North Carolina Newspapers

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Waas lb ata oloaaa. A oioca work
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kiajaa Oa f rklay at las: ' a--,
tajg aa kat 1 Tti m I r i
. - kaaJaaaa a baaiaaa aa d A .iu,
- rWJ argmais-UkK ff.-i i a
lf Mr. X.J Rom, Jr.. l in. c air
M. J. I. Tf tor aa i il o prr
ifkiiio i- uMiu kirk
JocR-val Yog.h L'ocnpaDioo 13.50,
Tba Kioston Fre Pr i rndeaTor
log to show that Ur. Washicgtoo Bry-
Atuer 'n ArTicaJtoriat 3.U
Southern CultiTatar 3 .23 j thcmU ba rfmond frota tba man
Damoraat'a Magxixie 3 .00 ' agement of lha i.tN.C. R. A cor
Hciantific Ajnaricaa. 4.00 1 raaoo-d.nt of th Nii and ObaarTer.
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. Xrt ! Tiling from Kmiton, alio itabea that
3 gQ 1 thare u a damand in Lnoir coantj by and three rail? to th
3.35 , a large number of popla that he b re- riding out witli John
St. Nicholaa
Detroit Ft Preaa . ...
" North Amer. RaTiaw
New York World 3.3.5
Star 3,33
Ham uid Farm 1.T5
Oburier Journal 3.30
N'ewa and ObrTer. .50
Harpwr'a Maaln ... 4.50
Woekly 4.70
" Young Paorila J. 00
Atlanta Cooatitutlon. 3 33
Oi4 anbacribara raciTuig torn Joca
fiL, and daairing to hATa any of thaaa
papara, oan . by making application to
th offica in pcraoa or by latVar, hr a
Catamant of their account oa our book
ahowing what thay will Kara to rami to
an title them to any of th aaora publl-
oatiooj thay mar aelact.
A. Mixlul Farm.
The film i.t Dyi.i. tV
about a mile from the c
art's team, m rjiijljr
mod- 1 'iirui
to allude t i i
the Kat . ' 1
.' t; . - it
' 'o ii' 1 1 1 n i J
In u f tw i'irs v . i i " i t
a ' Trie M Jet 1 rm of
n in reality bctwc-n t'n
rtook f.irm Imt
it- w ::r t . 'I ' will
TIH: 1111. ViV,V
The Fra Praaa In iti lait article aayi
the ominous ailcnce of ita eetemed
eoDtamporariaa along the line of the
road make it apprtclatira of the fact
that It ia engaged in an ungracioua
taak. We can not understand why tee
Frea Preaa ahould axpct the Jor-VAL
to aid It in showing that the receipts of j theae gentlemen to be put
aha road under Mr. Bryan's admlniatra- ; for a stock farm. Tney art'
not call K more than a mile.
The tra.-k f.irtn t .ur of tht-e.' .en-
tlemen.hvg near the n:y bjti"'ii tho
cametery roail unJ N('U-i' liiver r. i ii
already a model of nfntntss. and well
managed in all ita apjv intm-n's Oak?
Farm if beyon i the National IVmetcrr.
and wis purchased a year rr o s;o by
coed uion
A Public BuildiDg for New Bcrn-i,
Hill Passed fioth Houses and Siirurd
hy the President.
The following telegrams recwived
Sunday night and Monday morning
hare caused general rejoicing in this
city :
Washington, D. C . March 3. 1359.
n 8. NiNN Public building bill
passed both Houses today.
F. M. Simmons.
T. Uliii h Potitow.
T. A. Qstis-For sale.
J F-TaTLOS tor mine .
- D. Snu ..--il n. lico.
J E SaTTH Vi.t -(".otbing, ato.
Jcmxx -1.-r sf rallcticm.
J F. IS Tjtbo h i!e sale trade.
W BoTD - Am. r Kra'.ernaL Circ I o.
Wotk on tha :n - t " ' r roJ has bun
in r n ;
T..e ri.iti , n t:.e truck farm r.tar
lb en r ,o"i . . i pi niii.
We regret to f.. rof lb-.' illnaas of
Mr. Ivc Pattcrav.-o. Tie has held the
position i f .-ounty treasurer f'r the past
two ;rin and triad" a fantful. honest
For r;.r; :n I ufmr of a
caotury , wuuJ . n; u torn
II u Sv r:.T of i r r :j a ac'.i 11 m
d H i r. i c'.y a IVmorrmt but a
tat.emn of ;riK b:(hrt; tjr-e f t'crn
tiso mtagritf and r-.oor
Tba DurKim To&acco P. an; announcaa
i lha rfach of Col Fjjco VIorshead
waieh occurred In HioDmh oo tha
, I?.h of Fa-ruary H wis a soo of
Oovarncr M rehsad and wii highly
MMS..I l t U ho knew him
i r'r ' irrf iaad of toruiD ;
tion had not asodal those of Col.
Whltford 's administration, because one
finely. Bum
buildings are
aead only to refer to the reports to learn latest a
d to
s, stables and othf-r
all constructed bf;er
t modi N. Wo w ere
that; besides, tha JovrsaL has often prised on entering one
called attention to the fact. In reply find thirty -on milch
to Oorernor Scale' message on the A brake and bem,
AN C. R. . the JOCRSAI.. after calling cooked food. These
i the Governor's attention to the condi-
tiou of our busineaa relations with the
interior of the Stats, said: .Sseisaueof
January 17th) .
i But the Oorernor has great consola
tion in the hop of the A. & N. C pay
' ing a dividend soon. Tha dsbt of the
road has bean increased, according to
his statement, about one hundred and
; thirty thousand dollars in order to put
1 it io condition, a few peculators hue
pnrchaaad stock for the purpose of
speculation, and caused it to advance,
and tha Governor at once thinks there
is hope ofadividend In the otr future.
Tha truth is, the A. & N C. H. is no
nearer paying a dividend than it was
the dwy Oorernor Scales was inaugurat
sd. In order to pay a dividend a rail
road, like every other business, must
, make something to pay it with. If the
Governor will take the pains to examine
tho erniDi;s of the A. A N. C K in
?-4 !?3 and compare them with any
year sine that time, he will And that
tcere has not ren much if any increase.
And parhapa too he is not aware of the
fart that live or six miles of new steel
rails were pot down in 1 5. itrurtly
out (Ac (iir-:tn jt (. the rrmJ.
At the l me of writing lh above
paragraph we did not have the figures
before us as io the receipts of 19S4 '85,
but felt confident that they were in
icM of any annual report that had
bean submitted undsr Mr. Bryan's ad
ministration Tha Frea Press will remsmber thit
ooe roasoa given for Oovsrnor8caes' ig
noring the advice and counsel of tha
if tlu : o t arn to
f..- 1
the city. Besides there were cher dry
cattia. cheep, h 'gs and h ri-.s '. iiorou gh
bred and graded, an Kd.pso windmill
to pump wter u:. i n I -re e L -!i ru b dier
for cooking food. Ti.e ret-ti tie'.Js of
rye. oats and cabbage t:iett-ly oaks
in the larg' ,:r n-,' u r r. nr, i i n the
resi ien.'i1, g d f- r.ces.
and go id r ; -i
Farm the r a ' 1 1 . o f it.:
Sen At
ii' :
c ,:.m
pie !
f ri-i.i!
d : ; r ; ,-;
Ea--t-T n
son why
t li
Washinoton, D. C, March 3. 13S9.
II S. Ni'NN : President signed public
buil ing bill. Great credit due Senator
Ransom. F. M. Simmons.
progressing Now we understand why F. M. Sim
mons and Senator Ransom were not at
our Fair.
Hr.Sitnmuns was not in Washington
whiiing away ihe closing day a of the
session in ease and pleasure, but was
watching the interests of his constitu
ents up to tha very last moment. We
know that it would have been a great
pleaeure to him to have been at our ,
Fair, but he denied himself this pleas- ;
ure because he bad promieed l.imself
that he would secure this appropriation
for New Berne if it was within the
power of man to do it, and :n order to
i bridges do it he had to be at his po.t every
:ke t 'ab minute the House was in seeion. No
::. member of Coogress, from this or any
other State, has ever been more diligent
:-. i;::ii :on aUl attentive to the demands of his
constituents than has F. M. Simmons.
He has given his district a large in
i i crease of postofficea and mail facilities;
. ;i 'j-" lie has securtd the consideration, and
instances the paymint, cf a trate
lir.K.'sr.KT TJK'I.M
' A 1j i on his bed 1 .y Ui:.!:ir .;
At the dying coais and thir.xi:.
C)f ,ju?t :i vi :. r
'. When life was iileupure tivir..:.
i And one he loved wa-i liviri . :
His inner heart wa-i wi-epin
j For the dear one gt ru 1 v ei ;: c
Happily tUider tiic .-no .v.
j The snow in the air wis liyin.r.
