' - - i - " ' 7- : 7. X: CP li ? s. t i ... V- i $ T 4 THE JOURNAL. SIW BER.fE, J c. as. n i-?9. MM. J. T I1T1 to owr Rtrikr Am aataw4 () "T aatxarlBXfcaaa laraa aa4 rtolf u la ran MM' I UtHT(lKL. la II. 1.1 Tall Blt4la, KUalaa. wtll r..ip la aaa rsl aa Ika JOI Mill. IPECI1L LI IIIIO H1TCI ;:kvi. ar. J Youth ' ,'om pan ion t2. 50 Arner n Agriculturist 3.8-5 Southern Cultivator 3.23 iVmorwl'i Ugim 3 00 shipped -ientinc Amer.cm 4.00 St. Nicholas .. 4.00 " i Vnrury . 5.00 IVlroit Fre-e i'rM J 30 North Amer. Fleview 5.3-5 Kins ton lUms. Mr. Will. Mawboxoa and bnda r larmcaio Fafanvilja Iwi wk. Mr. W. H. Whit Said haa morad h:i gvecartaa to lha ilud Lalaiy occuplad by Mr. Trivia SAiaaar We vara (tad to graat tha plaaaant aaaicr adlior of taa Jotuii. iq our tow a a fa da ao. Eav. J. Lalia. I ha Baplial pastor of Tarboco, will paaaah to tha Ktnatoo BapOas, ooorth radav nifht. ch :h Mr. Dai r. WooUi hu m to K;n aal will, will) bia father. Mr Jao F. Wootao. carry oa a initk firm A karilatr man tuid a iyt aTO Ibal maw caa iroa ho.: iw wr i wy t laalxi Tbia caa t.i ui An nptualio la in ocdr Klaatoo baa lao riprouuiM in t.. Laiaiatara ooa. Mr Ci I. Kilpinck aaaaatant doork pr of '.h tlcu. th OCaar, Maatar KJ Hum a P" m '-h Saaata. A vary la:rUai a: : piaca in tCiatoo oo VViDmi.T t.: ru . aooa aftar brkf; Tncy I, haa la k Lha car Anoicir of iur,:.ir in port la bookail for February Kiaatoo bachalor tart (ui irrtc n; vvftlaar baa a rooJ rtT-t up- a tho OOUDiry in mora way than n- ii. l?l ll ia (OCkJ (or (a bxckft irJ.. Hla biood b apun hu owe to i Oar pwopia of Laooir bculJ b mr nof tbaBlvFa ia ituaf raady to nut aooaa asbibit of tbair handiwork and mdaacry ai laa cots leg Naw Barn Fair. W caa naaka a good diaplay if wa will. Oar Kinatoo bacbaior aaggaau Ibat aomw of oor yoaog ladioa go do wn mm4 taka tba praalaoa for baauty. Wa foaod a Daw ntarpraa in roc- caaarai operation, slortlay morning, in iba raar of Ur. J. B. Wabb'i oJJ tu r I waa a Lacba. oparatad by Kitm. (o racd gatJaaaa waa acginaer and aaotbar waa at Iba lalaa boch damg good work. Tbia U carry lag oot aenp lara: "WkttMMTrr your band find to do. do It wltb your might " Mr. W.bb waa anakiag rollara for Capt- White hoop factory. Ic la vary bani fur an old Cocfsdcrt vataraa, a aatira of Virginia, to be tabaa for a Taakaa aad treated noo aaiaiooaiy . Ya aocaa Laoir ciuci bara baw lad to ballara Ibat oar f rUo J Mr. Waiter Edaaond aad Mr Varaoro ar af Vbat atrtpa. Thy ara boh dkum I Virginia-" Tbay-wara botb in tha Com fed arta btibt daring tb bol war. Aad Mra. Kdmood ia a naar rri ttva of tbat grand x d man Jt?-ron Daria. Tba conaty cvmm laaioo ri met ;n tbair drat aoaaioo for iba new year, on Monday wiia tbair aaw chairman, Ur B W. Canady. No boiinMa of pciai im porta aca,-azcp( a d wouioa of iba koarloaM qaaauoo. It cuald not b mad a eiawr Ulal It would ba batiar for Laaoir pooaty to bava alt ita paapara at oaaiao. BO iba asattar waa poxpocavi for fnrvbar ooaartdaraiioo. Wa think it baa to paaaa bora adootiag a ocur I bat aaay raaatl ia failora. It ia vary bard to aatar-aiiaa rock a qaeaucn, but w bara iba auncat eoaddaaca ia iba w iadaam of oar coast y oom m oa r aad kaow lb at Ibay will act for tha N-w York WorM. . 3.35 hir ... 3. -'5 K.'iui" nn 1 Kami. 1' i ' u r ,tr Jou rnal 'J 0 Nw and OtxirTpr. 3 '0 ?! arr-'r Madras ic e 4 SO Wekly... 4. TO Y.T.mg People 3 TO A r.:a t'T.ntution. 3 23 Oil ubcr:bri r--elT.ng me JOZU !HL. an 1 Jaa;rir.j ha-e any of thaae papem can. tha orrV ;n p-r. r. at Cam i" r. : of their a." aho win what they entitle them to unv r by letter, have a "unt on our boks i '. 1 hTC to rem it to f the .jY pul'll ?ti'T. they n-.ar el-t. CITY AND VICINITY. ''FK r'.1" r W H K:. i ()Tt: W H ' : v ys '::: p.. i z ' ' Ir.ii'iran - Oiris - I'iowi e '. o ''. :i:R- i'ream balm. .rt Ilk .s '.a -iutioc rar.r Samnj, etc Ohlcaffo Btaf. The proprietor! of Hotel Albert hve made arran jrementa to aerre their gueata with fine l'oicaro boef. which ia by expresa in refrigeratora Oood be-f i tha principal article of food. It n both palatable and whole ome an.l rarely Jo a person tire of it. Ttiii itecu . uijht to intereal our atovk raiaara. V 1 1 1 iher allow beef to be purchased a thouiand milea dutant and eipreaaad here for lea than they can market it. We know of co gid reason why it ahould thua be. A Kaw Ictarpnaa Our lownaman. C II. Ii'ank, ( , it putting down a thingla and lumbar mill on the aooth aide of Neuae rirer juat abore tha rational cemetery The boiler and engine for the nmt are being cocatrucled at Crabtree A Co'a machine hop. Tbia ia the particular feature about the enterpriae that we wish to d irec t ipecia 1 attention to. Erery pw mill conatructed at theae ahopa urn money to the community. The money i paid out here for the labor and not -nt abroad, and tha work done is tlrat clajs. I'atri.n.ze home induetriea and itart new enterpriaea. Or.,' S::: a:.,i C i Th FATAL AFFRAY : c : : u s:-,' - s r . V V : :' .'. s: : A - : I. :.