-1 i ' ?f ii -ft 1 ' 1 - MM The Only Preventive Vii r of f I V Pimples - Blackheads . Mothy Oily Skin CUTICURA SOAP H It Strikes At the Cause ;;'; viz. The Closed Irritated Inflamed - - or Sluggish TMi.rOQjKtl Uir r, ul Davy l- .eriU. Said tfcrocV Sol i'r. the FAflOy HAB VARIABLE ! FEED. V "i"t !eflj 5 W -ItiJL t2- i ycsFAE02HA8 SEPARATOR .-s3? "' :S.- -.i ttsT capacity. . i - all ' - 1 mt bl. Hcl"MMt. .VT. a lT T Nothing has ever been produced to Tn1' compare with ITdnjlxeys' TTltcIl 5aZ3l Oil as a cnuTrre and - HXAU2K3 appucatiox. . It has been a sed40 years and abrays atTords relief and always gives satisfaction. It Ones Pnxs or Hcuor titaiLS, External : or Infernal. Blind or Bleeding Itctring and . Borotng; Cracks or fissures and FUtulu. - Kefaef immediate cure certain. It Core Burns, Scalds and Ulceration and - ' Contraction from Burn?. . Relief instant. "J It Coca ToM. Cut and Lacerated . Woonds and Braises. It Cares Boils, Hot Tumors Ulcers. Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald ' Head, tit is Infallible. . ' Cures Ltnjucxr or Caiced Breasts mmi Sore Nipples, It is invaluable. It Cores Salt Rheum, Tetters, Scurfy ' Eruptions, Chapped Hands, Fercr Blisters, . Sore Lips or Nostrils, Corns and Bunions, Sore and Chaftd Feet, Stints of Insects. Three Sizes, 25c., 50c. and Ji.co. : goU hfDt Ulill.oricil port-pud on iropMptte 17IT0E! HAZEL OIL Win. II.. OLIVER i-ife, Fire, tVlarine, " Accident, I-idslity, ' : - Stcnm Boiler Ins'iWaiice, NEWDEP.X,N. C. . - A Xauiber of Tinae-Tried ana Ire-Tested C'iiKinie IUireseot- Over f 12..n()n.i)ix) a-.-iet. repre aented. V ' SOIOI. VUY PUBLIC " ' CSoaratssioppr c: D.-etls for New : York CoDiK ct; -lit ami Peujrl , vania. Agent 2stc;on:il Board Ma ! line Undenvr:' ---. MEW DHH "IE HOUSE, ltelgal City, If. , n 1 i' : : J- 11. manx. Prop. Pleasant Locnr:o:i -New Miina?' iiil Tin il:ltinns yVtttMitivc borvants- Terms Keasonable. Oathing Kcuses Free. MOUNT MITCHELL ii rr; ;ii. Black 1 oil; nin.X.e?. 1 . - - ' T Air, and l'are. "-f ..-Terms lloa.or.-ijlo. j U j I Opens Msy lit, lS'.M. -xt:-: W. D. SP1JAG L'E, Prop. ft,. . "" Bailroad, Telegraph and Post ": -Offices near the door. ml -t f Gil e lotliing ;,.,- B warranted the Best in tlie World! . - jf W Mir . -V'" v- m AihKHKiiUr, Is- Stronger, and Will WEAR Lonoejj ftan tv ofher crwis immitaxrtured. Ask foe the " Flrt BRAND; - tmke do other. , SE0. A. ZDfCf a & CO, Sold Asenfc. Ba!timory'j THE JOURNAL If 1 I !Vl hat '-('or every wroug t i i i . . I . ' Certainly rh,-i .. th.- r i.iilli? to he. hut how tO find i . i .unl ippls ir is matter t ne i-i n .ling perplevity. New pro ')'. ms are eout-taut ly arising, aud day after day it becomes more evident iha: the M-ieuee ot govern r 1 . t-r 1 ' th ini)t li'fticnltof the seie!H'"-. Tne otffii 1 t-,ttMl ilet'l ,!! iou hit ??;e iiulsiii (t.i ernment can Dr.-.: i-tj iui'1 under the operation fa tatitV fi r revenue only is very generally accepted as true, bat iiw to adjust the machinery so as o prndu(v thu requisite revenne . in- tli fTpi-nnes of the Gov- r -1, -11 t l.f ew rv citizen shall t-.ir .111 .qn'table i-h ire of the mdfii, i ditriiTult 8 to very i-riy :irjacn tu impoisil.d N lev. nue me inare is enduring p. i- .q f ol 'ri.-rv.-r changing con ; - 1 ii w imli Heems to be ifi- unu ir c e 'I- today ih dis r t. 1! a- i :oi hi and delusive x , ; 1 . Hi 1' ihcie ih no end .-t-n.i ;";-. Bfheviug 1 ; IX !1IUI ILlCiiQjea Would p-iveto !h ja.i and equitable an j.- 1 1 r x i . m.fle a pfirt ol the r ,: :; , h.. :i r. ti ju-t passed in h)i ii iiv-usr-M of Cot' urea and is to Mm- a l.iw withoir the approval f Tin- IV. -.'(! ;. Imw lar, if at i!' , . -ivi-r 1 iu purpose for i-j ended is a vexed Men ot large fortune evi-rj possible obetacle (jLL - iOa. wiii throw in I's way. It ib admitted, n the Savan nah News, th.it the income tax provision is extremely crude in many inportaut, particulars and leaves room for doubt as to what its meaning is. It is the opinion of able layers that the amount that will be realized from the tax on individual incomen will not bemuch more than the cost, of collecting it. The chief of the Bureau Htatisticsof thioksthat tlte tax on the incomes of corporations wijl yield anywhere frow. SjOOO.OOO to $.50,000,000 Iho Secretary of the Treasury estimates that the Treasury jvillget about l ,HH,tHM I rom the incomes of Unth individuals and corpora- tinil. lint. 11 is not absolutely certain thai the Treasury will ever receive any ctinsivlei able amount from the tax. Then are other sections of the new 1 arill law enveloped in clouds of douht and uncertainty. Bat, the.