" THE fOURNAL. NEW BERNE, If. C SEPT., Gtu 1801 ; CITY AND VJ'JINITY. . ' ' Bev. J. W. Rose has b eu appointed to ' fill the vacancy ('. V. Richardson as " school committeeman of the 3d district -the Cove section. Alt sera. . Goo. X. Ires & Son take the libel case against The Lakes Cruiser up to Federal . xmrt. They promptly gave . .IvmkI and had the steamer released from custody. Mr. Bryan Gaskins whs buried at the. . Canity burying gr-and near his home. Key H. W. Winfield and R.v. A. J. ' Bolton officiated at the funeral. It was - largely attended. Meetings bavt been held through last l week In the Method'st church at Dover. . Tiro cooversiona have resulted Iron. them. The pastor is being assis' 1 lv Ber. llr.Lee. 'Mr. Danel HendersoD, who recently ussioel severe injures by stepping from moving train of the W. N. & N. R. bt improved snfficently to lw moved ' from Jacksonville to his home at Stamp Sound. The change was mxdo Saturday. Mr. James M. Briiis-m has been nonv r.aied by btn wii.s of the Democratic . party of Colorado for tte position of At torney General. Hurrah for Jim and . hurrah for Nevv Deme. Her native boy9 make their mark ti -ever lhey g". Mr. Qill IIumiiI.h v pan I a dyiug v.s.t to the city e-MBia.4 iu . a 'he fitibt and rAaratng -when ' kl. fcr Wilmington, lie is now puclcicg u( the stock which he baa in Wilmington and by next week will . bare it all at his, uB g Ike's" be iJquart ' era in tbia city. There i a new king u the turf, It is C. J. Ilamlin'a woodeiful pacer Robert J. Nancy Dawks record is 01. A - Wavne Pridav Robert J. finished u mile " la S03. This i the greatest record in lhs town of eight harness racing. Ills best Uiue before was 2.-04. Rev. W. W. Lewis has just closed a . nns-tmij at Aiitioch church which resulted iu six additions. The baptism was yes terday moraing. One ot thote baptized was -an old lady 78 Tears ot hot. Mr. Lewis wifl pre h in the Free Will Bap- tat church ot New Berne on Monday night, 10th insi. fie passed through last night t preach t Cmatan. : The ateauier "The Lakes Cruiser, was . libelled by Capt. Thou. Parkins for sea- - raaa's wages, oa account of a difference of - npiakm as to the amount due for bring- in-; her to the city. The case was tried ' before E 6. Hill, Esq .judgment ten dered for plaintiff and the boat placed in custody ofDepoty U. 8. Marshal W. B. Boyd. IXr. Henry Iiellen who movetl here from 6t U ton two montiis ago, to more eaaily olOain medical attention, Ixang afflicted with consumption, died St-iday ' at If ra, CI F. Willis' boardinjr house and . was borieu yesterday, Rev. Rufus Poru . officiating, Mr. Hellcn leaves a wife and ninll child iu indigent circumstances. Frauds ami near neigh! ors knowing of lheir eliC'Jmstances come to their a id and utrilulel liberally for their needs. v It is indent a pleasure to believe that yoa are living in one of the beat little cities that there is to be fouod, bat when that belief is proclaimed by a visitor and' stranger, this pleasure is multiplied. A . geotiema from Virginia remi-rked yesterday that Xew Berne was next to the prstt'-est and cleanest town he bad rw seen. ' The state of Massac husev ' .fcelif first claim, he said, but this ws aecoad. Rev. W. II. Trainam preached twe able sermom at the Church of Christ Sun day. - The subject last night wa "The City of Refuge." To-night be will tilk a "The Importance of Small Thing?." Mr. Traiotm v quite a vouag man, and fojl of zeal and earnestness in the cause is which he hat enlisted. Tbe congrega tion is endeavoring to secure him as pas tW here. He will preach again tomor- - row night, and possibly through the re- - mainder of tbe week. rreped Xew Steamer Line. There is a movement oa foot for a new Xorthern steamer line from Xew Berne. W understand that if it is established it will be oa a thoroughly solid basis .ample capital being back of it. The anticipated consolidation of the two steamer lines now doing business here was what originated the idea of tbe jw line. Twe Caaatarlelten Arrested. Two negro men, Dempaey Eboru and Trank Fanning were arrested and tried lie&re E. 6. Bill, U. S. Commissioner, Testerdaj, on the charge of passing coon terftiet United States coins nick lea and salver dimes and quarters. 1 he evidence was conclusive as to Ehota sod he was placed in jail in default of $500 bond. Fanning was held for trial this morning. Policemen Brioson and Toler fcrrttted oat and arrested the offenders. Their Jtotne being raided, the dies which they flsed in mould'ng tbe coin were faiud and also material to coin enough of t he bogus money to last on an average a year. Some of the coin were very good imi tations. Up"u others a ,;tt'e roubnes could be easily deled 1. Jleerwax Stolea. Armiatead Jones, col., was tried Satur day before 8. R. Street, Esq., and bound 4rer to Pu peri or court in the sum of one hundred dollars, on the charge of stealin; beeswax from J. D. Dinkins. Jones sold the wax to E. B. Ilackburn. Vr. Hackburn seat it down to Mr. Din kins to rc-sell it and Mr. Dinkins recog nized it as a piece he had bought the pre vioua day and sent it over bv Ca?iir 'Williams, col., to where he keeps bis purchases in this line stored. T'e next known of it was when it was offered for Atie again. Jones told two stories about its coming iato his poesef aion. the last being that he bought it lrom Ccesar. Ciesar is held as a witness. Death or Miss Berth a Willis. Miss Emma Henderson re-em- J a te'e nni snaonncing the death, on Monday at Fayetterille, of Miss Bertha Willis, daughter of Bev. R. A. Willis. She died of hasty consumption. M'ja 0 Bertha was onlv about fifteen -vi-sra of a7e. but owine to her father's having filled the pastorate of Centenary M. E. Church, this citv. for four years MlssBeUha was quite well koown in Xew Berne ami was well liked by school jiVAtrs, - teaches and acquaintances. She was the winner of tbe scholarship prize at tbe Collegiate Institute, and Professor Adams remarked of her when presentmg it, that never bad he h id a better pupil than Miss Bertha. ' The lamily h ve the sympathy of this community m tbe lone of their Wright and jirotaijing child who was just bukling in to a useful Christian womanhood. a NEW