North Carolina Newspapers

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Bar. H. Bass ia aoaMlaotiac
mt la tans as. lag miMH at M. E.
CawaaVcSri. V Willi P. K, atf
4 Mr let, mx TaaaJay ajnf to
Joe- il aad Youth' ompAoioo S3. 50
Amar's Agriculmriat 3.13
Southern CuUlTwr . 3 33
Tmm Delinquent. )
Tbp briT. to compliaDc nub
drerti lh pioprtj of all delin-
qaant taxpayer. Th al will tak
Dwaorwt'a Ugraaine 3.00 plc oo th 4rt Monday in VI y and
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''cho1" f-?? km lb law complied with in eTery
Cntary .00 I ,
Dotroil Fn Pt . .SD 1 rPct wlU. a Uw of putting the
North Am r. Review J.S.Voouoty in pocieetloo of property pur-
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fa aaiO, lav aoaaiat evweaeaa, U
i ,. taaait aaJat ! aaaai The
aaas. A. T. Mill. kX .
rrkact aoT iaa aoaiora aaaoh to the jrmii-
i U aJa ntaaxia.
Oai Maia'aT klikl ihe Deaaoerata of
taWaavkaaw ararwa aaaaaablaal ad ao
aMa4 tmm foiWwiM alderaaaa: !
L vartV J. a Wawtaau J ; M .
4. Lraf eae M,CUia aavd W. T. 5.J, ;
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Tae) auaifaa Utt Daaaoe aUe
ewie aa Weliaikoai eaarxa. Tx
mmr ja4 at Imm waak. waa aa rajy
aa imilii Taar waa a el a
Wye a) mmm mf girka. TV epaafcla
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' DaJbe Bar(a ft kW aaeataia. M.
Iliaw ta Uaa Iaa4ar. aa4 ia pra-U
otk) ta aiaeaja aa4 Ik aaaaa af taa
aaamaaftf . TaiMiiaaattM ul a
faU fo4 aaaiaL
Om kirUT U4 th 4ilaa
aTJLr. B. U. Waaa.W Ommd iHil
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atry4 my mrm, Taa 4a ataaiea
trvaaa aafectfra aa Uaa fuacfcaa)
Urm. Waa aa Lfce mmiy nnaaj a ia
loan a laW liaaa aM ga tka aXara
wfejak arMfth Vka aaavaa fruaa ta.
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aavia aaaaa mt ikve lmur To
NtwYorftWorM. a.83
Ptr 33
Home and Farm 1 75
t'oarier Journal 2 50
i Nw and OberTer. 3 50
. Harpr ' Magazine ... 4 50
Weekly 4. TO
" Ycrang Peovl S.00
Atianta Cooavitution. 1 3-3 i
Old ubcrfbara reoeiriug le Jorm- j
1U and desiring to hare any of theae
paper. ca.n . by making application to ,
Ika offio ia paraoii or by letter, hare a
ataiameat of their accoaat on oar book
aaewinf what they will haTa to remit to I
aaaiila Lham to aay ol the tkori publi-
aaaioava they mar lt.
Fi.aji.Hb Clothing' ahoe'
Roaaarrt et Peo Vtoiaa.
J. 8ctm Bby earrlaaa. tf
J E- Smith Clothing. hoe. ec
H Dt ttt Ro i i i o it good daily.
T J TtraJitK Co Famitor, etc.
chaaed at aaid aale.
Oaalow Wl 1 Hare a Railroad.
The Wilmington Meaaengr baa ltuer
rlewed Mr. Richard Lamb, chie en
gineer of the Wilmington, Onilow and
' Et Carolina Railroad, wbo aay the
J road from Wilmington to Jackaonville
will be completed by the flnt of De
cember. Thia ro noil be continued
1 to New Berne, and it ought to be done
before the opening of oar next Fair.
ConTlct Farm at Core Crek.
The Raleigh New and Obterrer ,
Gen. W. O. Lewia haa written a letter 1
to the OoTrnor informing him that he 1
baa made an examination of the aectioo
tarroondlng Cora Creak on the A A N.
C. Railroad aad expreeeae th opinion
thai il would pay the State to pat a
force of oonrict to work to clear a f
the land aad to (tart a convict farm.
Be" aay that part of the land i wall
timbarad and that it i vary fertile and
Kroin (ho Mate Tapers.
Durba:u l'lira A i.u.i.b.T of co'ored
exodusUTtt froui ;(,. HiUih ctcti n
paased thro'ih ii-rt- -stfriay ifter
nooo on"lbt K clock tr mi
Hutht'rforvl IVmnc-r: Ttit-rc are two
deds nn the ft cor ! of tl:ifl couuly
wbirh brin up h i of forgotten
hiatory. 1 i-.ry -!. il.nt' was
once a : . n a". 1- 1 i-" ro.
co u n t y .
Khz: .:, '-.: ". ; x - T:. T .-. . . i ' . iii
mufiioner M iui iv i int c i t r : i uted
S'iO to ,i r .; a i tin fur.'l tur i u t-r tai u ing
the S;t Mo : i.m; cidtien when
they iDft'! here oa ti-o '.
Aseociatioa Uiy r-i t .
having u
Chatham K o r.J : Tn- n
icg at this f'Uct) tiarroH
truction by tire on l.-!t
While repairing the floor in the
rear of the office of the Moseley lloue.
where a barber shop had been located"
an old decayed sleeper wag pulled out
to be hauled oil, and when turntd over
an old rusty grapeishot fell out of tne
decomposed nhell. The old ball wee
rusty on one side and on the other bore
the appearance of what looked like
1 clottod blood. Ic u supposed to .' ave
been shot into the tree from which the
log was hewn.
Wilmington MeosenKr: The train i n
the Wilmington Seacohn: Riilrodd run
over Sir A. J. Flauner'a tine gray horse
last night at 8:15 as the train teas com
ing to Wilmington. The accident oc
curred at the commissary about five;
The j miles from the city. Tbe animal 'a left I
00 3! MKHO? A.
N i- w- li. 1 1, , irn:
four bales at 9 ID
This Column
per hi;::
i: iu &Ld
:id t ni v build
y ecnd Oe-
1 h u rsday .
Mark i. leg. a
son cf Mrs M.iry I'leof u.i.h town
ship, was cutting w w.i ne uccidentuliy
cut his foot very v c rv ly . ;Iniont cut
ting it in lu
Wilmington S:ar Too kitchen of
Mr. I H. Knot, a who lives o . Fifth
street betttn Dock an.l Orange, was
burglriirtd Fn,ia nihc The
teamahips UeU are ar.J eaiaHsee. i
two of the Linisi vosstlsuf u.e Clvde
hind les: was cut oil and his neck and
shoulder badly bruised , causing inju
Hps that necMtated his being shot
: Mr. Richard Ltmb. chief eDaineer of
the Wiliuin, ton, Uaslow fcnd EstCaro
lina Road w ay , and dpt. J. A. Mattocks,
engineer in charge of thesurvey of rail
way, are still in the city and will be
here several days more. A Messenger
item seeker found them busy yesterday
afternoon making map and plats of the
line which ha been decided on between
Wilmington and Jacksonville, the
counijr alte of Onslow.
