TflK 'JOURNAL. NEW BERNE, N. C. SEPT., 12th 1 Sv4 - crry and v5 inity. Th jeert cotton su.irket luvs opene-d at 2 em's. - Mr. Jobo Simmon - was in with 147 bales Oki CtttoD wUivm be sold ( Mr. J. " E. Latham at 6 rents. A "dog that "Hrtotl a little queer V crjated a liitla txidtcmeut yesterday " "T. dejMlt BO'lM! SoppO -illg him to .v- bo mini A p lcenn-n decided otherwise .- awl the dog tll lues. t Th illlia I turpentine dis-tetlc : with all the n&val ira o a hand was burned yes tenia; Horoirg. Alan ndj.i.-ent buildings . f orim-rlv owst by ihe New Beiue Latter ' Company. 'h-Jtj " - Oot young townsman Mr. John Stanly -t-2 Thomas now at Evangelist D. L, Moody's 'It',"' BSSJe. Inst'tutf, Chicago, has bad an in ' '- vtUtwn U atipply the pulpit of the Park , Ridge Congregational chuich. Mtaarr R. P. Williams of the Electric ;V . Light CO., pnt np 40 Incandescent lights last week 85 lor Hotel Chattawka and 15 tor Mr. Jjs. F. Taylor along his wharf. There are tigiit i the la ter outside and seven inside ol :h i-uildings. " J." Mr Edward Clark has recovered his . .-,"- dog which was advertised in the Jocr- ,XAI lue aovcrtiseiuent il d the work. Tbe i!oa wif at Swansbno whore bo had foMow-frt g nf Ion: i hone. . '' ...'-,rv-Mr. Q. B. Driesbaik .f Washington - V 'f' 'idtj and MinSallte BoosImII of Btaufort, ; I: ' X. C, were married on the 5th inst. by ,v " Ker. R. F. Bum pass. Tiny left for .li"..- Washington their future home the nexi '.' h - Iay. .r -' i -i " Mr. Henry R Bryan, Jr., uajon yes- . : terday appointel a mad-unitc to till th : vacancy occasioned by !! V..' E. B. Cox. Being ihe son I one of - . ,: '.'Xortb CaronWs esteemed judges it ought , . to . come somewhat natural for him to . .-y ;- posule at trinia. Tbe books aie now open at the sherifFs olfi, for tbe colkction of taxes. One , man has already settled. Mr. Wiley A. Ewelt of N. 1 Towuship came in vester day and paid op Tbats number one for Xn 1 Towbahip It's ahead both in num ,, - ber and action. Jt- Mra. Belle 1?yd Hammond High, : who lectund tlie previous uight ou the f.. f v- war and her career as a Confederate spy, left yesterday tor Wiuslou. Friday night ah afll lecture at Goldsboro for the bene - : fit of the- monument fund being raised : tlx-re. ifler husband Mr. X. R. High, j' . laii. JXew Berne in advance to make ar . ,v"- fangemeota for ber coming. -' We have read he letter of Mr. Pilnnd .; . " referred to in a communication. We V aril! simply say we have a high regard for ' " both Mwsis. Thomas & Street. Xo one who knows them wouKl doubt a word 'x-' either enys and tbe attempt ot Mr. PtUcd "" " r , to divert attentioa from the point at is -.-; 1 ane in the charges against Mr. West by wv-- assigning Kcttonal and dcnominaiiooal i; -n jadice is n anworthy one. Mr. Piiand ' " , ". iJUjs "tbe evi.leuce for the deltnce . , prepou.lemot.'' That irnty be. 2L bandrett men mar have seen Mr. "i, "West during, the several times he r," wraa here without seeing anything to be- r asmirch his character, but when a good -: " reliable man do-s see something amks, . the tcstimooy of other good men who :: " were not present and really did not see it ' ". ; -" does not offi-t in any way the testimony f those who were about at the time of " the misconduct and did see it Advice to Keep Away From Baltimore A postal from Baltimore to a gentle nw in this city advices those con templat tog going there not do so now, as the chaoca of tbe yellow fever spreading is considered great, and there is fear that the city will be quarantined against, and those who gtt in will have to stay it month or more. , Tlut Battinuirr Evening News ra-ntains a full account f the yel low fever tin re. to Cscsp.'1. I Mr. J. D. Laltoqje luid a lively chase altera cob-rod prisooe1- ho tried to es cape Saturday night, the mm '-cinff Jese Whitfield, nicknamed Jay-bird. He was Arrested toward night, for threatening another colored man vith a deadly weap on, tried before E. O. Bill, Esq . placed finder a 9300 lxnd for appear ence at coart and as he was approaching ihe jail, not being able n give bond, he broke and raa and tamed bp Xew street. Mr. LaHoqoe caught him as he was trying to jump a fence near Mr. W. M. Watson's. Cefare overtaking fas fired at him once. ' D.alfc or Xr. Mark Iaock - Mr. Mark Morton I pock died at his resilience in tliis city on the night of Fri day, September 6th, of a complication of kidney trouble and malarial fever, after an-illaesB of a boat three wet ks. He was born Sept. 30tb, lf60, and consequently wonld have i-eo S4 years of age the last ..of this moo-h. Mr XpK-k wij born at Swilt Creek. - ITis parents moved to Pamlico county when he was trite years nil. From 'Pamlico county he moved to Xew Berne eight years ago. and alter clerking for awhile he went inio business for himselt . three years and ran a grocery store and wood rar, I na to the t. me f his death. ; Mr. I nock united with the Methodist tch-ltrch when twelve years of age. He iSierwards changed hi membership to the Iioule church and was one ol its most ctmsr-ientkws members and a ytry zialou: wc:ker. He leaves a a ife and two children, uIjo a is.ter nn.i Wa mother t. mourn his death. He was a member of the Knights ol Harmon v and is t he third nif-m! r they hare io-t since tlieir org-inijution. Jle was also a uiember of tbe , r0oi ot Faith, Hope and Charity. Three Trials vf rao Man. Hafford Willis of V'ancelro, was tried before E. G. Dill, Esq.. for an affray uear that place with deadly weapous, he hav ing threatened Mr. John O. Griffin with two knives. He was placed under a 4200 l"od for his at Superior ciUTft and his father, Xorman Willis, who held a man that wanted to prevent tbe young man from making the attack WitB placed undc. a $100 bond for aiding and abetting in the affray. Soaaetime after die affray the two Messrs Willis met and the younger Mr. Willis atcacked Mr. Griffin aud splintered one of his ribs. This case was tried at Vaneeboro and a fine of 5.00 and costs imposed on the yoong man and 81.00 and ots on bis father. Tbe reason for the lightness of tbe penaltii a being that tbe seriousness of th". injury was not brought . oat on the trial. Mr. Daflbid Willis, was also tried yes- terday before 8. R. Sin et, E-q , for dis ' tarbing public worship. 'y calling out to Mr. Griffin while services mere in progress. Foe th vfience' Mr. Wilts Was bound ' -rer 19 court ia tbe sum ot f 200. 'o Dancer in Baltimore. The article in tt.e Baltimore Xewsi'ii the yellow fever there which occaioiu'd a gentleman there to advice his lViend here who were coming not to c!o jni now, nccii)ies a colivim of tlmt paper. The facts, in short, as c'veii are that the vessel with the yellow lever aboard m lying at PierXo. 