THE JOURN AL. 'f. 1 1 1 r ii i ii m inn ii i - NEW BE RSE,N.a AUGUST 3oth 194 ' CITY AND VI "INITT- '-; - -Whed lb i" b bght. every busi Bm in New Berue sb odd be found in the . 4lTerting columns of the Journ al. " -: . Tbee is a rumor of a projx)scd change in the operating of "f our two steamer - nwilMsN. N.& W. and the E. C. I. ; h which they will he rnn nnder one V "Mtnagcraent. : )r. Daves Henderson of Stump sound . who WH3 so badly injured by stopping ;"v -" from a nBovinr traiu at Jacksonville few laj8 - ago Is worse awl the cUau-ieef are - . ." against hU recovery. .. - There will 1 a colored excursion to Moehenl Tburly from New Berne. . . aacl one next Sun lay from tio'.dsboro to - ' -.-Camp Vance whTo a camp meeting will A ", then ba io progress. v..-"!.'"- At Raleisjh it now seems to be consider- - -e1 that Republican and Populist fusion in th State will lc accomplislied. The ; v -i action of Wake county in fusing is be- " ; lieved to cairy "considerable weight on th t ride. . Senator Jrvi n. wife through --J-'-i.- l' night to s;'n ' i short time at More . ; i,' hew I; his public dutus hiving kept him - at Washington during the Morehead sea- fOn. Ctongnsw iljwc9,Tuesdav. -.!-,' Goldsboro si-eius well pleased at having' . the State Suiilv se 1 1 m j 1 con inn Id! . - nteet tiiere uuxi year. Tlic rmu siys ; it- "conTrntioaB be aura of a warm - w'-Icome ami a hospitable entertainment. iJrv. G. G. Ilarlej haling returned ''.. " "' from hi vacation wliic't he spent at "":, ""i Aahevilley will eoudurt the services in llanonck Strrrt M. E. Church today. : "C? -lira, ITarley remains at Asbeville nwliile .longer. f v-4 The latent fr the mattress machine which we notirwl a Tew days ago was : granted a tiie 34th. Mr. E. T. askill ! is the inventor of the machine, and he tnl Mr. F.T. Patterson are tbe joint - , . ' Mr. S. M. Wnodworth ot th - Stani-.rd --rr. Basket "Co., Port Bayne, Ala., a firm , which does large business in this city v especially with trackers during their 1 shipping season, win the city in tbe iotcr- - est of the house. v.'.'.' It ra a mistake to gupposo that only : -. farmers are concerned ia " good roads. " City merchants" aw I manufacturers who .ep4kl . largely on the country for their k"J - mtrooage; are aiso interestel, and ougbt tn In the move went. A dispatch t The Jotrsal from -i.- j - 'Black Mountain brings the news of the r rdcath. of Capt. Nat Atkins, of Asheville. He died at Salisbury Saturdiy morning. Capt. Atkins was a Well known dealer in : ' real estate and a prominent citizen. .'".A proper quantity of paint, judiciously . -' applied will do more toward improving ,yoar jaroperty in proportion toils cost ' :V-: . th:iri an j thing else. It is the very best ; ' " ' tiling known for the protection of wood -' ..-- k1 iron-,' It is tnat which adds beauty '"t ' ' everytning. . ' 4 i We recosmJxa' tbe gooi road movement . : that ts going on- in a number of counties r throughout the State as one having in view resalta "of the utmost commercial ' " significance, ami out effort has been to irv :-j ta all that , wa? possible in tbe way of V practical assistance. . , . ,At a meeting of tbe Watson & Daniels C'r tinl" Company Mr. J. J. Wolfen ' ...'r. h-n tendered his resignation as , -4 manager of the Lnd Company. It was . accepted and Tom C. Daniels was elected . .' a manager to fill the vacancy causetl by :' -? Mr. .Woifendeo'a resignation . , . , .. - . . .. " rThe prosperity of every locality de . " i ; peodsia these days upon ihe facilities it X .: possesses for reaching tbe market, and the JJ infloence of competition is quite as effect t,. ire in assisting those which have provid ."r ed, goods roads to the stations as it is in w. retarding communities which are neglect---V i ful ot these aids to inland transportation. -Z - - . Mr. J. A. Aakina informs us of a very - , - heavy rain of about three hours duration r 'a' ''-J. in Townships No. 1 and 3 of- this county jV-iVV; ! the Vanceboro and Ernuls neigbbor- hoods. He considers it with one eicep ': Con the heaviest Ue has ever known f - i'" where he lives, Jut still it was quite local i ; : in character. There was very little of it ' . at New Berae- " The Herald tells of burglars breaking - into a private residence of Beaufort, that , -f-' CapL David Ireland and stealing $31 .':" j: in cash. Two kM watches in easy reach ' were missed. Tho small amount a bnr 1 dar secures in stx-h raids would hardly seeon. to be In- toccment enough for him ; 2 Y to risk" hangio for t say nothing of thj " """ chance of bis being killot wbile commit- . '"k.".':, ting the crime. " Rav. W. E. E Im-Kids m, now of Mar freesboni, bat recently pastor of the ' Meth list rhurcti at M r.-hea l City, lis w:th-ut any wlicititi"ii on his p irt, lieeu j;n4nte I thomh the t fforts of S n itor " . Kinsom, a a clupl un in the Saw. He ia the only Nori !i iioiin m hold that position, which is 'Uipo.-t.nt in the . portunity for utnlit'-s8 it ives and which pays ovor 2,0OO jw a'lmim. Our - - ' eastern peorX aill Ik? jflad bsir i.f thi- -- - -' appointment. . - The forty-secomi annual meeting of the - American Pbamcaentical Ajoctation will , neH ia the Bittery Park II. tel. As'-evilte, 2f.afrom Monday. Sept, 3rd, to 18th. Jt begins its session at ten o'clock on tbe rooming of September 3rd. A fine pro gramme for entertainment of the delegiites and visit irs including several excursions to inteiesting points has been arranged in addition to the work of the Association. Besides the regu'Hr de'egation there will n exeursion - of New Englawl diuigists, drugcleYks and physicians to Aslieville during the time of the holding of tbe convention. ' Rev. Mr. Srnoot preached bis closing sermon last Sunday evening at Centenary M. E. Church to a fluttering audience. Mr. Smoot U quite a young man and dur . ing the time he baa been in New Berne I taking the place of Rev. Mr. Lyon, be has made a splendid Impression. The rvice was delightfully supported ly '" v two beautiful and touching solos ty Mrs. W. B. Hill. Miss Marian Radel iff was present and after tbe congregation had '' been dismissed she sang a few piece to the great pleasure of the large crowd that remained for that purpose. Ftty Larceny J. E. Folley was tried More Major Ulrich yesterday morning on the charge f stealing a bottle of wine from J. D. Dinkin, and was dismissed the evidence not bring rufficient to convict. . In the ; afternoon Jos. Idlett, col., of James City, was tried foi stealing a lottIe t liquor OQ the steamer New Berne and war hound over to court in tbe sum of tioo. : . r A New Firm. Mr. II. L. Pay lor, who lu l.mnally held tbe position as look-ki.