North Carolina Newspapers

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NO. 50.
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mranclf t'll to try om Box of tfcM
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of tb kiiiim frme.
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dacts wt-1!
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pa tJI aaaaMa) of aocartT. an c7 (bar beat rauva-
. HIIAt Ib&MCIM W Ilkl OrfiJh- 4iwctaaa Wili cac& Box.
CO- J 111 Canal St.
ooaai But Kcvp uxrmj
ynu. nxiL Ezzcnirs pills cs reoipt of price 25 cents a bci.
bfst Presiilt-i.t
It is ri'jx.r:.
the pi ice i c
siuce his :r.'i.
I: ii.e W
n 1 tic. u, ; c 1 1 ; ;
will all c.)u;i 1
11 k.i: ; 1 .
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the 1 : ;.i -I. ( :.
Pi ess.
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! V:
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Stoaio 0tlLar aJr th firm of
A (
VM ills iV dlattHlTtJ by annl
Kiwtoa, St. C Ja. T, lJ
A HE OET T N( , Ell.
- ( ) I . t ) E TT I M 1 1 : 1 ! .
Bfrri( to bT itie wo b to iani-antv w
k4laM &ai kTt loptd tio Old rm mm- of
I " n j r i
! wail Lkiar for th dm! kia.i tstr :.
W T pry U4 to wrtf oar fr.rni - i "
500 bbU. M-mr j Mf P -.r.-100
bbl. Flour,
40 bbU. Mo1m.
bbU. LorilIrii-, So a J.
100 Vmn Old ra:kahc- T x
100 too Kiait,
23 bbl- 3ur.
500b.hU K. P. i '
JOO baaiitU Westrrc Cora,
ii bJf AUo" Pl: 1",
1000 tot'i Spool Cot:.-m.
a.i ..n.r.l ttlofDRV GOODS t i'rfu-sil
Yomr. trJj.
m OettLnger
KJ5srrojr, jwtuArj :, isso.
u. and our
UiSKllO has dvppsia.
much 0000 diet.
8tth fme ! Jaat think of
Oden's picture in the Washington
Post wkh Powtll'a name nnder it !
A rsowinii exchange 8js that
Harrison's Cibinet may le ei
prejei thnaly : Blaine, o, o, o, o,
o, 0, nd O.
THE priH-raUnaror cannot set
iato the land of proprity lecaase
he has no "right away." (ilcn
Kails Kcpablican.
TiIERK's consii'er.iUu' human
n.iture nbout i newspaper. For In
stanc, .1 new sennation quickens
circulation. lerre Hante
pre m.
llVEEV do in Washington went
srrk: md Moudav ninht. Every
tre had a coon in it, and there was I iiiiki
not an axe to be had all sent to t.P
the White House to be ground. ,
Mb. Cleveland hsviu become
a ci::ren of New York ho 13 tx
pe:ted to Income a member of
Manhattan Clab. Mrs. Jleveland
will enter and adorn the lest
society of the city.
Tuk home of Chief Justice Fuller
is on of the chief attractions of
Washington. Ilia daughters are
cbrming, nd many a young man
bleaks Cleveland for giving tbem r , ui.
fuller enjoyment. mAn wn ,JOW
AT the Federal Capital the three been ,f ,t, ,
K's were again on hand. Eut it fetter to k .-i
was Kain, Knm and lievel. The able to do .i.nn.-'
thre B's were there also Biaine, Picayune.
Boodle and Bancombe. It is said It i reported ;i,
drnnkenness r of Degroes
ton Str- tended the iiunnur.ith.n.
Ir is intimated that Col. Wm. one of thm exp. c: - to t
W. Dudley is to be first assistant anj neariv t.v. i .:., a.::
ke. only a PRESIDENT HARRISON'S IN Al GP will s vt li ; h. u v 11
UAL ADDRESS. indignant fuiy :
1 1 riTiLi 1 d jj n r H 1 rriiinn'a inonnrnrol
i scbolarlv address, nor nrr,r y-rh- i..
'-'i i l. 11 I 1:1.1
day o! .
L's Ih)-o:i with
loseph I'.i i r
ices y;r-
1 pro
:ix 'i e
.-.1 s :
1 the
. s.i yd
I . I ! e : 1
i 1 w e
: u- s c
is it a statesmanlike document, grt, ,j.
out it is a iucul presentation et the
views of the President npon ques
tions of national policy.
The Journal hag, at different
tunes, taken occasion to say that
General Harrison must follow in
the wake of Mr. Cleveland. There
: but one ( leai ly marked departure
Irom the course id' the '!r vi Lind
adrniiiistrxtion in the 1'aiiisoii
augural, and that is in regard to
protection. The tariff reform, to farmers.
whi h we have looked with such at" the
fond hopes, has been relocated to the inrm':.
the distant future. made :i
L'ke Mr. Cleveland, General liar- Fo ;
rison a(puies ed in the necessity of Foo.-t.ii-. t;
reducing th.e revenues of the " , r
:X J 1 1 1 1 1 11
and 1
S rator K rr Arraigned. Totton Raising-.
f; o Pn;resrive Farmer is throwing Editor Journal: In conversation
snnif- hot fliot at tl:e Senators who de- w'th a brother farmer who Was looking ,
f-.'l.t. " :!:e r..i!r,M.-l ronuni.inn hill In 011 tbe drk Blde f "COttOD rftMillR,'
Look To Your InterostI
1 1 u a 1
an i!itc
of I-I ,;v
and ( 'ieveland.