-, embarrassments may not be of long duration. Every statute has to pass the ordeal of the courts, and the sooner the tests are made the better it will be. There, how is itl Why, the tariff will go into operation and business will revive. The vry contest that will spring up will prerent stagna tion, aud in a little while every thing will be adjusted to the new sitaat'on. The South will have little to do with contests over the income tax. Few of her people have a taxable income, bnt all of them will tdiare in the beneficial results arising from the resumption of business and the consequent flow of money t hrough the channels of Tradri. TIIK KKI'TBLICYN PARTY. Hon. Benjamin Harrison's whisk ers have been closely cropped, bat his prfs.deutial boom seems to be in tnil boom. Washington Post. 'I'li cropping of Harrison, s whickers may be t b 3 prelude to his entering the ring Pugilists and game-cocks are trimmed for the tight, aud the assurance of victory is tudicated when the backer of the m inor the bird says of him, "He is in floe trim.'" But Harrison will not make too President 1 race for the Republi cans in j&vmi, lie is too vuiueraDie. There is too little oi him, and too much of his mischief. Tbe liepabltcau party is aggres sive, or it is notning. a. passive mtiu l;ke Harrison . can only be a leader beu bolder, abler and more magnetic men have autoganized aud destroyed each other, and the elemer ts of the party have become so disturbed that a sedative is required. If snch men as McKinley and Ueod rossi each other some such men as Harrison may be brought forward because he is not great enough to have made powerful enemies and the tired belligerents are willing to rest awhile under his wing. lo must not be inferred that Harrison has no positive qualities. He is positive in his littleness. There is no 'probability that the Uepiiblican party will gain the mastery again. Its sins are too great and its miqaity too nions- tious lor i! eci- again to be put in power by the American people. What has it done! Prst and foremost.it changed the form of this Government, and then deluged the land in blood to make perpet ual its dei- iruction of statesrights. It then struck down silver and made free born men paupers in this Heaven blessed land. It creat ed a monetary system that gives to the opulent ever increasing riches, aDd shuts out the poor from every avenue that leads to com fortable living and personal inde pendence. A system that can at any time put its powerfull hand on the throat of the nation. The Democratic party is charged w th failure. But, in what has it failed! It has failed to break the chains forged and rivited upon the people : by the liepublican party. Home of the shackles have4been removed, and we intended, with chisel and file, broac'-ax and di dg ' miaer,' to work until our p.--. I shall; stand loi 1 1, red''''" -'. ret'-i'eiated and disrtit bri I'd Mx- genius of American Denn 11 1 The people of t he 1' ' Siht.n are tired of seetio hIimh tionabsin is the vital spark hut kindles liepublican fiierc: Hies that burn only to cousumu ail 1 hat is good and beautiful iu republican government. Harrison mav crop hiis beard, but if he enters the ring he will come out of it the best trimmed man of the century. NOTES AT RANDOM. Denmark leads the world in dairy products. Boston was the first American city to produce an American made umbrella. That was S years ago. The products of Arabia are coffee, gums, hides and tobacoo. Augustus was not the public benefactor be is repreented. He was the most exacting tax collector the Roman world bad up to bis time ever seen. Vice President Stevenson's inter-f-reance to prevent his daughter's marrioge was qnite proper. As presiding officer of the Senate one of his functions is to break a tio. Lord Ilosebery has become a milkman, one of the most extensive in Londen, bof. he does