THE JOURNAL. sxwBrraz. w. c. Jan. it IIMN M ln st ) r lis ii imr. EDITORIAL J0TT2. tK9 o TXJt laadry einl appropr; it ion kill f fTf rJ4,i52 tjoylac an oatbartt of aTia.i that br:h. hoi'.ih. :renr. TaitB mo b no solid relif-.ocui boanty. Hartvetcr xcpc found?! on oltd rtfifloas conviction Ox tut TueJi; Senator Sa.r BBn in trod ace-1 a bull tended to prevent fraud :n fatur- fction. Til K colon' d meu who wici to bs) prntd in the Harr-.ion b; SC are still ;n t,h l:k : t win. THE Ahlxrv 'oar:ir js. :h Governor' maniion n ihrvJambo" for ecru id ratio a in the Igisl-stare. A OAS Lint exploded in I'.roo. tjtt Weioe3iT which sin- t :.r whole Citj. ba; no con aider. Me tLtmftge ls reported Ox TaedT Democrat. o Sen a tors BVAde amaccsMtsfai efforts to entr.tti-;n( t pal bgjinj mtnsu on the i ro? Ultt. Th Trust triumph .vs ani!. . Ths Republican of the Tenne to LeCiaiAtarw hare unite! in in toning Won. Baxter for a ple in Mr. UaxTiaoa's l abtnet. FAITH is that act iml h.bit of th toul by which the ide of .od U broaght in from the fr distance Old enthroned over character and OTe life. GOT. GafcJLV of "ew Jersey. ;o his menip to the jcislatur, Baakea a ttroDf and clear ly reaaoned pJea for a ballo. fortn law in that State. A deadly cyclone swept through rennajlrania cities davv Aaj. It tu especially vere at Pittabarg', throwing down building aad destroying life. NEW BERJE. THE GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE. The city of New Berne, in the Governor Scales' message to the connty of Craven and State of Legislature is an able State paper. North Carolina, is beautifully situ- There is no flourish, no raphody. ated at the confluence of the Nen-e It is a straightforward business and the Trent. document and r mmendi itself to The climate ; so ruild that the people of the State by its in- winter and spring meet on half tnnsie merits. way ground and blend in biissfu! The Governor first union. Summer comes, and the finances of the State, and shows gentile e. breeres with that they are in tiower and loaf, trestied v.r-.e and condition. ' -ti-J '""r ,r-g--jYi,iT'iiiw-, t TICK i.r W li 1- vKMHI.Y. k n v i ; Ki f ih- 'ill J, ill I' --ion if 1 1 : f Miht cr.-r i. o A rn i-l .. i nt no. in :. .!:,! the' f Cler. in ' iv b u i . 1 o 1 v t o .1 i . b. .tii.l Around a1::: the c ; y t'u wol. abound in game and the waters tea in wth rishes. Peer, turkeys. duck. s:.:p a:il q iai. : mai-kerel, trou", mu'.'e', and whatarer e!si roams the f.ircst.s and sw.nis '.he waters are here to charm the s : r t -m a:i ad ib-bht the epicure. New Iern- a n a ni e !' w :,;ch sbe bj well be proud. Her early dys rival the mo-st enrapturing picture of romantic lancy. bn, leaving the past in t b. e s.icrrd ar chives of .mperishable h .story, sh. rests i: r cla.m.s to honorable dis tinction n : :i 'i.e ;reent. and the eail out Tlit n p. i. . . Ig . a'. u r e t Irut to il.-it ever v member when I ' r ( p i .1 1-r. Sente "... or. in HuKa ji-rfijrni-.: OHslders the Houe. A :: ini't are a ft u N t t r 1 1 . n ! a r The r e ar m r; 1 t i t. i mot Satisfactory two are in thi Scnr.. Whrn rn.H.' r.'li whs ctib-.i K whs found th'. ihrH wi-re imiU'IU in two 1'he whuU value ot real and per- ditru-ui in T;h J. J. (ir. m coLt-'stfii nal property is J 1 7, 7,o s i. ' f Halifax, and in 1 ' '.'bth A Xi I. nK- ".r.lcneJ lint .f J. T. The Auditor and Treasurer U'th i.fKrani. n the opinion that, in order senate e.ecu.i a i-. -:!.-.ts. u .M. to meet the expenditures ot tne ton rt(l(11Da rU.rk wii-y . button, next two ear. it will ! neceasary doorkeepvr. A M NVMe. axsistant . , door k eeer . M ; k e lra ilia w . er.t; r issinK to :..vy a Mini thirty cents on cerk . The,e w,rt, sll n,morrH1,. u,. the one hundred dollar' worth of nomine chourn list nuht The Ke- Tl, w 1.- fw..n r.n, ere.1 uu.u.u.. .hi u; . . .. i. an s ot t he drum tition lroni citiens of Iredell coun- instruction to our members in Con y. rt'.jufstin tr the repeal of the . gress, requesting their efforts to iiierciiiuit.s' urch.ige tax. : secure a geological survey of cen- l!y Mr, Moore: Joint resolution , tral and western North Carolina. repn-:ni g our Senators and mem-1 1'laced on the calendar, lienor Congress to use their best I5v Mr. Pitt- .Toint for the irnmediato and total resolution unthorizine' the (Com missioner of Agriculture to offer William H. INSURANCE etl'oi abolition ot the internal revoi ue takes. M ade speeial order fort lie AGrENT, ADJUSTER. & NO co :. cur list tie lore her. See her ta ia a ml property neci-asarv bv the I mers tax. under a decision o Supreme Court, In-lieved to be ap plicable to our State, that the law was unconstitutional, and the re duction of tax in 17 to twenty cents on the one hundred dollars' value of property ; from these two causes the public reveine has ben reduced f HV).uoO." In the section of the mrs-sage re lating to the penitentiary the Governor 'ravr: "1 would renew cita -rave Her people 1 1 osint alt v ar aburb attempt fit huncombe by nenn nalint iir.d pr,t'ak;r, f r nvunjel ex- f I'onfpJrrate M ift i i ach ! against the ivmoeratie I ;.re was a .tru-t par'.T vote each tim- The Senate d i ? p' n e d f r. . ' w..rk juite earljr ar. i ij urr.-d When p'b i f li u-e m i it w,i ft i u n i tr-at iht-re s .p.nte lis1'. f ci u tetj. TI-.ete n ii t w i as f-.u-i -Krcra Pt'i-'. l.:t;e,wi Uoulhae contests K It 0:ii! s s-n! . liraham. Joel !. t'rp. .it of Keubt-n t'urvt-r Halifax. Ju 1. 1 ' 1 1 1 : : i . i n ir. i fnristwpfu-r '. bakr. i-ats i.f W . 