North Carolina Newspapers

" PER YEAR. - $j
Ses & kilt of iclTSTtissg Q
In vl ip Campaign in abovt to uprnru
Jyou should huhHcribe at oner .
$1.00 Per Year
Single Copies, 5 dents.
NO. 2(1.
rfCI iiiiii iff wli
5 In
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v ill1
-Briar, Mcervhauui, and Apple Wood.
Clewing ami Smokiug.
The Finest Line in the City.
; BP A irvnh lot Cakes ami
Craekera j ust Received.
General Merchandise.
Bo Yea fait a M
Walter A.Wood
w.- ...
Tubular Steel Mower leads all others
- ia lightness ol draft, weight of ma
chine and ene of management.
For descriptiTe'cireuIars or information,
Apply to
v - X hv jnst got ia a nice line of
CH1LDRENS Clothing
' fTban was ever sold id New Berne.
- Aho a new line ot late Style Hats, shoes,
- Jfe-. Toa will save money by seeing me
lie fore baying.
" - Respect fally,
- j J. HAXTER.
r, I have.reduced the
. prices on Lorillard
; 8nnft
. 1- ULKI CM,
"W"holesaIe Grocer.
B A JS K 8
Parmersfc HeTchants Bank
- ' Began, bosiness May, 1891.
Capital Stock, paid in, - $75,000.00
Surplus, - - 6,000.00
Undivided Pofits, - - 2.500.00
'DiTideodapaid, - 12,750.00
1 H. Outxkb. rresident.
W. 8. Chadwick, . . Vice Pres.
T. W. Diwey, Cashier.
" AiL Powwx, , . . Teller.
r.F.llAITmtws, - - Collector.
Tith well established connections this
UanU. ia prepared to offer all accommo
dation consistent with conservative bank
Fr.anpt and careful attention given to
We will be pleased to coiresjond with
those who may contemplate making
changes or opening new accounts.
. J. A. B2YA27, TSCS. SA27ISLS,
FresUat, Tic Pres.
0. S- S0SS378, CuUer.
Of New Berne, N. C.
Surplus Fronts,
Jas. A Bryan, Tnos. Daniels.
Chas. S. Bryan. I n. Hackbttrn.
Jho. Dxtth, 1 HARVEY.
G. IL Roberts, E. K. Bishop.
THOS. A. Ouu, Prea. C. E. For. Casliicr,
Wm.Dcn, Vica-Pre. H. M. Gaorts, Teller.
oy n a w BBRNt, rsr a. !
Tbe Aeconnts ot Banks, Bankers, Corpor '
stioas. Farmers, Merchants and otliers re
ceiTeti on favorable terms. Prompt anl care
lnl attention given to the tiitet est ot our eais-tomerB-
TBrOinaad Ulrich. E. II. Me.-i.low 3,
J. A. .Meadows, Chas. Duffy. Jr.
fSAmoel W. Ipock, James ReJmnnil,
'baa. H. Fowier, Chas Relzeudtc'lii,
William Dona, Mayer Ilahn, 1
F.. W. Small wood, Thomas A. Green, '
4ieo- S. Ive. C. K. Fov.
i3nilding Community
Ttaa Pine Lumber Company having jmt np
saw mUia adjoiuiiuf my pL-mini; mUU, lam
now ber prepared to supply Hie tiorao tie- .
mand lor building material ol every Jescrip
Moulding & Ceiling
Baring an experience ot Twfty Five
yean as a practical builder, I am enabled to
flit orders correctly.
Ordera lor Lumber dossed or In the 1-0114 h
filled promptly, and at low prices.
aCorreapondence solicited-
Bailding-Lnmber Supplies, Cor
ner Atmore & Griffifth St.,
JfEW BERNK, N. ('.
r: o-ibox. n. jitco
Estimates of the Ciop -It
10,000,000 Bales, bat
Much Less.
The factors
expect to do a larger busi-
nes-s llii.s year
than formerly, savs the
Augusta Chronicle, and are sanguine that
! last year's receipts will be over-reached
I if the prosed crop prospect- hold out.
And ii"'1 - nie. unforeseen disaster oc
curs bcuoie tne crop is gatnereii. it win
exceed last year's crop by a milium or a
million and a half hales.
These are the figures of eon-orvative
cotton men who have studied :t na
tion, and who for years, haw made a
business of stuJving the crop. Thev
lelieve the outlook is a great deal N-ttir
than at this time last year; but disag
with the somewhat exaggerated r
that have been sent out from annus
points in the South.
One r. port which gamed currency,
tli t", 'ii j ' tin' press it w i- nai':i out by,
- tiio t:-n firm- pl.i ! the . i:- ! 1
tins i(ar- w.-id ..t 1U.0IK 1 OaUs. 1 Ills-,
conservative cotton men believe to be cx
traragunt. Last year's yield reached
9eveo and a half million bales, and it was
not such a bad crop. This year the be.-t
estimates are that the total v : 1 . 1 in b.i'.es
wilt bo between eight and nine million
u rse
l!u re i- a ureal deal ot ua-
certiinty a tachtal to any estimate thai
; be mad.; ol lt.-j'.ur crop.
. .a e it is practically made, a storm or
au early frost might destroy at Last half
a million bales.
Said a piominen". cotton tnctor yester
day: '-No cotton man, no matter lmw
well posted, can talk with certainly
a'Kiut the cotton outlook. The possi
bility aod proUibilily of rsins and early
frost furnish so many wide opportuuitu s
for a change in the situation that it w ill
be several weeks before anything can be
said with detiniteiiess.
"The greatest danger which we have
to fear is an early frost. Such a calamity
might cu: off the crop to the extent ot a
half a million bales; therefore in speakinu
of it, it is nectssary to allow a wide mar
gin for such occurrences.
