North Carolina Newspapers

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1 v - Cancer of the Nose.
1 Wt a ton ppn4 m mr Mr. and
nptdly. A my (ttlxr bad caoer,
"mad mr kaaband dM of it, I beoama aiann
a oaanifd ay pajaloUn. UU treat
. aaadi4 MflMd,al (ha Mr (raw Uitst
od woTaalaaTerTwyuUUbdeorJa l.
"M C rota it afiect. I wu
arviaded to taka A.S, 8 aixl a few bottle
cure ma. Taoa vaa altar all U dootoc-a aad
other aadioiaaa ha4jaid. bat had bo
. ratara o( tba aaaoer. -.-.
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t . Woadbaxy.UaU Coamty.Taua
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Lcsbor is Advancing.
SaTT Mills,- Steam Engines,
. If 7 vm yirat-Claaa AW-BIXUL,
.. t . s aaad for CataJocmo to
;..v - A. B. VAK4TTHAR. CO- (ltl..)
dri2m . VK. ra.
Warranted by Written Cuaranteei
- for Fnre -Tears.
rAXimr- musical comsixaticss
- .r de$15 cfCases.
Catalo aaaillad fra to ctt cpp'.'.otnta.
WDM ttt auMUr ACTwKS.'.a
WtoM anal n M
Waaaral tiiaaia, Jtacaaft,
akad aaci ya mrm aaia
ialiafai iUtm Qawsaad.
WliaJa; m a'tkatalt
T PUo's' Cora fcc Oob
-.Aonptio b b the bast -
; Cough Heclnev;
' If yoa hri m. Covrb .
wiLiioa imn ( to '
yoa Mad. But if yea ao
' rlae this aajrr Baut o
MUatr tbe ailjrha Ooaait.
may. tiaimi . aariotaB
Traitor, aad Mrtnl bo-' -ua
BrLi bo raqulrad. . ;
Ptoo1 Saasady jbb Catank kt laa
f oau, uhbb ia,iu vaaaaam. ,
Sold By dracsMa ar ant by mmO.
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axaa roe ova CATatoom
atus emsime vcr;;3,
. Tho Original VHna. ;''
- 'itoiB tba V. a. CM T
V..ttim, rWr A-aSiataMBBa Laf.
?faaa, Wd By XaUia tasaV -
md lwnmo, BiuovsaBaa.
, vrsBBBataicx HuawaiMT
a TrSaMaT?aaWr.T:
"ZaUia'a atatf- tor yaar Mtdil
ciaa. kak aWl wai tha 1
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. j. n. snrnuw xat
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MaaiBWa,Taaa. aayai
a mmi tm rfiml !
Wadieiaa, aad am aaad aaliaf a.
ItMrkabkaa ckanaw Iwucm
kaoav Liw Banlaaw aad ca
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".. a. aarfc-tly giat tana JnmtMm. .
natad. ItadatowwyBaBtBaacwtatayaViaarf
voriata, aad wtta taa beat tooti that bare ttw
bxeaeavMadlartha parpoae. Warraatfd todo
aii that aaa be raaaaaabty exaactcd of tba very
M typewriter etaa. Cataiia U vrUinr vn
worda r ianfa or mora dOsaniiBg to tho
Bttauty OC too nn-
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lra Is ib ailia yar town, ad-
the aannf actorer,
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, ,. t. Lva i-aC Wrat amWrtaaaad
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, .at Lama) Out
flnTEVHnn Pjmp-rt.t t.. of Ohio
inanearated last Monday.
HON. E. K. Wilson hs been re-
elected U. 8. Senator from Mary
land. The King of Portugal ia said to
be rcorrinj? from his late serious
, A LIVRLT tinif in t-xpected nyer '
j thr iroKo new rnlert (" tbe
i Lord Habington, of England,
vtiuba heo crion.Nly ill with con
! gestiOD ot Ue loogs, t ln-trT.
mittrd ia Congress to impose a tax
on all iooomei exceeding $7,000.
Ok last Saturday the tower of
tbe Monarch Distillery, Peoria, 111.,
waa struck by lightning, and a
$165,000 lire resolted.
ON Tuesday Hon. Calvin S.
Brlce was elected U. S. Senator
from Ohio. The vote was Brice 76,
Foster 68, scattering 2.
Texas is hard to beat. On last
Sunday Mrs. L. E. Page, of Ingvr-
soli, gave birth to four girl babies.
A real splendid quartet. Music!
It is believed in Washington
that tbe Senate Committe will re
port favorably on the bill admitting
Idaho and Wyoming into tbe
AKOTHSS heavy snow in the
North and Northwest last Tuesda) .
A real fall grown blizzard swept
over Minnesota, Dakota, Montana
and Northern Iowa.
A GXOB0IA man bas applied for
a patent on a process of manufac
turing a fibre from the pea vine,
suitable for making cotton bagging,
etc. Ha says he's got it down fine.
WHX2f the grippe filled Senator
Iagalls with Mpins" it discovered
the best use to which he could be
converted. A sort of perambulat
ing pin emshion. Wilmington Star.
Tex Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany has been compelled to refuse
freight for the Seaboard daring the
past few days owing to the preva
lence of la grippe among its freight
JtJDGB McConnell has granted
tbe application of Kunz for a new
trial, bat denied the motion as to
tbe other defendants Couehlm
Burke and O'SulIlvan, charged
with tbe murder of Dr. Cronin.
