North Carolina Newspapers

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of aH ediUoaa of kia work pabliaaed
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TSX Baiaeo ia bLa Ilarnaon
CtxwtII MIMO, said the reapoasi
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Preaidaat wars soea aa no aaaa la
Rallied to me I ia kla owa windom
aa4 atresrth. Mr. Haiaee did not
sajtkowtTtr( whether h was hi at
lax a; thaLordor JaaieeO. Blaine.
TSJI CTBTS of th mother of
WaAhiajjton U at Fredenckabarj:,
Vssad iiasaiaxked by atone or
nooameat of aay kind. The ait
f Ih o&l faxmhoaae la which abe
dl4 ia la tho aaai nciaity, and it
U aaM tho property is aooo to be
eaii at aacttoo. The Gof-arnment
eeht to DOT it. aad anake of it a
oatioasl shriae.
-CaaAXJ3 a. WiuiiMfl, of
Cccciaaati, eaahier of th lie Line
freight offlco, who aystrioaaiy di
appeortd s week ao was abort to
his seeooats, it U ch-arjed, with the
Era CocBDaVBT to th araoant of
a4!JJs0Ca,, Foot fellow : ilu
eoadition k depioxabie. He did
act tal ssoQf h to admit him to
first circles la th Aaaenoaa aaa
dlaa colosy.
ATTT& Btsch diseoaaioa it hi
beea deeidd that a awallow til
eca&assoC sheolateiy rjaiaite to
adailasioa to the laaafaratioa iUll
This is wall. Wha it cornea to paja
that aa Assertess eituea can not I'
adaiitf ad to a Natioaal fete wuh
oaldlkiaf himself oat m a fork U.J
tho flasl decay of the Kepabhc wul
bs issaiaeat. Macoo. (). Trh
jrspa. tf I Blight make the aoo,: of a
satioa, I car aoC who might make
1U law," was the deliberate
SJSartios) of a eccieaiaatu-al aUtee
i 1 "Bias Thr ia Urge 'meaam; m
ths.decisraltoo. Laws appeal to
xeajwa aad eooacio aixnplj. oog
1" ' makes its arcwal to the who!
sseatal, mcrmi and pir.Caal man
It fiiSf Its faciaatiof apei! over
th sfhol eaotiooal txto; enpe
aiaJly, aad ieadj it captiT. Ir.
A raXXJLDBlTatJi tpetiiai to tiie
New Tor World sy, "one of the
most , latsreatiaf Lacideata of the
laaatrsratloa day eel brat too will
bo th iaitistioa iato the Graad
Ana f of th Bspo biis of x Speaker
Ssmast J. BsadsllfWho will b mna
trred ia sader th moat Oattermg
circa autaaoss thst ever sarroand
d th atrc of a reerait into
th wdsr.w Ssy it orer afala, aad
as J it slow, liar Is the traditional
Cas, ' TBt yoor flager oa him, aad
holssot thsr."
Aa enterprising paper can always
find somethiog to condemn and
moch to applaud. For oar part,
we maca rather rommeDd than to
We have twf?u iiccutorai to
aay, "We are all right. The Na
tional Government Is against
bat we have the State and that
makes aa wcurv "
An old gentleman wiip waj
charged with inconsistency replied,
"change the sitnation and yon
change yoor mind."
The State hj latelv been unkind
to Kat Carolina
baa said, ta effect, that monopohea
are more powerfal than jastlce, and
It has decreed that the chains that
have cat through oar nh shall
crnib oar bone.
Hat the general government hs
abowered npon as its ble-sing.
tne Uoaiocratic
Mr. Cleveland led
hot to victory.
"Mr. Clevelan'a term of oftice is
about to expire, and during his ad
ministration the country has gone
on in its development and increased
;n its prosperity. In a fair mlndel
contemplation ofGeneral Harrison's
election to succeed Mr. Cleveland I
cannot discover any ground for
alarm. In sajing this, too, I beg1
to add that I am an tincompromls-'
ing Democrat, I have always been'
such, and never expect to be any
thing else. 1 am a Southerner by
birth, rearing and education. It is
aider the impulse of my devotion 1
to the South and to the Southern
people that I address this open let-
Her Legislature ter especially to them.
liie peopia are tue guaraians oi
their own welfare and safety, and
if any political faction abases the .
power given It by the people it will
be stripped of that power. Four
years from now the Republican
party will be approved or con
demned by the American people,
who are the makers and unmakers
We, of this immediate section, are of all political parties of this land,
to receive from ita bountv twenty The South has no reason for over
thoaaand dollars with which to . whelming apprehension in contem-
. . plating the administration of Gen
eoastrnct a macademired road to IIarTiaoa . yeither Las she any
the national cemetery that will reasonable ground to expect politi
afford emnlovment for our laborers, c-al favora not because she is the
aad rename nlraiiure to all of our rwuin, duc sinpiy Because
people. And, better still, the city
of New Berne is to have a pablic
balldiag, coetiDg seventy five thoa
sand dollars, that will te an orna
meat to the State.
