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Tim FARQUHAR U-XTvl PATE NT VARIABLE ' fS: monAii. rrrn :n;iVJr"Lt!&Ei:si:iE j.iwumuinmiHia wan pajaMi mvnm, Mufcaiaj. ai - ' aval at aaa, QailWj a Bar iFAHQUHlSSEPilUTOH 1ANOCST UMCITf. . .94 . -Hi M .SM M AS A .9 1 1 Kaaaraoaed ar Palafal rarlwda 1 - Waitaa. Too Fvarnaa aHoda. , J Hmw Larraaritla, Hgiihiii J4 eiaJa tTaw. ti jilmlaa. Knrptloaa-. t ataoaaa a I laaa. Wknaaml 1 Paiaa. lCal alalia. CaOkv vr aa4 Acaa : 9 r-Caiarrk, tilaiara. Cold la U Bead. . . Waawadaaj C!aaT IT-KMan Plaaaaea 1. . as M-Iriaarr Wtakaaai 1 1 JUJ .." awaHataw ITrla- f la 1 1 i. J ni awW mJ k. aV fAaU)UBlB COl, Ltd., Tork, Pa. - HDXIFHRB7S' 1 aV. Bwim BaavWea ara aewairlnraTTy and - aarafnlly aiiipant Kaanadiaa, aasd (or yeara in ..". (wrraia eraoOoa aad for anorttMr yean by the V a'cawVlaattoiiwrlaaV or radadng - -4. thou ii 1 aadaraM ractaad Aaad taa SoTeiwIaa V fcaiaaiaa ofta. World. . ; ' - I Fxtav Aawaattoaa, Iwflaavaartooi. . ' ; Wat Hi Vara Iwaar. Woraa CoUc... Tootalaaia O0M0, Crya Waarfnlar - .7 Ptarrkoa. at CkOdrea or Admita..... : ' T-CT fcav Ootda. laiiaflk - . aa-Kawalwaa, Tooraacaa. raoaaeaa.... Haaahaa(JBefc naiiapitTortaro BTOLPHKZYS' WTTCH HAZXL OIL, . ; Taw Plto Otaxaseat."-Trial Mac. Cu. ' - J ' aaa) ka aaaaa, ar Mat iiaiill oa af arte. ' auvu (M4 aia,) asi no. 'aacar. ill a nawaa at., w Toaa. rWm. H. OLIVER Life, Fire, Marine, : Accident, Fidelity, Steam Boiler sliistiraiice, ' ' NEWBF.r,N,N. C. A Nam be r of Time-Tried and ' Fire-Tested Companies Represent ed. Orer 125,000,000 assets repre sented. 1 : i NOlORABY PUBLIC. Commissioner of Deeds for New Tork, Connecticut and Pensyl TaUxisw GTAgent National Board Ma- r rir8 Underwriters. SUJfJfEB SKS0BTS. 'MEW BERNE HOUSE, Jor.MCltT,N. C, mJ- II. MAIVIVa Prop. Pleasant Location New Manage ment Good Accommodations Attentive Servants Terms Reasonable. Dathing Houses Free. HOTTHT MITCHELL HOTEL, Black Iovinta.in,r'.C:. Unsurpasaed .Scenery, Water, Air, and Fare. Terms Reasonable. Opens May 1st, 1894. W. D. S PR AGUE, Prop. ; IT'Railroad, Telegraph and Post Offices near the door. mlotf Oil Olothing is warrantc-d tiv K-t in the World! Is more Waterproof. Is Stronger, and will Wear Longer flan a-ry other eocJs manufactured. . daak far taw " FISH BRANOj' take no other. ;6Ea.ZlBCKH. a CO, Sow Ageata, Baltinwa.J THE JOURNAL 1 II K l.LLC 1 10 8. The electiou in just over in , ikansas. Onavtrv Iieht vote the Deaioerats have a majority of 30, 0Ki. The Populists boasted very louillv before the election, and noir ,1,.., ,i...i 1 , i,f . u v. . 1 e I -' ' -1 v ' . lu &Uvi nuai. Siiuck in in. There was uo viliTf, no f arrhia dke. The t'ounl:it ioiii Himly gve way brciusi' iiir) ci'i not built upon a rock. So it wan la Alabama, and so it will be everywhere. Men want eoiuethiDg be&ides a calamity howl to build a party on. Popnlint orators go about exagera ting preaeut evils and predicting worse if the Democracy ia not overthrown, but they have nothing to offer in its stead. They are ready to burn down the house our fathers built, bat they have noth ing with which to build another. They haven't a piece of timber big enough to make a shingle. It really looks as if Democracy is invincible before the people. In Alabama every opposing political element combined against the Democrats, bat the unterrified Democracy moved right od, while the cyclone that Btrack the oppos ing hosts left them the most con fused and mangled people the sua ever shone od. There was hardly a man whose neighbor recognized him, and Kolb is reported to have been so changed and used np his yard dog bad to be chained before "the Governor" could get in his BOOM. In Arkansas all the parties had ticket in the field. Thre horses were on the track, and "Old Demo crat" had his briddle off and was gracing in the pasture when "Republican" came on the home stretch and said "Populist" was coming. There is no use trying to beat "Democrat". All that is necessary for him to win the race is to Dut np a good rider and hold him to the track. With good candidates who stand flat-footed on the platfoim, the Democracy is invincible. THE SENAT0UIAL CONVENTION, Tbe (Convention of this Sena atorial distiiut will meet at Kington on' next Tuesday, Sept 11, for the nuroose of nominating two candidates for the State