North Carolina Newspapers

COAJtxUrCS Vl COTT has been
afpoiated poat muter of New York
lr" U ideal tkat Democracy
glial fTooa4 U North and
Mb. Roust Lxxcoxji for -aaCy
aoUJad U Prmidant ( a
atccpUac of th BxUia Mlasioo.
FXOX ta Wilmington Ummi
tr. Demoexatie Calctfo U Jabi
UlmI, t& RipabJieaa nog U
Tne moral sense of the age La
opposed to war. The disposition
to leave to arbitration questions
disturbing the peace of nations ia
ateadily gaialog laror tbroagbt
Christendom. Never be I ore haa
diplomacy belli so honorable a po
aition m i: dues now.
Tbi is right. I; show that the
world is advancing aciler th' Ih-
of ('
prtlM froa Dsocru. Corrtct.
MaxiS oaAl to b rvcot&iieU waer
Tmf it la toaad.
IUXKXX in kT caaied wide
prtad dMelatioa la DaloU aad
MlaaeawtA. Towaa bar beau
vtd out by th limit, and many
fuaiHM UA booI aad abelter-
r -
AT XUnaUfcal, Ho., April Jd, teo
n!TTiyt ti o( taabr in Lbe jarda
th spir Lumber Company
aad aarreraJ amaJl raidenc4 were
dMtroTtd bj fire aUrted bj
Trk from a locomotire. Tbe
Immi srejt 100,000.
u charred bj baw partiaana
wlta eonnT.citv in the m order of
CLajtOO, l uiaf ail poaaibJe mea&a
to briar the failt; to jaatice.
Whia he ascertained that the Got
raor waa vithoat faada, aeceaaarj
to fot'tow ap the cae, be promptly
adranced the needed a moan L
THX dlaaatera, by fire and flood.
- that befell the eitiee of Norfolk aad
SjTaaaah oa Saturday aad Sunday
fcaveawaieoed rery jeneral aym
pathj. It U eeti mated that the
Iom at Saras n th by fire la not le
than 1100,0 aad that the lew
at Norfolk br fire aad flood will
reach) 1130,000.
TU Ciacinnaii Commercial Ga
sett U after Senator Freatoo B
Plaab, who waa a Coloaal of i
bead af Missouri maraaderadonag
th war. ' The paper eoortctJ him
ol th robbery aad attempted
Bordarof Uaioa man at lade
pedeace, Mlaaoorl, daring the afar
WUniaftoa ilesaea gtr.
fJosr. F. M. 8L3CX05 aad II. 3.
Sua, editor ei the Joes sal, hare
beea eoamtaaioned by Goreroor
Fovlo to be rrpreeeaUtiTea of
Korta Carolina at the centennial
eatlabranoa of the laaarnraflon of
George Waahiagtoa aa Treaident
o the United Statea. April Mth
Til admiaUtralioa doe act le-
' . ttrd Boathera Kepablieaaa as of
aaj accoaat. The Preaideat ia
Jbraied Ooagrwaaaaa Cheatham
- Ual -fcelttat pay hie eampaiga
bUraliooa oat of hia pocket, that
ko eoold aet bare the diapoaal of
- tha patroojx ol hLa dlathct to pay
oil hia alectloo acoree.
- Tax Georgia State Farmera'i
Al" hare reaoired that erery
baia eottoa made by the Alliaare
aaea ia Oeorxta ahail be oorered by
. eottoa doth, iaatead of jate bag-
giag. Thia aotioa affecta nearly
ICCOOO faraieri aad wtll probably
raaoit la the ealabUahmeat of
oaaay aew eottoa factories in tbe
Ret. H. M. WBU.KT05, the gret
raagallat, aaya: "I hare aerer
heea eat with bat two pervooa
alaco I bare been a Chriatian.
They did me a great wrong, and
It waa hard to co ap aad abate
their haa da bat I did it. It will
aot do (or yoo or me to eheriah ill
will towards aar hataan beiog, if
we draam of bearen."
Thm recent Democratic rictoriea
aad increased Democratic rote in
the North aad eat oaly add to
the Irrefragible proof that bad
been addaeed before, of the fact
that the eaoae of the National
Democratic deaat Uat fall waa a
alack, not of Democrata, bat of tbe
aathaaiaam rtqaiaite to make Dem
ocrata rote. Alexandria Ga
Wb note with pleaanre that
Oetaent Maaly, Eaq-, of New
Berae, haa been appointed by
Governor Fowle, a delegate to tbe
Centennial Celebration of the In
aagaratioa of George Washington
Preaideat of the United State,
which takes place on the 30th inst.,
la the City of New York. Tbe
oaor ia moat worthily bestowed.
Ho. JoH5 A. J. CKiaawsix
of Maryland, baring been men
tioaed aa probable aaceeeaor of
Jastiea Matthewa on the Sapreme
Coart Bench, the Waahiagton Peat
neflcent intlaonce
and ciiliatton.
Hat, tbe bJeaatl
Dirine lideemer are
to nations. They go
Ii r !
. n i :
ords of our
not limited
with heal
ing on tb:r wings to every com
mnaity wberc tbor are barraaaing
disaeosiona, to erery home im
bittered by rrnel estrangements,
and to every heart that is storm
tossed and anguiab riven.
What more honorable, what more
noble, what more Chris: like than
to be a peace maker T Sacb a man or
woman is always welcomed as an
angel o I light; a ministering spirit
eat aa an embassador from the
coart of heaven to tbe inhabitants
of Kartb.
Bat, if tie d.iLe benediction
resta on the eace makers, the de
nunciations of heaven aro no less
positive against those who break I Had he been
tbe peace. Tbey are described as
'broilers," l,lasy todies, "atirrers
of strife,' "bark biter" and from
all, aach Chriatians arc required to
separate themselves.
ithoat partialii, with ' noth
ing toj extennate and nanght
aet down in malice,' w t commend
to all tbe cnltivntion of charity, so
tioned right of appointment to
oftlce, and, in the eaerci.-m of this
right, it is not to te expected that
he will encounter violent opposition
in his Cabinet. Tbe time has not
yet come for lr. Blaine to iwwert
bis mastery and pive direction to
the administration. The able
tateanian of the SU'e Depart
ment will pursne the even tenor of
his way until some qneMion of for
eign policy becomes the supreme
isme of the hour, and then he will
move grandly forward and bear
, the palm alone.
