Slew 1 '- j " i , f ..a . m e, un, prl.l.r. IXDKPKXDENT IN ALL THINGS. VOL. XI. NEW HKIiNIi. CRAVEN COUNTY, N. C, JANI ARY lM, iSs). NO. 43. Mv Poor Back! EDITORIAL OTF. :ed New III II OiXT hoi - poo a 4 . tf ty l . WELLS, RICHARD U'JHLINOT 7 si u - ". "tors, DISSOLUTION. M n. .Tat Gori.n Y..rk on Sunday. KvrKKi'B ami Pr.r.ce ! i.marck are si. k. AFTEU the 4th of M.ircb the I n.ted State Senate will stand Kepubiioan, and 57 1 lerux rats. I.tEi ten ant ( K. Mi its, C . S. N y , died in New York M on day nitfti; oi elIow iVvt-r contract ed in Hay ti. We imo gratulate Senator Kan arm upon his re-iiom . n at nm . We etiu gra( uiate 'orth Carolina in having tmth a Senator." Wk are gratified a; the success of Senator Kansoni, but we deeply Presid. u svr'patoize with Alexander, W ad- electoral dell and Jams in their defeat. envelope r K.i A m n ; : i i " - !H'm:n,i!:in si n r in t i. . - S ' ,i : r .ire M ,i 1 1 tithes, id" New 1 ', ( a Alexander, of M ch. !e:i bu r man W hi taker a:. ! ' m i ;o of i: lleigh. A:.:. Wed:.e m i : n w.1-. . : . r. con gr.r i; 1 a' :. :. . telegraphed ! heart il u:i v re : urn : ; he Sc t .1:1 '. to : he N .1 " : Mr. : rt Uelieil ! he I. . i. ecl : n r All. M 0T (iuLD TH.VT GUT TERS." A Frenchman srus he htis dis- the signs of the time we ii :'..!i nt iy believe that jure ill be done North '.irolinians v. ho w iweii ihe"i' Kan ;o ; my r;.ids of -i-n.itor Ciorman engratiilate you r saccef-s. Voiir ate ; very : mpor a! I en. oeracy .'' 1 ::. several States o c'Oitol last S. 1'.. covered how to make pure gold by Confederate tlag in.' ; ' went down Chair- combining silver and copper under baptised in the ;.( ' 1 of the rung, sunlight. With y.'io he can make nation, by the p.;v . : ; elision ?7l'. The philosopher's stone has bill which will relieve the : ullcrings at last been discovered may be. of brave men ami be . : edi . .1 :,!e : o The l'renchm an's name is Tif- our t-eloved State, fereau." 15:11s for the creation of a ll.iii A Frenchman I 1 1 has been said road Com mis.- a have already a Frenchman can do anything. If been introduced ia the Senate and he cau change silver and copper House of Keprcsentatives. We into pure gold who will presume to have not seen these bills and ruti ns bounds to his powerst not speak intelligently of their GOVERNOR SCALES' MESSAGE. His Rc-ma:ks on the A. & tf. C. R. In his message (.'overnor Scales speaks of the A- iV N. C. R. as an extension of the Z. C. ii.. and taye the two should never Lo severed . WILMINGTON AM) NEW KERNE. THE INAI'IJCRATION. Wilmington, Onslow and Et fnri- Cor. Wilmineton Rfr flna Ballroad Its Advan neo to 1 p, . ., n r 4 ; '.' . 0.r.,.u. ,h. .. , .kJ' ";' t.' -Dating .Z would control, end .h, I"s)?'Kht iute eavy .torm rf - .0 M.k. I. a lnve.ln.en,. i ftS V . V" tT' ' ,, , , . 1 it looked ce if the inaugural prooeeA ' v , To the Ed.tor of t he Messenger a-The ingB today wouW be 8eriourty fa build ine of the Onslow and East Caro- 1 feTpd with. F:rlv thi. u.'.."''. w . J ' - 'V.UBw&, uvw- 1. ; - Ti..n,..h-..iir ,1,., , i. u i,n. p.ii,mj (mm Hr,u:..(. . n r . J . ..v.. .j w,t ucoj 1 wh, """" eyer, the rain ceased and the darhaa on?, tut if the Governor had been en- oeroe wou.a uoaouwaij inure more 1 been generally favorable, the OOlr 4 , etd in business or traveled much on j to. 1 6 beDefit.f, Wilmington than any . drawback bete the muJd oOOdttiM tvV W- this f 11 cf it for the last ten rears he rtf r Vi of ran 1 Tho y I hit a m a tt 000m a K.-o1aaaAwA. .... r m m V" W would know that practically 'they are ! the flee of the fine resu.ts ot ' aiT our , PAt 10 . ?k!?1?.S! uinct and separate as the Hudson I railroad enterprises yet I think the as- ; t0 the na ofthe House of fcmiBto.?J and Mi;Eiscippi rivers. If any one eertion susceptible of demonstration. ! tivee and were assiKned appropriate ' ' want to go from this end of the road to -- oealH, lue 1 resident 01 tbe MenaU oooa 1 Want nf nrnno r mit-Int f r tho an hay niiir,i nn i i .. . i - il TT m, " ptovisious. bur, snpp 1 1. Tued ay . dehvert d and .-c. 1 it:ng to law to Sen. Tor Ingali., as aro ; en: . f t he Senate, t he .te e ! ' . e . r States sealed wi.a'li w:.l 11. t be Ta. Copata.mSip hrtofor -tut; Eg At :ibn IE J .il..oid b T JlJ'.Ul er fll XbiS J AT .11 K'UUUQ, . , J AS ; 1 a ; : .. r i N i . kk (.K (r 1" rtSflKK. - . ;. M; IT i N l . K K BftrTiojt to abvVe coti& " Mir n 'i bT. .ioyti tb' ETTINGER BROS. - aJ wVii tiaki J for A . .d IWvMf partner, w. bg a eootuiuu .- -f . Wa ax. prpav i to wrr,- onr 'r.'n i. fooJi. aea a - MW bbU. lleaT M i KO bbl. Klour. 40 bbU. Mol . i5 bbU. LrUlArd So 10B boict Old fajkaho 100 t KaiaiU , - as bbJj. 8mr. 500 ti. V. Serd ') .' 