Senate. No m re important Convention has yet assembled. The State (Jon ven tion did well, and the Congressional and Judicial Con ventions discharged the duties enti nsted to them faithfully and nominated candidates worthy o all acceptation, bat the convention that :s about to meet is to nominate candidates for the nper house of the State Legislature at a time when issues will be before that body involving the highestin terests of the people. The Republicans, in their platfrom, adopted in State Convention a few days ago, declare, among other hurtful things, their oppo-ition to the present system of county government. Their language is as follows: "We fa vor the repeal of the present sys tem of county government and tbe enactment of such law as will guarantee the right of local self government in verv county in the State." Nothing could re more disas troas (o oar people iu Eastern North Carolina than the repeal of the present system of county government. Not only would im provements that are now going on be abandoned but our civilization would gave place to a barbarism that would wither all that is beau tiful and promising in this fair land. We know that it will be said that the Republican party is not in the field, but will lend their aid to thv Peoples, Party in this cam paign. Nonsense! Wherever there is a coalition tbe stronger element is the rnling power. Republicans are more numerous than Populists in this senatorial district and they will direct the movements of the combined forces. Never has the tail been able to wag the dog and it never will be. If tbe Demo crat are defeated in this district the senators who are elected will give their votes and th6ir influence to tbe repeal of the present system of county government. The Convention must nominate our strongest men. Xhe iion Swift Galloway, of Green County, is mentioned as one of the candi dates to be nominated by the Kinston Convention. There are few, if any, better men than Swift Galloway. He has a big body, a big brain and a big heart, and he can hold the party in line, and no doubt bring many a woaderer to the fold again. Who bis associate will be, if indeed the gallant Cap tain is to be one of our nominees, has not been much discussed. Mr. George Dudley, of Craven, has been mentioned in this connection but we do not know that he is a candidate for the nomination. It is clef, r to us that it would be unwise for the Kinston Convention to express any opinion as to the comparative merits of Democrats who will be before the Legislature as candidates for election to the United States Senate. It is of the highest importance that our candidates be untrameled iu the race. To commit them to any parti cular candidate would handicap them and make doubtful their elec- tion-We have no votes to spare in this district, and our candidates must be in eonditon to command the support of every Democratic voter in the district. Iet us lirsc secure the Legisla ture, and then we can more pro- petlv ' 'li n' Kent Lu I l.e I'll 1 t 1 j AU li.t-tructcd ( ' great disadvantage - 1 -1 at .- eandi - A 111) t0 S .I'-!' Il-m-os . I. c ce' .am but to iiiMti net D date for t be I. mi jc.r.i vote for ITuited - in the present Gondii woald greatly enii u.- 1 n ! tioD, if if d d uot I-, id to I defeat. There are too many intu of ability in North (Jorolma lor any ooudidate lor the Legislature to 1h instruc ed by bin party to vote for any particular man. The man we prefer lor United States Sena tor may not be ia the race when the time comer-, and the one whom we now opp se most bitterly may be the only man who can defeat the candidate of the opposite Party. HUNDREDS OF BODIES. 7'2 Settlcnieii s Annihilated by Fire -Not a House Left, in an Area 15 x 2G Miles. West Superior, Wis., Sept. 4. Neatly all those who survived the terrible forest fires ia Northern Minnesota have now been removed to places of safety Superior and Duluth.and, as a heavy rain has quenched the names, there will be no further casualties. The work of searching for the dead is progress ing in earnest. Yesterday afternoon fifty-four bodies were buried at Sandstone, most of them charred beyond re cognition, and were buried wher ever found. When the relief train reached Sandstone uot a sign of a building was left in the town. Around or in the ruiDS ol each