-e or in tin Citizens Buik. h;L- purcbased one-hall" in terest in the generul Insurame business i.i Mr. M. K Howard. Tin - tirm nun p w ii', Ix; Howard & Pay lor. Mr. Howard has hvi i-on.sidcruh.e t v-periiiK-e in the insurance lusine. and Mr. Pajl'if having held iv.ponille p'im at book-keeping, at olK e cstaolishe- im j'.etenoy to tbe new firm, wliieh lias our best wishes. Their ortioe wi'.l ii-main over the Farmers aud Merchants hank. Very 'arrow Escape Irom Drowuing. A little son of Mr. V. J. ()-teon, al,oin seven years old hud a very narrow e. ape from drowning yesterday. While fishing from a net-sp:vid at t lu lling wharf he fed in the river and bid sunk for tl.e lat time, when Cicero Wig gins, a colored num. who was near enough to see him tall felt for the UmIv w ith a pole, lieing guided by the bubbles and succeedea in reaching and getting liiiu. After being rolled he came to all riulil. The Lakes Cruiser. Messrs teo N.Ives !c Sm -ti auier The Lakes Cruiser w hich arrive I l ist week. U-tt yesterday for her first trip to their fishing grounds, taking s-v ri! boats, aud equipments in tow. Si.- w;d regularly bring up to the city the ti-ii which are caught. Th 'tuh the Lake.- Cui:s.r i- in the rl -1 1 i o - hu.if,-,.. '.e - a vi ; , ;i . :ii lit. adap'c. i to ei' iier .-team or sail, an.) is well fitted lor pleasure parties. She is about seventy feet long and about ten feet across tbe !em. Three S owawaya and One Thief. J. V.. Folley i tramp plumler stole a bottle of wine from Mr J. I. Dinkins jestenlay. Mr. Dinkins saw it, took it from, his pocket and then got out a warrant for his arrest. Policy was found on the freight train of the A & N'CRR stowed under the canvass which covered the Atlantic Com pany's fire engine. He was discovered and arrested after the train bid started out. Two otbejs were with him. they were thrown oil". Canting and Going Tbe family of Mr. U. S. Mace, who have been spending tbe summer visiting relatives in Hyde county, returned home. Miss Mary Hay went up to Kinston to visit relatives. Mrs. Ed. Perry returned from Beaufort where she has leen visiting relatives. Mr. LeDJ R'chardson, who has been in the city visiting his parents a few day?, left returning to Henderson. Mr. E. L. Horton.'who has been spend ing the summer in Chatham county, passed through en toute to Morehead. After a brief visit there he will return to Pollocksville. Mr. John Fentress of Maribel a thritty and prosperous farmer and merchant was ia tiwn Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson ni'l Mrs. Grim.'.ley Jacksonville came : i en route to their homes fr.-uu Durham where they have been attending ihe State Sun day school conventi ,n which w as largely attended ana an entertaining and useful session held. Rev. John V. Gibble, w ho has been visiting bis relatives in Beaufort, passed through yesterday morning en route to his home in Wilmington - Rev. R. C. Beaman and fimily of Goldsboro, who have leen spending some time at Beaufort, passed through en route to their home. Mrs. W. B. C ) left to visit rebitivis hi Rtchlands. Miss Ella Blan 1 who has !ce:i spending a short time at B aufart came up !o visit Miss Nellie Wood. Mr. Abe Scbultz came down Irom Kiuston to spend a short time with his relatives in the city. Mr. W. D. Mclver and Prof. F. E. Morton got back from their cruise on the Sharpie Emma S. They had a tine time. They went to Ckraeoke, Wysockeu Bay. Swan Quarter, Pungo river, and More head. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Lorch, who have been to New York on a pleasure trip and Miss Maud Land who has been spending a couple of months with relatives at Nor folk returned home on the steamer Neuse. Miss Estelle Woo ten left lor her home at Coahoma, accompanied by Miss Mattie and Master Mitchell R untive to visit their aunt. Miss Sadie Whiil'ord returned home from a visit to relative in Jones c ,uaty. Miss Hattle Dail h it to visit lvlativis at Snow Hili. Mr. J. C. Bryan from near Pollocks ville went up t LiiGrange Wednesday nico-iipanying bis daughter Miss Annie who goes to enter Kiusey Seminary, An Alligator Attacks Twn Bays. Alligiftors really seem to lie getting more abundant aud bold in this vicinitv than ev.-r Kfore. Mr. J. D. Hensley's little !ov, David, and a coiiiauion. Hardy- Pines, son of Mr. Stephen Priest, narrowly escaped falling victim to a large otic iu Havwood's creek, where thev were hunting .summer duck in a small b at. Tlicy noticed ihe alligator making for them when he hail got to close quarters; getting close to the b at he opened his mouth and wheeled around with ele7:ited tail bis evident intention being not to bit tbe bo it but to kn-ck one of tbe little fellows out. With a paddle they shoved the boat out of the way just in time to entirely escape the blow. The alligator made for them again but they roe 1 o.i and lelt him. . This creek is the same one in which the live eleven loot alligator that Mr. -Hen-sley has on exhibition was captured by fishermen in a net a few months back. Mr. Iljnslev proposes in company wi ;h some one elsa to soon go bunting for this last alligator. Past and I'ominjr Session of Teacher's Assembly. The North Carolina Teacher says tliat the Secre ary has ceceiveu two cordial in vitations for the Teacher's Assembly to hold its next session in the mountains, and that tliese propositions will be care fully considered by the Executive com mittee at its regular meeting in Decem ber, and that one of the invitations may be accepted lor the sesoion of 1 f95. as there seems to be a desire on the part of the eastern teacliers to visit the chaiming mountain section of our State. It says of this summer's session that there were in attendance upon the Assem bly teachers from eighty one of the ninety six counties of the Suite and that the re. presentation from beyond the Blue Ridge was unusually large, and a- many of the teachers had never before seen the gnat restless Atlantic ocean, it was gratifying to note the pleasure enjoyed by them on their first visit to the sea'ulu. OAKES POI I THY FA KM 1 lie ComiiiL l'onlIr Ks'ah islimeiit th" Son t li ot A vi:t to . I., :.e l'o.iitiv : , : V : 1 1 1 1 : around New IV:iu .- m and not the lea-: , : - ,:, Oaks Poultry K it ni" :, ed I'V the e" : , n, e i !': John K'dis A: T. W !, a ion i.f tin- I it -t uiii- i (arm ,,1" Mcs-.x IT n ki The D,;k- ' Iroin u':i;, l takes it- name .tc!e-tin' event to t he line o:ie- ently e-tab'i-h- rein--. M : ) u 1 '. 1 1 ... I -:,n k and truck iuirn .v. Willett h the enterprise e'.ai ,.:!ie 1 , , a : v 11 geniont - :i e a - l lie , ntel n a th'9 spring ar. I it a:' vet hut fairlv Started v, t .