North Carolina Newspapers

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ninp miners of Northern
1 s.i.d tr be in starvation's
r' Cljssto Dlsorisretl Liver.
Who (ii your tlru'it doe not kep th'm) . : ' - H-c, ium's
PiUs oo receipt of price i'yif tV. Please r.;c:-.'.:...:i tut pujr.)
1 i.nois
cr. clniwiun as the most humane
for ii i f i t . pn n :nh nit'n t to w hirh
i r.minul c.n ! 8 '.1 bj c i I ! .
Tux ; ille ()bservir will b
r. 4 ,,-m :-( 1 1 v iitvont tho first
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Have for sale at Lowest Prices Possible:
100 Uim Toko,
too w tv m u ;; r
tOO 1smi f 'mm! bout -i"
tl)t tatt Ana aJ lUanr I '.-". i
WW kbU. K. I'ork,
I IV fil,
-d Hurr'tt..
' il I': ! IV. Ihe
I-- rl io.iKHi null was in
..: -r,j i . ' i 1 1 , S'o lives w e re
j. it v of l'aris
'. , .i Y'i; . S rlni'iay
;,c :r; '.o iuetMiHto w n in
.1 hours ami J'1 minute Kaet
' (irArroi il .
. S v , . of
TP l.l l. 111.'
i .1 ;;t 1 mi the Htate
i r.! :i of CuorRia.
:,or ; rt j uia 1 1 ; on .
:k. August 2'ith, is the
1 f. r :hi exi'oution of Mr.
:i I vfrjKu'l. Mihitr
i:. n.-tny A ni ern'iinfl in
i..4 - gneil a retitioa for
Ali!'.iiii.i, waDti
als who rccentrj
ine, and
8.13 s he
Tins year the Democratic ma
jority in Kentucky ia double that
of two years ago.
MKXtru does not favor thr im
migration of colored n'Ople from
the I'uited iStato.
Tiik French Senate, sitting , 13 a
court, found (iencr.i! Imlan
ger guilty of runn piracy .
Hu. ,1. I, Caiiki : , .-cunir meiii
ber of the faculty of the I Diversity
of Virginia died on the 12th instant.
Thkrk are five murderers in thr
Tom be, New York, who have, been
condemned to be hanged ou Friday
Ang. 'J.!.
IT is estimated that (he l'.ino
Kipoaition this ear bus oaused
nearly 1 ,.' KK ,0(X of American
money to te dropH'd in Europe.
"THE Knser pays a visit to tos
grandmother. She kindly shows
him how ea.-i! her n . ivy could w hi p
hts, axid he wants her to h,i e a look
at hig ai my."
"VlIK5 a joung lady begins to
manifest an interest in the arrange
ment of a youug man's cravat h:s
batehelor days are numbered. It
ia time to begin to hoard numex."
A MisskI'KI man named Weems
gotten up an electric motor
The Outs are always restless,
often turbulent. The Outs ex
hibit more energy and dash than
the Ins. They are the attacking
!itiii auu iun Ku iu iuc aoe.iiut j gooJ c 1 o z. u uf Ih j Statr .
with igo and resolution. hehssan intert n in coturu
Major R. S. Tucker
We bfg it.ii gi-l ; .n? rirdonfor
using bis 11. 1 -De it. i u?s ug the A. &
N. C. K ipu'piioii. I"jt weiiseure him it
ii not for 1 h e j urj. , f criiriK any re
flection u;on iiim ,1 -er.ilernan and a
A fShort Visit to Beaufort County.
It is a little over forty milea, as the
crow flies, to the hospitable farms of
Haslin, in the eastern end of Beaufort
county. Tired almost to exhaustion of
the confined limits and weary routine
of city life, we left Newborn on the 27th
but because ot July to go to that El Dorado of gen
n 00 q lartro erous hearts, fat chickens and delicious
n, as a large . , ., . T, . ....
tsuaily iu political counts -he ' .tockhol,er. w u,. the people of Len0lr, 7.j wasa goprVVfwi to
struggle is bet ween the two great ' Crsven -i ,1 Idmliro in the A. & N. go any where, wo sought our first streak
C. 1: jot luck rt the quiet inn and sandy
Major Tw.Lcr 1 nan of wealth aBd i .each n the o'r Bide of the Neuse.
- . , , from there to Urantsboro we had a
influence; he is loubi a valuable ; ciear 6ky, fragrant pines and all the
citiz li in ti c c nimunity in which he j green, tranquil charms of the country.
lives, ami is a cntlemnn of integrity ' after that, up to the very gates of
and high charoct. r The people of this ' Aurora- raind as if Noah's flood had
ttih.l to have and will (JeJ Bunshinn or rain wArn vuri... o
. . n H
national parties, but that which now
challenges attention is between the
Republicans that are in and the
Republicans that are out.
To the victors belong the
porls" relegated to the rear
by Civil Service Reform, but it is
again to the front with tlying ban
ners and ringing shouts.
