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Thin at tlw best paring nnntaesa that Ton have aver aad toe chance to secure. Yob will make a rave aaHtake a jo (ail to girt it a r-taj at once. 1 1 a giaep the altuatioa, and act quickly, you rill direetif and jo orself in a moat prosperous 'inn . at wkeeb voa can aui-ely make ana save arge aauaa of a nay. The resn'lu of only a few ynV work win eflea equal a week's wajre. teaetlaeryoa are old or yoaog, man or wotla. It au4a na dtaenace, do m we tell you, and sno ecea wiir meat too at the very Mart. Neither arparnanna or capital aecessary . Those who work for a are rewarded. Why not write to-day tot tail pnirars, free K. C ALLEN & CO., . no. duuHa, iaxot Cil lothine js warranted the Best in the World! Is more Waterproof, ' Is Stronger, and will Wear Lonqei thin tnj other goods manufactured. Ank far tJMMFISH BRAND;" take na 6a A.ZIHCm 4 CO. 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Box 880, PORTLAND, MAINE. rvi fc'O nrsK CO.. ST.LOUIS.MO Our Mammoth CaU .ogne of Bask Coorraaa, D ns, and other Omen FuBJcrruaa foi leta now ready. New Goods. New Styles t Deaks, Table. Chairs, Book Cases, Cabi aig Ac-. Ar- and at matchless prices, sat abovw indicated. Onr goods are well- bjseen aad noldr-eeiy a ever wsutrj peaks English CatalQ es f ree. Postage ljq I ters-v:y 1?A"JmI yCyrfcfcwrfiis tie r JaftflTllii lip 04022 3 3 JT EASIEST TO USE. F 4 C a a THE CHEAP-ST. R DESPERATE FIGHTING. The Bulldog Comrage of Plncky Union OOtcer. Strip almost any pallant or hertic act, performed at sea, at a fire, or at the cannon's mouth on the battlefield, of the circumstances of performance, and the picture will look tame and commonplace; and then if the same performance is clad and recounted in ail the terror of its traffic details, the pulse will be made to quicken and the heart to swell with wild emotion. Prudence, it is said, is the better part of valor, and, while that may be true, caution is so closely allied to timidity that it is hardly ever found associated with the daring; deeds performed in the (Treat tragedies of life which the world delights to listen to and class as heroic I know that strategy and cunninp nve called prudence, and I know tiiiit t'leir observance is wise, but thev nre only employed to conceal intention, and when the moment for action arrives true courage acts openly and with the greatest boldness. There is a crisis in every conflict which a quick sagacity detects, and then it is courage which grasps it and acts regardless of all consideration of personal safety and strikes the fatal low. In the army of Northern Virginia .there was no command more dis tingnished for genuine pluck than the Stuart horse artillery, and one of the "bravest officers of that command wa-s Maj. "Jim" Breathed. Breathed was a young man, and was one of the gal lant Pelbam's most trusted captains. On the retreat of Oen. Robert E. Lee from Petersburg to Appotnattox 1 reached Rice's Station on the mornine of the 6th of April about eight o'clock, my division of cavalry being the van guard of our army. Gen. Theodore Read, of Gen. Ord'e taff. with two regiments of infantry and one of cavalry, had just passed this place en rc ute for the high bridce over the Appomattox river for the purpose of destroying it Although an attack was momentarily expected from Gen. Grant, Gen. LoDg atreet, who was in command, directed Ine to pursue Read and save the bridge, over which our army was compelled to cross. Taking two small brigades I over took Read near the bridge, but being apprised of pursuit he had taken a atrong position of defense along the edge of a piece of dense woods on a high ridge, and was awaiting my at tack. A hasty reconnoissance satisfied me that I could not dislodge him ex cept by assault, and I therefore dis mounted one brigade under CoL T. T. rtfamford, and? moving it to the charge pn foot charged with Gen. Dearing'a brigade, mounted, CoL Washburn, who commanded Read's cavalry, had secured bia force behind a clump of old field pines and had not been seen by me, and aa Dear Ing moved up against Read's flank Washburn charged him in flank in the most gallant and determined manner. The suddenness, boldness, effective