- i ::: .1 , Cv (ikkt.v K V RiBTRII C. K r:- vi Vi Hamn A ... !- i r; J 7 w . r'ir. to A v ' Ban ken, etc ;:T M "ra and horaeii . M-h.nita,etc f . v grooeriea M j .-i an 1 homei '. 4 .n S ia te m e c t . e i o -'.S'i'.en j )u xo to th :.iv eat: i: , - i i further sec ur1 .( to :v to Mr T K Sioe hi garden peas in bloom We regret t hsarof lha death of Dr John II ar t ey f ( i reer. e counljr. Spcial prem.ama will b c!Tere-i at tha Fair fr the bat banker pony. To car 1 a if f r.-.ulee and h irses came down th r-ad veterjay for J W S;win Orffo . Foy ,t their aa '. e i. ic h their .iep.ji tcrt Wa are '. ad to i.-irn mat ilr. Kooch Udi r. o w) recent It stricken with appOjl-tT, n able to be up. Mr W. More ir.frms u that cjon-ij f ssters i.i begin at the caxnry . .x c ss the ys term en br.ng up tte . tttcn The N(i contains t w r eoom m e n .! man '. . r H i ; I r We r- r- , ta t e t h t t h t . . e:: s hain expired, it u important tht cfcey be renawed as enrly aa pcisible In pub! ihir. g the procediCs of the l.inra! Aaaembiy we select only such aa are ' inter eat to this aection. We wlI, anieaTcr to keop our rea-ien p-3at-ci on then Mr J K. Wil.u, the mrble man, haa act 1 1 '. 'iwi un 'it rr. m u r. .oa ti c earceatly r. i ii i i u h e aj a fi I r ! i. ni ni;ior.tT ,:-t.-.l by the Sher.tT to . f liquor dealer A Gc d N'aighbor. Th..' Wilmington Mrtent(tr takes u iiTclj .uterest in the Welfare and ad Tancerr.ent of New Heri.e and this sec tion ked we are sure our people appre ciate it, and further, we tiuat they will giro tangible roof of their appreciation by K'Ting tii" MeaeeDKr a liberal ahare of their patrr r.ae It gives a splendid n 'tics J iur Fair and has lately given several leaders id our trade and com merce and whut w need in the way of railroad facilities. We earneatly de sire a speed y connection with our aister city by rail through Jocea and Onalow counties and we know the Messenger will be foremoet imon; those to htlp us to get it ' ii Furtiiture Factory. We think we have mentioned before that a furniture factory i n a large scale would pay in New Brne. It is exactly so. A gentleman of capital and success ful experience in manufacturing will engage in the business if he can get a numD-er of New PVe rne gentlemen to join him He believes the furniture could be made here and sold in Balti more at a gx"-d profit, and he has been in a poaiwon to know what he is talking about. He want New Berne men in terested in it because the bulk of his manufacturing interest demands hir time elsewhere. Now who wants to invest in a rod paying enterprise'.' i . ; a - . . 1 a r f e ' : a l u v -of I 1 r N : I -street I - : Herri:,,; i yean ! : '. S Street I He n d r-r- n ! : u n c o r. c i o u -. . left side f n 'a ; J e was oarr party of r. t U ! or poeite si ie, f Jt see 1 1 a nt, , it , ' trre! y in h i t, as one if ti. ''sky-lurking of the two, : I ; air a gl-tteru: an 1 aftt r he 1. he scampered ofT of the gent.eni out t h n t 1 r . " ; to Kiel. Wi.io e x . 111 : : n- the k sank d . ) r. u r, 1 ' tii e u n c n-i'ii'ii-I r Street belt j, was eiu f 1 r an i el,-, r i ' -'It I. .s Jes-e hid M i lie ' I'll OH. fifteen 1 by i: . f the I 'iine II. e t y H , :i the lt he :i i j , 1 re 1 bi y I e v i n , or thought e smaller hand in the ;t ,vered K AST CAROLINA FISH. OYSTh'R, GAME, AMI Industrial Association, (iveruoi I li. loll If, Srnatoil a ii r "ixl It a iiaoiii , a nd oilier Proailiif nl Mt n to be Present. The HfOiuJ annual exhibit of Toe V. i-t C'drol ina Fish, OyBter, (lame bn.i Industrial Association will be formnlly opened in New Berne on the I9:h of February by Governor Daniel G. Fowle We call special attention to the follow ing arrangement for transporting arti cles to and from tbe Fair: All articles intended for exhibition at the Fair will be transported upon pre payment of freight at regular rates, and receipted bill will be given t ship per by railroad agent. Bpeciry ing ai- Be-t Be Be: t I c. hi i ' tix! -v a n loon.. veil 1 t 'ction i varie CO: UI I. V I.' t i It q.iiri', Y' , lie: MERC iA t i T ii . "fr''J o'b;;l.i.1 1 -ed LUTIOW. i . IK ... B- .-t Be-t j.air lie,. I I'HU January. U (j July, '."t.1! :--'i'. ... 5 oo F'e: ::i ire. i 7J A u-.tii.-t . I" :;i r ,bbi; ,. L'-'j Miri I: ' ? Sept. mu-K i .t '.' - i : . i : . ' ' Lol.i r. pintlorca t " 1,1 ,y . :.. T Nov wildcat .1 Jo::-. r 1 M I IcceniK r. f"X . ' No. lion ,. marl;, t ( :; :y. Sales ' f coon . . . 2 I o I 'J 1 .i ' i a . - 1 I o ! 1 1 '.' . I'pilS-i 111 'J o. i Ilyin I . 2 ' DO.MKST!;: .TI!ifi -. i i. :: ' r: v i. ; . in i 1; m.oC.it - ; ; r "ti' r c itx -Heceiotti ,i-i.t S ile- ,n bulk benv. r ; 'j j f.t o.yj 11-otion ii t i- - u. iS . -A Fodib-r. 1 .OOal.c." ; r l.tm ired. " ve varieiv 1 ' IllJK r.li'i.i' ' 1 1:1 'Tl i K :c ' ! Viit "i i.-E H..r, t' ..-.tin ii;.d I uii' i r Hi I , .-. i : r i . x i.