North Carolina Newspapers

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M. nli. UaM.kln.
LLf a C . lit at 17 ni St . turn
art, SoU
1 aw karp tharoo
NWew Spring Coods
How Arriving and For Sale:
Large Selection in Ready Made Clothing.
Fine line of Dress Goods.
Ziegler Bros. Shoes. A good, substantial
-ariicle for Children, Misses and Ladies and
Hen's Wear, in Bay State Shoes, and Brogans.
Piece Goods. Notions, &c, &c.
Agency for the Celebrated Pearl Shirt.
Alamance Plaids. Coats" Spool Cotton.
Horseford Baking Powders,
Loriilard Snuff, and many other articles.
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boiikw w ; : h ;i -t it u ' i-
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Ovta? to tb hni titer nd ncamty of money, I .:u ilerrnune.l to
rttritoat tbm popi tb Bst Goods (or tli Lent Money. Nov, in
prtMfC tb I will qaot joa f" of r.-.y pr;o-. Mv St.vk of
CtoiltLDf k Ennrmooi. 5!a' goi H!a K;inur! Si:;'.' low at
3.90. AUo gved SaiU for Men at $2. 98. 1h' Saiw, frmn
lito IS Jfavrs ooly 2 08. 1gt' Kdc rtait. fr 1 .25 to $1 .50.
Alto te lm ol Urn' Srk a J (.auiw;i 5 a::. 5 Tr;nct Al'r-rt riaiL.
''.own H ' . .
ni 1 to 1j
We note with pleasure th
progress of (.'oncoril, N. The
Keoa Bag Manafcturing Company
ith a capi-
HATsiiiATa: hats: kiv hun,;,-, ..j
ad prices. Meoa, Boja and Children Hi'j i-
V. Qaumat to aatt joa ta any km.1 of Ha.
SHOES. SHOES, 8HORS ! Toe L.W)jw: anJ SelecteJ
&fwr af IIKmi t wr kart (an'a ii,wj !r .m 7 .- ,-! ( N i I..u!um'
Kid Battoa Sheen. 9?.: Uf. 7. to S.V. Aim ( ijri:- .tnrk of Men ! boen incorporated
and BojV Sbo at pficwa to aa;c the '.imtw. I..njis n;r Sl:pper from
to Tir.
fTT NTSHTKO GOODS! Men - I nJ. r.h r-. k,
A kw Davlbrifsaxi Shtrt for 25 ceot.. A n '. Sorf ir
A fall ha of Dry Qoodi, Trunki, Valiara, .1
ataneroaa to mealioa.
:r. M to
other :
Com one, cocu all to WILLIAM SI "I. TAN
b tratetl rijkt and jet yoor monej's worth.
Opposite Daptlat Church,
Middle atreet.
New Styles!
Good Goods !
low Prices!
All Styles! and.
I fta :n k . t ! - 7
I, - -
A thonSaDil ahip bu;Mers ar' on
a "trike U Helf.ot.
AsnKVli.i.K in to have n free
ma.l deiirery Bjstem.
The of Cm- ami "hi;t hs
teen omtmaed i i ttu- Supreme
turt .
WlHTKI.A'.V Ki:h. i-l.tor New
Ytirk Triliune. ah bceii app :n'el
M i :i ..: er to Ki aucv .
Thy. Fall river Mtrikf -on : : iu;r-,.
toth p.-irtiei exhibiting de
termination not to leltl.
(i' . I.KK, ot V:r ni.i, ari'Dlll;ed 1 1 v Cren. Jowuii 11 A: tier
son, h.-i gone on i week's ple.iMire
Vr;p to Florida.
run -kiiilui oxok m.iy not know
ojuch bout ijh.ike.tpare and Mil
t.iD, but she i well up on llritvrn
mg. Merchant Travel. er.
liLV. W II. I.I AM ADAMS. 1'. 1.. of
Aaust.i. di., iii'iep'etl .i eail
lo the pAMoratc of the Columbu.H
Avenue l'reb ten .in church. Hos
l;KI'KLSKMiTI KM O I to I r e r m .1 11
HocirtiAt net in New York Sunday,
and daoidod to take part in the
Wa-thiuton Inauguration I'enlen
nial in that city.
Gi'VEKNuE Wll.S1 .N hojt decided
t- cai'i an extraordinary session til
Ihf Wfftt "irginia Legislature
about the hrt ol June to ei;le Uie
gubernatorial muddle.
Why can't Home relormer per
ajatle the brutal and jealous hus
band of the laDd to reverse the
ordar of their procedure ami .--hCKtt
themselvea first, then their wives!
Detroit Free Fres.s.
hi 1'KtslDtNT .lEKf. 1AVIS h a
wntten a letter to Dr. ,1. William of Atlanta, m which he de
nira the statement recently made
that Confederate oflicials intended
a union of church and State.
Tub Knsley furnaces, at Knalev.
Ala., ordered ,W cars at one time
a few days ajro for shipping pig
iron Ei-, and the Hirmingham
aVfineral Haiiroad handled
cars of freight danug February.
Iast Sunday wa. a retl letter
tlay for Cen. Boulanger. He went
to Tours where more than three
thousand citizens gathered around
his hotel and gave every expression
Tawing i' !
violent poli: ie. i
en ns, let ii-t ! r a
the future of : '.
tal stock of one million dollars for Admutmg
tho manalacture of all kinds of and there ob.-uci
At a meeting of the Lee monu-
o i:s too -ment board held Tu liichmonu
' Weilnesday, Col. Archer Anderson
wa.s unanimously selecte! a,s orator
on the occasion of tlm unveiling of
the Lee statue. Norfolk 1. md
Dk. J i st in I). Fri.TcN.a prom
inent Faptist divine ol Brooklyn,
N. Y , accej)ted au invitation to
preat h in the First liaptis: church
Kichmond, but, Laving got badly
tngled on the race issue, the in
vitation waa withdrawn.
l'RESIDKST H A K K I S e ' N 1.1 dlS
appoi n ting the hungry office-seeking
,f.-ted x ;th oflice to lise
o p..rty, ; nd acknowledge
on "
v. tin : vl
the Constitut
be pati iot if .
i ".
i i .
