1 Irfflfc INDEPENDENT IN -AILX, THI( r. . HiBFSBi Fvnnrleier. NEW BERNE, CRAVEN COUNTY, N. C, U-(H ST 14 volv xni. I MM NO. 20. i- y ; w 1 Nataretkouldoe leaaiated ia the serin throw off UMMCTfaMM of the shifpeh winter Of TU jdoea ttao well, to I aava need 8. 8. S. for a number of real and consider ft tne beat tonic and blood raoMdy that X vr aaed. Intact I would not attempt to enter opoo a sprits? or arrrnmw ia thai etimate with- lU. H. "W-COUTMAX, -i; Of Onfanwi, rerroeon A Co.. . - ' DndtCty. Fla. ji-,' .""" - . k Our book on Blood and Skin Dkwnee jaaflad treat. . 1 . -, Swot Sracxnc Co..- Atlanta. Oa. . 1 ' iVl V 'J ' .11 jj I I ere f i v It ha parnuuMntlr cored necaxKiw ' "f eaaee proaoooeaa by doctor hope : leaaw. If you har premonitory aymp- torn; mxtdx mm Cbuffh, DUBcolty o : BreethlaiR .," doa't delay, hoi p isof cure ooNstrMPTios Ti By Druggleta. 2ceota. 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From Wnahagton to New Berne, S3. 50. Front New Feme to Waahlngtoa, $3.50. , " XMPLS AOCOMMODATIOJJ. ;:.-1J.""-TUt H Ham. Per day - ... - 150 Pet wetk - 10.00 Pit moats - $30 00 - 8PETIAL BATES TO FAMILIES. i irarcBB BHOet. ', . . ' Maoagera. The ateemer BEAUFORT hae been re beilt and made larger, and is now a oom tortahea and seaworthy boat, and has a :v yenaU to cerry 250 peeeengera. jyl0dw2m . vror asy terormntioo eail on E. B. 'Koberte, a Old Dominion wherf. "IlayBakee. Gra'n Cradle. Bellk41ty Feed CntUn.. , BUCKETTK COBST 81IKM.E US . Imaf A JU(wers sultiwntjr Aad a fSxllJXineot pjtrdware and -AjgrtciUlartl Iraplementa j - fa -jv r J. CHITTT & CO. eninmeaBen - " PROFESSIONAL. , V DB. O.K. PABBY, STOGEQil DEHTI8T. : Om MlddU etreeC opposite Beptiet - - dnt dirtt.f .;MBWBEBN. N. O . - P. Hi PELLETIEE, attobnbt; at la . AND HONtT HKt'KErt. OrnyeaSt.'. two-doere Uou oi v . JomrneA otBee.- loauae lur aaora, u. .- Tul prmrUm m Ibm On.nx u - r.k m.i mwt. Iimin. OaefetW n ejmlioo. -- Cnltae ii we Ued t ' am IMpnaeOiiUUtiM kmc umiIn ATTOtl JIA4X . OCBon U ffodrot QTm( Poy ft Co.1 Unh. Middle Kmc Sfcw f3-ra, C. - - Will pjmetaoa in the ooune ol Crswen nd nd joining eonetiee. in taeOeKiw ' Oowrt h StneaaaU-. in sanr rarfeenl w. M. anoaoirnvt H L-'- Himnoni e5tolhl)S- ATTpHNfiYg" AC Will praaUc id the cooiuUe (Jrva; Joaenv : Oaeiow. Oerterot, inJioo. Lnnoir and Hyde, nntinh4retfrar Oowrtev- r - ' .iOr --' ,x Offio on Ctmw-Af etT ne-sret katoer JOVnaxoOon. -v 1 0iMAwW : --- ; T V'Tfc-filfcilc?'; ' ''VTi: el e ; 4 TUsai: fc.. ; DKSTIST, IinrtllBlE. ft. c. Offleeen Graven sweet'- fouee fadBstad. aw EDITORIAL NOTES Crop re(ort8 continue to fATorable. KKNTUCKY aud AUbiinii went solidly Democratic Monday. - Thby now tell us that tbe Fuice bail ia not dead but sleepclh We ball see. SEVERAL pkeletous have betn foaod ander i f.imoas d:ve in New York city. It is the duty o!" putrwls to make the Fifty sctood Congre.'s Democratia "By shutting off I 'ougresBiuiiul wind Mr. Reed hopes to modify the cyclone of '92." GREAT excitement till prevail in Buenos Ayres notwithstanding the fact that the insurrection hn. tei minated. Sbcrbtary Blaine is otlicial ly informed from St. Petersburg that the eipnlskra of Jew from KasMu haa sot been ordered. The inter btate Farmer's Alliance met iu. Montgomery, Ala., Wednes day. Col. L. L. Polk made at. address in 6ecret session. THE Democrats in Congress beat the Republicans in speech, but the Republicans beat them in votes. Unfortunatly tbe votes count. Thry aay Reed is too fat for the ring. Never mind that. He is iu a good way to have tbe fat rubbed off of him before the nominating convention meets. 'iTir&V'St. Loquj Post Dispatch aa; jho, Republican leaders are 'eujoyig a luonopoly of recioiocity Oast -now. It is a reciprocity of dttgnarand dislite ' 'Rspublican papers are acta - ally becoming scared at the pros-1 pect of a deficiency in the United 'States Treasury. The humiliation and failure is complete. THE Boston Herald has inter- riewed a large number of promi nest Maine Iiepublicans and finds that Mr. Blaine's reciprocity ides! meets with general favor. WlTH a muzzled press, a col lared House and a gagged Senate, , the old party of 'free speech and rrOA Vnentl ' U7An I , i n AT rannrr evav w eu y nvuava. uwv 1 C jJ ii ' men nixed by Samner, Seward and Greeley." Within a week pur Vance com pletely turned down Uiscock, Hoar aad Edmunds as soon as be got to tbem. Talk about beating Vance for the Senate ! Better go and hang yourself. -THKNew Orleans Times Demo crat says: "Tbe spectacle of Messrs. Hnrrison and Wanamaker berating the corruption of lotteries is verily next door neighbor to the spectacle ' of Satan reproving sin." IT grows clearer day after day that tbe Tillmanites have captured the Democratic machinery in South Carolina. It remains to be seen what they will do with it. Ma chinery in inexperienced hands ia a dangerous thing. THE Wilmington Messenger says: "We are really gratified to see the great fundamental doctrine of local self government and States rights growing in favor iu tbe North, and especially in bleeding Kansas. In some of the public meetings held latterly that impor tant principle has beeu emphasized and favorably endorsed." THE St. Paul Pioneer remaiks," "Now that a break Las finally oc curred in tbe protection ranks, some more Senators may be expected to demonstrate by an independeLt vote tbat tbej are there in the ii -tereat of lhe people of these United States, and not for the purpot e of assisting to bolster up the obnox ioua cause of McKinlej ism ." THAT was a rousing meeting at Columbus, Ohio, that protested against the enactment of the force bill. These is controversy about the exact language used by Qover not Campbell, but there is no doubt about his meaning. He voiced t he sentiments of Ohio Democrats, in proclaiming States rights as a fun damental principle of democrats. FIFTY years ago the country pxasssed practically none of the facilities that we now enjoy for the quick transportation of freight and passengers. The gains that have been made in fifty years have been of incalculable advantage in the development of tbe wonderful re sources of this great land. In iS.'