our political in structors inform 11s that the "home market" which the in an u tact ui ing interest gives to agriculture should atone in a great measure for this inequality, - - i mi'. un ' runt' i ti'.'i t'r tii; t he iitincult urii! t" 1 . ' n ui : :. ' iuin 11 1'iict un :u 1 ii'i'ri.,' in .,i(ui ,! .jfi tni"'-i' f.l .("", NT t'- ,;rr( . I t in ,,' ,' I ' . . The National (irange has nevei t.illeil f j-fc lirt-s 1 1 v i u. i'llrifv .1 ' efu'',' : preferei,, e tor a r ..'nlv "lor or not sti when !1 not revenue. As faril)rl i.e. ome be' "el 1 cated they wiii un 'er.-tan.l ;l thing be'ter and a t accoidir'gl 1: v : : 1: : - are vi a great bench w hen lairly managed is no enemy of ra;l declaration oi a a ci iu n t r The ( ir.i n ge ads. In the purjKes, we 1 '. 1 1 1 the following -'We .shall advocate all facilities lor transporting cheap ly to the seaboard, or letveen home producers and consumers:" and again "we are no enemies to rail roads, navigable and irrigating canals." But when railio.uls, are owued by a few heartless men. who know do God but gold, nor txiw to no shrine but greed, then it behooves THK NATIONAL GKANiiK. held at Topeka. Kansas, met with a warm reception. The Grange 1 was largely attended, and tho re : portsof the Secretary and Treasurer were encouraging. J. . lingham was elected Master to fill the unex pired term of the lamented Put. Darden of Mississippi. His ad : dress is Diltu, Ohio. He is a com petent and liberal minded gentle man, aud tbe Grange will be safe and progressive in his management. The next place ol" meeting was left to the Executive Committee. There were four amendments to the Constitution submitted to the consideration of the various State Grangers, all of which I desire to see ratified. The condition of the order will be shown by the Secretary's report, to be greatly improved during tbe year ju-t closed. To secure the im provement and t he advancement of the Grange should be the chief de sign and consideration ot us all. And if possible the State Grange should provide a fund to keep a deputy or lecturer constantly in the held Kvery (irange should be visited, ami the secret Rink ol the order exemplified, IN i'u.N'i'I.t'.-' :e:i;i;t me t o cor j are oil to stand by the Grange. It is the oldest, the most thoroughly national and in my humble opinion the best or- c u. : it ion et devised lor Ihe liel.eli: of ; h 1 11 - of ai . o' 1 found in honor be them. We l.i.ow the principle upon which the Gr.wige are foiiuded ; are just and fulfill all or the require ments for brotherly love and econ omic success. lake the rock ol Ages thev will endure forever. Then let' us touch elbows, rally around the ii tg which is yet proud ly waving ov er every State 111 the I nion. W e can and will iuccced if we are but true to ourselves aud faithfully persevere. "Tho' we may he w.-aiy walchiuu the w a v es . Vet the tide is moving on ftnl. corral, we builJ Krave od A NARROW ESCAPE. Coi. W. K. NbIsod, of Brooklyn, came home one evening, feeling a peculiar tightness in the chest. Before retiring, he tried to draw a long breath but found it almost impossible. He suffered four days from pneumonia, and the doctors gave him up. Dr. Acker's English Rem edy for Consumption saved him and he is well todav. Sold by R. Berry, Newbern, X. C. At 110 time in the history of this country did true Christian man hood weigh more, and merely nominal church membership less than now in the estimate of the business world. Christian Advo cate. TERRIBLE FOREWARMNGS. Cough in the moruing, hurried or diffi oult breathing, raising phlegm, tightness in tha chest, quickened pulse, chilliness in the evening or sweats at night, all or any of these thiDgs are the first stages of con sumption. Dr. Acker's English Remedy for Consumption will cure these fearful symptoms, and is sold under a positive guarantee by Ii Berry, New Berne, N. C. TO ADVERTISERS. A list or 10O0 newspapers divided into STATES AND Ste-UTIONH will be aent on application FREE. To those who want their advert'dng to pay. we can offer no better medium for thor ough and effective work than the various seollone or our Self ct Local Llit. GEO P. HOWELL di CO., Newspaper Advertising Bureau, notls.Jwlm 10 Spruce street, Hew York. SiSTFRS NORTH CAROLISA MARBLE WORKS, E' UlJOE. V ... Monuments ToniDs. Vod ill t:ili 'i.