ness, and surprise of this charge, al though with Inferior numbers, threw my mounted brigade into disorder, anij a hand-to-hand fight resulted which temporarily suspended the blow aimed at Read's flank. It had been rain ing a little, it wa foggy, and through the fog and smoke of battle it was difficult to see how to direct the attack, and leaving Dearlng to dispose of Washburn I was riding rapidly across tha field to reach and direct the dismounted men when suddenly I came BROUGHT BOTH OF HiaAWHn ITA TTB DOWN upon three mounted men desperately fighting. There was nopne near them. With pistol in hand I rode directly to ward then, but getting on near enough to c recognize them one fell, or rather seemed pushed, from his horse, but as soon as he touched the ground two quick shots from his pistol brought both of his assailants down lifeless by the side of him, one indeed falling across him, and to my surprise I recog nized Maj. Breathed as he arose with face and body dripping with blood re ceived from the tbrusta and cuts of the sabers of his victims. Breathed had been detained )n the rear and had not overtaken me when the fight begun, and hearing the fir ing attempted to join me when he en countered two captains and a sergeant of the enemy who ordered him to sur render. Breathed killed the sergeant, and the two captains closed on hirn wi? their sabers and crowded him so close ly that he could not use his pistol ex cept to parry their quick blows until thrown to the ground By some means one of Breathed's boots had been pulled off in the tussle, and drawing that on again, and without even mopping the blood from his face, and without apparent concern, he re mounted his horse and dashed into the thickest of the fight. Read and Washburn were both killed, and their gallant little command made prisoners. Chicago Inter Ocean. BETTER THAN LACING. The Weat Point Method of Making Comedy Waist. "How did you get your waist so emali, Mabel? It used to be nearly as large as mine," "Ah, that's a secret," was the an swer, with a smile. "Do tell me. Can't you se what a sight I am? I've tried all kinds of flesh-reducing medicines, but none of them seem to do any good." "Well, I will tell you. It's a trick I learned from Harry when he was at West Point. You know how small waisted he is?" The other nodded. "I asked him once how he did It, and he told me that he stood square ly on his feet, bo. But come up stairs and I'll show you." The young lady donned a pretty gymnasium suit she was a high school girl and, standing erect, with hands uplifted and thumbs locked, she gracefully swooped down until the tips of her fingers touched her toes. "The point is," she added, "not to bend your knees at all. It looks easy, but try it once. It will take lots of practice to touch the floor, but after awhile it will be easy." "How many times do you go through that motion?" "I began with fifty times every morning, just after I got up, and gradually increased until now I do it two hundred. It's a sure cure for too stout waists." Her friend followed in her foot steps and told several of her ac quaintances, and now the men are commenting on the fact that all the girls in their particular coterie have such pretty waists. Philadelphia Press. The Bum Element. Jack Dynamite is unpopular in France, isn't it? Tom Yea, except among the bomb element Detroit free Press. .i.i: i M i. Kit ct ion Law Kpiijal- d 1 hp Yancp-Siiniiioix ( 'out : Yoorlii'P Adjourn; the .-(::;: 33 I)..j-s too Soon lor (.'ood Fridin , The Federal EI-e iiitii repealed. Tin lor which Congrens is mendation Tbe Houne pre von doing as niucb woi k i !: ive dime 1 ist w, i-k ; tpioi ntu. Since the m- :. 1 heniseives clerks, thev properly atit'iidvit to '). mate bii(ines. F!h r!e. i work and the (Jongrfrm. the $5,000 Per annum r however, can not lrg!i v, the member owes it hi tuency to remain .it h s m.-: ty. If he doei uot lnti-;. I this he ought to resign and more honest and cousclentio a chance to do the work for ..I u I It!, II (M'U. Ml There are plenty who would i ;!: inR to attem; t ir. When Mr Simmons w.i soon after ilauh 4: h, he e;.t tbe Whight House to py In n spects to the President. .Mr C'.v eland rememberea hi. - ( hair man of the State Democratic Com mittee. Daring the campaign Mr.! Simmons had vibited Mr. Cleviavd at Gray Gables. Believing Mr. Simmons kDew of the di serc- the rival claimants in Nort h .