North Carolina Newspapers

    1 111
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Considering 'ho !-p:r:t t" the
t;r.e'. ''.' progrrs. of tl.e ag- a:il
tin- ci'i: ::i and : ' p-"-:' on !" the
1 nf ed S'.i'cs : he i:.r
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Im-'-a :: .Tt!; A m:.-t:c i. ' ':.tra!
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tivr ;:ii!i'ii.i!en: S:
1..cs arc w::hi:i tin
south of us. 'With :
of a tew ilamls. t here
BLlnston, nr. o.f
Have for sale at Lowest Prices Possible:
J,000 IU. Lorvllwi Saaf.
1.000 do. CU Spool Cotton,
I0O bote Tobcv
XOO Ul of TU M. Holf Pl.i.
100 WlM r 3Ti Sep, ti b.s -o!j n t .rk -.
100 VoiM f Am ni iUtaaitr Hrad Soi.
500 bbl. y Pork,
Orj Deeds, Ready LJade Clothing & Furniture,
W r ftTd U fi 70 U WB.t for ti- M ''JI
Slgo of the CoJbrtJ Tear! Shirt.
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ir 1 orator, h.vs gone to
i :i t ii j l :. io ranv.ivi. I ! e
f .:;.. : n: '.e .i s txirjjain
w ... M .;:..-. :, oou:.i'ln Jed to
try hn hand ou ForAiLer.
Mai. W. A. IIKAR5E, so fvor
t : , ; v r.own to th-' reading public,
.. : ..: ir. . the i i i tor of t tie (iolds
,i, -r . Me:eur. I'ne Jot'KS AL
eioler-" r.ratu'.Af.ons and good
;jS-.i t" A 1 parties coiiCerned.
W k b arn from the Wilmington
Star ' .1. 1.. I.. I'oik, editor of
the i'rogreN.Mve Farmer, has accept
el an m nation to deliver an 1 -
d re.s at t i
the Jith :n.-t. A spt-cial car will
t eut on to F.ileigh for the ns of
Colonel I'oik and friends who will
accompany him.
similar in
1:1 deH'.iny,
sen co of com
( ) er t wet. ty
a'e arnl c 'lo
t wo Americas
he exception
is practically
y commander, a curcuit juderc
d a i o.lee jiresident he magni
I his ( :;.ce. As a citi.eti he was
ro:ii"'e: c'; material prospoiity
1 social refinement, and as a
i.-.t;an lie whs an exemplar cf
i;. manly virtue.
Montana went Repnblican after
1" Indeed! On what ground
claimed as Republican Not
popular vote, lor mat is
( AK!I.!NA !.VtS.
oniv a letter post between us
t ! m .
It was to establ..-h elo.-i I ieia
tions of the western coiitiin-nt the
Congress of the Americas a.--&mbld
in tbe city of Washington.
The session began on the second of
October when representative dele
gates from the following countries
were present : Honduras. Mexico,
Nicaragua, Peru, Salvador, L'm
gnay, Venezuela, Kolivla, ltrazil,
Colombia, Costa U:ca, Guatemala
and the I'mted States. Mi. I'.la'.ne,
Secretary of State, was elected
president and Senor Komero, Mm-
t he
concede, 1 the Oemocrats. Put
they sr.. - - f . i i r h u ndred e m ploy r ( s
of ti..- Anaconda Mines wiij eoulil
no read i : rite English voted the
I emocr.r :c ticket because told to
do so by then employers, and but
for this there would have been no
1 boi.oerat le majority in that State.''
Tins is a bold aKseition that is
not -upportc.: by the evidence in
the case Put it is true,
what then 1
It nsed to be said that "what is
sauce for the goose is sauce lor the ,
gander." They say, -men who
c in m : read or write English cannot
be expected to understand the
issues in .m election.'- Apply this
to lie pub '.cans, and how many votes
will the G . P. get in the South!
Ninety-nine hundredths of theni
vote without the least conception
I nr.. i
At .1. ; u h
COrji '.T- i c a
i ug i a: i ' - '. i
Trie C r - i:
en :, -v :. I
die i. i. I r o
Rfv. S 'li J
in Dur!i m lu
tli're lu I.;, nr:
V i 1 ::i i n j. 1 :.
of S' c li-.f i .
at hia Ijoan l.j
Ruv. J
C ' tj l r l !
i ),;.(
i.- co.'i'tc-sei
Jom-s rjjffet-
i : 1 c : m e
court at
I ; r e ii e I v .- il , ii s a
ut .i for hi
1 i .- w.ij ;
n :
! r h:
- e y e
lh--y will
' lie d"re
b.inH of
l i e I vi ic
'."Stule ir nir f-0 ill
mi: . Tr.e w hole '
in r.i . vytote an i
8 1 r i f i n - .
R :oky M. 'in; 1'i
cui n t y h tuh -ii" ; 1 a r
mak-.' iji'T-; ct-ar n:
of the uci'il li.-iii w
cjtun i., : them.
Rjleih Cbrccicu-: We see ic stated
thr cvpr rifty ya-.nji :jt;i id North
Carolina haTC-p!;e1 thetrmelvea to go
a1? forpjn ni Hi miri-. s. The Y.M.C
A. has wrought a oo j work in this line.
Goldeboro Argu-: It wiih sineerest
regret thht e chruhicle the death of
Mr. W. F. I)ld-om. one of Wayne
portation will be estabiiBhed. A bright
future awaita our old eaaitarium.