"It is just simply sues work to talk
about what the crop will be. We can
only tell what it is now. Speaking from
the present outlook, the future will k
good." 1 expect a crop of between eight
and nine million bales."
A New Keifistration to be Made iu
Third Ward
To JnmfKi A Tirvan. F.srr. ehairni.-in of
the Board ot Commissioners i t Craven
I hereby request that you c dl at once
by.six days notice as provide I 1 y law a
special meeting of the Board of Commis
sioners of Craven county, for the purpose
of taking necessary action lookiu:r to the
registration of the voters 1 f the 31
voting precinct of the citv of New T! r : .
Craven county, the rrg.stiatinn t., k 1'
said precinct haviii; b eu lost.
Also to take such action a- may be
necessary relative to the alteration of the
polling place in said precinct.
E. W. Small wood.
Notice is hereby gi 1 e,a that there w ill
be a special meeting of the Board ol Com
missioners ol Craven ei untv in the citv of
New Berne, N. C. on the 20th day of
September for the purpose of taking act
ion lelative to cnange the polling place in
the 3d Ward YotiDg precinct of New
Berne, and a new registration of fa; voters
of said Ward; and such other business as
may come before the Board. td
.Tames A. Bryan.
Chnnn. Board Com.
Died nt his home on the north side of
Ncuse river in Craven county, after about
twoweeks painful illness ot hemorhagic
fever, Enoch Fulcher, age 62 years, 6
months and twenty days. He was bap
tized by Bro. B. 11. Albritton, iu 1 1615 and
since that time has beeu a very consistent
member ot the Free Wi'l Baptist church.
He will tic sadly missed, both in the
community and in the church, but uo
where more thru in the home circle now
berett of his genial presence.
lie leaves a widow and three children,
ona son and two daught'TS to mourn their
May God's comforts and love lighten
the sorrows of the bereaved widow and
The funeral services were conducted by
Bro. Jesse Bennett. X
A. & X. C. B K. Dividend.
Xewbers. N. C, Sept. 1st, 1S9 L
Tiie Directors of the Atlantic and
North Carolina Railroad Company have
declared a dividend of two c2) per centum
upon the capital stock of said cO'Upanv,
payable on the first dy of October, 1x94.
at the office of the Treasurer.
tf K. C. RoKKRTs. Treasurer.
Under Gaston House, South Front Street, New Berne. N. C.
FULL I . i r 1: OF
d3ixc3iil Hardware.
Stoves, Carpenters Tools, Cutlery,
Table Ware, Barbed Wire,
Lime, Plaster and Cement.
fPersonal attention to the prompt and correct tilling of all
orders. 111S ;jm w,dow
Sash, Doors and Blinds. Stoves?, Lime, Plas
ter andsr'ement.
I State Fair Notes.
i Col. .1. II." Holt. Chief!
May He I state Fair, h i-appointed a cup
Likely ! assistants t' every mi tii .! tin
f the
:' lot)
i Mate,
all ot
will 1
an 1
' 1"''
i h a e a Ci 'ti o
h:ivr notified h
n: at the Fair.
to be mi
Kerry's W
crmis ii. v
The nio
the greatest alt fact
n.- engage I
the K..:r r
aid Mil- ai:i
Itie- ai.d err.
program tii
mid- is Hurl .V
ad n 1 vi t'U 111-
al t.-ntioi
than ec
purse- offered
field- of runni:i
Ivttcr than anv
w i'
' ' a . a!: i
11 N"I'lll I'.lI'O-
t In- turf editor
. In- 1 1. an eii-
. r - e i
I ' il l, r
i.-.i.i Mr.
of the i;
gaged t.
raci -.
M. re tl
., t
: n a
. ; t heir
t,a Fail
will he a
has over
co i rod
' ! i "en en
t exhibi-p-.
r -uivrb.
ix- -o;ne-!it
L Vl rv-
in all the depiitments.
The pou'trv v this year
spee-ia! f. atute. The . -cety
:',ii .:r-.v and itnprnved wi;
coop-, all i a' v, ha ii have aire i o
des the-,
a iiHUili-:
tor- w , -:;p
exhibit: n
an i t he d:-p'
thing hat w
b. .d v.
, ; r . , n e,
i, ,vl- w ill
let souk w .
-e and de.i
The Halteias
Light House.
We hilV
tempt i- ar
ana ai a.', d 'hit w
a tl.e .t
o ( rt, t i
it i c will
1 in i 1 o
light house at
be accordiiiL' i
from thus. ,n
tempt was uia
complete a ad
have also given i
v -cell :he previous at
w u res u lie-1 in s
; ta - . : 1' . ;1 1 1 1 1 Hi'
p. ail mion u'a.ea it i
p: naeed. Our Wa-lint
writes as I'lliow-
now propo
d t
niglon coi'ri-ii!
about the matter:
"The en,:a-CLi- ol
B;ard tell- me that it
to have a 11 overfill 1
tiie Light Hmi-e
i s mi .re imp .rtiUii
ol; ho.- i at ttie pro-
iectecl Diamond Shoals Liizht House than
a light Im cause no light has yet hocu dis-1
coverni which can a foe; for any
considerable distaace. lie also teils me
that the idea now is to bund a light iron i
structure instead of a solid stone one.
similar to that which was wrecked. So
far, the Light House Board has found
only a sand bottom for the light house. 1
I tiey
have bored in vain tor a rocK hot-1
"The iron light house will be erected
on saud in twenty feet of water. It is
uatural to suppose that it will be quite a
shaky home for the keeper nnd Dot a
very attractive place during the average
storm oft Hatteias at night. In spite of
this, there are p!e:ty ot -ipplic itioas on
file for the positi ai. "
Carteret County. Convention.
