North Carolina Newspapers

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Edison h taken ou'. orr
aadrtd patent.
FT A3 Ct ALLY th State
ML TlU V.L hu bea ordered
7 ai doctor to gtr ail politic:
VO(k tW fO by for the winter.
TaT tall w that the 8t:?
Cfcfoale( 1 jat four year aid. It
te ffiM taoagti to b hundred
Til Kw Orleans Su:m bj
airoote th rpAf of the 1 4th
ftJBdant m a o4auon of '.he
rmc qwatloa.
Til French forerun:-,: doub
ting It frTi.ioQ oq tb A! -
Lorraine froatier oa acvoant of the
la-riM ta th Germa jjrr.)o.
CUifNCSY It. IKiK of Sow
York, aaya lid! ia ta b: poiitn-nn
la 'w l'ork. bat Cllaa 1 will u
tfc Democratic nooainw for Pr.i
dat. Aet'oBin.v. to :h New orlt
Trtbane) SOO.OOO tons oi cotton ?d.
ara now pxed for their oil, from
26 to 40 pound txnnjr oM.'.nd
from each too.
The e hernial of :be 1 nr.eA
Slate Af ricnUaral l)prtrrint
ar a boat to bein tbe work of to
ealifatiog tb different artificial
foods and Infant food bow oa the
A BXITISH ifoo worker offer, to
build a bridge for 150,000,X
acroea tbe Briush Channel, some
aixten or etgateea nail wide, bat
requires teo jer time. Take if
Wilmington Mes-sener.
THE delegate to the Pan Auser
ku conference, will bard!? ee any
Iking eo wooderfal ia their roar
t&rovga the coootry a ;he tariff
yatein, which prevent. it Iron i
hartag ltd share of tho world'. '
trad and comawrw. Providence
THK adoption of t he Scotch )t
tern, under which a rerdiat ia reach
etl by a majority, of nine oat oi
ibe iwtlre jarom, would come near'
to aolrtog loroe of the difficulties
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no: "ir'c
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w ho. : r r
t h n.i n h o : '
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I. ri.
Hon niMH n ii i i-i-
1 hocoiumamlin g positioii u:" '.!..
S:at of N' York invests h-r -:r
l:o men with a (rrepTd:nt;
portance au.1 j n -1 at tl;..i t:n. :!-
H.'D. la ;.l l'.f ni.t-tt 11 ..i .-r
prominently leiv're tlx- j 1 1 . ; i' 1"
r.e.irlv every national iMuipain
inr 'he the I'emoer.itio pre-:
i.;d.t' !i !-.n a i t;
n ut New ctrk, aii 1 cur ui.i)
Hir. :"u 1 c, mp.i'ii- were led by
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C ure
w i ' :
t : . '.
a! Arm
The :1
from the
tnJiev.r. i'
State of I
a i : . i ' '
a u r , an
iona "f
!i er : . . 11 t r :
n it ( t my e r
n S.i m u el .1 . '1': !den
i. r oil. i
4 r 1 " 1 v i .
win,: i . r jT r I
N tUM!.li 1 ) TlOTit
: ti.t' : ii ' mil in
-d'.An.v Ohio I
u .
a i e
t h -
w a
Perh i;n no :.
e 1 in o re 4 : ' e ' ' 1
I Ateb . a- ' '. 11 tn
maaicipal !: i.-
t ' ii v ' ti . 1 ' '
i, -
.ri m
!l:n'. '.In- r.i'j
tM 1 e r w ; '. :i tin'
loll v of the e hi r
rijoa pur'iel
.'.cr'. : . ah a '. ! r a. !
. :.. the i li of
nc 1 nilian.p'i'.
: 1 ni;aeation
. k in 1 n ' rut Ion
i- ; 14 to b at
, oVKTec to the
ln-uu'eri'.y .tad
winoli Mr. liar
m his
pri .'it-nt;.t. a 1
den t wi,; ln i-: '
or ( I .', . 11. : r.
l;. h:,:1. ;n 'he
and lie 'ore the
State.-. Sii' h i
now j re'e r. t ' o
ipe 1 1: of ( 1 0 v 0
1 w d a .,;.) at
I'lOdiiionl ipo
( ; a , o e r n o r
: n t ro. 1 '.(- 1 1
In beti.tlf of
w Inch I a;n proa
did. He
-r Mr
' : : ' a n
'.irt t
; n k' ' 1
on :
r ' 1 o r
the '
( ; " f
mot : a. ..'
r 1're-.
'.e eiand
err fii
:hf holier
of tl,efe
1 : f e a "e , w e
re ad e r.t the
lliK made .1
e 1; 1 n of " he
at Atlanta,
having Ixhmi
ri ' r
to a ; :
put,, e e
it 1 1 :. .. ;.' .1
pa--. - . d
koi d . :i t :;
: 1 a; ion , ol..
hliriie: e.vd
that would
and f nii'i
-1 1 r-
' 1 ' ; 1
- A .
t h I W e .
: h .-i vi :
I'.llldel an
I ' 1 1 ' " :
.ll:0e .11
' I.e. .',
. 1 .1
mi p
se r '
; - 'ii
1 :n
; 1
K.ii i n
1 11
o : 1 1 e
a. I-
1 -:
.in.l I!
1 pro:
( 1
1 I'm ii.. ii
;. oi-. ho a ! e 1 .1 1 ii. e 1 - and
; iieiii !ri ? !: : p : 11 ; ; .. 1 .11-
I.e '. I'll U 1111 .. I e - Ml : k
; ' . 1 lie hi,,, Poieli ! I V '
;.. :. i 1 1 I hat In ed
1 l,e a u 1 1 1 n 1 i j I to
, .it , .1 ml ; 0: hei ," ;i lid
i 1:0 --so Aiii -11," i :
tl.eli a:e 01:; e!eate-t
I'hey ti 11 11-. e are
' .v r d" hope t he A li 1-l.-ei-ed
1 11 I'l l 11 " I) iT a' Mill t
I 111 ' ' , I' I d eell S . I V
to d 1 any t In ne; in
11 1 1 -1 ioh 1 li a e
. 1 1 ; 1 1 oiilv a lew.
m rrneiit cvi-ry
! 1 : 1 ' Will 1 I II poll
: 1 ' 7 "1 pi !' ee 11 ' . of
t he I 1 1 ; t e 1 i ' . 1 ' e 8
e 1 o 1 d , I i ; e o ; 1 -vn
! I 01 1 de II - the
la-.-e-, and are
1 - i . 1 ; ' 111 an ordi r.
iI u h 1 eh 1 - Hi
-' I 1 1 le to 1 ,i 1 -e
hy .-oe 1 a'.h ii .1 ! . . 1 al
eo'l 1 1 1 1 1 on . We
d 1
, 1 .
Ill' I
.1 .