(J ir -Una lor office, the Preeidt-iir as-ki-d Mr. Simmons' opinion. t: -n m-n; replied thrt he thooght "Kev. Htx tkiah Gadger had not done enough party service ts entitle him to a ijOO collector's pla -e, m.d tint M j. E. J. Hale had not hvtd in Xoith (Jarohna loDg enough to en t Pi" in m to the Consul Generalship to L--.-doD, the Turkish Mission or some place of approximate import ac '." I have nevei thooght the Domina tion of Kope Knag to l,a t'i.,.ector ot the Western North Carol. na District was fair to Senator Vance. I don't care who t-aggeted it whether he was Grover Cleveland choice or not ebn!on Baird Vaitv ought to have been coisnlted, anu was not eorry when Kope EHas was beaten. Bat I jiave sympathy lVr Simmons because he L .rntd by bard campaign work recognition ar the hands of the Democratic par'y He ooght to be confirmed and 1 hope Senator Vance will net pu.-h hiB opposition so far as to tic-teat him. Concern for the wellfare of tbe party in tbe State ooghr o in. dnce Senator Vance to wi'hdr iw his opposit ion to his c .' ion. Tbe Senate adjourned Frui.iy be cause Mr. Voorhees and a major: ty of bis colleagues thonght it was Good Friday. Thursday Air Veor. bees moved that tbe Senate should adjourn out of respect to thii the most notable Feast Day in the ca -endar! Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and the orthordox Good Friday occars for'y dis heieatter. The chairman of the Finance Committee evidently knows more about FirsiiM than Fast days and moie ol h ans than Lenc. Tbe funny part of the per-: (ormance was the Senate: passed Mr. Voorheeo' resolution without either a word of dissent or a erode of joperior knowledge on the subject. Thirty-three d;i later, when the genuine Good Fri day arrives, the Senate can b;.w another holiday. At the White House reception given in honor of CoDgreos more republican members were present1 than democratic. It is an open se :ret here that because the Presi dent ignores that barnacle on the j "Ship of State" called "Senatorial I Courtesy" many of the Senators ot bis 'own party are antagonizing him. Another casus belli i-i Un del . ia turning oat Kepublican postmas ters, collectors, etc., etc. In many of the eonthern cities negro reub lipatis still hold the postoffices. In many of these cases the Pres ident ie not to blame. Di-st riM i s between local democratic leaders are responsible for the length of the tenure of office of a consider able number of these "holders. '; One man tells him one thiDg about a candidate and the next man has another story to relate. By the time the Wilson bill gets through the senate its progenitor, who rs now on a trip to Mexico, will not be able to recognize it. Mrs. Hoke Smith has so far beeD the most pronounced social success of this Administration Her reoeDtions have been most ele ! gent and among her corps of assis j tants have been some of the most beautiful and charming matrons and maidens cf Georgia. Mr. Peokham will not be confirm ed. Senator Gray will be tbe next nominee for the Justiceship and he will be confirmed without reference to a committee. Both results are due to tbe potency of that bnmbug called ''Senatorial Gourtes'. Horse Keckoninsr. A Russian doctor has been ex- perimejting to find how far some of our domestic animals can coin-r. The intelligence ot the horse, as this is shown in mathematics, seems to surpass that of the cat and dog. The instances given by him are interesting, but before they aie accepted as authentic thet should be verified br the observ.