1. Locust Point, for a week lefore any investigation was liegun. nn l in the meantime me of the men had been paid otf and had scattered anions Imarding houses in the eastern part of tbe city. There wore 22 men in tbe crew. One. man d:ed on the vefs..l Wednesday Three were taken sick Thurs lay mid an investigation was beirun. which resulted in the vessel I emg st-nt to quamntire w i h the yellow flag hoisted. One oi' the men lias since died and the other two are re covering. These are the facts aud with thtm be fore us we leel satisfied there is no danger in visiting Baltimore. It possesses the lest saii'tary regulations in the country and r.ei.t luis an epidemic. There is very little appreheasi.ui t el t oningto the precautions being taken at Baltimore ::nd owing also to the '. .tones. of the season. The following telegrams pa-.-.d subject e terday : Xew Berne, Sep' u tlu 1 ' . Chesapeake Rubber Co. liepou cur rent that yellow fever is in Baltimore. Merchant- are warned not to co ne on for fear of quarantine. Wire If report 's cor- K. Pattkk- i: .mor. . iVi'i 1 1. W. E. Patterson: Xo truth whoever in report of yellow lever here. Chesapeake Kcbkek Co. On the strength of this information Mr. Patterson and the other X'ew Berne peo ple who intended going to Ba'timore left bv - mcr for that citv. Ceo-iiig' and Going Mr. W. S. Webb and his sister Mrs. McLean who have been spending several weeks among the mountains in the western part of the State passed through enroute to their home. Rev. T. M. X. ilcorge returned from Treiitou wheie he went to eoiidtict the funeral services i f p-s. Rachel Simpson who died .Sunday aged 14 years. She was buried Monday. The following delegates aud other gen tlemen passed through or left from the" city Tuesday to attend the Senatorial Convention of this District at Kinston; Messrs. X. W. Taylor, .1. II. Mann, W. L. Arendell, M. F. Morton and C. L Abernethy, John. B. Watson. Thos. Dan iels S. II. Lane, Ale Lee. Capt. Dan Rob erts, W. B. Lane. M. De. W. Stevenson, L. H. Cutler (he will go from the convention to GreenslKU-o) J. W. Biddle, Capt. Gal loway, Mr. J. W. Kcllum, S. W. Latham W. T. Caho. and Geo. J. Dudley. They returned Irst night. Mrs. C. C. Kinsey who has Ik-cii spend ing a few wieks at Bellair ha. returned and moved in the Lane residome near the Collegiate Institute. Miss Bertha Tucker, the winner of a scholarship at the Last session of the Xew Berne Collegiate Institute in the Statin ion. Va., Female col! -cleft ti outer that school Mr. Frank Thompson am' .ife of Jacksonville, cume up last night eu route to Kinston. Mr. Ivane Ab-'ruatliy ot Beaufort, passed through i n route ; Staunton. Va. to take a posblo i in a t, h graph office. Miss Lottie Rib-eit-oi IJeauloit, arrisod on the morning train yesterday anil left in the afternoon on the s'.eamer Xtuse to perfect herself in the millinery art at Baltimore. Rev. F. D. Swindell passed through the city enroute to Mr. C. P. Dey's near Beaufort wnere his family have been spending the s-nnmer. Thev expect to return to their a:me in G ! Is'mro next Monday. Toe family nt Mr ii T Fan ell ho have b.ea at Sn jns'oio c no up enroute to their home . t Bayb-ir . Mr -V M Aillanisof Va, cell no i- i.a ihe city. Dr E u G..ldb rg ivtan.el :.o n .I.i k sonville wlure he bus itieii sp. u-lmg a lew days at his branch office, Mr -I J Disosway ret n me I fiom Jack uville wln-re he hi b"en on busi nees, Mr. W. II, t?ftwyer of Bay 1 ,01-0, arrived in the city jesterday am) left in th- after noon on the steamer Xeue tor a buiness trip to Baltimore. First Bale Sew Cotton -Good Price. The first bale of new cotton at the Xew Berne Cotton Exchange was brought in and sold Saturday. It weighed 515 pounds and Was sold to J. E. I -at ham. It classed as low midil i.ig and brought 6J cents. The cutteii ua- raised by Albert Butler col., 00 Judge IL B. Brum's Ch ruiont plantation, and it wa ginued at Mat. A. R. Denerson's Iuqieriiil Xecdlc tooth gin nery iu this wity. The price this cotton brought is very satislactory. Cotton has oiened low this year. In adjicent markets it Ls selling for 5j cents. Our country friends can ri -iicuiber that Xew Bernj has several ac tive buver. and one direct European 1 x porter, Mr. J. E. L-itkam, and that they make cotton bring i s h ghet market value. Pientlfulnss of ew River Mullets. A X'ew River correspondent write us as follows: "There ,i- a big catch of mullets here with small seines. Mes-srs. Dan Ward i Co.. caught :il,ii".t 6tal. Van Willis A Co.. ab ut (.eo. Belli Co.. about -On Capts G. Littleton, A W. Mo. -re. Bill Dennis. Jim Saudi and P. Hat-cli .,! out 2MW all in a -hurt time. 1 ( and 1 i ;n h -iz . 'The big -einoi ulii not : be doing ar : b.lng vet. an 1 'Joe per a pound, salt "White I I-. n.til'eis 1 fail Tin y sell io.-,.' f": I -. 1." lreh, and J i c:, Greenvil.e Boominir &s a Tobacco Market Mr. L, A. Daxi who has b en -pending a xveek with relative.- iu Gieenvllle, returned yesterday. He reports lively times at Greenville, five warehouse- for the saie of leaf 1'ili-u.eo an 1 two or three thousand dollars worth being sold every day. Mr. Davis says the fanners have cone quite largely into the raising of tobacco, and moreover that o -e lot w hich ar.-ivid lat week was from SoU'h Caro lina. Senatorial Convention. Capt. Swift Galloway of Greene county and Dr. F. A. Whiiaker of Jones county ! were the senatorial nominees selected' Tuesday bv the Dei -r.-itic convention at Kinston. They will c.iriy the dig to vie- j t. ry. C'pt T. W. MaoM ma,!'; a tine ad dnss ot a''out an hour an I a halt in length and Capt. Gallowf.v a shorter one in his own happy vciD. KW LINK 10 TIIK K)l'Hl Two;idtie of Me:siner in Fhiladel phia to Flotilla Begin this Month B 'rtiifort Slion'il he l aken in Kn Uoute. The Philadelphia llvM.l th it u- rangeiiHiit- have been completed for the opening of the Philadelphia Strain-hip Cm n pan - now lino t. i bo Si oath, and the tir-t -tcannn-. t lie 'a' n:a will-iil loi .Iack-on ille on Sept' nib. r 'fhe new line was organized in r spotiM t'i the demand of the Philadelphia mi r elianl 1' 'V n d ' i e t hue to the South. VesH'l "ill -ail twiee a week I'f.'in Ken' new whatt, I lela wai e a n lie a 1 mi e Noble ?ti(.t. P.'Ui 1 : 1 u "1 railroad track- run on to tin- whir!' and in winur 1' will be heated in orde r to piote.t tropical t'ruit im.l vegetables, which uill ci iii-t ltu'e the lirincipal i ommoditie- b c Xorth. The south-b. aind e:v.n - w i i i general me'chandi-e md c-: ne t ught -it ot ci will Ije made at .1 acksi.m ille ufdi tlie hading iiiIroad ot Kb rida Most ol the larger frtr.t in that I city are tockho!dei in ih. io w . oi,;,.:n i and will have ail their -hit no ; South made bv it. 1 ' - 1 that the nc'.v ioiiiuin . good pa;.ing biine-- i'n'tn to.