1 1 1
it ...'' I
e the repr.
h this km
( it
V. -e. We
1 Ii . s .t n i e
:h. 1 in!- 1 'I
11 1 .j : o , and e
now than we
of I lemcxrrat ic
e 1 4 : 11 the rom i n g
;r in for in at mn from
tr en', of the l'i n'
: a v e f irthermor
a !- 1 a :1 ie :. . . nrit mo 1 tli .
if, 1 more i-onhden'
hve done hithert
4 u a p
It' e 1 1 'Ii A 1 1 ee
;hi; ijj.rter 14 e n ron rag : 11 A very el ' to tiie Mate
ueadtjuarter at ColnaihUH writes
to the e-1 'or of the National Dem
,vrit tti 4 week: 'It n oar fr.ncere
-?lief that Dli'.o will go Pemociatir.
Oar etTrt.t irom '.hi time forward
until election day will be pot forth
to keep up the enthusi.wm which
now pervade the Democratic
ratik4 everywhere, and to get oat a
full Democratic vote.' The d.iat-i.-d!
etTort to as.vrl the 0od
name uf Hod. Jame K. Campbell
has recoiled upon the beads of its
originator, and should of itael
asure Ins election.
We devote a good deal of space
this wevk to the able address with
which the Democratic candidate in
Iowa opened his really brilliant
cam psfcm
In that State Democ
racv is surely advancing with rapid
strides. We believe Uiat the
-en t a t i v e. and for w ti
eipreasion of esteem and hospital,
tv ii in!e:ider. 1 wish to thank yo:
mo-t cordially. The Mmpire Sta't
of the North sends a warm greet
tug to the Kmpre State of tin
South. She is proud of your prog
res. .4.4 she is of her own.
The North ha.s not forgo' ten the ,4
message which y ou r eloqueu t (iradv, u
brought to the son - of New 1 In gland ;
two years ago. He touched, a.s no
ora"or in the generotion since the
war has touched, a chord of syru
oathy and chanty whose sound
vibrated from Maine to California,
and the echoes of whose si '.very
tones have not yet died away. He
told us merely whtt we knew, but
which we never before fully ap
"When I rtflect upon the scenes
which took place in this vicinity
only twenty five years ago how ;i
stubborn and loyal army, battling
for a cause which it tx-lieved to be
pis', for homes, for families, for
eountry, for lite, was driven south
ward "step by step by a force su
perior in numbers and resources ;
how, day after day, the eonnd of
cannon "and njusketry reverated
throogh these valleys, and the
tlame.s of burning homes lit np the
hori. iin: how vigorously the Fede
ral forces sparred on by the one
desire of preserving the Cnion of
yoar fathers and theirs, lought their
way through shot and shell, de
stroying homes as thev went and
:i 1 :
N e'.V
1 . .
or .11
mi 1
in o,
mi .
1 h '
Pill . 1
we ,1
p i 'A el
111 o- '
111 1 1 ' e
I Ilde.
a 'oi: '
I' 1
1 ar
1 . 1
A .
1 ' ' 1 in
1 ll-e-
1 ' . -u
- ; -
,v N .
v. e I
( I u' a n : 1 1 ' i
i. and e el y
'and up in 1 1 1
'. e 1 y mm w
pl'Te-- 11- .' 1
II V I. 75. I.K.MjEN.
i w.i- cnyuiec r of the ! .
i '; lie express on ;i leading . to.-,
iii. : all oad, and had stopped my'
1 1 .ii at a water tank that stood by
'in- ti.iek in a lonely spot far from
any pHia.ineiit station, dust as
my hreinan was swinging up the i
pipe alter Idling the teDder from :
the tank, ;i 111,111 stepjied suddenly
into the cab of the engine with a j
revolver in each hand, and said, in
a tow, determined tone: 1
"l'ull o ut, run to the woods, and
-top there."
1 recognized at ODCe a noted
d"sperado for whose discovery a'
rewaid of a thousand dollars hud
been oilered. I knew it was as
useless to discuss a point with the
revolver he held at any head as- it
w onld have been for him to dispute
t he 1 ight of way with my locomo
tive it he were on the track below,
where 1 heartily wished I had him.
The woods were four miles ahead,
and. of course, his contederatea
weie hidden there, waiting to rob
the 1 1 am. I knew that the express
'ii contained a good many thou---!!.d
' ! m! 1 1 1 s that day. aud t hat any
,1 m,- 11.1111 robbers Mich a.s the
-1 ''1 ,1 o o besides me won Id belong
'' wi u1. i think nothing of killing
i! e leer-.-enger in charge if he le
-i-'ed. or even le-stated for an
-! nt in do their bidding. Then,
lu-.-liles I he mail IUK
. I.e.
.Mill li
j - I ..
An.t t
;;l th
till . -I.e
111.1 I
al li .
'lie w iie re
r t lie ei a: 11 .
The h.-i : . 1-
in th-
lie :
h via u 1
' ' Ir .11-
linn 11 ni
will 1
pi 1 1111 ,
1-1 i-l
Old h
iii I - .'lit' ll;i ,-1
.' lur the w :ue;
il with ilny,
- 111 " i i i ins. hi and
ML' tl
1 !
Ami th.- littii
-weef 1
1 -a . 1 1 l 1 1 1 lT I .
v ;',,'- .!
hr.iwn lie.
11 '!,.,,
hi ill ll ;iu
1'. v
1 the h.
I 11 1 1
.!'.;-. 1 . h
. .e I 'i e I II- e
I h 1
1 1
y 1 u km
man d
vei. '
1 ;
0 1 '
1 ni-
1 Km
1 ' '
.1 k I '
ii ; 1
1 i
a v e
1 1
: r
. I.'.
a I
I'X'l le'. .
( "1 rt e I. '.
ten,;, d
beyond .
rout e ! 1
will be
1: C
A. . N, .1
K: ust 0:1
1 lit' e 1 1 ' 1 ' .' p ' 1 . e 1 I
i- in all 1 lest 111 e ' e nd . I
ni.ll .e and K : eigh K 1. id
W 1 1 1 1 a in .-1 1 1 1 ' ' l'l y 11. 0:1 ' i, .
part of t lie road 1 1; 11 - para 1 Ii 1
Ko.inoke r 1 el , w ia ie 1: o (i :. t
dreamed of a roa I being b ill'. .111
comes in com pel 1: ion with a,i :
boat 1 1 lies now haii d 1 1 ng t he t reigli t
in 1 ;
u. a
p. . 1. :
b e
.--:! y
d: 1 eci
k. and
.'li the
' ' I . . e
C.) Ill
lelle ti '
on the
to le
ed in
a. r. 1
1 1
, 1111
A i be -
; ; I j
t II
farmers tbroughot the West are t devastating fields: how finally
bvgtning to have a clearer percep I those brave men in gray, driven j This road will bo complete u
Wkicl. now embarrasa the present 1 ioq of tbe)r rQ? lnrest.4, and the j from every stronghold, lell back
practice of our coarta, c-imioal and
eirll. Aabrtil Citiaeo.
OtTX oa America u hip, running
rfgTjlArly bet we a th porta of the
Uaitesl Suce aoi tho of Sooth
aad Ceotxai Aaietica, and we will
aooa distaoce banian 1 ia the S-u'. h
oarican market. Tuat is the
first aad eaatial eoaditioo, and it
i tor CoagrvM to e to it that the
ooadiuoa UcorJil wit h. Ur xik
IjH rf 1.
A BjtrtrBLira.X msoator who baa
aa a frt)aat naitor a: the
VTaJta lloaa danog the preaeul
adaiiaiatration, renarked with
eooaldarmbU ccnpoaais, that fr.
