THE JOURNAL. . 1. X.SHPX3, Fiopilttor. Local SaporUr. I frtXUredut tie Pvsi Office at Xev &nu, 2L ci itetxmd-eUut matter. . V ; . PEMOqUTIC NOMINEES. CBLATMI COUHTT OFFICES K Clerk Saperior Court, Wm M. Wfttaon. r f . 8hertiL W. B. Lane. a V vRgUter of Deds, Jap. W. JTr--,- Treasurer, Thoe. Daniels. OouCtble. 8th Township, J. D. '? J 1 1 FOB CHIEF JUSTICE: v Jamea E. Shepherd, of Baafort FOE ASSOCIATE JUSTICES: Walter Clrk, of Wake. - - JmaaC. MaeRae, of Camber ' ' aad. - Armietead Barwell, of Meoklen batg. . FOK STATE TREASITSES: 8am al McD. Tate, of Barke. FOE BEPSESBHTTATTTES In CON- OESSS: ; , First District W. A. B. Branch, of Beaufort. " : 8eooad District F. A. Woodard ; af Wlhoa. r Third District John G. Shaw, ' af Combertaad. iFaarth District Char lea SI. l: - Cooke, of Fraaklin. ; . Fifth District A. W. Graham, v af Granrilla. - v Bixth District Jas. A. Lock : lart. s SeTenth Dirtrict John 8. Hen- ' dervoo, of Bowao. l Eighth District W. H. Bower, xf OaldwelL V Uiash District W. T. Crawford, 4:t af Haywood. r 1 FOB SnPEBIOB COUBT JTTDES: Z , Third Diatricfr Jaoob Battle, of 1 Foarth District W. R. Allen, wX Wayne. navy blue, black, brown, modes only a little while ago we could barely meet the demand at 50 cents; the price is 25 cent." This is not all; he says he can now eell blanket for $2,75 a pair that he was compelled to sell at $5 a pair under the MoKinley law. And so it goes. All wholesale dealers must and will do just as Wanamaker is doing, and there will be parallel reductions all along the line. Another sign of. the times is shown in the willingness of the people to hear argument and listen to fasts. Two years ago Populists would rarely give a Democratic speaker a respectful hearing. Now it is very different. This writter has recently addressed a very large audience in which Populist were largely in the majority, and he takes pleasure in publicly ac knowledging that be was never treated with more ooantesy and consideration than he was at Trenton on last Friday. The Democratic party has great reason for encouragement and the people abundant cause for congrat ulation and rejoicing. W.VSIIIXUTO GOT BIS DUES Eight of the Democrats from New York in the House of Rep resent stives voted against tbe tariff bill. One of them Mr. Haines, of Troy, was overwhelmingly de feated for renomination a few days ago. His vote against the tariff bill was tbe issue and the Demo crats of his district expressed Reed of Maine train-lie I ' ' lie Presi dency His Hei'flnmii I k lt out P aces II. in 1 1 ii i t lianeen Improve .-. i n' ;r Fight Atlaiilii ( i ii Expoi ion. Since ' he big ictor iu Muiue, the Tom Reed reim'i'-ann here, have put ihemselven m tiaiuiog for the litt places under the tiov ernmenr. Keed has a large follow ing in Washington which is not confined to men from his o u state. These mm compose the most jub ilant ciod j ou ever a. They are devoted t ihe lures of the jolly and cultured ex-epenkt-r and helievo firmly that he will in tbe next President of the United States. They are also claiming tbe next House o( Representatives. All this however, is an empty claim. The new tariff bill has made nearly everything cheapei. John Wannamaker, one of tbe h'gb priests of Republicanism, is ect tering hi advertisements all over tbe country in which be admits this and solicits tiade on tbe strength of it. At Democratic headquarters the talk is iu a very different strain. Reports icceived there are are of an entirely differ nature especially from the great West wbeie the redqcion of the tariff is looked upon with eapeoial favor. There is also a slow, steady, and sure business revival all over the country. There is also an