If Blaine were a younger man, if
he had not learned by experience
thai his is not the only plume to be
j saluted, a wavelet of enry might
) now and then rufHe the calm
' placidity of his toaom, but, as it is.
i be only amilea when Harrison ia
: cheered, and gooa on with his
, work.
It is too evident that Mr. Harri
son went to Washington jealous of
Mr. Blaine. "It was noticable in
almost erery remark dropped by
r. v
the 1
t ; e
, 1 ,
X 'I
.!. i ii
w i : v
ul Y.lie ('
h lien i
a rude liar '
r n n .i 'a ,i 1 1 1 in
ii'it Ui c men : li
human:', ,u,i!
m a renio'
T i ri :t v,
r.u s n' i.
'. I'. I '
part ui
P.. -.hop
(ouinl a
: vitii; in
lie 11. i.!
l ,.n
We 1,.,
din nir t h
S 1 1 1 1 1 1 . i v
Jones County Items.
i'i and i'iT) cents jut
1 ..lie
iiii'' week
; ii r Si
' 1
!,r ,1
a Ii:
i II '
i : i
! ' r
shonlil lakt
the docs.
ii ue nei 'pie I . f i n i
the stronger shuiilil helj
and in proper ' ion to tin
There is no other rea-on
in bt'inR stron r, t xeep
Stronger !ear mow than
U' . I 1 1
n. 1 1 1: -
to : i
n'- I ion-
. mm
o'h.TS ll
:io w
ae -oin ;
; i r i : . 1 1 .
had a suial 1
I'll Wl'li w ! I
!..; , ea t
i:err au'iin
a kin -i a
to t lie
ITA part of
i :e
! ! m i ;, us
mi in un :t les
t he weaker
:r strength.
or worth
. that the
I'Ki; cAi'
1 unit-us. The l'KK
capita guA(?e ol duty is pure
I heathenism, nay, the good heathen
knew better it is pure beast ism.
Hungry wolves won' t divide, they
will flght fires.
Taxing A to educate B's chil
dren whether B. can't or won't
don't matter is not a peculiar sort
of thing, but the commonest thing
in the world. A is taxed to treat
, B'h son in the lunatic asvlum:
log rolling occupies
tall; 01 m, ui v of our
the Harrison family. The para- i primarily to cure him, secondarily
graphs in tbe press to the effect
that Blaine was going to 'run
things' made Harrison very angry.
It wounded his ranity severely.
a bigger or broader
man he would not have noticed
them. As it was, however, he
atarted inwith the grim determi
nation to be 'boss' himself, and to
give the conntry an early knowl
edge of the fact."
It common-place men sw this,
Blaine must have seen it, and he
quickly decided to let the ship drift
that we may realize that "blessed
are the peace makers, for they (hall
be called tbe children of God.'
nAEHJ501 T5. qiAT.
Beojamin Harrison ia now Presi
dent of tbe United States, and ia
charged with an administration
embracing tbe whole Union. To
him party cau make no appeal in
opposition to tbe equality of the
States. lie is the guardian of the ' tration
rights and liberties of every citi ;
isn. and. when these are involved. 1
the roice of party mast be tilent.
Tbey tell us that Senator Qtfay
ia plotting a raid against tbe Solid
Soath. That "he proposes to take
a hand in every State election in
what be considers the doubtful
Soathern States between now and
1SUJ, to the end that he my build
ap atreagtb enongk to carry them
then." "He thinks Virginia, West
Virginia, North Carolina, and per
haps Florida, can be carried next
time, and believes in beginning
bow his efforts to accomplish this.'
We, the people, bare no objec
tion to Republican organization in
the Soath. Indeed we prefer it.
for it will be a powerful assistant to
Democratic organization. It is
perfectly legitimate lor Mr. Quay
to open a campaign of argument in
Virginia. West Virginia, North
Carolina and Flor rda,and it would
be gTatifjieg" o us for him to do
... :
ao, lpaoiicaniam can win iu
fair contest before the people 01
these States, let It hare its trmmpb,
bat we atand ready to renell the
drat intimation that corrupt
methods are to be tolerated in
"oith Carolina, whether tbe per
petrator of the wrtng la the chair
man ot the "atioaal Republican
Committee, or a nrirate citizen of
the State.
Preiideut Harrison is responsi
ble (or the conduct of Republicans
daring his ad ministration. If be Is
the patriot. aDd statesman be is
renreeerued to be, if he is the
christian gentleman the prepooder
anco of church members in hia
Cabinet indicates, be will chick
mate Senator Qiay, and vindicate
his pershal character and maintain
the honor of his adminiatration.
Flections are under State lawa,
and if Mr. Cjaay supposes that he
can ride rough abod orer this State
he is in a fair way of haring his in
formation enlarged, and of learning
valuable lessons of experience.
We do not belitre that Preeident
Harrison will permit an invasion
of the rights of the State, even for
the. purpose ol securing Republican
ascendancy. At all events tbe
Democracy ol tbe South is ready
for any legitimate issue, and will
be found true to her plighted faith
any emergency.
until it became nedessary for a
maater'a hand to be on the helm.
We do not credit the assertion
that Mr. Harrison is trying to
'freeze out" Mr. Blaine. Mr. Har
rison could not avoid calling Mr.
! TlUlt,. f T,l i t knnl
offending a majority of the Kepub
can party, and be cannot now dis
pense with hia services without
greatly embarrassing bis adminis-
to protect people lrom hurt. A is
taxed to put B's son in jail: also,
upon occasion to hang him. A is
taxed to have streets upon which B
drives; to make sidewalks, upon
which, it mayK1, only B treads.
If A is a good citizen he rannot
spend one day, unless he be alone,
not one hour, without being taxed
in some way lor B or or some
member of the human family from
"A to '.." If Cesar don't tax him.
Go t will. Humanity is made on
this plan and Christianity carries it
out. Out of self sacrifice grows the
church of Him who "emptied him
sell" for others, the least deserving
and because they were "lost.""
The agreement prevails on the
lowest piano, self interest. A can't
afford for b's people to die ol
smallpox. A 'a people might
' "catch it" and A taxes himself for
nnarantinp. If he is too icnorant
i rr, the rsr of the alnhabet t l,UIT "m and
so, a Kuowieuge oi iue iaci,
the owner is subject to a severe
r:i ; ! c.ti;: :s the onler of th-
v:'!i us in. in v have finished
pi. l lit ing.