.O there were twenty-imle-s of railroad ia operation ; In 1SS!) the mileage had increased to ir.l,:97. Norhrk Virginian. THIS Democrats of ice- l'nsi CjoKre disti ict of Nebra- k.i h.n aet an exauplo to the lhiii-n-r e of other didtricts aiuf uthei S'.i-s by BloptillK A platfoiai which sharply define the gre.it issue. They nay-: Ve reaffirm our faith in Ueiaocratic principle-, and in viia tobnr standard all ho tieheve iQ'fe,CttizeB8hip, just laws, and 'economical govert , h. R.1rj b! economical government. "ear- ioan part for its . 'failure lo fulrlll iU pledge solemnly pa aa o lhe people, its reckless t extravagance for the past two years; its tyrannical rules, and its rrnbfuahing effarts to retain suprem acy, by fraud and force.'' EDITUKIAL NOTES. l i n uii'Urtood that onpoM'ii '( tiie torce bill. Quay is InKliK are indications that oan Salvador will have another revo lution. The German i-mperor is on a visit to his grandmother the Queen o. llcgldiid. V k . ,J. P. SliicNu. owner, will si-il oi.e-hjlf interest in the Char I jite 1 inocrat. Argentine killed and TllK sesiilis of tL icbellioii loot up l,t"ii ."i.UCO wounded. 6i .nauh; CALL; ot Florida will j uroba'jiy get back to the Senate, lie di-t-erves a re election. A million aud three quarters j ui -M t.irs were shipped from' N.-w York to Kurope Ui-r Monday, j Tin: llivi-r and Harbor bill, whirl: h.Lo "righL ol way will come uu this week and be disposed of Tim: cuer.tl elections held in Alabama Monti iv weie carried by t he :.!!. b in overwhelming inaji'i ity. "t i:ase hung and fall back," is the command of Harrison to Blaine lilainc replies with more grape and oaLister. Tuk Turkish Government has called out the reseres for the pur pose of re enforcing the garrisons in Armenia. Wk arc much pleased to learn mat Kev. Dr. W. S. Black has been telectt-d to take charge of the Oxford Orphan Asylum. The selection is an excellent one. TnK Emneror William has order- ed a recast of the entire issue of coins intended lor trie Aincan trade owing to the wrong helmet being depicteu in me present oast. President Hareison opposes lotteries; but where would be be except for the lottery of politics! He invested a grandfather and drew the Presidency. He had no other claims upon it. Memphis Avalanche. The Lincoln county Alliance has adopted the following resolution r?.oar.ii-a.i that ih Sraro AiHanftA. eoou to Uiet at Asheville, N. C, be reuested to memorialize tbe Legislature to double the tax for Public schools. Now they tell us that the seats of Senators Hampton and Butler aie in danger. Men may be sacri ficed but principles never. South Carolina must be true to the Demo cratic standard. Some of our contemporaries are complaining at the rascally Repub- licans for oustiug Breckenbridge andJputtiDg in a Republican. Who is he! Clayton, the man who ran against Breckenbridge is dead. All the Lloase can do is to declare the seat vacant. The Rochester Union and ad vertiser says the Union has never been an admirer of Mr. Blaine, but it is bound to admit that the more he is contrasted with such bullies as Tom'' Reed and such pick pocket protectionists as McKinley, the brighter he appears. We are always glad to chronicle the s-uccess of a North Carolinian. Prof. Collier Cobb, son of Rev. N. B. Cobb of Cary, !X. C, has been cted Professor of Geology in the Boston School of Technology, Bos ton, Mass. This is a high and richly deserved compliment. The whole amount of the extra price the tariff enables the manu facturer of iron to exact from the pablic goes into the pocket of Mr. Carnegie and others whose wealth is becoming the marvel of the woild. Isthisjustf Itisthekind ot justice protection run mad means. Baltimore San. We received a call last Saturday from Dr. Thomas Hume, professor f Rhetoric and Fnglish in the University of Nrtu Carolina. He gives a very encouraging account of educational prospects in bis ta-.e. especially of the future of Wake Forest College, under the presidency oi Dr. Taylor. Dr. Hume is an enthusiast in his own depart ment, and reports greatly increased interest in Southern institutions. during the last decade, in the study of English. N. Y. Examiner. 'Mc. Hi. airs resolution for the adoption of the previous question ru.e came up ;n the senate Gaiur- d.n.ulien he explained that his1 sole p.