-ullicieii! gress h is been made ( destined t, , ! i . a n t a-: i prise ol which Ni w I cause to be ) ,i", ciil. As our renders know started too late this into it in;t I'J'.i it nter- iust h , e llie bu-i ni'- was to get Uirly i bickers weir- hatel'.eil out. The bir I-;;;v lae.v tlniiin.. tinely and w.'.i afford a : ..i m the next season's operatai:,.- Eigllteeu varieties of high cias oughbred chickens -ii .. 1' tj; ' ci i are' Cochins bntf. wL.-c ,. and pattridge; Wyaudoite- golden-lace 1 and silvcr-laced: Pivaiouth ro k bar.-ed and white Brahma.-light un.l dark: Minor cas black and white; brown Ieghorn-. Indim games. Mack f,pan:sh and II md ans. It is a splendid assortment varie ties and 'die firm wi'd '-i i few months more be almost a l',,u!l:.i -now ia itseil. It is the intention ot the proprietors .to make it the 1 ogest and most conipVte poultry e- ablisliuient in the South, an 1 in this effort they have the good-will ot the entire community for -uccess. One bundled acres will, as required be devoted to the poultry. Fifteen acres tire now taken up in buhltngs ar.d yards. The buildings e aibrace the keepers resi dence, an offi.e apart Irom tbe residence, the uieulator quarters m which three in cubators of 2'0 eggs capacity each w ill be run next season, a building not a t erected but which soon will b, I'm- die chicks during tbe first week or two of their lives (It will be sr.fticii lit f : 1200 of them at a time) the regular , hicken hou-e- of commodious size . a n l ic!i divided into three apartments with each apartment opening into its own yard. A good number of the building- are already complex d ntul others are to be erected at once. Every variety will have its yard win re the finest birds will be raised to sell for breeding purposes all over tbe country, and in addition to raising these breeding birds for fanciers, very large flocks of Brown Leghorn and Minoreas will be kept with unlimited range exclusive ly for eggs for market. Cleveland on the I ariff BiP. Tbe ten days -having expired since the passage of the Tariff bill without Presi dent Cleveland having either approved or vetoed it; it becomes a law without his signature as lie intended it should. The President has written a letter to Representative Cntehing's. of Mississippi, giving his views m. the new tariff bill and bis reasons for withholding his signature to it. He says it is roi in line with true tariff reform, that the work of trusts ar.d combinations prevented the success de served, and that there are besides crudities and inconsistences in the bill which ought not to bj in tariff laws of any kind, and as be cannot promptly and en thusiastically endorse the measure, he withholds his signature, as a mark ol his disapproval of the ptesent bill and with holds bis veto because w ith all its faults it is a vast improvement over existing conditions. He says it is not only a barrier against the return of mad protec tion but it affords a vantage ground from which must lie waged further aggressive operations against monopoly and gover meutal favoritism. The letter is a calm patriotic States man like presentatiou of tbe situation and should do much towards dispelling the idea that some have that Cleveland is a man of unreasonable stubb irness. While believing that better ought to have been done he yields to circumstances for the present . but seeks for bettor ere long. And now that the good work of re form and of honest i conomical gover-nn-nt lias been started again in National affairs may no untoward event again hinder it . Wi miiigt u's Bar Depth. The -t dement made in some papers that the reason the Cruiser Pa'eigh was not sent for the use of the Naval Reserves wa-s that she coul I not get over the bar. causes i lie South port Leader to call at .ention to the fact that Wilmington is a cotton port which steam-hips enter draw ing twinty feet and that no one gets ex pited ever it or con-idci- it a remarkable cerformance. It states mor ov r that when theciuiscr Moutgomciy came over the bar, cateailly sounding her way under instructions from the Secretary of the Navy, th it she was able to find only twenty-two feet of water. The Leader coneludi .- by saying that "there is no lie-', r, sater or easier far on the South Athiiibc Coast to enter than the Cape Fear, and ibis fact ought to lie too well known to u c 1 constant repetition, for nearly five year- it lias been published jn these column--, and republished in different paper- in othet parts of the country." Couutry Reviva Rev Mr. Moore, of Beaufort, who has been assisting ll.v. C. S. Burges-, Baptist pastor at Vanilemre in a protracted meeting in that church returned home Friday. The meeting resulted in twelve additions to the church. Rev. H. Winfield. of the Church of Christ with the assistance ot his son Mr. Jas. Winfield has bien conducting pro tracted meetiegs at Bayereek, Pamlico county, and Truitt'.- new church. Craven countv. The former resulted in six r.iid tin- latter in three additions to the church. Rev. Mr. Wmtield has now gone down to Live 1'ik Grov" and North River churches, Carteret county. Rev. W.'A'- Lewis, from near Harlowe and Elder V. G. Britton of Pollocksville, passed tin-.ugh vesteniay morning en route to Antioch church near Swift creek where Mr. Lewis assisted by Mr. Britton will conduct a week's inei ting. Mr. Iewis held his lust piotrai fa! inei ting at Riverdale: it r suHni it: ten ad litems iL) the chu-ch. seven of the nu-n'-er being baptized at the t;n;e. Mr. Lewis will conduct one service in the New Berne Berne Free Will Baptist church on the night of the -econd Sunday in September, and will then hold a pro tracbd meeting at Trent church. Pamlico county, commencing the following Wed nesday nigh' . That i i!y and rough -kin cured, and the fa ,e and hands biautiried by John son's Oriental Soap; medicated and high ly petfuuied. I 'h,' C.,11, I iistitntp 1 -tiuctc-! ol . ; .. in New Bertie ( 'o l. it.- I lie was ic College . :-oj v,,:!, A B. If f :v ,. :,. gradu add I':'..., ' ci. n liool. w li;. h !, . : L with the ile:."'. , . ! I', degree of A. M. w a- . 1 1 ! : the same insti'ii'i He also s... : , -cheol i St., - Ac i, u1 During the pa-! ' w o i . ; 7.v i Senior an. 1 .1 ; n. o: hi- time ai mo.-; c . !:;-; lects, Latin and : r . k , I . f"" pi! re i 1 In"! ; - I A : . them. The lir-t ; a a. i i i,., college li'e .' : -j. ,,t Li s:tv where ia n a m: i go hematic- and in h r.i w ell a- in t he ' ' : e . -ub. d ,ur- ': hi iiigh I'nlver o 1 training in i ir.gii ige- a.- Havc rfoi d in !iolarshi;i hv A ' ;1m1 lie atietwar 1 : i -pouse to : he of the president. Isaa time he . h cl I. d t, , on gradu it i. .ii mid t tint ell'cct. at to of a -harp ti !ich Latin and i J lie is m1m, type-writer, and has a His course bai-ivc ;n.. i President i . 