500 bob!a V'e.trn 'crn, 5 bale. Araiaa.- ri: it. tOCO ioe Coat'i Spool ('of. A4acarl ikoIRY GOODS .! 1 . r a;' nlo: ... - ' .. . r f The owners of the steamer opened uaM Haytien Republic are to have 'ongre.-s 11 ee ll'U.iKX becauie of the seizure of in (he ha. 1 of the steamer by Haytian oflicialn. KxrKKOB William, in opening the German Landtag on laat Mon day, declared that all the foreign relations of the country were friendly- It is highly probable that W. W. I'dd'.ey, of Indiana, w by the Cnited States grand jury on account t hi famous "tloaters" letter. t NwUKSSMAN JiefTF.LLK, of MAine, lays "there is nothing more certain than that James (J. Blaine will b Secretary of State in Ham son'i Cabinet." Tuk Republican ;i".ate Fiecutive us mi oar Committee of tfouth Carolina have decided to recommend Gen. Wil Iiam Mahone, of Virginia, for a place in iiarrison's Cabinet. TnK Senate baa rejected every amendment proposed to its tariff bill, the purpose of which was to reiac the taxee on tha food, fuel, -or. tin lie the two Houses of . : n i . : 11 - e. ven t ion Ki pre.-i ii t .1: ;vi-i on Feb. I I Then the packages will be, opened, the Miles ( ..tinted and the election deej.ired. Ma K (il.KN.N, ft' Atlanta, sad the other drty :n l.:s in.mgural address: -Atlanta has safely passed all the 1 x per: n: en" s to which ill be indicted she WvU s-!' d ai..i is n..w on the threshold of a grand eareer. If her peiple, leal: z her po.-si bilities, are true her best interests and j i:n hai.d - ::i pushing forward la r ; -regies, nothing stands : ti.e ua ei 1 population of a .juaiter ! a nitii.oa happily homed :u the most substan: lal and beautiful c.ty ::i this Ceaatry." Tin: .ii to oveiaotii" .1 p is; ; 1011 lint this is a mistake. N'o, not a mistake, it is a palpable fraud. is the purpose of the Legislature to There have been many TitTereaus follow the lead of G,-oigi,i and iu Oris world of ours. From the Alabama, whose Comnitssious have earliest periods of history there been in t he highest degtee beiu::- have been counterfeits. The baser cial. we approve the rue-asure in Kaieh or any point wtst of Goldsboro , aiODe prevented New Berne frem being they heve to start from this end and j not only the metropolis of tho State, start again when they get to Goldsboro ou cannot buy a ticket nor check a trunk further than Goldsbcro, nd as for ihiir. anv business west of that p.;nt ii -0 ;.b at a i. ri. of the House. The Supreme Court Jus tices occupied seats within the bar. AIL 3 the State officers-elect were then con ducted to seats, with the exoeption of the Governor. These were pretested. ' to the Associate Justices and were " sworn in by the Chief Justice. The but also a city of much importance. situated at the junction of tho Neuse and Trent rivers, which there form a bay that a few miles below merges into the Pamlico Sound, with a close and :.av io.-Liaaen unlets uu.f.d. vnu aiucmmjo committee or arrangements then re Sound. In fact, for commercial pur- , paired to the residence of Governor i .,. cf tb;, matter we liketo ' k "T T U f,T"em -'fwle and conducted him to the ex eco u'1'ut"'!' matter we line 10 may bo consid red as one bod v of n 'tiro nm a i i hoi.,. -1 met iris have been made to put on the full confidence that it will result show the 'practice workings of these ' land water. 1 take it that the position j both houses of the General Assembly- ' . . . p ... r. ,1 -, a ,1 ..i-j u a u ui rw rim a rrnm rta n 1 art tn 1 t r-i n 11 'Pi . l. .j - . .1 1 asemb auceo the pure, but, when 1:1 the trenera cood of the people. l"u'al" i"iii t ue"evtHI . ",1 L i"uuwu,,u lu lue Place "eieciea lor .n-u tn r h ,L n. , " .. nd when we give tbe facts if any man ! f "n d?J the Ooverner. vivuu!, 1 ' 1 v ivni, nil. 1 aj t t Vl llfl Ulv clMUlS ll.l(J UCCU 1U I I 1 . , - , uuuwuuitwi; tuuimouu IHliUlCI brj fiavs f npr nro nnt fi h-oonr oocororl wa I .f n i - - .- .-. shna-n t lei t '-ill id n,.t crol.l tlmt ,l.,....l i.i.a. i, , J J J - - oi me Dounas. as it is, new tserne a " " u,.. "uiui n,i. ut muciuiiiu wilI ive ;t up aLj acknowledge the Rlitters."' th.eir nients are unfolded in the Governor's superior wisdom. A mei- Very olten men are not what General Assembly. chant in this city buys cotton presses they seem to be. They move with - - frrm a manufacturer in Charlotte, the elegance and show the polish of a Sand Hill Pots. western terminus of the two-one-road gentleman. Thev have grace era- The farmers have pulled clV their m which the State owns large interest, ,.t , . ' , , , coats and begun to tackle with the but in order to gef hie cotton presses dition and genius, and they lead .,. 