-.rpoee in presenting it was to expedite onsiness. which was far Pehiud : lie was reminded by Mr. Moigan that sixorseveu week's, tune had Oecn consumed in tne . c lisideratioii ol his e.ection t1 , ti.u mat me i.eictte resulted in its .h ie..' p.i-t as he hoped the debate e i ti e tar d !.,U would result in the , ,,,.,,.,, ,..a-,ir.. r-ieat ot Sena n u M I'ueiison, of New Jersey, showed his consistency Frivlay by otlenng amendments for a reduction of the tariffon earthen ware, are-bnek. ec , largely manu la 'tnred iii New Jersey. He is a I'cioecrit, fie believes in protec tion, Put not in excessive protec tion, tor which there is no need, and the onlv effect of which is Still lurthei ( enrich the Drotected manufacturer at the expense of the purchaser. Wilmington Star. YUKh Sl'.N V It. SIcCLA Mil V. Mr. MeClammy failed lo Srciirna renominat ion and joins iheyreat caravan that is passing to ' the limbo of forgetfulness." Tliis may be no fault of his. His constituents mav be wanting in appreciation, or may the victims of that unrest which constantly demands a change. We have no unbind feelings to wards Mr. MeClammy. Indeed we sympathize with him ; but if it were 1 otherwise, we could not approve of the language and spirit of the San. In speaking of the bill lately introduced by Mr. MeClammy the Sansaj8: "It is as interesting as a novel, as informing as a universal gazeteer, as epigratnie as one of Bob Inger8oU's speeches, as fiery as a Milwaukee poem of passion, apd as fanny as an elephant in trousers." We are no special admnem) the MeClammy bill. We cannot ' dorse the purpose of the bill I'D- we utterly fail to appieciate its merits. 1 It is a proposition to issue Govern ment legal tender notes to the amount of about nineteen hindred millions of dollars, or 30 per capita of the population of the United States. "These notes are to be equal with silver and gold for similar amounts, in all public or private payments except interest on the public debt. The whole issue is to be apportioned to the States according to population, and the States in turn are to divide the fond pro rata among the counties, j cities and townships. Finally, the money ieacbes tbe people in 'he shape of Government loans not to exceed $2,500 in the case of any individual. Tbe lo.ns are to rnn for ten jears at one per cent, interest, and they are to be secured by first mortgages on real estate. The interest is to be devoted by the several States to their school ; f"0113-" j It does not strike us that this: bill exhibits statesmanship ; it rather seems to us to be opposed to sound political economy and cor- rect business principles. But why the Sun's sharp invec- tive aud seething sarcasm T Is it THE NEW because the Sun is opposed to the i)emocrats would ordinaiily arouse granting of special privileges by thfi mo8t illtense opposition of the the Federal Government ! Not at all. The Sun is the special de fender of a protective tariff, and the apologist of monopoly and plutocracy. The sharp edge of the Suu is tuned against the MeClammy bill because it is one of the measures inaugurated to give relief from the oppressive measures and cham-: torv. pioned by the San. Wo s u blt oue wsJ out of tblK We take no part in tbe crusade , itml tfaftt jg to na:1 the of capital against labor. We are D(.aiocra(,;, ,.olorB to our ina8t and heart and soul with the masses. ; rd aH .is miual eiiemie8 who If we do not support the MeClammy do UQt A unjBr our fl bill and its kindred measure the Tben. (..AI1 be but two great par-sub-treasnry bill, it is because we : in ;i uimhhe aD(1 in thig believe the Democratic party offers couulrv ir, UlP )reseut COIlJiUon of something better iu tariff reform, , wo t partiea are the remonit.zation of silver and tbe : ,Le 1,pul)lu.an aD(, tlie Dem0. restoration of public lands to the cratj pa,ties. people. If the Alliance numbered more Mr. McClammy's purpose is good, tb 4n haH (l popnlation ot these but tbe means he employs do not states it could not be a national command our approval. .party because it does not compre- The farmsrs are try ing to workout : beiu national policy. It addresses their salvation and the salvation of Usef t0 tbe interests of one class, the country. The measures they have aru ,fR.H not profess to concern introduced bear the marks of inex-: itself about the interests of any petience in State craft, but they other. show a purpose and resolute spirit. Every patriot must indulge the hnno tbat. IliA timi, ti n t, far d i s- tant when all wrongs will be re-' IUOcracy and the Alliance to conn dressed, and our people of every together on the openly declared TOUUUU w '"'"reu rightB and privileges, with noae to ij j census of our T" i ny uo'iUm up molest them or make them afraid. ; It 8eparate organizations are to j cieit . lady Then will Democracy be trium- exist, each with its ticket in the ! no difference, cicvpt o.uurcipa! Rown phant, and peace, prosperity and neldt )Ue or the other must bear I JZ Z two ciK happiness be the portion of our tbe responsibility of Republican ! are identified by the traveling nuoiic people ! THLEMAX ON THE FORCE 1ULL. The more we know of the Colum bus meeting the greater seems its importance. Not only did Gov. CnmDbell sneak in vindication ol State's rights, but letters were re- ceived from Grover Cleveland and I Allen G. Thar man in opposition to the force bill. ' tj iri. : r or, U UUgC A UUl LLI a Li lO Ai V. L tJIJIJ, illi ' aoostle of Demoeracv. but he is universally admitted to be a great k - ' : 0ongtitntional awyer In his let- ter Jndge Thrjrman 8ald . "I do really believe that it is the worg(. mea8rjre on thesubject of elec- 1 1 ions ever introduced into an Ameri can Legislature. Under the pretense ol punrymg the elections it pro ridaa an aI 14 hnrat maphinflrv In ... .,, ... , i which the will of the people may be f overt.Tnrown and tt choioo of tbeir - ; so-called Representatives be made by a set of hirelings and irrespon sible-federal officials,choseu without any agencyofthepeople,and acting under the order of a superior set of dictators whose terras of oflice will practically be without limitation as to time, and who will ol necessity be a body of irresponsible parti sans. And to Bupport this nia chinery an immense fund, which, it is said, may amount to millions, is to be created, to be drawn from the public treasury that is, from the pockets ot tne people ami to Vw nsari a a a. hrihfrv nr enrrnntion fund to perpetuate the rnle of the , uartv in Dower." With regard to the revolutionary features of the bill Mr. Thurman's temperate but foice- fill : 'Thi' 1 1 r-i lit f n 1. in si v t.lif lnnst ( them. c.r..