North Carolina Newspapers

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: Fcr Ys& Steal Impaired Dlpsflon Dlsonlaral Liw.
PrrMXTd only by TH OS. BEECH AM, S4. Helen, Unfa.Oire,EnlinJ.
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Tho Uany Friends and Customers
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Irnin'Kin section,
n; dj patroa, we
jpprei'n'r' thtr ptrtofe
ha!! hoi.l nt M ( It K IN-
th-:r i-onfl lencj'1 :n t!ie fatar,
XIriaf tod b50d No r.rn
tka we r proad to ajr, rouat
apeiall7 eall to their Bttentioo. th:
xUdd ta a in th pt. and t la t
&1 Utbid BEING T II K AO K NTS for
Tfto. JI. Holt's PUidj, CoU' f pool CoUoa, H-Ar ('reek ami Bluff
Ullla DosMlio, 8tX, Lje aaJ TotAb, Ix)nlUi d Snuff and
AnnoarJL Co. ProviioD, IIorlonVa Hkin(t Tiwder.
W en7 Ftoar. Tobcro, Sooff, Coff, Sajar, ao
AaJ fa lAe DRY OOOD3 Hd no booje m thi ecti.n .-arne a more
altAbJ stock (a pi Um bajr, to t t l veil in prio.
eB!ATOR Rhervin is to
abroad at his own expanse.
The season is rather late, but
! look oat for political cyclone in
tha Wwt.
Ho. Kith a V. IMxn lus
ten elected 1". S. Senator from
Rhode Island.
VV k are gratified to learn tbat
the rp iq tbia sectioa were not
materially irjured by the late i-oid
SrRlNw, tliat wa so MHvagely
fcncked oot last Satnrdav, is
slightly disfigured but nt.Il in the ,lrt.
ring. (iiiuil.
Oe'. James Iimjstrkpt's rei .
deocin (ialD.ville, Oa., was de
airojed bj flr Uat Mo.:c'iy. Ixs
110,1-M). "o insarance.
In the removals in the postal
aerric of this section, we do not
aee the Italian hand of Wanamaker,
biu the bronze fist of Stpu Ajri
Mmi. N . one has jet got what he
wanted from this administration.
but everT one excpt Bradley has terruptf
accDUd what b eot. Thiladfl- h-lli lH-,-n
phia Times.
8ava55ah ,Qffered another
heary lou by tire on last Tne.'ulay.
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' .! a tic w
w .:i.!t-r I'u'dy
1 'e th i (' r I . s
lie: a ! .i 1 1
i rti : ii .
i. ! ; ,
a :
party pa.-;
l'riday. a
greatly tii
ll at tie
Tha- .i l: 1
the C,,.;,!- .,.!.. 11. i :
the e Pre-: !. a' '- .
t le 'e 1 a I. .1 .a i i n
id 1 1 ted t he i'i a. . r-a!
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even Mail N"
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h i m .
A B" -r.N. M
the 7th oa C-v. 'I'i;
For Vrtm Good, Notion. White iools and so on. u will pay yoa to Tbe yaTnD.h cotton mill, vaJued
rlUi year laa.e- ana ii mem no iM1r snapping ,n 1M w barned and toUlly
I'BKsiPEST Habbisos haa de
eided to eradicate the race qaes- ,
tion. 11 ls wht of doing it la to'
appoint white men to office regard-
find . hoae in taia of color. rinsas City Times.
At Manson, Iowa, laflt Tueday,
Ife were
rd. and 1
i U diat&ac
What we cAaaot sap-tij, oar other merchants can
Bat ta eoA ar that il joa make roar head.ja r'e
rem will And eTemhur to roar notion.
E7 Goodf hoaeai good, 35 tolie to
U poaad.
811 OE3 tor firn Ad Parlor wear.
HaaUrw Caraiia ta txerJ o.
..Waeaa ttrit aaoei Aar oo ; lf CAn':
uks yoa A tait to order, aad il we fail
no" joa ar bo money oat.
It jo a enaot come to Kiaston
rnmawfr aJ! joar ioqairree.
Yoart txwlj,
Oil 11
inir boas
o'lncen to
me o n ; 1 r.
vil ! TiLa r ,-rr m k n w
to lit vo, von need not take Krt Schideler and
driving when a spark from Schide
r:re to a, and with pleajare we willj irM pipe ignited the clothmg of
his wife, and she waa burned to
I death.
Jr., the bri!::ar:
the Dudley Stret
aanonnred tu hi ; '
he had aeeept.d t;
Twenty third S: r
' Church, New m.
twenty nve ear v'.
who is i Ncrth ar.
lawyer and legislator
ortlamed to the mini-
Forest College '.a 1S
to New Y o r k with Un
building up a popui u
his admirer- here ex
; m i n. i .l
11 t;. ' Mi-.::j;
n .M rror.
he i ,!;-. r of
tT' ' i oil
ii. ai.'l Mr.
I; i e per
on lietweel)
have been 111
r ' h ( ' a I o i 1 1 1 a
e! i.ii-: for
!l ol
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or of
' ( nuri'ii,
ml IV
iil oi the
in a
The ca rr i i; g of deadly Wiapn.s
c uireah 1 M condeuined Py the
virtuous ainl the good of all cam
mnnitien. It is a practice hurtful
to Hociety and dangerous to indi
viduals. It is indeed a rare thing
that a valid excuse can be reii
dernd for carrying about enes p(r
son a concealetl weapon.
But man is a progressive animal,
and while a little while ago it was
easy enough to determine what
wa- ment by "a concealed weapon,"
it is now diflicult to determine.
