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Otes, the rep"eeii- i tative ol the lemocr;icv , Iihh ben eltcted (lovernor over Kalb the representative of all the isijis and tom-foolery in Ameiican politics. Thii writer knows both men well. The war record of ea:h is equally honorable. O.itea commanded a regiment in the army oi orthern irgima, and i Kolb commanded a battery in the j army of Tennessee. Both were , splendid soldiers of the Confeder acy, and to speak of either of them as wanting in nerve is the sheerest nosense: One was often honorably mention by Lee and the other by John son. Iu elements of personal - popular icy Kolb is the stronger of the t o, while as a debater Oatea is the sup erior. Why then Is Oates suecessfal? It is the unterrined and invin. cible Democracy that has conqnor cd. An the first gun in the campaign tue t kc:iou in Alabama is signifi- - i. (.d )'; influence will be felt : :.: u' 1 !- L'r.ion. r fl. ooall have been aI'jlx on which :h of the Democra A' ;ret senators, Mor t!os d the Admin- g-u .f.! ' 'iit;li im: r:i' ion . They (ought the financial policy jf the Pre-iiienf to the bitter end, aad they have be n among 'he fore- must in op. osiaoa to he uson Tariff bill. Yet Alabam-i his gone Democratic. Why Because Democ racy in his wordt toriu is better than Popuhstio-liepubhcauism iu any shape that it can aesuuie. There are hypocrites and false prophets m the church, bnt Chris tianity is tie hope of the World. Is was important that Alabama remain iu the Democratic column. It is more important that North Carolina continues to be Demo cratic. Here the issues are broader and the consequences far reaching beyond comparison. Here the con test is not only between Democracy and Popnlistio Republicanism, but civilization is involved. In sueh a convict honor is at stake, and be who deswts the Democratic standard is unworthy of the smile of virtuous women and the caresses of innocent children. We mast preserve oar civiliza tion or be forever fallen. What are tariffs, in eomparrison with ques tions that cluster around bar fire sides? Lose the Legislature suffer it to fall nnder the control of Pub licest Republicans, andjaway goes county government. Swept away with irresistable fary by the incom ing tide of barbarism! We will not, we cannot question the result- ''He who doubts is dam ned," and cursed be he who falters in the day of battle. 'C0MPL1MESTS TO MR. MORGAN. The Washington Post, of Angnst favors its readers with the follow ing; "The news from Alabama this morning warrants the assump tion that the next Legislature as sembling in that state will reelect Hon. John T. Morgan to the Uni ted States Senate. That will be a consummation upon which Alaba ma may receive and deserve general congratulation. Mr. Morgan is one of the ablest men in Con. Congress- He stands in the front rank of statesmen a broad liberal, patriotic and far-seeing legislator. He has served the country well and faithfully, and has exhibited quali ties that confer distinction upon anybody be may happen to be asso ciated with. Mr. Morgan is one of those men whom it is important to retniu in tbe public service and the announcement that he is to be re. tained comes in the nature of a relief and an encouragement to every thoughtful observer of public event? ." Senator Morgan richly deserves all that id hero said of him. But there is another and stroager rea son why his reelection will ne the occasiou of general congratulation, and that it because of his exper ience in put'dic admits. Senator Morgan ha.