increased confidence in the integrity, ability and sincerity of Grover Cleveland, three attributes without which no man can successfully stand for very many successive years before the people ultimately find out what a man's real character is and by this they judge and reward him. Every day adds to the popularity THE POKTIiY Ol 1,1 HI, Look A bow 1. ill's Routine In St , m s I lint Elevate anil I. Ii cr. Critic have otten eouipl lined ' ' hi r, i le too aian. -ei it.lerw . , , Out thert .t.e justa good rejoin for ;tsserf i nj; there are ioj uinny scribblers in prose. The truth is tht thewoild bus its prose and its poern thoroughly mixed, .nut thej ate tbe happiest people who kuovi how to iJietiDnuish the one tn.ui tbe other, and propeily to use both in the alTairs ot life. Vniiiij; people, who have been well c m il lor, look for the poetry of life too earne-ti,1, , while the matuiv sons ami daughters of toil, who have to plod their way though the world, have their thoughts fix ,1 to.) strongly upon the prose t! every subject. Still, uaturer if. every where filling with both the etui fiioulii ! Hi i I-N I :l"sl',N !! lie .ii . .tl e -I I ' I- ! I .1 ti.e N .'t In lirll nleii n SS I n Mi.M OI' I A V. I ; l ' I lie I 9 Stock their oDinion of it. All thiB -a- in Trnv thA nlarfl of Mr. Cleveland. The people trust I V. I m Thuo m a rr nnf nlural'B a.crrua K ll- r,lTI -"-J " "J " m " withhim bat thev always know mannfactorT is loaated. VV nan tne ra hirv, n a hn vxt . . . . n v m J IIUOL WUCIO L ' uuu uiui. u M lialL ' Wilson bill was before the Senate never deceived them. I veoture to "S.Hw ttt d r, .n tha leadine obstrnotionists were predict that when this administra- JrZWT 'kman d the Senators from Mo-.ceases to exist Grover c.eve- Jl , lJ . , . . tt t . . land will be at the bejgbt of his A WBII mm -Vw aat ww wa i q w A. U -V BiiU XAUlDtauai ill U I - of Boa com be. ' FOB SOXJCITOB: For solicitor aecoad judicial dis trict W. K. Daaiel. Third District Joha E. Wood axd, at Wllaoa. DODnlaritv pheyof New xor insisted upon a great many Kentucky clerks protection to cuffs and collars ou have left here to go home to vote account of the ereat manufactarv for W. C. P. Breckinridge who was at Troy, and now the Democratic perhaps t he medium through which . . . m . I IIUOJ KUl 1UIU UUiUUi Jiepreaentative ot tne iroy, ais- : aai i Ann Kl i nan wan fnrnpi FoarU District E. W. Poo, of trict. who ODDosed the Wilson bill in! nf thA QtafA llnnarfmAnt. tn OnnStOB. r I an A vntaA fnr ' rrrotantlnn. la rlo- I malra rlu fnr PAnrllnron ICintr of V.M n;.t.u n a D..w.. t I r , - , ' " mu.i,m Iwww dm I . . j , ! . : ti . i fin MfnrH T luirn thin rnnnhllisnn i ie)u lur it isuvuuuaiuui, ta ubo i u-.v.. . - -r iwihiwi - I . . . ..... I atxtja ha ill ant hair t m n vaaru ci-.l r rt hi .r omt h arlnAi. Ann othAra Ii k-A him I e.- J ' OUIH vumw-v. ai wl-" I V.ano ,rwl nn-, nit an ns no a. ... , ijj t I aa w nuvi 10 uwn j uou vujwjku - IWillWjyiUUin mUtUUJO UUIU. Urat.n Thin ia thA wav thAW o..n m..i.. vt m -T I . . . .1.VI..IU-. - j J DOIWIIIIIUUIOI a.A.ouowi, HOW abont ljOniSianaT I'M hi... Who ronlr. rill nrnhahlc anr 1K 1 I V.V.W..V ..... (.VUV.UPJ " - I n.nA.lalinnn rf Ilia PannhliABn nrloa thMm tiizawii-istrict-t.iaorY rj. nmpcr, 1 - s it i- ,nnrta tha.t Mr ThA. KlathDiatrlct-W. W. Barber, recent mainfesto of the Ixaisiana - n".:" n " c WUkaa. Isnrar nlanters. that a majority oflT,- ..iiiimoH t J.enin XilStrlCt W . I. eWUlia, tka ... minimuaniin frnm that I mi. r vr v-b- nr, 9s lAiawaiU iBfatj. will Ka Ronnhllnanli ar I ia nn of the wealthiest And ablest. I YKAftt. WVWWV " - I - aoomeu to aiaappoiatmenii. ' of HerelandL c - Twelfth - District George