A distinguished Judge uae
whose learning has long adon-d
the judiciary of N'orth Carolina
has decided that a clam is a deadly
weapon, and no . ;. al has been
taken limn his decisKir, and should
an appeal be taken the judgment
of the Superior Court will
be, allirmed. It is possible that
tins adjudication might iead to the
aholitiou of clams, but for the fad
that "The Beadly Greenback" has
been fired on and its e t er m i n a' l on
demanded. Current Iitei ltnre
says ;
The last item of news from the
labortorv is that the deadliest ol
bacteria live and multiply on the
bank notes that we handle. Probab
ly there is not a viler article that
we ever touch than a bank note
Carried in the pockets of the most
lii ;
M ;n . w :.!. .-. '.
r h 1 1 p 1 1 ; i -i r. . - ;
tinkers in He .
machine-. - .
liiht i .;:,;.
W I llia.e; ;i
Cel 1 e.,e-i
I J Lir U !, - A K
an 1 i:,,- i i .. . . ;
cay at i, :ki,t .
( ircen v i , I '.
aw i t ii r- e . i
hist We ite"- ;
w.-.-fe ,'i (, h . , ...
I.. !, tn- : ;
ert i I ; .
Na.-h ii i -tractc
l re..-. I
on in tii' M' '.ii
bv i:- . i i. ;;
II ac fc II . . I . .
l arr. vl... I r-. I"
J u 1 v . mi l whi
tier.', v. ,i- , , I i -;
1- ri 'ay aiel . ..(
Wa,-' .i.t :i
-urvi-y i! i'e-
lii Hi'.' Illl'.ll
1) m f nir ! lie -1 1 r v e v ; - ! i . i , i
of the tan.. l;i, - :
been 1 tinm .r. i.' i :' i
phip ht tlie Mf.l,....-t C ..I! !
A. i rcf t;e. ; i i : :i A i. sura ur.
1 .') we. fruni I ' . : ' ; :n ; . , i , ,-!
1 t(V, Mr. War.-, an i 1 1. : 1 -v
be lncrearii;'
Hit.iical K-c r ;er: It v.
Turner, an at: a uud mo-c
vara i f i i.ri-'. li.ii maae:..
il;i.i'a.-t' on Sitaram hvitiiuit.
while on his way ii ,n.e Ii
poiutnii'tit at '' Iai-L lai:
1 'ur ilear hr her d id a- 1.
.-. -"he po- A Composition on War.
- ' ' '' ''"" Ii iho Mil','-' number ni the M ' .
-l.i keens a hook .
. aiidiDK. nearly - leac"cr lvt fl:li t..c compnntun ;''.'
. 1 1'rot-byterian below, written by liarlowe I'arrott.a
on street. It all thirteen year old student of Kington
napudent refusal College. It was written for the editor
of The Teacher, while on a viwit there,
at the desk without afsiatance from any
to re
i i . .
Ui tary laws cf the
nai fate Chronicle: Yesterday morn
aock, the reidenoe of une una with no dook to consult, ioung
ol. corner Third and C Parrott is a grandson of James llar
.! bc-.l of a great deal of lowe Dibble, deceased, who was for
aar articles. Dae thief , ,.
.: .!..-,.- ami robbed three many year8 a Proaiinent citizen of Kin
of which persons were , 8toa a9 a carriage manufacturer and a
-;i active lire are re- ; farmer, and who wall longberen.i ni
larpentice regions of bered by the people of Kmston and the
y ,ore rounties. On , . , . , ,
it a drunken 1 adjoinin COUBt,eB- aH a kind heart. 1.
in . set lire to ; enterprising, good
: irn l,w way out. The jail
1 ii'ian ami the nan was
lii" eighth annual meet-'-to-
1: t.ol : -rs of the Mutual
v 1 1 ,
A Alt
When one nation lights another 1 1 . y
are at war. Wars are rtemrurii ve.
Man fights man (ni l numbers are killed .
1 .an Association of Char- Some are captured and others !:. o!
A- hi,;, uveuing at the j disease. They aio exposed tu ml
'- 'aan. Anionic other . weathers. Sometimes ineulliciontly fed
- cr..firy"s leport Bhows ' or clothed . Summer hurts the
ra- !-rolit is 10 pr cent, less than any other ei aeon, but e. n
i f-.r tiie past two then they have to march in the c.n
- 1. i v.; hi t-u paid bf the . and some have sunstrokes. Same
in swamps, but r,tn't light much, lor
'5-j: A it' tracted meet- when they try to shoot they nink kn. e
- tins week at the Hap- deep in mud. The swamps give them
n Scotland Xeck. The; r9ver8- in Africa tho 1-rench Holdiers
' ii jnl for m
II'Ll.'.k. :.v; . .c i.'.j : a. I iOus JUIOE
f ;C1C -'r CALirORUIA, 'v.
Ci .- . o vn du inal
'.. n to ie
' ' i Ik Inimaii
" i i an rii'ivcahle
i 1. 1 j enna-
:'.. Consti
' ' i '.' ii!-. dc-
' ' . '. . : ii:.n tivc
kev. LJr. Hufham, will be
o- it v J. s. Dill, of Ciolds
1 ora K Davis, wife of
V( r;
fought the Arabs on the Sahara There
they rode on camuls. .Sometimes they
couldu't get water. Sometimes they.
