: THE JOURNAL. MEW BESUIE. N C DEC SO. HSS J.T.aAttl la KmW A - JkMom. Amr iWMiMa a f4i fclaa m TU BIMla, KtaMM, will rMiF kianton lUmi. Cotto la m!Uc at f I eta 90 k. T eta. Hmm Dor MaDail ku rviiira! M. E. CkMtk M a47 i.a- Mr. B. II. TmU raxl u iho ur jM imm4 fcy Mr. Whiihurt. W kctio Mr. JuIm S4Toa. of Joa. ia auQiot ui ih Sui Or. will n axm to apa4 U Onwii ftm m 4oni4 Miah loJay for talk, kl tow a. Afcoui farty ot Mr. a4 Mr. Tartero of Miiiboro. V.. IVMI i aoaM luaa iih Mr. u4 Mr. Wkiur lUnaooj Mr. R. r. Wiaart bckI to t)r ha.aa today (WJf ni wii: -oo la ia 4ra kaala tar till DO a- ur forvfcooaaU ikcu thai Malty aarertM la hm. TV Urg pvptla of Kiaiua I'.It wttj (t a OhtiCaiM rrvxua to ia 4 ga at ta Coii . o Thurtdn aicai a4ast Ta faJftiiy of Mr J B Kru f Jaakaaatil. FlX . ao - ipnk th Namr ar. tomtmo4 u tair iat aa lMar7 !. uaaa( c amr noi proaitiaf imidi 0fflfce Dciard Tacant. Tba county ocmmiuionen at their mratiog laat wak, after having con- iird the bond tendered ty tbe ' ootid ty officrt-lct, and dfremmg them ' inauffloant. declared the otliee of county traaaurar, sheriff and regiiter of diadi ricint. F.. W. Carpenter. C. 9 C. waa f iran until Tueaday, Deo lSih to perfect hi bond. T following appointmenu war , mad to fill the Tacanciea: Treasurer. E. K. Bryan; Sheriff, Win B Lane; ; Rrgieaar of Ddi, John A. Richardson, j 1 preat ool lector of cuatomi. The newly appointed officer were Aba! try eaeoaber took the 5:b dear 00 Wedoaeday Tbe aaeati- wa fu.l of iif. Ta order haa proeparea foriog tb year. The floaaea ar la rood oooditloo. Co-operative ur ar ach dangar oa thla ( to tamper wtth that no on -niUe woald rrcomtnead tbn. It re qairea tact and caah to coed act them S. B. Roaatr of Leaoir waa elects! laotarar. W. U Poweil 0 Edreeoaib aod O. T. Ridley of Northaaopvoa were eitd member of the ex ecu ue com mitte. J. T. Eatoo of Crtret it continued a caaeral dapaty afaca work waa doaa. I be repoJte 0 Lae ooiamitte ooaum aaany axcal lent laitMiioDi and racofflDMsdUiooj. Thar waa much intalUgaoo among ; tiren until the flrat Monday in Janury the naembara There waa aoTS floe to file their bond pakin( but aa a general thing the! aaMiif wa one of butiaeaa inatead of Kaw Bern Improving. ui.k, , . . . .., , T"e hTe reontly met Tiitor who had It ia hord that much god will remit . . . from th. act.00 of th meeting, which , not bD to N,w Bfn" "uhin lh ,Mt waa a farmer aembly ia tb true t wo or three year and they unbitt tigm Ac4ar of arh an aaaembly. ' lcgly, without the aaking. declare that New Barae ia on the op grade. And o ' it ia, and will prove o aa loon a w can inj Yooth'i Tompanion $3.50 obtain favorable communication with THE ATX AN TIC NORTH CARO LINA RAILROAT. Stat The Editcr of the Vnri New B rr. 1 a : V:fwi Abj-.it I Tbe (::! 1 f ;: -write h l.ir t: t 1 conernir.)j t- A N 1 Be U tp none r. the the Chr r. icle w f " people out-iii' i.f New Craven rjiiuh ; I a much reit. 1 nrnt l-1 th- 1 Cl.ro 2 :cle G : v s His ! r r.u if N v : . rci A Qocd Suggett on. S. II. Lofr.in, K-iq., of KiriBton. in re .uilticg five dollars t j the Lailii'a' Mem orial Aseociitiou of ibid city for the Hollywood Ct-metery fund, euuected that the various A-sociatior.s in the State endorse the Convention of dis abled Confederates to be held in HI- Atlantic aud North CarnliiM I-.x tension. f a ):.: "he ptopU' of 1 . t.-..- i.-. lie by t" uiMire tbe ierne and it the people here feel .terext in trie T. tiiibje : ih.in in 1. . shall sure th v drire and Directors and State be fr"l!in of man lgcment n d 1 huham it little or no i.-h PK(UL (1XP1IU1 R1TEI demand that t!- proi y be app,.t n t 1 '. country mti-r. ate 1 in and 11 3t f r ;n H!f 00 u n t v , r 1 a r e s t h s l 1 interest in it The point h: h li.'- ChrLiiiole puts in pretty plain ln-ua;e are. tint (iov ernor Scales' elit ts and implied dia trust of tbe pre le r f t'.n section in hi9 app.;intmenn on tl.i A X' N. C. li. ( iold t-buru an d 1 i u t j 1 1' the At Hail ro.nl arc niaiiilt-t purpose to i-n :ir,- ;h. road 10 t harlott- ! 1; r. diate coun'ies i J Mooro. M'.intoii..-.-v eigh on the 3d of January and other- barrus. -ise aid in the objects for which it is The section of c ur called. The sugKeition is a goud one. Tiiid worthy class of our citizens haa been too long neglected. It is time that the State ahould begin to cempenaate them for the sacrifices they made. The following amounts haw bet n contributed to date: It ai Iron;, Ki.-.-ton. i.'UU the - f 11 ;h th :tl. 1 v ;u-. ii!j t i ba Hit l-l Ul- H .t n( tt and ' a it is pror.f---d to traverse ij one that u--n railroad facilities as much as any Pi-ruon in the i-'-i- resourc-fi ! v to the fa ll rs. John Hughes ' M. M. Nash " C. W. McLean (ieorge Allen " M DeW. Stevenson . Jocr.nai Maj. (jraham Daves MissAnmeM Slower Mr. C T. Hancock S. H. I.oftin, Kinston cl 00 . 1 .00 1 00 . 1 00 1 CO . 1 00 . 5 00 . 1 00 . 1 to o.OO A near 'a Agriculturist the interior of the State Southern CwltivaUr 13 kmorwt'i Magaain 3.00 Scientific Amanc St Nioh! 1 a to ry Detroit Fr Prim North Amer. Review N-'w York World. Star : 1 Tti - ar. 1 Fa mi . . 1 Tifr Jjurnil nd Obaarver 1 r; -r Vtaxaaine Weokly have made Ins a ! m 1 o ! -; r a' 1 n extreme Erarything that we ship weat of lj- unpopular, that the pe pie along the -1',1-t. 1 . . wh.;-h.;. I. .r.k.. : .- . . u . o.. , VXTJI UIUU1U U VJ VJ " n . 11 Ulir ui L u e I . ' J . 1 . I . tl 1 . L .-II 1HJBII 4.04 uojait a arar waa the lUmp c t of 1 m id e I'rtuJent. a n 1 h : s a pi . :n t mi n t 5.0O Parliament which eventually led to the was socu r .1 t y K It- igh n. :'. it re. thut independence of the coloniee. In fact. Mr. Brjan's ad m imrtratu n has been the tanlT oa grain and the producte of v?ry ur.;n pular - n 1 the people will de our mill, ia limply prohibitory. It man i if (i . ri r K.iwie t i remove em to have txen tbe studied effort of railwy mocopojM whoae acta appear to b winked at by tboae in authority to dieeoarage shipmrnta Into the interior 3.30 5 83 1U 3 83 1.75 3 50 3 50 4.50 Tcank The Statesville L." hr is t i a n Advocate, a neat and hih-toned Methodist paper, ban the following notice of the Jour nal The editor of the New Berne J. t ;.naI. deserves more than tba thanks of the State; and there id noi.e v. ) would respond more n1 c ill! iei for d e velop:,: . r ; r We. in this part ot t ! - .- i- jeal ous of no section ..i .'- . - o .i.na. We are t t.vious of rone 1 . . ; rorepe and improvement. W. . -. t r- was the uorieer patron of m :- ; : ove- ments in Mdrlh t'urnlirn - iven of her means and lntr r .1 up- port, and encuiira,. . , ;.;ndly sympathy about every , ::. Vernal improvement in N.iti, .. . She has looked on u -i. ir. n -pec- tacles of diver-, ,-. ; !.- f- ..