1 1 1 1 '. . : i knows of llie book-. ep dg t niu-ie. verv ex- 'II e, l g ; i sa .- ioiar J ones Kd- .larp es- wanl Hughe ' Haverford t ;.- u; ; aduated tlr- year from lege. 1 heiv a- '. .luuior from is'im .rid l a- done go ) i! . I--., He is h young h .i n o-r -lie 1 habits.' rd ..: : he suue institution ertilie- that Mr. James E. "lie cute: IiChigh Idi'n work mainly man of goo I Prof. Gill says: -This Hughes has 1 en un lor my instruction in ' i reck for lli' , college eet;r-i . -The wc.k ,i been chiefly m I ' It give- nie : e . r and a half of liis lurtiig tic- lime has and ('reek Tragedy, i i ro tii ti -tifv to his g.-ncral goo Miss Susa -eh alarslii p in this subject. "' I'd inghan: is ai-o added to the faculty. Her qualifications are too well known in New Berne to detailize. She holds a diploma from a High "school in Lowell. Mil.--. Opening of the Campaign. The North Carolina Democratic cam paign will be opened September 2btb, at a convention of the clubs in Raleigh, the call for which will be issued this week. Appointments will, however be mi:de liefore that time in various parts of the Stite. The Central ii n i.e committee is called to meet September tkb and is re quested by the Executive committee to hold meetings every other Thursday therealter. This inaugurates a method of thorough co-ope-a'inu w 1th the chair man and is at the r-qtiest of Chairman Pou. Wiley llu.-ii. who was called to be secretary by Chaiiinan Poll, was formally elected by the Executive lommitlee. Cap;. Ashe a Candidate. We publish this morning a card from Capt. S. A A-he. annum ,i:ig himself, i candidate for the Cnltcd States Senate, not against either Ransom or JurvU but for the short term, die u:. expired portion of Senator Vance's, which neither of them is seeking. Capt. Ashe ha- long been a valiant and unflinching champion of Democracy and through the columns of the. New- and Observer he has done work that has told in accomplishing the Democratic victor ies in the State, and its effectiveness is acknowledge 1 through it.- length and breaeltb. He is a well intonne-d man, a sound reasoner, a lawyer of ability and a thorough gentleman. Though he has ever stood in the Iront ranks ot Demo cracy when its battles were to be iought. he has held himseif iu the back-ground when honors anil emoluments were being elistributed. We sec his name used also in connection with the appointment for the consulate which Mr. Griunell. Presi dent Harrison's brothei-in -law now holds. Unquestionably Capt. A-he has duly won the right to recognition at the hauels of the Democratic party, and we hope to see liien elevateil to a po-ition commen surate with his abilities an I with the elis inguisheel service, s which he has renelereel. YAMEB0R0 C0KRESP0XDEXCE. News Denis of Kecont Occurrence On Various Lines. Our firmers have lieguu saving their fodei.r. Mr. .1 with ib Norrs '. Morris lost his horse last wee k blind st i tiger. Mr. Patrick IsO lost a horse with tbe same elise.ise. Miss Annie Lee. who mis been linger ing for several months with consumption, elieel week before last. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Willis, elie.l Wednesliy night. Miss Lizzie Ewell, who has Uvn visit ing Miss L ila Ewell of youre itv, return id Thuisih.y on steamer Carolina. Mr. J. E. A-kin- took his departure on the "24th inst, to Nashville. TVnn., to at tend a medical colli ge, Mr. Roliert Griffen of Houston. Tex is, who lias b in visiting Dr. B. .1. Smith, returned la-t wee k. Dr. B. d. Smith has added gieatly to the nppearcnoe of hi- store by building a new sheet. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Birrington of your city, gave Mr. B. F. Dinkins n call last week. Mr. Peter Willis has returned from a visit at Beaufort, X. C The Methodise church hero has been presented with a lull. There were twenty-eight Contributors. Rev. Mr. Orrcll of Ayden. N. C. filled the appointment of Rev. J W. Rose Sun day and preached t o a large congrega tion We had a good meeting. Hemocratic Primary at Polloksville Perhaps the lest attended primary ever held in Polloksville township was railed to order in the ar.i leniv buii ldig on Satti.-da)'. Aug. LJ-V.ii. "-annul llu wa- made I. r.uo. were oil' liairnian red and sol the 111 elltioil ol that and R. W. II .y i. -re Several n -, ' id : - w accepted. On . . in proceedings o! : d . e ,t with the e.xcep e n : tl, body relative to nati:.i! primaries. Another reconiui, ,; led il a' tne delegates from Polloksvi le town-hip to the county convention eneleavor to -eeure Llie pas sage of measure providing for voti'is to express their pretrrence for 1'. s. Semi- tors. . tin r,i re'soiiiMon w.,- passed en dorsing the c airse of the pi'e.-, nt county olli el"- and in-tru. ' ing delegates from Polloksville town-hip to u-e all li mora hie Hie-ins to see aire their nomination. This resolution w as amended so as to inehnle the board of eoinnjissiijuers The following delegates were appoint ed: H. A. White. A. J. Hargrtt, .1. B. Banks. E. W. Wartl. J. If. Bed!. B. A. Riggs, S. E. Melton, A. G Bank-. A. II. White, Samuel Hudson. R. W. Ilavwooel and J. D. Heath, 500,000 boxes .lapane-r Pi! sold in 1893 in the I'nited r sohl with written guariinli-i money refunded. ( ure werp ates. It is to cure' or Hi- Faculty . Completed, I'm:. .Ii-,. HAlM'KMMiS OF THK !MV, , , i ,r; canned pe i - to ;i !! pnrt ; c.l. wolf ha ii.tain. e Peisiall i 'a n kiiied on ( ; A nai.v nnund Rev. J. W. Aiit.iham is now lecturing in the North- a-t-rn part t uie cuaie upon nis naiie : ale 1. I The la, ban- of F.a.-tern Washington j have taken -b p- to prevent the- sale of lli, pior among them by unprincipled While-. A i o. amission l- soon to visit the idiiti d Stale-, ifoni Engl , nd. to inspect j.illi. ia !v tin public schools ol our lead- j !;. .1 I.. M. Curry. I ru-tee of the Pea body fun I. is to speak during the Stale j lair on an exi-ellent subjexd, "Education j and Agi iculture." ! Tile wages ot Japanese are- rarely more i th in ,i n c. nts a day, but his' year the ' "liver's gave twenty-seven thousand dol lars fi ) in ission purposes. Tie- American League, of Professional Foot-Bill Plavers is organized m New York. There are too many kickers in that organization and will not la-t. The Emperor of China has been aceus dune. 1 ti, have ten men hold his umbrella, lie do, - not intend to lose it; but the war may i icaiuc ai! that. A Tea- jurv has beeti re pri i ici nded for brineing iu a verdie t of guilty too ipiie k. The law ers lor the defense wanted their -arvice- to have the benefit of a doubt. Two eoloreel boy- were playing with a pistol