murmur of a she
spreads oi.r 11; i
consider sp"ik-' .
stars and .
its greatness :
Why ;
i. Whe!
i m.-jt
:i the
s pa
t !l tO "
ill' 01 r
I) V
1 m
! on the dark side of "cotton raisin," he , farmers, (Country Merchants and tha
nnaprtAH thul it: nrat nhnnl. tan natnta a Tr aH t. tfpnprkllv nri irivifnr! ty. flail mwA
too i.v-t if.-iic of tha really progressive po0nd t0 raise cotton, and at the present examino our stock of
i a- 1 nator iC-'rr of Sampson is taken prices it is raised at a loss. I told him , j f 1 ri '
to (:-. in the following manner: there must be some misplaced labor, or : l-Ty IjrOOClS. (iT OCQTXCBf
Knring the discussion of the railroad . heTnuad t P1 accurate account. . . in the Senate, numerous 1 I have kept an account of farm ex- PrOVlSlOllS. EtC.
ti.iu,:s were made at the Alliance, Penses and receipts for several years,,
whi.-ha'.iv.-.vrf elicited applause or ap I ?nd for the encouragement of any I brated
proval from the political "clackers" in ' farmr wbo thlnks ''cost ten cents a , Drateu
u,eCbb,e,. jt was repeatedly charged I DOU?d tc! raj8e cotton, I will give here State Trison and ParSOD
Uicii trio r-ditunr nt among the Alliance i , v; , T "
" . nofnh if oaf vasr
men been "manufactured" and , F , , . J
.1 (
etc. Senator Kerr, who ! , . , . 'i'. w .iKuirc.
iaowledged champion of enow neiowwnat ougnt to De an average !
Boots and Shoes.
W o as - a v to .
We d,
prese ! i !
l l ; i ii:M!'i:
Ida a
'( me.iu
part.cularly happy :crP ,for the county. I hope some of
ffj , orirH tafwnawa mill ....... . . ,.
Every pair warranted.
We have u lurvp himiIiIv
of Florida
"e could not answer
nation and
that can
merce, and
of creating a
defend American
ust a; 11 the
may llee ih
'II 1. Ms .
A I. A! V - : . . : .;ne she
sjiends 11: I:..,. 1 ; i.i r '. .i.k.n,; htss
as "moments it u :li c.o:i. Mer
chant Traveller.
lA'EKY rillNx u .is .it .'s best 111
Washington ia.-t M..:idi. bnr the
rain is said to have t'c.iten every
thing. I; bear the 1 i 1 .'.nd the new
; I lie 1.
n'ei e-i ii to h 1 ve a
r : e . he m ; t; h t h a Ve
.Jo we p: fMime n
with the rii.'.s'er. C
Alliances, bar n- pn-po
quiet outdoor talk wi
boner on t he high seas.
da si: 111 age t he inalieiia!
. 1 . .- ... .... . , , 1 .
lij;illia me 10 a hit mi..'. imiet outdoor tali: WHO
and a fair count the present and mon brotherhood,
former administrations are one. Piu-iois h w is it with 1
There is not the shadow of a shade . trucki n i.ay j.' It wi!!.
sav. "of com -e it v. ill if t!
::. vers.-::--'S
o h.'.ve a
tiae ( :!.-
1 :
of difference between ihetn. Both
do honor to the great Democratic hit." Jt uni jiay at
doctneeof equality of citizenship m the same measure
Ji n ou
11 i-vents. Not
everv season.
. 1
- N
t 1.-
e n
Sale ami Liver j Stable.
postmaster general in recognition
of his valuable services daring the
Prg-sidcp tial campaign. In this
poattian he may hare lively evercisn
in removing Democratic postmas
ters "in blocks of five.'
Says the lieoord : In Philadel.
phia the average number of persons
t living on an acre of ground is 13 :
the number of dwellings per acre
is and the persons per dwelling
G. In New York the number of
persons on each acre of space is 52 ;
the number of dwellings per acre
4, and the number ot persons per
dwelling 18.
TlIK World Bays:
ire nutn
- S-nit h at-
P very
an ofhVe.
be diap-
under the Constitution and the. but so that. :.t.iderit)g seas-'n
laws. after i-eason, it will ail' ird remiuit -
Whde gratified at this accord, let ration, comfort and happiness,
us be prepared to find differences: Ah thing- rued re-;. ;,--- d-:, s
of opinion as to the provisions ' necessar lly imply lndvleiiee. The
necessary to give force and ef- 1 mrreli.ttit it - s yvheu be takes Ins
and ; . 1 i'g- in play
in his s .stern : and
I : : . 1 . r 1 ..
: -t - .. -r lloorof the Senate, ! "urr , y u ,;u Dext lau' u
: ; r ; - V, put him arid those 1 ma7 he,P UB a" t0 URe more economy.
.-. I -! :-, ; i ;:h him on the witness- ccojif unth Xine Acres Cntton. Jr.
.: d 1 -npannel their constituents ! Jan. To breaking and harrowingr. 810.00
.'.i: :- ;w.d a H-.nie questions. Sen- ' Mar. To 1 ton acid phosphate, S15.
. r jt; ir ar: 1 ;.!! (.f them asserted that composting S2 17 00
; .:: i-ri ,r. no: affect the four " To half ton kainit, SO, -10 bu.