Jooas, of llaeoa. Senate Swift Galloway, Greene, Dr. F. A. Whitaker, Joaec. of of republicans in the Empire state Louisiana is overwhelmingly De- tho' ift nf th nnn ft. H would moccratic. The Sugar planters tha8 poti himself ia traipug for I constituting an important part (still higher honors. of the wealth orodnnin? ele-l Much interest continues to be L.n. RAtiiiiioiiVa nnmnwin- felt here in the outcome of the . . - senatorial fight in North Carolina xvuniuBiMs, not more nnmeroas than the rice -aked me what I knew about it ASUaaiacuas -aUBigaaraiita ary planters, WhQe removal of the I told them I oonld not tell how fraathar." bat he ia sot wise who I Scanty on sugar is offensive to the Legislature was going to vote zivea ao head to tha aims of ihe ni.ntu,. it ;a .iWn, t I but one thiBg I thought 1 knew 'S-.. v - Lw : r ; f ; 6v better an my alphabet and that I lOO wvBWII U1U tllM lUl W UU I . iivn.ri. Him n. nrilT hairs One of the signs, as indieatetiof Jsee no reason for taxing them to two democratic senators, one from , penaaaeaey i deaioeraticln.T a honntv to the snear Droduo. I the east, one from the West and priaciDlea. la to be found in thel.r. Th tariff at whie.h snyr that there was no dearth of "Sen- MMntisM tDiiMnriitlM ofl-i.- w.i ; i I atonal timber" in either section ot .IIZJLkJ:: grand old commonwealth "j iijoanuana. a. great majoriiy 01 Tt ;a rcfltin on th attain SilTer, BBonoyofthe Constitu- tne people of that State are tore to intimate she has onlv two men who sCloatbaahas always, been fostered tQe Democracy. It is ridiculous can represent her in the U. 8 T Democratic party, now to gappoee that the electoral vote Senate. Any intelligent Doy iU champion, in all partiea. Lf Louisiana will be doubtful ia 0J"" n U'SB1 j . . . . , I uabilUb lUKUb w w oouaiucu w tvwawoii it mo wh isy. Too picayune says: "-it admit it. m weir .Boitcai system, ana ne- will be added to the Democratic TheCktton States and Interna psblieaao a turning to it tojooianm nBnai , and the majority tional Exposition bids fair to be aaver tbemfroia otier and :r-lwiiin larca " Ex-Snator Jones OI ore Denent to tne ooucn man SAtriarm.hl rain . , . ., , , ,, I any movement of recent years, recrievtvoie roin. Ihaairiven his disgruntled fellow-1 J . n . ... rk- t. .....I .. . . . . secretary tioae omisn is maaing xaa waanington i-ost MJ"- citixens some good advice, from Aami.iiv atrnnons efforts to "while it ia nndoubtedly true that which all disaffected Democrats make the Government exhibits the free-coinage sentiment baa ams- ia-rn wisdom. Hetells them as extensive and as successful aUbacer bold, on the Democratic tht if tnv h.v inflnnnM nonh aa po"b'e, Through the medium . . - .1 " O rha I f 1 1 1 2 I party than on its chief opponent, to -W MV conereasman to reDre- Zl ine eo'g,cai y' n . 'TT. . . . "iw eiecs any oongTBBsman so repre- averv flnft nhowinc made of ,u. , ,eni mem in waanmgxon, -tney the mineral resources of all the Cainuf streojrta in tne latter. 1 (tie congressman) will either be Appalachian region vaa tsepamican newspaper in IjieDabhcans .who. on every ones JTew Tork City shows a decided tjon bQt ngar, will misrepresent leaning ia that direction. One their constitnents. or they will be .!f?" whowiuLeOf.cUlReporti.Hl.hlyCreHiUbl. Jl . S I I caNa( va iree eoiaage pia- enoe with anvbodv. and who will form. ' Both the Senators from to com Delled t flock bv them "WM ' a. m. n a I uunukyi ua ex-opear Miveg, In the mean time, the Eed are qaefsd as being strongly Democratic party, Peeing them- OUB NATAL RESFRVE. to the Tar Heel Marines. Washington, Sept. 14. The re port of Lieutenant F. H. Tyler, who was ordered by the Navy De partment