TllK tn
vent :o:i o
ti-tii A--f
Will i'V il"
a:. I
will bran
that near!
tl'led to
d e ! eg a' e .
A v.:
with pp!f
. O. Ko.i.l
pas'or ot t
fhnrfli of
lace anil on
in e
; , , 1 1 C
i ! i -v
i -1 e
, '- (';,:;
A merit
; i M.n
id t n
no; 17. n w it h t he
We luvp seen
tl i.-po - tit ii on
it nt H .i r i isoii to
if,u") plutfaijo.
lr'auie we ex pe: 1 1 nct arises
lrom ins 'lolt-ion to hold
for ont
no plattorm
an. I lawr
1 1 it i ti lit', us h i been di.--c'.osed.
that l'.esiden Harrison
declines to acknowledge the Ml
pre Hiith-rity : the Chicago
; . 1 i ; !' 1 1 m . it is an . iieii of good and
spans the political
bow ot' premise,
o i; i n i ! ; f at it u ol ,i
the p.irt of riei
abandon thf Ch
.1 loll
the ( 'ontitir ion a.- supremo. Per
haps no man would tl ire take the position, but the occasion
of the Fi'esideu t's declaration
rhrnt upon thot icte-n'cn :' a
violent partisan gives It llllll-llal
s: gii) tic itii't'.
The Jul 1:.11. has no intention
of i't o.'m'.hg tile eulogist ol 1' e-i-
den t Han is"ii . J lis tepubi ic i n !m
wi.l c'.irry him very far fiom mn
standards, but we tru: we -hal!
never be mi unmanly as to withhold
' lie mead of praise t ha! ir- al a s
due to viltuous colidilc' " lii-reie"
it i 1'iiiin!.
No gieat dlater can come upon
the Amencan people so King as the
( n-! it ut ion is ii eservetl
pin : ' v and power.
Annmil lii i tin:
Tl; .oi r. 1 1 .tl i:
re ut til- K I,
U.'ii wa i ..; i
t 1-- 1 Ml !' . i i I ,
:.t - , : : ;. r.
Mi i ; : : t .
rt (i:i".,.i,t i...
1 1 -c ; : i - ti op : . t -l
b u -f r i h .
T. A I .-1 , :i
f ul . to .1 1 .
Tile IS. f i, , ..
f o:;i mu 1. 1 , . ;
oiln r? :
i o f.- ( 'it: . :
. ' i . o i ; iv i
lb el - ul. 1 I.,
N i.r til t '-t m 1 1 1 :
Frui! . M k I'...
i ' ii;; it-f to g s v.
llf" .tte ii. iJt
slot ii (,,-r i.u.hi
t' f tun i; t i' uc r '
I' '!,
A - MU-'.
( RUI.1A NEWS. M. Roberts, Virginia Swepson. execu-
trix of ()eore;e W. Swepson, and the
til. State Papers. Falls of Neusa Manufacturing Co..
which has engaged the attention of the
I t . ;Mr .' r : Ex-President Superior court since Monday, terrni-
l p . i ty pitted through this nated yesterday after a hard fought
judgment debt which he bad contract- C
ed after thweouutyof Pamlico had beea
found eti and was a separate body. Now ,
what I underetanti to be the object Of -thid
motion on ttie part of Pamlioo la te
try and uncirlain what part of the '
luL.i at 4 o clock this , contest in a verdict in favor of the original debt for which Pamlioo waa
I plaintilT. She recovers sixty acres of adjudged to owe a 2 15ths part' of ta
; Cv.-: The Florida travel 'and, part of the Sulphur Springs tract, Kill ouutandiug and unpaid., We think
I lo
win, -nv.f
i'i :. .if
M. i' il.
Vi.v 'r,.,,u
rei-trv : U (
Il ..oa of
J i:. Hi,
Suit. !:. I 1 1
J. II hoi., i
i i a n... .o
r. I or 1 1 i to
pow er I o in
Tl.t- I'll-!
Uti l 1 t
I h
i.Iol y-.y
: e r : 1 '
c : 1 1 1 -
c.ty fioia the North, over
. 1 . r A;;.i:uic Cotittt line, ia very
i. I ;:jv
.::,-. ii Star: Ic id reported that
handled colored people
t rectiois for Arkansas be
!. of Miy nt-xt Leading
it..iiid. who have some knowl-t...-
matter, c.ty that mort of
i espt-ctt d to go are rice-
:.-:. .wtar: Ti.e had storm
H-t ion viti si ere in the nor
rt . ; the citv. aud great injury
to ciei-a hout-H, etc Gov.
i L-- . c.f V.i.. passed through
1 :.-t niht i n route to Flor
i u ia. (.'ol. V. p. Canaday,
: in V,isi:ii:iton. I). C, with
.. i rep ii'.T b.-tt'-r yeeter-
: i'uur i ew to-
o; it s oiLfio a ,-ince LiLleeaeou
.-. 11 ..i'gin. Luna & Co.. W. B.
l'.i.. S. A. Unburn and J. 13.
: - mi-ivf and attractive struc
. ..! ti.t- rt ijuijite.i and convo
i'.r tie buM. e s for which they
Y: a liieee four our tobacco
tori- . t;ow number twenty-six.
taker: I .
ihi ni i ri
the flit
:ct :..
an I I"
r i a i n I
I i I.