We are greatly r oid. NN
feel American blooi boandinj; in
our veins; bat we don't intend to
tarn nnr lucks ou gLumus North
Carolina Tbe present legislature
will no", Ja.t alwavs, and wo will
weather the storm until the Kaat
Is recnsi from tlirjldom by the
omniptc influence of paUlic opinion.
Id commonwealth of frcetnen
there must be differences of opinion
which it is becoming to respect,
bat it is very difficult to bring the
emotions under strict discipline
wade fortunes are being wrecked(
and a rich heritage deepoiled, by
what seeitis to us the arbitrary
exercise of deepot ic power by seni
le corporations.
4tt) UAlL
The Charlotte Chronicle, in it
report of legialative proceedings
eays: "Mr. McDonald, from com
nitttee on roads, reported favorably heart
bill to prevent discnminatioa of
freight against the Atlantic N
C. Ii- II- Co., make it unlawful for
any railroad company to diacnaai
nate, making such a misdemeanor
punishable by a fine of flfX1 for
each aad every violation : provided
farther that the indictment may be
tried la the county in which the
goods are shipped or delivered1 ;"
and the News and Observer aays :
"Mr. Doaghtoo'a bill to prevent
discrimination in freight rates
against the Atlantic N. C. li. Ii.
Is in the right direction bat doe not
go far enoagh." All this is true.
We, o( the Kt, are gTateful for
aay exhibition of interest in this
section, and we trust that the
Legislature will yet perfect a mear
are that will remove the barriers
to oar progress.
Bat, aside from the pecuniary
iatereat involved, there is a prin
ciple at issae. It is the dnty of
the Legislature to provide for the
general welfare, and to gaard
against all hurtful discriminationa.
Why limit the provision of the
bill to discriminations against the
Atlantic and North Carolina Rail
road T Why not enact a general
law prohibiting discriminationa
against all roads, anil placing ail
upon an equal footing T The l'ast
is not clamoring tor special privi
leges, bat for equal right.
she is
not on the winning side. But let
the South remember that the cam
paign tan not based on the race
problem, nor wa it a contention
for or against States rights.
' The South can lose nothing bat
those jiolitical ofticea now held by
many of her worthy sons. She
may not loe ail of those, lhat
will, of roars, depend entirely cn
General HarTison'a regard or dis
regard of civil service reforna. But
let us take the worst view of it,
and suppose that every Southern
Democrat now in office shall be
removed promptly after March 4 ;
the Soath will then be no worse off
than she was for twenty years after
the war, and aarely she is better
able now than she wa then to bear
, the diaadvantage.
"The fields of the South are
richer than ever with unfailing
harveate; her mining interests are
' more extensively developed, and
are greatly increasing their product
, of inexhaustible wealth: her man
ufacturing Industrie are thriving
today to a marvelous extent and
expanding constantly; her rail
roida are apreading over the entire
expanse of available territory; her
: people are stronger and happier
1 than thay have ever been. Let
i Southerners tarn their hands and
to the vast resources, in
finite riches, and znatchleas beauty
now revealed in the land which the
Lord their God hath given them.
" During the next four years
there is no more danger of inter
ruption to the material develop
ment, industrial progress, and
flnan-iai prosperty of the New
Soath than of any other part of the
coantry, and I do not believe that
the relations between the races in
. the Soath will be any more strained
J or unpacific under the administra
; lion of General Harrison than they
! have been during the presidency of
' Mr. Cleveland.
1 UK (.I S Kit V 1. ASKMH1.
i HI 1 DAV
- 1 a : ! .
Ti.f Sr:,.i, I. (!.. . II
presidui':, iiirt at In oYlock, .mil.
after routim- business '. the morn
ing hour w.vh disposed of. the lull
to incorporate t he Southern Inter
State KxpOHitioti Society was. by
request, taken up ;iml p.issed its
second reading and was ordered
enrolled Tor ratification. A bill to
amend section L'.o'JT of the code in
relatiou to swamp lands passed its
second and third readings.
being the railroad commission bill,
then came up on its second reading.