- I n, r iina.r !' David, A bra Lam aid Oetting-cr Bros., i a i i) oi;ttin(;kk, in; i "i riNCKii, ii.. oi:i riN(;i:i:. i .. s.,- . continue in ; i.i r men . th Tli, I . v e r 1 the bio w r. it w a m ti i a t one n remarked, "he hag it; '. mimed .ate I v went 't were '.t Joe t . the !'r. 1' 1 led ti. i It was I oil r. d ti. it the 1 a : ! y b, y . I omt ,'f ttie ed ing a ilrav . 1 . r e the knife Soaoa of oar farmar fr lands in Lanoir ara ary mocb la Ibalr own light wbea tbT rafaa tba priTilia of banting oo tbair baa da ta loom gao liana a who ba eom "ra to spaad tba w iaiarV Tba iaaoac doaa to tba gkma ia t ry alia-ba. Jaat aa aaay bird will b foajaci tha aaxl awaaoo If aot mora, for . work u dene It ia a watl atabial faat that ioffl.,r, of tfc atraa ara aaataa atca, ioay nacoma ab j aad ara tnora aarofal la aoarlng tbair voaag. Bat raa U tbia wra not troa. It looaa vary taoooaiaaaat to a s4raaar. to ba la vitas! by tba pa b lie 9m aad by iairvidaada to spad a wtatar w ilb a paooa aad tban ba for tddaa lo amoM tbaaaaaivaa ia tba oaly way bif) to tbam I kaow that oar frtaada, wbra Lhay Lblat tbia m altar awvr. arfU taoaatdat- tbair action and 'r'ci aiiow thaaa gvatlaaaaa to hunt up. n ' Tha B,sc: taair laaaa. I his t.ma he haa r e . o n t h e family ne of thoae har.d- b n at it agan ervcte-d in l edar Gr lot of th liaacocki. so c e m o n u m r n 's . The larga bills f r tha Fair hfo ar riTfd and are ice r.eateat and handaon aat in. that lice we hare en. Th in Cincinnati and tha Association diJ them- taiTta credit iq securing such a job. The K ect.ral Co.ige assembled in Raiaigh oa Hociit and cut eleTrn Totaa fortiroTrr (. Tiand for Preai dsal of tha United States and cloven for Allen (i. Thurman for Vica-Preai-deot We I d ne goo-l and faithful County Exhibits. If not too late, the adj lining counties once i r twi, should take immediate steps to haTe him, but the county exhibits at our approaching Fair. We eipeot a large crowd here and many visitors from a distance will be hera on buaineas to see the re sources of the country with an eye to investment. The wealth of the forest aa well aa the sounds and the nrers and tha fields ahould b-e shown up to the beat idTintiie. There will doubtleas be exhibits from all the adjoining countiea brought by individuals, but there is nothing like j ened combination and co operation. Iet in-, vancing on l o diTiduali combine and coma up as a ' fatal blow, county, and whatever exhibita thev I After argum make wlil go to tha credit of their I oner wa- held ; county. Wa hop it is not too late to do something in this lira. r g e .. : i a i ; ed f'CK ki t knife i. i i -e-. er- I :i main t lo, . i . ;r ' it bl internally. Ii-- i' I i 'e l in and taken t" 1. me u;, t' Wi: he died in a f . w r. . u r . Df put y 1 ' i v 1 Bar :. o , . u :. . has charge of tie w , j i -.-;:. g i , , w n the street and w a near . i. ;igii to call to the boys t tlghtu g v.; en the deadly b o-v was givtn. Ue pursued Jesse as he d allied . :T. arre-t-. 1 him, and, under a e. mmitinei.t fr :o ,'.:-t:c.' Wfttg. n. let I. mi to jiil. A o n-i I -'.-a! 1 crow I gathered at tbe court hou-e M m i,i" to lu-ar the preliminary ir.al of Jer-e I'-.inrton chargsd with the murder f .' a- Herring. Justice W. M . V.'.itJe:.. u I ai as sociated with l.;m .T:.-t! e Wiu. (i. Brin.on. bci.r ! the , a-e. N-I;.'iier Geo. II . White apjeai ed f T the State and J.n. K. u'llara. E- , f. r the prisoner. S v e r a 1 w i t n e j i w e r e i r 1 1 r o d u c d o n the psrt of thi; St.,:.- t . the kill ing. Th i-al'Ptat: -o i i' the testimony w as that the two b j . J. ., lierriti and Jesse I ti s ton . b- :h i oh r. 1. were em- p!oed at the .-tat Ire on the! t of the Henders n H u-e a ,: g. t ::.t,i a 'i'.iar rel: Herrin,-, t'.te Iarg-r f the tw, was advancii ginlHir.pt n. an i strik- ing at hin: I'mo:, n rm k at Herring ' th k: 'ii en te re 1 the throat an ' out in t w the i vein and hi1 h :h c h r r . e 1 i c :T5 c e u r. c ri c i . u - It in. mt o i a te ly -el.: f. r. I , a be n t . a n 1 to, k -1 ; - to artificial niciro v h; h . was taken h i.r i hours. 1; ., i : . decease l w as , :. . r t h e a v 1 1 r t h a n t h j r - ' 1 Jo beat the i : . i o fe and missed third attempt ft side of the He rnal jigular .to L'r. Street's I'. 1 1 u (Ty wes . street being r e v i vo h i m by i -ceded. He . i 1 in a f e w i . . tint the v ..My peu r.ds had threat r and w a s a d -I " struck the : . t I v c ,: : -r 1 the f ris the ,; m i f -, n thru- sand dollars f, r his ap earsi. -e at the next term of the Su en. r O urt. F'ail- beuie if worship on nearing completion. Hancock itrret It wn! o n te ready for lha seata, and J aa iba pwoi'ie i. f Naw Iirna hava noi I baan ca.ied on to a great extent for con 1 tributioos it; the building so far. they , 1 1 b e a k ! ' r h e I r t. ; u '. t r. e s ea t a i A cc i auon tot make a timely sug- cocc em ing the trade of uppar Conl.ctne which appears in today a reach out f ir t usineaa , oppcrtur. ,:t nd tber-; r l to r y than an d r ; t e r s We w... : fr-tr. person namci rn .gh we can ma; rg :-. ei c - a: t hv m here there