North Carolina Newspapers

NO. 8.
I Blaaitoia. wc
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Pull dinctkau nU cac h D. i
- .V1,' f V". I i -i "g A. F. 1 CO.. 117 Caul tt.'. SoU
Tha Uany Friends and Customers
llriaf; near and bond M" an.l i.; t!i Wilmington wction,
bcm w wr prood taay, w (onr.! monj onr tn.ny patron, we
peiJ1y eIl to thk attention, tbc w .ippreci.i: f thoir patronage
steodd to as ia the pa:, and tht w. hod oat MOKE IN
DUCEMENTS THAN RVKIi to mm t'.ieu- wn !hl-nc ;n the fnture,
Ud ta.t baide BEING T1IK AOENTS ! r
TV. M. lloll's Plaidi, CoatV Spool Cutov.. Hmt i 'th.-W an.l I'.'.uiT
. MiIU lomeitic, StarJ !. an.l To'-.i.-b. Lon'.la-J'a Snn:l ii'.;.l
Arnoar & C-' Proviaiooa,'s Hakin,: r-.
We carry Floor, Tobacco, ftoaf, CoiTee,, , . c.
V Aad la th DRY GOODS line no honi in thu o.-
aaiUbl atoek toplaj th Iwjer. in st .e a. we
POT Da Good, Notion , Whi'f inxvh v:- ! :
teat ta ditaw ith jour m '
What r cannoc anp-ly, oar :! r
Bat th.4 Ch&ac ar that it jou make your ;:
yoa will find erryiaing to yoar notion.
ty Good, boo eat jwxli, 36 ioaLe. to t
tte ponod.
SHOES for Proi aad Partor wnr.
EaaUrn Caroiloa to excel a.
Wa MitBOMt ot one ; if . .ur .
ka yo a aait lo order, ail m t ' h
aad yoa ar no money out.
It too eaaiot cone, to Kmslon wn- i"
aaaver all yoox ioqairiea.
Yoara truly,
Thk ue- 1'. S. steamer Charles
ton m one of the fastest war hip8
"I: is the miili-rtrtkers who never
f:l f. r.,rr . u : ht Ihev under
takr "
i A IX'SSl'IHAi'V h.lS lieell (ll?
C4iter.l in Sr. l ter.sbur; to ;
a i n .i t c the ( ' r. i i .
Tuk S i ! ;i. n.'i i. N. C. S;ur.
firvt r.itf .,iittj.r:t ant qm-htion
of poii'irn ur 1 1 !-r .i ' in .-. - Norfolk
irjj: ii i a.
Juv. New Vork W orhl h.iving
fired .'.fXW hi. ink cartrulgeM .it Mr.
Cleveland is now throwing hot shot
into Gov. Fl ill.
TliK American augur let eon-
t aiD3 one third more sagar than the f i;
European article. It boats the p,.,-j,
world. Washington Post.
i i n
r M.;
S Tit
m : -
( 'oi
I 1 . t "
h. .l!' .
t !
A :
c. : ii. i" ' i
MoIlS ot t
i. .it N.ihv
ihi i (in w ...
; : 1 1 e
m. i:.
.in as
!'.r : .1 n .i
I St.r.:i
A hoivv 1
upper J.inra-
i : 1 .-:
: i
. n : o
. . i ii i:
i . ,
near ;
vi h:!,.
!e. n,.
I ht'V
I r is alleged that the L nited ofinti
Ties , more
. ; ' j y ou to
'..-.ppinc in
States buys all the cheap teaa
grown in China, while the beast
grades go to Englaud and France.
Dr. Chablks Phillip, o long
Professor of Mathematies at the
LQiverity of North Carolina, died
at Columbia, S. C. Thura
day. "i i.s k hundred thousand miners
and iron workers are on a strike in
Germany, and the soldiers have
been engaged in shooting them
id very
tii (: her
i irpi.U'C
i, u ii. bcr
lau'.;. rs
:: h o' Lit
a.-ir eon
int. i .:. t
had i;.-cii. T
i.'.l to oc - mil ;
ir'e. I . Ti ': !'. o!
eop!e s uioio u . t ' i; '
sent. Savatiiiah Neu s.
P . r M a st i . i; Cii Ni ;,; W.n a
M j is reported. !..ix .!;-, ,. . red
an entirely ih w 1 1-.i :i i..r ie
fusmc to n move ,i post ina.-ter
whose term has notepired. He is
credited with "lioldir that tore
move an oilieial appo;i;;d by Mr.
Cleviland ,u,i 1 eoMiHiied by the
Senate would be a n hi:ke to the
Republican Senate "hah l.a.l a
Tarters at our house
o e.uneoj to
t r.
Mb. Glahsto5K attributes his part in the appon, t n..-?i ; . dithis
good heaJth to his good sleep. He ground he is said to be oppo.-ed to
always gets seren hours., and never interfering with Presidential pot-
allowg polities to weigh on his mind masters whose Ih moeratle
when he gets to bed.
"The Emperor of China has a
new umbrella which requires the
our measure, strength often men to carry it. It
need not take oost hina twice as much as u cireus
tent, and is not near so large."
The Soathern Baptist Conven
tion is dow in aession in Memphis,
Tenn., lion. Jon. Harfilson, of Ala
bama, is president, and .about a
thougand delegates are in atten-
have not evpitt i
oo m -N.
oi.i k(;e commencements.
The rime of college commence
ments approaches. How varied
the scenes, now different -the emo
tions they produce 1
Today an institution lor the eiu
eati. nol males has its commence
ment, and a dozen or more vonng
men receive thiir diplomas and go
out lo make their fortunes in the
wui !d. Tomorrow a Female Semi
::a;y will have its com inencemen t
and a nuiiinber of oiing ladies will
gr.olu.ite and tep mlo the olM
of o in ,1 1: lull d .