Pamlico Tribune: A correspondent Keekvillee, Tex . O.-t. : (o
from Oriental writes, that L. B.Midjett Perry, of Florida, died here today. 11.
killed fiO birds at one shoot; that hia : bad been f,ufferiD(? from ronsumotion
three month3 old puppy set birds the and came to this tlace several months
tirst time he was in the field. John ago for the benefit of hu health, lie
W. Stilley. Esq.. of this place is soon to died rather unexpectedly from a m-l.c
succeed W. H. Sawyer as postmaster. of paralysis.
Mr. Stilley has forwarded his bond and , Cincinnati. Oct. 0 Tco Btean. r
received hiacommiision Vandemere Minnie Bay, bound from Ma r.cheeter o
item?: "Wild turkeys are very numer- Cincinnati with 15 passengers aboard .
ou? around here now and that denotes struck a snag yesterday while round in
hog cholera, and its right too. The . at Kramer's Land ing. opposite
sweet potato crops are very fine around ( Ohio, and sank. The paBHcnKcrs became
here; Borne have very fine crops of Irish panic stricken, but the office and
potatoes in our neighborhood. j lowered boats and yawls are! palely
Raleigh News and Observer: His 'transferred all the passengers to
voluntary m any friends throughout the State will Ruthebfokdton. N. C. (i t
Dinham. reeret to learn of the middon death of i FitP fi
I'r. W. P. Mallett. of Chanel Hill. , ter L. Fito. fell in nlw,iler,.r l
in- in a Wednesday morning. On Tuesday 1 hum today and was sctld c d to ,i
-rv trik- evening as Dr. Mallett attempted to ; Raleigh, Oct. 13.-Ti.e lr -I
i printed 'eave his carriage, it was found that i ever seen at a fair in tins Si.o-
or- sad he had suffered with arrattack of heart ! ed the State fair today, 'ihe .:
uisease, ana was unable to alight. Res- j traction was the marriage of Mi
loratives were applied and he recovered , m, Bateman and Miss-Joeeohme
into his house, but early 0f Washington county. The In.!,
groom were both aimed in eo-ui:o
went from
. T-. i . brink,
r J:i y n i r n ; n g
a a e 1 77 years,
i t have to ko
V-v -
rocijij ti Li i ham,
ur- jld CJ L '.'".
lOIIil i
iater from Mexico, win placed at
Atlanta Kipoau.on. on head of the committee to ar-
raage basinesg for the considera
tion of the Congress.
As Done of the delegates were
commissioned to bind their respec-
at his lioni" i
Sunday night.
only a few da s.
"Ihe Washington Progro.-: c.mes to
us this week in the s-hape ot an indus
trial iesu. illustrated, etc. It is neat
ly gotten up and contains interesting
" write-uns" of Wachiniton and sur-
of the political issues involved. The rounding country.
Asheville Journal: Wagon loads of
the finest apples we have ever seen are
and walked
the next morning he passed away. Dr.
Mallett was a man of fine culture, a
kindly gentleman, and was much es
teemed by a wide circle of friends. He
was about 75 yearB of jige.
Wilmington Messe'bger: Mr. M. Roeen
mann, No. 5 Market etreefct between
Front an4 Water, has remodeled and
greatly improved his place of business,
and has opened up a pants factory, em
ploying from thirty to one hundred and
fiftv hands in thft hmv aanann. TTa hfla
county's best citiz-n-. w rich occurred heretofore manufactured nnt on
C.-.u.tham s township 8maller scale and the experiment has
after a confinement of been so successfal as to induce him t o
' go into the business on an extensive
scale. A dispatch from Beaufort,!
N. C. ?ays: "There are two large three-!
Southern cotton bagging and e-. c
tended by four couple all ct t-tui.i o n
the same material. Numerous pre-e ,i -wre
presented to the ne ly mani.'j
couple by merchants ot the citv.
MARION, N. C, Oct. 15 The jury in
the Brown case said not guilty alter
being out sixteen hours. The State
failed to identify the person who killed
Charlotte, N. C, Oct. 15. Governor
Hill and party, en route to the AtUnt i
Exposition, arrived here at o'clock
today, and a large crowd of prominent
citizens was at the station to pay re
s pec ts to the distinguished party. Gov.
Hill and Messrs. F'lower, Pearson.
p v k :
r;ioc: .
The World brags.
World has a r-ght to
Republicans claim on that score is
nonsense. The only thing apparent
on the surface is the laet that quali
fications for votes in Montana were
not strictly enough drawn to meet
be:ng brought to the
masted schooners outside, lying off and
on, and a large steamship under Cape i l'"V w(r to
Lookout, apparently in distress. The 1 tut J wl LP ,h f a r
wind has been blowing a gale from f tlaDta- Wfhent 'he trB'n BtPP. d for a
north-northwest since the 14n. Pilots ,V
have mde two attempts to go out. 1Dg a larf 6 crod assembled and cali-
A.heville being prevented by a heavy ground , r"ry. "a'''
; short talk.
! New York. Oct. 15. John L. Sullivan
and the building will cost a round
million. I: will t thirteen utoriea
high, L'f' feet, the tallest office gether the three Americas in ties
of friendship and interest.
no w
market, buncombe county still holds BWt".
her position as being the banner county Wilmington Star: A construction
for the production of tine apples. force on this end of the W., O. & E. C.