Creu. Harrison is plainly asked
it he has I'irgotteii that there is
est. Around old Hath, where wo tia l
tbe pleasure of sleeping in a large colo
nial mansion one hundred ami titty
years old, we frequently pasBed beauti
ful cotton. At last we boarded thf
superb steamer Manteo. commanded
by that prince of sailors. Captain South
gate, at the opeuing of whose line w ith
the steamer Olive we delivered the ud
dreis of welcome twenty years ao, an 1
whose commercial energy gave the lirt-t
successful impulse to steam on thene
waters, and turned our fdee towardn
the patient, long-suffering city by the
Neuse and Trent. John S L n
commuDiiy are iad
always wc-lcoti.e any n ai uf capittl depressed and discouraged look until
who deeires to iLvtHt bid nujney with uf, I we reached the famous South Creek
In the A cc N. C. K the stock held by I re8ion-, e saw noble corn and
, . . very beautiful cotton. These rich fields
,Bt cou""fl' of noir. Craven and , ot ioamy 8oil seemed absolutely to defy
Pamlico if u.uch ,vc r than that held the weather, and to hold out promise of
by Major Tmti
such a thing as the negro iu this this Htock to ih. ee
country, and he is given to under- twenty timfs greater than the cost to
stand that an avalanche is coming Major Tucker
that will be ijuickly followed by
an earthquake.
for lii.i stock . P.ut there
ia a greater intereet t-iill. au.l in this the
counties of YVa ne. J nee arid Carteret
share touallv wiih the t-tockholder
The following luminous letter is COuntirs Kjthe interest held in the
.ight upon a storm)' sea, that A. & N. C It by thef-.e counties is incon-
t 1
. e v e
discloses treacherous rocks:
''o thr Hon II. ' Cheatham, M. C:
DkauSiu As members ot thc
colored race of the Repnlicau party,
we respect I'uh'y urge you who, under
providence, now stands as the sole
representative of our race iu Con
gress, to hold yourself aloof from agenu-utof the
the caucus of the party in relation Mjor Tucker
Dry Good, Riady Uade Clothing & Furniture,
W rm ftfrl u (it ? thi Wl--.'. lUrim for I 'if, M r. 7
Sifa of the e ebrad Rear! Sh.r.
an the necro exoxlua or
:.. . -'.-d 'itti'in lXtids lo the
riewpAr fakirs who are always
-ei.d:ng out faLe reports a!ont this
at Ate effec: North i am; ; n a . 'har-
lo: te 1 hr.'nirie.
1 . ; v. k 1 . K x 5 .
return from the
wmch have come
show that alout
women have voted,
arc elected to oflicr.
whicli on a trial a few days ago
ran for ten in ilea at the rate ol two to the organization of the House of
miles a minute. Wilmington Star, representatives, and to take suet)
iiituiKK K. of New York
naa len charged witu geuing a 0c-1 1 0 ri in an equitable manner,
divorce by unfair means. At .a We hold the balance of power in
' hearing in court laat Tuesday the the Puited States and we look to
. ,.. Ja. aMide all the oroceedio cs -vou for t he proper handling of that
lguai i. auoi - ' delicate but omniK)tent
-Uool letroof nu nonuneu toe urc.rr u. u.ui. for onr a(ivancement-for
ceivably L-ra'j r than that held by Major
Hut we 11 c( gr.iz ; the fact that Major
Tucker i a 1 arge stock hold e r in this
pnipt-rty. and a;; a prudent business
man it is not only his right but his duty
to mtu. i.'est sonic interest in the man-
must recognize the feet
that the counties we have mentioned
have a much larger intertt t than he, in
a position as w:ll compel the party Uci the-e counties are mom directly
leaders to recognize our race aun int rested aiei
are niori
lhan all lie
very afrwly
),(XM) ;Kaaa4
arise, INT- O-
THE Governor haa
"The Board of TaWic L hvnties of
th otate o( North Carolina," under
ehaptrr ten, vol II of the Code, and
Krj:i:iMKNTs have bee-n intde'jhfta designated Dr. E. Rarke ilay
ac Atlanta and liirminghtn vlth ) wood aa ehatrman thereof. Dr.
the Rrown Sequard elixir: ia ne 1 Haywood bM MOepted the appoitit
r&Ae a m arvellous cure was affeetW, i mht
while in the other very farofablej srratMsC9URT ' ACAiCJf .
lymptomfrMuld. t . ITi AVMbfntfjAi correspondent
tiovEuyoB Foeakeb, of ObM- veir Yort Star, writes to
haa declmeHl to
the ei trad 1 1 ion of
iMue a warrant Wifer, wider date of August
of Richard Carrolt, ( 'SiariDjr the past week
appointed as proper election laws, the passage
01 1 ne lsiair ruucauon uiu ano 01
the Brown Internal lievenus Re
peal bill. It matters nanght to us
if we must wear shackles whether
they are forged by our Republican
friends ot the North or by our
Democratic opponents of the South
and we insist that you shall wield
tho entire political force of the
colored race independently of both
parties! lor our common good.