Mr. Kerr, in leply to arguments
in favor of the bill, said nothing
had leeu said in favor ot this bill
but abuse of the railroads. He
addressed himself to the provisions
of section 11 of the bill and its
cumulative remedies ngaiust rail
road corporations, its unjustness.
it unfairness, Ac. He spoke
forcibly iivonthe expense ot this
commission to the State, which
could not fall short of .-, 000, by
reason of eemmissioners' and clerks'
salaries, printing and litigation.
The bill provided unlimited powers
for the commissioners, even to
legislaing. I; was cl ;med that the
"Alliances" demanded the passage
of the bill. Then why does the
head ol that great organization,
Sid B. Alexander. u-e such strong
language against this legislation.
The farmer does no: want this bill
to become a law. and ll the Alli
ance will i,s'en to thcadieeof
Capt. Alexander moie, and less to
that of a few third 1 .euten an t s, it
would beot great good to them-
The argu
i a i 1 road ior-
, robbers and
11 people of
:.;t t here had
'Meat inaiT-
e great i-orpora-hurried
t heir long
the greater portion of the bill
cousiibred. Cpon motion of
1 0!
W ,1 s
ightoti, the committee arose and
'i ted progress and asked pi-r-bion
to sit again Fridey at 11
M ot ion adopt ed .
KI 1 IIIIIH Ii Y. A 1 1 1 N 1 1
S. B. amend mg t he charter ol the
llurgaw Onslow It. R. Co.; S. B.
"TL'. changing the Code so as to
charge county treasurers with the
interest received from deposits of
county funds.
NnTK. In our report of yester
day a statement was made that was
construed by some as intimating
that the bill for the completion of
the Governor's Mansion was de
the House and called the previous
question, the passage of the bill
upon its second reading. The bill
parsed its second reading and took
its place upon the cajendar.
11. B. 115, to have the Chief
dustice make report to the Legis
lature of all needed changes in the
laws of the State; H. B. 178, an
act to define felony; H. B. 741,
providing for criminal statistics;
H. B. 432, to facilitate the cancella
tion of mortgages; H. B. 869, regn
lating the v Inanner of trials in cer
tain cases; H. B. 957, to aid the
penitentiary in becoming Belf sus
taining (furnishing Gryestone
ated by the Alliance men and Granite Company 200 convicts at
Republicans. Of course we did not
intend any such intimation: nor did
we intend to do injustice to any
one. In point of fact, as our report
showed, quite a large proportion
of the farmer element voted for the
The Senate. Lieut. -Governor Hob
presiding, was opened with p!ae;
by Rev. L. L. Naxh.
A message was received from the
House of Representatives
ing t he refusal ot the House to con
cur in Senate amendment to Senate
till I to prohibit the issuing of non
transferable scrip, asking that a
1,290, to settle controveries between
owners of adjacent lands (clerk of
Superior Court to appoint a board
of arbitrators). This measure
caused a lengthy and able discus
sion, Messrs. Cooke, Carter and
Jones speakiDg for the bill and Mr.
Hoke against it. The bill finally
passed its third reading.
"Never give up the ship," cried
Lawrence. He saved the ship, and he
was at once a hero. So we say: Never
give up your life when attacked by
dyspepsia until you have tried Lazader.
Whit is the beat remedy for tbe baby?
Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup, for it contains
no opiates and is innocent but effective
Sold by all druggists. Price 25o.
Two advertisements appeared in
a daily newspaper. One read :
"Wanted A female servant in a
medium sized family." The other:
"Wanted A young lady to do
housework.'' The latter brought
one hundred and fifty dollars per
capita per annum); H. B. 9G5, pro
viding lor condemning lands for
use of ferry houses.
The calendar was taken np and j sixty, the former only two
the following bills passed their
third reading : H. B. 727, concern
ing fish in Pamlico county, forbid
ding dragnet fishing at certain
seasons; H. B. 793, incorporating
Huth in Greene county ; H. B. 79,
incorporating Contentnea.
Quite a number of other bills of a
local nature passed third reading.
Adjourned until today at 10
ol) !
rt'iin :
made special
e.t alter the
i ; 1 1 1: i ; .