in Fitt e-ounty. It wasn't loaded and one of them snapped it ""jess fer fun." The wound in his hip i- quite painful. It must be a bit wearisome to grow up uith a town in Norway, if Troniso. which has taken 1.000 years to get 6.000 inhabi tants, be a fair specimen of town growth in th it country, A New York syndicate has been form i ll for the purpose ot buying an island off the e" asl of Maim-, stocking it w ith black luxes ar.d engaging in the fur tin !e. The Waeles'ooro Messenger-Intel ligencer sa- that some of the colored people of that place are bilking of going to Lilieria, and we understand that they held a meet ing Tiieselay night to take some ae-don in thai i li i ee-t ion. The Populists revealed themselves in their true colors when they made a trade with the Republicans, agreeing through t .Mho Wilson, to equally divide tbe ollices ami . vote for a colored man. News and Observer. Col. Breckinnelge having declared in a speech that be has"beeu living in hell for ten years." the Louisville Post protests against his representiirg a Kentucky dis tne t in Congre-ss on the ground that he is a non-resident. The News anil Observer says that some of the eoloreel Republicans and all the white Populists who attended the Wake county '-fusion'' convention, went home sick and sore, anel eiid not look like men who were filled with party enthu siasm. Constant dropping wears stones. A succession of snowflakes produces tbe avalanche. The tortoise won a race oyer the sleeping bare. Almost'everything will get there if you give it time enough. P. S. The Tariff Bill has become a law. The rumor that Japan noeileel some American generals has filled the country with veilunteers. They will be disappoint eei. The Japs are all geDerals. They are only a little short of men who are willing to stand as private targets for Chinese sharps! i o iters. Madame Janauschck anel other sell'-re-sp'-ctin ; actresses strongly condemn, aud withgooei reason, Josephine Pollaid's anni.ounced intention of going on the stage. But it is the dollars of the bald heads and not the gooet will ot the pro fession that Miss Pollard is after. Two gieldy young persons of Maryland combined ages foot up 135 years get up a reel -hot flirtation at a sunimei nsoit, aud went off anel got married w ithout asking anybody's consent. Won der where their guardians were: Li Hung Chang's Y'ellow Jacket seems to have really been removed, and this, alter the manner of doing things in China, may be taken as notice to Ki that he must now whip tbe Japanese or his head may be removed as well as his Jacket. Willie D. Day the Champion runner of the world, committeel suicide by banging himself Friday. His suicide is supposed to have been caused by his brooding over a complaint from a firm for which be had been collecting that there was $112 for which he had failed to account. The Populist leaders are the most dis piriteel set of men in North Carolina to day. Their efforts at fusion with the Republicans for their own personal ad vancement to office do not take with tbe'.r yeoman followers and they have conse quently lost their grip. Golel-boro Argus. The Populist leaders anel the Republi can leaders are in league and sympathv with one another. They are pulling to gether for office and seeking to '-pool'" their followers to that end. What a ce.-ss-pool" it will be, 10 be sure ! Will any olei line Democrat Ije found thi'fein y We shall see what we shall ree Go!i!-boro Argus Inste-ael ot being a very large gathering the outlook now ;s that the attendance on the Knights of Pythias Encampment in Washington will be comparatively small. This is attribtlteel to two causes, the liulure of the railroads to uiukj rates low e nough anel the holding back of a goexl many who otherwise would attend to go to the G. A. R., encampment at Pitts burg next month. The News aud Observer has starteel a new veiituio in North Carolina journal ism. Two editions will be issued, daily the morning edition will go lo ptvss at lfjaib a. m., Mini the evening edition will go to press at 4:40 a. m. A hinge Sunday edition is alsq contemplated as the next move. This is progress with a vim. The paper deserves success, and we hope it will attain to it. Concord Standard says: M ss Maggie. Tale sister-in lavy ot Professor F. B. Brown, eif Enochville, committed suicielc Wednesday irght by cutting her throat with a razor. Miss Tate was a lady of veiy tine: qualities and was highly esteem ed hv all who knew her. She was about 3o years of age and bved with Prof. Brown, about one-half mile distance Irom Enochville. The cause of her rash act is asstgncel to the general cause lor sqch deeds the resuli of a love affair. The Raleigh Visitor tells of sheriff Stancill of Northampton bringing two white prisoners to the penitentiary. Ope of them, who ambushed a man and shot him three times, got off w'ith the light sentence ot five years, such light sent ences for bi inor.s crimes is an encourage ment to the e-vil ilispnic d and u tempta tion to good citizens who w ish to be law abieling, to take the l,w into their own hanels when crimes are committed. Im partial justice speedily administered has a w holesouie effect. There were three terrible mine disas ters in the Putted States Friday. The most appalling was near Seattle, Wash ington. A coal mine caught on fire and the miners were itnprisoneel iu the fiery luniice. Thirty-seven deael bodies have been taken out and others, it is not known how many, are still insiele. It is not thought any fan escape. A gas exr plosion in a colliery at Gibberton, Pa,, kitled two men and seriously injured nine more ar.el four men in the- Amethyst mine at Creede, Col , were literally bruised, burned and boiled to death by the drop ping of an iroa cage while the shaft house was on lire. The News anel Observer says that the executive committee of the boarel of trus tees of the university met in the Goyer nor - office anil President Winston staieel that Professor Jno. C. Robertson, who wa- recently elected to fill the Greek chair, had requested to be relcaseil for reason that his salary had been increased at the college where he now is beyonel the salary offered him in our university. The board voted to release him, anel then un animously elected Professor Francis Kinsley Ball, Ph. D., of Harvard univer sity to fill the tireek chair during the ab bence of Minister Alexander to Greece. TWO I I X e mst oi nsEs. Missionary Progress Lect ii i mil Sermon The of the (.,. Life-Tune -pel in Two 1- upon the -el -!, ic d the plea-- ..;! :V. .nstrurtive id iu-piring dis- i , i 111 an. beal Ing i'i the uiorning in .tianity in two a. mi ( 'aney. the missionary and w a- bor 1 ihe and Queen Yic g Geoigi' died. ! the lecture w a . ! i nil! tbe evan- air 1 to Ii,. i-.ilii-, aking pi ..pie of w , eel d w i- e v.aii -I.