' ' m J r i ' .... . " - . - i. AzHkjxhi. 'Mxm jtwaat:-v. it , - v. k THE JOURNAL. The THE tT kiK. Nfw .r his I'oite l.i.itn. S Sa. JOT BCL1C. M. C. J AN 1 ! EDITORIAL JOTEX. ft TVS owner of lb steamer lly tl Bpabiic wants $:.0, 'W n Uolty . XTVB&Y oo thoM commDC '.he M Jr wttk hfjor rlfM and aobUr parpoM. Tnaofottoa of the rc problem ku Bot jtt bea toivMl I: . the "UiwprtMibJ contltef of -.he pwriod. 8nCTS liAilrol (.'ohiji;m;oi tot Nortk Carolina ; n Apparent etrtaiaty, the proapctji of Kastern Darollaa are mncb brif htcr. TT1 General AwmNT w.;; roc Ttao on Wednesday the J:h of January. The ballot for 1. S. Sen aior will btfm on the n?-on.! Tne jdy thr after THIS New lrne J. a a.iAL senda Lraternal Tetin to all North Carolina jcarnahit.4 May the IM jear be a joyoai aa l pmper vnM tot to every oit of too. Mil O KltL uyj Th Aml ciaa are fall of naari ,., am.1 t&air eouatry l- jeitinj Kke th laad of conjuring. The eart'a :s mail, it ha.i often N?n remirked, bat Abhc i larf TBK fTeateat French oroe writer morn'.niJ s'ir heraldrvl : aaJ m:; h uf Tu-r.me.l Titct? mav hvr rr. .14 .- in ap-n b.s r-1' 1 l;-'.l i::. prom ; Year urc kt ii p ' u(ma '.ho wein . So mo t chiB'.nra fre:gh;el w.'h Simt" r jrhts ilov.'(J P.-. ii a' are t i,l fOKEIl.. KKLATIO. h.!t there is not reason preher.il imnie.lidte l.iner ' Till II i III ItN" vM Mill I II i.K.U I, OF III F I 1 1 . p a b ! . : . o n s : . o n s i l. iere are t. : are. .in. patilenoe. NV,- ;ris re uier w ' . '. t h . h prec.ous : ii i; h ! v wren 1 1 . j. lhi' (-.. 'nro r! i 1 .pi) Kepn hi .o ni : :i . '. s of a ! I (Mir re.i tiiu-.i :e.in;er wi.s .o:i'.. r i . a '. tr. i-' t lie :h,' a ia ..1 up , the reuilfn-.l "ii governnient, .lare.l nn.ler i the 1 em a ml lu: it was irotrst, iml ir tea ni fresh in er-v The cap promp:'. sur vi till- snrren i .- said Ml ! : V . :. n i: tie- , v ' i.'I -Li- ! reightei bieel :ru. that ha" 1 : '. i. t.e::o fa.r:n: there w ... ': (l.i-t ."D V w ...recks that e a u i hi n anon oar shore, tu ni hapii.ru s.s niav i, w.i: every brre-e. We r r n - thatth.s '. .nd of our th-s fret- A ir.er:'.i o! bonillew pww. ; ' .es -w:,' con tinue '."v bs iimler the -np'Tr n'en.l n provi.ioni-e "f H.m wii w.m onr father's ar..!. 4 (iod, hlesil f.irever :m re v e tr".t that ti e Amertcin t'.a w:-'. r.se until r stars ':iend w.tii the stars of heaven. Whoever ,.f partisan, spin" may haeeiisf.ed tathepat, we trust that l'reaulent and peopi ix that it would not have ieen sur ind rendered I a French war vessel had .wen m li e harbor ol I ort an I'r'.n.e. S'e ere not aware that Kranor had established a protei'tor ate,'er 1 1 t :. and would iiisfnin he r in her v lul at ion s (,f i n ernat ion a! law. When to the HaUian ii.u.l.lie adde 1 the com p' '.cat . on s n Central America. ansiiiR irom II nil ! i M. II : n:l.: ( M p.. v-m men t .i! o.ntro! the ma t'anai. it is not :mprd.i! the liiend.y relations tha' ha ; .p ly e i : tal bet wi en .1 the I nit a tes t i b 1 ana t- that 1 1 a v e 'ra nee .lis th. int. w murWv atmos- he pure heaven ; r n ' that the t he v a r w : 1 '. t e r o'ii v i.'.'i'in w . . i n se a !"Ove phere of part of vktriotisni j c t5 ni sh rd ii . srxedilv a:.d g plished. i'leor.' 1'. '.-w :.!-.. . r mimlii'i of ttie l'crun arol forc.'oly sa W.;h mate ar..i conditions ,. heal has not to Lord s MiuisUt 1'leni- 1 he i i n 1 I i .' I . :i: n: : I 1 r. ir r H in 1 1 1 l..r tin- Ttii' r. i;i . ..t corn i. . t t i : t tie 1 crti hcl s A- n . :i in'ftl r- a in -et : : . . n a pro'i t n. ii M meeting pie I ed ; ' s n : n. i : yestei d.i . Tliere w.is i ;i, t he cm in 1 1 1 it, w :.: of the follow;:- w m.ston i t t hr m an : M a , .11 ', secretarv ; IV. ! Oak llhl'- In-' P.. I'.iirsvrll : Fro!. ( !i is ). Ins-:-;,',. : l'r..;. 11 the ( i.'l.Nimr.i pn' M. ('. S. Noli!., ni . pnbla- s.-iiooN. .i :. i P. P.l a; r ot : :,(. ,i;sr..n pn The t the :.. x t he A ss,-tn'.'ly a.s set ; : to .1 n'.y ' ! . ::. 1 ; e. ,i Morehead ( .- A and :i!:('io,:i.; p:,: airan;i'! in fall. P i ten sj iTi.il d.t;. s d;n .:.r (ne ol w ii : h : 1 1 ; .. : on w ii ;c a . o present the (1 st all. all the S monitor;, ot : ! 1" lie rxeic- COIlsl.st o! add. matter-- i . ; . . cludinj; in.i:.;. rem i n : see in r.- '. . I 1.x ks Out .1 N t - i ii . ; : . ': .imn.e i t : . 1 : : i . i as i. .1,1.1. .; ii: u 1 a' e . i ; i t i u . i ! . cot!; ' ' . . ' 1 I 1 , e . 1 (OLD WATER 15 ALL AO. EMMA IIOWAI.D. Ml I ! . :'!; .:: ii.- ( hv t.i.i:r: (ii . -v i ! the . i ;: : i;n .m l iiv.t :m I i ! i'-mul. u-i I re.itli f tl.t- i ' l : 1 ' -t .a may come from the East, you may mine from the West, i may tiring every wine fr,,m each country the best i . y are nothioj? to n;e if I only cud liav e jla-s i f cold waur rny thirntiuK to I a v e . h . you may 1: . s i-Mllp. s, d P. : (,-. 1. nniT-;fv, i h ,i : : - P.len. Holt o! ip' . d . ni n 'istli ire ; 1 . . 1 ot IV. i, A A 1 de i n i a it . 1 c -."ii.Hil - ; 1 ' i . I . lie W lllli'lie;-,,;, i P..C .lohli .1. 1 ' I I Ul) . s . i ' - e ,s s , . . ; i i.J : . . in ,1 1 1 n f r.d t l.e (.lace s t .1 . . 1 .1 '; 1 : ;: amine w is pro v des lor ; t he m's-:,.;.. State 1 )a .' l.e! e W . 1 1 r I. p. s tl. it in . m ei. t '. ! - a t I 1 y n : ;. : ; iio-ii.orv K-h. -si ,: A is 1 -i --t.il- tr-rs r in,- .ii a.l n.-n-r:. . i -in th-ir s'.,.f. 1: l -:. ; if i t i 1 1; r tli- . i 1 y . 1 1 u . i i i f v : : ! i I I U I. ; Ba.ii.. - :i t f 1 r , . OK th : ...ir in hi- .