UaxrUoa la gwuitgkiaif cordi
ftilj dialiked biaa.4s h pi oft?
to koorw 1 1 all and d-on not laiok
aoyoo capable of offering him
aggvattoaf . lie woald have bad
BO boabla witk Tanner," said the
aeaator, ( a had liatend to the
ad vic offered b tin by true party
frteda." AabTil!8 Democrat.
TH Atlanta Joaroa
more thinking they
A short
a a v a
j - 1
"Coaunodorw A. K. Batemao, who
baa for aon tine bo working m
ta ialereat oi 'orfoik, claiina that
a4 baa acoMfatly earned oot bis
aadertaking to make Norfolk the
baakio port for cotton for the eas
tar bjiIIj, laateatl of New ork
11a tbiaka fifty ihoaaaad ba.ra 01
COttOQ will bs broaght and
tberw, wblcb bare h?rtofore gone
to Bowtoa aad Prondence. aad ;n
fatare Norfolk wnl bo mognired
1 tbw diatn bating point for cotton
asd by N' w F.ogtand mid."
SrSAKiao grnerailj, iC may W
aaid tbat th trust system baa ken
aaaagled oot of all semblance 01
ltaiity. Bat two great, and per
kapa baJf a doxen small, "combiDea'
atiQ afflict the coaotry by tbeir re
tricUoas of commerce. Persv
aoica la aach legislation as most of
tb StAta bare maa-jrated, and
wigoraa CoagTTssioaal action in the
dlrcsrtioo marked 00: by the Sn
to'a aaU-trost bill, will mike a
perfcC end of these nn American
aad ineqaitab.'e aasoctaticma cf
eapitai. Cb.icago Inter Ocean
A TlElf F organ ci'.ien the impor j saitaiar
tatioo last year of f lOl.wX),"' pr. ect;
worth of woollen manufactures as alive :
proof tbat a higher Chinese Wail is tho over
ceded to give oar manufacture. J a lav-ti-poMMioo
of the home market. If ot 114.0
the more ! within the fortifications ot this fair
Detnocrafc otes there wiiir? on 1 cltv - how at last Atlanta tell. As
election day. I a low a tariff reform a Northerner, old enough to have
is a Uading isne in the campaign, 1 observed the tendency of" the ante
and it has a poweriu! champion in 1 beiiam outh, I am amazed : as an
Mr. p.oies.'
Th-' though: ot tn. gr is work
lag our ;o;. ncal redemption.
Among recent sigtutk.-nt events is
the declaration of President Kliot,
of Harvard ! n;versity,of his inten
tion to act in future with the Dem
ocratic party His espousal of our
cause 1 worth more to us than the
oiaii'.'iii'n of a pxd,t;cl leader
would tv. Pres dent Kliot u a
prlnco In the realm of mind, and
thoasands of young men will turn
t.) him a.s the suntl ior tarns to
greet its k n g He ees that De
mocrai-y is Ireodoui of thought
work'ngoot the hbcrat. on of the
m ase fr. m the tliroldom of mo
nopoly and plutocracy . His ex
inn!, will !- follow e 1 1'V i-ho!ai s
1 '
of all sections, and a sounder
I ., I
1 Ii'.ical economy w .ii pc ; m a . e oar ,
I schotds arid colleges.
Mnch as we ire ''hirnn 1'; ty these
reflect iou :' is ple.vsing to know
that o' .1 neat ; or al 1 n op nc- 9 j
are baatenmg forward the philo- i
sopinc emp re cf Dem-rav. The1
Crnge.4 and the Alliances are all
4c'..o.N devoted to the solution of
econom'c .jneat.ons and every
problem solved is an argnrer.t in
favor of De met-racv
a 1 .
ago farmers
Knsa4 sent a representative to
Washington to present to the Presi
dent the.r petitien that all fibers
used in making twine Vrnti-n the
iree 1.4t. Tins show that the edu
cational pros-ess s doing it- work
and will eventually reach r.s le
a;3c, nt ends Thee farmers !eel
'be oppre-s;on that is er-hi!.g
tbem, bat have r."t r irr.r.'. 1. ' to
throw 1: 1 ' Thev c.uini t long
remain ignorant of the true situa
t;on. and when ;he hour of illumi
nation comes they ;.! break tbeir
hinds an Simpson burst 'he withes
'. a at Isiu n d h ; t .
Last the
Northwest vote'
b '. 1 , a c J . w 1 : h s
American eitizen, proud of my
country's institutions, antl form of
government, I am rejoiced.
"This is indeed the Sunny South.
The great dark cloud which hung
over tho South for so many years
has gene, thank God, and the
bright sun of Heaven looks down
upon a nobler civilization, inspiring
new life, new courage, and new
T coold give yon figares about
the growth of industries which
make up this increased wealth. 1
could tell a story of the develop
ment of cotton manufacturing which
m as interesting as any romance,
lint these things I know by read
ing and heresay. Von know them by
actual observation and by careful
study, and I shall not weary you
repeating dry figures, which by this
time yoo must know by rote. Be
sides, 1 left my encyclopedias at
heme. 0
In the rapid development of the
South and in the conditions of
society which now prevails here,
there are suggestions for serious
though'. I am not one of those
pejimists who. while recognizing
and admitting the glorious pros
perity of your industries since the
fir, profess to see in some of your
institutions and conditions cause
for grave apprehensions for the
future. Such apprehensions are
due, porhar.s, to the agitation id
selfish politicians ; to that igno
ranee which does not understand
the Southern nature ; to the sur
vivmg remnant of old time jealousy
and suspicion. I would not have
yon understand me as depreciating
present dangers or as belittling the
obstacles w hieh now csnfront you.
"Great problems will have to 1h'
grappled with, and the North is
watching to see how you will solve
them. One ot those problems is
the education of the masses. The
one mouth. and ;il a'.laid .m a. I 1
route lrom Plymouth to N'. 1 lo k i
Richmond, or any Northern m
Western 1 :ty . K : :i.-:- i: 1- ;' : u 1
t he I'ii.itlir e t e 0 1' 1 ; r h, id,
Hyde 1 e'.ility v la ( ' ilnm ma. lyiie.l
county. 1 Ixii-n-iv e -!rj pmg immi
is being arranged at Ply 11 .m' li. and
a rece n ' ride over the 1 . . i t n 1 ble -me
to say that t lie i " id w . I i I e
ti r.-t cl.i 111 e v ei y 1 e - ot. 1 1
sat is fae ; o 1 y arrangeii.eii ' - are m ule
with t he Noi lol k and S Hit l.el 11
Kailroad tran.-fi r baig. s can be
used be! weeti 1 '. ! en ton and ly
mouth and Ireighls iprckly
handled by that route.
This plan is being .-iu c. -.-billy
hive . 1 I : V e 1 1 e n , 1 e - vv 1
' . : e . . k :!;;.-,. - li . 'I. I line- and phi
. . . r on camp.-.
A :'.! be bec.lll-t
1 'on : y u k n
: : . t -1 1 . we:, a llieit. we
::::ib I good disciple, w h".-
i,.-i. would have no' h nif
from twentv-live men enga
;. ii , ust cause .