Hookerton Clipper: Mr Benj imin railroad is busily engaged in building
Taylor died at his nome in Old's town- an embankment across the rice field to
ship about the 4:h ult. lie went to bed tQe river below Kidder's mill and the
apparently well and was taken sick track-lay ing will soon begin at the point
them it is that night and died before day. Mr. where tbe road crosses the rails of the
t i . l i. i 'j--. - neacflBt mai. A trcnt hOf o hrtnr rnranfv
commerce, and me ftrengmening heeanse the nonular ma lorit v is on . lur " i " oiue-t man m - 'V-Ji
. j 4 . ttle COUDtV. - " aau HOB uoou K,auc?u X uo
oi t tie ties ma: suouwi oinu to- the side of the Democracy
And ine Uve governments, the Congress te present emergency. The law
brag. The wftJ, limited to the discussion of wag framod by Kepnblicans, and if
site for it. new home cost tooo.ia;, plans for the better regulation of ia wnrt-pd against
announces that he is ready to light
again, and would like to have a match I
arranged as soon as possible. He is
anxious to meet Jem Smith, and would
pay his expenses to America. His next
choice of antagonists is ( harley
r : . i ti i i ,
juitcoeu. out ne is reaay to meet any-
CA! T: '
" I fn iin h lh
Still Leads in LOW PRICES,
building cn the glob. And The
World, with all ita faults, is greater
nd more superb than its magnifi
cent offices. Saratoga Pnion.
y U.t Monday in the Kpiscopal
NTnfiv Tr,am.u C.: uy mi win cnauenee nim.
Shelby Aurora: it is dangerous in roa(j ,hrow B out the' -..; th.t if , PlTTSBCRO, Oct. 14. -A Gallit.en i Pa I
l ancey county to t-noot ana Bin anotner ,u. k.h. ..j " . .
. . - , l l. . j.o
v.v ..j , .. . - , me orroiK ana southern road is ex
of experience we were not I' r v,t on' ki.d' wi h" a : 5!"... Berne-. as h?9 been
prepared to Bee Montana counted pistol a tenant for shooting W.Ison.s TaHroad wil I U oth Vn"e
Memory has its ? ,ow .cne"? u!e D.uman link between that citv and Wilming-
hvfts . i son t.honcrhr. hm iinj lifn -.
. p, ., " . ton. jonn Kooinson s circus swung
was more more valuable than a man s. through the central portion of thi8Sta
Goldstoro Mercury: It is calculated recently and scooped up money enough
that the Building and Loan Association to start a couple of national banks. The
will give Goldeboro such a building circus is an American institution which
boom as she has not enjoyed in ten will live as long as the Republic, but as
years. ineneaitu ci tne town nas
been remarkably good during the sum
mer and fall, attributable in no email
as Republican
uses. The lessons of 187G, when
Hayes was counted in, despite the
ith the Lr-: x
TT..4. rtnra fVtm Lh Nortkrro Market
' Sell Cboapur than Any Ono in the City !
largest Stock of Clothing in the City !
Cm' aiU tnm $2.30 p. K Sif. four to :t j.-ir, f 1
T Ua f C1ax al yw llaxku !o Dolir
Ckxir awb, fr to lwlv Jr. 1 1.25.
f 8&n 1 1.00.
LiWltn aai Iam Sm, Soc. to II 00.
UJniut low a
UCm1 TJI5, 'i2j :-
CARPETS tll U wt '.aw. A fi
sold like sheen in the shambles, or aegree to tne excellent attention or tne
, . , authorities to street drainage.
a demoralizer and a first-class nuisance
it out ranks any other institution or
peripatetic extant.
if in the
light of experience
The necessity for closer com
mercial relations between the coun
tries represented is apparent to
all, but the ciUes of the yonth are
Convenfnn now in session in New especially interested in the success eieCti0n of Tilden, have not been
ork a resolution was offer! by of. the measures to be adopted in forgotten, and those of 1S3, when
S. Corning ,Iudd, of Chicago stating ' the furtherance of the purposes for working men were driven to the
that the title Protestant Kpiscopal which the Congress assembled. terrible alternative of being
' was misleading as applied to the The establishment of a prosper-
irL- i,,v,l, fkt.V. ami i rt rvi TTi . nna rrmrrifkm wifh Mpiirn Anil fhe
viumiieeuuuu, nw y. . - see toe ir it's .iLiituiiuicu uuc in Wimington Review: Mrs. P. L
prehensiblr to tbe uninformed; and States of Central and boath Amen- want and wretchedness are fresh Bridgers, of this city, ha? received let-
a.king that the words be omitted ca, would bring to onr gulf and in the minds of the people. ters patent for an admirable invention
. i r 1 1 designed by her. It consists of a grate
and the "American Church be South Atlantic ports a degree ol sach has been the brazen : oornise desiened to rrotect manteh
nht.f nfe.i Drosncrltv never dreamed of in the ,Trt .rr r mmro.inn that it is : from-burning or being injured by fires other which is craoked up to be what it
. . . ... jit , bmrllod in cratps: both the ton
LloMiHD WoeLsEV BiCON, in brightest days or tne past. no WOnder many assume that the .ides. It can be made of Dolished brass nate individual who has escaped Us en
i.- Knf . . that this i a crnvflrnment. nf or nickel, and is adjustable, so as to fit 1 thrallment The Talking Machine desires
.u ,o.u. - (iEN. HE!BT D . CLAYTON. 1 " any grate, and is both ornamental and 1
hnmonst of the mist andacions Gen. II. D. Clavton. President ol the people is to be relegated to the u8(.fui. j
' type wo-ild venture to sp-eak o( an the L"nivexity of Alabama, died at limbo of furgetfulnesf, or is only to 1 Robert Berrier. who murJered his
American academic degre aj a Tnscaloos.- last Sunday morning be thought of among the improbable mother in-law Mrs. Walser, nearLu-
. r o s w:-. . ington, afew days a:o was arraigned
Of honor." Any bod V who auer a onei nioes.s. v enerai lay - things of legendary lore. Put we for preliminary examination on last
h.I'nvA that n rrrear de- Monday. His counsel waived e.vami-
It is Xot What It is Cracked Up to be
by a Jugfull.