-titutionHlit of some of t htt Ttwt imniMlint i..nvi.iiAiic r I I lit, in, pi nif" " I'm ii u . initMin yj t the bill, and the immense aud un precedented stretch of federal power involved iu it, cannot fail to: strike every student of the Consti tution, and alarm all who believe in tlm teachings and the practice of the fat hers. The isHii1 ! iM H high above par tisanship. It is s i in j 1 ' whether the Federal I'nion, as we and our fathers learned to know and love it. shall be preserved, or shall be supplanted by a centralized nepot ism of Ll.i most corropt and de- grrtding sort. JUL STATE CANVASS. e are confronted by a problem ot no l:t:le difficnlty. How shall we conduct this canvass T The difficulty arises from the pre 1 en-e of a ciet organizition whose! pl.ir:s and purposes are bidden from ; tl.e public, and it is impossible to ' tell wither the decisive battle of .; ... t... u tween Democrats and Republicans, or between t he Democracy and tbe Alliance. We tiruilv believe that the ma jority of Alliance men are Demo crats at heart and as ardent lovers of their countr' as ever lived, yet we are confronted by the strange fact (hit the leaders of the De mocracy, the men who have breasted Republican fury, the men , who brought Nort h Carolina from the thralldom of reconstruction and established her on the rock of the . Cons.itllI ion. tl)e lnen who irj every emergency have been true, op posing the oppressive tariff and contending for the deliverance of the people from the power of cen tralization, monopoly and plutoc racy, and proclaiming the right of every citizen to a full participation in the blessings and the protection : of BOVeri,mentt are set aside through tbe influence and by the authority of the Alliance. iu South Ca.olina we understand tbat Hampton and Butler are to be takeu frorn tbe Uniteii states senate and their places filled by unexperienced men. The purpose to turast asitie tried Democrats for no other reason than they are Democracy ; but when we see that they are men who have stood with us in the battles of the past we wonder how it is that some mistic baud, sonic secret sesimc can separate them from the great Democracy their fathers honored, and under whose banners thev themselves have marched to vio- ; Now, in this condition of affairs, ; wbat j8 ti,e demand of patriotism f n i .. ... n. ... t.. , OrinClIUeS OI Ule ieiUOCratlC liar- . ., .- v-n, 1 success in North Carolina. , Democrats cannot drop their1 organization and go into the Al-1 liauce, if for no other reason, bee- j cause the doors of the Alliance are! T ,., , If liberty barred against them. and independence, were at issue Democrats could not fold their i banners for there is nowhere else j for the Jackson Cleveland men toj rally. They know nothing of what an-c ,,n iM.hinrl ihoiWrgnf thl H k ' ' l ' 'v " - w Alliance. Bat Alliance men can come to the Democracy, for their j own principles are inscribed on its flag and have beeu since the foun- dat.ion of t he Government. Remove the secrecy of the order ... . it . n; i .ii ami h e aif an -viiiauee men ami an ' Democrats We shouhl have but one llag, the glorious tl-ig of JetlVr- son '"i . .lackson and Cleveland 1 illK Raleigh tiorresjioudent of the W.liningcon Messenger says: Ex-C ougiessman John Nichols and Gen. John Gorman, of Kirk war tame, now of the Government printing ( dice in Washington, are boih in the citv. Nichols has been here since S.tlurday. Gorman arrived lure last night. It has not been ascertained if their visit any political significance or has DOt T' I'.nKlln. ara hnaMinir i 0 about and have decided to hold conventions and put lull tickets in the tield. Nichols may attempt Congressional race if the the Lodge bill passes. anguagt Stonewall Tt- .J no ' Cow i i. ( iior H. I ! c ! P5ef "nt,Ptl pii by 3 -5th ulr. .! fi !;e : .- - '.gsc iine. r li'ie IIL'W J. I V i iii.-t d with i- I a' ure. ! he a:i ne "I SjU ; li f:i eck iipty. was in ...d lepoits i: ' - -t c l -n. that acc-( n:,t. !. ''an '' prosects I! ' i r ;or ing, uii si the cot t on prospect t vr a i I Welti I i.'i r j' ; : better. Mi. Hen sect ion of our place croji ami pros i ; - i (; ' 1 C '!,( : !e:-' exec 8. .1. L-in, v. ,i ,. ill 1 he l:e-ir ,.r,-, ;; , sections id our c.,:; i ; crop pi o-; 'f. i m i; the news (mm ail have heard ' mm, am the people r.eve: Married, at 1) ;vi ! father of !: ;.le, Swindle and W.:':.- i: Thrw 1, ,,,-, ..... , .(, i'.- ' e I i la , 1 ili.i- liert s a the :-i :. d so i a i hat 1 he .lt!i ol . ! he if lhe nVati imoT,.. ' , , the widow er on : c the (Jranfshoi m-I.i i)U eve" a!;: I Kayb.-ro i'lifr i i ) en and :;i will li'il lhe .cine el nil icii e.ii el w id.v.ver II and t he lady of ': Bruad en bids tan e.eiic f m , i awnile; and the ,i,n.. of the kSmUh cf eck e. : Trent bed,--, h orii ou vai d a; ances are not many iu;'f niafji non . ;ir r mil t i y ITI. I, TOKKTlf i i; 1) K M i ie K A T .M l ' i ; T1IF.1K lMIOhK.iM-.N. i".