THE JOURN AL. NE?"ESR?nE,N.a AUGUST 16th 1394 CITY AND V 1NITT. -r .,- VUlieCCOC (M Ob 11. LASIX, If Ull 1 f k week's trip op the Ueveoue Cutter : Wiooaa.ciaiaing in thrHatteraJ aadOcra eoko aectioa. - Ma tears" of the death of Misa Sarah 'Blount sister of or iwnsman Mr. W. : S Blount,, at hor home in Uriftou. She iietl on tit t&t mat alter . bnet dines. ' Dr. Q. Rigby's Hemum patent on 11 tAM il MticltiiAn f M . yrivuit loot -' bte;. 'Pl .pill K . . 1 ; o . roanf now us well a in the United States. ;-Jir.u u.imn;rtn, oi Uainw creeK, . , - reoorta the rerivU iun closed at Arana- bo by Kev. Henry W infield i this city aa one or the iu t suocetul ever held ia Paihltvi lt.nulu ."- Tb tIoll"wH und Peterson xcorsion y wftnia Golds u 4. airived here at half past ,. tett .clock wri h about three hundred " I ii 1 1 ii 1 1 n r i mIm.mmI Thii wftM iiinMl - J . V. ...... - WVHJ - ; i. . l. i. . n 1 1 ai. to Merrhean tu eujoy tlveidt water and refreshing braes- of old oo-un. :Mr. C. T. W.-s con's handsome resilience which was rf.-oiiy .mpr.ived by a doable jdaia In three sidi-o, an aggn-gate of 1 about 2-X leet of pinzz i is now receiving at the ;hjmk ol Air. C. I', riargett a - .s thomo-jh re, liniing in hjflit ijroeu with bgiit yHr M hrk broWn trimmings, 'he (Minting aiUl Yrry uiuch to its ap lraace - V " ' . Ker Israel Will iama col., living a few miles from lhj rily waa tried bdreMug-isiiaJe,- Sal ur. lay for shooting the pig of . a neighbor vrhH-lt broken into his - field and thruwiuj him over the fence. It was pro red rbK his lance was no" Uw- ' lul mm an I ite was uami i in the utn of $50. - Biif Ike. bo fr no or two monlhs p-Ut lias been iu FayeUenlle reducing a bii ittuck wltM'b be bought there at hw anal cut figuirn, is tliens no longrr. He ino?el UoetliT to Wilminston. He -will spend thirty Uaya there and then Berne.-":"-" '' " ' - Tbo GokfebiHu Argus speaks warnv- ' lj of the hiyh et em in which MrT. B. Qf man and! lamdy were held in Golds - boro. ' We ;lil!y wekme tliera to our luidstt" . Tbej ara Aut coming among a! ranger by any nwnns, and the circie of friends tbey alrendy have Iiere will qaickly be widea d and the ties already (Kiuot bs streogthent-d by the closer - companionship. . A. egro BMW comraitced bold rob bery by., an, original method last night. He bought a pair, of shoes and as the, clerk passed: them" w the counter to him, instead of P"J'Qg for them he fled with all - rapidity possible to the Episco pal church . yard, then bounded orer the Csave and nas quickly lost to riew in the shrabbery. 'jv' ;- -Tae little pie&s.of poetry from one of ur tar-off sobscriliers in Mexico en the ukl Gastoa Home aitzactetl eonsirlerable - attmtioa. Tue authoress, llfs. Montgom 'ery was' formerly iTi Eleanor Jones of this ity daughter tof' Mr. Jda.' W. ' Jones, and a cousind Mrs. Ch as. Duffy. She is . pleasantly remembered by many. here, some ofwhbmiaued to recognize Ler wader her married name. x " The Baleigh corretpondeot of the Wil raiagtnn Mesaenger tells that the Com. luiffuoner of Agriculture says that a good many letters and reports are now coming in telling of the scalding or firing of cot- .toa; on. lowlands where the water has been standing. He says there are no complaints in that sec tioa of the State. The farmers appear to agree in the state- " meat that tbeir ' crops are the best on creconi. VTe are informed that Gor. Carr and alafl will arme ia Wilmington txxlay and jjo down to South port on a Tisit to the ' XaTal Beaerres tomorrow. The exem tioa party from here by the W. X. & X. "Bail road wiil be in excellent and distin guished company and the occasion will ; be as brilliant as interesting. Thursday will be the great central day of the cruise when the best efforts will be made' lor sand display and will be of the most - njo able character. Briny Back a Good Report. v The New Berne Division of the Naval ' Beaerres under the command of Lieut. Bobernt, leave this morning for Wilming ' Inn. ' It will join tho other Divisions in im annual cmcv vu owiuiyuii, vw uig to the . necessitated absence from their bosinesB, a larre proportion of the orgs- . Bjzauoe can not get on. xt is spsoauy - to be regretted that Lieot Clark who has ibova so much seat in the welfare of the company, ea not, through business de " tentiona; go with them. We wish the voon men much pleasure : and a profiUMe cinise, even unto all the joys that are sometimes experienced in nidlf gazing in'O the dark waters of old Nrptaoe over the boat rail. -;, -.- - Taken to 0ws'w Ceeaty. CL CL Campbell, the burglar, was tacen from New Berne jxil iloudaj, where be was beki simply on tlie charge of carry ing eoncealett deadly weapons and takeh to JacksooaTille' by depnty sheriff H A. - Jar man, wbtre be will be tried fr break - - log into and robbing the store of Mr. iteese. Vt iu ine eviiiencc tnax ia aeveip ' ing agatast him be is pn Uy certain to be seat to the penitentiary as soon as Sn- perior court holds. ' It wnl be remembered that two charges hang over his bend. The burglary just pposen oi sou aiso oi nr. jmaiuiewa store m Magnolia, Duplin county. .. i . , t . . i . . i i Barclariea. .' . Bnrglars sce'ii to be plying their trade .ai a more ureiv nue now ai several . point around us. We have recently - -. -ivea accounts of burglaries in New Bern . the majoritT of whwh however, resulted in Out little loss, and also told of burglar-- ies ia the country adjacent. . It has been quite recently that we -r.