If there is one thing more than an-
kindled in grates: both the tops and j is not, Jt is a coon bunt. To the fortu-
. ..
I II II il III MOO i. 11 t.' -
ll. nl. II.. S,., . . c.-i-
I f 1 o re ili
Srnip of Tli
n lll Sum II. B
nFm Emu
. . i lit An
. I I
! ' ii'n'r'l and
I ' m 1 m; hy
1 1'loernKKH,
lioil .,lwly
Im- of Ttuc'i :
VrkI ttoek of Dtj QootSt tad uons wwl o. i
PEJCK3. m I aT to vax rvim far my Knsraujai iok
". ' : r. i n .
wants one ctn have it for the moat
triti'ng trouble and expense. No
condition of learning or culture, tr
even super. or intelligence, is re
qui; te.
Oppowiu IUptiit Ctarvh,
S. C
elf C r ;c w ire-.' in w
.iNivf rrn::ntl go. All com- praticeoflaw
ninii-t il,v: hrmme. m the-cifv he located in the town
have ot out lnnnctions restraiuine where he continne
the mayor from interfering with
toft waa sixty-two, years of age
one of the foremast men n
State. Telegram.
Henry D. Clayton was a
tive of Alabama, having been born been jealous of their liberty .
in Chambers countv. Soon after The vote of Montana must stand
as deposited at the polN. The
r -n n n o r
,, , ,. , nation and sent the prisoner to A
generacy will ever befall a people large crowd of citizens from the ceigh
who were born free and have ever borbood of Mrs. Watser. the woman
whom Berrier shot, remained at the jail
tT,,im Hi! pZiMM
Maw '-tmmMmm
TisTu Wisiis Cdtai S'a Hichissn
ha , .'.cided tli.-t all the fiflishine bis college course, he set-
York city tied at Kufacla and commenced the u 01 a nueuereu wnue mau iui
Not long afterwards Ll"' i'l-mocrais is as Koou ; luc
of 1 ivton vote oi hu lguoiaut uiacKixiau iui
1 to reside nntil the liepuolicans : and upon that
h became President of the I 'mver- issue we are ready to go before the
their wire. but a way around these sity a few years ago. In the early
iajur.c-.ion Iim been d!covered, spring of lH'.l he
and. before cih: days have passed
no: a wire "ill b left above the
gro-ind News and Oaserver.
1 hk ;.i:i I'd Ihv.hen, Henry
C'innty, Aiilumj, hitherto unknown
to fame, ha. been suddenly brought
into prominence bv i seriOQs riot,
in which .i".t".il persons lost their
iiv.-v I: grew o i: of the refusal of regiment the first in actual service,
the Parmer- Alliance '. t.av the He reached Pensacola a tew days
licence t ii on dravmcn employed after the maugeration of Mr. Davis K(.view .Ml'. Davis gives Lord
1Ml,;rjr.Unllot rnir.1.1 ID IDC 111) Ul J1U11 I LUUlfl . . I u i ' i u u g u '""""ti
ilraymen generally. The only
during the entire evening. At seven
o clock a crowd of masked men came
to reveal its iniquity. The first requi
site is a dark night the darker the
better. If it can be induced to rain
pitchforks the night becomes perfect.
You want about a dozen mongrel cur's
who are more than apt to bite the coon
hunter than to attack the coon; a half
dozen darkies to carry pine-knots and
the coon hunters.
No coon hunt is entitled to the name
unless the coon can be chased into a
swamp. The real ecstacy begins when
the whole tea party gets into the swamp
First Alabama Kegiment of Confed
erate troops and was sent to Pen
sacola to relieve tiie State troops
then holding the Warrington Navy
Yard, and forts Parranjs and
McKee. Clayton was probably the
first Colonel commissioned by the
Confederate Government, and his
. 1 """ y '
Cl4A $!. G 0'1
M4aN IB T'i
IJhi UnlH Mj
rr. 4ail i lttilil
1. r.
fu Till Eli ui Itcllitrr Ci.,
.V . ( . -A
m -t
J-o. TO".
race rjaestion involved lay between
the farmers and the town authori
t.'V, and h seem to have got
In some of the high protection
organs Gov. Hill is being savagely
criticised for his alleged bad taste
in his speech of welcome to the
Pan Americans at Albany. His
bad taste consisted m reminding
the delegates that, reciprocity can
no: tv one sided, and that mutual
co:ico.-Mons onl will stimulate in
tenia" oi, (I commercial relations.