'i ..e Caucasian, a paper cotton seed , 86 12.00
hi- "wn tifwn of Clinton. To 600 lbs. cotton seed meal. 7 r.O
P : - arkTuiner.f i a biy game of To 300 lbs. guano. S4. 50: sta-
"'5r. Kerr b 11 1 his people did ble manure, 83 00 7 Ml
' '- a c fiimi-sion the Caucasian ! Apr. 9. Running off rows, SI. 50;
i' ' Legislature that Sampson carting 100 loads compost
n.i I "'uiniicj c-uiith's arc ovenchelm- $1.00 2.L0
..;'.,' -. -r .' tlo: bill.'" Si says " 10. Putting in manure aud I
It- ; 1 e . ;,ta::ve S ever..-', who voted for bedding rows 6 Co
S -a. sif thousand Alliance men ' " 23. Harrowing and planting,
"t s m;.-. r.. Which is right? Why S2. 50; 10 bu. seed 81.50 4 00
r ey .vcr hc-lminfily for the May 13. Siding cotton with har
tal'?" row 2.0O
L' if ic. di at some facts. Take the " IS. Chopping $2.10, siding
W. V. I; 1! . one of the best and , up $2 50 5,00
en e-q'. -l in the State. Will the Senator 1 " 25. Second hoeing S3, siding
tell c- L-tituents that they are not j again 82.25
Gi.-criimi-n-j against in the following ( June 15. Third hoeing 52, fourth
iirfures taken from their schedule of 1 siding S2 4 00
rater? For p. car Ion 1 of guano (20 tons) " 23. Plowing fifth time 2 00
-hi'j-d from Wilmington to Warsaw, July 13. Sixth siding 2 00 '
55 mile. they charge '540: Wilmington; " 27. Siding seventh time 2,
to Clinton, the Senator's home, S45. , splitting middles 81 ... . .'! 00 i
;oro, s.i miles, ?i:.iMi il. laKineout scatt g grass .75!
ricking out 10,125 lbs.
our large farmers will give us their ! Cheroots iind 1 roer.ition Cigars
I.. hi Klit by ui direct
1 11 rer's Prices.
ineee goods nr
from the Furdirt
titf" Snu If at M 1 mi f
ttj!" No t mi hie to r-how goods.
SijutK fYont si.. Veu Bemejf. O.
Brick Brick! Brick I
w. p8 m
Fo et te vi i If? Is..
it. mi 1 rjec.
Mai:ki:t Dock.
m: v t i:un t:. n. v.
Consii.'i m your produce.
rn d I '
ticiency to these fundamental doc- ' morning walk
nines, remembering, however, that everv muscle
Mu. Hakkis'-n lias spaken for
the administration of wlm-h he is
the ostensible head. It is now in
order for Mr. Blaine, the
to step to the Iron; and
his programme.
Feiends ot Ire! ind in
States will call tlie ,r
Secretary lllann' to tlo
testimony tn
revealed the
spies in America.
It is palpable' to eeibod in
the light of recent events that with
leal !)Oss.
an nouuee
he Cn-ed
entlon of
lac that
the P trncll case has
pres. nee of Pi ltish
is will be time enough to antagon
ize the new administration after its
designs have been manifested in
j variance with our conception oi
public duty and personal obligation.
We greet Benjamin Harrison as , the change of crops,
the President of the United States, ! The ground cannot ;. idle. Kain
and. admitting the sincerity of his and buusuiue luoistuie aiul heat
declaration that his administration force vegetation, and the problem
the farmer rests when he leaves his
plow 111 its farrow and goes to herd
his cattle, mend his fences and tlx
up his gates. Nothing net ds 1 est
more than land, arid nothing is
more restful to the tiled land than
W i : I ho p'.saso explain to the people
if Simeon why it is that they are
'ii.-.r.-.- i S5 mure, on the same ear for a
' C7 .-a i'.'.-- than on the farmers
of ni". ; .' .', ' a' ft distance of 183
Will he ti-Il why thry fhould pay 3
more for C7 miles than the farmers if
cotton at 40c SO 50
Ginning and bagging 7
bales, 3.548 lbs 21. M
Carting, weighing and
Eelling 7 bales. ...a 4 20
It will be seen by
S157 09
comparing these
II.'! III UIHCO Lliail llll.' lailllBIB II (. iL.i- l-j
no on b5 miles? Will he tell them ureB that this crop did not cost quite
1862. EATON 1888.
hap a kink stock or
j Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
,:.t , 4 I
tin y should pay S5 for a car
from C' a Pound to marke and market.
t Clinton. 12 miles, and Tat- -ieconnt inth Atne Acres Cot ton . Cr.
bora only mts Si on the car, 18 miles? 1 Sept. 21. 1st bale 560 lbs. at 8 3-4. S4S 5
Will he toil them why they pay S5 for
12 miles, while Scotland Neck pays only
SI fur 10 miligy Will he tell them why ;
Wits n iihvs S47 for 100 milps and Fv- i
etteville navs onlv S40 for 133 miles?