to attend tbe evolutions lacUaded to eonciliata tha Silver geTea abandoned by the sugar ' the North Carolina Naval Militia, extremists. - Frea coinage is the L,rt1nr. wi,i ahaon thm , indicates the remarkable ntility baUeery of the Republican candi- their turn .and thev will be left for Governor of Kansas-" fpiH .nmn.fhi , I " '"- " " "J wu.x..Q i - ie:ioan Jiepuoucaas, m in lne wnole Dolitioal fieId 1 ' taeir state convention last week States which like Louisiana and adopted a financial plank in which 1 Carolina have suffered from j and importance of this arm to the naval service. It appears that the battalion needs drilling on board regular men of-war, but it is comi etent to use the monitor Nantucket, which was loaned to the State of North ttey demand the free ot Eepublican misrule and rascality Carolina by the government, with snlajrsasa saw. rha satlA ar IK 1 1 anrl I ...... I w . 7 silrer at the ratio of 16 to 1, and pledge the candidates of their party to support the cause of free Saver. Bat no less significant is the are not going to trust that party out any outside assistance. Tbe again. vessel was put in commission by tne .tteseive, at v umington, Aug- Destructive Fire In China. nst lztb, and proceeded to South- The engineering department over hauled and put tbe machinery in fair condition, and is especially, . port, one of the Reserve lienten w . . I T.anc ICin in tho nMtint nf H a pno-iug luo vcooci, -rutuu Wa .... " . .. " . Ohnon hfl. hAn vlaitH hv a. nnn. I "uucl """J jjmil vi mo tiujo nu uiul sx ue iemocrane policy 01 carta r ;'. r ' j - flagration which has destroyed rexorm. The tariff measures in 2,000 buildings. Over 100 persons ..Vi: .J;rJ" lVr'' 'tr:?: V::wu!Z commended as to its efficiency u,,w rTT Z;Jr. u J. ni Z7 The monitor was in bad order bgtiitttm 'iu attribatad the I the dead is tbe wife of tbe Gover-1 , . . K . - T nr. n Shnn TTin whn iArt rrtw, Muou turuou uvoi iu i-uouj, uuu uao cettrsflsion in trade, ton nnanclai 7 . . " , """ w I fri i ht ThA flnvornnrla hnnaa nan etnu, ana au iu outer eTiiaibnrned ana 8everai temples were reaoltlng from vicious Bepublican destroyed. The loss is estimated policy. Bat to the alarms manu- at 10,000,000 tael factored by the partisan enemies of tariff redaction has succeeded s halcyon calm-Oonmon sense has Caia resumed its sway, and the most significant proof of the whole-1 reaction is the promise of oeen thoroughly repaired every where, except in the turret mac hinery. This work was done by tbe militia themselves. When called upon for active service, at tendance is compulsory. At one time the Newbern divesion was Malijraant Yellow Feter In Nicaragua. Washihgton, Sept. 14. The called out, and was ready in a few snrgeon general of the marine hos- hours with an attendance of over pital service to-day received a tele- 90 per cent. The battalion could gram from the president o the be landed ia Norfolk for service on board of health of New Orleans, a fully equipped vessel in about 24 the late champion of jfeKialeyism stating that the health board's hours u tha aw tariff klniuv. medical omcer at iJluenelds, JSio-l A valuaDle experience to tbe . . 