1,,1,.. m mv h r-r- mo'e 1 , Jk u- .u P10" l.anuiis. Jiaiil na.t maia here ;.e is compelled to ship them over mult.t.ides captive at their wills, big preparations "towards a new lhu c.a.ana Central to Wilmington, Hut there is no chanty in their crop. thenc over the W. & W. to Goldsboro, hearts, no light in their homes and W'e had seriics Thursday and and thence to New Berne. This is .but no benediction in their lives. They Thursday night at Fritish Capel by ,P , f ir.i.ny im-tanecs. Formerly our vev. L utiningnam. j nun t no gi e Pjljt ,nin furnished meal, corn and outlet is practically at Norfolk. In fact Norfolk, in all times past, has had a complete monopoly of the Sound trade, t . where the usual oath was adminiaterad. after which the new Governor 4eld a reception. Next Wednesday night having been" selected for holding the caucus to nom-."' v - and all that portion of Eastern Carolina inate a public printer, much wire-call rrltttor Knt tl.i- n rn n.t tinrft rr,.l.l Sometimes won.en : rtr.e bv , . . ' . . A . .... . f-d to U Ueigh and other points along - - - uauciu 1 iiiasinias: v as tue ijues lue v tneir ueauty, ciiarm ov tiieir tion asked liv nianv. we are glad nanners, and captivate by an to have him with u uncomtirehensitile macnetism. ih Our Missionary culiarlv their own -then fall, K . but now they are prohibit ed, though the A. & N. C. is but an ex-tout-iun of the former road. i w . t h i,aonabl is doing we,!. like tves.. ru ,ei in icuut-n 1 . . ,. , . e can assure tne .Missionary mat Lucifer, never to hope again. j(. conM nor lj:lV(1 m.ld1 R be(ter Alas, all is not gold that glitters, selection 111 its midst. Mrs. West is always willing to do her part in such woik and some over if required. t other thines mi-op.,?1 i.i borne ot 1 he y 01111 lni? and electionftini7 ircn.r.ll. m ' llt.ftrv fttrAnmn nnH a mnal nmHlarilA k. n.n..i.j j : . 1 . . ' r j l l . ci(icuou uuriDn me Den lew etaya, trade it has been to her. For a long It is diflicult to determine who will be " time her connection with the Sounds j the euccereful competitor, but theoot'" was by way of Dismal Swamp and Al- j look today indicates that Josephus Dae bemarle and Chesapeake canals; but iels of the Chronicle will bear off tbe .'. she found it to her interest to build a priza. There are not a few members, railroad to Edenton. via Elizabeth City, however, who advocate the plan of giv. . " - -seventy-five miles. iDg out the printing to the lowest bid- what new berne and eastern cako- der, and it may be that this plan Will " ". . ; LIN A 8END TO NORFOLK. yet be resorted to. In order that she may obtain the trade The friends of ex-Governor Jarvie a ." '' of a large portion of the Albemarle and I are this morniug openly ndrocatiog hU, " '" '' , Pamlico trade, Wilmington proposes to j appointment as a member of tbe pro ' enter the list of competition with Nor- ! posed Railroad Commission if he ao ' folk. If as has been ofliriallv stated at i desires. , -. '.,.: New Berne there are from 50,000 to! A gentleman from Greensboro con '-C1 The (.iLvtmor cannot, perhaps, pre- I 00,000 bales of cotton sent annually to firms the report recently going .the to the public schools is to en.:ghten Towns and cities spring into ex thc public ii. ;n 1 and to make them lstence and send out glittering a source of pride to the people. It placards, proclaiming a newlv dis- ls an eternal fact being an t .pica id man nas a sleeps in every stone and nectar very great ;n. vantage over an nut- distills erateman. As a factor m develop- venture fortunes men are look ingseiious. Why" Because Miss Blanche's depaiture is so clo?e at lrom every shrub. Men hand. We hope her return will be on 'the hazard of soon without a dou la u-h as an urn-due red one. It aS it fades away, disappointed ho8 th l' ,C wi!1 r,emai av the tafe in the end to 1 j - , ,- , with u. e like to nave such me ay in. .tan ,,i ,1.. mi to and ruined victims realize that "all a, ronsin Set h its c":.-.-ns fairly well edu aa couain situ. 7. Years traly. ABK AND SOIo OETTJNGER, K159TOy, Jsamarr T, l.W. UMNSEY S0H00L,i La GrJ?mL&G, INT. O- insr the resources of the State an a die" ami lnn Tim -.r t;i clothing and. belUr of the people. ediu,.4!td 1S worth quite twice dmsolves the airv speculation, and. -i 7 7 A50THKE letter uaa oeen re- a8 nuu ceived from Llenry M. Stanley. It will pay datprl ut linmi. Auif. 17. In have cateu. an.n.g."ii Sl'KAKtN'.. of the State as a winter resort an 1 what has been done to adv ertise ;t, t ''mmisaioner Tatrick in ha- repoi ; , says : The effort to make North arolina a winter stopping place for Noithern, New I'.ngland an.'