We have the nua.ei .cal -lieiig'h
and all that we need is united,
manly aeti m. Some refuse to
unite with us, le-cau-e they say we
aie a secret organization.
I deny t lie chai ge tif ours be.i
a secret org miatiori. ( );ir by-law
and our constitution are open to
the world. )ur declaration oi
principles ;s open to I he free in
-ptclioii ol ail w no will. When we
cine to oui Alliance halis to rea.-ou
together to torniulate plans and
to dti. 1. we elo.-e our doors. The
chinch of Christ is an organization,
and some ol its most i tleCLlvH work
is done in secrecy, i.e., "when thou
praye-t enter into thy closet.' etc.
S'iII we find some Christians who
ni'l'i" to the Alliance, because of
its st ere t v ' i k . I likai' to see a m all
straight. bu! not so sH aight as to fall
iivei back w al .!. Now, I want to
' e ilrnilv understood. I say that a
gieat many intelligent men, eligible
to membership in our order are
playing the part ot "skulks." If
.ie bid to do what we have under
taken, know all men. that those
w ho -k u Ik , it ri' at I ers not what m ay
I have actuaU'd them, whether bri
la i v, ignorance, or cowardice are
the boss who did the work.
New l-nirlaiHl Mas-aziiie.
The New England .Magazine lor
Octoher presents a varied and
attractive table of contents. Many
ot the urtii' i's mu .l..-,a,.,l t, ,,v'.
1 baggage cars i(,,s .!, '
o, plunder there were the ten lU fact , , hat , he iid,; mug 1
mger coaches filled with pas- i, .im,i , ,
- ' i- v. ni w i 1 1 11 it ui ifri
Mr. Allien L .Marble, the retiring
president of the National Educa
tioiial A--ociation, conrnbu'e- an
aitll'ie on tlie iiistorv ami t , , is .nr-t
, , , , . , of the Association; W. A. M...vr.
e as hard and slow woik of ti,,. i-,, .,
. . ... tneeuit(;r ot hilucat (in. wia estei
Dr. Han is and ,he Bureau ot I-;. lu
nation: thele is a bl lei ;ii o, le Oil
History, by A. E. Wiiisliip. the
editor of the New England Journal
of Educatioi : and then- is a long
auu iuny illustrated article on the
i-. well toward a thousand
e. such as ride on a first-class
-s ii.uii, and are sure to have
amount of money and other
1 III a i
g' t iing t he heavy train under head
w, y a- I could, so as to gam time
' lirnk: and while we drew too
rapidly nearer and nearer the
xo d.s where I must stop my train
and deiiver all up to the robbers, I
i an vasstd plan after plan in mv
A Iiiin-Iy M .li ning.
Till- time is at baud when great
numbers of persons, of all ages,
from onng boys up, roam the
woods and lields and marshes, with
guns, in search of game. There
will be "music in the air: yes, and
iliuujir too. N'umbeis of these
sportsmen have never learned to
handle and cury a gun properly,
and before the "season" is over, it
is to be feared many accidents will
occur, and many lives, more or less
valuable, will be sacrificed.
Tuose who wound or kill their
coin p. in ions and friends will be
ovei whelmed with sorrow, and will
MilTer life long regret, but this and
the sympathy of t heir lriends will
not bring back the dead, nor wholly
excuse the act.
No one ought to carry a gun at
all much less has he right to go
shooting unless he is able to carry'
it m such a mauner that at no time
and urmer no circumstances, will it
point toward any human being.
There is no case in which it is
necessary that a gun should be
pointed toward a companion, not
even in passing it by him elevate
the muzzle and pass it over him.
This is an easy thing to learn.
Keep it in mind and practice it till
it becomes a fixed habit making
the rule as imperative in the case
of an empty gun as a loaded one,
and the habit will soon become
automatic, safety will be afforded,
wounds and death will be prevented,
and tho.-e who go sporting should
; not only adhere to this rule, but
; insist that those in their company
do so. I used to "shoot'' and
know wheieof I aflirm.
EmvAUD Hull.
P. S II I was able I would pub
lish this as a part of the "life
stving apparatus." daily and
weekly through t he i-ea-on.
lafo Wr.lioiU IliflUultifS
If the world ever had a golden
age, the people of that easy-going
T lie Art of Eating.
There is little if any doubt
that cooking has been employed
by man in the preparation of
food from the remotest ages.
It is probable, also, that empir
ical ideas of what conduces to
comfort in diet early formed the
basis of a gastronomic art not
without some relation to physi
ological truth. It has been
reserved for later times, however
and for civilized man, to discover
and formulate a regular method
of dining.
By a process of natural selec
tion, tho work of elaboration,
this system has in a great meas
ure passed into tho hands of the
French, who have thus been
able to develop an art charact
eristically tnoir own. Our
simpler nat ional customs rela
tiong to tho table have, in
common with those of most
other peoples, attracted less
attenion, though it is not likely
that they will ever disappear.
It is needless here, however, to
discuss in detail each local pecu
liarity. We should rather aim
at understanding those common
principles which underlie all
rightley constituted systems,
and give to each its value as an
aid to wholesome nutrition.
The time of eating is a matter
of no small consequence. This
is to some extent subject to indi
vidual convenience, but we may
take it that, as a general rule,
not less than five hours should
separate one meal from another.
The short interval of rest usual
after meals will commend itself
us being in strict accordanco
with physiological necessity.
The quantity and quality of
food taken also require eareful
attention, and these again must
be regulated by reference to the
work to be done by a given
person. Some difference
.. i, euaiui .nucie oil me ei, i-uc t'cu c t,i lutii c.ioy-guiuKi- - , ilwnvR existed as
Kd near inn;-. In.hhiti,.,.. .. x. i. tra mnol hit" I ....... . . . . ..... I r, -1 r ! Opinion fi18 aiwa8 CXlSted OA
mn.d, rejecting one after another ; Vlll(1. vhvi,i: t,i m,,Sr,hi, uJ' ' to the proper daily allowance of
a- impracticable. The wrong end I10tlce in ;i , c htituted ; (MrereI):, v from llie. ' meat. W e shall probably do
ofa.evover barrel close lhist0 d uew ,,reut. ,h men ant, WUImM1 o- ut justice to the digestive powers
your head is a new factor that se- Hou. A. S. Co!yar. This article : day. What should have done I Pf8(0nS', howeve.r' ,
iiou.-ly complicates many an other-;aLso ia ru.,,lv . - ; in .. .,.. . ,,. H:ir. h vlA,,All ; advising that only one substan-
wi.-e simple problem. ! esneeinllv t,mN- ... ,1.' .r ,.r.t...nh- .uft ' tial meat meal bo taken daily
was to ha re . Of course, we could
I . . l.;l n t -..