house were fourid several human bodies. The living inhabitants of the town were brought into Superior at mid night. j A Hinckle 328 bodies were ling in the streets. Tbey are being buried as rapidly as possible by a committee from Pine City. At Pokegama, on the Sr. Cloud division of the Great Northern, there are twenty eight corpses. They are still lying uuburied, the rest of tbe people haviDg left the place. At Part rne only two are dead, though nor a building was stand ing. It is imp ssible to tell wheie Partridge was as the whole surrounding country is in ashes. Pasenger traffic was resumed on the St. Paul and Dulnth road to day, but the Great Noitnern through .ran, a will not be running for so m time. Dultjth, Minn , Sept. 4. In a stretch of territory twenty-six miles long, and from one to fifteen miles wide, uot a single human habitation his been left standing. except a section houeu at Miller, and in every part of the tiack of the flames bodies of men women, children, horses and cattle were found. The potion of everybody found outside of Hinckley shows that shelter of some kind was sought by the agon izrd sufferers, and the dead are found in holes, behind overturned stumps, trees, marshy depressions and in every water coarse. The work of the flame has been complete aBd cyclonic in character. Where tbe fire held sway, not a single tree is standing except as a blackened stamp. Thousands of overturned trees are lying pro strated and tbe roots were barning fiercely np to last evening when the welcome rain fell. A earetnl canvass reveals the fact that seventy-two settlers' homes, outside of tbe towns fell. As uear as can be learned there were 500 people in these homes. At Brookdale, a little town on the East ern Minnesota railroad, south of Hinckley, about ninety persons took refuge in tbe water of a small creek. Out or tnis place sixty-.even dead bodies were taken and buried, and some thirty living persons were rescued, some badly burned. Conductor James Sargeant, of the St. Paul and Duluth road, has been working for the railroad with an improvised train, consisting of three hand cars spliced together with planks, picking np and iden tifying the bodies ol tbe dead. All tbe bodies were carefully examined and in many cases were fully iden tified and in every case a complete record was made of everything that could possibly lead to identifica tion. By Duluth relief committees most remarkable work has been done. Without regard to age, sex or social standing hundreds of peo pie, including those of the very highest social standing in the city, have been working day and night since Saturday night, have organiz ed thoroughly into all needed sub committees, and have m a system atical way taken oare of men and women, children and babies. Sev eral com mi 'tees have been caring for the little ones. Orer $8,000 in cash has been given lor temporary relief and goods and clothing valu ed at as much more have been given. The Pharmaceutical Association. ASHEVILLE, N. C, Sept. 3. The fortysecond annual session of the American Pharmaceutical as sociation opened here this morning with a council meeting at 10 o'clock". This afternoon an address of wel come extending the freedom of the city, was delivered by Mayer Pat- ton and responded to by Vice President Loo EHera. President Patsh, of Boston, de livered bis annual address, and the remainder of the session was taken up with routine business. Meetings were held at Battery Park hotel, the headquarters for delegates. To night a reception was tendered the visitors by citizens at the hotel. Burglary and Attempted Murder at Asheboro High Point, S pt. 4. Ashe boro bad a first-class robbery last night. At 8:30 p. m. two or three persons entered tbe residence of Col. McAlister and took from the drawer of Dr. J d. Woitb fouO in cash, $15,000 in bonds, and other valuable napers. All tbe family, except Mr. Worth and Co. McAlister, were at church. It was no doubt tbe intention of tbe miscreants to kill Dr. Worth, as one shot was fired at him. It is though the guilty parties have been found. We recommend Johnson's Magnetic Oil for rheumatism, neuralgia, sprains, hrui?s, lame back; it quickly relieves pain, xb ana 50 cts. 1 I. - M HIS Senator Juik-, l tt,tl.i, A tuioin.i ; Mis Withdrawl From tip' W'-h nl licaii I'ai ty. Washington, Sept. I . The Pv. Tir Star to-day says: To-day l a genuine scn-ition mj jioliticai circles lij the si iteiiicut ' that Senator John P. Jones, ol I Nevada, who has repi esentcd his j State in the United S'ates Senate j for over twenty one years a a i Republican, has formally rennnnc - j his allegiance to that patty and j cast bis lot with the Populists. 