- i t .. is the only line of ca-.twie -ean.- -er ited under a Pciin- iva-o . , The Clyde who ai- -u . .,. ..; to sail some of their ve-s-S irom thai city will star: their tii-t -t- nr..-:- "ti "-ep' : n hi r 2v! The steamers u,i.cli in ike the m 'A'ii all pa.-s very l'o.,j u B.aul'oit -th w.!l scarcely have to delhvt from tie !' "iirse a'l :: .,.!o: t., -- o .,' .. II ' rt whiirl" i,r at .M, I. 1! a : ;- near nil I- way on the journey and there is no easier porte to reach ;i t he trip. It may prove a l-enefit a 1 atound. The Ci.rteie: county business men -hould investigate the pus ibiltit- ;u d work for their adv iiit.ige. A Keply to M. I.. Pilan. KiHroii .lot I'.n.u.i -I se' in the Wash ington (iazette ol Sept. ''illi an artieV signed M. I. l'l'.and. trying to lnd: Cate a man '.'.'110111 it has been and will ; e laithcr proved beyond a shadow .. a doubt i- godly ol the charge- 11 '.' in e '. XowasMr. Pilan pride him- : upon u hat lie cal - ''onor ami dait.- at n y ch .1:11 ut w I public and even the ch Ocracoke ulio kn.e. u eompare favor l ,', v if n , t he Honorable gentle i .. and thru--. - i, I, ii, 1 .-lire fie ; people o I 1 .111 ! 11 w:ii sa w surpass that f u ill a-k him a few questions: Why is it whin h, v - in N'cv Peine getting statement- i Mr. We-t and as a gte:lt many -rati ments l.av,- lieen published that we do not see any ut these that were directly tnjaiiixt Mr. West And why oi l Mr. Piiand have hi- b 'ok in which he took statements closed and say to me th it he wanted no one to see the other's stateau nts. Why that looks little dark but pos-ibly t he gent leman may be able to explain that, but, when Mr. Piiand want ill company with Mr Wool ard to Tom Midyette's w l.o told him that he had made afladavit f..r Mr. West that he did not take him to a house ot id lame spoken of, but that he lid carry him to a certain X.i., which is in reputation very much nkin to the other. This Midvctte told Mr. J. J. Baxter yesterday. Mr. Piiand says ir believes in speaking plain. Xow l will leave itdor christians, those who arc trying to follow in the foot steps of the master to decide which of us. he or I. it is that is trying to defend the cause of Christ, and who it is that i- try ing to create in the minds of the people prijud'ee betwien the Xorthern and Southern Method i- - churches. Remem ber it is w ritten if we confess our sins God is faithful anil just to forgive us our sins and it is also written he thai being often reproved and stiffeneth his nick shall suddenly be destroyed and that with out remedy. I nm your plain spoken Friend. Jam k A . Tin im v . P. S If this does rot suffice there i more to follow. Xew Berne JX. C. September II, lS'.U. Washington Gazette please copy. The Weather iu orth Caroliua During 1x93. The X. C. Agricultural Experiment Station lias just published the seventh annual report of its divis ion constituting the X. C. State Weather for le!K5. This report gives in detail the uirioi.s m teorological conditions in var ious part of Xot th Carolina during I S93. Tee suhL ct treated embrace: list of the publications during the y nr. the an iiii ii ne t, .Tological -unvnary or the st.,te ( in I t i" lii ' scpioatc - alien- whose :e i o; - were n ade for compiling Iti inclinl ,:ig , ii-ei vat ions of pres-utc. maximum ..n.l m.iiiiii im arc precipitation, -tate or th wia'lier. wind direction, crop c on 1 1 1 !e n-. misgi IhneoiL pliel omana. e:e.: n r i a - f.r North Carolina; list i t me .e ! degical s'ations, onservir and crop rep irter-; embraced in the uionth'y meteorological bulletins and the wee-klv weather crop bulietin; al-o weath er and temperature foreca-t. cold wave and Iro-t warning-, and ii-t of stations ia ii" v i ng them. A valuable le iture of the report is the t-.ble of comparison between principal point.- in North Carolina and prominent places in the United S:ati p and abioad. These c mpari.-ous cmbraie n u inal pre cipitation and temperature ft th.' whole ear, for each of the lour sea-ons. and each iivnil h of the year. I he pamphlet embric s 0:! page, con tain a well prepared table of contents and index. .1 el i replete with valuable information on weather conditions in North Carolina. It cm be procured by application to Dr. II. 1!. Battle. Director, Raleigh, X. -' Bed. On Sunday Sept. the Dili at i'oss Nelise river about live mile - fro in the city, Mis Sally Wavne. aged about tidy-rive year. Sunday night. S, it. itth. near midnight at his home on th- opposite -ide of Xeuse river and about ii.e miles fro n the city. Mr. Knock Ful ner a good old citizen and a well know n , .ti. Mr. Ful, her w a le H i- a w ife liir!.- and a boy. I n Kin: toll on Eveline Myer, w:ii A good woman an true trend gone. if hemorrh: 2 year of three i hi! gic lever, age and i ren t wo rid iv Sept. !lth. Mrs. ;' X" D. Myers E-q. irnpt Christian and a A. A ( ard .,. X. C people --P t u in y . 1 ami otf, r that b i- b ' ., a 1 Hint V i '!lie ,1, ng Ih go "! pe :. l'.-t ( Illi e 'or : f in n iu t r w im ; n 1 i .im I. up M The Mrtxton Fair : .bi oti Pair, koii.tii 'lily rdi-r Kxpo-.lioii of the Tx n o:i:i, s ;i, I e dicild oi al. :t l . ;-i at p-epara" imi- a i c on . and among the- r.exv fea an e xhibit, comprising m any o the State museua. at Ra Max .oi. in. n and the Maxton e .-ill at wmli on tl.e'imi- f'n. .'.led in "B l :,1', ol a-, pre.!' Cl T now going t ures will b article. I:' lelgh. The inaii'.en n narv arrang 'iiients. Wi -t:r. Beware nf Ointments far ( a arr that Contain .Mercury. a- mercury w ,!!-!;. .X the -- n.-e rang- the t ti, rough i arpe'es ot smell a d em 'P v i whole system w h. n i uter.n the mauciiou- -u: l:u e, s should n. v, r be u-' d except pl'e'.se'ri Hons tiom teuu'alitc iilix -i. a n,-, n- tne j.imac ,iH v ,o i ten t ! ! to the gooel vmi can jio-sibly derive fr m them, Hall's" Catarih Cu-c. mar.utact u n ii by F. J. C hem v Al to., buxl". .. c, n:. mis no niTiaii y, and is taken direct ly u poa the I 1-" faces ot tho -x -teni. 'tel'nal.v, acting n 1 mucous -ar In l.e.VTlg ILllPs ; Catanh Cu'o be -are x It is t iki n iii'.cnialix Toledo, Uhlo. by F. J Testimonial- tree, s il )rice Toe. per bottle. g, t : he genuine, n l is made in ( henev.Vi Co. v Druggist.-. " Druggist.