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EASTERN CAROLINA QSPUO The f'ast Freight L dp a a visa la a iaraa. Eaaaa. r arauM aa aai-4 lofaik, a- iiaaaa-a. la ai a laa. Haw .MUa, - UtataaU Ct- J . c . Till STEA MFK5 EAGLET and VESPER af tasks Qa w'.y rrna on raar-A.- woaaia.a aaaaax aaaavaar nan-aa, w.i. aT tvimmi. rniiui'Ai au t.i r j nr. t ar aJlaaaaU i aa4 r-.-u.-n u n. TVKaVUAT. WlliJlSUat oU r.. v TaaMa aaaaasavak k aiaiaikdo a lo Aliaaala 1 . C. . H.. or";. aauc3 I. ML, ara tauam. ii.J .Horts.a k. k.. iiic taaa fmi ITai M. K. ora a ra.:as.a an! Ilaa aTartaal par . aoi: . ; BXMaUf fatal at at.. oJi .a u.'i a tiaatl u '. tol VBaBB to da aaipati Caa am Uaaaaia .1 aa '. aTaaaai a Yark. ar rm .- .t r-a.- r BiaV H n 1 a a :-a i.v laaa a 4. auuua. at nuuoa y .! I t M aan r-ai aa Ua7 a a J Ujaia t.itr ia aji r i?a raij-a."a a m-.-.. Sic: U M mi ISO. a ttlA.f ,ta. t-. fra :. t.-r-.' r. tVia.j aaiarai. rra.lla Hi i4. nx fT(rRKa4, I aiun .4 .... r W. . aV. H.. fti a at aVCMXI. Uaaara. T- t1 lii. n T r. a) M. M. at. MawOx. . at-t alUVailJa. uaaar.. r..4, - N a aV larMt. . JO' H.UKiM Aaa. aaaafJi alw .rra s pi I Aaaaaaaa""' raaaaS Tfii'Mf: ' '.' A . ' W is - V I t 4 . r 11a -aa-T-a L 1 lan 'a. C.a Oaa .i:3i a 1-1 l-M'.a ff abot: I a .rA..t.-T arba kl!a of re: -t,' lyfta to fleaajr 5-f l a L 1 wa. taua'Jal lrT . - A 'Uf ha htul aaal ...i'i-. ah 1:1 illaapiaarail. an a ha artT aad oaaUka -. 1 iao-Wr ali4 haa t ,..--1 1 at ha aajna wa, aail I 1 - aJ a - i--l rata a proiap ... -..-. -. N. U WiMuIU. ; . . ; ' r T. V TTia I win A a. it a Car. flair. a : O-r . t - t.i t-i-aa wacfta Ola braa . r. 1 - a '. . Ifta pra-r:pUoa a k - ' --' ra . I. -i w I '. bri: I ar r . . . . " 1 ir-i s Al.iaJt7:a . . - I cl hcJ .a 1 '. i ' '. . . . t a wa tAl takan I I , , .... i - . -a f "V t: a , : i- .1.. i-.'. f t : a r f.-ak ; ' 1 :l h .7 tj l- mail it t .. - S'i,-L.'i 1.', II T. Raoaa. ..j 1. law.. J -a " URATta ' . a a. in'v i a o at tiamaa : m . ' : 1 ; - ia.n. ft. J 11 oac x 1 a -, ' a-." a i. w io trtl tr. a for aa r-. i f Ml t':-i 1 .inlto Crab ,r'-il t ' . wr.-a hta cw::raa tf 1 1; i ri.-rf-Uj ciarrvl. 1 rax -: aa 1 : ! tha caxl lifxi v Lm t arM aa at fa-a aa.lVvIv , iri (rvlii .f 13r"al i ) ata nd nr. f . .- r- u 1..11 tr? 1 1 &. aa I .'a:i:t a.'ur fil'ti 11 I ecmmiacal u r .a i.j i al r. ra:, h-l dw. rmpi ' j a.-: a. ant axn t.-:s:ri nmiMri ta ? tr- I-. 1 la Dow thrr ;v w .. M-ai, ar.1 n-. aa'fm frfria " a 1 I o-wa rrr r"1"- a ."-.-.. yaur rf.iC la. Ic.arf .:.y . a a a-.aicr.l UUI olin lo t.a a a : -a irtar raar t' aa-r.a rT.L 1 f M. at. U Waal .. hw. T .fa :.ft2l. ..-Tfc.A twf Irarl'i 4 a .-.a. it . ita iiacr a I AN ui l a - - ar ' ba.:t raTa wa . . ; . . - . la a. 1 thai I a.m -a 1 a - f t fr.'.nM aiAln. A i a ; '. - . r ' 1 ' ma br-i h t a r--a.t r- - f ta !c.a:a.l Lhal .1.-1 Ta (A a. " a fair trtaJ. a.Lh ixn I -:aail w '-i-i '- t-f wlr.j a aj rior-i' ui l A Us . -.raa try haa-t.-. ra-- a.-' . xtii aT nHt l.i 1 1 nM II I . . ; r ' , -I. ' ; ' . -' " .' I ' r m :! :v i. ! ;' .itt i - i . r i ; ' 1 .' ,i r r c : .: .rr.i I - i '. Ia i : a: II-- I ni. it .jor-N - a 111. irk i; Hook l.l ( h. ;ir n I,: . k.--l . ; .ill ! II I : -. win' 1 1 -. . ; . . i liv-f ; M.'.ui, .1 li'aniri'. 1.11 I J 1 1 I . -I r Kl'rs- ..i i.: inn-; 1 1- !i 1 1 1 .ir ' 1 !..u a 'tllOii ) ivut i i. n .n. -ti.-i - 'has ! . ; 1 1 r" ..;a I i.r ivt-n- r a 11 ni" WKstcd with Dnd Spelling. ! I i . Gladft; one has mailt- elabo rate investigations in tbe neuools ot llogland and other countries to ascertain the time devoted to reaching spelling, lie linds that UNTIL TVE MEET A(iAI.V J HAllHlKT MAXWtLL r ' - -HE . t niil w. meet again, dear, mou and I. God kepp ihee in his care ! tbe niglu draws nigh. i ITU ' hours at least are lost to each i AnJ I ruust go my way : its path ia wide im:!.' Hat. t, . V . ! , h:a :- k t..- u:ita;n. .11. e. ern.-i e IPI ' 1 11. ilnwn t lie Miles i't n and I he inoun i ' a ilri ii Suit liai - -'re.iin ! n piaces . : i -; r vt'lt-rnii. ,u H !i d th"v i ' -1-". '-. t h -m f c r e Mu i . - 1 : t.i' . r ' y preei 1 Ctw, V Hrll . '- !i . le 111 o: i u:l S 1 ' rid '. k i : ' ' r I Hi I l.i - . I! - ( i I Hi ! e .1 lull .'I e knew .! tllll-r.1 hlS MIL i'r ! hinU t:uii i-i , i rru'I ' II,- had w lie :.d .1. lure I 1 : 1 1 . i : I -i i - . 1 1 : i ; . i l . I; .1 . in- : -a. U A i rd ar.1 : ' J. al r-A : a -aia -t a lrc.rV- a - - V r aa 1 rllaCAT-'l all a t - T. o I "Aa rr- 1 r :ral Jabli:t. r.AMu ; ( VT T FlrV-taa. atJ t II r.-rT.-A -1 a. - t ;t:n tf: I in Pi rrv l!! ir 't.r-1. L '. h ! !, - ) h mi' I i ..-.1 .. I'll Ir a I . 1 a a H A -aa M r i: ai: I t i . t',ii sir. a - ' rii :,(-! : -. -n i-i ii -1 ,,: u -li.-y M.-; I ! V slia 'jied . e i'M in a II i IrV? Iiiinilte ' uI I t il !l lie : in own aim; in- e In- loi e h : 1:1 -in i ' I 'a a : it a ben t : lis i-u it t ss ris e i : iiiT a I lilrk luisli. In : lie i-dgi- ot t he Ira t y m H en tlie h:i:i-id: liat and ii;n l!ie -!ieatn. . e ' i . I. h l Ml t 1 1 Ir. : ., 1 1 . Ul I i i 1 m or rlr i.iiii: ;. . -Mill 1 a! the lis .is 1. 