not have his name on his milk wagons, as Lord liaj U igh does, preferring to carry on the trade under the names of his managers. The ancient Ethiopians salted the bodies their dead and bung them up iu a smokehouse to be dried and cured. They were thus kept for a year, when, perfectly preserved, they were turned over to the relatives for burial. The Jjw prijes of which the farmer often comp'ains, and which he is in the habit of attributing to other causes, are in large part due to his inability to market his prod ace otherwise than daring tbe great rash, in which all are anxious to sell, this being because the roads which connect his (arm with tbe railroads and markets are at other times impassable for loaded wagons. MeCl ore's Megazine for Septem ber will contsio an interview with the eminent French chemist, Ber thelot, wbereiu he shows tbe time is coming when all of the s'aple hu man foods will be longer grown in the fields of tbe farmer, bnt fab ricated direo'ly from their essen tial element" in the laboratories of the chemist. A wire message from New York to Auckland, traverses a length of line of 19,12-i miles, nearly three fourths of which is submarine cable. It has to be repeated or rewritten fifteen times. The longest cable is between here and Europe, say 2, S00 miles, and tbe longest land line is across Australia from Port Dar win to Adelaide, 2,150 miles. Chicago does not propose to let ap on the World's Fair. The latest proposition is to have a oyclorama of it painted. The names of George E. Daxis, D. H. Baraham, Mrs. Palmer, Joseph Mediil, and other prominent oftioialB of tbe fair are mentioned in connection with the project. It is estimated that tbe cost would be $125,000, and this it is proposed to appropriate from the funds of the Columbian mus eum. Nioola Tesla, whose wonderful achievements in the line of elec tricity are well known, thinks that be will soon be able to produce sun light on the earth at will. He says that the light of the sun is the re salt of electricity vibrations in the 91,000,000 miles of ether that separate an from that luminary, and does not proceed from a great central fire, as the saientists bav all along held It these vibrations can be reproduced, the light will lollow. The rapidity of tbe vibra tions in a second necessary to pro dace the desired result is, be says, expressed by the figure five with 14 ciphers annexed, and he is now trying to build a machine which will produce these vibrations. It would appear from what be say 3 that tlm vibration must be pro duced in nothing or what comes next to nothing ether for what asserts that if one bad a solid ehunk oi steel as big as a house and could communicate to it this vibra tion, it was instantly be atomized and disappear. Cruiser Montgomery Bound $nrth. Wilmington, N. C. Aug. 21. The United States cruiser Montgomery, at South port for a week past as training ship for the North Carolina naval reserves, sailed for HamDton Roads to-day, the cruise ot the re serves having come to a close. From the Seat of War, London, Aug. 23. Tbe attempt of the Chinese Government to float a loan of 1,000,000 taels, to be guaranteed by Chinese merchants, has proved a fUt failure. The American Consul at Shang hai has ordered the Japanese liv ing in that city to discard the Chinese costume, and advises a majority of them to return to their native country. Mr. Oteri, the Japanese Minister at Seoul, is reported to hare been killed. The stories in circulation as to the manner of his death are con flicting. COVE CORRESPONDENCE. Personal Meation and News Items, Miss Sasie Richardson of Dover is visiting Miss Hattie White. Rev Mr. Rose filled bis regular appointment here, last Sunday. Miss Lizzie Arnold and Mr C. P. Arnold of Lima has been visiting friends at Cove. Rev., M. Ormond is holding a series of meetings a Tuscarora tbis week. Prof Rhodes principal of the Trenton High school paid a visit to our vincinity l-tst Saturday, in tbe interest oi his school. Our public hi h xil. under the management ot t:e accomplished Miss Julia Charlton closed last Saturday., Miss Charlton, however will take charge of another schaul near here, next Thursday. Mr Hugh Lancaster a young man from near Vance boro, has arrived and taken oharge of the publio school near Mr. E. Z. R. Davis. Tbe political outlook of this sec tion is encouraging to a Democrat. Pops are as "scarce as hens tooth" around here, and we think they will be still more scarce by the election. COUHETT AMI JA( KSON. Acei i' Un Sioux iti t !!' I'i..,...