1 He has written a letter to his j constituency which will be publish- j ed in Nevada to. morrow, and will j De tne nrst intimation to the peo- pie ol mat State that he has doffed mo 1'uuuuai jjuiLucui. wuicu uc uu worn with suoh distinction tor so many yeais, and will don the garb of the Third. His intentions have been kept secret from all hu' his most intimate associates. ! mi- stood tuat his change ot ; oiiey is based almost entirely u ion the question of silver, ile le ; Wash ington to day for New Yu: U J 1 is bolt makes the Nevada C:rjgres ional delegation solidly Populist. Sbnator Stewart having Irk the Repuolican party some time ago and Representatives Newlads hav ing beeu elected as a Silverite. STRIKER3 VTCTORIOl; The Coat Makers Return to Work on Greatly Increased Wacres. New Yoek. Sept. G. The big strike of the coat makers was prac tioally settled last evening. The fight was short and hard. It was directed squarely, against the sweating system, and the work, rs gained the day. This morning 7,ooo ot the 11,000 coat makers who have been out since Sunday morn- inrr mant K.,..lr t TOAf L- n n fli..ir own terms. The other 7,oU0 will probably be empioied by the tirsr of next week, though there are many details jet to be settled. This victory is a notable one tor the workers, as it means tbe overthrow ofthe sweating system, as gen erally practiced in the clothing trade of this cit v. AN ADVERTI SEMEN"! IN I'OUTIt S The Democrats Will Mak.- I se ol .Mr. Wanamakers's AnDoiiiieeinont. Washington. Sept. 1 The Democratic congressional cam paign committee proposes to use Aft p.amnaicn material an adver- tisement' of Johu Wauamaker, ex-Postmaster General, in which he announces that in view of the new tariff On domestic goods ;.e wil' be obliged to sell his wa.es much cheaper than under the McKinley law. NOTES AT RAN Don. The diamond, if laid in tbe sun and then carried into a dark room, shows distinct pbosphoresconce. The family of Pope Leo is sing ularly long-lived. With one ex ception, all his immediate relatives have lived to be over ninety. A novel way of stirring ap busi ness is adopted by a shoemaker in Lynn, Mass. Every eleven t'a pair of shoes left at his shop he repairs free of cost. St. Louis dispatches announces that a woman was put under tbe influence of an opiate in Chicago ana seni to me metropolis oi mis- sonri. That s tbe only way you can get anybody to leave Chicago for St. Louis, boasts the Chicago News. Since the death of Henry Ward Beecher. the clerevman who pre chea to the largest congregation io ;rf v r i" this country is Rev. Russell n. ; sanu mnes ui me uesi i .u oau pro Oonwell, aBaptist, of Philadelphia, i ierty in America will soon be under Headdresses 8,000 people t verv I the control of the Rt.'th.-cb. Id-Van-Sunday, and he has established ajderbilr combination It ha- been college where 120 students are tak- i an opeu secret for some months ing a regular course and 500 j that the Rothschilds were Inclin otbeis arejattending classes in var ious subjects. Authentic documents show that, at the time of bis death, a few weeks ago, Petro Errilo, of Guana juato, Mex., was one hundred and thnry-three years of age. He leaves over four hundred living descendants, and among them a son eighty-five years old, wbo re cently broke bis arm while trying to ride a bicycle. The Khedive of Egypt like the Chinese Emperor takes more stock in his mother's advice than in that of any other of his counsellors, and, fortunately i'or him, she is one of the brainiest, as well as one of tbe most beautiful women in the land of Sphinx. Though he may be a heathen he sets tbe boys a mighty good example by taking his moth er's advice. Nothing is Wasted in Pans. Even the smallest scrap of paper, that which every one throws away, here becomes a source of profit. Old provision tins, for instance, are full of monej; the lead solder ing is removed and melted down i into cakes, while the tin