-. tions of naturalists whose one and skill are unquestioned. He found a horse which was ab le to count the mile posts along the way. It bad been traioed by its roaster to stop lor feed whenever they bad covered 25 Onedf.y they tritd th" lirr. over a ro id where three false m Y posts bad been uno m between :. , real ones, and shine etieiii.. horse, dee, v,d by thn- ' el- - ped for hi- ojetr- at the i i , . i versts instead of jzon-g " ' 25. Tbe same borse was accustomed to being ted every day at the stroke of noon. The doctor obser a ii tha whenever the clock struck tbe horse would stop and prick ui his ear as ifcoaien.e: I f ! e i" nd - -Tikes, he would trot ott' couteuinn.v io be fed, bat if there were fewer than 12 he woale resignedly go on work, ing. The experiment was made ot striking 12 strokes at the wrong time, whereupon the horse started for his oats, in spite of the fact that he had beea fed ODly an hour be fore. Ex. The Handsomest Ladv in Netv Heme Remarked to a friend the other day that he knew Kemp's Balsam for tko Throat and Lnngs was a superior remedy, as it stopped her cough instantly when ethei cough remedies had no effect whatever Soto prove this and convince you of its merit ny druggist will give yoa a sam ple Bottle free. Large size 50c. andl. vashi(;to ( . N i I . .'. . .! i"V police ;'i ;;n jret id doni ol '!:-.-. tp. the con- ;i;r,io rur' O! 1 1'( "'i' sa'd A I ir'f pel d 01 h,,V.- s in I !(' ; i r ,.e ..ire se li u ts. to -101 o; i :i i:rv. i.MMii.i; a i ;on. :r liiiiiiiiiltioii ..nil erc-K of thy Snnl 'i . 1 ih- u:mls vi-tiid .-.utl if thort that wa M-'in.' i no to s'art tb.o luwl is wliat : 1vv l-'n'iaml farmer writt's. tr the "Southern States" magazine, of Baltimore. From i M inni ' ta ( " n:r a letter p;ivin"; ! ii : ami'-, , S ' ' I : ' 1 1 . a i larmi r-. w : : I. . "i..ay in vr.ur lit '! veil v.-i.rk 1! (!(!'! uee - for the ,'.:!:: of o same ' i 1 ; a v i iah bene the it .-f u 1 i'o: Am.! 111' ; t at fa at I i r, . i re' lii.a dn' Oil!' moi'e re; d n ti :;:: i . c,.,v ::: 1 ve had seen Calif. m Ca! of I v. 1 P. o' f 'li. Y.U it li 1 I .tl:el'll J rt; ha been able to n-. lon time :vd to have i n no e. it. Til i .it' South will Leal fruit. 1 have lived and know where- a :h !ett"i'- as ll ie foresroinar a re Sta th.e c. onin to tlie '-" l'i an New r.iv Wef ate! from "Souther.i jland. from West and from tl ' .sei'tliWfSt ism 1 1 u : a her. in an ever We confess amazed at letters and that is be- '-. sue'ions. others who inci'easin nuia! that we have be -n the' ninn I .or . f those at the yivat interest in.u' aroused i:a tl: amoi.-u i'armers and wo n I to demand i -a; inf h. and for the a'mutiGn about .r tile Soll'h. The cry of mises t t 1 than i. ve;i thi past ever re; roails and ! he wili le.'.v pr (.Oi South" pro to greater vole. me ';jo West" t f the ..he h if the rail- ioo'pie of the bouth mptlv nnile in vigorous vork to (.oicoin ..go tins ten i. inp; leinleuey and do it on the same broad scale as has eba motorized the w.rk of the Veteni Smt, s for many years. i ' ca;-" -'i t h -.-e 1 a e t s tile "s.iullieni Sta'os" magazine wi'i henceforth he devoted nminiy to the. immigration and real estat,-interests of the South, and at :he same time presenting every phase of the South's gen oral .il Iraclions anil advantages firiho ie -me-s, ekt r and tlie in i -vvith the same energy with whicb tlie 'Manufacturers He eo rd" has for ten years la bored to push forward the in dustrial growth and interests of the South. The "Southern States" maga zine will fully cover this field. It will continue from month to im int h to publish tne letters ot y 'rtheni and Western farmers who have settled in the South, ten in-' of the advantages of this section as compared with their former homes. These letters are attracting great attention in the North and West. It will set forth the at tractions of the South for fruit culture, as well as for every branch of agriculture; it will publish special illustrated arti cles covering the attractions of the South for the pleasure and health-seeker. Especial atten I tion will he gien to the real estate interests of the whole (South, ami reports made of all I important sales anywhere from j Maryland to Texas. ; The leading feature of the next ! issue will he a general discussion j of lmw to develop immigration. bv some lifteen or twenty of the most prominent railroad officers ot the South. -Mr. K. 11. H.d- I mentis, editor and general m m- ager or the :ianutaciurers Record," .is also editor of the "Southern States" magazine. smut by a ;isv. An incident of the Austro-Prus.-ian war of Wei was told by tlie Archduke .Joseph to a party of friends. The story is told as follows in the Neue Pester Jour nal: (Jn our retreat before the advancoof the Prus-ian army, sai l :h-.