1! Anthony and T. I ! Till- r ji'iic, 1 . i i i rt-rn . ft-at of K. M " 1 o cut- IVii ler. : M. l"ro,.rr,. neat i 'f It . ' J i. n n Kiet.'n r. 1. J.-hn H. I'oTinton. s-Ht ( Y V,..-ten. Wake. I., ii. Ure.-n. - f I. 1 Baucbom. t'or.testa: t- ar- ;:i nil in- gixvd cheer abound in every home. Knergy and enterprise ijmcken all the avenues of business, education disj-enses its lien edict ions on eery hand, and the ter.iples of the 1. nig Gol invite 'o ferve-, prayer and holy praise New ('.erne's pr.; ; .t ;s uot appreciated by tiieSta'e at large because her shij rnei.toi are by sea. the recommendation in my last message that the legislature should suncea lbrut:icins. ,. Klectioti of ("peakor was appropriate a sum suinciem iului n r all expenses of the institution, and Carter. p e a k - r whs hell, a r. l .irar, who wa- noni : n ate i riy m. r. beat . WaUrr. Kep. randi- . i lime - . ,!.. i'H.ira.-n.itLr.ivu that all the earnings be placed in char T , , Su, L ,,. Wai. r. aJ i the treasurv. Do this, and, with made a ep.-ech no tr';- .n t-Tnp r and i , l r, i rromon t flip tone that it a 1 1 r o t e 1 mi : r. t. v. a I -ieree energy and gixd management, the . jon The House then elected its other ceri T. H. Womack. principal clerk . H. A. Latham, reading clerk. I. K. Julian, principal doorkeeper ; (f 1. Kib I patrick. aesieiant doorkeeper W. T. Crawford, enrossm clerk. J M Brown w, 11 he elected enroll u; c ! -r k and her products go the North 1 i r institution can be maue sen su tuning. ' ' There are now in the penitentiary thirty live be tween the ages of eight and fifteen vears, and three hundred and siity tive between the ages of fifteen and and the Indies. If New Home was twenty. 1 have herstofore earnest- v asked, and renew the request. that these voung people te sepa biesaed w ith am pie in land transjxur tatun the whole State would par- Sr.CdNl) DAY -in : i : . J i.e Senate met pu: -u. THJCoarir Joarnal say NV hen largest and most i reductive :i the Mf. Yaace got through w-.tb Mr. world. The r.nm:er of her mills IIwl7 the Cooneetico. Senator have increased until tl.e banks of dobtleM had aboa". as bitter ob the and the Trent are . i ;:h b . '. es of busv indus- ticipate in the blessings her bounty rated in their confinement from the Journmant. ... .. ., . . , .... i he louriia. woool dispense. At tn.s moment hardened criminals ami uc .uu3 ( vt il her lumber b:is:nes exceeds that of afTorded some chance to reform." mi. i s an : kk.- i.v :; n illr': Kt'solu! ion u.i 1 1 i:u ra '. : o ;i c l ( any c : ' y : n t li e truck taruis in to vu;t v. v : c . n : , a ml the ; v are ; he The message shows the insane a.s lums of tha State condition and under management, but more room is Cy Mr. 1 are in fine ' gard to t he admirable1 nr ',w:''- r: 1 dar. r,v Mr. riM'Tii.i- m i W I - re 'ViT- i -:i lly Mi . lllaii : 1 1 ; 1 1 to n tl!t lees oi sniu-itius in cupirai cases. Ut'l'ei red to thf judiciary coin m; 1 1 ee. l'.y Mr. Moore: Hill to amend sections U1'. ami '.()' 1 'of the ( 'ode, relating to overseers of roads. Referred to the judiciary com mit ' ei-. Hy Mr. Lucas: Hill to jircvent frauds in the sale of lands and chattel property under mortgage. Hy Mr. Green : Hill to prescribe a uniform system of text books for the public schools oi the State. Keleired to hr commiitee on cdu raf ion. Hy M i . Lucas : 11:11 to amend the election laws !' North Carolina. Referred to committee on judiciary. The president announced the fob low ; ng coin m 1 1 tees : .1 adici ary : M:. lv-rr. clr'.ir :u. ii, ; I'm ileges and Hlections : Mr. L ::io. chairman: IMueation : Mr. S!i itr, chairmati : Internal Im provements : Mr. Means, chairman ; Hanks and Currency : Mr. Toms. Hi Lini.ui : Corporations: Mr. Rir ber. eii in man: Agricultural. Me clian ;cs and Mining : Mr. Williams, of l'i't. chairman : Renal Insti tutions: Mr. rou, chairman: Salaries and Lees : Mr. Leeper. : Federal Relations: Mr. 1 .(( i rand. chairman : In suranee : Mr. Long. chairman: I list l r ut ion tor t he 1 I . and H : Mr. Red. eh a : nn an ; Fish an d Fisheries; Mr. Lucas, chairman: Claims: Mr. Chain pbell, chair man : Propo.-.; t ions and Grievances ; Mr. Turner, ot Iredell, chairman: Military AlTrr-i Mr. Stubbs, ihann.aii: Insane Asylum: Mr. H r. ley, chairman. Mr. Means daced in nomination :"T enrolling clerk Mr. .1. M. Rrown o: S-anly county. Mr. Hrown was declared elected iiid presented himself to the Presi dent of the Senate who adminis tered the oath of office and he ..--s'lvu il :he duties of his position. Continental of New York Fire. premiums for the largest yield of i grain, etc., per acre. Keferred to j lllate Committee on aericulture niechau- Connecticut Mutual of Hartford, Life. ics and mining. STECIAL ORDER Mr. Moore's resolution of instruc- i tna of Uartford, Fire. tion to our members of Congress n-.