Th'.- may sound boorish to some
ear-. I n: the average intelligence
will rate it a.t gocnl, sound common
Pi:. Ht u kuki: describes a
novel way of treating consuxption,
m the Iverlm. klin. N'ochenschrif t,
8 'ptemter ', lS'.i. Tins consists
in a-lni.nistering to the patient a
te i.ip.ionful of bicarbonate of soda
be:", re me. ils and following it up
with a g'.a.-i of water containing
twel; e drxips tW" muriatic acid.
There i generated aliout half a
pint '7o c. c. of CO, which is
gradually absorbed and exhaled by
"-.e lungs. Weber reports nine
c h :n .me detail favorably a(
:' "ed by this treatment. Medica.
icc: d
to the jail, broke down the front door aCI luf uo, cr
and rather than have further damage they get into the awamp the higher the
done to the the sheriff gave up the ecstacy. The writer has been in coon
keys. The prisoner was taken by the ajvampa where the ecstacy was up to
mob and hanged. his chin and everything under five feet
,. . , , . in height bd to swim out or drown.
Norfolk irgmian (teltgram from a dense undergrowth of brambles
Charlotte. N". C ; : N iue negro men and and th0rn-apple trees, with spikes as
three negro women were arrested Sat- Bnarp a8 razor9 and three inches long,
nrdav nieht. charted with robberies j j. , . 1 t .u ., toi
Let the Kepnblicans join extending over several months, Over have ruQi waited, crept, tumbled.
th issue if they dare! iuo resiaences ana ousms8 nouses in waded swam, and climbed till your
organized the issue n intj uaie. this city have been raided by these hnnon'hanira dntcn on onr RhnnI(1r.
, ,,,,..,, nr,T thieves. In one instance toOO worth of the coon wiU probabl y be treedin the
t AK Utl i.itHi. jewels were t-ken from astore, and the biggest, bushiest, gnarliest, toughest
e have received, through the losses traceable to the gang aggregate old 8wamp oak ia the county. The
evirte-v of W C, Prinson I'0 of near'y SlC'i.OCO. Th: arrests were darkies come into play here. - One gets
L ' ' .', brought about by oneof the gang sellicg on each Bide of the tree and chops away.
New Feme. ,i copy of the '"solid a gold badge which had been stolen. The rest stand around in a circle, hold
Muldoon " published at Durav, They will be tried this week. Burglary otr the dogs, drink peach brandy and
' , . ' . ' ua in this State is a capital offense. swear. Finally the tree tumbles and
Colorado, py i )ay cc At kins. ii. is Proceedings of State Synod at Char- the dogs plunge in after the coon,
as bright as a star, aDd as sound as lott-e: The rew Presbytery formed out There isn't any coon there, but they
of tne Eastern portion or orange -res- plunge in just tne same ana nave a
bytery was ordered to meet iu Golds- free fight among themselyes.
boro on the fonrth Wednesday in It is a well settled principle that in
November ..the 20:h day 1 for organiza- the first coon tree which is cut down
tion. The Rev. J. M. Atkinson. D. D.. there is never any coon. Ignorant peo-
was appointi 1 ti preach the opening pie who fail to see a reason for cutting
sermon and to pre-id e til 1 the election down a coon tree unless the coon ia in
of a Moderator. The naw Presbytery is it are silenced by the unanswerable ar-
Commission Merchants
OFFKK l i: s ; i;
1,000 Bunches Cotton
Ties, and
25,000 B:.-:n0 Jags.
-: Hugging
i v'2'.l w 2m
j The cheapest
i on the market .
I Sept. 1 , ibvj.
"1 !.i
h ? o m
-i ,
it is bright. Following we give two
or three specimen paragraphs :
In the October North American
I beep ;
than any ol her t :
I take paiin ular i
eyes of parties nee
Having s(.rked r-t
for over th i r- v e u -
k if
r 11 Nor
r.r.r- Hi Ic ;
in I hern.
lU Ml
1 h,
i to the
can do
. ap I in the
T . .1- - .. . .1 i. -
T),f. mmmoni .a. a r m ar b b Jens auauceu age una uui
paired his intellect, and only the to be known ss the Presby tery of the gument that if you didn't cut down the
bony of men. den. Pragg said ,ir,j0 Q,,rfi, i,0 anr Albemarle, by order of the Synod. It first coon tree there never would be
lid furnish a Kl10jno(w mm, wi,h ,hp 'nld begins with brignt prospects of opening any coon in the tree you did cut down
. . .. u . . . . rrmnv avpniips or evan-?e nzsticr . h rsl.. and conseonentlv the coons would
Clayton's regiment coul
Cabinet that would be a credit to
anv administration. Among its
distinguished men. all of wl
were privates in the ranks, were
John Cochran, regarded by many
Durham Sun: A very serious acci
shortlv become extinct. PeoDle who
'Secretarv of War Proctor wrot e jfn, nr'nirrPa t riiaDrl'H.ll lt Tues are so dull that they can't appreciate
hnm the Governor of North Carolina D day. Mr. Walter Lloyd was accident- the force of the argument wouldn't like
regard to the proposed removal oi ally shot in the race Dy .no anarew n luu ' " " w
(Jprnninm s band to the wes eru Jones, ic seems mat an ou pisioi nau
11 a. r,A .i,a been lying around in their room . un
nortion of bis State, and the ,:, ,,H
the ablest man the State has ever ( overnor immediately suggested to had lo'a,1ed it for some purpose in Mr.