-ib.eeu in pub lie life ever since he became of a?e. He wis a Breckinridge Elector for the Slate at large in 18G0: He mi a Confederate soldier during tbe war, rising from Major of the 5th Alabama Regiment to Brigadier General; and he has been in tbe United States Senate nearly a quarter ot a century, tie Is a great constitutional lawyer, and in his knowledge of Foreign affairs he is absolutely without a rival. When it is remembsred that tbe science of government is the most difficult of all sciences, the impor tance of retaining such a man as Morgan ia the public service can not be over estimated. At the present time there is a diposition to change public servants without properly considering the loss that is always incident to the retirement of an experienced and competent official. Not bng sgo a Superior court Judge complimented the Clerk of the Court upon his efficiency, and at the same time remarked "If a Clerk of the Court learns his business in four years he does well." It may be said with equal truth fulness that if a Senator becomes influential and servicable to the country in six years he has done well. The willingness to serve the . ih'nty ' n ti if. 111 tl m liffiiim- 1 .i it-iih- i wo urTord to wait l"i !- III , . V f uient! SWUKl'lMi DEMOlK.VlU It- Mr. Oates' Majority iu Alabama Be tween 25,000 and 30.000 -The Legislature Democratic by a Safe Majority. 1 .t Ti,- r T" " - 1 .1 A net 7 year,y every conQJy tQrn8 Qp wUh a heavy loss lor Kolb, as compared wit,h his vote of 10i'-. For instance, Madison county iu 192 went for Kolb by 1!9S. Oftiuial returns give it to Oates by 1,44.', a ebanee of over 1700 votes. Henry, Mr. Gates' own county, went for Kolb in 1892 by over 1,500. This year it goes for Mr. Oates over 500. Legislativo returns indicate a safe Democratic majority, even without Jell'ersou's delegation of six, though the pro spects are that Jefferioo has gone Democratic. Later Complete unofficial, but reliable returns from counties injthe State, except two, make the Demo cratic majority 20, 12 i. Tuoso two counties are Baldwin and Coving ton, both small counties, which can not poswibly change tbe foregoing result more than a few hundreds. The official counts in the counties take place Saturday, and the result will not be changed mateiially. The Democrats have at least twenty two members of the Senate out of thirty-three and sixty one mem bers of the House out of 100. STi; I K KRS KMBOUEN Kl The Withdrawal of Troops from Pull. Mian Kosn'tsiu Demonstrations by Kvotcrs. Ciiiauo, Aug. 7. The places ot the militia on guard at Pullman bv nolice officers who patroled the railroad crossing and stood guard outside the car shops and packing houses. The withdrawal of the troops was followed by several vicious attacks on workingmen. Two attempts were made last night in tbe stock, yards district to burn Chicago & Erie cars. The second time the cars were smear ed with cotton waste and oil: and were burning fiercely when dis covered by a police. Nine hnnderd men were at work in the repair shops of the Pullman Cornpasy this morning. The force is compo xea of new men by a large majority. There was a feeling of unrest among the striken wtion the lasfcof the troops bad disap peared. The police expect tbe strik ers will make some kind of a de monstratloa at the shops now. HEROIC T0UNU LADIES. The AasbJt tjiel.r Father in Rescuing a Sfaiparected Crew. Pensacola, Fia., Aag Last night tbe full rigged Norwe gian ship Catherine, Caps. Steven son, stranded on Santa Rosa islcnd nearly two miles from the lite sav ing station, while trying to enter this harbor. A terrible northeast gale was blowing at the time. The Government disbands tbe life sav ing station from May to September, leaving only the captain ia charge. Capt. Broad bent, with the assis tance of his three daughters and one man, ban led their apparatus nearly two miles, fired the life line and rescued the crew of tbe vessel. The fate of tiie vessel is very nn-4 certain. She lies iu twelve feet of water A fleet of tugs is endeavor ing to aid the vessel, bat the terri ble storm keeps them off. Later. The vessel is now in sev en feet of water and is rapidly going to piftess. CAINA HUMPING HEKfeEW". Japan Ainis to Attack tbe Chinese Be foro the Troops from Manchuria Arrive London, Ang. 9. a dispatch from Tien Tsin to the Central News says: "The Emperor of China has directed