-ueauwuue my nremau iiaUimMt;.,r,i,,, v it... .-
,i , t i . u- t ".v-v-nuf, Kit liic nuunai i.uuciliou-
luietly kept about his business,..,! Assoe.'at ion in n,,. ..a.k.-,., i
.i . ' - ta i o ni u n vi i
has drawn to it the
()n Ust Satiuday the liMh, ac
. oiding to appointment, the far
mers ot tho Yanccboro section
worked by the Albem.ule and Pan Cissernbleil for the purpose ot reas
tego Kailroad. Tran-l.-r barges on ing together. The (.range hall
make the connntion bet ween ol t hat place was tendered us by
Edenton and McKeey 's I'eny , from , the brethren of that order, which
which point the road' w..s :ii -t built j made us very comfortable in the
to K"per C;;v. and is now being 1 e.eiei-e of the duties of the ocea
Pante'o and Matt
. 1 the par
, e tariffs
t h e s ;
i i '
far::; ers of the
d urn the Mills
guhir unanimity
they are
. !.-m and
c ; t r n s t
V .1 w
n an 1
ar. d the
American manufacturers coald get
the wool they need on the same
terms as their competitors they
woo Id not be compelled to a s .
much shoddy. The foreign g oshJs
exv not bocght because they are
forcigv, Tbey are demanded and
eoid bessaftose they are better either
ta qaaflty or sty le. ln eaal terms
oar manafactarers could compete
sritb tbem for more 4c-es!i: ly
N. Y. World.
THE Georgians gave G -vem r
Hill of New York, and the tr eud.s
wbo accompanies! him a cordial
grew t log at Atlanta Wednesday.
Hie address at the Exposition was
well conceited, hapyily expressed
uJ in good taystc, a
brosd, natloaal spirit worthy of the
OoTersor of a gTeat State and :
tb occasion upon which it was de
UTerwt. Governor Hill is no ord.
nary man, and the solid hold he
M apon the Demorraey of New
York, and bis popularity in other
ett, will male bis name a power
ia lbs next National Democratic
Cooveatioa. Hs and tx President
CtoTcUad are said to 1 goo.1
frieadtt, bat he i aboa: the only
Bu whom Cleveland need fear if
4 decide to enter the race in 15l.'.
With ltbr, however, the Democ
encj will bare aa able and strong
jitaadard bearer. - Wilmington
ti i v e
;s.4 : e - . '
tr. -ti '
;ng tow a
' 1, 1 4 i . .4
u. i ten
ti tr.e
i: they
f i I 1 n
e n: iv
in J to
worst foe to our democratic forms
of government is ignorance. It is
a startling fact, indeed, which
revealed by the census of Kni, that
in some of your States half the
population could not read or write.
The census of 1S90 will make a bet
ter showing, I am sure.
"In the field of industrial enter
prise you have great opportunities
Your resources are inexhaustible
see that tbey are not monopolized
I'iscour.ige such legislation as
tends to enrich classes at the ex
lense of the masses. It is within
i-n,,r ,,.r in .1.-, ,i.i, f.,. ,r.i i larmers are Ht'O
w v i. , .'"t iu ytj ui.eL. i" n ..i ii
nr.nn rrynra o.lnlfaKI., r . . I . f . . fu . 1 ' d ged pOWtT til
c-. v i , . t li li v..t- .uiianii tt.i.i.
tetween employers and employe. 1. striking ev idein- ot p m these
Thus far you have been particularly Pir;s ls tl'1' ' :!"; a '';Ttain
,1 U'l 'N 1 1 o was in i I ;e l a - l .-l-ll.lif
Hid vo'ed aga:n-t the railroad corn
el! ended to
Pungo. fni- latter place is the
deep water terminus stlcetcd by
the company, where Pungo liver
and one or two creeks come to
gether and soon enter the Pamlico
river. 1 learn that I he plan is to
use transfer barges acioss Pamlico
-ion. Our county lecturer, brother
Daniel Pane, ad Iressed the meeting
in an appropriate manner, and held
the attention of his audience spell
bound for about one hour. It is
gratifying to see that our organi
zation is bringing men to the front,
suitable to our every emergency.
It is a noticable fact: that our min-
nver to some point on the sou
side and handre lumber and other j istrations are'now being performed
freight in that part of 1 leaulort and niore gracefully than in our be
in Pamlico county by building aj
road across the country. New
Heme and Wilmington w ill have I
to'look out, or this territory which!
they have so long had all to them-
selves will be made 'i.lmtarv to
ginning, and the idea is about to
explode that no one except such
as are engaged in literary work
can perform the duties that come
before nubhc assemblies. (
It hashing been the case that
appearing M accept the suuation
as souieth g that could not be
avoid, d, and for which he was in
no way responsible. Yet I i bought
he betrayed a little nervousness by
ins man uer of tiring. He would
bi'ing small shovelfuls from the
tender, going to and fro more times
than were necessary to put that
amount of coal on the lire, and,
besides, would do this in a sort of
-hnfll ing, uncertain way, ao if his
, mind was so much on t lie trouble
, at hand that he only half attended
to w hat he was doing.
A hammer lay on the bottom ol
1 the tender, that was used lor break
ing lumps of coal that were too
, large. Jt had a handle two feet
long, but a comparatively small
head. It was much like an ice
i pick, with a short hatchet or wedge
1 shaped head on one siue and a
point or spur on tho other. I re
l member noticing, without much
thought except that he did not
seem to know what he did, that
iev. ry time he came from the tender
' this tool with his
j loot and moved it nearer the en
gine. We came in sight of the
woods, approaching thc-m with
express speed, and my heart chilled
as I thought of what the next few
minutes must bring forth, when,
quick as a flash, he caught tho ham
mer and dealt tho outlaw a blow in
the back of tho neck at the base of
the skull that dropped him dead
across the footboard. The revol
vers had hardly touched tho hoor
before each of us had one iu our
hands. We emptied every one of
the twelve barrels iuto the woods
as we Hew by, hoping that some
stray shot would go where it would
do the mosi good aud secure our
departing passenger congenial
company for his long journey on
the other line.
Within a wetk e.fterward my
fireman was "pas'tifeeft, rich" with
t he thousand-dollar reward.
an .
o' :. r
' 1 1
Am.d all ! h.s pu-h and
ty the .l.iniesv ilie am Wa
narrow gauge seems abou
ou'. Their engine i- so b.idiy worn
that thev cannot pull a passenger
coach, and have Ua'ti carry ing ex
press, mad, lieight and passengers
bodies of farmeis, assembled
litical primaries or in conven-
id ived
la i
l n
tions, have allowed one or two
professionals to count them in any
matter they desired. H ither than
stand up like men and openly op
pose, they have allowed their
silence to be taken for consent. The
error of this manner of doing bnsi
ness. is now fuilv realized and the
to be something
Jones County ltema
past now, bat the many surveys
being made to and li.'tii these
points are only the toreruniii r.s ot
the many roads which will per me
at e our country and unite us with
the onward march of enterprise.