FlQHTnco has occurred in Brazil
between a portion of the army,
bich strongly favors the Monarch3
and a company of artillery tf the
Provisional Government; the Mon
archists resisted arrest, and about
one hundred ot them are reported
to have been killed.
AT Elkaner, la., a twelve-year-
old boy, named Wesley Elkins, has
been sentenced to an imprison
ment for life, at hard labor, lor the
murder of his father atid step
mother. He is probably the young
est life criminal ever sentenced.
It is too early to anticipate what
93 will bring forth, but 1 must say
tho feeling in favor of ex-President
Cleveland is very strong, and If it
continues to increase, nothing can
prevent his renom in ation. If any
thing, I believe Mr. Cleveland is
more popular with tbe masses to-
dar than he was in '84. Er Secre
tary Whitney.
SXKATOB, Butlxk is this week
todress the Senate on bis propo
dtion4o7eno4ienegroes from
the Booth under the supervision of
the Quartermaster General, and
Senator Ingalls is to reply. We
&o not jtnow the details of Sen
a tor Boilers msasare, but we do
not,' sympathize with any such
movement. New & Observer.
THX Republican organs have in
sisted that tbe Republican losses of
1SS9 were due simply to the "re
action which always follows a
presidential election. This philoso
phy does not, however, diminish
the Democratic joy at the downfall
of Foraker; and tbe Harrison ad
ministration will go down in his
tory as the administration of mag
nificent reactions. -Charlotte Chron
TBX exodus of the negroes is al
ready affecting people other than
the farmers. Tbe negroes have al
ways bee improvident and spend
money with a free hand when they
have it. 'They are tbe test cus
tomers of small dealers and corner
groceries. Their departure means
heavy loss to this class of dealers
and the closing up of many. Our
correspondent at Wilson tells of
many vacant stores in that attrac
tive town situated in a fertile sec
tion. Tbe bad crops and the eio
due are doing the work. WilmiDg
ton Messenger.
DUBINO the last presidential
campaign Colonel Brice was the
Chairman of the National Demo
cratic Committee, and displayed a !
great deal of political sagacity. I
The Democrauc defeat was not due !
to any lack of loyalty or energy or ;
capacity on his part. His time and
money were given to the party
without stint. It mast be gratify
ing to him that tbe Ohio Demo
erata have taken the first oppor
tunity to reward him for his emi- !
nent services to his party. We
expect great things from Colonel
Brice in the United States Senate.
Charleston News & Courier.
1 Tue Lee moanment in Richmond I
will (e unveiled on the 25th of!
1 , A SLIGHT earthquake 8 hock was
ieit at uoiamoia, a. u., ea Des
day night.
The Press of this State is always
courteous. We gratefully acknow
ledge many ki&d notices of onr
coming Fir.
.Many tarin heneueianes con
tmu to appear before the vVaya
and Means Committee protesting
agaiust tbe reduction ot tbe tariff.
11 kv Dr. Douglas, President
O' "iu- We-!eyii MrthoiiiRt College,
p.nuis Moutre-il, Canada, many
shades bUefcer than Sodom.
On Tuesday Mr. Harris introduc
ed a bill in the U. S. Senate author
izing the Postmaster-General to
extend the free-delivery system to
all places having 1,000 population
Mb. Bingham, of Pa., has in
troduced a bill in the House "for
marking the lines of battle and the
position of the troops of the Army
of Northern Virginia at Gettys
burg, Pa."
"The Philadelphia and Reading
Railroad Company has decided that
all ltd baggage-mastbrs and brake-
men must have shaven faces." This
is to prevent them from bearding
tbe lion in his den.
If the Republicans should crowd
any oDe of tbe proposed Federal
election laws through Congress, and
increase, or even refuse to reduce,
the War tariff, "Waterloo" would
Drove a term entirely weak and un
satisfactory as descriptive of the
Republican defeat in the next Con
gressional elections. Arkansas Ga
Birmingham, Ala., is a hustling
town and has a right to do seme
pretty tall bragging on her own ac
count. During the past year 1,500
baildings were erected there, which
cost $2,500,000. She has now 24
iron furnaces with a capacity of
3,000,000 tons of pig iron per day.
Five of these were built last year.
Wilmington Star.
The Washington Star remarks
that "North 3arolina hasn't any
monument." Well that's pretty
near true. She bas not any worth
talking about. North Carolina is
not conspicuous lor raising monu
ments but when it comes to raising
men and women of the first quality
she can hold her own with any of
the sisters. Wilmington Star.
The Journal will be glad to
greet representatives of the press
at the approaching Fair. Please
remember, brethren, that the great
Exposition will open on Monday
Feb. 24, and continue through Mon
day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs
day, Friday and Saturday. All
visitors are promised the best at
tentions oi the good people of this
hospitable city.
Tbe star of Bethlehem will again
be visible in tbie year, being its
seventh appearance since the birth
of Christ. It comes ODce in 315
years and is of wondrous brilliance
for the space of three weeks; then
it wanes and disappears after seven
teen months. It will be a sixth
star added to the five fixed stars
in the constellation Oassiopea while
it remains in sight, Ex.
The proposition to settle in the
Upper Congo Country a colony of
negroes from the United States
meets with much favor there. It is
thought this would greatly facili
tate the peaceful introduction of
the ideo8 and methods of ' industry
and commerce of civilized countries.
King Leopold and all the Belgian
merchants concerned in African
trade favor the scTierae. N. Y.