Statesvllle Landmark: The new 60
horse power boiler for the electric light
tleel, have been put
Joe McCoy, col
creek loc bi Iioum
Another Grand Emporium Opened.
liviag near Cor It i gratifying to e that New
dJ all bii rffeota 1 Bern" merchant are (triking out for
tea a araa a aa w a4 aoaai lowe oa,
mm k a kmmij ksaa la Mr. VmmA. Mo ta-
UMuaatll U4 Jmmm X-
raai haa M aieae a
mmmm hmm bmmm ftl
a anal atoek mm tmm ItM-Ui
-Waaigaa aMy aa kM aiaaa paaria
for axaaalaaiaaai aeora taa eivu aat
It kaaaa hk patuag U
by Sxa oa UjoJt; eveoing.
Bev. L. W. Crawford n conda tl-g
lalaraaliag meotlpg at the v. E.
rrwry Toiag thi week.
Th drlioijjcDi lax iiet crowd oat
oatica othr al:r but It m latareetiog
rvadiBf to Cravea coaaty people.
The fir 4 lod of rock for the cm
etery roe,d wa broejght down Monday
valag by Cap. Dv Roberta oo th
Meaner Trent.
T rn n r r Dqi' i pjioe oft" the
eokool uackata of the eoantry dkKrieta
TV ackoola were open boat fifty five'
day aaoaj aa average
W. F. Bouatree. Ej. . bae a Coati-:
aataj aot bich call for vn Span-
tan milled dollar and waa printed In
PaUadelpata in 1773 by Hall A Seller. '
Il ie ia t i xi tat ol prmmuoo.
Tna Iblaiii town anJ ciantry (tore
la the larroqa J io( roonti oaght to
Mall oar who tea; merchant before
fcuytag rkewbre. cotter bargain for
11 sockt cen be mad by eoantry
nerchaow bro than in BHimoror
New York. Oive lham a trial
Mr. J. A. Patterana ia negotiating for
h aew Naff hotel at Ocracok. If
fce) eead ia getting it and ca gt a
regalar llo of temer. such aa the O.
D. boeU. to auake regalar tripe from
aetkiagioo aad Sw Brn. Ocracoke
will beeome a very popa I r reeort.
: the wbolaaala baaineea which they are
joaily en u tied to With the opening np
of oar river and craek for navigation,
new tewn and village sprung up
. which oommanded a good part of our
fonnr retail trade. Our merchants
oaght to have at once secured the
wboleeale trade of these towna and
village. They now buy such quanti
ty aa to enabl them to furnish re
tailer on better lermsthan they can
get ia Northern market.
Tbeee thought ar luggeated by the !
opening of a vary large stock on Middle
txe-et by Mr. il. B. Daffy. But a weak
ago Mr. Mark opened at hi new
Land, now Duffy cpen with hi store
nlarged to doable iu former capacity
passenger eeryice between New York
and Wilmingtou and FernanJina.
Rockingham Rocket: The Iiaptists
at Rotwrdel have erected and almost
completed a large and handsome church
which ia a valuable ornament to the
village. Mrs. Fa r:i J itit-f, grand
mother of Mrs F I. Cole of this town,
died at her ho.iie la'r I.tunnburg on
the 23:h ult . bi;.'.! icmm. the had
ii grandchildren o: J
children. mot i f thr.u n.
Shelby New V. : i Jim
ored ec:i '.'i l. ii..i i i. th
C 'i coin n '
on Mm n
1 tie C4
m cli i r : i
I . i u c 1 1 1 c i : i n t ;. .
1. 1 l. c t i n c 1 1 r I t.'ii
ment w &a ijj t-n-I.fnoir
i pushing
g re v.-grand-
v living.
'Hton . a col
i h irli-!-t:n.
I I. IC lin.Ii'Sl, w HI
b ' x i'ir iir ir 1 1 1-r. r i et t a
m i-t 1 1! -1 n tl v Milled.
" 1 M i-w wlio
burling i.i- ri . i , 1 i ti
. a -i bp ugh' I' i I r in i H '
w r" k . Il 1 1 1 1 e l li : l I
d b J u 1 g e l ' , a I S
Mr. 1' I. -:,kpr. the
on the new Hap'.it church,
right along w Kb t.'.e work
al ta im
Kt ai ., i
arlil a ax I lake leacai
a vary tod aaa
(a. vae staa
ia tight aoca
torn aa Hfaw
f "' -Jg Iba aarvaa aha isadatiaa
aaa aoata fiaitag aa asrioa down
raaauoo aoaad
PoIlokaTilla Itemj.
Taaaa Acadaeay la Mill booming
Thraaaaar pa pile aacarad Uat Mjadey
- MV. A. B. Waita, aow mt TriaUt
iU adareaa lb LUerary Society mi
riieavnla, Jaaa It Ja.
.tta. Joa Paarc racairad a few day.
agt i roea vba aoaea at om good aid Nu
bW aaaat thra toaa a boavaa (aatjj
araat aa4 ofoaa Mr. Paaraa aaaaw
taaaart aJa faatlliaank. la f ad a.
keaa mt aar baa a4 moa araoUaar
fata. I
i Jaaaa. aa boa I, tavdaaarioa
. Uia aeot ibaa pi aaa. an
a aaJoataaaa aa I loa by a b
bara aael aaaalaa; iba lot mar auataialne
faraa aaaplaea aad a boat forty br
Total oaa aoaid ao bar
leaa thaa
Orfaatal It.
JXarHaoa et Baua aaa Jaat taoaivad
Ary Aula amaaajaarj.
' Oaav W. Kaclaa SaaV araaa wa
aban aa . aaa. It aaaairaiai
Bmmmi Ooak Saraaasv aaa) arfil apea
a la baa) j ff naar.
Th ataaaa la Lixala Mi any brogb
doom froaa aaaa Bar kaea .
boa laga emllamlM.900 immt m eav ta.
That waaaa-bail efaa txtr bM pat
akaaad Bp Vmmrm by Omm. W. Kagler A
a mm.
Iadlaaa WUlrac U It
Tp laeii
aaaaa fern la
Oocaou, A aril -6. A datpaack from
Banaaraa. Daboaa. aaya: Tk raeo
akag Ik eeaaainiioa woalat aooa bo a
yiaiaeJ by ik Praaadoaa b eala tt
tk India far th ofjaaia f Ik Or.
laaartaaloav. m rooaived wvc
bate I g ik ladiaaa e
mm Bock, wk mtm badd by Sit
kiC Bail, QmlU Joka Oraa aad ke.
fa. TV ladlaaa mi-
risk tk actio mt the govern
tk arte ia ba pai
M aiaia aar aora wo II. tv
aad anaay ad aba kar aapra i
tkair arMlfaga a. aesa taatoaw
mt Ik Itaat rraa Baauag Bail mm.
dmU, wbo war ao a4tarty ppoad a
ik treaty aakaaiil i i Uea year, bae
gtoaavatisraaaaaa frlaiy ar ina
aaet Ikor L Ikul aasM mt aaooi
aeaoaa; tka w aiaaa ekefart tk raaarra
taaa X taaaat arrival froaa tk Staao
Lag Rook aray tay bo ta poattiva th
Statiag Ball aad Oaii will accept ta-
Faial Wrack.