is an us n 3 be t ta r t e r r.it ig able creeks r ,h- e i t ed n a m ea tt.ey think said ej r F'ir so that c ; v i.f the Fair a lis; of names, r : :. t , write them ing clerk is not tre d.iTereut ian- rTaevaadaf 1 af Craraa Caaaty Alliaac-. TV- r'.. , a n, a Pt A 4avw? w a TTaa v vuu a j m. 1 1 1 aa uc7 lu vr v ai tae ecrat t boavao in New Mern on Frxtiij, the Hh dj of Jgnaary, lSdO, and vu calld to onir by FrvaidtDt M. U. Carr. All iab Alltbiice.t were represent ed. Bro. LI. il. rerry offered the fol iowiBf reaotltlOO Which W19 unim; ' taaue Our New Berne merchacti muat IDOOalj avdopted : Whoreaa, Tbe tarpntine m.ikor of Ut Soath ana daily vutit oar Stata for the parpoe of hlrmg labortjrt, tad W her at, Many of the laborer leave their familis entirely den titate n4 defeadeaC apoD tbe com manity la which they reside for apuort ; therefore bss it KaMoive-d, That we, the farmers of Craven coanty, desire to cil the 'a t..'l attention of oar Legislature to this fact, aad most earnestly reddest that it enact a law making it obligatory upon the tarpentice meg to provide for the comfort and snpport of theae families by a monthly remittance of a: least fi fly par cent o tit) wijces for which the laborer coatraatytni. The following; reaoiutions I the N. C F. S. A., adopted at its n nasi meeting held in tbe city of Raleigh, Aug. lGln, lS"v. were onaaimoasly eadorssssj : Rcaolved. That the N. C . s. A bssreby enters ita earnest protest aainat" tba policy of giving away tba labor of oar convicts, and do tu and s of oar Legislature te en aCtmeot of inch laws as wt.l here after prevent this oatrtge. Lveaolved 2, Tbst we Je.inil sac b changes ia car lw. .s w,d redacts the coat to htigatiou in minor case, aad as sba l enlarge tba jurial:etto of oar Ja'.u-r of th I'esce. EalvrU '., Hi it w ,ientj:io our city ,d ilia meeting ed ita r. Fu re ,h and what ls very ; ' a r : well verse, j guag.-s. lYI. r.i J r r.rt. s i..,t I will, w tr. .r.a. res urt in , apachea before the c mmit'.e at the lioard i f Tr.le ro'ma. were in spired b genu.ne pa'.ri turn and 1ot ! for North Cir.z He deplored the ' fact that pvipl-' of toe o'Ctral. western I acd easier i . rt.ccs , ' the State were ia;b u'.ler straegtrs wit h no unity of , purpoa and no : ;:;,, re.ations It ls ' rsally refraahing t have prominent ' men from other s,- c t : u s v ; : l us an d ex Tha Milk in tha Coccajiut The Siala ChroDicle ia speaking of ou r Fair says : I: will embraca all exhibita. but tish and oyaters will bn? the leading exhibits. Tha editor of tbe Chronicle, when in New Fie ma a few waekt ago, took a look at tba suitabla buildings erected for the Fair. They ara large and creditable. Tan thousand paople ought to be in New lierne to tba sxhibil- There is but imi way to gat thara, and that is to In duce railroads to reduca the fare to one cant a mila. Tba experience of tha , Slate Fair managers haa bean that it ia lha low railroad fare, rather than the exhibit, that brings a big crowd. New i Berne will give a novel and atlract've I exhibit, bat if tha railroad fare is high ' only a few will see it. The Chronicle i wants 10 000 people to aee tha Fair, and it knows they will be pleased. Cheap railroad fare is what we must have to make lha F'air a grand success. We intend to make it a succaa anynow, but the railroads cm do a great deal towards it. The managers of the .A. & N C R. did a good part by us at the last Fair and it raaulted in good for the road also. Wa hop all tha roada will se-e tbe advantage in getting cheap ratee this year ing to g i v , to Jill. the b w .is recommitted c h a n g 'lews as build r. g . . i ir , Prest: :rr.s. We ! : n lota, it t t :i braces pint: t -f 1 . t . ; u i future p r pct a '. :. t r. i : .: n: eve: -. 1 r The T r. d is a:-. ! em- f arm , lumber : t m- that 1 ali ., i I . hilMt i ur (lib.i.- ' Si . r ru i v ; r g fr. e ; iii-ie's on our r . i I., i,i,l . I -i ' : ii i : ou r I . g ' t ! 'tu ai ;.v i u 'or : Ue . , ii. e n u . r IT o u i n to .! 13'l sb , :i. o! our SwJ'e Uesoia'.O'iis ere pj'-'j-il con tmamg tU prvmf a " a.l :n ;n 1st .-it .ot of Caa A. & N. or dtscr ta. uitiooi against Dover tbs trim .,t(iiinn at her instlM of Ur freights. K Hartt moved :o: oi: I'.usiOe-sv Aso: 'e rei',tiesV.l -.o ci a me" t,Qg of tae area's of a Alliancvs in (he rountv a ami pl- ia bi jadgmeu'. nr . e C irril tr,, J (' TliOIIl S OlTel'i ' '1 I. .Hawing-, a-hicb. B r mu. ti ' s ru o. laid oo tin- (a Me Ite- i.r.X, TUt e luemor e t'a. I.fg'i i ui ol our S'are .; pl t Ik '..'i oo fertilizer ais"uta' i 1 rvd i Uiu ber trder A snot loo prraiiel I ei o' ' n I Ue Prvgreaaive farmer ai.d N ' Iterae Jir! IL to pu bl tab : he pro reading of this meeting ArfjoarneU to mees sgsm in New IVroa oo 4tb Friday in Apr. I i. it at 10 o'clock a. m. J. V. IUDDLK, 8ec. jarmaa Eotutiaa wui mrpiod. Scvr ieUmmttw ?w takbtQ oaf a fofef " tkt AXXXJCaX STSaJI MUI Ui, Ott. . .