1 1 , I : i
be aided in the
1 r
K -1
in l
' i r t r
1 1
i.e 1 '
( ':i i: !
w a -t
: i w
m e n f n ot g1 i -s
(Ink ot the
ler s pom's u a
who have I i rgt
f ree t raders . "
M 1 Her did mo
on this po n r
; 1 , '(i of ;. e l'rso
V ;ci;un .ik'T,
Gould. Whit
IVni)s 1 van : a
i irpt
down to t he
ii .i ;
i tr.r.n
A T.
: e and
M oler.
b t,. i ,an
;o was a
; ;;i ! he
g I'r.'g
Ne Mr Mil
e . i ! w a s
that Mr.
ml edge
ie names
:i. John
ia;i. Jay
and the
w ho are
' r.idt r,
miierc .al
stv le 1 of enthoaiastic welcome.
.' ct
(U It 1 I I I KK.
1 1
.1 that no
on threat
: . orisider
( cer.tJi.
'0 cent.s.
ing :
it cannot be denied t hat
es are be n i : n g v t
i ron : n ' ei e.-' sot
are so far .'ol v.'.m'e.! as
her claim t 1 pre-e:i..:.t i.o,
Tho name -.ries t ha" building of t'urt.aci
to the bmltliiig ot co
l'.ven r.ow the co
of the Fast is gi
:e aic here
it i rogre.-s.
it brighten-
I;o Sotl'll
; o j isti l
led t o t he
wi!! lead
ton nulls.
on manufacturer
nil,; equally as
l imn current opinion, a-- ex
pressed in the newspapers of the
d iv, if would seem that the lead
ing purpose of the Harrison ad
ministration is to break the Solid
South. It is aserted that the om
mi m m at ion so devoutly wished can
I be secured through the su bt le in-
I ti aeiioe of Protection.
There is evident misapprehension
why the South is solid. It is not
because the South is hostile to the
North: nor is it because ot' burdens
of taxation too grievous to be
borne. It is deeper than all these.
It is a question of blood which
mil forever be superior to all other
The edict of the Almighty
Kternal Used the supremacy of the
white man, and no party can domi
nate these States that attempts to
throttle Southern manhood by the
forced ascendancy of the negro.
Let the Republican party aban
don its special guardianship of the
negro and become tho champion of
American citizens, whatever their
race or w herever they are found,
and it may successfully com
pete for the mastery in all the ter-
ntorv of the Union. Satisfy
South that the Republican and
Democratic parties are equallv
national, and that the late Con
federate States will be alike
honored and protected under
Democratic and Republican ad
ministrations and the issues that
have separated the North and the
Soutdi will dissolve like mist before
J. A.
e I e J
I ej I 1 ! 1 .-
:: t
J . II. t iui.m a:
f 1.
F 17
was u li : n 1 1: . ;.
lion a- I'r -1 I,
W I. P.,.:u-St-frt
tr i;i :
1 1 v ;i i' ' i a m i 1 1 o
"it u t an ; oii n ct
Willi- a- ,!?:
stem as lie.
term .
K. H M-ado
A. Kichard-on
Presl lent-
S. H. tlr.: .
Allen. C I.
(Jreeli. W. 1
lie.. IK-n.i. i
Mi.b r. the :
wire r--e oo : .
M M.inly. J. A Io
S U. Mtecl an. i li P
eieetr.l a- B ..r;l of M
17 S. Hr an
1 1 ifk buru e re
C'euii tn lit. e .
M il m iy in Vi
te made I ' ii ,1 1 I m .
i.flifi ot ill" a: .1
ne t .
II. S Na. -i . ;;
Ktj-oi vea . rn.i:
dorse the action
tht-ir iuri'ti.i-1' ' f ti.e
they ('an do so without
cu ri: than ct; t ia- : . :
e'arn .
M v, 1 i v ' i. :..:
,, OH riot Is-t)
1 U ,1 to mi r ne. t Fa i r t' i an
stock no la rs ana tiu-ir
Bryan tft-red t!. f
cnt-nt: An: t; m-n.
nnttet-iri Aft- r in :i -ii
amendrneijt was accept
tlon was atiopleil as at:
T A. (iret n move,! : ha
Loldm: our next Fair I t
tile sto. klaad-Ts at a ppefl.
t i :-
'..ia .icle: Yesterday tnern
ij . 'i Maxwell discovered
ic.u entered his yard the
-inltii two fine hens,
iay. Mrs. J. C. Weaver, of
v.'ho formerly lived in
vd by mistake to her little
.re ' f carbolic acid instead
Prompt medical atten
1 seiiius re-ults. though
r: J very greatly .
a Mrs.-enger: Dr. F. V".
ilo.a Tueeday night about
valued at about S6 .000. and damages
amounting to St. 200. An appeal from
the verdict will bo taken to tho Su
preme court by the? defendants. In
the superior court yesterday afternoon
T. J. Wright and David Swatzell. the
horse thieves, were sentenced by Judge
Gilmer to five years imprisonment each
in the penitentiary, with hard labor.
Raleigh News and Observer: Tho new colli cting
board of directors of the oenilentiai y ""Kht to b
held their first meeting yesterday. The
board spent the day in looking nvi r the
penitentiary, familial izidg iheniHet ves
with tho work, etc A hearing v.t
held before United Siaies t'ommi-i-ioiii-r
A. W. Shaffer yesterday in a eat-e of
the United States against Joseph lYarc
and L. A. Wilson, supervisors of elec
tion at Stony Hill. New Light towm-hip.
charging them with faiiirg to rep' it
disturbances at the polls on cb t" on
! day. It was stated that a rock was
thrown through the window of th poll
ing place on the night of tho election
. while the vote was being counted. The
defendants were hold for trial in the
;sum of $300 each. C. M. Burbco. F.-tp.