Baluaoak. Ma.. A aril A pcla
traas Wee Pata, Va, aa: A fat
wroaar aaMajrrad a . tka Tark Rjv.
"hewacb of ik Rjcbawad t taviii.
Maiiraod. ahoal nra aaitoa above ike
'rr. t Vlocb Satarday atb
Tka kaaaa ralaa Satarday waekod oo
'IMlral al a part mt tk daaa bo
aa iba aa b paatd aael Ik rtr. aa
a aagia aad aeaa fraigbl aar piuae:
) fcaaatk tvaakaat. Two aaa -m moi
aaat tk 8 ran a.
Dorvva r
kUt d. Ta.
kody C Ik ltea a boa W a aouaa
mmt ba tka oaaarad ao baa a b
Tk aagkat'T. aaaaod Lfacb.
i lorrialy aaaUiad. bat aaaaagad k
MLayor Hill Vominatod.
Tb LVaocrut of Kioston ia oonvan
aeaocnbleO Laet Frulay aveoing
iaatad the preeoert mayor. A. T
Hill, for re-election Tnie U the third
uoae Mr Liill ha been nominated for
thia poaatioo. and ia a wall-aoarltad n
doraaoBeal of hia adaaioiatralioa of the
own affair during ibe past two yar
Effect c f th Col 1 Snap
A vtajt to th truck farms nar the
city McBJay foucd th growing pea
ad potatoea not damaged ao much by
he cold aa by the wind But fw of
"o poae ar ttousi y damaged bat on
be light land the beans hav b eo
uiorally uncovered and lft bare. In
Mm iaatencoe the seed ar acttally
aoottored ahent on th ground.
Smithfitld Surntd.
Xs waa recatved in thia city Mon
day ikal lha UB cf 8mithnld, John
ana coaaty. took fixe cn Sunday eve
aiag. burning nearly ail ibe buain
boa aad many reeideacea. The loae
m aatimatd at over one hundred thou-
and dollar. The fire wa still bum-
tag yevterday and bat fw good war
avd. Only about twenty thoaaaad
dollar iosaraoce.
Th St arm at Norfolk.
Th eiorm at Norfolk on Sttardly
eight wa fearful Water rcoe La the
arboo an til lima stored therein
waa reechad and aet the baildnagaa
Sra. TV Cbttoa Exchaoza warobooa.
nrner of Fyete and Water trot.
vnd the whole of the old Cotton Ei-
baag bailiiog, filled with cotton ware
leetroyed. Tbe loee by Are alone will
ppro x imate $150 0X) Perry' ware-
boaae waa eatirely gutte-'.
EtfatiBiUara Ba Delia 5 i I J.
XQ Tznavmrr&tmrvm.
, . - Marak ST.
. aWWialf. ii I iad avd.y It
aat Iar ia addttaoa a U frttiijr
aaaryaaa abli6ed ta 5v tJ. other -ajjisa
anaaplnil exo iko tiaaa. Tka
la aa prtatad ia CN eeabracv Ha bat
fjej miplW ill ITT tk bra4e Ibroeead
(or aal ta tka Sta-
Writ for tka Ejpwrtaaeai atio
Bilala tUi kkJa aad tko kw)gni
Mkikaaioaaeoaafraoaooa apoilcatioa.
. U. B. BarrXk. iMraatoc.
ratio boxtsju.
T a aaWy b baeaeniag aa aoii kaowa
aad ao rapaTaraa a aaad a apdl
fi. iU eU booa- aaod BUctrto Brnoi
Star tka aaa aaag a paaa . A pare.
Blatiate doe aa skt aad it al fa'
aid d ail that ka Waa Eleotrlc
Bitter U1 aar all da a mt Ik Liter
mm t tUim orlll eB0oo Raapieo W.
Mr. M. Uak-lv and family of Hyde
oooty, arrived ia lha city Taeedav
per U. V- etemr Newborn. Mr
4akaiy haa aaovadtoNaw Bern with
proapacta of makiog thai bit fatur
tome. Our people extend the welcome
ad 16 them a pleasant oj rn in
e city of t m.
Mr. A. C ito. d ag. Senator Brock,
dx. F S K.xioce and Mr R.btn Ja
aaa. of Joar county. or in th ci y
Tnaaday oith cotloa.
fo th Victor Z along th Bpila.
The Hortiaoa admtawuauon ia aarry
aX oal tbe aid Andre Jacheoa Demo
rauc docino. "To the victor beloo(
he toti " Il baa teen said that tb.
o4icy of th d did utraiioo i that D
IScsr mould b. removed unlrte for la
fflcteocy i r other evidenc of unfli
lb:t simply beirg a Doaiocrai
a aot ium.ioi uui for removal
if aur iaformtioa i ourreci that poltct
a been abaadoacd by at leaat on da
ortanct of the government. We arr
afocoaed lht Mr A. S Wnii. a very
SScwol puetal clerk oo lb A A N. C
i hae been rtmof ri and John Ean
lpa. cul , appointed la his place.
he Quaxif Bridgo Road.
Wane ai laat M adaj w
r iaformil that a portion at tka
Quaker Bridge r d waa in such condi
tio that loaded wagons Bod cart could
i paaa over It, aad that iwentyfire or
thirty balea of cotloa ta tk Rich lands
atiea had recently been hipped to
Wilmiatioa bocaaso of the impaaoable
ooodrtioa of this sec 1 1 on of tka road.
The rood never was co spieled aa it
should htvr b-o but a small aerxmni
r moor t i jd i--1 ouj 1 r exoeaded during
the O' iu -timer or
weehe of ftvjitbi. vftibr. it can
pat in li'DiIiiwu i.j i m i n pateablo for
yeor U to a valuable road to Saw
Borax and to Richland and Catharine
Lake mcikxu of On.low. and we hope
Mr t am B'S will do their part to
etJ puilioc the rood in condition.
iKjod oouauy roads ar aa eeeeotial aa
raurotds the Qjkr Bridge road ia
pocaliofly o to Oooiow aad New Bom
at it shone a the ditance from en to
fiftooa an I re which coante ia banliag a
and every foot of space t filled. Hi
stock embrace many clsaass of goods,
ad ladiee good have received his
special attention. Ready mad cloth
ing Ie a nw feature in hia basin; bat
it embrace a flae line of good. In
fact vry department is fall and there
oem to bo no and to good of every
deecription in paaeing the various rooms
of his store. New Berne ia on a boom
for wboleeale trade aad bar marchaat
ar going to "hnatie. "
Puah th Bo cm.
A gentleman writing from Now York
Inquiring about; hard wood in
thia aectioo sj "I woo Id under
favorable tadaeomeaca go to or near
voar town and pat up a factory to maun
facta re cartin pole. Ac. Plea let
one know what the advantage are for
makiog and famishing these goods at
j ew Berne. "
Th advantage are many. Tbe various
river and creaks tributary, make New
Berne easily scceeeible to all the bard
woods to be found in this section. Tbe
facilities for shipping th manufactured
goods over coeap water line to points
North or to the towns and village in
thia immadiate aectioo are unsurpassed
for cheapne and dispatch. And th
advantage of climate, cheapness of
labor, fuel and raw material are equal
to tboee of any community.