-. the -.lirl . r- i'i,.!'l -:. g-.l Mr. Haj-rell'a C.rcular. J. A. Harrell, ofeidon, imuoi a cir cular announcing himself a candidate for State printer and promisea to save the Stata thousands cf dollars if he can get the job. We heartily endorse the fol lo w ing reference to this circular by the Goldaboro Argus. While we do not feel that Harrell has the slightest chance of obtaining this appointnawnt. we do feel it our duty to inform the public he ia well known by all printers that he is not the man for the poaition; that he would not "do the work as well aa it haa ever ban done." aa ha claims ha would, for the simple reason that he has never done any first class printing, but on tha contrary, has a reputation for shoddy, dirty work. Notwithstanding there are several good printing offices in New Berne, yet some of our county officer have been in the hiDit of patronixing thia shoddy w rkir. steal of having their printing i its st Home We are deci lediy op-p.-wd to !,c 'tting tut if Capt. Rich ardson or Bill Lane sends out of the county to have printing done that can be done ;nt u wrli mil jut w cheap : home, we will favor standing them as ie aa no g"l No first-class printing n use wi.i send out such j "bs as emmi n its from acme printing offices. Mr. ilarr.l canr. t d pood, h- nest, fair rk any cheaper than other printing :, 'oes wit:. e ;jl ficilitiea. unli) he '. .'.J' y r : ing h.s printers Kcj ort of l.rad. d Srhoel F r m or. t.H. er. d ng Jan 4, 1.KJ Average Iai, t a 1 1 eri .1 a n c e , '. I J Bil nt eil wr1el to 4. h grs.de f r t'es: The Railroad M- c:::t Accorc ing to pre . cjuite a number cf convened at the Board with gentlemen fr 'm Charlotte, on the y.h The m v e 1 1 n g w a - c J a s . A . Bryan w h i ': r . . t ! object. A perm. n: . g ,; .-. by t-lt otir.g Jas A ! trv ii Joe. i. I .' ' b : r . -. n a : . i 1 1 lanes. Majir J ihn llii.i.er' 1 a plan for extending ll: as agreed u p. n I y the pointed by the Board of Be r n e . Col Win. J 'hn-. n . '. called upon f r teresting desct.; lying between 1 1 and bevond th-- strong reason' consent an i a. l A. & N. C ll t Tnis brought '0 a which Ute i f r : : waa particip.it. l 1:1 i Col. John con. J. J Wo IvObinson . (ait. . Whitty. K. R. Joi.es. Cobb, Jas. A. Bryan, lo There was r., d,sput g L as : W e l k us an nou ncemc n t , ur t u s i n esu men '. mi, if Trade r. (i 1 isboro nd id to ( rder by x plained Its . ri made chairman ai d Ntit.n secrt- . l y i ti ; 1 ;ned A. ,V N. C. R. o onmittee ap Trade of New tides in details and charges on each article. This receipted bill accompanied by certificate from the Secretary of the Fair Associatien that the articles speci fied were exhibited at the F'air will entitle the original ahipper of such ar ticles to free transportation of them bark to the original snipping point. ( In delivery of any such articles after they have been transported back to station from which they were Bhipped in the first instance, the original shipper may return the receipted freight billtotne agent of the railroad company, and if accompanied by the certificate of exhi hit ion, the agent will refund the freight paid on such articles as are returned. I'nless demand is made ' v the shipper to have freight refund! .1 at the time articlts are delivered to him on their return, all right of cla m will be for feitod. The above does not tipplv to race h 'rsos or h"r.-e8 u-ed in t iur.n i meiit. The committee will take every pre caution in Uri power to secure the safety of all articles and stock, after arrival and arrangements for exhiotion. but will not be responsible for anr loes or damage that may occur. The grounds aru nicely located and easily reached, being directly on the line cf the Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad, and a train will be run from I the city to the grounds and return at ' short intervals: also cabs and carriages from all principal sweets in the ciiy. H tel and boarding house accornm -daaiions are fully up to the req i.re merits of the occasion. Strenuous efforts will be put forth t i make this the most attractive and most successful F'air yet held by the Associa tion . Tne grounds and build ings will be lighted throughout bv electric light. Lmbraced among the various amuse ments on the F'air grounds will bo tournaments, base ball matches, polo games, sack race?, climbing greased pole, walking an 1 running races, bar rel races, etc. I'KFICtKS 'F THE ASSOCIATION ! President: Wm. Dunn, New Borne. Vice-Presidents: K H. Meadows. K. R. Joaea, J. A. Richardson, of Craven cou nty . Board of Directors: S II. Gray. G o. Allen. E. B. Roberts, T. A. (Ireni. Geo. Henderson, ti. N. Ives. C. E Foy. W. P. Burrus, J. A. Meadows, o.H. Guion. Alex. Miller. Secretary: Joe K. Willis, New Berne. Treasurer: (.'has. Reizenstein. New Berne. I'i'.v 'ret i lent or Ativi.ivry Hoar I. Beaufort county: W. B. Rodman. James R F'owle. W. A. Biount. Thos. K. Sparrow. J. B. Bonner. Carteret: W. 8, Chadwick. Dr. G. N. Gnr.ett. W. L. Arendell. A Lee. Lenoir: W. I. Kennedy. Ii O. Hyatt. Dr. Henry Tull. J. W. Grainger. Dr. R. W. Wooten. Jones: H. C. Foscue, J.C. Parker, C. H. Foy. E. R Page, J, B. Banks. Pamliro: C. H. Fowler. V T. Caho, Dr. D H. Abbott. W. H. Sawyer, Geo. Dees. Onslow: R. W. Ward.J. W. Mills. D. S. Aman, H. E King, E W. Fonvielle. Pitt: Samuel cuinnerly. J. A. Ilenri han. II. Skinner. Joshua Tucker. Hyde: P H. Simmons. J. M Minn, Geo" Credle. Robert Wahab, D. M l arter. D3re: A. J. Stowe, Cupt Ihos Mann. I '. W. Ethendge. lluaril vf Manajt rs. Best 1 for dc, I il. t ion live I than ! J !' Hi i J no es t an ARil AND GARDEN FIELD L'Ko, l or Iarge.