goes to i make children's toys. Oid boots, however bad, always contain in the arch of tbe foot at least one sound piece that will serve again, and generally there . are two or three others in the sole, the heel, and at the back. Scraps of paper go to the cardboard factory, orange peel to the marmalade maker, and so on. The ideas suggested are no: always agreeable, and to see a rag picker fishing orange peel out of the basket is enough to make one forswear m.rmalade; but there is worse than ihat. The most valuable refuse that which fetches ruo francs the kilo is ha';: the nr.:g goes to the bair dresser, while the short is used, among other thmgs. for clarifying oils. "If all the goid in luii.i er ' a:)K. All earthly things tiiat men tall ue.i.tn Were mine, with evttv titled i.iuk. I'd give thtm all i.iccious lor health." Tims in nnui-h wrote a lade tea. Ik: to a near lr.cn.!. I. . ;i ! p;tiu I cu-!. he. of sin .nine i :n. :' pam ia M... ami loin.-. "I ci . ti .r.. tn'iium s- an.'. nervous, feviii-h nan -i. Til. fr ei, 1 i,:i h t'Oth causes and cure and tl .-h .d h i. iv the answer, "Take Dr. l'ieic ' Prescription'" The disirt. 'lite lie! t. olieveil. was "t stored to neit. i anil lier daily duties once more hte.niie a daily )lc:isuie. Forla.lv tealni-. -.d.--la. he- and otlici - k.-pi l.nu' -' 1 11 1 : n is. i okcii Mow n !y i 1 nt (-: i ui; w,.',.. NLVescription" is a mo.-t potent resl.aative tonic, and a certain cine lor aii Icmaie wenkpess. Gurantced to Hire in tvi-n ci.-.-or money returned. See printid oin.nuit.v around each bottle. Fibroid, ovarian and other Tumo: cured without resort to surgery. Jiyol of 10 cents in stamps. World's is(H' .j sary Medical As.-ociu.tion, Uull'alo, N. Y. I M-.th rtn.norn.iQ rplnrnncnc c.i.ir nr roi'i-ml , I " li' H IN I. lii .ill' il II I I N i . 'r-iiisr .,i ratii t .i i i v . . ' i I lilted ,SL :, Southern Kul-.v, i. t li.,r,.i,., I. , r .,.i Dili i- ro'D -. t!:e Ot .1. th-. Tef C.-Si c. Maid. .1 ;h 1 Times is i .!.! j writers, a- thereof; i Richmond minal, -.v.i Virginia coinpatn, : iii' 1 i-h, '.! .1 i:v -J ot indii IV. i va Rothschild and the V( C'oriK-liu V i r k Tbe reor g..irz f ion, known, was under' fully consuiniii a ' . ! i,ran ' 'o. of - e . i organ .v ( ' v m two great !'. k -i:: t Ueir 1 . M : 1 ik.- M :i at.il siicc -r -lrexel, Mur- '.res -11 it 'is- The .Ml l ;i , tour A-..M1, n:or e childs sy ndii': nunji-r. portion represe i . . led ..j-.ij li e a . - ' ; i e V. ; ! j'!.-- !: M ticn cam thai, h r. e o::'. O.'ie (j'l -s : e one i uarti Co., -'.tie t iou plan o 1' n e '.v c i ; .M.'aa .V 'ie reoiu.iuiza l.ir --It) ,', iiini ,f is M'- v'irn Mas i-.! i t i il. l s!s VLI . t li . : T I . ' i :. II ;v t ; ;riv : t'ai that the qu-u i 1 f1,Pill amMnon ID-lfiey '.' i ' I bridges, new eq extensions ect. The Routhen. quired in comp miles ot r id a i e- ;.!l:Iia!--, : a .-. 1 1 a - ( ; iv a . - o w neisaip 1 ,.Mol) ty the reorgai-- i.atioo has re.iuceii the bonded il debtedoess irom ' M." (,(iij,0t;(i to 90. Olid, Olio jUt,t mio-thin, and the fixed charges from g 7, ..011,000 per annum to l,. ".00.11011 n saving ot '', Qi 'O.Odo per annum. The bonded indebte-dness of the road is 1 o Il '! 0j per m;!e The first annual meet lag ot stock holders is to held in ;.ei' tho;. !. Va , Tuesday , October -Q'M and bom is to the uiionu t of 1'0 OvO 000 on the et. thont'O. ire r. To it op y r 1 y is 1 : in iiiin donds are to hi Us; -1 : ments : e X t . i : f money i :e of tile ,v ! : r re.s large sun. i along the 1 way will effect. There is that the is simply Vanderb I' )-)a; t: ru rati iii :r.- jU'ili- ihin imw very tiliern r;ii a n e x I c . n stem Lttle doubt ! wa 'on protect of 'the -. und i.'iiepa 'iiMt be li hin a throng!' the Smi'Ii. Tt peake and O.uo will i.o d come a part of the system short time and t.'i.- U men and res I lie Itull)-., !; .i . I . tin- so itii. in i: flu- I -,t-n:-i .Mil- ol I.'