- '!!'- that I. i i Miuday the 0 v'a-e-s at the Bapli ure of hearing tw and highly is it r. . , . uses by Rev. I" upon missionary w The first was upon file pi'iig;,. life times, that i great Bapti-i pi f '.V n , . C ue i Qllci'll Victoria. ear alter King ': e. toria was born lie for. K ing The central tlioui.i in in the provide-ii. . .. geliz iti iii of the world mitted to the Engli-h -p, the wore i. Tint 1 de v geli.ed that if. w !, 1 it to do. Mr. Spillniali ti'aeeii v in s- the advances ol Eng and prutestiuil ciiristi mil v .in g:-. at, i a a'--i-n e-; vi i iz 1 1 ion Irom the tune -i the throne King Geoige a-i:eudi riinrig over twenty-live null , iticir.ding hi- Aua-rie ,n -al u people ct an i w hen ni arly every ,. c j th- earth was e lo-c I ! and also, to nearly j aguin-t the English p- 1 1 ii l i v , ci the tare , if against Christianity as ereat an extent, iplc themselves, on down to the pr. and Grovcr thiVL-tenths of cntwlieu (Jueeii 'ictoria ('level. l!ll pe nd iver i'.e of the world hie'e-tenvhs ot its nation is open to and over more than area, anel every heathen them and the gospel a a, nations of the world i erably extent domhiui powerful Engii-'i -pia who are doing mati'fol, 1 tin: p, lo a y d by 'ing Ii IU ')'!.' v of the ry eou-id-tin-- two boiis. and i mission !,,l;inoe ot serv ice ui.u-ually subject of ary work right now than a ! the world put tog. the-:-. At the Sabbath ni.'ii Mr. Spibnaii delivered an interesting discourse upon the the '-Great Comnii-sl,,n " -( 1 ye into gospel to 1 all the woi id and preach tin every creature."' In the eleve'lopne nt of hi- theme he took his -uibence with him, in thought, on a tour of in-pection around the world, to observe ir. a? a hundred years ago, in respect of its religious condition, anel directed their attention to the more prom inent features with -ui h clearness of delineation and directness of expression as intcn-ifieel interest an .1 give a sem blance of reality. At that time d:irk:;.-ss covered the earth anel gross darkness the people, the peculiar phases of which were pe'mted out with a d 'tinitelie-s anel p n tieulority which we cannot now ri'produee in this brief article. The ports of many nations were closed against tin- entrance of En glish speaking people. Christianity was denied a hearing, cannibalism prevailed to an amazing extent in the islands of the sea. and the whole world see, mid to be lying in wickidness. Another similar tour was taken to ob serve the changes and progress of a hun dred years, anil show in the light of the living present what God hath wrought. Now the ports of the world ate open to intercommunication, the interior ol the 'dark continent" has been explored, and Ethiopia is stretching out her hand un to Goel: the gospel has ft-i-. course among the millions of India; China, w hose dense population comprises wcli toward one thirt1 of the human family, is ieldiugto Christianity anil encouraging the hope that in the coming time Coni'ucianisii w ill perish from the eattii, and its great founder be known only a- a name upon the page of history: Thibe'. the last out post on the frontier .,) e-xclusiveoess, has yielded, anel the cn,.-s is beginning to triumph over the crescent, so that there is now no place on the rounel earth which is not open to the reception and influence ol the gospel; and cannibalism has be come almost if not wholly unknown. The saving power of the present, en Christian dispensation doubtless the last dispensation has beyond rpiestiou been thi far, many i'oltl greater than of all which have preceeleel it, and the last hundred years have been most fruitful of results. More of organized, systematic, concentrated Cliri-tiaii effort has been put forth than in a!! past Irstory. Money has flowed more freely into the Lorelfs treasury, anil missionary societies, and stations, anil churches, and schools have girdled the world. On Thibet's enow-capped mountains, O'er Africa's birirng sand. Where roll the fierv fountains Along Hawaii's strand. In every distant nation. Tne mighty globe a round. The her lids of salvation The Gospel trumpet sound.' The promise of the Lord stands sure: "In the last days (present dispensation) the mountain of the Lord's bouse shall be established in the top of the moun tains anel exalted above the bills, and all nations shall flow unto it."' If any one, in view of th0. ""distress of nations' and prevalent wickedness of the times, has been led to believe or fear that the arch enemy is triumphing over men, a broader, worlel around view will assure him that God still sits serene upon tbe throne, elir ecting all things to the accomplishment of his declared purpose. There is reason for an earnest expectation and hope that the few remaining years of the closing century will b-j years of the right hand ot the Most High, and that the morning sun of the new century will lend up to active e-emfliet and glorious victory" the sacra mental host of God's elect." Smith's Creek Democratic I'rimaiy. Puisuaut to a call ry the county chair man, the democrats of Smith's ( reek piecinct conveneel at the public school house on Saturday. Aug. Cotli, 180-1. to select delegates to the county convention to be held Sept. 1st. The house was calleel to order by W. F. Midyett. chairman of the precinct commit'ee. A. S. Aldridge was se lee-ted as p rmanent chairman. .Motion that 'he chair appoint thrie delegatus and t lire alternates wh eh it did a- follow-: L B. Midyett. M N. Hooker, W. F. Midyett, Sr., G. Iv. Dixon, E. II. Butts and R. L. Harris. The first three being the regular delegates. Sentiment being in favor of an entile new set of dicers, the follow jng were sclecteel and the delegates inst rue-led to support them as first choice', viz: (.'ha-. Wescul for sheriff; A. S. Aldridge for C. S. C: Jonathan Perkins for register of deeds; F. P. (ratlin f r treasurer; P. T. Tingle for surveyor: Dr. F. P. ("ates for coroner aDtl L. B. Midyett for township j conslah'e. j W, T. Mayo was then selected as repre-1 sentative. Motion to endorse Hon T. J. Jurvis as United Slide- Sen dor. Motion : that all the demociais of the precinct be recognized as delegitis to the eotritv con- j vention. Mmioa to sen I pro a-ediugs of the meeting ti the New Bi- nr Jet UN 1 !. with leoue-t d. public 1. A. S. A i.di: tin; 1;, ( 'hiii'11 J. Perkjns. Ser'ty. j Honor Roll. The following isthu school bon ir roll for August, 1S04. io Distrirt, Xei -Hi. Onslow County, Mis-. Ma J. llargett, teacher. Misses, Mamie Fninrk. Eliz 1 Fr uu k, i Annie Franck. Lina Franck, Jennie j Franck. Amiie Kootice, Laura Koonee iSt ! Carrie Ellis. i Masters, Fate Koonee, Burke- Koonee, Cad Koonee, anel Lafayette Fiauck. THE CRUISE OF ls"4. The Reserves a Fine Orgauiza' ion Worthy of Bath Ma." And Local Support The annual cruise ol the Noith Carolina Naval Reserves, ol ten day-, wide h end,, I la.