-". tiou lo ri'lit r..r a $-'"., UOO Purse, moUX CITY, I-.. -Vug. Jl. Cor ueit's manaeer, William Brady, has telegraphed his acceptance ol the Sioux City Athl.-tic club's 000 offer for the ( '.irtiet f-.l ickson fight. Jackson telegraphed t'sterdny that he would accept, if traiui.ig expenses were guranteed him pro vided the fight did not take place. The clabis composed of forty of the leading business and professional men, who have jointly signed a note for the $-!5,0OO, to be taken up and the oash deposited when the articles are signed. The clnb man ager does not tell bow they c;ect to pull the fight off. lie simply 8ye: "We can reach anyone ntjour States within one hour's ride ol Sioux City and wo have lo the two Missouri river islands over whicu neither Iowa, Nebraska nor South Dakota claim jurisdiction, within fifteen minutes af the heait of tbe city." "I will not permit this fight to occur within the corporate limits of Sionx City," said Mayor Fletcher, in speaking of the elViil being made to get a match. '"What is more, I doubt if it will be ;iH wtl to be fongh on Iowa soil. S ) far an my jurisdiction is concerned I shall unalterably oppese thr move ment to have the baric fought here '' Sioux Ci'y's offer for the .lack son-Corbett tight is fetill sowewhat of a mystery to every bocy in the city who is not, in the inside of the scheme to biiug the liht here. The thing was worked up very quickly and quietly and sprung after .ill the details were arranged. The men who have appeare 1 ou the Bufraca say they are backed by the best people iu the town, and hint who some ot them arc, and when the best people are asked about it they all refuse 1 1 give any information and deny interest in it. They all believe a priae right, if :t is a big enough fight, is a good thing for a town to have, and they say they will make this the biggest fight that was over held. There is a great division of opin ion in the matter in the city. Some declare it is all a fake, The mayor and sheriff say they will have no fight, but the promoters of the scheme only smile and say nothing when these statements are report ed to them. They declare they have every corner guarded; that there can be no interference by local or Statb authorities and that they will have the fight right in the city. A favorite theory is that the scheme is based on the face that South Dakota, which lies across the Big Sioux river from the city, has a weak law against prize fighting aad it is believed by the authorities in the counties adjoining that the fight can be pulled off within a range of tbe soburban city street oar lines in Sooth Dakota. The telegrams that have been re ceived to-day by the Sioux City Athletic association indicate that Peter Jackson is nou anxious to fight Oorbett and is willing n get oat of it if possible. Triennial Conc'aye of Royal Arch Mason Topeka, Aug. 21. The twenty ninth State triennial convocation of the Royal Arch Masons of the United States will convene in this city at high noon to morrow. The general grand Masonic council met at 10 o'clock this morning. The council is the legislative body of the Ooptio degree or Masonry. The fight between rival cities for the meeting place of the next eonvocation is well on. Southern delegates want it to be held at Atlanta, while the Eastern men are divided between Boston, Phila delphia and New York. Virginia delegates are pressing the claims ol Washington, A BATTLE IMMINENT. The Chlnesp, .0,000 Stronpr, and the Japanese Troops N'eariuir O119 An other, LDPOV. August 21. A. dispatch to the Central News from Shanghai says the Chinese gnu boats and war ships are cruising the Gulf of Pe-Chi-Li, with the object of pre venting the Japanese from landing troops in China. The Chinese ves sets have hiding places in the numerous bays and arms of the gulf, whence they are able to ob serve the movements of the enemy without being seen. A number of Japanese war vessels