!l .;
selves and the
ment was used
porations were 1 1
oppressors ft the
this great country,
been forgotten the
nanimity ol ; lo
tions when t Lev
trains ou to sorro w i n g, tie v as: a ; ed .
burning Chicago, when trail alter
tram was oarr:tkg help and as
aistanee and food to crumbling
Charleston alter the e ar t In tioke.
when train fol.owed train hurrying
fugitive away Imiu the )eilow
fever stricken d . : i o ts . passing
Other long earning food,
comforts, s-",,ini-i' and medicines
to those who could not get away
and tnee aie the great thieves
and robbt-rs :
Mr. Le Grand, in favor of the bill,
said that the railroad corporations
were grinding the life blood out of
the pvople of the State. He be
lieved that every member ol the
Senate favored a railroad commis
sion of H'.ine character. It that
wa so, how" could any Senator say
there was no public demand for the
bill! He referred to the demand
made by a resolution adopted by
the State a-ssx i at ion of Farmers'
Alliances held in this city. Speak
ing on the merits of the bill he
thought it most tender, kind and
! affectionate lor the railroad eorpo
1 rat ions. He referred to the one
now under consideration. He
j compared it to a mother's tender
i nea for her helpless offspring. He
thought it iustand reasonable and
I very tender in its provisions to the
railroads. He read from the speech
! of Senator Thomas, six years ago,
I in support of just sueh a bill as
ithis, and asked why he opposed it
i now The matter of discrimina
tion wa well handled by Mr. Le-
! n 1 D K r u i n if ii ti n ii t nof . i L mi I o
V.J 1 auu , rj u u n i u iu u nj OLU CU U I C
of lreight rates from Loaisville,
Ky., to Richmond, Wilmington and
Charlotte in favor of Kichmond
and against Wilmington and Char
lotte, and showing that in many
co mm
Bill for relief of
of tin" late war was
order for Mom!a 1
morning hour.
Senate bill to amend the Coiisti
tut ion ol North Carolina bv which
axes trom white property and
are to beapplied to educating
white children and the taxes from
the property and polls of colored
eitieiisaie to be appl led to ed uca t
ing the colored children of the
State was taken up on its second
leading and was re relet red to the
,udi-',ary committee.
Senate bill 7 11 to pros ide for the
completion of the Governor's Mau-
sion was taken up is the second
speci il order on it-- second read
ing. This is the bill repoi'ted by
the , oin t com m it tee on tbe Gove-trior's
.Mansion to I he House of Rep-
45 TH DAY.
The Senate, Lieut. Gov. Holt
presiding, met at 10 o'clock.
The bill making an appropriation
of 10,000 for- 1889 and 40,000 for
1 sio for the support of the institu
tion ioi the Deaf and Dumb and
the Blind was taken up. Mr. Twit
tv sent up an amendment to strike
on- ? 10,000 and insert ?37,000.
Lis'. The bill passed its second
ai. i third readings.
11 . B. 4,'S1, S. B. 490, to enable
the penitentiary to become self
sustaining, providing for an appro
priation of $75,000 per annum, and
withdrawing convicts from public
works except 150 each to the
Western N. C. R.R. and the Broad
Creek Canal, was taken np on its
second reading.
The committee ou penal institu
tions submitted two reportsou this
bill, the majority favoring the bill
IT" I f B
cowards & uiai
Craven St., near South Front.
nr. r a e n i i m CiVT. FJ H
If you are in need of ai y work in
our line, give us a trial, and ve wil
endeavor to give satisfaction.
Good work and prompt fulfillment
of contract is our aim
Call and see us.
(Jl e;l tl s"S til'
v mi! IViHHa
tri s A I I a y
t'ain .ii.(l lit.
(Ill in in : t i o II,
Ileal- Hi.
S e - S . K '
s t o r v .' t li
t II (' H I
T ;i k tc rt n
A ,i
IN l.y
II I H 1 1 .
ft W I
pass aa printed, with the provision that W
the Broad Cree Canal shall have an
equal force of convicts with the
Western X. C. K. K. The minority
report struck out the appropriation
and allowed no convicts to any
public works.
Mr. Payne sent up an amendment
to strike out ?75,0O0 and insert
50,000. Mr. Blair sent up an
amendment to Mr. Payne's amend
ment to strike out 50,000 and in
sert 40,000.
Mr. Pon favored the bill as it
came from his committee. Mr.
LeGrand favored the minority re-
To tell a man he doea not know
hia own name is equivalent to
calling him an idiot, and yet no
many English patronymics have
been altered in the spelling and
pronunciation, in the course of
time, that the family names now t
borne by thousands of ns are not
oars by lineal inheritanc. Batler,
for example, is a construction ot
Boteler or Butteler Baily, of
i"J"' T the local freight rates all
i uj .u a . uuii i i lino vjkj-
j twesn nmington and Charlotte
to way stations in this State, where
; the consumer lived, were often
nearly equal and some times more
Th March number of the Cen
tury Magazine ia before ns. Like
iu pradeeeaors it ia beautifully
illustrated and is luminous with
brtght thoughts presented inchoic
Passing over all else that is ex
cilnt, we come to the last leaf,
and there we And an open letter
that is so nearly in harmony with
oar sentiment that ve give place
to It in this column with thia single
modification: kxotc no nnc
Somtl. To tue Sena, one and
of Bakester.