This letter aprears in the New
York Star . f last Si'imlv, and
No to :h
k no s . it seems
thing that Mr
President. 1 r i ry
large majority of
1 the actual cost of a goodly harvest. We were particularly
ouuties is at least I ""Pressed I with the splendid cotton crop
yjL urwiB iuuiuouu, wuicd, inuugu seen
under angry clouds and a driving rain,
spoko eloquently of industry, fertility
and able management. A night and
morning spent at Aurora brought us to
see again the genial face of our great
hearted old friend, Tom. Bonner, and
to grasp the hands of many old friends,
linked to us by a thousand memories.
Aurora, after an absence of sixteen
years, was a great surprise to us. It is
no longer a cross-roads, with poverty
on its front and despondency in its ac
cents, but a rarely comely little Tillage,
with a mayor and city government,
filled with a bright population, with
the fair forms of beautiful girls and
VOlincr ehiMrpn nn ifa orranla arit-li
, J n .... . w . j . . vi? , vr 1 wu
(in the other hand ' churches and schools shaping its future,
and with a commercial enterprise and
purpose marking its growing history.
At the head of South Creek navigation,
with noble farms all around it, and
with Buch intelligent and patriotic citi
zens, it is compelled to go forward.
Nevertheless we had a funny exit
from Aurora. That gallant and popular
sailor, Captain Wallace, had greatly
against his consent lost a five hundred
pound wheel from the steamer Wash
ington in the Creek, and gravely an
nounced that, instead of crossing to
Pantego he must go back to town to
avoid further perils. It was refreshing
to hear our arguments to this level
headed old salt, to convince him that
one engine was as good as two, and that
as the town of Washington was further
than Pantego of course it was more
dangerous to go to the former than the
latter. Somehow there were sundry
From the State Papers.
liectei by this
balance of tte
pi out : Maj ji Tucker
to us if he knows any
Pryan, tbe present
objectionable to a
the people in these
Alt department. Healthy location. Eight
teachers. Full course in Music. Rates low.
Ho extra charge for languages.
lfoaxdIngH3chool for Girls and Young
. Ladies. Fall Term opens Aug. 29th.
, ' " Catalogrio with full particulars address
in comment ii g ope m h ,t x
cellent journal sas:
pill pe
corsiiiering a plan for the
!!.- r iad, Major Tucker
ceneral i,uuenntndent of theiu. i j ' -"j - .,. ,u.,.n for his view s and in
Uueen and ( rent railroad want- I VT . ''heaibam is a North Carolina RlvlCp, tl ai cl,ar!y fbo wed his anxiety
yn tn and reaceDt rail I road , basy infbrmlng an anxious pabJ.c Congressman, who is disgruntled for Mr. Bry;in-8 rcappointmont, J.
d by Gov. Lowry, or iliMlMlppt, tjjat Atlornej-General Miller will with the Administration over the thoDgh the meeting was not for the
an aider in the Snl!;van Kilrain transferred to the Supreme ( distribution of patronage. He is a : purpoee of considennK th6 Presidency
pri.-e-iignt. bench. Iu snite of these positive 1I,CUU U JJlu" l' ' oul1. 10 oa,u L"y 1 of the road at all. as every gentleman
who attended the meeting will testify.
counties Knowing this, u-hy is he so
anxious fur Mr. Hrynn'-- veajqiointment ?
It may be askc d , how do you know he
is anxious for Mr. Bryan's reappoint
ment'.' For two reasons. 1st. we have
been reliably inforruid that Major
Tucker d.nicd himself the pleasure of
a European trip this t um mer in order
to look after the appointment of Mr.
Bryan. 3d. at a meetingheld inRaleigh
last winter by gentlemen from New
Berne and other counties solely for the of the P84- had 10 visited under a
ciouu 01 vexation, u lsappointmani ana
discontent. However, Tom Myers, who
suffers neither propellers, aide-wheelers
or anything else to cramp him, fur-
Charlotte News: Jim Washingti i. , a
darkey who was sent to the chain gang
last fall under a two years' srnteiiee,
made his escape last Christmas. Yester
day he was captured at Pineville.
Ooldsboro Argus: The death of M;s
Dave Perkins, nee Miss Emma Sherard,
occurred Friday afternoon in "Ni u
town," this city, of consumption, after
a lingering illness of many wseks.
Elizabeth City Economist : The Metho
dist church is being overhauled and
fitted up quite stylishly. Mrs I ir.
Lumsden proposes to put in a memorial
wiadow in honor of her father, (the late
Rev. W. W. Kennedy.
Kernersville News: Mr. I!. A . J..rdan
has a stalk of corn which has l'.t ears on
it. Mr. A. Lewis has the tallest stalk
of corn we hve sea grow this season.
It is sixteen feet in height arvl ten feel
to lhe ear.
Salrtn Prese: Census of Salem cor
poration proper whites, l.tGT. colored
212; total 2,0?9. This does not include
East Salem Centreville, the western
suburbs, nor Happy Hill, all of which
are tributary to Salem, the total of
which will be given at an early day.