-t this State not less than ", poun.is lint tile acr with .--.-itenierit n mo i of cult .vat ion . ipi-ilit 'luautity of fertii, -r use, arietV ,.f .-e, i I ,:.,l; 'e,l. larei to he m, loinM vouche 1 for bv all'l j : ' . co l 1 cotton gro'A'u i". up.-: a,., acre of l.u.d . and :. lo 1 ul.'l ' . . -.".'.. t-0. o On foul. El. -::iH I'oiiK ', P. 'TATOltS- Bah, yams. -!0a,Vi. p. i ' ; JA.-L'Tf. 7.1 ;n:CHKN8 tiro grown. li'-aCV. :,!: ! U'iil!" l!,o,:,;, ; f ; t' . , :. . ; ,-, lOI'IO'T 0o" i . r. W he - . . - f .... W" ::: - ' - i ," . : : v , , - ' ' 1 ' I " ROS. . I e,, 1, t!o future 1 t - us and our '1 v 1 1 li Hcanonablo -i I ( inia-. i i,.-i, r loi r i i no i in I o ".c tc ltiiE iLK--Wn-. India, dui, i:'-Ji co C0a5 ';). I' ,i"i.-i. S-V.," . sap-'. SI . ') Id. is. ii iid .-' . i ' ' : i iii" .- -' -I.Ei'A! Ha i J l n . a Hl'l . 1 nil ;. ' i i no ! Mm i l.?rii ' ei For Iargot v i.-ld upland . r. le.-- Ofle I'llrhel t I b i-tat.-ni "ti t and i ti in. e; ... up m . :,i' -i - th m : o l;, 1 exhibit-- 1 w I -i j ie of ciilova L.A1U) a i :.' -' -r.-.r For iarge.-t j ield of oats pt r acre: not Ess than -I'J hu-ttls: one bu-hel to he exhibited I.Y K for largest )ieol per acre: rot less than UO bushel.-; one bushel to be exhibited i:h For lar-( st yield ric'' land : not less than L: one ou-ii el t j he ex hi I ' 'T AT' '-:s tor .' ire-t v i, I 1 streo: potatoes per acre: not less than 'oOo pusn eD: one bm-htl to he exhibited, mode of cultivation For largest yield of Iri-h potatoes up n - acre: not less than Ho hu.-hel.-: one bushel to be ex hi'oite.i oi.'.'t.'Ni' 'i:a- Sili OiOar. ; Mola5;;8 iNi i i lonoT Drop. Si.? . Jmza Dry . Co Kkkupkne 0: c . ToLLC '.V 4c. i A: i. I ..-! ( IN. .1. '! Getting l, Uf,TIlNGER, ox ;c ,j.i4 1-i i . u,m up o t'ii-hp:s : bit,- 1 c. JLJ, . SL0VER. FAMILY GROCERIES Grown Household Goods, 12, C3 OUOIfir ti 1 U 1, :.;jcLJiiiJtV uraracnors. and lecttel, jroclaOol i&r Lao mo O I I") g r, u n.l i ,eis on - than "IG hosh- x hi bite J . :;::a:n a o r e : not be ex For largest cr one acre : not els: one bushel to be FIKLP I'iIa- AN For largest crop on oti Ess than CO bj-rv housed: oLo bushel i.it.'it- ! Best yie.d t . .ins ' HI F.s. For lei-t ur-ple of chufas: ; bustitl to bo exhibited I' or best bale cot tun . crop of l""--?, 400 pounds or over, exhibited by producer and grown in North Carolina To farmer exhibiting largest num ber of field crop - of h D own pro duction : not !e.-s than tiv.- vanities UORSL. MARES AND l ll' Mi'.M. t.ilt'KED. Best stallion. 2 years ol i and over Second best i-talnon. '-' e. rs and over Beet brood mare, colt bv Secor.d best brood ma, her side Best entire cult. ", j ears der 4 Best entire colt. '.' year: under 1! Best colt. 1 year old and under Best filly. H years old and under 1, Best filly, 2 years o. d and u rider 3. For the above, pedigrees mu shown. HORSE-:, MARE-. C ET ( iTHEI THAN TUOE'A'GHBEED. Us . ! i O 1 il : ; t O.lli W3 3 r 1 ;tr Si: SEEDS, Briand. critical Market LI-ED STOCKS areperson- vhich insures product of pe and arket ! o 1 ' -w a. I T e st 3! IK'Cli s ;: i")l! t ol ii A E will week Ylules and Horses. Ill Southern Aiman ec for 1889 ... -.'00. COLTS- her si.le. colt by and u a i old aijd Lb 1U l"J i (io ". 00 i 00 i.Oo be 'ii! Our ! -ok ' f i' Averv S.:-- ; 'or Alia--. 11 Clipr-;-. Gem an ori inar v N' P. A't'i o.j and flu. ( 'as' iii of v sides a fuii uii everytbihi' for ti. Wo respectful: sale Tra ! n wt-' we a r e ' " r duoenicnts t Sen.l for M. HAHN it t O. --. !):.::- (ir.-i-er. Sto!,e-,va Turn I'hx Eh 1 1 . li-". Con:p;iscs to. or fivo hor-c . 1 .r,-y. ( 'hampioD. Watt. Climax. ii. ai'.d SUc tl.o I he the : 11 Containing- 175 pages useful information on gardening, with PRICES .and DISCOUNTS. Free on application. ROBERT BUIST, Jr., 022 & 924 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa. Seed Fauns liosedale, Waterford and Mor-risville. ' F '"'P1'' '-' !il'' ' .1. ! I . (TlAllTIMil-i. J' arm. TZtCni iftliii II Il."E rciaiit-. HASH. MANLY. xe '& Co. Best stallion . 1 v ears old and over.SlOo! M. S. R i L1 Manly, R. H. Hilton. J. A Bryan, i Second best stallion. 2 years o Ll I. it t : -. iav tut' . be in (5 e an ln-I'lintiv Street. R. P. Williams. Finance Covunitte, Isaac Patterson, E. Clrich. E B Hackburn. LADIES DEPARTMENT M ANAiiEKS. Mrs. Chas Slover. Mrs. Geo. Roberts, Mis l'. W. M -Lean. Miss Metts. Chair man. M.ss M . M. Manly. Secretary . Miss Mary Allen. committee on fcrtciAL i-itEMifMS. Mrs. John Dunn, Mrs. J.A. Meadows, Mrs. Reizenstein, Mrs. L. H. Cutler. o MM ITT EE ON HALL MANAGEMENT. .liss Marv Oliver. Miss Fannie Small wood, Miss Mamie I'lnch.Miss Florence Bryan . Fi.' KAI. O 'M.M1TTF.E . C. V.iin. Mrs. S. S. Nelson C. R 'b.