- - . f her la born and acl.iev. i ,;. iio'i.t. other s bent fits, an 1 t !... : ; : s- . : oi hrr legitimate Fouree, uf v.ii - . t ti en richment of ui m r i - i I i : i Hut t be ol d ape hear Cuy i- n-j "pent up I" tic a. " The whole bound It -h r en I in of the State is the empire of hor pride. She rejoices h' improvement every where. She . -nmrs develcpment any where that up 1 1 d s the State. And in her effort to reach out and extend her lines of bu-.ine.-s communication Beaufort Items. Fish are scarce, both fresh and salt. Monday was a dreary day. Rain, rain, rain. The wind blew a gale and but few boats venturod out. -l'he body of dpt. V. J. livbert- uf th- p. hooner JJuoity li. Dyer wan re cover!.! and oune.l on the :;;h n.s:. Dr. James I.. M.nney has bet r. iuit sick again. We are $rln. to f-tnto tiiat he is r.ut atjain and atieniinn l.-hispa ti-.nts. Oysters are scarce in this market. ery few clioiee ones are brought here. Hood oyBters would bring a good pn.-i-just before Cbristin in. The Jtifi-:NAi. is npprtci ited in Beau fort, .and since, the suspension of our county papt-r will doubtless increase its subscription li.-t here. Thf-re are fiftectl npnli-an;- for the position of Register of Deeds, made va cant by the death of licv. John Uumley. The chronic ollico seekers are just now engaged in button holing the county commissioners. Wo have no idea who will get the place. The commissioners were to make the .appointment Monday the 17th. but owm to ih stormy eather they coul J not fret here. Mr. A rnEACIIKK (lUED OF DYSPEP SIA. Mo. -ri; i i , I'ln I, ( i: a .- heen n sn Ilcrer ' .' s ; . 1 1 , a f . 1 1 n I ul n ! n i . one. I :ei. On; u i i : i i " i . I - ' . it-. ; .1 n : 1 1 ul lyest 1 trli-,1 .1 l.v .1 'i . i .... : i i . i ft-. It-t :,!! ! n ali;;, . f. .1 U i, ,! 1 . Auction! To the Public! -i f: s, i i m- v i i i 11 1 . -! a I . !!,. W ..I i a i 1 I ;. I r i-or sale in New Berne at the drug stores of H. N. Dutry and M. H. Meadows. nf,r i a in i ot II ll-t. li : len t L . I an 11 a - v An.-; i.-i, .halo:-. 1 In 1 1. : uj'. on will eontltill 1 n imipelleti to Fettle up the ('oh on, deoeaned, and !i Dnililing has bueo sold arato.l hj the lt da J of 'Vh we will commence of tin- lialaiH'e of Mer- in I In- XN'cinstein .M"i,.riv. at 11 a.m., and ui;!il tin- entire stock I ' H '. sto. l; eonsistinp of CHRISTMAS GOODS ! Dry Goods, Clothing The llaest Chairs, Picture Frames, Picture. Ward robes, Douk Cases. Parlor feuits, Work Baskets, Hat 0" l-'r f.1 .n S;.rai V lt7OBhem' Racks, Vc, for Christmas, ever Drouput to Alew Derne 4. TO Younj Popl 8.00 from thu point and thui dtroy tbe AlUnta ' "ootitotion. 3 15 f rain trada of our cut. Ola abai-ribr r-fi,ug tea J-1!."- y,t DOt uhtandiag the bio m of our V4t. an l1aa.rin to ha- any of tb eoaiia. the old town 11 nuprotiog in papan. cia. br makinj application to mg. rwpcU. tod withth xtntion him. The p. .1 1 y , f i teen to aid srol titration of the i b trying to t u : I r. u r. npl tl. i W llmilOl in i- r...l I In. .1 'l...n. f V .r ' North Carolina Conference for the full Carolim ami accurate notes of the proceedings ( iold-bor. . . .n .-l.i t , i-,i -,' . le t:-,i tl. teft TritoTj. u .t.c luio Woffle nra.n or by l.ttr. bar. a o u A. N. C K to Chariot or WlfUttlM ;u. tmnt of thir account oo our booka .omg ochr point in th Interior. if Mr. Waitwc DUHia. . fur marl y c ! hoia what thy will ha to rmit to cllArlot d n , walJt it, then let u go KaMM a4 li a'ar, kat r- aotill thm tousr of th abo publi to Concord ID Cabarru oountr New rtm TMMM tack to k me- cauoni thT mar lct H fl4a. a)J H ao-w Uv1a( iA SaJ m- Fiv hit m4 t Miaoar a sow la th Mffe. tiw rir ayaaar few (oaa-i tl way bt at law, a1 will b oo I ol apU erticiaa oi fool for th . Mr. A. MitoiWl rvanrwwd frcxa Brta o4, Taaav , om Swianiar atch with tairty-aia analaw aal Lhlrtaaa kor. wtli wil IO Ul M UUl CITY AND VICINITY. Jw few TVKWo. Rj Ha CI a h ar oraani. TW mmmbm mill r lavair mw r patiC rvSawflj l January rw akoal tklrty ambir- Thay will Imt a tara praoajew aa aooa a thy ritawtr wawpoaav &a Ur. Hlrwa aa)U wia, of D. I. ad. ria., ho kt bi itniiaj Ut auaa af aJ fail ia X w Jray . ax oa a thaar Ra. A. J Hira. awwftk Baaiwt Cwwreh aara Tby wiU raaiw Uli aTt' tka BoiidaTa- Mia Thoia rawjhavaw t4locajl 4rwm arrtw4 Uat Tardar. ta paJ MM hoUdat with par a4 rtltutM kwrw. Mr. FaaJkowr rvcwaUr r , wt4 ta apyetalaaan a taUcrapo aa Caaaaaata. S. C- Ha aa I at CaaWwaoa.' 8. C. aiac tha- Thawa taaaiaat f.r .-t liVKRTI-iEMO C. H F t Tj taxpayer. W M i OHM To th public Joil.t Hcraa - Chriatroa (oodi S- H. Ltwt Kiaatoo ool. BiuiJ.mn A f1 iiTtx N'otic. Jas C. IUiucj For aaia or rrnt Wm H. Ouni- Inauranc. tc. How a tD A J - Ch r moil ia com- Ur J K Will i an mtkiDf a h i p uota fr icu hi mirbl yard laat weak to l'll' Kerry and Pol lokir il 1. The tchoooer rV-orhy. Liut. Win low, of th V f c at iurTy. wi.l b eooiioaal ta th oyitrr arey for uotbir hi cionihi Th icaamar Kiaitor. '.o f up an an j Cm Jd btlr from J ' Whitty i T j cad ay to K K Whit Jt Co who will I tahliah a ibiogla mill at Pitch Kittl oa Naaa rirar Barne will fax on a real boom, and every cKhar town along tha line of the road will fHl th impitni which a d txtac- iorj ia boo a i to (ire Oar manufacturlnr induitrie ar in c ined forward , thy are adding greater facilitiaa for work and only want a fair chanc of communication with the in terior of the State to put tajm on the 'buiuiFia and road to ultwate fucceee on a grand eel. a n v u ii oi i n -atp arfd to 1 it u ur.d ,! e velop ihe t ect n I 1 1 i:i un- rarirrf crui,i,n..f ti rr.i r S alt ' acta in ri K&rd to thu j r - ; i r c y . the Jot KNil ba fought to kvi i 1 lhr..iDj a iidx le ttone in the way . f Mr Hr n u s adminidtrali n Hi' u t!oei;t us the Chroni -1 - u ::--1 " . win a-uriri.-e to the iwM.pl ftlui..: the lir.e ef the road, but t h i- v were w i . i i r. to i v e h i m a fair tri. We 0, . i.ul tt,iee he has aotutit t- tnke h:a ad li, u. :trt .i n popu- 1., certain. 