Durham Sun: Mrs. T. Y. Pardee,
living near this place, submitted to an
obstetric surgical operation on Thtiri
day, from the effect of which she died
shortly after. The child of which she
was delivered also died. Mrs. Barber
leaves a husband and six childr n.
Concord Times: Died, in Cabarrus
county, John Barrier, on last Friday,
aged 93 years, 11 months and 10 days.
Farmers say there is too much rain
for cotton. The plant is growing rapid
ly. Tbe continued wet spell has not
wholly destroyed the chintz bugs, eo
-the farmers say. The peach and
grape crop are injured by the wet
murkey weather.
Tarhlrrt Rannr' A i .-1 . r . . r, - .
tion of the county from here to Old j U01Q HI f 1
oparta, and lower down last week, con
, UlOE
, be
i .1.
i iiia
' nstl-dc-
. i ..u t ivc
IUL. '. LI
3 1
i CA CI lore GOUJl
yrf I
the farmers' complamts
we had to give in. The pill was bitter
but we had to take it. Back to Wash
ington we went, and this dear old town.
every root oi wnose sacred soil is
bound to us by the tender associations
It the charge made by the Cap-
t-aaa of the American ScJooner ! positively that Miller
: M arlc that pilot in San Dommfo the appointment."
) are purposely wrecking and looting ! The Joi'RNAL will
bench. Ia spite of these positive
iwwmenui, i wmii iu bihib just aa OQ ri,nl ,l
by II. G.
receive Gsmm of North Carolina aud
j George of Sontb Carolina, both
loin in negroes. Gu&sam was a delegate
American vessels, can be sab- the hue and cry because the Presi-
Azain, it may be said, where is your
evidence that Mr. Bryan Is objectionable
to a large majority of the people ''.
In answer, we say did not tbe magis
rates of Carteret county and a large
number of citizens assemble at Beau-
Sale and Liven Stable,
to the last liepabnran rfaticniJ
stantiatd, it is about time to send, dent appoint his old partner to the b original Harrison man
a segment of our Navy in that vacant seat on the Supreme Court He was employed in the Treasury fort and unanimously pass resolutions
direction. N. i . World. bench, if such should be the case. Departmens lor a number of years, requesting the Governor rot to reap-
PreBident to ana 18 vtr.v luiiuennn wuu ms peo- iai ni uyi w
m . , I r 1 H I 1 I t J 1 i I 1 I irll llllllil. 1 rill r 1 ui.v.j.
unhappy. The .distri- appoint the bst man lor tne place - Did not the County Farmer s Alliance
pie there lias been 1 he can get. If long and intimate gontQ. He is said to bo worth in several adjoining counties pass reso-
Tiie Itcptiblican party
i ..1
I1 III II t ' "" " III
North It is the duty of the
Carolina n unhappy. The cUstri-
bat;onof:ln pie there lias ben 1 he can get. If long and intimate
followed by bowl of pain and rage. ' aoqnaintan-e with Mr. Miller causes ( 300, 000, and pays taxes on .9,1,
It is not nect'saary to explain that ! the President to beleive that he is DOU. George was a candidate for
the howN came from the armv of the beat man for Snpreme Judge Suited States Marshall of South
cr a .u Carolina, but Harrison selected
the left. The men who received that the country affords, the ap 80meb. else for the placc.
slices of ! he p.e are serene and hap- I pointment should lx made withoDt Qgorge spends his money freely in
py, tint they are frightfally in the respect for the criticism it may politico, and is backing Tom Miller,
i' r.or.'y Louisville Courier Jonr- porvoke. If on the contrary tbe who will contest Mr. Elliot's seat in
n.: . President is intluenced by persouaP tb,nextTIIo8e-
. , , r The Northern negroes are as
riiK .true progress of society con- considerations Independent or any angry ag ,liejr Southern brothers
sits ir. the steady advancement thought of tbe public welfare he- is and have better cause to be, as
toward a jast n ppropiat ion of wages, not only censureable, but highly Towsend of Indiana is the only
the giving o every man of that to criminal.
which his industry entitles him. If Mr. Miller is ot all men best
NVre this done there would be no suited to fill with dignity and honor
Northern darky who has ben given
a ii
vv i
Fin Hone aad Males always on hand
disposed of on easy tsrms.
I bar oa haad a nambr of Km' Team, th.u are gentle and af
also trained Saddle Iton for both ladies and gent Km en.
road Street. -Hew Feme. N. C.
poverty ani all would have the op
portunity for intellectual improve
ment, with which would come moral
development and social happiness.
National Economist.
TnK further developments in the
a seat on the Snpreme Court bench
he has kept hia professional breth
ren in utter ignorance of his per
sonal character and legal attain
ments. Measured by tbe usual rules
Miller'd ability, attainments and
character are so inferior to
manufacturing interest of New
England mntinue to point the moral' the poorest of those who have occu
and adorn the tale that safety can copied seats on the Supreme bench
Til Yin Wiaita Cotton Sin Michitrcnf
Ci.i. 0
J Si - i
m-m r4M T-mr (il4 M.J.I. . I ili
l Ibr BU . r.lailai
klr-T H.J.I ml l.i.rTi.ll.
