THK JOURNAL. NEW BERNE, S. C. FSB., 2 2d 1884. . CITY, AND VICINITY. . , Thursday- -S bates, 1 1 S ro 7.15. , Friday tt 9 7-8 to T.18L Satn rda j bale 7c, " .Xwo ot the inmates of '. the GoWsboro . . colored insane ayslum- becams engaged in a fight and one killed the other, t I Big Hta" and John Dunn were con . picaously adTertiaed by streamers at tached to the balloon "yesterday. We'll - warrant their-adTertiaements went higher than they erer want to go. Win. L. Kennedy of Falling Creek sold , ten months old colt in Raleigh last week "for 300.00. The sale was by auction.- v This shows how breeding good tock pay. . A.n aosen wninaea groom in Kome ua. , -. forgot that he was to be married t oe other day, he was not present. An examinat ion showed that he overslept himself. He apologized, but the father of the bride - refused .to accept him as a son-in-law, ; and the engagement was broken. - " Walter Harris, colored, of Steel Creek Mecklenburg connty, set a hen on eight -eggs and when she came off the nest she 'had a brood of ten healthy chickens. -"Two of the eggs were double and each .hatched oat twins, says the Charlotta - Newa. , .Mr. & H. Shaw, of Washington, a coo- -tnerdal traveller who is registered at the Fttlford Hons saja that it has been his . (on one to attend many a State and coun- " ty Fair but in its entirety the show at - this one is ahead of any be has ever seen, ine Attendant at our Fatr who came the farthest of any that has yet arrived so far as we know is Mr. Henry Brown, from the Indian Territory. He has been spending about a Tear there with his - brother Jacob, v " ; . Concord has jast had a census of the city taken. It shows 8,486 inhabitants; 3,848 white and 1,640 colored. In 1890 ' the population was 4,339, this makes an increase of 1,147 in three years, a good showing. . T UZ eot fitly cents worth in the first tiring t saw,tha knitting-factory, remark ed one vtor." it was the first time I had seen anything of the kind and I etood there nearly my whole time and watched the work." - The dog show is a dandy. Jim Cassidy .can trn back somersaults faster than a boy eaa turn cart wheels. He is a per lect wonder. ' Duke Teragua the gray hound, by measurement, jumped 27 feet THE WATER WORKS. Everything Moving Nicely. Tha Work Will be Resumed t Once and Ser vice soon be Given The case of Col. A. C. Delafield et als vs the Lewis Mercer Construction Com panv and the City of New Berne Water Works Company as before Judge Graves in superior court yesterd iy and Messrs. Wm. Dunn and T. A. Oreeu were ap pointed receivers for the company with authority to complete the works. The receivers will, promptly resume, have works finished and in operation furnishing water to the city anil citizens on or before the first of June. The temporary delay in the construct ion was regretted but now we have per feet assurance of good water at the time specified. Two of the best business men of the city have the work of completion in charge and there will be no furthei delay and everything will be finished in first class style as is the case with all that has been performed up to this time. This is cause of rejoicing tor all. WILLOW BASKET INDUSTRY. THE FAIR IN FULL BLAST. THE FORMAL OPENING Is Charmed dt onr Eariy Spring Growth When we took our first stroll down town Mooday morning before breakfast, one of the first parties we encountered was the genial, observant and well in formed gentleman and author, Mr. Chas. Hallock, an ever welcome visitor to oar city. Ho came in on tne steamer ense for the purpose of attending the Fair and in his early walk he was noticing with delight the forwardness of vegetation through the city. In his hand he held a twig in full bloom wheih he had plucsed !rom a plum tree, and he also spoke of having sen peach blooms open also, while willows were green and maples in bud sufficient to show foliage and give shade in a grove, while there were violets by the million and hyacinths, bridal wreaths, orange, jessamine, snow drops, Japan qiunce, &c, were all getting bun daot and n3es were putting forth. He noticed two bushes of the litter (pink ones) in the yard of &r. Edwird Gerock that were in good bloom. "And all this" said Mr. Hallock "on the 19th of Feb ruary I Many a visitor to oar Pair will take similar notice of pleasing features that pertain to this city and locality and the notice thus attracted will cause many a one to seek a home in this delightful place. Superior Court. The case of the State vs. Wm. Hume phrey col., charged with killing Dav Mackey, col., for illicit intimacy with his wife took the whole ot yesterday. J. E. O'Hara, col and R. W. William I True Basket Willow (Silex Pur purea) Introduced for Cultivat ion and Running a Basket Factory. Monday witnessed the initiative ex perimental step towards the establishment of an industry new to this section w hich may, in the near future, add another im portant feature to our products it is in tended to be a willow farm and willow basket factory combined. Mr. Chas. Hallock is the prime mover in the scheme. Yesterday he set out an acre of Judge Uenry R. Bryan's farm across Trent river opposite New Berne in the true basket willow. By the fall these plants will furnish as many cuttings as are wanted to set out an indetienite num ber ofacrts and if everything moves aright lor its development, as we consid er it almost certain to do, the industry can be in full blast nex' year. These baskets are in : i .icuiand and Germany furnishes toe greater por tion of what are used m the Lint' 1 Mates. $5,000,000 worth of m-it.