Not the least among these evi
deuces of increased pro
the Koaiioke st . ' ion i
all ui cue liin i' ir. 1 ' 1 1 a new en
jine is so. .n i'i;i,'i'h''l and better : i.irnn-rs propose to be
accommodations generally . Fortune; else than mere ciphers.
does not seem to taver a-hington , Pro: her Lane performed the du
and. New Heme m railioad building ties of speaker well aud when he
had taken his seat. another
brother arose, and stated, that he
fei: assured that some had been
convicted by the speech that the
do ts of tin- Alliance were open
and called on such to join. The
result was. that live good and in-
eri'v in ! liuential men made application at
the All; I once. There is good material 'round
ance moveineti' ot tic farm
l'i ill', tllnll Wi ll the w he le ee
They .have i o' been orgatiled but
a sh ut wnle. ii,;' are establishing
Alliance stons at almost every
town and some pi .e.-s tn the coun
try. Alliance p'ct.lcs tie Ire.jllellt.
and ..le largely a tended. Tl.e
tanners are Pecoui ng an .n-knowl
P.. !..,.! ll'i
er.- iu : about
anceboro anil we nave a
right to expect much in that
quarter. We have good material
and it will ci me to the front.
dioe fact.
r e an
I'd by
i r n e
w or k i
n i n
! as
us; n
t tie
i a
ra '
p.v, a
se :i g.
1. UiHe
' e m j
g ' r i
g a hi
h u ::
d c.rii'Cil
loved. While
rem a n-r a'. :v e
! . - for r sc a! s,
' a '. honest
1 "he people
reds 1 1 i'1'ii
i : ; an to tie
111 - i.t
1 Mes
le t
; .4 a
tr. nj
lortunate in avoiding disastrous la
Nvr aeitation. Put when there shai
!h collected in vour manufacturing 1 I-r'S--'-"n is attend. ng the.-e pi
cities large bodies of workingmen,
wh.-n rivalry for employment and
Csd wages shall have U'Ccm.i
keener, -yon will have to nn e'
serious questions, and if you would
take warning from the North's ex
perience, you will prepare to meet
them now. Your employers must
reaiire what ours have been slow
to realize, that one man's rights are
the rights of another. Let the
benefits of yoar proserity Is1 en
eyed, not bv the few who would
use them for their own selfish ends,
but encourage that broad human
charity which looks to t he greatest
good to the greost number. You
may have within your Ixorders vast
numbers of an unfertnnafe and long
oppressed race; it isyonr interest
as it is your duty to lift them out
of the estate in which tate has
placed them, and help them to
n;es and making speeches, explain
ing Ins rea-oii- tor -r voting con
trary to the pe ' ; t : or. s o! a large
number of A!i;a v men of t In
state, lie in ikes a good speech,
I u '. e.sit :- an oil' yea: : ' is on ly t he
-t roll ge r e V 1. 1 e !, . ethat the 1 II 1 1 tie ii ee
of the A I . I . nice i - even bei ng te! t
i n pel ; ; '-. A - pi r. i n ' s for ( t lire
make it convenient to be piv.-e n t at
these gathering-, and ate m.ikme
an oil v ea r c in v a--, While 1 do
not be!
clea: ly '
and ill
llg to
every d
e Ah: nice 1
lell ' e 1 - L'rnw
,1V : that
ty tor ; 1
m e.i n -i
a r m i i -
a .
l-.v 1
I o ti g ' : i
F.-a:.' e Le
friend of h
,-;iy ",l :'
: r: g L r ' f c h
i .o dialect
N "i - San
::. ; ': a - p, -. .
re ceu' y sa.d t
4 who : - no - . :;
I nevrr catch r.:
when I can m a k e
se rv e m v f'l'f.f.'
: v e
. ti
'. : . 1 .4
t r v
a-cmo the resonsi run ties oi ct:
.- e n s h ! p .
The expsT ieni e of t he last t w en t y
years has proved you the advant
ages of free lalmr. Most of you
well rcmeiriN'r the predictions ot
vour statesmen before the war.
that without slaves the South could
not profitably produco cotton: yet
with free labor you have raised
more cotton in the last ten years
than you raised in the twenty be
fore Sumter was tired on, n"!w::lr
c IU' 1
we 1.
I ii i
in pan
ell w e are
lie men we ought to tie doll!
tl- of talking too m uch. h
e two eooil things, their go
: ti inn and our own i mprov emei
w h a ' w e h a v e t " - I V wi' kiln
: w h i ' ': i have - i v we kin
N ( 'TICK.
In addition to contract made by
i ipt.D.ndeii lor 7o,; on yards of
biggmg, f have inSt closed a coil
tract with the .1. Turner, Morehead
, Co. mills for ail the cotton bag
g:ng they can make to December
l-t, at l-' cents per running yard
P. (). P.. U per cent, off for -rash. It
p i 1 inches wide, weighs ih' ounces
p.r yard. Will be shipped to busi
nes.s agents as last a.s it can be
iii.iiiiihii'tilii'il, say from .'Id, 000 to
lo.i'iMi y aids per inonth. Will be
-hipped wtli cash diatt bill of attached. Ordeis will be
tilled m iegular order as received.
Pii-int-ss agents who have not done
-n. w ii I place t hei r ciders at once
i"i- bagging. W. I 1 . Wei: i II.
S'.pe 1 bis in ess Agent.
i . rm M ', i : r s i n 1 ' s
; . n ;
tni'y Alliances who wish to
their -hoes and boots through
Farmers' A llnince, will write to
.1 . P.-: rv. ( 'harlot te. N . C, and
inge dates when he will meet
ir Alliance and exhibit shoes
1 take vour orders.
the South
attention of thousands of the
teachers of the country. It is the
first of an important series of
articles, in which the New England
Magazine proposes to present the
enterprising cities of the New South
to norihen readers in a completer
way than has been done before.
Fir. Holme-', whose eightieth
birthday has just been celebrated,
receives liberal attention in this
number of the New Fhigland Maga
zine. The frontispiece is a portrait
of Dr. Holmes, from a recent photo
graph. There is an illustrated ar
ticle, "F)r. Holmes at Fourscore,"
by George Willis Cooks; an article
on "Dr. Holmes's Pilgrim Poems';
and interesting facts about the poet
among the Editorial Notes. Profes
sor Ilosmer's story, "The Haunted
Bell," is continued, and there are
some short stories, one by Mrs.
Celial Woolley, the author of
Loir and Tlieology. Mr. Mead's
study of the question, "Did John
Hampden come to New Englandf"
is finished, tho whole evidence on
this puzzling point being laid on
the table. Another historical
article is by Prof. Charles Jl.
Levermore, "Pilgrim and Knicker
bocker in the Connecticut Valley."
Mr. Ilrfhi has a gossipy paper en
titled "Tarry at Home Travel,'' not
easy to describe, but delightful to
read. There is a brief article on
John Boyle O'Reilly ; and a long and
thorough one by William Clarke
of London-, on Parnell, which will
attract much attention. It is ac
companied hy a striking portrait of
Parnell, from a recent photograph.
The articles on O'Reilly aud Dr.
Harris' also have fine portraits.
The number altogether is very rich
in portraits.
Ketribution .
What worse punishment could be
the portion of any human being
than ho bear about with him the
hourly consciousness of having
repaid trust with treachery; child
like confidence with betrayal; and
with having worn to the eyes of
innocence a life-mask, even though
tney be closed in death before the
dreadful secret be discovered, which
would have extinguished happiness
and poisoned peace forever? Of
the many who have suffered and
will suffer to the end of time
through the unprincipled, none
may suffer more than himself, to
whom thought and silence are so
intolerable tbat oblivion must be
purchased at any cost of present
risk or future downfall. We hesi
tate not to affirm that no wronged
human being, how great soever the
weight of sorrow and injustice he
bears about with him, may after all
suffer more than their diabolical
inflictors. Truly do the scriptures
say: "Vegeance is mine; I will re
pay, saith the Lord. New York
;. a.