Some alarm exists in New York
lest typhus' fever, one of the most
fatal and malignant of all diseases,
should have been scattered through
tbe land by the passengers of a
German emigrant ship which reach
ed port December 5. A few deaths
occorred before and after arrival,
but the passengers meanwhile scat
tered over the country. Inquiry
after them is now made, so as to
put communities on their guard,
but it looks now like locking the
strble door after the horse has
escaped. Asheville Citizen,
The Secretary of State recently
referred to the Secretary of the
Treasury a communication from
Mr. P. G. Martinez, of Philadel
phia, inquiring whether any duty
would be imposed on lighting bags
to be brought from Cuba with the
expectation of doing business with
them. Assistant Secretary Tiche-
nor has informed Mr. Martinez that
the dutiable character of any par
ticular article is always determined
in the first place by the Collector of
Customs at the port where it ar
rives, after due inspection of the
importation. He said further that
while the dutiable character of in
sects does not appear to have been
considered by tbe Department, the
provision in the Tariff act prescrib
ing a duty of 20 per cent, ad valorem
on live animals has at various times
been held to be applicoble to bees,
birds and live fish respectively. It
is said that tbe lightning bugs are
intended as ornaments for ladies
dresses. The Cuban bug is par
ticularly large and luminous.
New York World.
We are no apologist of rowdyism.
It is despicable. Bat chivalry is
admirable. It gains women's smile
and man's applause.
The South has long been known
as the lana oi cnivairy. n mere
are those who employ the word as
a reproach, there are thousands
who clasp it to their bosoms and
eDsbrine it in their hearts.
.. . . m l i T . I
Chivalry is characteristic i h
Southern geutlman, but it is
not confined to this Southland.
Wherevur among men there is a
heart loyal to the trinity of S"iith-
era virtues me uonor oi man, iue
purity of woman, and the sanctity
of religion there chivalry has its
home !
Certain Northern papers are
pleased to nse the term "Southern
Chivalry" derisively, as if the hap
pening of a qunrrel in New York or
in the arctic zone, between scions
of Southern blood, could take from
this fair land its God-vouched heri
tage of princely graces and manly
While chivalry is characteristic
of the South, rowdyism is confined
to no locality. The trail of the
serpent is seen alike in brake an
fen, and among fragrant shrubs
and blooming flowers.
Tbe New York papers are now
chuckling over "an affair" which
had its origin in the "Southern
Club." One of them sajs: "A
couple of Southern gentlemen, one
from long Virginia and the other
from ancient Kentucky descent,
quarrelled in the Southern Club
over a trivial matter the other
afternoon. They had the decency
to get out of the cluo nouse im
mediately on passing the lie, but
they were imbecile enough to fight
on a public street in New York city
as soon as they reached it." And
this "affair" is heralded abroad as
a disgraceful thing, illustrative of
Southern chivalry !
Perhaps these men are chivalric
gentlemen, otherwise they might
have fought in the club room, or
like ill-bred curs, have pocketed in
sults tbey dared not resent. But
this ao it may be, there are a thou
sand instances of brutal rowdyism
in New York to ona like that which
now gives notoriety to the Southern
Club; and this is paraded because
the parties are men of Southern
Tbe hideous crime pepetrated at
Barnwell is declared to be the off
spring of Southern chivalry, when,
in truth, tbere is as little affinity
between them, as there is between
the burning lava of Vesuvius and
the flower gardens of Italy.
Immediately after the inaugura
tion of the present Administration
the Journal prophesied tbe Bpeedy
elimination of the surplus from the
perplexing problems of the day.
Very soon after the meeting of the
fifty-first Congress it become evi
dent that tbe advocates ot protec
tion would see to it that the de
mand fer a bigh tariff should not
be embarrassed by the- presence
of an unusual surplus in the treas
ury, and now comes the Senate
Committee on Naval Affairs, with
recommendations which, if carried
oat, will make the national treasury
as empty as a beggar's purse.
They approve, in general terms,
the bill introduced by Mr. Hale,
authorizing tbe President to have
constructed eight battle ships of
from 7,500 to 10,000 tons each ; two
armored coast defense vessels;
three gunboats of Troin 800 to
1,200 tons each, and five first class
torpede beats.
Tbe Messenger's
special further says :
"The Policy Board, in their re
port to the Senate, will recommend
tbe construction of 102 vessels oi
different types aad sizes. These
will be built, according to the plan
of the Board, ia fourteen years,
and will cost, together with their
maintenance during the lourteen
years, 2u,uiH),uuu. xnev say tne
maintenance of a neet of vessels,
such as they propose, would be only
one quarter that of keeping up the
same number of old style vessels.
a a a
"One of these vessels is to be
of 7,600 tons and her design pre
sents some remarkable features,
whiob may be more clearly under
stood from the statement of the
results they are expected to give ;
namely, a speed of between twenty-one
and twenty-three knots an
hour ; ability to cruise 16,000 miles
on one coal supply; guns equal to
anything afloat and a battery so
arranged as to enable fire of the
entire armament to be concentrated
upon any point."
All this is magnificent ! It fore
tells America's supremacy on the
Beas, and the triumph of her flag in
every clime. But it marks a furth
er departure from the principles on
which the Government was founded
and a continuation of the burdens I i0Dg an(i wasting illness. In many
that rest so heavily on our people. households there are persons who seem
, . , .. . .. r I to be fading out of life slowly. There
Our fathers felt that it wasiarji9 a general debility that indicates a
hotter to have a noor Government lack of vital foroe. The blood seems to
and a rich people than it was to
have a rich Government and a
poor people. Tired of the splen
dors of monarchy, they sought to
establish a Government representa
tive of national independence and
personal liberty, under whose pro
tecting segis the arts and sciences
would flourish, commerce expand,
labor have its leg iti mute rew.irds
atKi happiness aliide in the homes
0f tbe people. It was to protect
alike the cottage and the palace,
Equal rights and privileges was to
j be the birth right of every citizen.