-, u tsiiiM, o.v i r i k it. - j .oM phii, Daniel, lira S. Idlin I!. Ktve. .Ningoicc, Organ Sumething (... . to say of th- tiorman ( om proinise. Dr. We ks Talks to Our Correspond, m , About His II ivtoi ica! Keseart hes Ami Inn ndil I'lihl.c a:inii DemiMia'v t ' oik - l!eii - gani.l'i I l'i ea-n r l iitincnt. 1 1 Call- I, in 1 X .to He I " ,1 N ale'."'. In dian .Mr. p.U: le-i 1 ,11.1- I ... I 11:, I ( ' ri ol the Interior Departin-nt. I-'.i'luig -me your reader w ,.;,. to have hi-vleus on ti e -ituatnci a-k, I bin: :r tlui . Ho says- "I lH!iee w. pi- 'h. : ogc: -!in. In North Car ,:l:i:i. I'.:-,,; will re-ult in confusion. I; 'a,,' ; I , . t the democrats if the oppo-;tio:i '11 in-. i'lit they can't. Theie nt,' tl oh Republicans who ' i l n-t a.;c i,,r the Populi-t and will 11 vi r. 'ice '0:11, , era! ar, e'g 1 1. ilii g ;.u .11 aggie--. e c imp dgu. M -. l'oii iliair- ia I Va,". ratio Kvecutive e..iii!i,i:tie i- - ' niui t' no 111:111 in the -tate capai at v. in i w:- lorn in knowledge chthc peoi,!.- 'and I in tai-t. win n lie enti re I j -mi li u , the 11111-I unci y Ube state. S inei line i : w j - 1111 time the In h p, i . I ohtn - 111 -b 'lin cn ciaiaty 111 1 t 1 o.' 'Ublu an; .: - u me and -.coded. But t'a' -ak-st and count v in the elp, d 'but this .'- '.' .der-'iip. - r.. u ::: ,1,, lie i- the right -ollll'llUies tin- I Iclll it w .is inn ertain. N,,w ; most reliable 1 Vino r ,i , state. t her n on 1. , I ch -.11 go big, . , 1' W I. .': i o I.a- ;.!..:. in a n.o i-ni in lie -late, men in the 1 ight place. " 'What is the -enatoriai nation; 'i ilio'i i- too hazy i -m 11 v I iiiii niit :ht . n t can view it l' ''.'l:-an. Prin arie- ounti.- and tln r, - y. t !o4--e t; : :! taking -id, - in ti without the 'a i will lx' bed, I i" n. I tlu. r-n'- , 1 a t . T.i Io ia sliado wan 1 t wo great conn - before the- . 1 , 'i tics like Mi ,al, i C . tci! how ' a lir the p: l e i'. . Will hold p i.a Wake ha- no: w l dent that It Ml. a- t-1 : ho a-tt .'ii :: '..j in I Wake. Nobody ' . w :!! vote until i: in id. Meckicilbel'g in- f. .r both si n dor, u tin 1 I mt I am conti ', ler a p i i'nary . cen ain ly i -eu it, r. 1 ian-i mi and : J ii'vi both Ii im- wa and a pl'iuia"', .n my tiai to keen lb - tub rntid in Wake gnient. l- I'sscli in cau-lng the democrat- to h -e i. ,,; , and uncertain conntv h'1 p the democrat- t Are you in i ivor -. Vake i- a nd primary ' i in. " :' in'iiiiane-." "1 am in favi home conntv . W: t a primary ii ! r the- Eastern my '11:1- t r-hip." Win n are mi go'iu lina- t- Nor; of tl h Cm- peet to -pond mo-t of the inontb of ( V-t ibei in X. C. and remain there until after the election. " Every ileiiiuciat renieiiibe: - the -taiiuch filil John I!. Eave aiwa v- makes again-t fu-ion. lie I- a -iriiigiit out Republican with a : R. lie do not b, In-ve in compromi- i! c m b ', , ,. , ( ,,n ,, do his share i, i.. .. i- , I -::;,, ting any com promise scli'-ine. Dan Ru ell and Mary Ann have mi toot. Harpi r's Vcekiy. linds soniethiiig t, bill. At any tate the and if everybody w side and go to work. ' he Mugwump organ ionise in the Senate mice:'! ainty i- ended . .ook on the bright eismi' Will boulll this fall. Dr. Stephen J. Weeks tells me that lie is making good progress on his work re lating to h:s -ketch of Judge Willie P. Manguni. lie has rcjeived a number of personal letters expressing the gratifica tion ot prominent men in the state at his proposed work. There is no doubt a great deal of latent feeling of admiration lor the career ot Senator Manguni wbiih i- being brought out by t Ii i-s book. He has had the good lortune to meet a -gentleman here who was the privito c , -arc of Clay and wa ill this way thrown no,, intiniile associa tion with Manguni. ' my. Crittenden and others and much material will bp obtain ed for the social and private life of the Senator in Washington. In the same way some manu-cript material coming in to Ids hands from the family will throw reliable light "ii the social an 1 economic life ot the State at the beginning of the preent century. Dr. Week- i- a'sn making satisfactory progress on hi book relating to the Quakers in Virginia, the Carolaias and Georgia, which will be published next spring. II:.' has "b'ained some new ma terial relating to the nneting in northern and western Vi'ginia. He Im read more than f'.uoO page of (. laker manuscript covering ihe whole period from 1-"S0 to 'die pte-C'.t t::cc II" w'.'.l be able to reproduce- the history ol the X. C. Meet ings almost in lull liom thcj recnls. There h:-lein nothing done on thi 1 .ue ,'fiiii r his! . TV up to t be pr -cut time. The influence olthe tjuukei- in the de velopment of X. C. . has b en ino-t mark ed ami the iinigmtio.i irom X. C. lsoi and is:-) io tlie Wc-t w.i- -o great that it i said one thitd of the population ol In diana was made up ofX'Tili Carolinians and their iiiiir.ediale children in Is'-")1'. Indiana i almost as clearly the daughter of X. ('.. as is Tennisse-e. He will soon have publishe I in the Po litical Science Quarterly ot Xew York a 1 history and -:ata- negro suttrage in the South. At Democratic headquarters here, the manager arc getting campaign matters in tine -lia e lor hard woik. Investiga tion sh )'.s that in districts now democrat ic. 1S1 I a ve made nominations. Of this! uuinbe '' are r. u ''..i'lati ,::- and 31 are new no i. nati- t.-. I ha i; ion? the X'avy Dcpdrmcut ilia: i e-ver lliii g i- ill ia uline-s for the trial trip j ofthu new cnii-cr Raleigh. Among the last act of ( .uigre-s was one concerning the s;!e of leaf tobacco. which all de tiers may notice w ith much intifiit. The interna' revenue law as a w hole remains ab ut the - nne as b-tbrc w ith the ec ption ,,: ;hl- c-haitge. In section (Hi of the act , f August 2ilth, 1NIH entilhil An act t ruhice taxitmu to provide reveliu- t t the government and for other purp -. -.'' pi. n id, - that: - Every pels, n shall also he regarded a- a ma nu -tactltrer of tob ,. ,., w lio-e bll-illcs it i- to -til leaf t oo.iceo in .jiiantitli- le-s than a l.og-h, a, I. c :sc t I 'ah : or wim sell- di rei tlx to con-umer or to pers-other tiia'i ilu'y regl-'c- re i dealers in loif tu'i.ic cu or duly ngi-tci'id manufactures of tobacco, -null' or cig , r- , T to p n sons who purchase in packages for export: and all to'iai i o so sol. 1 by -uch p-i .-oa- shall be regarded a- tobai c i and -Uch nianutie t Ulcd to : .aeci -lei 1 ; liepli; Ujl and pr. par ed on'y a- the '" ii nil : 11' r ol lutirnil wi:n : ii,-ap r ,al of the sc'el'e- "Proynl" an g l o , ti I'd i a- n wei's , f the; be ! utaciii the V, a i ricd. (J.iietlv ut 1-',, i-i-1 1. Guthrie, Thomas. M-. and . Carteret , ofiic at- the in Mi-. J olllp. M. Ti i ouiil y, 1 1 , J . We wl-h y, in ss you i :e-e One of the 1 n and om of lovel v vvoun :i W p- ;ce 1 the bappl- i.ii'Mv x ,,u well as pupil- u our -chaol kind leolcil and ice-: lllal n oiu The happy eani h It lor their future; -wa l- .