- I. W !, ,1 ' '' m:iy come from the S:ui Come from the North, .oi may hrinx all the drink that those countries bring forth : N '. I ii laugh theHj to ncorn. w bile v. ith ii ran ess I chm; lo m Kl"is of cM wi-iler dipped fresh from the spring. i wit!, her hot cup oi Th.it is j i-L the h- st ly c. iik Coniuiereial Ii CommenciDd after Tuedaj . January 1st, 180, th Old Domiciun Steamship Compat y will resume their eemi week ly tript, leavi'.g Xorfol k Moudsys an d FridiivH. making closo e.ririeeii..n for passengers ard freihtrt u ith th B S. P. Co 's (old Bay lini-) i'mnnrsan.i the Old Dominion liDe of K-team-hipK leav ing Baltimore and N - w Yoi k respective ly Wednesday s and Sinrdays p m. Heturnicg wiii 1 ;ve N-wheme for Norfolk rur-sJavH t.n 1'm.I January 4th, l5;'j. .v i.l hr of the new Beue.iu V o 1 mak in j eiose cooiit -i i-i. v Co 'b steaniers for I '. i' i in.. Dominion Hteamsh i t s f r There wiil ho no bc"t fio:i: ' erne on We neei !.. janl E. ii I. bill. h ( Fri.i !v .he Ii rrt 1 ri p 1 1-' m . 1 n o . n ) i", l; S V i.- ami O.d N . V i - ,: fr m X -a i s. A . . I !,' . ;i. l to.- r. iv ."s l 1 I 1 s. 01 the in s' i.,.; ni a i. d j . . an n a I eantitnlly n ;r OfUMday, W. Krues! Kenan, one excelled tn t he world . it h dy nam it- part daj wiahinj to toxa himself into a proptMt of ill ooneo, predicted that. If France cootmaed repoblioan. a woe Id b"H.-f)aie a sev-?nd Amer ica. G&XKKat. II AKlil.s N may der.ve bSwflt by reading th Iivee of the Presidents, bat i: has ben sag fMted that if be will avoid reading Uk Chicago platform he will make Us taak eaaier and the resn't !: Ur. Tax Wtlaiioton Mesaer has stared op?n its third volame. TbJw U a matter of rrcirat alation to tao pabiio no ksx than to the fJJw journal in whose prosperity if ortll Carolinians feel aa honorable pride. JCIXiS II KiiS.1 w. aa i Joa.ah Turner ara added to the list ot Senatorial candidal. If every aiXsXrhood brings oa; a car:d: data Baoaom may noC h elected oa tae SraC ballot, but w do not IiT a coasbmstioa ran made to defeat btm. rHOOXI.tos is reiorted from Dakota, a crevice in the earth gmita a volume ot steam, iccom pa!4 by a ttrotig alpharooa dor aad hat colored smoke; there It a dwp rambling sound, tnd the greaasl ia lit immediata neighbor fetood ia heated. I it a volcano T Dci'D Renaw taji : "The year cioaea with fenenl coofldenoe ralhar greater iaded than the praat itate o pricea and the rate , f oompenaatioo ia soaie of the aaoat iaaprtaat indoatrea appear to warrant, bat the marveloo.4 frowth o the country continue aad iaanrea as increasing demabd for prod acta at no distant day.'' ly popoLatioa and weaJth ail the Territoriaa o( the I nited States i raak thus: Dakota X),iiO), oJO, 000,000; L" t ah 10,000, 1 M,0O0i. Nov Mexico 17S,l. ai.W.iXW.OOO : Washington 16S,i10, rO,().0O) i Moatana I4O.0O), 70jX':o) ; An ion 12t),0, 73,0W,O3 . Idaho 100,000, 6o,X)0,t10 Wyoming SoOOO; Alaska Jt), $.'..,isoV Wil. Meaangvr. EXJJAXiX LlaKKl.s. .N .s study -iajc the lires of the Presidents. He kaa eoociadetl bis perasal of the Uf of George Washington and has had the grati Scat ion of seeing aonse thing familiar. He will next take ap John Adams, and will fee! perfectly at home aa be gos along Bat when he comes Jeffertoa he wl! b x s traage land. Oor. Hill, ct dropped from bis staff an who declared during the last ' ea-mpaiga that be would rather! bare tbe drinking saloons behind him tbau the churches. 1'y this the GoTfrncr clearly rr.a'kes a con ceasioa to the moral sentimeat of the coo a try which should te recog nl red. A PlKt.s d.spatch 1 lec. aaysi "The Chamber cf le; utirs today d;caased the Senate's amendment to the Hndget. In the course of debate Powet.er, of the Right, attacked the government far g-oiflg to extremes in 'cnlan.--Ing achool-s. Premier Florae: n reply declared his warmest j; .rov al ol everything :h: had bsen done to eeulai;-e -tii.l. Tie Itepnbl'.c, he sa i. i education frcm flaxice. Klotiet's celTrd with ec t ! and a mot -en '.. it tbrcoghent p; by a rote ot THE is-sue of ; Janaarr 1 wiii erery indaslry built in t ' em States in the ) ea: ry ooe enlarged and were projected. The leading branches show sn encouraging m crease. The total number of rail rod companies organ ved ia tbe Soath during the year was .'.V. TTw TraJeeman will say that the been Ojrnres do ndt ao moch show whatWin: . t ix1 a . a; rater rvower t n r 'ceo . The Pritish go eriiinen yet appointed a MieoCN.sor Sackville est potentiarv from the Court of St. ,lamen to the government ol the Pinted St ilen. Oar Minister, Mr. Phelps, is still m London, but, as official relations between the two countries are suspended, his retire n.ent mav be exjected at an early dav 1 here ar other matters in controversy between Great Hnt.im a-id the I'm ted State. The Pish enes has long lxen a prolific cause expicted tint ; he at teiidai.ee w . ... reacli u.ore t iian t h i ee t lioi; -.. . d . ot ilafi'lltClil, .lliu nuw uir 'iu- i.osed annexation of Canada is ..ppe.ir. as-mi.le e i f the . i m ! I n i . r-, his i;-, lot : t . vert y -! . n - r - -a : ; ii . ' i vo- h, '.11, I in hu d 4 : r i: --s h- i ;n- v. -! . .m ! e 1 it-- s . tie- i. : 1 1 h t v pr ' t I t i.e I i i f I : . e '. ten. A o J the najh : neverjjfe f.r me. A i her 1 1 1 e seem to smile ;ui. her e es Hi ir.