1: mid p'i.1 : hem mi: . -i la- had r ip: illfd lmo.v-. and had i ; t-1 i s er hi- he-id aaru aUTa fllal rtaaiafeaa 4V. FTaaaaaa raa iaaA rrr- aa aa? aa. artaaa iaaaM WE ril UllMII 1 . a - -a a J.a u - ' a -I i'l irt ni' aa laa : -1 DT '.""": '-It ' Batrr. f x- HI MIMIKl H o H ' ..:'-".' ' o: :';:oGr'.':Ni'. Pearl Top Lamp Chimney. A r II h. t . . - n ' v . r n S 1 ...i j OLD DOUWION Sleamsbip Company. TIU-WHIKIY LINK . i. H II - r a al Jll 1" H.IC BOOK aa T--.t-turat I al Mill a J I hart at Krai, I .Ainaa. I nil a ii a il-a alaal Wralalltll. l I I k rnrr atlralaa. laH'- K a . a a : I a no laoaaaa'. ' a aa I luatiriri. - ' . - - - , I :- GEO j .t ufon --e Kin' f : i S.i i ill''! '! 4. MAC9ET4 I CI r..:. :: o.'.c'. - V'-".:'-', :i. :-.; : :: ay siV 1 t ... .. p I.aNrl a-..! Top. Masi :a. t jt F:,tstur?ti, Pi. u ll.i lli a. 1 !., i ii.- - .r.try h 1 1 f l. r d fad . b'j '. - ..t OA ar f ! ''. r W 'A . , 1 1I;h . in: r ! ! . : a I . iv p f rn ill.' -f l.ll l . i - I . r 1 1 r , rr. . ni - -ir : - i i . d ii ; in . lieu. .1 n -t .is he par -: ,.t'.'. i . 'hi turn about after Ins li-ii, he received a heavy li.' Ai...h knocked h;in through tiif-liu.-h almost into the centre ot the (M'nl Splash he went, heels osei bead, into the water, winch was :.r nr MX. lee! deep. As viiin as r. 'U Id e.i : i ll h : - I u ra! h and i t ..i : :.e water out ol hlsese.-. :."-r a i. . I n, nil' h. oil ,1. ,e turned to .u.l t!.e hank to see what had -tiiu'k l.iin. The - i gli ; was rieit her I'url ing n.-r plr.i-.iiig Thereon scholar, that an Italian child of nine years will read and spell as correctly as Kuglish children at thirteen, though the Italian began In- lessons two years later. It is about the same with the Germans and Swedes. This extra time is given to civics and useful sciences. The illiteracy of Knglish speaking nations is startling. There were ".i'i.-..l -l persona ot ten years and over who reported themselves illit erate at our census of 1870. 6,L'3'J, at the census of 1S80. The nearly illiterate are probably as many more. Kngland is worse off than we are. . But the other Pro trstant countries of Europe have almost none. One of the causes ol this excessive illiteracy among Knp'n-h speaking peoples is the badness of" English spelling. The n-toi in ot Hpelling is a patriotic and phtlar. i hropic reform. Eorum . Drunken t'roiv. A I hester Pa. gentleman tell an interesting story ot the manner in which a Delaware county farmer tto; ml of crosvi. He was greatly troabled by the depredations ot these bird.-, and all means to drive them awav permanentlv having tailed, he tiled an original plan. Taking a hall peck or more ol' corn In- soaked it thoroughly in whi.-ky and then mm 1 1 ered t he cereal along : In- fence of the field chiefly visited i' "'he feathered thieves. lie soon had .i number of crows eating the doctored corn, and as they didn't away he went to observe the i t ol the dose. He tound everv aain soon come or And long, vet as I linrer by tby side. Thus lguking, loving, on thy peaceful face. Love teaches rue the patience of ita grace ! 1 ntu we meet late Though I may yearn for thee with hope j elate, i Or grieve, tny true beurt knows tbe ' secret way ! To thine ; far distaLt yet or near, this ! day. That pales and waetr.-i in shadows of the nipht. Hah bless'd for thee and me each) morning 's light. j I 'utd we meet aain no joy or rest j Can come to us like calm iht.t love knowbi.Ht Love know-- the gentle speech that 1 inak pa ' b-ie -tra. i ' And ccaki-- me nras with sure content: Net len' 1 -ive we to wait, and yet i' need tl, -r pn i F. i eh day s-. rmr1 far as on my way I go. Ui.ul we meet Hgain to thee and me Wiiac mere of ihunk f ulness or hope can Li Sas e laiih '.' I .i-k no nif;. cif word or kl-ri A- pie ae er tiuri . I have ro prayer pave this I " 1 1 1 we n.eet Hrni n to thee and me JUy C i lid be kind 1 tiaod-by, my love, jt'ij ni -tiv 1 Rood-t y ! Posseies many ln. u'.hi r : a i .. ,', . 1 , H.-,lith. Rnhi... ArViA ' VJX.. ' . u, Bowels. U I I V-'xj . ...i.o. t Jy"- - CtiitllNSTOII, Vt. , w :-"." B ft h v r . r '.rast. I 1 .', 'i :,' r ' '. ; omits, plinleil inCLL. :i !. .11 ii - - ar. O.: 1 ai .. ,-e. e-V". ,Vt. zizy lo Dye BABIES CRY f: IN l-M, Makes Plum.;, Le Jit. Reeulates s ' i ' Soli by I in.'.' -- WELLS. F.ICHSR -t " t. A Porttoliu fif on fine plate par--free to Mother il . Kvery Muthi i . Give Baby's iiai .. WtLLS, RlLHMlt) Superior Strength. Fastness. Beauty. AND y Simplicity. ' -r ,. .j- xiB liiUD any utiii i :,.J Vt nion- hrillini'it u:ni v.sii. for the Vuxmomi, unrt ttiL v , 10 cents each. M( HARDSON & CO.. Burlington. Vt 4; ii cfi7iup Articles, U.'I DIAMOND PAINTS. GuM. ;.... .r '...p,.er. Duly m Cantl Low P 9 nces STILL LEAD ! lie .