The county convention of Carteret
county put forth the following ticket:
House of Representatives. J. J. Royall,
of Moreluad City.
Cherill, M. A. Hill, of Beaufort.
Register of Deeds. .1. C. Davis.
Treasurer, N. W. Taylor.
County Surveyor, Cull Pigott.
Coroner, Dr. K. M. Clark.
Mr. B. L. Perry was chairman of the
convention, aud Messrs. Levi T. Noe and
Chas. L. Abemethy the secretaries.
The Beaufort Hrrald says the court
house was packed full and it was con
sidered a great tlay for democracy. It
calls tlie ticket a strong one anil predicts
a large majority for it in November.
vl S
pceia! to the Charlotte Observer
it General Ransom in his speech
a v showed conclusively to every
intelligent mind that the Demo
cratic party Is the oulv party since the
war that recognizes the South as bring in !
the I'nion; that the present tariff law is j
the . nly tariff" measure of any lienetit to I
the Smith and it also givei the people by
'.be Democratic party: lhat it saves iu the I
store bills of about 400. (M 0 head of land j
lies in North Carolina at least y'J ) to each
lamiiv. allow irg annual amount of store j
purchas - ,,t each family to be 100. a!
saving to tin people ot this State of ten)
in U lions of dollars every year: that this
administration cut down the expenditure
tue list ti-o-al year twnitv-eight millions.
forty -one millions up to tin present time 1
duting 1 mouths power; that th" Pops j
through their three Senators and seven
Representatives had introduced and Hik
ed to be made laws, bill-carrying appro
priations, bounties and other monetary
stipulations, in the amount "f oillions of
dollars more monev thai now existed in
ihe wot!!.
Not one pound of Scrap Iron
is ever used in these goods.
All Modern Improvements to Lighten
Housekeeping; Cares.
Twenty different sizes anil kinds.
Every Stove Warranted Against Defects.
Price not mnrh higher at thi time
than on commoner k i mis of Stoves.
Call on or addrcta
flew Berne, N. G. 1! I 1 LIE Its COMiKESS.
The Meeting in ( harlntte Fine Atten
danceThe State Getting llmr
ouglily Arousetl K isT'Tiie-s for
Hetter Roads.
The Chanott- Now-
net 1 1: server in
a the road C'oii
i a if tin r is one
a In r i m which
auh! v a :a.a-, d it i-
dleing the p I'n. r, i ::
uro-s in th it
. - 1
-'il'jvt in..:-.- l:
.l til I'al'n'. ilia .
road !'ii!;l:r,u
Alum-i :'r,,ia t
a ,
r 'ar. .hna's name in th"
statu of tin- ia . has i ,,
no . .nef . i vi s t lit:
A nioVLineut born
t : increase t!ie coaiai
lUte.a-;- nf the Slate by
1 i:iiriiaj;i
n .hi; 1
all, I
;- -Are
maintain. ug or go 1
over the tat,-. ra:.v..g -. i:ii a
In Infill ard,..- . : tie- : :a
tho meriii-ints a : aiaiie.-- uaii nl all
classes. The n. iie'i: of good roads cannot
be ovei'-rt:ui ,; I in the ;eo notion 0:
I ei-ine-. ii.;. . . : Tie-:.,: Mecklenburg,
fie pr. .gi na- : . : i : il mak.r.g .11
tl ;is State, ii'A . k. : , in a: eaa:i;o, and
the nuti oiiie , : li , ., AaAoaing wa- t'ne
s .'teal 1 : c '..-., . ". . w Inch ha:
-U cessfii! in t lie ; ul 1 hat I .-
".. ; I- ;iil t i.r till- l a -
a paee w i t ii t a , ; . : ,y . a u.t S
mad building.
Km m far .!! u. - a -lie ;- 1
ohjeet k's- e.. : 1 wiirai ii : -:-'el 1
niav wed ! k .11 1 leara
iv she
iind is
ite. in
I as an
With the ,.;,' a-'
about better 10 ids
N'O'th ( 'ai'olai 1 Si
wa- i.rg ani? ii. T!
hel' I in Raleigh ki
ll. .1- Iiievai',1. may
lotte. wa.- eirctei
Holmes, of 1 ) range.
v nf bringing
1 Carolina, the
d A-sociution
meeting wis
(icoiber, where Dr.
r 1 if the city of C'har-presid-ait,
1111 1 J. A.
stale (telit. sfcrc-
ta; v.
During the -uaimer l:. lee distr'u t convention-
have been held: mie at Raleigh,
one at Chapel Hill, and an ther at Ashe-
ville. Th' mtading no.v in se-ion
meeting ot
is t he s,v o:e
aiaia i;
the iissncl.:: j a
The sc'Con 1 ..1
was appointed lo be
September 12 and
with the call. 1oa de
the citv hall to di-
a: ..ssociation
iu Charlotte
and pursuant
assembled in
lie. vl
-s toads an
Addresses were made, ?on.e
and an inspection of some o
1 pel's lead.
tlie roads
made during the day.
At the evening session Congressman
S. B. Alexander stilled before the conven
tion the history of the Mecklenburg road
He told of the first 111 oveaient which
gradually rrystalized into what is known
as the Mecklenburg road law; of the tight
lie had getting it through the Legislature.
The House, he said, siemed determined
that Mecklenburg should not h ive good
roads, lor fear the contagion would spread
over the State. Capt. Alexander stood by
the movement though, and in the fice ot
strong opposition fought the matter
through, being assisted by Capt. W. E.