And finally, will he show these good
people of S impson that there is "no dis-
'.-riir,iri':ii. n" in these charges?
production of the
Here i-Xiiei ience
P.. 1 mi a.- must be
It th" pea eiop
eai, wh was it
.1 fciK-y ;,.7S.inw V
That l,700,tbe 8inPle fX'-epn-!. of
laree and 3.400 small terrapins -Mr. 1 amenis no me t.
were slaughtered to grace the table ln ('re:l- lin'al:i
at the Inaagnral Ball, and that the tin (vUt'" V;.-or
rest of the coantry must undergo a "Prt?ss
Chelonian famine for somes weeks A Ku.-sian 1 t;;
to come in conseqaence, seems to arrested in New
bo faily indicative, that this is going afld pawning a:,
to b a hard shell, diamond back : card asking lor
pobhe judgment
wants a chance to
( i ladstone
ggest man
riot e en e.xcep
. - P;.:! ide!; !i;a
"Doctor jOlivik
Uolmesi complains of the perse
! a TWO llORF. CAR LOADS of Horj and Males, catjon inflicted npon him by vol-
vVmJ. wtrt sIt44 Vj m bdividasJly with ?: fire. In making my 1 nntcr correspondents. Twenty or
lutkua I daal ooij witi rUaile mto, aci ii uotbin,? ut gool and twenty five letters in his morning
. .y
ink lor stealing
. t rco-rtt fs out in
a s;i-peiisio;i of
om J stok.
Will take pleaanrs in 'aowini;
''-oad Btieet, -New Berne, N. C.
The Bergner fc Engel
Firuest Beer Extant.
Tt in brewed from the finest Pale Canada
vh:s fatberi through his newspaper
CTlt BarleV Malt and LaaZer HODS, and there before the Administration is
highly recommended for its TONIC and NU
TRITIVE qualities.
T hlh rvpotAtton er. o.o! fy ! 1 in . Ni-'.K v ENGEL
COMPANY 14 dae to the f.-: th: o-.'v - PIM si AND P.KST
MATERIALS ar a.M and tha: :.- - SKI :.!. and CAKE
ar ezeiruetl daring tU maaafactarv. jy d:f
m 1 1 e 1
mall is considered a light delivery,
and nearly all are upon subjects of
interest to the writers alone."
This is a revelation. We were not
aware that Dr. Holmes and Gen.
Harrison were so much alike.
The Goldsboro Argus says:
'Mr. C. B. Iwis, the special repre
ventative of the Detroit Free Pres,
was in our ct!v yesterday." Mr.
Lewis n better known as "M ought
iaad " He visits our State for the while
purpose of giving through his paper
reliable information in regard to
th i section of the country. He is
expected in New Berne soon and
will receive a warm welcome.
'Kl'SSELL IlAERIdi 'N's frrends
in Helena, Men., declare that he
will t 'pitching into thy; old man'
lines of Homer every
to sleep on. Tims 1.
the advantage ui a ela
tion to a man trout!
I V 1 1 is t rue, as . , ,
Tracy is Secret. ir 1
and Proctor Secre ' .a:
as :i .,:.- w.-:
I. i'rai ;, ; a -to
ia e t ; :
I'll r'uf i - . . . 1
ought - : : ' ! :. -." -.
The N Mm;:. Me--.
'P. is ran;, l ed ;:. n a
Kiel, t lie ( ler ni 1:1 n 1 v ,1
the Baltic, t h a ' co;. ;!:,
place iii S la.nan waters b
American man ol war an.
man corvette Oiga, but
Bavard ban l ea - d n- ' 1
and navs it is
: :n :
gh t to go
- a io sh d
al educa
1 ith in
:.- Navy
1 War. it
e .1 1 . 1 1 ! e
- ' and
po 1 : 1 1 1! : o,
- and
:ig-r a s:
1 c: react, at
station on
has taken
et ween all
1 the Ctrr
I'.nj of r.
i!i ible."
Where are Thi-y ?
Vjto. Creecy of the Economist in writ
in;; c;i our I'.r iuiikt s the following
jadt crnicis.u on the art department:
We went aud looked around and
r.-eoi.iz i but one portrait of New
li-. r:ie'- glorious galaxy of the olden
i'.:a -. io.u was one who was great
P. t 1 .'. t-1 ana honored in his time and
v i,-.-e memory is btill green and cher-i.-iic
.l ia the hearts of his countrymen
iL" c urt.ous and dignified gentleman,
drought the i-iateanian, the scholar, the jurist.
the warm-hearted friend, the Chevalier
Duyard of North Carolina, the beloved
itathia; ii llanly of New Berne. Where
were those great men that he loved so
wi :'.. feme his contemporaries, some
Ins i:i.uvie. i-ome with whom he had
wiesiled in the forum, some the Gam
aliels at whe.-e feet he had learned the
1 s-oc- of lit' tr- and iirBt lighted the torch
of bu youthful ambition? Where were
the S:anl s, father and eon? Where
a: give was Oatton. the firs: Stanly's great
rival, who owed much of his own great
ness to that gi j.nt intellect-and imperi
ous will whicn sfcrank from no compe-
11 1 he titin l.o-vever gifted or cultured it
miht be? lie it was and he alone that
could strain Uatton to the top of his
other cause, nettle and give and take blows that no
other men of thir time could give and
take. Where were the Stanlys, grand
father Wright Stanly, son Jack Stanly
and trranuson El ward? Where were
tlie Syeiehts, father and eon; that grand
Very i.irmer :. .-entleman. the elder Governor
Simmons is entitled to great credit, . should first an. ih zc his soil and see Speinht, whose sad fate at Stanly's
not only for what he advocated in what it wiil be?: produce. It is a
will be national, we indulge the ; is how to induce
pleasing hope that the future ot highest value,
thel nion will give brighter glories 1 must teach us,
to the American Kepublic. close obseiveis.
- was ib iectvie la-
VH AT HAS BEEN DOM'. : so ? Perhaps tile seasons v.erc ua
Congress has adjonrned, and the favorable. These we can no: change
Legislature is about to adjourn, ; Dut we can prepare on:' land so ar
and what has been done to benetn to enable it to stand
the masses of the people or ad- better, or more easily throw til
vance the civilization of the age ? 1 superabundant moisture.