1 r . i '. he l.m attempt But ought the PresidtM of :i run it (or the purpose of nukiii If popular, or oukht be to run of the lute eeeaion. given every morning ,usal;ir8 'during ita meeting. Thd reports were fuller Hnd better than we remember to have seen. Another ihinu : the mailing wan promptly and faithfully done, which facili ated the prompt arrival of the papers at their destination. Thanki. Bro. Wilson. It gives us pleasure to state that although over one hundred new tfrlces were entered on our books for Conference wtek we hive had but one complaint and that wai on account of an error in the name of the t fiieo. The mailing waa done promptly every morning and we are gratified 50 know that the Jocuxal did ita ptirt in trying to entertain our visitors by giv ing them correct reports of their pro ceedings. We hope to be here wheD the Conference convenes here agaii . fai.ed in the ad to Lim it for the intere-t of the tockholdei p - It would seem that if a man did hn outr faithfully, adminic tere.) the alTirs of a trust imposed in him wiaely and in the interrst of the ptople whom he served, that a certain amount of popularity would necessarily follow. Whether ptrsonally or not, his administration ful wnnld to v the I rait , , lives. I was held by this judgment aa ing to those interests! in the properly. g j,ty Qf .. cime migde. far from trying to make bis ad- meanors " I deny this in the moa ministration popular, it has seemed to , tolemn manner. I do not ask you to Do Nothing1 Raah i Th eriliclams ail werk on the action of th board of county com oj iaioDr in filling the Tacancie in th county office were iharp. pointad. and w m ight say loud . The grounds of complaint are fl rat , the appointment of a man who already held a lucrative federal poeiiion whoae i . .r r.m.. 1 1, r Mr nr,.n tram . repeal or rescind this sentence or iudg- Tn month and who resignation - - man rnr it i. hnm. .rntAH .nH ir may cot be rppealed or rencinc ed save Ei-Oov. rnor W. W. Holden's Appeal The fol lo wing appeal to the General Asiembly is made by Ex Governor W. W Holden: To the Central Assembly of .Yorfi Cdro- hna. soon to be in session : Gentlemen On the 22d day of March. 1S71. the Senate of North Carolina sit tmir aa a Court of Imneachment. nro- popular nounced judgment against me in six if Kucceis- out of eight article of impeachment filed t e tratifv- aalDt mo y ln tiouee or ttepresenta- tic Roid. It h:ii t een the source of lo r prosperity. Iti-iun institution ..f h.r progress, toe associate of her alvuo e ment, 1 1; e p. omoter of her g ro tv t h V.x tended through the region of untoj p. d wealth i: i. propt.si .1 to penc trat ". i'.i- Atlantic lino would bring more hi. 1 greater wealth to our inland neighh' r Let the work go forward. Develop tl.e interi.r and idle resources of the beat.-. And here, when North Carolina eh.iil have taken lh position of Empire State of the S-.uth. an rhe Purely must, there will be found her ;;re:-it outlet to the sen, the n'lt of her commerciil power and prosperity. Speed the nay. Wilmington Metsener. Tbe yi-.ucg rr.an w in ---a aliowed 1 mietake the whule conte nts r-f a pack age cf Laiadoris out Attain. He pays he feels rather "pale," but otherwise in all right. lie will Lo wevi r fohow the dirr etions next tun. Ur. Hul,'s Baby Syrup is recomm?nd ed by all druggists as beingapurelv regetable, reliable and safe prejarati n for babies. Price only 2 cents. Jones County Items. lu "."t n.f in-i,ji! tracic. o are satmlied that our commiasionars will make a pool appointment. They fdr,uld select a good Democrat, and one fully qualilied for the position of K.'i.-ter. The board will not i.atoe a :; .pJ.oo.i:e, that we are sure of. ..S ViJl'P OF Fl;s 1 Nature's own true laxative. It i.s-the most easily taken, and th.e most effect ive. remedy known to Cleanse the Sys tem w ln n Unions or Costive : to Dispel tieauache, ( oois. atid l-'evert-: to Cure I 'onstiiiation. Indigestion. Manufactured r.nly by toe 1' i;; Syrup Company. San Ca! li. K. Duffy, agent. rn ra J-' d I ,- w 1 y Market. In fact the best stock of Furniture- ever of fered in New Berne, by Boots and Shoes, Carpets and Matting, Hats and Capp, Ladies and Gents' Furnishing Goods, Trunks and Valises ore articles too And ll tl 11: oi - 1 1 1 a : i .i 1,1: Mules Middle Street. and Horses. 'J'!..- ;t A. Habitual Piles, ete. California I ran i i. -co. New ;:..r:,, N i J liTi I CAl;i iI.IN. --li i i; C. S. STI;i:i; ' i - K y , Cheroi.ts . deal.-r f..r O.. o for 10 cents. Vv, Mr K. S West, rn N and Ho-se- ( 'om i- r i ii rned f i of li-lH Mu I st e them. per- m F. UtRicn. Wholesale Agent. - : MARRIED. At theresideuceof the bride's parents, in this city, on Wednesday evening Dec. 12. lSt3. Miss Alice (Jaskili to Mr. i. urn. me cr-remonv was fornj'-d by Rev. II. W. P.ittle. Many irienjs of the bride and bride groom were prts-;r.t and h-avtily con gratulated th happy pair. We j in with oher friends in wi-hing Mr. and Mrs. Hill a pleasant i earnev through life. VALUABLE CITY PROPERTY e;isy a i ul :. : :m .i ( -;! , i ' : . . . . iiri K u , ..:',i :. ,t "11:11- li ilk ' i , . -"-.i It. a. 1 . 1 ' O I : ine.e.les '1 11!-: I-I.M. : leading iiienoo fr A ISO. Wh Tf : Sf.;f.- j local urn is i o'c I., m ('HClurinu' inriLis.-v v li. 1 I i DIED. 1 t cr .up. on Friday evening. Djc. '. 1th. at j o'clock. Georgie Amanda, in fant daughter of Cora A. and Charles K. N'-lso.n. aged 10 months and 8 dayp. i v . i '"INT. 1 i nir I !l Hv,:i; parchased the :: . -. DRV f.oous, lothi;. noors. MIOKS HAT!. Ac .of Mr. IIKO. ASH. at i,Kl. l UKl-ft'r;- ..v. wa Leg to inform o.ir f::,n tuat we w;.: ---lutuiue the butiiuss would DrobblT h.Dd th. offlc OT.r to I lD olDpr co.iudouh). hi otner oru. . R.,hll-.n K.r th.n if h. h.ld th lo bow unpopular he could pcinoa until r.cuord. Scnd. U ! mk! h lm,el f LCt- however Of ODI who HldotD CO n - i - inerxient or usmK ppotntmsnt g jiM iprinkhog of Palioo cuxn 1 inbut. to th iiptow of a cmpiin or lnK tho buine of the road but in little will bm UlAMg SocUJ t lXm ia tb cuy Turtl7 W i pixd tb. prty in in tuogtlf for rictroy c r. E. r. Cos, om k.imm to no to ta ftmr 1 uioau im , . STLi.oVt Nowwnil. .. ar. bound toadm,t U BpJ4 Ckaretv All UvtMd to I U,fflc bm a U" c,lT and th1 ' th.t u wu mnukt In th commit llli. rir oiMa nfraiBMU in ' try mill will ..AMtJW Wik 4 my tor OfKi TVa BiBUn bt tUt th mmU tm MV prUy wU fliWa. Twf,WiHfim ta ct lh mm Wtk.ttfMn.talkMftiM to. fax. Bat Mr. WUUa K. WUUim oi Piu ta ikw Oraavd IbMt m4 r . H . Powi ot K4 mom t Tfmmmrt. Aam iXm arrivaJ frooa d huac ad Mr 7 v. Mto U falloM : Oaor( T r mt. L alt; ima. W. Ku6iaoa . Ctaw . L. Lwr Taxbo; O. H. BmK hMMl; U. U UHt. Vtmit; U. C. I wiltif, 0kUi; J. U. Dmm. Smtrh kmmj; B. C Scrtektia. 5m.. A. I Urn Maw. JoMtoa'a Uilm. Om TbrJf Ur wj qaii mm limtll wmttormmcm at Loftia'a t am. Womrmtm roa a lallaa i bad off a mmeOom. J. Q. Jackaoa. r kw a aiwaya r ia iy i or rord work, wa xm aaetioai.ar. u4 a food oaM too. Prim raf4 from ia oata mp tm flT4oilara. TV liiaa wr ar reafrw ta liaw tpoa lk Mac, ail oarrr4 will awpapra. TV aora 4Ui mot kaow taa mm at aay oa. raa.ai; bal aai, a koya aaraa kaivaa. "iB aawa." All to tavdia wr told. Maw Matiia H. Soaalr krotubt la alB aaiea. TV. atartaiaaMOt aa a ry alaaaul lAtlt ta4 afforda aaaek aaaaaaaa.nt. TVa racaipc. w. ar. lalai. iaoiika K aboat forty doUar. aa4 waw (oc taa LaJtaa. 