ENTERPRISE. Messra. Geo. . les ic Son 10 Go Largely Into the Fmit Growing Raalness, Messrs. Geo. N'. Ive is: Sou have de cided to establish an orchard and vine yard on a scale somewhat extensive for this section upon their farm at Newport. They made the order lor the trees, vines and plants yesterday and will set (hem out this fall. They willbave twenty acres io peaches eight in pears, four in apples, two and a half iu plums, eight iu grapes, four in Wilson black lierries, two in strawberries and will probably put in some raspber ries. They will also raise Japanese wal nuts and olhcr choice nuts. In number they will have 2000 peach trees and nine varieties; 900 pears and 13 varieties; 350 apples and 9 varieties; 250 plums and 4 varieties The varieties will exiend through the season early ami late of the different species i t. uit. an I the gentlemen in -nd to raise both tor the northe l iid local markets. We are glad to see this indu-'ry devel oping. There are certain mi ls t .) which this section is specially adapt 1 and we believe it will prove a very lucrative Ui-i-ness. The elder Mr. Ives is a man !' . -gresaivc ideas who has made a mi. ot whatever he has undertaken ar..t we !ik to se liiru succeed iu this instance ;i so. Tli. Firemen's Tournament. The Ikjm ntilul championship belt pre Sent. d by the State Firemen's Asociu.t;on was wou by Gieensboro. The distance run was 300 yards 200 below the hy drant and 100 above. Gre'-r -bora's time was 50 ? -ouds. Salisbury's one minute. T grab leel race 100 yards was won bv (5 rt nsborv; time 26 seconds. .nsbury was the victor in the hand reel rce ot S H) yards making the race and thi-oaing water in 45 seconds, thereby w'ining the first prize of $40. The Grcensbjro company were the fastest run ners but lost by their coupling blowing off tbe hydrant. The Winston Hook and Ladder com pany raced nahist asso.iation time lor the championship gold modal and $35 in cash, luey 1 3at the previous i iute by one second and won. The horse reel ruje was considered the "crowning event.'' Greensboro won in 56 seconds. Winston Co, No 1 Deceived the silver Umnpet which was awarded by vote to the most popular company. The Winston Co. got 542 vote?, Salem Rough & and Ready 538. Tho quick steaming time. 3 minutes and 17 sccoudis made by the Atlantic Com pany of New Berhe was the quickest ever made at a tonrnament- Every other com pany took more than tonr minutes, from minutes, f om that up to more than six minutes. The other bojs cant understand what it is thkt enables the New Berne engines to be so much quicker than any other every time. (iid Scho.d Openings. The New Betne Ai.idemy opened Mond-ty mbininu ifith 132 pupils against oa'v 75 the hist i'v of last v-.ir. A vjry good increa). Edevan more entered yesterday. Tlie Collegiate iDSvitut openel with 83, showing about the sa-or propor' on of gai i ovtr last year ,.s tlie Academy did, and the uu liber u us still further m e:ensei.l yesterday. M my will come in a little liter. It somehow seems tl it a iu'l school cannot I obtained here until a few weeks after it begins. I'oof Mendenhxll has taken hold of the Ios.l.nte in deid 'iiaest, secured a good (a'luil apd is working hard to make it such a school as New Berne should have We bespeak for him the heaity co-opera tion of all citizens He deserves the suc cess which we believe be will achieve Cominic and Goinc. Mr, Dempsey WohI, of Falhng Creek, passed through eu route to Morehead City to join a party of friends there 'n a fish ins frol"'" The psi.y corsls's of Mr. Wood, Mr. and Mr. Wm. L. Kennedy, Mr. John M.. Mcwbe.ae r id Mr. r nl Mrs. M. H. Wooten. Prof. G. T. Fauell, who .s been spending some time at Swarsboro. came up en route to Bayboro. Rev. C. G. Vardell, wife rnd fhild re turned from Blowing Rock. Capt. Geo. W. Wal J -ice went down to Morehead to visit relative. Mr. and Mrs If. B. Duffy retu. led from Mt. Airy. Mr. John Simmons, of Pollocks, lie who lias 'oeen spending some time tit Black Mouutaiu and Connelly springs came up en route to his home. Miss Ina Kiiiscy of La Q.ange, who has been visit;ag f. lends in Onslow county, passed through to her home. Miss Mai y Boggs of Catharine Lake and Miss Del'a Marine of Marines, accomparied her to enter Kinsey Seminary wl 'ch re-ojiened Thursday. Mr. Thos. Simmons from near Pollocks ville, left to rc-;uter the State University, and Mr Char ie Scott of the city, the whi ner of two gold medal at the A & M college, left to rt-enter that institution. Mr. Joshua Dean, of Pamlico, is in the iiry ou his way to Massachu-ctls. He Ue saya the cops in his vicinity are good, especially corn. lars. Joe Kinsey left on the steamer Xeuse to 1 sit her mother. Mrs. W. H, Pennell of Philadelphia. Miss Fannie Holland left with her to also visit Mrs. Pennell. Mr. Jos, Kinsey left on the same steamer to visit h's brother Mr. Wm. Kin sey of New York. Mr, C. R Thomas lefc for Kinaton ye. terday on a professional business trip returning last nigrit. ue is commissioner i f tile Court t.i mike sale of the valuable John C. Woo1 en plantation In L-noir County. Tiie sale was effected Messrs Oeltiner Br. s. of Kmston being the pur chasers. Mr. John C. Whit'y and family and Mr T. .1. Turuer and family who have been visi. "12 a K n-ton returned home last night. Mr. Sam 1 Parson and family, who have been visiting relatives at the Jy.rVts reform.! home yesterday mo.ning. Miss M.urgie Lane of the cilv. Miss Lilian Fowler from the opposite side of Xeuse river, and Miss Ella Lane of Bel- luir, left Tuesday morning to enter Greensboro Foraaie college, and Mr. Harry Marks left at the fime time to en ter Horner's school, Oxford. Miss Msmie H-iy who has beun visit ig in Kinston passexl through to isit reLa tires in Carteret t County. Mr. John Chadwick who has been pending tlie summer at Beaufort, hi home, came up yesterday to visit relatives in rew Uerne about a week. He will men return to Atlanta where he Hist spent a ye. r and a half. The tomb of Moliammed is covered with diamonds, saph res and rubies, val ued at 10,000,000. THtHE BRA.Y MELONS. Attracting Attention in Several Slates From the Journal .Notice The Gannt'et Thrown Down to the State of Georgia to Compete With C. at Atlanta Exposition. Ed. Joe .NAI.: So. lie few weeks ago at the opcivng of on;' nu-'.on season, your Local ;a sjuwh of 'ms worthy of men tion, irave :ncident;d'y one or two sltoi. notices in 1'ie columns of the Journal of some vc.y fine melons that were raised ind oeiog marketed lv Mr. Char W. Br ay. These notices did nt l.x-al to sf.y. create any grent among our citizen3, a - they or many of them at :ca-;. I customed when they wislR IV. allow us commotion o to -peak, i' i ! m ac I anvthiug nice in the melon '! to make tln-ir pnr chasa of Mr. Bray wlu-never he l:ad any on the uiarket. It seems however your brief unties went f:ir and wide: and to use a loc1 vernacular, rot tilings red hot on the melon ques' . ;i lro:nl a t'io sequel will show. A diy or two ago t i ar - i' -our office and asked :t . a. him in a little correspoi'.deii e. we l-Yes, "re-con-so." i pon tli's . i W.