TiiU l.ii male and female have
in . i I on parallel lines, but now
they diverge, and each goes the
allotted way. One feels that his
mission is to ire. re masses and
mould opinions, by ti.e power ot
his genius, swaying public assem
blies and shaping the destinies ot we will iv
men and nations. The other theui,, p..
realizes that she is to be the god
dess of home, moving upon the
sensibilities through the gentle in
fluence of love. Hers is the duty
of keeping the vestal tires burning,
and warming the human soul with
t heir celestial rhimey.
Man is destined to disappoint
ment. The glittering goal of his
ambition can never be reached:
but women cannot wholly fail in
her heaven-appointed mission. She
cannot avoid disappointments, but
her tears will moisten the field of
her labor and cause the seeds of
love to spring up and bear abun
dant fruit.
Let us welcome the graduates,
and speed them on their way wich
eordial and heartfelt God biess
rm :
in th
e - 1 through
" Ch ir.fpi:i pi n
1 l:h inv..
-,e hickory
. .!-:u.- to
.- cvt nin
. I I : I'l ' ii re v -
. e- at: I u:.-
i:ri! !;i!. i .v
rem the tate l'aiiers.
A G jjj J ..
I ...- 1 . ;:
.it. ii . ,,i , i , ....
. x it i; -1 vi-i.,... - ,-, j .
ehinerj x .-; :n
Niinir-i , j -.r. - ,
.1 1 roc; io :i . m: . , 1 1,
of in i: c . : i c. t r v v. , j . j ;
l M :i r - i i j 1 : . jli if .'
shul!. U i- oc- ..; ;
phi nit i.";s- t. . b.- 1 :.
upon Mr. Mrrhall.
When M r. Con.iv n
a n . . r e
Vi, i i i r
t-OU 111
It ..!.,
Ill -.'
v. r
r , ; -
- - ; i ; n
. M a r -
up of
J. I-
( ou my , w ho happei.ed to bo in i . w lt
caught under tho wreck. earful y
mangled and inHtantly killed. Another
man, whose name we have not learned,
an employee iu the building, whb h
seriously injared that it was thought
that he could not eurvive. The huil I-
inC WHH nr rilil rmA unil in rntl.i.r n .li-
l.-aru that the lapidated condition.
WiUon Advance: A terrific wind
storm swept over the eastern portion of
our county Tuesday afternoon, accom
panied in some pluceH by a fall of hail.
In Wilson no hail fell, but at Mr. (ieo.
Dew's larm, two miles northeast of
town, it was two inches deep. I.hhi
Friday night the barn on Mr. C A
Young's plantation, about four min'H
from town, was burned. It contained
'I'.look for a fruit crop this about twenty Darrein of corn and two
i throughout our pection. thousand pounds of fodder, al 1 of which
o.Ah. formerly a resident : was destroyed. Thn fire was thought
el. was killed in Dillon, 8. to be the work of an incendiary ami
.!,. Saturday. 4'h inst. , suspicion pointed to Wiley Boddie as
Xeu -: i'oli 'i man Joo ()rr, tne K'li'ty party. He was arrested
t! .m'.ncu. n of beiiiK the Tuetday oveninu nnd brought before
justice j . w .
Charlotte nt'ini'-le: The jirisoners in
the county j til are at low water mark
liuw. uieie t.a-.n,; cu y eight incarcerat
ed - t-.,i ,ti-1 an,; .' white.
Da: ham I'.aat
I !. i. jo r of (..'.mmeree and Industry
h.;-i i.i.i-iNr.:: ' I t.'iat cookH of eubeenp
C oe epi-tii-.l for a c.nI)lng factory.
:!; 1 i:: -n: Meales are pre
.: : . r 1 1 - 1 1 t the inhabitants of the
mi .- eti'.-n of the city. We know
ie-i.iene, in wineh there are at
t :U- e.-r' s. Tiie didease is of a
I ty j e. however.
i.. liirket: All reports ren-
i .
T 1 : L 1 , i j i t
Tin Odd Fei-O-.v ,
Mr. I-I. (Icreck.
Fureka !..! i
1.1. Mor-e of Heaufort I.
Friiay aft rnom fi. n a
the Cran i T.o lo-' at l'a - .1
Tile following ofo-erse
I-odf?-,' were electe-1 f r
year: J. tl Frown of Ka
MaBter: Dr. J .hn Pool. Depi.'.y Crand
Master; John V. Unuon. f rand War-
(!r-ir. 1 Secretary;
Trea-ur.r: Kev.
It pr-. .-entative.
; a! :i-',n:; t.t of an
. ta:n ' of
a:: i I ' ivid
t . lurned
i i tin,; of
ie- hr.,!;.!
t n-uinf:
.h. Crand
den B. II,
R. J. J:)n
J II. C,r!i
The fun !
voir the unanimous Ju"ucl' iincaster yesterdav
vole ot lie 'D 'trd yerterduy. in a one- morning for trial. Tlie evidence wa-
ari... i t ..iifc.ierate veteran, and has euflicieut tc biiiil hitu over to court iiiid
;; v i i..- c:;tire worthiness of the con- 'a default of bail ho was committed to
Ii I- ,:'-e rep.,-. ,i jr. him. ' jail. This is the second case of barn
WiliiiiHKi .il i: view: Mr. E piv-er , tjiurninf? the last two months. Some
one of SouthperC pilots, died at thlDK n,UBtbe done t0 check i("
that p a -e Sun ;av afternoon at f! o'clock, -""
;i year. Mr. W.W. Shepherd North Carolina Teachers' Assembly.
ry eieoU nly at Elizabethtown Oi i ice ok the Skokktaky.
i.eirning. i ie w as tanen sick Ruleih Mv 0 isw..