-rts. Mies P.. s-:e V.'r.it- Lars and over. Id and Id and and over. 1 Best brood mare 4 yea I colt by her .-lie, 1 Kpr ptihru e.O. under E Best entire colt, ! years under 3 Best filly. 3 years old an i under 1 . B.-st single harness marc or geld- inc: B.-st pair double harness horres. mares or gelding Best saddle horse, ni are or geld iny;. Fiest colt, under one year old ;ir Price Li.t. WHSTTY S GATES. xV" Siw Mil; Supplies a specialty Founders .- (. o 00 Grean, Foy tl Co,, s s XX Is. ers Manufacturers and end acliinists, Dealers in Engines and Commission Merchants ME i harlotte an 1 ave ite should i 1 n of the r I i t :. e n c it- p ont- i lively d l-C U r r ion , r ll, r,-e liours and i v Major Hughes, o.felldt-n, Jos. E. IE Gray, J. C. Dr. W. H. H. . and others, b. 'in the nt ces- Mrs Mrs. F ford. .'o-!TaNTS " HuchtP M.s- Iiu :e Mead- . Br an. Roberts rich, Ml is" sity and practicability but how it should be d plan the Central Ass.-n stockholders of the r, a i were t h a to; i c s d : s u J ? d . the State's stock t the and an extension of the private eubrcripti.. n and ot the prest-n t ru i p-o l n ta a t i.-fuc. and any definite cu:iclu-i. jou rued to 7 o p m . The meit::',; c to. p r.i. Tt.. f r V. N. i ' K. u: ::..:; : an d L'ol. W J 1;:.- up, and tne , Jjhr.oii wa a ! " te ; be fu t ni 1 1 ted to a gen, held in Rlr'h on th a: : J o'clo -k. at f r len 1 s of nt, r. n tend or sen i i . . .: -Ho ; k a ol ' e r s arc r be ; reser. t . an exten.-ion. ie and what li id y an! the w nuid accept The s a 1 u o f F. Ao V. V. a i itself by ,i.l a re - in or I g a e w ere the main iti.ou t ci in I r.; to . th- i-oio a i- .:. A. iX : ii i.i e i : ; i taken by i ' 1 Ian is : o t 1 e J a :. i: a ry : all the t"d t a: e i r ate .-. ,1 'o SB s; Jiim Amye.te. C'MMITTl.K i K SOl.l, I I' A . Mis R. P. V Ulceus. Mr-, j A ows. Miss y. Small wood . M i-s F. Mies M Olivrr, Mit-s M Mi-s I-'lora Marks. Miss M. L M A i leu M its Metis. I REMIL'MS. A lare and valuable premium Est has been arranged for every depart ment. W give below j. partial list: HoST PISI'I.AY OF FISH AND OYSTERS. I Be-t .shark not less than 5 feet S10.00 Eirgeit live alligator not less than CATTLE TIB )E' 'CGHbRED. Best bull, any breed o f n Second best bull, any breed : oo Best cow for dairy purposes 5 00 Second host cow for dairy purposes. '' Oo Best yearling hull 2 oo Best yearling heifer. 2.b" CATTLE-cTHER THAN THOI; CEGHERED. i'lest co'.v for dairy purpo-. S CO Second bt-.-t cow f.,r dairy pui- p is. s :; io . Best yoke cf ox'-n I' Second be.-t yoke of ox-, n '.'. l: Ber-t pen of fat cattle. i."t less than 5 E . ' ' IIO(;-. ' Best th'orou ghbre.i Lo ,r . at: y breed .c'O.OO Best thoroughbred s i.v.any breed,. I-I.LU Best boar, not tiiort.uglil.rt-. 1 8.1'" Best sow. not ihoroughbred 2 i o .' I' . i N o .' ' - :.. " i 'io ,r ul., M.w Jii-.!: i: 1 Albert. Machinists' Supplies. Builders of Engines, Boilers, Saw Mills, Edging and Cut-off Machines. IE spe In Do;- I-. te n tE C0i.e o V u ai irpoi re 0;cit tl Firms. A c c Eank- omt aii 1 of a: ions ii' in-riuy. .'iv t'd suoi .'(.-: t". d ti -its if E-s 1 . tc 1 , 0 feet. Largest sturgeon . Bejt pen of fat hogs .not less than 0, o.'.O Best pigs, undt r 10 months old. not less than o o CO .-, , Largest f. t hor. to weigh not iers than 400 p.iunds D fnj 10. CO ! The following s; pr. tulunts have a it i c, on ni r v;;t i o I out tl. Wo ai r.s:'-t-i, 00 mi . n: : . .ed -e( . n v i :l h in I!, rin . A W;;o ; Ii-ti E E at 1 r.'i I I i I I 11 : I, I 1 .iiiii e It f 0. : u tli.' a, 1 rr. m e c ta on t: . n. ' Th.a ir. "."nded to . 4 oo t h t r iid ' ba n a a so I oo g ,1 iscaaaion . i. i cv w a I - V irk . :i:Ai ll Hi r OK" KI4. It ' : j r f . w true a i x ; . I : . s ; h e mos; eiii'y lakn. and tne moat tTct it remedv known to l'ten the Sys lm wh.n Bilious or o'oative. lo Dispel Haiache. I'olds, and Fevers, to Cur Habitual Conatipation. Indigeation. Pilea, ale. Manufactured only by the California Kin Sttup Company, San Franciaco, Cal. R. N. Daffy. ni, l5tIWrM. mrJ3d4wwly il a rr. , e h s at::: ttr-. Is - Himi'i Gi.ki l)iw E uia.suter 'th irrade Katia MUh. atr. ttcti," 7rnwit d". Cnarlia S.-hiaaler ath gradv Uur Waltar. Bertha Tucker. Eulalia Wiilui, W.llia S husl'r Jam Whalay 3J grade Iora Peel 'J-l grads Katie ivobert .'..l.n s ittr romt HPTIO tlRtn Ac. I.', ph'tuiar.. rr'.lr.d from ri" f. :.Ticg bad placed :n hla Landa by an Ea: ln.'.,i rr.'.aionary the fo-ni ''. la if t .in:;'1,. T.lal I" reruc for i:f y pe I y ar. d - r i rc : ' ' ' ' t-' a rr. r ' n Br i.cl. '.: . .--. Ao.hn.i ir.1 ill Thru: m l Eci.g A r.' ai. a pi.'.:TO in I radical cure f r N-rT.