-t ) io' !. . ,i his hand in the p.x-ke'-. "'!- .. i"d beiian to hand out li' i "i .'5. uutu we A read the nr-t .. K. ;!soll, K: i .;entli'inan had t was most a n x .,.! of Mr. ii--. ' - ff."i;iL' e. ,V o- !.. . U i' ,e i i- , t r -: t'o, . hi Fhc e:itleii;in hid om die JncRx.'X i - Hue ? : .-d. The '.V. V. li.lY.i I ere. :.:.; had . ' p . .-o a leiniilenee 1 t,e next let; -r U k 11 :.. .s . v . 'Hold up, hoid up." one. It was from a Reno. Oklahoma. T seen your local no1 Ve ious for one hum ;eu Irou-v'lad wal - luef change ivie luind.e t 1 Vr: , : n i: i k m- . o v as from .1 a :in'- I J tor, Dallas. Tex '! enclosed a copo-ng and was m A.ous next let t . : was : i-ot Batcsviile. M.s. To pi'lg U'oni 1 Ol'KN M. for some seed -u.v was from Y. H. i I i y and had re mt' oM" f Y si !. About tlrs ,e wc ' -g.n t" dud that we were in a l.tt V snap, end .ud to Mr. Bray. "llae von any -'!.'' ' do not keep ee: to; ,jif'' -.od he, -..i:t ii.ne saved a tew pour;.!- o' cu.--e." We ' then quoth me, : ;e '' '.:: h ' ;' the present and call a :atn widi one s-1 d and we will assist you 1:1 -cr -ame.' V ben t In.', e ret n ::. . i liand.si t;. another hatch of y . ..ue JVoni I'.: nois. A'kiinsas ;.;el o:l - "-rate? ai' ;-.n. ious for so. .!. In couchis o i a !.w ;: : s.,y liie ;ate of Georgia seems to i ,.on. o tote ia-r own skillet in the ra -:n' mcon-. but no..ee is hereby served up '. he; to look ; her laurels at the Atlanta Exposition. Bray claims that ne will nroduce mi. year melons w tithing ttoni 100 t Mr. ttief 120 lbs. lie has made it a ,-tu !y for years, and has a formula ( manures and method of applying that will produce melons, not only of larL'e size, but of de licious flavor. Yours for betterment, JiitMs Foreman. Death of Kr. E B. Cox. Mr. Edward B. Cox, died at his home tlrs city, Monday ahernoon. aged 63 years. Mr Cox was one of :he best known formers of Craven county, having fo'low ed tuat occupation a!! his life. He was born at Fort Barnwell, this county, and before and dur'nr the war he made Kin- ston his home. A.terwaids he moved to Onslow and tlie about twenty years ago to New Berne and has lived here ever since residing and farir.:ng near the city. About three years ago Mr Cox's health beginning to tail he sold his plan' iition but continued to cairy on farming on a small scale up to the tima of his death. Mr Cox spent some i me at Seven Springs this summer, but about .wo weeks ago he was taken dowj sick i "id the end came yesterday aftei jopu. Mr. Cox was n esteemed ci izen who attended strictly to his business and led a quiet, uneventful bfe. He leaves a sister, Mrs P. A Gaskins, near Fort Baruwell, and a brother. Mr. Lewis Cox, of Kmstou, besides a wife snd seven children, three sons and four daughters, all grow a. Th Case Against RfV. W. E West. A card in ihis issue showing why Rev. W. E. West of Ocracoke, was acquitted 01 me cnarges oi cirunKenness HpeaK3 in connection with Mr. J. A. Thomas of 01 ly one occasion, when in fact Mr. West was up to Xew Berne two or three times. On one of these occasions Mr. Thomas being so"cittil by Mr. est, chiciuny gave him a certificate that so IVr as he knew he had not b-en drinking. Mr. West hav.ng asked :hy it and giving r the reason that such a story hail been starts. 1 on him. Ou a subsequent occa sion Mr. 1 no in as becoming com need that Mr. West was i.c'Vg ia the manner ludicated wrote to Mr. C.;tcvcn.s to nul lify the effects of his first !..:ii r feeling in honor bound to do so. Mr. Graham in his c.,.u impugns un worthy motives to those nuik.ng stal -inenj against Mr. West. We are conti dent that not one of ;lic,n gave a s'ngle thought as ; i whether he was in connec tion with the Noiih.i n or Sou'heru branch ot the Motho.i.st church or even what denoniina:ion he belonged. They simply did no: wish ;o sea the sac re 1 colling dishomee I by r-u unworthy nicai ber. Men whose ver.iet'.y . - unquestioned in the city, boldly atli.m the charge mi the strong impi --ion ia Xew Berne s that a wrong dec -am was leached. Tlie card pre ents the '.le of the case ibraenuiit.il Now what iviis the side lor coi deum n : not rpeak i iie evidence horn Mi the caru does not ' 'f .'a it the card doos omiiiitt?e took sliong A II urliett. of which r iv a word, and s.noe the aequiiad of Mr -t. Mr Haidiett has publi-hed the tacts in his paper, the Durham Times Whether the eomrr-Ui.es w-hich secured t lie testimony had other evideiie'? on the von'dem:iittg side l:jsides those which hive 1 vn published the COirmittee c.u say a'a wl-hes The Democratic Clnl, ('(iiivent'on. Elsewhere we pid : -'i to-day a ca'l lrom Mr. Ju'i.n S. Cat , President l the State Aesoe-iatiou of Democratic clubs, for a convention of the Democratic clubs of the State to meet :"i Raleigh, North Carolina, September 20th. 1894. The nil! lias also tlie approval oi tue Democratic State Exicutive comniitlee and its heart iest endorsement and co-operation. Mr. B C Beckivith, secretary of the elation of Democratic clubs, e convention bids fair to le a oc ..tic Ra':y. one m" the best in North Carolina in an off Stat? Ass. says that tl grand De.: ever held ye-u". Senators Dc mocratie Ran-o-i. a:: i is and the Congressional nominees will le invited tube present, e.id the intnilion also is to get sov.-r-il .'.i -t hl u h--d speak ers cf national ii-put.