The Democratic party sprang
into being as tlie champion of the
people. No court of arms is em
blMZ ied od its bauner. All through
the j ears of its eventful life it has
8Chk1 with ;lrijming sword by the
ark of the Constitution. a;..l it
Ctnuot now be talse to its bigh
and sacred mission. Tbe people
musr, shall nod will be defended.
Jealous of the national honor and
ever re uiy to maintain if, ita first
and highest obligation is to the
people of these States.
Domestic thralldom is no less
detested than foreign oppression.
The tariff must be reduced, and all
the trooping battalions that follow
in its train be banished from tbe
land. This is the first duty of tbe
Democracy. Give us prestige
among the nations, but first restore
unto us the prosperity of our homes.
Let our reapers go to the field with
exultant song, and the music of
the anvil, the saw and the hammer
keep time to the joyous pulsatkm
of happy hearts. Then will our
land yield her increase, and onr
desolate places he as the garden of
the Lord.
How to Cook a Husband.
A good many husbands
spoiled by mismanagement.
Some women go about it as il
their husbands were bladders, and
blow them np. Others keep them
constantly in hot water: others let
them freeze. Some keep them in a
stew. Others toast them. Some
keep them in a pickle all their
It cannot be supposed that any
husband will be tender and good,
managed in tbis way; but tbey are
really delicious when properly
In selecting your husband you
should not be guided by the silvery
appearance, as in buying mackerel;
nor by the golden tint, as if you
wanted salmon, select him your
self. Do not go to the market for
bim, as the best are always brought
to your door.
It is far better to have none uu
less you will patiently learn how to
cook him. A preserving kettle of
the liuest porcelain is tbe best; but
if you have nothing but an earthen
pan, it will do.
See that the linen in which yon
wrap him is nicely washed and
mended, with the required number
of buttons and strings nicely sewed
ou. Tie him in the kettle with a
strong, silk, comfortable cord; or
the doty string is likely to give
way (husbands are apt to fly out of
the kettle and be bnrned and crusty
ou tbe edges, since, like crabs and
lobsters, you have to cook them
Make a clear, steady fire, and
practice neatness and cheerfulness.
Set him as near this as seems to
agree with him. If he sputters
and fizzes do not be anxious; some
husbands do this till tbey are quite
Add a little sugar in the form of
what confectioners call kisses, but
no pepper or vinegar on any ac
count. A little epice improves
them, but it must be used with
Do not stick any sharp instru
ment into him to see if he is be
coming tender. Stir him genth;
watch the while, lest he lie too flat
and close to tbe kettle, and so be
come useless. You cannot fail to
know when he is done.
If thus treated, you will find him
very digestible, agreeing nicely
with you and the children, and he
will keep as long as you want, un
less yon become careless, and set
bim in too cold a place. Selected.
Not if you go through the world a dygpep
tio. Acker s Dyspepsia Tablets are a posi
tive Bare far the wecat fonfisof Dyspepsia,
Indigestion, Flatulency and ConBWpaWon.
Guaranteed and sold by B. Berry.yNew
bern.N. C.
Let Him Stay Lost.
"What did you want f,T queried
the Bergeant at the police head
quarters recently as a colored
woman came in.
"Heard from my ole man yet!"
she asked.
"Let's see ! Who was he !"
"Named Haygood, an' he run'd
off las' summer.
"Ok, I remember. No, we haven't
heard anything of him yet."
"You are very anxious, I pre
sume !"
"Yes, sab, I was afraid you had j tent t0 put Be bj) an(j be a ser
found him." ! Vant of the lowest these are fruits
"And you don't want him found !"j 0f orJiv one root fruits that none
"Not 'zactly right away, sab. I may counterfeit. Ware,
was dun mar'd agin two days ago. j
Better let him look his own self
"Whew !''
"Business is business, sah.
body kin dun fool aroun' in
dis yere, world an' mase money, jisd
keep quiet and let de ole man stay
losted." Detroit Free Press.
The rose of the June time
Are O! so fair to see.
But fairer than these flowers are
Is the rose that blooms for me
On the cheeks once palp and hollow.
And God be thanked, I say.
That the rose of health and happiness
Blooms out again today.
mat IB wnt UJ&ur uinu icuia une
when he sees some member of
hia familv raatnrai tn hxalth aftr a
be blood onlv in color. There is often
a dry, hard cough. Niht brings no;
refreshing sleep. The cheek Rrows thin j
and pale. What shall be done to ward!
off disease which is making slow rut
sure efforts to secure another victimV
Let me tell you: Get Dr. Pierce's Gold-
en Medioal Disoovery, and nij&t tne
enemy with it. There is nothing like
it to build up a waekened system, and
restore lost vitality. It is a most won
derful tonic, nutritive and altarative,
or blood-purifier.
I.I.A HIi;(ilXMi-.
I Yi.ujmay build yu an c'eg.iur. mansion
j Ami fencp if an iind with goM,
I Set it all with il'iinv-rids ai.d mbi'S;
You may k", p mit tin- wind and cold,
j "ion may bai.ish finm it ad intruders,
i Have music nu levity there;
1 nil i'.v;v stmt iMif llisci'i-d and
I nut yeu eaum t ut nut ( 'are.