That Shakespeare was in donbt
about the orthography of his
patronymic ia certain, since he
splt it in three dlflertnt ways
Saakspeare, Shakspere, and
Shackapaie. Sir Walter Raleigh's
name is another poser. No less
than five versiona of it have come
down to ns, vit: Raleigh, Italegh,
Rllffh RlillT and Ivawlv
- : as many
i.u u;iuiuk iu iue inape or a
name, however, is better than to be
nameless, as it is said the ancient
Scythians wers: though we can
hardly believe that the people
who baflled Alexander were anony
mous. Travellers tell us that some of
the tribe of Bushmen have no
names, except that to the oldest
male membsr of every family an
honorary title, signifying "Old
Boy,' is given. The elderly Bush
women are never called "Old girls,''
howerer, which ahows that ebony
barbarians are more gallant than
aome white Christians.
Tent I if a R4ci pw .
Mrs. Mildleigh read in a house
hold journal the other day that "a
tablespoonful of sawdust placd in
each boot will keep the feet both
than equal to the rates charged
from Louisville to these cities. The
scare about stepping railroad bui Id
ing and driving capital from the
State was all bosh. Georgia, with
her commission, had built one-hall
miles of railroad in 1SSS
i as North Carolina without a com
j mission had built in twenty-five
! years.
Mr. Turner, of Iredell, submitted
an amendment to the effect that
not more than two of the commis
sioners should be of the same po
litical party. It was adopted by a
J vote of ayes 8, noes L'J.
I The bill on l ts second-readin g
failed to pass by a vote of ayes
! noes -S Those who voted in the
j affirmative were Abbott, Aycock,
I Bailey, Brock, Campbell, LeeperJ
; LeGrand, Little, Lucas. Payne.
Pou, Reid, Robinson, Shaw, Sills.
Smith, Toms, Turner of Cataw ba,
Turner of Iredell, Twitty, Williams
of Cumberland, Williams of Pitt
rese:ita:i es which lailetl to
its second reading before, that body
Mr. l.cgrand submitted sundry
amendments which provided for
this sale of tho "elephant" now on
hand, uncompleted, at public out
cry, lor not less than j35, 000 and
lo purchase a building for the Gov
ernor's Mansion at a cost not to
exceed 15,000. Mr. LeGrand ad
vocated the adoption of his amend
I merits and they were adopted.
Mr. lute, chairman of the com
mittee on Governor's Mansion,
stated that t tie report of the com
mittee was founded noon facts and
sworn statements. 1 1 will cost but ' port 0f the committee on penal in
T-VA-..ei, oy way oi appropriation ; gtitutions.
of public hinds to complete the: Mr. Thomas said hid party (the
building and for the purpose of ! repablican) furnished the bulk of
saving that amount it was not wise I tu0 conviCls and he ought to be
legislation to sacrifice all which has hearci. He favored the bill as it
been expended already. He had a j came from tne committee.
State pride in the city of Raleigh i Mr. Kerr and Mr. Stnbba spoke
ana nopea ine uiu wouia oa auopc
ed without amendment.
Mr. Kerr stated that in clean
cash the building had cost about
25,000 or 30,OO0 and he would
state further that the State can get
30,UOO for it just as it stands, and
he thought it was the best thing
the State could do to take it.
Mr. Emry was strongly in favor
of completing the building.
One Senator stated that the
building had got so deep into poli
tics that his constituents had ad
vised him to vote for a resolution
to purchase 500 pounds of dyna
mite, put it under the Governor's
Mansion and blow it to kiDgdom
The bill as amended passed its
second reading. The rules were
suspended and the bill was put
upon its third reading.
Mr. Lucas did not think the
building an '-elephant." The State
was moving on to greater prosper
ity and importance and we should
look to the future. He was opposed
to selling tbe building. It had no
political significance in his section
of the State. He would not vote to
sell this building or for any other
measure which would reflect upon
the dignity ot the State. The time
will come when just sueh a build
ing will be needed. He thought the
reported bill to complete the resi
dence should be passed unanimous
ly. The bill as amended passed its
third reading ayes 25, nces 18.