-t Tuesday (21-t inst) has been one ol profit and phasure to t he n embers i , the Reserves, excelling iu nearly every way the cruise of last . a'" The weather ha- been i -pel i illy line during the entire lime, the lion ves have .had a fine new man-of-war to piactiie upon, and their own oflle ers have g,M a I tlinn in-tructions and drills, which may at times have seemed too severe, yet now , they are over will only be n-inembered '. as incidents of ihe cruise, and the lessons ! ice eived will make future cruises all the ! easier. I The discipline maintained oil board the ' Naiitueket, and the tine, systematic rout ine work dally carried out. cannot be too ! highly commended, and great credit is I due to the commander anel eiftiee'rs of the -vvi'i'al divisions lor their excellent coop erative work in all di'paitments. Too much praise cannot be given the 'Hirers of the Reserves for the amount of practice and service tiii-y have given t leir men thi.-year with the limited funds at their eli.-posd. The want of sufficient funds b is com pelled the Reserves t leave without ihe outside sea service, the monitor not being supplied with coal for an outside voyage, and the members themselv s not le.ding able to pay tor the e-o il necessary le.i -uch a trip. It has been with many regrets on the part of officers anel men that this part of the cruise had to be given up, and the gun practice limited to the harbor. Although deprived of a sea voyage anel practice, the Reserves have faithiu'ly car ried out as far as funds permitted every thing they could, and they return greatly benefitted from their exjierienees and drills during the ten days givni them. The spirit and interest the Naval Re serves have exhibited in all their work this year, ought to warrant the n liberal treatment on the p ut of the State of North Carolina, and next year ample funds should be provideel in time lor a cruise, and the Reserves be given an opportunity of seeing actual sea service in addition to the drills and routine duties of a man ol-war at anchor in a har bor. The Sdile has a fine ljody of Reserves, anel they deserve to be encourageel in every w ay aud their number increased; this can be done I'V granting them such privileges and donations as will best prouio:e t In-i 1 dchelopnient, insteael of leaving it to a few to carry the organization along by private contributions. The people f South port have grea'l v enjoyed the visit of the Reserves with their friends of the Montgomery, if they have fallen short in hospitality it was only an err6r of the hear, not heart, and next vear thev trust to make nil things more than equal. The Leader has greatly enjoyed meet ing the Reserves, and appreciates the courtesies extended its editors oy both officers and crew. Southport Leader. To the Democratic People of North Caro ina. Having never been a candidate liefbre you, I now announce myself with hesita tion. 1 e)ffe-r lr.yselt lor the seat in the United States Senate made vacant by the death of Senator Vance. In doing this, I do not antagonize either ol the present Senators, but aspire to an office that neither of them seeks. The two great epiestions involved in the Chicago platform were Tariff Reform and Financial Reform. The tariff bill just passed does not fully meet expecta tions, and I favor such modifications of it as will deprive every trust and combine of any advantage it allows. On thejtariff, and on most subjects, stanel with our Democratic President, and give him a cordial and zealous sup port. I regret not to be able te agree with him in his financial policy. Finan cial reform is of the most pressing impor tance, and I favor immediate action in respect to that matter. To many the result of the first regular session of our Democratic Congress has been something of a disappointment. Dis appointments come to all parties. The Republican party is at present disap pointed at the repeal of the McKinley tariff law; at the enactment of an income tax at the repeal of the law placing our elections untler supervision of Federal Marshals; at the continueel supremacy of the Democrats in the Southern States and their full accession to power at Washing ton, aud at the complete failure of Repub lican plans and purposes. Our disappointments are but temp i ary in their nature. They shoulel make u3 only the more determined to press 011 ward until the principles ol the Demo cratic party are fully carried into opera tion to the lasting benefit and advantage of the people, and to the glory of our country. In this clause I havealreaely spent many years of my life, and I esteem it a privilege to continue my work iu the new flelel and high station to which I aspire. I therefore solicit your favor aud support, trusting that you may es teem me worthy to represent you in the Senate Chamber, anil I beg my friends, wherever they may be, who favor my election, to be active in urging it. S. A. Asuk. Raleigh, N. C, August 24th, 1894. Grantsboro Democratic Primary. The Democrat's of Grantsboro precinct held their Primary meeting at Grunts boio. Aug. 25th, 2 P. M. Meeting called to order by H. A. Reel. On motion Jaines M. Reel was elected Chairman and Joseph M. Reel, Secy. The following delegates aud alternates were appointed. Delegates: J. W. L.e. H. A- Reel, Augustus Tingle, D. W. Cutler, Alternates: W. T. Dowty, B. B. Mal lison, J. A. Reel, J. L, Hall. Resolved, That all democrats in the precinct be requested to attend the County Convention. All of which may participate with regular appointed dele gates. Jann s. M. Reel, Chairman, Jos. M. Reel, Secy. Collegiate Institute Prizes. This school oilers three prizes this year. One to that pupil who shall attain to the: highest average grades on recita tion and examination during the scholas tic year. ( Ine to tbe scholar who shall make the greatest progress in all the studies Another to the pupil who makes (be greatest progress in Elocution and R -c-ltation during the year aud on the Com mencement. No pupil can c 3 in pete for these priaes unless in school the first week aud who shall he iu school tin: entire scholastic year also must sustain a good repot E. P. MUNIIUNHALL Wholesale Market Coontrr Produce Live stall fed cattle, 5 l-Safi, gnts led, 4a5e: dressed beef a-l. Beeswax 80e Corn, 60c a G2J. Chickens spring 18i3")c pair. )ucks, Eng. S5ai0c.; Muscovy 50a60c. Eggs, 13 15c. Geese, 75e.a80c. Hielcs Dry flint, 3c; dry sail Se: green I Jc, deer bides 16c. " Peanuts. oUiOOcts. Wool 10c. Lambs flatl.SO. Old Sheep. $1.25af2 .00. Oats. 35. . Onions, "M.00a"i2.00 Grown chickens, 40a45c. Sweet Potat.jcs Y'anis, 30.