.. cent sstem will iil-nmilcU become ; tornado her daughter having any ,arto"f thesisu-ui. w bur ever m,iy.t,l!"8 toU with tbe joung iuan be tbe immediate plans ot the Cin. wbo woald write 8nch sickening cinnati. Hamilton anil D.n ton neo - pie. Through the Cincinnati South ern, the Rig Four ol'tiie Vauderbilt system will be rea.'utd at Cincin nati. The controlling stock of tie Central Rardroad ol deorgia i--held by the Southein Railway, and when tne property gets into the hands of the security holders. which is only a qaestiou of a short time. It will be discovered that the Rothschild Yankerbilt svstem is m control. The plans ofthe Uiexel- Morgan people are now so near fruition that it is now no longer a matter of speculation. The greatest railroad combination on earth is near completion. Twenty-five thou ing interesceu in .vr.eric.m rail roads. While the re corganv: itir .i pi tu tor the liiehruuiici Termii, J and fcast Tennessee give Drexal Morgan & Co., a supremo e utrol for tive years, by the expiration of that time it is confidently believed that they will continue by virtue of the fact that i hey own the controlling interest. His Remains In two of the in a V, dt'e. beer salt..!- i New York city there ; j crystal bottles which liquids ol iuy kind, powdered substauc re two e;. -nr a;r . . not dry. u one aoked, j of the saloonkeepei 'What is that in tin- o t.lt ;" s man .v h o t1 the he tin- Wils b)t- replied, ''The remains ot i ashes of a friend of mine cremated!" Once in awhil tie is taken from t lie shelf on which it stands ana placed in the centre of a table at which brer is served to people once acquainted with the deceased man, who talk of his vir. tnes and give reminiscences of hisj , life. Kx. Latest l'r in t lie Seat af Wa.r Lc:s-DOM Sept. . A I-.'bi . des - lua t tel patch to the News ageis.-y the last rcpoits from the ii ot heavv rains which have linpeu ed military operal ions. The streams of the Corean peninsula have risen rapidly and much of tne adjacent low land is partially flooded. The Japanese oiiloers say it. ;s not likely that any important bat tle w ill be foi:'br t ': he i! "'Is sub side. Occasional -':' nn ! M i'.'e taken j.daci-. r ! ' ;' en r Bide has li ci to b; !;t about a dec. -si - . i'he ,i atciuess .. . ; ' ' Tea no a- liuai'ier ' ui these l r 'l .s cavalry force, liav.- t.. for the scouting str , ice Hit: IC-'.OOO : g . StiOi: !! ill tailed ind the pro- 'cc'ion of the main armies' lines of -upjii. arid communication. Somu l.S.i'ijn .1 .panese occupy strm:' position at Ping Yang. They have thrown np earth woi Us aud mount ed heavy suns. The Chinese army. :b about i'u,0"(i men. hae taken a position faem j; ; j,- J apanese. I he I'lit iiii,' Kti ertl ItroKi-u Indian a i .lis, Ii d., Sept. d I fl it-t II i . ! - I'. O W In s t!ic worm s I . m.i ic tn cli wi,h Jo. L'.'J :. il.-lM' Piiciut; R( COII d !' ,i, t;. C Ub -.. : in his m lor ."",.(!;( t uc i.iste-t it. - - - ' three heats .-. vein, 2,03 making the heats ever paced. oa. .s evil three The time by- laiters of the second mile was: l ii second l td , t h r i -:0'2. iu tins heat itai ter o.j, M ur, ti e Fati h -n went like tha wind and forced Robt J to make a s-ourt of s))eed almost the wire that was phenomenal. Ml. ! I.ilsrol 1 I N ( ' h I. IIOI. . ilren DniM lie .Mill ki ed. Ulirie, Old., S.-pr. i;.Tul. - , y rain in fifteen weeks fell la-it night North ;.t iit-re ir a verirabic waterspout, ami h damage h .in done. At one near O.'laiido, two eliildren ..ported washed a'a-, ami V . : III lie 1 pi."-. ih.i.i I ' D 1 i , v H d. K tsr, of Perry ui an y :it:s w.-re demolish d, and U people killed. At Crescent L iv one lare two-etory tu i LI ; n t.' completely wrecked, the slntk t iifc.l. and one mau badly irijare !. i :' i 'i demolished tlire or i'.iu hoiHen and did nuieh damage to crop-. ;ir.-u or eh a i Ih. f t l eotrn i : i on ! I! i v, ai I. ."in 1: rai;c:s.co, S -p:. M The -.Ui- r Relgic bii.igs ad-, tees nom .nolulu to August 6.0j tiieJTih iir. Mer Willis called on President . at' ;! p: esen : , iMe-.it i it. .1 "s MM tei re.'i)rn : . . , f ,. II M i . up A i rest of T. n ru n..' Memphis, Ten ii . grainl jury, aitei h.ivi nearly ;i hnndred i li ii d upon six pers in ar.ts in Che 1 ijchii.t; El Hellers. M- i'he 'j tr ex liiiiiu-.l i-e--., to day as particip. .' the six negroes uj:-ii Kenviiie l,i-r J-Miday night. itidictmeuts weie .'"iind against three persons liicha .is.cn. the de ft ct ;ve; Atkinson, who ilrnv.' the agoa in which th !y nched negroes rode and LdxtvL... ihe Kcrrville stoiekeej.ei , who swore out war rants for the arrest ; neuroes. I.eliC'h Wiiiralits weie issued fur j three others, aud ol hie- Mike i Sftickfaden and Jim t'isseliy were! arrested to-nism'. Tn.