-;'. ion to lend their presence. Low railroad rate.- fr the v is'.oii wiil be secured. If possible lhey will be ob tained as low as one fare for the round trip. As wide a c.reu a.:.'-., of the call as possible is wanted. The Executive com mittee would like to have ten thousand people there on that oe..,-ioii, the formal opening of the campaign. ANNUAL MEHNli. Ot tin Kn.l!!'i.i- li.il Ass; A Statue to Virgin a Dar-: the I'af r lot a :. I.-1 i. -as i.e. .a . of No: h ic Wo. k ! The 111:111 ,1 a- i . t.'oiouv Meilloi 'a' A incorporated in iu Carolina, i'o:- ihe and aiicfn inur I the scene of L 1 1 . - li .; lish colonists iu N -r . ; pet; Yt Ka til .till: s lei :. on Augu -t is a: X i-s lina .-ind a icno;" furuisheil tn i :e Aa. t Oil. All of the Iti . hi., represented by ; -..w. ill good cond. ,.i;; ;:: chase pra c .tad , . d'ng the t.'a::-.- . )! propel ly Iki- ( 1 t ne pil.' ' ' I'll- :gii 'atf xpeiMe the F.e-t s' lii a lialaili i've as th iiuc'eivs I adornmeiii of 1 1 ..' o'd . I W'l Anum; t 'io-e i'i e- em diat the objects o.' Hie ;iic l!. a 1 1 1 iiest nic: liv ha !-i . i rmaneni lv niai i ' ' '' colonics ci ,., closu re. The I, ir, ' : I ) ci.il meet ii:.: i. P.nden. w : " : lie Staa' . : . . late in Ovtoi.e' . I' Baltimore -in kiin :ng to disci: i tiy the :.-', : : .! purpose. ,,. ; -,v i'i iZO before t ie rf and led i.iere m eting the ' el a Ult't- o In; adopted u t p.. some ileum: r IN VKMOl'.Y or y 1 1 : . , r -; oak r.. Second t the Koanohc C o iv old incident. i '.. Virginia !'..:. A inons; the m -. trs. E. P. i iica S. Co'ue'.!. - I V.'ginia V. e w . a-m (hi'd la. : - w o A- OCl i It . ic a: loc X..:,'l (.1 .i"-ole'.,, A- i- wi . :' A . . .11 II i'V :'".: Ua i Yj ni.zC' I Va. u -h ,d -Me S. k.i.av.i, : V-Amer. i"::e iih.ee j o i her birth w... ' her fate va- 1.: e. . j O' tllis hi ler as . . o.ate by o i: a cn ld, and : i ren.i i iie h'su rv oi' t r.e try. At p.. -.it i : .i'-i-ti. and . '. lie object i I ollliliem- i. :.i of th s lr- fact Ml f ; iie coun ts e ideav- r tamo. is ett ifiie::: assac.atio i or.ng to es' an e iiic: that die women des need a national al ai'L.-: and when ot the 1'niied : school of ri.!u-t establistieil, tli dcdicalei! ns Dare. j. a . ir. c n "J u Iiu.iiu.y be ia! ":i:rinia The asioc.ation has airea-lv made much progress in this pairi. V a pa p '-e. It ha- been presented w Vh a statue of Virginia Dare by its Kempt or. Miss Louisa Lander, of Washlnaton. 1). C. This -:anie wiil be presented, when revived bv '.e associa tion, to the si a.e . V 'Y ii Carolina, anil will be placed upon a pedestal in the Suite house at liiicgh. The statue was to have been in poses.-a -i of the association last fall, but a combination of ad verse circumstance- evented its deliv ery. HISTORY OK THE STATi The bastory of this statue is of peculiar interest. Its existence was not knowu to die incorporators of the Virginia Dare Associa on at the time of their incorpora tion. The idea of carv.ng such a statue was conceived iu London, the place where Ue letters intent for English discoveries were is.-ucd. and whete die co'oaic-s were organized and charr.er.-ii fir set lenient in the New World. It w is c uved in La'v, die birthplace of Columbus, the discoverer of Amerca. When completed it was ship ped from Tlaly lo America, but was ship wrecked ju-t a- were the hopes and as pirations of Columbus so long ns he re mained iu Iia'v. Tais shlpwu-ck occured off the coast of Spain am! was rescued by underw-' t Ts. and. in accordance with some salvage law. publicly sold. Miss Lander being permitted to purchase her own property. It was reshipped to Amer ica lioni Pales, the very port from which Columbus sailed ou h's successful vovage of discovery. It n ached AmeiVa saVly, and was placed on exhibition in Boston and sold, to be delivered at tiioc'.oseof the exhibition. The purchaser died suddenly before that time, and his executors declin ed ) confirm the sale, So the statue remained the pioperty of the sculptor, although boxed and shipped to the purchar-jr in Xew York. There it remainc 1 in its box until the enthusiasm i,lc-iilent to the C abian celebration was excitiug the land. Tlio organization of the Virginia Dare Association caused its res ui ection, and the completion of this unique histoiy l'- in ibe act that the statue was presen'ed to the Association by Miss Lander. Misj la vier, considering that X'orth Carolina vr.:; die most appro priate home for i he sbrue. bequeathed it at her death to tue ass.- 'tjou agrninfr to deliver it 1 !ore. her ilea'ii. The a isociation. wiil s ? that it is properlv placid and caved for, and Miss T onrlo.-'o n:.rwi zander's name and memo properly hon- oreil. Balt'mot'e Suu. Atlantic Hotel Cli ses. Mr. Ii. L. Pel i v, ji. ipiie.or oi lantic Hole!, Mor-me :d City. tiie At-pa-se,l throueh Xew Berne .Monday en rou. : to Raleigh on a busine-- ;-ip. The hotel is now c!o-el Suu-ia y was the i-i-t ilay it W;is 0eii. The si i-o.i has been a pretty good one. Senator ;ral Mi .I n ,1s w o aiso on the same train. 'l hev were amonL' the iast guests of the h-it Aft: speiuliue: p roceid a short time :n R-j'c;-gh they to the nioc raiins. Waj-CJirk. Miss Esleiie Chirk townsman Mr. .ias. I L Way, of Iln-iln we Wednesday mornii g : d..e ;hU Ciarl; of II. 1 our Mr. e ealc -lv : .a.-Vd at the iher ol i.g al i o e'.--c'i J..s. F. 1 ahr.K. f residence ot M the bride in the intimat (fi-.-ini riicnce relatives and Rev. liufus Ford, of- ticiatiug. Mr. and Mrs. Way the A. it X. C. K. H Niagara Fails. llillle- ale:v r a bridal eit by uil to Winston C'(iii)' iii?nts her Visitors, The visiting firemen have shown them selves, in eve; y Instance, .ae itee! and hi every way ta r and hel.oraoie in the con tests as ue'.i as their social intercour-e with Yi .list, n anil Sa'em pc-i pie. Tho Wlhiiiiigion situ; Nev.-oi-f.i ' is 'n..ft for their respt ctive'iiuni.-,. u olav mo. n- ing. None of ihe firemen en. more than" did the t in A This ii.ori.mg lisey -err ui oyed t he visit l int e earns. ill i e i-In - is ipa : v. T , in tor tlie nttlres "I ev. . - i t it v Dai a S ii! i..