. Western jieople 13 a big f-uccess. Lceed;ng two bpndred and f;f;y thousand dollars were sp--nt :t::de the State during tho winter !' 1--; and 1 And the outlook a' pr. ::' 's that not lean tli in one mil .01 dollars will be expend..! "1 our people by and bnuicht heaven to earth, so Mr. Seth W'e.-t is contemplating on moving to 1'over. e are in will remain men it be sajn 'T will staj here ten daya and will then proceed slowly." Delaware baa elected a liepub lican I'nited State Senator. So much for division in the ranks of (the Democracy. The new .Senator is not gold that glitters.' It is a blessed truth that there is pure gold. If there are men who have lost the image of their Maker and have become as "whited sepulchres," Mulh Volume of Al.Ien Cyclopedia. Open at raudom at which page you will, or lo- k lor almost auy subject vou choose, and concise, vent this state of Effairs, but why deny that they f xUt. Tbe time was when this excision, as he calls it. could have been relieved of the drawback upon its busirie.-s, but cue Governor was unequal totheta-t: he did cot seize the oppor tunity to itiieve his eastern constituents of the burdm that has borne them down and destroyed their business. The opportunity was in securing the Sjmithiield read and pushing it on west ward into counties that are without railroad facilities and need the com, firh and oysters cf the east. 13ut the Governor has grsat consola tion in the hope cf tho A. & N. C. pay ing a dividend soon. The debt of the ,, r- .. road has been increased, according to Manifold . . . .... ins statement, about one Hundred ana thirty thousand dollars in order to put i: in condition ; a few speculators have purchased stock for the purpose of Norfolk frOm New Berne, which lies ronds of the press that an offnrt tvill -" at the southern end of the Sounds, what j be made to have 1'rj. Tbos Settle .p-" H must there be from the Pamlico and j pointed postmaster a1, that place. It ia ".T ' Tar river, from Washington and from ' thought that she 1 aa easily secure the" the Roanoke, at Plymouth, and other 1 appointment, if deaired. points on the Sounds? Am I out of the j Business of all kinds is pretty much ' ' way in saying that there are 100 000 at a stan i-still here today, and people"''' bales marketed from that territory? I , of all classes are taking in the inanguv think not. ration. , . Much work has already been dote " by the municipal authorities in thai Now, the Wilmington, Onblow and 1 way of laying off and beautifvinar East Carolina Railroad will reach New j "Pullen Park." near the western, 'tt berne with DO miles of railroad, taking limits or the city. During the oominr .- at t 1 1 1 , . . c : .. . , o .. 1-. . . . ... C 1 WILMINGTON COULD COMPETE WITH NORFOLK accurate and valuable information speculation, and caused it to advance, a, 1 '::t this For Girls and Young Ladies Spring Session of 1889. Opens January 16th. Write tM CsMalosria to J0SEPB KINSEY. Principal. 14 Aithony Higfins of Wilmiug-too. Thk preeeot weather remark able. All through the North "the oideet inhabitants" cannot call to , mind a correeponding period in any 1 year w hen the weather i w ei l ceptionally balmy. The London Time-9 paid liberally ', for evidence to incriminate Periieil lech it did cot get. The l'ariit-11 ca hs a nun. tier ol phsn but the weijjtit of e ideuce i faiijr.ibi. to in- 1 ' : ti patr.ot. A n who t.:is learn, d that it : oiadIjf to be tender to (tie weak, is rurrly a coward, for the etrength and onurae of his natuie are de velopd bs teaching lum to protect S"ii,i those who ciaci: d.-l.:id them Ihri selves. The Committee on Nav.i AfTaire has completed the nava there are other men who, day by meets the eve. With each new and tbe Governor at once thinks there day, are growing more Christ like, volume one's surprise at the avail- hope of a dividend in the near future. i.,,i or m fk .i.i .-n, nhle k-nowledFe contained in these The truth is, the A. & N. C. R. is no ""u ti . t u.i.uf: i lie r?unu niLJ a -o hravenlv aroml Tf thPr, r( . han(i3" and eTn elegant books is nearer pay ass ol the that l tor t pre. en t wit In th.- i pa! . - . ti.. .:! 's W la. Henry New 1'.. : li. I...m i II a! e District at New 1. 