are convey ing troops in the Yellow Sea but their destination is not known, Li Hung Chang's army, tifty thousand strong, and a large force of Japanese troops are nearing each other and a battle is imm inent. Large Haul By Mr. Coiustocb. New York, Aug, 22. Anthony Comstook, agent for the Society for the Prevention of Crime, made a big haul of obsene literature and pictures this morning when he arrested Eugone Le Boeuf at hie home in Brooklyn. The material seized consisted ot 2,032 pictures, 500 circulars, 300 stamps Mr. Oomstock took his prisoner at once to the TJnited States Court, where the prisoner entered a plea of not guilty to the charge preferred, and was remanded to the jail under $2,500 bail for examniation on MOndav morning next. ii ABE tS CORPUS THREATENED. Unless Coxeyites Are Released Pro. ceeding's Will Be Commenced Up to a late hour last even Gov. Brown had not sent word to the House of Correction lor the release of Primrose and twenty other Coxeyites at present imprisoned there, in accordance with his tele gram directed to Mr. J. H. Ralston, at Hyatr-ville, hs published in yes terday s Post, It is stated, upon good authority, that, if the men are not released to-day, habeas corpns procediugs for their release will be immediate ly instituted. Shiloh's Consumption Cure, This it Deyoud question the moflt uooeaatul Cough Medicine we have ever sold, a few dosei invariably cure the wont case of Cough, Croup and Bronohitia, while its wonderful sucouag in the cure of Consumption ig without a parallel in the history of medicine. Sine its first discovery it baa boon sold on a guarantee, a test which no other medioine can stand. If you have a cough we earnestly ask you to try it. Price 10c, 50c, and $1. If your lungs are sore, cheet, or back lame, uue . ni-. loh's Porous Plaster, Sold by New I Bern Drug Co. 1 ! ' ! ' 1 : i I .. i .; . ,. it-- .. 1 opemng of I lie u. ;:.,:,! ; . ; ( 'ii.i , , li, .i . r 1 i ' ; In- ri(.: . ; : l !. i 1, ! 1 , , ' i : r ul.o.id- a-.-i !.- 1'.. would mm t- .; .g rt si- -i -e' I 1 i.i'T Mile ;.! Mi ' C. T.ic ti i'.- ; - - v- .-. - 1-'. . T. (! ci. ;i C .:c .; ' -,. agent .Mi. (1 i.e. i ii ?! ; . ;; ,r h,-.. . . ..;!;.. adjoining' 1 h,- ; , ; ! ' ; ; :,;; , lie said fr li !., c , tion Of tile l'n .. -i . -. .r- ! had never been )i:i!iic ! ti.t-ui they wcrs tiiuch m -:e !.. 1 nr ? h.ia the ones rented ;;. ir a j !,. Hiiig;on. Paul H,-i m -.. - . : I the PolUn ui V. m . 1 . a . . i.. agent t lut c, 1 c.- ti. d t it.- he thought his residence ot ii i,c r-otus in Pullman was r!t :tp al-;.j a . month. ! He t hough that .t i-e I'-.liman , emp!ive h .d c : - ' f a lane ' hey v.- is I ' : , h n- 11 Iv so ach i!i w v 11 1 i;hiv ! !:::. Me. 1 iiar I i: Siain-ri. !. i-ii:i!in nt lieCC: t ill i ( 'Jliliili! U T ., Til." ' ! ' .1 T 1 -a- -, ,. ;.' c: if. in a I v net' a 1 e . .- a a a - melits ior t . r 1. . in. itig ill ' he i a ia . ill -id 1 ti 1 f i -! , i a I City Oil t lie .'Hi? a a i.i ic 1 e;d 1 n lis ..1 .".1 -. v. a-, 1, d r " '"- I. ai W 'i!- .i Sal -.1 ic. -a' y da'a?'a by i he e V, h a ' i a a! 1 d c i a ( i , on t in- t v cnii-:' ..? ? 1 ards Hotel, n I prugriH v.- 1 ; i . j ont Lu-ia- m fit i: j and by t'.e i"? .va the ad vniico !' ai CI t!i Tile ings. '"' m ;?j a' j , , ' , I ii la-t n'gli'.as v, -1 s- ifed l, ta cli urman -I -eige iS iinaiel B'acknell ot Alabama, w 1- the u.-iapiolion 01 j w;;; n.,t , , the committee 01: reception, which j lie i.vtV -was begun at a meeting that was ' A'i-1 wid n-e held on Satuniav af'ternoou. hen ! Knew- n a : the nnnlens of this itnnortant cnm. mittee w;ig forme:, by the selection of two or three representative men from the southern htates. At Saturday's meeting -Ui !ge Blacl. well was ma-ie chairman ct ilia nrr.liftiiliarr n . ,t j ta it i dnil Mr. W. V. Scott of N. ('. pecretary. Tl.ere were about ha. if a hnndrt-d present, nil the so .them staits bar one being represe.ited. After a full conference t ho meet: nir adi.-jirned untd the ee.ur.g of the o:h.-udge Hl.iekwell cai a i t bo m r ; ti r u order. He !. i vod i'a' ?ii preseu, i Towu am! v ;('inily' would heat ta' co-ip.