-non after the i homo IU be ;. wedding. M then;. Heavens blessings attend I L. w. i .Notice. l'atteron. herpl M. A. 1 atteron. hereby give notice ciiulred by Co le N. C. -ec. 1-3". that from this date- I cea-e to act as a free : trader and have er.teri . I notice id the same ill theofriec of the regi-tei of De'ed oi i Craven conntv. This Sept. 1 1 th le'J4. Cray (Iv ,v3xy M. HAl'i'tiM.MIS Or' 'IMV l. T ..; - ippo o I , i.,,., r , i: M e- 11-1 t 1 I -e be, 1 1 i Icicle. ' , . , , i a lUgiiig and -pi i ndipu - i a. I in I opeail i oiiniie-. 'fin North ( 'an din I !,!. Mtloa l -l the oioli d I), at and I il i.b i- s iid to b the ir-t ol' the kind for thai lin e ill the L'nioii. It i- eg on atiiiou need ibat Harrison i ct a candidate lor President. Can it I Ih it the l b tier il si e- no pr.-ein pro-peel : that Vmcigoiiov'" aia-ii ; ' I'n 11 H i'd -;i j -outliern in1 i ,b ivc mi ,1-ni--. -en , and t I ii 1 a era ge -, a 1 1 hen i leli I ! 1 , . thai 'I'' '111 I loo. I II I- no p, e in i -o niui 1 1 for ; he pi ii ii i ii he latisi new- i- t hat the Ja i lailc-e lev, ( )!" .Taj : eng 1 nr. wiped the earth with the t hine-e at 1.. the (. hit lose have lanibastiii the e-e al Rank Fd. and a big naval i mi nt i- noxv taking place at Cum p. ;- -t it, d that at the primary in one tiwn-h'p in Mecklenburg county 4ub nior, ! 'eu. oc alic Votes were cast than in the g a or d election of 1 -s'.'2. Such shoxv ii g- ind c it.- pretty conclusively that the dax- of Dean catic lb fiction to the Third pari y ar, n'mii ered. It, xv a- -: -ted that the Democratic club organ;.-.'! nt Durham recently wathe tir-t campaign club in the State but wi llow -ee a statement that a club in A-he-vi'de was organized two month eg" and now has oOO member.,. 1 gOO carpenters have -truck in New York and the strike is spending.' Several contractois have ag eeil to the tenuis de man le '. Otherwise it is thought tin re won d rot have been a union carpenter lei; at wmk i:i the city by now. The sixth district of Alabama appears to be going to have a repetition of the long-winded Texas convention. 33(1 bal lot have so far been taken and it is said that it looks like frost will come sooner than a nomination. The trial ol the cruisers Raleigh and Oiucinnutti has been indelinatel v postpon ed. For the pre-enL the Raleigh will cruise in lhi Hampton Roads and Chesa peake Bay and the Cincinnati in Ismiid -I'ltiid and along the adjacent coast. The Cashier of the Seaboard Air I. Hi nt Atlanta I charged with embezzlement of ?:!.. j(j7. He is 22 yea is of age and lia b.i ii in the- employ "! the company a little oyer a year. lie say-while there max be a shortage he know nothing about it. A human lace clock is on view in the window of a St- Petersburg watchmaker. The hand tire pivoted on the noc. and any meages spoken into its car repeated by a phonograph through its mouth. It i- said to bp the only clock of the kind at present in existence. There has been another death at Balti more from yellow fever, the victim being .-econd Engineer Cornelius Watson of the British steamer Tyzack, xvho was taken to the quarantine hospital Friday. The otlu r two patients are improving. The vessel is anchored at quarantine station and every precaution lias been taken to pievuit the spread of tbe disease. The Atlanta Constitution tells thi.-: "A little 5-year old girl in Xorlh Caro lina had learned the nursery rhyme run ning: 'If at first you don't succeed, try. try again. ' Recently she upset the family devotion by ending her little prayer in this wise: "And noxv, oh. God. please make I. llie a better girl, and if at tii-t von don't succeed, try, try again I" " Iletv is a maiiulacturing item fiom the Charlotte Democrat: Tho directors ot the Alpha Mill, of Charlotte, have declared a dividend of -S'S. 50 per share, payable Jan uary 1 next. This plant was built on the in-ta!lme".t plan, and by nuxt January sill 50 per share will have been paid for. for winch certili:atC5 if stock of sfltin. per v.alu- will be is-ue I. Co'. -I u i i in S. Cut. President of the State A--oeiattoi; of i Ii niocratic clubs ha iuvited Hoke Smith secretary of the In terior to speak at Rdcigh at the gathering of the clubs Sept. 20th. The invitation will be accepted unless something inter vene to prevent. The Kinston Free Press tells that caterpillars c.iine in great numbers a few days ago and have destroyed the crab grass around there, devouring all except the stems. There are millions .of them. As yet they have attacked nothing but tin: "grass and it is hoped they w ill not get iu the cultivated crops. Si nee the McKinley bill lieaamcalaw government revenues have shrunk from -Ti'3,000.000 in 1890 to $296,900,330 for the liscat year ending last June. Under the new tariff law the calculation is that the revenues will increase $10(1,000.000 tor the current year. Secretary Carlisle istimates that the Treasury will receive st 12.000,000. not inclusive" of the $84, C.dO.OuO postal returns, which go solely to the postal service account. Philadelphia Ti :ncs. The Snow Hill correspondent of the Kinston Free Press gives this item: The Populist petition to the board of county commissioners of thi county, ask ing tl.e app eminent of Populist poll bolib r. contains a mi n ber of forged i am, . Them ixiniuu penalty j rcscribed bv 'aw for thi offense is il.OOl) tine or live years imprisonment. There is serious talk of prosecuting for the forgeries J u-ticc Ti aux, of the Supie ne court of X v York has decided that Henry I Faion, of Fai ion, N. C , is entitled to the cutody of his 4 year-old child. Raymond. The child xvas brought Xorth "by the mother, who left her husband a year ago. -he ml she could not stand the climate where she was. Ju-tice Traux says that Xorth Carolina is ex id ntly the residence of the parents and that the child was taken out of that juri-dict i on by l:aud. Lowil'ing racing records seems to be all the go now." J. P. Bliss went on Hampden park, Springfield, Mass , the last, st mile ever made on a bicycle, mak ing the records for the paced mile, flying start of 1 :52 3-5 and incidentally lower ing the three qua: ter record to 1:23. He was paced by three tandem tennis. The record for the distances were 1 :53 4-5 for tlu' mile, and 1 :24 4-5 tor the three quar ters, made at W.iiihnm, July 2Sth. 