T r -.- 1 I V m I r .
T . t i
Tti flilil Ell ui liekiairr Ca
he tale that safety
only'e fiiiKid in free access to tee
markets of the world, and that to
attempt to pay a bonus to men to
engage in any form of iudustry is
dangerous to the welfare of com
merce. Providence .Tourn al .
Ir :s probable that England re
gard the la-it irruption of fanatical
Ar.i'ii i::'o I'pper Egypt as a fortu
nate ti; tig. She ; under promise
t oo:' the N ie country w lie never
the '.ite i-t a! i;r !H-elnes mo net
tle'', that Hriti.iti troops are not
needed to preserve order, or defend
the irontier. She will never have
to go s i long as Arab invasions
exvur at regular intervals. Macon
The Bergner & Engel
IHiinest'JSeer Extant.
It is brewed from the finest Pale Canada
lXTbs Barley Malt and Laazer Hops, and
WKly lecommended for its TONIC am NTJ
TE1T1V14 qnalities.
kbm WfH repaUtioa en.ojed by the BE EG N KK & ENGKL
X)MPA5T is dae to tb fa-t that only the FINEST ANI) HEST
MATERIALS aw asd ad tast tas gTatst SKILL and CAKE
are usreiied dartijg iu maaoiaetnTe. Jj dwtf
.-AgcitT and 'Bottler. New Berne. N. C-
that any comparrison would
odius. He is the embodiment
all that is ordinary.
Then some reason must exist
rather than fitness, if indeed the
Pesident intends to nominate Mr.
Miller for the high position o)
, justice of tbe Supreme onrt.
The reason assigned with most
plausibility is the desire to recog
nize the services of Clarkson by
giving him a place in the Cabinet.
I The plan is to appoint Miller to the
i vacant judgship, make Noble Attorney-General
and Clarkson Sec
retary of the Idtejior. This move
ment would strengthen Harriaoni
anism in the Cabinet and make tbe
political family more homogenious.
Blaine is not liked, but no man of
his ability can be despised. This
movement would Isolate him and
lessen bis power in the government
bat it would make his abilities
more prominent and his achieve
ments more splendid.
Think of the Government domi-
lutions asking the Governor nottoap-
point him, and sent a delegation to
Morehead City to inform the Governor
of their action and lay before him their
reasons, which was done in writing 'r1
This cannot be deniod.
Did not the county commissioners of
Lenoir county pass a resolution, unani
mously, asking tho Governor not to ap
point Mr. Bryan V This is true.
Did not the association of business
men of Kin6ton in a meeting of about
seventy five members unanimously pass
;,n nfli under th nroopnr. Admin. a r'mion asamg me uovernor not to
istration. Perry Carson, the negro ,' reappoint Mr. Bay an . We have been
boss of the District of Columbia, is 80 informed.
a friend of Gussam and George,! At the recent appraiser's meeting held
and it is believed that he is encour-! in this city, in which every couniy
aging the signirjg of the petition to , whioh the road touches had a reprosen"
Cheatham, though he has not yet tstive, we have been informed that it
signed it himself. Carson is an was the unanimous opinion of the board
applicant for Eecorder of Deeds of that Mr. Bryan's own statement as to
the District of Columbia, and his the condition of the road ought to be
sufficient to prevent hia reappointment.
And again, so great was the opposi
tion to Mr. Bryan in Lenoir county that
prominent Democrats there had to
pledge themselves to use every effort
with the Governor to have Mr. Bryan
removed in order to keep them from
drawing out the Governor on this ques
tion when he spoke in Kinfton before
the election.
even plan is to keep quiet until that
matter is decided. If he gets the
job he will stand in with the Ad-'
ministration; but if ho doesn't, he
won't .
The negro idea of holdiDg the
balance of power is not giving much
comfort to the liepublican bosses,
but there is every reason to believe
that the negroes are iu deatl earn
est." The Negro is a power in the lie -
nished another steamer the next morn'
ing, and we headed for that region so
rich in Indian lore, Pungo river. What
a wide, beautiful stream it is. It only
heeds the illusion of moonlight and an
hour without wind or wave, to see again
the Hash of the Indian's paddle, and to
hear from Woodstock's silent shore the
hum of his council fires.
At the junction of' Pungo river and
Pantego creek we passed by steamer,
and afterwards visited by buggy, Jack's
Neck, where the Northern and Southern
have pitched the terminus of their rail
road. It is a most convenient and
suitable site for a depot. No pent up
Utioa of waters here, but a wide ex
panse, where by steam and sail the
navies of the world may come to
anchor. Thr conductor of the train,
before shouting, "all aboard for Eden
ton," wheels upon the platform of the
rear coach, and looks with one un
broken vision, past cape and bay, to
wards Pamlico Light to the very verge
of the Sound. Within a few feet of
the bhore large vessels can ride, and
the daily line of steamers which this
Company proposes to run to Newborn
will, in sevea hours from the Elm -City,
transfer their passengers to coach and
rail. Now when we come to consider,
that this railroad is already Half built,
and is expected to be finished in October,
we can imagine tbe fiery activities of
men outside Craven county.