-r.:! ; with the j Mr. Taronago irom Pitt Co., committee n atraagoini-nts already j went to one of the stables in this organized 'o make hiuv that ti:Ose ! town on Thursday hist: and a diffi who attend th-- meet-rig ilex' week ' culty arose between him and a wrtl be heait.iv v.a la .:ned and young rjrgro employed there, cordially re'-eiff.' on th ,-;r anivai .Tarnnage &iot the mar: ltfl-cting in this city. The n. iiii point he j a severe; if not a serious wound, said was to be Mire th it ti.i dele- I he immediately went to the sheriff gates to the mee-!ii? wei take-i in ' aid surrendered himself and ia now hand by those ijn.'c familiar wa. ii . in prison. the city aud '.;trdi-f,i to 'h pro.! On tbe 1 T-h iost at about 1 30 per chairman r,d oilier obi :..s:.- o'clock a. is:., he eujiiae on the the convention. A. C. L. w.s discavored to be on Repor;s aii-cady rt cclved in ; Hri; the fire was ia the eab, which dicated serv.-d to show tli it the ! w is burned coa:iid. i-i'ily, but tho crowd will be large and ho sug j engineer, Mr. Leans, a.i.! 1: ia shape, gested that- tae cornmifte:) on re- iso tht ha pulled ti.o nam oat oeHon b" .';-re .'.--ed to n;i;r ien ! uext morning. from eaca eta to. Ta..s wa.r done aad An aau-'aal amount of rain ha-i the following geiitlersien weia ap-1 fillea dariag th" past two or three ps'nled to renresi-nt N. C. and Va. I weeks, damaging orops oonsidera- North Ciroliua: (.'i.'-. W. Sand erlin, JosephiH Daniels, Cel. Fre derick A. Smith, YV. W. Long, Capt.lt. D. Grab '-th. Dr. Sterling Raffia, W. W. Scott, Geo. lie Corkle, and Dr. Waker C. M ar il by. Virginia: Raleigh T, Daniels, John Lyor.. R. U. Good. li. C. T !- iafero, Geo. C. Heard, Charles M. ! lavis, andJ. K. Kogers, painted, and her broken machinery Trm- ! replaced. DKOWMXti RA.T1I Kit THAN Disj Mrs. Jane Selby of Like Landing 110N0K. I Hyde county, with Mr. Mrs. Laven- , der passed through here enroats Infamous Conduct of a I'eoria Jlan To-1 ..,r pltn icJ.i. ward a Young Lady, : Mr. 1). W. Davis late of thia town Peoria, III., Ang. Harry Mc- has just closed a saccessful meet Doy and Jos e Colwell, the farmer ing at Paateg.?, with over thirty a draughtsman in an aicaitect's additions. office, aud the latter euip'.oed as clerk in a cigar factory, were di ow ned in the over here at a late hour Monday night, and tin-ir bhes were recovered late j e.-terdav after noon. From the ai; earance of their bodies when taken !'; m the -ran dariDg the time from Van water, and the fact that t wo j Norden Street, were heard quarreling in the boa? ! Many fish are being shipped, some time afier leav.n ; a - .vharf, j ir. Clarence Litham, of Ply there is no qaestioii ia- ihtt Mc-1 mouth, who has (since iz was com Coy attempted and ; r-.ally sue- Ipleted) been in charge of the ceeded in assaulting uaj g;i l, and ! elevator, has returned to Plymouth, that in her strnggles the loat upset I and both lost their iives. The i young lady bore a aid repula- tiou. ; ! lie Declines the Nomination and (;iiesi Has l:if,!(i 1 I.i 1 1 d r. Notwithstanding the earnest solicitation of a host of friends and a sincere desire to serve any country in any position my fellow citizens may sou fit to pi ice me, I am forced by circumstance's beyopd my control, : ilaela. t !;i n ami nation fur Congre.-s in this D;s- tiict for ibe eiiKuing touu. I realize to the luil extent t ho recrrct civ course v.'i'.i o, iuse. especially to tho many ciadidates in the field, but my dcte: miaation is irrevocable and ?n not b1 changed. What i- ;h- jialtrv ! salary of n,0oo p.-r a m um m a niati ! occupying 'the !e.--a- a the : commercial vsa , -a' - a, i !.-. L:i3"ing aside : ' ii i idem. tions, I could not . i; i to cpt j the place, as it v. :!: -t-tr-ite absenting n:jt-d! l-i uj oi. , oa at a time from a great and growing business which 1 am eoaaaotiag ia the intereti of the toiliag masses. A ii is well known thiou;l;out this Siiiiiy Sont!i Lind, Rig l?-o, : The Great Ann rle m Ran'.nipt Dealer i.i always on : aa loi l.ouf for Rargaius in the mr.ac.t of his customers: and having recently bronght the immense Stock of Cothing, Hats and Furnishing yjity.n i i vi ill X . ' ' . iuuiuiuu Ml Faj et tin die, In. C, at such a great1 sacrifice, 1 am thoroughly com iuced , that 1 e el be ol more set vice to ', my i':a::i,;; - ;,: a ;:.' ia ia - of hutUiier.