The coal on the hearth wan di in j.
The wind by the house v. n, h:i!.
Theeotil C'f the h.d v.rmnnu'
In rt ee p- s i w oe.
He wishtd that l.e was hir.-.
With snow-winds o'er him aihiu.
Happily under the -i: -j ''.
Kacky Mount. N. C
i Itr ii" mar kct steady.
.it '.i to 1".
; is ' Re
sales of
"What the Po. S3 So.yn.
R ri. entatives of the ) re.-- w ho at-j
t.-nde-i the late Fxpo-ition h ive Leon j
very kin i in giving i s:en ded ho'icls cf i
: ii v, o ha 1 space to
s c 1 1 1
the same. We
copy their r.o
have r. ot wo -a
n u ruber of : :.
but i
s w e
j r t ;
Crreer.rin .
Thousands of v i-i tors ti i led N - -.v i;i.-rir.
during Fair work, The city ! i r?
loveliest and h'-r ci'iz in i: : I the.r
prettiest. C'ti Thursday to were
seven thousand people on tiie gr
The fshibition of fi. h. oy-uis and
i le.
ir r.
Cull u i lee . '
Nortli '.,1
Sol. lint n j 1 ;.r ;.io ii.
portion of hi. "petcn a.
Nswg and Observer
Mr. Lucaa suki a 1 ,i
afarmxrhe deii. i
on t he p nd I n g L : . I 1 :
n g u ,
I ii ::i
itt rr.
fie of
d by
i y a
ii the
he li
til ullll'
- tar
Ak la raaaaax of th cis.raso Ur
B W. Caaarty pfaJaaJ ih ooj- oi .
laa aallrn a aw a aa it ibi
" aiaaHaa araa a W . Ha a- fuiio.!
Hr. 1 aXarta U la a has Mr
TTi mim Laa asasasl move
amaa44 laiink. cpaaal oat wht h , E s -scr' 1 -nail
tar ai IB aajsaaa, aiaaa aaJ pqrpo- livery it i. .
-aaM laa aropaaai argaaia.ttoa m ii b taria bu l.t i.cuiiar iliaa ovsr
4.Tl-U'- "'0rd Xh.r bUg.. sr., taa: it rid-easy
arara wtaa. fctaaaiy aaJ Jad lotoss. V
DavH. IX Barpa iks m44r4 tha rwih load He is gatuog a lot
aruoia rrosa a ox tnasa and other vooiclsa and la niiuic
as ta asaas a ku . tie with suitable teams for
poillag them
Aboal lha time Osneral Harrison was
baiag taaaguracd as ProUrol of the
Caltad &mtm Hoodev, Wen B. Lane
w as baing itom aa StisrifT of Craven
ooaaty.and Thoa Daoisls as traasursr.
Aa to parecaal honor and intrgrny tha
two laat aimed ar the equaia of tha
fire and to pople of Craven county
ara mora Intareatecl directly ia them
than tha former.
Coogdoo it Soa are out big
work at their mi. la oaar the depot. A
larg dry kiln and pianing mills, coo
ttructad of brick, are nearicg cooapla
lioc and plans for other buddings ara
laid oa; The macbinsry for putting
ia tha gang saws baa arrived, and In
aboal nae month Iocs will ha jerked op
aad cut into boards so fast that one will
hardly know what ia going oo
FnaittiLi to b Paid.
Tb pram ra ma awarded by the judgaa
h Fair wilt b forwarded to
whoco thay were awarded in a faw
day a. Wa are rraaatad by the Praal
daat of the Association to make thia
Jajcaa City Incorporatad.
Th bill to incorporat Jamea City has
paasad both branches of tha General
Aaaaasblr and ia now a law. If Sacalor
Grsso or Rsprraautativa Ho easy will
aaad as a certified copy of tha bill wa
will pvbiish It In crdsr that candidates
for municipal honors in tee nsw towo !
may baa to B x ih-ir feocs J
Aa Induati.ous Wife.
Mr. Wrigh; Moors, of t'ravsn ccaoty,
was don to tha Fair with a
fall salt of boaieepua rioihea icrlading
ovrto4- The suit w a cirii and
spa lb; hu i( in six !m anl cut
aad mads by her in f ur iiyi Ii thsrs
aaotasr suck a worms n FiAtsrn Caro-
liaa ' Lcs ofTer a 'oi prsaiiun for ths
floeal b cua J rj:: exhibited at our
o x : Fir
Th Laauguratian
Tha daily pap-rv receiTsd 'ktl night
ara brimful of iniagnration news.
Everything pxed cf? tmi; and tba
crow i was lrmniju Sot ithstacd -Lag
tha Ssy wu bright and beautiful In
Saw Brn i: rained ta lorrsata in
Waahiegtoa City, s.5 the paprs aiv
Th Lnangural adJreaa. taken as a
whole. Is broad, liberal and cocssrva
live, and perhaps mors latisftctory to
lha Sualh than was iifcievl
or . tr-. tiaston Hootl,
!sin-u'.i r i '. old nodi atapa that paople of Ne w Bar ns touch in g the m is
bi r-iuir: itiiwomlhe caotar by 1 aftmict cf thi A AN C. R was that
.oj ml .umaui uogs Ths Colonel j cjr people were al ways quarreling over
ma. oti nouh to nr down tb9 mAnamnt- The JOVRJIAL has
tha otirr .i I ia a short time time aad again assarted, and we still
oa. . u ir i - 1 a: hia , asaert that tha business msn of ew
i Mm l.e tree; a spiral 1 Barn a w ill ba con taut with any man-
with the r
proeper-.iy of o
and hundred '.
to Mt) tu i i t , and
tereats truly ut
aay one word
there should be a io. no
them and the to..i a.
people. The bill und.r c
was only to regulate l.'e.
senger tsritTs i:iiiu io.e
r a t4M are now r. . .iiated in
- - n:
v' i r 0 s
t h : u nr
re, the
: ilrea y built
h ic h he Hoped
! ihi ir I -t iii-
! i - I : . ' not
'V li III. Out
.i lot een
'- of the
i.ioerati n
he un J p i
M.te The
North Cir-
T waiaa aaaafaaoria
ily atartad. Thi was ay laaarawua
aasl aagr satlr. Dr. O. ar aaaaks
aa rata.
Bar. I- Hm4it added kit aodoraa
aaaa of laa aiawa arprsass 1 by tha
eowaker. aad arxaa thai eaacloymaai
saoaia aa aataraaa th aaaay yoaag
awapi la oar aosaoiaaity who aa now
aa aatlf ta aao of la.
Th aajact af th aiaaslag. aa st forth
fcy th awaaral aaaakara, ware to gaa oa
fw ataaa aa4 arraagaaaaat a kick
ataf f ait km ta aaildiag of faeaoriea
aaa apaala ta ta world th advaa
lacaa at aar aacOaa aa a aUoa for boa
aaaa ajaa. Aad. ta order to aaake a
kwciaaiac la tai wlraotiaa. U wa
kteagfcg baa so avwaaia a body to b
aaAiad a Cbaaikaf of Coassaaroa ar aoea
aaalttia. Ta aoaoaapsiaa thta oajart.
aaoaioa. aaaaiuaa was appoSaied
ta eaair, aa tsaort aaxt Friday
awkk to wtt: Oaorga Rowalra. L.
Uarraa. B- W. Caaady. Dr. tl O. Ey
aaa H. F. Oac
Oa atoclaa af Mr. L. Harray th Fra
naaa in ntnaii I U aarlhk pr 1
kara f thi aaaaHiaff aad eianaaa gaaar
aUy taviasd anal.
ana g caArBrvL.
-I aaased lb Ufa f aar thMl giH by a
, arnaapaaaaaf 1st- Aaftar a tag Uaa wssaaiiy
aaifxk3a. ataa w. T Uaaki
5 aw Tarft gosd by K. Basry. N'aw
SC. C-
Swajosboro IUnu.
TV kfaaoaa af ta sarraaadiag ooaa
try at la lai plao m (aa algkaa ago
aaa argaalaa l a lodga hara, that a.
kaJ a aiaallBeT. vatad or afflaara and
rU aaaiy far a aaartaw. Dr. O. .
raaan aaa alacaad VT. kf.. aad th
aaaaa af ta sad go a aoaad oa was 8a
Bid Lodg of awaaaboro.