We confess we cannot answer. Seed may be tKiecfive. Pol
Perhaps National and Stale legis- e0uie reason there h-..s beta deter
lators will congratulate tbemselve ; 0ration : and. il this be so. the
4. 2J bale 483 lbs at 9 3 5.. 46 til I si-k ta 1.K8.
6. 3d bale 498 lbs. at 9 1-5. . 45 70 : 1 k''''r' a Htork of (Spectacles
K, 2 bales 990 lbs. at 8.5 ... b7.51 j than any other More in North Carolina,
27. 6th bale 535 lbs. at 9 15. 49 17 1 take parti, ulai painx to lit them to th
16. 7 h bale482 lbs. at 9 1-2. 45.74 j eyee of partis needing them.
14. 325 lbs. seed cotton at 3c. 9.75
3 1-3 tons seed at 815 ton 50 00 i Ilaving worked rtefidily at the bench
' for over thirij years, 1 believe I can do
Total receipts 383.19 as food work n any watchmaker in the
Deduct coBts 157.09 State. '
Profits 8226 10 s A M . K. EATON,
This land 15 years ago was worn out Middle street,
and would not produce50 pounds of lint Opposite P.aptir.t Church. fel2 dwtf .
cotton to the acre. I have only 40 acres
cleared and plant it all in some crop
every year bo the only rest it geta is a
rotation of crops.
It may be suggested by the large 1
farmer that 50 or 100 acres could not In
tended at the same rates as my small
patch, if so I would suggest that he cut 1
the siz9 down till it will tend cheaper, ,
even if he cuts it down as small as 1
mine. 1). Lank.
Myrtle Dale, March 9ih, 1889.
Stonewall Items.
on having done no harm. Are remedy is in a f;
those complacent gentlemen satis- adulterated seed.
Red with this! He who neither risk a crop by us
does good nor harm has none of ' evidence of the .
the elements of mauhood. lie is a 1 jjjt we veutnn
piobabiy thing without influence. A use
,e rest ot less cumberer ot the ground.
-:-ll Mlpp:
No far tut
'." sei d t
11 u n
r failing.
M.-i tion t hat
failure oftener re.-n';.-- !
want of adaptation t t' .--od to the
the suit. Detroit Pi 1 e Press. Sometimes men are eutitled to ; plant thau from am
"Dr. Alvin Tali 1 . r r, of Can- credit for successful efforts in pre-; a field may have bet 11 neb
necticur. a Vale man ot the class of venting evil, and in this there is a ; the elements of pea prcdu
-, c.,w 11, ,t i e t i .lis ii hundred kind of good. Bntthis cannot be ; tew vears ago, aa-1 be wanting in
in all
ion a
said of deliberative bodies. Mr. ' these elements now. I:
c j rat e-r
iThe World Stands Aghast'
AT MY J.t)W ritlCES,
And wonders, How is it that loan sell
so much lower than any one else?
I'll tell you: I have determined to be
hand will always be the dark and
produce. Il IS a hloudv nicture In New Berne's historv :
Congress, but what he actually : waste of time to ylant any thing and the younger Speight, not conspicu-
jus lor Driniani guts, out ior me steaay
pjalities that are often as useful, and
ii-o for being the la t of the old time
With 1.1
no ti m'ei
pare i !.;::;
accomplished. We hope that the which the
counter-part of Mr. Simmons can producing
be found in the State Legislature, excellence.
ur.e man of whom it can be said he
accomplished something for the
gootl of his constituents.
We know that there are many
good men 111 the Legislature, but, in
his ut ii itai ian age, it matters very
little what a man iutends to do il
he accomplishes nothing.
1 ind
to a
le ol
It is with true regret that I infontn
you of the sad loss by lire of Mrs.
Lucretia Stilly's residence on last
Wednesday night on Blount's creek,
Beaufort county. Her house and all
the furniture, wearing apparel, and
kitchen were entirely consumed, and
the inmates of the house barely es
caped. On IaqI S.itnriinn a vanlr aon Mr
Wm. Lee, near GranUboro. was found I U510' x-??.11 Di WOEK '
rfoaH in Ha linn..- ....nllv kn foil FOK SMALL I KOI' ITS.
dead. When found was lying partially I My Motto is: I' AIL DLALINO.
in the fire, his head being partially i Come and buy from me. and yoa will
crisped. It is supposed heart disease neTer regret it.
was the cause. lie was about 70 years K. R. JONaP,
0fgCT k . a -.-r. ! New Berne, IT. C.
C. H. Fowler has traded with Dr. I ! .
W. H. Rutherford his fine Arabian !
mare for the fine stallion exhibited at '
the New Berne Fair by the doctor. All
who wish fine stock can be accommo
dated by calling on Mr. fowler at
The Ladies Must Come I '
!!The Gentlemen May Come !
1 ! ; . 1
The people of N
are very mdign ui
Agent and Bottler. New Berne. N. C.
Ccnmcn Z:zzc izi
a Specialtj.
in variety.
Two Jo n North of Iltfi
six months old." We think better
of Uaaaell than that. No doubt
the Administration will be "pitched Blackburn mile !
into," bnt KasAell should not do ear. a paper pa',
the pitching, bnt be onht to "be g.ys that Chainb.
at the bat" "to keep in" the who w.mM riot
family- volt'ano single i
THE Sonth is practically ignored have no partial,
altogether in the make np of the rencounters, bur
Cabinet. That certainly has a de- tackles Vesuvm-
cidcd icctionai look. The Demo
cnytic Administration was broadly
Union, knowing no North South.