U ivis. c. .lored. has been ap- ! were wounded and suffered very much.
st:;i istrea at Halifax, vice 'Sometimes they got limbs shot oil ami
M'hougii but
Mr. Dixon,
man. was a
if-lor i- in' was
ry a' Wake
'.. He goes
; i, t en ' ion of
church, and
it; to sec
had devote. 1
life to the or
KiiZihbta (,'ity m
day in conrider.i
a j ill. i hey ap
.-till of t;.f oi l-: 1
New - : Ta- C- -tv. rr. ; --;i"C
i al session t-t-I'
.n of tlie building of
inie.1 a ; jmrnittf-e .it.-l
Sign of the ( debrated Tearl Shirt.
KI53TON', N. C.
VV k take oor hat off to the
Goldsboro Argns. It late anni
reraary number was jaat splendid.
When Goldsboro doe the hand
j aome thing, we participate in the
' pleaaare.
him succeed. Mr. Dixon is a typi
cal "Tar lleei," tail and dark, with
aquiline features, l.-ailcss in debate
of public questions and a lover of
baseball. lie will preach his last
sermon here on next Sunday.
Tin: Daily Norfolk lrginiau of
leprous and loathsome, it passes f " "J ., T'".
th it t limn nil tliQ TA.nb-of rf tllO rt.lir.tiil . . r
t.,..i i.iii'.i,u laithini an-: n...-t :. -.ive
NN'e would not think of taking a
pocket handerchief that had made
any such roand without washing
ami fumigating. We could not be
induced to put on the shirt of a
tramp, but the money of the dis
eased and contaminating goes with
out a thought into our inner pock
ets. What disease we hug we do
not think or care."
Now. we are iu favor of the most
rigid law.s against deadly weapons,
provided, that said law shall not
apply to clams and greenbacks.
;. 1 1 is f
i can re;
had nfte
; w 1 1 r k l n
ourmo-t m;il
-tors, and ...
I' a
c r
Stick to the law. It is
decided to bewail work at . a
was parch i-e.i from Mr. (J. W
The -1 . , Mtgui" Kit i, r
bar Pieron. with a h'a i of i
tins place to ! u r f ri . Amu;.
on Wade's lAic.t l ar d .rii;
Sunday uud sun
total I c- ; tic- v,
again .
(lahis bor o . r j. :.- : The A
that the Argil h is
vocated for (c.ia-boro mini,
alo w-lapsing months an 1
years, is at length on he
tan: 1
1- 1 Wl
I 'I-.
Ac am. r.-moved. Mr. Jacob
-,i-r. a ho lives near this place was
tu'. w i eki at;o taken ill with an at-
1 i paeiim inia, from which he
vers d in due course, but he lost his
a (,i)d has been m a etate of lunacy
-" . 'en. I.. . Estes has
r- A a j -!!: n in the postoffice de-hi-
it i-i announced by the tele
' I h n been appointed first
: ;n; -i; pcrintendent of the railway
.-erv.:-.'. arni will he assigned to
-a A., ie';i -c of the Tirat Assis-
InV-iiVi- ht
ib"th i:v
,u l . d dollars.
r..n . .
r t. Ii.
-nii.d. I i
the M..r
. le
GK5IBH. and Senator Sherman .Tuesday, Apul '.. sas:
hare joined in the request, it of- Saturday n.g'.i a
! appear, that GeneralJo Johnston apPear to hae ;a;: c
be retained m Commis-sioner of ' porev beo;.ii a i oA
KaUroadu and the famous Confed ti,oujTU future a.!.: i
erate, It is thought, will be retained jt(, Pfrr:s In another
im umrc. .ici niiuomciici. estim iteil damage ::i t
OwlaXto the hard tAae uMlicarwy or n.,:.. .. I -. ..eterdmice to 1 the Mormon Conference, Salt ate vicinity w ill pr-nai-fiirtilB
the people the Beat Goodi for he Lcaat Money. Now. in : -ke, Monday evening, the atatia-. tween ? H"'. '' c.:-..l 70.
proof of tho fact, t will quote you a few .( i-v pres. My Stock of! iob of the church were presented, heavy loss to m.r en
CtoUdaf to Canraosi. Mm' g-od B.'ne r.anne! Smtnai low "jabowlng IT total population of 'liberal people .:! .:
11 OQ a 1. rrw.t Unit, f l,n 4t UR l-TVi' .'.xl.l SnilA. frrtm I . I
" ft " " - " 'I.V1' fh nhr iwnnntinn in rmn;l 1 v. .111.1 t ' It 1
to onr people, t n.u t
Z I tO IS jem, 00 ly 92 08. Itoys Knee sail
to ft ak-o line ol Men 'a Sack and I'nui.n s
1'hiv ' gco.l Suita, front
tr, in 1 .25i to ftl.50.
and Briuco Altxrt dait.icllfled' nd th? church digni-
e storm
r seaports,
may show
gh The
. Aliniedi
. range be
.000 The
rgetic and
At general
it isfaetion
sec' AII8 ol
. ItATH l!ATI HATB ' K11 d..n H all
jm m .... - - - - j ... - . ,
OJKlpnoev. Ueoa, lloya and Chiklreo'a Hat fern in -,- 1.', and 2.- ct "umiDgion ocar.
Gjarate to Mil joo ia aay ktnl of liar. TBrze thousand women, repre-
8IIOS8. 8IIOC9, SHOES! The Largest and Bt Selected I Mating twenty two different data,
Sttxl of'Shoeo I erer kept. Mea'a Shoe.i from to tl vj. Idiee' j held a meeting at Cooper Union,
KU Battoo Shoe, 9V.; I a-e. Tic. to S.V Alao .a large shvk. of Men Niw Vork Mondfty nlght, and n.t
nd Bot Shoeo at price to an-.t the ' imcy I. ..l e nice Slippers from ! .l. u.n
4Si to 3c. man was allowed in the hall.