Pantego, the point at which we left
i the steamer Beaufort and its gentle
manly commander, Captain Parvin, is
a flourishing little village, about thirty
miles east of Washington, and on the
direct road to Hyde county. It has
several churches, a number of pros
perous stores, and is surrounded by an
agricultural country at once fertile and
well cultivated. It seemed to us that
its chief chronic disorder was an un
fortunate grist mill, which catches and
holds all the floods of rain, overflowing
and ruining the farms of the back
country, from which all the corn and
cotton are to bring the trade of Pantego
in the following fall and winter. This
seemed to a traveller on the wing as a
case of cutting off your nose to spite
your face. However as we have a num
ber of these disfigured cases nearer
home, we said nothing.
In the heart of Hasliu, an enchanting
rural district five miles farther east, we
spent an ideal vacation, such as tired
poets and authors spend in the shady
nooks and romantic dells of the Hudson.
are welt founded. We have never seen
cotton look smaller and sorrier at this
time of tbe year. Cotton that is con
sidered good is not more than half
what it should be. Avery extraordi
nary season will have to follow to make
anything like an average crop. Tbe
crops around Falkland, in Pitt, though I
not good, are much better than those j
spoken of above. j
Aaheville Citizen: Chief of Detec- j
tives, W. H. Deaver, of this city, as- '
sisted by deputy sheriff Howard, of!
Hamilton county, Tenn., yesterday ar- '
rested near Chattanooga, a man named
Ballew and his wife, Mary, upon a
warrant- charging them with the mur
der of their eight-year old son Joseph
Ballow, oa the north fork of Big Ivey
creek, this county, in the early part of
the autumn of 1882. Ballew and bis
wife were lodged in jail to await the
arrival of requisition papers from tbe
Governor of this State.
Charlotte News: Mr. Murrill, a young
man of Lowell, Gaston county, arrived
in the city this morning in charge of a
doctor, and was at once escorted to
Butler's jewelry store, to secure the
use of the madstone. Mr. Murrill had
been bitten in tbe calf of his leg by a
mad dog. The stone was applied to the
wound at 8 o'clock this morning and
adhered until 2 o'clock in the after
noon, having been boiled out four or
five times. The wound was full of
virus. Tbe water in which the stone
was boiled turned green. When the
stone finally ceased io adhere, the
young man said that all pain had left
the wound.
A ).-!.. ..
is arci'iit.l'
mull, i-fi iw
-rH Warren :
.1 TO
li noMrll and
I ir:iL-t'lm.; l.y
l'.Ul TH KRH,
Mill w 1 y
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
SOLID 311-7X11
SM I i A l I.I.N.
I keep a larger t-ii it of Kpectacltt
than any rthir ste: in North Carol inn
I take particular pairtti to lit them to the
eyes of pa. tie-n neeil nig theic.
Having w .-irked i;
for over tl J i r . y j i
as good wort: ns an
''":e a--
ad il at the henr.h
' T l" I ieve I can do
a iii limakor in the
sr.K ME.
'.I. K. KATON.
M ui ii le ptroet.
f. '12 dwtf
Was there ever such opposition shown back meatt0 haunt the sleeper's dreams
to any man who aspired to the presi-
publican party before elections, but dency of the A. & N. C. Railroad .
after the battle is fought and tbe Bat Major Tucker may reply, "Mr.
viefnrv won. hp in m;ide to serve Bryan has given us a successful busi-
his lords and take for bis portion
the crumbs that fall from the rich
man's table.
nesa management and he ought to be
retained." The figures, taken from Mr.
Bryan's own reports, published else
where in this issue, show that he has
NN e tlout know how lODg ttte 1 not given such a business management
struggle will last. Cheatham ia here ' of the ioad as increased its receipt?.
, .-s J n 1-. nVin r- ni 4-Vs i Anil nrroin (ho f n mr ro Q vr inaiar. triAfc
iquesouitu uuc dapii ui tuo ,;r- r-,. , r-- . nicturef,mi- because roads
in that country. Fresh milk and butter,
delicious cream and buttermilk, and,
what sweetens and ennobles all, an
open-handed hospitality, which has long
made Beaufort county tbe paradise of
tourists, greet tbe traveller like a bene
diction. St. James, the holy Banctuary
among the pines, holds the gateway of
Haslin. The visitor enters it with the
thought of hallowed memories crowd
ing on his mind. Then though he finds
no rich and splendid farms, he meets a
people manly and independent. The
Onk of the most remarkable de
lusions of the time is tho religious
cra.-p among negroes in the neigh
borhood of P.irmingham, Aba , An
old negro by the name of Jackson
liainii to be the prophet Daniel.
A few days ago he caused three
young tegro men to represent
Shadru-k Meshaek and A bed ni go,
and walk into a blazing iron fur
nace. They were quickly consum
ed, but .lackson sas they will re
turn mn: Sunday.