1 .1 Um.. T l'lioh "ut- I'roctor the Propriety Of locating lnnc' nhw-ien. Nfr .lonps came in on
l"UUUMU' U",1U" "" " .. '..t.- :.. . j- J--.---....J 4 it. B-rfPnt himself nd thn other
a Pi i ii e renegade jiuauues uuuu luc tne uay uecigu-n-eu u.o iwiuicj n, a-. - - - - --
nnrtinn. ot Vermont now ein2 lioiu, nniuj;. 1 '"'J
The dog which locates the first coon
hunt is always kicked for his pains, be
cause there isn't any coon in his tree.
As no one is ever at the. tree when he
Cnited States Senator from
bama: Henry K. Shorter, for many
abadonned by white peonle. It
years a prominent lawyer and now wa8 a happy and appropriate hit."
Lloyd could tell him th
he was shot in the face.
President of the Alabama Railroad "While in the Senate Mr. Har- known the u. S. mail service to be in a
( 'om mission, and Kd ward Courtney rison said : 'I earnestly hope and ni0re deplorable cond ition than it is at
pray mat no i resiueui win eei uc tne present time, issuers are juisjbu
moan e n rm cr h t n v in I ;i f e ci v il ser v i ce after beiDg postmarked and often sent
Bullock was a State raies j iut .nen ,ir. Harrison is to the wrorjg cilice. At this point a
natnr w h p (hp Cnnfederate u-.iAt nU- htt in'f a large numoer oi tneonneru papers
. j i u : 1 . J . r I l, u
U nefore uugs, no uau uo jLt&cu, uui vuiy vj iud
i it : t ..;nw..L.:n . u : . u . .
Il wa3 loaded loruiy air ui -jiupiiciuiDui-j wuivu lid
Bullock, the most
ever knew. Mr
Woods, and
east-bound train
and returned the next morning. We
never had such service on this route
before, except now and then when the
train was delayed, and then it was
Government was organized, anil real President.''
was made the chairman of a com- "
mittee anoointed by the Legislature Judge Gideon C
to meet Mr. Davis on the banks of ex-Delegate Frank Pettigrew have onpy a few circulars of unimportant
the Chattahoochee and welcome been nominated by the Kepnblicans matt
him to the State. Mr. Bullock oi ooutu ikuuj lu icyicocut tua.
Ierformed the duty assigned him. State in the United States Senate.
and Mr. Pavi.s pronounced his
speech on the occasion the most
eloquent he had ever heard.
Clayton was soon made a Priga-dier-General,
and subsequently
rose to the rank of Major-General
and served with distinction under
Generals Pragg and Johnston
throughout the war.
A little while after the restora
tion of Alabama to the I'nion,
John L. Sullivan has had a
high old time since he wound Kil
rain up. He has gotten tbrongh
with all the money he wou and is
now dead-broke. A man: who is
dead-broke would make a lame run
for Congress. Wilmington Star.
reenville Reiloctor: Greenv i 1 1 e busi
ness men are delighted with the better
mail facilities that the railroad has
given us. Greenville people feast on
fish shipped around by ra 1 from More
bead City. They come in twelve hours.
While in our oflice the other night
Mr. Frank Powell, editor of the Tarboro
Southerner, told us there had r een 2,100
errors reported against Mr. Bryan, the
postal clerk on the A. & K. Koad, during
assumes over the tree and a peculiar
ferocity of demeanor. He says "this is
my meat" as plainly as any dog can.
Sometimes the coon hunt trips up in its
attempt to read canine physiognomy,
and the wrong dog is licked, but the
right one suffers just the same, vicar
iously, if not otherwise. It doesn't
matter much, anyway, for the dog that
is kicked would have treed the coon in
the same tree if he had not been com
pelled to stop and chase a family of
fleas down off his ridgepole. Mo dog
objects to fleas particularly, but he does
hate to have them sit on the roof and
give themselves heirs, when they
haven't paid a scent of rent since they
jumped his quarter section
special says: Diphtheria in its worse
form is playing havoc with the lives
of our little ones in this place. Durina
the past two weeks the average number , TK Y Till
of deaths was three or four per day. i Ajmrt:.
and tbe doctors report at least fifty 'is imr.-.Hi.i
cases down with the disease in town. ""41-r, i K
Four families, with Six or seven little :M ar"'"
ones each one month ago, now are . orsir it
childless from the sweeping fangs that S.W rV F " " ? IV fl rtfl
fastened it. dth rWli Ui 1 1 : l.Jwi.MUOU
n . ........ .
upon their offspring. A committee has I
been appointed by the borough council ,
to investigate all cellars and inspect the ,
drainage in order to prevent the ravage. ,
Rahway, N. J., October 13. What
was one of the nearest approaches to
a frightful accident in the annals of
railroading occurred here this morning
to tbe fast Philadelphia ei press train
on tbe Pennsylvania railroad, due here
at 11:13 p.m. The train is made up of
two combination parlor cars and three
coaches, and runs at a high, rate of
speed. It passed the main depot here
today four minutes late, running at the
high rate of sixty miles an hour. Tbe
engine.just as it reached the east end of
the long bridge east of Ma(in street,
jumped the track, and was foll6wed by
five cars. The orash, as the whole train
left the track, was terrific, and was
was heard by people at the depot, a
quarter of mile west of where the acci
dent occurred. The train ran along the
ties for two hundred feet, when the! p
couplings broke between the cars, and , v
each oar took a shoot in different direc I W eLLC12.CZ,
tions, tearing up the rails and ties and1
digging into the stone-ballast roadbed.