The old 1 1 j 1 1
the tune and
The .loiios county farmers have
planted a large crop of oats and
Irish potatoes.
The run of shad m the Trent is
very large this season. Shad sells
at Trenton at '20 cents per pair.
The s-ason is fast approaching
for angling with hook and line.
Won't our Trenton fric'iuls keep the
fishes mouths sore.
The Jones county Farmers' AI
liam e met at Trenton on Friday
the nth of April and held a very
harmonious and interesting meet
ing. We learn that a new steam saw
mill is in full blast near Trenton
on Crooked run, cutting cypress
lumber. Mr. John Homer is the
Married ar the residence of W.
W. Pollock on Wednesday the 27th
of March, Mjss Nannie M. White
and Mr. Jobu M. Andrews, J. C.
Parker officiating. Long life and
happiness attend them.
Judge Shipp at oar last court
sentenced llobert Smith to two
years hard labor in the peniten
tiary for the larceny of one hog.
Haywood Smith. his son. and
William Simmons, colored, one!
year each for helping Smith cm-!
ceal it.
The last Legislature passed a
hog cholera law compelliug all
owners of sick hogs to take them
up and pen them where other hogs
cannot get to them, and when one
failing to do
Sale and Liverj Stable.
I am constantly receiving shipments of Horses and Mules,
winch arc selected by me individually with great care. In making my
purchases I deal only with reliable men, and get nothing ut good and
sound stock. Will take pleasure in showing you through my Stables and
aug'-Trd wif
oad Street, -New Berne, N. C.
Craven County. )
By virtue of the Tax List for the year 1888 placed in my hands for
Collection, and in default of payment, on or before Monday the 6th day
of May, 1SSI), I will expose for Sale the Property hereinafter named, to
satisfy the Taxes, and Costs due by said Tax Payers, to-wit :
No. One Township. Tax and Costs.
I Anderson, FUas II, lo' acres, 2-euse River, 130 acres. Poplar
j Branch .' 17.19
' Atkinson, Jas B, 100 acres, l'mey Xeck 9.2c
I Brown, Kverilda, 25 acres, Maul's Swamp 2.98
I Brown, Washington, 21 acres, Pioey Neck 0.212
Carawan, Henry J, o.j acres, JUt. Fleasant 0 56
Cohu, Adolph. 40 acres, Hill's Neck 10.34
Cohn, Sarah, 241 acres, L S Creek 17.99
aaya: M Among the great legal
hijuiaariea of the country Mr.
Qreeawell occupies a foremcat
place, aad there la none among
them, perhaps, better equipped
than he for the duties of a Sapreme
Coart Justice in all the require
seats, mental, personal and judi
cial befitting that position."
YxacXTLXS-, prrcepte, forma of
truths il Lbey be true principle,
trM precepts, good forma of truth
whether they belong to the past,
the preaeat or the fatore; whether
thy hare arises ia aeaihea or
Ckriatiava, ia apiritnaJ or aecalar
Uoaght -Chrtatian lie include
tbam all within the wide eireiee of
Ita poanaaeiirmt aspires to waaterer
Is tnM, tad pi sJii good ia each
tf theai, bid then all welcome
Uta iU experience, and elaiaae
t&aa ail M portion el Ue heritage
oi Ua) Ujgdaa of the truth, orer
w&Ja Ita Lord i Klag. Alex,
It is aerer absolutely aafe for a
ruler to bare a Prime Minister
greater than himself. Potentates
hare managed to surrive adminis
trations iu which tbe power was
behind tbe throne. Theparaphan
alia of State, the pride and pomp of
station was with tbe crowned beads
bat the fame and glory of tbe
achierement belong to their lieuten
ants. illiam of (rermany baa not
been abla to conceal his jealousy of
Bismarck, and Mr. Harrison can
not help showing that be n chilled
by the shadow ot Mr. Blaine.
There is no merit in Die ever
recurring effort of the President to
show that bis hand is on the ri ins.
Thus may be, and ye: the eye of tbe
Secretary may 1 dnc'iug the
course of the chariot.
It is often affirmed tb.U Mr.
B!a;ne has tn-come cor.cicui that
Mr. Harrison i sWove h:m. and
that be i restive because of it.
lij th&FridB4 or the railed SUtei.
Washington, April .". The fol
lowing proclamation was issued
late this afternoon :
A hundred years have passed
since the government which our
forefathers founded was formally
organized. At noon on the thirtieth
day of April, 17S9, in the city of
New York, and in tbe presence of
nn assemablage of heroic men,
whose patriotic derotion had led
the colonies to victory and inde
pendence, George vVashington took
the oath of office as Cbief Magis
trate of the new born Republic.
This impressive act was preceded
at 0 o'clock in the morning in all
the churches o( the city, by a
prayer for God's blessing on the
Government and its first President.
The centennial of this lllusTious
event In our history ha ueen de
clared a central holiday by act of
Congress, to the end that the peo
pie of tbe whole ooantry may join
in commemorative exercises appro
priate to the day.
In order that the joy of the oc
casion may be associated with deep
thankfulness in the minds of the
people tor all blessinga in tbe past
and devout supplication to God for
their gracious continuace in the
future, rpr8enUtiTea of the re
ligious creeds, both Chriatian and
Hebrew, hare memorialized tbe
Government to designate an hour
for prayer and thanksriring on
that day.
Now therefore I, Benjamin Har
rison, President of the United
States of America, in response to
the piouu and reasonable request,
do recommend that on Tuesday
April 30, at the hour of 9 o'clock iu
the morning, the people of the
entire conntry repair to their re-
apective places of dirine worship to
implore the faror of God, that the
blessings of liberty, prosperity and
peace may abide with us as a peo
pie, and that His hand may lead
us in the paths of righteousness
and good deeds.
Ia witness whereof 1 hare here
unto aet my hand and caused tbe
eal of the United States of Amen
ca to be affixed.
Done in the city of Washington,
this 4th day of April in the year of
oar Lord 18o9. and of the inde
pendence of the United States tbe
one hundred aad thirteenth.
Benjamin Uakhison.
By the President :
James G. Blainb,
Secretary of State.