-VUM UiuviBii i I I J 111 LtlC 1 KTIU- fort Herald, and now that paper says there seems to be an organized band, ol . thieves in that town. It tells of two ' stnrea, those of Messrs. B. L. Jones & fvm. and N. W. Taylor being entered : The thieves battered on Mr. Taylors' Sjfe si most ruining it, but so far Mr. Tay- jtr nas umm bvuu The money drawer ot B. L. Jones & Son was brok-n ooen. there beins a lot of coppers in it but for some cause the - tbeives didnt bother them. Senatorial Corea ion The convention for the Eighth Sena torial district will be held in New Borne, Wednesday, Sept 12ib, 1894. Dr. Cyrus Thompson, an1 others will addrets the convention. Everybody is invited to attend regardless of party affiliations, .... V- Qi I, flan lis n, Chmn ' V - ; P. P. Sen. Ex. Commiitee, . . .: , 8th Senatoriai District. PUBLIC BUILDIXU AAIN Resolution Passed by the County Com missioners Urging th Matter Upon Our Senators and Kepreseu tatiTC, The following resolution was :isscd by the Boanl tf Comtnissinncra of Cr:iven county, Friday the 10th inst. Whereas, by an act of the Fiftieth Con gress of the United States, approved March 2d, 18KU ling Chapter 3!Mi. of the acts ol slid Conjures, provision was made for the erei tion of u Public Build ing in the city of New Berne. Craven County, North Carolina, at a co-i not I exceeding the sum of 875,000, for the use and accom mediation of the Post-oflice, the United States Courts, Custom House, In ternal lievenue Offices, and other Govern ment office it Siiid city of New Berne, in said county and whereas in compliance with said Act und on Act of the Fitty first Congress of the United States mak ing an appropriation of 835,000 for the purchase 'of a site for said building, and the beginning of the construction thereof, a suitable site has been purcluised iu the said city of New Berue, by the United States uud all the provisions of said acts of Congress as to tell of said site, and the session of jurisdiction over the same t the United Slates by the State have Ixen complied with; but the construction ol said Public Building is still delayed, not- with-tai.d i the fact that i ! nit-n ; -- pu!- lic linn lnii, lirovided for at or alxiu; the same pennd. have been erecteal in other localities and States. Resolved by the Board of Commission ers o I Craven County, that our Senators and Representatives in Congress, lie urged to renewed and diligent efforts in leha' f the immediate construction ol said ru Idle Buiiuing, and to Uike such s! p. js uvvy be necessary at ouce to se cure the beginning ol the work and its speedy completion and further to secure the passage of such further legislation as may be nectssary to secure additional ap propriations therefor at ;he present con gress. That a copy of this resolution uuder the seal of the county be forwarded to Senators Ransom and Jarvis and II m. B. F. Gradv. Co rain r and Going Messrs. W. S. Chadwick, J. Henry Darts, C. L. Abernethy, C. R Hassell and Geo. Hatsell, of Beaufort and Mr. Thos. Webb, of Morehend delegates from Cart. crct county to the Congressional conven tion of the First district, passed through en route to Greenville, where the con veiiion was to convene that day. Miss Udora Wallace, of Morehead City, who has been visitiDg Misses Theresa and Katie Roberts, left yesterday afternoon returning borne. Mr. ana Mrs. R. P. Williams, Master Thomas Williams, and Masters John and Wade Meadows and Mr. John Davis, left last night on Mr. Williams's new schooner the Irma Darling, to attend the Camp meeting at Hunting Quarters. This is her second trip. Messrs. Jas. Appleby ami J. O. Baxter were in the city yesterday. The. family of Sir. II. M. G-oves re turned from Kinston. Mrs. Fannie HoPaiKl and her daughter Mrs. f. G. Boyd, lost to visit iu Lenoir county. Mrr. J. C. Bryan from near Pollocks- villy, arrived to visit her daughter Mrs John A. Jones. I "Prof. J. Y. Joyner, of the State Nor mal school at Greensboro passed, through last night en route to Beaufort to hold he Carterert county Teachers Institute. He he'd the Lenoir county Institute at Kinston week before last a good anil sue cessful one. Mr .Frank M. Harper, of Athens, Gu., arrived last night for a short visit to his biother, E. E. Harper of The Jocrxal. Mr. Harper is immediately from "Ivey Berne," near Fayetteville, where he has been attending a Hoase Party, further mention of which is given elsewhere. Prof. James El iak in Patrick cf Insti tute ia iu the City visding his sisters Mrs Barnngton and Hine. Mr. Hugh Lancaster of Vanceboio came down Neuse river to New Berne in a canoe. He says that the water is running at a more rapid rate than he has ever lo fore known A few miles - were made simply from the force of the current a1 the rate of a mile in 7J mtnutes. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. McCrea and their daughters Misses Bessie and Mary of Columbia, S. C, who have been spend ing the season at Morehead passed through returning home. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mauix, who have been visiting at Roper and vicinity re turned home Sunday on the sfamer Neuse. Mr. U. C Holton, of Pamlico county came to the city on a short business trip. Mrs. Clara Howard came up from Ons low county to spend some time in the city. Miss Eva Kinsey who has beeu visiting in Onslow arrived last night and will leave this morning for her home at La Grange. Mr. J. W. Mesic has returned from Mesic The big picnic held there Satur day, he reports, was a delightful neigh borhood gathering. Miss Nina liasoight and Master Don have returned from a visit to Maribel. Mr. J. W. Mesic's family are off visit ing at Mesic's, Pamlico cunty. Mrs. U. C. Holton, who has been visit ins relatives in the city and at Mr. .1 L. Fowler's opposite the city returned to her home at Yundemere. Rev. J. D. Moore passed through the city on his way to Vandemere to asdst Rev. C. S. Burgess in a protracted meet ing oi the Missionary J iplists now in progtess there. Mr. ti. A. Conner, of Riverdale paised thrr.ugh en r-ute to Charlotte to attend the State convention of the Farmer's Al liance which meeis there to-lay. He ;oes as the delegate from Craven county. Mrs. G. W. Wallace lelt for Morehead yesterday evening. Miss Madie Bell; of Harlowe. wh has been visiting friends in the city has return ed home, accompanied by Miss Eulala Willis. Mr. John H. Whitf'.rd, of Pollocksville. went down to Betutort last evening. Mr. J. A. Pittman, of Swansborn, is mi a hort visit to the city. r