114 Soetaty ot a M. C Okuthof taja plac. TV aaUaf aV "Vara" eaaa off la aicbt. TVar a ara ia mUi. Oar worthy tap wa ta laat MM dJapoa.i ot aaa roagVI tV bJVa aria ot tba kx. Prteaa napd froaa fl ra eaata to two baava'raai aad fifty oallla- Tbar waa aatta a food ly aaaabar ot apeaiora. TV arocaad i waa I foe tb aaaa ob j o I aa baora. Ova mi ta y oaa- ratl aaa. arfcbaat kaowia wbooa ba waa baidamaT for. waa tacky aaeajgh lo par ebaaa tb "wy oa. ba wantad.oo Tbariay ai(hc Kami Nana. of tb. Ji:h.L foroa.hu hoc en to racata an Important federal ba la rdlaa at r,taruj froaj a trip to lh. Waal India, fpoaitiotj by InTitmj tb Incumbant to i Uf i UJ Utu y i mmmjj wa i wj m i au i u p ntv, S-aX V la-1 aaml 1". 14 1P1 at 1 aV r at T YimX 1 Hi Aaoartcao Coo.ul at Martinilu aod ra eairad a copy of "Tb Vote of Saint Loci.." i niiMD column papar pu b liod at Coatri. Tb. atyl. of maU.r aal aj rtuaoi.nu in tbia yapr ia aoaMwhat AmricD Tbi nambar cocUmi a communication oa Lb culu Tattoo of c. ff. tb. mioutaa of a gram aaar acbool ud a lcoj arucl. in f iae of 9(. I.aci .1 f. STJLTX KA!IGZ. P 0 i" II. At tba aaaaaj aaiag ot tb ! C. Btaaa Uraaga. P. of H.. b4d la Kiaatoo la I waak . tba follow lac rvaolatiooa wr aapd : Av raaaiauna rcoaaaai tag tb d i Twraiflaailna ot crop. p4.alag laaa ooa toai aa4 babaoca aa4 ratatag asora bom 'apptlaa. A roaolatioa favor tog Lb procotion aal aawlag of Ua omf . raooaaaaaodiog taa4 f araaar aboall ao daatroy ihir foraata bat aboaM raw-. Ua6r taf floaaat for faraa aa. A f.aolaltoa racoaiaxad ing that faraMtr asaaafactavra a avrly aa poa aibaaall fartiika.r. aaad oa Lbit faraaa. A r olatloa aaoniaai.aJlag si i tor nicoa baJaa. Lbat tba w.tgbt b about MO Iba. . aai that wlra ba awi for iy io tba baiva. A law lbat a eovarlog of ani Uttm wagbA ba and la oed.r tbat taar aaa y b ao loaa ariaiag oo account ot tar, .to. A raaolaiaua eoaJ.aaaiag tb rrcnt laataaaa aa tba arte oi frvillT. it baaac biiaaa4 Lbaa laa im taar.for haa Ma orVlla la tba foaadaooa of . rriM.r Trw Cooabtoauoa . A rvaulatloa aabta: tba Larwlaut ta era a railroad coai i a A n liabna aahla ta Ual(a' l. pmmm a U awabtOMtag tha ot eoavict Ubuf to ia. ri ini wl uaaar oopor.x. A rtaiilatioa r4ittag 14 Xm'ut ir ba pa a w tl uir r ' , Mni; .Sott It If r" oat A r a I tua aakiag tba lgial.iai lir pm u k iw pr uhlftwia; t a iQiinl . im. cXaabaiJ aa4 ialt'aMHf t,,i jraga. aaa to- otfartaa: fj ' Melt ioohu .aaatT pal tl p ami ik SuU or la M- raaalataua aabiag U Ikh ut i laaaiMta ky a u -n" if i xilraad. of tba 9t.ata ar. stii Ituf tmOm aa iba pa W aa P' oJ ta ibaar cbartara, A rwolatjoai aakaC tba traaav-arta- o4 faral prowacaa. v- tw tba Mra io1 i pi ul i it. of tba Scat. m rim aM oil aog aa loraaa to aro4aCt oa la Staaa jl,, (aaa. tba oav i n oaar aa tba U.- aaa- Mo.. A i i jlalaaa Icum .-y- r 1 1 trra pac' oc -t Pay Tour Taj. a SbriT Stimaoo rf qae.'.i u( to aay Lbat Lb Stala and county tax ar da and mujf tmt ixrvi II ia rag,aixd to attl oo to. firi uf January and moat oaoca aanly collavt in order to do ao. Pay op ad av. coat No Touchtr will ba r. iTad aftar th first of J.auaxr Bond Acoptaxl. Tb cojoty commiaaion.rt at tb.ir m.tmg oa TaMilir coaaiderad and ac oapiad Lb bond of K V. CarpaoUr, Clark of Lb Superior Coon, and tb bood of H. J. LoTick, Coaoty SarTtyor. Of Lb. ofQcra alactad at tb laat lc lioo. Lb. Coroner aod Surveyor ar. Lb. oa I j owa tbat bare Rvo Lb.ir b yni Beautiful Work. In addaion to hi drug (tore, Mr F. S. Duffy ha cxnd oc of tb glara froot ttorr. coootcuJ with Uot.l Al bert for tb. di.play of work id Laxi d.rnry riKaud by M m Alice Duffy. All tb bird aod anicnal- are trua to natur., taetrfu ly m. un'.rd and txauti f u I t loo k u pon CraT.n Co-ucty Ai.ijvnc.. Tb. next cMiioi of Crixo County tab. a county offlc, yet w appeal to Our Democratic friend to b. ctrmri table in their criticiama. Put ymrrlr-i in the plac4 of the com m iatvj nrrs xcith a Joen applicants for the same petition, aod you can imagln what a diffljul t taak it la to give .stir aaliafaction. It ia Lru tb.r war many good, true, boaaat, capable, working Democrat., who bold do oSm, to alrt from; but w tab U Lbat tba federal officar olecte-d i not ao gra7 for office but what b. will .itber drolia. tb poeitioo that haa baaa taoaar4 hiaa or raaigo at onca tb poeUion b airaady bold and give th ad BBiDietralioa time to appoint bta auo oaaaor. Aad 'f tb.r la any doubt about hi luccmor for th. unexpirad term being a Damocrat be will, if a good Democrat, bold hi. praaent poeition and daclin Lb on. tendered bim by tb com m iaa ion en . Tb JoriXiL took the poeition imme diately after tb election tbat Demo crat could not cooaiatantly , if trua to Democratic principle, aid Republican, la giving bond. W war. forced to tbi poaiuoo bacaaie Republic-ana in tVeir campaign aoogbt to aroue tb. bitterest prejudicee of the colored race agalnat the Democrat and followed up tbeir effort with bull-doxer. at th poll whoa threat and Intimidation! made a fair election impossible. We received leuer. from different part of the Stat heartily .Bdorin tb poei tion, and Lb Democrat of thi county almoat with on accorii agreed to band, off " and let tb.m take care of Lbeaoaelve. By o doing lb. commi- ion.r.. in tbe discharge of their duty found it nrcvuary to declare th. office vacant Wkh tbe facta and circutn- thing tbat one seeking popularity would hare turned to advactage. No o wighOoveriorFowletoun drrtand, that however unpopular Mr. Bryan may be. r however great tho demand fr La removal, tbe movement set on f t here i8 not for th. purpose of et.-unrtf tcwitioc for any particular pern.ns but for the pur- poee of making tbe A . A: . C. K. a fac tor In developing thus section of coun try, of fostering trade and commerce and enabling o to get into the inurior of tbe State with our surplus products. W. Dever could understand why more friendly tr:"!;c relation, ehoulo not exint betwetn the A. & N. C. and tb. R i DEvery bushel of corn or meal bought aloB the line of the latter road sat of Ctientboro ought to go from our eastern counties and ouht to be oarriad over the A . N C R. We have alwaya charged the R & D. with being hostile to such ir&rlic and hive several tine. Riten proof of it Per haps a "popular'' administration of the A. At N. C. might secure better arrange ments; but we are f the opinion that a i attar way to secure it i to extend the A. dt N. C. T" CllAKI.OTTE All.aoce will be bld in the coart boose ! taoc. befor tbm, it wa. a far easier task to declare the. cf!1 -e vacant than ia tbi city oo tbe tint Friday ia Janu ary n.xt Wa tender Lh. Alliance nee of tbe column of tbe Jot'SJiL for aay proceed ,nr tnnan -f nnou or other matter h.