Ardrev and other Representatives. "That
bill." said Capt. Alexander, "was; not
drawn for Mecklenburg county alone, but
for every county in the State: it would fit
Cherokee, Buncombe or any other county;
it fills the bill for the sandy counties aud
for the mountainous ones. The bill is a
local one. It works the roads by town
ships. Kadi county can regulate the
amount of tax to suit itself. Some coun
ties can keep up the mads cheaper than
others. Kvery farmer is allowed to work
out his lax. This svstem is important to
the farmer. It is an eln-tie system ; there;
is no county it will not tit' ' I
"They." continued Capt. Alexander.
'confound the convict sy stem with the i
Mecklenburg road law. Lach county
snotild work its convicts the same as
Mecklenburg. You wlil meet with delays
as we did. Our work was at tir-t crude,
but we keep on until we have our magnifi
cent sy.-tem of to-day. We have gotten
to the point where we know what good
roads aie. and the time is coming when
good roads will radiate cut ot C nnrlotte
in every direction. This system can't be
kept up very successfully by just one
county: it must extend from one county
to another, forming a net-work of good
roads ( apt. Alexander was heartny ap
plauded when he look his seat.
Capt. Ardrev read a paper on "What
Have Our Good Roads Done for the Far
mers of Mecklenburg County" and show cd
that the good roads had made marketing
opeiiitiniis and oth'i' travel so much
ea-ier hr the f 1 rmer and had -o enhanced
the Viilu. ol ret! e-tale and the pleasures
ot country lite that former strong oppo
nents of the system have became the most
ardent supporters of its me mires and those
i to whom t
lie i 10 iiv,,vpmi'ii ts have not ver
. extfiide
ire clamoring for them and
bringing such pre-stire to bear that way:
are to be devised to an 10:1-1- the work.
Pigurer relating to the co-t w -re giver
by city engineer Butler.
The Congress nnet- next car in Hal
eigh. j would seem to be vacation enough for
. . anybody. Yet there aie those who want
,, , , , . . , 1 ' more and take it 3undav School
Peter .lacK-oii has tiisili down In?- '1--, OOP forfeit a:.d the fight Mwecll him, lunc-
and Corbctt has been diciai'e I oil". Cor-j On ti e 12th hist.. Secretary Carlisle
bett has givi 11 out a statement in regard j authorized the official announcement that
to .lackson's ivdisal to tight him in which , he would not pay any sugar bounty hut
he says: "I have -tared emphatically all claims Unpaid when the new Li riff bill
a'ong that tin- nrgr 1 does not want to j went into effect August 29th. The Secie
tlght me. Alter the punching I gave hi n ; tary's refusal to pay these sugar bounty
in San Francisco, where he was saved j claims will lie based upon the clause in
from defeat by tlie dastardly action ol'hU i the new tariff bill repealing the sugar
California club friends, you could not get
him into the ring with me with a haw
ser, iind no one know - it better than this
-ane Peter .lack-on. He refers to the
propostioii- made by tiie Sioux City
Athletic Cinh. icid -ay.-: -They have
agreed to allow the men to pick the
referee, who mint be satisfactory to Jack
sou. Now if tiiis 1 egro wants to tight. I
will name the men -a: i-t'u lore to me
now. The iollowing are tho aekimwl
edg! d n terct s of this curai : .1. .1 . Dnno
hue, of New. York: John i-lck I a -, It. ol
New York.-.lohn Duffy, nt N, w irleama
G corgi Silei. o! Chic .g : .'ohii K.liv. of
New York: Al mith. of .'v w York.
Anv nt 1 he-'- m- n
He" also s -an,
Jackson. I te .
tight you pri :i'e i .
one inont li,hv- n .,
: :-J:ieti ry to me.
la-ion. Mi. Pet, r
ialniy that 1 w'ii
I v. i il i tilt' u eek.
. a' 1 hive months'
otiev as you can
'li pi
o)M ill
I 111,
1 Uli's
t tile,
I urge,
ll' lis 1: li
tirse 01 I:. 1
a h ick. .n
in a eta1 ', on :i .
,. .ai any w here in
Iamks J. Coa;-
A '" Cast. "iria
tion is being made, lie drank some
brandy which was all right the night be
fore, complained of a bitter tast iu drink-
"" I jug it anil in tive hours he was dead. A
Children Cry for Pitcher's CaStOrla j frog inoculated with some of the brandy
died in tw o minutes. The coroner's jury
Children Cru for Pitcher's CastOria. i say in the verdict that death come from
,-, P r,,, , . , I poison put in the brandy by unknown
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castona. i Luuis.
. .I'l'KM.VtiS OF TH K DAY, I
Cotton i- being greatly damaged by
ec sive mins and heivv storms whicii .
h ie pievaih-d lor ten days ast in North
rrn Tea-. Complaints of boll worms
aie rowing hni ler and louder.
It ha- h aii ollicially declared now that
one oi th.; cases of sickness on board the
( Mt.-peeted vessel at Baltimore was yellow
fever, tie ot her cases some other disease. .
Tnere :- no: considered to lie anv danger
t'lrh-a ha- rilled J. W. Brown of the
K.fth disti'iet of North Carolina, proprie-1
tor of ihe (Ji-anite Springs Distilling Com
pany, sgno milking false en'ries in his
bonk- of whiskey production, for the
pnrpo-e ot deceiving Internal Ilevi inn-ollicei-.
(iabljy and Sapy are two cuinhdiite tor
office in" Kansas. It strikes us that w e
iilteady know these two Kansas statesmen 1
under th-: names of IVft'er and Simpson. 1
lisp, et:ve: v. -ay-the New Yoik Adver-t:-
An artesian web it Pierre. 1).,
spouta a combination of Water and gas at j
the rate of four hundred gallons a minute.
The water hla s for a time when a light 1
' i- applie; I to ir.
Mow to escape pay meiit of the income'
tax is the most ab-oi'bing question among i
the weilthy skinflints of the country, and
then- is little doubt that many of them
w 111 Iind a way.