Yen m;i) Iriii.i :i a !. iv c
i on may -, a!! ,jtc.
Urnw me-i ; i; !,-t;,-i.s ah n:t it,
Let in only mil.- .. and lsirhi:
ou may keep out the env and malice
That wi inkle the. laces wo wear.
You may keep Love iufide, and Content
ment Hut you cannot keep out Care.
ion may ';n with the voice of an an
Y'ou may dance with a fairy's feet.
iou may lauch till your laughter maVes
For every one that you meet;
You may daune till your ftet seem twink
Till the roses fade in your hair,
i ou may dance till the world dies of
But you cannot dance away Care.
You may smile in the face of women
Who envy your very life,
As you hide from their eyes all the bur
dens, The weariness, heart aches and strife;
You may live so the poor will adore you,
Live a life that the woild calls fair;
You may let love be conquered by Duty
Hut you cannot live without Care.
Demorest's Magazine.
Every woman in America ought
to read the article "Women of
Siam" in Demorest's Family Mag
azine for February, to know how
happy her lot really is. The for
cible contrast between our progres
sive civilization and that of the far
East has seldom been so strikingly
presented to our notice as in this
readable article, illustrated in part
by drawings made by a native
Siamese artist, which compare
curiously enough with the fine ex
amples of our modern illustrative
art in this same number. The other
beautiful illustrations (nearly two
hundred) include an exquisite full
pge gravure on heavy plate paper,
entitled "How Long!", portraits ol
the venerable Dom Pedro, deposed
emperor of. Brazil, and his family,
and as if these were not sufficient
attractions for any publication, the
past is made to yield us its treas
ures, and the time "When Grand
mamma Was Young" is portrayed
for us in charming pictures and
descriptions. From grandmamma
to baby, who will be delighted with
the funny "Japanese Paper Frog,"
no member of the family has been
sligh'ed in compiling tbn num
ber. ,
Demores'.'s is justly celebrated
as a "Family" Magazine, and this
issue is l'aily up to its reputation.
Its useful departments are replete
with information, as usual: a Sup
plementof beautiful fancy-costumes
enriches the Fashion Department,
a thrilling temperance poem, by
the author of "Curfew Must Not
Ring To-Night," will appeal to every
mother's heart, and a full quota of
delightful stories, etc., render tbis
February number an unusually
attractive one. But one of the
most attractive features of this
remarkable Family Magazine is its
price, onl $2 00 per year. Pub
lished by W. Jennings Demorest.
15 East 14th St., New York.
Health Hints.
Don't shake a hornet's nest to
see if any of the family are at
Dou't try to take the right of
way from au express train at a rail
road crossing.
Don't go near a draft. If a draft
comes towards you, run away. A
sight draft is the most dangerous.
Don't blow in the gun your
grandiather earned in the war ot
1812. It is more dangerous now
than it was then.
Don't hold a wasp by the other
end while you thaw it out in frout
of the ?tove to see if itis alive. It
generally is.
Don't try to persuade a bull dog
to give up a yard of which be is in
possession. Possession in a bull
dog is ten points of the law.
Don't go to bed with your boots
otf. This is one of the most un
healthy practices that a man, es
pecially a married man, can be ad
dicted to.
It is dail&life that tests us the
manner ot men we are. It is not
our prayers, it is not our profes
sion, but it is the tone of daily
intercourse and conduct that de
cides how we stand. The little
homely graces; the cheerful, every
day amenities; the Christ spirit
uttering itself not so much in con
scious act as in unconscious
influence; not so much in deeds as
in that subtle aroma which, with
out name, exudes from the saintly
soul, to equals and inferiors; to
agreeable and disagreeable; to rich,
poor, ignorant; to young, to old:
bearing burdens, accepting crosses,
seeking no great thing to do, con
Probably co one thing has caused such
a general revival of trade at li. X. Duffy s
drug store as their giving away to their
customers of 60 many free trial bottles of
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump
tion. Their trade is simply enormous in
this very valuable article from the fact
that it always cures and never disappoints.
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup,
and all and lung diseases quickly
cured. You can test it before buying by
getting a trial bottle free, large size $1.
Every bottle warranted. For sale by R. N.
Duffy, Wholesalo and Retail Druggist.
Wholesale price, $8 per dozen.
A Considerate Uirl.
. CoraI really must be
r c
"uu si.i., "'JJ
encoui agement, for
I do not want
to hurt his feelings.
Edith lie has not pronosed, has
he ?
Cora No. but he has been ask
ing me it i tnougnt i could keep
nouse on ?iu a weeK.
pimples ov the face
rvnnte n imnure state of the blood and
ar- looked upon by many with suspicion
, AckeT'a mtod Elixir will remove all im
puritieP and leave the complexion smooth
and clear, mere is noiiung tnat will so
thoroughly bui.d up the constitution, pu
rify and etrengthen the whole system.
Sold and guaranteed by R. Berry, New
barn, N. C.
From the State Papers.
Winston Daily : Orders for the street
ar material will be placed aasoonaa
the specification are completed. It U
nio -e than probable that street cars will
be running to the Salem square br the
time of the commencement of Jane.
Won't this be nice.
Beaufort Seaside: We congratulate
the citizens of New Berne for their
unanimous sanction of subscribing
850 Oi O toward the completion of tbis
rod. which will undoubtedly prove a
lire at benefit to her financial interests
The Journal should receive the highest
commendation for its assiduous work
i i obtaining this subscription.
