North Carolina Newspapers

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Taialt .Mlttl, TteMMtMM. WTTnmt Uemm'.T mr.l o try""
College Cam : u :
The full rnl'iv.i'
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ing domes: fill
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3,, . iTTt 1 - ' - ICHJ NA'.E The lUSiUSI UU W AT
AliaT aiatcwc n Tux wmla. i-a trtctaxj win t-w i- i.
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. f. LL1 CO.. 3 lid J7 Cin SI
5,000 Lbs. of Wool.
I I i
V UI bay joar N -o! r.
$k'tp it for joa to tK dairy
kanJ, from j 'U a '
at of your wxj!. for pr-..--i
nm. W chf no !')iua:!)-5
A lot of Mason's Fruit Jars just received.
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S 3
A Boarding School for Girls and
Ladies. Fall Term opens Aug. 29th. For
Catalogue with full particulars address
Sale and Livery Stable.
lliE estimated number of people
;n 'ew York daily is lihh,oxi.
THE North C.irulin.4 St.vte Alli
ance meets tt rl te 1 1 !e, .ni;.,
1 ',U.
1 NKA-INK.-H is frit ill I. on (oil
for the vifety nl Hntisti rroops in
Eiy pr.
I'UKU l)"ri.l.i.-, nero Intt-ly ;,,,..,
uppuioted umiistei to II n 1 1. is --.ihI
to f worth f.H,tm. ,i ,
M i.i.i AN is reiorifl ii-s liiltirious tj,,,
over tlie renlt ot ttje b.ittle,
K ilrjiii is all torn up. t i- i
Mhs. T Mk, widow ot 1'riMiuleut : , r 1 1 i
John 1'jler, died ndden!y in Ru-ti- ,. , j,
mood on Iat S'edrjeai
Tin: peiple of the wbnU- State tn- m; ; , :.
! i u i n i en t i u the of t l.e IiifSi,
euotupBieul tt N ritfbrville. Min'er. hi
THE State Line Alliance, of North regard t.
(,'AroliDi, wA ditt'uu the de?iratnl .in:..: .r,
ify of lAdie.s joining the Alli-ince. t. .!..
I'-wis is always stealing from .n ;' n-
the many to the few. Tih people
should constantly be on their guard
TnK nrbeat counuriea of the world
are not tbo-- where nature is must
bountiful hut where l!ir ; nmst
In m.ikiug reoiovLs the I'fes;
dent n.e(i no sapairlurous word he
ninipiy write " on are removed.
It. Harrison."
Thk Depjirtnrent oi Agneolture
rxrts an iiuprovemen t in the
condition of the cotton crop during
the p4t month.
P.i kkai ii l'.ii.i hi bvvn eugged
by tbe r'rnob government to teach
10"-1 crlry otlicers to nde ,n the
Americin style.
Ir ii 4erteU that lr. Dudley
hiM been cllel m to apply the
block-of rive treatment to Montana.
Tuffilo Courier.
Thk wheat hjrvivtt iu K.iua.i.s is
said to te the Urgent ever gathered
iq that Scte. Some fields yielded
busheU ptr acre.
Kive Alliaocea in Mei-klenbQrg hu-U
county, V. aaved ll.J4o.7J by side r
parcbajnog tbeir fertillem through sev. r .
tiie coactj Alliance agent.
IlKHKV M. 8TASLEY, the Afr.can
explorer, i eipctd back in Lon
don by ceic September wben he
will eatr apon a coarse of ki-ture.
Ci.evei.a5D said, "rublic otlica
ii a Tablic Trust'.' Now we bare
U "Tublio oftic is a "Family
YOUTH? Uoot." Greensboro North State.
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! I - ' -
i .It t i i
Ni -.v 'ork World lends oil
in the .i..wilt iijion tbe South mi
.ti'rount n: the .Sullivan Kilrain
.i iV ii r. It mi' content to await
the result, but on Monday morning
lieliiic The contestants had eliteiid
the ring it published this para
gi aph .
If the Attorney General ct
l.uiusian.i is right m his opinion
that there is no law in that State
under which prize lights can be
prevented or punished, not only
will tne Millivan Kilrain ( -tt'i;
come oft today in the pretence f a
multitude of spectator"", but Louisi
ana will :i' once become the home
of .-lugging watches. Kvery jiair
ot pugilists who desire to try their
skill upon each othei's person w,I!
oneulv adjourn to that Livored
State ami have the thing ou'. with !':::
a rich result in gate money. The Ion
mm win iifi-oine as wen esranii.Mieu
an indnstry rn Louisiana as the
lot tery is now and it can scarcely
:.c les demoralizing."