Capa. Joaraa Bwil. ar., dUd oa ka
ftta fahy., a cad ahaat U years, of gaa
ri dahUity arosAgtU oa by eipoaura
R aa a aad auiaaa of tha place,
lirad km aU ka Ufa. aad was wall
!ihe4 ky alt wka ka kloa. Ha wife
aiad aa-raral year aga, bat k tra
l ehiVdraa aad graadohildraa lo
r kla death. Faac k b la aahaa.
agsmsnt of the A. k N. C. R that will
foster and encourage their busineaa,
and thay do not ssk that it ba done to
tha detriment of other points along ths
road. All wa aak ia that tha embargo
ba taken off our products that go into lha j
interior. Savannah can put fish in the
Raleigh market for the aama freight or
leva than New Berne; Richmond mills
furnish maal and fed for North Caro
lina towns because they have an ad
vantage over New Berne mills in
freights, the people weet of Goldsboro
ara prohibited from buying anything
wa have to sail, and we of ths Fast are
prohibited from buying from them.
Tkeaa are lha evils that tha paople of
New Barn a ara fighting and ara bagging
relief from whatsvsr source thay can get
it. But the Fre Praaa claims to have
found oat the trouble, and In recapitu-
olina la it dor.. o a North i'm ini
railroad com mine ion'.' Ni ' Tne v arc
regulated by a. r S 1 Haas of Ri moud,
Va. He regu ! ales the rate for uearly
every pound of fr "ight on railroads in
North Carolina llav. these S nator
ike interests of No th l aroln.a at heart'.'
Of course they have. N iw why oo the
people Of Raleigh and L'hi'lotte eat
corn from the State of Kiiifii-' lie said
in many-
large nunih-r of private claims without
regard tu party or color: he his si cured
an dj pro ription of S-OCCO forar.
from tl. is i it y to the nat i nal Ce:n try.
and the ho rk has already begun: l e
;.r.trodu" d the bill, which passed t oth
House-, hni is a law, a ppropi i ting
t7"i o, u to build a new revenue co'tor
fi r the Pamlico district, and now. i:o: hu defeat, by the bull process which was curiied al
most beyond endurance, in the 1 ,st
election, he has worked with the same
eameftni'ss and zeal tliBt characterized
his efforts in thefirstseesionof hi term,
and the result is an appropriation for a
putl c building for New Berne. But
Simmons is no longer our Representa
tive. His term expired yesterday.
Ignorance, prejudice and blind partisan
passion defeated him. But the people
of his district owe him a debt of gr .ti
tude and it wi.l be right and proper for
the people of New Berne to manifest
the'r appreciation of his services by
' giving him a hearty and rousing re
ception on hu arrival home. !
i But Simmons could not have accom- j
(liished what he has without the aid of
game was superb Time w ;
line of everything i 1-e one
of. including a bution s ,i i ;
taken from a co it v. o i n "
The ul.i -, .: : .. '
te:;t ion ;i. .t ; . 1 :
tin ing t ' nop . Iti f
,lJ !:. .-t rirli.g Cot. 1
v. oooeii plate.- and
gum ai: i ii.aiy. i .
lii" man:.'-; id' o .!.::
f-r I 1:0 -o: '..o-
hall tl
s we
ir-l.e iro
cy pr
i ape
oo?: kvj : t
Too-H Oalo:.
Slo-.D ('(;TToo '. .:.;;, j. per lb.
C' i..v Market 'n.iiet. Sales at 47c. by
ths c-rs;r in bulk. Small lots for local
cou-umption may bring a small advance
on the-o iigtires.
Fodder. tl.OOal IT, or hundred.
U i. ooaTOj.
T .ai-i;.NTiNK Hard . 31.20; virgin and
yellow dip. '';(),
r..:i Ifl.OUal.oO.
Oats New. 41a47c. in sacks.
! bzEnWAi 17al3c. per lb.
h'ti:ir Oa foot, 7c.
j Ha M--Country, lOallc.
j 1 .Alt D- Country, lOallc.
I r ii8H Pokk OaSc. oer pouuu .
Potatoes Bahamas. -loaoOc. per bu
yams. tiOj. per bush.
Onioxs 50c. per bush.
i'K.'.NCTS Ooa70 oer bushel.
CfiicxEiNS (irown 40a0i5c. pair; half
grown, 22a25c.
Meal Cjc. bolted.
Staves It. O. hhd. S10al2 ver M.
jimier Cypress, its in. and over.
co nd per M. : pino S2.50a4.50
-:; : jf.tts w eat India, dull and n"m
ma:, i; Lich S2 00a2.50. Building 6-
;n - s.;-.H. S2.2o; saps, 31. 150 per M.
:: : Pokjt New 813.50.
-'ii ld.-:h Meat 9al0c.
. i:.'s, i". R'. B.'sand L. C 7:a8.
1 ;,or;t- S3.50a7.50.
Lard 6?r. bv the tierco.
N AILS Basis'lO 's ,32.50.
"liiiii Granulated . vc
O ffi:k 1 va20c.
' 'i!:-':E i;ji.
u.i.r iof.boc. : or wfc.
MOLiBSsa and :-iTa-:i'S 2Ga4c.
Powdek 55. Cl.
Shot Drop. S1.R0: ', 81.75,
. .'' :s idrv. 6a?f. -,-rjr"3 4".
-J-- 'j::-.
... o - -4- . ; iro
li rne Io
app iiiued . 1
v. ar bef . .re. ;
The Nov.- '..
and d'ti ri'iii:
? plond i i . uc :
1 1
- e 1'
t ii 1 'I .
W i
. e II I
1 1' S
:. i .
t Is':
he rr
ffi.::.TBMaL Gil
The Acme of insurance
100 Barrels Potatoes,
Maine Stock,"
For sale by
HF. TTlx-ioIi
To the Wholesale Trade
Select your SHOES from a Half Mil
lion Dollar stock and 8AVE TWENTY
New Berne, N. C,
Manufacturers' Agent.
3T 8tate Agency for Colgan'e Lubri
cating-Balls. feb28dwlm
NOli'i'H 'A K d.l N A . I
Onslow County ( Superior Court,
it. t. o , toe ctork of the Superior Court.
( ir.ler of Publication,
li.ooi a. .OiMiooo Henrietta Jarman and
ol ) iel s. s.
H 1 1 eo i A .M ii it i ! I n nd il hers.
H'e. :;ii i i ne, ding fur allotment of one-
lior.l .ami to l'etltloneis.
Ii ui r:ir!iie to n, P gBtlufnctlOD of Ibe
'"in:, o iiie iiiiiilavit of tlio petitioner.
Hen i v . . ,1m i i mi n . n ml from other evidence,
I. I o in,, iii'ii-iiiiunt. May le Anna and
j in r i ii.o.ini i shuii'i hi' Anna are non-reel.
i di nih ,r n . . i ill ( iiioiina. and can not aftar
;ue ti::g,.)i.-i e IoiiikI within aald Btata.
i :i ml Ui : in iieexo I lig Is for Ibe allotment bo
I llif pel ii mm ih. Henry ., Henrietta aad
Mury liei her of nii,.-t 1 1 1 ret pari of a traet cvf
land In ftald peiliU'ii iltnf r i lied . alluated In
said enmity of Onslou , nnd that tbe aald afaT
I e Anna and her liiiHhunil aie proper partlee
Iherelo. 1 Me siilrt May btlng alleged to baa
ten.uit m niiinii.n wlih the pell tloners In
snid land, she lu'liiit (Mho entitled to one
third I hcn-of
1 1 . I tin I I his rou rt Ims on Isd lotion of this
Now it i.. or.le: . ,i i.y i he nun t tliata Notice
no pnhiihiifd weekly for six weeks In lha
Ne w He i-n e W i i-k io ,IornNAi.,R nswipspsr
I'Ul'lislieil in iimcny of New Heine In this
rtiltc Olrerled Io Mtld May lie Anna and
Savlno I r iiiir. c: Ing Ihe title ofthla pro
ceed iik nitfl rufinrmn tliem to appearand
answer or demur to ihe complaint at tha
oflire or the ( lei k : the Superior Court of
i in slow rou n i v, n t ihe Court House In Jae.k-
Furniture ! !
Has on band and is receiving everv rlav
handsome parlor suits, chamber sets,
heavy walnut, bureaus, wardrobes,
mattresses, chairs, lounges, eofas, etc.
Ho also has a line of home-made work
of bedsteads, sofas, tables, bureaus,
etc., which are neat and substantial.
Priees Rlcrht Dov.n to 'ltoek
ee6dw Middle sf. No w Borne.
son i
mn i .
I oi I .rr I lie
.th day of A prll.
No HIM C A I ' .
( i : , s I . .
llelore 1 !.e ( -Hen
l y A . .llioit
A n 1 1 i t w. :. n 0
II os. ; KltocK , Jr.,
e s u erlor "u rt
ef Onslow Vun1y,
s Sn pi- rlor ''ourt.
. . f : ' . so pur lor Court .
Iliiii.eMri .Itrman, Mary
i lo.Miiuiil .1. I.. Andrewe,
i , o . i : : ' s hiii I'e t Uloners,
nml her
. Murrlll,
I if feudant.
ii lolmeiit to petl
O one third of land,
ilno I e Anna above
Ink i- r.o
lll.O'. ell,-.
ell 11 ii- ... ;
k:iO t .
u : I 1 1 o i . I
pel :l iiiii.7
and M:i-.
of an lj 1 1 1 1
ahi'vi' loin
b- ii : i . u i ii
It.'. I ' ! . !.,)..