A number of site have been offered
to manufacturer near th city and
bocua of one thousand dollar to th
Aral manufacturer wbo will erect there
on a factory with a capital of not li
than $20,000. In addition to tbi, tb
rul of aaeoaeing property for taxation
make oar tax comparatively light.
The Board of Trade haa bean entrusted
with the duty of advertising th aaa ad
vantage and it ia about time to begin
to haa tie. Tbe gentleman wbo write
ihie letter oaght to bo at see furnished
with one of lha card making known
ad vantage and inducement recently
and hope to have the ( hur h rnmpit'lfd
in a couple of ni nitl) Di-d last
Saturday at the residence f M I)
Smith, Km . Mrs. Sarah 1'resnell, age 1
S3 years Mm. i'rrsncil had b"en
member of Lower Creek Btptiot cnurch
for forty years
Ia Grange Sentinel We are glad to
learn that Mr. l (' Murchuon. who
ha been suffering with a dreadful at
tack of neuralgia, is so much unproved
aa to be out again. The many Insudo
f the Rev. Mr. Morgan of the M. F"
Church were glad to see him in town
this week. He was on his wy to
Greene county, where he was united in
holy bond, of wedlock to Miss Kate
Brown on Wednesday the 3 1 int.
Salisbury Herald: Mr J K Whifh :
arj , the ed itor and proprietor of thio
paper, was married yesterday at Al
bany. Ga., to Miss Ella C Rjberts
Mr. M. S Brovn met with a very se ,
vere and almost fatal accident last Sat
urday afternoon A fractious horse
threw him out of his vehicle, landing
him on bi shouldar He was conveyed
borne unconscious, but with medical
tseistance soon recovered, when it w.
found that his shoulder was dislocated
Windsor Ledger: Lit Tuesday night
about 11 o'clock, the C-.h ult . a loud
explosion occurred near town. lh
cause of whicn we know not. It shook
the bouse in town. It was heard for
milea arouDd Windsc r Mrs, J. C.
Simpson accident lly ran a needle into
her finger Tuesday night of last week.
The doctor war oucuruone i and it was
Tound that the needle had stuck ub.
in the bone and could not be extracted
vVe are sorry to learn that ehe ha
suffered acutely from nam.
ih lino for station arrived yesterday morning Thej
ew engine came last week and has ,
been set up on its foundation What
; would probably have very soon turned
out to be a jail delivery if the project
had Dot been nipped in the bud. was
frustrated by Jailer Joyner last Thurs
day night. A hole had been cut in the
Moor of the L'nited States prisoners'
roomj in which were confined five pris
oners (among tbe number Thomas
Hrotherton, who is in jul for killing
Junius Summers.) and plans were evi- j
dently on foot for getting through the
floor down to the second 6tory of tbe j
buildiug from which an easy tb-
cape could have been made through a '
window The town had quite a mys
terious visitation last Saturday Dight j
About 11 o'clock a tlock of birds with a ,
d ilit-retit caw from any ever heard in
this region before, made their advent
and hovered over first the electric light
and then another, keeping up h contin
ual cry but never coming low enough
to be cr.n. Their noise was very singu
lar and attractel the attention of a
good many pernors. Mr. W. A. Doug
las said that while berdiDg Bheep in
Washington Territory he was acquaint
ed with a bird which had a similar crv .
CuKN 47aooc.
; Fodder. SLOeal. 2."
rUHhKNTlMt liar
' yellow dio i 1")
I'au gl.OUal.'jO.
Basi-w Av 1 7ii 1 c. per i
Bsskv On foot. 5r. to 7c.
j Hams Country, lOallc.
I Lahd Country . lOallc.
I t BRSH POUK 6 17 j. i-.ei r
I Potatoes -Bahitmas. 4
yams. G0ai5.'. p, r bush.
O.luXs-40c i or bush.
? 5")i7U yi-r bu-ho;
OlilOKVNt itrc.wn 40..i"i",C
grown, 22ia2oc.
Man- 60c. bolteo
States R O. hhd 810-.12 . e.
Timber Cyprt as. 14 in. and
85 00 per M. ; pin.. S2 50a4 50.
dfUNQLES West India, Jul 1 and w
inal, 0 inch ?2 0Ca2 25. Buildinr
in:u hjarts. 8i.25. 50 tier li
ilESS POKR New 14 "0
F'HOL'LDEB Mr.'.T-OalOc.
C. R. 'e, F. B '. 'aca L. C. 1-.
Flocb 83 50.", y
Laed Sic. by the tierce.
N ails Baa ie'lO's, 52. 50.
Sdqab Granulated.
Ooffek 18a20c.
Cheese I3j.
Salt 80a85c. per -ich.,
POWDKB $o.0v.
Shot Drop. Si.r.O buct, SI. 75.
Hides Drj fi.iSc. . x?- 4 .
Kesusene y.
Tallow 4f : t y ; :-
Onlv CrniiiDe System of Memory Trnininj.
hour iionks Learned in one reading.
Wind wn:; fir ring cured.
Every child and nilult -reatl v' benefitted.
orc;it luducomciits ta C"rn:Hp m.i.'nco Classo.
Pr .h.-.-fi, wfiii o;, f Ir. Win. A. Ham.
naniel (.rejalfa ThmKn, t!i rret Psych. I
' -.. .1. -VI. iJ.lcklcy, !.!J.,ci tnrof tun Chritia
it'...'' ' t- i'i'-hartl I'rortor, the Scimtin-,
Jinn. . . A-!!T. .i il.-!-.- i;ih.iin. I. i.'
V Ave., N. Y.
'iijii inn.
a A J
7)0 j p r bu . :
pair: h:. If
14 M LHIlUb
Sell The Jeweler"
Will convince any one that we have in
stock the Largest, Most Varied, and
Comr lete Line of Diamonds, Watches,
Fine Jewelry, Silver-Ware, Fancy
Lamps, Burmese. Gold and Silver Head
Canes in the State.
It will be to buyers interest to see
! our goods before purchasing.
slSpecial Sotice."
State and County Taxes
arc hereby notified to make immediate
payment of the same. I shall proceed
to collect by distress cn and after March
the 10th. issu.
Mai eh 1st. 1S&9. dtf
1 .'?:!
itlonuments Tombs
'iiioiuHini Bntialng work!
Who will,
In a Few Days,
Orders will receive prompt attention)
and satisfaction guaranteed
JOE E. WILLIS, Proprietor
G. . MiLLxa l mr authorixad aarat I
in KiDston. ma80drw
A new- lot of the Latent Styles of Biby
Carriig.'S. uni l.irgo assortment (f
every description t-f Furniture just re
ceived, and will be received.
rleise call ami fe our B
t,riii iK.v.ii to iiotk
0 Bushels
Give a List
aby Car-
off rod. Posh on the boom.
If aay ona will take the trouble to
examine th tax list of Craven count)
aad oota th unpaid taxes ha will be
oooae disgastad with a government that
pretend s to have juai laws and equal
nghta and privilege to all citizen
alika. Thr is a privileged class ia
Craven county a class that refuse out
right to pay tbeir taxea; their property
lha ordeal of a sham sale by tbe
sheriff once a year for taxea, the tax
payers pay lha coat of the sale and that
ends it. This privileged class have then
ooaeee and lots ia this city which brio
good rental; they receive the renu
oal bid defiance to the law ; ref us tt
contribute to the support of the govern
inent which they enjoy, and thus cans
their fell 5 onsen to bi excessive!)