A ill. mist ha- . iiscoM ivd it proeess fur,
solid. t ing whiskey and other liquors
into tablets like chocolate. Vuii can thus
eat yi'iir bao.eoi- dissolve it into ihpiid j
f. a m at your pleasure.
Tiie Jewish .Mes-eiiger sas. not with-:
out truth: "It is remarkable that a good j
many wage-earners wtio deplore tlie want
ot bread Iind no difficulty in -upplving
t ! it'ir 1 raving I01 beer.
French physicians report, remarkable
siit isl'm lory results in prompt relict of
obstinate nose-bleeding by injecting leir.on
juici, freshly squeezed out, into the nos
tri Is. atb r first cleansing llictn with pure
1 It is sometimes stated that none but
low c iste Hindus have accepted Chris
tiiinlty. This is combated by the Rev. II. ;
I., Mukeriee. who gives a list of twenty, j
; seven Indian men ot position who within
! tifteen months have adopted the Christ of
the -New Testament,
The Louisiana sugar planters who de
cided to Hop to the RepuLlican party be-
cause ike Democrats stopped the two
cent bounty t lie Government had bet 11
paving them 011 the sugar they made, are
called by the Philadelphia Record "the
bounty jumpers Ot politics." It sceais to
ue an approiinaie name.
A prominent Republican leader in
prominent Republican
Nash County states that he will work for'
the Democratic party siuce fusion has1
taken place. He can't stand the Pops.
It must be a bitter pill if a Republican j
can't gn :t. Washington Progress. j
State Auditor Roliert M. Furmati tells;
the As h 1 villc Citizen that the number of;
pensioners in Nor h Carolina this year!
will probably be about a "an. u:i increase j
of neariv -dO over last year. The pension I
warrants will be issued in December.
The action of the Louisiana sugar Deni- :
oertits is not looked upon as having ser
ious iaginluauee at asUinyton. J he
sentiment of genuine Democrats is ex
pressed by Congressman Hays, of Iowa,
when he declares that it would be the
best thing that could happen to the party
if all the alleged Democrats ivlu favor
bounties and trusts would get over into
the ranks of the Republicans, wiiere they
belong. Louisville Courier-Journal.
The Cliarlotte News says that Mr.
Jabez Myers, who was shot six weeks ago
by Mr. Fred Oliver, is now so far im
proved that he contemplates a trip to
McAdenville. The doctors on the li hist,
visited him at the hospital and removed
the wires from his arm. The iuter-dental
splint has not yet been taken from his
mouth but the doctors think it can be
taken out iu a day or two.
There are many .honest, well-meaning
men in the ranks of the Populist pari v.
i who have been deceived by men who an
I looking for office. These good, honest far
I mers and some of other trades have nil
the while declared that tbey are as good
Democrats as they ever were; but how
can they say that any longer? Now that
the Republicans have taken in the Popu
lists how can the3e '-good Democrats"
remain in the mix? Greenville Reflec
tor. The ( 'bines authorities prono-ed the
Aimaican Consul tit Shanghai not to
i cruelly those two sapecti d Japanese
1 spies who wire turned over to theui.
, They didn't treat them cruelly; thev just
i choppod their heads off. "When the Chi
j nese w aut to treat anybody cruelly they
j only disembowel him, run hot irons
J through him, cut him in pieces and take
I their time about it so he may nave the full
I benefit and note the methods of operation
j But when they want to deal kindly and
g, titly they just chop die head oft. Wil.
j A plausible argument is sometimes
offered in favor of elosiner a church or a
Sunday-school lor a season Bui if that
argument fe v. did and lorceliil. and then
is no good rawn fur keeping open the
pLce of religious instruction why should
the workers re-tune their tod '. Six days
nnd twenty hours out of seven days
bounty provision of the McKinley law,
which concludes as follows: -And here
after it shall be unlawful to issue any
license to produce sugar, or to pay any
bounty for the production of su-ai' of any
ktnd under said act."
Tlie 'Washington Progress says that
Mr. J. M. Carrowan. of Pamlico county,
ci'.ni up to that town to Dr. D. T. Tav
1 c. for treatment. That moniMig h was
bitten by a mad cat. S mie weeks ago a
dog went mad and bit several cats, and
later another dog went mad aud bit a
cat, but they thought they had killed the
dogs and cats which had been bitten. The
cat bit two children There is no sign of
these persons going mad yet, but it is
bard to te'l what the result will lie as it
might develop several months hence.
In the Pitt county convention ia solu
tions instructing the legislative candidates
1.1 vote for Hon. T. J. Jarvis for United
States Senator were tabled, it having
been the precedent in that county for sev
eral years for the 1 onycrtioiis to adopt
no resolutions of instructions to candi
dates, il also I iciug wel' k-'oan that the
legislative ticket was compos, d of strong
Jarvis men who w ould vote for him
without instuictioiis to t! at effect.
There was such strong belief that 11
M. Swain, the hotel pi oprietor at I lot
Springs, who died a tew days ago was
poisoned inteiitionably, that an investiga
Success Expected mi Next Trial Plans
Entirely Changed Work to Begin
Next Soring.