,1 t:
I' li
, I V
I Hips
- t : o
. r fi leu 1 1
A i ifrman
l.illl Hi;n;k
tr.i t. ves-
coni in unity w :t.-i hhiui..i ; , .
IIIDlTlltlH W'hiTI til.-! IU'WM re. I !l : ,
that Mr. W.O. Whitehurst r,f
Iiad committed suicide in tint ' h-,-have
Hhootintc himself through ile h.-.o '
fl,'iH feeniB that lie had licodnn. ira :;!
nare n-itne linatnial com pi irat n .in, nut i
Heemn hir) way out of hH h o rm- u i; . i
ourrapsmect ne runrludi il to . n i .
existence w hoe wrfti-hcilms c. In
was intolerable. Hit hmlv , l,,ur
on Friday morning in a field in
the cemetery ly in Huaini-t :i pmetn
O! til
r I It H'.il
I .-!-,-r.
.- at !i'4
f i 1 lr
:.:tH. k of
on. 1 him
et o. Win
'. I: - -i i f
Sltiow Hill Baptist Tli.. , re -k I.
with ordinary Water i- ni.,nr i
ams wide, but during I hi- Int.-,
w id th wan i Htim.lted at ei,;l,i Imr,-'!
ards. Considerable r .111 i.i. l
ton on the low lai)J ,.f tl,.. , r. 1 1. , -.
much damuKed by the 1 r 1 -1 1 : v.'i
farms are under water ;.n 1 n ,
entirely destroyed. Mm h
'hmt crop in tin- i-i.iiov
lr..j. il by the run-, i,si : ,-, ,.
d ir. th.-
. 1 : r. r 1 0 a
.'ifiirtur J
writ'- to
lore li:
le: d.
11 the
n,i town
..imi'il .1
Ml :!ered
I e. eh t '. I
the ;: 10.!
t 1 ' 11 , N 1
ilo : . a 1 - . :
: Mil
W M - !
t l.t;
1 1 1-
Nm :
.1 ( a:
1 1
d Ii
if n; ..
1 .
1 ,
Pear! Shirt.
t a ry 1'r ic ' - .1 1 .
depart:::! :.', i ' '
declares 1. t' '
I. Tl.. ' : .'
was ih - 'he 1 0
phi r. M 1 1. -..
in the 1 )
f n . h ilt--;'. : r i- :
people - :: :. : g
w .1 . - i -. : 1 - 1
Tnr n i-iiher s a- w '' .
-:.i: - : :. , i . :.'.:,.
sii 1:. :: r 1 . ..if - t:
Is large, t he U.o:;
1 :i: e
1 .
1 h.s :-. an
li n ill i i a ! 1
and is a'; : i
ien: s . W
M H. W ii
I K. S . w 1 i sv a s a
N ice tht- o ! h er i
distantly relatei
and in ve-t ;ga! n
!l ,1 .
: : a
1 1:0
.. ' her
: . ti ; ; - a 1
' : - 1 !
..:.'. -d.
1 1 1: 1." .
p.. :.'cl
i 1 . ;s r. 1;.
hi the Pre
:i w . id 1 .roha Id v
; o
1: sn
I1 to
ll the Woild s as capable of
binding it would blush ;it Inning
the l.e thrown ill its teeth by the
t icts of the ca-.c. Whatever may
lie the opinion of t he At : ' u tiey
(ietieral of Loui.Mmu. (loverrior
Nicholls determined that the light
should not comet!!' in Loui.Mana. '''' '
and it didn't. It the words of the D-.i,h : A
W orld has encouraged any of the M-.-r.:Ti:
roughs to settle in LouiMina. t heir w ,M -: "
ktocL in trade can now- be bought
for much less than cost.
Ihit the World, not satitici ss:;h
it-, thrust at J. iniMlanaJ has this to
av ot other Southern States: "All
that bluster on the part ot the
Governors ol MissisMppi. Al.ibma.
I .. .ii 1 Man a and Teas anetit the
prize light was designed to head
oil the Northern people who might
feel inclined to brand the South us
lurbamus once more. The 'resent
outlook is that the Northern black
guards will be permitted to enjoy
theui.-elves to the fullest extent
upon the lgvely soil of Louisiana.