The time ha come when the count'
oommieaiooers must comply with tb'
lemand of the people and make !
pay their taxes, l kert u jue
thg rowv.'v on bock tajrms to pay thr
tooting debt Can any good reason r
iven wby a person owning a gooo
oaae and lot in the city of New Bern
should not pay the taxes thereoa as wel
hi neighbor who own a house b
il aid ?
Il ia tb boast of our government lha
mr Constitution recognise no privi
ged class. But the ad cn i o 1st ration oi
he laws in Craven county does rec
ignns such a else They are allowed
hold property without paying on.
cent of lax.
The thing has tons to that extent thai
beliv th taxpayer n rnaas of tbi.
oouniy would be justified in refuain
to pay another dollar of tax until th
collection of lh baak taxea has been
o forced. The officer of the count
hould be forced by pub I ho sentiment U
colled taxea from all and aboli.h thr
priviUged claa. Th law-abiding
poopleaf lh county can do this if they
will. In the above we do not mean t"
oo personal; we are speaking in general
terms of a great grievance lhat baa beei
Mid too long.
Tai l Tha-ssa
tat par aiood.
, rala mm . aad IL.0U
f VMsaJl ttVaw $9 fwr sVata.
Meeting of Farmers' Alliance.
The Craven Cou nty Farm era' Alliance
oh'ch met at the court bouse on the 5th
ins'., wis represented by dt legate from
the fl rat fw ouu-aiiiiuti uj ipwiku u
l increase m aamoera aaa a ucicimim
lion to preserve the orgsnixalion.
From the best information to be ob
tained there was reported a diminution
of the acreage plantod in cotton and a
decided increase in the acreage of the
graaee and grin crope. Lees fertilizers
ased except by the trackers and more
eomport made than has been in several
yea re.
Major A. Gordon, tbe Business Agent
oi th county, read communications
from the State Baainees Agent, report
ing that ail arrangement naa pees
wiMfLKs o thi ric completed for the transaction of busi-
Ieaota aa iasp-re Ute of the blood aad i aMa mmd mll mambr of the order were
oim api"V)a
u .it I i.toB Blood
ajja ml Ilea iarbs. t pari lea aJ leave u cmpteamo amoovo i y uw.
try KUortrW aad elaer. i aore ia msi i xe moouag was vary aarasoKu,
gg VTi.t! by 1. Barry. Wow" -jaalvaa vary hopeful for the fatura of
Vara. N r tB faxniar.
Oreensbcro Pttrioi: The city fathers
nave eppropriaud S CHI for the turchase
of guns to be usud by the Continental
'ompany at the Guilford battle ground
celebration on the 4th o( May next.
It was ordtred by the board of countj
commissioners, at .heir meeting Mon
day, that the hanging of Elijih Moore
on the 19th inst . be public, at a plact
to be aelecled by the sherilT Kut an
ippeal having bei n taken to tne Su
preme Court iu Moi re s case, it is noi
ikely that the ;t i: t . lc nv.11 be enrneo
aut on thit date.
Nashville Argo:.ut: S. D. Marsh
bourn will plant tent)-one acres iL
tobacco this year. He sold the tobacco
from nineteen acres last season for ovei
3.000, or an average of over S150 pei
:ra. Our farmers report extraordi
aary preparation for a crop this year
An unnal quantity of land has beet
cleared all over tho country, and in th.
Hilliardston section, it is said that dur
ing the past ten years, there haa noi
oeen as much clearing and other prep
aration made for a crop, as has beet)
this season.
Tarboro Southerner: For all practi
al purposes Edgecombe is out of debt
Track laying on the Norfolk rail
road began at this end Tuesday. Con
j-actor Petti'.t received a telegram tha
ay to begin and push it Sherifl
Dawson drove to Rocky Mount, taking
vith bim his four year old son, Frank
Be alighted from his buggy when hi
reached the outskirts of the town to set
person a moment on business, wbe'
he horse took fright at something am
'n away. Tha animal ran a half mib
o the livery stable, when little Franl
aa thrown out n.1 much scared
hough, but iittle n j:vreJ.
Wilson Advat.c. : Mr. W. R. 8ry
f Greene county, tells us that "4 ne
roeS have left his and Ins sons farm-
ince the exodus begun. Consider-
ibly more truck'' h s been planteo
round Wilson this enr thiin u-ual
)ur i eople have discovered that trier
s money m truck farming and nianj o
hem are trying it n a small scale
Bill Fife" jrrache.l nl the Methoii"
:nurch last night lie is mi earn
vorker in the vineyard of the Loid
Judge. Jmes L :stiepberd is o
own Our people loved him w hen b
vaa a telegraph operator, they loe
iim when he wa Superio rt"ourt Jud.
-nd they are mne the less fund of hi
iow that he is a Supreme Court Judge
Twin City Pailv: We learn as w
to to pre lhat Rev. Win Turner, ai
iged and respectvd cui;-n of S.Ueiu
iad justditd whiis returning to in
iome lb is even i ng His death occurri.
bile on the road riding in his i-nrriag
ivar Wsughtown A fatal .ici iden
-ccurre on last evening in the railrosi
ut near Rural Hall on the Wi.kecboio
Cxtfnsion. 1: seenit ihit a ruimner
lands wrre at work digging down
leep emoankment when suddenly llo
iirt caved in, killing ou negro in
tanlly, breaking another s arm am
wounding several others ni re or lers
Asheville Citizen: Un yesterday wt
aw a deed made d Jlr Alexander
Jrrelt to the Home B i.ird of Missiohi
if the Preeby,enan Church of ttn
I'aiie-1 Slates conveying to that bod
me Oakland Inn protertv m the town
f iotoria, the con -l iera' ion being
ighty thousand dollars It was e
moet cordial greeting wl.ic i we. coined
Gen R B Vance as he stepped from
ur electric railway cars al d urtsquare
yterday afternoon i'mil ijuicki)
thronged around him. und hisguniai
face shiwed his appreoiation of the
rtiai hand -s i ug f wLieh he wa-
tbe recipient.
Newton Enterpnsi i lover comt s out
of the last winter in the bert condi ion
we ever saw it. Ii: is very promising
Mr. William llinson a prominent
citrr.en of Lincoln county, died at bis
home near Matthn wa Chun-".. Wed nes
day, April 3i. aged about 7'J vears
A bout a j ear s go he h ad one ey e. w h ich
had been giving him much pain, re
moved, and has been gradually sinking
ever since. Ia most psrt of the
county a portion i.f the peach crop was
killed I y frot Iat Friday mom ing. but
there are plenty left yet Mr J.imes
Brown, tho new owner of the Long
Island cotton factory, on t lie Tatawba
river has just ricived machinery for
adding 1 C '1 a 1 d it i .n il spindles to the
factory .
News and Observer: A great many
Raleigbites will attend the centennial
at New York. April UO.h On Wed-
neaday, the 24tb cf April, at Avoca,
Hon. T.J. Jarvis will deliver an ad
dreea, telling among other interesting
things bow the people live in Brazil
Sue;;., eti 3: s ficm Men and Women.