! appeared for the defendants.
Newton Enterprise: Mr. Noah I'arrn.
ger says the hens are laying fifty per
cent better since Marrison's inaugura
tion There are few towns in North
Carolina that can boast of more factory
! whistles than Newton. At noon the
shriek of industry peals forth in some
part of the town, and the salute is an
swered and re-Hnswered from rvery
; other quarter of the town. Messrs
Carpenter. Sons & Co. have about
I finished their new factory building and
! will begin receiving the machinery for
: it in a short time. Steps will Bnun be :
taken to light the town with electric
; lights, complete tho of
if ( raven has paid her 1 3-1 5 1 hi of the
debt each year an eh hal called upon
Pamlico to pay her 2 15 in a proportion
ate su in as pdiiilico lias paid, that tb
original S('.: tutj. the railroad debt for
hit h Paml i o v. as I m bio should hlT
been all paid by this lime. If theoounty
comnii-hior'erH of Craven have been
misapplying the money they have been
to pay their debt, then it
a.ct iiaim d ami pome atepa
pi er authorities to have
' p i'- I to I he payment of
o w j( i i n n county ' com-
iniH- on. : - h.-i ve app! i. d the money aa
it sh ni l '.me bei-n to the payment of
theil'l.t. v.i,::t u! ji-i-tein can tbey hare
for an invisiigali n of the mattPrV It
f .
t hurt them, andl cer
" s te I niaLe PamlicO
r to i ! y sk ing the
i o. to mg out tbe e-
" . a i .-ia outstandiDg,
7 . i p . i ! ! r w Lich abo ia
Hf i i-t t.o ru d and rotKtrted from
that p.od w ii. h she is nolliable. Pam
1 i i r i e i pie 1 1 o i . 7 it an un just criticiam
w I,
w h
ol ilicin ' Kepudlatora"
' always ;! i J Up pramptly
have bet called Upon
i aTii-i-i ok the Peace."
i mi: vyt I KtTKilv
f- in th" medical lineia th
y. Syrup
'I Wo- a
iepial fri
manr.fa.-tu a 1 or, ly
Fig Sv re p ' , o n oi
I a I . I ' i- a. r , , ii n;
ceptabl 1 o 1 1 , t-.u,
niiliiri'. iHi.'ii,- jet
on 'j h in i t-t in 1 1 'ii.
It N. DntTv. hi nt. Nt
in b s tl w 4 w-
of FlM..
i the California
Sin Francisco.
I the taate, ao
1 1 . Iintmlwn in ita
t'loinpt and thor-
w Berne, N. 0.
K . :-.
1.1 A a ..
c i ; v .
ti.e" in
bad c
ai i. :
jre tii
it of c7jo
.-i: i i
M -.n
f t r 1 1.
v : n
i . : t-1 s
c.-t' -r-
otht r
I t- w ;
i i r
L 1 1 - V 1
I to j
c :,:
iii from
aid. cn charge ot lar
H' m uint iineers who
pplts at the A. T. & O. train
.eating bt fore a magistrate in
le e-terday . and were remand
1 in default of viJOO bond. Rev.
lor. who was so badlv hurt.
to Iluntersvilie
n t c ,
X C i p
a- I .-Ill
w : n
r ; .fall co::i-
Ci.-. a-i Tl ti.e
1 an i t Le m
I, at tho t iir.e of
c-ci Jr i 1 y
meL-tiiig -t,,
be held th,- tirst w o, k in o tea'oer m-xt.
A mi-no men t t lit ri il bv 1 1 s Nunntha1.
tlx I ii- time of spe 'i ai
.in-:. 1 a- nt .-.a- ar.-ie i
n, t. ti as oiiernied a
anxious as the iron manufacturer the rising sun.
of the Not th. and 1 1;
turning to t he ;in k
where minerals u tin
and vegetation wc-ar.-royalt
It has tieeli - P..
t-ir eves are
s-,.,1 South
mount a ins.
the i obes ol
i i
to 'l.e ,.oit, , I
as e I . t e r j . r s c a:
the prospt c"
f om p ie" 1 oil i t
can al t he M x .
Atlantic w.:;
sails ot a pi,
and rich argo
into our ports.
1 advent
t . i: .
the N
an C. a!:
e w I . . ' t
The Bergner A: Engel
Finest Beer Extant.
President does, not open it bv
It is orewea irom me nnesi raie ianaaa proclamation before the first of tneir campaigns (
rrr.A r 1 TWW nrA Toori- TJ0 APriL expecte.l to approve
highly recommended for its TOIC and NU
TBITIVE qualities.
Th Bih repaUtion rn.oyrJ by the LKRCtNKR & EN'GKL
XJMPAIfT la diM to th fact that only the Fl N F.ST AND REST
f ATrT1- r Ql I jfratent SKILL and CARE Fxaminer of Claims for the State
hordes of which are anxious to come
into pOMfMioo of "their own"' at
once. Sme of t he ra euotis mem
br of the pack actually suspect
him of Mugwumpism. This is
la te sad. N. Y. World.
I'oNSIDERAHLK Bns.itloll h..
Uen produced in New York by Mrs.
Kent, or Princess Sophia Adalade,
appearing m public and claiming
to be adiscarded Kngliab Princess
none other than the daughter ot
ijueen Vietoru anil Frinco Albert.
Tun country was surprised by tbe
reMination of 1. S. Senator Chase.
The surprise is none the Irs.s when
it m announced that he resigned
tec a ti-e it his Vi-n a so er t a ; net I that
h:s elee'ion was proftired by the
inproper ue of money by his
fr ends.
the greater rush for offices under a
Republican atl m in ist rat a n should
corne trom the DeiDCK-ratic States.