-, deaiiti:! our go.al-j at , pr:ce ?:- i-r heal' 1 ;- be! a: a this : ... . . . , 1 r - , lirs-ll' a . ic el o -if . I I) -a 1 c -ail line.;',!-, he ;:i th.' i.' - 17!- gross. Thaiikiug m ii. ends l.u :lie honor intended. R.'si lte. T. (J. A. R D.,cau be iou'ad tor a week or two vet at his store in Thornton Block where jou will always find a hearty welcome ti 010 h.iri. T,e: , n a i, ..,, ,. r ., ,,i . Ta . ,,. a ... : i i . ! w..s Kaa-I a I a a li a"- ' e 15";a J'aiti - h '.:j-.'avea?i-!'- tie : - ;i.;i; day ami cvli ,:iged ).i-ipiiiuiis r.eiih-r of which proved sii i-l.ieloi'v. 1 illTTls ;.:'s ) Nov ' : i- ' n? he- '' lllal ' - ! ' I I- II;. l ; .air II 1. a. - . I'i ; - M , 1 ; : a t ::f.n 1 1 : l : -: l 1 s "1 - I'ri'V L' li e'- -mklT'CVl.' ! a- n ! - I !.y lh-- w' : - lac priiniie: ; ..at n -j : ! i :-! I 1 1 i : l isaai vi. !' ; A. ' ' " ' 11 "a. n. . '. ; alee - t 11 .'On I le- a-i .'..-a,. I 1 :!, .: . -l 1 i;;. -a 1 1 ' Aa ! '' V i 1, a 1 :.e I e ;' u jutr liriiaiiiv I'ei'iii -i-a ' ! -n'i :x 'r:i-.'dc e: l- i-i a . '" atll Tie; lie! 1' '.mi:.' w;,,, ; . , ,,,,) ,. a,: 1 ' Th- iii-vri'e- nlHiv we -t m . '''"' '-"ai- ihe 1 ,.-.:i;. it? 1 i'le ie.'.ire.v : la '1 c-i. ! lie 'ill;''- a e. ' e a a a -, ( A t i 1 1 ie 1 A 1 r.. la:- llyiie. 'flic u.-i i-; ai a i. I- Tin- ?iai. 1 - 1 ; ,v . N'li ion eiMMISl'ON DKNCK. Saiiiiiiai j of Kfccn: Happonlnirs in this b:y, ana stopping tho sound of tha at: Us, for lack of logu . Mi'. Moorman, pa-ter of tho M. E. Church iu aid towa has returned from vacation at Ocracoko. M r. Sam Spencor had a scaffold to fall wit'a him a fev days siaoe hurting him severely. The Str. Aurora has resumed her old caedale, after being re- The Str. M. E. Dickeraon, be- longing to tha N. and S. R. R. is on Farrows Railway. The bridge across the river will be taken up in a short time for a thorough over hauling and ferry he has exchanged places with Mr. i uerins. Mr. M. F. Haskett baptised 14 !" -rsons at old Fort, Sunday last. Dr. B. Stilley is in bad health. Siiumonsand Tilghman are to pu". :i bind mill in their mill in a fen- uas, Mr. E. M. Short will pn' a new e.aa in place of thf one now i nnuiug. The political not doos not bail i much as yet, bat will soon; ain jp; 't-?f graat care, and good judge ; --xercised in th - nonii:;.t i .1. ouil over, i Mr. Suffolk Mile, i. .. r j largely to hia residence ou eee-onii ' Street. Rarner has it, that the present SheriffandRegister of Deeds will bo renominated, than whom better "ew can seldom he found, Dr. Payne of Lexington will take the care of the Presbyterian church here about Sept. 1st. 4 k j; 4 PRICE 50 CENTS PER BOTTLE. 4 BOOK Cr VLUA?LE lit TORM ATION FREE S- FOR CALE CY DflUGGlSTS. -f5 --- ----- ;-.r LADIES uo you K.now dr. tel.x le brun s STEEL flND PEJ!NYIOYIL PILLS entr.cDPiBinni ran only t-iii-.M il. P.ifoand ra h.-ii.lo enn' mi i'i" market. Prico 1.00; bent by iu;til. l7er:iiii:u : old tinl by F. S. DUFFY, Druggist and i bole Agent. asri;v is )r. .S;init!i Pit flier's prescription i'or infanta .aid Children. If -,n t a.i 11:-. uoi t licr Oiilum, Murpliino nor 'i hor i:i r'-e ! i-- n f --t :i :-r. It i r; Icirtnless sulist ittite f-f I'm . zr,r-r'. I j r- .--. Soo liiiij Syrt-i.-, find Castor i. li is I ica-:u:f . i' 1 rs::i.raitteo is tliiriy years' use by Si i 1 1 In us :C ioi,it rs, ( 'astor ; 1 est mj s Worms :ii!(l allay (V t '.:.! n':-s. Custo ri.i prevents vomit itsg Sonr Curd, cures Iia;-rh:ra :i::d Wind Colic. C'asiori; rd'.'ves tcetllitt'T t ! 'Ml; li-s, a;.-i-s e. iisli ty.ii i. . ri :u:d tlat ulciioy. '.istoria asshi. .'hiti-s tlu- fiMfl, renla.ics i'nr- stoiuaeH ilnd iini,.', tr-liflo healthy riai-i ;iat;:r:il sleep. Cas tor 1 is tlio Cliil'lren's Piuiyi'iM-i Catoria. " C'. :mi .n is nr. r"- r,i r;.- r ,r . r yL l n'st.T.' ' lly Uiiii int-L ri t v-T.-t ' lip-.p . ..a ar.ii ' I'll. ( C '-:.. l.w.-., . ' cv .r;a i ; 1- i r.:-.!y f,r ! I.:. i' I -.sr. a. j :ai. !. i i. '(- t:.i- --: i. r .lLuant h- rni a. n; -.vi?' '.;r-.-i 1 ;, V tT- s; th,-:i 'nil a n, m I is.:- i a; rmrra: si x. r- a n-., Liinirj Hr lO i'i) LjiCU lIltfTIieliy. Ul ,i i-,L i-M AS A PREVENTIVE ; JBL VSP KL4-J I y Ciller si-x it Ij ini:.-ilJetoci.mi..-t real diiCiiMi.