that a levy for war tribute be made upon the v iceroys of the different provinces. A foreign war loan is mooted. Ghtnese troops with European officers are rapidly advancing through Manchuria to ward the Corean frontier. China is unsparing in her efforts to succeed in tbe impending fighting." The Shanghai correspondent of the Central News says: "According to advices from Yokohama and Nag asaki, Japan is pouring reinforce ments into Corea, using for the purpose all available fast steamers flying the Japanese flag. A. fleet of Japanese transports recently start ed for. Ceemulpo. Another fleet started for the north coast of Corea, presumably for Gensai. The Japanese aim to attack the Chinese before the arriyal of the Mancburiau corps." San'o to be (inillocinrd in Ten Days. Lyons, Aug. 7. Cesario Santo, tbe assassiu of President Carnot, has peisisted in his refusal to make an appeal to the Court of Cassation and the time of appeal having elapsed the papers were; sent to ans to-day tor the signi ture of President Cas ruir Perier, fixing hi execut'on lor ten days hepge. COF ELLcTTK NOMINATED. The Ricliuiond, Va., District Puts L'p & Strou? Man for Congress. IliciistoND, Va., Aug. 8. The Democratic congressional distict, which assembled here to-day nomi nated Col. Tazewell Ellett on the first ballot. After the nomina'i n were all made a ballot takeD, tbe coiomittee on resolution presented the fol lowing, which was adopted: "Resolved, Tht the committee on resolutions deemed it unnec essary for this convention to pro mulgate a platform for this dis trict, inasmuch as our candidate and the Democrats of the district are pledged to promote the best interests of al; the people, and will stand in the approaching campaign, as in the past, for the well known principles of the Democratic party.'' For Over Fifty Years I Miis. Wixslow'3 Sykit has been used for children teething. It soothes the child, foAens the gums, allays ail pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. Tweuty-rive cents a bottle. Sold by all druggists through out the world. jullSdwlm ; o. u n f r is one 1 hiiij; to do it i?" a very ditl..r-i. 1 W o havo pltn v uit.Mi I INHiM.ltiN Senatorial Kt rat njranrf-Willi".-. I lcsttil Flection Delaj I ohiiW is -- l ai ill' -.Meei i i r i" ISoinn the ioulli. Hie itiprobiation bills are leing hurried up with all possible dis patch. The Sundry Civil bi'l on which will stand the closest Kind of watching parsed the Sriia'e Tlnits daj.An amendment allowing the widows of the late Senators Vance and Stockbridge ?5,000 apiece was added. This is all right. Kut another item, viz: "Allowing one months extra pay ; the officers and employees of Congress" is nothing more nor lees than a whoie- sale steal of hundreds ot thous- ands of dollars for the lieDi-nt of a large number of favorites iiere who do not perform a single d of hard work. I will try to gt " i -. ..ournj togetl.n ; paper the sum total of thii uuoiiiit. i icy of '.he m g: You obser e the figures are not j The pu-t-ent given in the bill. It may b 1 mpos - sible for me to get them. (; coarse thej were left ont of the bill for a purpose. This is another argument in javor of Mr. Tuckers bill to elect Senators by the people. It does not so such matter wheth er the case has Ransom or Jarvis here. North Carolina tax payers as well as tax payers in every other state ought to demand men lor Senators who trill pledge themsel ves to vote for this bill to elect Senators by popular vote. Then all these items which are slipped in lor the ben.ifit ot senatorial favor ites, clerks, lackey, etc. will be forever eliminated from the appro priation bills and possibly a null- j t. t-i y n-.