'v II. C. Tyler. Insolent and mod ile om Kng'ishmen ura i oining to America to investigate ly idling at the South. The Xew York World has .-ailed upon Govs. O'Ferreil, of Vi rginia; N'ofi hern, of Georgia, and Tillman, of S. C., for an cxpre-sion of of opinion on tins action. Tillman says thev are welcome to eome and investigate ami he will niford then every facility to get at the facts. The other two Gover nors give Very -cathing replies- against these phiuisnica1, hypocritical, s lf ap pol i'tid ro.-u' .t -1 of other people-, atl'iirs w o, iu looking - ! ir a v ay to take ex ception again-t -pee y justice being mated out without ibeMiws delay, tail to sc.' great evils in their own Country or to si.-., that they would themselves bebctter employed in devising means to suppress ih. crime xv h'c.'i cause. lynchiu gs. Wanted. Live energetic men to canvass, sell mn cbine. and "collect in Craven, .bmc-: Car tent. Pamlico. Beaufort. Hyde and Da-e counties. We furnish a nice light running wagon. Agent to furnish horse and har ness aud make a $50) bond. We offer a good salary, or commission contract, under which an energetic man can make and save money. Men of good make np do well, to get ompl lynicnt with llu co'upnny, for if i)ccessfiil, they will he promoted to positions of greater responsi bility. Address. The Sinoek Mfg Co. or see J. F. Xqrman. District Agt. Xevv Beftie. X, C. A .Mammoth Pine Tree. Mr H . A. Belk, a prominent lumber man ot Thermal City, was in town yes terday and reported that they had just sawi il the largest pine tree that ever xvas cut in western Xorth Carolina. The tree madj 3,001 feet of lumber. It was 04 feet to the fit st limb, and 38 feet m dia meter. Charlotte Observer. WILL FIGFT FUSION. illi- lb I i i k C i ic Wl: a in lr Isaac :l. Smi h. a Co. red Leader, Calls i ii A'l Ci an- .! "en I 1 1 p State t ' A s it Their :j ) .,.;,! Reseat Hie Snubbing lev l.'erci veil - Pays a Tlihu'e i tilf I .ill ll' - id j.lec'.ions in ( raven ( nun' ; and to Hit' Pros perity Kesult inir i i 'in tin- Prc-ent Good Counlv (on -Miiiieii!. V. t , I I'M: -b in-.'. I ' ... i till' 'Ugh till e o ii. - e jap make n. ;. h- ie -' , ; . n ... , . . n : colored I i - ; .:,.,: i : Xo w ai i ol , : , ..':.,., ,:,,;'', giii'd fi ,r true 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 : . : ;;, i , i : i i ; j and a xx autoii d -i - j e ' : a your ,. ainl da '' htc: s an ; d - . : . -pj,;-,., wrong i a i ' ic . . Ig ' : . . will . ' 1 1 V- r with ii.e . , :. : ;,e i ; coiiclu-'a !! . But liia' , la-- : , n: ., ,,: N' ( 'ai'oiina w ho hax i h: ra : ;ai'. !- : ,r maiilio' d and woma'ii i aid. -box an iiiKi.uii :e lg d p: .;: -.p. ,r.g to and uppo:t my i oar- . t : .-.,ii:i . It will be r, iiici.b :, d thai a th settled iii the wrong i i- r -, ul, d. Tin: I a-t Stale P.. , : ..:: - ::! which wa - I.a u i lea o . : 1 . . : : -. -, id R. jobiUc,.;.-: ;',., -:' , . ' 1 .. crat-. 1 .'-. o Rep;:' 1 c . . . n I :; - i ' were nominated t . !. . I for b i ore! Republicans. The clored del, g ,ic- i-.rg. und m ly al: the leading n StatO x i : e pic- nt :o piiili pi'oti -t again-! -u, The white ffepubbea the majority in -a'd e, attention to tin' wl delegat'.on. xx ho r pro thousand Voles, whii ! ic in- sea'c i pr vvhite Vole-. Ut the il si' The word- '-.,, i: I . .. k folk-" nod negro' were I'n , ii it .;. u- I nferiig to the colored people in 11 , : n ni' id. a by tuc xv nite Republic ; u -. The whilo Rep.ub'i' ..::- a :, ; aching and telling the o 'lore! y. ii -,' Nor:!: Carolina for ihii'i v y, a to v.;c a R -pub lican ballot, at! 1 tall 4I1 the principle- ot the are now tel ling t h in t , t belli to -lick pubiican partx : oie for -traiglu- out Democrat-. Tie h ol, al the-e one 1 1 ... 1 .1 ; ... 1 . ..... , , ... I illl'i'; null- ;e 1 1 '., I loi.-ji.i;,! ...... , I'ueiogiaiL eo., .eu-, 1.. a- - 1 i:.e.u inuoci jacks and rotten egg- Now at the billot box thousand- 1 1 a 1 1 him 11, i - '. ( 1 ic col ore I VCl- Will pi. VI l" III'.- 1111. 1 eggs and no jack maiant i n i -y re! u-ii o-itive-!y to -xx.i'l jxv ih in e i 1 )em 1 ' :c do-c. ifxve the colore 1 cl '-' l N i.ii Caro lina desire t., vote l 'l lielii, cl'Os xvp de mand the 1 r . i I ; '- ,f -i 1 ting them. WIlV did you r.,,! 11:1 and Thir, I en ! x nn-a : Thi xx ,11', liax iilibili all- a 1 a. I ITI Olgll mixture. Both National aii-i -t ic. I have un div alcdly always -::p,oi'.d heretofore the Republican no-u ; n; c-i but -ice iu Re-publican conx entiou hi- a rigid to nominate men out of other pai tii 1 shall make my rwn nomina' im:- at the- po.l -and yote for Repub'.c in- or nobody. 1 shall do all 1 c in t . org .', the Re publicans in everc cnu'v iu X. C. against the mixture In Is'.h;, the tune to th, colored Repub-lican- tiiroughout the length and bienlth of North Carolina xxi'd be to a,t.. a. lie- publican ticket and coJib g e's-. So then in 1SJ4, you know full wed that the plan i-tol'ool the colon, 1 vote;- of tlie State by telling them the licke! the;, arc a-ked to support is a Repub!ican lickct. WIi.v did von not nominate a c ilorcd man if you expect our Iimi.Oimi vo!e- - About 1 w cut v. xv hit c Repub! 'can . In n .me. formu lated ih: pl'in trunslerring with a singl" stroke of the pen one l.-.m lr-.-.l thoiisaad colored votes to the Dene cl itic parly. Gentlemen, you w e re unb ke I h" cunning rabbit, for he always icaiirus to his den before it stops snowing. Y ; ri'.urned after it stopped stuo.vl : g. !l. lue like a fly stuck 1 s m ' - . ' one hundred thousand colo.i i vm, r-. -iv your tracks this time, and see ! ahead of you running ui to -e ve;:;y-!ivy thousand majority. The colored man who -npporis this mixed Democratic ticket may consider himself out of it. when he applies for that little office uuder the next .Vath Hal Re publican administration. The Republi can party will win in l-.nj. therefore it behoove- every colored Republican to stand linn lor the principles enunciated by the Republican party. Suppose it be like you ray. the lusioii. mixi d and con fiislouisl party wins. 1 ask the one bun dled thousand 10I1 nd voters. ,,, you see anything in it tor you - Not a -ingle colored man i- p! ,ed on the ticket. The white Republicans alter monopolizing the State convention, rcfu-cd out-right to lef colored men be on the -late executive committev, but after len d b,, I be lieve out of sixteen cmun 1 ; eiiieii, three colored men were ph.c .; mi the State executive comtnittie. Gracious me. xvha! i-:li , oloied man coming to, begging Im' .. ll iag that al ready belongs to him. . n.i -li'Tcniici mg his manli'iod and righi- mi all lilies'. Let the coi"red voters of North Caro lina lor once, rise- as a unit, u mio w hole, and assert their manhood am i indepen dence, let them maintain the p; iuclpies of the grand old Republican partx as enun ciated and laid down by Line In. Grant and Garfield. The white Republicans w bile making their speeches, trying to arouse prejudice and sensation in the boom ot the colored voters of the st de. olten referred to the county of Craven a- being politically one of tlie nu-ane-i Deo 01 ralu counties in Eastern Carolina. said then to a colored del gate- -ia'nig by, that I used to leach my children in school that it a boy would b il one lie. he would tell another, and ii It became nec essary would ltd; twenty to e'me-r the lir.