, That's a bad a.s a star chamber
XUNISHJLNQ QOODS! Men a 1 bJth:::s i w nw
JLoleo lUJbngtaa Shtxt for 2i cent. A nice S-irf from 1 to JO centa
A fall ho f Dry Oooda, Trunki, Valises, i d other ,
aaaoroos to aaeotioo.
Coat oae, cocoe all to WILLIAM SCI.r.VN S. where
bo treated rlgM and grt joar mooej ' worth.
1 tariea alone number over .K),CHX).
Virginia and t ;i" c
with com).tra; 1 . t ly
The pluck, courage
of our peop le is a
they will regain ; tu
iiiitiv escaped
small damage,
irn! enterprise
t e r 1 a 1 1 7.1
under all circumstances to obey the reality. -Ioivj
Ii ..T.,. t.v-r,.no,l If letters!
lil. . A. i.ivrr. ill. ll.I.. ..v.i L.i(... .
is impossible for the people to dis
criminate between good and b.ul
Ignorance is no t xcu.-e for crime.
It is the duty of every citizen to
know the laws that are in force in
the community in which he lives,
and abide by them. Il the laws are
oppressive or uuwi.-e their execu
tion will bring them to light, so that
they can be amended or repealed.
The city of Chicago is now in
great commotion on account of
the late municipal election having
been declared roid, because of a
failure to observe the law in regard
to it
into a fuli A
There ai" a
i r, g r 1 c ' : v d 1 !
time by their f irrr, r e
numbers of c olor
est I ram i:ism-i".; a
with t iie ex 11 s f v. 1
v t '
ol N
ing n;
to f-.I
T r 1 u 1 1
preacntd .u :
Eight tcrM"
special c 1. !. c
cesan in:"-i':-t
cording to a
iog stcckhc.ii
for perrujn-n
ton factory.
CjColsllI.g i i"
i v.
: 1 .--ii
lei- mt;
: urgaa.iz.i
Th-' MU.:l:
A !; "L' 1 .
1 v e id m a
1 . ran
. t !
;. -i's fra -a
'.-. 1,0 v.-t iit
'-'. t e 1 s ago
r . .; . : a j e I
y. 1 1
A niui.r.
- ; ana
1 ..- .:. -.
. a v . ac -
1- I L.ll
t: v o-
''.ly c i
. A L 1 h
1 r 1
t a 1 1 a :
their a
With, j"
s-o-i . n.
to the ;
that w
bv ;!:
onomist: We were
.V oae who knew that un to
- f t wee'-j there had been
: 1 this town to be reshipped
' i'..o".-'.anu more shad than
o; - ! -a ti.e --tree date last sea
' ia.A. the 1: -Idnr interests was
ii "reiMiig. and now exceeded
- a . i 1 Ii" a 1 1; let: i t ura I products in
ni: ' Wlien onr oyster fundum
'A '. lopf .; v. Aiall seeacoun
a a m.'irv.. h.ui r.-aurctfl, such
-a-ld ha-, rarely Been. Our
s have done well and generous-
r La-: niftting they dppro-
fty d liar toward the i-nter-ot
the m dical guests who
' the old town by holding
:. l S ate convention on the
m l ; -;!. irst. with us. The
were helpless for life. Tho French un
der Napoleon, after the burning of
Moscow, beat a retreat through the
snow and many were frozen. The Ro
mans made prisoners (taken in battle!
and their families slaves or let the w il.i
beasts tear tbem to pieces. Tha Indians
burnt their prisoners over a slow fire.
Whole nations of Indians have been
butchered. Liberty comes to us through
war sometimes. The fir6t battle was
fought by Cain and Abel. Cain killed
Abel. War is caused by greediness or
and the salary reveDge. There was once a war in
neaven. ine aevn stayea there then.
He got up a rebellion among the angels
and he was cast cut and fell to earth,
bringing down many stars with him.
Findine himself outside and no chance
of getting back he renewed the war
fare. God loves men, therefore the
devil does everything in hie power to
hurt men's souls.
i . . . 1 1 . - ii 11 10
-a a. .1
ii r:v
' i'i.
r i' YORK. N Y
lie cor.vcntion will be opeu
and v. e are of the opinion
3-il get our j iwb so twisted
words, that it will take us
get back to the linguistic
or.:- cf the English tongue.
Argus: The death of Mr.
itb. in the dAth year of his
; 1.1a -,r. i 1. is reported from
in ine upper section of the
I keep r 1 ; 1 r
eyes of parties nee.
Important 1 aso Decided Against the
Slate bv Jud?c JJond.
Samsbl ry, N. C, April 11 -Some a;x" ''"'' oM'"f m""
davs bzo Mr. E. L. Hawks, of Eexino- i 1 take particular pa,
ton, Kentucky, was arrested here by
order of the county commissioners for
selling lightning rods by sample with
out license. He was tried beforo a
magistrate and fined. He refused to
pay the fine and was put in jail. He 1
then gave bond and had his caiae moved !
up to the Superior Court. In the j
meantime a similar case was pending in
the court at Greensboro. Not wishing i
to wait for the State courts, the case
was moved to the United States court 1
before Judge Bond in Greensboro. Yes
terday a writ of habeas corpus was is
sued by Judge Bond in tho case here,
and it came up for trial today. It was
decided in favor of Hawks on the same
1862. EATON 1888.
Watches, Clocks. Jewelry
f t T A ( I.KN.
f Spectacle
1 North larolina
t-' lit them to the
l hi in .