-.i., ion of dollars saved annually. Ti.e j Thin n bill passed the House by ovct is ami slumi.i i two thirds vote, but it will never ts yen an.! pass the Senate until this pledge , .4iiy. is required at the primaries of t he ! s :: :.i . senatorial candidate, livery inau : t.t:et;: , ih : ' and woman who reads this known : wan; 'd :; h these "oflicers and employes ot ; ,tud rin-. i Congress'' arc not enti' 'ed to one i t hat i he n ; : . month' extra pay and tlie tuembera : i,: destitud i of the Uoue ought nin to allow j he p.vr .' the item to stand if they can pre- I mination in vent it. I Let t he f-ir j'y what right has the Senate to jgiea. mini bers Dreseut an extra montii s pay to its employe-? It they want to re ward their llnnkeys, let th.i money come out of their own pockets Here is a fine field lor a man to put in some honest work in the '-inter est of ejouomy" It does not de serve to be honored with tlu) name of "subsidy." My vocabulary con tains no other name for it than "wholesale steal.''! trust in the interest of common justice, econo my and honesty that every editor) who reads this win resent the in sertion of this item and if posibl demand its revocation brforr the President signs this bill. Tbe contested election case of Williams vs Kettle having been deterred until nest 1ecember uis poses of it for fhe present i p to i noon Monday, Mr. Woodard the manager for Mr. WilliauiB on the floor and Mr. Paynter for Mr. Set tle were ready to test the case be fore the House. Suddenly some ol Mr. Williams' friends deeinea ii expedient to postpone the matter, fl was found that Settle hid been making himself solid with a large nnmber of democrats, a law ought to be passed requiring al contes ted election cass to be decided within sixty days after a meeting of Congress. It is not desirable for two congressmen credited to one district to draw $5,000 apisoe, If lr. Williams should win in Decern ber he will ba paid a full Congress man's salary a duplicate cf which Mr. Settle is now enjoying. Thee are besides some big legal fees to be paid; also by tbe tax-payers. There is an equity in these con Jested election cases which OQght to be investigated. Some years ago the custom as to pay both con testant and con tee tee a fall $W,'0Q a year. An instance of this I recall in tbe First, N. C. District when the contest lasted two years and the late Hon. Jesse J. Y'ates drew his 1.9,000 after a years, contest. I do not blame Mr. Yates who was a good man and aboyethe average Representative, but I do blame those who make such lawB. Ate the people and the press blameless when they permit this sort of thing to go on year by year! I think not. There was such a howl raised about it that this law was altered somewhat, the cost of contest being either diminished or hidden under a to chnicality Many of these abo minations were enacted nnder re publican rule. It is the duty and the privilege of the darsocrats to abolish them. The democratic party ought to do it, in the ' in terest of oconomy'' and honesty. Walter O. Dabney of the State Department, has been summoned by telegraph to the University of Virginis by his brother, Prof. Dabney wJjo is seriously ill. The Secret Sen ice, Treasury Department unearthed a gang o.. counerfeiters to-day. The rogue3 were printing $10 Treasury notes. One year ago to-day the fifty third Congress met in extra ses sion to repeal the Sheirman silver purchase law and to give relief to the impaired financial stauding of the National Treasury Vith the exception of a montlrs iriiourn nieut in November last, Congress has been in session ever since, and the financial situation has been continuously growing worse. Every one feels that an outcome of the long-drawn-out agony of uncer tainty must be reached soon. The Odds in Favor of japui). Tacom v, Wash., Aug. 7- dpt. W. li Bridgman, who baa cota manded the United States cruiser Baltimore for the last two years, retkr&ed here on two month's leave of absence, having left tbe cruiser at Chemulpo, Corea. Juiv I.,th. He regards the Orient d war ,;s an unequal contest, with the odds great Jy favoriDg Japan, which, he says, has a npic-ndid uavy and an army as well equipped as that of any European country. Japan, he thinks, is sure to win