-nni. r britf 'i t. i l sie"s mr that she ':- l. iiin vlie : i ink that 's just r ilit ' et M.me others there are. who'll lirnoy l.OSlst. i'o 'tis coffee that all sh..ld p!ac- :! st on the 1 i-1 : fiu' tr.tir (.cf.ee is inu.l.ni.d th- ir tea j ist as buil . At iio t i me i.i t country did line ll Oil W,-l;p. ;;i I no min .! ':.. ei, i tli an r '" :i i h . liusille.s.s i . Id. cote. hl.stol ;. ,1 i ills f Chi isi i.i n in i o j i:o ii ::ier( i Ch I Hie Ailvu - a r a t e r m v pu r - :-i mi I k r i o . .1 il . tc. it"r a? rtd as the ruby. wil u r r s.. m b.es t he d i Aimmd !, , f r .m its Thnii'-li th" vrorld is u i ior e ery Clio t) take .i tiler- npp(-,,is t, r' li--jo. t le and n o ki- d.ie . happy as w,- p...--. .dun is : we :, r e':i inri :!!-. and ei'. .ssin o- e.u h i,: h angles: uml ...;;. hj.-e e ( 1 1 . ; ; j ' . .i little, and on w 1 1 w i .nothet un H. et :-u H thw.irtinp ft at rijjht all niki;.oi s id .I Ur public men in Amei . l l,.i 1 unite. 1 to I'oMii.ii. ..pent lie of the Assemble in an addres the morn , ng ol .1 u n e P. . h . Fin whole Will lild tile ll UIl ! 11 iT .sr.s.s'.iill will be more : ntere.stiiig and v. uable than eer before and it is 1 i liat , tie .ltteliilai.ee w 1.1 1 N ". ' - r . : a m oi r ;i : . s, , . ; . : e i. . r . .i - n i isi-r .i.tiiir.cV a. th h.- I . n 1 t -1-r. v w i-c: es iu-r i.l i I'll: lie- 1 .-: -cik i.i.m il .; ii il - i :i p- t'. e. M -.:ui.N to h-r h .. : . A ; 1 w. e.s as !.. at. i , . - 1 1 . . I ,, r . . ;.er 1 . ve 11 1 lo r (, ., .. : .. I . lull. .1 1 i ;ii- in li.i' kijvt-i f ill" ii'ir n . v a I--iv ler.rsof .'l i-,iiu r .-. ' .-r-iw . . 1" h pe. or i :" i r. a j . ' l : i . : :: f re w p t . . a r 1 I. '.'.': r- i.. . Jir.:-- -h'dl rlnr.l f r in dead 1 '.he sunt.enms i i !-rei.. .r iaiinoi '. ii '.a!l rise . ii a Unified sphere. vermore in their orient Rplender i go down on the grave of the ear. .1 i .i. k to von r he; J u e -,,'-t : k 1 1 r. eu p. 1 toe -;r. . P t its glory t,ie up. ot t he ii-mpi-; setting our. o vet ued at Ii 'st "111! i l .1-1 lorces to N rej cre.it elevators and heavy tn everv miner, ami auo.u ... fccuvii .n... i r . t;:-.u ,...1..- , wh.rli enteri into the mfiit. 1 ne liuure r.nn.u ith its towards tbe I nited Mates n.is no Th. m e in Bh raintau forest wear ti arts and const rnt ion I . r . Vl.CgeS ot l i,,. mil .i t te :i d .nice is . 1 , ; i- as lie ret ('tore, ex'ended to all v. .eh ers and triends of educattou iu ttili and other States. T:;e im inbershiti the li.-st J T 1 .1. kn wm'er garden ..f the coast country een annonnceo, anu ooru ai.' . ,-in or.e hand and thezrfns and grasses of the Ohio and M ismss: po. valleys on the other, the Appa lachian region of the Sinth tortus the ba-sis of a m an u factur; n s coun try compared with w h ch any other ,)f our co n t : n e n t . or within . n e ror d, ts insigr.itican fit know n "The variety of soil in the South ern States is as great as that ol climate, and yet its resources mill one day be re'pired to meet the diversity of agriculture which ' will follow industrial d.versity in other fields. Here in the Sooth is the field up n wha h can tse created a home market and d.ffer 'inhome ir. ! ;:c'. o ns whether r i .the field, forest t m r.e. whose ! needei exe'aanges w.ii enrich ! while their grow-.ug den. and wtl. , tax, the sod of tin' V. es- a;..! r h . mdastrles of the Hast. To broadeu the general found a tions of oor continental comm. a wealth, by bringing into supporting i relatione, the wealth, institutions aad interests ol tbe South, is the ntinished work of the war. War is bat the regr guard of ciriliation. Its task is to hold the ground until the broken lines ot progress can 1 formed anew for a still further ad vance. The hooihouse, the m ill. th lurnace, tne mine, connected by railroads, aad the iople who man and operate -.hem. must stitute the xrmanent forts garrisons. p. this quer. Al. can he! ail must share in . . 1- - 1 Wa mffAr (T, mav conciuoeio noiu m ujaLin aboN-ni-e until tbe Harrison ad t.r.niitrat mn is inaugurated. The litest indications point to Mr. Chauncey M. Depew. of New iork, .i-s President Harrison's Secretary of State. He is Doted for his courtesy and conservatism, and would employ consummate : n : on skill aolnt t ; o n s . If M the pro! He 1. w : t h an v s ti t lul f all international ipies ringing itmut a peace fees will nt it dnetions of ra: charges. The 1 pt-r d i for day tor males. At the clo hlltidted teac Weeks' t i .11 r to en tire e j -ei. s, charges w.d drcd and tlf' party will g i ( 'onst a n t : n op' server. ,e liii-n. tiers to an re Iroad 1 .(tes ,,.d 'hotel i:..t 1 I ill s w ill be ! e n i a 1 e s ,i : ; d ; J e i e ( . tilt: M-s.sp.n i .Ii i hers u ill make a six P i: 1 1 .pe. on w h i cii t lie of t i avel and hotel not rirt'i il one hum y dollars each. The as lar as i'aris and e News and 1 1) h id spok to v onr husban ( el .eh iir.i-il ii- d o;i oo pi i. nd to admit it ? is, and ever w;M tn oelillls . K 1 v itr eiit I iter.iry Iliscov i v . ! ' .s now 1 1 1 ; 1 1 1 fifty yea is .s.nce .. llaiopean .scholars made the ' i ein. ii k il.iie literary discovery : c.-nt ury, t he existence of t lie K i.v.i'a, or Finnish epic poem, i i epic had never been committed i w riting by the people of Finland, bu; had floated from generation to generation down the ages by repe tition from one to the other. While there were men among the Finns who made it almo&t their business in life to preserve and perpetuate the Kalevala, the poem was the common property of the people Onestions for a Wife. ! nu recollect uh.it your feel ng were immoili.itilv after von unkind word and was recited bv them over their M;;.s. .' ...V.L..V. b S.m.T !!!' -,Vkl f should ,si y Li- Ufod .'