-i are annually imported from that country. Now we will see if some of the money seut across the ocean for the baskets can not le turned to North Carolina and to New Berne. The farm is located close by "James City" which gained such notoriety last spring, and the making of the baskets v ill furnish work to its large colored col ony, well adapted to their abilities, and which from its nature can be performed either at their homes or at the workshops of the company. LARGEST ATTENDANCE 0E ANY TUESDAY IN HISTORY. The Very iVettiest of Weather and Everything Moving Nicely. The Seven'li Annual Exhibition of the East Carolmi Fish, Oy?tcr, Game and Industrial Association is no if in progress ami the promise to eclipse GOV. GARR MAKES AND PRACTICAL ON EAST CAROLINA RESOLRi GOLD WAVES! omriKiruLs the Un livrk timi of all Arouibl an Warmly Ah e v e r V ithe THE PARADE. and In the same jump went over obstacles I col. , defended the accused. Solicitor higher than a man can reach. Prof. I White col., was the only prosecuting "Bhedman says he can jump SO feet in I attorney. length and fourteen in height. I Judge Graves in bis charge carefully oe President Cleveland has jumped from I viewed the testimoney and explicitly Ntw York to Louisiana ia making his I defined the distinctions between murder nomination for Associate Justice of thilJuthe first and second degrees, man slaughter and justifiable homicide. The jury were not out very long before they came back with a verdict of manslaugh ter. Humphrey was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary. State va. Chancy Goro. Larceny of col. Terdict, United States Supreme Court. It fell up on Senator Edward Duulis Wbii..( who was immediately confirmed by the Senate, -and appears to have given general satis Action. 5 The ooitb and noth west are havins it from SO to 28 degrees below zero. Quite PP01 ,rom E E- Move " difference in Eastern North Carolina Pot SmJ- temperature. . .'It has been below The case on the civil docket of Wein fmzinr in "Nrw TUwi hut t-J irn-nT man, Hirshman, & Co. vs W. H. Cohen the entire winter and those were onlv I Verdict for plaintiff. pella of tjro or three day deration. 'rVe bear of the death of Riley Murray, iqn cf Lake Landing, Hyde county, at the advanced age of 93. Ha was the ine una case ot liable vs Kowe was continued yesterday. The jury answered all the issues in favor of the defendant. Court ended its labors for the term Sat urdav at noon. The onlv business transacted of interest to the public was the pronouncing of two sentences. Unauncey Gore con vie tea ot receiving stolen goods knowing them to be stolen was sentenced to 8 months in the county lather of Dr. Murray and was probably the eldest ooaa in the county. He was a prominent man, a good and an exlemaive grower of fruit. Prof. Shed roan's deg show is a fine thine of i J kind. The Bobbins show I jail with leave to tbe commissioners to OB the opposite side ot the ' main walk I hire out at onee. grves a-big tea cent's worth, Galtesand I Jane wnitneld, col, convicted ot as ether' mvsteries attract at tbe rear of I sanlt and battery was sentenced to 60 the grounds and Sherry's Working World I days in jail with leave 'o hire out. deliffhts ' vounif and old at the Fair .grounds. The Charlotte News says: "In very -short time, certainly within the year, the Second Presbyterian church will be out f debt. The amount owed by this ' church is about 23.000, and it is said that the debt has , been deceased within the last week, by four f'tue member Incendiary Fire Mrs Mary Dewey's barn near Maple Cypress was burned Saturday night. E. S. Hart was charged with setting the fire, and upon preliminary examination before James A. Gorden. J. P., was committed to jail to await the action of Superior Court, but while being brought to New Berne to be locked ud he escaDed t.t;n. An AAA I . . vvvvv. v. I A Hundred barrels of corn, a wagon -An exchange says that owing to the na agricultural implements werefaestroy teadv decline in the srics af tobacco for i ed. Decides 'the buildine. There was no several years this crop has been abandon- I insurance. dlby many of tbe farmers in the West This city was, until a few years ago, Mrs rn counties. A circular was recently is I Dewey s home and her friends will not sued, distributed and posted in Madison I only, sympathize with her but join in the ouny, threatening , violence to any one I wish