There never was anv si nous intent
1. 1 interfere w h them : 11 t u it
I.'., ral State.''
'I' he Prophet of the North has
missed his calling, but long ago he
w s a.-.Mgiu il his true iomMoji
among the prophets ot Laal. All
that he said of Louisiana ha been
branded by the facts in tin-ca-e as
v 1 1 1 a i d 1 1 ' 1 s slander.
1 1 is true t hat the light did e jiut oil trace 1 Iimu
iu Mississippi. Hut howl Thechatn- dodged an 1
- c
: Hon. h fit.
: :ri munition tu
nil i . : .- j -.- I May.
i iin.ft appropriate
. -1 -i of (itn. Win.
'.:i .er in the held.
I" e1 crops of thiri
. ut by (he recent
'iiaoly well up t j
' g. od uplands i
i . l.!e s asons from
! made to feed
. ..liii romc to sell.
' r. .. hi. Jachson,
-m oi' rii-ar Reids
' ro.'.-i ilif. railroad
i- Mr;. !; i,y tile
on t'.n.i n ot. erf! y
1 .i i- v. hnura
!.! . r:.--:il,oh
. - 'i At. t;. a., of
i. n , jail Su od ay
iii'i ln-ni a thirty
:n: v. uh l he yiri-..Mhv-h
A h-:
ar 1
fr .- I.
L -ard :
the v.
of . h .r .
hi- :. a r
wl..c':i th -:':
i-: . -. v
ma ..
Mr. J :.
crei. k
and i
': : : '.
1 a y i -'. -a ,
J . -
t W l I v
farm iia:. i
hitzh- i t..
started h i
!.:-. r
d to
at. i a 1 A -
! i.-.t lun
!h htw-eell
' h't ll I . Ill
' a wii i I e
or: hen, err
hoiU i:; I lit
is an index
n r-
.'-tan .y
to the
v a re
'..-i i o i .
o pr. an.
report-. .i
iir.ts in:-i e i;-.e
Ci.iuirh bus.
i! v severe in
w..terii url of the county. If
ii. o -' i'-t:. their duty hour will
r : n.-.-t wel . e months.
te-iii n. : ! ..reel nairt b- nt arlv
i . -' i -
the 1
..... ,t
as a
1 nn-
i- and
. II..
: th-
M -
w a s
.,. i r .
.-. h.
" K
II it
, 1 1 ;
il. ...r
A. -ample uf wh it
' i i: i s h re doi rig in
a! Imri-i b. u atforded
in . I I av cl-i.n I 'ol-
of I ir, I he liai vented
c tn the acre. On 0.1
" : l. l-h. Ii of wheat
v. v it is ni -r the
i.i harh
v. i.e a; .
iii .11 ,
rye and n .
J. SV. A ailsw,, nil's
.1. It. nla e an
'1 I. at a I. l.t ll.-lV 'f
.lack Kilo-nri-k. a lail ahnnf 1 fi
years ohl, oe d last night about half
h t,hsO bushels
- wen- threshed on
farm yppterday by
John P. Hunter.
m.rk in threshing
dent, pious went to the held under cover chain wrapt -1 ar
this ci.l it cm t :. .
-1 1
at t
-1 r -
. snli
I 1- i
night. The (Jeveruor's
r ' " fey
It Is announced that General
Fitr. Lee will accept the Supertend
ency of the irginia Military Insti
tutefwben his term as Governor ex
pires. kC KE r Alii L within a'ten mile
radios aroand Charlotte the pros
pocta for an abtindant harvest are
etery where apparent. Charlotte
Dispatches from Jackson, Misa.,
8y Gov. Ijowery la determined to
bring Sullivan and Kilrain to jus
tice. It is said that he will demand
their extradition.
TnK. first bale of new cotton was
sold. in New i ork last Monday at
1 ' s. centa. It came Irom Georgia j
and will go tn Livarvonl Wil
mington Star.
The Rowan count , N. C Alli-
W 1 1 ! am
a i.. c ol
i try had
I thing!
re veul t he fact t 'u r
part o! h:s name. A 'O1' !;et
Henry, and a ' . ' io-r i ;a
nepoti-m. 1 1 a-o'; : he .
about eiioiigii ot t i. s rt
Savannah News.
TlIK New Vol's. Star
bull 's ev e siiuaiei ss in n
that "President I 1 ai i ison 's ehang
in the Civil Service rules dome
eiintvl nisticc to I iiioti veteran".