Ti.e Republicans in the ?Cates
which cast no rieftcral votes for
President Harrison are heroically
res.'lved that he shall fully under
stand that their hearts t.-eat wurm
!y for their native land. Philadel
phia Pres.
TliEKF. is trouble in the Indian
Territory. The boomers at (!a
hoaiii has been broWen up by a
troop of cavalry trom Fort Reno.
Other military companies are
scouring the Territory to drive out
all trespassers. The boomers have
many camp along the border, and
propose t.o d.ush. simultaneously
into the prohibited land if the
railroad s
have wot ke.l toil
the Sou'h. 11. ev '
fore the era of in
S nit hern p"r: - .
So tht-rn ci'it's. 1
gridiron i. : .- i ' t
prtie t t the p I t
railways, w oi
from the 'i.ief i 'is
the No;-:
them .r.'o ;.
Stiuthern S a't
of trade wn.f!
vessels I pen
Northern or : -t.
and I. m l .n. K
a w a v to r.i-'.T ::.
tob iff.-. :.'
prod IP ' s u I.
re, urn earoe- .
sailed ;n"o s.r:
I'tlere is m:i 'li
let it be reitie in
o f t rat 1 e a : e o . n
oPedleloe t -gen:;;s
The er i of ;c
' I
i c iiuir i v
detriment ot
!) t nat "l e
r i: Ii o.uls t he
ne principle
the I a ' 1 il
t , . I OS t lie
: s. The.-w
ir v. .- . down '
the Directors
meeting- 77. o a
eu -st n,n on : b e
ade-pt" J
S II (iray :n
the Constitution
e l and c isi r , Pi; i :.
the holder- ,i ti . i o a .
E II M -a lows i..i:
A. Biount w no ir,
ui.sUi'ft - isfni f a r n: : I .
tit n. Jos 1$. 1'. ,:.a w
II !S NllhU sv i. . . Ill , ' e
a.e rem arts
Th- to.i ..v .ia. am- :. 7
Laws svas ai.op'.ei b a
1'ti at at ; tie inillii: : 4
sto U boiiP r-. th-- Pre-:
special iiift-lliis ait r
days notice to all sto -V
5lovt- 1 tln.t r pa '1 :1
Rs iz-Tistai u for serve.'
AssOClat ion la t- s;rt
vet" . e arri- ,.i
J. W. Waters :T, r -resolution
Re.-olved . I h .t .. v
t'-ndered th-- 1 tii rs.
agors. and v-.i 1 n.s c -in
sui fessful aud the Solid South be etbci.tu and to.-.n ;..g
nnmluruil iimnnrr tin, I i:!tl t' till! ldri ,ili"l! I ::' i-'I .-s ,
First, the South must 1
hi I ' ,u , 'J c
ai b.v Laws I t
1 :-.m n 1 1;;
i'- of
I lit
is '..lo.ti
go 1 .1 pro
Mary Lr
at v 'el -
-en-, i
th..- :ioaa
b. r.
v t y
the cirvi
au'.tn to
fox hunt
no rn.t.g
kt ril-rC- I
and tno
rim; svas
yet '
d y
1 1
b ,L
the streets and pave tho sidewalhe.
nd bc-rjamiu Moore, a The sawmill of Mr. J. P. Ribb in Cai 1
ar. aged eighteen years ! well county was burned on Mnn l.iy
.ib: urn's Hill in this I sight. The engine, snw and other ma-
:hy -ic i:n hud reached ; chinery were dcstroyel. The Ijss is
ie i f his p.uivnt. however, he ; quite heavy.
i7.itt'.r states that his death r,,. , ., ,,
eh bv congestion of the lungs wE1,"beth . ,ty ,N.fw:. L
n m i that it was no doubt Goodly a sister of Mrs. Jerry WateiS.
, u. : v t s,,.,ure in ti.e storm. hand caught in the machinery
, it . ; at r o wler s net and t wine factory yes
te .s v,s: ney. Dan. H. Avery, terday afternoon and had it quite badlv
divine, wus sent to Jill tbisi hurt. Surgical aid was rendered by
by L-puire D. G. Maxwell, in ' rr. Wood. A hoaw wind torm
passed over this section Thursday night,
knocking down a few signs, fences and
the limbs of trees. Reports from the
fishermen below say that a good mnnv
nets were carried away and the catch
for the next few days will probably be
small. Mr. William Steeer was de
tected in the act of setting fire to Koch 's
bakery Thursday morning and is now
in jail. He admits his guilt as to this
instance, but denies having done so be
fore. He will be tried at th next term
of the Superior Court, which convenes
in this city on Mondey.
Washington Gazette: The oreanizi
tion known as the Farmer's Alliance
I seems r.n he rsrocrrpRsinc. rnnnidprnhlu in
.- mat much energy is being j this section. It was with much re-
oy cur Edgecombe friends in gret that we iearne of the death of Mr.
;S-Kl nianu-emeat of their A! short, which sad event occurred at
' " Smyrna, Delaware, three weeks ago
no Arus: the city was eur Mr Short was an employee of the Clyde
-lerd iy for the water works Steamship line at this place for some
'!.-. Neiton who has charge of i time. A party of surveyors wore in
ys ami construction, is getting town this week taking levels, etc Thev
a.ara pau" business. The were rather non-committal, but we
-rs w ere out in force yesterday learned their work was in the interest
early with forty five dogs ; of the Norfolk Southern Railroad -
ste i and aci lous for the chase; j We regret to announce tho serious ill
ay they did make the welkin noss of our friend and neighbor. Mr. W.
W. Cordon, who is wrestling with
rheumatism and other ailments.