that Lbe incendiary may be caught, who prepared for another erop or even I convicted and duly punished homed abed. I tfulldlng I p. xiieuoneora suaaara says tnat tnei Lewis Washington, col., of Kinston depredation in tbe price of real estate in I na8 -JQat finished moving the houses from Aioeaaane is aiarroing ine I. Daun- Johnson to Graves street on which he ders lot adjoining tbe public square sold has been at work, and new residences of lor just before tne railroad reached Messrs.CX.and J.B.Ives will soon occupy jupemane ana is assessed for taxes now 1 1,.;. M .if. Lewis will remain in the city at work several weeks longer. He will next move tbe house at tbe point formed by the junction of Middle and Graves street to another part of the lot it is on, and Mr. MUttm Hollowell, the owner.wlll soon building where it now at IMS0, and yet it was s .ld last Mon- day lor $515. . xne aaelDy Aurora tells nt a grave d wecrutioe. It says that the jrravs of Cynthia Reeves, a white womsn, i farokea ito by some wtctred person. A 'mall aperture was made in the cofiin lid, I erect another and her dorea and ftnsrrr rinra and a I stands. small part of ber clothing were removed. She was buried about three years ago in th old Taylor graveyard, two ii'iles N. JS. of Shelby. When she died she ssked for ber rings to be buried with ber, and to secure theae was the object of grave desecratioa. Thus we are going forward all the time.. New buildings are the order of theday in every part of the city. Off For Govern meat Work 8X Beaufort men passed through Mon- stt exhibit A Thousand Dollar ''Welcome." " Welcom e, Gov. Carr." This beautiful ign the words tbe circle surrounding them and the scroll ornamentation were all fSVmed of pure gold nuggets in ths day en route to work on tbe break-water at sea, being constructed at Point Judas, between Black Island and Long Island sound by the Government to affo-d a safe harbor for vessels from the Atlantic Ocean. -They state, as to the magnitude ot the I Tuesday's Races. The total value of tboso Used in it was uearly a thousand dollars. Messrs. Bruner, Srimly aud Green deserve credit for the taste displaved in the design and formation. A Fine Success In Every Particular. The parade progamrue was well carried out under Chief Marshal Willis. The splendid procession formed at the corner ol Broad and Middle streets. It was eomposed of the city and visit ing police, bicyclists, the Stur bund, thp Naval Reserves acting as escort to the Governor, the carriage containing Gov. Carr and companions, Mayor Ellis and citv officials, and citizens in carriages, the New Berne Fire Department with tneir engines aod apparatus all beautifully decorated, the pony brigade, the dog show, with the marshals in cjarge of each and Big I':c' display, making it a processions four blocks long. They paraded the route planned and roache.l the Fair at the appointed time something not often done by parades and then the ceremonies followed. Up In a Balloon. And tremendously high up at that was a sight which Fair visitorssa- Ttiesdiy afternoon. The aseension came off between three and 4 o'clock. The day was fine for it and as gooda one was never known here be fore. The balloon used was 82 teet u height Mrs. De Veau's parachut 32 feet, the clog's 14, and the traps added enough more to make the total height of balloon an 1 ;it tachmeuts us thev left the ground, 134 feeu When a high altitude was reached the parachute holding the dog, JJai9y was dropped, it eacuc down just bevond of MPavietown." Miss Devea-u kept on until a height of six or seven thousand ieet v;i3 reaehetl. until she looked small as a bird in the sky and then she started for the grouud The parachute opened quickly, the descent was gradual taking nearly two minutes and the brave navigator of the upper regions reached terra firma just back of the poor house. We have not found a single person that claims to have ever seen as good an ascension and one whom we heard pass ing his opinion upon it said he seen a hundred. Tbe ascension today will take place about tbe same hour. The grand balloon feature of the Fair the night ascension is fixed to take place at 8 o'clock tonigh . Aa tue balloon goes up a piece ot nre work shown at the World's Fair on the Fourth of July will le fired. It repre sents the urfurling of an'American flag. And, as Miss Deveau, takes ber leap through space the parachute will be il luminated all around its edges, present ing a scene long to be remembered. work, that it has been going on for about fifteen years and is expected to last six years lotger. Messrs. -Mirk Maaon.Geo. t ron. Dave Mason, Alex Mason and Robert Lewis, were members of the party. xsir flow. The cyclists, under tbe command of Capt. W. T. Hill, made a splendid show ing ia tbe parade. The parado was pronounced by many to have beea tbe best and most orderly ever bad at any Fair. The Sta e exhibit is a good study to those interested in the gems and mineral resources of North Carolina. ' Col. Julian S. Carr, of Durham lame makes amagnificent exhibit of his v.