-;-. ,u - both I iem ph:s men . liit- ir:c t o far made indicate dial 1 fie murder was parttci pat ed in l uaid cliaractt-i s from .Memphis v.i.:,- Ai re paid to do t' e work. How 1 On ll.i t haiitre. A cer'am g;i( ic (' bir'ii- found a package o! lore letters written o her mother by iier father before they were married. The daughter saw that she could have a iude spott, and read them to her mother, pretending they were ol a late date, antl substituting her name tor that of her mother, and that of a tine young man for tbac of her lather. The morther jumped up aud down in her chair, shifting her feet. and seemed terribly disgust, d and ! ilnd nonsensical stuff to a girl. and uonser When the young lady handed the letters to her mother to read, the house became so still t hat one could hear the grass growing in the back ; yard. Concord Stand .i i. Need ol a I.iibor Exchange. The other da a man, a tieriLan house-painter, committed suicide in W est Forty-ninth Street. New Vork f snnnose that it is nor verv often that the readers o. The Forum are asked to concern trimselves about an ordinary. evejv-dav I suicidt ; for I may as well say at j once that this one had nothing co redeem it from the reproach of be ing hopelessly common. The little family now broken np lived hap pily enough until tue man lost his job last fall aud failed to find an other. From that time on troubles crow ded upon them. Worry laid him upon a sick-bed from which he did no: ii-e until the win'er -.v an far spent. What little they had awd against a rainly day was theu long since one. Tbe wife had to go out washing to earn bread for them all. Happily she was strong and cheer ful. But her husband, not so light hearted, suffered at the sight and at his inability to help. As the days of his convalescence passed and he went about again, he sought work with the despera tion of a man whose life was at stake. Audit, was. Worn out in body and mind by the hopelessness j of his teach, he broke down under i the last disappointment and killed himself. He said to his wife before h -died that he could no longer bear to see her woik as she did, when he was unable to help her. There are thmsands looking as anxiously a.-; as vainly for work as he, even ti;. ilat . But .he feature in his ease : which ! invite attention i wo.'t had been looking pt- it it sistei f i me. a a Me and vainly for him al! The i )M wanted him ' ' lie wanted : Me ..id ui-' foum. Tiit'u- was no place wt clti natural! v both TI. i of what each wanted. And fin ;job to day is not done, ami i he man is ilea: a suicide. -N. V. F ; um. Some Foolish People a "Ui,U tv. run ;mti! it ircts l.ey.mJ ., i ; am Tli; c ten say. it. in os' lid t'.c;- trnd a-; c. s s.-id h; "i'l:,it will wear away," bat .'as- sd v.ears tl.cai hvi.c: calicd Kemp's Jia :-am, which a'cositivc iruaia.j-.ee t c.:t- v. iiiim.'dialec. - l,c . ..v'.ic n . r-tuimr the 'r. M -.- iM-v-T ra 1 sic fa', a .:, r a: ' -; ajai a; i .luini ki-o Children Cry for Pltcf-.f r's Castoria. Children Urv for Pitcher's Castoria. Children Cry fo: Pitcher's Castoria. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. LADIES DO Y;;c KNOW DR. FELIX LE DflUN'S TEEl 10 PEHNYROflL PILLS O rio-in.al anH only FKI'NCH. c.".fr an.! r- li.-lM..- cr.ro or, the- imciket. I'tie.- Jl. A'; - I.: 1, mail. (7,'iiu:iu. -old .,n!y ijy J F. S. DUFFY, j Sole Agent. Driifjist tun .'its'.r:a .a Vr. Samuel I'itehor'si j)r-s.-ript ion for Infants .)!: ("liildror.. It (-ontir s ncitlior Opiiini, Morphine uor other Nar-otic substance. It i - o. harmless substitute for Parosroric-, I !.;, ; ;si1 li i n Si r : ;;, :::ul Castor Oil. ft is i'le.tsant. Its -i-.ir-.ii c is 1 Uirly years' use by Millions of Motb'T--. C.il(iriai!c.Mriip V.'crnis aud allays to vCMshness. Castoria prevents vomit ii:t; Sour Curd, cures Iiarr!:i-a and Wind Culic Ci.'Oii;!. rel'-jvcs ti-etliiii'-r tiouhlcs, ou.-es en nut i oat i.w and flatulency. Castoria as-dii. Mates the i'o....i, re;iiai- th stomach and Uor.. i;:vin healtliy and a-: r-i! sleep. Cas tor:a is th Children's Panacea--1',.: ' Jier's f rienU. Catoria. "(--iprnria ia an f ll.-nt rnplii-in- f -r r . rrn M.ai,, m l-.a-" r.'p.'3V.liy t,..i. ii:.--'f :-V-..:.:!1.i npi n .. !. ''liw'tr.'ri i' . ; c. . 1.. v.. - " ra.nria tl.r 1 r.t ron'W fr r:..'.:r.'n "1.1. !'