Among those on business attendance to the city yesterday were Messis. Js. R. Bell of Harlowe, C aud 15. Felton ol Be-iutort, and Lewis Haywood of Tren ton. Ker. X Rev. N. , X. Jumey Still Investing. M. .lurney has just bought another plan:ation, this time mar Mount Olive. It is an excellent farm in one of the finest trucking sections of the Slate and had, when this scribe lust saw it a fine vineyrd on it. By the way, everything that Bm. .lur ney. touches seems to prosper He was evidently here under a lucky star. Beau fort Herald. SHIP YAIM NEWS. What is Being Hone Anions the Boats in (Jettiuir Ready for the Busy Season. The owners nf l ivt l' U-aiuci and other craft are now taking advantage ot the dull interval in the curving business, be tween the truck season and the fall. b getting tin ir boat- in -;o.m1 trim Jor tin fall trade. AinoiiL.' the improvements c notice that the steamer Laura has b.-en hall built new. and Vmi tlicuou-hly repainted The -teamcr Howard has also been paint ing up during the past week. The schooner Ad. lie Henry has jiM ieft Howard's ways re-calked and re-pa:nrcd. The steamer Nannie I?, ot 1' '.'uit'ort. immediately went up the ways for general repairs. The schooner Henrietta Hil was also hauled upon the same ways aud work is now iu progress nn both, and the schooner Etta, of Beaufort, is on the smaller ways to nvehe a repainting and some minor repairs. The schooner M-'-vin is Ixa ig put in c'.'od lupe dock. She will not h:'.e t" up And among the pleasun ! at v that the tine sloop Geo. I! Cmiiu been made bright us a new t- . Capt. Win. Smith, and that Mr. U. P. Williams has launched and I .- kt n one trip m his new hunting and sailing schooner the Irma Darling. She is a pretty 12 t"ti lioat. feet !"1'.J. feet 7 : III lies de; p. in 1 1 J 1" l v;.ii. :it' tin- tae t oli veuience of o i abi ns .Hid good cooking and sleeping aiiartmenis and accommo dations. Other boats, some of : he larger ti';im crs. among 'he number are awaiting their turn to tie put iu tltst el is- o;i lit:on ! r the fill an t yinter wm !.. The Vaiicehare Freshet, Mr. S. J. Lane, of 'aui eU ro. was in to see us Moial i . He rejiorts that the water is going -vn in Swift creek. It is not yet known uh it will ! the extent of the damme to the county bridge there but it will no diHi'M be considerable The cit)ek was so swollen th:.t boys wore swimming " here there ou-ht to have been dry ground, and branches of trei s until it reached Brown's store, on ete tin :ng M Th.) crick spin om the out m-.uly to Mr. Wil ' fourth of a mile away The water is reported to have reached fifteen feet higher than low water mark and to have come up to the joist of the steamer warehouse. Our Knitting Factory. Mr. Gabell, the new superintendent of the kuitting factory lias taken hold of the work with inter?st and enthusiasm, and under his instruction the operatives are coming to a more thorough understand ing of the machines than ever before; everything is moving along nicely and smoothly aud good work is being turned out. We hope that the present canvassing trip of the Superintendent wdl result in such encouraging success as will lead him ami '. he other stockholders to seriously consider the question of enlarging. It is an industry that deserves to grow. A Flounder-Uigglng Expedition, Mr. R. P. Williams tolls us of some liue flounder fishing which he ami a few others enjoyed on the first trip of his new sail boat the Irma Darling. They went down the river to trig l'.ounders. They left at 12 o'clock in the day and got bck the next morning at about sunrise. They began gigging the flounuers about 9 o'clock at night and kept it up until after midnight. They got 167 of the flounders, and brought home 137 of them having given awav the others. Mr. Williams says that at one time one of the party had four flounders on his gig at once. Account was kept of the number ot fish caught by the boys, and it ran as follows: Wade Meadows, aged 8. caught 23; John Meadows, aged 30. 20; Thos. 'Williams, aged 8, 31. The Ca-h System Browing. A strict cask system in all kinds of business is almost an impossibility, but that it is growing, is beyond dispute, and especially noticeable is it in the news paper business. Two of our near neighbors, the Kinston Free Press and tlie Gohlsboro Headlight liave adopted the plan, and express it as working admirably. Other papers are considering this important move by grad ually schooling their patrons to it. and it is proving beneficial alike to both pub lisher. at.d subscriber and advertiser. Two good and probably the lest reasons why the cash system should be adopted are as follows: First, the pubiishar would have no losses Irom this source, and would ueces sirily bj better enabled to tiivor his pa. trons with better rates, and second, the lack of an opportunity for the patron to delraud the publisher better enables the newspaper to lieconie more presentable and worthv the name of newspaper. There arc tew id tors indeed but have enough pride to place their paper on just as high a plane us the returns of the paper will justify. Accepting. these statements as a fact, then it liecomis any community to stand bv the home paper or shut up as to its in efficiency ill properly representing the place in which it is published. The same rules will apply to all other kinds ot business. Iet patrons pay their honest dabts, and pay till along when they have anything to pay with, and just so sure will there be U tter relations be tween the buyer and seller. And again, better terms can always be procured. Pav. pay promptly, and when you can't pay till you owe. pay a part ot it. and don't forget to keep it up until you can enjoy the sweet consolation of know ing that voli owe no man. Second Judicial Histriet. At a meeting ot the Democratic Ex ecutive committee of the Second Jadicial District held in the city of Raleigh. N. (.'., on the 8th day n 'August. lJ-tJ4, a eonv-ntiol! of the second district was called to meet ii: Wei. Ion, N. C. on Tu. s day. the 21 l day of August. 