. M..
II pi .
.1 Ir
;.r.d ii "
f ' iouc 'n
h the tx
ei Alb rt
at .
rh e
' Id
Senators had said tnry
oontrolUd bv the clamor
papers. He would Rsk them if they
did not cWsire. during th" political
rimpt (is to hio nepper clumor
for the intereitu of u. demtcratic
party and individual uiirrmti. He
would bx governed nr. i u. rolled by
the clamor of anhi n-st lm I working
constituency , ho. bv tneir sutT".ges,
i ad sent Dim to tne Senate or Curia
arolina to look after their and the
State's best lnteres.s He had talked
, uij Lot be Senator Ransom in the Senate. Im
of uewpa- ; mediately after tbe election the Jot P.-
JiAL took a stand for the return of
Senator Ransom to the Senate. We
knew theie wua opposition, strong op
position in some localiies, but after
considering the matter calmlv it was
j the honest judgment of the Journal
' flivif SZnal, -- ffanonm ,,11 uarca
..IKk, . . E. ilOU ' ' UVLilli klCkkC, l, 1 .
North Carolina for the next six years
than any man the General Assembly
bill ss the one now under considera
tion. Senator Vance had toll him that
it would be a great mistake for the
democratic psr y in f t i to create a
railroad commission Senators on this
floor were circumscribed l v senatorial
latlng ita arguments to show why Mr. districts but Vance was North Caroli
Bryan should not be retained, says:
CxrrmX froaa a raay eaeer cold ia
(oa ainal ka aaS aaad a-vary-
taaaaT lanssasaaaJail bat oai aa ao
fimi. W a ad r aad o as Ely taai
Bahav, It ka eatlea bk asfle ia taa
dara. 1 aaa fra from ay od afwr
aanac tha Baiai aa aaak. aad I bliv
Ik at aaa kt reaaedy kaaaa. Feia
Craaafat for waas It ha aoa for so t
tTi if r 1" J- Uar-
rwi. Wboliaals Orocar. 11J Front str.
Jf Tark.
ClyOaaai tWai ia worth las waht
la gold a vara for eaaarra. Oa bot
tl aarad aa cV. A. Laratl. Fraak ha.
X Crasy aaatla! aa tha War Fatk.
J ACKaoa-roxa, Fia., Marc l,-5ii
aa Jasa tsaas aar froaa Ohiiahnhn
m4 a asoody affray as iwig th 8 alaoia
ladtaaa ta taa Cvargtada. Jiaa Yasag
a kacfe. vai arasv. aad vkk a Wta
aear ru5a aartad aat oa tha war path
aaraask oaa aad aii.Jiai sat. B Sraa
aaa a aali tkraagk ta bvaia of
-Waaka Kssaa." aaaaf af ta Miia
kCjiad kiaa laaaaaaJy. D Mil kUki
-Ovl Tiger. "Toaac Tl." a -f
CJJ Trtr." aasl proa hi y ta Ba. I
gaaalanl Uatag. akyaioaily. swp
ad oat of hi wtajvaas joas
11 Uto to as hi father drop ao tha
groaad a corpaa. aad with a blood
aardliag war w hoop h spraag oa th
laa aad a 4 to aaad agt (or
of ta nfle foilowad- Tlor
a aaa aaprk la atrength. hat was at
laa) wroag rod of tha gaa. aad aaforo
ka ecatd wrvea m froaa kla aatagoaat ka
wma aaot dead. Th ataalao thaa
UJad wO papooaw of hta atatar , aad
attacked hack a. 10,0a ws aad child ran
ll-sur1aiiliaT-'r tl wa flaaUy eor-
Jf , g aal aaot daadi ky "EUlly." aaj made propo.ftiocs to Rev. I
aahar 8aaiaO. Ia ! thaa half ao D D , to bH-ome its paster
hoar algat ladUa war k Iliad
Honored Abroad.
Al the ancual meetin; f the man
agers of lh ' Bova' Home. " February
t h. ooa of tbe most vensrablt and ta
fiaaaual cbaritira of in city of Balti
aaor. Hon Ixsils McCotnae, mam bar
of Coagrsaa frocn Savanth Mary landki U
irk't, was sl'Cted to deliver the annual
aJdreas in Ford's grand cpara hems.
March Uth. ni J ia ft. Long, Eai
of thta c.ty. wnapp-Mnta-i his : tern at a
This masea Mr L'ci th -rst'r for
, AatVa aaa Palas.
Whoa kaadred kottl of saraapar
Ula or othar p re toe Uooa spaciflo fail to
aradteab ta-bora scrofula or ooolaxiooa
htTfhl pens on . roseabr that IV B. B.
(Boaaai Bld Balaa) ha reload many
1ft paean-! aloaoria. ia aa many aaam
hal locarakl inat?aea 8od 10 tha
BiosJ Baiaa Co.. AUaat. Ga . for
"Book Of Woad." aad b ooevincad.
nuiaasahntn iloco rraimm.
U- W. Maawar. HowaJl a X Rods, Ga. j
aril: "I aeafflceweJla yaara witn
All tb aaautciaa a cwa t
Kacatves a Foreign Call.
Falling Sprma Preabylarian Church,
one of lha largest and bft equipped
ebarchae in the Valley of Virginia, has
C. Vaa.
Dr Via has a'.s-i had propositions
aboal uadertakmg ministerial work in
Fogland. co a islary f t'1'0 sterling,
or 53.CCO par an nun:
Th people of Nsw larne birs teen
vsry fortunt n having able and
learned preacher to mmntir to their
neads wbica bu .'i .t ofton been reoog
nir.J from home
1 Ua has deprived tha road of thou
sands of dollars in freight by antagonis
ing and alieaating tha busineaa man
along th Una of tho road.
3. Ha has, by reason of a too cloa
ooa n action with rfval linee or by a
natural inaptiluda for negotlatione or
lack of bueiaea axparieoca.
tact and ability, plaoad tha
groat Richmond A Danville
system. tha natural conneo
tloa of thi road, in a boatila attitude,
which make il lm poaaible for oar peo
ple aad especially New Barn a to do any
busineaa with th intarior of lha State,
thus cocn plated y frustrating tha hopes
of our fathers who built the road .
S. Hia management is obnoxious to
tha vast majority of lha regular patrons
of lha road .
Hsra is tha point for Governor Fowla
to Investigate. We have been under
tha impression that oar troublea were
ail due to tke arrangements and combi
nations mads by tbe Associated Rail
ways. We have ben deprived of that
buiineee'relationt with tke paople west
of Goldsboro Ikat naturally baloogs to
us; our business has baen throttled and
in many instances totally destroyed and
given to othsr points beyond the ftte,
not withstand ing we have the advantage
of proximity, and the Free Preas tells
us that it is all on account of Vlr.
Bryan's lack of bunneas x t r len ,-e ,
tact and ability
N w if it be true, aj laid down ty the
Fre Press, tnat Mr. Bryan has caused
taou lands of dollars to bs lest to the road
by aatagonixing and alienating th
baaineaa man along its line, and above
all. if It ba true that a lack of more
friendly relatione with the Richmond dt
Danville Railroad, by which Ihe trade
of New Berne has suffered, and in soma
reeprcta baan wipad out, is due to his
lack of busineaa tact and sxperisnoe.
Governor Fowla should not wait until
tba stockholders meeting, but. if it is
within his power should rsmove Mr.
Bryan at one.
Governor Fowl has not to take our
word aa lo the embargo oo Eastern
products. He A-noc that ii cj-utt If
ha can racoove tha barrier that is de
stroying the bairn ess of this or any
other raction it his boanden duty to
do it.
Ilk m Vorth I '..nlini ifu ind i V (i r V
one had expressed himself for such a , pcgsiu.y elect to bucceeu mm, ana
we are more than aat is tied that we
were correct in that opinion. When
the S nator comes this way again the
people will show him that they appre
ciate his efforts in their behalf. All
honor to Simmons and Ransom.
County Commiasioners' Proceedings.
A regular meeting of the Board of
Commissioners of Craven oounty was
held on Monday, March 4th. Present,
Jas. A. Bryan, J. A. Meadows, Daniel
Lane and E. W. Smallwood.
Thoe. Daniels presented his bonds as
treasurer of Craven county which, after
due exam inaf ion were unanimously ac
cepted, and he was qualified accoiding
to law.
W. B. Lane presented his bonds as
sheriff of Craven county which, after
du examination, were unanimously
accepted, and he was qualified accord
ing to law .