-i.ihl 'lift 1 S lilt- 1 1 ild Joe's ' null ' 1 1 . . ' ; meal .stood an eh He .seemed and to ell o oh I r - h s t ' k.. .r l.raaa. U (ral I ...fea tlam.aa. firai I ilk ar ir lrA. Ballra'-h Vla-arrlair, ll laar ri a aaa. la 1 rTaarT aa4 kll-aai Iraallaa lllaaaaa.. M Ulaaaaaa af DlaaaAfaa Jll.i.. a I ' 1. a : Tr' il .1 w lie : t . i 1 a t w e rcu.t hAA: alM-l.a aTO r - '. - r . -.4' a. c- - - 'i' . - AO s.14 br Prafgl.t.i ar a, a i rrraali Ha rlat af Trl.-a. inairiTl' I : T: U.S. T axaaaajlca Kaaaaikl. . . w vara Olal aaaat ratartd Win, ataia. .la tlaaatarta mmJ 1'alaaa.aaaa i'aa.1 ru aaraai. lalllani, a aa I r A ata4aaAaa. aaaaav. rr a , I i. . , aa4 Wiaalad.a 'r A aval rail aautt. Mortas. caa; and Waal to la aaa JD aaa nuiirnssYS' HOHZOrATHIC f f SPECIFIC No. i rm Tsa J. T a KOI Da . . Ml CavAavaar aaiaa. taia , Njnous DtJiTjty, Vital WwknBSS, ft-a4 rr-ati-i fall w-r ST wia' 9 ya aV, I ' a ivi p- - r i aa I ft 9 T v ' ttr a", ' -.-' . --.- . f KWm. mA S I HallMl LaV , lt ' as. ., - A'. of our Vtr.nrT TV(pA r: cn bi hiJ of w R : - i I'r'jiK11. H. W. ror xr. M.d i i.rru. Sowbrn. N IRON TONIC " ' -a. BLOOO i :. . L I V I a t l 0 N i V ' - I 1. . . - . r H T. A I T H a . 1 V 1 J C'UcfTOUTH 1" ...ia a.-l a- ' . 1 . la. a .f a , . ' H-"a t a II. HS. I'm i :i:t : to di e we s ho-: . i l KO h'r ar' r ' !. r ni r ' iii ' . n: el s' he s ; hell u ril . I e ; e r m . h e . : 1 1 :i .1 pre!: .-lir tent j I. b'-r -Ol gereM ed n. ( u 1 HUTVal IRON TCMIC. Vuxzu Iff IHJH. C3i. fr.iui'at. WAlt aaUl Oi.aa !(arfaMk. V a . aa- Maar Kara aa laa,auaaalo.N LA 1 A. S L.L Ca;.a Y aVatal rclUAla. Bail 04 al.iaa auasaauaa arM IM taaian aa im i. a r as. as. at. Lav. tor IL iMmai Tramtaai, Ua a.1 ouai fnallja- au IA aoaa a&4 rraat KiT.ra aarial, aul aaAA (Mas K c n k fear aOaVTVa'JC attraav HO.l'ir, C IV HOUat aaaU rilUAla aa t.l.s t laoooi aai a aunaacua; Uaa u. U a. n. V o. a aft i p. aw Xarar Taw. B f t , aaatXaaarav, Cliaa Lisa naira Tajt r"S .aa aaaiaai aa. am Jt. f. v-'u a aaica tVatoo EST CUIUS OR A B L ' S M f D 1 5. NO PAY. m URES afaa-. apr aaaaafafllkawa HILLS aT. a.-waSif.. Kll 11:1 I . ' 1 niKi 1 1 I I I H a 11H Ja aatlrlH aAToa-u to siaaaa oar patioci aaat aaftaT A 1 .a 1 ial aa 1 raa( aff r ;ja tot lai paa' aattaWB aavria, la (Aa oaaal imranuaaa as WaJa aaiaaara aa Wa w.w j 0 Cftaaa m Laa iVittlrav caaaWi? , moi:v Kill iMir.i). LADIES . -n - ... -,.f '. ' . r- 1 r. t a I ' " " T J . ., if-a.'M a a : Hl.T t, 1 f-t raa? " laajaata 13 f "i3 MAlTtl MEOlCIWt CO.. ST LOUIS. M3 THATV FIGHT The Original Wln. C K Smraaoi. S( IouiB , Prop? is v.-. I S Court DEFEAT. ) H Zt.. r . Pr'r A. Q. S mmom Lit -r Hrf j : Kit J t- fu,n iA. M A S I Xf hn 1 r 47 cr C-ri !"?: li:; .v, RiLioUui. iJiinrvi.: i MiaPhhi,! oit ArriTKi, ., n. brcuAcn , Krr. t He I M, Kcimi, l'JtsT M K. '-. A.'.ir.i, Tccn . wrdfi "1 1 iv-si i hTe lyfn diJ but Er t ' .r tp.a4n M A. S.m- - rr. : ti h t ) r: K ' . : u ; e w w .1 tl .- K t ' I urge; houo euov t . ever nea: i ai-r s , : , ir. . r-a ; I .s ;- i - r i e I . , i in no -a.'rd I : i a lied, s r M , li I K 1 ' .Milne and 1 1 1 Hi- hie rr ( .llldgt a-. 1 rhd I- ul 1 1 -ii the genial Did US, ,1 ago r ided ig". I eurt and o at iruiuus lilack to ielitdi his Joe's r.ltll.1- ti"h at the same time, fur the old man declares that his little pig like t- ps t w in kli d with tun. while his broad chops w idelied into a smile. 1; Irs- time than it t.iki- to tell it the bear had eaten all the tiouf, cieept the one j u.-t landed, and t tiis one In- picked up and proceeded to iii,ii.;;i -He. He hadn't chesved on rlv . IT er. t in in a maudlin attempt to fly. tie could have killed every one but re solved to await the outcome of the drunk. Gradually the birds re covered, and one by one dew un steadily away. Daring the re mainder of the season the farmer svas not troubled by a single crow. Sunday School Gem. Life Mistakes. When will meaning parents cease trying to make their children the rract counterpart of Themselves? Of all tbe millions ot human beings svho now exist, or who have existed on the lace of the eajth, God has created no two in form and feature alike; at the grave of each per sonality is forever destroyed. This is as t rne of the minds as the bodies of men and and women. Why. then, seek to nndo His work, and force nature violently 'tatfhintr Cold." We find in neck wraps a common cause of "colds.'' If, during win ter, one was certain to wear much the same wrap at all times when in the open air there would be less danger from it. But the chances are that on some occasions when it should be worn it would be left off, either purposely or forgotten, and a cold is the result. The silk hand- O. MARKS mg, however, beloie he opeued and needlessly into contrary chan nels! .Says the father, "When I was a boy, 1 did and felt so and ' so:" and without any more knowl edge of his son's inner life than his neighbor mty have of him, he forthwith stretches him oa this narrow bed of precedent, cramping, ! disfiguring, lopping off what if hi.