Mk fa.rroii: The sixth annual ses
sion of the Teacher' Assembly will
- Roan--fee Now: A very peculiar bird convene at Horehead City, N. C. oa
was caught on Mr. A. d. (Jreen's fish June 18th, and this meetmg protnisps t.
slide about a week ago. It was the be one of unusual interest and import
si of a goose, was about the color of ance to the schools of our State. It w
a vtuiin a iun. and measured four feet specially desired that the teachers uml
from tip to tip. 1 1 is not a native to this patrons of the schools n-hail m.-et in
s.-cti jiiand is mpnosed to have been ; consultation UDon matters lookine-to
by the heavy Btorni of last the. school system, aiid to that end the
Assembly extends a cordial invitation
' . I'll ("Tfn
' . t'.e .', :. mnl
i , 1 1 ",11 to 1 x
' " the human
oi .irceable
' . 0 x nna
. ' ii :: d Con.sti-!-..iii-
ills dc
' ' ; inactive
in I.:,
a led
y. r-terd.iv lo .riiinEr. He was taken sick
at the breakfa-t tablo nvA died in about
ten minutes.
Ciar. i
. Cfar. I
r the- . :
find a hoase in
Sirn of the
br.c d Pearl Shirt.
Owing to ta hard time aud acaretty of money, I am deterdmine to
fanifh tbppl ta Beat Gooda for the Leaat Money. Now, in
proof of ta fact, I will quote yoa a few of my prices. 31 y Stock of
CIoibtDX bSnArtnoni. Men'a good P.lue Flannel Suits aa low as
.t3.wS -Atao cool Saita for Men at $2.9 8. Hoys' good Suits, from
"lit 19 Jaaxaoaly $2 98. Boys' Knee Suits from $ 1 .25 to $ 1 .50.
Ala ll lcKao( Men's Sacks and Cutaways and Trinee Altxrt Suits.
. IlATB ! HATS I Five hundred dozen Hats, all stylea
aa4 price. Meaa, Boya and Children's Hats lrom io to l." and :s cU.
Gaaraataw to aait yoa la aay kind of Hat.
BIXOES, 8HOE0, SHOES ! The Largest and Host Selected
Atnt f RhMa T kent. Mn'i Shoes from 75c. to tl.OO. Ladiea'
I dance.
: Dr. Robert H. Morrison, the,
father of Mts. Stone wall Jackson,
Mrs. D. II. Hill, and the late Mrs.
iOd. Barringer, died at his home
in Lincoln county, aged ninety one
Office seskees at Washington
complain that while the President
is fond of using the cruiser Dis
patch, he does not employ dispatch ,
In making appointments. N. Y.
"The Indian has got through
with wars. His warlike spirit has'
been stamped out and he now
makes one of the laziest and biggest '
loafers the country can possibly!
Whes John Wan&maker was
awarded the Postmaster General-
Wk. have seen two .statements
lately that are wor h repeating here
for hhc ben lit of ur fi lends who are
thinking about manufactories. One
is that lilteen companies or
ganized to build cotton n ll in the
South within the la-t three weeks
with a capital of r'-.V" nm). The
other, that a number of of them are
to be started with New Fngland
capital. The other significant
statement is that the Farmers' Al
liance of Georgia has contracted
with tho cotton nuils in that State
and Louisiana for L' ( yards
of bagging cotton bagging which
might have been bought in New
England, but was not. The Sonth
ie, for the future, going to raise
the cotton, spin it, weave it, use
what she wants and sell the rest
made up into that shape which will
bring the best prices.
or juian r.- .u::i i
incr a-ed t at,;,
augurale the as'. Pi:;
taken at i, t . 1
operation .
Mr. ( 1 rc k
being on the
dunces : a g
a d ispo-ii i !, t
. . : i . i v
.t.t t-
jo t'"
. r. i pu
1 be
i . l a
In our admiration of .Mr. Cleve
land we never went so far as to
claim for him infallibility, nor do
I we see any prospect of being more Present Biy.-.n
I favorably impressed with the pres- As he c(.i 1 tw. i
ent administration. Jo'unai. mi
The Jot rnai, has applauded
General Harrison as often as it lias
censured him, and we trust that
we shall find much more to com
mend in the future.
Any man may and must make
mistakes in making a large num
ber of appointments to office, whei e
he relies upon others for informa
tion ; but there are truths that ad
dress themselves to one's conscious
ness, independent of extrinsic
testimony, and challeuge recog
nition. General Harrison ignored
one of these faets when he ap-
h S '..
f r,
'. l ;
double daily train i n i
Prep id ent Hra:i roe.',
utterly in; prr ei icable
llnancial cond itir n c f t
warrant th" undeita!
this service iie s:n l!
for immediate use at Iea.-t
thou 'aua dollars wi.i.-n
be brrowed. Th;- r.v a
i r .
blown h,
Diont h.
Sale) ury Herald : The knitting mill
i- nuw making stockings. All of the
rai.w..y iiihi! c !-rks running from Salis
bury ;.. Km xville on the W. N. C.Road
havu f .en ili:un,-rf,l and Republicans
apr ein:,- i t . Mice, e.i thtrn. The last to
go was Mr. W. H. Crawford, who re
ceive! Ins " wa.'kii: Din-rs" hut Satur
.L'-nrdr pi': Died, March 29. on
v alley Riv.-r. ', herokee county. Abram
Collelt. tormeriy of Collettoville, Cald
well cimity, o l: e-J O i years, S months
and '."J o.ivs. He died ,( cancer. The
warlicr .Mi:;.! i: ot J.enoir. Hickory and
Moio .ii; i, wi!, hul l a convention in
Hicaory l.ur-,,'.: . l:is thought that
they im. ua to ioim a tru-t.
Newd end 'loreiver. Ta-j i:ommi'.:o
appointed Lo have the cotton factory
company incorporated have secured the j the Teachers
ulun, i. no auuuai snow oi me ; remain
Wake County Cattle Cinb to h placet
yesterdav at tho Capital Alliance ware- j
house and wi.s in all respects such a I
success t i tn-iaiii fully the reputation
of this Wake e.mnty in-titution which
has done s , muri. fnrtlipTin.i 11 vt mara
orC. y to make l.-.r famous.