1 894. at :5 o'clixk p. m.. to nominate a candidate for Solicitor ;uid to transact such other business as may properly come before it This the Uth day of August. 1X04. M..I. Hawkins, chin. Ex. Com. Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad. Passenger Department. New Berne. N. C. Aug. 13th. 1 M1. OoNliKESSIONAl. CoN VKXTloN AT CliF.KX- vili.e, N. C. Are. ljiit, ISO!. To Ayents Core Creek, Dove, New Bern, Morehead City. Newport and Ilavclock. You will sell tickets to the above from your stadon to Kinston and return at Tariff No. Tickets to be sold Aug. 14th and loth, go -xl to return including Aug. ISth. S. L DILL. G. P. A. John-on's Pleasant Compound Cod Liver Oil with hypophoshites Malt, Iron, (Quinine. Potass um and Strichnia is nn internal tonic, strengthening the digestive organs and times up the uerves. Pints $1.00. n ASJI I NG ION I.I T 1KB. The 'la ri H Situation I'ri'siilents Callers Mm Lllysou Senate Bill The tariff situation is ne day than it has ever I n-eii. I tion to tin' i ti'i et that n it "e-1 are alivoii- .. -i .. t'i tllllitV tO -d'y ' Iiee.s. v, . v and 1 'resident m this t:Lo,t A heated ills, u--:,.ii ;,, M, avoided to-day l.v a mot ion ecntive session. It is t Jn- i vi the maiorit v ! tenio. i-n -Senate i iinii:m- -.jn and pointed. Another eauc;- o ;i,e Monday n'ornini; ; i n- li ai ate the long-dra II cut tar: s(TI lis -1 .1 I a I I a I Aieeplc.i !e -I lion-, to. Iia'e inlorm i-ir- I i. li t is ;ll,d e lil-l opj.or- '-!, 'lie Ho,,-. ui-l. ! 1 l e lhr new men ap- lb Uleets " r ; :e:":ii;n !l del at-. and Ceil, ale:)! to-d.iv. "t lii. Umond. I' nioeiatie e m W ishini'. Senator li ir- .in, Kope Roberts called on the IV. Hon. .1. Ta viol K ! - ,i chairman ot the V iiL'iir i eciitive omm:t!ee, s i- ton, to-ilav. Senator But..-: ha let urmil inun senatorial camp i. jn, .u South Car. anrl or i upied hi-s. al in the Senate. Ins lina The ;ih.i i letter a wnttei n the . Mr. lilt h. A telegram related yesp ;dv b i;. U. Harkiiui'ti anno, pices that 1 louse has agreed to the senate .seems that the matter had tiottcn in shape that the Iou-e had ; t ike ;h: the . It -uch t bid u hat Me- or nothing-, and v. hi!. was wanted, it s i- I .et Kinlv bill, an.i le ne. a .ot the RELHilUl'S MKKI'lNt; IN PAMLICO Twenty-five Conversions at Arapaho Twenty-Two Baptisms at one Time uev : llciu in Held ot ew Jerne I In-'' veiy -llec I'sspi ! 1 ' imd.'o l .. H it v. 1 L . i i -. during which tv-live co:iveisiuiis. t u . i i et'e suleuitil v nn e' .ng at A:.i i'. is in , tune t here in Of this num'.er t ; en ; t immersed Sund;i in Xeiis kinsons Point. i'. r at Wil- during the attendance the house . Winlield .1 V Wi li A deep i n t . i e-; entire meeting-, large. hi more than on would not hold the was assisted bv hi- s -h, . wil iial the o, a asion M'opV. Mi -on Mr. Held. For th" last few months there has been a continuation of meetings by Rev. Mr. Winlield in Pamlico County, and at nearly all ol them he has met with mist Mattering success.. He has seven or eight churches in the county and under his untiring ministry they have grown and prospered until now the Disciple faith iu that county has arisen to be, most prol ably, the strongest of any denomina tion. Mr. Winlield i- i .jita i unassuming gen' leman. but iie has ioeu extremely fortunate in socompletely and abundantly winning the love and esteem of his churches. They -a.-al of him only to honoi and admire. Stole a Pocket-Book. Jarvis W. Carver was arre-sted Wednes day morning near the A. it N. C. R. R.. depot at train time on the charge of steal ing the pocket book and pocket-knife of John Hall. The latter was valued high ly because of reminiseenses connected with it. Both the men are ot Kayetteviile and were engaged in selling a specialty in soap. They were working together and the thelt was committed while they were rooming together. Between ti.a.Vt'O and $00.00 was taken. $."il.t!o ot the amount was recovered. OYSTER LAW DFCISIOX. As Handed Povn by the Supreme Court or the State. Editok Jopknal: As I have been repeatedly written to to know what was the decision of the Supreme court m relation to the oyster law, I send you the syllabus of the court which 1 wish you would publish. State on Relation of J. II. Blount. Solicitor, against C. C, Spencer from Hyde county, Superior court, .1. F. Graves, Judge, from a Judgment for tie fendant. the relator appeals, judgment affirmed: In the Supreme court of North Caro lina, February 27th. 1894. Oyster Bfd: EttubUshimj 1'nHic Ground. Gniht t" Prevent Pemtn. llehttinn. Laws of 1887. chapter 119, sections 4 and 6. provided for a board of commis sioners, with power to determine the location, area, ;m J limits of the public giounds occupied for the cultivation of shell lish, which were to include the natural beds; that any Qt-rson objecting to tleir decision might rile a written protest within 30 days; that the board should, upon notice, pass upon such objections, anil that its decision should be final till reversed on appeal to the Superior court : and that entries might be made of any ground not designated as public and after payment, grants should issue to the enterer for a perpetual franchise to cultivate oysters within a certain limit. Helii that the decision of the board, fix ing the location of the public grounds where there is no protest or appeal is linal in the absence of fraud or mistake: and an entry and grant of a natural oyster bed not included in the boundaries fixed by the board, cannot be vacated on the ground that such had was not subject to entry. Ttie above is the sylabus of the case as decided by the Supreme court, the fleet f winch i that the entries and grants heretofore made in accordance with the law, chap. 119. laws ot' 1 "-87, are valid. W. T. C'AHO. The Discovery Saved His Life. Mr. G. Cailhuiett". Druggist, liears ville, lib. say-: "To Dr. Kind's New Dis covorv I owe my life. 