FvI'ukmdk.nt Dayis hits sub
mitted to arbitation his difficulty
with his publishers. He lias not
be-.Ti receiving what he thought
r,ii his due in the way of royalty.
The Augusta Chronicle probably of hia class.
explains the matter when it says.! Clartson and Dudley are twin
The truth h Mr Davis's work is j brothers, and if Wanamaker was
not appreciated at the North and j born a little later he is of the same
Southern people are too poor to bay j family and wonderfully preco
h;s tn k. Now if the Southern ' cious.
whole colored race in the United lne lacl lQBl mr' Drvau 18 uuJBUlol,au'D ; and fields alternate with quick changes
Hratps Wo will not sav that he is ! 10 the Pe0PIe haa not lo3t the road aDy of light and color, magnificent oaks,
States. ni e win not say mat, ne in , bu8inefjg In reply to thia rpad the fol. be6ches and pine8 fiu the perspective,
not a worthy representative of his 1qw- Dar h from the Kinston good and level roads make drivings
raM h,,f hnw whiffl Kpnnhlifans , u r continual charm, and the culture Of the
race, but how White Kepublicans Free Press, which we can verify as we u tQe Iruit'ion of Ustei Bkill ,nd
Can look upon the picture with com- have heard shippers use similar lan- common sense. The spirit of the coun-
placency is beyond our comprehension.
Who is to blame if not Mr. Bryan? If
"Truth" will come to Kinston and con
sult our shippers he will find many of
them who will never patronize it when
they can avoid it, so long as Mr. Bryan
is president. A competent tusiness
man would secure much more freight
.... JC? M T7-:. J r. li;r
to the futureif you stated yesterday that the Governor ! places onK where" there a
Guv. Eowle yesterday received
and accepted the resignation of Dr.
J. D. Hague, of Fayetteville, as a
n&ted by Ilarrison, Win dona, V- member of the Board of Directors
namaker and Clarkson, and look of the Insane Asylum. It was also
guage at that point. Speaking of the try is eminently social and friendly,
small receipts of the road that paper citizen of that district may have oold
feet, but he never has cold hands or a
8aJB- i cold heart. Crowds of vounar DeoDle.
can. would ask lor tne resignation or ; competition .
Clarkson is the man who bought Cant. W. S. Flams, on the ground Now come. Major Tuckir,
people desire to do Mr. Davis a
.-rv;c- every man who can should
purrh i.-c a volume of "The Kise
uid l'.ill of the Southern Confeder-
intelligent and polite, ride, drive, dance
and sing, giving the roseate hue of
dawn to a region which has long worn
the crown of old age.
The Clarks, Johnson, Overton, Jar
vis, Latham, Trip, tbe Wilkersons,
Ways, Edmonsons and many others
constitute a representative population,
which gives tone and character to tbe
entire section! Tarrying with the at
kt us traotive family of a Confederate soldier
tho mailing lint of the New York thir he holds the oflice of chief clerk : reason togetner. mere are pienty.oi uu umu,u .lunuinu, .JUi .u,
tne mailing net oi tue -ew l orK that nt noias me omce oi tuiti cierh. . , , r;rr.A were at a most charminir. centra do nt.
Voice, knowing that it was stolen of the Bureau of Labor Statics, and experience and will conduct the road where we could enjoy the country,
property. He is a man of genius that the resignation of Dr. Jackson on busies principles and not make study the people '-"d drink to the re-
r r J b iu i. themselves so universally objectionable, freshing winds rrom the Sound. We
and pluck, and as a manipulator of had been asked for, for the reason felt it a sad necessity when the last
votes he stands among the foremost that he is superintendent of Health The Chaplain Visits Mrs. Maybrick. hour struck, and we were compelled to
of Columbus county. It is also re- Livebpool, August id -airs. Mar cmnty that ii for BuroriMS On our
ported that Dr. McCormick s brick the condemned m
tendered his resignation.-News e in moaning fo'r her ton, we suddenly came out of a thicket
and Observer children and weeping copiously. The f ,7" . uPn. another ilrosd. r h nrknn i evntin mue.h startled and astonished we said. What
of his time to the condemned woman 9 V1'8' ?,ur companion said,
,nH aho nnnears to ereatlv aonreciate 11 16 a railroad, started at Bayview on
- - - r r . i
, hia visits
acy." "Ihe
seconds the
Messenger heartily
ni ot ion. Wilmington
We will say nothing more of this,
but we shall wait for futher devel
opments. If what has been sur-
Mr. Gladstone says that rea
son why he and the old woman
have gotten along so well together
is that "when his wife insists he
it i
surprising that people will use a
Pamlico river, already six miles long,
and bound to Plymouth. In Craven
we look upon a railroad as a National
revolution, a change of government, or
they can se- the end of the world. But in that coun-
fnr t Vi e fiinp Irt- if vnii fin t a Hin nn A mftn'a ohnn I.
miaed becomes established facts she broke him in at the start, and m,,nPy pr. Acker s English pflis are a der, and knock it off, he starts for his
we will all become Episcopalian never had any trouble afterward, positive cure for sick-headache and all liver spade to dig a railroad.
r 1 ....... troubles They are small, sweet, easily All the way from Leachville to the
and fervently pray. "Good Lord There is nothing like beginning taken and do not trripe. Sold by It. Retry, county seat the crops, though greatly
deliver ns." right. Wilmington Star. New Berne, N. c. 'damaged by rains, indicate a fair bar-
Like a sensible woman common ordinarv pill when
cure a vainaoie r.nt:nsu one
N. C. State Agricultural Society,
Raleigh, N. C, August, 18S9.