Having wiiil., i h- adily al the bench
for over thir'y vi'.hh, I l In I oan do
as good work as 1103 at c hmakir in the
Middle street.
Opposite Ma; it I'lmirh fe',2dwf
Look To Your Interest!
Ear ir.e rs . ( '. .11 :. ; : j 51.
Trade grin-rally are nr.
examine . 1 ta .; k . f
1. .i ts and the
1 d l cull and
urrit g Saturday. The ' KroundB 38 the drummers' liarnae case
n 1:
brook. John L. Kueiiiu. '.
Edmonson. M. Hi iTai .a am:
hard, reported s 11 o-c r i p : 1 ,
in round numbers
Tarboro Southern, r: Sui
!A I.
', J -e
ja 1:
is o C I : i
a iv n
A 1 :--
-. la.
i:i. d
w 1 1 h
v 1 . 1 1 . ,
hi s :
a- a bro her ot Mr. ii. V . , " .
is lA-y. and of the late Major , brinB eult for damages.
Hawks will
The general law of the State mg near this puce, on t..e r.
guaranty that proviues mat woenesera ioi ine fouUll the boJ v uf a neeri,
r losses m due township lies within the limits of 8Utr and cold 'in d.ath. Ta
ninlst ol" their own t lie city, the election shall be held came to the cor-cito-i-
season, in tue
safl'erinir. thev have .vi ...y.i.-.i I.- . , thewavHc-cA'T-n-
because of the terrible devastating t he township 13 not included within fur...e Ana
n 1 a it
1 i. i ' ,1 .I,.-. fr,... .i .i-
room 111 tlieir uu unsi iuobuuj nun iuc nisi vaur-c. ii.-i..
Monday in Anril. and that wherever Jooa iveoej . . .
a leao mg
i.iv iu i o
an ivia;:
e -o cer
e.tii was
. an I tv
tin-' Ml J'.v
pected. a;
learn, iiav
.T n'n n c r rn fniintx? Hp
o .- .a :n thia city, where be
i a-n: visits and conversed!
y . Ti. dead bodv of a
! man named Isaac Knight,
ci ut.ty. who waa in this city
lay aiad left for home in the
i-j company with two young
on a wagon, was found Sun
g . ear the county gate, on
iiadroad. Foul play is BUS
i th.e two young men, we
- !'. en arretted and are now
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Provisions. Etc.
An old physician, retired from ractic.
fire of Saturday night
da too
nil will
aeMion of the Sen kte
h a
Tn: Belgian government has i aroun,i
informally warned Bonlanger to : groun,j
aoata.n Irom political agitation , ter,.,i
which the government will not s'14re
tolerate. The General has been 1
JKHl AI.r M.
sacnd iia:;...:
.leru- 1' ::. ' I
.1 er ll llc.'ll h .
many vn :s-.::i.:. .
,.f T me !: 1- to: :. .
w;!i 1 1 in.i.ii .1- .
Oppoalte Daptlat Zhnrcb,
Middle at reel, .... NEW
cu ar'Jti-lw .'in
n 1
11ERNE. N.
t !; V
l: '
inr.rr..! t U i f if I il . .1. villi
I U 1 J 1 Ui CVJ LUL II LJ C 1 UUJH1C3 " I iu uU 111 All SO
the wishee of the government in
thia respect he will not le eipcbed
from Belgiam .
()v our "Georgia Conlederate
Home" the Atlanta Censtitution
says: "We are goiiig to Guild it.
That's all there is about it. The
movement is but one day old and
yet the subscription has passed
10, (KX). That the next week will
see it pa.s the required limit we
have not the shadow of a doubt."
A coMi'iRlsoM ot the vote jut j time in reveiry a:..i
caat in lihode Uland with the Tiesi The Washington
dential vote in November is inter- j nated Col. I..!:o
eating and instructive. The total the New York Mi:
vote la i-yXH) agaiDst about -Mi.OOO i for Cons n', at .I. iia.
last fall. The Republican vote haa i nothing to say ag.
fallen ofT nearly -i,iHK) and the
Democratic vote ha increased
' abont the same nnmlvr. lioodle
can't save the tariff lords
rime v V Wnrl.l ' m em 1 ers o t t h e p n -
melody, and
' tribute of v oi :
the great 'rea'
But i ' i :..''
City (d Sololiiot:
tic temple sci v .
fold ciiorn . .A
that we arc
.1 eru-ale c:
pi. ices wher.
draws his
. c, lister
is holy
.s elic mil
Til.' I'l'HV
'i.g as the
ln-aiiiy and
A p l S lt.S
i ! T I' .oil to
g : : s in a ;
'A , . s e v e 1 1 -angels
;c 1 A c r 1 1 a ' .
:.g, but ot
(' A.val
- .:. i. - Mi ¬
llie city limns, ine election suan ue veI1ted a b:iv
held on the third Tuesday. "Tnder eoon have u" n
the decision of the Supreme ( ourt, tu.n prove
the city of t.'hicago does not en
tirely cover the township of South
and West Chicago, and therefore
the election, instead of being held
on the first Tuesday in April, as it
was, should bhve been held on the
third Tuesday."
Thus matters are complicated,
and the people confused. Will
there lie an ot her elect ion . and can
the Democrats again sweep the
city ? We do not know, and we
1 1 ii est urn if anybody know-.
We return to our text : Stick to
the I iw. I u it there is safety :
without it there is no security.