-iiro 1 molding workt ClottLS, J" eans, Carpets, Etc., Etc. Boys' Clothing in Variety. Be it 'remembered, any article bought at mv store If not sat in factory will b taken back and money refunded w ithout question. Mr. S. R. Ball will endeavor to make your vinit pleasant nnd agreeable. Thanking the public for past patronage, I respectfully ask a continuance. Respectfully your obt. svt., F. T. PATTERSON. ITALIANS AMERICAN MARBLE Orderi will receive prompt attention vnd aatisfaction guaranteed JOE K. WILLIS, Proprietor Oor. BROAD A?D ORAV A iU. .VKH7 BERNE, IS. C Q. . Millib in taf authorized agei t in K 1 ma80-d7w The Ladies Must Come ! The Gentlemen May Come ! AND " Everybody" Come ! TO SEE THE Handsomest Tea, Dinner and Toilet Sets EVEU BROUGHT TO THI3 MARKET. ALSO Z A FULL LINE Of" Ho use Furnishing Goods AT BOTTOM PRICES. L. H7CUTLER, 26 & 28 Middle Street, NEW BERNE. N. O. H. B. DUFFY'S BARGAIN HOUSE ! COMMERCIAL, COTTON. New York, Dec. 18. Futures closed steady. Sales of 48,700 bales. December, January, February, March April, May, 9.47 9 52 9 65 9 77 9. SO 9.99 June, July, August, Sept. October, Nov. New Berne market steady. 140 bales at S 1 2 to 9 5 16. 1U.09 10 13 10 21 9.83 Sales of l.irim r. The teach hiT or.;ii '. itions arc .0 (irange, ami with 5.11.I. nrst taught DOMESTIC 7 A klM. K I Eggs 18a20c. Seed Cotton 80. per lb. Ccrn D0d05c. Fodder. Sl.O0al.25 per hundred. Rice 70ab5c. TxraPKirTiN Hard, 81.00; dip, i2.03. Tab $1.00al.50. Oats New, 41a47c. in bulk. Bsesw ax 17a21c. per lb. Bhkf On foot, 63. to 7c. FSK8H Pohx 7a8o.per pound. Hams Country, llal3c.i lard llic. Apples Mattamuskeets. 60c. bush. Potatoes Bahamas, 80j. per bueh. i yams. 40a50c. per bush. Onioxs 50c. per buth. Wool 15a20c. Peanuts 65a80 oer -uhi Chickkhb Grown 40&45o. pair; balf grown. 22in25c. MkaL H2a8.c bolted Mhinqles West India, dull and n' n inal. 6 inch S2 (0a2 50 Building f n hrt Sa.25 . sapit.9l.50 Der M Stavei R O. hhd 8l0al2 ner M. Iimbek Cyprtss. IS in., and over, S'S 00 per M ; pin- $2 50a4 50. WHOLBSALK PRIORB ME68 Poke New $17 50 Shoulder Meat 910c. C. R.'b, F. BV B.'sand 1 . C 1 oi" 1 1 Flour ?4.50b8. 00. Lard 10 c. by the tierot. Nails Basis 10 's, $2 50. Sugar Granulated. 8tc Coffee 15alc. Cheesk 12j. Salt 80aS5c. per tack. Molasses and Stuupa 804"- Powder 83.00. ; JOHN McSORLEY, FASHIONABLE Boot and Shoe Maker, Pollock St.. Newbern, N. C Desires to announce that his KAI.L BTOCK OF MATERIAL has been received and he is prepared to nil orders for FINE CUSTOM-MADE BOOTS AND SHOES Havlue two superior Bkllled workmen, all orders promptly rilled. In soliciting; patronage I guarantee "ihe best material, a eood fit. the latest stvlea and durability," As one among many testimonials of the chracter of my work the subjoined from a well known citizen tt lis its own story: Unitid States New Bmyi, N. f, COMMIS'KS OFFICE. Oct. 5! Q , JSSS. no. McSorley. Esq. Deau Hik Please make me a Dalr of gaiters similar to those yon made me two years ago. I have worn them two years and they are BOoJ vet. I have been wearlni? shoes fifty-six years and they are the best i ever wore. Kespectfullv. Signed" H u UILLi. Repairing neatly aud promptly done. oct23 dw We returned our thanks to our friends and cuMohuth who have so much helped us to dispose of the Lirpe Blocks wo hare bought during the past twelve months. Large stock, did we sny. Y, tbat is exactly what wo meant to say, although x may cause ripple to suddenly appear athwart the ordinarily cr inpnspd nnd sombre and stolid countenance of some of our eonu!i'ors to think of such nrfiSlimnflnn nn rmr nnrf hnl rr.l cn.i. 10 tl . r) : . n i 1 " " " l" ' i " l ' j v . , ouvti i.- ii.. ' art.