- uo'iiih wide and gave a yell ot p. .'.'i. The hook had become fast ened m h:s tongue. And as the shank stood up perpendicu lar every tune the bear tiled to shut his mouth, the barb would sink deeper into his tongue and cause h:m to roar with pain. ...ulJa, oulajc ij.uS uii terchieis. vvi; ii which many nien : j . . i. ... .1 . Mues, uiuers totieriug arouim aciorn themselves, are per lect abominations. Mid cause more sore throats than any other iutiueuce. When once put on the wearers are wedded to them for the remainder of the winter. The coat collar is ample protection when turned up and buttoned closelv, and a man is very loolit-h to use any other means lor the purpose. To a'ttempt to criticise ladies' apparel, or at least that pait of it woi n about the neck, is beyond us, and we will merely leave them to draw conclusions from the advice which we give the men. There is another rule for tbe latter to observe. Always wear throughout cold weather the same style of collar, and be sure and have your shirts "cut high in the neck." If you wear a "dickey" today and a "turn down" tomorrow, you are in for a sore throat or something of that sort the next day. No less important is it to wear continually the same style of necktie. i .d .'oe took in the situation at j trained and allowed to grow, a glance, and. as he is a man of in- judiciously and healthily, would lnmitable courage, he immediately ; have proved an aggregate of vigor, hlilge n pi. t w e 1 1 1 v ri s-1 Va .1 W aaaaalaaa wIaa a aa a a - 1 lan.a jmrorv aaa, al aair; nuru.T an.l a.-.aa Will aa aauai man oj vita oCS.-ara K. H. RiHEKT. i(ial aBJaa. CT" lT t-PVIX M T ' R N r R A an -a. icr.j.i . a s- arr.jroD. V ..aa- rraaaiaaat. .Ii r r K THE 2TOTSE L THEFT RIYEB SUtunboat Company. a-U ru uva auia'-n4 rViaali.i 0 aai a .-.a. Imii) .av. am . Steamer Trent V".: 7 iraa( ' w i n.r,.,r,(,Kj :.-r n -V.r-.e Mrrrrh.a, Troo a.T. I I I rr t f-i ;i. ki(r nlrourl ,c 1 J H ' re. at..! hi.r uJ ha.L.l .t M 1 l-r::r I rr Hrf .iljt ant ,ri II Iai.i l. ii..:tat doubt wo;.'.d want lar reasons. ' V'Hir Hoi. juror in this 8en: , ve excuse rea.tons. That. nils pr county as you." our :e n o who ni i :i lu re be excist'd Jor simi cannot es-.-use y ou." r, 1 hast' served as coT;rt lor tbre-e con- terms, arid you ought to me this i rne lor t hese nor, t-r.-.t il,, o: r a ' ur- li is J udge, to the e i u -e til; other. You ought to excuse me for old ac quaintance's sake. When I was quite a small boy y oil used :o camp i on my tat her s tarn; every spring to keep from ser ;ng on the jury in the adjoining county, and I used to supply you with fishing worms." " on are excused." cried the udge. amid the ro.irs of laughter ii'i tt-icii-. j that followed from the officers ol the curt. forest and Stream. in determined to take advantage ot it. So quietly wading ashore he pu ked up a big stone and started for the bear. The boar saw him coming, and started to meet him halfway, but before he had gone more than three or four steps he brought up with a whine the line had caught on a bush. Knowing that a hard poll on the line would part it, doe became more quiet and careful in h.s advance. The bear stood upon its hind legs with its mouth open, and the line hanging dosvn, until .Joe had got within six or eight leet, w hen the fisherman, with all his force, threw the heavy I stone and struck him on t lie head. 'The blosv was a terrible one and I knocked the bear oil its feet. Un fortunately the fall broke the line, and before doe could get another i K - j m i n - i 1 1 i 1 i I y w it b i Cera for ":-.-n i.t iCso the best Tin: ( i i i c i : . , n r. s v, i a. Hlioili si HI.: k. i. 7 ' nni. i hm.i'iii i. im. am ararr ajn,!if AaS ai all - !,,, a a. aaa a azui a. . i : - "A. 1 '...a a raaarajlaa amaza. datjr Stuar :i: av: Kiaaton. "til lMva Jfarar aW.-ua rr tlciioc on 1 aaav aaT aal mnaaa a: u o -..- M . Waiarn aaVaV. latl Elnaloa ,,a n.xwari tag Tfcaiaaaa ) aa Toasota . a a : a . . - jiaj l. ata aaaa Maaaaa rajT.r i. J. DlSaJtSWAT ai .1a atra-arxT. XXma-kam. B. a a BBSS. roaUotar..a V. K. Afiatii Tria'a C Bar mi. o4 r. a.4 i- a. lAia, CliiAalaT Br!4a. JMVHTZ Uaa l Maaaa. Ilaiaaaai. M W. W. Steamer Howard, Independent Steamboat Line. Ob avaj iflir Uoaixj : u i , 01 SatpC. h Ktatvraar Hiw.ri w.;, run taVB oilOWLQX K-hiula For Trvotoo avary HjcJtr nd Kn 4T aifBt 0'1-lock . ratjr-n:cn TjiiT BJaal Satur lf J J. I.i.stTTF.R. UASi.r i. f. DmobwaT. Atnt at Xaw Born NEW BERNE AWD PAMLICO LWE. The iteamer TiHOM A . A aSaartda J " 'I"1"1 i ml en iod. Congh Medicine. M '.' a luvr. 2 (".".1k!i .haoaa of i!e i ::.ira. tew .! -auai arf a.1 s . ii-sl. Ha: if v a ::,v-- --. t ::. a esA.s- rr.tvii-.s f ..Aie'.v, t ri 'A i'-'-iirh a. .v.' Wn-. -rue i s.