In view of tbe fact that tbe rates of
transportation are the lowest that can
be obtained, and therefore put it in the
power of the largest number of our
farmers, specially those at a distance,
to come together for conference and
discussion, and of the further fact that
a great deal of interest in the way of
display of stock and farm products, will
instruct and benefit them: and the fur
ther fact that excursions will be run
from Northern cities to Raleigh during
the week, when an opportunity will be
given to owners of lands to meet those
who are desirous of inspecting them .
it is deemed advisable and of advan
tage to call a grand mass meeting of the
farmers of the State in the city of Ral
eigh, October 15th, and the subscribed
committee have consented to act as a
Board of Management:
S. B. Alexrnder, Pres. State Alliance.
Elias Carr, Pres. Agric'l Clubs.
L. L. Polk, Pres. So. Ins. F. Associa
tion and Sec'y State Alliance.
J. Van Lindley, Pres. State Hort.
John Robinson, Com'r Agriculture.
H. T. J. Ludwig, Sec'y Grange.
J. A. Lineback, Sec'y State Hort. So
ciety. Distinguished speakers from other
States and from this State will deliver
addresses on special subjects. The oc
casion will be made one long to be re
membered, and it will be tbe endeavor
to make it create in the farmers a new
and firmer spirit, the results of which
will be of lasting practical value.
'Review of Royal Troops.
Berlin, August 13. The whole army
corps of guards paraded today before
the Emperor of Austria, making a bril
liant display. The weather was splen
did. The Empress appeared on horse
back. Emperor William commanded
tbe troops and led first the entire corps :
and afterwardsjthe first regiment of the
guards past the visiting sovereicn, who
then headed the regiment bearing his
name, and marched past Emperor William.
W i.e.
Gro. t i ;
Don"! ;.,
need of
lien id
I.Iti .
' - a
Vi' sf
Have Arrived.
i : A ! I,
N i V. : . .
W Consign U"
I'ttT t Iru ur p.
for H G y ui sr i
W f Ar' W.r :i
lean Saw. A i
brnLtnl i ndcM
We t vp ku !
don a bv mh.
Many seemingly incurable cases of
blood poison, catarrn, sororuia ana or,i
rheumatism have been cured by B. B. Wf)
B. (Botanic Blood Balm), made bv the
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Oa. Write
to them for book filled with convincing
Q. W. B. Raider, living seven miles
from Athens, Ga., writes: "For several
years I suffered with running ulcers,
which doctors treated and pronounced
incurable. A single bottle of B. B. 13.
did me more good than all the doctors.
I kept on using it and every ulcer
D. C. Kinard & Son, Towalitja. (la.,
writes: "We induced a neighbor to try
B. B. B for catarrh, which he thought
incurable, as it had resisted all treat
ment. It delighted him, and continu
ing its use be was cured sound and
R. M. Law son, East Point, Ca..
writes: "My wife had scrofula 15 years.
She kept growing worse. She lost her
hair and her skin broke out fearfully.
Debility, emaciation and no appetite
followed. After physicians and numer
ous advertised medicines failed, I tried
B. B. B., and her recovery was rapid
and complete. "
Oliver Secor, Baltimore, Md.. writes:
"I suffered from weak back and rheum
atism. B. B. B. has proven to be the
only'medicine that gave me relief. "
JOH'jN ii. w7l
EiGi :'...;
Founder ar -s .
Manufacture: I
Unlltlera of tininM
Saw Mill. Iliiullli W l .1
Wearp prt1; eree i mi
with proi,. j.; . . k,.
if in
i ft M 1j Ines,
1- ( f a : i k ) nrt
.on Kl ven
"Hi i mo t n
iln.-ij .
V 5 d
l Hip Hhle (. The
A A. Um run m I n" oei
-M a ai vt8,
t,uurR;.1.'o for hI 1 worlT '
1 'Z'i 1 !i!h w w) v
'k- 1 -. ! MIM !
TL Jeweler"
M11N1 ( ) Y
n v i te
the I
Will i
Coin pie
Fine J'.wlr
Lamps. 1 ' i nn
Canes i :i tie
It v. ill b.
our -Doil" i f
. t Ii i.t v ii have in
Musi aried, and
i . k m i . i ; i. . Watclips,
m i Ware, Fancy
, I m l Silver H ed
I -lil' 1 1 -1 to H!
Eiood Balm.
'. I-.-;;-, i'ru agists
Beecham's Pilla act like
weak stomaob.
magi : on a
Cash on deliv ei )
! 'S.
j J w3m
4 1 tV
i i
? t .

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