Farmers are utilizing
weather gathering crops.
Hog cholera is raging, we learn,
in the Chinquapin section.
ur jail has three inmates: two
colored and one white man, who is
The health of the county is good
Very little sickness, mostly light
Jones Superior court couvenes
next Monday, the t!8tb, Judge Boy
kin will preside.
Seed eotton sells fiom 3 to jo.oO
per hundred. Com. new, from 43
to ') per bushel.
Lott Herritage col. has taken in
two fine coons in the last three days
with his steel trap,
Trenton is a good beef market.
Three large ones were sold thereon
Saturday last from 4 to 8 cents per
The County poor house has five
inmates three white and twocolored.
The whites are all cripples. One
of the colored inmates, Judy Lof
tm, is said to be over one hundred
years old.
Farmers say that thev have
picked over their cotton lields and
tiud the yield really more than they
anticipated, and corn, where
gathered, not near up to their ex
pectatious. Many of the farmers
report that the yield of-crab grass
1 is shorter than they have ever
I know n, but the crop of common
I weeds is euormous.
I Whoever it is that repairs Tren
ton bridge is quite an adept at
j patching. We are inclined to
j bcleive that it costs more to patch a
j plank than to put iu a new one.
J We sometimes think that garments
' w ith a patch a loDg side of a patch
looks somewhat neighborly, but a
patch on top of a patch a little
; Kansas agents are lecturing
around here, trying to spread the
emigration fever. We learn that
j several families have consented
i to try the goodly land as soon as
J they can house and dispose of their
crops. We learn that tbeir meetings
are well attended. But we find that
the loafing, huckleberry, brierberry,
portions of the colored race don't
take much interest in emigrating
any where. Why don't the agents
tell t hem somethingabout thesweet, ! A little shrub grew, by iis roots held
A Historical Bell.
At Lumpkin, Ga., is a church bell
with a history. The old bell has
done n.uch service foe many
different people. It has engraved
upon ir the year 1000, the year in
which it was made. F"or a number
of years it tolled the hour for con
gregations in a convent Ln the
Netherlands. It was afterward
carried to Lisbon, aud from thereto
Madrid, and was ia the-nionastery
at that place when the great Napo
leou invaded chat territory, taking
everything as he pushed his forces
over plains and up mountain sides,
and all bells were being taken and
recast into cannon for the further
ance of his wai !d e ambition. The
owners of this bell, seeing his
intentions, and loving their sacred
property that had so long served
them, secretly took it down from
its lonely tower, and placiug it on
board a large vessel about to sail
for this country shipped it to New
York, where it remained for many
years, until it was purchased by a
Lumpkin man lor his church. It
has been used so much it has lost
its tone, and will have to be laid
The Little Seed.
A little seed lay in the carter 's path;
A little shoot bowed in the strong
wind 'a w rath:
have done nothiug, aud in doing it
must have deplored our too happy
fate every hour of the day. Diffi
culty is the sauce piquantc of ex
istence. Without it life is flavor
less. In the golden age, sav the
poets, man had no wants. That's
a fit). He wanted occupation.
Alexander, when he completed his
conquests, got the blues because
there were uo more nations to
Philosophers and theologians
have talked aud written much
about the vanity of human wishes.
Well, human wishes are vain pro
vided they be of an honest kind
as incentives to exertion ; for exer
tion, after all, is the only luxury
that does not pall. It is born of
hope, and Heaven pity him whom
fortune should so overload with
temporal benefits as to leave him
nothing on earth to desire. Would
an individual so circumstanced be
contented? Not a bit of it. How
ever, such a condition is impos
sible. F'ortunately for our happi
ness, we all think that something
more than we have is necessary to
its completeness.
All men who are worth calling
men like to wrestle with difficulty.
If it does not lie in their way
they go out of their way to find it.
One starts for the source of the
Nile, another for tho home of the
gorilla, a third for the "bleak
Antarctic," a loin th for the North
pole. Each has his hobby, and it is
indispensable to tho pleasure ol
hobby-riding that tho nag be hard
to catch and somewhat unmanage
able. Furthermore, no human
being cares to trot his hobby over
a macademized road. There is no
excitement in ease and safety, and
without excitement of some kind
we would all rust, body andsonl.
Doctor's Visits.
It is not only for the sick man
but the sick man's friends, that the
doctor comes. Ilia presence is
often as good lor them as for the
patient, and they long lor him yet
eagerly. How we all have watched
after him ! What an emotion the
thrill of his carriage wheels in the
street, and at length at the door
has made us feel .' How we bang
upon his words, and what a com
fort we get from a smile or two, if
we can vouchsafe that svnsnine to
lighten ! Who hasn't seen the
mother nrvinc into his lace, to
know if there is hope for the sick
infant, that cannot speak, and that
lies yonder, its little frame battling
with fever I Ab, how she fooks
in his eyes! What thanks if there
is light there ; what grief and pain
if he casts them down and dare not
say "hope!"' Or is it the house
father that is stricken. The terri
fied wife looks on, while the
physician feels his patient's wrist'
smothering her agonies as the chil
dren have been called upon to stay
their plays and their talk ! Over
the patient in the fever, the wile
expectant, the children uncon
sscious, the doctor stands as if ne
were fate, the dispenser of life and
death; he must let (he patient off
time; the woman prays so for hie
respite ! Due e;u lancy how awiui
the responsibility mnst be to a con
scientious man ; how crnel tue feel
ing that he has given the wrong
remedy, or that it might have been
possible to do better; how harass
ing the sympathy with survivors,
if the case is unfortunate; how
great the delight of victory.
Herculean Strength
Continually on the strain, or overtaxed
at intervale, is far less desirable than
ordinary vigor perpetuated by rational
diet and exercise, and abstention from
excess. Professional pugilists and ath
letes rarely attain extreme old age. A
ordinary vigor may bo retained by a
wise regard for sanitary living, and fcr
the protection against disease which
timely and judicious medication affords,
so also it may be lost through prolonged
sedentary labor, uninterrupted mental
strain and foolish eating and drinking,
the chief and most immediate Bf(iuence
of all four being dyspepsia. For this
condition thus, or or any way induced,
aud for its ollnpring, a failure of mus
cular and nerve power, Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters is the primest and
moat genial of remedies. Not only in
digestion, but loss of tlesh, appetite and
sleep are remedied by it. Incipient
malaria and rhoumatism are banished,
and kidney, bowel and liver complaint
removed by it.
More than this woulfl tend, if
continued, to overload the tissues
with digestive products, and less
would hardly suffice for full nu
trition. Drink, if alcoholic,
should be sparingly taken, or not
used at all.
Cookery has in these days
been elaborated almost to excess.
Variety and delicacy are carried
to an extreme, and we should
probably gain rather than lose if
plainness combined with care
were adopted as our rule of
practice in such matters.
Hasty words often raskle the
wound which injury gives; bat tolt
words ansaage it, forgiving cores
it, and forgetting takes away the
Vance Academy,
.Boaraing ana uaj . ocnooi,.