-u. Debility i.d ali NerT.eis . em; liinu, after ha.ir.p teataU :tm won ier'il ,'unt.T. powers :a thousan is cf -ar h felt it hots duty to make it known lo bi .ufTrr.0 fellows Actuated by th.s r.'.ot . and a drs'.r : , relieve human so'' f.r.ng 1 -cd free of charge, to a 1 ho den:r it. tnts recipe In tterman. Fremont Go I d f t" , r o c t , H t 'ii,;.-,. Goldsboi o. St J hn. J an New Berne sta . Fr 1 J Pamlico ot . at Bail. r. i arteret ct . al N, j . rt J tits ct . at Tii'i.t :,. i , La Grange . t . . at 1 1 . -: 1 1 1 . Lenoir mun n. at Bir t. o w Ihli it . a t n . - 1 i Beau f o r t st a . M a r :. ; r a i te c t . Mar:. '. .' . C. re Niii r. i mi--. :: . M , M ore h ea ! -: a . . Mar, h Best d isplay of crabs -.CO tscallop 5.00 1 1 ve porpoise 10.00 " collection of fish 60.00 Second best " " 25, CO OYSTERS. B -t bushel Broad creek S 5 00 Nelson Bay G.f.Hi Piney Point 5.00 Null river o.lEi N:w rivtr 5 .Ob B.y uver 5.00 i . sou n d . .- 5 uO i ' r :;i shoal 5 Oh Tr-rr.ii in Island 5 00 Bogue sound . . 5 00 Jarrets Bay 5.00 Bank crook 5 00 Far creek 5 00 Portsmouth 5 00 Clams 5.00 Be-t and varied display of oysters 2o.lo t . A il E . Best pair ,uil S3 00 wood cock 5.00 En fish i nips 3 00 gray back . '' r-inule rail It. 00 double ti i'0 doves o.Oo meadow larks 3.0' willet 3.0" curlew 5 0" gray back Ii bl1 r 1 lo w sh an k . 3 i.'i 1 beach robin . o I" 1 plover .. 3 "0 oyster birds . .31" 1',,-st collection and display not d been offered : Mr. J. C. Whitty. ' amount of hay m..de on the year 1S-V. one Cia: Harrow : for the hett yi. fi v d acres, one Aver y s . plow: for the best y ie': i t acres, one Boss X plow. Mr. Charles Reiz-ni-in best yield of corn or. O n acres, proved corn r-ht!Er: for the I of farm product-, i-x.'lu.-ire r produced on ;'::' farm c." lite r or contt .-tan:, one Io n Ae CuE W. F. Rountroe. E- . upr the firms of John p. S.i-nre iV: Boston, and Ii he Cc Bri . of N packers of lard and m - it. " vHlua'ole prtmiuir.sof t i: to r ... Mr. Gi O. N Ives oo ei - ll . .- i C isi; f . r the ' arg-- t u h 1 1 - - In the largest t n acres for k's t'utaway f hay on two horse o.s oti fivo rs for the s . one : m -be-t y it-i ii r f cr::,.n, ' xhit itor - ;v:, tor. : n t i n i ' . . of the so m . tn-Toii , v i We c,.!.:. o of large retu; large-t rtUIi.'c d p.s mus of : , : , ly . RhSI'i 'NSIi.ll Ei foe i::- !:.':- t- ...' , uailv good for .i 1. DoL!.iK. vi hile our not amount to that vale Bankers, each i bie to the full extt-n Cur ne w Ban k int with a laige lire pro ,f s; with Double Iron Doors Hon Lou k . built on h c t ion 11 i t' f'-et l!i it' k . I o is orie of E.trrt-1 ill. d - . E MEN r. - : , ; ai y i b r 1 1 1. i - fl u ntry . - f r m a U in " o, ::t- forTrus : els. ic-ii'iitg , i nothing but - enritlt.-s. in : u -t-men'.s o : i i li't-r the c . i i a nasi- V" a IV: We n n.a W. a I, i r i a i: f o ' We - . : 1 1 p 1 1 1 1 s s . fail k.nti r an v 1 o v I - o ription of C..S; A. P uzzle! ot 11 II provt tl t secu ret! All bii-i safe ao,d d enti .-. 1 . AND eE 1TUTV. : r iii m are md iv id L"M.;.l 0' TlK'L'siANI' cat ital -took doer Ei tbe case of Pri : ei is r, r-ponsi- io- erty. is ni -plied lllP-d Vault. I i cm bin a e t e f o u n d a f tills vault : - la.e-t iin .ur,- i ,r ) roof safes no i:; i-ioh locks. 1 v-. . t ii ii s w 1 1 1 tie i E r; G ,yi 'if PolL'-ck Et., o'vwbir: liOsi N. C. e3 Tuk Tha "i:i.i:it- f Ar nt Eo.o . . ' '. C o',;, lev J '-' ' tht j' I',',, ,:' ' C' So I - r :.- -' .,- ... .. IE & ifo L ?R poor; li ''- -a- - ' . jf ::' ee ' P$ o - " JSC ' ' 7TB,S pair if above v a - les than netv t collection of quail not than 12 nor more than 15... less A Ba All) TO Till. . : t i i i k bii. pie.aS A 1, : 1 and I hn French or KcgiUb. preparing and ua.ng. drtiiirt with stamp W. A SoTE M0 1'. ter X Y :ih full directions (or 8Dt by mail by id DaruiDir this papr. wer s block, Kochfs r. v ', w '. t All eyes fitted . S. Duffv. New an 1 il: Berne tiueed by ' I 2 1 ni Th e II niKii.M a of New ro;vrL,!iv. ;r'. ,':,''v r.r .,ra-irc i ' "ipor, . Fi' aft In . 1 o 0 i -o -ond best collection, same num ber " "0 Best pair shutller duck 3 oo mallard " 4 00 black " 4 0Q Hprigtail '' 4 UI) baldfac " ' "0 green wing teal 4 on blue " " 4 oo d ipper 3 00 paddy 3 CO water w i tch 0 00 coot 3 CO w hi te brant 5 OO black ' 4 00 bald ' 4 i 0 redhead 3 I'M geese 3 0" canvasback 4 00 bull neck -1 0" ha rry head 3 Oo spoonbill ll 00 south southerly 5 I 0 summer duck 5 00 blue peter 4 00 i ' shell drake " 1 I in; The n,..n a,. be held in Ne Eehioi ary . a exhibit ' f c '.' ihe r.-u: -pr-ad nets of r- v marl, and any be 1 later Arrange free tran-; tended for brought by the steamers t oat c Plea-e si 1 1 rtant .N. - of ii-,.. Kill E -: t rtat ;on ex .1. .Slble. ' i r. or t' rt . t;on 1 ro id to N.-'.c a i t ;o It s to ti:e ( li.' do,; on Earn Ear nti": r tr, a-t. 1 s ii. v will b d lv a 1 til it. ri.e fr- as h on a New Ben I.I.i'.N. ducts i:i & vrE 111 iT ,;L f - - O V J ) i e Er ' General :dware. I i "O. 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