-iri oua brands of tobacco The ferris wheel ia profafKtnced a fine representation of tbe great World's Fair. Revolver. Pattie Mine won the first trotting race for a parse of $200. Time 2:i9. I la May was second and Ananiar tliiird. Bias won the running rice. Castile was second. G. A. B. won the second trotting race. Mamie Wells was second. The races were spirited. Thoso today will be fine also. Buckingham's' Dye fbr-the whiskers caa he applied when at borne, and is uni formly saeceasTat is coloring a brown or black. Hence its great popularity. The Convicts Gone- Deputy sheriff J. D. LaRoque took up two colored convicts to tbe penitentiary yesterday. They were Henrv Hudson and Wm. Humpnrey. The former is put in for sie year f r wool-stealing and the lat ter two years for man slaughter. An otedience to the simple laws ot h y gienoe x-d the use of Ayer s SarsapariMa will enable tbe most delrcate man or sick ly woman to pass in ease aon safety frmn tbe icy atmosphere of February to the moist days of April. It is the best of spring medicines. Coming and Going. Miss Addie Cox, of Or.slow county, is visiting Miss Etta Nunn. Air. vv . ti. (jasKins, ol Aurora, lias ar rived to attend ihe Fair. He has some fini poultry on exhibition which he sent up last week. Mr. Eugene Poazalt, of Greensboro, was one of the arrivals Mondav night. He comes not only to visit the Fair but to making arrangements for putting up a good tailoring establishment here that being his calling and moving to the city. Mr. W. T. Hampton, the Wilmington Mes3enger Representative at the Fair ar rived last night. We are pleased to have him with us. Dr. Oscar Gibbs ot Mid dleton, Hyde county and Mr. Clayton are at Mr. J. M. Hines. Miss Jennie Canady of Durham is visiting Mrs Phil Thomas. Miss Anna Parker of Rocky Mount, and Miss Ida Wiggins of Wilson, passed through last night to visit at Mr. T. H. Mallison's below New Berne ami to at tend the Fair. Mr. M. E. McCowan came down with Col. J. S. Carr's stock exhibit Mr. E. S. Waters ot Pciiitego aud his niece, Miss Delia Hodges are at Mr. G. H. Waters. Mr. Hamilton Disosway, a druggist of New York city, but the same oM "Goodv Disosway' of firmer davs. arrived to visit the Fair and to spend a few weeks with his relatives. Mrs. P. Nunn of Lenoir county, moth er oi -: r. II. S. Nunn, the late editor of this paper, arrived to visit Mrs. Xanev Nu'i i. Miss Sa lie flollisttr, returned from Pittsboro where she has been visiting Mrs. Henry Adolphus L union, Jr. Mrs. London also came down with her little neice, Miss Mary Northcutt Broa.lloot to j visit hor father Juda- Henry H. Bryan. ; Mrs. W. S. Willard arrived by the ! Wilmington taain to visit her father, Mr. W. H. Oliver and V attend the Fair. Also Mrs. Hannah linske from Fayette ville to visit her father, Mr. W. II. Oliver. Mrs. Huske I. rings her two children. Dr. J. H. Benton returned from New ton Groves where he has been visit ing. Mr. an I Mrs Sam Eason, of Golds boro accompanied him home on a visit. exhibition i bring verified. Every drpuitineiit is interesting, nnd some filled to ovl r flow ing. The State's exhibit tills nearly one whole ro mi the spaue used by the A. Co. in Piano and Or gan Company is all in the ro un is devoted to anything else. The exhibit is a higlilv instructive one, especially to any oue w ho wishes to learn of the re sources of our glorious State. It cannot fail to please al The Floral Department is filled, as full as it will hold, with the beauties of "Flo ra's Kingdom;'' a single exhiliititor shows eighteen varieties of ferns and a total of a hundred ami fifty varieties of blooming and ornamental plants. The Agricultural Department never showed better than at pesent. The two room and passage devoted to it are well tilled an i uie. ti condensed, and, to out sideis, a marvellous cxpositiou of our agricultural products as brought from field, garden, barn aud smoke-house. The Game Department is not as largely rilled as we have seen it, but a variety and some rare specimens are shown. The putting in of the greater part ofJ the fWi display was postponed until this morning. Look out for it today. The machinery Hull is, as usual, a place in which great interest centers machinery ii motion will take the at tention, and here may be seen all the op perations of a knitting factory, a printing office i tinning, getting out "The Fair Observer" published daily through tha Fair, etc. Mr J. S. Carr'smoving factory is unique and will be remembered. Out side of the building, quantities of improv ed Farm machinery are seen, an examina tion of which will well repay all tellers of the soil. A large amount ol good stock of all kinds is shown and the improvement qf cutting away the upper half of each stable door makes it so that it can be more easily viewed than ever before Lovers of dog? can here be gratified at seeing the different breeds on exhibition aud the small pet animals ate