. ' ... ii. i teething it roolh- h the lOiio -. i,. toe kuujs. h i a.l pain, eui -.,.' colic, if. i - toe oe-t r-.e '. -V; i ;- ni-v -live cent - .. i l. A dagger eighteen in in s !,,;.-. ' of fin est stct I inlaid ith id .f-u- of gold engiaved in Arabic chaiac ters, was found :, tt ly by a hei ds- man in Gillespie county, Tex., and i it is thought to be a'relic of tbe i time of Cortez, and to have been! originally bought or captured from the Moors by some grandee of! Spain. 1 The Earliest Pea in the World. j- BUIST'S FARLYftIORNINGQTAR Besides beinjr the KAKLIKST, is the HAKDIKsT and MOST PRODUCTIVE variety ever introduicd. Plant tlieui and s- llu MARVELOUS result. Sold only in our leaded sealed 'J-tniftlicl sacks. Per bushel, 4.0. Ten bushel- .'2r per bushel. BUISTS PREMIER EXTRA EARLY PEA The STANDARD VARIETY with MARKET OAItDENERH. Per bushel, 3.75. Ten bushels, 3.50 per bushel. Send for our SOUTHERN GARDEN MANCAI, for IHSS-just issued. ROBERT BU IST, Jr. .Seed C rower. PHILADELPHIA, PA. KINSET HCH00L, Cd you not ' i d. and yet ' That was, our evil tires during the long winter months. These recitations were antiphonal in character, alternate lines being SHE I '(iR.lTEFtL.' I - --d the i f - ..f my l.ttlegol l,y h ; pr.-mj.t uef Ir. Ark-r's ltnir!ih "Ketr.e.ly , l.r Conpumpiii ri Mns V.t. V. H.inin' MAN. .rV luri. i ,v 11. 1',-rrv Vw I N C. ' " I i f 'JvWsiafcs a -.r" Dissolution. given bv each to the music of the ! B. the temper which rude native harp. labors incessantly to destroy your Thls wonderful poem , the crea .e..ce, which chea's 30:1 with an tioQ 0f ;M1 unknown author fif ei! delusion tint your husband ' iri,ipeil it be the work of one audi The firiu of TS03. GATES & CO deserved your anger, when he really not 0f m;VDV minds), has sung itself most required your love. It is the ; fl,r centuries, into, if not out of, the cancer winch feeds on those tin- . hL.art of a whole nation. "The speakable emotions ,o;i f ,1 1 on the pnconscions is alone the Complete," first pressure of his hand ami hp. 1 aua lt SPPms t0 have baen Doured Plaine is made Secretaiy em becomei more difticult. mind enough to grapple 1 e c t . out Nt ejr in ( hiria Good cheer and good res a u: OUS his are now in or lor this Is tii human race. an :m lor ail over the world, hoi. day t ime oJ" the .lL'iti as well as ( "nns per: mis spirit that cannot b deinamis nd to of d; ever charging plo.T. a.-y . 'e tru.s; that l't' wdi te made memorable by the honorable ad-ls- tnent of onr foreign affairs. t ; a n . T.'io 1 r there a ; e ii a pp. ly t here wi-re a ) ua; ago, eiij v a ! Ii ree Jones County Items. preparing for laves, of whom not mi man as r of a centurT la .' bamitiet of I ;" fieedom t the close of the year, (luring tna: seeiu.ng pause ot our ta.sk in as'er. the sun. as he ; 111 ns to retrace Ins app a : t 1, . .its, : i . ; , 01 g h the heav ens. livery people ceh-tuate.s the les five seaim in i's own way, and with such means as it ian command. , Mrs. llrce,of the Pngli.sii Mission th our colored , m China, renortsth.it the Chinese Never forget the manner 111 which ' out mstincti vel v as the song of a the dunes of that calling can alone , uir,i from the " promptings of an be tuliilled. If onr husband i ! iard impulse. Tbe vigor of its hasty, your example of patie-me Iin(..s anj tiiejr naire simplicity will dude as well as teach him. ,.0ntinuallv remind the reader of iour violence may alienate Ins Homer. heart, and your neglect impel him j The ' publication of Hiawatha, to desperation. 1 our soothing will 1 bv Longfellow, at once raised the redeem him your softness su bdue j ,luestiou as to whether he had taken him : and the good natured twinkle j lt rom tlie Kalevala. As mar be of those eyes, now tilling beautifully Sf,Pn i,v anyone who will compare with priceless tears, will make him j the tW0( tne resemblances are more than striking. Had Mr. Longfellow mi r own. Px. Farmers are busy this ear's crop. I Much moving w inenils who are aa usual looking ; employ the firecracker to a proditr tor that better plac. ious extent in testifv ing t lieir joy at Several of oar farmers say t hat 1 t he com ing 1 u of t he ear. In the they Intend to increase, their crop third night of her residence among ol borne scpplies this year 1 the Celestials, she was roused from con-and w e co n - : n ne wor the reward. we .earn to m we shal. iove rii w each other letter j The Jones County Farmers Al liance will convene at Trenton on Friday next, the Ith inst. Trenton has during the holidays beea a calm, quiet place not much of the ( be joyful" nsed. What a change daring the last few years. The weather prophet are again predicting a wet summer. All who ; j are believers in their prophesy had better go to using the spade and shovel in their old ditches. We had no accidents of any kind As 1 up here during Christmas; none in the deep sleep ol midnight by- universal discharge of flu-crackers and other explosives. The noise announced the new year, and had the additional utility of driving away all the evil sp'.rit-j that might be lurkmg about to disturb the gayety of the festal mom. Not that the mocking Chinaman has much belief in evil spirits. He loves his firecrackers: he dotes tiKn a multitudinous noise, ana he mentions the evil spirits by way of an eicne for his weakness. In other particulars, the people ol ier more. As industries mu.i.: . cecii"uaojm 1 me countv mat we nave neani 01, 1 ( t,n , ,,k,,A, HTl.,.M,.nr sns nt M.p . . - ... . I 1 ' 1 ( (.