-iri''iis ii.v.ier, ai; 1 sosorul N't- 11 t.e- m.i rtiu:rod. ( o m in en n r A 1 1 AllililT. 1'i.e more t apacious t he n w . t h w Inch a man his I een dowed bv tin- S our. e ot all it the greater h.s crime :l he sub lets . to the Source ol' all lis il. The wit I who makes a le-r ol sirtue, the' philosopher who denies his Maker. ! the poet who sings tor tin- sensual 1st and the volnprua:y, the polemic' who would shut tin - g ites of heaven appropriatoness and usefulness, such as the maimed and crippled victim of blunder can afford but a faint idea of. What is more common than a father's deciding that his shall be a farmer, or lawyer, or clergyman, or doctor, because he himself is ! Society groaDS with these unfor tunate mistakes. Its machinery creaks and jars, and hitches and breaks, on account of them ; and middle life goes back to A, B, C, to retrace its forced steps, retrieve, if possible, lost time, and begin anew. This ought not to be. Mow much wiser and better it would be would parents bnt measure capacities in the beginning. Why Take Offence .' Something to drink and a good stone t he bear was on its feet and ; cigar are with some men leading alter htm. .hist as .Joe stooped to essentials toward sociability. Other J gather another rock the bear gave l men have a natural antipathy to him a cuff winch knocked him back j both and yet can be sociable and into the pool. Either the force ot polite. The following anecdote i the blosv or the slmperv nature of illustrates the way one gentleman the rocks along tin- bank caused ' the bear to io-u' its footing, and in 5 a ir.ainst lead, tl. partv is i r.AA.r: i. , AO.! erjea.s-AL Jam lh Thlnjr tor Agrnia -.. u. st MXhU t.f, tAOna oat THE LADIES' FAVORITE. NEVER OUT OF ORDER. " tajim-t. - J ' -T S - C iLai f XV LAMP r CHDCdT y -a- : 3 F.-,httl;.i agents;;; S : a. k-a . -. ! a. t - ' A 1 ' Krai fclu.ta rkalatraph -.-:i .-l.--ai a. - . -a - a : - - M ! .--:-. I . J STOVE ' r a rv! - h mn.i . t v.-.-- 1. i" Cifonnii.i.O ill svho tlo ,iot foE'jw his e po! e. : t li w hum more tn.iii country, the historian who shapes! facts to suit prejudices, the lourna'ist who ap peals to the passions and not the indgmeiits of his readers, and aims to be the oracle of a i Iique rather than the advocate of right and jus tice these, whatever their breadth of intellect and command of lan guage, had bet'er never have been ; txirn. and are a greater detriment to the welfare of mankind than all honest fo. Is that have fed oblision with their harmless Inani t :e- N . "i . 1 .ilgei . Priientiuu ef all 1 u fe t ion- Disease-. The science and pr.ii tire of medi cine and surgery are undergoing a re volu' i-u. ol such magnitude and limits can Looking into .tilt of rrrt-ut imiiortan hat the e that y be i -on i t-ivi uture, in : In- FREE "all. Kill... ALBUMS nal naai.-ii aaaaajaar aVaaaal. bav!a.T IMa. aa aa-apavraal i ra aa nm4 IVorxx a. . - aaal naaailMm -. -a - t , amasl uia - . '' ! a ' ! A3 J ; - s '.-I a.-M -i -.Jar a.:rr-.-,r wr , e. - -a r oaa H r: ! S . w K - - - A a.- - aw lamm a;ar Kama t - . a - - , 4 , Bailaralar it S . vt - . .,, . aA c'laaaaxsca. AJaiia a - : aaaaiaaaara aa.l sr. oca a a I aai wmm ay our-' a. ar I ' a - . atmf aa .IX a M i-- a - -. avaaiaanara. 1 31 : IM a. a i a l-a aa. artivirn i . r vi lir tlan , ira!ii Klaaallant aaaaa . ; 4 - a - - .', fjiaa frataTfll aaat -:..a aiataflaf faa-aa-pia.' n-r a -. - - . '. awaal B. C. l. . ana a.! 1 . - - a (!. 4V P. H. ABBcrrr. ,ij-n a a. at--. 4 M rDWUta. a.,rai l'UlX.alHIL... Han-AriAi U CO m.UK 4. HIUE1. aMVtatVt taaaanl Man. a- Vance Male & Female A( a i i;m y. 11 ' II ot v. c u s : n. Tin- 'I'm ,!, llild I. ikes est a-"!' .wjW r a : r. J l 0 BaOADWAV. A S C H 0 " iatyCaCl NEW Y OHK . scos el les. it dot-.- i ssible that a time may conn .lie can se e i everv : li Iect i oils i IS ease will be presentable or easilv curable: when protection can be atl irded agi'.ns' diseases, sueh as -cailet o-sc-r. me. isles, yellow lever, svhooping cough, etc , in took to teach another that such was the case. : tumbled almost on ton of t he old -Mr. Terry was an old Southern man. The water w is about four ' gentltman, exceedingly polite. He feet deep at this point, and this ' would go out of his way at any gave doe a decided advantage for a ; time to avoid offending a neighbor moment. With the rock in his or a friend. One day a neighbor hand he kept the bear, which was j met him on the street with : "Hallo, swimming, from catching hold ol I Mr. Perry ! 