- , v. . ,,. , . , & , Hibernia of New Orleans. I ire. requesting the immediate and total abolition Of all the revenue taxes Travelers of Hartford, Life and Acci was taken up. j dent. Mr. Payne offered as a substitute ' for the resolutions and amendments ! Fidelity and Casualty of New York. pending a resolution as follows : ! , 01 , 0, . ,vi r,,, (' Plate Glass and Plate G Use Mirrorij. hereas, The present system of taritl' is unjust, unfair and burden- American Steam Roller Ins. Co. of New some to the people of Xorth Caro . York. lina aud has jiroven a heavy em- ,r bargo hud upon labor and industry : - Manue of L: and whereas this sy -tern has been! The CjH1 'ncl uU of the companies declared by the Supreme Court of, represented by m- aggregate the enoc the Cnited States to be robbery moug sum of uniler the lorms of law ; and Whereas, It has been cieaily de monstrated that the present tariff supports and fosters monopolies, trusts and combines : and Whereas, The present system of internal revenue laws is oppressive, inquisitorial and contrary to the spirit and genius of our institutions, I 1 therefore As :'-eI"s f"r owners we . tier for sale on ; easy iiid aoommodailni! t-ruig the lollow- IveSOlv. d. Hy the Senate, the lug a esniued improved Keal Kstate in the- 1 Hr i. CUv of NeT Kern-: oiise ol Representatives concur-; i. wiimif propkkty at union i ing, that our Senators in CoDgress 1 ,p'.'Vu-T,; v1,'"-. the pice l la',1'1 known ,lt , , , . , , . : "Ulifc. 1&LAND. ; aro tlie wharf or roadwaj i jv lu-tiutLTju auu uui iicnr;5cuta" j ieuiug i oere iij irom ras L r ront str fet. E.H.SJ.A.r.1EAO0VVS ' s-TKAIHKKH. Ylie . 0. Fi eight Line $100,000,000. New bern, N, C. VALUABLE CITY PROPERTY tivt'S he rf-nnpfttpcl to rpphtp snr-h o I auo. watr apace now temg filled in. The - - locauon Truck & Cotton Factors MiNTI'AlTCHKIi - '1 Meadows' Special Guanos. Faotory on East Front, between Pollock and South Front streets, office, Union Point. NEW BERNE, N. C. OFFER FOR SALE 600 Tons Kainit, 500 Tons High Grade Phos phate, 250 Tons; Cotton Seed Meal, 1000 Barrels! Potatoes Se lected Seed, 1000 Bush. Meadows' Extra Early Pease, 300 Bush. Improved Extra Early Rouud Beans,1 12000 Bush. led JTust Proof Gate. ft TV'f hf-RT HI thp CltV fc-r all i-,iq-.i S'MllHl, healthV anil SQUStaUtUll re- facturing Mirposes, whlU ha largest oiaft . . " . , . , VlSltlllf (lllr W A If1 T-fl liS V i a rn t-. I a ,tx Tr.t V. . f illli.lltui Ol l i.e l.ailll d.S Will make water f.,r loading and unlo.iding at Uifc'fiaaish, Beet aild all OlllfT the taxation nnnn artielps nrc wharf. ; ' , , . ' , , , in HOrSKS AM. LOTS A'l intended to he consumed as luxu-1 union point, occup ed a nweinnt's. ries higher than Tim npppssirips of ) No- :i- 11AKVM' whahk 1'Huekp.TY, iu turner uiau me necessai lea oi lncludl!li parl of water ,,.,lVor Lot N() li'e and those materials, imple- in Hie plan of the nty I on tha property f. ,l , .i,:i, nr-o I 16 located a commodious h u-k warehouse . ujiiii.- anu ujiituiuci t n mm an: : tiie u. D S S 1 i Small Seeds for Garden Field, at or use a ijD. tioii of tht- in-ot) consumed or usea in agr culture i e,y , ,.. , ,x. ,. , r . No. 1. 1HEIHDN Y RON 11' VV A RKHuUSK and manufacturing. on (.havn trekt. " Thnf onr .Spnafors hei instrne- No '' KHl(-'K -toke and lwellixo . inai our oenaiors ue instruc on en aven street cccupitd u it o. k. red and onr Representatives in i.odpe. ( 'oncre hp rpniifistpri fn soenrA A fu" de8,rlP,ior of tins valuable proper- t)UgreSh ue requested 10 Secure I as ty together with ilie best terms neon wh en far as the same mav be in accord ! tne ame wi" sold. ii be furnished . n .;,i, ;.! j,",- , I apphcatiou to the undersigned at iheir oflic - " uu paiu uuiu ivuui;uuiJj ail caiij nisniitli tr&nl fctn-ct LOW FIGURES. jnri4 dwlm Baltllil 1...1. ... i i . I.H.sI l lor a H i . I A .-. W J Kl.lIM N'H I n t. : . I I 1 IIKI Mid NtV rinrs M . ' l'r ,S.-w , , , r , j Ml Id 'A 1 . al Six 1 m i I., r n.- f..r iil 'n,,,,, - I I n 1 1 A 1 , u i .-ix 1' , i.l I'll! "T Hi,,, (iijt i, , w I ii,'1! f without r-liHIi,;)., iin.i i, i , p I Mini I in 1 1 1 linn ,. CLUif , , , . -. BlufipiIlK Olllj K. NOI (k . ( (ill - for h'irtliiii, rrovldei..-, , i,t(H o, i.n.i. mni ml roluU Norm i .Makli.n ' oe I ; u,d Urn Dm, Mining) - I' lo ol , ,(Hl I ' I. I . . No li,;)) t H.'.l 1,,.H, IJ HUt( '"ii . i . Line, r I" I. ' 'I hrmiui, I an Li-i-u l , , h i AS0. 7 l: Ntiv i : . Poll I i. I'll 11.. station to frp pf-ri .i h ha. to ar. CN lrtki" -.-v. l'.et:er .r.ll There is not an T'vdrbd:i re r.chtr tQ.n e:.hl.hfd industry :n New L.n.e all th rxoo.f of .North aroLn. Tb whoJ vilae of person rml DroortT ;u '.!. CAt w . - L esmiit ; i -ii i in needed. Many insane persons are cern , ntr i;t, r hill incarcerated in common jaus uu ii.ieeii mi i no hardened cr:m:nli'1 and humanity, i philanthropy and Christianity de mar.d that provision made for hit ; r.ot ler.;;hen:rg .-ord the;r com tort at the State insane Aa,l nd H'.rentJth.'Drr.iT t .1 . e . . " .njiain. To tli:. end an appro- I.umbor m'.ll., machine a hops and pnation is a.-ked. l:y Mr. William be cut 11 ,t -d an act gal rate of : n ' e re t he i'hiii :n : t : t e 1 -n oi I';;;: L.ll ; . 1 red uce ; he si. Keferred linam-e. to A w.i received 1: "uderb:!'a fiCtor.M of all kind are bir. en- in t he : lt!":i :4.-ed to meet the ever inert?.-: ng flented as tx?mg demad for their prvxlr.ct.". Ther is no placo :n all '.hit land th: offers such inducement to cap: Ul a- Nw r,-err.t. She feels the ;mpQle of tie fu'.ure, t ut the lull tide h not come and property value have not r:sn lo :he:r 1 0 s -tmed elevat:oi: . No :s the time 1 rt'.i:' ; ' The MifisTES Steals oot:aei tBccMArj athonition for the B4N4 UMM At t 'oo.tatJnoplt? to prtat la Turkish ..O.") Bible trictj, 0OiStiAf Oi tk rJm. Proverbs, tomi Gompels and Act. TfcOVBXX is ia prorect in the lttbwxp o( iUim. Th Secre tarjo lM Kvy bA iMaftl orders tarth toMdU(0 pceprtion of lkrt sataI tmmIj for se, for tbe t actio a of ADrKsa iatert in tkmt rjairttr. MOHX WiXiKikKE, the ret boodUr, U q iihicom philothri pist. He eanplof woaja to work tot. him ud pjtbm 13 cent eh Cor flftQ hoars hrd labor. J5a is 'fryfa th fat' out of them wtta eoseoce. Jfo miter w ho rirsc forasuite.i th maxim th At public ctfic : pabiio trn.' It truth 1 the Biia thinf. And the men who ict 00 &eaator lBri;' ide ih ; -pab Ua office t a prirtte np'' Are Aad deepened, and here commerce Tie State Ln;vers:ty is iepre n a most ad ntrab'e condition. The public highways very proper- House aniiiuincing : l,e org-in; of t hat body. A message a n the House branch of the oiiiinittce to wait upon the (iovernor tt" report tht lieneral Asseinbl's readuie-s tc receive an v com in u n 1c.1t :.n he de lu t ion lv receive the attention ot his , "-res 10 make. ,.. 