Ostensibly prei i ring ail o!
lleins" is ii ;uard iittemjited to halt thorn od
The train
him aba i;t
r. i
the engineer
rushed on to
and sailors 1 1 s ei c :
ing the 1.::;:: ot : 1
of those ss ho has e
iu the I V. i! S.-t s .
placed, it in f ict
ot s a ti r a : . - ' ' c r
: i's , : a -' ea. 1 i '
or .ridaat-h.'s . : .,-ty."-
- Memph.- i
1 ii. -: Vei.eUle:
. ..lail:
' and
by n iiinv
i s ; a t e ir. e n t
em ploy ed
been dis
nii. kind
i: ! makes
;i it rod :stn
the iiordorsol the State
was 'flagged, " but :
refused to stop, and
the "battlefield. " Yes, Sullivan and
atid Kilraiu fought in .Mis
sissippi, but they came under
says cover of
the law, an
skulked 1.1
ing place-.
Put (he Woild not content ssith
its cast igatioii of Louisian a arid
.Mississippi, brought Texas and
Alabama under the rod. 1: has
roUhh piiiey w
after the ns:i -i!
C'! mine in a i i
te "OU '
h i
.. I our
! 1 i r ! i a . ;
:: Mr.
- f ;'
Ml a 1 i ' .
on la i
e of hia sister,
idy been sick a
i r .
canst . I it
ut, Iu Ii.l u-e.
t r.i-n.-l.oi i N.jr ill".
f .eti'.l hillal II,).' is ;
makenan itnpoHin ap
lreat liniroveiiient in
A . Starr, living near
vviir a row which li..pp-.i
cilvek few dayr auo. I la
both iiils-H aregeiting a!..n."
i J u I v 1th was a fad l a v
.MethoUi-t church. m ar I 1 1 1 1 -were
four rnrpnpn in th
time for hu rial, the far the t i .
from there, the others with.
The following are the n o
(lead : Missen Annie Mi.v ;
Robinson and infant t w in a
Chatham Kec.ord : Tl...
curiosity ( natliam nimii
longing to Mr Sylvester .
th is tn wri k h ip. 1 1 ih a r hi I.
leg rrn s. ing on top f 1 1 :
copied last week an it-m f r. .
horn l.'ourier that a cit i -n ,
laid cut 1.11 drzen tuindh s i
one Jay. Of course vvn kne
ham could heat this, and h -year.
Mr. John Hart, nt tn,
in one day last month cut !
Straughan 111 d( v m bund h
and stopped iu time to sh ,
it. N'o w 1 1 t Hanth J ph he 1 1
Kaleigh Newa an 1 i ih-.
directors have finally seut,
far the cotton factory and I
it f 1 r 1 hat Jul rpose 1 1 is i i
i:f land just urn th of tie- : a
the lialeigh and (hi-o.n r-u
It vi-as purchase! f .r -I
1. 1 . Cameron, who tn .k f , : i
in paymvnt. for the pu r-hase tn .1
is easily accessible and pr. v i l.-s
failing ftream of wan r Mr
Lewis has been elected pr. -i leic
mills, and Mr. John II Win I.
president. Mr. C H. Helvin w a
ed a director in plaee of Mr
L-wis. Mr. Oeorge V Strong
elected s cr-tary and (rnnsuri r. In.
1 acceptance u:ih not yet tieen r-reive
Asheville Citizen: Another II . . i
aud terrible homicide has nr. urn d m
.Ashtville that may reijuire r
tedious and lengthy invest itralmn he
j for the criminal court of the county
: Onehuruau life had been taken and an
! other jeopardized to su-ch an extent thai
even the attending physicians Icivo not
the power to determine at present. Ami
all the result of intemperate w ords and
heated passion. Yesterday the elam
Preston Jones was buried and the slayer
W. F. Justice, placed in jail, to await a
trial by his countrymen for the crime
he has committed committed, he ah
leges, in defence of his own life, and
the testimony so far adduced seems tn
bear him out in the allegation Ho is
in a precarious condition, and if he
pulls through it will be because ot ,,n
unusually robust constitution . ahle ana
careful medical attendance, and faun
ful nursing of the terrible v -. mui.I s h.
l y
( 0.
t r
i.: i
. h
darkness to violate
1 when it was done they
e cowards to their hid-
d lei s
i r
tht m , ba
hearing t
found tin
the gain
BO flight
th- -am.-Sv
k t s
chillies .