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bors talking about it. You may joursel
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and w hen his hat blew off in the
street the other day he met every
blessed one of them before he cap
t tired it.
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ai count lor the phenoim i;,d reputation
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lieve it saved my hie. ' Walter N Wal
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t rne, N. ( '.
todi visible, we have pledged our 1 dry aad warm." Mr. M. has jret
feilty, and wound it our iTctioni i1" n newspaper recipe, and as
cltuter with ever incna!Dg devotion
Those who voted in the negative
were Messrs. Hanks, Larber, Ben
nett, Blair, Briggn, Brown, Cope
land, Crawford, Lniry, Taulkner,
t arthing, Green, H am j ton, Hoi ton.
J. r
mmUm or mn&m IMt pow or
xrt i'lf 2f. tm him
to bom fro, mm mArvVmm im
The letter u from Marion
dery. aad i. follows :
"Wnir of the s-t rn "
-Are we one people, or are
we not ? If w( aro,
why tin cvnatatly recamnf
ijaeolion. What of the Sooth under
the coming administration of the
Kepabhcaa party T If wf are not
ooe people, where art all tbe boasts
of birtd differences and the e!o
qaeot declaration of obliterated
sectionalism that have in recent
years txyn sounilng :. rou g turn t
the land "
Political parties must always
eitsf. and under our form of gov
erameni they are certainly ad van -tajeoQS,
is not positively necessary.
They wrvr as checks on one
another, and hinder that wholeaale
corruption m high places which
sooner or later ba.s always resulted
in th total destruction of and is
pate1 dynasties.
"We have jast gon through a
jTeat political contest nothing
more, nothing less. Sach battles
necOfManly involve victory ami de
feat. Oaly oue side ran win. In
this iDC40e the Democrats were
defeated. So were tbe Prohibition
lts. Bat this last fact does not
agr that we are all going to
become drunkards immediately,
nor dews it demonstrate that the
doctrines of prohibition are utterly
'ow 1 caonot possibly see
wherein the Democratic party has
may btter ground for senoas ap
prohnaioQ with reference to the
coaatrr's fature welfare than the
Prohibition us ts. By way of remon
strating with tbe prophets of evil,
we aught remind them of tbe
gloomy predictions that vers o
actlrtly elrcalid by diappointd
Epbikaa foar jer mgo vhtoi
'plained of cold feet, she procured j rIahef; KerrJVDK. I-"eback.Long,
h- hc. . n,.kt ati v,m kh ' Lusk, Mean., Moore, Lice, Stubbs.
rstired, and poored into each one a 1 Txhcma-S', U'rt"
if.M n-fni r ...iin.t , V imberly 's.
f.i.i.,v. a v . ' Mr. hiiirv
-HlllllCIJU UlC" UU 1J1B UUOIS Dfll
morning, ate his breakfast, and
started down to the office. He had
not proceeded far before he re
traced his steps, walking like a
turkey on hot bricks, rushed into
the house, kicked off his boom
with so much emphasis that one
smashed a ten dollar mirror, and
the other nearly brained his seven
year old son. He was evidently
displeaaed about something, and
demanded to know in unusually
vigorous language, who had been
filling his boots with building sand!
Then he recovered his boots,
emptied out the sawdust, and said
langnage that made the dog clap
his tail between bis legs.
'What's the matter, dear'"
mildly interrogated his wife
For a reply he savagely jerked
on his boot, and dashed out of the
bouse with his feet warm clear to
the rtxHs of his hair.
I wonder if I could have used
the wrong kind of sawdust T"
mentally queried Mrs. Mildleigh, as
her husband disappeared.
strongly in favor of the bill and the
majority report. Mr. Turner, of Ire
dell, and Mr. Farthing favored the
minority report. Mr. Smith favored
the bill and the majority report.
Mr. Lucas made a strong argument
in favor of the bill and the majority
Mr. White demanded the previ
ous question, which was sustained,
and, upon a call of the roll on the
minority report, which struck ont
convicts for the Broad Creek Canal
and the Western N. C. ft. R., the
latter was lost ayes 19, noes 22.
The majority report, which pro
vides that the Broad Creek Canal
and V. N. C. R. ft. shall have an
equal number of convicts, was taken
np, and, on a call of the roll, was
adopted ayes 30, noes 8. The
amendment of Mr. Blair to substi
tute $40,000 lor $75,000 was adopt
ed ayes 21, noes 17. The bill then
passed its second reading.
Mr. Pou called the previous ques
tion, which call was sustained.