Ottoa aad Wo-ol.
The. crop of cotton is reported as
being very large, possibly greater
than that ol any recent year. Yet
the demand lor tbe staple con
tinues, and the size of tbe crop
see ma justified by the demand.
Tbe manufacture of cotton goods Is
now profitable, and new mills are
in course of erection in all parts of
America, and in this movement the
South is conspicuous. Soon the
raw material will be manufactured
oa the large scale near the place
where it is grown, and the New
England mills will be handicapped
by their distance trom the cotton
fields, iu tbe competition with their
Soathern rivals. The outlook for
cotton is therefore a bright one.
Wool, the other great textile
staple, cannot be so well placed in
the economic sense, owing to the
great deficiency of reliable statis
tics. At a iecent convention, the
National Association of Wool
Growers took steps for establishing
a better system, including the or
ganization of a central bureau of
statistics. When this Is carried out,
the wool producer will be greatly
benefited, not only by accurate
statements and forecaata of the
market, bnt by a better gradation!
of qualities. It is proposed to I
have this matter, the grading of!
wool, taken up by the Association. I
Few staples need grading more im
eratively, as wool suited for one
bran.n of manufacture may lie
quite un adapted to another; the;
carpet maker needs a material
totally different from that required 1
by the manufacturer of tbe zephyr
1 "levy" on him. If A can prevent
j B'a people taking small pox he is
j an idiot not to try to do it. Ac-
cording to the (lospi l ot "Poor
Richard" mightier with many
I than the Gospel of the Son of God,
I "An ounce of prevention h worth
a pound of cure.' '
Unless ignorance as tome seem
to think, is '-favorable to spiritual
ity," A can no more afford for B's
children whether they be white
or black, red or yellow to grow np
in ignorance than he can afford for
them to catch anil spread small
poi. I f "ignorance is favorable to
vice," as history seems to "teach
by example," it is cheaper for A to
be taxed to educate B's children
(whether B won't or can't don't
change A's interest in the case)
now than to be taxed to jail, or
hang them by and by.
The United States government,
after a hundred y ears of experi
ment has decided that "it is
cheaper to educate an Indian than
to kill him.' It is. I think, more
Society should protict itself and
in the moat economical and Chris
tian manner. The orthodoxy of
barbarism is this: "God bless me
and my wife, my son John and his
wife us four and no more-" And
it is "liberal orthodoxy" barbaric
orthodoxy at its best. The true
barbaric orthodoxy is have no
wife no son no daughter in lnw,
no; a neighbor not even a dog.
The Vale College hermit was not
strictly orthodox the two dogs
were heresy. Raleigh Christian
The premier is a mot astute gen
tleajan. When Le accepted a
place in the Cabinet he knew that
he was to be Secretary to tbe
President, and It would hae been
the night of folly for him to have
assumed the bearing of the Chief
Magiatrate of tbe natiou.
Nothing has transpired to offend
the diffnitr or wound the senaibili-
tiee of Mr. Blaine, and those who)
see ernlence of alight in tbe de-1
Dortment of tbe President towards j r aad tffactiTa. Dr. Piros P1m-
b dalrd ia point of ffieacy, aad yt
Uir actioo la totally free frocn any aa
peasant irmptoaia, or disscrebl
ftr tffceta. Puralr Treatable, per-
tfan wiau but littla bar blow,
Bat wuu that Hula trooc;.
Tbia is aapccislly tra of a purga.
The araraga caaa or wotAaa doea not
precisely banker for it, aa a rule, but
lakaa laces II to M prompt.
Ntrer liet Into Drbt.
"ot many years ago a young
man came in town to finish his
Studies at the office of one of our
best lawyers. He waa well edu
cated, intelligent, agreeable and
kind ; but he was poor, and in
order to support himself, tried to
get a class in French. A few
scholars came, anil the thing did
not pay. After a while he paid
his landlady, left his boarding
house, and took to the woods. On
the tide of a hill, in a thick pine
grove, he pitched his tent, where
he cooked Ins food, ate, slept and
6tudied. Of course, his strange
conduct made a great deal of tal-fc.
One morning after a terrible thun
der storm during the night, his
friends hunted him up.
" You'll be sick of your bargain
after- this," they said, "and be
glad enough to have a water proof
roof over vour head."
'I did not take to the woods
from choice," answered the young
man. "I could not see my war
clear to pay for lodgings, and I am
resolved never to be in debt. I
know too well the danger of boing
in debt; my scanty income will
carry me through the summer, when
I hope better times are coming'
Gentlemen offered to aid him,
but ho sturdily refused their of
fers, got through his studies, and
has now a large business, which
handsomely supports him.
Was not that pluck ? And did
he not well think that the danger
of being in debt is a s-erions dan
ger T 1 wish more people thought
so. Getting loose in money mat
ters is often the beginning of ruin.
When a bov or a young man falls
nto the habit of borrowing money.
spending freely, having things
oharged, neglecting to pay, and
not keeping his promise, lie is in a
bad way. He forgets, lu-s, loses
bis sell respect, and is slowly but
surely letting himself down, down, i
down. The history of many a mail ,
shows how jar down it inly be, j
even to robbery and murder. Two
ol the worst murders ever com-!
mitted lq Boston were done by 1
respectable men to ii?c their tltbt.'
One killed his intimate friend be-,
cause he could not pay a debt
which he was owing him. The
other a voung man shot m cold-
oioou. in nroau iiay, a yonng as
sociate, that he might rob the
bank he was in of a few thousand
to pay his debts with. Both did
their work coolly, and apparently
without any twinges ol conscience.
Both were above all suspicion.
They had borne a character fair
to the world ; but there w as a weak
spot, a screw loose, a canker at the
cere. They trer? loo'- in their mon' y
matter?. Debts were dogging at
their heels. Thry had lost thei.i
uprightness : and, having lost that,
the devil can tempt a soul to do
anything. Child's Paper.
line. This law is only applicable
to Jones coun'y and three or four
others. I hereby give notice to all
my neighbors and friends that I
intend to eo that this law is
strictly executed in our neighbor
hood. Some days since I saw in a news
paper that a gentleman North de
sired to hire a lot of reliable men
would pay them ?2.ri0 per day to
tack nil advertisements on trees
and fences. I thought I would
have some fun, so I wrote him I
was his man had handled a ham
mer nearly all my life would tack
them up a good long while for that
price. The gentleman supposed
that I was his man, wrote me to
send him four dollars and he would
send me an outfit that would bring
in lots of money for me. But some
how I and he saw things through
different spectacles. What a pity
we can't all see alike just pre
vented me from getting rich.