. I -am ar itai. "'! I Ii.'js' il .' ' -lar lista:a ii. 2 n.-t,. r ; -. 'ii -i l:-. r -. . A.Urrst of tli.-ii rliil.irca, an i u.--' . .. .:.t . .vii.i f.f the variuusquacK nusLmius w...-i! ..f. i,-.-troying their io.fd ones, by forcing ophe i n ;-.!.. I..- ft.v iirntr syn:ji :ti:'l .!:! 1. i''- ... - ! n n .. tiir' .'. . u.- i t :;. Iu r.r.'lii!.: .ir i:rw-. 'The Centanr Conr PREVENTIVE : .: it iiapo" itietOc-:'tr.-,. ai 'Itiease -. I nt m Lbe tav i iy TrNKDKTUTKi v Arrintf. rbira ai- 1 -!-i.l, wo gu.tr ui La $1 1'" '-- 0 i-"" iv F. S. DUFFY, Druggist am Sole Agent. A; is S fC, PROPRIETOR OT ill . u.Lt ijtd MEW BERNE, U. O, Orders saliciteil aud given proper at pution, v.-i;h H&iisfaction guaranteed. PR. E. O. WEST'S NI1RYI. AY.. iJHAIN TKLT MENT, a SpecitiC ior IIy-tt-r:.i. : -I.Sui Fit, rttlKm, llffKlm-he, Nci-v.iij. in ,-i : uiimt c:,'i-V,l alcohol or t 'bacon, Wulu-f;:;:,f--, Mcmai IVj-tc. ii a' Softening of Lrnm. raur-jRir insanity, misery, deciij death, Pr-'n;;iturt O! i Atr?. r ten i: L. -- . Power in ithT stx, I nap. rt i-vt LuforrIjVp ai.-! . i emaio v rhKues-rs, Invninntary I.n-i-'. H" , torrhtea vau-ed bv rrirm of brai::. .-if : abuc, ovt.-i-Iniiui'.'eni.'i'. 6 for 5, by mail. With ;i Jowili r?end -n-ritton iri-iv-. Gunranteet i.-iue.J by i-uresSick ITpudri'-b", I;:.: Sour Stomach, l' iii . G UAK AN T IX d Lu- d A iimnth's treatrn. 1. to r- fMinl if ri-.t ..!.-.! i. vr.,sv's Livi.i, i n.i.s I.ivi-r Couiplainr, i-i'l Const iputiuii 1 uiy by F. S. DUFFY, Sole Agent. Druggist and t ot DKIVINt; e..cy for Also fur Kiiinleliiii mid lam IE mm Uiv UI hh VII AL 10 E . gys VERY A tilt-- h. M IC4 Mtor: r. IT A JI. I)., .ai, N. Y ., .1 ' !': . .Impart .. ';' ..f tli.ir exiK..ri ; : . - e . I til 'astori. ;.'. iy ailiul. o .f !i;.pl.,-s I.J...I ij tnuuii as rrifjiil.j y.-t w.'ir" Tr-'o to cunf.ss tliat tl. i--l-r..i wou to l.x.k we, i I'M. Kj K J.' '.f:i3P22S25S3 jute mm -A N I ' "r a ?ii ri!l and I'or rs:i U ly 9 Ha JONES l-DO YOU-I- 1 1' so Remember that we Need Money As well as the rest ot Mankind, AND UST HAVE IT! Ii'Mu''eiu ( in mam ca-es has t.-iistd to ; be a irtue with us, and if wish to i save trouble and expee-.- -u will please 1 call eailv and SKTTLM. We must have money to carry on our I .':-incs. j You will hoar lioni us hi t er. , Very Respectfully. J.C. Whitty&Co. TVo. S;5, .- a& tJ7 Craven Street. NSW BSRNE N. C. i i AND T A aQ K&t V-? M m i FARM Hot -e- im Hire. Sale or FxeUange. Farm and Wftgon Mle8 the Celebrated it Uugojc Prices L.iw lor Cash or Negotiable paper. J. A. JONES. South Front Street, Opposite Uastou House, New Berne, N. C. PRO FRHIONAL. UK ,7. J WARD. SURGEON - DENTIST- NEW BERNE, N ( onirc. in Duffy nuildini; - 1 14 Middle Street. " ;i24 3m Dt?. E. H. GOLDBERG SURGEO-CF.AL DENTIST. Ollii'c IJenry ISnilding. M ; i lie si net. Met u e li Ilriiii.l Mini l'nlloek North K)is ii)al eliuicli :i.l. Now Borne, IS. BRANCH OFFICE Jacksonville, Onslow Coun.y N C. DR. O. K. BAGBY, SURG0N DENTIST. ofl'm: Middle iiv,i. ,,, ,M:i, IJ.,piist l " i . i j . . ,. NKW LhJiNK. N. ( . DR J. D CLARK. NEW P.ERNE, N. C. iilli.i .a, Craven Sir. -et, lo'w.cn I'ollock ami broad. J. H, BENTON, M, 2, BD., 2, DMNTIST, i-:-NEV7 - BERNF. N. 0-:- Hii i : ti'. Middle SI il Fl,,,,,. i . . I. i . 1 . ' -i w ii,..iit r.nii . iii.- a - . ! N 1 1 runs ( .i.le ( .as. P. E. PELLETIe, Attorney At law. I'..;;.. . k Sun t. -,r-i r,,,iin ubov. fajm ci - .V Men I, n,fs llank. Will piaiel ii, il,,- -,m;. ol. ( rav(n 1 o l. i. I, .loin s. l slow im. I l-iimJic. a r nio u stuii - .mi t i New It). riu- hjmJI -lilllCIHC lloilll Of the S;,l,. WM hi CbAnKE, Olliee,7J Sout b Front street op posite Gaston House. ATXOiiNEY AT LAW AM D iicai Estate Agent. ; JNew B "Tie, N. C.; Oonnectiona. New Y i Tk. Boston and Canada. Timber lands Farm lands Truck laads Town Iol Do yon want to buy 1 WltlTE. lo yon want to sell t ;wkith SPECIAL. 100,000 A' lfs of Land in hiind tor tils, posnl. I ;i,-r. Acres, Tre..t rnitd, 0 miles ofcily. Timber and Truck. Mason's Fruit I have uii hand a large lot of Mctson's Fruit Jara that I "bought early while they were cheap. Parties need in ar Fruit Jars and! Sugar will do well to see me before buy ing elsewhere. U'-spectlulIy. I. I l'nrker, Jr. NO. 77 BROAD ST. SALE Piedmont -""v.. .

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