There are four tracks at this point, and
the cars were twisted around in such a
way as to completely wreck the roadbed
and the cars themselves.
When the cars had finally been stop
ped the passengers, who were naturally
badly frightened, came out of the
wrecked cars, unable to comprehend
what had happened. The most remark
able thins is that although the train
was running at sixty miles an hour the aH good work an a
only persons injured were two ladie. State,
who were cut by fly ing glaes. i
EDENTON, N- C., Oct. Hi. The Kioop
Annie Colton, owned by Capt J. Weed
of this place capsized in tie Albemarie
sound off Skinner's Point ye-aerdav
afternoon about 4 o'clock. Capt W.J
Pratt and crew clung to the wreck. Ai
about 1 o'clock last nuht one of the
crew, Wm. Overton, was overcome b
cold and exposure, gave up his lend
and sank to a watery grave. I he others
were rescued today at 10 o'clock by the
steamer Roberts on her regular route
from Columbia. They had remained in
the water clinging to th partially sub
merged wreck durin a northeast gale
eighteen hours.
London, Oct. 10. An explosion oc
curred in the Bentalee Colliery, at
Langton, county of Stafford, at an early
hour this morning. Seventy miners
were in the pit at the time of the aeci
dent, only eleven of whom are alive.
The pit was completely wrecked, and
the task of getting out the buried
miners will be one of great d dhculty .
A band of volunteers made explorations
at once for the recovery of the bodies
Tbe latest estimate ib that sixty persons
were killed. A relief fund has been
started. It is supposed that the explo
sion was caused by leakage from an
old fire in a disused seam .
FaYETTEVILLE, Oct. 17. The regular
centennial committee met this fter
noon. A letter from Senato.- Ransom
was received, saying that the Secretaru s
of War and Navy have assured him that
the United States Marine band, one
hundred and eight pieces, of Washing
ton, D. C, and all the flags, etc., need
ed will be here at the centennial. Ar
rangements were perfected for a special
train to go after ex-President
Jeff erson Davis and family. F.nthu
siasm is great. The Marine band is the
finest in the world and has never been
south of Richmond.
Chicago. Oct. IT. A dispatch from
Columbus. O.. savs: Mayor Ilunt. of
ni:v i
F.NG 5
Fouuilri s id
Manufacture .
HmldM i.r I
Saw Mills. I. :.:!..
J. .
l.i hi)
Well, the coon hunt progresses. You Sandusky, O.. has telegraphed the
run tillyou can't run any further and
then the coon goes up a tree again, just
to lure you on. It is fun for the coon,
but mighty rough on tbe hunters. There
is a succession of runs, rests, tree chop
pings, and fights. Sometimes you get a
coon. The dogs and the coon have an
Tin: Ke;
making a b
S-ate I.eK';
Sam Junes is in jail at Hopkins
ville, Ky.. He attempted the life
of a man with a pistol, but was dis-
il.caus of Montana are General Clayton became one of the armed and locked up. However,
d attempt to se'.re the Carcnit Judges ol that State and ;t 13 gratifying to note that the
ature. The returns filled the position with distinguish- wicked man now in" the hands of
a it- f ii 1 rrnnH t.imfl whan th ft f.non is
twomoDth?. Why the government will caugat Tney 8Wap gampie8 and ex
persiFt in keeping such incompetent ohaDge locks of hair. The little dogs
men in the service, we are unable to ch0ose the rings on the coon's tail , while
see. the biggest dog chews his neck. Catch
Wilmington Review: We heard it ing the coon throws a damper over the
stated the other day that the reason whole proceedings. It is so late you
why Robinson s cirrus did not visit can't catch another before morning.
Wilmington this year was bscause the ; while if you hadn't caught him, you
aggregate taxi8 amounted to 8800 a could have hunted for two hours more,
day. Thi is what miht be called That is the worst thing about a coon
'"steep." The venarabh' Mrs. Re- hunt. The coon sometimes allows him-
becca Frown, of this city, widow of the gelf to be caught and it breaks up the Julian S. Carr, Pres. dent of. the Associ
late jonn mown, oi omimvint, win, rUn. ine most successiui coon nuuu I ation.
State Board of Htaltn in regard to the
smallpox ravages at Pelee Island, the
famous fishing resort in Lake Krie.
The dispatch says the wildest excite
ment exists, over one hund red cases of
smallpox having developed there within
the last four days.
Raleigh, October 16. This morning
was ushered in by a cloudless sky and
the day has been all that could be de
sired. Prominent people are here from
all parts of tbe State and many from
Other parts of the Union.
At 12 o'clock the reunion of ex Con
federate veterans was held in the north
end of the grand stand on tho fair
grounds, which was well attended.