-, ru,i;uiuill tu LOS returns given in by the merchants of the c iv semi annually, under oath upon the Holy Evangelist of the Won! of (lod, our returns lor the six months ending June 30th, 1888, were icoro than $2,000, greater, according to this sworn statement, than auy other dry goods merchant in the place. And yet this wholesale robbery of the people's money is permitted. Why 1 Our trade of last month," October, whb better than any month before, and it must be because We Sell Good Goods af the Lowest Possible Prices, and Deal Legitimately. We take thin opportunity to mention a few (!iin;;s thai we are selling a great many of: Yard wide white liomespun, oc. Yard wide bleached Domestics, .V. Good Pants goods at 7c Der yard. Men's all wool Undershirts, .f0r. The best 25c. Shirt in tho town : -..f,-,e ai:,l it. Ladies' Vests, 25c. Gents' Camel's hair I'nderKhirts, 1.01. Double width Cashmere, black and colors. 3G inches wide Cashmere, 2o. 3G inches wide Serge dress goods, all m All wool Henriettas, 50c. Silk warp Henriettas 85c, black. G-4 De Bege Dress Goods, 25c. Dress Flannels, 52 in. w ide, 50c. The best embroidered back Kid Glove tor ladies ever offered at the price, they fit well; and we have them in colors aud black, price 50c. AYe have tbe best 1 ine of n(V. C.irscts, all sizi's, white and drab, really worth 75c, 284 yards Hemp Carpet, 12c. yd. A lull line of Mattings. All wool 2 lily Super. Ingrain Carpet at (iOc. We are also agents for Thos. M. Holt's celebrated llaw Kfver Plaids. We have also been agents of Clark's O.JN.T. Spool Cotton since September, 1885, keep a full stock on hand, and sell it to the trade for 55c.,les8G per cent, for cash. The manner in which we have pushed this well known and deservedly jopular thread has forced some to discard to a certain extent other thread and add this to their stock. Remember, your order will always bo tilled for O. N. T. We are not behind, but foremost m the light for the Wliolesale Tra-de. selling more goods in that line and in larger quantities, and believe it is conceded, than any other house. You will 1 se money if you do not consult our prices betore buying elsewhere. As to Shoes, we have more Shoes than almost nn, thing else. A good all solid inner and outer sole Women's Shoe .18 for 75c. All solid Child's Shoe, 50c. A good whole stock h 1). S. Brogan, men's, fjr 90c. And all others in proportion. Come to see us, aud be convinced, for ' Truth is mighty and will prevail. ' Kcspcctfully, on! I JAe., worth 18c. sti icily a bargain, .TTjJc. iue iff-opis iu of on uieir jruaru 10 Like the protect themselves. Jt is said a grave. new deal of gigantic dimensions But pae our pathway sunward, called the Kiohmond terminal" We do most earnestly reconi- operation when practical, does njat has pretty much taken Kissession mend the uselulness ana great consist neoearily in purchasing at of all tbe ro-ids in the Southern benelit of Grange literature. J.ue wholesale and diitribating at cost. States. They have thrown an im- Granger that does nut read some Bat successful co-operation is bastfd men8t; amount of their bonds on good paper is a long way behind in oion the policy of investing the the market, and will tlejiend upon manv useful things, and first we Cotton Marine Insurance. We are authorized by the Boston Marine Insurance Company to effect Marine and Fire Insurance on Cotton, under rulings of the National Board of Marine Underwriters. ROBERTS $ HENDERSON, Agents Boston Marine Ins. Co. Newbern, N. C, Sept. 14. 1888. ' " i - ' To the Citizens of Graven Oo. The Tax List for 1888 ia now in my i SPRING TERM OPENS JANUARY 18, 1889. Departments: (1) Primary, (3) Academic. (3) Classical and Mathematical, (4) Music. (5) Painting: and Drawing. Advantages: (1) Large ami Comfortable Buildings, (2) Healthy Location and Good Watf r, i3) Plenty of Well Premred i,n,ia fnr cnllpi-tlnn PioaoA nnmft for- oa ior coaruers, ; a. vorpa or competent leacners, an Deing vraouates oi urei cuibb institutions, .) Music Uaoart- ward and settle tbe same immediately j ment equal to any College in the State, (6) Two Literary Societies, (7) Rates moderats, from $05.00 to 885.00 for Board and thus saye cost and trouble. , and Tuition. Address, ,ntiv iMirrr,,,, , , p. stjmson, Sheriff. JOHN DUCKETT, Principal. New Berne, Not. 10, 1888, t I Qreenvlle, N. C, Dec. 14, l8,

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