'Was taken with I. a Grippe and H ied all the physician tor miles about, but of no avail and was given up and t"Id I could not live. Hav ing Dr. King's New Discovery in my store I sent for a bottle and b gap its use and Irom thef.rst dose began to get better and alter using three hollies was up ay'l about again. It is worth its weight in gold. We won't keep store or house with out it." Get a free trial at F. S. Duffy Drugstore. t The August Races. The ia:e schedule tor the 2:t',n class in the Augu -t races was not tillid. The managers have decided to make a new departure, and have decided to arrange a free tor-all race, ope i to all horses owned in this State. May 1 last. The pip-e is slOO, with no entry fee Tie- distance is one mile and 't!n yard-. F..ur horses are to enter and lhr. e to start. Tee money will be divided a- i.niinv: Winner per cent, sec. -ii I hois 2') .third If, fourth 10. It is vei l u:i'is.i;d to ehaige no i n trance fee. l'arde- , think they have speedy horses n cv have a chance to prove that matter. Tie-distance is one which will not affect a i.or-e'- ice. .pi in future races, as it is more than a mile.- -News and Observer. Cure for Headache. Asa remedy lor all form-of Headache Electric 15 iters has proved to be tu. very best. It effects a perm uient cure and the most urea. led habitual sick headaches yield to its influence. We urge all who are afflicted a procure to bottle, and give his remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual constipation Electric Bitters cures by giv ing the needed tone to the bowels, and few cases long resist the use of this medi cine. Try it once. Large bottles only Fifty ecus at F. S. Dutfv's . Drug Store". SAVE MONEY by buying your drugs at Gooding's Drug Store, 90 Middle St., Hext to Baptist church. wtf im;i vi r on: vircim v i anil llliliistiials' tamp at - in Ha d'd bv State Troops j bl I i; i ry Asy ii iii iii Washing ton C i '. v . ' Washington. Aug- 11 The assemblage i of Co xi it es. Gal vallites and so-called in dustrials, ho have Ix'i n i aliip'.ng at -1 vn. M el'e driven H'olll the ia' shortly alt-r .Uvlueak tl soil ot iriitn -ii- morniii''. bv the militia of that State. file laid Mas made without the least l ' -i si aiice from the iii'iiin-. 'the hills "huh hid he.-n ere. led liom straw and olm r maleri .1 widt h could be -n lli'ol are but r- um oils of their I'ornii r appear and . . .;. r their occupant.- had been forced :i..iii thein the torch was applied and every vi t jge that the llame could destroy were burn.!. Y. sier. lav afternoon orders were i-sipd to companies A. Band C ot the First Virginia legiinent at Richmond to assem ble at their armory . and within two hours the men were on special cai on their way 'o Alexandria. Cicn. Anderson and his officers then went to i he leaders of the Indus! rials and told thein in plain, but courteous language, that they must leave the State. An hour was allowed lor breakfast and gathering up what little effects each might d. s iv to take away. Not a a. niter or grumble was leard. j The men packed up their little belong-: lugs ami inarched inun llieir iiuiriciiyi eoiistnicteil ten's up to t he banks and on, to the Aopieducl bridge. A guild of. some twenty men vas placed a' the Vu- j ginia end of the bridge and not one who ,ouldiiot give a proper accounting oi , himself was allowed to return. o there they sat waiting for some one to suggest I what should be doue. WILL UK SENT VVE8T. Washington. Aiig. 11 The Coinmou weah is who were this morning driven from their camp at the Virginia end of, the Aeipieduet bridge by the Virginia militia, by order of Governor O'Fenali. I have foil ml a temporary resting piace. j 1 hey remained on Hit; hrulge until tlie middle ol the alternoon, when they were marched to the grounds of the old naval observatory, tit the foot of Twenty-second street, Washington. Permission to ice the grounds was granted bv Assistant Secre tary ot the Navy McAdoo. at the solicita tion ot the District authorities. The In dustrials aie to remain on the observa tory grounds until Tuesday. By that time the District authorities expect to be able to furnish transportation West for all who choose to go in that direction. Some wish to go East, and with these more trouble is expected. They will pro bably have a linal choice of walking away or going to the work house. LIST OF PREMIUMS Awarded at the Fifth Annual Exhibit of the Oriental Industrial Stock, Fruit and Agricultural Fair As sociation, Held in New Bern, X.C.July 2, 3, 4,5 & 6, 194. C'Ias A. W. D. Pettipher, Director. S B. Richardson, best exhibit of rab bits. 50c. Elias Hayes, best exhibits of turtles, 50c. John Reeves. shad nets 50c. Class B. P J Lee, Director. R G Mosley, largest and best exhibit of Irish potatoes, 81 00. Noah Powells, best i bushel Irish po tatoes raised this year, special premiums by M Ilahn & Co, livery, one whale bone wdiip. Walter Fulcher, best Irish potatoes (growing) 50c SV I) Pettipher, largest watermelon, special premium by J C Wlutty & Co. dealers in hardware, 1 boy Dixie plow. Noah Powells, largest display of any crop raised this year, special premium by M Halm x: Co. iivery, one riding bridle. Richard Green, best musk melon, special premium by J S Garrett, dealer in wines audi liquors. $1.00 Noah Powells, largest and most varied display of farm products by one exhibit or, special premium by L II Cutler S: Co, dealers in hardware, one boy Dixie plow. R G Mosley. b st exhibit of field peas and beans. 1.00 R G Mosley, best variety bread corn, 1 " " clay bank peas, 81 Richard Green, best peck onions, 50c l beets, 50c Mrs Sarah Richardson, liest peck of turnips, 50c Class C. Paul Williams, Director. Poultry Chickens. C Lewis, best cochins, ijl.00 John Wood, best ply mouth rocks. $1 Franklin Cox, bes't leghorn, 81 Jas Person, best langshan, $1 John A Boon, best muscovey ducks. 50c li G Mosley, best pekin ducks. 