-., I t- . . n i .- wa. 1 ne new ..nes .0 rairp. .-ii. v. i'. 1 rx-emninz of ttie vear: thev 1 horn as jer :n a w... pa.as a tv for nr. el : M wrl 1 a--. : ii e Sou', ii. and po ami tears w i.l All th.s can in a irir. I'. t piciou.sly . 1 : emit r. o 1 u r political heavens ben'v. :'. mav n.stlv as the dawn of a bright a oas era :n Anter.c in h'.sto: P. at how bre.tks the New North 'aredma Tins Ne morn is moat pro; :; .. us , 1 div.de the ,0. white otirs of t : ca 1 r a-e pre; a . bsappear." ot l- ac i 1 s.s'. I .l.e ales '. a m e . b u ' red the ices vear : t he v n;iv t .... e.rlir . - - jiavsvn.e. wno ieu 110111 iiis uu;(t their debts, arrav themsHvee in and was killed. Dew. t.0thcs. and distribute gifts. "e have heard of two case ol : They make a great point of pay horse stealing in our county during ! in g their debts, so as to start fair the last two weeks. Mr. Hargett ! with the new eai : and il anv man unhappy omplisiied of Polloksville, and Henry Mnrrill pens aus- 1 colored, near Trenton, have both had a horse stolen . Corn is selling here, we learn, at 'si and To cents per bushel. We suppose that lefore June many will have to pay mach more than this. Fodder one dollar per cwt. anil very little to sell at that price. The prisoners in jail at Trenton came near making their escap by ripping off some of the steel bars t March light the supernal regarded ml gior;- ear on Y ear 's the holiday Kung-s'ii' or , has .he gentle There :s no; l'here are ; near the elevator a few nights ago. clouds :n the 1 la-stern sk v, bu thev. The prisoners are liobert Smith, are a.s the fringe of imperial r-ds. Hay woo.1 Smith and John Cox, all 1 (.. 1 1 i.i . The Free W ill l'.aptiots held a m ion meeting at their new church ul PI . near Trenton on Fndav, Saturdav and Snniiay. There were a large crowd in attendance on Sundav re d t a o r e rs-ate I -ss m.iif broad :-. c.ous '.e 1 ' .Ol ed hanst and o w::'u gra;:i man. From Tt mi. ase . t .s a f'i'v m c Q n '. a : - s j : ' n a po' :n t than this. s t h ere'. t n.itier a 1 a . n s ' ii 1 ' :e South u r own is so unhappy as to be una the to pay all that he owes, he pay s as much as he can. and his creditors are bound in honor and decency not to press him for the rest until season is over. A 1 rt'j sh c .'" say s every man to his hieml, when he meets him on New Year's morning. His friend lm low, and repeats the words, Juni V .' uni slit ."' The meaning is, "I congratulate you," or, as wo say, -T wish you a happy New Year." We bow to our readers at this j.iyl'ul season, and say to each of t hem, with all siu eoiity and heartiness "Kl'Ni; SHI' ' K '''; SHE 1" Selected. see n i ; The :: rah o: I . .s ". r i 1 1 v e g - at-.d a I II ' S M' s I corn ::. to ne -. .1 r : e ces ne.-:ta-re.pie g.srl.,..l 'tad ..pistrie '. 1 . e .4 li ; , I ' ' e A me s m e a 1 '. h , reward, golden I,;., ni.! A ' Ian tn our ca is en! y t he 1 11 an . da: ne of . 1 r .1 - - tree ; u : 1 s t ; r :: t a a ce " as re piause placard u (V a rr ed man. ward r:er t ne v :i vi-r .re :n :: ..1:1 n ' Tne P . he Trad. -ii. ci . n '. a : n a ie s S.S.S a 1 . OMth also that d N .1 iron 'A ..a com n; er . e 1 : , a N o r 1 1 . 1 4 : en v.oi; s 01 ' h ; 'at we are eal. and am 'a. 1 10 a 1 m e u ; For reasons hens. hie to ord.nary m.nds. fairest pare of North 1 aroi.na ganlen sped of the world- perm, t ted 'o ianguisli d' t he fas : en 11 g care 0 ; last, Ke. (I . W. Harrison gave ti.ein a good sermon. The Christmas tree at Trenton on ( hnstmas eve was a grand success. The tree was literally loaded with pre.eii's which kept Santa Clans busy nearly four hours to distribute them. The old, the young, the motherless, the la'herless were ail made glad. The old oourthoOhO was nearly tilled to overflowing. Perything parsed oil' nicely; all were in the be.st ol good humoi. 'e would like to see our next Legislature make the attempt to s'anij. 1 nt i.og cliolera in N'mth Carolina, like some of the States li done to prevent the spread ot ca- le disease, bv passing stringent otlsprm npeiiiiig larmers wiio have t have the disease to re : sick hogs fi (Mn t he and shut them up where : i.ogs can't get to them, and alien one d.es bury him. Lis waiter and spring the citir.ens ot Trenton township had the cholera brought in their midst and lost er tive hundred hogs, by an old lion to Have Health? Swine. Keep iarge and small separate and not more than ten m a lot. Feed regularly and liberally of wholesome ...nl, a! .v.iy some bulky food, and let each teed be eaten Up clean before more is e; vi-n. (Pve wallowing places, ashes, charcoal, and salt, ,iiid plenty ol exercise in timber pa-tures vield . a s nogs in . . r a n g ing sh ide, roots, nut Put 110 doubly s. ured Provide ventilated ind. rain and snow. Hogs with litter get you wish disease, put t he straw pile. Maintain elear.l;:. tilings, i .reed on .y m and ne er fi 0111 a sin I 1 in ma' u n an : in a 1 s is pre.i i-p..-1 tiive pure w ati pro; ec'ed !ro: acoiiis, e'c. ops. elters Irom ut no litter. 