abundant and interesting in the extreme And the poultry ! Every one who views it is lost in admiration. As fine specimens of every breed as caD be imagined an.l so large a supply that .he coops would not tiokl all. I uere are numerous priva'e coops on the ground anil all are filled. There are all the attractions and amuse merits that arc wanted and of a good and pleasing character. It is a grand exhibition which no oue should miss. All bona-fide representatives of the Press are requested to make themselves known to the officers of the Fair for cour tesies A special reception room is set apart in the basement of the main building for members of Kuights of the Quill to which they are invited to make themselves at home. Also in the lan guage of the old-time "tar heel" custom, we would remind that the latch string at The Journal office hangs on the outside. Tuesday was a grand day for the East Carolina Fair. The programme was carried out in every particular and in a very creditable manner. The paratle, the firt event of the day was all that coulU be expected, the speech of Gov. Carr, delighted all, the racing was excellent, the balloon ascen sion was uever equalled arouud here, the trotting dog was a pleasing novelty, tli2 shows are better than usual, and the ex hibits, as we outlined yesterday, are of an exceptionally high order diversified abundant, many of them along new lines; and all the vast uumber ot people at tending found plenty to keep them busy at sight seeing and enjoying themselves from early morn until the closing hour at uight both oi the grounds and in the buildings. The only trouble was to keep up with all that going on. In other words, Tuesday, not generally regarded as a big day was one it was more like Wednesday generally is, a cene of activity both at the grounds and on the streets. Each regular and special train and the steamers uelped sensibly to swell the crowd. The Fair officials say the at tendance cau safely be put at 3,000 the general eitimate is somewhat higher. Superiority reigns characteristic of the Fair in general, and the States exhibit is not only of a high class but much of it is entirely new to many eastern peo ple. The State has made a wise move in bringing the knowledge of its interior and western resources home to the peo ple ot the east, who are comparative strangers to the mining and quarrying industries of our great commonwealth. Not only does this exhibit bring it to the attention of our own people but to many visitors Irom beyond the borders ot the State who would be reached in no other way. We are glad as Caroliuians that the exhibit is here. A bout noon t,'len I i v I h ing ol th ' E ist Carolina F i Rev. J. T. Lvon, cluplaii i nvoked t lie di vino I 'leMii; was done and Mr. I '. II. IV of ceremonies, in fitting 1 i duccd the distinguished then delivered the address, tion of whicn we publish closing it with annouiicin for all. In man an ojeasioii kind, the interest of the pe in what is to be seen t h it finds it difficult to hold his on an ordinary occasions, but had no such experience. was pointed, sensible, instiuctiv and all around listened with i tention and at its close there wa ot people to congratulate nun an thr, crowd, dct pursed each to view was to be seen ami the more can. examine what pleased him most. OV. CARR SAID. It attorua me today thj greatc-t p! ure to see hero this truly magniii' display of fish , oysters, game and a cultural products of every de -r another evidence, of North (.'u progress and industry. The two former ptoducts if I in iy term them, have always been of sing interest to me, not only their pre -eat dition but their past hi-tory. It would be a dullard in. would quession the propriety of to the ovster a high place in the our resources. I have good reason to believe that more favorable spot exists anywhere f the prosecution of this comparatively new industry and the assertion is by no means the reckless speculation of an idle fancy. Our opportunities lor oyster cultivation are simply unparallellcd. In many coun ties sea bottoms, or rather the bottoms of the shallow waters, have been put unde cultivation. The same amount of labor applied to our own would annually pro duce more oysters than have been taken along our whole shores for the past 2 years. We have indeed a gieat future before us in this respect, but it is with this, as wit'.: every industry in the world, it can only be developed by the exercise of gooc udgment thrift andipatience. But while nature lias been liberal in the matter ot the oyster she has been prodigal in fhe supply of every species of fish, which fairly swarm in the waters of the State. Everywhere you have then in countless millions. Indeed 1 know not ot another witnin the limns ol orth Carolina where nature has been more bounteous. where the people have been quic kei' to take advantage of it, and where they rely more upon statistics than right here in New Berne. . . I must express my astonishment at the mass of the literally figured statements of your p-ogrcss ten dered me by your people. These table speak eloquently. j hllnl Items of v( .. i 1- i: ;!vi;;;, iTjWi x ,;, vvx 111 " I V moam ..; t ir l-akua. -lilt I Uf I I Iambi. : - ..l:'r-- l;i,,ii,Wl,t,r,i ,vt()illi, HfM.;(!tI ifiip ' IV ,, 1 1,. ' Royal I'aki-.o i-,,,vi,r.n c, mi; u'-n v'-n I ' 1 lfl a go.l p.,r- " : "' ., i. -p, ,. I I til.