: ,' !v mi
i d t
h i 1
1 - vet.
t, i I -a vi
I e...
l a
til in
' r . 1 a
p..s ..I
A la'", e
ami :. ., : s
!' r-nl ,-
a.j. ar-a-i
.I Mr. I I
I a- .tl
I in t
Ol nf
e regret to chronicle
l . 1 1. nu rst , d ruggist,
ma- to make an as
. r- very sorry to
nth of 'Jtev. j. L.
r-1 Ihntut e hn reh
en nervation have rece'ved d"r'nl? an affray-; I
cm and he expects ' of whlc1' had abready been Mat
Raleigh Call: Governor 1
turned toiay from Ph.ladt !j
New 'ork. He saw the N u
lina teachers sail for I'.un.te
ne -"3 ot wood there i zevaca, ana as the steamer el
soli;; ;
V I" I I v
I la ' ,. .. hl.-l
than a i , - : c . -1 .-'.. i
I take p irt i. mini p '
eyes of part ies nee. ! .
Hiiv ing worke i - a
for m, r llnlly s
as pn. -.. i v "tl .,.-.'
i i i M I ,
.! -'ARK.
S . . inrtea
i ni in to the
i!.e benchj
I t an do
r in tb
. N ,
l eef .
, I w t f
.rings in
tar same
the Shite.
W'e were shown
g cane that was
3 of woo. I .there
t h '
in !I;l - c i : v .
Titxm Iloraea and Malea ilwtvi on tun
dlaposed of on hit terms.
I hare on hind a aaai'-xf r of K Tea-.: g
U) traloM 3addle IIort ' r ' ' :. '. id ! g ' ' a . n
'''oad Street. New Berne. N. C.
will be
ace reduced the aoraage of cotton
and tobacco one fourth, and in
creased the acreage in corn and
p.vMes one fourth.
. 1. 1
Anier.i in
in uch t o .s iv ! .:
ly notified ! ha
ministrat ton i-
, - rc
. a . . lie 1 e - pei
:t:e Harrison
is aS
"LahiiK built all the alaces panpt-r labor of lingl iTid.
that adorn the world, and yet has announced that 'he ( iovertin.r
always dwelt in a hovel. Idleness going to impor' irmii I :igland
has never created the most insigui 'H' enameled Kngl
...ti- ol
had so
t he
l -
'I :
never appeared that Sullivan
kilram evi-r entertained the i.lea
of going to Texas. The roughs ot
tin- North are hard customers, but
then- nothing of record to show
a defiio to tackle TVxans and ,i.
I'or Alabama, to have gotic there
wc u!il have been deliberately going
into t he penitentiary.
Let New York, and alt the oMiei
State- of the I'nion, follow the
example of Alabama and pass a
M.iiutc declaring Prize righting to
be a felony, and an end will be
m -de of this base inhumanity.
lie r
Ih; Van Wlaki; C:tton Gin Machinery
T . '
- " - - 'r. ' r I i 'A
Tn W it i i I Mici nry Bi
A: Engel
The Bergner
Finest Beer Extant.
It is briwed from the
West Barley Halt and
highly recommended for
TBlTlVE qualities.
finest Pale Canada
Laazer Hops, and
its TONIC and NTT-
ncant value snd set reveHs in ued i
laxtiry .' ' 'on gres-: 1 1
A TKKKii.t K tragedy is reported h, wha' a ho
from Pelonse W . 1". a man killed ' '"' 1 ,,MU ' "'r 1 ' '
hi9 wife and children, aud then ' :-l'l) -'''
killeil hiruself, for the reason that p. i i;
he did not wih them to lise longer a r a;-'
in thu ainfnl world. f i;;,ir, . : I i i
T a K i: K h.u teen a fall-ng ot) of ( ' 1 r'---..
nearly '."per.eut. in the emigra 1 'o
! : a t o Mi . s co u n '. r s i n t h e lis- -1 x r.-i , ', ' . i . a
:;i ,n'!n. '1 lie decrease s as not
from any particular nation, but
from the wtiole l.uropean cont.nt lit.
Sk.nathh Ingai.i..- id credited
with sjymg that everybody in
Kimm is aatisflesl with prohibition.
The prohibitionist have their law,
aud the drinkers have their wins
key .