1 was just going in to him. while he banged the brute j get a drink. Come in and have 'over the head with the rock. In - something." j the struggle the bear and the man 1 "Thank you, Mr. , I don't ' unconscious! v approached to the 1 care for any thing," was the answer. . r .i "... , i- ..!., i edge 01 Uie precipice, WHICH led Ui iui tuum m auu lane oume- distance ol eighteen or twenty feet thing, just for sociability's sake." to a rocky pool below In an un-: "Now, I want, to be sociable, but lm-ky moment doe hail approached l I can't drink with yon." too close to the bear, when the ani i "All right, if you don't want to mat seized him by the leg and be- 1 e sociable, I'll go without drink gau to drag the fisherman toward : ing," growled the friend, and he him. doc struck him on the nose ! silently walked along in the direc with the stone and hurt him so ! tion in which Mr. Perry was trav- i badly that the bear raised to his ' elling. I hind feet in pain and fell over; Presently the pair drew near a ; backward, dragging doc with him. j drug store, when Mr. Perry broke I Down they went over the precipice ! ont with: "Mr. , I'm not feel to the rocks below, fortunately 1 10K at all well, today, and I think doe fell on top of the bear and re-U'H go in this drug store and get ceivi-d but a slight shock, but the 'some castor oil. Won't you join bear was hurt. Its luck was broken me" ' lbs the tall. "What, in a dose (d castor oil?" ; Eluding his i-i i my m this condi- " cs. i Hon Tie soon put him out of his "Xaw, I hate the stuff," saying , nuserv l y knocking out his brums 1 which, a chill went over tbe man as 'with 'a 'stone. The exercise had visible in its effects to Mr. Perry as been lough, and the (all. combined ' the ague had seized him on the secures immunity oiitag.on : when, n il disease and such ss ill be un- , mas be but FOR MEN ONLY." -.- k of atrr. oo . EDUCATE ! EDUCATE ! For FlUSVli -ATrriTrrTrAv--. rsl WtaiaT Hah. Ita rw.ras a4 borne with cot pauo. Book pmr- tW-MUri aNrl TBtr. R M W0OIJ.IY. U I. llOoa WlUIaAAaVU tU Wltat Better Can Ba Done TTxe Children ! AURORA ACADEMY AURORA. .V (.'. . T. BOX5ES, PiiinrAi MaM C O. LAaiarr3. AvrTft)iT la Fi 1 Baaajtoal a- . . -,- -. . a7 aaal ataaaa raax. a. IBM it:: o pa n -i i w an. Furniture ! ! 1 1 W a,.,.,,. . mr-u Llil ,.l l,.. rr ami I.. r.li1 I I , a r JOHN SUTER B'll i un s mis ft a n i a. - m o haa t t a:-. '. 1 -7- r -1 r : : li i li one at t ac i. I."Oin SUb-l-o-ieht i :i - iiort , no e, -n - t i ! i will be i nraiile SConrge- .i- t-pldfl., know n. 1 he.-e. inde a : wn.r win ;.;;.- dm cost-rie- ,u b.o 1 1 I lology. 'I'tn higher t he plane of .,, tual knowl edge, t he more t ', tended is the uori.'on. n imr been accom plished w:h:n the past ten sears, as regards Inn-.vleil;.. ,, the causes, prevention and treatment "I disease, tar transcends what would hav, been regarded, a quar ter of a century ago, as the wildest and most impossible -appellation.- Dr. Au-1 u J'imt. A young I'rcnch oil have invented a microphone which ssil, record and announce the ap proach of a number of soldiers, and give some idea a- to t heir numbers. NNTiut an immense thing to have in a town where snrpr -e parties pre s.i 1 seem l in ! -,.l, .1,. . ... 1 -.r, 1... when "on Liie r i ,n iii.-. .tun uiuii.1 ut- nail received, nad about tione me old fellow up. After the fight was over the old man laid down ou the hank for an hour or so before he re covered sufficiently to go home, lie is all right r.ow, bearing half a doen bad scratches and a bruised shoulder, but he will never go trout fishing again without weapons. How to Dignify the Mechanical Arts Ye have seen how the literary education, which we now consider so essential, was regarded in old England aa ungentlemanly. It is not so long since the phy sician or leech w s, as Hallam says, "an inexhaustible theme of popular ridicule." The barber's pole, so common in our streets, recalls a time, not so long past, when the barber practiced blood letting and other medical arts. It is within onr own memory that the dentist stood on a level with the barber; indeed, the two were often the same person. How is it that all this is changed, that literatore, medicine, and dentistry have be come gentlemanly occupations T Simply, I think, because they are now taught scientifically, and insti tutions have been established for that purpose. It may be laid down as a general rule, that whatever ia taught in school will soon become respectable and gentlemanly, while that which is picked npin the home or the workshop will always b- regarded as meuial. Forum. Mules of Ihe Farm. The value of the mule on farm work oan only be realized through experience. One may learn of this matter in any Southern State. A mule is always worth about 25 per cent more than a horse, because 50 per cent better. Close acquaintance with mules for about five years has taught me this iact. They are really more docile than horses; are hardier, do more work, eat less and j thrive upon coarser fare, and never sick unless shamefully ill-used or ill-fed, live longer and more useful while they live. I never saw a mule team run away. Mules rarely stumble on the roughest roads; are scarcely ever balky, and will pull heavy loads as steadily