-i; thrr dvire to go to lb public Metuis of Ccnfcdrat ' Tisabled Sol dier. The dis-ablud Confederate soldiers will remember tbat Saturday, Decem ber 22J, is the day appointed to hold meetings in each county to appoint del egate to the Pensioners' Convention which convene, in Rileih on the 22J of January, 19 The time has arrived when the Ser vices of these disabled soldiers, an.l the claims of the widows and orphans oi those who died in ti.e service of their State, ghoul 1 t e re .- ,i. There his teen n.u.h ta.k about es Labliehin S . ilo rs li .-.ie8, Catnpsi. etc. but that i not ti.e ti.ing needed A laige mjirity i. f i;hm' disabled su. d ier hav e fr it nd s n:ar y of theui fain ilie. whom thev can not iind wouoi nut by tbe same court that pissed it, but I that w. ; ask you most earnestly to resolve or declare that in your opinion, I was I actuated by good motives in what I did. I and that I had for my objsct the best I and highest interests of th State. I am not now a party man. Both i parties have disown.d me. I appeal to you eolely on ihe ground of justice, I have Dever been an enemy to the State. On the contrary, I have loved her well, and do cow. and am her loyal son, though proscribed and banned. The press of the State will please copy the above card as an act of kindness to a former member of the craft and send me a copv of the paper. W. W. Holi es-. Whenever Ex-Governor Xloldeo ad mits that he did the S.ate a great wrong and-that the Sanata of North Carolina did right in pronouncing judamen-t against him, and be abks pardon of the people, then, and Dot till then are the law-abiding, hberty-loviDg people of North Carolina willing to pardon him. We do not see what Mr. Holden has done to convince the pet pie of North Carolina that in declaring two counti8 of the State in insurrection; organizing a military force under such men as Kirk; arresting some of the beet citi zens of the State to be tried by a mili tary court, refusing to obey the man dates of the highest judieial authority, ne was actuated by good motives and had for his object tbe best and highest interest of the State. The people of North Carolina have not foigotten nor will they ever forget thoee who joined in this outrage upon the Constitution of the State and upon their liberties. If we remember aright, quite a number of Republican?, then members of the S.nate, voted to convict Ciovernor Holden on several of the articles of impeachment, showing that hin conviction was not merely for the gratification of party feeling, but to vindicate the law and the courts of North Carol ina. We are of the opinion that the Ex Governor had just as well withdraw his appeal or put it in alto- ether a d i flferen t dhspe. Acknowledge I the great wrong you did the people of North Carolina and implore their par Ion hileitisyet time. w lie re we will be pi s---i 1 them 1 1 .ods fist .1 (Store ) se them s-i Lower Than the Lowest ! t t he p-.i li; : ...is s rep ;a rrtnt ee ca t :s or mnr.ov re- The Trenton A!!i.u.-.- un et at Treuton I'ecember !: 1. A f.il! meeting is deal re ii. The farmers re;oi t nun e cotton made in Joues tlr.se;ir than !a.-t ear, but uoh ,i ir, ;u-li t urn. We learn .ii.i, the festival at L'luuy Grove on Friday evening last waa a full success. Cash taken. bixty dollars. They have raised in At the Same Stand. Middle St ilUUIllon 10 mat amount ?14U MM to I.. H rmser-a Hardware which we are informed will t)e used to paint aud plaster the church house at Piney Grove. The TJoard of Education of our county have by a unanimous vote decided to have a teachers' institute about the middle of July next We know this wil! be good news to our teachers, as every one that we heard express an opinion said that the institute last year had been ,i great benefit to them. Would it not be a good idea for our land owners to post their land to keep off auspicious persons who are continually travelling over them with their guns and fishing tackLe? We would like to see the experiment tried as we are inclined to believe that it would cause less indictments in our court for the larcenv of cattle and pigs, ilesides : M t o 1 1 w a r . . r ; w i , ii t . No. J I X I . . . . .nrliel.:! p.,,-' I n t he I : .1 n ..f 1 lo.-a1 .-. 1 :i c. Tlie li. I erty. .n.. ;. in k o i K - v ) n No. :,. HK1C ON CI! V I : N l.o.lL-e. A In 1 1 ii eKer i pt ; ty. l.e. her w ! ' e p; ere U II," III Ho W I I . I 1 H AT I M ' i 1 kii.iirii ;. -. 1 I ' r I i ;,.! vn I out .-! I el !! e.l III Tl,,. for II ! ! i i:, n 11 -lll-tO-M . t!,fl to ! ' :ir. ( ' ! V ru.-i con n i 1 II J ':i 1 I s, il :. j I A I i:!i . 1. lil I tih i a h':i an ri loll. 1 1 1 . oni mue .ueio:i I'rico.i. I fixed in lots to d o I Ii c r purchaser!. e t'midi will bo sold I . i r. arid (he public .k t ;c. j.ricfs. i; il i:-late, which I w el I i tij-H in (lie ':.. m II a nroek at., tiitntnns in (VaVen trad tif f irnber land an fort countiPH, will ' I at low figured, that II ... .: to c HI, I :t! A N ! oi p ,,, j , WIIMT I'll f water f i . . i , i . r I - . .:v I , i:.,. tie t una I, -,. ; i:-.- :i p.. : ., . ! I, "I'KKl I N : . . I I ! ' r fun 1 . ( 'ol.r:, ove real et thc estate, will he pold warrantee .ii t inf ' W cloy :. tat , am cripti ,n and teram e day of sale. rmat :on inuuire of i nsti in I '.uilding. COME ALJj ! o- IN I I'UNT U Kl li, .1 .- ! : i;i i- ! . ; M-i lit K A Mi I AS KH,I , !T'. Kl.T ( e.-u I i il I . I ; ii 1 )- of i, pr.ipi I- I. i: l, , 1-! i i . t ' t ; niH u : I"- lion o e.t :.:i.'i;iiii.-ii.;: "N A SI Ki I p. It i . Kfi .i !,- a t : In sc r e : : faction. . h-.nJeJ. 5Go to F. S. DUFFY DRI'(;(;ist. . : i) nil DRUGS & MEDICINES CHEAP FOR CASH. ; w in COME ONI WM. COHEN, F'xecutor. For Sale, "" A' 'Ii lo i'l' LAND 1 ' ' ' i ' 1 Iv.v . I.. : 1 li si. I. Nu " e ' . 1 st. k ranch. ' ' ' r .i- . t Sj.i.5.- Point , . i , : . '. . : - ' ! ' l.AKh. " ' ' ' ' N- w I'.erne, N'. C. Look Out For Fjaud Arrordloglj', H f n tl I 1 1 I Ma ii ti ( Vol ; Quick Sales aud Small Profits sliai i be our Moll . ,. Mr. Ash will remain with ns for n slnnt tune, and w:il snow n;s Ii khiUs that thoimli liif Liuiness has cbaDKul haoiis. it w;l; still he the BAKiiAIN Hnl'SE that he iinshy his uiitiriiiu- ni.-r-y ma.!.- o. V.'.th I'i!i il nnoimcemen 1 we make ,,ei :. :..l,.o.I li.,wlol!ip ira.liini p c, t.l a : . ,1 -5 a . '. net n I share of t he i i pat : ie.n ee. ery respectfully. V. D ,1 J'he l.esl fl R, ,rt lilfti! ' A lartte. var.e l an, I s, i. niery ami h : ne -, - ,s. A ohoiee a n i ii , n ! . ( '.nars. ee,l8 for I'm i,'n; a i ,1 i to ai r 1 e . Iint-1'liirni". I ei; ni-r I a I-'eal her Work a ml r a lie Miss A. V . ln-i ta . A ISO, a h-ilhlsoine er ee . mods and sunilries. n ,! in- ykky iiwK-ii ru: ih-el ,!wM c '11 lh I ,.' I'eifu--r.il Chiap I'l.U.to.e no ,1 lo-hs. s mail, I. I .- : oe o .,; It . -''. -f v 'rv .: et - of 1 ,e . .,,!; v 1 n 1 1 . e m.'KI. I : li..