- Unmans, r.iv. Annual Examination 01 the Life Saving Crew, Messrs. David Jones, Wm. Willis, Jos. W. Harris. Kilby Guthery. Alex. Moore. Jos. E. Wade and M. T. Lewis went to New Berne to be examined for service in the Lile Saving Station at Cape Lookout. The station epens earlier this year aud the crew will be put on for ten months instead of eight as formerly. The bill passed making this a law is certainly a wise one. The salirv of each member of j the grew is reduced from $65 to $60 per month. Beaufort Herald. WAMHI.NUTOX LET ITill. Adjournment. X. C. And Southern Development. Dr. Sanderlin Speaks The Senators Ami Patronage. A joint re-olution of Congn-s- Aug. I Tile I'd s,, n' ! ' giaiiuiie. flic S ! I ion pr . i - d ...! 'foe- pro. 'pun id , rl -t ing here n Was II, ' , W. , ' star was A 'lit pre'liniuiat im luring which Hm ( , . -1 1 in talked about NT. ('. Ills I so full of natural rr-our lie would not attempt to go into i.ols. He related a number of amusing and in tereited anecdotes illustrating Ihe induce ments which N. C had lo oiler. Claude Be nnett and E. P. ""-peer -poke ol Geor- gia's fruit crop. Mr. Bennett told of a man w ho had animasse, I a lorluue of istio, 000 in a few years in shipping pe-aches. He referreel to thr progress was hem: fact thai 1 on iderahle made iu 1 h" manu facture of cotton. Internal revenue r . t. to b- Ii'Miy reachina yesterday $'.'. Iiio.o 10 ah 1 briny ing up the tolal for the month to ,. ', to $''.1,200,000 and for the year to date 10 $48,100,000 against'O for the corre-yonding period of August 1803 anei to $24 300,000 for the 1 one-prnding per iod of 1 he fi--eal year 1h!:!. 'Phi- rush of business is due to the laid that the senate lull becomes a law next Monday night. The distillers are especially anxious to get as iniich whi-kev as pos-ible out of bond before that time'. A high average o receipts is $"00.000 a eluv. accoreling to Chief Clerk Scott Nosbiit's ealcnla '.ion. The last rre-eipts Irom N . ( '. were 4lh Di-. $733 '.!.-,; I lis. $ -.' . I "" s Sf Th,. UUei nul revenue rriajipts from N . ( '. last ear were' : 4th. N. CEIihu A. White .:!.-.:),r.l205, 4'b, N. C., Fiirnilold M. Simmons, $.r(i,s, 862. 87; 5th. N. C. K.,p. lib .-. $436,-' 781,38; 5th, N. ('.. Samuel I.. Rogers (Ac. ing) $41!, 041.1 I: .th. N . ' . Melviu E. Carter. $."93,48.1.HJ; September 15th, L. A. C,.lt,,n of the 1st, N. O. Dis. will report, at Annapolis for his entrance examination to lid the vacant Naval Cadetship. His alternati who gets it in case he fails is J. D. Grimes. In the 9th N. C. Dis. G. A. Ferguson will report at the same time: anil place for the since object. His alternate is A. M. Parker. In the 4th and 6th Districts there are vacancies for niilibu v cadetships at Wt Point. Messrs. P.iinn and Alexander have the power to fill these vacancies before their present terms expire, either by nominating elirect or by competitive exainriai 10ns. In the 1st N. ( . Dis. This military cadetship has already been lilleel by Mr. Branch. The lucky young man is Mr. Sam F. Ansell with Henry P. Ilarel ing as alternate. The examination for all these military cadetships lake place next Much. Capt Edward J. Hale will be tbe next N. Carolinian appointed to a big consul ate. Senator Ransom has filed for him a strong application for the Manchester consulate, the place Maj. Hale so ably filled (luring Mr. Cleveland's former ad ministration. The Manchester consulate is now held by a republican who began bis diplon.atic career under Rutherford B. llayes. His name is Win. F. Grinne-ll and be was appointed Commercial Agent at St. Ettienne November 13,1877; promo ted to h-" consul at Bremen May 26,1870; .lunsfenad to Bred ford March 10,1882, transferred to Manchester a $12,000 place June 26, 1889. I suggest, that Maj. Utile shall come here, stop at Mr. Bagley'sjboareling house and get my friend Josephus to take- a hand in the fray. A big official asked ine this moining if Josephus did not have more poweo thah any tar heel bore ex cept the Senators. I told him as Jarvis was debarred from patronage ( 1 his is on the authority of a cabinet officer) I thought he might make Senator Ransom the only exception with chances strongly in favor of "J. D." Perso inll. I a. 11 in favor of bouncing (ii iiinell and putting in Maj. Hale or ( apt. A-he or any body Senator Ransom and Mr. Daniel agree on. More Colonial Records. Judge Walter Clark, tvho, since the death of Col. Saunelers has Uvn giving his vacations and all bis spare lime to the collection aud preparation for publica tion ol maierial lor a continu itson ol Ihe 'Colonial Records'' has hoped to publish two volumes this fall, completing tbe work down to January 1, 1781. But owing to tne illness 01 Mr. s 111 spurg, 01 the British Public Records Offh e in Lon den, wdio has been copying whatever could be found there bearing 011 our his tory, these volumes will be delayed till the winter and possibly till next spring. They cover an interesting p riod, tbe larger part of the Revolutionary War, 1776 to 1781. The collection of material has been difficult and tedious. The Stale ought to have made the publication long years ago when much material for our history ex isted which is now hopi'les-lv lost. News and Observer. JtbfoJutely Pure K oroam of tartar baking powaer Highest of all in leavening strength. Latbst United States Govkrnmknt Pood Report. Royal Baking Powdkb Co., '106 Wall St.. N. Y Wanted. Live energetic men to canvass, sell ma chines, and collect in Craven, Jemes Car tern, Pamlico. Beaufort, Hyde and Da-e counties. We furnish a nice light running wagon. Agent to furnish horse anel har ness anil make a "ff-XKl omul. e oner a od salary or commission contract, under which an energetic man ran make inel save money. Men of good make up lo well, to get enipl lynient w ith this co upany. tor 11 Miccesslul. ttn y will PC promoted to positions ot greater responsi bility. Address. Tut: SiNoi- it Mfg Co., or see' J. r . Niikman. District -gt. New Berne, N. C. 0RIMS0N OL0VER Seed Oats, Bye, Wheat & Red Clover, Bagging and Tics, No I Timothy Hay & all kinds Feed. Write for prices. At ('HAS. 11. LULL'S East Side Market Dock, New Bcrnc X. C. ag'.l w 3m Ruta Baga and Turnip Seeds-1 l"b. 35c. 5 lb 30c, 10 lb 25c. All fresb, new stock at Mace's Drug Store, Hew Berne N. C. .T. 15. J No, JL,Ari I AM ( i;a'px st. ; DEALER IN ef&J Lime, Cement. 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