-;. What a vv... . By ron rem n i - u- : i to rouse man k ind : Ves, there is p - a . ai for instance. V m rloo. matox. Great Bit lies i I H i i tl... C a v. o:d l-eliolleh 1 : ; Li " i . .1 ' alauuhler a 'i"l Mara'la in Ge'.t; sburg. Appo 1.. xr. out what a great liattle is goinr: on and suffering body. In n mar y ;; sick vours. perhaps. Take courage Yoiie ni vin t aid Dr Pierce's Golden Med erv. It acts powerfu' 1 v no. i1! : i yi ur al Diseov i the iiyer. cleanses tlie "vst-m ofall blood-taints and impurities; cures ali huiiioi's from a com mon Blotch or Eruption to the worst Scrolula. Salt-rheum, Fever-sores," Scaly or Houi:h Skin, in short: all dis eases l a used l.y bid blood. Great Eating Ulcers lapidly hoal under iu benign influence. Especially potent in curing i Tetter. Eczema, Erysipelas. Boils, Car I buncles. Sore Eves. Scrolulous Sores and Swellinirs. Hip-joint Disease, --White Swellings ' and Enlarged Glands. Dr. Pierce's Pellet:- cui constipation, biliousness, aod inijigestion. permanently aek headache pami.ko ih;ioc;mtk' cownhon lair- , Harmonious and l-iiilliusijs- ii. lee; intr -1 hi Nominees and Resolutions. ISayi'.oko, N. C., Se)t. t, ls'.)4. The I lemociiitic couuty convention to nominate county orncers met at the court house in Bayboro to-day and was called to order by Festus Miller, Esq., chairman of the Democratic Executive committee at 12 o'clock in. Dr. Geo. S. Attmore uas requested by the chairman to act as temporary chairman ;,nd Pi of. W. E. Wll-nii and K. L. Woodur.l. Esq., were i. 'jiie-ied to m t as tempoiary secrcta' ies. ' hi mot ".n of A. B. Campeii. Esij., the ten: in ii- i r . oriianizat a m was made perma llelli The chaii nan then announced that it was ., order to appoint a committee on resolutions und credentials. Jesse F. S-.vvvi r move.1 that the chaiiman appoint :. . mmittee of one lrom each precinct on cuai- nbals and that a committee on reso iaia.i s ,e i:sei)seil with as we all had a r. .eiy belore we left home resolved t i be demo. r. us, and resolved to uoir 'ate a i i ki'I lu re today and reolved to elect it in Novembi r. and that was resolutions enough for one day. IIs motion was adopted, and the chairman appointed the loi oiv'ng committee on credentials aiior la e i.i.e wm called and it was ascerta;,ied that all the precincts were represented: Di-ap Hun precinct. J. E. Siaplefor.l; liaiid's Creek. J. P. V;,Iis; (iiantsborn. II. A. 1! "1; Stonewall. S. V heirebie; Trent. P. J. Daniels: Pamlico, E G. Wi-e: Spi-ing Creek. .1. U Carey: Bay boro. W. E. Hooker; Vandemere, J. C. Mn-e: Bay Creek. Alex. Jones; Jones' Hay. W. .1. Mayo: Goose Creek l-iand, If-ni. i. Poller: Smith's Creek. L. I. Midvi-it; Bethany. J. B. Einul. inle the committee was out. Hon. W. T. Caho was called for who entertained ihe i onvciilion with an elegant, appro- pri-ite an 1 utriolic speecli; tie was long and I requeinly applauded. The committee on credential reported ' at aii precincts were fully and properly i. j ;-. sen ted and as they loutid that a good many democrats had attended the con vention who had not lieen regularly ap- ii. enti'd delegates therefore thev reconi- j mended that all goc 1 democrats hp entitled to s3its in this convention as dele gut. - The report was adopted. The delegates from the various pre (nuts w.-re then organized and selected their spokesman. The chairman then declared the convention ready for nomi nations. It was ordered that the conven tion proceed to nominate in the follow ing order: Clerk, Sheriff, Register of Deeds. Treasurer. Surveyor, Caroner and Representative. Hon. W. T. Caho placed in nomination, Festus Miller, the present incambent. for Clerk ol the Superior court. There lieing no other nomination, on motion he was nominated by acclamation wi'h much cheering and enthusiasm. Thomas dampen, present sheriff; W. J. Parker and Chas. S. Weskett, were placed :n nomination tor sheriff. On the third ballot W. J. Paiker received the hoity na tion, ou motion it was made unani mous. John W. Muse, J. L. Riggs, Jonathan Peikins, John W. Brabble, John 1'. Tingle. T. A. Mozingo aud Paul J. Dan iels were placed in nomination tor Regis ter of Deeds. After a spirited and excitiug contest John W. Muse was nominate 1 on tbe 6th ballot. On motion his nomina tion was made unanimous. Frank P. Gat'm. S. W. Ferrebee and John T. Cooper, the present treasurer, were all placed ia nomination for that position. Frank P. Gatlin received the nomination on the first ballot and it was made unanimous. Paul Tingle, the present incumbent was nominated for surveyor by acclamation. Dr. J. P. Redding was nominated lor coroner by acclamation. A. S. A'dtldge, L. G. Daniels. J. U. Caivy, J. W. Cahooii.ind J. M. Reel were then placed in nomination for Represen titive in the legislature. On the 5th billot I. G. Daniels was nominated amid gieat enthusiasm. His nomination was then made unanimous. The following resolution offered by Hon. W. T. Caho were unanimously adopted Willi much cheering and enthu siasm. Resolved 1. That as wu have now com pleted our work and placed before the voters of the county a strong, able and efficient ticket and in reaffirming our alle giance to tlie democratic party and to democratic principles. We pi dge our united and undivided support to the nominees of this convention and to the other democratic nonvnees, and we prom ise and agree that from now until the elections are closed to use all honorable means to secure their safe and certain election, and we invite the aid and co opeiation ofall citizens regardless of past party afElliations, who desire peace, pros perity and good government. Resolved 2. That we are glad to he able : congratulate ourselves, our pai.y ami ihe entire people of tbe country upon the passage of a tariff law, while not such a one as it should be still is a move to the front along the line of tarnff reform, and especially do we congratulate the South ei a farmer upon its passage, as it is the first recognition of their rights and de mands by nny party in its tariff legisla tion, taking the dutiis from off cotton baggiug and cotton ties, articles largely u-ed by the Soil hern fanner, and thereby saving u no them on these two articles j alone ma." v thousands of dollars annual-j Resolved 3rd, We approve of and en do jc President Cleveland in his deter mined efforts in bringing about this re--u it. And we condemn