,y. tttville as
order. Evi
h' 1 ;ghts and
t he JJCUO.
ago win n
ii 1 nrg. .1 a
. ,V N. C. It.
s that it is
I that the
a 1 will net
To put en
i will n.-c-d
to the farmers of the Sute to visit th
comiug session of the Assembly at
Morehead City. Every privilege of the
meeting and all special rates of board
and travel ill bo extended to the I irm
ers who may attend the session on same
terms as the teachers hav e le t n Hide to
secure for themselves.
We feel that this interchange of
views between the teachers and their
best friends, the farmirs. will be ex
ceedingly pleasant and in every way
benolicial to the general cause (if edu
cation in North Carolina. Thanlcwig
jou for the pi ivilege ofext nding this
invitation through your most readable
and valuable j urnal, and trusting that
a largo ntimbir- of our farmer friends
may accept the invitation, and prom
ising gladly any service I may be able
to render towards making their visit to
Assembly enjoyable, I
Truly yours.
Eugene O. Hakrei.t.,
Sec'y N. C. T. Assembly.
'.,,; ..I. .1
V. . " ''' ' 'e 1 ill are
., k . ,i: . I ih
.; f mi v :y
' rt.
A ' iV YORK. D. Y
::,',' d'
i: t. v v
CI '.! II.M-, -
N-s;il -a,s;i
tros, , i i a
I'ain and I n
II. mini n t i o i)
' a I s tb.
S . r t- s . K
stores T 1 1
si m s s l
TilNte h II l
Try Uir 4
A ifirt !( !.. j
18 Htfrt'ent.J..
niHiI. rpciHiTi-.
Warren Sirt t
re .
:; 1
On enrtl noit-lland
: ' h u i I iriiKirlala; tty
.ok Isnlfxlwly
. i i
WOUid be tl- e ie i to L M
rollirg ttock. iu ct':.. r ur
ly equip the roid f.. r an a.
serger and mail train.
The Preaidt lit baits
on the idea that the additional
Convention or Delegate Trom the Cot
ton States ConcemJn? Jute lagging'.
Birmingham. Ala.. Vnv 15 a Cnn-
nave to Wilmington Star: Col. J. 8. Morrison, vention. embr&cinsr deIeo.te fmm Al.
1-. " says formerly Chief iOngineerof the Georgia, Hances and Wheels of all cotton States,
ices and Carolina fc Northern Itiilroad, is now met in Sublette Hall, this chy, tteie
Kkl Batton Shoea. 9fic.i Ijc, 75c: to Also a large stoct oi Men,, it .was understood that his
tad BoyVShoee at priwe to suit the times. nice Slippers from ; heart wm Mt on 0Qe CDt ,eLter
Ue. to 15c I postage. He has now discovered
rUBNlSHINO GOODS! Men'- Cnderahtrts as low as J . cents I that postages tamps Cannot bosafely
X nieo liadhnrrs Shirt for '25 cents. A nice Scarf from 10 to J cents o
av sue xuMit&u - , marked down to one cent.
aK 1. - -I I W - 1'allaaa l " ,1 nther L--W11 tftCI 1
--Ll-,rv aHr,n bOKK recent experiments toaae merits of Governor Hill, or the and direct intercourse with the
aaeroae to mention. ...... m.. i,...:.i... i.o.
in i' ranee prove mat a periun an- sonnuness 01 his political opinions, reooruer. iue i resmeut last oiil-
C LEV ELAN I) 1 N lsili'.
We cannot inaugurate tho presi
dential campaign of 1 so'; and we
would not if we could: but there
are those who are constantly hold
ing np Goveinor Hill as the presi
dential candidate of the National
Democracy in 16'.'-', and it may not
b inappropriate for us to say that
the voice of the North 'arolina
Democracy is not swelling the loud
Whatever may be
late. In aie of progress and enu-r-
pointed the negro James Townsend prigt corpor3lio:i9 and io iviJu..u must
liecorder of the General Land 9eek new business and not wait for new
Office. business to push th r.i. Tho A. & N. C.
There are official positions that K- should not wait for nw ami in-
nC(rr nf infpllicrpnep in fill nnrl creased business u C ree it to put on
, , ,, i another daiiy
to uieu iue m nj piupeii ue ap-
place a negro at the bu9ines?.
jiointed. but to
the head of a bureau in which
tram, tut it thould take
tr.e ti a::i and invite
is at: easy m .tter to
say "it can't be done.'" ' I can't" is a
"nearly all the clerks are white girls ready excuse for ecL-,ol boys, but the
is little les.3 than an outrage. Tie teacher of olden days whi knew the
Washington Post says : virtue of the black g;.m didn't ullow
the word to he u.-ta
The i'resident t a i:s the J. .u.nai. by
witli the v llmint'ton. ( Ins i1w & Kast ! morninc. Ahnnl-. nna hi,n,lH alo.
o proper- jarolioa Iltiiiioati. He will superintend gates are in attendance. The object is pas- i the coustructibn of that portion of the to devise means to fight the bagging
line next to Wilmington. His long and I trust or force that organization to more
iicuhaiur.s varied experience ensures good work j reasonable prices for bagging. The
lor the Company. Col. Morrison will go i temper seems to be in favor of making
into eanin earl v next week and will at an arrangement with the hnppinir men
will be all expense and no increased re- once begin work on the road about two I if possible.
This is not a fair way to calcu- and a half miles from town. i A speech of welcome was delivered
Itockv Mount I'laindealer: Mrs, Lou j bv Capt. J. F. Johnston, president of
Harper", of Lattleboro, was stricken the Alabama National Bank. It was
with paralytris last Saturday evenin. responded to by Col. L. IL. Polk, of
Herrecosery is almost hopelees. At Mortb Carolina. The sessions are all
Proctor's mill acioe-year old negro secret. Representatives of the bagging
girl was knocked into a well by the
breaking of the "sweep" and either
killed or crowin d at once. Twelve
or bfteeu negroes left Nash county
Monday for the fortunes of Kansas.