1 araicaa, reuorioo ua epiaemic 01 1 miunia uarioe me evoinrn'ns oc AVery wnrra UW ycvyio o T-nnw ffiB4,r of ml icrnant tvriA at nnrrrl whAn at. miHnitxl t I h i-p. eeinguie oenenoiat resuiu now-1 Managua and Granada, Nicaragua, sel dragged her anchor about ball ins; from recent tariff legislation. land that a strict quarantine was a mile. This kepf the crew on deck lev days ago we were asked to bow a single instance of beneficial results to the people, and it was emlj necessary to taru to John ,'Waaaaaxer's advertiameut: being maintained at Bluefielda. Mere Lynchers Indicated Memphis, Sept. 14. The grand jury tnis aitemoon return lonr mora inritafmAnta atrftinat nfiranna -jTWjHUBiwirw wwi ana believed to have had a hand in tariff influences can do to put the recent lynching near Kerrville. prions on a low level has beea The jurors believe they have every h njiM than d bum n tad in tha man connected with tne Dusiness handsome new dress staffs that Ln Jur WI" ujwuru M--uiuiw erowdins to the counters Trv dav. This flftr inch serge, A. a. C. R, K. stockholder' aeeting. Sn lata-aa.ilaek: and navy Woe. decretory 's Office, Au'. 29th. '94 worth 0 cents br any measore ol The 40th Annual Meeting ot the Mock- Uolnmbia, working with the until 4 .i'clock in the morning, and cbey had to work all tbe forenoon getting under way and clearing a loul anchor. The report 1 hfi'iighout shows that the North Carolina Reserve would be ue8ful in real service. and the entertaining am try to get onr shape of e As we travel over t!. pl.uns. witb a Jaded horse to r-.w our vehicle, if we watoh tlu wheels grinding in the saud, or sinking in the mud, while the miu nmrs its burning ia,s upon u-, we i-liali leel ujQcb of the piose ot hie, but 1' e will hold up our head and look at the $;reeu fields and the broad meadows, with then uiiend. iDg varietj of flowers, then v i- ei some of the poetry ol hie to clit-cr us on our journey. II we are travel, i ling in the bill couutry our wheels may grate upon the locks- ver 1 monotonously aud we may get! many a'n onplrasant jjlf, but we must uot look too steadily at our road-be-J. We must lift our t es olten to the giander sceDes nr. ui,d U8, precipitous dill's, the towermg oaks, iu wbot-e blanches are :,-.;, carolling bi'ds, bobbliL brooks, ! the mouut'iiD rangts that seem to rise iu infinite variety of forme, all furnish us something to ca:eru. plate that will levive in us a poetical mood or a train of pleas-; ant rtllectiou. Beauty and sub limity are spread around us in this world to cheer us in our toils, and ' distribute the spice of life along' the paths we are compelled to j travel. If we were iBOte grateful for the j pleasapt 'things, aud less com-' plaining of the wearisome duties we bave to perform, we should find 1 more joy find less sorrow, and j thus the burdens of life would be lightened and a well-spring of bap-j piness would be found in everj heart, from which to draw tbe poetry oi life, which was iutended to sweeten the bitter part of cur lives. We should therefore feel like encouraging those who aie trying to set tbe poetry of life to music, tbap people may be tarnish ed with songs to cheer the gloomy hours of existence. K L. 1'EBKIXS CAT ISLAND It iCES 1 i,.-.,. bavn-g ; ,:( Stllll;li.. hi- '. T'ie ru . tV'i siici'o. : 1 i.i : . for t ar . ''.- ; td a ! .ii : ;n .1. con i. i . 1 1 am t h 1 1 - e vv ipl'.t :, .- eh an 1 1 n last cic 11 d"ii n-i n .t, Tin- I' CDlln: Ii ,v- --' III I'M r I 1 . 11 i-ii . a hitii- 11., i-Vfll III .1 ! party man u good j 1 1 u k 1 1 1 1 from the ail n 0 Km: Wi; 11 t. mill : i.l .J ,'ADE- 1 n; Jem r WENT all Flcur. t flciiir made. OVH Furniture -:-Emporium i ;ii 11. ii ,p 1 1- 11 Ua Hi!, IJ ii ,,,.. FA?,-LY GROCERIES, Boots and Shoes. &c. il.