Married, at the residence of the bride's
uucle, Mr. F. Dinkins. Mr. G. Frank
Clark, of Beaufort county, to Mis
Mamie Ellis of Craven county, N. (7.
Rev. Daniel Reid ofliciatine.
iATON 1888.
Democrat: Ju?t as we
al ii of the death of Mrs.
ii.. It occurred at her .
,.-:- yesterday morning
a- v. ,s her three ,
ten. T!it farms cn I
Scoilar.d Neck to Tar- j
jli state of cultivation
ii v.- a i i:.k htx-k or
Vatchcs, Clocks, Jewelry
I i.ft ;, a larger sto k of Spectacle
than any ether store ill North Carolina
I take p-irtit ular pains to fit them to tha
eyes if par I ies m e .1 ing them.
Has ing w oi I: ,! stead ily at tbe bench
for over 1 1 1 1 : y yeais. I believe I Can do
as goo 1 work as any watchmaker in the
Middle street.
Oppt-Hi.e Papti. t Church. f12 dwtf
card for t;iil( i around. And
Inciter said Wash. Lamb and
t to t ;i" !
.;r.i-.-u - v
ii t n
7ml cai
i g ten
There are'those, of commanding
ability, who believe that the bribe
otYcred the South in the protection
of her infant industries will be
Mi-" Virgin;
5JQJ..V. U s
i n - u,-i J sv i
II-..'. en V."
if k only a
... i v. on
nr nn is..
...if. t s
I .'. lie '
il.ii dl: J
Wi.-( n .
,f last Wt -. .a II
t-ti :
t t:
,:o:- t e
. Mall-
ji t e,r
i .
rale ft
.1 W es-
ar,- w
our x h i i i : :
mot :r. 1 i.e
A vote ' 1 f
prt ss ol tin
we o a e n.
f e e ! i s-. , ,
an ,,ppr- c 1 1
A Vol - of
I, ri-tn-. n .
tht ir nn rr. -
V. II Me
ai j aim. s
.,t ia i'r,- -I
On nioi:
.piesit a in
i u y the P,.
Fair tin u m
low t i'.e el ,
two blocks.
Te e I I, , t
ion I, red l !
N A I .
Moved t!
Ill-flllo' he
t 'n n. If
.nun I s
::ng in
o ami
. h " 1
l e
ni! h
in inercc.
t ro .pine
I I. I I iilfih.
Parts p I at 1 1 .r in s a i e not absolute
iy i n: perat i e. Thev ate the tlecla
rations eimni iatt ti b;. coiivep"itiu
to give oxpre.-.-ioti to the inn : j K-.-on
which parties propose 'o conduct
indiilates ait'
April. exnectetl to a I 'pro ve t he Tnatlorm-
SECRETAKY P.lainf. enjoys the on which they are nominated, and
uuworthy distinction of bing the the accepten -e o! a nomination
first member of the Harrison Ad- while entertaining views antagon-
mmistration to appoint a member istic to their principles, would be a
of his own family to the moat im- violation of the candor ami honesty
portant office in his gift. Ho has that always characterizes a pentle-
made his son, Walker Blaine man: but a government nfl'ioial has
he assuiiii
of domestic tranquil ity. She ina
u'cept protection, but it must be at
ihe hainlsofa party that has local
sell" government as i s corner .-tone.
Anv attempt to interfere with the
unquestioned and unque.-ti n ib'.e
r ghts of t he States will be fatal to
i ii party i n the Sou: h .
hat eri"-f" will tht' t.reakmg up
ot tho Sol.d Senith have on t he
national hirties ? Will it benetit
t he Republican T In the arena of
b-tiate tho Democracy hold the
van. ige ground, ami the moment
sectionalism is removed the Demo
r.itic star will shine as brightly in
'iif Northern sky as i; does in our
u' hern heavens.
Tne race- issue eliminated from
;..,l;-ifs, and all that characterizes
Americanism tt) the front, and a ,;
lew S' ut hern states may become
Republican, but this will be moe
than counterbalanced by the great
Western States wheeling into the
1 temocratic column.
Now let Mr. Harrison show that
he has forgotten that Mr. Davis
was the illustrious leader of a rival
Republic, and remember that he is
now and has always been a di-
tingnished American, and the work nver
is accomplished. This may not be
said with the lips, but actions speak
louder than words, and a revelation
can be made, without the compro
mise of national dignity, that will
lie only less glorious than that
which blessed the vision of St.
.John on the isle ol ,1'atmos.
t sp.-.
d for
ii t; i
fie:, ess oi
s in pro-
r.l to the
r I i iba ni
in th s
:..!.. Pc. County: We are
that the farmers are not
a-Loiiou fertilizers as for
!r. li,.s. White-hurst and
. . Thomas were married on
v. E. L. Pell clliiating.
! Mr. J. H. Whitehurst
in-..rday uif tit. She was
.i-ty cr so before her death,
man lia-i been called from
One of Mr. J II. Ward's
:i quite sudden Wednes
taken sick Tuesday night
VedneJday morning,
dvaiic-: Wedcee-day night
h the boldest robbery, per-
ae l.istcrv of Wilson was per-Tn-
house t f Dr. N R. Har
Mero.i ar.i s'Jd m bills, some
o cr three dollars; a gold
: ' ii un. a pi eket knife, and a
s ,.;::eal in-trunients were
ml:..- di -dor's room. It was
..: ii ai::.; burglary, and thero
t ; .'ieo'iiay party or par
v ,:op :i t It. (. Pearson will
-,. . . f f.e.'ttags lu re next
!.-. V.. l. la i igers. who run a
.- i st:,-. r. h-i-t made an
. . ;,:-. ;t. I'. Ja.-ksou ia as-
Stonewall Item3.
Lock 1q Your Interest!