11.. ..l'm.n Mr. kings rt i-.icrociM m iir. - , ration taken iroin mikn everything in ortiivaro Una except our public highways They art the whole, than they and adopt ei L T (:: inaiigu ic calentlhr is rt'sn.u' ion pro Tides for a committee of three from 1 r , I . 1 T T . little or no better, upon the Senate ami rive irmn : ne nou.-c empowered to itaKc .01 necessary were one hundre.l ears ajjo. 1 ue bsluj IB ,JM(Tnr!lf un,i r,, .-vr.einl ? luo. ami there has ben no mstructs the Treasurer to pay the These roads ; warrants ol this joint committee. The President appointed as the V.-I. C.....,-.l In.ln.trnl , .U-.W ,,.f,r, , Ceiiatf UUUt 11 Ul I l.e It'll.lllHlCC JU, ets.ri, vi"uir iuv.i..-.i.i.. 0. nro CTPSS. cutx k injujikiBkiuu, , .1 i ri inauguration Senators King. Means Hipositioo. on thf L:h, -'u:h - st detract from the Talue of lan(-15 I au,i Lusk. And --M of February, w.i! gather !Anij diminish to a teat degree the ! Jr. Tayne . Lit ! up irom t he her the :eauty and l.iva for canta! harvesi. f.ulare, yet Tne wcoD'l grtol anntiil expoi- Amendment. " t ion of the'.ern North Carolina t hev exist today, are in the way arrangements for (low l ow e s m Hi rsr.. Li. o lioii-c was called to order by Speaker Lea,- ar promptly at II o'clock, and opened with praver bv the LVv. M. M. Marshall. D. P., of 'his city. i ' ill I T I ' N s. l'.y Mr. Leak, of Stokes: To amend the election laws of North Carolina in regard to registration and elections. Calendar. KKS 'I.L T 1 1 'NS. l'.y Mr. Mastm. of Wilkes: Ask ing our representatives in Congress to nse their influence and vote for the repeal of the internal revenue the purchase tax. Committee on laws of the Cnited States. finance. KILLS. RESOLUTIONS, l'.y Mr. Cibbons, of Mecklenburg: , Hy Mr. Alexander : Instructing In relation to fences and stock, the Secretary of State to furnish l ji ,i i i- j Committee on propositions and 'ue lauuioru ana tenant act, m grievances. l'.y Mr. W. C. Newland, of Cald well : In relation to establishing a railroad commission. Hy Mr. Mastin of Wilkes: To amend section L'.r.Tl ot the Code, in regard to the regulation of elec tions. ( alendar. repeal ot the entire internal reve nue system and all taxation there under. The above was amended by striking out the words in brackets. Mr. Lay ne's substitute, after a lengthy discussion, adopted, put upon its second readine as an original bill and passed, and under ! a suspension of the rules, put on its third reading and passed. Mr. Lucas called up the bill changing the time of holding the Superior Courts in Beaufrot county, and under a sn-pension of the rules it passed its several readings. deeti ii wtf WATSOX A- STREET. Ins and K-ai Estate Agls. HOUSE. j Speaker Leazar called the House to order promptly at 10 o'clock. PETITIONS. Mr. Ciisp-. Asking the repeal of pamphlet form to justices of the peace of the State. Marine Insurance. The Marine In surance Co. of London, one of the old landmark of the City of London. In operation 52 years. bubscribd capital, ii 1.000.000 (S5, 000. 000). Its stock is .selling on the London Exchange at 700 redllb and fas i! lone and ;new. ol tie. All will fee the occasion ar. i Do :r. d t' "war-! ener The A ' o llilrad will tt Wila;; r. g ". o n and o n .1 - t a : Sex y, the r e 1 1 A the '. coram nn i impulse of 1'err.e will r eft : 4 ' 1 e 1 .iced 0 o 1 1 1 1 yes ;ed that tin value anil .jnalitr of the soil. There ( eudar a resolution intro. must be a cha'nge and a radical , terd.iy by 'i ; m r. 1 it : n g t . change. Your honorable bodies TvUl-A,n j,ri,v ,., are com(Hved of a msjonty ot those ' oori)mleo pn privileges and elec ho till the soil, and know ty , tions shall i epor; al. ca.-es belore it ac roTn UU 111! uiv .v' .', - inuio c-iiuii n 'i-'i i " i . . . . - v . . v . .;u,i' exp-erience the value of good j at the earliest practicable moment W1. to the farmer. I aPleal to ' t hat t he .report s from the commit : i Ncrth i a r o I : n a e x 1 1 nil e.l . t he New rit-rut' road b constructed ; the channels of the grea: deep w,:l l- hroadened tee shall be tlisposed id at it once. 'Oil to tate UU' in:ua-.i-.e i u i u . , ,,Ti v. - :i'l other great work. There is nothing upon m;1f ;ers ; that the unsuccessful con wh;eh the countrv is so detM?ndent ; 1 testant shall not receive mileage there is nothine which is more : and per emphatically demanded by the ( ur the aor to eome to grief in the end. So5Mt digTiisd Kepablicia in tll Democratic eaap rema-ks Tery few days thAt the Ierrrocrat.s wtn bAtea ;n the Ut election by Um tariff Uae. of the or. Ia twenty States directly tatcratd in, aad ;orl fenced by the icfttioo. for tantT reforms, the fts DtDOcrmtn gAin was near'y 50,000 OTer th rote of Ini THS WUmington Messenger Jfl : "floTfrnor Scale shows what manner of a man he is, ami vbere h iu daring the war, by r . i .. f . i . id tiing, tODCOiDf ana dicii 004 irlbate to (Sti. John Ash for J I Cltatou, w ho, together with b;a t0 sons and a colored employee, loat bU life through the d..satro".s xploaioa at his m il i-a that place Uat week " TaKIwu u for granted that the preent Lgtalature w:l'. create a HsVtlroad 'ommisioD, we take the lirty of sarin that Captain S 1 Alexander us the man to K ; 'a . .'