unless China is given tirtiH to make war pre paration on h 'jiganiii. scale. Kolb Claims he Is Fleeted. Birmingham:, Aug. 7 Reuben Kolb, the Populist candidate for Governor, baa furnished to the Age-Herald a statement in which claims that he has carried forty-one j ont ol fif y white counties and that tie State ticket, of which he is the head, has been elected by a major ity of 14,000, and charges fraud upon the Democrats China is the only imtii-n in the .,r!.l which ci 308 not en.ioy liie lr.xcry ol a me tional debt, and the only one. it i- -rd. : where every sane man e:;n read and wriie. ' They are the nm-t patient, in. Iu-i r.ou- jieople in the world; if they were not j they could never learn to wiite in ilmt language. (i ! !(! , Ail: ': Pi )( ;! ' Tue . 'r . grin:,: itvu gies-:.-.'. :! i o ! 1 Mi-: To !-'" I' oited S ; : The N-.r; league v:il Ind., on ! that I'.-'pr. S- iff '! ented, tn -- i n : ) I 1). 111.- lit riK.-ry 'i. lence. b: v ' In ii ii ;nnum -: . Ii o : i ! 'not" s m .'. ' ,!eU'I !!: :;; i ii A n: j ceriee an.! v politics ;md ministration tory of i ' been g; i i;:t- I..I- ti iu--: 1 due to t Lc last ad uiinistratUM. up to the great .'ti : by the! country as th-- r cratie aMX-n-!- i.e. i'Oii etitioo ;:::iv b true ta : s ,:mi c ill--of ery a -. 1 1 is a in a ' ' .-, ..' t ulai ii'ii ' i, ' - ien'y f-'li-' - ii ; party ly u; or in the reei i," i !. n t he ti r" ' , v i .1 iv',!;, a'.j. . - : -; ;.-- ' - ol !ar. J !. :: ii.-' I t mo ' he t !r I A I ; li HI: IV : . f.r r n "l'Ii j- l: l. .i I: .,5 i ' i is i.inor. en gather in ! lianapoiis. and : m ami intelit- i 1. mm in an l u g.-lit disci:: confronting Signed i Clile! :,t ii;- Of Org?.!- : : ;' the cond; Hons ' is i ! r. -i K. J . Sti r.i. j A.tu;e;ican I'. i' itior; of i be tb'tti'it! ll H C)!igrc.-sioiia tlieiltt ;i! ! IKI' lOlt i ll L UOUHAN Aloxclllrlii i i iH-lia'i (M I .lllliilr : ii s"iii;Vr?r Taking Mnpe NEW Yuki. . Au. TIit move ment to send lehet io the famme- etricken Koreatir; ready taken siiapt- .'.'i i is being igorously pushed, In re.-Pr.:;se to the effort ot tllO C-hrir t ! !'l lier,'!,'. of N ev Yotlv. to conti 1 1 i ; 1 ,ooo barrels of ii ur to any aro thar m.i. be seut to that country tLc t-'orecr: rmninter, yreSungHoo, c tord ay te.egrajjlied the fclicvMug tiom Wa-bmgton. The Chnsti-.,. Hi-r.;i 1. It hie House. New Y'oik: Y'.iut- i.ouii. ..uti generous co:in ;L I'ion oi or.e thon--and "uaiToic; of I) or substantiallv stirts the moveiiiu-nc t relieve my starving countrj men. .vi v ueai t is full of gratitude to ou for yout prompt assistance, and 1 will notify my gov rnraent o. the relief that may be expected irou- t.'.is ' ouutrj. It iil:s n:y jieart with paia anU rj gretthatmy siai'Viii countrymen and prostrate government uannot Arid means to transport the con tribution yoa have to generously started. In a day or two I shall be able to advise you whether the shipping point eha.'i he New Y'ork or San Francisco. r he !r,t:;e port i woui-ti be better. I remain rith i groat rr-sot . j Abc-iilent ser- van t . Y'E SVXG s,,n. Minister of Koren. Dr. ' ouise Ki psch has forwar ded he following dispatch to the Secretary of State ;nvltin a1' i tance of the government ia to,-, war ding the profiosed cargo: Hon, W. (1. ( oesham. retary of State, Washington, I) pathetic appeal made b1 rean min.'star in beha'i' ot ving people arenas sympathy, it means cf t. C. The Ko- r b i::s star itlesptead itprta- tion can be secured, lh.rge ca.go of grain for the. relief of these star ving multitudes can he q.iickly bo provided. Will the I'.iired States government undertake t he t: nspor tatios from either N.-w ioik o. tvin Francisco! TIIE CHKISTIAN fVKAI.D. Bible Hou1 e, .'s -. Vort. Itisfaither pro- it to secure the co operation oi the varioua boards of trade antl ex.hangs throughout the counti y , and espec ially at San Francisco and Chicago. The cargo when conpleted w i i . probably clear from the lormet port, aur. it in believed that a guar antee o! irnmoiioy of seizure either from China or Japan will be granted i Hit KA S TKHN VAU England and Kuia .Menu lYaee Mor t'iU.b ! i.ll.iille. lb Vie. r i-1 -.. Sn ' , :c-r ng- S D is e.flie; aliy epo 1 fiom u Tsin that Iiiitain and a peaceful :; be'WeC! ('' e ' li n (1 . ; mi- : I ! 