We believe toe white people will be
benefited if the movement is extended.
factories are present in the conference
The following is furnished as a por
tion of the proceedings in secret session:
I ' . , l T T Til l r X' . I. , 1:
- x o.a. o. i.i. on.unun, ap- Opposite Kaptii-t Churrh
pointed to confer with the bagging
mflnnfa.hirflrD TaaA lullura rnm tti-r rf
them. More than three disclaimed anv I HPflPRP 1 I B. Pfl
1862. EATON 1888.
Watches. Clocks. Jewelry
I keep a larger stock of Spectacle
than any other store in North Carolina.
I take particular pain Jo fit them to tar
eyes of parties needing ihftm.
Having worked ateadUy at ihj.bnch
for over thirty y&ra, I b4v I C do
as good work as any watchmaker iaUM. . V
Middle street.
f12 dwtf
11 jmblings that forebode revolu
tion are tn he heard in the record
er's division of the GeneralLand Squiring why e u ii not v raci ice what
Oflice. There are twenty five lady we Preach aDl1 thow" P"'K"ts by giving
clerks emnloved in that division. VT readers the daily press dispatches.
and they are brought, by the nature We admit that the Jut i.nal ought to
the personal 0f their employment, into cousta'n t have the di.-patches. and if it had as
much credit as the A. d: JV C. !.. and
Raleigh Call : The Wake County Hor-'T u.u i.u ,J Z
ticultural Soci-tv is negotiating for the i fZll ihfitb'y WThuld ? Bt8nd
purchase of thirty-hve thousand baskets I lllZVXZl JeJ.7,
one from each State consisting of the
following: Massey. of Florida: LiTinj:
ston, of Georgia, Payne, of Kentucky:
Cisyton, of Louisiana: Breman, of Mis
sissippi; Carr, of North Carolina, Mcln- i
tosh, of South Carolina, and (io an, of
The committee was instructed to con-
;or fruit snipping purposes this season.
Vv hat a pity the Itileigh cotton
factory isn't up and in operation. An
ordei was received from x.rkansaa to
day for cotton yarns. The letter also
wanted to know what would be the
price in large quantities and wanted
information as to the best way to ship,
General Hardware
Atrricu It ui iil i oi pi in o n t .
Ilo ws, II ur r .
H.'M hud
Wood's Mon i ts ,
Kt'a m In;
1 1 i 1 1 1 at on,
A x -n,
nut tCenpnra,
ri IK'S.
.', I .
Cotton i:ns I'rCHHtMi,
w hi
run on. eome all to WILLIAM SI' 1.1' AN'
be treated rixbt and get yoar money's worth.
Opposite Baptist Chnrch,
Middle atreet.
fer with rinninhnn. of St.. t.nHis. now
Wilmington Messeneer: CaDt. Nobles' 1 ir, . i, n ; rua t .v,, i.,..
vineyard is now in excellent condition, i R.,in Tr.. a i Fert i 1 I. and M:ist-r. Kaiult
could get tho additional train we would and the prospects are flattering for a ! he had to submit to them and report. i M t'lianl-s 'I'uri - . n l 1 1 ardwarr.
Sale and Liven Stable.
ting in a draught, no matter how it will not be
.warm the wind, will catch cold in it presidential
from three
a change of neckties gave ne snb- anu the American peo;
ject a cold in the head. sacrificed mi the al: i:
Tile lndeiendent accuses Bishop ambition.
Potter of discourtesy to President Day by day the u,
Harrison in delivering the sermon Cleveland ad:n;ir.'.ra; ;.
that he did. As the Bishop is one more autl more appaieic
of the sovereigns, and the President rison has the sagacity to
a public servant, we fail to discern Mr. Tracy follow.- m the i
any discourtesy in the op portuua Mr. Whitney.
admonitions. In the abson.e ix.eptioiial
That the past of this country is causes, that now give i.. evidence
a humble past" the Chronicle l lu,"f exis.ence. air. i iceiJini
will be win in.l v supported
and jiowerlul following
very large crop. Mr. William Bonitz,
: i i a .l.m .1 .. ... I-... .i-.- 1
r . .. .o-. :.. .i rp iv i u mteu lo tuaL oiuce ice Kive me uiptmioioi igam. n. eau uc
lUltlOLIt 11 IUJI 111 LUC ' . - , ..... . ., for m a n v vf uru mnnrialnr n tho -moll
Kev daaies xownsenu oi sa.d to the credit tt uiea.tiisAi. tnat k- -h-Go!boro. Va8 rrogramme Exercise-
m on i I ncl vim 14 I ii tn hfl iltl Ii tnnl, tl,.i r,-, iil.TiiOiy. fnr fnnr , ' . . , . . ... I . - s . .. - ,
i. ,.n - c,... i i ,i is . ' ' r leaseu cue commercial laotei in mis iumci sui m ,.ui in v.iioiin.i.
iu iiu iuiuuicb. i. cn i eve am . tie i ie mnera: :e nartv. ,im.,Kiu
- r tiLT, (anv .41 c '.uuivutUII i C LI C ' OUIlllilV. aJUIlH. HHr 'I H fS hf'T
were of a national missionary society, ant one and the main
Ti as or. w
e think
of Hill's
loin of the
Mr. Har-
see it, and
ootteps (('
was because we had
day. Suppoe we w
patches low.
we have ov.. r any
DOStofliees be'ow he
C. U. '.' fioes not the President know
that this pap-T. pub!iph;d this morning,
will go to Morehead City tonight with
papers of the same da'e fioni Raleigh,
- one tram a
re t king the d is
ad .iii', !ge would
... r p ..per w Ith the
v on the A. cc N.
Flnm iloreea end Male aiway oa hin
disposed of on easy terms.