- archduke, we camped in 'h. neiulii'orhood of a Bohe mian town. 1 was lodged in a peasant's cottage, when about midnight 1 heard the sentry challenging some newcomer. My adjutant ntered and report- ' that a gysy wanted to see tne Li pri o.o. A soldier1 a gypsy; enter.--.!, and on my asking what was the matter he told me that the ( -it r;; ' 1 an v t my us. ach i n i - h.lV. 10 't II ci.i'i-." 1 od. O.-s. hi OlM' th. i.-ng way off." .'a know thisr" 1 to tlie window. answered the - tho-e birds wi a ..I 1 1 .wa: 1 1 ! he t ! em. Wh.ii In oV I). i mo birds no -i : ': They eer ie. : ;ly about if i- in'!.-. !. The , ; g th;-..tgh tie- - frightened ah i 1 . r il mv lad. i ou can 1 at dice ordered the out- s h i , be iv-eniorced and tne camp to be alarmed. An hour later the uiitposts were fighting with tiie enemy, and our camp was ..n'.y saved by the keen ob servation of a simple gypsy. The I'eie.iliitiou of New Berne nine thousand, and we wou'd -t are troubled with in. n on the Throat and Lunjrs, .'iiplaints are, according to sta i: auiner.Hi- than otheis. We so l ' iiii our readers not to ne- . I ii iv tun it v to call on their .ir.iLif s.en n one 1 1 ' t a bottle i if Kemp's Jiul- 11. r, -vat and Lanus. Trial Large bottle 50c. and sd.jjSold j by all druggists, ! I All! ( Ml! f; !'(IMiK( K, .-'i Iiorhood and IV ! ill s to be the k. though wurk in are look come up ii. The r Ol M: ' - W. ' t.e ir. . ir. i Ml ' Wi'.i ;!IH i ii i k ' .t ItLO I'.tiN 'o to t ' il u r is con s-t j, car. ois' ra'ed, ip , and t id p,-,y. lop pre:: i. ,i p ; n ! : '-i'V i;i) 1 t" i 1 i! rove lac' uiiciai ol! i, and t 'ue-t i 1 i, t 'J i; : i W o. I a l.-w srho-taught by j uigton, in No. 1 Ie-. If on Mi eet's ; some very good .M; I.' -s -l a r I ci r , eio rec.tation, di t o u-', song, i j. 1 r wa I h illeilH lit-lia Of i llll !-;:, At 7 : ! 1 idll'V i well ehohi ;i (iialo.-i,--.. ftriK-'iv.-. t! P-.'i e i tui i : ag of some exercises !-es were 1 1 i, in a few ,eii followed i,g and in - ell -i lecoed an d r nder indicated ' m t he id mile i , it-.-! h "Tl.f Kon- in muer. :i f-r-er. j.U'l- i-r lull t lu ll i f Ad mi !-..i "A! e ,u -ed I to the' .Me a'ei .111 1 it t 1 1- V i ! - Lid s t i f V i . i - he d in- :: the 3'at.-"' ; .: x- V -It Li a ' ! h r:.-il . bar j So was t en-i fro in eeve O d N '. i ! I 1 ,: t e ' ei : II, A ! -. ir vi a.- no e ii e e X e e ' - h th:- appreci.e ei ot v.h. ; ve (Xef CIS e:- course of Hid o'j'dned t f he o!,e li. nt s( do ii w ard com lent trje. The i." P. pw a;1 boy, and tbe e of ;he di-obed-occasiou was en- jojed bv all who appreciate prog ressand. intellectual improvement A. I'neud of the school offered two prizes for spelling, winch we learn were awarded to Miss Annie I'wal! and her su-rer, hvi. The only crcnuuno.' which marred the entertaininent was try ing to crowd 100 people in a room barely J trge enough tor 50 and o! course under such L'in'iiniseo.ees. where there was hardly f-tai ding room, i' wis hud to ke.p go.i.i order.. Every commuaity which o-esses the intellect and population which characte izes,that Jone should have a good public hall where such exer cises could be held with conven ience. Mihs Wetherington has done good service. She is a citi en of the community where she taught and this lact adds to tbe importance of the work done. Isolation of Respect A' a icsuho meeting of Vance boro Lodge No. hi'' of Free and Accepted Masons, held in the Ma sonic Lodge at Vauceboro Craven County. Noith Carolina on Fe 3. lltb, 1S0I, the following preamble and resolut ions wt re unamiously adopted. Whereas it has pleased the Sii -I iv me Ruler to remove our well beloved brother, Kodene D. Willi ams from onr midst and elevate him to that gloiious and celestial lodge on high, and whereas; in the death of brother Williams, this Lodge is called upon to mourn the loss of a worthy member, and also one ot the charter memberf, (He also held several prominent sta tions in our Lodge ) One who in his daily walks practiced the great ftindimental principles of oar order the widow and fatherless a true friend, in distress. His wife and children an affectionate husband and indnlgeut parent. Ami in the community a goo 1 and ns fi.i citizen. Therefore be it Resolved, that we deeply sympa thize with the filleted family of our deceased brother in their sad bereavement. Resolved that as a mark of re spect lor the deceated brother, we will wear the usual badge of moarn ing for the .