For Mate m.d Friualr.
Opens First Monday in September, 1881
Special attention paid to MatbmaUo
Commercial Lsw, Book-keeping aad
Penmanship. Experienced teacher lav
instrumental mmic. Vocal nsuaio a
prominent featnre.
Tuition, including board, washing,
lights, etc, SOS to $70 per teaaion of
five months.
For Catalogue apply to
W. It. SKINNER, Principal.
g2ua4 tf New Berne, N.IC
Craven Oonoly. I Buterlor Coui I
The National Rank of New Heme.
Joseph I.. Rhem, 1 U HaRbca and Wm
HulllsUT. iiecuu.n or 7 boa. J. Mitchell; J
W. Walker, trustee of the children or Tbua.
J. Mitchell-, Ilioi. J. Mitchell; Fred. U.
Mitchell: A. J. Mitchell; X). M. Ooopef and
Halite M. Cooper: H. O. Tuli and Nannie
K Tall; Hattle T. Mltdiel), J. U H. Mlall
lier, adm'r of rjarah K. Mitchell; K U.
Meadows and J. A. Mtadowa; Uso. Allen
and Wm. Cleve: Geo. O. Mannlnc, S&mnel
is. Miller and John 8. Ke-se. tradlnf aa
John 8. Reese Co.; U. Braker. Jr.. H. J.
ltraker nd W. D. Paris, trading as U- J.
Baker ABro.; IsaaoM. Frank. Kara Beeh
Ferdinand A. Well. Bllas A.. Well, Bleary
Metnbardt, Isaac Melobardt and Bam net
Mel n hard t, trading aa Frank A Co.; J. W.
Btewart; Wm. Foy.
State of North Oaiollna Craves eonnly.
Notice la hereby given to tbe following de
fendants ln tbe above entitled sot Ion,
to wit: Oeo. O. Manning, Samoa! B. Miller
and John 8. Reese, trading as John S. Kaeee
A Co.; C. Braker. Jr ; H.J. Braker and W. U.
t. arts, trading as a. J. Baker Bro.; Iaaa
M.Frank, Dave Heebt, Ferdinand .'Wall,
Ellas A. Well, Henry Melnhaidt. Isaac
Metnhardl and Pamoel Melnhardt, trading
as Frank b Co., that tbe above entitled a
tlon was commenced ln tba Bnperior Court
of this county on tbe lUtn day of rleptem bar.
1888, and that the object of tba aaae la lo
foreclose certain mortgages held by tbe aald
plaintiff the said National Bank or Hew
Berne, on the personal property and rei tat
real estate ofrf defendant Joseph L. Kkssi,
said real estate being ln the eonnty of
Craven and commonly known as tba kbtn
farm, embracing tbe original Rhem plane
the Hart land and tbe Carter tract near New
Berne. N. 0. Also that tract of land known
as the Rhem plantation, about aevsn mls
from New Heme, N. (.'.. and fully deeerlbed
Id aald mortgages. You are therefore noti
fied and required to be and appear before
tbe Judge of our Superior on 1 1, a t a rourt
to be held for tbe county of Craven at be
Court House In New Berne on tbe 12th Mon
day after ibe lit Monday in Meptember
1889, and answer tbe complaint which will
be deposited ln tbe office of the Cleik of tbe
Haperior Coiiit of said county wlthla the
first tb'ee days of tbe Term, and let Ura laid
defendants take notice tbat If they fall ta
answer the said complaint within lhattsraa,
tbe plaintiff will apply totheexmrt for tba
teller demanded ln the complaint, aad tba
cost oi tbis action to be taxed by theOlark.
Herein ran not.
Olven under ray hand and aeal of aald
court this 2d dsyof October. 1W.
!. W. UAM-fKN IKK,
Clerk Sup. Court, Craven county, S. O.
Tlift complete novels of the
great Sir Walter Scott, "the
wizard of the North," peerless
ainono- romancers, all for $ .'t.00,
may seem incredible, but it is
one of the latest achievements
i-f Alden's Isittrary Revolution.
Waverley Novels.
t'Ott The Waverley NoTela, by Mr Walter
S.-olt, R.ti Roy Edition, complete In 0 volumes,
mall octavo, with 49 llluKtraliolut. cl., price S3.
I-IbI of Vol. 4t llluntl-atloiis.
1 Hiwt of Midlothian,
("ount K.bert of Tans,
Fair Mai.i of Perth,
r.Tic it
.-I l :i u -
K I (U
UI l'l I II
, -up
n I ii' :-. i
r- r .ira'
" i.
nr. I he ( crinoii mi Rave us
this morning:, having nad tliroc
st- . r ui reading. I move that it
now bo passed."
delicious huckleberry of Texas,
Mi.stdssippi and Arkansaw 1 Why
not tell a few of Col. David Crockets
stories about the big cat fish which
r.-pai i hVvi(n.s in the Mississippi river and
1 which measures nine inches between
": .;'n the eyes, and preface the same with
a few o'possnm and coon hunts ?
Try it, Mr. Lecturers, just to see
what an efieet it will have. We
know more about this class than
any of these agents,
and see if we are right
Then a stout tree braved all the winter's
A little cough started 'twas only light:
A little chill shivered the hours of night ;
A littie pain came and began to grow,
Then consumption laid all his bravo
strength low. I
Be wine in time. Check the little
cough, cure the little chill, dispel the
little pain, ere the little ailment bo
comes the strong, unconquerable giant
of disease. Dr. Pierce's Golden Marliril
lust try it, : Discovery, taken in time, ia a remedy
' for these ills.
Nothing is so contagious as ex
ample; we arc never either much
2 Kort unew , f Nijj.-l,
Anne of (JeifrHteiii,
(uentin iMirwa-d,
Surtf.H.ii's Oaughter.
S I-e(rend of Montrose.
The Talisman,
The Antiquary,
lt.xl (iauntlet,
St. Roivan 8 Well
4 The AblK,
Hrlde of Lauuuerinnnr,
The Betrutbed,
l'evoril of tbe leeJ,
V Roll Roy.
Old Mortality.
The Monastery,
The Pirate,
The Ulack IJwsrf
tl W'averley,
Ouy MatiDerlntr,
I vanhoe.
This " Rob Roy Edition '
Scott's Waverley Novels
nearly identical with the " Pop
ular Library Edition " of the
same author published by
good or much evil without imita- Appleton at $10.00 for the net,
t'0f, . the paper beincr, only a little
sviiiir of Fids. lighter in weight aad a little
Produced from the laxative and nutri-I rheaier ill nuilirv but K.ll.
tious juice of California figs, combined 1 . I1 I"4"1)' b,It ,M,th
with tha medicinal virtues of plants , vry SatlStaCtory.
known to be most beneficial to the Tliphnolfn nmvlinaonn of III.,
human syetem, acts gently on the kid- "e rjOOKS may DC Seen at the
neys, liver an i bowels, effectually OTuCe OI tniS paper,Ora Specimen
cleansing the system, dispelling colds volume returnable will 1 ie sent
and headaches, and curing habitual U1"m(r leiuraauie, WU1 e Sen
oonstipation. . J stjaid for DO Cents. '

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