I hare on haad a oanber of Fine Team, th c ir--
aJo trained Saddle florae for both s an 1 gent
'oad Street, New Berne.
aad will be
and safe :
:n en .
N. C.
The Bergner & Engel
Finest Beer Extant.
doee not believe. It is a more
glorious country today than ever
before, but this glorious present is
itself the outgrowth and conse
quence of a glorious past. Char
lotie Chronicle.
Wk note with pleasure the en
litgement of the Twin City Daily.
Id journalism, as in all the profes
sions, there is always "room enough
at Hie top," and we hope some day
to look op and nee the Twin City
AN Ohio mau wants to bo Min
ister to Hawaii. Why can't the
Last let the coast have that oflke T
Ohio is uncertain as to where
Hawaii is, but it h.vs learned ot
the existence of the otBce, and that
is all the bait a Buckeye needs to
set him running. San Francisco
Thk cauniDg business in the
South is steadily increasing. It
should be increased five fold at What a farce it is to be
eating all winter Northern canned
fruits and vegetables. This is
positively as discreditable as it
w is in the North Carolina Agri
cultural Fair to feed the stock ex
hibited ou Northern hay. Wil-
1 1
rc i
. . i ,
:o th
It l brewed from the finest Pale Canada "f-Bw';
The suit of General Mahone, ex
and Laazer Hops, ana
West Barley Malt
highly recommended for its TONIC and NTT
TBTTIVE qualities.
presulch 1 1 al t: o tn i u ih.en
The o f: e n lepra' r.i d. ' .!
a ii. le.i'e. i e in .1 . ,! a ' : hi '
deney has never '. en r . -: :
is an s w e : ed by ' , , : . e '
Cleve! Hid w l- ' : ' . -people
i 1 w .:s . '. e ,i'i
most eoi : u p : no t !e ! k n.
history .1 tie r-:i:.'r.
Mr. C le e 1 an d's p pu '..,::' ; s pot
diminished by his dele. it.
It is very rarely that the rising
son is eclipsed by the t-etting sun.
but at the late centennial celebra
tion in the eity of New i ork Mr.
Cleveland not only our shorn- Presi
dent Harrison, but he received
more applause than 1 1 an hull , 1 1 ill
and Depe w coin b: ned .
There is another reason why Mr.
Cleveland must be prominent, and
that is the prepoiidet ating impor
tance of the principles of winch he
is the embodiment. Whatever else
may rest undisturbed, the people
will demand a change in the tariff,
and the re establishment of that
broad nationality that includes
within its scope every State in the
Cnion as equal in rights and privi
leges, and equal in digni'v and
honor. The great aim t
Cleveland administration was tariff
reform; its t-ublime ao om pi ish-
has been twice a member ot the
Indiana Legislature, owns a fine
farm, and eamo very near being
elected Bishop of his church re-
lecomes eentlv.
But all these things are forgot
ten by the ladies in that division.
The only thing that they care about
is that the Kev. James Townsend
I i.rdiirml lis -i n Siinep h i si nn.
po.ntment was made nearly ' half Wilmington. Chariot-.-. Kchmond.
of the ladies in his division have Washington :.-y and Baiuniore r
, .. . . , Ciive us the double daitv and n e n ul
applied lor a transfer to some other thtn bepe the peoul(, t , :ilJ ua in takinR
division. They all want to be kept the press dispatches, and then we will
on the (lovernment pay roll, and be looked upon by the world as
lor that reason are averse to talk- a place of some import m-e an 1 worthy
ing much about the matter, but the of Ui-K'e'.
applications for transfer speak foi .
' ! , 1 Montana ICineerutie.
: henisel vi-s. , ,
.... ,, i . St. I M I , Minn.. " 1 iv i, A lb.lei.a
W e natura y have to pay a cei- . . o ,, .,..,
. 1 cpeci-il eavs the ans coneoe
tain amount ot court ami delerence control 0f";he Montana c.-ititutional
to our chief," said one of the ladies Convention to the 1 -i!io.-r..ts bv in in
vate, refurnisu and remodel the house, mon, by Bishop V. W. Duncan
and endeavor to furnish good accom- Tuesday, June 411 a.m.. Senior
mudiiiions to the traveling public at class day exercises. 4 p m , Spiakmg
very mod. r prices. by representatives of the Literary Soci-
Asheville ,Iurr:al: The prospects for eties. b BO p m.. Meeting of the Literary
a good v heat crop in Buncombe and all Societies.
the couniies west is said to be quite i Wednesday, June ' Centennial eel
promising. Mr. Robert Sutton, a ebration of the incorporation of the
prominent farmer near Webster, Jack- University. 11 a.m., Address before
sou county, com tin ted suicide by shoot- the Alumni by Senator Ransom. 1 2 HO.
ing himself in the hand with a pistol Fri- ; Annual meeting of the Alumni Asso
day. An ia:orview with twenty per- ciation. 2pm., Alumni dinner, s IiO
sons yesterday as to Asheville 's popula- P m.. Roll call of Alumni by lassen.
tion. the ii'ie-fS ranged from 10,000 to Speeches by Representatives of each
!-! C O It is fair-to say that twelve out class. Special class exercises.
of the twentv w ould not compromise on Thursday, June b. Commencement
I. line, itriek, ( Yiuciit. Planter
Hair, Piiint, ludH.iininn, Var
nish, Oil. .loss, Cutty nnd Hair., H ( r I gt-t a t ors. OU
i Cook Stoes, bin ckn Itiirfrlar
I'roof Sasli I ..( In, iv.irriwit.od to
Lrivi neciinlv and hh( isf'itrtlott.
ti i a i .i.r. n v t;.
First Shipment of
a large
Day. 8:30 p.m.. Social reunion of Trus
tees and Alumni in Library II ill.