-t lie. I -aid to him. I now live and have lived iu Craven county ler -exei'al year-, and I know the colored mill gal- ad of his political light tier, Cuiv n c unity h 1- I -ad and i.".i I, a-a co ore- I lici'ti uicau - uicic'i nu uiiccn veal's: it ha- had in '.he I. gi-l Republican rcpr, -. ;;! i i vi the war, until t in- lion. II was ch cted two 1 .1 xvhile Re)u! 'licau ; Ii i..-. b e ali over tlie c un: , an :mi .1 -i nee 1 is a I X ', I X P. w. an i II :- li ii.T v. im :- x e lis; it lia- a coo iv, I pit'-. In an. and has bad exa b,,y. Co. red Uncia l's children an I have d, n war. 1,1! i . t !... hi-!o;o il CXel !. :pe n.,1 -. , , 1 die 1 ci; a I ' ii i ',:: : t le Ud; il IllC-t I' Ci a. li eoiui'y i- a c .in.; : tinclion, and y, t 1 ha: -hi I publican, Major -V. .. elected coroni r. 1 ... fee- of the oil'c . the highest obi. !;: ; i e . Tllell, im! iu I county -ince the w ar, ha Co 1 Was a cuhite I . -'::.. . the ;i ly l..u-o'.- ' ni n ' n-. 1 ilia I le ami di olmc I Re . xxa- di.!. 10 II : -;, ; V , -! II there '". cr I t an e a 1". ion and the was 11 , 1 1 duly gix m the highest nuuda : cxrepling one cl.c1, lime- Coa' it ion x a -Democrat- and w bin like the. whip- Rep: rt . X'iiig : and XV a-, "ii. ; 'P do llox. Enough uiti - ai; tilt' out I" 1 hange : he real . board XV ,- W:. !cl o I), mi)-- ;, - an -1 w hi 1 1 W 1 1 in Ill,. H p xvas prc-ei.; w livn ad i!,. iii,,".ni'- . u made. Il was a whit- R u 1 .: .m who presided a- chairman ol lb canx i-sing board; it was a white Republican who made all the motion- to mnit for cause that voting prei'Mii 1 or the o her: ilu-e morions were seioic'cl !". .. AV;,iti Pc publican. These - m, n are i 1 x uig and arc -til! v hit" Kcpnbl: a- - A , .,,i going to 1 n , '. r 0- l'..r :b. . vil liecel and xxrong in 1 - 1:' w hoe publi cans i By tho- way, before I forgot it. white Republican- accepted the oilic. oave the b .no t i a Di nice -;o , Pa' : 'oii.m: I . , II Now luxe the Deiiioi .It... f If & win iv e'ue'hT.r il'tter -"to Ci'm u j H ' 6 M ' - , ellltX ami g. t tile li l t- Ij tole r the Denioi rats ,,f ('rixen i-oiiei y led did in th, ir -i ci h. s at 1 'a big 1 1 . N, -iiitc again on :.(. honor ol a n o. ibis was the ti:-' mi I only lime iinv x ,,; ( ': i x i n 1 1 1 1 ' i i xvi i e : h i , i w :, . ir . r , ,e;u;i , that allected ih linal r- -.. '. !', in1', mi n it i i oi. I illlniiigli t a colored Ii- i ,ii I ,!ii an, who- I ;. pub. , iiiism is baptized in Ihe d'-xv I hat .bop- Irom the living priuci jilcs of t In 1 ioiub!ii an pally whose founder- xveic Lincoln, Grant and G irliehl: fiom om- ol Craxin's liirge-t tax payer- i I will tell x i , i i ; i ' 1 the Deinoeial- have iloiie for the pic lor t lie count y lor m again , t us i !. it.- inteips t and wcllarp. I I.' ! A" lion the Demn-Tfit- took charge of , t le- a lid r- ol ( ra via. county, pi n ir i ilor.d men am! women I iki a ll ot In r p r-on - ,: were selling ami glad to get fifty cctils ou '' : the dollar for a cruntv Voucher. : ho untv debt ha been nmilv all paid. Instead of ti c cmintx pa . iiio out' olio thou-ind d,,:!. ii- xeariy for ren li the white Republicans did out .. the taxi -, tlcx have built one of the HlK'sr. if not the tine und bet court house in .North Carolina. Tnoy have riti.-e 1 th. credit of the conn- I t . :,' in a h-ilf to a whole A county ! voucher row ci-heil up .11 pres ntai i.-n ; by our pol'.'o and ac; ommodating Trca - ill'er, Thoinas Daniels, and paid in lull ' Thi' law s ot' Xorth Carolina W:v it to ,: ! i t'.c discretion .ifthe B 'ard of Coinmis- "" -lonei - in rcga 1 1 1 I" ciapting ihe In m. I :'. ' : a unity 1 'llii'CI -. .' , Now . at: cr thing-got in lountx , ,1'lilr. the Democratic Board have aevr lone anything except when an insulli-i eii",t bond oflercd by a white Republican was rcji e'ed. For this and other goo 1 and tnaguani- , . 1 iiioii acts an 1 deeds, the good ci'izens -' '.'' '"'should t'-e! under lasting obligation to " 1;" ! Mr. James A. Bryan, o'hairman.) and bis ' I1' '. . associ ate-, and for further sippi eciai ion I the inti lligence and wpilth of the county : P" ' ! tender them one graceful bow ofcongrat ' ! u'atioiis and b.-sf xvi-hi-t. II am for th" right who-p fi.undatiou is . ,!' ! ', i-i 1 1 1 .' . 1 1 u '- our-. I s- II. ii 1M0M) SHOAL LIGHT. iliaiigcs in th Plans 1 he Mast Pilli- ,0, i In-llf Pnln,n..,n,f ; .. I ""S'""""" i the World. lit houc board has for the pa-t . I two months been at work levi:ng plan for the nexv liglit which it is propositi to 1 reel mi the treacherous Diamond shoal-, otf Cape Hatter,!, if it is possible to ac complish his engineering feat. The or iglual designs proposed a masonary -truct-ure I uilt "ii the c dssoii priucip.e. T'i structure xvas to have its ba-e at least 12 1 feet beneath the waters -urfu e. and was (o be built up to a height "I 150 feet above the water. The very great unc. Ti ainty ol securing a caisson xvlrch could stand the terrific bombardment of the Hatterass seas, and the failure to find a so'id foundation ol rock or hard substance has led the board to 1 11 act ically abandon this scheme in favor of a sciew pile light, such as haxe beer, found to be the best kind of a sliuct uinxxlicrc tho waves beat heavily, a it atf uds ihe least suffice for their at ta.