1 wa 1 in . f .;r hogs to I he MflguituJe of the Karth i According to a recent authority, ;:he circumference of the globe is , t wen ty-tive thousand and twenty miles. It is not a.s easy to compre hend so stupendous a circle as it is to put down its extent in figures. It becomes mere palpable, perhaps, by comparison, such as this: a rail way tram travelling incessantly night and day, at the rate of twenty -tive miles an hour, would reijuire six weeks to go around it. The cubical bulk of the earth is two hundred and sixty thousand millions of cubic miles. If the ma terials which form the globe were built up in the form of a colarnn, having a pedest al of the magnitude ol England and Wales, the height of the column would be nearly four and a half millions of miles. A tunnel through the earth, from Fngland to New Zealand, would be nearly eight thousand miles long. Mutual I'orhcarame Tne house wil! be kept iu tuimoil whoie there is no toleration of mis takes, no lenity shown to failings, no meek .submission to injuries, no so t answer to turn away wrath. If you lay a single stick of wood in the grate and apply lire to it, it will go out : 1 ii t on another stick, and they "ill bum; ami half a doen. and you will have an effec tive bla.e. Tliere are other tires subject to the same condition, if one mem ber of a family gets into a passion, and is left alone, lie will cool down, and possibly be ashamed and re pent. But oppose temper to tem per, let one harsh answer be lol iowed by another, and there will soon be a bla.e which will enwrap them all in its burning heat. Fx.. Sae iour limliir. The following resolution wa adopted by the N. C. State Grange at Kiustou and the secretary ie quested to have it published : Whereas. .Many of the farmers of N'orth Carolina are selling the tim ber from their lands, many of the contracts under deed, running for .ifteen years, and many, of said land owners are not using due judg ment iu reserving timber suQicient for their farm use, therefore Resolved. That we warn larmers against s.ii;ng timber w i- hout fully protecting themselves by way ol reserving a supply siiilicictit for all farm purposes ,1 , osli 1 ,:i! 1 ti gs s.;s 1 1 lie best uiedisin 1 kno for the inniati is to thank the Lord it ain't t he gout." 1 e ,s s i'ii' w 1 .a a 1 e .1 1 1: ni a I s eld. Th. s harn to tell linn in principle r. I: :i ; so ' Im 1 1 m s 1 : :s ol 1 1 ter w a t er is in nor bikew. fr em er. ( 1. ponds ,.r poois is , Pigs .should be : spr ; n g a ii d kept foods rn ;lk. br 1:1 ry e, ctrasses, until late 1. 1.1 on corn mostl blue grass, pumpk: tatoes and turnips steamed clover ha v. . . i e ilt .r pampeled to disease. til deep Wt il.s wa'er. Well id :n w .nvi m:. Wa-.r by -i-iiiig- . .se 1 I ei . 1 1 P g w ill in 1.11 ly on growing -. . a' s. green waet corn feu rapidly. - ' green ly e. bo. led o- i'li In an. Amei ic.in Sometimes it w het her a man or simply obstinate, but the man himself never expresses any doubt. Guard your tempers, especially : 11 IM,- tid trout. I a' els ii! h-i-.o. ii'iu ill health, irritation ami soften them for a M-rise 1 I cur own invented this verse, it would stand as the most brilliant achievement of his life, and give him a fair claim to be called poet in the emphatic sense of the word. And although his name could never have been associated with it adjectively, as that of SpeDser with his measure, posterity would not have been un mindful of his fame. . But the resemblance does not lie in the metre only. The general plan and structure of the poems are the same. air. Schoolcraft's Algic lie searches and History of the Indian Tribes, which furnish the chief staple of the SoDg of Hiawatha, contains nothiDg but loose, dis jointed, independent, fragmentary legends. There is no relation be tween them no such thing as a connected tale of Hiawatha and his exploits, taken down from the mouth of Indian bard or musician ; in other words, no nucleus of an epic. All this is the work of the poet, who has evidently chosen Kaievala as his model. The runes are alike; the preludes are alike Both heroes are mythological per sonages. After numberless magical adventures, YVainamoinen takes his departure at the birtn of the Christ Child; Hiawatha, after lead ing a life similar in every respectj retires at the approach of the Jenit missionary. Both departed in like manner sailed away far over the blue waves and disappeared from the eyes of the spectators into the horizon, their boats hanging mid way between heaven and eaith. "Were there nothing else to inter est us in the latest translation of the Kalevala, such a charge would be sufficient. But in point of fact the poem is full of beautiful image ry, and it breathes a spirit as racy and as unique as anything in litera ture. Current Literature. Cavillers. Defend us from people who will -cavil on tho ninth part of a hair !" It is painful to argue with your in veterate objectionist who will ad mit nothing, take nothing for granted, however palpable, but who compels you to re establish patent facts, and ruargue questions that have been settled for ages. The best way to deal with one of these iuGnitesimal casuists is to let him severely alone. Of all the bores one meets with in society, the man who demurs to everything, tho mere phrase catch er, who is always on the watch to trip you up on a technicality, or coiner you with a quibble, is the most detestable. We would rather play foot ball with a hedgehog than chop logic with a fellow who in trenches himself behind abreast work of evasions, and whose main object is not to be convinced. Noth ing can be