1 Lab t
i " ! 1 :'
;':,. ii tn
i. a
; i -
to a Post reporter yesterday, under three to live n.aj ..rity. The Herald.
tl, iiMmikM tlcit hiT ii.imn Rep., figures tile COnventi n at .j-
should' not b, divulged, and her rndJnt!",!;:'" it"
position thereby endangered, ''and mateLi. , );ie uistri-t at
it will be very disagreeable forme close that the oili -nil .
to treat a negro as my superior. I needed to decide the
.1, ill rrat intounmp nfhir division vote was light, to whi
if I can : if not 1 shall have to stand cans ascribe their defeat,
it, as my bread and bntter de- I( Heavy Suov..
pcml upon it.'' Amii.aND, Wis.. May is. Pass, tigers
" on the trains arriving in this city last
Stonewall Items. night report from three to five inches of
snow all over northern Wi-consin and
Bavboi'O and Stonewall both Michigan. Four inches fell at Halt.
lected their entire Democratic - j u J ,"UIU , l"!lt .' ,
St. Ionaof., Mien.. M.iv P! A hesvy
storm occurred h..r- yi-st-rday.
r,il ..v r tiMthi-
less than 1:1 0 o
Nashville Ar.i unnt: fhiring the pres
ent week iiiwut twenty negroes have
ltft Nashviib- and vicinity and about
twenty-live htive left Rocky Mount for
Kansas. They are moving under the
direction id i-orne agent at Selma. "We
ae toh.l by the tie.: rots here that they
are f .r-;y acres cf bind for 15
acd tiie use of ali t-ev can clear in
three years, dca. ing l.nd in Kaneas
where there is not a tri e in a hundred
miles of any where, exce: t those which
have been ,-et out, sounds a little funny.
li i'eeu iilv 1 ; ;
of 1 'ao; i ii to w I.
tiesnatie nist week. A six year old district north and west of Massue and
daughter of Mr. Jesse Moore, of this St. Ambroise Btreets has been swept
town, died i f measles on last Saturday, clean, with tho exception of a portion
We b arn that Mr. Moore has four other 0f Valier street. About 700 houses were
children sick with measles. The burned. As many of them were tene-
bridce .'.cr.e- Tranters creek near Shep- ments, the number of families homeless
pardV tn i i i was kerosened and fired on not less than l.'JOu. comnrisinir ". Of'O
Disastrous Ftre at (Jiieliee.
(Quebec, May 16. A disastrous lire
broke out early this morning in Saint
Sauveur, in the house of Mrs. McCann.
on Valier street, and spread with Kr''at
rapidity through the wooden district
which surrounded it Tho streets
burned are portions of Valier, Chenel.
Saint Peter and Sainte Marie.
At 1:30 p.m. the fire had burned itself
out. after reaching the limits of St.
tor: Mr. I. M.James Sauveur, the toll-gate keeper's house in
p liineu a large rat-. alier street being the lant to iza. I he
Have Arrived.
and g;;at:
M.w i;
Consign o
tickets, so the county is safe.
Messrs. Potter and Swindell have snow
shipped their mill from Bayboro The fall seems to be get
...... otoarvior TahniM tn I'nnnr cm Michigan.
11. L II 111 . 1 ........... . ' - t L
Ta hlh repaUtoo eutd by the i -..
OltPAUT la doe to the fact that only the T
1L3LTESIALS are aW nd that the greater:
Are exereieed daring iu manuLtcture.
Agent and Bottler. New Berne. N. C
Senator Warner Miller, Senator
John 1 . Jonea, and others, against ment was national unity, and
the Carolina Oil and Creosote Com- around these the alii etion oi the
pany, . i . Canauay and others, people cluster.
waa finally aettled on laat Monday It is a longtime to the meeting
cs. KN'GKL before Jadge Bond, in Baltimore of the next Democratic National
VND BKST at chamber, by consent, whereDy Convention, but theie are duties to
nd CAKE certain oiucers imiucu. ouuoo- oe eriorineu in trie interval, and
quently at a meeting oi me direc
tor ex Senator Warner Miller ef presentation of the
New York, was made President principles essential alike to the per
and General Mahone General Man- petnity of the government and the
sger. .prosperity of the people.
tea iie an Oi
n H. 13.
It i N r. ii
'NTS 1"
jy-i dwtf
i i i :i i
J iroaa creet wnere sue win eoiuinue A T, r j ,,i
to manufacture lumber. when yea i n't fed v.,
t the residence of I. B. Hooker, know what ans you. d;v.-
m'l'.ayboro, on the Oth inst., Mr. tanic Llocd B.d.m a tu.n
Malachi Potter, aged about 70 tonr'c'() t-.tnah tt:. t hm
years, after a long and protracted wrUes: "B. H. L. is
atlliCtion, died. A good citizen is has done me great t
unnfl who eaves a hOSt Ot tnendS L. v. inomp
behind him to regret his going.
JFor once we have had a nice,
gentle rain which will insure a good
stand of cotton. Corn is an excel-
the lent stand, but there ia some com
plaint of bugs killing it in some lo
calities. Irish potatoes bid fair
for a good yield, and oats are quite B. for the preservation of my health. I
promising. In the Whole the farm- have had it in my family now nearly
, . two years, and in ull that tune nave net
ers' prospect is fair. faad o bave a (1octr
On Wednesnay, the sth inst., at ihos. Faulk. Alapaha. iii . wru.-s;
il,u roiiloTififl nf ths hrirle's father. "I sutfered lerriliiy fru.n -1.1.
Mr Alhcrt H adder, on Adams The use of B. B. B. has m . u- u.
'. " . . . - ti ,j j i,. . ike a new man. I would not t...:e
creek. Miss Annie Hadder and Mr Bande tlljllard f.,r u, , A i: h
.las. H. Harris were married at .5 aoneme.-'
p. m.. and left for Smiths creek w. M. Cheshire. A.h.nca. ( ; a. wr.ti
not the least of these is the repeated wtrere a reception was had at the "I had a long -pll ( ty-hoid
, , j ..... . . t i n rorr i 1 1 m i ' u w u eti n t, ii,- t i t i . n -
fundamental 'k k" le., wh eh swelled up enormously.
was quite a" .yn ulcer al-.. appeared which d;s-
spent, and many were the congratu- charged a cm, full of matter a .;.-,y. I
lations extended to the bride and
then gave B. B. IV a tr:l and it our. ii
groom. me."