50c Miss Sophia Fenncr, best china geese, 50c Class D. S B Hunter, Director. Pantry Supplies. Mrs Philas Devenport, best fancy made cake by exhibitor, special premium by J J Tolson, grocer, one bowl and pitcher. Miss Fannie Sawyer, best plain cake by a girl 12 years old. special premium by L J Taylor, gr, n r. one pair lurki-h towles. Mrs Emjrline d Simmon-, b, si lioht bread. special premium by L J Taylor, grocer. J galon of wine. Miss Emerline Banks, largest, and best display of w ines, not less than 8 varieties, special premium by Wm Lurch, grocer. 50 pounds of flour. Miss Sophia Fenuer, best jar of pre serves, special premium by JamesJKelluin, grocer, 15 pounds flour. Miss Sophia Fenner. best jar citron. 25c Mrs Caroline Fields, best jar tigs, 25c Mrs M Burton, best jar so r pickles, 25c Mrs E R Dudley, best sponge cake, 50e Mrs Emeline H Simmons, best plate of biscuits; 50c Sirs Emeline H Simmons, best 1 dozen rolls, 50c. Class E. Moses Bryant, Director. Manufactured Articles OvC Master George Credle, best specimen of wood work by boy under 1G years, special premium bv M II Sultan, one hat siaster Peter J Jones, best chair, special premium by A J Smith, dry goods, one Dew markeX Thomas Rubers in, lst iron work by blacksmith, special premium liy Dr. Lm ster Duffy, one good buggy whip. Edward Havens, best display of heavy shoes, 75c A G Oden. best display dress shoes 75c J is S Woods, best specimen of orna mental wood, $ 1 John Wadsworth, best woodware, 50c Dennis Wadsworth. best turning lath woik. 50c Merrett Whitley, best display coffins, 1 Class F. C C Sparrow, Director. Ladies' Fancy Work, Mrs J E )'H ua, handsomest scrap basket, special premium by J W Mesic, groc. r. Zl Mi's W L Lassiter, handsomest mon choir case, special premium by W. H, Johnson, dealer in wines, liquors etc. 81 Mrs. L Lassiter, best infant dress, special premium by .1 F Taylor, grocer,! m P Holley, bast suit of men or boy's clothing, special premium bv Roberts & Bro. w holesale giocers, 40 lbs flour. Miss Marv Spencer, best bureau or buf fet scarf, special premium by m Manly, postmaster, $1 irs Lama Taylor, best J dozen table mats, specia1 premium by F S Duffy, i bottle best cologne. Mrs George F Miller, liest specimen of 1 raiding, special premium by Dr George Slover, dealer in hardwure, one tine parlor lamp miss Fiinnev Sawyer, most ingenious piece of handiwork by girl under 1(5 years of age, special premium by We-t End Drug Co. one package ot face pow ucr and a cake of soap Miss Cleo E 0'IIarn, best fancy work, by child under 14 yerrs of age, special premium by J B Taylor, $1 Miss Kate Fenner, host doll in ladies' departmen, special premium by Sol Colin, dry goods, one umbrella Miss Nancy Hill. Iest decorative work, special premium by F m Bangerr, $ I miss Dorkas Jones, obest hand-made basket, special premium by J R Parker, jr, grocer, 50 lbs flour. To be continued, WATCH THE CHOLERA. j Plenty Ol il in Europe It May Reach I the United Sta' es Strict Cleanli ness Sh mid Keigu. Th,- SnaiiMaa 'o- a-.s ; - '..Unix article in regu i . i :c ei i w ho h as !. I He - to t he l it V " i nital'N pi e li '' le. e-peeially . -1" r.lld on. le'' such I applicable ' , . X, tor w hu h it w -cautious are ale.; at this -ea-oii ..( ' circum-ta nee- i- "I' - I" ." a'Mho.atj. - a: -,i every precaution, troin gaming an try. Evei.v da accounts oi ; 1;,- - i ' ': -I t !,' I. 'a h h IP ii.;. i re using r.-veiit the cholera .a. e ill' , i thi- eoun- i.- pat eh,.- i tain I of : n. iiscasp '.-.) lioiiaud Get- Europe. It is .n ni'inv, lieig.uui, and i -p eic v ;n Ku--ia. It is dollbl I'ul if repo ,'' - ol' i he number of deaths lro;n it dai ;. .!. lYhi'shurg are obtained. It i- C: io.. 'an thai its pre sence ill that city wa- eon, .-ded uiilii con cealment was no longer p,.-. b;,.. "We escaped ihe .Ii-, ase ;, ps.a :m, I'.'.!, and there is no , ,s ,,, ;,, doubt t hat our ,-s, .. p,. w..- .Ii. e to the precau tions again! it lb. n it New Vet k and other s. It ;,- ir. i-ly pr dieted that it would reach u- in s..i ; a. count ol European visitor- :,, :i;,. i 'iiicago lad'. The Waich upon i:e ...ninj -ieauieis lmw ev r. w a-a et v t i a.: ..: ig ! i ..,,., ami wa ell'ective. neiause w,-,-. ,p,d , v i.;;:i.,ii o: tnci lllolelil ia-t veai a.d tie l -a : b - lull- w, should not be I...... lauboij- tills vi nr. Not only ollgilt lileleto be w iteliltl.lies at the poi ts. Pip j;1 , it ie- -pei :;t 1 attention siioiild ! .'d ' - i. niat tei's. A- long a-I lief, .s, ;,..:c:.; in Luiop,.- this count ry i- in d uio. f: tl,,. ,i.s ease, because we have communication more or less dir, , t with ail the cholera infected district-. War, hfuliic-s and cleanliiie - nr.: , o . ,;. . t, gr. r I- it."' II A I'l'KMM.s OK I II s. i y, The ! lemoci at will bj sj teen t Inn - "lepliessee So tar as (til 1., I nil. I' OUt tile poll! : 1 f Mr. Colli w ere a irv t he corpse lief. r w .si lea ' Icooiup . lie Wolllll isition sel- m.--N aslun iton P i lie w :u esboro Messenger-Intelligence announces the death of Mr. Sandy Love at the age of '.hi veal Ii is calculated that ('idea will have OO.oOO soldiers in C.rea before the close of September. Boise 'f Boise ': ; has a familiar sound nee ted with anvwai mcliow that name What was it con- Can Kaiser Billy on the pulpit ': He meditating a coup said to be studying thsoiogy. If'a successful til-si blow be half the tlgh.l as many contend, Japan must have at kast nine-tenths of th e light with China. "There is a time lor every tiling, except to strike.' is the motto that Mr. Debs has selected for hi- future guidance. There are doubtless many who wish he had made the selection sooner. The Charlotte Observer announces that Mr. Jabez Myers who was recently shot in that city is better, both mentally and physically, but the doctors will not allow him to see any one. Fletcher Robbing was reported on the 11th inst dying from injuries received in a prize fight with Jimmy Lindsay the previous night. Warrants were issued for the arrest of Lindsay, also for Sandy Griswold, referee of the battle and for a hundred spectators. Excessive rains have