Bad luck to me again, Mr. Edi
tor. My spectacles and a sharp
advertiser s won't focus alike
Another fortune lost just this way
I saw a breech loading double
barrel gun and a large telescope to
be given to the first that would
answer the advertisement. It went
on to state how he conld afford to
give one gun and a teloscope away
in one locality. He said I must
show it to everybody 3nd aa they
were of such superior make and
finish everybody would be sare to
buy orje lrom him, I concluded
that as the hawks were so bad I
would send and get it. After
due time I received the gun and
telescope too, but I could neither
load the g:n nor adjust the tele
scope, for it was an immense pic
ruro of a real fine breech loader and
a picture of a fine telescope with
the modest requst that if I would
do a certain amount of work which
he said I could easily do or send
him twenty dollars I could get the
gun and five dollars for the tele
scope. Well, I did not send, could
not see the groat chance thac he
saw lor me to make money.
A Viirsu exquisite who thought
that au ey e glass would improve
his appearance, went into an opti
cian s and was a long time trying
to find one to suit him- None of
them would do: they were either
too strong or too weak for his
sight. At length he found one that
was just right, and inquired the
price. Surprised at the selection
he had made, the optician, after
looking at him in blank astonish
ment, ventured to ask what num
ber of glass ae would like for the
empty frame he had picked out.
I was troubled with chronic catarrh
and gathering in my head, was very
deaf at times, had discharges from my
ears, and wag unable to breathe through
my noee. Before the second bottle of
Ely's Cream Balm waa exhausted I
was cured, aod today enjoy sound
health. C. J. Corbin, Field Manager.
Philadelphia Publishing House, Pa.
I am on my second bottle of Ely's
Cream Blm, bein a sufferer from
catarrh since I wae a child, but with
this medicine I am being cured. Wm.
L. Dayton, Brooklyn.
Brooks, Sam'l, 2S acres, Hill's Neck
Uail, Elbert, 1000 acres, Palmetto 1G.4S
Dudley, Lafayett, 170 acres, Neuse Kiver 9.70
Dudley, Sam'l, 120 acres, Bay Bash 4.12
Ernal, Abisha, 30 acres, Piney Neck 4.(53
Ellis, John, 100 aires, Piney Neck 4.45
Eberstine, Yon F H. 180 acres, Near Vanceboro C-86
t omes, Chas, ou acres, Jtsell ronu 5 53
Pomes, Frank, 50 acres, Bnll Pocosin 4.87
Pomes, Sarah, 109 acres,Creeping Swamp ' 3.32
Fomes, John, oO acres, Bull Pocosin...
I 1
Martin, Benj, 50 acres Clubloot creek 3
Martin, Absolom, 34 acres Clubfoot creek 2.M
Martin, Jacob, 34 acres Mitchell's creek 3.J0
Martin, Sam'l, His. 34 acres Clubfoot creek 2.45
Nolon, Jno jr, 15 acres Main ltoad 4.2H
Priestly, Stephen, 50 acres Clubfoot creek 385
Priestly Sarah, 02 acres Neuse liiver 3.12
Pritchard, Moses, 50 acres Adams creek, 100 acres Adams creek 4 23
Richards, BeDj jr, 72 acres C.ibooque creek 4 8N
Staton, W P. 870 acres Long creek, 1 10 Coat's creek, 75 acres
Long creek
Sparrow, David, 10 lucres Boards ltoad
Wrillowbv, Lewis. L'(;o acres Cabwoijue creek
Wilson, John, 18 acres Coate's creek
No. ix Township.
4. 68
4 08
Tax and Coat.
Anderson, Jas, 5 acres, Hlocumh creek f 428
Andrews. Isaac, 50 acres, Sandy Kuu 5J52
Beltner, W H, 10 acren, Slocumb creek 4.3.
Berry, Geo. 37 J acres Slocumb creek 4 93
Bryan, Collison, 35 acres County Road 3.33
Coleman, Harry, 52 acre-i Bricn's creek 3.02
Cooper, Doctor, 18 acres Lake lioaa fi 03
Dove, Mrs Patsy Ann, 100 acres Hancock creek 4.59
George, Squire, 50 acres Black .Swamp 3.84
Heath, A L, 320 acres Brice's creek 9.47
Hoggins, Sam'l, 300 ajres Nease Kiver 13 09
McMilfian, A D, 48 acres Slocumb creek 3.73
McCray, Turner, 80 acres Hancock creek 5 05
Marshall, Geo H, 400 acres Slocumb creek 6.60
Marshall, H A, 340 acres Slocumb creek 0 01
Marshal, F P, 219iJ acres County Uoad 7.50
Manning, Larkins, 14 acres Slocumb creek 5.49
Sykes, Funis, 50 acres Slocumb creek 5.22
Smith, Noah, 70 acres Railroad 4.38
Tolson, Mrs Holland, 713" acres Great Branch 18.71
West, James, 10 acres Lako ltoad 2.32
No. Seven Township. Tax and Costs.
Fisher, Abram D, three-fifths acre Kiverdale 7.27
Fisher, John S, one-1'onrth acre Itiverdale 9.02
Haskett, Summerfield, 200 acres Johnson's Point 10.01
Moye, Garrett G, 148 acres So. Neuse River 12.06
Tippett, Elizabeth, 240 acres E. Side Mill Branch 9.70
Wollenden, Caroline, 1205 acres Cool Spring 49.31
No. Eight Township.
Arthur, Martin, lot, Scott Laud ).((
Brinn, J H, Urs of, lot. Queen and Pollock stj . . . . . '. '. '. '. . '. '. . . . . . 5 50
Bryan Frank, lot, Pavie Town, 2.0.3
Becton, Mariana, lot, South Front st, 3.22
Bryan, Jas, lot, Cedar st, 4.63
Blackman, Marina, lot, Gardner Alley 4.96
Benders, Beuj, lot, Crooked and Bryan st o!l5
Burney. Luke, lot, Metcalf sr, 0.10
Baker, R C, lot, Gardner's Alley 0 38
lilackledge, K Xi, 836 acres, Trent road. 1887-'88 36.00
Gaskins, David, 98 acres. Neuse River 10.24
AN old office seeker says that the
surest appointment in politics is
disappoint ment.