- Unci, in.- - . . pi, ,,... ''' ( ;IN I'l Mi Al OI!i; t WILL HAVE NO t!,e -,.( ,ker 'ilV Gv. Carr !'ill,si 1 " !i-'if d i'iam.s utid Orirans ' ti t C flic a-Miv I.'cr ,i; ;t .y, :.-i-H r,tir - Inter. j e-din, lacs. FOR ......... t - i ...... -a - YOU IF Lie 1 1 i ; ; i fts- h n w m n m m s mm i ulmtn.-,d,. I,,n,-,;f , ,, ', village. T' " YUU WILL luiiv ! '' '-'hi;. ; . u ,ii v in the i ! 1'" .crrit I.c h -Mi (validly ! I "ikc.l. X.i !:.. .! . p ;-,m ai n,:lv I IIKTt Cil: til! V.-i! ;-. 11, d" llli ,f l.i. 1 - 'n I WiiL. Can..:. ; ic-.i-- w l.i -I, ha'-! : I nvr I .-..n -done nnd unukled. rrv l. ' Try 4. ULl?sSOX CO - 1 ' - "m-..f nvdc That is Keot m a S2 I "';'!' 1 1:; Eli'-' ; "! the ri. li nu n n,-i,,;.;..d,;-,,i.;g waile everything is . lid th- eaoita';i-t a'c! the 1 ibor.-r Iciv, ! Iced who I I,.,.:, i ,, i. ;. r. ;. 1 I 'v,n" ''"or in .in- ve ,i- he -oM ",', rl)r ih, laA M ass si am ist of i. ....... i imr fi ii year- lir,s v.j;i;t d.icct u iili t he manu l;u - UU 11118 Hi turer - '.bus ,sa ing the cost ol the middle i w WST wllaill J on .., i.. t- .:. .- i.; , T-. i 111 oi i i'e j.i "in 'i m i i.-iouier. r our i -., r ,,-.., .1 i v n W m r. w w I ol a the tra' in!'-)-,.-!- mi the section of "WITH eouritiy 1 c: e J p-.ut . and now is general i man i".i'. 'iiirll, nl' :i I'miijuinv which i. a p..wfif.i! th-.-.. whirl) Ih-'.hicc rep- ""ST . A CtGI I i'ts'ii',,-1 ;'ie A. Coim 1'iano and Organ V-LJ lur , C'o.rnar.v Ti..- n-,-s,,,,rt f il.h ,,,n;. I' ' I - " - 1 "i ': ' li'hg.on. iii.o j j a''1 i! i " ,;i ' f ::u. '; a.ifort County I CO I LuildcnA H, eiVianv. Mr. Vmter- UltUUailUMl, ULU UVVUQ, ii-idge in, lii ! t -fu-,. !-(,;, Mr. ,his CO W greatot rivu. hr.,,14 -.Id liiindied- ol O g O II liianos and',-. T'-ihiT the two . Tontlfllltlll have ,:, ,,v. r one t honsi ml QQ ' or.'ans and over tincc hundred nianns I l renrescntiii' about, one nnd tilr thousand dollars v. ort'n of business. With C3 I the strongoppn.-iii m which My. Colin has i 1 1 it times contended, it must be that 1 1 perforce ot merit. 1'. I I i a s sold good I cs an 1 to-!;iv there are I iruthlully ay that Mr. H aifl Wa,Tf. THE A. COHN Jrgan and Piano Co. Im i, is), for tlic pur. iy best niukii of I'l- Wu.s oifjanicil in Oct poso ol Buniilvini' the v "li?,s,an1 Orsrans to the public i ins new nriii has warc-ioonm in Wafdina. to,, a, NCW jtcnu. N. c.,t, , he convenient ol tlioir iiati oim ot Kast, i n N.r n n... ' I'ianns an.l o,,,,,, ln nearly f ,,l n. r ' "m" ''!lst "' ""' W- w-Halli-oa.1 anil are in dailv oirn-si .h,,.,,,. ntlli,. ,- 1...U . " ' ' ' ' v I"-. 'I'l.- Ol 111 ...i. urn ffn in pcricct .inality ami price wo lian.llo none hnt rcliahlo stanrlaril makes ot the ihohI ino.h-rn Htyl-s, and sell to he public .hrcet Iron, the prfi.olpal iactorlos tlnm enabling ii to give the niirchauir f.h . i tion, an.l sat iHtaction in ry lowest and liest lArma r "'".'corrcniijir the justly celebrated MEU. I.IN I'lanoH, which received tl... l,i.o,..u. i.... ixmarkable tor ill comes; the Mehlin ie demonstrated to a per prci ud ies and more ..r Their Manufacture Arranged For. Dr. G. K. Bagby who has been awnv for a few weeks making arraiiLrenients for the introduction qf his dental articulation cup is back to lcaiain having been en tirely successful in hi-; effort. The cups will be m icnl ictured and put on the market S -Vhite & Co proprietors oftiie '. J -' d e.i.ll i list I U lieilt lC:ili- lishe.l in tin- WeiM. They pay a v.-rv handsome royalty 'or the privilege. They have also taken in hand another invcn lion ol Dr. Bagby 's icrtaining to this profession. The tirm is highly pleased and the doctor is thoroughlv thev will soon be in gelJL,j;l hope his interest in the sales him in a handsome income. with both convinced, use. We will brine; There are doubtless som among you who do not realize that last year 10,00i) barrels of clams valued at $20,000 and $300,000 worth offish were shipped from this section to all pai ts of this country and that more than 2,000 people arc em ployed at remunative wages in this great work, and that in 1892, half a million bushels ot oysters were caught aud shipped and canned, employing at that time thousands of men which industry we hope to see revived in the near future. Not only has the sea furnished you in tbundance all its treasures, but the soil itself is no less beneficent as witness here the'magniflcent display of everything that can be grjwn in garden or field. How many of us realize the amount of capital and energy expended in the rais ing and shipping in one year of 120,000 barrels of potatoes and 150,000 packages of other truck (yet this is what