There were two members from the
Sooth chosen by Mr. Cleveland for
his Cabinet. We can see no grounds 0ne of the suc.-e-f
for special hope in the artful ad Georgia. Pant y
dresfl. Its omi&sions are signifi
cant, audits shy and covert hints
may not be overlooked. Wilming
ton State.
The seed sown in Chicago las'
June blossoms into a perfect tlower and a large
today. As a gardner the grand kius, ground p.
v 1 1 in ;
Oft' UIS11
! Cllll;
ed at ( o
.. brave
s h : it1
t here to see t no f. ; e iiy .
In response t t he t i.iii:ry .
"Docs farming pay 7" sr give the
following from t he 1 lome njid Parm :
l'W. E. Tavlor ot M i-oti ctumtv, is
! larr.iers ot
he 1; ade with
eleven plows, ta.e hundred and
eighty-three bales of cotton, three
thousand ami three hundred bushels
of corn, three thou-and bushels of
oats, five hundred bu-hels of peas.
ppl of to.iiit-r, pump
p.-.'.s. c.e., and a
oltl party must be jironoanced a liberal supply ot ir..-1" ;:: i. - smoke
success. N. Y. Tribune. Oh, he's house."
.,1.1 k..lAnl l 1 : - T j
hip uiu uuiuiuuuimi, LB is . inuei 1 . 1. ,.i r-.-'.-l tli
i . J
his delicate manipnlation, aided
by patriotic fertilization, we have
aeen developed in the National
garden that beantiful shrnb known
as Credit Mobilier; that radient
roa known as the Star Kontes ;
that succulent cabbage known as
the Fredman's Bank swindle;
theae rare plant designate! botani
cally as poti tradmhip, furium,
QrandirtoTui and District of Co
lanbij. robbrriet icandaltum. The
old gardner will doabtleaa be able
to tarn out some new varieties
daring the next four jean. JT. Y.
G rover Cleveland has laid aside
the robes of office and is now a
private citizen. No doubt he en
joys h;s rest in the calm serenity of
domestic life. Upon his brow falls
no shadow, rests no stain, and
henceforth he takes his place with
Washington, Jefferson and Jack
son m fame's proud temple.
To say that Cleveland had faults
is but to affirm that he was mortal.
No one claims for him a place
among the gods. He was a con
spicuous mark aud many lusty
warriors trained their guns upon
turn ; but wtien he left the public
field honorable antagonists ceased
firing, but the New Y'ork World
continues its cannonade.
A man of less malignity that the
World Management seems to
possess, would be satisfied to see
his sun go down and night wrap
its sable folds around him: but
the World seems to be emulating
the conduct of the boy who having
thrown the cat in the mill pond is
determined to throw the last stone
at her. It would, perhaps, be weli
to remember that cats have nice
lives, and at every demise a ghost
goes forth to aveuge her catship
The victorious and exultant World
may yet see ghosts that will not
down at its bidding.
Cleveland did not fall alone.
Piesi leilt
made t l.o .-;
cism. Uk"
i ( 1 nil
II i:i
:;.-: 1 i
a l,.!i
President. Delegation after delegation
passed through the front door of the
mansion and by the President in the
east room. The line was not halted for
any speech-making or for the presenta
tion of tributes to the President. Forty
- (
-roe! fiom
ol oil by the
Iv as w. I!
as a
n t!
which it is vie w c-d .
For the purpose intc
Presideiit, it is 1 roba
suited asanv that con! !
"A house divided against
cannot stand." Mr. Man
Cabinet may b regir-lcl
Mr. Blaine, the Secivta
State, is we!! kiior-. n ; - i.,,c.
abroad. N chin j: c ::i be
him to t ;. ' ij: 1: " eti 1 :.r ; Y: -.
Mr. W 1 u ib'in, tin 1 : t y oi
the Treasury, was a-.-,,(-;arod with
Mr. Ul.iiue 1:1 the GaihYld Cabinet.
The two statesmen are alike their
relative pos-tions being similar to
those that existed 1 et w.-t-u Conk
hug and Piatt. .Mr. Wimlo.u is
the "Me Too" of Mr. Blaine.
Gen. Noble, Secretary ot the In
terior: Gt-n. Proctor. Secre , iryut
War; Gen. Tracy, Secret. .r. ol the
Navy, and Gen. Ku.-k, Secretary of
Agriculture, are military men of
no reputation. bur wi' are
honorable and w . ! 1 meaning men.
Mr. Miller, Attorney Gem-tal. was
. 'l-litive Governor? .- here were the
ti.aekieiles. the Grahams, the Sheparde,
th l'r a nil t he Daves, the Naehes, the
ol :.-r P. r tuat we once heard the
v. i:-. r .lie c'u 2i.-e i reaif riCK Nash, ana-!
t;- N-o.v ':-!. iiii. sv wad the equal
i L.i r.;-.:e disiin-tuisbed son,
u. : . - A, i where v. as that great
mu.. C i- rniicid Na?h, who fell at
ia :;' iu t.19 creat struggle for
1 r(' ;r..! ti..'.v In c Pn rcd rr
Penn-ivM-iYsoi!"? Where was the ! Psoas to the minut. at times passed
i;k-.:.c--:L E-i ward Graham, the rival
of tia-.i;; and Stanly? Oh I where
were te p.-.iatings of all those great
na!ii-- atj-l others that we do not now
re. ail that have made New Berne a
plac... oi r- no.vB and given to its sons in
ail tun;- a herbage of glory. And where
were ii.e beautiful and gifted women
ti.a: were wc-rihj- of the love and made
the rcrir.emcnt cf these great men?