1 . " 1:1 1,..,, f ne eliorts of itussi.-i to bnct settlt-mpn t (if China e.nd .! China is v, i:l ! ity, but she r her suzi-i 1 i (-reat ' nt-iot; i Toe Ciiine.-M-! closed tl.e lighthouses ct! mosa. KiiKoaMA. A battles have U the .lapane- e at t!:e ,,f r be. Sel lc !0 i u iias t -I nianeKe, with Chuu'-e in the e ig. s Additional u bmght between :l the Chint se and e been defeated. n f tken y 'he i n g toss. The ;g.ige.-!ietit lost :.(;;) killed, The eneiiiy !ld in the direc tion of Kosbiu. Tii" J -panese are in possession of Vasbau. An imperiiii ordinance Hist issue peril! ; on cor. peaoef citeiLte Cnicese to reside in Janau i ion that they engage m "ttrsuits. Tho greatest ex i)?eva::j here, at 'i'okio and at uttier lare towns, an c re-i suit .d' the victories of the Japan ese troops. Rumors, however, are current heie thif the .Jajianese naval forces nan- been defeated in an engageaicnt with Chinese war ships. 1 the victories of the J apan - Ibiclilen's Arnica Salve. bm;- srt!. t ir-nJ , ;!:',. Vl monev i-'orfJ; v. i i.-. ! . ii i r. m.i : ,-it -. - i I h H. iMUCRATIU MTFOHMJ i i Mi' Ai-o i'l.AI JuKM-lKhhi 1 I M.IMITKH COIN'- ! .UAI luVU AN- , M'hlU!!(i i j 1 )lM.h-i.YulH I AX 1 !;',!.; ! Stab1 AilniiiiNi ral i ai AjiproM-il of Ki n.! ,?' n- Honoring Si-iator ,iiu . j n'1 ciMiiinittee on iilatforni ai-i.u- d through J. t'aldwell and nade their report as lolliiwt: . Tne Democracy ot North Caro- ' 1'na submit to the voters ot the State of North Carolina the follow. :;; declaration of principles,- U 'wi'.i'il. 1. Thai we reallirm the lu-etr.Mes ot the party as enunciat eii I-.;, the Chicago convention i i'.ej, and desi.e t j signify, as lot -l .iv.s. what is the eont ruction plac ed by us upon the section thereof i elating to sliver, uaooeh . We hold it is the duty ol delsal tiiient of trie t he law making Government, now m the Liii'ls ci ae , to take iQiim re.-i ire by legisla i the Demo iiate steps to ion t he i q ual with g"hl at I Vih-gcs of HliN'el i ihe mints, by tree and unlimited c linage ot both gold and silver a a rat in of lb to 1, such being the rat in ot . -lliage which he! t : i'ore, li i-i ;,i hi .! the i'uneu States. 'J. 'i v, e u 1 ge u pon il i a m -.. liig ih.'pa! : auiit ol the I im'iTu Oieiit i be abolili-iQ (:1 1 he uiitMti : : m ii'ioii.-.l and ptohibi: ve tax ol 10 pei cent, upon the insiie of State l i. Ill kS. tt. 1 mil in view of the depleted e 'million in which the late Ke.-ub-' eau administration left the I reas ii(v ot the I.' luted States, present ing, us it did, tiuch a lamentable (tout last : he o ei flawing condi tion in which it wan deliveicd b. .Mr. Cievelanu'd litst admimstra iion to its liejulil can successor, we urge upon said I tw making de partme::!. immediate enactment of the income tai. 1. That we emphatically approve tiu- tarill" doctrine enunciated by the Chicago platfoi in. Thai w hile we are opposed to the slightest 'luahticatiou, in favor ci fie '"edi-ral Government, in the repe.i! ol the 10 per cent tax on Slate batik issues we nevertheless a i Mjeate a- a mat tor o f State poi se , Mich regulation and restric t -...ii "t iss' of bank chartered by N"..) in Ctr9bn& wi,'l secure sound cttn ency. i. That we admire i he courago 1 and lofty piiriotism ot the Presj. eut, and thai, we moat heartily commend his prompt ami effective action under the law lor the sup pression of the efforts of alien Anarchists to disturb by force aud ioleuce the true relations of labor ttnd capital- his sturdy efforts to scccre enaotmen of tariff reform, hs callel for in the party platform, his prompt approval of the bill re pealing tlte Federal Election law, the notable reduci the ex penses of the Government