Farmers. Ct ui.iry Merchants and th
Trade generally are iriviled to call and
ex amine on r e'o k of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Provisions. Etc.
We a!was keep in t-t nek tbe Cel
State FriBon and Parson
Boots aud Shoes. .
Every pair warranted.
Wo have alaig'o supply of Florida
Cheroots and Proclamation Cigars
The-te go"rln (1re t;ought by us direct
f rum the 1 ae t, ,iv.
SriulT at Manufaeturcr'" Prices.
t" No t iiiil!i, to show goods.
SiyutK fYont at.. Nev Berns.N. O.
, s- .- rn- - i i :
a I J o 1 1 I I 1 t 1 1
ni. ' t . i
ii.,' D i -
- , t s .-!' !
1 f : 1 1 j . t 1 : a I
a n 1 if t : e
:' tie Hi'
- tin y
. t si of ;
v.-cu : I
two 11 I
Shall Vi,' H.l a
1 ". 1 1 i 1 i iU .I" 'CltNAL I
diet ot ii 11 m 1 11 e c ti I s.
: " c I' spe : k I Ii g t '
Sou ' Ii a n ii N oi i ii ( 'a i a
he s,is :n 1 e l ; l so on
e el y en t'lope I nat
t 11 1" I lie! e Iievei as a
to s. isv good
TliMiugu e
may expect
.M ( .
, i
I fs i;l
lleve HI the ilija'io:
sows shail leaa."
shall receive. tN c n
steam no; M aii-p-: ; .
Rogtle Sou:, il aloi
iro a I I!,!. a!
iVallsH n '.". i o ai"
Reaill'ort an 1 to XfW
M 'l.lti s l :
v.-ar bu' n; in
lish capitalists -i e k:
iu vest inent : t he n s
section icfe'.fe a re:!
of t hell" ill Vesrilleli" .'
then inw a:e we to g
advertising t'hiough
-end on'
el time
g! OUIld.
", !l we
' C i V-
u want
c hi .
Ve V.i
r ..:: I Engineer O L
was injured in the
::. S. C. Siturday morn
a :: .,a Sunday. The
lu .'L '-n, neir the Ada
w :s entered Suturday
t'.ars, wi:o stole a lot of
,; tneir escape. The
p- a to t nter another
o-nmborhood. but they
a by on of the inmates,
f on them ami frightened
i.e : a me the resi
a ::. tvio lis ,
w :- r ohed (if a good
I' .- iriCfj ni' p.irel.
s !,:nt Observer: Bishop
i. of Spartanburg, S. 0..
.... itic caiaureate sermon
itiatin.? c:a-s of the Lni
i.iio Sunday,
.v m x: . The Raleigh
i- pia, ing itself in posi
e'.ctin: process as a
' ;-r tie-- streetcars if it
. v..;i:;oe to do so. S.
:a:l m svi.f er for Shaw
.- o'l v est. -r lav at t!v in-
ii. Pai-ifer. V. S Post
r. arr sted i t.'ilan be
. .:f.s.iouer Sh ffer upon
robbing litters of stu
s eon. rn i'-ted to j ni I in
i fill to await the action
ui v ut the Jace t?rm of
i u '
Vat. - :-
ss :
e.l i
: ne.
be il
n and
1 1 1
-,f t
sv o
which is the prop, r ti ;po
. . o Piant: Hurrah for
and Albright! They
a-, local option violators
ght. Rev. Dr. E. A.
d with having produced
rfu! and intellectual ser
- on -. e-terday. His con-
- ,-i o .v ,!apy more ana more
:i. tif.' do 'tor. if mch a thing
n I i ii.- f .Ho sv ing prison
,1 from the county workhouse
moi u ing. vi : Charles Walker.
Wat kins. Frank White. Bob.
is Hall. J ihn S-'ars. Ed. Sercy
Cli. Tlie superintendent of
house. Mr. John W. Evans,
v ar i of ten Jo lars each for
Born unto Jao. 1-7 Cowell on the 17th
inst. a daughter, in Bayboro.
Rain and blosv is the order of the
weather now-a-days. The farmers art
very anxious to get their corn planted
in this month, but it st ems that fate i
against them. If the weather w iil per
mit there will be a largo percentage of
the crop planted next week.
There has been another stock district
established just below Bayboro and
some folks do some grumbling at having
gates to open, it being a little trouble to
them. I suppose they think it no ex
penee or trouble to farmers to keep
fences for their benefit. It seems th.
farmers have no rights that th i-f ss ho
ride the highways are bound to re-pee:
I suppose they will have to take it out
in grumbliDg.
Now for a little grumbling at the
JeiVRXAL. I see in the daily of the
20th inst. that it charges I'amheo coun
ty with trying to repudiate In r debt,
which chargri, as one of h -r .: '."Iih.
utterly deny. Real the iifin i.gan.
We made no such charge En. J i i.
sal. She is only .-.eking that
an account be taken of the fee in
debtedness in order that she may know
what she owes on the debt. Craven
may be dealing gently and kindly with
her daughter, but Pamiioo is of opinion
thiit she has a peculiar way.of showing
it. Wo can't see by what rule of
mathematics or justice that a debt at
near the simple interest. 6 per cent., can double
a in fifteen years and Pamlico paying
from twenty live to thirty live hundrr d
dollars every year. It is hard to im
press such gentleness and kindness upon
"Pamlico when she is paying her quota
each year as asseseed by Craven, and
yet her indebtedness is Mill increasing
and Craven's decreasing. Docs build
ing a S40.000 court house do this, if so
Pamlico had better try it. Nor can
Pamlico understand by w hat authority
she is compelled to pav any certain
percentage of the tax levied by Craven
to pay her bonded debt w hich ehe hie
bonied since the judgment was taken
against Pamlico, when in those are in
cluded a large amount of the tl oat ing
and judgment debt of Craven, which
has been created since Pamlico has been
a county. We simply want to ascertain
a true and juat statement of Pamlico's
indebtedness, and the citizens of Pam
lico can see no reason why Craven is
not willing to grant us this small re
quest, especially if she wants to treat
her gently and kindly.
h A (-.,
The vVcrld Stands
And w
so inui I, . a. , :
1 'II tell s on .
eas 1 1 v h ? i : i - 1 1 e , I
Id it's M ALL I
My M.