-ee ce of lm-ty days. Resolved t is i" ; he th inks of this lodge be t nder ed to 'he Master and brethen n of St Jo n's Lodge No. 30 of 11 :,nnr.l Va . for their kind and fr-e m-., regard extended to our brc her curing bio sickness. Resolveu not the H -ve pre amble and resolutions b- p od'-h d in the New "Berne wj.kkly Joi'UNAL, and a copy be -nc to j tne at. jonn s ioage is . ,i , a' Richmond, Va., and a'-i- a copy be placed among the i-eoois of Vanceboro Lodge 5- L. Seabolt, J A Perser, C on. W. C. Brewer. ) lilU IKK IX THE CARNIVAL, W'ii hv . Thi- Wli Hi i- it :h v- rv h' li.'UR', it-Jt I'tllOWll ,- .- .-pi, .i -la-,!, i.nd J-i- 1 '. d p w:, ( c t dla A i 'IV w, A - 111 LISt Ur iii'. K.nv r.,..-: in w 1 0 far a .'i- -tan loll v, a re tnli .mug or li'il. In-! And l'i, . a Wa. : ! i IL IA, 1 1- ml I tell f ,'uis ita liiad erect A ", A i ,-a-, l,,- i; . h tl line- and ike : iiimiii r heat. -.air and uiv. - a t rait IS 1! t 1 j .1 i !e:n..;ii u eel . i!V I-o ' a i- ;!,,- i-iey man, ha- or v. I can. ;i nume th rough, ait Dig Ike r W!. Wi! the land So ia 'w w 11 sing hi- p .. -e? out. Dig Ike, I'.'i,' Ike. WVli .-. mud hi- innne w ii Dig Ike. Dig Ike t And :d! v, !.., hear the chi I).,'.n to his O, re will ge Convinced tie All lind i-fn! stn ngiiin. .H.h ! Xonc ran the cviipetiou share That's offered bv Big Ike. I !h Venlirt N liiiilfv. lilt U H' -N L, V a.. reO. 1 1. i sp ;Cial to the Dispatch -o of tin Beero hifw I niere. charged v.sth ihe negro Jiob- with wont ' .ilitnal assault o:. two white ti ,- ........... i . urv to- "a . ano in iu-t I hu I minutes a T.-rdiCt of guilty, ment tix- d -.-.t d-,;: Tbe i:(Oi were s 1 ' i-f to 1 i:ai. with the pum-h h; wa- retidi-u-il . licenced -!. Mare ' he IK h ut . the Ti;e v.i-i Al-xi.jd D el il" j )u I! ' Hi' (ama in a (.'riiica! ( omi I 1011. Kl 1)1, JA.Eli:t, I-';- . l.'i Ad no' (, Sanlanna de (jariia. rebel 'o in o.der who wa-. ttonndrd in I i' iifdi H'Hl arm dining the b,t ?'e of ; in are 10, on F.'hia ia-r, ;s in a critical condition. It wa at first sunnosed tha: tl;e jii'imaalt- -rriunds were ni-!ginfi-j can:, but it is s nd that he is so e : riously injured that he may die. ! Invert etlorr is iie'ioy made io cave I the Admiral's ii le. 1 An Klet-: ' iim Iii-iK a toi- (,o io the IVn-iten'ipi-) , New ORK, Feb., Id Dermis .1 Bucklev. who wa an lnspt etor of the eighteentli e!i t It'll (hstr; C was contacted on Tae 1 iy ot ceiviug fraudulent vo-,s, crn enced this morning by Ju l trrer t to ser e one tear in pe'- i ten! 1 . r y at.d e . , a ii a ! ice : I - - ,.(' Takinir (old Catarrhs heuld receive care ful consideration, instead of the i.oglect wh eh they gvnerall meet with until! they have fastened on the part affected so much as to excite the attention, and pei'.oips alarm, of the sufferer. A person in good health, with fair play, easily resists cold. But when the health flags a little, and liberties are taken with !he stomach or the nervous system, a chill is easily taken, and ac cording to the weak spot of the individual, assumes the form of a cold, or pneumonia, or, it may be, jaundice. Of all causes of "cold," probably fatigue is one of the most efficient. A jaded man coming home from a long day's woik, a growing youth losing two hours sleep over even ing parties two or three time sa week, a ycung lady heavily "doing the season overfed and with a short allowance of sleep. are common instances ot me victims of "colds.'' Luxury is favorable to chill taking. Very hot rooms, soft chairs and feather-beds create a sensitiveness that leads to catar rhs. It is not, after all, the "cold"' that is so much to be feared as the antecedent conditions that give the attack a chance of do ing harm. Some of the worst colds happen to those who do not leave the house, or even their bed; and those who are most invulnerableareof ten those who are most invulnerable are oftenthose who are most exposed to changes of temperature and who. by good sleep, cold