The clerk of the board was instructed
to notify E. V. Carpenter, C. S. C. to
make a requisition at this setsion of
the board for all necessary stationery
required for the use of his office for the
next six months, and the R-'gister of
Deeds be served with a like notice.
Tlje valuation of the property cf S:ivy
Whitford in thocityofNtw Berne a-i
reduced from $250 to S 1 25 . n account
of error in the I i-t cf 18.
!' oird ii 1 j n;rrc I tlO o' l.c:: I ces
day .
B a: 1 i... t . :i Tues:-iv at I'l a. m.
1'r.r.etit. A. Pry an. D.une! Lane,
F. W. Small ood and J. A. Mi ado we
ak large and had ever neen found doing
and advising that which as for the
prosperity and cent interests of North
Carolina. Nine hundred petitions rep
resenting 60 OOO ( f ti.e best people of
tha State are calling for the enactment
of such a law as th is bill creates. He
wanted the bill to pis and no fooling
about it.
Allowancti Mad by the Board of
Conimiasione i a cf Craven County
at the February Meeting. 18S9. '
For support of poor: Wm Cleve. jr.,
for aupport of M. Harris. S2 CO; B Kite,
Si. 50. Sarah Heritage for M. E. Hall.
S5 CO; Henry Wells, SI 50; Amanda
Clark. Si. 50. A. Toler for V in Keys, SI 50;
Waahington - Spivey for W. Bonner,
81.00; Ceha Hernr.gton, Si 2": II Rar
Blount for Cn-iar Conner, SI 50: Hettie
Nelson, Si CO: A A. Lloyd. ?! 50 . It. G.
Mosley for Edney Brown, tl " 1 ; Thoe.
Harris. Si ov M. Hahn for PanMoCray.
1 CO. J. Wiley self an I fimi.y. S4 i'0.
Civiar Pecton f r 1
Mary A. Willett. S : 25.
Wright. S
WMt ; 8 C
i Sarah H inc. k .
S-t '"V fvepb- n
I Perry for Hani: d :
Spruiil f r Neil;e
Ruseell for Th. - M
(iunnersor. . '..'"
Isaa I'rown for Ha
Heiekish I1 vi- '.
11.00. P. hert (,.
3uck. S2-00. Morv c
.ir -M
r k .
t. n. Si 00.
r s . Eleanor
. f ' r B. C
re . S 1 50 .
h i ghou-c.
' Mr-. V.
' H-irriet
: t ' K A
". Mat. I la
ver. Si. 50.
. i int. c: ' o.ic.i-1 on
The Fin- 'A as a grand .-nc-people
of New Heine d"-prai-e
for the mitntr wl
nibit w.i- ai r-t:g'd. 'i'tie Hot.
v. as the only tirst-r!a ' hotel
place, and its clever trcpikt
Messrs Pattersons, deserve- cr
1 the manner m which too vac'; :
ed so large an assemblage.
La Grange Spectator.
The t ish and Oyster Jrair
Berne was a big succec-s. It
beat fair we have cc-tn in -""i
iina. The tieople of the . ' 1 i Id 1
City are to be congratulated.
; Chanty and Children. 1
The Exposition grounds and t-,;!J i.'.a
are tbe handsomest irorthe puiDn.-c-) in
the State, and at night, v. Leu lliutriinat
ed by the electric light, presented a
spectacle, that in iti .associated and
combined loveliness seemed more like
a magic vision than the euh.-tantial
triumph of in iustry, art and science.
It would be impossible with the Bru
ited time aDd space al my commnr.d to
give a detailed account of tl c exhibit.
The stock would have done h .nor to the
bluegrats region of Kentucky: the live
game ranged all the way from a mouse
to a wolf, from asp.irro-v to a s war. : t he
fishe9 were be ilot-r ing m their almost
endless variet v oy -tt r.-! a-k tile hon
ored S ate Auditor if they were nine,
fide b.. side with the tributes of fori r-t
and stream wtrc the produfo of tho
fertile soil.
. Washington Prog:-.
The exhibit in genenl was by far the
best, we have ever seen at any Fair held
in th is State, which rellects great credit ,
on the people of New Beiue, Craven
and all the adjoining count;.: o j
! Elizabeth City Economist. !
And now let ua turn in reverent vt;,- ,
eration from Nev Berne's great heroes !
of the past to iti men of the present and
see what they are doing for the old his
toric town. We regard this Fair as one
of its achievements in industrial and so
cial progress and we shall make no ex
cuse for giving, somewhat in detail, the
history of its daily progrc-s. The suc
cess of the Fair i phenomenal and the
question naturally comes upperrri o-t.
how did it originate'.' I: is an original
conception, a deviitiou from the old
Agricultural Fair of big pumpkins, po
tatoes, turnips, etc.. etc.. or it is rath' r
aa absorption of that old idea and mak
ing it subordinate to those more attrac
tive features of birds and beasts and
game and fishes of the streams and
broader waters.
But why particularize We did not
see. and do not tell, and cannot tell the
half that was there, nor tbe ha f of
what we saw. Ic was eirnpiy a gra-rd
success, grand in the numbers that at-
c'o-1 o f Poiicy. So 25.
Annual ci ues, S4.00.
Assessments. 82.50.
2") per week during disability.
2' 0 paid after three years.
:oJOO paid af ter five years. The bal
ance of -Si. COO. less G per cent Interest
on amounts previously drawn, paid at
expiration of seven years.
-"'.'O p ii 1 in event of permanent dis
ability or death after three years.
SI. ''OO paid in event of death after
live years.
E:gi'.ty-threc applications taken in
New- i'.e.-ni in about a month, among
whom are many of the best business
men of this city.
Male.-, and females between the age of
10 and CO.
mar:'. J wtf Agent.-
Jeweler "
Wiil convince any one that we have in
stock the Largest, Most Varied, and
Complete Line of Diamonds, Watches,
I'm; Jc.veiry. Silver-Ware, Fancy
Limps. I.oirniese. Cold and Silver Head
C,.r...s in the
ic V.1W be to oiivera interest to see
our gi
before purchasing.
For Sale,
land ,
For fi
at Ba
!- : .- k nown as the Barrington
-. w o.!: about two hundred acres of
tmd ail tho rights, privileges aDd
rtenauces thereunto belonging,
jitter iriformatioi apply to
nl'ing Ilctise of Green, Foy & Co.
:0: V." 1 v.".
ITH, Agt
Mens. Boys and
Children's Clothing.
Boy's Clothing. 81. EO up. Men's, S3. CO
us. sL-lso, a full iine of
Women's Skoas, 70;. up. Also a full
line r f
lv- Call aa J see them. marldwtf
Ace id en tai Shco'.mj
I formation w as
rfcoivel Saturday
.4 1.. a, I maid take lht Mrs- H. r . h. per. ot nyjs cajaniy.
aU J sb ao good. I thaa trWd B. U. ,
aad) aovtl aarad. aaa aoaad. "
Msa.Wkf. WlKa. Roaad Moootaia.
Tags, aritaa: "A lady friaod of aiia
ara I rou 4d wka- kasae aad pseaplee
a kr faoa aad aack. iHaa took thra
koatlaaaf BL 8. B. aad hr akia got soft
. aaJ taafimk, aiaapla diaaaaaaad, aad
ar kaaita ta proa ad raaUr."
Jaa. X Boa aorta. Atlaata. Oa.
arrttaa: -Soata year aga 1 ass iractad
btood aosaoa. -1 kadi aa-gpaaO. gaf
digratioa ara nimm, rkaaaaaaiaai draw
p aiy liaab ao I eoaU hardlf walk.
af throat a a eaataxltai Ara Uaaa,
II jg PpriagM gar ao kaoaCl. aad
my life wmacad Of tort ara 3t:l I gtr
Ik D. B.- a trial, aal. garprU'r z
may , lha in cf trw tc r :rr 1
Tha Ra-lroad Commiaaion BUI.
The Senats of North Carolina has re
jected the Railroad Commission bill,
pasaad by tha House, by a vote of 2 8 to
12 Now will tha fifteen Democrats
who joined the Republicans on tba aide
of tha corporations tall us what relief
they propoee to give ua against tha pro
hibitory tariff on our eastern products'.'
They can not plead ignorance of the
condition of things down here, for Sen
ator Lucas told them about it. Governor
Fowls, ex-Governor Jarvia and ex
Governor Vines all know of tha em
bargo placed on our eastern corn, flah,
ovstera, potatoes . etc. , etc., and kaow
ing this, they favor a railread commis
sion. If those Democratic Senators
know of the existence of thia
condition of things and intend
to return borne without giving us any
relief, then it ia to be hopd that tha
pieces which know the no now will know
c( i tnsm no more lorever.
I To thoas Senators who made such a
P. :.
M -: ii g
V . II a r r i - o n
jAber. Csrtr.