fallen in nearly all sections of North Carolina, but out in Ohio it is quite different. At I ronton they are experiencing the most severe draught sor ten years. The water works are dry and the town is almost helple-s in case of fire. Farmers are hauling water long distances for stock, and all vegetable growth is in a parched condition. China's awful plague has been actually raging for fifteen years and is increasing. It is genuine black death, says the Wil mington Messenger, or bubonic plague that has so often devastated continents. There is danger of its being brought in goods to our own country. The News aud Observer changes hands Sunday. Capt. Ashe, so many years in editorial harness, will take the field as the representative of an insurance com pany. Mr, Greek O. Andrews, who for some years has been city editor, will en gage in journalistic work in New York, very probably. The Lincoln, Neb., train wreck proves to have b6en the work of wreckers, unci the officials oft'ue road have offered fl.OOn reward for the capture of the mis cieauts. The corrected list of fatalities shows that nine passengers and the con ductor, engineer and firemen were killed. Others were injured but not seriously. At Dallas, Texas on the lUh mst. base ball p'ayers took re fag. escape a rain, and it wa- der a tree to st nick by light w ei e killed out lniuring the ing. Sseven ot tlie right and severally remainder. It is th-nig .veral others will die. The Liberty llei aid gi- this ilein: Crops are looking very line and tile pros pect for cotton and corn is much better than it has len for several years. Judg ing from the height o! the corn in this section, farmers will find a need for ladders to gather their crops in the fall." Charlotte News says: Mecklenburg county is in better shape politically than iu aoy previous campaign. It is said to be a fact that there is not a Populist in Pineville. Providence or Steel Creek township. In Providence there is one Third party man. but he is not a Popu list. Meckfenburg wil! give the Demo cratic ticket from 1.200 to 1.500 majority. Mark it on the wall. L'jmberton Robesonian says: Lumber river is now nearly up to the high water mark of 1807 aud it is thought by many that but for the deepening of the channel by the government it would be fully as high. Water is running over the new road for about i$U0 ya.itls aud canoes are lieing conveyed a .toss. The dams of quite a number of water mills in the county are reported broke and bridges carried away. The Salisbury Herald states that the oldest illustrated magazine in the world L'liustratiou. printed at Paris, has in its issue of July 28th a story from Christian Reid (Mrs. F. C. Tiernan. of Salisbury), translated into French. The price paid lor this story was greater than the Amer ican publishers offered Mrs. Tiernan. It is one ot the first stories by an American writer thought worthy of translation in this French publication. Cn, V s army has b. eti s, lit to jail, but the geneliii"- son c-cape.1 by hiding under a bed. Forty Baltimore policemen swooped down upon the encampment near Ulailensburg. morning and roun liue style, capturing left to clean up the 103 promptly siarte for three months Md. arlv Friday led up the band in lt8 men. Five were "pep and the other I to the work house hard labor. Gen'l Coxey who is now stump' to Congress was telegraph ig for election 1 1 for to coinv n and look after the welfare ol' the men. The terrible drought in the West has cut short the corn orop, -evetal hmulr-.d million bushels. In these days the price in Chicago advanced twenty cents a bushel. As the Smith's com crop is safe, and as it will be about .",00. i'O'l. oill). budiels all increase oi twenty cent-a l.iislu-l would mean an increase m a:i;e ut'iilu i.l 100. 000.000. Everything n, to favor ihe South t'u'.s ,ar. Mtimifni-luri'f- Ref old. An indictment of the Alabama Democ racy by such a man a- Reuben F. Kolb i a farce. Probably he laves merely for the benefit of ihe R. -publican boodle as sociates in the North, which poured money into his jun kets !'-r toe purchase of votes. Let Kolb bellow as ioi.g and as loud as he likes. Alabama i- all right and honest gallant William C. l iti s has been elected governor by more than double the majority which the Democrats rolled up at the State election two years ago. Atlanta Journal. I Baking fbsofufefy -Pure A cream of tartar hakim powilur Highest of nil in lea-eui'ig streuith -Latest United Statks Govkknment Food Report. Royal Bakixo Poa-oku Co., 'Ktf w,tl St.. N. Y Wholesale Market Cuunir Produce Live stall fed cattle. 5 l-2a, gra-s led, 4a5c Iressed beef 4a5. Beeswax 20c Corn, 02b . Chickens spring 2o.i-(0i- nair. Ducks, Eng. 4a-Ve. Miis. ovv 5Ua'IO . I Eggs, a 12Je. 'Jeese. Tat .aSlle. Hides Dry Mint, :'..; trysail ti. gi,.,n 1 Ac. deer hides I 5,-. Peanuts, 5m ,ti0ec. Wool 10c. Lambs $lal. 5(1. Old Sheep, if 1.25a!; 2 MU. la!-. 32.-. I Inioiis, $ 1 .5O;;$2.0t I I row n chicken-', 45c. '. her 1 ;., : v w a .. .. ... h pav.- tier Cantoiia. w i,.-i. si, wa, a I'hiK,. lie ene.1 tor Cuntoria. u -" ! ' -"'Ii"- s.'i -ltjii-f to na8tri W ;. i, ,, .-:!,, inoellituj Canturla. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca?toria. 