- a 1.. ; Mil I'll -1 h .1 M; NT I- I I 1 ,-. .s-i -.1 ' ti !i ! , u r r. a 1 ne s 1 11, e 11U ei.ii :i ies is lit i- kl.e-i r,, u k- Ill, : i . i- Ulldt-1 Roberts & Bro., ''' m ".v.i, ..srrrrfo.xs. . e. it'll w lit li H was merit eld I! e l i;. d .he 1 1 nee. em Pop and Kad How They Started, YVbat Happened and the Finish EOITOB JOTJENAL: I thought 1 would give you an account of th races that came off on Cat Islam in Bogue Sound. There were three notable horse; in the neighborhood, the owner of which had bragged on them so much that we concluded to 'jave them try their speed on the Cat island race track. The neighbors were all invired to witness tbe affair. The crowd was in the spirit of the occasion and at the appointed hour, Dem, liad and Pop were placed at the end of the track. Dem looked to be in good plight and seemed eager for tbe race. Kad look as if he had seen better days, and tbe loose skin about bis naiiks indicat ed that he was not fed as well as formally. Pop looked high beaded saucy, but he walked rather tangle legged. The crowd impeded them all very colsely, and many prophecies were uttered in regard to final results, Aunt Crecy Ale Cormic went to the other end of the track to wave her bonnet as a signal for the start. All were now on the tip-toe of excitement. The bonnet waved. Pod made a plunge forward as if be would go through the Hue at a single bound, bnt be as suddenly staggered back to bis first starting point. After several luuges for ward and backward he tipped himself and fell, tumbling his rider clear off the track into the mud at the side of the road. Bad went forward with a snort indicative of being wind-broken, but made fair bead-way till he got half over the track, when he tum bled and be and his rider were together in a pile in the middle of the road. Dem led off from the staitin fine plight and an air of confidence, and with steady gate, without a single balk or misstep he reached the end of the track amid the shouts of the multitude. The friends of Pop stood in utter confe3ion. Those who had bet on Bad looked as if they bad just recieved an invitation to a funeral ot some dear friend. The friends of Dem all bad a look of satisfac tion that indioates tbe fulfilment of their expectation. Uncle Mike MacCrackin, combines the qualities of a philosopher, looked glancing over Lis left shoulder and dryly remarked, "Now boys, you see that's just the way it is going to be at tbe end of election day iu November. Tbe Pops will get nowhere the Kads will get about half way, and the Dems will go clear out to the end of the liue without a break." The crowd then dispersed amid an uproar of laughter. Quill Driven. tO lie llll r up a .,!n. . , noise. U e ,i;p!1 : t lie 1 111 pre - -1 "' . . er 'i i.iir .u ( 1 . 1 be li 1 st ei in 11 : e. a rea I in. ..!..: in h:s 1- -u A i 1 , he ijn.i trd d One nl the -e 1 t ,1 , i , 1. CU-e ol -11 -wiideli "We.!, ii. I ,1 1 tii;- 111 !i; 1 : i- .1 r- t , , .. , j bl under ! lie I Ii. p : . ii- ii,' J ;j liiui.der .-.roni .: , .. ,-i 1 lie lii'iv ill ! I. u.- .1 pe.'lii-. ie I the lightning, hat I !ia e hii.c learned that 1 was 1111-i iken, i 1 c u.eludt tl lhif I Willi d 'iiuiitl. i lens and ligutea the inoie.'' Our impie. Mill) is the Pop. will disc .ver the Millli' iiiiht its i-u tl;f ni-Xi 1 See: 1 in dav. Tne: e w as a I 1 ; ge attend Trenton on Ki tl ;. las to h joint di.-cii i i.tween Mi.y.'iaw, and J).. Thompson. Mi. 91iaw. could noi rtiteud ou account of sickness in bis family, but Gen. C. A Battle, was present and tack led tbe pi pull:, giant and kept the.Hi iu the middle ol the road to the sati'taetion of us all. The wta. bi'i was exeesMvc-lv warm and tlio enure, h iu-e was p icked w th all the political shades, while a largo crowd could not ge; in ; hear them . The pops weie as generous to wards the Bepublicaus iu the distribution of the e.j'tices iu Jone; eouuty in the funiou as the Dutch store keeper was whttibe invited his customers to call at hib store and examine Ins good cider when they caiied ho called lor bis sou John 1 ) i l:ing dot rnoog" which he tilled to i ;e iiriii. drank the con cents am! ii.eii t unit a t Me ens ill r, N.i I eep MALE PAMLICO AND FEMALE INSTITUTE. ' ..Hi! MnlR'W.ill. . (' ii 1- under the in il.