Xew Berne lias done under your very eves i or the radical changes that your numerous lumber mills have produced in the topo graphy of the country within the last ten years 100.000,000 feet of undressed lum ber, I understand, is not an eviggera'cd estimate tor their output, atne. I by comparison I am ciedibly informed that 40,000,000 pounds of tobacco were marketed in the city of Danville, Va., last year valued at $3.15 per hundred and making a total valuation of $8,275, 000 as compared with $3,280,000, the value ot truck and other products shipped from this post alone. I might add more but it seems to mt useless. I have on more than one occassion heard it stated that the soil around New Berne would produce annually three or four crops of truck that it was the garden spot of the country. . , The only advantage this immediate section has over almost the entire section of Eastern North Carolina in quick transportation and competing rates. There are him dreds of thousands of acres just as fertile. just as suitable for truck only waiting capital and intelligent cultivation to pro duce like results. Eastern North Caro Una seems to be more eligiby situated lor a great national truck garden than iny qther section with which I am ac quainted, beiag in near proxitv .n.-t to exceed 20 hours.) of an urbau population of six millions of people whose demands lor these necessities formerly called luxu ries are increasiug iu a far greater .atio than their population. 1 am constrained to believe that the zenith of your prosperity has not yet been reaehed. Nature will surely continue to do for you in the future as much as has done in the past, and that your citizens should tail in their responsibilities is scarcely to tie conceived since their ability to look after their own affairs to improve every opportunity attor.le i them, their thrift, energy and honest v ..; purpose and above all their deb rinina ti .n and perseverance in the glorious prin ciples of self-government have been de monstrated in every page o! history. Two Deai lis. News reaches u? of the deal same day at Aurora of two la d Taylor Hooker, and Mrs Hob. i ; of Mr. Chas. n.,bK1ts who died months ag... Mrs Roberts w.- times contend.1 has succeeded oniv Indecd, this is ti tie. Ik goods at fair pri. 'in men who can as ever meiits upon t hen Toil ay his .j,,,,, rue merit, t i i s piano. It can In son ol ordinary prciudi less intelligence that in every point where in a piano's merit re-Is the Mehlin is with the best. Every improvement which add- to the perfection of a piano is con ' 1 in the Meli I in. w hile its con-t ruct ion "1 the I---. I:- to,..-, coiiti action aud ensemble i- in tiuth equal to, if not superior to some old makes thut sell for v. ice the amount charged for the Mehlin, and were :t not that piople, as a rule, remember with favor only these make? known to the world in their youth, the Meiili i would be considered by the world as having no possible equal. At the fair the company will have m the'r exhibit a baby grand Mehlin. Ar tists wjo ate competent critics will be charmed w'th this im-trunient. He a!,-o handles the Xewby & Evans, a standard instrument, and Peek & Son's and Smith ,rv Barnes celebrated Pianos. It. Mr. Albert Favorite, of Arkansas City, Kin,. wi-he- to give our read ers the benefit of his experience with Colds -'He say: '! contracted a cola last spring that settled oa my luigs, and had hardly recovered froai it when ( caught another that hung en all summer aud left me with a hack ing cough which I thought I never would get rid of. I had used Chamber lain's Cough Rome.iv some fourteen yearn ago with much success, and con c'uded to try it again. VVhen I had got through with one bottle my couh had left rue, and 1 h ive not suffered with a coujLi or e ld .-ince. I hare recommended it to others, and all peak welik of it '' -c) cent bottles for ale by J V. Jordan. '.Many gather w hat others will scatter." PnovKitn. Do no; scatter your money for things that arc of no worth. There is no economy in buying tha Cheapest Clothes, they are shody and will do no service. When you get ready to buy Clothing, Hats or Shoes come where reliability is considered of the utmost importance. Justin a new lot of Stacy Adams & Co's Shoos in lace and Congress. Seo our Common Sense ones in wide toes at $.'3.00, the best Shoes in the market for the price. J. SI. HOWARD. QUALITY UNSURPASSED And Constantly Sup plied With Fresh Arrivals. Examine our Green Sprayer Irish Potatoes, i ! t u r a Paris For and Impli- iy Lin 5 -s oi h ami oohl Modal at the World's Fair for ...... , ..iiim(. ami rapid notion. wa0v t,,e. ''hible NEWHY anil f-VANr, I'liino which Mr. A. Coim haa l.eon Hi-iiii.iK to he public with most MiitiHlactory i-eHiilts tor the past ten years. Wcah.ikc.'i.jN Hto.