as oxen, hanging on in the traces with all their weight, without any jerks or giving back. Consequently the harness lasts Longer than with horses. They may be made as kind in disposition as horses by the same kind treatment. A pair of young mules, coming eight years old, which I have raised, will come when I whistle for them from tbe end of a 100 acre pasture lot ; will eat corn or take salt from my hand, will enjoy petting as much as the horse colts, and have never yet lifted a foot to kick. The mule is made vicious by vicious treatment ; it has the patience, hardiness, ab stemiousness and docility of the ass with the strength and intelligence of the horse. There is money in rearing mules and economy in using them anywhere. N. Y. Tribune. I am now prepared lo offer better induce ments for the future than ever in the past. My stock is much larger and could not be better selected. I Buy in Large Quantities for CASH. direct from Importers, Jobbers and Manufac turers, which enables me to sell cheaper. A trial will convince that 0. MA11K8 is really the LEADER OF LOW PRICES. It would be folly for me to atumpt a full description ol nil ms Mock The most elegant line of DRESS GOODS that has eer been brought to this mmliet, including all the All the Latest Novelties in Fancy Goods ! Silks! Satins! Velvets! and Velveteens ! AND MY I.I Ml of Ladies, Misses and Children's Cloaks ! well you will have to come and see them, they ar the largest, handsomest and PMST line in tin eit lot ot bey ond description A i so a handsome Wraps and Shawls, r HP DON'T FAIL to nee my line of .-:J2, Etc., Etc. X1 before purchasing, which is very large, embr.n mg all grades from the Cheapest to the best : AH wool Three Ply. Brussels, all wool Ingrains etc., etc. Napier Matting, Pine Matting, Oil Cloths, all wldtha. Table Oil Cloths, Mats. Rugs, Etc., Etc. Shoes! Shoes! Such a line of Shoes never was exhibited in this place before. MenH, Ladies, lVlisse and Children's of all descriptions ui endless variety. By calling at my store you will find very many things that mentioned here space would not permit, and besides they are too numerous to mention. per y tl. wui 1 h 1 :c. t it v lor .! ''.". ickagt em in tinier ed baok for street. 'Piut I want you to tnke a glass of cil with me, just to be sociable, you know." "The friend still refused, when Mr. Perry said: "Your sociable whiskey is just as distasteful to me as ray sociable oil is to you. Don't you think I've as much reason to be offended with vou as The old man said, in speaking of vou have with me?" The par neartny snoot: nanus, tne dialogue was circulated in Covington, aDd Mr. Perry was never invited to drink again. Cincinnati Times. A country editor is one who reads newspapers, writes on any subject, sticks type, folds papers, makes up mail, runs errands, saws Head Heart-Hand. Every boy should have his head, his heart and his hand educated. Let this truth never be forgotten. By the proper education of the head, he will be taught what is good and what is evil, what is wise and what ia foolish, what is right and what is wrong. By the proper education of the heart, he will be taught to love what is good, wise and right, and to hate what is evil, foolish and wrong. By the proper education of the hand, he will be enabled to supply j his wants, to add to his comfort?, and to assist others. The highest objects of a good Two thousand yards .'J--1 Cashmt-M- at ! '. p. i yd Tvo thousand yds. double widt h t 'aslmu ie af 1 Tbe prettiest and best Ladies' Itutmn Shoes m th Pants Cloth, 10c. up. Fine imported Hall Hose at Hie . worth 'JHc. Towels, 5c. up. Turkish Bath Soap, 5c. Good Note Paper, 5c. quire. Envelopes. : Hose and Halt Hose, 5c. pair. Ladies' Collars, 5c. A big drive in Ladies' Kid (ilo, es. i baitohi only 50c, worth $1.00. Ladies' Jerseys from 00c. up. Ked and white Flannel from 15c. up. Corsets, 25c. Men's Scarlet Wool Undershirts, 5c e ,.ch. Ladies and Gents' Undershirts. L'5c. To the Wholesale Trade. I am now-prepared to cffer4hctter inducements to Whobsale Liners. than ever before. My stock is much larger, more varied and complete. I buy in large quantities from IIIIST HANDS for SPOT CASH, which enables me to sell CHEAPER in m,li quantifies than Northern Houses. Come and see me. I can save you Money. Agency for Clark's O N. T. Spool Cotton, .j Ilia Javataa U. XWat. B iaa-1 Batat AaUaaoa no.i.ra .. trvjaala ara aJaaarajaJ mm u -. a ;o laj i,-. lliaaaa. 1 p '. f-a AaaTAaVaw laawaiai.orj acpa .-.o K f rl.'AlIK FTt o aa , H t ' i ' .-. ;r. a ! V :--! a'.a ia a i jk ...a. t-j at." f.l 'h T Ii.-aU A-I.i lUfa'.iri.I. I'rleri K'cUt losu to ICo Iloftoiii. a.- ar M.ii - ; N - w i-mc r r A I'll I, a.. - .i rlfli a-f f rrl tan, I liraf nrg ana 1 ' 1 - M il." I Ii . I"..