Saturday i.ight tae -4th last. The fire
wi.- :i'-i'"ei before much damage was
done. We hear that a similar attempt
was i.!2de to burn the bridge across the
creeu between I'actouis and
ington at the same time.
Hlil Baptist: Mrs. Patsey Lae conn ty , is about SO years
e. an i is in good health. She
I 1 Ii L : i ' I
. r. .oi l
or 6. 000 persons. The total loi-s
fire is estimated at 000.000.
by the
a me
site r
o I a
a ho..
,o 1 . "
W. Tbomprun. Icon-,
writes: "I b.-lieve B. 11 ic
blood punlier made. h li-.-proved
my general health.
An old gentleman writ..--gives
me new life and new :
there is anything that wi
man young, it is B. B B.
P. A. Shepherd. Norfolk. Va
I 10th. 1SSS writes: "I depend
Alien Tliorndjke Rice Dead.
New York, May 10 Allen Thorn
dyke Rice, the newly appointed minis
ter to RuBBia, died suddenly this morn
ing at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, where he
id every day during the WB9 a ueBt Mr- Iiu'f had been sutler
an do more'woik at her iDK from a throat affection for a few
i ivanced age man a great many of the days past, but was not supposed to be in
v,.,,-: . v.' L Grimeley who any danger. He intended to sail for
r-.i-i"- ah three miles from here.has Europe yesterdav in the Innmn Line
te:- hoi s ,,f wheat that was headed steamer City of I'arn, but wa-c.m
nice a u ei k ago. It in taid that if pelled to delay hi departure owit.g p.
v. ,.,-,11 v. ::1 !:ie:- a rabbit the first of bis sickness
Mae. a c.o.ii er. pis .xpected. This, Mr' Rice died at 3 W o'clock tin-
t;,, :i. is cere than an average. morning. There wer- with him at the
time ui ins ueain u aineH rs irgen i . oi
The Season Is at Hand
a r
l . ( U ( ' I o ,
Wire Dish ("overs,
FiiiiS and Traji;;.
Wire (.'loth and
Hath Tabs.
i i : n i r hot
., '-
i i
ion j i j i c i n
gin-. W. T
n P to tiie d; p. 't lrom the river
it v. as i pp jr i; e tl.e
t i . v - . L;r.; ,-.
e: .in j mi i iiik fu- i. a .
yd engineer, was backing r- ,n (TorlH i, '
CddolVi n-nit f Urt l.-..l, A. II .
bottling establish- , . . n. vu, u. v... ...
i.oiti f i.v and St. James ,,',..,,,.,
uurin au.x uiwu iiini 1111 (.ijmeililie iasi.
l. ii. ( r i li:r,
26 & 28 iYlaUlo Street,
!". V Hi. I
j. n. eh i.ThKie
Ii A SI 1. MANI.T.
in mv
s'.re.-ts. a boy. stealing a ride on the
pio.v. v.;ow catciier,; felt it rise up. He
looked d-.wn and saw the mangled and
criihe-u form of a negro boy. A lit
tle more light is throw n on the case of
tii" i;:'l girl w ho s-uici.led Friday in
N-. 11 t"v-n-:iip. S:ie was 12 years of
nil', of si tin o mind, and deliberately
-. r . ; ; e I b..i?e!i' iind jumped to her
death h v. n a well llar-h trentm.nt.
it i- l:: .i-h'.. go id. ;d !o r to tiie desper-
Twia City Daily: The f-torm of j ee
trday swept over this section of coun
try with considerable violence, enap-p-iiig
limbs iro.'ii trees and on elevated
points uprooting trees. It swooped
Jjiiiicrf Kernereville with tragic eflect
c ;.:ph-t.-ly wrecking the I.invilb) ware-iicii-e.
which toppled or-, its foundation
an I fell iu w itu a crash. Frayer Wil-
Ihuiis, deputy eheriil of R xkingham ' ter, N. V .
An old physician, retired from rm t; ,
having had placed in his hands hy im I ,m- i
India missionary the formula nf a - m.. !.
vegetable remedy lor the speed v mid per
tiiaiient cure of Coiisumptioti. Br'.i.i lum.
Catarrh. Asthma and all Thr.iKt ai. I I. i..
AlTection?, also a positive an,! ra. 1 ) 1 ,i-.
for N.rvous Debility an l all ,, -.,.i-Complaints,
after La ing tested it.- vn.n
derful curative powers in thousands if
cases, has felt it his duty to mulo- it kn.. n
to his sutTeriDg fellows. Actuated by tlo
motive and a desire tn relieve huiiein mi!
fering. I will send foe nf charge, t, . ,i i
who desir it, this recipe in lieriium.
French or, with fail directions fur
preparing and using, heist by nnol bv .. I
drts-iog witli stamp. iiHinuig tie - p.ijei .
W. A. Novks. 1 III 1 ' wrr.s Hbudi. Ilm liis
lmvl wlv
J0K1T E. chabtree & CO
founders aad Machlnlete
faetnrers and 1 lealeri In
tl .11,1... ..i 1 n.iiin llollra.
San tlll'a. I .luini: .v. t ui off llrlilaiaa(
a e ., 1 1. , .. i .i, . : .1 ,..,i i urn :,kk of all klnda
w : ' 1 ; i i : . i .. ,
l';i : u: ,o i e -,. , ..'.- u u-ni:on glvan
el, S I' 'H
w . i..- . . 1 1 -i : ie sulci eatlmataa
r r it i
. ' ' : r m - i if 1 h A nr
a I .i T u u in I it ' ol-
nlut l. .i i: u Mr-mi i fer all work
- T .... j
' ,'. y f

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