. t is bead. There is no position n whlcb bis gTeat abilities can bo of more service of the people th..u tbat of Uailroad t'ommiAs.oner Let a hv e a Ha:! road Con: m .s:. r. with Capta;n AVt a.!r ' '- be5. TlIS Stat Cirang" o: rg: :, a. eocD potted of tartuers. asks fresvt to placs a tvount-, eeot. oq all fxp.r'.ed Ag: prodacc. by n..: ' I :' tactare rs a re i m r . a u '. try aad mail N cod i.e-.. coddle the product of t . . 'Ut The farmers :;,. robbed long eooogb .!-. meat of ew hundred '.hoatand jwiapered, par e- proa 1 ifil beads Wilmiogton Scar. OT tbe ApprotAChing K r, a: New Beroe, the Wdtniagton Nles.nener aaja "Tbe reoareca of the K' 7t: rn acctloa of the State, '..ith ( Trus' Ladd mad water, will bs presented f L, iooeriew. The gT; weal-h.f c:s;o: latern IVaroltna, developed And leg.s' SXieTeloped, will N een at a f laace. It is no tuere .--vj. atta r Iteoaceros the w hoi of Katem CsVOiiAa. And there w:!! be there, prosrpectora and en.ia;rers from breed, tht will make it worth the wbile of oar people of the Cape 1 ereot the throne of her r AIR. modern i . : art f it hers knew ::. a::-! ;::u:y revere, '' 0 u 1 d r introduction. -; ; tut. on. about among those have op;osed I'.at thev came people That part of the message which refers to railroads will bo the sub ject of a nubsequent article in this paper iixiii : i rovided, tnat a sitting member under proper Cv-r ti ticate of election shall receive mileage and per die m for the pel iod served by him. The resolution pas-ed ;'s second reading. The rules were suspended a.- third ;th the progressive developments . of the tune, an found in every KverywLere their ence ;s seen :n tht energiicg power m tlit-v are State of the 1 o n e f. c i a r i-r, nion. -. a f. ;i 'A 0 -1 late- tem pt WES.T YIIUilMA "irgin;a is om in which , I th here was an at- i .i carry i ue , t, election e g v:ng ami ake ma by baud and bribery- time it ?eemed the attempt had been snocess- and the rt ' reading. I Mr. l'a no edit d up Senate n-.-o 'lution No. 1, to create a joint select commute on 11a ii road Commission. and it was amended to consist ol i five in. in the Senate and e; tht Irom t lie , f I, II o,,., in,) ., ,1 ,..,i 1 Fo a air- t o 1". is no; usual f. p 1 ace ; n winter. I open a : r d : -p 1 a v s a r success, Mnd :u most places the! weather :s too cold n winter to ,i)l j nut of out door expositions, but, in I this deligh'.ti;'. climate, no .--ich d.fti u'.ty is er.counteri il. ! Next month,, the go,.i :titi r 1 month of le'ruary, N en I'.erne w li hive a;; t i o, ; t ; on that . s : rp .i.i" : n beauty, variety and ex- avt gone te!ore. s. of tht. exiHifli- I louse and adopt 1 i o 1 S j J . that , The House was called to order at i 11: .ii u clock, speaker Leaar ;u the ! chair. Messrs. Amis, id Granville, and v was elected Governor. This is were absent on Wednesday ap r , i, . ( c , . nAUmnii.a.incr nt-.ircil and were sworn in . I A L I I I I U , I'UL 1L 13 UWlVOaj'.v lJ . l to know that it is probable that Senator Kenna will be re elected, i It wl.l Ih- remembered that West Virginia was ruthleasly torn from Virginia and admitted as a State in the L'nion, to strengthen the j ful. but the votea have been sifted land it now appears that Flemming Thomas 11. Giiman. ol i bisl-aw, wh 1 was elected Governor. This is were absent on Wednesday t s,s e n iTra: v n(T n i 11 n mr il I v . message was received from the Senate informing the House o! it orgamzat ion . an partv in the Senate mi i s, I',y Mr. Tugh: In relation to the lllair educational bill. Calendar. liy Mr. McCotter: To prevent the spreading of disease among cattle. l'.v Mr. Crisp: 'l'o expedite cou- .c ( 1 t-ueral '. nil : aver v Ct. ntr; b u t e e v e r a 1 v i c t ' ei . 1 eve v . e 1 ". ever a o that e the s i; re. 1 . Kepu i , I in t I , . i.!n,fnr:il en 1 1 e rt i ' lint , f f ... 1 ii 1 i e f i i-i n e i e - in I ' sm-li h.n U'n tlie rpKtilr. West 1 Assembly. .LnLciarv . Virginia has been, is and will con- f 1 AA J - liy Mr. l'ugh. of ILindoIpl. : To ,-' ur x 1 w paia prohibit the hiring out of convicts.: Calendar. j l'.y Mr. Suttiin. of Cumberland : ' In relation to the cancellation ol deeds aud mortgages. Judiciary. j DAVID SPEIGHT for the best Ojsters liy .Mr. sutton : Keieasing the grand juries of the State from cer- i tain duties, .ludiciary. j liy Mr. Sutton : In relation to j lawful fences -t feet to be the legal Oysters When you come to the Fair call on the market affords. Middle Street, janlT wtf New Eerne, N. C. THE NEW BERNE Furniture Company. Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in Furniture, Mattresses, CHAIRS, Etc., Etc. We Lave tin hand and are manufacturing every day liandsome Chamber .Suits Bed steads. SoUs, Tables and linreaiis. which are neat and substantial. Factory, co ner or Wouih Fio.nt and Kast Front st reets. om-. and Snlesrcoms, 2'J and 21 Middle 8t,. NKVC BKRNE, N. C. T. J TURNER 6c CO., Jf PROPRIETORS. Go to F. S. DUFFY DRUGGIST, AND BUY DRUGS & MEDICINES CHEAP FOR CASH The best assortment of Trusses In Ihe city A large, varied anu select stocK or 1'erm mery and Fine Boa pa. A choice assortment of Fine and Cheap Lngars. BeedB for TracKlDg and Garden Planting to arrive. Hat-Plumes, Feather FaDs. Mounted Birds Feather Work and ancy Articles made by Miss A. W. Dckfv. Also, a handsome collec Ion of Chriotmaa Goods and sundries, all of which we offer at the V KKY LOWEST PRICES for CASH, deel dwtf F. 8. DUfFY height. Committti'e on propo sdii'iis and grievances. liy Mr. Sutton : To prevent the increase of hog cholera and other diseases. Calendar. liy Mr. Amis, of dranville: To repeal section i2,'17S. chapter 10 ot the Co.le appointing judges of tdt-rtions. .ludiciary. Ilv Mr. 1 ):lls. of Jackson : In re. 1 at i i ra to the burying of dead bodies of dead aninia!. Tropo.-itions aud grie van ces. i'.v Mr. Fd.-ciic. of In re gard to coninns.-ioners and magis- ! trates of .lones cotmtv to lev v a 1 special tax. Calendar.' ' Statfme.nt of the Condition of the 1 .. , . . , Bank. December 31st. 1S.SS. ;.v .Mr. button : iceguiating tne ' rieiiuil irtn ii iuuu iaiuiiuii. Committee on privileges and elec- J. A. HRVA.V. Pres. L H. CUTLER. Viee Pre?, t. II. ROBERTS, Cashier. THE NATIONAL BANK OF NEW BERNE, N. C. INCORPORATE!) 1S65. Capital, - - $100,000 Surplus Profits, - 86.700 DIRECTORS. Jas A.Bryan, Thomas Daniels, L. II. Cutlr, Chas. 8. BlTAN, Geokoe Allb.v. F. M. Simmons, Washington Bryan. For Sale, ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND seven miles below city, north side NeuBe suitable for all trucks. Also stock ranch Good site for lumber mill at Spikes'kPoint on creek and river. J. F. CLARK, oc-Tl dwtf New Berne, N. C. A GLANCE IN THE ESTABLISHMENT OF " Bell The Jeweler " Will convince any one that we have in stock the Largest, Most Varied, and Complete Line of Diamonds, Watches Fine Jewelry, Silver-Ware, Fancy Lamps, Burmese, Gold and Silver Head Canea in the State. It will be to buyers inter6at to see our goods before purchasing. tions. l'.y Mr., of Columbus: An.endine chapter 1.07U of the Code. Justification ot official bonds, i Due frcm Banks.. Judiciary. ! Loans and Discounts $143,580.11 L. 8. Bondi 25.000.00 Other Stocks 50.109.58 Real Estate 1(5,010 55 I . S. Notes. BUN, and Specie 51.383 97 112.539 17 l'.y Mr. Ann.-: roads and highvvav 1 11 re! Itlol; '.i!e n dar. .1.-. a. i.e :ua :.e community cce.i. 'A' hat ere-' - !' the '.! ol .:'. However .v. i v s -me - . e e : 1 " . t his I . i . i lit 1 O! :' V. ; -r .-1: i " u -1 i r.-. ah; -. -i-i ". r. l' :-.: : n e r. rich 1 '.v Mr. Am:.: In re! a ' : again w i !1 political corruption carry V;cts. on: n. . : : e c, n,, so lold a tront as it did in the late ' tions. J'.y .Mr. Mitten: in r State bank- Calendar, l'.v M r 1. tw.-iui . I n i a ui .' national campaign. I what is Congress doing? I: :..:, a lasnng reproacn to me ani,.I;iim0I!t , r St.,.t present Congress if it shall adjourn Code and repeal of w ,i hou t regard taking decided action in f bribery in ie sn! ;ect ( i e ; :i; a . . i ;r, m r. ai ; it .r i. ;h; c bring ;u of I::.:::.:. . n to vo.-. ai: : : e ;v-o--. and :iuif orth i ar- 104- on :he . n i m ; : p.-o-nrru ton I :- N o:', J i'- Cirre :!' . e lei. it., n : to n-;.-. . t he i :TrD . i i n , 4 t x ! a a h ! e ; I.g:l.tar N i r-.r Migjr w .1 J'lO'f M- , n h.s de ' :. ,t lack of iiiwerle : -t ' on on. 1 h:s s r.'y t ' 1 the r i , a t to ton- W'nat has become o: 1 1 o! in an resolution and the ant: '::.;,: llul .-ucceeded .:' Are : e v to ! '.lit deat (i t : . . ' ' : . o i i , 1 1 w a W i n g T WrWn.i-.T that it competent for States ;.i prote t themselves bv the t'ass.ige and enforcement of flec tion ! a w , .ind we trust that New or. Indiana. West Virginia and every other State will have such lawi ; but a general law, applicable to a!! ;he Sra'e., is tlenianded by the condition of atTairg that now confronts u, menacing; the govern ment and debauching the niora!. of tie people. tin same. J LI l'.y Mr. Am: elici lira kernel:'. ( 'om in : ' t ee on ,i g; : c l'.y Mr. M.-n.'iia: to a i a '. : o i , ! i , dir. by Mr. liv! ! : :: In'.on lo a i.i Mull, I '.ilelld a. l'.y Mr. Walter . the ipial. ilea" .on . I dar. liy Mr. f. !!.-;. . In appropriat ion for a asylum. Committei l'.y Mr. : ufacturers and non tian.fera!.!e con: m ; 1 1 ee. A reso 1 u 1 1 on 1 ia regAnl Ic the i u a: elect I'll '. e vv as c i --; ' on to con l! ;:..!;tu- lation to la'lon to ' of the u si'' o! on to the .i-baudry. re! it o n celi- tli in : By Mr. Woolen, of Lenoir: Amending chapter 111, laws of lvs7, in regard to the stock law. Propositions and grievances. House bill No. ;i, called up and parsed its several readings, relating to instructing Congress in regard to the National Hanking Act. A message was received from the Senate relating to a joint select onimittee on the railroad commis sion, ihe House concurred uy a resolution to appoint a committee. Mr. J. M. llrovvn, of Catawoa oiinty, was elected enrolling clerk receiving v t votes. Tne House after appointing the lollowir.g standing committees ad journed until 10 o'clock today : ci 'MMrr ri'.Ks. Propositions and Grievancts: Mr. Hampton, chairman : Penal lu--t:t;i!i'";is : Mr. Hoke, chairman: lUncation : Mr. Donghton, chair man : Piivili-ges and Elections : Mr I.v on. chairman : I nternal I mprove meios : M i. ( 'ooke. chairman : En grossed I : ; 1 1 - : M r. WalUer, chair man. Inauguration Committee: Messrs Carter. Hoke. Wa Iser, I iedd iu field m l Anthony as House branch. Liabilities. Capital Surplus and other Profits. Circulation Deposits 403,623 38 .8100.000.00 . 