1 r : . e . m ake a . .i ; : a 1 . to tin st-rvice. ' Wiii pI.'U e ;s iio i .'a. not be con t: ; nu t tie stiv .ce .tor ; ears. It a N;n. i. N . eC ' ' M r. !. l I I 11- o. a I. II : arters a dividend than it was innru.itoH Phf.ra n:in ho nn rlonht the dav ( .overnor bcales was lnauizu- men who have forfeited fair renown that the completed set will form one rated. In order to pay a dividend a and all the charms of innocence, of the standard worksot the genera- railroad, like every other business, there are other women who have tion. The small h itidv volumes mu t naks something to pay it with, ascended to he upper sanctuary" a'esomuch more e a: i tiient for If the Govtrncr will take th pains to consunauon t.iau uic n.; uunitiui octavtw or (juartos ot i ival cyclop. .' that one naturally refers to them iii'ich more ofa-n. and is gratified to find that exci-p in riire cases the infoimation allarded's fully as sa-e-oi ,v as t.nind in Apple ton's, do h:i sou's, ChatubersV, or the Itiitaiitiica. The prf.-e is tteiing local habi- low beyond a'i pti-c-'aleiit. placing it wit in n popular reach ." . en's a volu me fur clot h binding, boo- ats for ball' Djoroccc: postage specimen volume mav be homes, t them I. I. tin ti to n men have angels in their . bb-ss them here and lead hi'h temple of rile h.-:r names l ecoi ded e'eiual book of r h. ti:: I ;. examine the earnings of the A. & N. C. Ft. in lf 1 and compare them with ar.y yerir si ceo that time, he will find thai there hae not been much if any inert ase. And perhaps too be is not in the rich and valuable territory of Onslow- and Jones counties, together with Grant township, which of itself will maintain a well paying road. That this road to New river, in Onslow county, will soon be built, is now.fl think, an assured fact; the balance will surely follow. When we tap the Sound at New Berne, then the competition with Norfolk will begin. Wilmington's chances will consist of a single trunk line of 90 miles length, a cotton market equal to that of Norfolk in any respect, in some superior, and a harbor of suffi cient depth of water to float and load steamers of 2,000 tons burthen. WIL3ILVIINQTON WOULD HAVE THE AD VANTAGE. Norfolk, to reach New Berne, by the shortest possible route will have to traverse the entire length of the two sounds, which cover nearly one half the water front of the State, and then must needs be transported by rail some fifty odd miles from Elizabeth City to her door. On which eide will the advan tages and facilities for transportation lie ''. I have already observed that as a cotton market Wilmington is at least as good as Norfolk, if not better. Il'e must have that cotton. But the cotton trade, valuable as it is, is not bw any means all that we expect to reach by this connec '.re or the iett that hve cr six miles . tion. The sources of trade there are new rtLt l rails were put down in j many. I will instance the grain trade. turnings of 1 EASTERN CAROLINA AS A GRAIN SECTION. I d Spring and Summer the Street Rail. way Company will extend its lines thither, when it will become tnott''ri popular resort for onr people. The v'' park U admirably located in full View of the Fair Grounds and Agricultural College. " Ihe case of the State vs. Iola HiCke. ' -for murder, occupied the Su perfect Court this morning, and is now ia the - hands of the jury, A verdict either' manslaughter or acquittal is aatici- ":" pated. . , Senator Ransom will leave this after noon for Washington. It is not prob able that he will be here when the alee tion comes off. There was no Legislative business transacted in either lloute today. 4 . Don't Fail To Call On ROBERTS BROS., OR V. .ere ta'ioa.-. tn.r .rove to be quagmire? jinn wotiM en.i.: ;:ig pn isptiorescent .a th" ens e tru-t the :. :i : in ! ; m . fact that the Union, and it was the products of these .11. d re sholil. ird tt ". pai s as deadly as the pestilenfal night shade, thiieare cities that hath foundations that cannot be moved. The winds may blow, and the rains them, but l"c. A ordered : ll. S a .. of ovtrn r h is naiiihe roid put in first i sound resiona that made her such. .:sj t ii. jiiiou aiij has had it under a ! Albmarle and Pamlico sounds are j-piellU K3 eat n SEND Your ORDERS TO US. Wo have in btock a Full Line of GROCERIES & PROVISIONS, C S. Persons & Sons Boot and Shoes, Sixty years ago, North Carolina j y, . t on. ranked as the third grain State in the 1 oiutomiary XiOOt-S G. DHOeS, Also Shoes direct from the Boston factories. We are selling all grades FLOTJB . 