: r.-il!
Ol bUif axes
and Mr. KeA. v
Leart. d tt. nth :
will reap a r. h
Ghari ,:: . 'h
(Ah i r I u : : e a
hegroe-. I ::
ln on I.. ca
Snide r A h- ir
Thoir,.,, :
Cald a ,-li
y e-terd a v
a na-e al
door. 1,
mg t . g
i -
u il.
Mi.. i ihe
ic. annt
in .Snow Hii! jiii to await an investiga
tion The board of county commis-
.-;.:.. rs. in adjourned meeting yester
day i a c. r. - id er the local option petition,
i.-.-u- 1 c;i order in pursuance of the
p.-tA I'.-n -nlmiitticg the question of
ii cen-a " to the voters of Goldsboro
co; por.vtiv'U. tho election to be held on
the -I'C jnd Yi a:. lay in June, coming.
!'rogres: The prisoners
We ..AA.a.H 1 ,p .!(. fe the cele
bn.ti .!
Stato r.-i,-,on uvd Parson
Boots uud Slioes.
having had placed in Lis hands by an East
India missionary tho formula of a simple
vegetable remedy for the and per
manent cure of Consumption, Bronchitis,
Catarrh, Asthma and all Throat and I, ring Evr ry p,,ir warranted.
Affection?, also a positive and radical cure We have a large supply of Florida
for Nervous Debility and all Nervous Cheroots and I'rnclamniion Ciar
Complaints, after having tested its won These goods are bought by us direct
derful curative powers in thousands of from the Ertrtorv.
cases, has felt it his duty to make it known g;" S nn If nt Ma rm f urturor'n Pricen.
to his sulleriDg lellows. Actuated by this C-f" : o t ouble to idiow goods.
motive and a desire to relieve humun suf
fering. I will send free of charge, to all
who desire it, thia recipe in German,
French or English, with full directions fi r
preparing and using. Sent by mail by ad
drtsiDg with stamp. Dinning thi-. pupei ,
V. A. Noves. 149 Power's Block, lioclns
ter, N. Y. nov 1 w ly
Soufr. FYont ft.. New Bernt.Tf. (J
:j unsuccessful attempt to break
Tin. .-.lay night last. They Lad
a id" good their escape, which
'!A.y h co required about fifteen
: r.or. when they were dig-j N Sill lasaa
aa 1 A:,- ir plans d-feated. They I r(.a. A 1 1 av s
Pain and llj-
Cleansos the
Lara of the same I
tan uis escsp3 ..,. .. i n n
at E ur:
ra rn:i!-
t :
has iioin
iep U d . i
1 ! pre -
We !
ardllial Cilbbo.'is has l.-sUed
i ncular letter to the clergy
Baltimore in relation to the a
proaching centennial celebration of uv
the inauguration of George Was
mgton. The letter is tilled with
patriotic sentiments elegantly ex-
w a
Po' ii
r:i i- i
i : -.
the open 1 1 a
man. 11. a at I
of the :a: '
Jlld-iC of t
presented t
f Ca
tion fpeecu
K. H. ttaitie
.Tnsiica St:
of It
a i -.n
v 1 . i
ith .
father of conductor 1'r:
t o;
' I'
e J-
ard. In 1, s
the President wo;A
lowing the precedent 1.
next 1 lished, of giving t be in
l members of t he
an :
Two door North
A i a i kt
t U ir!
Sale and Livery Stable.
' iC'
I ta
wUk are leud by me
faraaasee I 1 w ,l!l
! ateek. Will take aairf n So.n;
r 1 . i b '. e ru
iou l.
i, .
f V: lard.
j4i road -Street. -New Berne. N. C.
Stani.K i haa sufTered enough in :
Afm a, for the world's benefit to be
entitled to fair play till he can I
speak for himself. A man like
Stanley, with such a record of en- !
durance, segacity and heroism, is j
not apt to jeopardize his entire j
fame by descending to slave trad- i
ing or any other questionable
money getting conspiracy. Wash
ington Post.
The Atlanta Constitution and
the Angusta Chronicle are firing at
Sfnator Colquitt. They are making
a noise, but as Colquitt is en
trenched in the hearts of Georgians pmess that alw.i
they w.ll injure themselves in- ,r- Kei.i-n.-te; n
stead of the Senator. lie :ust
teen given six more years in the
Senate, and he will continue to
represent the people, the Constitu
ti u and the Chronicle to Cue con
trary not w i th stand i u g.
rest. He haa tveeu in office bnt
little raore than a month and yet
he wants to get away from Wash
ington for a day or two to brwatba the leisure, in
fresh air at Fortress Munro. The would afford
akin my ) president is described as looking cultivation of
food and pale, careworn, half sick. The Then oulv thini
. . r i-1 . - l ...
i area ui oiaie wcigu ueavny on me would Drillg to t tie p. -
aooalders of the President, but the Please, Mr. H iri.sni
importunities of office seekers are Blaine, whiciiev. i ma
irritating, and wear down not only boss, send Mr. Be:
bio patiance. but hia pbysiqae. .Jerusalem.
i e
li'Ilt fob
1 1
. i.
not so tar forget .air dut;.
brotherhood as even a. wii.--,
disapproval. Bit pt i haps Bro: her
Shepard won't gel the appointment,
and, in that event. we
shall present Mr. ( 'hades Bei.'ii
stein, of New Cer no, -North
Carolina, for ap o .'I'mciit as
Consul to Jerusalem. The Presi
dent, or Ir.s friends, has indicated
a desire to break the Solid South.