" A ny tody can ed it a paper. All you
have to do is to keep you r eyes op n and
put down what you see." Wby don't
you give greater variety to your paper,
and let the peop'e know what goes on. "
" Why do you put such stuff in your
paper? Nobody cares anything about
that. Tell tbe folks what bargains we
are giving." "What in the thunder
made you put that in your paper; How
can we make a profit on eggs, and butter
if you publish what we pay for them. "
" Why don t you give us more,goetry V"
"What tbeduce you running on poetry
for.'" These are samples of every day
experiences. Ihe man is not yet born
wbo can't tell us what we ought to do.
nut mortal few know what to do them
selves. The laJiesare different in thia re
spect. It is very seldom that a womaa
makes a suggestion to an editor, and
when she does it is usually done with
commendab e d ifcression. One, who
is as good as she isbeautiful, said to us
last evening: "Won't you call atten
tion to the animals on the streets':'"
"How, " we asked , "in what particu
ar?" "Why, see those goats! They
.nay be gay. festive and picturesque
hut they do not conform to my ideal of
Deauty. Look at the cows. When I
was a lutle girl my nurse used to
frighten me into being good by telling
me the bad boy bad horns, and ever
aince I have associated horned things
with fire and brinstone. No use telling
ue thtt they are essential to good liv
ing and without them there is no eucb
things ad butter, cheese and ice-cream
1 admit that without them we woulo
oe in a fearful dilemma, but I had
rather be on the horns of a dilemmn
han on the I orns of a cow. But above
all else I am troubled about the horses
I don't mean the ip! en did flyers and tbe
-legant trotters, nor indeed tbe saddle
td buggy horses that "run around"
or an hour or two in the evening.
These produce pleasurable emotions
especially if I am with one who
'handles the lines beautifully." But
just look at that little pon pitched to
i vehiclo big enough for Noah and hi
amily. Now what right has anybodj
o impose on him in that
vay! Of all the outrageous treatment
f horses, that ptrpetrated by the aver
age drayman is the most infamous.
Half of the dray horses are ill-fed and
:ruelly beaten, and all of them are
enerally overloaded. Many of them
re so out of chape from bad usage, so
leformed from founder, fpavin. wind
.alls, splint, and a thousand ills to
vhich horse U-sh is heir to, lhat tbey
ould be rejected at any respectable
quine infirmary, and some of them
ouldnot be received at a fegularlj
harurrd bone-yard. I think some
nicg ought to be done, und if no cut
lse rises to eubmit a proposition I sug
est that our city fathers ordain that n
ne can obtain a license to run adra
ho cannot prove that he is merciful t
on beast." Good, that woman is sen
se6 d w
Middle Ft". New B.-rne.
A Nice Line of
Men's, Youth's and
Boys' Clothing"
Just HeceivedJBarrlflgfO
Shoes, Hats and Dry ;
Goods. ,
Which will be sold j
very cheap at j
Us C. afj.lBil, ti
LIarket Dock,
Consign us your produce.
mar 5 dwtf
of the
Boot and Shoo Maker,
Pollock St.. Newbern, If. C.
Desires t iiiiijoiinof Hint Ms KA I,L BTOCE
ni- il Vi'KKI A I . has l.een re reived und he la
prepared lo fill ordem
Ilavli.i: : v. n si: p.-rl or H tiled workmen, all
oi lt i s pi n:ii f .1 ; y ,1 1- ,t
In Htiilniiim pain.i i,L.e I irnaranlee "tha
beet 1 1 1 h l iiul. a e,,,..i ill u.e ltt .trU.
and (Liraljiliry,"
As one aiiioiit; iiinnv teslliiiontala of tha
dmrm ler n( my wm U the suhloliied from .
well known rlilzi n lis lis own story:
I'MTFr. Status Npw Kericb, ft. C,
(ViMMis iih iihio:, Oct. 6th, 1888.
J Ml. IIC-I.KI.M, 1- ,..t, su; ri, ,:(, me a natr of
Kalti-is si mi ii r in ilio,n j .e.i made me two
yennaiio. I Imvo wm n them I wo years anC
lliey nr.. etiint n-i j hsve been weaiine
shoes rlfly p'x lean und tliev are ths bail
I ever wore. IteSDeelfullv.
"MiKiied" K O nil -t-
Kepalrlng neatly and promptly done.
Oi l -'I tl w
i sbi a,i i
Middle St.. New Berne. N. C.
ruahicg Fr rard
Ills little town of Avoca. Berti
tiunty. it making a big effort to mak
self known to tbe ooUiJe world and
ney are on a pretty sure way to accom
lih it. Like our nearer at home, and
rttgressiye Aurora, Avoca i not only
horoughly advertising and talking up
s facilities and inlucements, but is
.cting A grand celebration ha? beer
rrnnged to come off the latter portio'
f this month. The program ia a long
sried and interesting one. On the
M(h Minister Jarvis is to deliver an
.ddress on how the people liTe in
We wish these progressive little
owns all the prosperity they may de
serve, but our principal efforts are to be
iirected towards our own home.
?o we will cmvince you that Acker'b
Knghsh Remedy for tbe lungs is superior
to all other pr. parations, and i a positive
c ire for all Throat and Luog Troubles.
Ooup, Whooping Congh and Colds. We
4 lurantee the preparation and will give
vou a sample bottle free Sold by K.
Berrv. New Brrne, N. C.
English Island,
Just arrived per Schr.
Mattie Hiles,
For sale by
South Front St.
Also, a Full Line Ladles and Gents' Shoes
of other make
They seil the Cheapest and Etat Line tt
ever ofTored to the trading public. mrlOdwy
HOW TO OUT A l!V Til Ell.
which he is
I have gu hand a lot
of Pure Mountain Corn
Whiskey and Alcohol
for Medicinal pur
noses. J. F. TAYLOR,
Wholesale au.l Eetml Grccer,
jin23Jwtf NET LEuNE. N. C
500 Rcc v.. S. i-.s.
250 llu-ki,; -l;.j, .
10o Skunk Skiiir.
500 Fox Sfe ' ns.
Ulio Otu-r Si :n-.
lbO Mick Skins.
50 Opossom SkiLs.
50 ESi ir Skins
5D Wild Cat Sk;r..
50 House Cut Sk::. .
100 Rabbit Skins.
'250 Deer Sk iu-.
li I'O attle I' .
1000 Sheep c-ku - .
11X0 1 in l SklJ.
Vnd also Tallow, H-i at.d Fich
Highest market price pin! for al! the
.bove. If j ou don't nelo-ve it, trv me.
mir27dlm New ierne, N. C.
General Hardware
Agricultural I ni p 1 e ni e n t t.
P'o-a!:, Il'irrows, CultiTatora,
ii-.ve8 and Ajtea,
Wotid'M Mowers arid Reapers,
C-jtto.i tii;3 ft cd Presses,
Ifertiiiz.-t Laud -Master, Kainit
Vleciiatjics Toolj, and Hardware.
Lime. Brick, Cement, Plaster
Hair,, Salsoraiiie, Var
nisti, sjil, j Suss, Putty and Hair,
Freezers, IJefric-erators, Oil
(JooJi Stoves, Eureka Burfflai
Proof SatIi Locks, warranted to
give security and satisfaction.