-K i!. ivck and Son Opera I union which in alBo a nph-n.11.1 instru ment, an.l can order tor you thr Itrnuniular I lano, strictly first .,-iuss or unv other pianos allow mi ni i.uic.l. We also 1, an. lie the NHKDIIAM Orirftn wh eh isonc ,,t tin- oldest . slal.lished orjfan lactones in Aniei ici .....I ,.in ' tn handle; other standard 'makes. We tliank you i,,r ,ali..naKe and HO. licit your turthei-or, lei-s tor ohmos ami o-- Kiins, winch will receive prompt nttcntio and HiitiMinctioiifrmmuiUicd. Call and exam, ino our Koo,ls at our wan-moms on Middle street, New ltrrne N. C, and Main St. Wash nifrton, N. ( . A. cOH J'lANO A ORGAN CO. Would thank von to .,,.,0,.. i.o.i. the hast ( arolina Kali- to 1)0 hold ln Nr ix-rne, rehnmry, lffth to -24th inclusive. NUNN & McSORLEY TENNY'S CO 1 A Fresh L,ot Just Received, Call and get a Package. TAFFY. Made fresh every day. Nunn & McSorley. F. JARVIS. LARGE STOCK OF Ladies Dress Hardware, &c,,&c, &c. FROM ONE OF THE Largest, Cheapest, and BEST otocks tnat was ever brought to this City. Complete and FULL IN EVERY DEPAR;T ME NT JOHN DUNN, No. 55 & 57 Pollock St E. H. & J. A. MEADOWS CO Manufacturehs qf. Mu ows' Special Gknns KOR A.LL CROPS. ladv. Thr, Mi dim Profitable rigs Mr. J. R. Ti llery informs us that his In-other, Mr. II. L. Tillery, has killed this season 100 lings that averaged 150 chr sti nn ber. Mrs Sal lie Tlio'iipsoii. S:ie '.v:e- -.! years of age and leave live eh; I l.u died happily and perlectlv resiynei t'louted and sang only a few minute-; fore her death. Ten Pennsjl vanians for the ev .Mill. Ten Pennsylvanians from Maueh Chunk Pennsylvania arrived hy the stiaiinT. Neuse yesterday. They will all be employed at the new The ad uiial.le .rticle of Mr. Chas. Hull ek on "Xew Berne, in Bloom" is be fore U9 in the lust issue of The Southern States, Baltimore Md. We intend to publish it in full in another issue. pounds each. Some of them were small pigs last March and have never been fed on corn, were raised in the clover fields and wheat pasture! and fattened on pea- J 3;'w mi'l of the pine lumber fu nuts in the tiields. At ten months old now nearly finished, s.nd which is t im.iih- 01 ineiii weiLtiien iu This bears out Mr Andrews' state ments to which we referred editorially last week that meat can be raised for 2 cents a pound. Scotland Xeck Democrat. j merits on the S1- iTsuJ, F-S'- 'MuU OS. 00' iljffP ' H"th Tin ft -i'' M)AIM BlUNDS: 1. she i'tJcx. .. 'v'L.'.' "' .. tVlHS I i " '' Cotton & & i sz 1 tin ljuano. 3 : Meadows' Q, eat Labors WE STILL Adhere strongly to our Proposition, To Refund Money at all times when (roods are not' as REPRESENTED. Yours Truly, Hackburn & Willett. 47 & 49 POLLOCK 8T. Wm. H. OLIVER, Life, Fire, Marine, Accident, Fidelity, Steam Boiler Insurance, NEWBERN, N. C Amxnonia- Guano. LINEN STORE. -1 to lutei-t 20,000 feet daily capacitv a connection with the "Scheelky mills'' on which the company cured a lease until the beginning next centurv. ete v . have e run in Pianine 1; t:.i; n i. ( K I. ( KS WITH i i:ti;i:-, iili.e .le-'-.i-. and iiew elT'e; .'1.:.. in iee rani;- linportei-and dealers in Meadows' Extra Early Peas, Kainit, Acid Phosphate and Agrlcultuoal Chemicals. i liell! the H.-, ';e!i Si 11 . WM. S. KINSKY i.SS FiftU Ave., Nun- Vork. loreii I.ii suitable y ics, Sets. 1 & CO. ens for tTruckers supplies a specialty. E. II. MEADOWS, Pres't. J. A. MEADOWS, Sec'y. & Treas. vrorks Neuse River. Uffice Union Point. ELEGANT DISPLAY IN CARPETS Mattings & Oil Cloth. LADIES' Misses' & Children's CUSTOM MADE New Line of Ladies' Dress Goods Just Received for the early v Spring trade. J. Suter IN THE Gaston House With the Best Selected Stock of furniture in Easte. u North Caro lina. I thank the Public for pwst fa-: vors and hop3 for a continuance of the same at my new store and also at my same old stand. Everything at Itock Bottom . Prices. J. HUTEK. S. R. STREET, GENERAL IttSURAUCE AND KEAL ESTATE AGENT. REAL ESTATE BOUGHT AND SOLD. Collector of Rents a specialty. 9 SOUTH FRONT STREET New Berne, N. C. DON'T DON'T DON'T Let your child cot his teeth en a plated spooD. I atn selling Gorham Company's Solid Sterling SILVER SPOONS For $4.00 per Set. I have a few QtV left at lOots. each. 3?ins higher. 3?ins $1 50 and Those little Silver Spoons at 75ots are not EF Come and see me. Souvenir high. A Number of Time-Tried and Fire-Tested Companies Represent ed. Over $125,000,000 assets repre sented. NQIORARY PUBLIC. Commissioner of Deeds for New York, Connecticut and Pensyl vania. EFAgent National Board Ma rine Underwriters. EATON, The Jeweler. 97iMiddIe 8t. Opp. Baptist Church. THE WEEKLY COURIER-JOURNAL Is a ten-page eight column Demo cratic Newspaper. It contains the best of everything going. HENRY WATTERSON is the Editor. Price $1.00 a Year. The Weekly OourW-Journa! makes very liberal terms to agents and gives free premiums for clubs. Sample copies of the paper and four-page Premium Supplement sent free to any address. Writ to COURIER-JOURNAL CO., Louisville, Kv. THE New Berne Weekly Journal And the COURIER JOURNAL will be sent one year to any ad dress for $1.75. Address, JOURNAL, New Berne, N. O

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