Where were the lovely and patriotic
matrons that lent their influence in
urging en the baijof the revolutiont
where were the pictures of the Daves',
the Uastuns. the lilackled gea ? Where
were the picture of that Esther Wake
who by her feminine witchery won the
hearts of North Carolinians in the legis
lative a: --eem blit s that met in New Berne
i-, :.; troubled times nf Governor
Tlie President's Tribulations
Washington. March 6 It ia esti
mated that 10,000 people were admitted
to the White House erounds today.
About half of these were allowed the Dinner and Toilet Sets
nf ittJ OTn if oh 1 b 1 rl rr h Q rill J xwr dli (hu ww
If 1. 1 Y I I t 1 1 J L Uliu I IJ iiauuD " 1 bit tile
' Everv body " Come !
1 1 s.'-ii: 'i'HE
Handsoniest Tea-
EVLK l.lii'
. I.
Hoil FY.' i ..;':
j. 5 I . V
jipg Goods
and shook hands with the President
At 2 o'clock the President went up
stairs to lunch, and fifteen minutes later
appeared in the East room, and stiil the
people came. There were representa
tives from every State in the union and
from every society or other organisa
tion that attended the inauguration cer
emonies. After shaking hands with
perhaps 5.000 people, fatigue compelled
him to stop, but to gratify the curiosity
of those outside he stood for twenty
minutes upon the portico over the
main entrance and reviewed about Acriculti: 1
o.uuu people, woo passed ueiore Dim.
Then he went back to his desk a short
while and began handshaking again
after a lapse of fifteen minutes.
i At 3:15 o'clock it was determined not
j to allow more persons to the White
' House, and the President closed his
. - 1 ; n .. a
ir.l-U .- IjlJIMlilLlUll, ilU.1 lUHUCllCU J J 1 ' . . j , .
i t-M..ti, .i ? Where w a. the likeness ?econd day experience at handhak
of the nr- ttv girl who touched her j Jn Among dK?,h
li,ht fantatic ' in a minuet with were0 .i'i1. Cl"0J
W,-.rhit;gti..u at a bail when he visited
N-w berue after he became President?
Where was the likeless of Miss Jones,
...... . , : . ri..., , f u..,.u f '
i-:;.. win. had the heart and offered I Katl0n' composed principally of colored
hand ' .-f iii-' wealthy and distinguished
Charleston, S. O. , the Alabama associa
tion and the Iowa battalion. Robert
Smalls, the colored member of Con
gress, presented a South Carolina dele-
0 Street,
- . N. CI.
e-LLEM & 00
I'llALltltS IN
General Hardware
I ' - i- I e 111 c 11 I g.
v 1. alti vator.,
:. i ,e-,
.i.-:l JCoaperg,
i :.'t,'i'e.s,
o.:.d I'rossog,
it f'lasier, Kainit
VVo.xi s " ! ..
Cotton C
Forii 1 If.c r:.
Liinie. Uric
lliiir, Tuiti
nish, Oil, f i
i 'r;-i'7.-.-i,
(Jon'i St.). ;
v. ho?
to I
O. J.;hnstc.n of Edeuton, and
rtfu-al of them made him f.
and cynic, and who was said
bee a tis moi
beautiful woman
itlVf1 ht-Cli 1 i
.T 1 - 1 t-i 1. .. . -1 . . 1 . r 1 -..
j. ut) ejtauue rmuiutriiu uiuu, ui rvtiu- j r" -1
sas twity, aiso canea. a nanasomeiy
mounted broom, silver mounted, was
presented to the President by a visiting
delegation. A number of persons in
troduced themselves to the President as
relatives, and to each the latter spoko a
few words; that was all. "Father says, "
il.:.-., March 5. The full gaid Mr. Russell Harrison this evening,
e Supreme Court has dis- "that he didn't find out until yesterday
! ill in equity of Caroline how many relatives be has. They didn't
:i i Hardware,
MiHit, Plaster
.:! .'mine, Var
::! ami Hair.
' :.::r:itor8. OH Ittirjrlar
v . -ranr,ed to
1 r..:t isfactlon.
" '-
.s y I i :
of ht-r time in North Carolina.
Soul ii and in a (. onrts are Competent
1.- -T-a.N
ia-Ltil ef
mi-ni th
:x av cc.
T7?J TcTrm?T TcV
.1 ri.tlUti.t.aaaJl I
C a
-a .
r--. n v -.
s a la
. C 1 1 : ' r: 1
rsu-- Cornelius Dunham, which bother him any. but he does not like P
for years the la-v (. aimer id
dent Uarri.-on i-iol ;.- the
our political sy stem. aYi:;i
maker, Postm.'.sttr Geio.-r,
ugl blot on a luank
may lie Nviiittr. yve
It will be
reduced to
Blaine with
he Cabinet,
analysis, is
a .siii-ht Har nsonian
t-eii ii a i
its last
u o'etiier rep-eteii me
suggestion of a -pecial pulicy for
any section of oar country. It is
the duty of executive to administer With his fortune fell the hopes of
and enforct in methods and bv millions.