RileighCall: Mr. Wesley Whitaker
this morning laid upon the Call's desk
some asparagus oyer six inches long and
some radishes large enough for table
use, all grown in his open garden under
tbe genial influence of this remarkable
weather. He stated that collards which
were put up for winter use, are running
to seed.
Wilmington Star: The sleep-inspiring i
peanut is gaining in the appeciation of
tne puDitc, and within tbe past week or
two prices bave advanced nearly fifty
per cent. ReceiDts so far have ha on
about 30,000 bushels, against 35,000 at
tne same period last season, and the
entire crop for this section, dealers are
of the opinion, will not exceed 60,000
bushels, against the ayerage crop of
A correspondent, writing from Hat-
teras, n. u., to tne Kaleigh Chronicle,
says, uy iters are being carried away
from the natural beds near Hatteraa in
Pamlico sound at the rate of from three
to lour thousand bushels a week. The
oyster laws enacted by the late Legisla
ture are a dead letter, and the Virginia
oyster men are having a picnic at the
expense oi tne oyster interest of North
Carolina, is there no remedvi"'
Wilmington Star: The oresent calcu
lation of the authorities of the Cape
Fear and Yadkia Valley Railway is
mi me nrst train will De ran through
from Mount Airy to Wilmington on the
15th of February, and the schedule
time, it is estimated, will be about ten
nours. The distance is 248 miles. This
will be the dawning of a new era for
Wilmington, in a commercial toint of
view, and the Star would renew its
suggestion that some steps be soon
taken for a proper celebration of the
Wilson Advance: It is with pleasure
that we send greeting to our sister to
bacco marketing towns and notify them
of the pleasant fact that our people are
going to establish a market here. Last
Monday night an informal meeting waa
aem ia ins omoe or a. B. Deans, JEsq.,
to consider the advisability of taking
steps to make Wilson one of the tobacco
markets of the State. It waa decided
to build a tobacco warehouse for the
sale of leaf tobacto, and at once the
gentlemen present easily made up about
$2,000 worth of stock. It is proposed
to raise $10,000. The New Berne Fair
will be opened on the 21th of February
by Gov. Fowle. We hope the good
people of that town may meet with un
limited success this year.
Charlotte News: One of the features
of the coming 20th of May celebration
in Charlotte will be the nresence of all
the fire companies belonging to the.
0a. TT- a ... .
oiate j tremen s Association tnat was
organized in Raleigh last year. Seven
teen companies belong to this associa
tion and they will ail be here oa the
20th of Hay. In addition to these, ar
rangements are being made to secure
the attendance of a number of oom
panies from South Carolina, so aa to
have a series of inter-State races, in ad
dition to the annual convention of the
North Carolina Association. It will be
the greatest gathering of firemen eyer
known in this State, perhaps tha great
est, ever held in tha Southern States,
The firemen and their visiting friends
will make a regiment of a full one
thousand people. Another feature of
tbe 20th will be a grand reunion of ex
Confederate soldiers.
Stay In North Carolina.
Editor Journal. Please allow me a
small space is your most interesting
paper, to say to my friends, and farm
ers in general, that they need not leave
Old North Carolina, for there is plenty
of good land here. I left New Berne
in the year 1886 from the service of Mr.
J. A. Meadowa and went to Morgan's
Swamp, Dr. F. Duffy's place, and in
the above year my wife and I, with
scarcely a pound of meat or a bushel of
corn to start on, with hoe and ax in
hand, went to work moving logs and
diging up the ground, and we made in
1886 seventy-five barrels of oom besides
sweet potatoes and other things. In
1887 the Doctor let me have a male and
I worked on halves, and made 100 bar
rels of corn, 160 dollars worth of cotton,
plenty of sweet potatoes, 600 pounds of
neat and chickens by the. dozen. In
188S I bought me a mule for 125 dollars
and paid for him, and made 80 barrels
of corn, 7000 pounds of cotton, 800
pounds of meat besides other supplies.
In 1889 I made 105 barrels of corn, 140
dollars worth of cotton. 70 bushels of
sweet potatoes, 1000 pounds of meat,
with other things. t
Allow me to say that these results
were not obtained by idleness; and any
one doubting tbe above statements may
ask any reliable man of township No. 2.
or Dr. F. Duffy. So take courage, boys,
and try again, as there is plenty of
land, and don't give the old State a bad
Your fellsw servant.
Thos. L. Moore.
The transition from long, lingering and
painful sickness to robust health marks an
epoch in the life of an individual. 8nch a
remarkable event is treasuied in the mem
ory and the agency whereby the gooa
health has been attained is gratefully
blessed. Hence it is that so much is heard
in praise of Electric Bitters. So many
feel they owe their restoration Jo health,
to the use of the Great Alterative and
Tonic. If you are troubled with any dis
ease of Kidneys, Liver or Stomach, of long
or short standing, you will surely find
relief by use of Electric Bitters. Sold at
50c. and $1 at R. N. Duffy's "Wholesale and
Retail Drug Store. Wholesale price, $8.
per dozen.
A Logical Boy.
Teacher What rewards were
given to the victor in the ancient
games, Sammy!
Sammy A little boy was set up
ou his head.
Teacher A little boj! Where
did you get that notion!
Sammyj-Why, you told us, yes
terday, that a chaplet was put on
his head; and if a ducklet is a little
duck, and a booklet a little book,
aint a chaplet a little chap say !