- tam ;;v lii. KKKL roi-iF. P.'imlir An-. .:: it V. i r-: Ml. Kd i i .-1 i n i i 1 1 1 1 that th time lias cmh!. ami new is that all political nini-rom-os and barriers should ho laid a-'.!., in the Dr-mo'-ratic pa' t v. If then' j are such let us cast thorn as fur! from us as the oast is from the; west and remember them no mnre forever, and P L all Demo crats? of every order and profos sion come forwa-d in one junitod harmrknions ;;a;liei inp; in i our convent ions with the Di mo- cratic uanr.er uniuned, nyinp; over our heads an cmhleni of our. liberties am! iinvci'vin' fnnli dence in Z. . 'anee and his' associates that have -o mddy and grandly can-ied it to victorv th.roii'rii ixdi: ical fire and sm i;e m t lie May tier. Let ;.s non men a standard let farmer from -, lceonstruc , ua',e our host hearers, and i :. oii tii ( ; i r their i lows, l'or-es, shops, ' i their: blacksmit' mechanics mcrchant.- r, - u i ::i nil ; l n cou nters and hi tors from the: preachers fiom all irather in line ::d doc- and pulpits ; r :ud a Xovem li.'inner to n caused i ber we will tan i y one victorv. and our adiici i by the Federal e'. ete.M law will ! work out a lar ni..re e:ceeei!;no vveicrh t of -rlorv, a hh'ssin"' in ' stead of a curse as intended. 1 i;:?': it. t. 0UIT! '.'AUDI IN v rvs. WdmicKton Menseni : A letter from ; the Krfv. Sim J )iies. received jester-: day , states that he v. i;l commence his1 meetiogs heio on iho 'J":h o: fSeptember, ; and that they will cvnf.nu ten days and postibly Uc-ht. 1 RileiKb. Cl.i-cieie: To-- Oxford' Asylum sinjjiti- c1.i-h is raakiug a tour of the y, ate. ilurt tieiiih ba left in j the exposition mstt, r : Richmond is , fixiD to hold cue Aiiuta will hold1 ono ia IH'1. Will R-daigh V She has much better 4ij vantage h Oiau theee two cities ever ha 1. They i uiit themselves' up by enteroris . f i .i !. i:id. Ittieinh can, if she id. Grecniiboro 1'atii-t: Dr. Ii. K. Gregory, of this city. iio bus fcr years enjoyed the duv.ueuou of heicj one of the foremost- i h j niiariH in this ssatioD, has received piiteDta cu .i fl.jid ar.d a bandage, which are pro lotmced by the leading Burtf'iof f- h- one cf the greatoot iti vetai uii or tbe ae and one of the moat valuable- ar.d hem fi:d erer . ,l Tw l.,il ia l i antiseptic and anrsthMic. ty ,Jt.inu' j blood-poiaobiuK i absolute revested, Corresponiienoe RaKiii i.'hrocicU: j lhe CeutUl Bueei v iHiii u,m Slowed It tO ! t iii in the i i . i.:t of i.u n.erators break out tine i n to:. . second city i. it : y.i itr populati'ifi t).ie o: li. i , informed vour cim-Jn-olr ilmtth. as Wins tun cviiem. toe 1 iviri-Cilv. In ,Con . , A .- , 18t0 it ho.n toe tievon-.n ice, rel 'h. step to ceeorHi is just one -.ray rf have of ttlllD ll ee "rI ' thri! wo have the meti O;iol i t f lie -morn (arounajin population, cf a.i N.oth Carodnain busimee, and of th- v. ,-. , re d a far ' a. pint? mani'ueturi r i.-. c e.e i m l. , . mutinous i iiauiiiuni.sij r.:;uoiseu ;tr a .Mass Meeting' at l.a (itaiige. ,- : Y" . . . A mass rneetirifr 1 IJ Tf ,f I)i mcci ats wan net Saturday and rei-olutior.e ur.ani- ed the, p,.; mounlj; Whereas, It is v. iih unfeigned recret that we have heard tbat tbe Hon. V M , Simmoon has w itb irawn from the po- r.gi esf in ttjs the e, m., I ; Whereas. It was t,. hiui ic.k.ii ;s the most avaiiaoie. if ii-.i,.ie tmij avai able, candidal Democracy tj lo oai victory Stai d.-.rd Of :h-- afproai h- ini? politicr.i - c .UH til : i-.c We dtiili.1 Whereas th j i-j lr-'.enee ;).'.' i..iu to of anything inat has ir this couree: :; rr-for.- Itesclvecl, By the l'e of Mosely liad lo -vn s. , 1st. That we c-. l i i. ocrats throu.ho'.it '. . with U-i in e : ,U!r.ii ;.l . consider, s.: i tiiat. b -to no bi f or,, li.-n , 2i Iba; . a. i. . to be -aud.ii- .1 '. i : d id ate, or t b v ie I bu t WB d i V 1.- :i - i- : e 1 i.'in '. u u n o to re name el ion . t w ir-il y .'an . i , e rs , .1 tha;. 1 1 1 e i: df ( f ;.s ar.d i tin d.s meat I. , i we belie-, o that I! urea t Dei i at i.: H. i such men a r. for n tt . nation ii. That . -.' u r h I 111 erinc Jlei.. e oi !y pnnci ill e o i-ru ; de . i d and i-e re'-oliiiieie-ri 1 that they .lei re.et Kin a'i ' he I )ein a i:t em- i Hi -d allegiance k do w i D th a ! " Pl4?B tnat Wl'' 1" rt merit, an ment and relieve oppressed iie e, e. 4th. That n c i be sent to Mr ei re be pu bli.-hed in : '-i stc u Free i!re: nt ocratio papers i district be rtapK bted to copy. iti form for llio Alliance. i !-::'-u .Pa :-.naT.: The next Lv'mln tur.- 1 1 1 : i i. -1 . .i htfill y be tinder th-rl'-Ki.'e.i i e j- ,,( the t'arniiTti' Al- lui!,e. i. I my .-forniti are iieinttti'1 - . d Mel I ! f.l. Il-I i A it; uIil' I e h e ii inrjie.i j r im! i it,! Alliance calls for iiunof justices of the i eace 1 n i 11 it. i me, that . let the reform ;o to t:e i xterit of Hliolishing nil fei h i f ir e ( .:un!y uingiHtratPS in 8tHi e em. r. No renter rvils ever grew on i of unv sjffm of r d ni in.s'.er i ". u the law tha i 1 1 s' eneil llien:fi lve-" npon ih '. r O . f the i fees by ! mi-. i u I . ' Aroliint ii dliK jU:.lic, S l i f, ..t tie ii !v. lit ciefi n ' ir. 1 1 ii i . I: , -f.j, j hi i i ii.t-iire their eoht. ' t" i.iie-iy i ,k ht i'.juiiIu in lhe s' ' ' "!.! J ' a will lirj'l niHiiy niKtft i . . - eri,'-re !H u i f.ir f.-cn or ci1h. hi .: I " .! f.