those who claim ing themselves to be democrats have by their selfish and unpatriotic motives, put themselves in the way of further tariff legls'ation and by uniting with the R publicans and the aid ol the Populist have pruvente I other tariff reform legislation so badly needed and by their treachery and deceit have prevented the democrats from fulfilling all ther pledges made to the people. Resolved 4. That we sympathize with the good honest men who have from prin ciple heretofore voted the Republican ano Populist tickets, whose party leaders have foisaken all principles, and assuming the .ole of masters are seeking to humiliate and degrade them by a barter and sale ot their votes that a few of the leaders may be elevated, and not as they claim to de fiat the democratic party, The following constables were nomi nated by their respective townships aud endorseii by the convention to wit: Township No. 1, Daniel Cutler. " 2. John T. Davenpoit 3, Wvlie Wbestton - 4, J. E. Allcock, ' 5, Matthew N. Hooker. The following weie elected executive committee: Township No. 1. John P. Tingle. 2, 8. W. Ferrebee. ' 3. D. B. Hooker. " 4. S. J. Clark. 5, M. X. Hooker. The exicutive '-ommittee met elected S. W. Ferrebee. chairman, ind mil John P. Tingle, secretary. On ' motion' it was ordered that copies of these proceedings be sent to the New Berne Journal and Raleigh News and Observer for publication. A vote of thanks was tendered to the officers of this convention. The convention then ad journed. Gi--.o. S. Attmore, Chm'n. R. L. W ODARl), W. E. Wilson. Secretaries. Wanted. Live energetic men to canvass, sell ma chines, and collect in Crsrveu. Jones Car teret, Pamlico, Beaufort, Hyde and Da-e counties. We furnish a nice light running wagon. Agent to furnish horse and har ness and make a $503 bond. We offer a good salary, or commission contract, under which an energetic man can make and save money. Men of good make up do well, to get employment with this com puny, for if successful, they will be promoted to positions ot greater responsi bility Address. Tite Singeh Mfg- Co,, or see J. F. Norman. District Agt. New Berne, N. C. Johnson's Aromatic Compound Cod Liver Oil with hvpophosphites is invalu able in all scrofulous affections, purifies the blood, builds up the appetite and makes sound flesh. Pint bottles $ 1.00. RESO'VS WHY West Was Acquitted By Hie ReV. W, DutriVr Conference. Maks.ua Mt" ron Jot ; of 23d inst. two l.l-.l:-.. V. C, Aug. if : - ii. yor.r i uc to . - v ,Ja-. A. Thomas f oeeerning tho charges ; W. - ..!' Ocracoke. ii a El. a y and also one w. a . .v v Berne In a c. en,-. my duty a ,.f a.e ,i.u;cii. mid ; o vv :.y i.i" i Vidence was hi. i.i t exclude Mr. and E. S. Street against Rev. W. Being '-'s I':-.-': of the i Ii ree w i. investigate the t. to speak in dec -how the pub '-. not con-idtYed West. Gn March lo 1 1 :.; ,1 m New Berne oi , ili- 1: he I f Wi On iin .ruing ; rain from t a- lf'.th. Friday, al : . r I 'ortsmou; Ii on F . d-" Ca)t. F,.r ihe Mtei-uoou of the is -...ilea letter to s i i Moroiiead, mak- Morehead City an earlv hour the -Schooner rell. ma-ter. Kith Jas. A. Tic Rev. C. F. Cisstex ;,ig the follow i 'Dear Bro. painful dutv i g .-tie sleplie mni's. Viz. )s; It beeom-s lav .ii you how Mr. ng leiii-p'f. Ye--i i rbght he w as lev die "'i thlence of : 1" pocket. ' he .j.d not -com .am. ' iien nor did incnee hut I have rove that lie Was.'' West has been eoniiu-i terday abciiiooa coal seen on our st r t - i . : i liquor, w i'h a b"t t '..' 1 I met ld'H yt--,i i , under the intluem - . : I see him under in--utlicient evidence to j .M r. Casstevens t unit on Tuesday . I went to Xew Be wa-.le.i me I ue letier ow dig. March. liOt 1 1 e c 'i t went in) nic,;- lately to Mr. Thomas ;(, eo, t names of l vidence. S. Street. the parties wh -ve E He gave me th- i'-l .w.cg; Maj. Harvey. I.. K. Co:, Clerk i Albeit Bank-. ... col . and S. Woo. ar 1. I it l!:g Ike" i'o n Mid et te immediately proceeded to )nvc-;.g.rc. Mr. Thomas told m- to go rirst to Alb-lt Banks, tbiit Hanks : . night whiskey for West and tuat li e West, drank in the barber shop, then went t street's and ordered the tine st mra-iru h- h al. Tint when it was lirougii' .m; ' -t rel'us-.i it And went trom there to .1 A. Jones where he procured a ho:-- and i.uggy. That he went next to lawyer Gdj;-. then came back and took Mr. tiautier out to ride, Ac. Mr. Thomas propo-ed 'o -o: Mr. Street for me and later in the day handed me the following paper which he. Mr. Thom as, wrote and si-.ied saying that Street was loo netvous to write it. March. 2u. 1804. " This Is to certify that IES titrcct saw a young man at the corner of Middle and South Front streets 'n'.hecitv of New Berue on Thursday of '-tst week and that heactc 1 very much I he a man drunk and I inquired. w ho he w as and w as told that his name . Wi-t. and that he w.ls a Methodist preacher. E. S. Street. Xow this is the evidence upon which Mr. Thoiii-is ba-es his .e-tar ot hot week. I claim and will prove and it w is proven to the satisfaction of the con b ic-nce that Mr. Street was mistaken. Below I give statements both oralaii I w i 'moii. I went to Albeit Bank-: an. i slewing him Mr. West's photograph, a-'ad i.on il h.-ever bought liquor for him. lie said. no. I then went to J. A. done-" mil asked him. '"Did you let Mr. Wi-t have a team last Thursday:" He aiisvc-ied "yes" -was he drinking ?" -Nolle was not. Here is Mr. Jones' written statement: '"I. J. A. Jones cc-tV'y that I know a preacher whose name is West. That he procured a turnout abouL the time of the Fair of 1894. from me several times. That he was perfectly sohar each time so far as I know. That if he had L -n intoxicated to my knowledge I would have refused him a team. That he came again once :n March and procured a nice turnoi.t ; n-1 perfect ly strait and sober and treated my team all light so far as I k iow. That he came in about the first of May hut did not risk for any ! -im. J. A. Jones. Mr. L. K. Gau' er (,B;g Ikc's clerk) says in . written statement: "I. certify thai I know W. E. West. That I took a ride wi'.h him on Thursday about the middle of Much, 1894, lrom three to five o clock in iiic altoriioon. 