-k These piles will be sunk nearly 1 1 )G feet in the bottom and wili foyer about 100 feet above the waves. The keepers quar ters will he small in comparison to those which were designed on the masonrv siruc. ure, but the light w ill be just as lilgn an-' Ought. Theieisa great deal of doubt among some engineers whether it is pracl it-able to erect any sort of a light station on the shoals on account of tbe shifting sands and great seas, which run high the year round. The shoals extend lourteon miles off Hatteras, and the spot selected for the light w ould be on the outer edge. Should the ligh; ever b3 finally completed it is believed that the most difficult piece of light house engineering 111 Hie world will have been accomplished Washington Dispatch. Sept. 4th. Johnson's Aromatic Compound Cod Liver Oil is tbe greatest remedy vet dis covered for consumption and all pulmon arv affections. Pint bottles SI. mi. TRENTOX CORRESPo.VDENlE. Capt. Galloway's Speech Populist Con vention -Nominates Kcpublicaus and Populists. The Populist county Convention assem bled at Trenton on Saturday last the 8 h, of September. We -rap pose that every man in the county claiming to belong to the third party was here with quite a laig" .sprinkling of colored people who weic present we suppose to see what they would do ou this august occasion. We aiso ha I a full crowd of the untcrrified democrats to hear that staunch demo crat and able, defender ot Democracy, Capt. Swift Galovxay, speak. At 12 o'clock precisely we all Dem ocrats, Republicans, and Populists made for the court house. The pops organized by calling A. P. Borraw to presitle and reguesting a Mr. Tyndale to act as a sec retary, a committee on Resolutions was appointed who retired. Then loud calls were made for a Mr. Wright to address the convention who responded in a few remarks and advised the audience to select men in the future who would net like ser vants, not tteat them like monarchs as democrats did. Loud call were then made for John Mercer who re-poudad by telling the audience that he had served all parties- Democrat, Republican and populist, pio- cuc'led to give the audience a history of each and definition ot the names of the different parties and when he had tin. shed his dissertation it was aboutjas inteligible as the Irishman. description of how cannmi were made. Why, said the Ijishman you dont know how easy they make cannon Just take a bole and pour iron around 11. Mr: Mercer in winding up his remaik to d th'? audience not to biar the persua sions of democrats and he led to die poll and vote that ticket. "Why ' said he ' I know the democrats; I was a dcmoeinl up t" l.siiO and did lots of duty work lb, them us much as any of them cvei di 1 This remark le.tu- to ponder a liilh whether there had been any lol'oi-.uaiiiiii 111 the gentleman - m . liO. "Wont a man, il he is inclieu! 10 .m dirts work iiiiit, do it again,' Wont lie be. .r a Utile careful xxatchme. Wo notie'i d one tiling Mr. Mercer wa- 0 rf.ii rot to tell: what kind ofsvmk be !. c while in the liepub'ic". 1 p ni . though In- -e; veil ti.em over 32 soars f nthfu.iy. Mr. Mercer said there wen- 1 w o kind of democrat, one was a svump and the other was a mug way. Cm. I'olk x-a- tbe Moses and Zcb. Vance was t li" A ir, 11 Populists, A bciii this time the committee appcar id with their Resolutions adhering to the iiaiioiui and state platforms and recoinen iliug the abolishment of the present county Government system. All 'passed unaniniouslv Nominee?: Hmise, Frank Brown Pop: l a rk of S. Court S. E. Koonce, pop- - n -riff, W B. Islei, Pop; Tieasiirer. I .ens is King'Pop liegisicr, F. F. fir. en. Republican; Coroner, J. W. Bryan, Republican; -urseyor, Amos Hccton, Pop: Swift Galoway addressed Ihe peopl in a leiling speech at four o clock wh:ch wa- listeni d to wiih marked attention. Dr. Cy Thompson and the Hon. Mr. Shaw will speak ill joint discussion at Trenton on Friday next, the 14. h, of Sep temljer. Ruta Baga and Turnip Seeds-1 Va. 35c. 5 lb 30c, 10 Yd 25c. All fresh, new stock at Mace's Drug Store, New Berne N. C. t t j , I I . . ( I ' -i TLTW. TJm. fm. h ; p ' owJerl ' ";s Pre Crystal Ice U"X':JIBSQ; ' -J . WATER. i .,!' v , a of tartar baking i. H: a of all in leavening st : La 1-K8T UnITKO STATKS Gov Fooo Hepokt. RoyaIj Bakinci Poxvokk ', St . N . Y Wholesale .Market ( miutia I'ro inci Live -tall fed eattl 5 I - .' ,'- "i . - ! full' Iressed bci I fao. Beeswax 20c Corn, GOc a H2A. Chickens ymin o o 5(lc pr. Oucks, Kng. :'.5ain. .. Mas Fggs.il4air,c. j.'ese, 75l .aSllc. Hides Dry tlinl, :. ; Ir ' V '- ' I Peanuts, aocts. Woo 10c. Lambs $la$1.5.i. Old Sheep, 1.2.".af 2.ou. Oaf. 30a37 ( fiiion, $1.251'. $ 1 .50 JJPotatoes Hamans. 40c: Xoiioii xuu. 50a('itl; Rod yams. 75c Sweet Potatoes -Vain-. f,H; II m a 40c: Rc.l Yarns, (iOc. 'opiin new. c, a 1', 1. 1 i.. 1: .. Colt' hi seed, 2c. PAPEandDEYO, W IIOJ iKSA 1 Commission Merchant mho J-.m-' V ' j j ss 1 1 i r i g; to J i SlrotM NEW YORK. Southern Fruits and Vegetables a Specialty Large and Roomy WAREHOUSES Facilities for handling heavv shipments unsurpassed by any house in the business. BrirHLrritxs madf. HAf'II DA V 'I' S.A i yifl Xaliminl Hank of Xew Peine, V i RHF F.KK V.: Gall oil II, Ml New V Stencils and Postals can be obtained at JOHN DUNN S. "55 03 oSHOESMo -C CD co Having received a l..rg. -t ..f ih and Shoes, suitable for the I' di . ' o ter trade, I nsv oth i to ihe p, ,, ;,. ,: Xew Rerne and count iv around ii'ir liargains than ever befme. THE LA.KQEST SOTCK Ol' GROCERIES, SHIP CHAOTLERY and LIQUOHS to be found in the city at t o ; prices. J, F. TAYLOR. V '.co-Prea. i Mill. ST, Jem o" per day i.n.lav.) by . to 12 r- filled ION. M x (j HH. t ! i king. : . in the City. 1 0.1 Cakes and . ,' . ', 'J (.1 . & ficSORLEY. ! ; SN'- NORTH -1 ' ' .'art igc on ID 'i.r.SAL'H GROCER. Mi-IP t Ai T a : ,01: k a Xe-w iSSO-KF-LESS POWDER ' I i' ' - nisr and lets jo . 1 1 . si powder in uae- j P c ib barrel ef tbe gun.- 1 I ' . cpi when loaded . 1 1 , a .., . r lie. reap. ORCH HED 1865. E5T,riOL ( OQERIES 1' t Merchandise. ' iToiiA'I'lONS. .A'SIIAIVI ' A F V ST. .hi. Tcrtii Cotta L. tin :unl Scwors 'ii si uc.k. Also . ' . i i ii'l ol mux I 'nrpoHe.H ' oil XV. ' i anl ml. n ; : s i iff f.o' )3'ZS5 M SAIL -I I I . mm i good locality : erms. Vv c , J. Riiodks, -.. Per,,,', N. O. ," c J. vi. BAXTER. -r I ..' : ,' :i .occ line of . f' MEN'S Bt.YS & ' ';: CHSLDJZWS Clothmg vr, Clicapcr i'i ' ! i - ' ss 'h rue. '. A ' oi, llnis, shoes, ,?' i . ! seeing me .'",.'. 5 . 'i , v,'.!-i a (loon i ' d. all ofhert ,b ss'cirbt ol ma- ... " '" iiiciib of, i unit ion, , : : . . : & co. a::a DMERSITY ' (MN, 1). C. . . pens Sept. 24. : : la 'olloge, for : b. Naval anil : t t business. : ,: 24. Full :: , . The Col- oi belli HC'XI'R. n ia pi. 'Jl and s j,,,,, (1.n,I . .ami i ii . oi p: rt iiicnl.H; .- jh'i nil stud- t .' Twelve , . oc .Hint- ":'! ',. Court. ' i. i. 1. The i. piolcsMora ' ' t. 1. Hev .. it'll facilities. 1 .-p. a- cf. 4. 1 1 1 e 1 1 , , 1 1 are of : V . M : . C. 11.. K. .lib, '. I.CV- I s , I v I nt I I '. mboki! iii.-l-clasw I '"I ,'IOITM. reef. sbfm

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