-ndat.t will eeafie. if there by J inve-iveii the iiiHgiHtrftU'"! e.Oit. Ti e defeailiint will go to i lit. ut the t xj eiiHe of the taxpyerft, nn.il the 'oeni v u ill pny the mnaietrntp hie eoBt. in noil u r ho w trivial the rami, or how ! i i'-- he go. c. 'r!e f-iti- Htei ineorjioi ,-.le i ,mn, h .v rn".v rr. Hnirier!. :.ni fully ul.l,. : hear ax.il try all c-fL-nefe ooriin.ku-rl chip, their j'.uiJdietir,rifi, f.nd there hi O" i.i e.l (,r towns full of paid iiihlmh : rates besides. n the country th" jus-'ie- r- of the renre can wed nlTord to p.t ler.rl to the lei-rini-aM thftt mint J l fore i hem. for 1!ih welfare nt their cmnniii iiin. nmi the posinon ot prominence the ofli-'e gives tlii'iu. ' le back to too syf tern hf fore the war, !.-. re men were glad to serve tholr ro ;.:hl.e)ihoi)i;i? hp justices of the peace, i-.iid hen mk'Ii men as Thomas Kuftin in i (e'nriii- 10 li.tdger felt honoied to occupy ilie p,iuion of magistrates of ! their i .'.ur.ttcn. v.iihe-ut feo or reward. Abolish the f. e of jisticcs of the' P"i'i' in State cuts, and you will adopt J ie..- In-t ni"nu:i id iti! delivery" that '. aid I c hit up F. The K.fioi t Pbll'ol; JuLIiN.U.:-1 he nnllHSWi of lb" Fair are meeting i h th most f v.-irabl- eneon ruiiem lit" : b nd one hns but to travel through the towns and i-ouDtiv. if he would know the interest 'lot ip beinr taken in this enterprise. In the ire ipiency of this effort many were the d UeouraRinK observations made, hut no such observations "are b-irr made now: and t-o propitious are the indications of tticcesii that cheeiing conrRtulatione are wruojj from the most precarious, and cur sacguiue, brothers are almost zealots. Ourageuta are Arm elfectivo work, and with their exhibits, will bring immense crowds. Our premium lt ii cut and ho liberal are the prolfcred premiums that oven the garrulous gold eaters do not murmur. Men of national reputa-, tion have consented to give tone to the occasion with recitations to the eif of eloquence. No tfTorts are beio spared to mahe the occ ision enjiyahle. Ath letic games w ill be one of the special features, iind ymi hcou who the atldfctes arc The good citizens of New I'erne. as a matter of course, will o 'dan h their doom and let the strangers in ; for the anticipated thousand s will expect hos pitality, w here it has never been vainly sought. V. ii. Davenport. (iidd Disciivered in Iferlie County in I.argo (aautities. Winston, N C . Auk- "1 A brum Philps, while bunting around his place, vrhich lies on the banks of Chishey branch, about f.air rtulus from Windsor, found a pibC of stone which wan filled with tiuy specks which hhineJ like gold . lie brought it to town to Mr. C E. Elarden, a jeweler mid silver timith, who, after thorough examina tion, pronounced it to be gold. Mr. Philps then went back to his home, and coujmenced to di into the hills along toe branch, and found a largo quantity of iho same kind of gold bearing rock, which ho has shipped to some dealers iu gold in Philadelphia. liis two little granddaughters, who live with him, while wading in the run of the branch and picking up pebbles to p'ay with, found several small-sized nuggets of virgin gold. Mr. Philps tried to keep tht-t matter secret, but it has finally leaked out. and Iho whole country aiourid Chishey is tilled with people digging for gold. Mr. Phi ps has always been a very poor man and has worked hard all of of his life, and in his old ae he can rest in ease and aliluence. The country Brouod Chishey is a ' beautiful country high hills and ice- i cold streams w hich have their origin from pprinjis which break forth from every hill. l'Anci.ors l-HICKS. Since ibis gold was found all lands within live miles of this place have in- ; creased to a fabulous value, and half- acre lots ure being sold at prices a ; thousand acre farm could not command four weeks ao. K innilcr's Electrocution Will l'ridi ably Occur Thursday. At in k:. N. Y.. Aug 1 No invita tions have been issued yet to the wit- i nesses who are to attend tbe execution T of Kemniler, the murderer, and so there can be no certainty about tbe date of the execution, except that it will be laUr than today. Tbo law requires tbat tbree dinti' notice shall be giveD ihe Kinah-fs, Tberw aro indications that thr- invirations wiil be issued to-, day and that lhe c-xecutioa will take pla;-.e Thursday. All stories concern-' lug the possibility of pcstponemeLt on account of the mental condition of the condemned in io or a possible injunc tion to be eot out again'-; the warden of d .obtfc) origin. A Successful Invention. Mr. J Taylor Ritch: formerly of Rooky River, Cabarrus county , but who Has been living in Laurinburg for the part few years, is on the road to fortune and fame through an invention. Like all great inventions, it is a simple one. It is a patent door bell and alarm com bined. In ordinary use it is a door bell, hut the turning of a knob sets it , as an alarm which rings tbe moment the door is opened. It is said to be a eplendid trick. An Atlanta firm offered .Mr. Ritch SG5.000 for the right for three State", te.it he refused the offer. He has al.eady koM clfi COO woith of State right-.. lie- inventor is a brother to Mr. Thomas Ritch. of Charlotte. Char lotte New--. iinl and Hail S.orm. Mason City. Iowa. Aug. 5. A de struens, u inrl and hail atorm, much woise ir at lim reported, swept over laceiit-. .