Patsy Sr.epard. ? 1 '"
Ser.ia Dunn. S'. '
Catharihe J. Sm.ihw
Mackey. Si 00 . G. i J
and Mary Jones. S2 to
for Caroline Griffin. S
White for Emily lower: i
eS 00.
Tha fc 1 iO ing c! . : :::
the allowance b- i:.i:
claime i Geo. II Hi
moct bridge. S '. 0 ' o
ksepar of Will's' b
- Peel,
i ti : n J i-p
J I. T ;
; g m .si
k . S2 ' ".
I I id ley f
Wm C. .i
:'. ' o Mrs
M it t lr
SI .'0.
-r foi
r for
. v f r
r Jac k
- r t a :
f ,
.: tl"
. k. - , .
K.e hi
Slimson sheritT .rnkey
boarding prisousrs 570 "e
lumber, Ss 41 lumber. S
S-S'3 78, summons juror..
Richardson, clerk, fe. j.
record and blanks. S'J '- '
recording taxes, til ! ".
Bates, holding iro) ie-t on
ring, 810.00. A G O ten.
and six jurors. S'.4 CO. E.
A: Co., medicines for pen r.
' id
1:1 i' a-
f Clere
I n land
. t"i :o
plans and
' :io. lumber,
St' 9 . J A
A - . SiJ 1-.
g and
Tin s. Her
" r mer, fees
Ii Meiadowp
'.C C8. New-
Berne JcU'RNiL, aJvertiring and pub
lishing proceedi ngs. S '.2 V.i.J J. Tolson.
agsnt, rations for pjr S'.'l 4-; Burt
Gardner, n pairing L to No. l town
ship, Sll B0. N S Riciiar dson oo Son.
printing, Ac. S'.O t"'; M. T. Uryan.
cofBns and burials, S- 'b. M. M. Wil
liams overseer of po r r.o-.ise. SlOcO.
Fanny Williams c ok and making
clothes for poor. Si 00. li. G. Mosley
house rent for poor, t i oo. I 1. . iiar
ham jiuitor for court house. ,1'J.' 0. O.
Hubb clerk, fees. &c. .l. o
Total allowances for month. SI; ". !"(3.
tended it. grand in
natural objects, grand
manufactured tirtich. s
curios and antio,:it. t:r
tality and Inn ines-cd t
Berne, and grand
pecuniary re.-ults.
: fo k ;.
TilO id- ,. I).-'! -
wi.scli . :. oil.?'
attr o t- i a 1 i o :. .
: n.i t io- e :. i , o. : : .
m a I 1
n tin
- 1 1 1 -.nd
i n 1:
ho-, ;
f :o .
i i.
r. ii d ti.
t v, 1 1 i
n to be
A SO l" . U
. Ciav i ' .
Muniiav. t;,: . I
el . .uvs -iih.v-'
who la a ol R A- Di.lon
Tnacarora. had acciJantally shot herssir ; . . E.actnc B.ttera -,t:. ma
Ihroagh tha Uft breast. It ssaa that j M'y nBt Ior tB ,a tne Dme OI , My brother also a verv 1
kfrr Rophr discov.rl tar j P1 this taction wa under rial Fever and daundioe. I
mi. -."V" I ni tlmelv QM of this rrnid rino
a ,K an : ineai our Durusit luiuii auu w" , ,,
ptatOa Oa too lioor uuwbi iuo j
piaksd it ap to prevent her littla aoo
from Toul nd PoiC i
niaatslpieca tha hammer struck it and i
Ika pasted fir ad, tha ball passing through
Mr. Sopor's left bras had oat near
tka ahooldsr blade babUd, drooping oa
sjha flor. 8k a llrla whaa th
iuiaanir wa atartad to lafom hr
aaoihr. Un. Dilloa wm la tba dry
ratrritrlolTaoallvafam boat for
!!.. ,' . ', , .. " .i "-,: ...' ,;" . jr;
surely rrmaxabar them ia the future.
rater or riea
la Natora's own troe laxatiro. Itiatha
moat aaaily takaa. aad th moat affect
ive remedy kaown to Claana tha Sys
tem whaa Bilioaa or Coative; to Dispal
Head aoa. Cold, and Fevers; to Car
Habitual Coojtipation. Indigeation,
Pile, eto. Manufactured only by the
Calif ormia Tg Bvrup ConapAny, San
Fraaolaoo, CaL R. N. Duffy, agent,
l?ew Bmm. mn3i &iw wly
i umy
v.- l.t'(i
re-c. its
h .Vala-
wus cured by
Am satisfied
Electric BitWra i-aved Uui lite. '
Mr. D. I. Wilcoxaon. of llor e ('ve. Ky.,
adds a like taatimony. saying. H positive
ly believes he would have dad, had it not
It was rtd that the vouohi r here-'
;of re issued to Robert Mosley f r Mrs. I
Gatlin t e is-u-d to John Sa r y er. j
Tin' property ii.-te.J by Mary Freeman ,
in city i f ew I erne, vaiued at cfOJ 00,
'va- ri- ,u-id to S250 00 on account of
err r. The clerk was ordered to note
the charge on the original blanks in the
Reg iste tut tli. e.
Ti.e vauationoflot of L. J. Taylor on
Hancock street was reduced trom S4C0
to S2VJ on account of error, and the
lerk was ordered to note the change on
the original blanks in the Register's
. rli ;o.
It was ordered that the clerk return
to the clerk of tbe Superior Court the
court bill tiled by him with instructions
to Bubmit to this Board an itemized
statement of fees charged therein by
Justices of the Peace.
The contract for furnishing rations to
the poor of the county was awarded to
J. J. ToUon, agent, at thirteen cents per
day for each person, according to
rchedule on file in the Register of
Deeds' office.
It appearing to the Board that at the
August meetmg 1884, upon the petition
of Jas. A. Ernul, A. K. Purefy and
W. A.Themas, a public road was laid
out beginning near the house of W. A.
Stapleford and connecting the Staple
ford and Shoorly roads, aad has
been declared a public road, and it
further appearing that said road has not
been laid out by a jury according tc
law. the clerk was ordered to issue an
order to the sheriff to summon a jury
to lay out said road according to law
and make report of their proceedings to
; this Board on the first Monday in April
! next, provided that all cost for laying
I out said road shall be borne by the peti
: ttoners and not by tbe oounty.
Tha clerk was ordered to notify the
i supervisors of public roads of No. 2
, township to examine certain roads re
cently laid out and report to the board
of commissioners at their meeting on
- tbe first Monday in April whether or
not they are in good traveling con
dition. Il was ordered that the clerk of the
: superior oourt, sheriff and register of
deeds furnish to the board a statement
of tbe various blanks needed in their
respective offices.
ir a i
ar .
has c ol- u
t i k i r g i
year V e x
w.'iieii e-x
the time i
wnrk i: i
li ii. : l:
L ill
Tile 0 1st i'l ' d ' -il oy : t
a re 1 1 v f r th" be-:-: -vt r
State, v. !.i!.- tin : ,. . f ii
woods, pi.u!' ry ar.d io to-,
of tax iderm i-t ry one if r. !
excellence. Tne Fair :s
Hal gme
.de in the
. ', r .i. Pacts.
o ; orioielit
even to tl.
ves of this s.-ction.
I; Star.iN A I
Trior.' n re many t 1
vert ised . but on 1 v . . ' -1
by its manufacturers.
of guarantee, an I ti
Pierce's Golltn M i .
which is warr.iiitt d to
in all diseases for w.hi
mendei. or mon. y t .
promptly refunded. I
scalp and scrofulous,
swellings, t-r he u m .
dred ailments.
laawayakaZ"1 "a cb m
Sold bydruggistS
1'EEltLESS Et.G DVES s Colors.
''Special Notice."
State and County Taxes
are hereby notified to make immediate
payment of the same. I shall proceed
to collect by distress on and after March
the 10th, 1889.
March 1st, 1889. dtf
Our stock of Plows oomprifes. the
Avery Steel (one or two horse),
Atlas, Boss, Dixie, Daisy, ChampioD,
Clipper, Granger, .Watt, Climax,
Gem and Stonewall, and ako the
ordinary Turn Plows, such as the
Nos. A G, 10, 11, 35, 10, -15, 4,S, f)0.
55 and GO.
Castings of every description, be
sides a full and complete line of
everything for the Farm.
We respectfully solicit fhe Whole
sale Trade as well as the Ketail, and
we are prepared to offer special in
ducements to Merchants.
Send for our Price List.