The bill passed its third reading
ayes 27, noes 12.
A bill to change name of Bell's
Ferry, Pitt and Greene counties; to
incorporate the Pender and Onslow
Land and Improvement Co. ; re
lating to burning woods in Pamlico
county, to annul chapter 33, volume
2, of the Code, in relation to land
lord and tenant.
It is
easier to be critical than
advice 'jw mothers-
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup
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teething. It soothes the child, softens
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An ounce of encouragement is
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resort to bitter, nauseous liver medi
cin s and cathartics, is the concen
trated California liquid fruit remedy,
Syrup of Figs.
R. N. Duffy, agent. New Berne, N. C.
feb8 d w4w
William H. Oliver,
-Ac3Lj lister,
tx'ing Senate bill No. f (Mr. Wil
liams, of Pitt; to reduce the legal
rate of interest to tl per cent, was
taken up on its third reading.
.Messrs. Williams, of Pitt, Pou and
Moore spoke in favor of and
Messrs. Long, and Lucas against
the bill.
('pou a call of the roll the bill
failed to pass its third reading;
riy es 1 1 , ti ot-s '' i .
nun fi I 1 1 reci u mi 1 cr
the vote by which the Icil failed to
pass its second reading and to lay
on the table. The mot inn to lay on
the table prevailed.
The following bills n the ealen
dar were taken up and passed their
third readings : To compel butch
ers to keep a registration of marks
of cattle anil other stock purchased ;
to incorporate Leaufort Lumber
Company: to incorporate the Free
Mason's Lodge and Anrty Academy
in 1 1 vde con n t v.
Hi 'lis I'.
The House opened a
the usual hutir, without
Tne House was opened at 10
o'clock, Speaker Leazar in the
h praver bv the Lev. L.
of t he cinral Met hodist
in o'i :
ra cr.
i; KADI Nn.
ig t he charter
An old pbynUiAii, retlrtsd from prscticr
tiAriag bad plcd in hii h.nd by an Emt
ls!U rmiionATT the forma La of a aimple
Tretabl mdy for the spdir and pvr
inanat car of t'ocaampiion Bronrhiti.
rLaxrb, Asthma aad all Throat and Lnag
Affection, also a positive and radical core
for Narroua Debility and all Nerroua
Complaint, after baring teated its won
derfal caraliT powers la tnusand o
eas, aa (ell It bis duty to maae It known
to his rufferiBf: fallows. Actuated by this
motive and a aesire to relieve ha man suf
ferlsf;. I will sead fra of charfe, to all
who desLr It. this recipe In tierman ,
French or EarUab, with fail direction for
preparia; and osiag. Seat by mail by ij
dreaWinr with stamp, naming this paper.
V. A. NOTis, 149 Power's Block, Roches
tsr, N. Y. aovl wly
r.ssEi thi it
S. 1'.. 1 T.'I. a in e n i
of the Norfolk and Southern Kail
road Company; S. It. l'SI, allowing
the school commissioners of .lones
county to rent or build an oflice.
A message was received from the
Governor, transmitting an opinion
from the Attorney General, in re
sponse to a resolmon passed by the
House, asking for the same, in rela
tive to whether theGeueral Assem
bly can confer upon an individual
or corporation, forprfv.iie purposes
only, the right to have lands of
citizens condemned.
chair, w
L. 'ash.
The morning hour was taken up
as usual with the introduction of
petitions, bills and other regular
The hour for the special order
having arrived the House went into
committee of the whole and re
sumed consideration of the bill to
raise revenue. The remaining sec
tions were amended and adopted.
The material changes made in the
bill as originally printed are as fol
lows: the poll tax was reduced from
'J" cents to i.) cents; the' valorem
tax from cents to '2 cents. The
section relating to tax upon con
certs or musical entertainments for
profit was amended as follows:
Provided the board of county
commissioners or its chairman shall
de'c-mirie whether or not it is
really for religions or educational
nun) ses and no other, and this
The House was called to order
promptly at 10 o'clock by Speaker
Mr. Hoke, from the committee on
penal institutions, reported favora
bly the bill relating to the board of
directors of the State Penitentiary
The bill reduces the number of di
rectors from 9 to o and pays them
900 each per annum instead of
3U0 as now, and requires that they
shall give all their time if necessary
to the management of the institu
tion and make and publish quar
terly reports.