1 i i 1: calls for tallied J. W. STEWART, Sale and Livery Stable appropriation b.l twenty mt'lions and provided for the construction of a dynamite cruiser on the pattern of the Vesu vius, and a cruising monitor. -THE Republ icau Senators are nr friends of the llible. They are m i ' I" tion ; :i man o t ; : . this fact, a he h is do State n o-; past htieeil j 1 UN A I , at 1 a . il . onenf I v a' N w lie : ;. , for taung them. That is tH'caufe suppose h:s appo:n' met .nn of four ma fall and beat upn '". ''HI "ot th, ,,-(. founded on a i, 1 1 iiirll, women, cities Id will i l.dure. The .! d business management, and yet' noraerea Dy ia oi tne ricnes: counties . from the Mills in Michigan very low, an--s arc not much in advance if ln btate' Bna 1laouDC " Ior Kram; 1 w lo job Lonllard and Oail Ax 11 . ROBERTS BROS., SoutK Vonf nt.. iew Bemt.JS. O. .: . : . s s main ependen: posi a:. prominent ()a .icoiitit id evt-r it may le, will be e. I e ..... . ll 1 ' l4i I on ; ljiO T . . i w;.l shine brighter the pel lect day. re ou '. e of the a c for the iter of the a:.d subse we should and retell- l 1 ; a . - tin: i d : ever ;t is found, and brighter to and returned if not wanted. .1..HN us IJ'I,- c uoi 111 u-u lu dnce "! growing purposes they are surpassed ; Snuff, i;. Al.I'KN. l'llblishcr. New Yoik. ar:y f ftmtr ears. wheie is his hope j anywhere. Tho aggregate products of ! t tlltltl :'j'l i-1'! trill- lyi liiiai... i; ; . mcec ul uuiiod lu ual uo cqiimaicu vii ,aJ.o "' ' Tie; ii.-. aivaiic.d by the Governor mUlione bushels of wheat, rice and corn i , . t-. annually produced there. - m-t for jears longer the R. & Our Eastern corn is famous along the Ihe South rn Cultivator far .laau.iry. L. li. chait be permitted to come around South Atlantic coast, and most of it p. on,'.; I v 1 1 e .1 : v aimbt-r o! to our b.ick door and drain our territory formerly found its way to Southern that stialii'i- Agr;c:.l;:irai Journal of its prc-Juc;.. bringing them around Prt9, br cra" to. Wilmington, . , . . j.j , . Charleston, Sivannah, &c, but still a lUK S'-rrilKliN ( !i.!i AT.-R to ou r r .- ,,r. t d ., r . in ord er to see wheth- j ,arge quantity was al ways marketed at tit.ds i's way to . ::r table. The er or r. a the N . C. Ii. will want its ex-j Norfolk. Wilmington is a large buyer (coife us ; ju-t taali ct in 1 1 s , t,-n?i ; n --1 h u. A & X. C. li., is almost of corn. .Probably from one to one and r Brick! Brick! Brick! issue da- tbey are not acquainted with the tiou in office won! tame to tne ie teachings cf tbe Word that de omands that you should do nnto others as ton would Ik1 done by.'" Wil. Star. The Democrats of the MaKsachu set:s Lgislatnre have nominated (ien. 1'. A. (Villins for 1". S. Sen ator, tlif liepub'acans hae Sen a : or ( . t o: l'c 1 . rtc: l ' 1 V t ll" lie pu ' e . Iiern. (,'arol Sena inTod".. A s.e :n s s ; , a. I.K.1SLATI0.V. Tile National and State I.ei t ;i res are i u session . The Congress is do;t) little, and .astern t'tJat 1 1 r 1 1 e ii in favor ol monopoly and plutocracy. m HimiI. itookv (iiave Senators, men represent- ("ireeii. of t 'raven, ha ing sovereign States, boldlv advo- oe .paite accep lbl c ins of New i;:d t h it porta :. a den. rai do m ; a it II. ca.. t..o: zealously defend, meas ate contrary to the spirit . -i.tut on and oppressive department i r ' '. oil he people of these tiou. The 1 make-up and get up. The demand on its advertising spa. e compelk.1 the publishers to add eight more pages. W'e aie pleased to notice the boom both in advertising and subscriptions that it is enjoying, for it well deserv. s ir. Tin: is handsomely illus trated, in addition to the cut of Capt. K. 1". K"!i. t' of Agriculture oi Alabama: the illustrations of the New Year and New Ye.U 's (Ireet :;:-. e. . a; -a aal attention by their ., :. ;. aess. beaut v and'y. livery replete MIM 1 1 i -1 1 uc- jutry I )ep.iit:in-ir. n special Ic.'.r are ot J ill. i. t I. . . - er or r. t t ten?!; n t: intr-L-r,.! -ihe 1 o n Fou le u a arkei to allow the people 1 nentine counties which look to us for tlie iin. and tributary to the A. & j their supplies. Wilmington now has to 50,000 I a quarter millions of bushels are an- nually brought here for home consump .rsembly and Governor ,ion Bnd t0 furnieh the cotton and tur- HlOi. N. f. Ii t we h BY W. P. BURRUS 4 CO., GENERAL V .1 tilt Jut arrived, still another lot of Young Mules and Horses, the finest e ver brought to Eastern .Horth Carolina. 'i-oad Street. New Berne. N. C. ) i The Bergncr k Engel BREWING CO.'S PHILADELPHIA LAGER BEER, 13 UITQUXSTIONABLY THE Finest Beer Extant. It is brewed from the finest Pale Canada West Barley Malt and highly recommended for TBITIVE qualities Laazer Hops, and z.-r,: prrpreM. its TONIC and NU e.c. a (is o no . r '. a . , . . c i s ; . : s a note has ap; .1 in ', a s c.laa.u i...t pr -j eriy ered.te,! I lie S .I:i..rg toil Me.-eng.r. of Wednesday, publ.she.