K-ad tbe fulloti: Mr. C. II. Morris,
Newark, Ark , itiys: "Wns down with
A Incefrs of I.ung, cn i fritnds and physi
cians pronounced me un Incurable Con
sumptive. B gun taking Pr. Kind's Nw
Discovery for c'onsurtif tion. am now c n
mv third bottle, and ab Y to oversee the
work on 11. y farm. It, 13 tl.. finest iu-.di-cice
ever made
Jesse Midlaewart, Decatur, Ohio, says:
'Had It not been for Dr. Kicig's New Dis
co v'-rv for 1'onsumpiioB I won Id have died
of Lung Troubles. Was given up by doc-tir-.
Am now in lust of health." Try it.
Sample buttles five at It. X. DuflVs
Wholesale and Retail Drug Store. New
Berc.e, X. per dozen, wholesale.
livery cloud has its silver lin
ing."' The boy who has the mumps
can stay away from school.
Gnffin, W H, 80 acres, Mt. Pleasant, 133 acres Mt. Pleasant
Griffin, Hardy B, 60 acres. Mt. Pleasant
Griffin. Penny, 250 acres, Mt. Pleasant 9.33
Heath, Sarah, 262 acres, B. Swift Creek, 250 acres, Fisher's
Swamp, 400 acres, James' Swamp, 10 acres, Mt. Pleasant.. 32.43
Heath, P A, 32 acres, Cow Pen 5.05
Heath, Levi E, 25 acres, Bear Branch 5.95
Chapman, Juja A, Hrs, 156 acres, L S Creek 4.70
Hoell, Alphonso, 23 acres Maul's Swamp 4.52
Jackson, Jesse T, 200 acres, Mt. Pleasant 5.56
Joyner. Bennett, 40 acres, Poplar Branch 12
Lilly, John F, 9 acres, 1'iney Neck 4.12
Lancaster, St. Clair. 52 acres, Mt. Pleasant 5.30
Lancaster, Hollon E, 21 acres, Gardner's Bridge 2.64
McRoy, Mary, 21 1 acres, Mam's Swamp 5,69
Mills, J H, 160 acres, Mt. Pleasant 87-' 88 11.81
Moton, Doctor, 82 acres, Butler's Ford 4.41
Tercer, N A and J A, 100 acres, v anceboro 15.42
Powell, Geo "W, 200 acres, Juniper Neck 6.33
Roe, Ernest, 32 acres, Vanceboro 4.84
Smith, Redding W, 90 acres, Willis' Neck 8.53
Smith, Stephen, .500 acres, Piney eck 16.02
Sutton, Sam'l, 200 acres, Cow Pen, 21 acres, Turkey Quarter,
Sutton, Chas, GO acres, Cow Pen
Stevens, J H, 120 acres, Gardner's Bridge
Stilly. Elizabeth, 600 acres, Hill's Neck
Tripp, David, ir, 31A acres, Cat Tail, 6i acres, Juniper Swamp.
Tripp, Jas H, 27i acres, Piney Neck 4.51
W lllis, Poldo, 2j acres, Near V anceboro 3 60
Wetherington, li E, 21 acres, Nense Kiver 6.31
Wayne, Fannie, o acres, J i' Wayne Land 3.22
Ward, W H, 125 acres, Bay Bush 87 '88 7.00
Wiggins, Alex, 76 acres, End River 7.97
Wiggins, Chas U, 3o acres, Mt. Pleasant, 30 acres. Mt. Pleasant 6.52
Willis, Bryan J, CO acres, Willis' Neck ' 6.10
Willis, Andrew P, 100 acres, Willis' Neck 6.10
Willie, David E, 3 acres, Mt. Pleasant 5.68
Willis, Lois, 110 acres, Mt. Pleasant 4.63
Willis, Benj F, 50 acres, Mt. Pleasant 5.45
Watson. Jos, 20 acres, Swift Creek 2.76
No. Two Township. Tax and Costs
Arthur, Martin, 100 acres, Mill Creek 3.85
Averett, Lewis L, 20 acres, Hill and Glade 4.40
Cuthrill, Geo Wr, 50 acres, Broad Creek 5.21
Daniels, J T, 200 acres, Neuse Kiver 12.15
Edwards, F M, 15 acres, Sand Hill 4.40
Fulcher, Albert, 25 acres, Forrest 4.74
Gatlin, Jacob, 17 acres, L S Creek 5.09
Guion, Ferdinand, 72 acres Broad Creek 5 25
Guion, Albert, 50 acres Broad Creek 6.28
Gaskins, Brin, 200 acres L Swift Creek 6.99
Gaskins, Kaymond, 93 acres Wolf Trap 3.56
Hammond, Aaron, 100 acres Broad Creek 3.89
Ipock, Levi B, 118 acres Broad Creek 7,22
Jones, Jos, 15 acres Mill Creek 5.02
Kees, Asa, 30 acres Savanah 2.40
Latham, Nathan, 12 acres King's Neck 4.58
Lancaster, Lon, 92 acres King's Neck 3.35
Latham, Job, 12 acres Broad Creek 3.03
Moore, Jacob, 16 acres Broad Creek 4.77
Morton, Jno, 24 acres Sand Hill
Price, Chas K, 118 acres Hull Swamp 5.78
Stapleford, Cathrine, 240 acres Broad Creek 4.85
West, A C, 148 acres Island 7.18
Wilev, L H, 125 acres Broad Creek 5.82
Willis, Chas, 39 acres Broad Creek 4.65
Sherman, Nathan, 32 acres Sand Hill 4.40
No. Three Township. Tax and Costs
Artis, B W, 35 acres, Houston Land 6.98
Black, Jas, 5 acres, Mosely Creek 4.35
Bowen, Eliza, 150 acres, Flat Swamp 6.44
Brock, R M, 360 acres, Dover 10.80
Carmack, Thos, bo acres, Snake Hole 4 32
Heath, W H, 65 acres Core Creek 7.41
Jackson-, Martin, 50 acres Core Creek 5.31
Jones, Eugine, 25 acres Mill Branch 4 63
Kornegay, J E, 7 acres Dover jJepot .12
Oates, Jethro, 10 acres Half Moon 3.42
Outlaw, F P, 15 acres Dover, 600 acres Kent Land 15.68
Richardson, Alonzo, 77 acres Mill Branch 6.45
Rouse. Lewis, 21 acres Mosely Creek 3 22
Mks. Winslow's 800T111.V0 Syrup
should alwtiys be used for children
teething. It soothes tho child, softens
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
colic, and is the best remedy for diar
bcea. Twenty-rlve cents a bottle.