1 KKSIUKMT HililllM'S should
take warning by the mefl-s Son Lu.s
sell haa tirade of Montana polities,
and let tbe new States bold elec
tions without' further interference,
unless he wants tbetn all to go
1 emocratic. Philadelphia Tunes.
N' AV it ls sauI that the President
has leu slighted in New York.
The bnited State Ibspatch P.oat
w;th the Presidential party aboard i way to son.,
was iguored a it passed the Navy w''o u"t' ; 'r
yard. Tne captaiu slowed iiji is
HH'ting a salute, but not a gun was
ti i . i
o -ii.i i
Ti.e tah
Mr . .ili!-
- . . :.'
1 'ear S. r
arti '. d-.-an
1 i ira ; , r
friwt.d . f
hoier- f .
o id p an;
live to star
place, but
conciu-i ni
Mr. Ji-lai
frien 1 . an
the hosiery
h --i s la 1 1 I y v
of start
time j r--Ib.-iery
wil!l tea
a thiir. iu!;
of th" hu-;
i Ct.
il. I.
a 1:.:-,
. ... i - r .
1- Till I
thai o,
by the
riva r i
vs .-. a. I
d. viz: Cherry. 1 dock the company cave him a t.,,i-i,
a . w . od being stained ' ovation. In Philadelphia he attend. .
nr. w io -ii gave it a beau-! the meeting of the i ioverrmi -. ..f t
a Ir is a specimen of the I States, and the Ledger of ih.t . :
A. l-.ptin;, who is em- states that be stood fnrene am. :
it, c."ker at the 1'urn i- j them. Tne ob ject of the 11.1111,.
preliminary to arranc,iri i 1 1 1
monument to commemorate ;;. n.
nial of the consititiitiohal hi- is 1
country. Governor I-'ou le w a- a.
to respond to the add res- t v. . 1 ,
which he ilid liracxfullv a' ! . , ,
1 y . 1 1 u r i c the nio'iit, !. ni 1 '. ;o.
Other speech . w h ii ii . w 1 1 1". 1 i, ; : 1
of one by Lt. Gov. Jnnen. ,,f N a
was the only one reported I -. il..
It was cur Govern'-rwlm o,,l. in
itiative and offered a res., hi': a ,
following eirect : "Tlcit the 1, - . m ,
of all l he Siat-s and 1 e r r n . .1 1 1 a
Wnshin.'ton in ller.inher. : - -
purpose of memorial 1 7 1 m; 1 . a -e
a suili. ient amount to er. . 1 a
monument in com 111, ni-,r -i ; .
ctntt-nuuil of the cruiHtuiiti n .i I . :
of the country. In- 1. ,. -, -.
a lopted.
H: a
.e h ,dy of Capt. ,
liiL' lishermen j
. a- mentioned .
wn up on the
: n naro I nlet (
- - e informed
:aa, j ,- .-, Mr. '.
1 a-a -i I'.each
: I lev. ed the
in- I as t Ic re-
' n ad
, 1 en.
f ii
1- I .. n
il, lrj 1; i F.
la istern
l- I n m . reports
ic com crop on
a-eii desiroyod
river, and the
lved last
r admis
'I'ii e en ,p
i.- t 11 the
1 V
11- rel
ir I
i r.
d. HllKt
Itiinr ami l'i-i.
-l'.,)Ko, July :h- A
1 n t h 1)
tnc-s- w il
an v v. he r
we have
v . u r ; 0 w n .
C"RH anv i
, f to p-r c
S':t!ci h.r
reiisoti ' i.
on. -P..
h-ks h
char: ty."
1 1 arris. "ii
people, o:
the err,-,
pubh. can
it, i'tr s.
them. T
; h i:
,1 . -:u
w a-.
: a
1: 1 ver
v o
1 t ih-- a
shmii i h
have an c-arl'
w ha: the 1 r ...
v-rv ; r , ; I v ,
a :
- :.c.t he 1
.1:1 party
t he
l lb
e ' ' 1 1 k e
Tin. v-f.s .
and reliable 1 .-
tine of th- ! e
g.ves goo '. .1 !s
1 cat
Th alfth reputatton e:
.OMPANY w da to tie"
VI ATKAIALS ax ued u !
ar euroi-M! dar; ag iu man
V, N U KJj
and CAKE
' S 1 ,1 W'f
Thk civil service law if one ol
those experiaieuts wh.. h must bt
irepuentlv made in the ellort to
bTing about the best conditions in
the conduct of government. This
particular experiment is a dismal
failure, and should be abandoned
lor something more practical and
useful. 'harlotte ( hromcle.