- ; iiut in the' ca-:' I . - airily t.' KFOnruaaTii v Art .i i .li (i.i.. .r rlu.K DTi.1 fAft W(1 1T..A.X g lf Tt-wnro. IV,c:l.y ma.!. r-;-Uj;e a. n i '.- 1 ..;-i ..it.-., iu . i.i .i "ri-lnaai: " ;-r:.- V.. J The CDtrTir tir.n : F.S.DUFFY, Druggist andjDirect from the MiUs. Sole Agent, ! ?V-rA-. S. VV ll-.j-.i a, PROPRIETOR OF Buster. ilONii ltaIU.3 " MEW BERNE, . Ci Orders soiioitod arai ivoa proper at ceTii'.on, v.-ith R&'.Uf action iruavan:eel. VITAL TO ivIANHOOD. DB. B. C. WEST'S XPBVP s VTi UBilv TKi.-. i r MENT, a specific ior u-terin, l)iaiiip--s, Tits, .".a ! ralgia, Hca4ache, Nervous Pri-iration rauci-d l- alcohol or tob.-icco, WRkefuino.?, Mcntai Oeprpsfiou 1 Softening of llrain, cuiu iusanity, misery, tlt-cav ( death, fremature OU A.'e, UarreiinH, Ijw- ,' i j Power in either sex, Impotenoy, Leucorrhtpn i.:e! a?l I Female Weaknesses. InvolnnCi-v r nj KT.i.rm,. torrho?a caused by over-exei :ion of brain Se:f abuee, over-Induli.-enri-. a month's trei.lmeui, 6 for $5, by mail. With each ord-r ior 6 boxes, witli $5 will sead written miariiutee to refund if not cure. I Guarantee! Issued by f.i-ut. WEST'S l.IVtK PII.I.S curas Sick Headache, Jiiiiousne-s, I.iver Couipluint, Sour Stomach, Dyspepsia and Conc-tipution. OUAKAXTEES Issued only by F. S. DUFFY, Druggist and Sole Agent, . tA- - - 7. li f - k4-" " mm b. s . i. NE,VE &vas: aet!AlfJk ' Jbj&Jam iARTBC A nice lei of DRIVING & FARM Horses for Hire, Sale or Exchange. Farm and Wagon Mule.& Agency for the Celebrated Piedmont Also for Ifaii'l'.li'li ai"! 1 m.g's light Puguic.. Prices Low for Cash or Negotiable paper. J. A. JONES, South Front Street, Opposite Gaston House, New Berue,N. C. - fj ..other's Friend. CastOi i " . a :t ' i : a ,t!i j? !r.n thfl t 1 1- . ' ' -. . : i pt mil .is.- ! D., :.i i: - a . ..ii..;. ii, N. Y i.tn: i.'i ?! ' -Ini ir-:i's depart -.... n In; ';- - -i" l i. ir ei jw-i i r i.i!i.,.a- i.r.t. t..-o v;iii C;iiit.jrii ;-?i :vc only liavo ainon 1 r ir-s -svli; t i;; l,oiwn as r-;ui l I . ,-,,i,r.-H tl.;it li ' ; : . : ' V. 1 1 i i I . . an:- I 'i i s . , i: y Yirii City. JUST RECEIVED A Cai'l, d "i Western Flour ,T ; Eew Orleaas Molasses, riglit off the farm in louisianna, from first hands. Also u full stock ot ol her (l:oc I .....I 1:.... r 1..' i in . anil i.iiineiN si 'i i-s. mi Mi lie j cheap. Cull and see me, it will ! pay you. "DDFDADP fPfl VWVQ pnnT f lllMiUUIi IU IV.MiI UUUlJ. J.C.Wliitty Has dust Receix cd a Supply of SIJ ErAKl) S Lightum? Ice Cream Freezers White Mountain Ice Crc:ira IdCczcrs. Ice Cream Freezers. Prices Lower Craven Htieet. NEW BERNE. N. C. IC. II. JOIJES. AND .... . "j " C V AWV. V '--'xV r --- -- ; a ,v.,-y i .rfa VST, - ' VV PROFESSIONAL DE J. W. WARD. SURGEON-DENTIST- NEW BKliNE, N (J. ( )tl'n c. in DutVv linihliii. St red. 114 Middle a 24 3m Dr. E. H. GOLDBERG SURGEO-ORAL DENTIST. Office Henry Building. M :i. lie l rei tju t . i-en III 1 an. I I'lilleek Nnrtli Episcopal church :inl, New 1-Jcrm- N. BRANCH OFFICE .liicksonvillc, Onslow Conn.-y N C DR. G. K. BAGByT SURGON DENTIST. ' Mli' - Mil.lle ii i (. i'jiiiisi!e It.iplii-t I'laiieli. NEW BKKNE, N. ', DR J D CLARK. ID ilXTTI ST NEW I5EIINE, N. ('. iiHi. eim Cruveii Si reel, I e' ween I'.aiurk .mil lliiiail. J. H, benion, "m."d. dd., s. DENTIST, - -:-NRW - BERNF. N. 0-:- if:i, ? Mi. I'll,- st. ai. l-'l.xir. Tielh l'ill;ie:'il illlnul I'.iin iiy Hie u-e of Nil r.uis Oxide (iat. ! P. H. PELLETIER, ! A T O K N K V 4. T U It . : Pollock efrcet, First room ahovo Farm er's & Mi-n hant's Batik Vlll praolloe Iu lli Cnuntivk l 4rv. trleret, Jnnes. OdhIo w urnl Ikun.l1cc. . United Slain l?ouri l N.w Horn. n . eiirro ijourt or tuft Him WM. E CLAKKE, Olliee, 72 Soot h l-'i-ont street op posite Gaston House. 1 H frfrtniirTjT m w 1" JnAA axv ; Keal Estate A"eiiL New B "ne, N. C Connections. New Y rk Boston and Canada. i Timber lands. ! Farmlands. TrilPlr linHa .m.uuw, Town oib. Do yoa want to buy t WBITK. Do yon want to Hell X !WK1TK 8PKCIAL. 100,000 Ariis of Lurid in hind lor dis posal. I 11.500 Ai n-s, Trn.t rond, 0 miles ofcily. Tinihei' and Truck. A WAY TO SAVE MONEY I RY BUYINGYOUIi TAMll v GROCERIES AT . J. J. TolsorTs. WITH THE CASH Trices will surprise you. Stables free to our Country friends. y3d. SALE ' r."2 Sa,

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