Come and Li
never n r. t n
s. 11 is i" it thru I can sell
: i ban a:; v one else?
i I has a-determined to be
d for lb,. carth, and WOEK
U-1 is.
tto is I- a i it i i.a iariu.
iy from mu, and you Will
New Iierne, N. 0.
' V -
And" a!i Kinds of
At Bottom Prices!
r. o;
ii. i
N I-.W li CUN K. N. C.
lNDiANAPt'Ll.s will begin woik there be anv truth
li our oi ac!
on a monument to the late Vice
President Hendricks in June and
fin isli it in Septem ber.
r exercised doriag it maafctaT
iyi dwtf
nothing to do with platforms
ia bound by his oath of office
To use a platform to c;ain
A Uoilncn Man's Clear Vision.
New York City, April 4. ISss.
Mr. A. K. Hawkes Dear Sir: Your
patent eye-glasses received some time
since, and am very much gratified at
the wonderful change that has come
"or he over my eyesight since I have discarded
my old glasses and am now weariug
then they will have their proper m
tliiences. then what is P.otrue
Solllitl? I'- i a 1,-':y t .' atcl
belli"; ill cdfel or. by th- - Aetn
ment. It is the' nit'tliiini ot tiatis-
nortinil our pioducts to Mot
Citv. Ue.iul'ort and to
We iire hampered, is,.! Ct
Cold L-?af: Re
C. H.
1'aiiilico Will Not U(pii(liate.
BayuoKo, N. C., March 'JUt, ls-'.h
EditoK JoVK-N'ai.: I have just read
in your local column an item saying
that Pamlico county was trying to re
pudiate tha debt of Craven county, and
as this appears in your column of lo.-al
news I suppose you are responsible for
its insertion. Now I, as a citizen e,f
Pamlico, and knowing the cause ot the
resistance on the part of Pamlico to tne
mandamus that Craven n seeking to
obtain against the county commission
ers of Pamlico, wish to ask space in
50,000 Bushels
JET3 ox Sale
I end
Nsiv Heine.
d. cur oil.
sjiiii i
"e.; itK
loine e
We ncei
the ni.
1 faClll!
It Will
nral ii.
es, e, e in ii
your paper to correct what you have
i tsvo interesting sermons published as a local bit of nuws. First,
byteri.n church Sunday by saying that it is a mistakei that Pam
lico is not trymg to repudiate her debt
with Craven but is simply trying to
have the amount of her indebtedness
ascertained that we may know hosv to
go to work and pay it up and get rid of
it. For sixteen years the county ol
Pamlico has been paying w liatevt r sum
Craven cjunty has called up n ber to
give Hew
to i ne
is Un
s a tide 17-
;"ur c.
Department. But Mr. Blaine is
accustomed to unworthy distinction
and mere nepotism is almost i
eisrn in ni Mt wt- i i-.- i . . . ..- , i , t n- ,.o I a r ti ... . . -. .
- . - ' uium. , iaiuis x osi. iJio- cipica nei tno eieenou, nuuiu w AU eyes tttted ana nt gaaranteea Dy anJ Laxative, e r tin
ArCIlt f'tld B0ttlGr HOW -BGrHe. N. C. Jpatcb.Dem. iduhonorable aud fraudulent : but 'f. S. Duffy, New. Berne, N. C. j!2 Jim ' to size of cose.
Secretary Stationers Board of Trade of
while intending to violate itspnn- New York Citv
right, ile had attentive
to hear him each time,
i says that if the farmers
rsed in pastures with barb
vs ire. win plow a iurrosv or two arouna
the pasture, inside the fence, the danger
wit! net r e half sogreatas without. The
stock v iii be able to distinguish the line
at night ate i t litis avoid
in mg i t .1 and re: hups
;,-.-.! i: gs.are still going on at the Metho-
,; jst i i..ti st.-int church. The services '.veil attended and interest is grow-
The (roltl L af is authorized to
subscription with $10,000 for a
0 . -iJci: 1',,'iIOS MERCHANTS,
tllAhki.T Dock,
. ( V HIIKNK, N. C.
H-,' i' nuKii us your produce.
TU.1 . . (1 SVtf
ft QLfiNCE
1 1
bein r horribly ( pay with iut a murmur until si
kil led . The , paid cons: id erabbt more thin the
11. L
-t i
nal judgment dt bt.
double t bo ot i a inn I del:
find that the judgment
as it was first rendered,
not look like we were
n '
i igi
u !;f".
. ami foil wt
remains aleeo
Now this do -
'refill i lalors
Dr. Pier.-e's Petit
Asheville Citizen : The suit of Corne
lia E. Henry against L M. Welch, Wal
' lace W. Robbins, Pinknej Rollins, G.
Notwithstanding the fact that ( raven
county when she refunded le. r debt m
1S79, included in ber bonds that she
It will
;: t a hi. ism mint ok
!1 IhQ Jeweler"
i s in ..n; on that, we have In
1 c I M st Varied, and
If "f i .i.,i:i.ii.. Watches,
ii-a.'liv, S.lver-Ware, Fancy
i n n:, se. Cold ami Silver Dead
i '.be State.
be io baeiH interest to see
then issued a large floating debt and a our Roods before purchasing.

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