bathing, and regular habits, preserve the tone of their nervous -ystem and circulation. Probably a good many chills are contracted at night or at the fag-end of the flay, when tired people get the equilibrium of their circulation disturbed by either overheated sitting-rooms, or underheated bedrooms and beds. This is especially the case with elderly people. In such cases, the mischief is not always done instantaneously, or in a single night. It often takes place insidiously, extending over days, or even weeks. It thus appears that "taking cold" is not by any means a simple result of a lower temperature, but depends largly upon personal conditions and habhs affecting especially the nervous and muscular energy of the body. A "Run-down"' and uQ6ed-up" foeling is the first warning that your liver isn't dohog its work. And, with a torpid liver and the impure blood that follows it, you're an easy prey to all sorts of ail ments. That is the time to take Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. As an appetising, restorative tonic, to repel disease and baild up the needed tl 'sh and strength, there's nothing io equal it. It rousos every organ in to healthful action, purifies the blood, braces up the whole system, and re stores health and vigor, For every disease caused by a dis ordered liver or impnre Mood, i is the only guiranted rtin-.'v 1 !' '' doesn't benefit or 'ine, ij. . v. rv - V0U have Your in " o ia, a. $ 500 is off".- d i of Dr. Sage'- C'-n-ir , incurable c ; -;' ; A medy perfiu cures the worst cases. pr. -tor- jiiueDtlv s. civil tongue is a better weapon than a bowie knife, ShilolCs Consumption Cure. This 13 beyond question tbe meet succe?titu! Couph Medicine we have ever stad. a few doseg invarialily cure tb .verjt Cii3f, of CouK'riO roup nnd Bronet-.itiH while ita wondi ro: ; puc;efB in !j. iir- of Consumption i ahoui a p ird' ! :n the history of niH(l:ine. S e,r its iirst discovery it has ken sold : i iinractee. a test which no other ui-dieme can stand. Ii you have a ooutrh we earnestly ask yon so try it, Price 10c, 50c, and il. If your lungs are sore, cheat, or back lame, use Eii loh'g Poroue Plaster 8o!d by New Rprne Drua Co Sbdob "e Catfir. i Rernedy. A marvel ous cure for Catsrrh, Diphtheria, Canker mouth, and Sleadache. With rmcb bottle there is inppnious nasal Injector for the mor; cuctrsful treat ment of tbpHp ('orceiaii ts rhout extra charge. Answer This Question. Why do so many people we see around us seem to prefer to suffer and be made miserable by indigestion Constiv ation, Dizzin-i-s Loss of Appetite. Coming up of the Food, Yellow Skin, wben for 7jc. we will sell them Shiloh's Vitalizer, guaranteed to cure them. Sold by New Berne urust Co. FOR FIT II En RFX. Tldj rtmy s:;i' ivjected it.reitir ih" neat of roif d:ca.-" fti.e'A'-:..: -Urinary Or. ins, re.';i:;rs I d chai.p ci dtet or .o-iua, 'iiorcnrial -r j- :?f nous rned. .T-esto be Ukcn intoiLally. When uaed. AS A PREVENTIVE Ty ciihcrseT it!s impnajti bio to contract an v v Here! disease ; but in the c&se of t, ..; r.l ready Us ronrKTmLT ArrLicnn vr:h 'i ir.orrr.o-a and Gleet, we fuarau t a I'ncG by mail, posting pai , f 1 ier box, or O L-os.ea for . F. S. DUFFY, Druggist and Sole Agent. HYDE CO, RUST PROOF OATS FOR SEED A SPECIALTY, AT CHAS. B. HILL'S, EAST SIDE MARKET DOCK, NEW BERNE, X. O. n30 3m. Stomach use of AYhR' I'liis. il.' si 1 ..: ( ston, K'h .eei-i-il ,.' , .:-..r. I t. :! :, ! ., , none s. , II,, ,1 O. . 1-, :' , ; , I v,. p., reliable AYKli'S I'd!-. I h.o. lak.-n ,,n!v ,,n,- '.. new man. I think tie ; 1 ; ' : I p!ea- int and .-, thing I ever UM'il, bei.v' :. , . a.'- ir e. ..a -.1 thai e 'I. '-in. I HrK" upon a:l :. .a' a i.-,ai- I'i'tl-. They wiU do . I." "For foin- vi - ir. I u a a na ; i-0 v. !-.;.-. i , ,.ie . ' "is in th- i a.ntrv 1,. :n- nnaid.- i n Y . i. I . Y K It's j ,i , , , -, , .,, - , ,, . ; , , heallhv e..) ; . 1 1 . " .M . .T a ! : i .' I n i . l'i an ,- ' . . .. 1'oii . ' i nil i .r I ('., . X. c. "1 hav.- i ., i la- a i a;, ,, ,; . i . ;. a a' a i -a. .- that no. ban. Is an- e": ..'.. i. , ' hi-a.he ie-. 1'l.til l.ite'.v ' give :,;'.,.. 1 !.. , ' . , . 1 ' - ..'..: ' . t, lint il a I m i ,. ve-a . . ,. : . . : ; .. , ; - A ', , . ; ' I ; i a- i , ' - , , .: a , t , and now inv a-,--! n ,n :- l- ; - .1 i i m .: . o .