- h hi ;. !l,Ht. I.nv II ; are st . i ! lh hnlne . Trmv, itl, s n" I C l'e -la 1 H i. off nut TuPrfy, " -n 1 1 to t li- uat iffac- 'I"1 het intr- 1 i -h to inf rm io Lei n lnimvl out, we htm) may l found at itli - Shop, h here ha o a r put roiin and taka i .:i ot ci whh-h w e 11.-1 S I..r i A-H I . J-. l'l . K V BARRIVGTOS, I. J. U l XTEK. in mas ii.. i i. i 1 in I he: er. W Who rr J! he 111 I. . I.. Her tnlien to rehuild m ( imiii ntrnct, e..Tilition than it waa to fill them to tha entira aatifc- . jeTe to go to a Solders' II. trie Their tioc of aTaryhodr Tharafora, we ul jol lt a i,irii one, but. bar.) a.- it is, lhe Sfxctai Pramiuma W y Rounur h. vj . wi,, ofTar aa pcil promiuoi at our nri! Kair dooi liooa from Jba P Sijaira Co . of Ocatoa an.l R.-h A Hro. of Nw York ThM ar lir;i ta.j x tan-1 t fact f ra , of Lard aaJ m.atj and lhar ha ra an Tha Law on tha Bubj ct. xcatlaat roprQa(ia la th:citjr ia lh prt a ot r R.iuQtn Special praaaiuuai f r .-, Ykir ou,caC .o b l l?ave trieir humbie homes children to g.o to a p iuic Ttiey hav. tie that bihtl iheiu rtroiii'er than th. l.t'fplt i. il.o," Lit Ihe provnleO oar frivndt not to judge loo harhly. i wl n Our commmlo nri are aa truly repra aantaliT of tha waaJth. iaialligmce and honor of the county at. parbapa. can ha found , aod for tba iatreat of g-iiuerin.; tha county, (or Lha benefit of toa tax- ;-Honje. anJ u w , u I 1 be u i j it una paTara. let u orrrlook tbrlr fault in ,. I ji.,j u j crue, lo them to pa . you must to t- mall thio and hold up their bands in thalr tfforu to aconona ical ly admin I the Horn.- or loux out f,.r ourelv..-' itr t-ka aJlaira of tha oou nty and take T he ( che r a I A-e m h , y ( ou r Tea r, Cin of lU Sbmc. appropriate.! SU.iX'O per annum to be . dmnbuted to tnis u n: ort t: nato clas ol 'our cil :ti(, lJ ii uiviw l hr m a 1 1 tl ie mora than eil.t doll.irs Aa oyttar war n raging ia Maryland water to prerrnt the la king of 1 oj Ac Qaal Out Mr -. -Iofio .t looa to Hrr J J tUl-.rr , I .f. bn io juiiu twr.f J ' - r ii 1 o j i i.r ia r y Kii. : J out hi entire P lUrnniwo dt 1 . r Mr Anh baa N ' w ti. rn a n n m -.- zur.j filecda r. - ii h h i cd iia - c. 'j-i m n;y tit t etxiArk T- p i.- .-r (rt lUr r,OfUn .t I i x t- r r txtn voung cd n a rcertr an1 .,mi,,if iLU anatcaotile iiprt tD o h - re Jrrlag a 1 the v.-c-e IH't na .-r.i' tr ibd carryioit tbem to other water. 8 .e 1 ortter irtm to te n) plentiful in North Carolina atun thai they have, it i u ui on freieral occaaioka hern burned lolo iiaie cVicnoiaiQl tirug Ku n m.,1. l.i I'nmiuinnrr H , . h I r. i. . n The lhee next tientral Am'ii.li, ere- tbe sum. t 1 ., i. -tbouiiinl lUii.ars. tin i CoDTe nu.in to isf ml It the 2-' i of J-i-.i r . r capita. T. e ' n,hi to in 1 n e h u n Ol re.i ve h 'p the i :i K .1 win n on . 0 em aud n Slati- 1 j(rulC( ln wealth wbil coocemin: tha maitar. ha mike. lht,ln,M cr.pp.o,. -no K,e iou. yaar of the teal o t tiutr live in inf low ioji reply Your Utiar of tha 1 3th to , rT 01 ari ou- a" , existence that ou-ht to caue the leis- C. rep '.V . tit.v Examination t..jj.td Py Ho a rc txiptJtie a ppoio t P at the t A .i,i; f r c rathe i, , In b. il il Rocky h day leeaber. .- that iri lrntt f ,. ,.-.t .--ii Iar Sir band and DOe-d You baft amp a pro leouoa ot Lba law for tba preeeotion uf ihe drii uctioo uf uunt ojler. CveC noo 3199. chapiar 43 of tbe Coda maki- lh tiffaar tndicimble, and Ibe part? guilt; of a mieJeDx-aoor Voo on re port or oall tha aitaauoa of an nffloer lo ihe f aot that oyatar are baio burned Into kioae coatraxy lo law. uid iba part will have, to anawer b-rfor any juat.ee of the p)c. The pwopla along the mine houl4 ooasbiaa for tha protcx ion of the natural oyate field ur to and ae that thcaa aotM'd in thia wanton wboiae-ala deairocttoo of the teed uii lr ra ahould be proatcun d Cii th-a acteotioo of tha rreaa of f our hh'Ri i i i niiame u . awe i t V. .c r.o, i I, e-o m3 4 m i . 1--. ih- riiniimiwa wol bw coo- , of grea impwiajca i ui woo lire ,t,..-,r.i frrl J -mrph Kitf, ot j ttosf th-a ooaa. th ey w il I g iadly , aa in Miu.kr KJiaa Car. o t)t-i Ulc paval. cemi to lb reme and aid in - i Or. Hjben HiMciiU o J lvatic iw oajarooa ana rrapect a tor of the Sr ate to b. u-h i Ii ahanir . j Com ra rn I a tie t rT ,rt ure being made to I advance the cauie f ( ul lie duration I r grdl(n of race, color or previous' con iilinn, but the ur. forum te t 'on f ed erate who loat a lee an rm,or war other w i disabled is tfis-en a putar.ee of leea thn ten dollars per annum, nn.i this little rr. tte i n v r i.t v be(-n brato ed In the name of j ir 1 1 . c . the n, il .tieneral Ase:ntiy c. ' its ,iu:v u, tin-matter. F a v r a ui t h mnt r t t a 14 a . . il i-ct rt rrqmeaud IO ltaw aa HiUnliaa to ilka ewtaitaaaowi ee" graw- n (aN mm kawa ot aw ataaK ituet aaatW f aaauew toto will P pu-t. TotxaiM al9ctat forage to kP la akMk ul istftfl Ma4ttiai Tb- wanHH alax feoaiaaaJ the kep law m - - - mm IM I arm taa u toixmm Mf laew at mm omt jmmt wk Ji mtm eoaw ktaa to oltiat i moramMMd vaA kwkwM aaaa SaM, Cast ar toe mmT. ohoaw. m$ tkw mmxtfm&mtmmwttag- Bom. Yr.funiUXmmmm Ptu ir town to Lb facta, aa-d a it ia a queation I Impoittt.t Rea. Zatate Purcl.na- Mr. ll Marks purchase 1 Ust wrtk tha large th n e r tory brn-l, ,tiil,lir on t -a Varr tralr ior. 'he corner of Pollock and M id. i le mreeln 1 knowtjaslhe We.nstPtti hu 1 1 i : n g. Je will aomewhat remodel it for the pur- DOIT Xl"imi3IamT. P01" of maku-K it the Mr,.t wholeaale biilga Uoaxlaa Ee sCoar Ytio 3X ttor& lowtM titna in dry gmU estet ll-h'i.ent in iy Co. Tm . aaje ' rUtaOtnf ex pajrUewUry wHaao yojr longa ar lo Kaatrrn Carol mi When good bueineg Miner wiih bhmI napoy r I danger. taeNBpuaa at w aye eve-ma-, m msn hltf jfr Marks invent iri uch property it is a ?-.ire :gn that thirds ara Tte Governor is Sat.fcfled. The News and Observer K'ves Got. Sjaies' opinion of tbe condition and m-mag ment of the A & N. C R The ttoveruor appear to be thoroughly -atisfif-d and ia proud of tbe coaditioti .11,1 manaxement of tbe road. N oDe will lake isiue with the iijvernor a to the condition of the road nor aa to his being tinfied with til the affairs connected ith it. But here is an item that will show the Governor "what- the matter with EIs.nnah : ' ' Mr. F. Ulrich, one of our leading who'eaale merchant, received three barrels of clay pipes from a manufac t.rrr at S.Iem a few dajs ago, the i relent on which waa FOCR DOLLARS and seventy six CENT3. We venture too aseertiou that tbe same class of Kooda would have been delivered at any railroad station in North Carolina from New York, Baltimore or Philadel i hn for one third the mony. It is jut such railroading as this that I is destroy ing the corn trade of this city , and cruehing the life out of our fish abd , oyster and every other industry that it j attempted in Eastern Carolina. The Ciovernor may lay the Atlantic road bed '; with adaniact, with steel cross ties and iiver rails and yestibule cars lined with sold, tut unlet? he can do some thing wiih it that will work a change ia these high handed abuses, the people whine bnsiness is hurt and destroyed .