-. js Iri'm the .1. t 1 1 N At., a paragraph that we should hae credited to the Ktchniottd Time. The uanwioti, on our part, wm not heexivered until after ..ur paper . M published. Miss Kmma Aia; i r. the popular aiDiifr. has recently lost h. r hus band. The World ay M:s Kmn.a A b (.:, thoujii feeling keeply t he bereavement l,. h lai 'e fa! let. her, will it-o: for the pres en' desert her o:ra cmpanv, the iik ui'vr of wha :r are :n the n a n depot.. let;! :; . r. the , rg.m at n li'i'jf ma; n t a . ni d . K a . K pre j udic runs hihr and hotter a" the North among all c'.afls than it ever .!.d . r could at the tv'Uth - -Atlanta mstitution Vr. and the reason is that the tie?-., is ciotelv related to : .e ::i ti.e 1 . m ; v the : . i.; n j . i .!!.; We-- the Kejai ..cans wo are . i. rut .ating'y : : : l.iv, :th h ' in ". t.efore fleet. on. to.' ;.. . - ch b. . ,t- . : the tax.' i t t ..e i llblic s .. fltant ioi n ges : :. m i'iy ::. - es . necessary . A . can ge u ed text b.., l,s. "elect .on is in .oi. ic grat e tohl. r Parous is Amei ican Satiate. i ' . ' 'oil - n ! .Ve :t li .an : i -l ' ; : 1 1 o . 'on : e iei.ed. Whatever s'a'es mav AT"K. contains lvpit. inquirers on a wide i a': Thoughts ..r tic Mo: ower at present to u,u i! lull ot iuteie-t to stii-nghold. ' The Alliance lep.;: line t cannot be abau- '"' :!;- u Ainuiij tne iar' other , , . r. , . . . VU.II.I...I a i .. o . e s . ;i i have made upon the jsM. -e h.ivo oalv t.i man the supreme political question of the Value of Apii day. the colors of North Carolina by .I. M. den 1 . i v o lien n 01 rri e,l tn t 1. .. fr. .tt f n t- . 1 1'roCess ol I'll . : . wave defiantly in the face cf the ot a te.e and eh 1 The S rai h c- ; a s s a n u. . . . . : change and pi; .!. ch.i a.b p-e, lea.brs the wa: se r .c s r at MATHRIAI ir- .v. AT exereijivl dar-a KM . KI. ;::-st I l AKK . v 1 r Moore o prevent etilp i culture 111 tin Ti we conquer," said the Athem Atiica as a in : an commander on the morning of lumber: loiin;: Mara: lion'.-, great day. 'of wc con on r. we shall make Athens the l'ii'.i'i -t ci'v of Grewce." "Tf we . on.ier," cur leader may exclaim, - w e l oiiquer, we will make A'i.eii.'a the greatest nation ou ear'!,. Ihe sails of our commerce 'i.ii whiten every sea. and the j r.. darts o our farms and work shops will go to the ends of the woi Id. Our homes will be the habitation of independent free men, and the blessed abodes ot 1 e ice, plenty and happiness I la-t :t not, be snpposed that t.irtiT i.o'tm :s a hopeless venture. Its .' ii.:: ,: may be delayed for a t.rne. ha' 'he light that streams across ' e . ast.ra sky is the su re h a 1 I " n- : ' com .ng .'.ay. i 1 .---i " u 1 o: the State . ! : :. 1 a 1 ... : n a w: il s. South Car. ' 1 : . t !. ; r Al ,' I t . u ,v u., un.-hsckle thimselves, and , Vy I"'"'"' '" uuJO, i mo6c ui it cumifjg uere uy ran iruiu i:ixi thry will eive them a I ( s a rm n n Q c n mint 1 vr t n fa I ' nil I ff patient he. i ing. not withstand ing Gov. ' sell to ber i in mediate customers, and ; COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ccaies nope oi a aiviaena . c . um cicuu il. ut. i tory by being loaded down with the, A Pailroa.l romiiiissioii The Mau for i heavy cost of transportation she has to the Position. i carry on every bushel of corn she buys, j Thoreunldv impressed with the grav- ' With cheap transportation from New j ity . f th- bu'sineie connected with the ! BerDe and the sounds, however. W d- mingcon wouia oeuome a larie uio- . tributini? point, not only for home de- , manii, but foreign points also. OR A IN RATES BY RAIL. To show the difficulties under which th it h'ornmis-ion should be a man we now labor tins table ol rates speaks f tho lash ist character for integrity , for itself : .r..i h'n..r. if iarje experience in busi- From New Berne to Wilmington via ..s of dignity of deport- Goldsboro. 1-14 miles, 9 cents per ldO a-ntan! j e.-sonai eharaete'r. of mature pounds equal to 5f Crnts per bushel. .i !t J...1 aaainments. of a loftv Richmond to Wilmington. 247 miles. ..ui '.a it erni.rd ct s every interest 11 cents per 100, equal to G 16-100 cents. : N i.e. i ir lini. and especially of Norfolk to Wilmington. 242 miles, 1 ! . . r a.;,:.:, aritv tr.:,t is a pure and cents per 100, equal to 0 10 I0O cents ,- n... : as ii..- e on Dian's Cincinnati to Wilmington. 74l md.s. ..-..j.o.' 24: cents per 100, equal to 14 c.s.pii, . ,. , (. I....,; .: . w t.en it is cents: from Chicago to Wilmington. jj,. 1 1)D miles. .J.' centu per ice. eijuai o. Railroad t'.iaimiwion which will engage I trie atiei.ti j.. of our representatives, we wiil r.lT.