learned of such people, nothing can be taught them. have this day dissolved by mutual con sent, having closed out their entire stock of (oods wiil discontinue the ftrocery business. All persons indebted to paia firm are hereby requested to make immediate payment to Thos. Gates, who will collect all accounts ana pay an Haoiiities of the late firm THOS. GATES. E. H. BARNUM. Mr. K. R Jones having bought out our entire stock of gooda. we cheerful ly refer all our customers and friends to him for goods in hia line, knowing that all who trust their business to his care will receive prompt and careful attention and will find Mr. Jones to be a most courteous, affable and correct gentleman. Thos Gates, jac3 bf.; E. H. Babnum. Go to F. S. DUFFY DRUGGIST, A.D Bi y DRUGS & MEDICINES CHEAP FOR CASH. The best asortment of Trusses In ihe clty K large, varied and select stock of Perfu mery and Fine Hoaps. A cholco assortment of Fine and Cheap Cigars. fceeds for Trucking and Garden Planting, to arrive. Hat-Plumes, Feather-Fans, Mounted Birds, Feather Work and Fancy Articles made by Miss A. W. Duffy. Also, a handsome collection of Chrlntmas Goods and sundries, all of which we offer at the VERY LOWEST PRICES for CASH. deel dwtf p. s. prjf FY, For Girls and Young Ladies. Spring Session of 1889. Opens January 16th. tt-" Write for Catalogue to JOSEPH KIMSEY, Principal. istm as 1 te Do not spend your morn ; your Husband, Brother or I eal! I , ri ' line fill for VALUABLE CITY PROPERTY As agents for owners we offer for sale on easy tuii accommodating terms the follow log described Improved Real Estate In the CllyorjNeT Bern: No. 1. WHARF PROPERTY AT UNIO.N rviisi ; inciuaes me piece or land known af lilt. l&iAjSD. ara tne wharf or roadway leading ineravo irom list Front etieeL. Also, water space now being filled In. The location is tne Dest in tne city for all manu facturlng purposes. whll the largest omft visiting our waters have ample depth Qf water ior loaning anu unloading at the wnari. No. 2. TWO HOUSES AND DOTS Al L-MU.m MUM, occup ed as dwellings. No. U. HABVKV WHARF PROPERTY Including part of water front of Lot No. 12. In the plan of the city. Upon the property ib iuaLvu t tuiiimumiiiii oncK warenouse The O. D. H. 8. C. use a portion of the prop erty. No. 1. THE IRON FRONT WAREHOUSE ON GRAVEN (STREET. No. 5. BRICK MOKE AND DWELLING u.i OKA t. SIKEH' occupied by II. O. E. A full description of this valuable DroDer ty, together with the best terms upon which the same will be sold, nil. be furnished on application to the undersigned at their offlcti inaoum rioni street. WATSON & STREET, decfldwtf Ins and Real Estate Agts. ScheduleB" Tax. NOTICE. Office Reqister of Deeds, Craven Co Newbern, Dec. 28, 1888. All Merchants, Traders, Liquor Deal era, Keepers of Ferries, Commission Merchants, Auctioneers, and all others in Craven county who are required to list their purchases, reoeipts or sales, under Schedule "B" of the Revenue Laws of North Carolina, are hereby notified to liat the same with the under signed at his office during the FIRST TEN DAYS IN JANUARY, 1889. The said liata must contain all purchases or receipts, as the case may be. for six months ending Dec. 31st, 1888, and Bhould be sworn to and subscribed be. fore the Register of Deeds. All persons failinz to list before the 10th of January, 1889, will be subject to a double tax. Retail liquor dealers will take notice that they must obtain permit from the Board of Commissioners, at the meeting in January next, for the ensuing twelve montks, before obtaining; a licence to sell liquors by the retail. ORLANDO HUBBS, Rsgister of Deeds, (Il'cSS dwti Craven Co., N. C el I k4 actaJlj bn bailt m they in dicate tb wide diversity nl an mLiUJtble drift of ntTpris and cadMTor ia th Southern yute, cil.'red wiiinnii from leaver creek tcwnhip moving here and bring ii:,; wi;h her two or three little knotty pig t hat were .nick and were turned out iu the range. Would it nut 1) nzht to comnel farmers who move from one towhihip to another A pricul: nri.ir . to have their hogs inspected before they turn them oat in the raDge, and if they are guaected of beinj; sick, have them shut np where other hoe; can't reach them ? If cur Legislature won't take it in hand I ho(ve oar brothers in the Alliance will take hold it, and, as it said that we have bursted the Hagging Trust, let us now make an effort towards bursting the hog cholera. We confldentlv believe first dose that sin slept ail iiit;ht and that hog cholera can be prerented with one bottle has rtven miraruU.uily Irnm . , ro a ,1 , n r amr.ncT hncra in.t a a Cured. Her niniMfl Mrs. I.uthi-r Lut;-.." o .,an-.rr..l rh-r- "' .I .ir ! : Thus .riW r. H.mr.eh A- Co.. of ii -o o u-. i cn M OUJBU ivi Litii muuuc Rhlhv. l f',t S.,itl fr.. i 1 -lid .1 le.il II I llne.-i .earn i Ti. .lite I "ppo I e-ht 1 i.e w a -. l . . 'in p r e t he the h as for t lie ve. the pie a w .4 1 e !;.-ation of the .ntna v'.) will lie the moot Al. ii v ; i in ii :n. ii . : : i --; n u he n i :s a.r.ri: ;. 1 pr.Nidi- ( () M M 1' I I ,) A I Hi. , i o en r we rn a many i ili evel i cn.ii ner iIdii, : im ll na I:.. v r k t n i . State. I.e: the Iliceu Legislature and he pe to a proper rea tion, and A Wo.nau'a Dlro. rrj , 'Another wonderful di.ieovory liao been ma.le sn.l that too by a la.ly in this county. Disease fastened in clutches upon her and for seven years she with stood its several tests, but her vital or gans were undermined and death seemed imminent. Ki.r three months she coughed incessintly and could not leep. hc tiought of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Dmcovery fur C'on-iuniption anu was po mucn relieve. l on tasinc lernjc : 1 v i. :. i-.it c" ';i -in.; !