under i his administration, and the free- doni iroui scauda which bas bean such a marked feature cf bis re turn to the head of affairs. That we favor the abolition as scon 03 practicable of the internal revenue "taes, on ojirts and to bacco and if this can' not, be done that the Lareh and unjust features of the la'7 for its c.oneption; be modified. In State ma'ters we point with pride to the record of the Demo cratic party in North Carolina and endorse the o-esent State admin istration. For eighteen yoara th;s party has had full cont. ol of the State Gocernrren It has admin isterea it with the graatost eoonomy and at all times with an eye sjngle to the best interest or all the peo ple Coming into power at the end of a retyti o; debauchery and crime, it addressed itself to the wotk of rehabilitation and its record is one which challenges public admiration. It has rebuilt our public school system, established asylums for the careo; our unfortunates, adminis tered .mstiee, promoted our public works, fostered eery public entsr prise, reduced taxation and has in all respects justified the confidence of those who have trusted it. It has offered security to life and property, protected both capital ana labor in its rights that govern ment can do for tbe people. No scandal has attached to its adminis tration of public affairs. We con gratulate them upon the friendly relations er.isting between the races, upon the prospects cf tor:n t -ous crops. With this record be- re them we appeal to them for a vote of confidence this year in the ie '..-eratio party. V. iiEREAS, Since the Democra: ie par of North Carolina, last a- serub'eJ in convention, death has claimed Hon. Zabulou B. Vance, j 'the Sale's most lllu.-! Hons en-t- 'is by this con-., eut ion. ived. That, ;. -"..roeia ing !; co t-p;cuous abilitie.- and most honorable ouolic .- : v i . I p: oiound sor row is expressed on accuint of the calamity which has ftlleu upon our State in the event leferrtt", to. Kope Fbiai attacked the plat form, saying it was too negative. II. B. Glenn moved its adoption e.:i reported. ! Paul .Mea'ts offered threamend ments which were voted down The hwst ot t hese was an absolu'e endorsement ot President Cleve land. The ph-, form was then adopted j ast as reporttu. Some Foolish People A'i,- ; c.iuL;h t,j run until it gets hoyond the reach el medicine. Thoy often say, th,it will wear away," but iu most cases it wears luam &zs.". ''ould they fa induced to try the successful medicina called Kemp's Balsam, which is sold at apositive guarantee to cure, they would immediately see the excellent eil'ect after 11,1,. 4k l.. Kll. ...1 i1 Tnii .i ,- o ,n a. mar2:Meod weow We hsve o speedy and positive oure Ior oatarrb, aipntnena unnfter moutb n1 eaaon9, m UKiLUU a ua iakku ncaicjjx. a. nijii injector rree van oah bottle. Use it if you deai.e health ann veet breath. Prloe 60o. Sold by New KJrn8 Lru! Oo. The Population of Xew Berne Is about nine thousand, and we would s.iy at least oue-half are troubled wit'i some affection on the Throat and Lungs, ss those complaints are, according to sta- tisties. more numerous than others. W'o would adviso ail our readers c.;t tore- ;:i.i'"i. It gleet the opportunity to call on their . :i"u o;- druggist aud get a bottle of Kemp's l;al-ust- p. r b,e.; I sam for the Throat and Lungs. Trial ,v : i ,e. I ono f:-e. Largo bottle 50c. anil $1. Sold ml'j l Jin. ' by all druggists. 1 ... 7 fZ tew a,a&- t asbii i.i ir, ' i ; i and t in! Ire... 1 1 -.;.: otlior N;ir"i i- .- ' for I'iifi'pir.", ! ;. It is J'i".-e.;ii:t. .' : - nf i 1 1 .Oi . - . : t r . ; I; ; -. fovt' '"lr-biie-,-:. ( '.fi i.'iiri-s I :urr b. ;..i teething t : oi:.': "astori.v ii ..iti.tiiib s and luiv,.;.-, giving tor.' is t lo- Children . . r en ( i Wind ;;.!; i r::-! i -: !ir- l -. I. ; Jiealtli.v mi 's . ! - i- l .-rr. , S ' r'-st i f th- it . :i ! i.f thev ir:- A PREVENTIVE B-uvaTKi.t Ar Ti CUEE F. S. DUFFY', Druggist ami Sola A ent. JOE K. WILLIS, MEW BERNE, (ta,Kn mud Awirirt tsrM -sjoS Orders Rolicit.