Here is an e::tei:ng wedge Let
Mr. Harrison succeed in making
Mr. Keizeiistein a Eepuimcan. oy
sending h;m to Jerusalem, and he
will realize tie pleasure and hap-
lol.ows ;iccess.
hi home in il 1 1 i-'joro en S-.iurdav
pressed. Its concluding paragraphs Dr. Jones wa- about 7' y.-ars old. an
are as follow.-: had been sick tor ..liie w..,-ka pa-t
He was one cf the ni p.-omoaen: ine;
To all it nhould be matter of pro- 0f nilleboro. and was w . A known an.
found satisfaction that the citizens respected through, a-.t the
of the Cnited States, without re- funeral took place sundry,
gard to race or previous allegiance Durham Tobacco Plant: A
to any tiag soever, are about to being circulated t..
recognize the life and the achieve- c... mi . ,;
- it local option for the a .
meiits of the greatest man this JuuG . j. r, p. . .
western world has nurtured, as a death of Mrs. M . '"
gift of Almighty God to his own sister of our t..u nru-.a-..
age, and as au exemplar to all the Walker, which occurred a:
. , near Bethel Hi I. Person c
agon to be. , f , . IV. uh
, . , , Thursday of U.-t week.
In order, therefore, to give ex- mali age"nt on the It .y
pression to our heartfelt thanks for wno was displaced sohie ca u
tho civil and religions blessings Mr James Luniey. of i;.i
thus far vouchsafed tons by the been leappointed to t
Giver of every perfect gift, and to Mr Bumley was an t
J ? 1 . we hear no I'h.i ge a
pray that the spirit of patriotism a Democr;4t. lnou.
which burned in the heart ol cient cause for rein v
Washington may continue to ani- the powers that ut.
mate those to whom the destinies Wilson Miir .r
of our beloved country may be in- Mrs. Uobbn.s. u.- n
imctnil T-nn ora mriturl ltr Tlajr Moore, i. ij. . !
'.: J j -
a 1 1 1
cr i
ig t
tie p:
. : a
ivjiatiDg to Mr
ted a'ojut thirteen
i lar river
:v night last. The
v hich was built
. Tao mill, 10,000
' o! la rnher was
n . insurance.
. gun are eppecial
- a if:) the oppor
uprovrrriertt. The
dp-ting a ppecial
; - let, ten season.
" tin :;- in progret s
r . hurch with con
wn. an 1 the Meth-
:i a. protracted
it.ii results. Our
a at work on this
Plant: V.'e have
Mr. KAoinson said
adding on Peabody
ard : "I would give
p.-it i f running my
u- . . t. This was
tag. Saturday night
r . of r..'. ird . and five of
ity aldermen met and
aise worili. according to
owa statement. $25,000,
!' a-o;, ,',.;, besides en-
II e it 1 s the
S " r e s . K e-
Souses ol
Taste and
r i v
0 , fAT I
LI Pi, t?iit ?;t, plaster
An i )1 Kinds of
At Bottom Prices!
Try the Cure.
A particle is applle 1 into eiicn nostn I
is :arreeiile. Price 'in rents n: iirae;-o-o; .
msil, registered, li I i id I I Y 1 ' K ' ' i I I I- I :
U Warren IS t r e e t . New "lalk anil Ca.v
Vjj ... .
General Hardware
Ajjriculturiil I n p I e im c i : .
PIo-a.., Harrows, Cultivator.
Hoes and Axes,
Wood a Mowers and Ifrniicr.-1,
Steam Iiuines,
Cotton Qins and Iresso,
Fertilizers. Land Plaster, Ivauiii
Mechanics Tools and Hardware,
Lime. Brick, Cement. Piaster .., , ,
Yar- liic VVillU.
AT ru s '
Freezers, Kefrig:erator8, Oil
Cook .Stoves, Knreka Hnrgliir
Proof Sash .Locks, warranted to
ivo security and satisfaction.
A'" ";l
- A -
Hair, Paint, Kalsoniine,
rn.e.- i-
nt til
the M i-t. r .
and is entitle i :
to him was larg '.
of the late Ea.-ter
1'isb, Came and I
tion. 1'iien.
lein. 'It w on M 1
his heart to si c
"tue jov oi ; to
sides, he wo
salary as mil
I .... V
c imiietellt
a -
i .. iiT.
c he 1 ves drru-a-b
c t P c . I c ! ' g h ' id
J i i :: -ale in . again,
w :io!c ear; li." Be
d appteci.i'e the
any man. and
t to hp cilice,
t'.Kiity for the
' poetic fancy.
na : ; i leisures he
I 'a:: 1
;i. or Mr.
really be
i.'.-:u to
i a-
bv Sir, to announce at a seasonable
time beforehand a special service triat noun
for the morning of April AUth. at ! am-.d the 1 1--
o'clock, or at any other hour most
suitable for the congregation.
You are further requested at
for such service to make an address
supfgested by the occasion, closing
with the "prayer tor the authori
ties." As an additional expression
of joy and thanksgiving, the church
bells will be rung from 1(1 to Hh.'lO
the same morning.
Jamks Cardinal Gibiions,
Archbishop of Baltimore.
The spirit of this letter is ad
mirable, aDtl we commend it to the
true worshipers of God of every
We are too apt to forget the
superintending providence of Cod aUl,ut
in national affairs, and it is proper entirely.;
, , , last Sad
that we, as a people, puunciy
recognize Him as our protector,
benefactor and friend. "Righte
ousness exalteth a nation, but sin
is a reproach to any people."
ing at t i." --1 -Friday
r.ic. t
work w ; s c.