A -pi el:l !" th, K.iiei j'i XeWS;Uil
Observer -a' - t , : 'ii" pla!,- now being
drawn for the 1 iv i...n .; a glit-hou-e on
flattens Shoals alloceihar different
from the 11. prnpo-. ,' nif.uv. The pro
position now is to 0, 0:1! ill;, work when
there will be ih, h- ,-t iiouble from
stoims. and rough weath, r. The work j
will b.'giu some tiuier.ex; -pring. afiei i
the plans have been leec.ved and up- j
prove!. Calculating I'm 11 the past, it is '
emanated that th In -I we ith 1 I- in May,
so work will pr. hably b -gai tin-re next
The coll t rae'.o:'. who ;, a ie a iai.uie bi
ll, re in eri' iing ihe - e.d -ton.- 1 ii;h t-h. m-e
and i i-! a'.oa- s ; ai u.i , 1 ,,: I,';, owu money j
i- proba' ly the l,e ,- an 1 :,i-i,H' ill the
world iind never made a I'd hire before, so
a new plan is 11. av !.eltigde:-d
Where it ,n;,l base take .s-.-,.ii();).00u
to liadd the one of , , ,, jt . .! 1 ,k; only I
S p io.Oi i'l to :i;,. I the tlier. I
Where it Wnllld liaVe liikei. il '. e - a V- to
b,,ild the light-hoii- "a p... loiiii r plan
i: will Like on ly .!: .'.i' h - a . iniihi
the one now b, ing pi ;:!: d.
'fhe former wir.M i:ae had 1 onl
Iila-s fa' the waves to ii a! again-t. The j
one now presents but v-a-y little re-is-taii;
e, being a skeleton of iron frame work
which will allow tiiv wav.- toU-af;
through it freely.
This is ih l ew p an a-,,po-.-d which j
hits not yit 1; oil c-iiiplctcd. It has not
lieen submltt' d to the Hghi-house board
for approvid yet. co;i-e,piently it will be
some time la fore il e contractor-, for cx
cculiag the pl.oi-. w ,11 take 1 1 large.
The irmi Irainc work will be supported
screwing the if . a piling, six by four
teen im he- in -ly. . ai the ami. which'
Mill 1 j -unk Ion : ci :n tie- b t orn, and i
will tower about ltm ;' rt a'.uve the j
The kteiai-' iiuarter- wlil b-j verv
small ai cnuip ,r:-,:i '... ;;,,;: ar-jvided in ;
the stoiie stiuclme.
Since the last arrang -at- iisii'ted in
a hiilure there has rjeeti uaothcr -urvey ot i
the coast and another place h is bjen i
selected for the erection 01 the light-house j
now under c iiisidera'ioii. It i5 not so
far out, vet iii a more dangerous place,
for the shoals are never very far under the
waters and the continued breaking of the
waves over them m ike that place very
dangerous. But a r 1 id foundation can
bo naehe 1. This w.u not the case in the
old location.
It was doubtful from the beginning
whether the light-hou-e proposed before
could bj erected. It i- alan st Certain
that this one will be a il a short '
time ot' favorable weather can be obtained I
in uh'ih -,1'iie to ,:v the foundation.
J F. Rriiisoii and .f M. Xevvborne the
Nominees Fil l Proceedings,
The p. i.,;t'i Party - 1 at riul conven
tion of the Stii Di-tri' l met in Ciaven
county courthouse at mini Sept. 12th.
It was called to order by O. L. Hardisoii.
Chairman. (' A Conner w ;- appointed
The Chairmiin announced the follow
ing: Committee on permanent o"ganizations
W" C Heirington. John Mercer, T II
Saiith, Cv Thompson, Itatibr-n Hood, II
II Perry. "
Committee on credentials: Capt.
Lewis, ST Smith. JC Moore, Jno. A
Huffman, M Pulley. Chas. Sutton.
Committee on platform and resolutions.
E T Carrawav. W J P.-rrv, J II U',.'her
ington. K L'l-'rancks. M Bnllcy. W II
The tomaiittie on ere lenti is agree that
the following counties an ei tilled to
number of votes here in mentioned:
Craven county, '.) vote-; J.un- county, 9
votes; Onslow county, 11 M t-s: Carteret
county, 6 votes; Len ir county, 14 voter.
Greene county not repr. -1 ailed .
Committee on pcrma aent t'g anizations:
Reported: John A .firksni. ;a perman
cut chairman. And O L Hardisan. Sec'y.
and John Metcer, A-s't. Sect'y. H II
Perry, chiiirman.
Report of committee on platlorm: lie
solved, that we the repiv-ciitauves of
the Peoples Party of tlie sth senatorial
district hereby reaffirm our allegiance to
the principle seti'orth iu the Omaha plat
form -of the 4th of July l0'g. and ex-pre-s
our endorsement ot' State platform,
enunciated bv the Peoples Party in Ral
eigh Aug. IM. 1S1I4. II L Kranck's,
Tlie chairman announced the nomina
tion for senator in order: E L Francks
put in jjtaiuiination J F Brinson, of Car
teret county. Dr. Cyrus Thompson put
in nomination. J M Mowhorne, of Le
noir county.
M Pulley move 1 lhat the nominuions
be made by i.cjiauiation:
The nomination of J V Br'm-011 and J
M Mcwborne was made unanimous.
G L llatdison was elected chairman ol
the Peoples Party Executive Committee
of lie Sili senatorial convention, and G A
Conner wa- elected Secretary lor the next I
two years. j
Dr. Thompson moved that in case of
vacancy ot candidates that the nomi
nating power rest with Executive com
mittee. Second an I carried.
W II Smith chairman o! Craven couuty
Executive committee announced that the
county convention would convene on
Wednesday. Sept. 2Sth at 12 o'clock.
Mr. II I. Fianoks m On-1 .w- county was
cdhd for ;ia. I iv-non ad a: a K0 minute
imi h "ii iii - :-;:, - . ;' t he i 1 v. Ib- was
followed bv II r-iiiit.. a: .1' Dr. Cvnis
U A It TE R L X C 0 1 ERE C E .
Berne Di-ti icr, 4th Mound.
Swiudell, I'. E.
New Bertie District. 4th round
Swindell. P. K.
Straits circ't, Stimmei iieid, S, pt.
Beaufort stati. 11.
St. Paul's. Gnld-born.