'diet thy habit be as costly as thy purse can buy." Shakesi'EAR. It is your privile-gc o dross well and when you need any thing to comple'eyour wardrobe call on us. We have just re ceived a new and handsome line of Negligee shirts, sashes, and summer Neckwear, Pleoted bos om, open front shirts, '.i pleets to the side. The old reliable Dia mond shirt always in stock, sizes 14 to I7h Collars 14 to 184. Lots of fixings you need. J. M. Howard HOOPSR'H Fatal - Food, For the utter destruction of Croton Bugs and Cockroaches. Emphatically a new and desirable discovery in every particular. Entirely unlike all other Insect Pow ders, as they devour this with avidity, while all other insect powders partially suffocates them, driving them wildly to other rooms and other houses to live on and multiply. NoL a poison. A child may taste or eat this food with impunity, hence there is no danger in having it about, as with other poisonous powders. No extra ap pliance required for distributing this food its own case is its own best distributor, purposely constructed to do it perfectly and easily. As the bugs go to the food, you are not compelled to carefully bel lows it tnto every crooked cell and bes mear each individual bug, as with the old insect powders. One package ol this food, tolerably well distributed, will en sure entile freedom from the nasty bugs, large and small, as there is always enough left in cievices to feed and destroy all new comers for years to come. Dampness does not destroy its efficiency. The above facts being guaranteed, what excuse is there for any Dwelling. Restaur ant, Hotel or Ship being intested with the' -die bugs. All that u-e thi-, make no comparison with other powders. Save this, that one box is worth a ton oi any other. The natural place for bugs is in the kitchen, and the reason of their being in other parts of the house, ordinarily, is because they have been driven thither by insect powders previously used. Fifty cents will demonstrate the fore going assertions. Condemn it if you can. See direction on the case. Price 25 cts, 50 cts and $1.00. Wholesale Agent, L. J. TAYLOR. Cor. Queen & Bern Street, Frog Pond, New Berne, N. C. 0RIM30N 0L0VER, SeetlOats, Rye, Wheat & lied Clover, Bagging aud Ties, Hay and Feed, At CHAS. B. HILL'S East Side Market Dock, New Berne' N. C. ag9 w3m Brick, Brick! HAKD HAND-MADE BRICK in any quantity, At J. R. PIQOTT'S, Near Market Dock. SHINGLES FOR SALE. Hand-made " inch Shingles, Apply to A. M. WILLIAMS, aldlmwlt Vanceboro, N. C. Fsathers -:- Cleaned Have your BEDS, BOLSTERS and PILLOWS renovated and made Pure and Clean. Good work, and orders prom (illy at tended to. Work from the Country as well as tne City solicited. Address, A. i. HOYT, Care Roberts & Bro. WM. DTON, President. JAS. EEEM01TD, Vice-Pres. B. S. QUIOK, Sec, & Treas. OFFICE: .9 GRIFFITH. ST, 00000000 ICE CO. Manufacturers of Pure Crystal Ice FROM DISTILLED CAPACITY: 20 Tons per day Daily delivery (except Sunday) by wagons from 0 a. m. to 0 p. . Sunday (retail only) Irom 7 a. in. to 12 noon. ( ar Load lots solicited and orders rilled I promptly. For prices and other information, Address, B. S. GUION. ag3dwtf , Manager. it a r ww m m m m m PAPEandDEYO. VHOI.EHAliK Commission Merchants, Wanhington tStreol., NEW YORK. -o o- Southern Fruits and Vegetables a Specialty Large and Roomy WAREHOUSES Facilities for handling heavv shipments unsurpassed by any house in the business. -RETURNS MADE EACH DAY OF SALES' National Bank of New 15erne, N. C. Gauspvonrt Rank New York. REFERENCE: Stencils and Postals can be obtained fat JOHN DUNN'S. MILLINEE7 BUSINESS FOR, SALE. A Millinery Business bi a jmod b , i i can be bought on easy term-. Apply or write to Mrs. M I. I.'iioiu s. 7 Pollock Street, diw2t New Pei ne. N. ( '. Ruta Baga and Turnip Seeds-l lb. 35c. 5 lb 30c. 10 lb 25c. All fresh, new stock at Mace's Drug Store, New Berne N. C. WOODWARD & LOTH EOF 10th, 11th and F St. N. YV. Wasbingtun, I . '. Invite the attention of th.-i r p-ii i . a. - i a . , giniaanii the Carolina.-, 1 in, FRESHEST, BRIGHTEST. CLEANEST mil II AM's.iMi. i Stock oi goods tin v . . i n ON MONDAY, APRIL -NI They offer lul - ! .11. .-1 , j . . -1 Freiu-h FIiuhi.-Ih ;,! i'.s .1- , , , . ,.a value 75 els. One liui,.li.l .i e. Crepe ilrt Cliill.- 1". .1 - II... a 1. 1 ,1, ,11 the new, -si ton! most .1. i. : hi. I. Ol R HOUSE KKEI'IMi IU I' I! 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I ;iou ,.,'iet I., die peoplo of , W Heine and eonnliv around I Kilter bai 'aill 1 1.1,1, ever befole' Til K LA RO 1'iST S TCK OF GROCERIES, SHIP CHANDLERY and LIQUORS lobe found in Ihe e,v ;it rock bottom '""j. I TAYLOR. 1 ATTENTION! '1 11 i I'iik l.tim: silw mil)-. :t 1 1 i ii IKtU In I l . i mum I I. h I'M i ti i : m t Ion. t i-iMi' inv liavlnjr mit n . ' uit 1.1:111111 millM, 1 AlU ,1 in s-uiilv fetir hftme ti i i ;i i i r.ii ''i ii ij ii r.nw afr Moulding ac ceiling A SPECIALITY, vi :u it-- i in mi 1 1 1 : i ! loiii-li-i . I iiiu cnabluil to hit on). i - i I ' i - -;- m-.l. r- loi I .inn I h i -1 1 s-i-. or iu t.ho rouKll V lllli-.l (irompily. ami :t lew iiice. H. ( i ill i I ii i' l I . In 'i ll IC I I i'fl. ' Kiiibiini: I.iiiiiIh i Sii ilit'.s, Cor-; in i a i iiiniv u rmiiMi nr., N I'.W I'.l'U'Ni:. N. I-. , , i a , i jl!8m 1 ; a .n K s 1 111: m r 1 X a. 1 r armers iviercnanx-s isanu; lb u.iu l.,isiin ss May , lSIll. apit-.l . ) p. - 7.r,000.00 Mill. III-. - 'i.iWWI t , b 1,1.-1, -i.fjtMl.OO Divi.lnu.i-p 0.1. I2,7.r0.00 1 1 ! I' 1 1 I l - : I.. II. ' '1 1 1 1 1:. President., w. s ( , ,, , icorrfa. T. I M u 1 OUHbW. A. 1 1 I'.om i 1 'J eller. 1" I'. Ma 1 till i.-, - Collector. W.!l. w,-! .- 1 'ibn h. : e,M,necllon .thia i; .i.l. - . i. .01. . .,11 accouimo-' . I .ii -i iitivc bank I' I'ehil aiti hii.,11 Liiven to Coi !e, I o, . We VI I 1 " .'e , . I lio-e vl .1 ! , I .. ,,n .,...iil with ..M!eii,,'ai.- making I lull ' 01 ., ,, 1 le e 11. 1 0I1 ll! J. A. Sin'Ar. THOS. DA17IELS, rrc::dcr.t. Vico IYes. G. II. LOZEZTZ, Cachier. THE NATI-ITAL BANK Of New Berne, N. C. I 1 ' . it 1 -. . f ti 1 1 1 si;."i. Capital, Snrnlii Profits, $100,000 08,168 1 d ! ; 1 n d:-s In..-. hiM i;u, I II. Mm kiiukn, I . n 1 : 1 Y , I K. IliMioe. u- l; n s - I . I- ... i, (, II I.,,, 1 I -. I .-Her. CITIZKVS HANK 1 r j 1 ' nilltMl.l.N C. ' 11 M. !M. PI S'lVIMH. ' 1 1 . el. Ian!, . 1 'oriM.r- 1 '"I ,.,.!,e, i-n. '. - I 1 .., 1.1 ..,.! eni-o ' I'd 1 I r I . .1 ,.111 cnn. a. I 1 . . .1 -I.l le 1:1. 01- , ,1 KKc roits. rVr. inland I liai-li. .;. . Mi-adnwB, 1. A. Meadows, bus. lliill .),- Samuel W. Ipoek, .Imiii-M Keihi.o.itl, elms. II. Eowier, i'Iiuh It.-i, .iv,,in, William Dunn, Mayer 1 1 it I 1 1 . K. W. Small wood, Tiiiiimu, ,. i.riion. Oeo. N. Ives, c. It. 1'oy.

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