Truckers Heeding
Genuine Early Rose
Seed Potatoes, Maine
Stock, for replanting"
their crop, can be
supplied at Lowest
Price by
IT. TJIrieli,
As agents for owners we offer for sale on
es and accommodating trrus the lollow
uig J escribed improveu Keal Kslate In the
City oi .Nev Bern-:
PuINT ; includes the piece of land kaown at
"TH K bLAN IV" aia the wharf or roadwaj
leiiliui; thereto from Ka&t Front stieet.
Ais-o, water space now being filled in. The
.ocntion is the best m the city for all mann
t'acturing purpoHes, whila lha largest oiaft
viaitlni; our waters have ample depth of
ivnter for load lis anil unloauiDg at the
I'Ni'JN !' 'INT. occup'eel as ow elllngs.
.ii'liii-ir.' rial I of water frontof Lot IS o. 12,
:i : 1 ie p. in of the city. Upon tha property
islii. HU i :i cuiiimodlous brick warehouse.
I he . i), to. use a portion of the prop--.-rtv.
,N , K.W . N iTKKKT.
No. ",. V.-. l'K 'li)KI-J AND HWKI.LISO
'N "'ItAVK.S i"itKfr cccupitd by It. O. K.
A. : : 1 i!t s.-r: im- of valuable proper
"" toL-eih--r w::h the best terms upon which
:ne seme w!i4 be bold, will be furnished n
tppacsiti'.n in tl.e uiidersigned at iheir office
nnu'.n Front meet.
Ie j Ins and Real Estate Agts.
Any Kiilisrrllier to the Daily or Vl'iiii.r
Jot'KNAi., wbo has p&ldone vear In advmnoa.
will lo eiitllled to 111 ner rent iHartmnl nn
set of CHAM DIOKh-NS' WORKH. For lha
money, this Is the best edition on th market.
Comparad with the rest of former, a van
recent days, H is amatlr ii how lha irlna nf
standard boobs are now reduced. This la
especially irue of the works or Charles Ilck-
ens, and the inotit morvelonsly cheap edi
tion of his works tver pnbllrlind la uu ques
tional. ly the "lie,. ' pilllliili. imw lumS h.
John 1! Allien, toe "Literary Involution"
publlHber. New York. Chicago, and )
where. It Is printed In kok1, clear, lai(a
faced nonpurell 15 pe (from vhe sun nlaivs
as Appleton l-opnlar I.l irnry Kdlllnn,
price per stt JKI.IHii. double column najra.
smail quarto form, eaty for tho rye, coo t
iilentto handle, and Is handsomely bon d
In cloth, In elirht volumes as follows:
List or (he Vols- Over 130 lllnstr'ns.
I. Mnrtln Ch iizzlc wit . 1 ri. Iavld Oopperfleld.
Hurtiiiby Kudtte. I Christmas Htorles,
Kd tr 1 ti 1 IrcwMl
?. Kleob House. I
Sketches iiy Ir 7. . Mutual Friend.
I. Nlcholns Nlekleliy. ) pictures fin Iialr.
'I Hie cf Two I 'II leu I
L'aconi'c'l Traveler. I 7. Honibej and Hon.
1 1 1 1 d Cu rl oatt v RhOD
1 1'lcltwlek Papers. I American Nnlai.
Reprinted I'leoes.
(ire . I Expectations s. Little Dorrlt.
I Ullvor 1'wlsl.
I'rl-c Per Vol 4 5c. I cr Kel 3.00.
Size of vol 11 me .'1 .'1 1 1 7 ."-1 Incliea: noaLaaa.
I If by mall, '2 cents per volume
Sample copies an be seen at thlsofTioa.
Tax Notice.
To Clef r (.rcen. dellnquenl:
lake Notice. That at a Kheilll's Pale tor
taxes, at the court house door In bay Iniro on
the 7ih day of lay. IHiX, your land lylns; on
Mason s Creek, conralninu Mm Brmi mm
for the taxes of 1SH7, when and where I be
came the purchaser Id the sum of Sevan dol
lars and flrty cents, and one dollar and ten
cents costs. Tolal JW.0U. Unless the said sum.
loKetber with the costs of ihla advertise
ment, and the '2 per cent. Interest la paid aa
lequtrcd bv law for the redein ptton or laoda
Bold for t ixpb, I shall taae a deed therefor.
W. T. JAHo.
Hnyboro N. C . Feb 14, IKMi.
Cost of :iU rtlsemenl, tA IHI.
Middle St.,
Tax Notice-
To A. A M. Hahn, UellnquenU:
Tftko Notice That at a HherifTa Hal for
taxes at the court houwe door In May bora, on
I tie 7ih iay of May, 1HKS, all your lands In
Pamllro county, on Hprinu (-reolt. Trent
Creek. Head of Alligator, Headof Bay KlTi.
and Whitfhuietn Creek, wcr all oid for th
laxeH of IShT, when and wbt-rc I btcatna the
purctiBKi- r Id i he en m of I wen l v-oue tlollaia
and thiriy-Btx cenu taxes, and tbre
dollarsand tlilrly ci nis costs 3i M). Total
l n:t'ss The miui, together villi
ihe costs oi tl; 1 h advertisement Is paid, to
gether with thr 2-1 per cent 1nirest aa r
jutr?d by law f r the redemption 4f lands
ho.d for laie, J Khali take a deed threfor.
b' KKTl'H Mil.CEH.
lUyborn, N. . Feb I . IKH.
lubL ol ad vert lm un: t , f i (N
New Berne
Re-established UMill
.i t He rue. N". C
N. C.
Where have the Indians gone? There is
only one left iu the city, and that is at
Pulmer s igarstore on Middle street.
Ton a ceo is an Indinu weed, and from it Is
.nade Klue Clears. "licvliifif Tobacco,
Fine Citt Clie vi ug, and Suuff, and some
tliing mixed with soineihmi; they call
Ji Sureties. Call and see what is wnat,
middle St., Newberj.
Road Oarfs!
lO percent cheap
Ci tliau uiiybcdj".
5- l'oa't buy before g .-lUng our prices
nid catalogues.
Name this paper. mar22
On Wbeels.
1 ' Lop
cNS WORKS The simr.le
y or tne doz eaition or Dick
ens is now on band. Regular library
JockN'aL at astonishingly low prices
r 1 and see sample. a5 tf
cloth binding and clear
We club these works complete
either the Daily or Weekly
Go to F. S. DUFFY
The best assortment of Truses in ihe cltv.
A perfect rtt guaranteed.
A full as-ortiueiu of Fresh and Warranted
Garden fieeos.
A la rye, varied and select stock of Perfu
mery aud Fine oape.
A choice assortment of Fine and Cheap
Proprietors of Duffy's Tonic Mixture,
Duffy's Antl-BIUous Pills, old and reliable
Family Medicines.
Hat-Plumes. Feather Fans. Moonted Birds.
Feather Work and Fancy Articles made by
Hotel For Rent.
Upon the I-laud t f Ocracoke, will be
rented for ihp tnnj!Lh' jer. beginning
May 1st. 1 S v 9 Terms e;:sh or secured
notes. Hotel furnished and ready for
occupancy, healed bid to be forward
ed to th undersigned before April 13th.