Griftnn ciicuit. Edur ;'-
( rold?b'rn c't. 1 ho II p-o , 's Oct.
LaGrangc cuv't. Ti in" .
Hancock Si. Nee. Be ir-.
( 'elite: ill . New Ben e.
JO, U s e t'. So 1 - , GlMVe.
Pa a.'i .1 c :e';. iw.'i . N- .
C a- .-.,i,-;,i. M ,,,,,'-.
Moiehcad Cay.
Carteret circuit. II irlowe.
ML Olive circ't. Mt. Olive
Craven circ't. Lane's.
Snow Hill c't. Snow Hill. Dec.
:i 1.
1 1.
The Monroe Empt'ivr - ; s tin- arms
worm is making its appearance intha
county lor the first time in twenty years
Not much damage lias been done et but
fears are entertained that there will !e be
tween now and frost.
Distillery Burned.
About 9:30 a. in. Wednesday the 12th,
the distillery belonging to Mrs. K. B.
Ellis, w as discovered to be on lire. Two
buildings were burned the distillery it
se'd, and the storage house.
Mr. John Ellis, book-keeper and mana
ger of the business roughly estimates the
damage at a thousand dollars. There
wa- no insiirioice.
Seven or t ight streams ot water from
the water works played on the buildings.
The fire was a remarkably quick one,
owing to the strong east wind which pre
vailedbut the linemen worked well, as
thev always do. and all the property on
the opposite side of the street was saved,
though it seinied impossible at one time
to do so. A little loss was suffered by
the people moving out and the residence
of Mr. Bisnight caught, but was txtin-gui-hed.
The water did some damage.
A visitor to the city said he never saw
volunteer tiremen work as "ours" did yes
terday. They worked as hard as the
occasion demanded, but we have seen
them work just as faithfully when much
more ardent and risky seivice wa9 re
ipiired. Our tiremen are rightly the
pride of our city.
The Speaking at the Populist Con
vention After the buaniss of the People's Party
convention was transacted there weie
three addresses made.
The first was by Mr. E. L. Franck ol
hislow. He gave a condensed history of
linanci d legislation since 1 lie war. He
said -onie people declined you could not
legislate money into the pockets of the
people but that the Republicans had leg
islated it out and that it it could be legis
lated out it could be legislated back into
thorn. He found fault with the financial
actiou of the Democrats, and attacked
appointments that had been made by
Cleveland and confirmed by the senate,
and also the Tariff legislation.
In the main the speech was a good,
sensible one, with very little to which a
Democrat would object, except that if Mr
Franck could draw off enough voles it
would result in placing the Republicans
back in power with all the evils we en
dure 1 when they had the reins ot Gov
ernment. But there were a few things which Mr.
Franck did not tell. lie failed to say
that the Democratic majority in the Sen
ate was so small the defection of two or
three from a measure would ensure its
defeat and that it was owing to one or
two in the Senate that the bill was not
better than it was, and he failed to say
anything of how much lower the tariff
had been made on many articles in com
mon use.
Mr. W. II. Smith made a very brief
Dr. Cyrus Thompson, the Third party
candidate lor Congress, spoke at consider
able length. One of the leading leatures
in his speech was talking about Demo
cratic majorities in negro counties in
Alabama and elsewhere, and charging the
Democrats with fraud. He also advised
the colored people not to le led off by
what Isaac Smith or anybody else might
sa v.
Rev. J W. Rose's Home Mission Work,
According to appointment Rev. J. W.
Hose addressed the congregation at the
Baptist church Thursday night, making
a report of his work. Usually he makes
such a report every three months, but the
regular order having been interrupted
his report last night covered tive months
Daring that time Mr. Rose has preach
ed 122 sermons, an average of 24 per
month. He conducted the services at
eight different points, and in journeying
to and fro between them he travelled 900
miles, distributed 2,230 pages of tracts
and made 118 religious visits.
Wheal Mr. Rose, under the charge of
the New Berne Bipiist church entered
upon this work 21 months ago there was
not a church of his denomination at any
of the places he is serving. Now there is
a church at Cove with 21 members,
(when it was organized there were only
seven) and a building which was erected
a year ago, and which it has beeu wor
shipped in every since,though some work
still remains to be done upon it when
means permit. This was the first church
There is also a house of worship being
erected at Spring Garden, and an orga
nization will be effected there upon its
completion which will be the first of next
At Truitt's free church an organiza
tion has been effected ard a portion of
the money which went to build the
church which is as its name applits for
any denomination was raised through
the efforts of Mr. Rose and his co-laborers.
This church has 13 members, eleven of
whom were baptized about a month ago
as a result of the meetings held the fir-t
of August which were conducted by Mr.
The work is mainly carried on by the
New Berne church which undertook it in
addition to its own support and the other
objects to which it contributed, but there
has been 8100 raised in the field for
church building and $40 for other pur-po-cs;
while the New Berne church has,
in addition to what it has paid Mr. Rose,
raised $160 far :hurch building.
Results a iv coming and it is be
lieved that it will only be a question of a
lew months vihen their will be four
churches in operation, which are likely to
become nearer self-sustaining all the time
until they become wholly sc.
This is the true spirit of missions. Pass
nn to others as opportunity permits those
blessdigs you have received, and make
ihe su ritice that may be necessary. The
reward will come.
Notice is hereby given that the Board
1 Commissioners of Craven County, at
th. ir meeting on the 1st Monday in Sept.,
1N94, passed an order changing the poll
ing place at Fulcher's No. 2 Township
in said county to Truitt's school house
in said Township. Aud also an order
changing the polling place at Conner's in
No. 7 Township in said county to River
dale; said polling places will here after be
known as Truitt's School House voting
Precinct and Riverdale voting Precinct,
By order of Bd. Comm. of Craven Co.
sol m James W. Bjddle, Clerk.