'That bo spoke in co-iveisatloa with me about his going to the IVptist church at night to prayer m e'iag. "That while in his company 1 endeav ored to inhale his brcai'a and ascer ta'n if he had b:en drinking anything intoxicat ing and am sure he had not. That I did not inhale the. odor of any thing that might have been ! iken to kill the scent of liquor. L. K. GautVr, elk. for Big Ike. Walter Fulford, Proprietor of the Ful ford House where Mr. West stopped says in a wri't3ii statement. 'I.Walter Fulford certify: That W. E. West stopped with me on March 15th, and lift on the 10th ai about 4 or 5 o'clock in a. m. That he was seen by me at in tervals of an hour stpirt from 9 a. m. until about 1 1 o'clock p. in. he retired and I d;d not percive that he was at all under the influence of liquor. That be took supper about 7 p. m. That immediately alter supper he took a ride and was back in l "i ik twenty min utes. Then remained 'n my office about 30 to 50 minutes tha n 1. was going to Duffy's to an hour aftarwan - 1 w found West there. Ti nine or ten p. m. Th i in my office at ncirv t -tat lug that he et a cigar. Half ni i.i Duffy's and s w is half past i next saw West 11 o Vlock. He so j-.i went up to hi- oom, ifcc." Walter Fulford. Messrs. Duffy say in a lett-i written June 15, 1894. Dear Sir: Yours ol 9th received and contents noted. We ate surprised at you" inquiry and more so that our name has been mentioned in this matter. We have never seen Rev, W. E. West drunk in our place of business or elsewhere. Two Rev. gentlemen were in our store making inquiry in regard to this. We answered them as above. He was in our store several time- and transacted business without any appearance of intoxication neither dhl wc not're that he had been drinking. We have never said that he was drunk, intoxicated or in any respirt under the influence of liquor." Yours Trul v. F. S. 'Dulfv. V. S. The above has the enilorsiineiit of my father F. S. aud J. B. Duffy. Thus I have proved him sober all the time he was iu Xew Berne (except I he one or two minutes Mr. Street saw him and just how he could get drunk arid and sober so quick I leave the firm of Street &. Thomas to explain) so now I will add another written statement lrom the captain of the boat West went away on, Friday. Xew Berne. X. C. "I. F. G. Terrell, certify that I know Rev. W. E. West. That he came on boar 1 the sclir. -Two F.hn.K on Thurs day tlie loth of March. 194. and spoke a pa-sage with me to Po; i.-mou'di. That I saw him again at Duffy'- drug store and took a cigar w ith him ;:t about ten o'clock p. m. That he came on board my boat next morning at twenty minutes past lour a. in., and I saw liim at iuteivals until seven o'clock, a. m . when he came on board and w- left That at the time iu -j and the time 1 saw him and also after we left I was near enough to 1 breath and I am sure for Porisinotit h. :.'k" his passage ai Duffy's store ii.;- Portsmouth im to inhale his diil not inhale tue odor ol anything intoxica did not act in any way ill-- a and he a m ui under 'Xlcatlng ." Tki:i;ki.i.. the influence t auvunn mi. . G. What more . ,ai have as many mon that 1 could produce. Are not the ;b - v.- i good as E. S S: rt Hon at everv hour . ua o le . i. -.r. ! 1 Vi'i'laii si iitoi i ina, t bct why shoiiid li on, lu-vo : Men as ri rt il y to his eond'-am-g hi- stay ii o i, Thursday 9 a. m. when he arrived to Friday 7 a. m. whi n he h ft I wil. ak the public one Mr. West was not a question. If "Xorthern Methodist, would this war be. against him ', Mr. Street i- no doubt a gentleman, but many an hone-t man has made as great a mistake as he has. Mr. Thomas isnotinit. I have his written statement that he saw West on this day and he was not drunk. I suggest that the matter be dropped, ut if not I will leave i Ins . vl.l.-me with a- public, and i . re, n waoia d Y. Ci. A. Gkaiiam. F. E. HAPPENINGS OV THE DAY, Tlie largest meteoric found in Greenland am pounds. one h:s len weighs 50.000 A wealthy candidate, like heiress, can never ixi certain a young win till r money or merit did the busi,ie.-s. The bilious cri-V a person who -in do nothing on (rod's earth him If I ut l'id fault with tilings that have leen dm e by other people. A case is recorded where a man's clothes were stolen wh le he was in bath ing. This is a pretty safe business as the victim has no redress. Every calamity has its compensations If Col. Breckinridge is re-elected to Con gress the stage .vill have no temptations for b:m. Ladles wai-ts reduced from l to $2 50 announced in a local advertisement. We always had an idea that ladies waists were reduced from 30 to 20 inches. Xorth Carolina has thirty five lile con victs m the penitentiary. Georgia has three hundred and twenty-five. Those serving life sentence are never allowed to go outside of the prison walls. Probably the largest tenement in the wor ld is an enormous tenement in Wie- den. a suburb of Vienna. It has 1,500 rooms, in which a whole town of human be'igs live. New York merchants are 1-egiiining to complain of the scarcity of small bills. The average young man wtio has lieen at the seashore resorts felt this thing coming on for weeks past. 1 here is a man in town who thorough ly understands the tariff situation, but he uoesn t know anything else, says the At chison Globe. Ditto for New Berne, in clusive of the financial question. Gen. Hugh Cameron, of Glen Burn, Douglas county, Kansas, announces him self as "the independent tramp candidate for Congress." Picture s of him show that his whiskers ar- a good deal bigger than Peffer's. His election therefore is a fore gone conclusion. Hiram f'. Maxim, who is perhaps liest know.i as the inventor of the air ship which bears his name, contributes to the September number of the Xorth Amer ican Review, an interesting article on ""The Development of Aerial Navigation," a subject which has for some years past been the chief object of his study and investigation. The National Convention of Seceding Polish Roman Catholics at Cleveland. O., determined to organize a new church so ciety under the title of the "American Catholic Church." Archbishop Villatte. of Wisconsin, is to le its head, but lis will not have arbitrary powers. A motion to i