-'d and givon pioper cention, with satisfaction piou unted . VITAL TO IVIANHOCD. DB. E. C. WEST'S m:u STENT, b specific iur Hvm r&iKifti I'HtlJifMe, Ncroi alcohoi or t;ri-it. -.,,, U";.:i .-r Softening of Ilt ain, c-..ui: death, Premrituru 3 Power in either x. I:, t. "Frnaie Weftknc"ir'.-'. T:;v lcrj-iita ow l.. sbse, ov;r-I i j;f- ' 6 forgfi, by inaii. wip.i '. . $5 will send written c-ini-.-fJnaranteef. iuo-J fry LV.cs Mi "if H-'CilHch'1 ' : 1 1 Sour Stomal., I, 1 1 (.ilJAiiANXKES isu.-J F. S. DUFFY, Solo Aerent. . K A N i ilhA i i ... '. ifl.T, 1 1- .:iut:- , i- ,-. v . I' cai: ' !;, j; ln-i:!:!:v,Tn-"vr -, .Ld'"i'.':,li''-, t rn i"U-y, I,m,c -,r: h- ? tj ' :untnry L-.f-.-, Hp-r:i.n - T..r-ti.n -f o:.,ia, s.-if- :n ill.-v ir- '.Ui.ri :, f I. . .:i ;!' fi-i G I' 'X-- . n!i : '- f.- rWtmd if r"t vur.-.i. i wfs i's j.i v i-t; s ! 'M-cj'-'-S I-itT-L'Tjji.lai;: ; .:y by Druggist and isv rrW -tW. p. 1 rlt;s 1 ..V lilc 1 EaStBTR ! larble Works r n. a! IVERY it of DKl VIN(i o, FAl.'M If Agency for th VA Also for Uaiii South Front Street, .n. ; ft-- i V riptioii ior Infants IVIorplu'no nor ciunlc'.s substitute C'istor Oil. ;;( years' use by i, Worins aud allays :,' i !i Sour (turd, ';is'ori a rel'-.ives . ,-. uit'.l liaiulcncy. i bites the stomach vi :, al sleep. Cas .ther's 7rientI. ;tor: "ltf.clilldrnthat Kiuy priicriptiolj i I I! A nrHKR, M. D.. 'if : 1 .,i isruuklyo, N. Y e: :.. 1 chiMren'a depart :i l.i; ! of tlitiir erperi ..i '.f i.rat li -o wail Castorirv -1 only liivo auiun o-i whet in known M rrul 4 tr'1 frrt- t coufRH that tli . . 1 ... v.oll tO llKA WltU ll Yoik City. F..J.WIi.i-tt,y 1 p, -. Keeei , eii Supply of sni:pAin)'s .lg'il!l!!iiL' Iff Oram rrcezcrs Mountain iite lll-tiol l:R"('ZLTs. Ice Cream i-i ccz'crs.. ower s ' 1 1 a. in i : JCl. Sc. tST UST RECEIVED A C;ir Load of Western Flour Direct from the Mills. A ( Al t I.OAl) OF' Hcw Criens Holasses, right off the larm in Lordsianna, from first hands. Also a full stock of other "Groc eries and fanners supplies, for sale oi.cvii;. Cull and see me, it will pay yoi . JONES. A WO 'Si 4k PV V" B ii H II I J1 ll i lor ire. Sale or Exchange. Farm and Wagon Mule, e Celebrated s !:-ht IAHM CJA.'I' J Cr. e. Prices Low for Cash or Negotiable paper. P.ugu J. A. JONES, pposito (.-jaston House, New PKOKE88IONAL. Dr. E. H. GOLDBERG SURGEO-ORAL DENTIST. Office Henry Building. Miiidlc strcet.l.elwoiii Jhou.l and Pollock North Kpiscojiftl church yuivl New Bcrnei N. BRANCH OFFICE .lacksouville, Onslow Coun.y N C. SURGE0JN DENTIS . Office, at id die street, opposite Baptlt. ohuroti, deoBdwtf NEWBERN. N L1 DR. J. D. CLARK, DENTIST, MKW BUKNK. M . . Oftict- uii UriTon strt-Ht I,iwiwd FollocU nd Bruad. !J. H. BENTON, M.D., DD.S. Prarlico liinHd In operativt; antl M cltiinical I)(!i.t Ulry Ullll l4')tlill SiTfly. '' Ii cl rnt'l e tl without pniii liy the ii m' ot Nil in tiiltt Gan. Kv r lhlntJr in the lino of Dcntlslry lnn In 1)i'ti'st Hlylt. riatifortlon tfuaninl'el. ttlc', corntM' ot MitldWi ntraet and Ktltiral AlU-y, op ositi Baptist church. P. H. PELLETIER, T r o K V BY AT A W , PoJIook trejt, First room above Farm- p er?B & Morcantr8 Hank " V 1 1 prac I lew in the ('onntles of r a r irU'ii, Jonen, Oimlow and I'liuinr i. I'niled Mtiitei Oonri.t New liurnt, n i itiuraine (loan of tue Htftta WM E CLAKKE, Olliee, 72 South Front, street Of. posite (Jaston House. ATTORNEY AT LAW AND tieal Estate Agent, New Bwne, N. C. Counection. New V rd Boston and Canar4tt Tinxher lanjlRr Farmland8t Truck lands, Ton lott. Do you wDt to bay t WUITB. Do yoa waut to seTj f jWRlTK. SCROTAL. 1500 Lsros, Trent Ho id, miltss of oitf Timber nml Truck Ubd. '' " ' E. 3. STREET, Has .Jiit Iieoeived A CAR WAD OF WESTERjl HORSES And Dcfjes Compotition as, to II V Itl BRICK. aoq.QttQ Her(:iric:a prjceS to siiit tbe time's, ' E,H. & J. A.Headows Go SALE Piedmont Berne, N. li. -:''' v, 'C

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