-I.. kl,(n, n.lnr aI Intra HUM. lilt alriilnln. ... ' IMPARTING VIGOR I In- I- lilin i a. Iilailili-r anil II,, r I Ii. a a r - .1 a pi . .1 lg o ,1 r y ' I I I I It I II I It I All K TO tlOTH HUH Mrs. Win'-i,. -w- 's Sootiiino Svki V hould alsvyi be used for children tfethme. It soothea the child, softens the gums', allays all pain, curee wind , colic, and is tha bet remedy for iiar-h-a-a. Twfnlv-ilii --nnt" ft bottle. the tight, that he would inotd cer tainly liiivi- been chawed up if ir hadn't been for that hook ketchin' in the bar's tongue. --S m Kranci-x-K i: qui i er. A good man who has teen much of the world and is not tired of it sav.s: --The grand essentials to happuieas in this hie are something wood, works in the garden, is . education are, to reverence and to love and something to hope for." blamed for a thousand things be And the more one thinks over the never thought of, works hard all whold matter the more he will be day, is subject to spring levers, inclined to believe that the good helps people into office who forget man is about right. He is in a bad ! all about it afterward, and very 'condition who has nothing to do . frequently gets cheated out of his e en though he nee J do nothiug for earning ; paffs up and does more to er i S S.I id t O ' n hvincr 1 1 . m 1 e as ss el 1 eoniinit 1 in l M n ri t ho f navn a n ri enn nfp f h a n , "to " ....... .... WW.. U . a.,Jl.AA suicide at once. And he svho has any one else, and the miser and nothing to love and nothing to hope fogy are benefited, yet they will j his enlightened sentiments, order for may just as well follow suit and not take hia paper, but will borrow ; and peace reign, and failure and get out as fast as possible. South it and cuss the old fool oi an edi- suffering are almost unknown. Ex. m Bncklen'i Arnica Mti, uikom.i I'KiiKKt r itfc:.TiKi) takej it in timk. TiiK Best Salvr in the world for f ur rmbitaal corirtipntion, dyspepsia. 1". want of a nail, a shoe svas lo c. . lor Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Uloers, Sait and kindred ills is the famous Califor- umitufa shoe a horse -was lost ; for want Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped ma lnpjid fruit remedy, Svrup of F'iga. nf a horse a rider was lost" Never ne Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin It turri.gtbt'iia as well as cleanses the Rift small thing's. The first signs of Eruptions, and positively' cures pilee aaiteni. it i ch-mIv I a k e n . and perrectiy pneumonia ana conaumDtion can po-itiveiy ' or uu pay icijuutju. ai ad Kuaiaiiicu au obey God, aDd to love and serve mankind. Everything that helps ua in attaining these objects is of great value; aud everything that binders us ia comparatively worth less. When wisdom reigns in the head, and love in the heart, the man is ever ready to do good; and if hia executive ability be equal to Allow me to thank you kindly, one and all, frr your liberal patronage in the past, and to ask for a continuance of the same, asminng you that LOW PRICES SHALL ALWAYS LEAD. I am, very truly yours, O. MARKS. harmless. De checked by .Dr. Acker s iinglish Kem- K N. DutTy. agent. New Berne, N. C. edy for I 'onsnmpti. m. o'.d hy R Rerry. .ice1. ". d - ( w WW Heme X ' give perfect satisfaction, or money- re funded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by R-N. Duffy. jari 17 J. H. CRABTRZE. BASIL MANIA. JOHN H. CRABTREE & CO ENGINEERS, Founders and Machinists Manufacturers and Dealers in a ENGIXES AID MlCfllSlSTS' SUPPLIES Ballaleri ot Engine. Boilers. Saw Mill. Edglnic afc Cut-off ftlaclilnra, Weare prepasred to do Castlcga of all kind, with promplueaa, Particular and Immediate aftentlou gl-en to re pal a of ftil klDda. We will bitfrlad to give plans anil estimates for any deaoilptlon of machinery. We are the agent for the sale of the Amer ican Saw. Also for O. & A. Bargainors cele brated Indestructible Mica Valves. We give satisfactory guarantee for all work dona hv us. trio d2aw wly f W TO a l)AT0 M yOaaraayaa . aa f ?"" Emm XT t am; Oj IA. fUTiu ChasVral 9. J. V. N C. JORDAIV, 1 11.8 ( I v. ri all UUlvar I sal sal lii, ti..ri iii tlie r-.i i f i.f o. jiui i li-. a ami -Iffl I t.ri arrlt.a II arj.l ffrl auff In rrronima nil J 3 Ii In all Aiiirarcra ,1. J. STOKr.R. ... Oacatur, Ml. i nn i si.oe. Buiil lij Liiugglals. Agent, New Berne, mayS d w 1 y $500 Reward! We will pay the abt.vr reirard for any raaa of lls-er complaint, tlyapi-paln, sick lirsilartia, lndncestUn. constipation or ca)tl vi'iieas wa cannot cure with West's Vegetable laser I'UlH when the directions are stdctly com piled aih. They are purely vegetable, a Dal never fall lo nave satisfaction. Large boxes containlnK sugar coated pills. Site. Kor Hale by all drugKlHta. He ware of coiinta-r fella an 1 Imitations. The genuine Dianularlured only byJliHSC.WKH'l'iUO., WW W. Mad ison 8t., Chicago, 111. Sold by li. N. DUFFY, druggist. New Berne, N. C. ap24dwly

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