Managing Editor (in the office of
the New York- Solar System)
Didn't you empty the waste baskets
this morning, Jimmy !
Office-boy Naw !
Managing Editor Why not !
Office-boy 'Cause I heard de
business manager say der wnz
goin' ter be eight more pages in der
Sunday paper. Boston Times.
Every mother is cautioned against giv
ng ker child laudanum or paregoric; it
creates an unnatural craving for stimu
lants which kills the mind or the child.
Acker's Baby Sootb-jr is specially prepared
to benefit children and cure their pains. It
is harmless and contains no opium or
morphine. Sold by R. Berry, Newbem,
N. C.
Called from the Press Dispatches
Cheyenne, Wyo., Jan. 14. Twelve I
to eighteen inches of snow have fallen
in the western end of the Territory.
The snow has crusted, and, with the
freezing of the water, cattle, sheep and
horses are perishing all over the range.
An owner yesterday received word j
from bis ranch in that section that
scarcely au animal that could not be
fed would survive.
Horses haye worn their hoofs to t ie
quick trying to beat through the crust
ed snow. Cattle and sheep are help
less; game has been driven from tbe
mountains, and antelope have been '
killed within the city limits of Evans-
ton while the stock has drifted to the
railway. Saturday and Sunday were
intensely cold, and two men were
frozen to death.
St. Locis, Mo., Jan. 14 While a
cotton-laden train was running from
Perry & Harrison's station, on tbe
Houston and Texas Central railroad, in
Texas, yesterday, the cotton took fire
and the train rushed into the latter
station with a long and furious stream
of flame following it. The depot caught
fire, and it and several cars and about
two hundred bales of cotton were con
AUGUSTA, Ga., Jan. 14 Carnival
week opened in Augusta today with
the turning over of the keys of the city
by the Mayor to King Cotton. Tonight
the Trades' Display Association turned
out with about 200 floats, tbe precession
occupying two hours in passing a given
point. Tbe city is crowded with visi
Paris, Jan. 14 The Paix says that
tha president of the French commission
sent out to investigate the affairs of the
LPanama Canal Company on the Isthmus
in a speech at Aspinwall said that the
canal would be completed.
Washington. D. 0.. Jan. 16. Walker
Blaine, eldest son of the Seoretarv of
State, died last night at 8:20 o clock at
his father's residence, on Lafayette
Square, after a brief illness of pneu
monia, without even premonition to
those who had watched at hie bedside.
He can be recorded as a vietim of the
prevailing epidemic, the la grippe, for,
although the physician says that pneu
monia was tha direct cause of death,
tbe one follows upon the other to such
fatal ends in so many cases that they
may be accounted together parts of one
disease. Walker Blaine was thirty-five
years of age and unmarried. He was
born in Augusta, Me., May 8, 1855, and
graduated at Tale College and Colum
bia law school.
Raleigh, January 15. The Grand
Lodge of Masons devoted today to the
transaction of business of the Order,
mainly in regard to jurisprudence. To
night tbe annual election of officers was
held. AU the old officers were re
elected aa follows: Samuel H. Smith,
of Winston, Grand Master; H.
A. Gudger, Deputy Grand Master;
John W. Cotton. Senior Grand Warden;
Francis M. Moye, Junior Grand War
dan; W. E. Anderson, Grand Treas
urer; D. W. Bain, Grand Seoretary.
Tha Grand Lodge will adjourn tomor
Danville, Jan. 16. The somewhat
celebrated case of Pioketsimer against
the Richmond & Danville Railroad was
decided here today in favor of the
plaintiff, giving him $13,000 damages
for injuries received while on a train.
He was traveling on a freight train
with a load of cattle and fell from a box
ear, receiving serious in juries. The caee
had been pending for six years and this
waa the second trial. In the former
trial the plaintiff got a verdict for
$10,000. The case went to the Supreme
Court and a new trial was granted .
This time he gets tbe old verdict with
five years' interest added.
Chicago. Jan. 16, Reports received
at tbe Health Office yesterday were not
of an enoouraging nature, 11 of 87
death certificates baying the words
"Influenza" on the line after the cause
of death. The number of victims of
"grip" was the same as that reported
Tuesday, but the increase of deaths
from other diseases was something
alarming it being larger by 178 than
on the previous day.
New York, Jan. 16. Health officers
were right when they announced their
belief a week ago yesterday, that the
epidemio of influenza -had reached its
height. On that day the mortality in
this city reached 250. Today,, after fall
ing off steadily during the week, the re
cord stands exactly one-half. Of these
23 are due to pneumonia; to bronchitis.
12; oonsumption, 18; influenza without
complications, 11; influenza complicat
ed with other diseases, chiefly pneu
monia, 18.
condensed notes.
A great flood prevails in the Little
Wabash river, in Illinois. Hundred
of people have been compelled to aban
don their homes, and the farmers have
suffered severely. It is expected thai
the waters will rise still higher, in
which event great suffering would re
sult. Four young negro girls, of the Karoo
tribe, from Sierra Leone, arrived at
New Tork on Thursday on their way to
Nashville, Tenn., where they are to re
ceive an education to fit them for mis
sionary work in their native land.
One Negro who Couldn't Be Made to
Stay in Arkansas.
Yesterday afternoon a negro, foot sore
and limping from lameness, arrived in
Charlotte by the Air Line Road, having
walked every foot of the way from At
lanta. He was making his way back
to his old home at Wilson, N. C. He
gave his name as George Newton, and
said that he left this State nine months
ago for Arkansas. A group of gravel
train hands were interviewing him
when a News reporter came up. George
was telling tbem a tale of woe. One
third of the negroes who went out
tbere with him, he said, are dead. The
great trouble is to get drinkiDg water.