instrumentalities pointed out and There is no disposition mani-
provided by the Constitution all fested to put on "sackcloth and
laws enacted by Congress. These ashes" because of Harrison's suc-
laws are eeneral and their admiuis- cesa : but Memory keeps within her
tnat fine ruta baga known aa tha : tration should be uniform and equal, cells a thousand barbed arrows
lOeaon-Chajiaier naval jobbery; . c,tizpn mv not deer what readv to flv on wines of venreance health, and who do not
, , . .,, , , resort to bitter, imu-ecua liv
Yawshewui obey, neither may the ana revenge. y no Kiueu cock
! executive elect which he shall en- robin! I said the sparrow, with
J force. The duty to obey and to my bow and arrow, I killed cock
l execute embraces the Constitution 1 robin T" The World may exult
j in its entirety, and the whole code now, but so long as memory lasts,
of laws enacted under it. Ilarri- the recollection of New York's
'son'a Inaugural Address.
t f
i. i- an
ae iing for a perpetual in- have so many. "
training the defendant from brought by him in .-..,.,,.,.,.,...
i S ,a;ii Carolina on August When a hundred bottles of f-drsapar- ( 4 .
a !.:. !. t'ae defendant sought ! dla or other pretentious specific fail to i-i.-;...:. :
a irnirtgage of 8140,000 eradicate in-born scrofula or contagiciiB ,,,.-, p.T
Smith ' blood poison, remember that li. n. li. li-'a uu
Boci and Sho Maker,
.. wbern, N. C.
pr. .:ie
Oiat t
cinr; i
i . t - i ii r 11 ion
kn .th as Desn hill. The ' (Botanic Blood lialm) has gained many
v'ar.-an before the Su- thousand victories, in &g many neem-
urt of Miissachusetis was ingly incurable s. Send to the
purchase by Dunham of the Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga . f..r
wa merclv colorable, and " Book of Wonders. " and be convinced,
-old be restrained because of It is the only true blood ivmkikk.
i-.e; 1-icLis in cases neretororo neara, , -
saow tnui the courts of South Carolina writes: "I was aillicted niao years with
and the Suereme Court of the United i sores. All the medicine I could take
States, do n .'t agree as to the law. The did me no good. I then tried H. B. H.,
S-:pr.-me Court of Massachusetts de- and 8 bottles cured me sound. ''
en'es ir will not interfere, as there is Mrs. S. M. Wilson, Round Mountain.
no evhUnce that Dunham's purchase ! Tsxas, writes: "A lady friend of mine sh
of th- mortgage was not bona fine, and was trou Died wun Dumps ami pimpies
I n,.. M, ,
1 1 1 II I '
km:, m. i.-.
.'. I . !. t i .
I h t- ni.- t-i
' HO. I
1 . ' rr
For rich and poor who wi-li to fnjoy
wish to
er medi
cin s nd cathartics i-i lie1 concen
trated California lia'ail fruit reme.iy.
Syrup of Fig?.
P. N. Duffv. sgtmt. New H-ret . N C.
f ei S d wi w
i'-i').!.'! ,:it: ii
' - K A I.L HTOCk
i : . . i ' veil Hilt) he im
: work mon. All
: . it t a n f r "ih
in U'Hl kly tea
1 in i ii i ) Ih of i he
- i 1 . ' . c nnri from m
vt n i-t ry :
i 1 i i n k NY (,
" I. Hi, 1KHM.
. I - ii' pair of
' ! II.Hi.' I))t tWO
i t t in i wo yrHrti and
1 ;ia.- lHti weartriK
1 hM r vli-s bil
Kt'.MoM fully,
K ) HI1.L
l - 'HiT'i iy lone.
or:'.' ( (1 w
cure, it is mild, soothing and healing
in its effects, and cures "cold in the
" head." catarrhal deafnee", throat ail-
TMPORTED FRENCH BRANDY AND ments. and many other complications of
117 Y I T A X" T ri I NT t it at f aioat rarl urol V-ij tft-itioait-ir loaiaa rrt rarta V
I a- 1 Uljlj .11. i.1 J VJ Aa J UI-V. -VV.v, MLA. lliin UlOtl tC 1 i-i g U 1 VT Ci C V. OW VDU VQf lJ
perfidy on the fth of November ' for sale by James Redminp. druggists.
and it in the opinion of the court that on ner iace anu necu. one iook tnree
the case can be properly determined in bottles of B. B. B. and her skin got soft
t'ie courts nf South Carolina. and smooth, pimples disappeared, and
her health improved greatly."'
Jas. L. Bosworth, Atlanta, (ia..
S.jOO Reward -jim, 1 nri...i
is olfered in good faith, by the manu- blood poison. I had no appetite, my CIGAllS FuR SALE AT COST
facturers of Dr. Sato's Catarrh Remedy ; digestion was ruined, rheumatism drew . .
for a case oi catarrh wh'ch they cannot j up my limbs so I could hardly walk, Having pn rehned a large stock of
my throat was cauterized five times. Cigars, and the demand for same bairnr
Hot springs gave me no benefit, and small. I now offer to the merehanU
my life was one of torture until I gave CIGARS AT COST until my stock U
B. B. B. a trial, and. surprising as it reduced. Cash on delivery.
may seem, ine use or nve Doilies cureu
me." 1
. .... ...v-w...-Jl
At-V.;-,;, Y ' ,p w i'h- " s, ""Y. . tV r .' 'vC
v r z' ' ' "Y Y. . 4-Y- c , - S ' 1 ' ,

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