1SS9. Further information furnished
upon application to
i ". M Bii OWN",
m2S :3:
and Trt'hfl.
:ii:atcn. N. C
d2r7COO n COP;n00 A JIOSTH can be
O 1 0 LU CpJU made working for
us Agents preferred who can furnUh &
horse and give their whole time to the busi
ness. Spare momems may he profitably
employed also. A few vacancies In towns
find 15. F JOHNSON A CO.. lWl'J Main
St. . Richmond, Ya,
N. R. Ladies employed also. Nevermind
about sending stam p for l eply . Come quick.
V juis for b ., B. V. i. A Co. " aprit h"m
Spring Session
Vance Male and Female
On IK. ...nin nf the ..mA .1.. Ml A. W. Dl'FrV
7,1 Z , . . x. , j All of which we offer atthe VERY LOW-
win tie an ow time nsn supper ana Ei,x pricks for CASH,
steamboat eicursiao to the light house. 1 deci dwtr
F. 8. L'CKFY.
AtteEifion, Farmers
We have o- hand und can supply
you at Rock Bottom Fiucts :
Stonewall Cottcn I'io,c,
Climax Cotton Plows,
Gem Cotton Plows,
'Cotton KinfTs."
Iron Age Cultiyo'or
Cox Cotton IM. Hirers.
Centennial Coru IM,. ,teia,
Ami everything else is needed
on tbe farm.
Give us a trial.
So. Front and Craven Sts.
I Newbern, N. C.
Opened January 28, 1889.
The patronage of the public is7re8
pectfuily solicited.
Terms for your.g ladies not exceed
ing S70 "0 per sessiou of five months,
ineluJins Vocal and Instrumental
Music, lull coureo in Book keeping
atui Commercial Law, and Penman
ship. Many puril get through for 850.00.
Full corf e cf competent teachers.
For further information address
Poiloksvilk-s N, C.
Ask Tour Retailer for the
$3 SHOE.
According to Tour Needs.
SaW" US : A7 ' -A tl
Fhofcgrapfi Oallery.
I "t;i k c r m a ' j ! iimi re ! n In To I'm Ing my
many f r lends :tinl ; lie j n l l (reneralJy. thai
1 hnve returpi fr m Mm City and r'
opened my i'imMok rapMr f-Mui.o at the old
Ktaul, where I hhail le please! to see all tuj
frlendn and l he ji,h,ir xonerally.
The very f!u t rmMicn h I have met
since iha i in .-ie .New Ii-rne my hom )m
guarantee o: u.f s'.n i -i M uf my worlft
It Kienk h for i t m-. f .
My Unlit nieH Die s W J'OKCELAI i
Lr r r,i 1 u all in v work
I, A K; KI) TO AM I" 1 V. I ) h S I K I '
Thuikin uli ! th-iret 1 he ml pn I ron
ft e, an I lnpin l ineili u eontlnuauce of
i tie same. I m i -ji" ifuMv,
M'aii im v A l.TER,
New Mrtrne, N. n.
N. W. cor. Ml,:. He itiwl I o! -. k ttJ..over K.N.
lJnll's tfi ti!"ic I iHfiinei- from Pollock
nen20 dtf
na UXUl OUU SiyuiUi. IIOU 11K I mmm m m m mm . aaam.
Ing perfectly easy the first time It '
u worn. It will utitisfy tb most
fastidious. JAMES MKANS
U bHOE la absolutely tha
pnlr shoe of I La price wbtca
Has erer been placed ex
tensivelyon the market
in wnicn anraoinry
Lerea beioro
mere oat-
m -m- m .a S33E' ' - U f t? .JBT r r
arisK tot mejamev i2ZM anoo.
aUe&Ds w ttnot for lioys
J. MEANS & CO., Boston.
Full lines of tho above i-hoes for sale hf
PnblUhrd ft I the al lnnl 4'ailtl, i
ur tii cdvlfr f i h r rou tiiry.
Howard & Jones.
Do a General Banking business.
New Banking House,
Middle Street, fourth door below Uotel
raidwly NKW BERNE. IV- :.
The Waehinfrton Weekly Post
U a lare riht pit: japei , li : ! to tliebrlm
Willi lh mtv hiiehl n nifHl Important
news matter . Alio: its ilepar Iruonti are In
charge of i oin' leiii n. en, ainl no pains or
expeiiHe an? t-pnreil lc make I iik kkki.Y
1'ost a moi! 1 fnml:y nevi-paper. The sub
ben pi Ion pi lee i I 1 1 K W i i. s i Is $ 1
per year , pa a t ..'! i-t ' a In ml v an re. H- nd
for Bum p!e c j i , i h.
The Washington Daily Post
In the only jiioriniii; jmper ;nilillHh(d t the
rap Oil wLiOi jiisnisM'B ll.e Isellltled for
itliei I ti i; mill in . ii 1 1 thenewhef llieday.
Willi om In i e n,r. nl ippoi ters s ml tjn-rlal
w li I 18 We I. re el ill I 1 i 1 1 In i! I nl lie. 1 I if. moal
-ea.liible J fl.i I eer ruileil in W fish in Kton .
The 1 in nn I nr. .r w i.i.!. iiik i mi news fur tha
next few in i n. 1 1 1 1 i ii id be i..pniei,l to all,
iiii-l llii'iiovi:: I .e p. . I .i 1 1 1 r in il : urn throiiKh
Which tn . Ill Hill 'I Ihhli Til K I'All.l 1'OST.
m; life: : 1 i-
lliiil , ,
' f Till I I A 1 l.T lOST
( I : i
' I !
oi.i'JOIil .
one Tunr . . .
( in Inn Oh
Jfl (KI
. fi"
We are now located on the corner,
near the Monument, where we will be
glad to see our friends.
Groceries in Great Variety.
Choice Fruits and Candies
Wood and Glass Ware-
Notions, Cheap as Cheapest.
Whips and Lashes; Sheet Music: Books
and School Supplies; Snuff. Tobacco T'lie Sunday Edit'n of The Post
and Cigars; and many other articles, j
all Of which we Bell at the Lowest Cash ,s "'l '' u " !l lniei s: i. r. ai urea, and lis
Prices. Mieuhieiv:.. ;t ii i, mii irkm (j h Biiy Journal
If you want to sell or buy COUNTRY 1,1 1 " ,"1 s 1 " will pay you to ere us, a. sin x.- ni; .!. u
before you bargain.
is as f. i
1 ml Iv
1 Hi l i
1 1.. I.j
I'm J
Sin., I
month.. To
With thanks for past favors, wo eo
licit a share 6t your trade.
P. S Free stables for all of our cus
YTours truly,
Kinston, N. C.
A quirk, iiormutnt onaa
iur iui or railing
Dinnhood. II .11 IIIIHIIWM
wealinoss, unnnturnl loasea. lark of stranataw
viiri-ir cir dovoloiininnt, rpuiind by Inrf lacrauoa.
xccusue. ate 1 .nine.!, h.K, nl
r- -
rv t " -
i'Jr-: i
, . ... ' '.. ... :;
i-.v-"wn' .
"i-.'-V'A '"f'i- '-iv rx.vV: .'xirf- :'v:-''V:-' ''o'

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