Mr. McDonald, from the commit
tee on roads, reported, favorably,
iuc uiii to pieveui n loci luiiuaiiou iu
freight rates, against the Atlantic
ec C. K. K. Co. (Makes it un
lawful for any railroad company to
discriminate; making such a misde
meanor punishable by a fine of ylOO
for each and every violation. Pro
vides further that the indictment
may be tried in the country where
the goods are either shipped or de
livered.) Also the bill granting
additional powers to the Suffolk &
Norfolk Kailroad Company, (allow
ing it to increase its stock and
change its route.)
H. B. 1017, changing chapter 113,
laws of 1887, so as to abolish the
Bureau of Labor Statistics was
taken up. The bill caused consid
erable discussion. Mesgrs. McCot
ter, Sutton and Walser spoke
against it; Messrs. Holman and
Phillips in favor of it. On motion
of Mr. Phillips, chairman of the J
committee on agriculture, the bill
was recommitted.
Connecticut Mutual, Life.
Continental of New York, Fire.
.2cna, of Hartford, FZro.
Hibernia, of New Orleans, Fire.
Travelers, of Hartford, Life and Acci
dent. Fidelity and Casualty, of New York.
Marine Insurance Co., of London.
American Steam Boiler Ins. Co., of
New York.
Spring Session
Vance Male and Female
Opened .'January 28, 1889.
The patronage of"the public ia res
pectfully solicited.
Terms for young ladies not exceed
ing S70.00 per session of five months,
including Vocal and Instrumental
Music, full course in Book-keeping
and Commercial Law, and Penman
ship. Many pupils get through for 50.00.
Full corps of competent teachers.
For further information address
Polloksville, N. C.
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Treatment, a Guaranteed BDeolflc for Hfate
ria, Dizziness. Convulsions. Kits, Nervous
Neuralgia. Headaohe, Nervous Prostration
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Wakefulness. Mental Depression, ttortenlne
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to misery, decay ana death, erematnre Old
Age, Barrenness, Loss of power In either
sex. Involuntary Lossf s and Spermatorrhoea
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abuse or over-indulgence. Kaoh box con
tains one month's treatment. SI. 00 a box, or
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we will send the purchaser oar written guar
antee to refund the money if the treatment
does not effect a cure.
Guarantees issued only by R. N
DUFFY, druggist, sole agent, New
Berne. N. C. ap24 dwly
s'.'Kci.u. ok in:
iue Speaker announce
H. B. 1127, to raise revenue.
Cpon a call of the roll the bill
passed by a vote of 72 to 13. (The
to tux : bill passed without any amendments
bv in-: other than those reported in Fri-
i sertiug in lieu "on a capital ot less aav s proceedings;, u. i. nui, to
amount than twenty live thousand ' protect public moneys in the hands
dollars," "on a capital of of county treasuries ; II. B. 1104, to
.f."0,000, twentv-hve dollars," '-on , prevent the careless handling of
a capital of'o,030, live dol- fire arms; H. B. 1128, to allow
lars. Section 27 was amended Dy sianuaru Keepers to remove me
decision shall be dual in all sticti
cases.'' Sec. 27, was amended by
inserting .". 00 instead of $25 00
tax unpii ltiiu-rent lightning-rod -
dealers. Sec. ", relating
on banks, e'e was amended
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lo Uieuaandj of special order, the ooiisiiieraiion of adding that a tax of 25 cents per j standard weights and measures
.... .. . C . 1 .. 1 TT T t . . "
11. ii. llL'., to ue entitled ao act to
raise revenae.
On motion of Mr. lioluian, the
Hoase went into cominittee ot the
whole for consideration of the reve
nue bill. Mr. Sutton took the chair
and the bill was taken np by sec
tions. Some time waa taken up and
ahare on the capital stock of the from the court house ; H. B. HOC,
Raleigh Gaston K. K. Co. Irom auuiug anoiuer cause lor uirorce;
the vear 1S67 to 18S9, inclusive, , H. B. 1179, amending the law of
and onwartl shall be levied
Upon motion of Mr. Holman, the
committees of the whole roee and
reported prograss. Mr. Sutton, for
the committee, made, a report to
burglarj (making two degrees, one
where the dwelling is occupied, the
other where it is unoccupied); H.B.
1,201, for the better care and pro
tection of orphan children; H. B.
$500 Reward!
We will pay the above reward (or any caae
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Berne, N. C. ap34 dwly
6 r"i
h t ml Ii
For Girls and Young Ladies.
Spring Session of 1889.
Opens January 16th.
Write for Catalogue to
JOSEPH KINSEY, ; Principal.
, L , , . i , , .- -i, --,t i,wawrawTggaaa' , . , , i

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