When ii man runs for office, what
kind i fa sweetmeat does he be
come? A candied date.
Rouse, Henry, 200 acres Dover 11.65
Slaughter, W H, lo acres Core Creek 3.79
Smith, W H, 75 acres Core Creek 5.25
Sutton, Noah, 40 acres Mosely Creek 5.22
Taylor, Lon, 21 acres Mosely reek 5 57
West. G YV , loO acres Lypress pocosin 3.30
No. Five Township. Tax and Costs
Black, Jim, 13 acres, Clubfoot Creek $ 4.32
Blango, Sam'l, 100 acres, Clubloot Creek 3.17
Blaugo, Jas, H'O acres, Clubfoot Creek 5.32
Becton, DanT M, 10 acres. Clubfoot Creek 4.20
Bordon, B F, 1000 acres Hancock Creek 14.46
Bell. Beni H, 400 acres Clubfoot Creek 6.72
Bell, Jas R, 210 acres Clubfoot Creek 4.50
Carter, J P, 84 acres Mitchell's Creek 3.03
Carter, W H, 60 acres Neuse River 5.16
Chadwick, Hastey, 50 acres Hancock Creek 4.76
Chadwick, Wm. 50 acres Hancock Creek 3.02
Carter, Lewis, F 0 acres Clubfoot creek 4.65
Carter, Isaac, 28 acres Mitchell's creek 2.38
Carter, Elijah, 25 acres Clubfoot creek 4.44
Cavanoe, W J II, InO acres Canal creek 9.80
Dove, W H, 15 acres Cabooque creek 4.86
Dove, Wm. 156 acres Cabooque creek 3.97
Fenner, Silas. 47 acres Clubfoot creek 4.87
Feuuer, Jos, 37 acres Mitchell's creek 4.51
Fenner, Sam'l, 100 acres King's creek 3.25
Falls, Gilbert, 100 acres Clubfoot creek 5.10
Fisher, Spencer, 50 acres Cabooque creek 4-63
uryan, a, lor, ueorge st, 6.50
Bryan, Virgil S, lot, Eden st, 10.17
Brown, Jno B, lot, Middle st, 1887-'88, 25.08
Bryan, Dempsey, 95 acres, Neuse and R. Road 3.22
Boesser, F, lot. Craven st, 10.82
Cuthbert, Mrs Rosa W, lot, Craven st, 18.33
Cammell Bryan, 50 acres, Neuse Road 6.4 1
Clark, C C, lot, Pollock st, 1887-'88, lot New South Front at,
lot West at, 30.40
Clark, Mrs E J, lot East Front st 2.03
Coley, Henry, 3 acres Neuse Road 2.88
Croom, Jas, lot Cypress st, 6 65
Charles, Jas, lot Queen st 0 38
Dixon, W B, lot Change st ........ 9.89
Davis, McLin, lot Queen st 2.93
Dennison, A R, lot South Front and Metcalf st, lot Soath Front
and Metcalf, lot Son h Front and Metcalf, lot Bomb Front
and Hancock sts 11319
Edwards, Shade A, lot, Rountree st 6.96
Fisher, John, lot Scott Alley 0.38
Foy, Samuel, lot Bragg's Alley 3.80
Fisher, Emanuel, lot Gardper's Alley . 10 86
Forbes, Isaac, lot South Front st, 1887-'88 10 41
Gardner, Caroline W, lot George st 13.72
Gaskins, Wm, lot Spring st 7.78
Gnthrie, Susan, lot, Craven st 9.05
Green, C C, lot Jerkins Land 2.35
Holly, M P, lot, George st 7.78
Hancock, liobt jr, lot N E. cor King and Graves, one-third lot E
cor King aud Graves sts 32.73
Heath, Harriett, 50 acres. Bachelor Creek 3.22
Hill, G A, lot Eden st. . . 3 62
Hill, Samuel, lot Pavie Town 4.78
Hardy, Jane, lot Berne st 9.05
HiU, E G, for Lott Henderson, lot Richaidson Aliey 4 96
Hancock, L W, one-third lot N E cor King and Graves sts 7.72
Herring, A A, 100 acres Neuse Road 7.00
Ipock, Arthur A, lot Pavie Town 5.44
Johnson, J S, lot, Elm st, 1887-'88 16.70
Johnson, Sarah, .lott Scott Land 3.80
Johnson, Jos, lot Pavie Town 3.22
Jones, Debby Ann, lot Elm st ... 3.22
James, Henry, lot Pavie Town . 6.10
Jones, Susan, lot Bragg's Alley 3.22
Kirkman, W D, 95 acres Bacheler Creek 7.63.