After the meeting a sumptuous lunch
was served throuch the ccurtet-v of
W . nr.
with pre
I'll it leu , :i -o
re lal h ! i
w h w i : i , ,
for an v i leu. i
We nr.- r
lOh II Sn v
lirH I,-1 ! I. ( le -
W p tt : vp h;i
'lone tiv U8
i !.' w iirfe
ncLuarvt atAjrcTufs or
Vm. Bar liiBb4
IfTSZl ; iV l.LU.U ui Wifrst Sl'i
Water, AH4a mnd Froi do
not frw-t tt.
PnmU Br1itTini2 Wk 'u
krp all Walls and ur-fi-c
1 Iran.
Witerpnafs Brick and Stout
Blank all nndr lrr
YJ Can P l n: O.--Comrrtrd
O' B' r W.i i
Treated u tii P--'ii- . -.
i,t - i - tjj ,
from a Democratic precinct In Si 1 - 1 ed ability until elected President (iie ;aw is not the great Sam Jones, if her life is spar?d, be 101 years old on are those where you don't get any
vit How i iinntv were rhnurn nnt. of thei I 'niverslt V. which we believe Ti,n a,..,Iii,it ia tirpaehinrr wav the riday or next ween, me :nn insi. coons
- - ' 1 1H I , UllgVUUl I "1 ' t-
. I
i V
". lie
Ac : "
e n c . r
S Iver F.ow ( 'miu'y
Republican con: i i
at their suggestion by was in the wiutor of 1N4 o. In the
of Canvassers. If this proceeding spring he was for a time
istauied it will seat the a very prominent candidate for the
u:i:ca;i delegation from Democratic nomination
fur Gover
and Klve the nor, but fearing that his candidacy
C the l.egiula- woulii embarr,uis his brother-in-law
I The crowd orj the grounds is estimat-
i ed at from six thousand to seven tho-iB-
Sho i the oldest resident of this citv or With this brief introduction. The ,rA
to his admirers, unconscious prob- section, and it may be that she is the Machine will tell a little story. One of j The most exciting feature in today 's
ablv of the shadow that is resting oldest person in the State. doctor Hammond's patients is a young ; programme was the Indian play, which
, , ruhdih ritv F-nnnmic hpai gentleman from Middle Alabama, who elicited the greatest admiration for their
on that unique and classic name. . Elizabeth City r..onomit. Nags neaa 0WD8 an immense cottOD pUntation not!8kiU
Washington Post. l?f"Up ' Tt! VeoebTe heal from' its far from Selma He was descanting .on Many new entrirs have been added
..uaaji. .- -r-r howed condition. C. W. Hollowell, tbe pleasures of plantation life, when gince yesterday, and all agree that it is
l ull HLock and lurt
IV I'M M HH 1()V .IH t'U'
,:. d
a: ;
lers of the Democ
w State have ap-
I lie leai
: n t h e c
: r wr.ts of maDdamus to
"... canvassers to cunt the
!' : Le rejected pres mct. New
A orld.
Hon. James L. Pugh, who was a
candidate for re-election to the
I mted States Senate, he volun
tarily retired from the canvass.
General Clayton was faithful m
all the relations of life. Asa mill- sale by B. N. Duffv.
3 . V T ,J U rt W - nkiinrl7'
B"k1"' ' Ar.Bl" UT'- , 'he Ei,i0" BJTt' of,Biltlmre" C'ark ! wouldn't live , on an AlaDam.
Th Best Salvx m the world for Perry, of eorfolk, and some ethers have nratinn for tha hole State as a
Outs. Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt formed a limited corporation and will plantation for the whole State as
ri f- awxa TflttAf nnoH o o if nnnn a tnhstttntmi hfiSLis. nnripr
rkUf UUl f I CCJ D , - - vuup (vm F 1 Q V '
tj 4 i t i vr J v ' nnrAfl rxfo 1 wr i 11 hia prpftpd npar thp hiii Mint? K,ll lue J
CLI UJJU'-'i'r), nuu w j w u . vw r""-o nen.
r no pay required. It is guaranteed to on the pier, a railroad will be built
rivi nrfeot satisfaction, or money re from the hotel to the sea, a new pier
. r . . . i t- ,, -il e - V, . . 1 1 . .. I t
ana onage in uc uuut, auu ui i.uinoo
a quick and frequent steamboat trans-
tbe hnest exhibition, except the hx po
sition of 18S4, ever seen in the State.
Ah! doctor. " said the young man,
you never went on a coon
hunt, did you r" Exchange.
advice to motheks.
Mhs. Winslow's Soothing Syiu v
should always be used for children
teething. It soothes tbe child, soft"nn
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
funded. Price 25 centa per box. Fo
ian 17
Beecham'a Pills cure bilious and ner- colic, and is the best remedy for ,'diar
vous ills. 1 hcea. Twenty-flve cents a bottle.
Sal ih '
a H -: i t " I ' '
;r'.-.-. - ;
IX) I ' 4
- '!'.
ui li.
; ,t4-e - Vt-
"WV - Ov. y
T0i6 -ij - .V:
Fur v, i. : . . he , "
pa el "
We w , n. ' ",.
W e u . . -,
l r i.o . : ur
seed write cr i . .
Wi Pa by ii-i-X" 5i li'a 1.
Cotton an 1 1 i :i : ;i i ieintB, ;'
v I

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