86,700.83 . 22,500 00 . 194,422.55 S403,623.33 Requesting attention to the statement herewith, also list of Directors, which we think wiil be regarded as a guaran tee of careful management, this Bank invites the aecounts of Banks, Bankers, Merchants, Corporations, Firms and Ind ividuals. With superior facilities in every le gitimate branch of the Banking busi ness, correspondence with a view to business relations is invited. Special attention given to collections and the business and interests of cor respondents and patrons carefully and promptly attended to. Hespf ctfully. G. H. Roberts, Cashier. Notice. Go to the Gaston House Barber Shop for an easy shave and a good hair cut. Shaving 10 cts. : hair cutting 20o. Prof. W. H. SHEPARD, Proprietor For Sale, A joke of large, well broken, closely matched DEVON OXEN. Price S100 Address Dr E. W. WARD, Pollard, jan3 w3c Onelow county, N. C. Kinston College, gpriDj? Term, 1880. BEGINS MONDAY, DEC. 31st, IXSy. CLOSES FIRST THURSDAY, JUNE lsi'. SIX INSTRUCTOR. Languages Ancient nnd Modern; Science; Book-Keeping. Art. Embroi Jery and Needle work of all tiuds; Musi.', Vocal and Instru mental. Send tor .""ntalc L-nf-t. KiCli 1) 11, 1.SWIS. deli' dlvvit Principal. CtT-. I a, ell bit .-n to uii I.U'od orphan n finance. I'o prevent man hers irom using .::. Judiciary 1 ( l KTH DAY. Senate no t pursuant U in.' M-nato U'-ei .iiisuani io au i mr n nie n t . l'.y Mr. Pav ne : 1 1 r. iroad ( 'om in i to the c. 'Ill in : t tee m ission . l'.y Mr. lliown : bill to provide for an appropriat ion for the colored lbll to create a ion. lleferrod i i uilroad com- Fur New York N'orhl promises to send an eipijditton to Africa to !. r, d Stanly and Emm. Thorn as A. Stevens, who made himself famous by hn tour around the glole on a b: -v ,-.wilI lead the new expedition. 1 t I.e M-Iiatt -oi: of ( :c:;ried in. The ( rnor's message w a- read and sen t to ! he S.-nafe. Most c! t he s, !'V the re ;d : g message. Thf House ad jo;;r:,r,! i' lo. k ! !. is mom : ;, g. H in ;el) :i was t i.e C audi u; vi rnoi ': insane as nun. c:i finance. l'.v Mr. C. ie sect :on J. 1 I of '. the coiiinr. and grievances l'.v Mr. Luc. lo the committee n : P.. 11 to t he 'ode. Kelerre Stoves are in Demand All the time, and the placej to buy them Is at P. M. DRANEY'S. We have a full line of Cooking and Heating Stoves, and will be sold on j reasonable terms. i We make a specialty of the New Far- i amend mer Girl Cook Stoves and other brands. ! EiTAIiLI.sIIEII-XjJ. KEHVII.TlSf,8 Re-established 1888 at New Berne, N. C. WALTER'S! Photograph Gallery. I take great pleasure In Inforlnlng my many friends and the public generally, that I have returned from Morehead City and re opened my Photographic Studio at the old stand, where I shall be pleased to see all my friends and the public generally. 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'Oh lad iiik bS'Oi, Hini ru' i a kuhi- ' I" .1 11 l.h i. I I I ,..,-.'!..,..,, .if l.. ... t 1IU l-i 111. I, h,- 1, AOIU HliHAKAI.I.iiK II r I K AM Mill I A N. , . . K. H- 11 ' It A V . A k- I, I . i- , n . r . JAfiOLINA i'AlCH t ast freiihi L'ue ki vim . I,ir. .i, roliu. -.i i i.r.,iL, I., ilmux- . '.l.l,. rW. Iloilan, f ' ' ' 1 1 bn Ii l , ft . TliKM KAMI-Jta EAGLET and VESPER "f I..: v. ' rim ,,i, ii-KuiRr w,!,,,,,, : .. i N.-w i.. ri,i- , w.r m.i.mi,) ' ' r -lo 1 . I 111 KM.A1 ,,,, s,A- IKl.AV ' ' ' :,.v hii.i i:i,n, ii Mo.Mu . A V . W J- I oN l-M.Al ,.,,,1 UU JiA , . . M- Klnri, in ,1,1, , .,r. , , ., , Atiul.lK! A .N. ('. It. II., No-IO-U hKHJIIIHrL, u. , ' ",. 1 "'.' UIUI ..,,,,.ili k t , ...... . -.ii.j imiim n. i. , i,,rm r, nMl... ri4;nar lino ..lie.:,,,- , , , HUK'U irutii'iiiriHliuii Nu truiiHi iH ii,, ji ,. , , ,., which point ; reiKiit o. ,,.,a, .. , , , UU tlirilUKil t) liukllliHl oi. I'lriTi ail kimhjh to In- m.i,u i-iju;ii uany u I..,,.,.,. 1-ri.iii Now i(.rk, t.y i'.-i. .. u Tie, V. North Kiver, . no:, , niiiul, ,,,oR ,,v , K. K , lli.CK 1. .-I.Mlli.ll, I- ri on ll;i l , In , , i a f, K. . I 'r, -Mill-Hi m u 1 1, ,i Norf...K. l. .Sorioin'-.,. ,.., K ,. I" IU III I.OHt II, . ,.y ,l,.r, liHIHh ,, M ,,.,. , l.rI.uion , , . .N,.M- V ,,rk a.. I "u-"" I" iJi! Unit t, , ot her 1 inn V. hen ,.-, Hhlun rcijiilrea a hpd 1 rlpa -ui ui, i Hill i,e ran. J.Nu. H WIIaiin ( Kk! . ,i i I 1 l,n ml lbl-,1, l, W . A II . A III,, I r. it i: . h' Ml I I' ... , . '. Il l I' ... -. 1. 1 I ,.J i IS lv it . ft :-J.- ,1 w I i In b) iu) if Ol.l - i i li lilt ill Hl.tii . - l'''l,fili l.,g, ' '1 1 i H . rn. 1 r , ' io 1 A . . II . V ii 7 i... n. I-,-.. . H"t. v. 1 1 KM 1 1 . Iu-(l l N . . k n l, IV t- WL.I in-, s. f. OLD DOMINION Sfeamsmp Company. M Ul-VVKKHl.V LINK. D..- (lilt llomliiloa flUiainaMp olr i n, -. ( an,i raTti-lu U ar Kant, via Albemarle and 4 l,aa,raka C And fun OW, tin li i in ort, lev lra, . ,l.l.l.l.. lioilon. .ii,,n ill Washington Itj-. ,. nils, North, Kaai nd vv THE NEUSE L TRENT RIVEE Steamboat Company. WUl run the foUowlng BotiBduie on suj ater January 1st, is7. Steamer Trent Will leave everv MnndAy and TIi uh.I.iv morning at 8lx o'clock for jsmnin Ruj Adama Ceefaba and all lutermcumte toint8. returning name day. Steamer tlmtOD. Will leave New Berne for Klnetoii on 1 nes- days and Fridays at lid o'clock, M . h. -turning, will leave Kinston on MhikIhjs h'..I rnursdays: Touching at all In.ei n.trt:uit Landing-son .Neun Kiver. J. J. DIBOHWAY at .V , -w , .i W. r. BTAKir, Kinston. D. 8. Barkob. FoUokavUle. W. K. WAKD, Agent at Tre i . . M. O. Smith, Jolly uld Fl: ,i J. B. Banks. Quaker Brldfce. JMWH'TK (len'lMwiiw- I ' II .Ml 11 H uil ; 1 , r i: .