-r no apology for the suggestion we shall make to them a-i to the appoint- tae c omnnssion. tvery nism Oer l AND GEAIN DEALER8, Makket Duck. i; W flKUNE. N. V,. I-j!" Coiisigii us your produce. m-. a a" ir 1862. EATON 1888. THE JEWELER II l s a rrNK SjT. K'K OF Watches. Clocks. Jewelry SOLID SILVER AND PLAT LD WARE- we cot t Oil C. I 111 i ' o. Nashville I '. l'a: Haas v. Tr Hon. W. .'. : he St a ' e . i . (ieor-i a Com!: fr il i r-gro'A : i: : having a .1 i New ma:.. .;; . ii Station .C An Kiow .ng, '.;. .!. Tetinesse. ; 1 in d i::i. bv '. . i Ti..- pn-M :, :.-: the price ot s e.l r. T 1 1 " h S I' i; k i :.:: (' . . I irau .: -. ( ; i bv l . li I. I' i - from 17 02 100 cents c.t.. .uia. tic name of Chicago to Richmon i, O iO miles. , - . 1HO r,,,Tal tr, 1 ' I1'.-1H! .'HI tH. -.'. -. VI .Now ! erne, as iniin ,.-. ivv. ..uo. v, i rare .piabticatiocs for Tin: iav iute that wounn i itii'. .mi. H.-h i a r. i it a.0 fonun- rno.M m:w hehm: f..r ov. ; -,t he his but lately Now what would it cost Wiimit.tzton .-is go. . I n..i k e I'r. --I !.-ccv of the to get corn from New Berne over the W Stale. f New Kerne, which he miles of Wilmington. Ooxlow and K ist ' as -uch craiuent Carolina Railroad '! The UO miles haul ss-. With two such from New Berne to Wilmington, on the tl... .'nmii n from basis of tbe rate via Guldsburn. now, - t.-rn North Carolina, would be 3 86-100 cnta per buh-l. nave a. quitted it- miles haul, same basis lrom ki. aimonu M'licr.i I.K.K. I ke- j. a larger stock of .Spectacle than any oilier ntore in North Carolina I tnke jiart an lar pairin to lit them to the ey es of r 1 1 -s neei i i ng them. ''JTO' '"V;:'i ng wfirke.l ftfi.dily Bt the ben h r thir.y, I l.elieie I can do in al. Imtaker in the CO MI ANH SKK MK. SAM K. ft A TON. Middle strnet. Opi-oit.- liaia ift i 'hureh. f.12 dwtf Tlit) LadVi Must Uome ! The Geiult men May Come ! n : " Everybody " Gome ! T'i ski: thk ffnnf.sf.mpst Too yiissionaries Miinlered hy Arub. Zanzibar. January 17. -The Arabj DiUUei aild Toilet Seta L 1 It I!IT To THIS MAKKET. AI.S. i :-.r i I I Mate and will to Wilminton, 2 37-100 cents per bushel, the commendation of It would be safe to say that . with our n V.. City Economist road built (90miles to New Rernei with proper facilities for handling at both r . II. laicas. terminal, the cost for transportat ion ol corn would not exceed three cents pc bushel. I'- I 'I Wilmington. Jinuarv lfi, t""'J I . Agent and Bottler. New Berne. N. C. met-- its respo; he n.. .del at :on an ' have a I wa s e li a : i .'..-liberations. Wm may be adopted t! N "l Iier..l.l must determine, but ;u. ce s p : i 1 1 of the peop le and W .'. i I . . ' . i h : v . : ( ' : e. let ll. e n-ad a w a v ' a M. --Hurrah for W. II. a a this little note to v. h:r. --ir.e of oar Kistern h. i::-. I must say to you i. a':i-. Senator from the t - f North Carolina, made ; i-peches l ever neara. aeatioyeu mmt wermau a.- t.-.mination cf Senator tion at Tugu, fifteen miles weft of Dar- -a to the point. leaviDg Es-Salem. A majority of Him slave r uaoai.i mat would captured by the (ierman-of - war I.ei( ,i .- i.i.- friend Senator Kan- zig were lodged at the ttatien. One I ' on a atic caucus. He miseionary succeeded in escaping from ; -r i for the nomination of the Arabs, but eight others were mm - ra. and his speech before sacred. .' e csicus wa- the crown- of a woman, were found mutilated in a his (.r.r:s. He j:; one of barbarous manner. The Arabs carried :s ir. the Senate, and the off the servants an i elaves at the stain- : j b- pre ud of him. tion . " : y. Thk K.i-t. The Frectii missionary stations, rsi.e .i '.7. cially those situated near Tngu. are m imminent danger. The A rabs w ho are ; in moth Kits now joining in the slave trade, -n .. 's s ,, thing Syiicp come principilly from Kil iva and i.: u-.-d for children I.indi. and are rich.r and no re m- . ti.e ehil-i. softens ttuentiil than Hu-hna. and are like- i s j- tin. eurt-s wind ly to overbad. v hmi. There iiccrs- ::. : e-t r-ruody for .'aiar- tones to the slave traders uiil have the :'. . e ,i t. of ho elTect of reinvigoraling th.' revolt which would have died out if th" (ler- '..'...:'.'.:. firitin Fans. Feed mans had not retained Uoyame-jo aud e. : . AnuiiN A c'o. Dar-Es-Salem. A IT 1 . 1 . ! I ' IC ill' Hon EC Furnishing Goods VI" h T I ' oM 1'lilCKS. L. II. ( UTLER, 26 & 28 Middle Street, NEW I1EUXK. N. C. TO ADVERTISERS. -: 1 e. '-e i'. ik aoiiira into ll A i r .-s AM1 SM I HoN.s I.i l. ( ct on I H MK. l o, s- wi... wni.t Oii-ir H.l vrrt 'aln to e i; iv :,ii..:!.o:..lir!:.r ... -il . ii ru I. ir I hor . :lh h:,. .ilr.i.i,. i..ik Hum tlievanoua s . ot .11 S.-l I I. ea 1 .t. -!. in .H(.;aj.(T Ail vert lul IHur.'an, . j is a ii i in iu Mm uce street. Now York.

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