enounce all allegiance- to the Pope of Rome was lost. Col. Julian S. Carr, president of the State Association of Democratic clubs, is arranging for a brilliant opening of the campaign at Raleigh September 20th. Hon. Chauuccy Black, president, and Hon. Lawrence Gardner, secretary of the National clubs, have accepted invitations to speak. Senators Ransom, Jarvls and ether distinguished Democrats will speak. We have it pretty direct that the n cent visit of a number of the National F.xccut live committee to the second Congression al District was not to bring about u retire ment of the two colored candidates White and Cheatham and the putting up of a populist as one telegram sent out had it but simply toring about an adjustment of the differences between the two, each of whom claims to be the nominee. Since that, time we see a reiteration of the state mint that Cheatham says he is in it to stay. The cotton season of 1893 4 ended yes terday. Wilmington's increase in cotton receipts for the season of 1893-4 which ended Friday was 29,742 bales. Her totil receipts were 189,840 bales. The exports were 190,728 bales against 160, 72s the previous year. The naval stores -how an increase alo. As tabulated at the Produce Exchange, the receipts of spirits turpentine to September 1st, from the beginning oi the crop year, April 1st, are 24,839 casks; for the same time last year, 24,000. Rosin, 82,805 barrels, against 82,353 last year; tar. 22.002 bar rels, against 16.496 last year, mid crude turpentine, 4,747 barrels, against 4,393 last year. We take these figti es from the Star. Notice Notice is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners of Craven Couuty, at their meeting on the 1st Monday in Sept., 1894, passed an order changing the poll ing place at Fulcher's No. 2 Township iu said county to Truitt's school house in said Township. Aud also an order changing the polling place at Conner's in No. 7 Township in said county to River dale; said polling places will here after be known as Truitt's School House voting Precinct and Riverdale voting Preciuct, By order of Bd. Comm. of Craven Co. sMni James W. Biddlk, Clerk. HOW TO II G COTTOX. Side Pieces and Headings Should ever Be Used. Messrs. Alex Sprunt & Son, cotton ex porters, of Wilmington, have sent out a circular of which the following is a copy: To our Agents and Friends: In consequence f very heavy losses sustained last season by the excess of bag ging on cotton bales, the Liverpool Cot ton Association has adopted rules which prohibit the use of side pieces and double headiugs. The rule is mandatory, and all biles not conforming thereto will be subject to reclamations. Our buyers are specially charged to ex ercise great care in the examination of each and every bale for excessive bng-r ging and not to purchase any cotton with side strips or double heading. They are also directed to give preference to bales weighing 500 pounds and above, as near ly all charges are by the, and heavy weights are alike preferable to producer and consumer. Compliance with the above requireme. ts will prevent friction and preclude- ihe possibility of claims arismg from this cause, otherwise the producer or seller will have to bear hen vy losses. Resueetlully, Ai,i:x Spri'st & Son Bakincr k ca rowder Absolutely pure A oream of tartar baking powder Highest of all in leavening strength. Latest United States Govkknmbint Fooo Report. Royal Bakinq Powdmb Co., 'KMJ Wall St N Y IXTotice. The uii.li rsigne. I, Xoah Powell, ha v. ing qualified as Executor of the last will and testament of Gilbert Joyner, deceased hereby gives notice, requiring all persons who have claims against the "estate of said Gilbert Joyner (not barred by the statute of limitation) to present them duly vari6ed for payment, on or lefore the 29th day of August, 1895, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. Persons indebted to said estate must make immediate payment. XOAH PO WELL, Executor. Geo. H. Whjtk, Attorney PAPEandD- WHOI .,! Commissi Merc t- ; i Washington !-o - NEW YORK. o o- Southern Fruits :uni Vegetables a Spon;,.,!; v Large and Roomy WABEH0U - Facilities for ha heavv shipm unsurpasre any house business. i-RE TURNS MADE EACH DAY !' Natl. N. (hills REFERENCE: : l I ' . Stencils and p ' can be obtained ux, JOHN DIK CRIMSON 0LC Villi SeedOats, Rye, Wheat & Red. Clover. Bagging and TV--. No 1 Timothy Hay -M nil 1 Feed. Write for prices. At ( UAS East Side Market Dock. N. C. P.. N- in, . r. Ruta Baga and Turnip Seeds-1 lb. 35c. 5 lb 3:;. IU lb 25c. All fresh, nevz :i:S.i at Mace's Drug Store, 17ew Berne N. C. WOODWARD & LC .- v - r- 10th, 11th and V H s. Washingtnn. I tuvlte the attention of tin n i . jrinitt and the Caroltnus in th. FRESHEST, BRIGHTl s l . CLEANKsT en. i it Stock ol goods iln- ON MONDAY, AFKII.-.'VH They offer l1 0 j.i. Fi-neh Klanni'ls ai value "5 cts. i me I Crepe il". Chen.- 1.'. . i ' the newest ami ni"- 1 OUR HOUSE KEEI'IM. I H I- I. Contain evwy h- i ' ceesity with wiili win. taate ol tlie ariisii- . thrllty houst-wil... Hack, Damask ami l'ai I knotted fringe anil I Irish linen pillow shs. Our Summer Dress i a teem with novelties, tieiiui - a lftbrics of the most eelel u a I I . Our Indian Linens slim days. Our China silks. Elegant ae lor calling or evening . .-a Our Mulls and and l.a.. comparab'e. Our Prices are In ke. .in : .. lower toan ever belore. w , , . nles and prices. Goods sent by express . i . I tthe South. .i; 3 k-IfrJit T V i n vf. on :'?. a large :. Sr. -fruit iht vrera ii ed and U to buy- 1 1- i f: :!SS ber .lie A.-:ird i s a , !W. - r.irnoiTD.o V i -o-l "res. '!' TTm. ST, r.ear.'-' --- . SA Ice . 1 wt':r.. day ...a Sun, lay) by ' ' a n ' a. .' a III. U 12 I. ' and orders filled M N Al.liR. " "'. n Hr- ' i, - ti lr v A t- BlVia W aaa cxl others : ina nition, L ! t. f.-; I v. ' 1 -T-C. , ' ;-T. : :v in Ootta .-;i! .Sewers -ii":v. AIho i b-l: hi i f xse a i iii-s, , 1 - s ' fx c , II I la 1 1 1 el. , Aim i v 'Matting, o close f.-u iioed a o vo:ir pick ' v.Cost. J. ' , we '' '. lii lot 1' lil'c. . HOWARD. CO CD ( . . i' r.oiHs . . v'in , .'.le of ...i . Iieiler Y.t . vA'V Wo wS c ind if) CD O (IF TAYLOK. I - i . . a a

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