- Will fclil Heriii-, and K K 1 1 with tne I- ' A V . -I V M A li ' mi, i -n, . 1 i . e . I Li . aIaNiLO, Capt. SooLbgate, AND UmiMl, Capt Pritchelt, ii. .in Norfolk. Va., (or New I i VA ikMhlngion, MuNUAVtt . i -, iiiaaiiig oonncoUoii .--leuiiier. or th n - B. H.l n.. lei K .nBtim Trenton, and all otber laudliiKH un tut. Nuune ana Trent HI vera IteturnliiK, will van rroui hKW HH.KNK for MJKHil.K direct, 11 ' Ki-1 A V a and KKJ iA Y.i at 1 VAr i.'.r. M., ( noin ). niajuiig oou nection witii tn o. ,, M B . , for New York. It. . 1' ( o.'s .l.i.V lor baltlmort.. t :,: l,iu for fniiaa telpbla, m .V.M.i, Cu.'i ahliia for Hiiatou and I'rovklc-ncw Our untiriiiK cdoits to pieasx our pa iron a and our allnosl pt-rlert ti. n let) for Che i.aal llilrleen years. U llie l,tt niarai.t, ,- Wfc Can niter uil Hil, elH aa lo w na Ho ulli do toi ihflll lu Ihe fill lire. uider all gooiU car of O li. h, (., Nor folk. Va. J'aseiiers will find a e..d lahlo, colli fort a:..c rooms, and i vny muiti-ii and alUm tu i ii , 1 1 i,i- ,id t he rn uy li, o'Mocra. K H. KoKKKTM, A(hdi. jllCHCRn. I I ..l'hlJ'l'fclK A I l llNKil, AlliLlj. Norfolk. "v A', ti - .- r NKOKI). ,. e-rri-,.; !ciit. New York t'lt. i NEW BERNE AND PAMLICO LINE. The Steamer TAHOMA, A hai d -om ly consl rlictt d freight and pna si niter beat, IihvIiik Icii placed on tins loiile. Is pit-pared to render superior service In nnd from all polios on lower Nense Klver and l iiiiillco com l v. Hud Nt w Herne. Kor Ih e pn wnt the tollowlug achejule will be lu ((it rat li Hi : Leaves New Merne every Wed nesilay and Sninrilsy ut si X A.M. for Hayboro, slopping ul ( lubioois, Adams and rimllhs Creeks. V'Hiidemerc and stonewall. Leaves oay liorn every MonriBy an ' Thnrs '' io MX A.M.. slopping at tiionewall. aii.lenit re, Snillhs. Adams and ("liihfuoia i reeks, arilvlng at New Heme Monday and i I 1 1 u i m l h y e veil 1 ng s. I r.xcellent passe riRer acenn, modal Ion. ain- po ln-mlil lie! 1 II lea. l-ieioil lece! pt r,l Tor a n l recel veil dal 1 y by :iL'i-liI I-.. I li. Line, nnd eveiy 1 1, fi .1 ma I loll ' k'Hl'li. :! II. Afilnnr. Ar. nt, Vanderoere, i ' II I ' . W I I . Hlone wall. I ''All It ,t i'ii'1 LI.. Agents. lUvlwrci. I.KUI1I1K A. Ill 11KV. i 'iviilulf Oeiit-ral Malinger. - w Possessed l.:... DA3IE3 Chi ,r all INVALIDS RELISH IT. Makes Plum-, L -. Ki.'thy Babies. Regulates i- .- ... d Bowels. .sold 1 I i -. . . 91.00. WELLS, RICHAfi.'ISlifj & lu., BURtlNOTOH, VT. Bal. Li V A Portiolin on fine plate p i,--free to Mother .1 ii hlvery Mother n;.i (live Buhv's nam, . WtLLS, fil'rlARD. traits. r: its Int. (1 ' ;' '( -SN, sent .ii h yoar. . ,,'1 ul I'liru. :"s Easy to Dye V I I'll imokoDyes Superior Strength, Fastness, 7n, Beauty, ff'l Simplicity. arrnnt'i Ives c i : jiiM'i. . (iunil'li' i oi no (iln r j c-.J 1 r' - '' 1 1 1 :n i i,!iv .:n i WELLC.-filCilAt.LibON 6 CO. Llu.-l,fion( Vt J Gold in '..ii, - . 1 . CM io, -.i !)-(,; 1 li; r.iy Altn.1- s, ti I DIAMOND PAINTS. BOOK STORE. :i pi ' J. L. HARTSFIELD KINSTON. NT. C. 3 ttire of other oh i r 7 u I-.t-.'t ':ur lift in '.k.e t UiTViL. ot HkrtorJ. ioon Fr ectloo to b rprntrI C fng t-- : Vnlurvi i : . . . Lxui J Sffcrrs fA -i.--r-i jut rur t.i WlOWr Pir OJ toe jirtAiuoa u,, ,c pu . , . - " .' " ha1 rta'f o' t htr locality. " 1 , Kirn.iTT oi' CiiCiiTY Is. I . .'. n.i un.f i tn th' fXUlt'y -ind ' tsu i-:-j l-.twi-m-T'- Co of Srv l'ort .' , K i:. r. -... Ttiefiph . Hank ofrrr .Tid - ther u-o ir mj'uirtd to furnvih trcurity lit i 'r'.Jt-tt H'iri.i.n.- on.i 1' i V:-- "l IU' -l -f f'IJ.1 ..-''. Tut S. :: i uni in en : . ! K ! I I ! N . i' i- II 1 v Mi. I n ct-r. i.i' 1 r..!.-il A N i i ir.i.s : l.iii ifiriii.i: nit: i in s.ilo (if corn in North Carolina. Kcfi-i rt il to c.-.iiniiittf t on Ujjricul tuii'. imi lniiiL's ami mining. l'.y Mr. Payne : Hill to Minplil'y : ii tl : f t in on t m i'or perjury. Keferred to committee mi judiciary. l'.v Mr. Lucas : Kesolutiou of instruction to our in e in hers in (.on- Having purchased a large stock of fre-s to use n!l means w ithin their Cigars, and the demand for same being power to proven ' r,io ami corn- email, I now offer to the merchants hui. i ions nno-i ti.,- necessaries ol vIGARS AT COST until my stock is , , Tl, , ., i , , reduced. Cash on deliTery. life. I lared on tin- c neinlar. 3 l'.y Mr. Mod-- U l.tion ol Jtrt- JXJ . X3"U.JLiy Also a complete line of Hardware. Sirih. Doors and Blinds. Cart and Wagon Material, Harness. Paints, Oils, Glass, etc. , DEXLER IS Come and see me and be convinced i -nnnTT" 1 cirri rpTmiTPr) V that I will sell you good goods for little j ijUUJib ailU 0 1 A 1 1UJN Lit I motipv. i oc2Sdwtf P. M. DRANEY. ' School Books and School Supplies a specialty. J. W. STEWART. Sale and Live! Stable CIGARS FOR SALE AT COST. Coufootlonorle, Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, Toys, Glassware, Crockery, Fishing Tackle, Etc. ne door south of Loftin'e Bank. Very truly, J L. HARTSFIELD. FOR MEN ONLY &&3rsn?ffs: I UII 1TILI1 UllLli manhood, Derrouineu, vigut ur anvtuuumeui, cauwa oy inaucreaOu. XCeees, etc. Valuable book sent (tea led) free. KIB MKDICAIs CO.. BUFFAJ-O. N. Y. Just arrived, still another lot of Young Mules and! Horses ever brought to Eastern North Carolina. oad Street, :New Berne, N. C. auK'.'TJwif

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