-nnot be pati-Ged. COMIVSIPTIO CIHKD Ai. ..hi physician, retired troni j ructice having bad plnctd in his handa br an Kast . it might canst1 our j ul to be oinprv occasional ly. ().;r Trciitidi ciiizens are pr paring lo Lave a Christmas tree on the evening oi' tlieUlthol' Decern ber. I have been requested to state tbat the citizens of t he country are particularly invited to bring their children, though this tree is in tended (or the benetit of the chil dren of the Trenton rtanday school, a tree will be provided large enough to hang presents for all that may attend. Let all come and partici pate with us on this pleasant occa sion. I'.riug year children ami your presents for; hem and let them share the pleasures with our little ones on this fustive occasion, lie sides let ail recollect the motherless and fatherless: they too must be made glad. ijo recollect ample .ipaee will be reserved on this tree fortheir charitable benetit. Come old, come young, eomo all. and let us have a real Chn-tmas. happy, pleasant time. The people n: ii;r county we believe ton iimii would be glad to st e F. M. Simmons made next President of the A. X. '. J? n.s ! they believe I h tt"he i the man that ! can b.v his energy o'ol j.ii.-li inspire I new life into the :o.nl. Mr. Sim ! mons h is i; -- -r hocn a failure in ! an v position : h.it f ! called Totns Taxpayers of Jones Co. You are hereby-notified that the law re- ,u:rcs me lo advertise all land for sale that the t.ixes re?. tain r.nrnid tor the previous year, . h.; r. o il..;-, M..; i!r .; y, ... r u;irv work . nii'i'i a '. :" '. -r a : u -:. vp ei.kt llr(t troiib '. II. (Y. ' i' I x -i.; n (I Jorif 8 i .. Kinston Coilego, Sjiring Term, 18.S5). : n Monday, vh::. :cst, i---i:s I'aisi'TiH'KsiiAV. u ni: SIX 1NSTKL i.'TOIl-'. t.iiUJeb Aneient uni Modcrt.: Sci.-m :i!t Art. tlin'o-.o iery and Need U :ols: M ' . ; GENERAL NOTICE. 50 Boxes Choice Cream Cheese. 200 Sacks of Shot, all Numbers, For Sale Cheap, by IT. Uix-iIi, V'I!UU;SAU; ('.Koi'l'i;, m: : - : i.Ki-: r N ! . '" IdiliNK. N i Agent for Hazard Powder Oo. I- v.'e 1 k n. ' w II kill :n . i k in p ti li 1 1 M II I WIKM MuNWtU, in Uii ( oiniiiiinitv for .-n.l ::, I-: 1 : 1 1 1 wai;i - M.ikel V 1 V reudv for bual k CI.AUK, mid Mnr7nuita. K. e CASH STORE! i: ii Pi i III ef Boarders Wanted, . Y, Wl-.KK or MiN"lll, . i.'.'. PL". ;: .,.; I'M A I'l-' d w ; m We call attention to ma !iiu Christmas Goods w hich are first class and at re i -on-able prices. We still en: ;y Staple and Fancy Groceries. Hotice. X;. X. s i,..:.;, ; ie t.'.oi-.-o V C'.": . ! o.iiil-.;i . M- -tit or tlo- e sell for cx.li and m,i allowance for bad accounts. w i- pav t lie highest ca lor OrXTli'V JTiODI ci: We are now one door n ;inii's Pi i:g S'h.t. 1 t ho 1 1 'ii. t or S ' ,d ,- i. He till Mo no i piire 'I'll of lit W;l! o-li 1 Stoves are in Demand All the time, nml the place to buy them is at P. W.. BRflHEY'S. We ii.nf a full line of Cookinjr nd lle.itirii: Stoven. mi, will lo eold oo reaponahlo terms. Ve make a i-pei ialtv of the New Far mer (lirl Cool; StoV(K anii other brands. Also a ooinplete Inn' of Hardware. S.ili . I ) mrii an d HI iri.lt. Cut mil 'i'.'- .n Miteiiil, llarnesi. I'.i i ni . ( ) 1 1" ' , ; i- r, ((-. 'ono- :. r. ! . i -:!,. t ,. runt innrii I '''' I ... - - i h-....(lH for little money. ! orL3 ,1.1,1 i'. M. UliANfiY. " l-H ;iii ei 'II I i in -- '.WAllY, er ( ' :i i i -1 in ,i s. !! i . IKIWKN, K !,.:!. X. j i. ;-n.v-' ; lent r ' . r- have upon i-;ni to pot o-r-n w e tkv-ire him lor i'le-nii-.-nt of th:s road and then h-r ih ionl be ex tended a advtv itetl the.Iot'i: nal, and with ios iri,iii:-.otr.e:it a new ima wotiiil iiroi upon Hasten; X'ortl, C,...i!.ii.!. Mr. Simmons is coin -!.! ne m politics, the very man to eiimenate all politics from this road. All parties have con fidence in him and would unite in helping to carryall his plans to a successful termination. We con sider Mr. Siiu;ii".) ' hi- veiv tnau ' to make this i-.mi1 j..r v. -, i: it ought to be a real Xutiii t.'.irolina road, and with the extension the East and West would be united and the dream of our railm.id fathers would be consumated. The Saturday morning's mail was opened at Trenton when seve ral of the subscribers of the J"t'i: nai. aijusted iheir snert.o lis to lamer Almanac, For Sale or Bent, ISO A ie.-:ra;jie Farm v. it!, li-.-lh' H-.iU!e oi. -fitiie. on nor-.n n.; - . ; ,',-. roti ; 1 . h i '. i three anii it hu'f r: i , , . Of N'-nv il-..I!:o, klio-.etj l.j the il Rlacklojr? place. SO f-.'in . iitui Oo acres, more rr lis:, w :;!, ;,!ioi:t acres clet.ri J and fit fjr cttltivatioc Apply to JAS. C. I1ARLUSOX. A Im'r of J. O. Gardner, dfo'd New lrr.e. X'. t '. Dec lo. lS dtl.vlt ! 1 T.:r -Oili.l r. T..I,.- Farmer's Home Tab; m.irket .sit.'. Bai-ti-t Ciicf.ch. Middli: St EV BEHVF, X. r. KEPT BY MliS. J. M. KINKS. r ra.-. .?! 00 per di.y. .implied with th .-..-t in the ep'J'Uvtf ! Id IO ( peruse it, when hello." 'if Xunn didn't foig-'i; the date of the .i"i'r,x.i. "How ho !" s.ivs one : "S'l'V, l.e it is Fridav. 1 )i'ceniber 1 I'll." ! For Sale, Li--BL'.Ob jt:;:- i .'.-. . .i . I. i ... IHIl l.l.-.jl.t.Ie.lly t:.e inn,, v, we I. li.oi" . r ho.l 11. lit e N. u rnel s "I I !l Carol ilei Alln.ili;.' i.-n.. , .11-., lo ril 1 .1 i;SeS ( IXlol'.l 'I'll! . !. Il':,f. I I iiMirr' .. V. Allilltne- : ;.'.e j 1 1 l , . : 1 (...'.-arul ie;ia!ite- t-iit.;..a. i -t . - :'.:.-1 . 1 I ii : ne i 's North C;i l oll n a A i m n e - 1 0 - m every I'-irn ly V ;i r re n : o n ( , a .. ; : - I' ii i ner's N . ( '. A 1 'tih inu- m a r' -,i i i . 1 , ; i'lii of Ihe S tate llfcon A. I n n-e. Pu rnei''s N . C A t rn hii u- Ik w 1 1 :i 1 u A on: :i:e- hhon id he V l !ln illiltnn 1 . i . , 'J ll rLier s N . I . A 1 HlH II in liiei'e ii 1,. .,.-(,. ! tO I . illj pu i e ! . 11 l n I oi 1 iih W i I ,-.. li ih : : . 1 llirnei'ri N. C A 1 ,'ii.tlK.e is u t.i..r. . I North I'li'i.lllln Jre-nsliio.) ..:!:, i-Mnle I 1-; V, r o. 1 y ee.!.-, . . 1 le :il.,l , i I .... 1 v, . - liliv Tiin.,-l h . I' A.;!,:!!.:!. io , ' i : el er. jf- l'r: - el.'- r - . . : .' . I . : Ll.l- N .V t '. ... Ne I., ..N.P . .11.' Plantation For Rent. LOWEST PRICES IN AMERICA. iflt'th Inttrummls nl Low jorinmt jLnumJB, .v.. r.n,tf '''" iruh t'hraf. inferior nstrmimtmU. KIIM( I l I'FiK KM, SI'KCIAL OFFRRH, PIANOS S200. 1 ORGANS $6S 7l, Oct t'pnjrlil :iStnnKl I Four Set Rmria. KIT Rich Ro-w.mm1 ( I 8tla Oouplera. FtDaOaA STOOL. COVER. INSTRUCTOR ALL FREIGHT PAID I.nrKfKt SlorU Soulli. i?