-,- o!a. Dickinson. Emmet and Winn. L'io.i counties Subdny, destroy ing neatly et cry thing in lis pathway. Man-. I.ors-cs and cattle I i'ltd and men, wnn wen- out vt ero badly rut by the hail and several aie reported seriously injari d The track of the Ftorjn was about 14 mdt s v id following eastward theS aon Minm fi.tu State line. Hail stores a- lege as hen eggs fell to a depth f -i x melius, l-'lax which was a heavy .-rot, was entirely runined. Wheal a-. ' a.-, s in .hocks were SO badly daniacfd an rue. to be worth threshing Several hou-.tn were blown down and it would tak" I'nousar.dH of dollars to c.v.i the d linage to farnu as alone. viiiitli ( uroiiii i I'ulilics. i HAiii.i ST'N. S. c . Auj. .'. Then ir. oHt ii, tensely bitter politica Icampaig ever hl ! iu thi-State was concluded at Water ford today in the niidrt of ft d ren,diing -t.oiv, r of rain, and a com plete eo!lap-e o the platform, and a lot of proniii-. 'Ml !!- knock down and drng- our rt, 10 ! (0 Th.. ', pain i has 17 ;l.i-. Tin- crowd numbei,ii . i.--! Si-it - i-i gia-i thai the . am-i.v.-r Thf result is that Tillman of the ;!'0 volts e'.octe 1 to tbe convention, but the light is not yt over. Kell.,11 ( I'D l II illllil i bu reooi .1 ol ih : C.ll i-l nam in ioi.grci. , came t. l ean . 1 r ir very p';.lj'lM well calculated to lull HUKpicioii m t he mind o to wh.ii Jli t 'j,, a !.,, doing. And vi bat ba be ban emi-.u in in aled r eole i mil ncc ad vatic.,-.- i 1'dH ui b l - ei i,M 1 1 ii , f, t - . : 1 1 ln-tt-ni li-ltin .t lo f al ' h t 1 1 - OH to l-.r;, li ot pell V , )b i I il ( -Heal I. Hill Villi H l.C r-( ,' .re , the Inor-l impoi f.'i; of ' , li'led by white iiii-u W '.n author of thiH i i f-i i e' i e ;. i phletso corcerni ,i about lb: Mr. Ci eatbam lo I .'oi.ei -t y the PL. I) . etc , fn orkr d in sending a ''negro ' fir.m i h, CongrtsBional 1 i l r i t of No.t". Una. w bile the State of P.oii.'h lhe auihor trf I .e pacif i-k the position ol Judge, i- it-. -been far ffmit liin Liar. I. .. t i. ill ' W i. doe- . t , , ....; . , , Olitl.jliatcd old eronv i "beaiben" conrtuuericv i conyresaional di-irict , r lina? Why is hi? inter.- -t upon Mr. (Jheathamr Whctcr has that gentleman prforn.t i bis ti ice has iia.in-nk . ..e of phosphorus nit- tie ' -r i i- lend a. Causing t-..;n. - !ir ; I -voice to pieach to u- : e.;r . the beam set m-. lio;.. k s-i , own e i y Probably I i n like the honor of ki ml in a chief council of th,. i .,i.o, seech yon. dear nr. a--i-i .. respect. As for Mr. f.i-,- m.ai: it that he towels so fir .mo ; ble constituents that if o.:,. ... . a le.terhe fails to unswer , i i his communication in a- i uoes our wortny leginiator force. l in at it s to the votes of these very p owes bis preterit eievar.ion ! write white men. why tna. i color ? We aro informed i-.m! that a certain sum of "hoodie" propriated by the Nat It. p t campaign expenses in Cravei N, C. . and second Cong distric !imo. To whom and whore ' .' a for laitv, f lle -mt rol should this money have bet n penty Why, colored men of couth.-. 'It cannot, be urged that there are no co'ord men Ht to handle the hoodie of the (i O p If that's the case we'll krew v K, in the future. Where is If. n - r , j Douglass, of New periie. N. ( i, , man Kep. Ex. Com of Craer. c. i, . -i and many others, without placin,.- v into the hands of a few whit" ir.t;. whose allegiance to the Rep... b! ioar. party in the South is largely u u.att- r of dollars and cents Why Ji ! i ot representative use his inl! i- n . advantage of the colored ire,, party V "Pet him Ihat thmi-ri be standeth tate heed lent he fall ' is -a b indifference will inevitably lea,: di,. astrous reriilts to sono hoiiy nmbii io'. aud will lunly alienate seif -respi i tir e negroes from the "class" of men v. o have heretofore buen ' pirn '-r-d ' in the hulls of t ongr-rr!' fr.je. the '-ci '. I dietiicl of North tiarolie i Vie had the pleasure n. i i . . i i c t&tor at the Republican eoun: , or. , r tion which met at New H. ii N July 31st, 18U0 That ilu pt.-.-a , di were far less boisterous tna., u-oi i duo to the tact of the i l; niniiir. gt- Douglas, hoti d intercut the r.i'e l; i . , b bright aud brilUae: fie blunder, ho -vev r. c- : a convention. It i a II . .. absolute) CeCHSHal ) I'! . Ugislative halls .1' North man cf brond and peneirai one well versed in that law v. to make, correct and reviai. we desire in Senate and ( ),- n. bly negroes who arc able to fn n. : ai A VI!'.- i at lea.t to some vxtent the gra.ia .! en croachments of race prejdij ice i. ,.oe rights and liberties. A man i. i even speak English correct l. l.-i wants to leave hi chnrc.ii to "fa., .-i.i i.h wolves," to make laws for u to i eye i y . Away with such. One who con-tantiv uses auch expressions as "I dree r, i . seed him myself down d ... ' 1 , -lator! Whew! How will h be ..! gainsay the learned? Denioi re; ai j what kind of reply will he be p.i U t make to any virulent Speed e cr vi a, opposition to any law filled fr t. i; -' to Omega with Negrophohip ' . ; -t reply, forsooth! Hit down a'e'. a; ground peas. Then agidn, so far a.. person of intelligent e cculd d'. e. Moore was certainly nominaud evening, he receiving ?, of the (i ; v giving him a clear ar.d ind.tp... t tie. What comparison, lorsooUi. be made between the versatii. forcible logic of young Moore ai.a .tie cai. a:al in. rude, ungrammatica! clius-s ji ai-said-to-be-nominatedy No douo- ta. latter was backed by one or moie oi the men (ring-masters) who !ia -,- b tn chicanery cureej the Negro Itpub: lean ism of Craven county tor the p a-e iii teen or sixteen years, mor, oi true a;. a who willingly puff up an 'tie iai.: negro into prominent places in order t. use him as a tool for their o--:i n. ih-d-ends. 