"Plcked-Up" by The Joiirnol Which is
Always in "The Swim "
When the fire was raging at the bin nine
still, and near-by residents wen
moving out their household affairs,
Ada Basnight, four years old. was
solicitous that her doll be sav. d fim
fl ames.
The waterworks proved of valuable ser
vice on the 1 2th for the tiremen. 1"
hydrants were brought into service w hn h
enabled the firemen to easily apply water
from any direction.
The time is drawing nigh tor Evangelist
W. It. Gales to held the scries of pro
tracted meetings in New Berne which
h ive been announced for some months.
The 7th of Octolxrr is the time for Die
meetings to Legin.
Tlie steamer Neuse, now on the ways
at Berkeley, Va., for her annual over
hauling, is expected back the first of next
month. The steamer New Berne in the
meantime is filling her place.
A good and well attended meeting was
held at Fort Barnwell, Thursday. Mes-rs
Shaw and Thompson engaged in a
cusslon of the issues of the campaign with
good profit to the cause of Democracy.
The fire had one interested spectator
yesterday, Sing Lee, the Chinaman.
When it broke out he mounted to his
house top and from his high perch. a-strad
die of the root and leaning against the
chimney took in a full observation.
Mr. C. W. Keel, of Grant sboro. who
has teen attending the medical depart
ment of the University and also
studying under Dr. F. P. Gates of Pam
lico, left by steamer to enter the medical
college of Virginia located at Richmond.
The Goldsboro Headlight says the army
worms are playing sad havoc with the
rice crop throughout that section. In
many places they have cut the heads off
after eating every blade off the stalk.
They are reported also as very destructive
to hay and fodder.
A. correspondent writes us that the
Free Will Baptists are having a protract
ed meeting at Trent, conducted by Elder
Wardon W. Lewis and Elder Britton,
and that the Methodist are having a pro
tracted meeting at Mill Pond, near Alli
ance. There were twenty penitants at
the altar Thursday nighL The services
are conducted by the pastor of said
church, Mr. Jones.
Emerson Walker, col., was placed in
jail under a hundred dollars bond for
stealing chicken from Mr. Benj. Carrawav.
He stole twice but the last time Mr. Cai
ro way detected, and with the assistance of
Others run him down aod captured him.
He got back his own chickens and iils-o
two others, one alive and one dead stolen
from some one else.
The Southern Christian, published at
Atlanta, Ga, has a flattering notice of Mr.
B. II. Melton, who has just finished a
successful meeting at Mount Olive, Ky.
Mr. Melton is quite a young man, from
our neighbor county, Jones, and has al
ready given abundant evidence that, be is
an honor to his calling, and a worthy sou
of North Carolina.
R'gularly every fall a shipment of
Portsmouth, N. C, corned mullets travels
across the whole United States from
this city to Oakland, Cal. Thev go o
Hon. John A, Stanly, a native of NV
Berne who lias never forgotten their de
liciousness, though he has resided in Cali
fornia for many years. Mr. C. T. Watson
has just shiped Mr. Stanly a barrel of tin
finest. Joint Discussion,
Only an address by Hon. H.G. Shaw .
Democratic nominee for Congress, was
announced for last night, but Dr. Cyrus
Thompson, Third Party candidate for
the same office, being in the city 1 la
speaking was turned into a joint discus
sion. The discussion was opened by Mr.
Shaw. He showed up the absurdities ol
the Third party very strongly and defied
any one to show any good done by any
populist in Congress. He showed that
on the other hand they bad introduced
bills which would have called tor 35 bil
lions not millions,but billions of dollars;
showed also that Pfefer wanted all taxes
upon real estate, a pretty strong reason
against any farmer's wanting such a party
in power.
Mr. Thompson talked on many Ime
and covered as much ground as any
speaker could have done in the same
length of time. He said among things
that he had been asked if he would vote
for a negro if nominated and that the
purpose of the question was to drive off
whits men if he said yes, and colored
voters if he said no, but he said lie would
tell it honestly, that he did not believe
the colored men wanted him to vote for
them, that with rare exceptions he did
not think they were fit to hold office and
that for these reasons he would not.
As in the daytime before the congres
sional convention, Dr. Thompson charg
ed elections frauds upon Democrats and
predicted revolution unloss thev were
His spoech abounded in wit and was
enjoyed even by those who did not agree
with him at all.
Each speaker ably championed his
party, show ing up its merits and the de
merits of the other. They were speeches
from which voters could learn, but then
there were more personalities indulged in
by each speaker than we liked to see. A
broad discussion of the issues upon a high
plane is preferable.
Democrats have much to gain from
these discussions. Thev bring out ihe
truth and present it forcibly to the voter,
and with a proper understanding of what
the Democratic party is accomplishing in
! the lace ot maniiold obstacles, the victory
I that will be achieved in November will
1 be all the more grand and glorious.
Not Correctly (Quoted.
Ed. Journal: The communication in
your paper on September 8th relating to
Rev. W. E. West, misquotes me some
what. I did not say he was drunk in my
barbr shop or that he got drunk there
but simply that I bought whiskey nnd
beer lor him and put them in a back
room for him. I said he threw up but del
not say it was Decuuse he was
I hope the writer will slew- on my
name and elucidate on somebody else's
name. W. II. Siiki'akp.
I a 1 1..
You will find
as well as in
other parts
of the
Another Item in
iny part of the
Piper as interest
ing to the people
of tliis section as
that we arc
The Leaders In
5 AND r
1 111
47-49 Pollock St
We have about 15
rolls of Straw Matting,
which we wish to close
jout. Tf you need a
Matting take your pick
of the lot at N.Y. Cost.
We mean this, ay we
will close out the lot
and get no more.

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