Lucas, Jas, lot Elm and Scott Alley 3 80
Lewis, Henry S, lot Good Bt 6.38
Mcllwain, Isaiah, 15 acres, Neuse Road 4.76
Moore, Wm, lot Jacksmith 4 38
Mayo, Jno, lot Cedar st 5 50
McLacklan, Alex, lot Pollock st, lot Pollock and Berne, lot
Craven, lot Pollock and Berne 35.22
Moore, Nancy, 60 acres, Bachelor Creek 3.49
Mcllwain, Redding, lot Elm st, lot Elm, lot Broad 1092
McOill, Wrm, 10 acres Neuse Road 3.26
Moore, Jas H, lot Jones st 5.10
Moulton, Mrs M D, lot East Front st 19.56
Payton, Elleri, lot New Front st 3 22
Nelson, Jos, 204. acres Trent Road 3 22
Oram, Miles F, lot Eden st 12.18
Oliver, W H, lot Broad st, lot Queen, lot Hancock, lot Broad
lot Broad and Craven sts 49.88
Patterson, F T, for wife, one-third lot Johnson su 69.16
Patterson, J A, for Bessie D. Flanner, one-third lot Jobnsot st. 60.70
Patterson, Mrs E J, one third lot Johnson st 14.02
Koberson, Nancy, lot Pollock st 7.05
Koberson, Nancy, guardian, lot Pollock st 7.89
Randolph, John, lot Queen st. 7.76
Richardson, Violet Ann, lot Jerkins Alley 3.80
Rollins, Pleasant, lot Broad st 0 25
Spencer, Harriett, lot South Front st 3.80
Spicer, BeDj, 80 acres Nense Road 7 59
Simmons, Abram, lot Pollock and Jones sts 9.30
Stewart, J P, 100 acres, Bachelor Creek 5 63
Smaw, Windsor, lot Jerkins Land 2.98
Stewart, J C, 50 acres Bachelor creek 6 23
Smallwood, Asa, lot Jerkins alley 3.22
Simmons, Matthew, lot Queen st 7.89
Stevenson, H C, and S C Whitford, lot Craven Bt 34.38
Street, S R lor wife, lot Pollok street 31.80
Street, S R for children, lot Middle street 38.41
Staton, Martha, lot Pavie Town 2 63
SkinDer, Axom, lot Pavie Town 2 63
Thomas, Jno H, lot Metcalf street 7 85
Turner, Martha, lot Berne street 3 52
Tucker, Lncy Ann, lot Berne street 3 80
Taylor, Lewis, lot Cypress street 3.22
Vail, S A, lot New Front street 7.17
Willis, Henretta T, lot Coart street 4.38
Willis, Moses, lot Berne st 4.38
Fisher, Jas H, 75 acres Clubloot creek.
Godett, R B, 45 acres Mitchell's creek
George. Jno H, 90 acres Mitchell's creek. . .
Gooding, Abner, 25 acres Clubfoot creek . . ,
hU Prime Minister have not risen
to the plain from which Mr. Blame
sanrsys the future.
Tbe Preident has the unques-
fctly harmleM.
Teacher How many wars were
waged with Spain T Pupil Six.
Teacher Euumerate them. Pupil
One, two. three, four, tire. six.
When erery thing ele fails. Dr. Sage 's
Ctrrh Remedy cures. "0 cents, by
1 druggUU.
A Unilntn Man's Clear YUlon.
Xkw York City, April 4. 18.
Mr A. K. Ilawkes Dear Sir: Your
patent eye-glasses received some time
since, and am very much gratified at
the wonderful change that has come
over my eyesight since I have discarded
my old glasses and am now wearing
yours. Alexander Auak,
Secretary Stationers Board of Trade of
Xew York City.
All eyes fitted and fit guaranteed by
F. S. Duffy, New Berne. N. C. j!2dlm
George, E, 75 acres Clubfoot creek
; Godett, John, 25 acres Clubfoot creek
Godett, Jeremiah, jr, 38 acres Clubfoot creek .
j George, James, 26 acres Clubfoot creek
Hill, Henry, 25 acres Little John creek
Howard, Elijah, 12A acres Cabooque creek.. .
Iluggins, Edward 200 acres Cabooqne creek .
Jones, Abner, 125 acres Clubfoot creek
Jones, Edward, 60 acres Long creek
Jacks, Wm, 50 acres Long creek
Mason. J H and Bell, 1S0O acres Coate's creek
Martin, Elijah, 26 acres Clubfoot creek 4.35
Martin, Rigdon, 34 acres Clubfoot creek 4.45
4 10
w mis, is, lot East Front st 4.96
Waters, Isaac, lot Oak st 5.32
West, Horace, lot Craven st 37.05
Willis, Caesar, lot Jacksmith 4 27
Windley, VirgI, lot Gardner's Alley 5 27
Williams, Thos, lot South Front and Craven srs . 26.38
Williams, K P, lot South Front and Craven sts 24.47
Willis, Isaac, lot Scott's Alley 5 05
Whitfield, Virgil, 15 acres Neuse Road 2 66
White, Wiley F, lot Pasture st 2.93
Warren, Jno. jr, New Front st. 87 and SS 18 86
Wayne, Sarah, lot Brown's Alley . 2.93
Ward, itosanna, lot Forbes Alley 3 HO
Wolfenden, Mrs Caroline, lot Craven st 34 72
Yorkj Matthew, lot Berne st 4 33
Yoman, Martha, 267 acres Neuse Road 1109
No. Nine Township. Tax and Costs.
Avery, A W. 300 acres Neuse ltoad 8 92
Avery, Jno E, 140 acres Neuse Road 4.78
Bratcher, H T, 60 acres Bachalor creek. 87 and 88 7 n.1
Churchill, Calvin, 75 acres Jumping Run 6 06
Clemmons, John, Hrs, 140 acres Green Savana 2 87
Dawson, A B, 160 acres Stony Branch, li acres Nense Road .... 28 61
Eubank, G T, 30 acres Tuscarora " n r
French, F J. 27 acres Flank Landing 4 37
French, L J, 20 acres Plauk Landing 4 52
French, L H, 28 acres Turkey Quarter 2.70
French, Alonzo T, 145 acres Turkey Quarter . f, 05
Ferrand, Jos B, 100 acres Turkey yuarter, 87 and 88 . . .' 9 05
Green, Cicero, 534 acres Clear Spring, 500 acres Noah's Ark 4 7.94
Green, John C, 250 acres Stony Branch 11. 95
Hurt, S F, 135 acres Bachalor creek c 38
Harris, Sam, 100 acres Dover 3 22
Hill, G F, 250 acres Turkey Quarter 10 to
Jones, Abel, 550 acre (no location) 8. .30
Kornegay, Owen, 100 acres Dover Read 3.32
Lawson, Martin, 102 acres Jumpine Run r'rtn
May and Spier, 125 acres Neuse Road 17.47
Prescott, W W, 160 acres Nense Road hi'm
Rivers, Aaron B, 30 acres Jumping Run 3 38
Williams, M J, 75 acres Bachalor creek 30
The Sale of Property for Taxes advertised in this List will begin at
the Court House Door on Monday May 6th, 1889, at 12 o'clock M, and
continue until all the Property has been sold. All person la forested
are hereby notified of said Sale.
Ex Sheriff of Craven County, North Oarollia.
Hiii iiiiJ, 100:'
" ; - U
',' . , : . i
..' Vv I
...;V '
t"' -:
' 'I
-X: ' V'
-i 4 -' "

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