'Tiftime we learned to bo., tie party ourselves where v e ai. i:, t i . majority, and s long u i on k-t ai. ahri race of men boss you so lo; g . ,;i i ,aj suff'-r the most eicrutiiiiny th. e .cio Sic Semper Tyrannis '. .Niei- -r e be rectiliert at the billc b-.v ' ploro you for the sake of i. tn ; men, lead us right aud win-.- to. arrives for us to bear the hrtin' ... -. fight we can look back and ink.- o.,.. -e-from your actions. 'Tis tei y.-ni n. -to- . wp remain true to th" prir:";". - e -Republican party nr v. . - black regions of political tea servitude. There should re'-:..- a a. ' the fcolish bickering t ' .-.-': tt "city" throw al I such n-.a.- : : t it hereafter semi Negro.- to i . n tive halls cf the State oi N. i... ' i--lina and to the national e v. have tact, talent and ability are inspired by a determine! spirit of devotion to the w n-i-i It'll.- interests of the Negro ra- approval. Gentlemen, si quid ignosce. satis est vertjorurr Yours for the race. CrsTAYF. I! ! a- i- NORTH CAROLINA TUK I'AKTY HKl'OKTl'.l. 1 o 1. fcl'l.IT L I' ) KK Till. -I- a RAhElOll, N. C, Auguti ' stitutiou's correspondent t-.d viewed Secretary Harris, of i , Uli.-I iti-ea licau State Executive Co.-niitiie .-. gaidlng the status of vllaii:. u N Carolina. The secretary soj s ! a. p. is all to piecis and this coinl.i. : affairs exists over the nutire Sim.-, i n. administration, he decline.-, is i.tihii sible, having sub .'i dinated eve; n!ni..; to keeping Eaves in dice at. i-..;,.,-. ;,a of the western district. Ham-, say - m members of the State c,..n; m ute. u.. sured him today thut while ti .ie u. prospects for the election oi iaoa i ltepublicon, in the fifth, tie r1- i. a i.-a slight chance for the eh etita 1 .v..ii Republican of the ninth i: e- --n;i-; from 1 1 itr parlies that i:eih m- -chances in thebeconil distre ; tie -oi -.; and that tho Democrats wiil .,e. a i- tin. ers' Alliancemau ngiiiHi hiei In i a- . . nearly all the Democratic Conr i-si.-iihi candidates will be A i 1 1 o -v Ther--! wa. et l :....' ., M-alt a. . ihi- h f it-ri.-ooii . '.ao i o ' :t- ' .i ..-' tt i , -ie tad in ii i;:-'. ' ' - - ' a , gie-.nteiii ('li.'i'tli .hi .. .. : '.'-. ;,m-. traieao I l c i.-o . i-i ------ or tin N er.- ! o . ' - till i e it i . t t i. . .- i -. y. k- v i.- si ., v. - - .... , , . . should a! .in'.'-- lit .'-'. i, I. ili.'i teelhlei.'. i'. f-ii'i't't. th !:.-.! -oe- e.r the gums dl.ii r- . j . i : e i - " i it ' colic , aiel i. lie- note, r-tt..,, tor Iliir rhiea Tweuij ti v u .enir a null ie . iil j .; , .v-x.:i.''y : X-f- i . o ':: fi :n,.l I. ""!lll' '- 11 " tOYS ' ts when , ; pleasant I:: ie, iind act i ' en the Kidneys, i-. ! in c -.- tlie Bye .' ' i i i - head- . .dual ' .j. . i the i pro e 1 ac ; , j i oiiijit in iilv iKiiehcinl in its ' . t . in the moist. . ; if oii bi-lances, its . - -: tnend it i .. it the most : i sale in 50e i u ii .tding lrug li:.'.a druggist who i hand will pro c 1 -r any one who ' ' red accept any CALtrQRNifi Fib SYRUP CO. '. ' :A : i ) M L hTW YORK. H.Y CatarrH f""e 'oil Apail.e-. : iCi-a ia.. i vach noetrilfBBd ii;e .,!!. t . -.' ....i if m lrni;ete: bjr ir.a:: i ':ift..,'.H.i ,:. Kl.V BROTHERS, v ie , - e.Vwioik aerltidwly Humphreys' p. -. i '. s Se;:. ikicj, are ncUm till callynnct I er - iiaj.iti.-, , na.Hl far maigr .e.-i.-i I, w li li wucivi,bDd for over 1 .;:. pi-...i.. Ev.-ry ulnlo Bp ! i -i-" t-.r ia.tl.,ctt.e iiMrni'it. -. li ),.,.! I rlnitfi'tnu. PUTC -ii. . . 1 at., .ii ln-f Anl ' ' -''. i - .tU ini'thtiWrlA ' ' 1 1'UJCEK. ! - 'eu , mui Mil . ti.airf ef Inianta W ..i we . (i yin a .1. ! -: i. .. a,g . . ' ,'f e,-i..-" . !... i.i . Veina;.. Sl.milu'll. e,,i rel-ifidtf. iii.uli., ' -.1- V - -1 I i 1 o l I I i 1 :t I I I . 1 .i 1 f I !( '211 i I J V .M .11 IT - ..'.. Il -. I) i.i I'i ji . S a ;' I I- a .. t: i. . I . i .. i - - . ' ot it.il'-. mi. I' I,, ii. .,S,n.. I 1 I .In. :' a ::n -I'l.irn .. , -. ., L..s, l-.rinitl.'iia. h. .e -.tli la.llii . i en . Mularla . . . I'tii'i. l-liiel ,,, I'.l .S,IB t Illi. ititlu iia. , ,.l.i to !i- llfH.1 hniii:iir 4':.oi ili, Vloi.aa eottuhll. ij ' II IT.. ! ilrl.,,11 , . : ' ' 1 J -...'..I W ,'Mh,.l I'. iilnf I . i i ' NiTioli ll.-li'lll;' 1 I ri nil r v ' en i. .if'u?. '' flu; It.l. I t i mi-n i-v t.f t la - S 1 i'H rl. 1 alpltnf lou 1 t.l l.y In I..rji. ttr p. i. po-Jleulil on iwelpt eil--!---. I'. t; i-j i-iii, . . .- l it,, ai , (Hi jiiiK; rl -l.ly I- i.-iet ;.i t-ielli fte.l itoifl, lilnilll Irv. II iKiipli rev-' Y! -.t-l i:. ( o. l.m KliUeu St. X Yy Alt r.-f '.:' above trie,) icineg are for ale a. te. cmj etoies of !'. H. Daffy and R I . r-v. i tl - l utrtaet. New B.m- N f Mil' l. ViU I IS . t : 1 ! t't EASTSf : - UABOUNA B&ibte Works, ii.-. X. O. nt$Lm - an Ale. t ble and all 1 r.vi li prompt - ..iitt i.'.ion guaran- .e. . agont Rt Kins ton, - r.-pulnr trayelina; i-i - -- - atu ... i.i. . and a:eti OUR LINE OF Sferlirig Silverwaro Is the Largest and Kg.-.- Artistic ever show in this City. J'.Vc 0"er fipeii e ariwH Tomorrow. BELL THE JEWELER. xzm HATS. thvlll hi Bat ringlet. Baxter's. Ah. . ai N h i of s MP1.E HATS .e. K t.t Neckwear. : i :T i 1 ISO. SIIOKS and V Baxter's. .. i a i d t f uiiis Ink : Fluid. .jil. WORLD. -t ai i he runrkaV. ' ... t no Hi.j.erior. . v . w i i.i.uni. fw It i rne. If. C. t w enm ' ;. ft '- -i. r .. .. ! - i" - . ,' . - Ml T . t C

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