Master. -:.:
the I. earl . !
.joice over fa
pa.-seth all a:
Ml es S f
who ! i I ! . V
Baptist ch ir.
such a I i a e
heard his ,-a
p rt wive a ,rt" .a Ti
to the pa.-iorac-place,
and i ! i
the llr.-l Sand iv i
Charlotte Daily New-. I
hereabouts on SaA.rei
nights. Put the th.-nn
fall lower than - dea-re
no frost and the fruit c
The residence of
1 "
im pr
I hest
M o.
--, a-coiint ine- to thou-
ars upan the property of nish, Oil, Glass, Putty and Hair
r est citia. 'ns. v e w ere
I. on tnis morninz that
:- .A A. run h i A dealers in
ad nr.iie an assignment,
i ca di's amount to over
i i.a ; s - warrant
; a f r A'-- 1'. ice to answer
f o- r . ; ; ; tpo n ,c.;i,.y under
a-. It i- h ti.i that Price
araa.dag hid in imitation
t :;; ..'".-. u p- n the clerk
tr. .. - lit 'k.-:.wn. and ob
r . ,; pml of liquor and
ioiitrs -uid seventy-live
1 m 'iipv. Price had not
: u r Ait a; advice.
1 v . : . ' Two new mem
a ivtd in the Pre-bvterian
: a iay. Wo believe every
: ta. vii is making substan-
- "Id I bet I saw 7j to-
; i ;. ,-: c reek. Cross Hjads
H:.! townships." said
'.: : ' us. after having cone
t hips. - on Sunday
i. .1 wtd.ip.g house of Mr.
' . uv d in tho edge of
v.-..-- Pe-tr aved by tire, we
.tr; The family escaped g iaiilding in their
.!..! r.othintf except
. i a pi rti in of the bed
: - i-: ail- -u t six h.und r.-d
K-aap is a hard working
! f .lis heavily on him.
ir. n who has been almost'
at ft
wheat has been
n ever before. He
And won d i a. 11
BO nill.'ll 1 o a l A
I'll tell Vou 1
easi 1 v sal i-lie I f
KO It's MA I I. 110
My Mollo
t'otne and
never reci . t
English Island,
Just arrived per Schr.
Mattie Hiles,
For sale by
South Front St.
!.. 11
li. fc ' - ' ''---
s Aghast
i I can U
1 1 ,4-i in mM to he
. h. nil.! WORK
. '.in! 3 uu will
J O X E S ,
I flllP. N. (
- i . 1
if! M. A It 1
' 1 tlof 1 I i H f
. l.lid I IVHI'H
. n-;i. i -
li k ii. y bliht
Mh' H h tT
1 ' I Till itOI)
U I- I i I Ultl
: . ' :i 111 ' IT Of
w I i J ronld
Tl.f ffl-
' ; li - ( u (1.
: -i l !.', tf
tul III C Hi
h ml by 1 ho
i t ic w 1 1 1 ic
r t 1 U 1 ikIn
' ii ;
t'.Ml CORN!
arns from the regis-
op 1- :P
i- 1 ' i
: I .- ' I
a spark from a
shinttles on ;.;'
furuiturtf an ; 1
fully or.e-h f. :
b "se burn d.
rjJmJ lift one cri"
! P
Ta-' i
ci tin-
r ;
ral ot:
re I-
.1 !v
t r -tr i
o 1 :i s
pt'a r
recently, tells us that T1Ils; SI.: w nun v. Fl'KMii bk to.
Weliaie on hand and nr.- aianururiuianK
anil receiving every iiav 1 1 a n I s- m i i e i'Hrloi
xt fc iiili, V Iittlljuei nuan, . 1 1. 1 i .ii.iiiip,, .-i iiiu-
' ''' r-o.ereui, ecuuues r0bes, Desks. CliaOs. i.oankes. T n Sa'eK a ral
i f hP.I tages recorded ilattrenes. All the k"oi1b we maun Imp ui
lai'CC r.a fc,rmerly. "I are goad an.l suhslant ikI Wo also li it e t P
'f u - i,j CueKt stock a i ui IhI.kI stvlr ..f Hntiv Ca--
li.ji'n sraau gram planted nate, tnnt llKH PV,., i,eeii in.uiriii i..iioh
the farmers so well up city. W havea ilm- stock ..f caii-h. I".-
. a - r o a ShcrilT Crowell. t.nres nr.l MirrorR. We juiv Kpnt i-.ish f..r
' '. ' rt our and get -. d iKcoun l or !' uud p.-i
ir - at work m earnest and ceiu therefore we ran e .. ds .-i.e.,,
la tier times here in than any other n.iro in this -;ty. We nr.-
I. iptn' future. Forty- aleo agents fo' the s.-wo-u Ma. cue
. :. j J Il has no o'junl. If vou waul a li --ki -.-Ian
rs nave been received in lllohine n mi ffin i.e!,,,,- i.uvn.t .-k-
church sice the rPvival where. vP wtp mv vou money,
vend weeks aKo. Forty- T. J. TURNER & CO.,
; have bc-rn received this l'Ri h'hiktoks.
PJ A 21 M1J. lie Blli'eP New Kerne. . . ( '.
S5 x le
w. p. mmus & co.,
Makkkt Dock,
. t:W liKUN'K. N. O.
ansign us v'"ir produce.
!U Ll . .1 .. I..'
-". rt
, t
' 1
i-iaaf.asiss 'Mj,Z.S3kZ-u. iri -

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