Jgr Saw Mill Supplies a specialty.
eeiling entitled aa
1 1 tie purpoae of the
0 il find nel apart. In
1 .iinO loiceUitr and
loo,- iiihiii, to tba
ml Henrietta Jarman
I lord part In valoe
I iiiiol. situated In tba
n i v nnd sou in Pet ween tha
id ii i I o i si l.i.inehee f New
nulla iio,.1k of John Rhode,
0 ' ' II 1 : 1 1 j . i i.i iiprs, and fully
: e ' ' 1 Ion m i i end V duly filed
' 1 il :o ' 1 1 e 1 1" 1 1 y T a i j 11 lr(l 1 O ap.
i or d. n nr r.i ald petition
1 i.i On i rllei. eif ihe olerkof
io ( : ' 'iihimv eounty, at the
i Oi u-.i'ii ille, on or bfora
I 0 ! i o n . I Aprl'. A.U. one tbou
o i n. o n t .i e edi m - nine, or the
.1 u( po io court for tbe
1 , ri ii e eoin piHlnt.
i ia lounl and ihe kprI of Ona-
' o i i on i he eleventh (1Mb)
111 . A 1 ' 1 -'.'.
i 11 A .-. UKIti X'K. Jr..
Ik (A i lie Suiicrliii I ou 1 1 t f 1 11 Htow Oo.
N (V I 1 A I. I i ilV A V .
A I lot him lor IVI 1 1 ionerii fe21w8t.
I- i
l.i'1 I ua o i I
Ml III I Oi.l I ;
pe llllaii. a,
reliei liehmi
len 1 1 1 1, 1
low r li p.' r o
duy o el'i a
N I x
Hta i f. i.y North I'umi
Ionia. ( oiii.I v.
Slisiill A. Sin I Ii
loi I I
A "l . : a O 0 .
AO a I
To A V o
Tllhe No, aa , O.l I, h
aHins, ;. on m , :
eoun, I v Ilo- p ,:, ; ,,1 ; II .
mil vi .ree f mm I : ,. I.. ,i, ;
I 'II' CO;il (art I !. I s !', it I II
.I ones on nt v 1 . i n , a .r
reon ired I o h .p. a
tile sa me wll Ii oi I he in
( ictol'i l o I -
ina I Hiiperlor Poort
I Kali Term 188.
i lias i.een bestin
i u i ( ourt of Jonee
usiti, A. Hmltb. for
is of matrimony, that
a ine Clerk office of
ourt, that ou are
1 inik-weror ilemar lo
lowed b law.
' 11 1 '. . J I'll s (,'o.
T;i:-: Notice.
As agents for owners we offer for sale on
easy and accommodating terms the follow
ing d escribed improved Keal Estule In the
City of Me v Berne:
POINT ; includes the piece or laud known af
"THE ISLAND," and tho wharf or roadwaj
leading thereto from East Front street
Also, water space now being filled in. The
location is the best in the city for all ruanu
facturing purposes, whlla tha largest I'taft
visiting our waters have ample depth of
water for loadlDg and unloading at llie
UNION POINT, occnp'ed as dwellings.
including part of water front of Lot No. L!,
In the plan of the city. Upon the property
is located a commodious brick warehouse.
The O. D. 8. S. Oo. use a portion of the prop
ON CRAVEN STREET occupied by It. O. E.
A full description of this valuable proper
ty, together with ilie best terms upon which
the same wilt be sold, will bo furnished on
application to the nndersigned at their office
nbouth iroDt street.
Uec6 dwlf Ins and Real Estate Agts.
Standard, Reliable Instruments at Lovest prices An ova.
jvo competition teith Cheap, inferior Inttrumenf
1H Oct. Upright. S Stringed
jtucq rvosewooa (Jtvse.
Four Rota ReiR Eteve
RtoDS. Couplem. Fine CaA
largest Stock ISoath. SfOOStylenand Prioer,
a ouo c?n .ri ifii a,u ij. n nun itjs .'iwinui
Low Time Prioea Fair Contract No Rik No Forfeit
ure of Cash paid. SIX SPECIAL OFFERS. Send fnl
Free Paper,"' Sharps and Flats," giving full information
To Caa i- , i
"ill lie No
la XeK, ;, : I i
llie Till ,a'
M jison s i ' ,
for the i x
i-niue the 1 1
lars nnd III
cents coms. '
t'VeO.ier voi
menl , and I li
l e i in red la J
sold 1
Hay I
. I i a! ni a 'Oho HI h Hale for
in-! lioiM- limn 1 ,i llaylioro on
.0 .'.I i.v. I'v. our land lying on
K . eon ! a 1 ii , nt; aim acres, Vfaa a6ld
k of !':. u l.e, i nnd -where J be
rci. i . , in ihe num of eeven dol
. ' els. nml niie dollar and ten
rl oi a ; vi.'i. I' ii leSH the aald sum,
il Oie cokIk of itilH advertlse-
1 per ce n 1 . Interest is paid as
for i in l eiiempi ion of lands
r I i
I"-, I sli
I a li
St oi ,a.H
' 1 I . I -.
ii deed t berefor.
Tax Notico-
To A. A Halm, di lln.UoilM
Tnki' Notice J Iih: n shnr.fl g Hale for
taxes ut ihecoun i.ouh" tiooi In Hayboro.oti
the TO. day ot Jl4 ,
I'linilleo coliulo o:
freek. 1 lead of A I I-
and v in, tdi u , m s
I a:l vnur lunds In
Hpiini; I'rwk, Trent
lor. Head of Hay Rlvel,
R , wi'i c all sold for tha
CIO' I,-
Lu-C o
n-rit or
O'h ii i r-
id fc r it v. i
cure fill
tcttc r
l y.
' -'.ra-i'.l
i- o r c e
i k;n-
have jjst ii:o
j 1 G dwtf
I.e.ives Yar.eel'oro every Monday and Thurs-
lay ::i'rii:vi!l at Ki;jist o cloek for New ierne,
I'lio ii: ic aT all t' points.
0 or.o-iir. iv iiVeB New Kcir.c for Vance-
Ca.i Friday morning, at
1 lits
N . i .
cri i
be Ptnred at
-. s ( o at all
k. Muuager.
Do :i G'-nornl
M. 11 A i IX o: i O.
Banking business.
w Fankino. House,
:t t, fourth door below Hotel
XEW BF.RNi:. N ('.
Ilk. ? O jLi vJ O ia. -o .
Furniiurs Go.
V. e aave , -.
li a v :..'. loiii" a
Had M:i!i'.
IlpeeH. VI..o
We also ioo.
tures. I'lC'tUl a
Sliaif en
W e pay pp. 0
11,11 ot I
t 11 L
. 1TV. Vo.. - I
T. J. TU;
2-2 X fl M'il il- i
a !ii located on the corner.
nc.-.r to. M .nunieut. where we will be
itiad to fo' cur frit-Mis.
Groceri:" in Great Variety.
Choice Fruits and Candies
V'co::I and Glass Ware-Notions-
Cheap as Cheapest.
Wi:i;'-! and I. : hes: Sheet Music; Books
oii.i School tttpplii-s : SnufT, Tobacco
and iind many other articles.
i-w i all cf hicii we boil at the Lowest Cash
. .. 1 Pricc:o
V.,.i'. 1 If yen war.: to sell or buy COUNTRY
s iii 1 PRODUCE, i: wiil pay jot: to see us
before you b ir,r-iu.
: With thaulis for past favors, we so-
; licit a share of your trade.
L' P. iS. Free stables for all of our cus-
: tomers.
Yours truly,
Kinston, N. C.
J. A. BRYAN, Pres. L. II. ti ll .EB. 1 ir Tits
li. II. ROBERTS, CiisliiiT.
Incorporated 1SG5.
Capital, - - $100,000
Surplus Profits, - 86,700
Jas A Bryan, Thomas Daniels,
L II Cutl-sk, Chas. H. Bryan,
George Allen. F. M. Simmons,
Washington Bryan.
Statement of the Condition of the
Bank, December 31st, l$t3.
Loans and Discounts $ l4S.5t0. 1 1
U. 8. Bonds
Other Stocks
Real Estate
U. S. Notes. Bill-,
Duo from Banks.
and Specie 51,383 97
112.539 17
Surplus and other Profits
. 22,500.00
. 194,422.50
Life Size Portraits.
r'. . '7 . '-.Z,. -i,', r , Baeata-'a Aralea Salrs
a. ca allMaUriai Dia-w" Tar "i '.tlx i , T Bk8T 8alv world 'r I Or the Liquor Habit, Positively Cured
vi.!.,.. i.i.., . a V.; i i Out. Bruisea, Sores, UloerB, Salt i by aiministerinq dr. haines' OOLDEN specific.