-. 1. lie- lie.ul.iehes iitii.ui. ei.ieil, and my general li.allli 1,. tt-t- than f. r tear.-." Mrs. L.mjia Mi Caimv. 1 ' ' ... t. ; : I - f A" Mf- Cat: t - , ... '. ' .'"v A:""a;-.. T.-a-. Ayer's Cathartic Pills Prepared by Dr. J. C. -f-vr Low,-!, Mass. Every Dose Effective VITAL TO ;0.'i: fcvsc - y.' t - i SP-wJSfjP;. - -?'S - I 11b. E. ( WEST'S N KT. 51 EXT. a specitlc ior H raliB., Hi-aiiaono, .fr-. It-.- alcnhnf or V ihficco, V. 'i:;.-: ;ln' " Softonint? nf Bi ain, rnw-r. i . death, 1 .'mintur- ( 1 I a. i- Power in itlier y 7. 1 - ' , Female Veakii'-"-. :'.. i tf)rrhcea ran' ! l-v .. --r-fx aEo, nver-In'lu!.r :ii . a . 6f'r5, by mail. V.'ith V :. V will 3m:h written tr-nr . ; -r Ounrantet isupi1 by ti.-- y-. cure- Sick H"ti,:t,i'h i ; --., Smir Stomach, Ui -i.t-p-:-. tu 1 iVii-: (i L A ii ANGLES ifiued o:;ly by Y. S. DUFFY Sole Agent. DVU2 '1st T.J.Turner & Co. II AVE JUST EE 'Ki YKD Another now STOCK of FUh.NV TUHE, Matt;ees and Bahy Car riage.?. And we will sell L-in'ip fni cash or on timo. Before pare basing elsewhere call and see us, ffos 70 & 72 Middle St. IVeAV Herne, V- CJ- L i-i OLD VIRGINA CherootS why not use them? Prices as Low as any Good Che root. F. Ulrich, WHOLESALE GROOER, NEW BERNE, N. C. HORSES! 80 Head of :. AN'-l !-' ATrkAT 1 - i 11 Jr 52nd Year BET TER ltIlLitS"Tni ' AND STRONG ACTIVE Y0TJSG MTJLE3 JTJ3T RECEIVED FROM THE WEST. Now is the time to Buy while I have a large stock to select from . They are cheaper than ever before for CAST! or Negotiable Paper. J". J Jones, South Front St. Ouoosite Gaston House Troubles Liver Complaint, Constipation, and Biliousness ARE z r ' " : SLY CURED , ! 1 1 y 1 1 .. i ,, bu! 1 1--I-1 III..- a t il ,- nt' :.1IV Vid w dl !:iko A i i a . S I ! -t pl.t -I- i e. I : v ; ; '. I IV, 1:0 i ' a- i i' JOE K WU..LIS, prrop't on of V ; j mm il ti r - V 7. xjjiyi.rf' y -j- ;. v j-J- G?& - W E W BERNE. N. C :SiiS-i s.S t;r. iter bis c ,Mi&icr ft' UaiertfX 1 )i V-s s.e i';itt'l I'.nd jO'.'ea propel al o'litMH. with satisfaction s''ee.l r,':r.i i--a V is's l',,r , Aal iiii 1 llo - .- f I a --'i I : '-ta ve, lowest liie1. Tiie Great lorni. Imlu-.iial and Stock Journal of the South, Year For $1, To every subscriber who sends ue ; $1,25 io will 8, ...1 ?'utft-rn Cultivator i for ouh y-ar nn I aO full pip rs of choice 1 GKrd. n rye. d SitipU- c Dies nd n li-t will I be mmini FREE on application to j Tfi.'C CULTIVATOR PC B. CO., Box 415, Atlanta, b. Tils Week'.y Jochval cd the Oulti j Astor one ear for 61.75. SES? Driving: E. S. STREET. 1 1 Von wit nt a stylish turnout, on. 1 lung good and neat. "i on do not need t o look about I bit go E. S. Si ree! . ' ,u'i.'- hind ol 'noise ymi need, Tin- -t long and uselul too No use Iniaii hers then to heed, I'm be will sine suit von. He'll 1 rent o.i right, and s II you elieap. hi I is word ton mav relv, And iill his promises will keej), So limn ) i i r 1 1 tis best to buv. FARMING IMPLEMENTS. We are Headquarters for Plows and Castings, Cultivators, Harrows (iuaao Distributors and 11 kind of Farming Implements. (i To 'Alsrchants: tWc ran scH'you flows mid Castings nt i .. i a I 'riei L. H CUTLER & CO., MONEY, Gold Silver or Paper, I ' ' r- hich J u-t br iu a i', i-n and I wi ! kfunrQt fnir FU LL VALUE RECEIVED l'.."-i !e a full stock of ge DeTft. groceries 1 keep the finest grades Canned Fruits, Vege tables, Meats, Preserves, Jellie. Spices, Flavoring Fx tracts, Macaroni, Raisins, Prune", Currants, Apples, Oranges, Banu&Las, Lemons, Sweet and Irish Potatoes and Cab bages always fresh. My stock of Fancy and Plain Cakes and Cra kers are unsurpassed, and alwajs fresh from bakeiy. Mixed, Sweet and Sour Pickles to toiit the tade. C . dd promptly delivered to any par' of the city. T my country friends I extend a ! cordial invitation to dii e right into tbe lot in the rear of my store wher stables arc lree. j.j. Totstm. Alex Miller Building, Broad St., above Middle. S. U. STREET, GENERAL INSURANCE . AND REAL ESTATE AGENT. REAL ESTATE BOUGHT ANf SOLD. nCollector of Rents a specialty. 79 SOUTH FRONT STREET New Berne, N. C HORSES ! ' At fy 5 Work Horses

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