Agent and Bottler. New Benie. N. C.
the 0:; s - 1 . " i : a l
take la ' .- 1
alsall t ( 1 c s 1 land ,1
Star and i.'br
pap-ei s f ho a hi u.ei
true ! ac' s sv : ii 1
hscs and 1 iciiaa r.
all ' her gr.-at 1:
The;r endeavor : -
sion 111 t lie 1 leinoo
it certain! s' cati'r
Miss Gi.ais fnNK, Jau
ghter of the graat linglish States- the :n'tid;c:
man. and .resident of Neevnhaui crat. c editor
a li .11 ic.-.s
-v.-;, a per.
1 cm : ry.
, indirect
liip.,; arief
u this
I.:,- in
.-:! .on.
1,-d. 1 1 :
e ft .111 il to
:'!: uis 1 1 1 1 ss 1
II.:;. and The
I ' a-
em sv i : ii t he
-1 e v 11 cc to the
. ol th,,-e and
1 ot oar part s .
: , ' orea' e ' 1 is sen -at
;c i'.hi p, sv h ich
n ic.-' af : f t ed by
i;ir-c of ltfino
acd.o T.ti.e-.
: g a
, A !
. a
1 ,
hen out riding a few das
ago ss e inhiceil coin that in our
opinion had been badly damaged
ii s' lowing.
dust .1: this time the glass i
a is' iaige in the crops and the
:,'iiihl':nii is very great to plow
dee p and 1! : g it 11 p by the ro its. In
doing i':o the corn roots near the
Mil fare ate broken, and a- these
are the pr . 11 c: pie feci! . r s nf the
f : a! k incalculable 1 nj ui y is done.
e have 110 doubt that deep
plowing is the thing to be done in
the e.uly stage of the crops, but
after the latrral roots have been
formed it is absolutely ruinous.
Some of onr farmers have net
vet planted their corn that is to
tolloss- other crops. We suggest to
them that a fresh coating of ma
nure would be highly beneficial
The plowing now should be es
pecially deep and the furrows made
to .nt into each other so as to
enable the land the better to retain
moisture. The greatest danger to an 1 d.--:r-j-corn.
"hinted in July, is drought. J Vnalv"' a''"
and it is of the Ii r.-1 importame sry 1. u-t 1.
that the land be prepared tor it.
'orn planted as late. is the mid
dle of duly should be intended
alone lor grain or only for fodder.
It is very seldom the case that late
corn reaches a stage when the
fodder can betaken from it with
out inj 11 ry.
The writer was once a e
planter, and while he realizes that
many of the readers of the , Inn:
N a 1 . are much better farmers than
he eser was, he does not consider
;t proper to look upon a ruined
field and not give his opinion of s
the cause of its failing.
-mill,.; .- ii
a 1
n -
, than
u-La -k
1 - 1 ae
a n
1 . ,1
1 .-
C aptain hfliogton s comp 01 v . ! I.
villo (Company I. Third It. izim. nt
and wounded, but not .l ooa ' -William
Beat, colore., in fr .10 el
bai ber shop, under the ( I reca ,r s 1 :
about a o V 1 c k this afternoon
The affair grew out of an ale,
of some members of the comp ic
a one-armed colored boy. J ,inr II o
ped d 1 inn apples, the boy alh-ona
some member or members of ih
pany had taken bis apples f 1 out I.e.
the dispute he gathered a rock u r
one hand, which seemed to an,'' 1
party of a half dczen, and they , n
him through a train man laiz 11
streer. acres into the simp ' 1
where the party attempted to L. at
and liest and some of ins a--,-,
sought to protect the boy. durm:;
Best alleges he received several hi
Orb era nf tha enmnnnT. o .r :,
ylr W1" help shop, quieted the disturbs ..
proper shape brought ttieir comrades au av.
Afterwards the parties c.u.-o' .
were married last
.e la -ldence of the
-Mai v Ann, at out -:.
r of Mr. J . A.
lay n ,or n in abou t
i 1 ..idy a short
. n his W:fe.
: i : . ' 1 1 o 1 1 1 lie be-
I I'l . . be I - I -f l he f a 111-
. ai y ,f the c 1. tire
The farmers have
hinder, d in their
: s ;', ,r the past two
-s hs become plenti
'a a-1, i crab I o daman-
I I t a 1 ei (-ill- whi-'h
I in the field. The
M a.