(MIMlTpanrl Prlrra I'lnno. IO tlonthl v. (Iranna IH6 Manltla I,ow Tim.- f'rip-H-Kair I,,nlrart No Rlk -No Knrfi lira of ( 'unit nmil Free l'-r."' SlmriiH nud l-'lat Hamd lea ' frivinji ful) iDfonutkW LUUUtN 0c BATES, SOUTHERN MUSIC HOUSE, SAVAIIAH, IA U)OK STORK. I, HARTSFIELE' KlS's'iOV, N ('.. 1 '. BOOKS 1 1 1 i: ATIONERY Su I11 i'H i:n i Vary ualr jor. Joav Koi.aoA. Ooma m imuoa r , .ol ID I.KUkL ormoi. m rlinrnOm,' MUI tram pmMlM. html, IM. a Alt 7 Ki.tr ault. Mr ur.)ili.r )ao waa rrjr low Aral oolj a COW- Uo eoi pairaH MJ . . k. - ...... i tmmr m r.-i lanmAwM aaill HaaUr LA InQQII UDOI1 IOU itM aOfQA m curt.1 bt utaef oa- cf ihw tall-. ebwp lcaltuoo of Dr. King'f Nw DU- brlght-DiDK u cum. Acs a'. iaf.l Flctrf Bittac eOTcry for cotuuaiptjon cogU mil t ' a! kuliff . " I eoidt. but ba iar yoa goi IB gesala. Mr. l I Wilcoiaoa. ot Uom utcmcum tvm cxi iskc botv prooi o K.J . aa a lik litimof, MrLa: U ' mj tl jcra h bat oajaAbiOR jutt M peauirv'r boltowm ho woald mmwtt died, ' food . or jart th mo. Doo"t bo d md it do4 boo a for t:itri4 BIUr. eoiiod, bat inoloi upon irMUsg Dr. Tkm groot roraoJj will ward off Kmi'l Nw Dijcotptj, which U (rnr VU ms car mil samlriml dlium, mmd I mntomd to giro rJif to til Ukroat. lung far mil IUmt, mad mojm dlao tod ehwi Toion TrUl boule fr mlrTWiiaa limn otmrnAm uqull. Prioaj 60o. u in K. n. Dunj drag ttor. Large ml B- . Vottf'MdraK nor. 'bottlMtl. w bercrj ouht tj io f.c ezter.sir I wholMl t ufiDtaf. und iD.ifeJ docs, bat with tbe cheap water freights bi -tween ibln and Northern rn;. 3 a tarc 't dea.lrr can compwe with New York an.l , Bllimore roerchanta. I There seenn to be in aivance all ' alODf the 1 ine in New Hcrr.p t usinrss ' and enterprise ludi.i mii-joDarT the formula of a simple vectabl remedy lor the pe-dy and p-r-r.uineDt eure of CoDaumptiou, Broncliitia. 1 itai rh. A-thma aod all Throal f4nd Lari A Meet ion-. a!? a positive an : radical cv.re for Nervous Ibility and all Nerv-m L'oiupiaint', after kulng tested itgwon derttil curative powers m thooaajHia of case-, han Colt it bis dutv to inako It known to his KuffrriDg fellows. Actuated by this ' if they strengthen their lunf motive and a desire to relieve hniuan suf- Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup, iericg. 1 will send free of chargo, to all' '"When, headache .joins ho desirx it. ihU recipe In German, ' then romps the tue of war says ariothc-r. . 1 ; in sjl elf 1 k ;ui .1 ,i"i : 'l or 1 read ih: (.;;: About this U:n- i i:0::i :i!iii)2 r'.ne. t'.iiil .--ir. e H .is Fi ld 's is-ue K'i lonraiuiii (!(.' .loe". very same I had n-atl the day liet'orc Your !ilsc: ibers hero reiiust me t t-::','i:re tho cause. W as your e'eik ni b is', or lr.nl the cold weat tier lic.eu no: your types ? Our regular waiting cleik had just returned 1'roii: a Lii;- to the W est liivl'.e.-.. .1 ne s--i had a niu-h jiassa-o ho;h o; and com in jr. and he wa r-'nv!: ably shylcen up. l-!i be confound oditor. man on a luiv. yesterday." tnonced 1 . enough 1: .Saturday ' Lack,"' th 1'.. :i ' ' 111 Ml a 11 v . x tii.Ilie pi'-.)' I : . . s ill MO I ro!.. I I Imv ll'IO-l. Oi I mi s . i- .o n. I- arm 1,- in-: N ', U e I ( 1.1 1 1 . on. foo tlcm oi-lcsi, '.,' 1 Uay.iiciire, 'o.-A.e. Ktc. I .f I m V Bank . II AKTSKIKI.I). r O R ? IOU ! : n; ,l pa I ,ei hall our girU whistle'.' ( if eoiir-e br luting r l j ral jfi.i. A wise French or Errllab, with full directions for general raarehaU liif force?. clnuK-- preparing aod naing. 8Dt by mail by ail drfgsiDjf with atainp, naaiirig thi? paper W a. Note", H9 Tower's Block, Rochec '.er, N. Y. novl wly with r bottle of Salvation Oil. an i tl.i ioiiKl'tv foe lies cringing in tti -it 1 ) LEASE REMEMBER that 1 need 1 money as well aa the rest of man kind, and if you owe me pleaae pay me. J. C. Whitty. SHF. 5 I suvi d tin 1 I -1 ompt use el' 1 ' : for 'onsu'.n j.'.ieri Man . New Y. : '.; Heme, N t ;K VTEFl'L ' of i:iv little i Enlih m. '' Ada V. : .it i-y ii 1 ; err: o(i v If r v N e v 1 act rt-:s.:vin by every 5f.-a:m-r Urge ijuantities of Xmas soodsvhi..h I am prepared t eell ;,t I...WEH priee than . you h ive cvf r known before for this eUss "f koi3. I (,'ivp bt-i.w a lit -f . articiee idieady rec'civnl ; Cut CJiusi Bottle, latest style.; 111 Punenti, Atiir-roue Bttttlea, &e. I'o-.v.ler and I'alT Boxes ia Jui.-arjtte, j Oxiuiztd Silver, and ntitiue styles. I t'ar.l i.i.-e?. Cig;;r Cases an-l Pocket L'.i ok.- in Alligator, Russia. jhl and otb.er exptnivo leather. A great assortment c.f Pine Soaps, Perfumery, Sachet Ponder, etc.. Spp- 1 !.W. L'Hn i'S IN TUinE AK'.'ICLKS fitirnif ninf st Plush 'ork ever im ported, including; Manicures, Ladies and (leutn' Toilet Boxes, Collar and Cuff Boxes, etc.. etc. Fine Spouses, a variety of Path Tow els. Hath Hrushea, Child ren 's Toilet tfs. Pam y Twine in various colors for deco-ratio-u worlc, "Writing Tablets, Xni.is Cards hnd many other tilings too numerous to mention. 1 am ulso selling Cigars bc-lov,- co-t and have a fow hundred left. I 1 ';-,','.. A,. -,-;.. ,- I 'ir door --..i.tli .0 1 V i r 1 1 u 1 v , I - 1 j ..... e PC C Y I .i'l" - - - n , , 1 1 io I - ' - . ' M 1 - i 1 1 1 . I ( v I 1 I 1 n. I , -. 1 , I m. ., . .. - : i, - : . 11- 1 . I ... ., 1. 1 I ' .. - . I 1 1 1 ! ! " ' a v : I . - .. J. ( p.u'i.:. t llliiei and 1 1 an W 1 1 11 TV : i . ! 1 : i c , c 1 ( n n , fl n 1 ml ul, of Ihti 1 ! ' 1, luMi for i.mKRM i l t not t V 1 H k MXt rn rj et uty l.lltlt- Mfil I i 'I S, very ' ' ' . M- Why I" H 1 I r !', ' . l'ttlrri). 1.(1 I II I JSV1 Herri N ( '. ui' L : . i ..1. : 1 I u erg v M aft rial. M i lin. -to. WALTER'S! Pedograph Gallery. Tt Ullll Ship Cliaudlery li-'f 1 'aints. ( )',I- 'iirnilics nn-i lh '.i-!o-. Harness ;tn J 8;oMl. ry. I'-aruiing Iniplciucbts. .-ii 'li a -I'lows, Harrows, lloos. Ualos. j', -k-, Tra-.'cs, Haines, C-'H.it s, 1 1 irk r.ui'!, et-. Saw Mill and ('..tt-m din Suj.piiev, .Machine Uil., Hehi; . lao-in-. l'ilcs. i u 1 11 111 iir s, Slial'tiii, Palleys. I ii5pirafors. et .. e;,-. - S.'-ti .1 for pri-'os and trru..-. .1. V. W IIITTY ( Viivi'i' '2 dors below Souin Front Ncwbcrn, N. C . 1 11 llltut mllig my 1 ' . . U "ei ;;y . ti i Moieiiead City hi tl re phi. Mil. I n HI Hit, ,Kl . , .im-u 111 nee all my r 1 tl o V HH'l Willi "i.v iionir u a uf my work I'liKi'KI.AI.N v . ' I Hi II v fttlee - I . 1 1 Ill s A SPI.CIAI.TY. I I''' 11 IH n.llf II ASH r.ll- - . 1 . 1 - - I I : F. I , . '"i hh .-ty lllwral patrB- '. O. Ml. Ml l Cf ,L1 I 1 II llaiK t lf 0:1 : - .i.i-i In 1 1 , I Hi iMAM W A I.TKK, New Home, N. (). : I.I. lie .nut I'cii.ock ata .over H.N. 1.;- -.lore. I 1 1 1 rn 1 1 re from Pollock nep) Alt

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