...-i. ...i.i p., . -,i i , .Rheum. Fever Bo ree. Tetter, Chapped! K can be given In a curi of coffee or tea, or in ar-
.lands una ualed. Price .,0c. and 1 at ! Vhilhlaina Oorna Tad all Skin 'tide of food, without the knowledge of the per- Life Size Portraits, ia Oil or Crayon,
R. N. Duffy s Wholesale and Ketail Drug Hands, OWlblalna, Uorn, ana all BKin taklng it; lt i8 absolutely harmless and will : made from anv ki-d of small nir-turo
Store. Wholesale rrico, fS per doaon. EmpUons, and powtlTely' cures piles effect a permanent and speedy cure, tvHetlicr ; ?v Altss aTOR t VAPP P
' " ' or no par required. It is aruaxanteed to tbepatientis a moderate drinkcroi an alcoholic oy mitb AttiUit.i jjitoLi.
r va nnrfeot aatisfaetion. or money re- 1 1 neyt lo. - uunnn., "i".i-"" (ua.aUKCU,
o---r- . a complete cure in every inniaunc. io iiojjc uuun
lunutxi. rnw u osuis per uva. x-ui i FREE, Address in connaence,
sale by B. N. Duffr. ian.1 '
TRUCKERS' Seed and Supplies
At Geo, Allen & Co.
" FREE. Address in confidence, "KF'J
1 SolffeN SPECIFIC CO., 1 85 Race tl.. Cincinnati. 0. 1 street.
The best BBsortraent of Trusecs in lhc city.
A perfect fit guaranteed.
A full asHortrneut of Fresh and Warranted
Garden Heeds.
A large, varied and lelect stock of reifu
mery and Fine t-oapM.
A ohoice asaortuicnt or Flue RiiCi Cheap
Proprietors of lHiff'g Tonic Mixture,
Duffy's Antl-lillious 11118, old und reliable
Family Medicines.
Hat-Plumes, Feather Fans, Mounted Birds.
Feather Work and J; ancy Articles made by
MissA. W. DUFFY.
AtTof which we offer at the VERY LOW
dec! dwtf ' F. 8. DUKFY,
.... .fi i,- . A. ... y.. vi....,;'T I.'.V.... ' if 1
residence. Johnson
8403,023. 31?
RequestinK attention to the staternent
herewith, also list of Directors, which
we think will be regarded as a guaran
tee of careful management, this Bank
invites the aecounts of Banks. Bankers.
Merchants, Corporations, Firms nnd
With superior facilities in every le
ttitimate branch of the Banking bus
ness, correspondence with a view to
Dusiness relations is invited.
Special attention given to collections
and the business and interests of cor
respondents and patroDs carefully and
promptly attended to.
G. n. Roberts, Casliicr.
Go to F. S. DUFFY
ihm'B ot lv7, when nnd where I became tbe
purchaser In tin- hi, ,n ot Twen I v-one dollars
and tin ri v-ni n eeni.H tS2l Olti) tuxeH. nnd three
dollars nnd thin y cents mats .1:1 SO). Total
gl.tjii. I lia's tho Hitld sum. together with
thecoRlHo: this ml iTllteinciil la paid, to
Ket her wit n t li e Lin per cent Interest aa re
i,ulred by Inw for Ihe redemption of lands
hold for iHxefi, 1 biiall take a deed therefor.
Haylioro, N. (".. Feb I 1. IKWt.
Coat or nd ert ihenenl, iv'l no
KOKTI1 CA Ilfilil N A. j
Onslow County. ( Huperlor Cpurt.
Cader Ward and K. W. Ward. Administrator
of Lama Ward. Plaintiff'.
.1. Harvey l oy. I . n. Hi'cLuii, Catherine Bec
tim i P. is v lie i. Nat lianlul Hum phrey, Fran
ces Humphrey iiilw wlfi, John lieeton.
Alii liecton i U1h w ife), w. H West, Hnsan
1 ) West ' his wife,, W. 11. West, admlnla
tralor of nt tierli.i' I. 1 oy, Mary Foy, ad
ward W. Fonvellle, lieieudante.
To the defrnclanth John P eton and lila wife
Take Notice: That an action, entitled aa
above, ban taa n coin m . n rt il and Ibe com-
io oftleo of the desk
e, u a day of Novem
a , in n by summoned
, no .1 ndge of ourHu -
oi lo be held for tba
ilie t 'on i t House lo
1 ourt I, Monday after
V a,, h. AD. lattW, and
oi. il un a f i ireiald, and
i a Kil l complaint
i i :. I on plaintiff
'.. i iii ' e lefdemand-
ni" b.ive tli
-. d . trua'eas
; ' ' ' in. or an uudl-
i'iO i oi ioIm in eld
e ' ' t ,0nliil, and of
a . 1 a . , . n ni mtll
o i c i , l . u , , d re '1
' ' II Went,
.l.a iii pr.Ju
a, .1. at -.prii'ic
id ,ii t.-nrt-
. I 1
: ' K . .iio
' Oil, I
w lam n : y .
pialnl I herein 1; V.l
of said rourl on , he
her, A 1 1 IKK", nnd
l o I e nnd npi-en r 1 1
perior 4 'on, ' , a: t he
I'll 11 1 1 t V Of I 'I. K , Ml'
Jaeh ni.1i 1 1 0 . o i
tne First V a
KllHWer 1 1 1 " ei oi . ..
If you fa I 1 i a
w 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 k j : , 1 i . : . . f
ed Iheie'ol
I ne I" , ,
said :
imkM: -
C, Cold Binding
. ".iii Sir- I Lngrarlnfy HIKE.
n. Hot 1 IO, If T.
i hik' oiir, "r I
Din rrtirri . f ' 1 1 1 1 r
i) Hcnlri , .i .;.imi;
( ONtillH, ( ool. I'.n.rtl
Vriirnltcin, 'I". .time
Ilmlnrh. s l. H
1 1. IIrih mt ions ..
W ai III I '..' . .
t li i ni; of 1 nfntiLs
lii.rA.lull ,2
I'.iiaaii, l ulit . .2
iiintniK .. .Sit
nil" . .?
I.'. 1 ni..-.'i ,. . .!
"In. In. Vi-rlien .23
DiNprpHin, I'.ilmn, M.inn-ii .. .25
Kuiiprrnwrd 'ir I'nlniil Iriuta -25
Whiten. t"e Vr tu-.- I'.-n'xl" 2!
'roup. ' oiu I'jU.'Mlt llr'Tilhtntr
nt IihiinT, 1 '. I" 1 riiptioiia.. ,21V
It hriimal (Hin, I II n ..i ic I'mns 2ft mil yu'. i .Muianu .JVO
Pllrs. I'-iiii.l . i -V. -,: .. ftO
"olnrrll. Intlin-r n. 1 in the Head .AO
Whoop in c "oo 2 Ii . ! '!'' ' 'nnirhs. .
(ifTicrnl Di'lti lit . I 't. oukneM .ft0
Kidnr v 1 'i .(VO
.tmiih Di-tiilit v . 1 .OO
I rinnry Wi-nkm'".. w, 1 1 mir !..ri
Diui'iiwrp ot thi ll-iirr . l'(i!pitntifn 1 .OO
Suid i 1 1
price. Ml 1
All f
sale at t!
and K.
Bertie. N.
I HUM ' 211 on
ii i
It .
-' i m.i i.n receipt of
1 la. 1U-J lullonHt.
ii:'-.i n-inws are for
os ,.f F. S. Duffy
!dl' si rcet , New
I : I 1,1,1 1HKM
Photograph Gailery.
i i ii,.
many I :
I have
Ktainl. '
ti :"
fi'.r. "c 1 :
Itllara: '
II !':.!.
ml un my
l c and le
1 be old
n 1 1 m
, a
a I
l r
a . e met wltb
n. hoinf. 1. a
r m y work
l oliCKliA lit
Mv t i s i :.'
Ki- I- la! ' I 1" a 0 in vc o, i
Pllll.llltKN 1 ' 1 ' ' I I lt 1'. A
KFaV Mill ni I'll iI H li
la III. HI ', o A i Mr I ' I" K 1 , K I '
I liaiils .ni; ad lor tbeiv vc
a,o.. an , l .'p::iii lo mi rlt a
:wsiiri.. : an, T 'Sj.ei-, f 1 1 1 1 ,
N w berne. K. 0.
.N. W. cr. Middle mid Pollock at.a .over K.N.
l' h rut; Htorc. Pi 1 1 ranee from Pol lock
seu20 oU
H I KP AMP in-
1 1 bcral put mn
continuance of
r 9 I TO 6 liAVS0tg
JT yQ.w.nt.i not lew
Wyl eauMBtrtotur. U
EJ9 Mrd cnlj 17 lha
ltitnni Citaicol Co.
W Ohio. I'M
'"fA'"' .'-V!
iN WftsW Sfv
h glvrn Qnlver
ii'.inciloa In the
cere r i innnrrbme and
On 1. i p, escribe Hand
i.aa 1 i.aiiD(nna-
1 1 3 I' I" nd auffrrsra.
. .i. MONEB, M.D..
D.oster, III.
riiKF.. i.oo.
Tmd.aaijiijjBB., 1 u Guld bv Pincglsta.
J. V.'Jobdah. Agout, New )ern,
N. 0,

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