He stood it as long as he could, and
then, failing to make money enough to
get him passage home, he boldly struck
out on foot. He left Arkansas on tbe
30th of last November. He got several
lifts on freight trains between there and
Atlanta, but he had walked the entire
distance from Atlanta to Charlotte.
'It Is easy enough to get out there," be
said, "but getting back home is a dif
ferent matter. You oan't get any emi
grant agents to pay your fare back this
way, but you have to piy regular first
olass rates. Hundreds of negroes would
come back today, if they could raise
the money." George says there is
great dissatisfaction among the ne
groes who have emigrated weBt, but
they are there and cannot help them
selves. The railroad hands here gave
George, a good supper and sent him on
his way refreshed. Charlotte News.
Confirm our statement when we say that
Acker's English Remedy is in every way
superior to any and all other preparations
for the Throat and Lungs. In Whooping
Cough and Croup it is magic a od relieves
at once. We ofler you a sample bottle
free. Remember, this Remedy is sold on
a positive guarantee. Sold by R. Berry,
New Berne, N. C.
For a disordered liver try Beecham's
, Both u mcllnl :UJ t h
; e T,. . . , ,,,,cu
k-vp '.'r '' takni ; it is peasant
j an'l l'drc-lut:;,' to the t:tc, :uxl acta
fently yt t n : ;
iver find tti,, '
tem cfiL: !;;:! Ik, .
aches and fl v : ;
constijinl .ti .
only rc nil :
duced, J. !:: ':; ' ,
ceptalile ( 1 1
its action ai .1 : . .
e fleets, pvt pari 1 .
heallhy find :.; i ,
many excellent in
to all mid liavn
popular reiiK'dy 1:
Syrup of
( ;i
s llif1 eys
Is, Lead
' h:ilitiml
,'1 '!!!'(
f J-'ijrs is the
iinl ov r pro-(.n-(c
and ac
' li. prompt in
( nciicia! in its
from the most
sulistiuic s. i , '
I ,i.
s commend it
made it the most
-s i? for falo in HOc
and $1 bottle; ly all leading drug
gists. Any j-cli'aMo druist who
may imt have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept nny
LOUISVILLE, AT. tr. i'ir- , i-
Watches, Clocks. Jewelry
I keep a larger stock of Spectacle
than any other store in North Carolina
I take particular pairm to fit tbem to tha
eyes of parties needing tbem.
Having worked steadily at thn bench
for over thirty years, I believe I can do
as good work a any watchmaker in the
Middle street.
Opposite Baptist Church. fel2 dwtf
Sasnafras. Pennyrnjal Winter
Oreen, J'pfanimit. &c.
Bought for Net Cash on receipt and appro
val, without charge lor Oommlsar-m,
Brokerage, etc , by
I)OD(lE cV; Ol.COTT,
86 Sc 88 William fit.. New Tork.
Your Attention, Please!
We have a nice line of Feed
Cutters, Cider-Mills, Apple
Peelers, Mowers, Mowing
Soythes, Fruit Jars, etc., for
the summer trade.
Our stock of Paints,
etc., is full and complete.
We are agent for the Cele
brated "ZEB. VANCE" COOK
STOVE, and invite you to call
and examine it before buying a
stove. Respectfully,
jy24 wtf
to canvass for iho sale f .Nursery stock!
Stenrly eiul niei. t (;UHiiiiit k! UOOD
PAY for bu.v ssf J men. A . i i y at onca
stating BK. Mt -ii t : ti tfiU t up-1
Alabama,' KcrsRiy
!;'! 1 w:;,i
( 1:
Naaitl I'aKKoci
Allays Pain r.n
Id flam inn 1 toil
Tfeals the Sor h
Restores f lie
Sense or Tmlc
1 1 Li T fLILM ill
and Smell.
A particle is rpjiII -1
is agreeable. Prl-- vi
ti To rnch pom rl 1.
-h poMrluaiid
Irnvrtrlf-t"; hy l
mail, rek-iatered. " c!h.
58 Warren Street. New V
hHiiTH KR8,
I a nl 3wly
An . -V
F. S. Duffy,
Berne. N. C.
drugeiBt, agent. New
inn v 1 d wly
A Certain. Safe, and Effective Remedy for
Producing Long-SIghtedness, & flesfor
ing tho Sight of the Old.
Cum Tear Drops, Granulation, Stye
Tumors, Red Eyes, Matted Eye lashea,
Also, equally efficacious when used In other
maladies, such as Ulcers. Fever Serea.
Tumors, Salt Rbeuav Barns. Plle-B.or
wherever inflammation exists, M i
BA.JL, Fejnay be used te advantage.
Sola'37 aril Draasista a 25 Cents.
A rUel lilt General and NERVOUS DEBILTTYi
nTTp "7 Weakness of Body and Hind: Boasts
J U XdXi of Errors or Eioesses in Old or Y oaa.
Bob.t, Soblf HASHOOn foil. Rer. How 1. 'T
B.B testify from 47 St.l.v T.rrMort., and lorels '
Von write them. Hook, fuH.xilnUoii, ! proorti llo
tpeatoa) ft-.
r h .iver C
r . lis
l.LJuINU i. CO,
1,0 .SPIS
A r...:-l.,w:.V;.,!..'
' 4
i . ,.
ssai-- -.T

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