- . and per-'i:r--r.-!iitw. .a-, and Lv.n radical cure 1 ft : 1 Nrrv.ni.i 1 t.-d its wen Md demoostnsfce tae rapiu glorious year m our historv t .vectioa U Bakioff towards be " : coming ta naaafctnrtac region katfltted It tor. ' re n0 rrophecies o( evil for 1S9. ! hnman beiDs. Duffy 'e drug store. N. . y. u ... .. - ,...i. in . s-:. i,h r v : :. . 1 ' . ! r ii-ni. d - 1". r i :. - n--i tn.-iiieii t .'lire . r i . ti -'.i ii. ;c : Catarrh, A?thi.:a and all Tlir Aflrciiuiip, als.i a posi-.iv ar. f . 1 1- N-rvrius Pi bili'y ni; 1 Con. I'laint-, afif-r l.ainc.' t."- derful 'iira'iv-- iov.rs in rhtvisimds t.f canes, U.s luit it Lis duty t i!.ake it kn.iwu to 1. is m. iT.-rir e fed im j. Aituati.I by this motive and ii desire t. r.-lieve human suf- I will seiid free of clc'.rgp. to all u lio d-sir- it. ti.U leeipe in (leriuan, 1'reiioli or Kn-iisL w :'.!i full i:n-c: -ns for pr. -..-irii'ir and t.-lu.'. S-". nt oy mail by ad- drt-iEg with s-.aii.p. nar.:ir.- th;s pajier. W. A. N.ivhs 1-!'J 1' ivi-r's 'er. N'. V. 1 "Ho Means Well Enough. " (h! no doubt : but the question i is, why doesn't he behave aa well ,i-i he means ? Wh,it is the use of a man's bein o odd and contrary that nobody knows what to make of him, unless he has an ap dogisd and an interpretei always nt hand ro explain. Isn't It rist as cheaji, in the long : run, tu ie j,rood-natnred and polite, as to be morose and HiilyT And dues not a man feel better iu his own secret heart when he id con scious ol being- attractive than he does when the shrinking and un cei tain air of those who are obliged to approach him, proclaims that he is ollensive! Certainly lie does, for our thoughts are always busy sitting in judgment on our own selves. TO ADVERTISERS. A list of 1000 newspapers divided Into STATUS AND SECTIONS will be sent on application FRE, To those who want their advert'slrg to pay. we can offer no better medium for trior ough aDd effective work than the venous Dcciiuu, yM uui BCirci J.ucai List GEO I KUWELL & CO Newspaper AdvertUlDK H.irior. notl8 dwlm iu Soiuce street. New York. Shirts, Underwear, Hosiery, Collars and Cuffs, Gloves, Neckwear, Silk and Linen Hand kerchiefs, Umbrellas, HOWARD il'; : :!. Valises, Rubber Coats for Men and Boys, Initial Scarf Pins, Cuffs and Collars, Buttons, Eoys' Plaid Ties, Etc., Etc., Etc. JONES. Voters o Public ftrai A X I ) Count; enerally ! mi T A K K M)TI (.'!;, TII AT AT JSrm JEr". "37- P'atterson's Clothing and Shoe Store, Two doors north of FJoiel Albert, Slid. Well Selected Line of ClottLing, t. v . ii w.ii find a Large and Be it reniriubi ; il . .-.i . :. !.- taken hack and rtinr-ev i. li.i i. : Mr. S R. Hai.i. v. ill -I. ,1, r t Thanking the public for p::-r Clotlis, Carpets, Oiofhing in Varkty. nt inv t.r. i r , : ftrcii .11. . ri 1 1 n nan Uoepcctfully your eta. i-t. F. T. PATTERSON. mm Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained, and all Pat ent business conducted for Moochate Fei. .- 1 - j w rruo it u. s. r.TE.TUF. rr aua we can secure patent in less time than thoso icmuie irom v. aeninfirton. sena model, drawing or photo., with descrip tion. We advise, if CAtenUhlo m nnl i. charge. Our fee not due till patent Is secured. A Pamphlct, "How to Obtain Patents," with names of actual clients in your State county or town, sent free. Address, C.A.SNOW&CO. Opp. patent Ofrict. Washinqton. d. C. J. W. STE Sale and Liver) Stable, "Trouble commences early in life, ' ' wr heard a young wife say, when she sent for a bottle of Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup, to cure the baby. Jr . l..-.l .IM.I.I. I.IM, ill low uiaiariai uibiihipi ... abound in tho south and west, people rind it necessary to keep a few boxes I i ..! l n n .1 A B A 'iiTock.' Roches' i Pure and powerful tonic it is a general j LOWEST PRICES IN AMERICA. Standard, Iteliabl Initruvnenlt at Lowtrnt price Arnwn No competition tcith Cheap, inferior Imtrvtnmtt. REDUCED PRICES, SPECIAL. OFFERS, PIANOS S200. ORGANS $65 3 Stringed. IHOct.U Joriirht. 1 Rosewood Oasa. Vour 8ts RaaiIr F.Ihtb Stops. Couplers. Fine OaA STOOL, COVER, INSTRUCTOR ALL FREIGHT PUIS harvest NtocU Houtb. aoo styles and Prlee i Pla.no-10 Monthly. Organs 5 Monlhls Hncen Fair Uontrsct No Risk No Forfeit 11 O V I W 1 V LjOW lime en ces rsir uontrsct No Kih. urn of Oah nid SIX BPHniAt. OUTrftTIH Free Paper. Sharps and Flats," givinc foil in forma ti. I nnnru a. datco SOUTHtRN MUSIC HOUSE, SAVANNAH, SA, Send fd HGSf Just received, the finest lot of Young Mules and Horses ever Lroueht to Eastern North Carolina. 'oad Street, -New Berne, N. C. augvrrjwif Gaston Ho:so Barber Shop. To the Citizens of Craven Co. Tho Tax Lint for T-m ia now in my Prof. W. H. Shepard ii now rnniiinrr four chairs and has secured tbo nei i( en of liarper of Ooldsboro, a bkilled barber. Good shaye.JlO centd: hair cutting' 20 cenrt haiuln for colli ction. I'll ase come for ward nml settle the himio luim iliiitely and lliu-. tiave cumI and troul le. D. 8TIMSON, Sheriff. Now Berne, Nov. 10, 18, tf I 3 1 i r r . - t -..." - -4 ' , i - " iji-W s..u n. in ,aju- 3- C r r . . t . V ...

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