11 in
out-d and is
e is not irre
i few more of
( ;ii-i
With a c
at the t 1 eh
every family n
source c f re . . :
g t-n v , an 1 in ,
re i S t - c mi a :
c ist-s t it a:
w hat our c:-: a
Ihirlina; ::
P.-sf "l. -:
Media::. - -
hum: red 1 .'. .:
bills.-- '.V .
"a 11 r w.t :- 1
a c.i.-e
' We a:
an 1 a-
b 1 :.-. ;..
Cih -s dlii .
hiive on; v :
" '"'
si,-h vah...
care to b
Pa. 1 he ctl
kno sv h , 1 ss
ul l'r.
" sv - : 1 i : -n and cot
s :1 .- ; .-. ;ih stand ihf
-in ' '( i hirious
: and inla-day for
i - i-i :i t" "i people
; : ; lie in and v. ltncss
, i 11;.; t iif ne sv
n- bm i . ; h- m iiitary .
li,. ' : i ! . Ho ss ai a rol
: - , a ; r: ir.iii,- an d
- ;.i , s-. Tli,- s pee cht-s
let: ; ; ,a ne. ex cell en t
i i - u z . - s s f 11 1 1 y .
I a, I . at th" heme
;n this cty. yesterday
ona-rinz; illness nf
... n- devoted Chris--l-.v
e.l vonna; towns
, ;. . ,-t. li-r death
. r 1 h- community
' an 1 sympathy wells
i a 1 he stricken bus
a 1 : o ss and irrcp
r t !.e t wo little chil--ais
that will never
at .- and iht'iuence.
front of the barber -hop. an 1 I'. -t
one of them got intoanoth. r .-.
in which Best was knoclo u ,j.
on rising began to cut at hi - ..
w ith a raz jr. and fol h. n . o I . m
paces, cutting at the 1 e 1 . ai
the soldier, when Io 01 a . ,
i accounts of ey e w itn-s.-. s :.r.
int- - lire a pistol . when l:- -;
run iDto the railroad lizk.-t .
was shot in the side, the bail -nh
and glancing around the b
Pr. Tbomas lidl atteu it d th
ed man. located the ball. ;
nouueed the wound in t h.nee
f v .
I fo
a m
n Attenipl tn Mow I . a -.1 '
Army Itn 1 bli hit.
1 M I N a 1 ana-, July '.b- An i.o.nj
was mado before davlicht s. -o r ! .-.
morning to blow up with po.s.l. r tb.
molding in the central part .f ili.a ia
iu which the Salvation Army lue i-i-h.
liBhed its barracks. Tho explosion wa
heard throughout tho city, and t he 1 1 g hi
from : caused the wst-hman in tin
terday Jones city fire tower to turn on the alarm. A
Uev. M. P. stone iu?. full of nowder. was nlac. d in
an alley near the building and the fa
lighted. The building was badly dam
aged. The Silyation Army meetint
haye caused some complaint 111 th.
neighborhood of the barracks.
s "
it against the fol
ell. W. N Prath
I ( iriiiith. W. T.
!,. and J. K. P.
n 1- lor libel. The
A ,
1 ' ' '
i : 1
Hum 1 I
bound in c
app',1 'a: : a"
stre- : . N . '1
ii.-i i o
,-itiU tl
an in Texas explosion is regarded as a v. aim
1 1.
IS III 1 s
the .Slasonic Armv.
at t he a 1 ,ov e
) 1 ir h 1 11 a; the
1 i a 1 -1 in i i. is-
s . Since
: : 1 a l h , h H S
j. I.
: : I.
Thousands of cures follow the use if 1 ,
Pr "sage 'e Catarrh Remedy . '0 cen's
ace of the
: .s e b--n
a ,1Dii the
Ujl w hole
1 a;!i
Acker su pt-r:
f a- -h
1 .,1115!
HI el.C
. K. K Kill Will.
s ; at' -men 1 v 1 , . 1
. l-'.nirl'i-li R.-nic
r to nnv and n. I
Thro. t and I. an;
and 'ri unit is
S'e ,,ilhr y,
I b-nieni: ir, its.
ive tiua rant...
M s
la.l 1. -ma.
h '
i It W
: M
ii l
1 a 1 S X
i 1 di V
heap for
lil I ' Li
.1 i-x:t
o Ilt.
Mt-sv lierue, N ('
- r ,
1 V
" 1 '

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