-iur 1 I' 1 5 Ve;il 1 ,!i i'l-tructi'Hi "mid .1! iiei -j iy.'ii ler 1. jlfl'l- lir.-l- : IK V III 1111: n wi 11; v u vi:, ( hiiiesi" Deft nlcd I n, lliivtln (l Soldiers Wlm M ni ili ivil siounry lixei nt 1. IjOSDjX, tSenl. I.. I tin a M . -1 UeNliaCIl to the Central N.e s ag-ncv Irom r.ce at 1 Tokto, sajt: New., his i,,e:i r, ceiv 11 tlieied from Fiisui, !ln' a Japanese corps inintii'iin:. I: t - engaged ,fi)( routed the enen y .i Sing-Ghuen. Another despatch to the O-utrai News agency from Shanghai says that six of the Mir-ivor" of Chinese tr -.op., ,ip Chean, wnit:h was wrecked ar Chetung n inle en route to For 11 o-a i 'n i,Ho sohli on board, have am ve.i. Tiu-j ie ;r! that 200 pens- hh on Ooai.i w.-ie diowued. fiie d.-Np.aeh nays iii n no news ha.i tieen received 11; Snangbai irom Curea since 'the skirmish of Angus'- IS b, when the Chinese were d'e lea's d with the Ions of oOO men. The murderers of lltv. James VV.slie, the Presbyterian mission ary who waa recently killed at L;o VaDg by Ciu.HKe s -ihlters wh .le they were 0:1 their way to Corea, have been execated. i.l. I '.. I 1 X , 1 ' 1. IT1I1. '; mi :i,l,lles 'v :,i,d Tl". I! iili-im. N. ( Tor insey Seminary ---Folt KI.S AND YOl'.Nf, I.ADIUS La Gram;f, N. C. ! ;mi';i;.'P..- in Litem ry, Art a 11 I Music ' li n! liliellt- L'n d. 1 .:- 1 or.ipi to in priees with oilier V'i'mi'- nv 1 1 -1 1 inlvaiiliige.o are eiiii-ider-ie '''it eseel-. Building eiihirred unit di in on 1. 1 lunnitiii'ies I'ani- -l"'-l NN "til i.e.v )'. ; II 1 i I lire. lie. iiimiv in n-i:v Those 1' 1 eniarkeiJ: ;o -d culer "elm,- you don't smell tomer, a blief dot s te moog" Did mi' the R-public.-ms get a tug snjell wiieu they gave them F. F. Cr-eii regis'er aud J. VV. Lran cot o 11 sr. t'ove I'or res pond" nee. Six cent cotton ti opening. Mr. N, -M. Arnold ot Lima re turned home Sunday . Kev. Mr. Ljwis lined ins ap pointment here Sunday. Jlr. L. P. Taylor left Monday for a short visit to J-'aison, X. C. Messrs, C. P. Arnold of Lima and T. U. Avery of Bellair were in our midst Saturday and Snnday. Miss Annie L ine and Mr. S.iji Moore, of Fort Barnwell have been on a visit to friends here. Messrs F. '.. II. Davis and A. E. Wadswortb, of Peifoction returned home Saturday from a visit to friends in your city. The young men have organized a base ball clnU wiih .Messrs. 11. W. White and O. L Wethei ingion as captains and Mr. r. J. Har.kins, umpire. I'rayer meeting is held in the Methodist Church here every Sim- day night. Mr. John Charlton will conduct the next meeting next Suoday night. A full attendance is desired. The protacted meeting cocducied by Ilev. A. L. Ormand in tbe Meth odest church here closed lat Sun day. liev. J. W. Rose left Friday to begin a protracted nig at Vance! oro. Miss Jennie v Miss Pearl Ipock, Messrs T. B. Ipo. Boberson left also ! snigiug at luc meei 1 11 (.; j p'e eontinuai iy In - ) lion iv tjomu' ,:: .should Hi Ai'omaiit: oinpoiiiel jrrcat siivngtli ;i;el t! '.' ! : I k I n '( I. I 1 ;-ii pv,j,i : 1 1! -id: -I.miii- r i:: ES, Weak EyeS 3fo More ' MITC A Cor'.....-, SORE, WEAK Slid INFLAMED EYES. ..... . "'.'VI i IT fM -4 Ol' ihn 1 lo-i.rn K as: 3 Filiy-iiiird Annual - - ok l'nncin il. F TERQ Session ST. M1 S0H00L P.alsigh, K. 0. -l;K. INS SEPT. ;20TH, 1894. A'i'll". - tin; KentuI, REV. 3. SME.DES, A Norfolk: College Ivl L:ir- c!k :m'st ai in" Knsle 330 STUDENTS IlnilHillill t.i'inii.'.i. r. Sli-ll.l I lent, M'l-ir, ii Fon YIIUNli LADIES i lin-i equipppil Collet n n irinia. -23 TEACHESS in-ei'.e. N'ciir Old Toint :t : 1 1 m I Ilniii'-, $'.i,(Ki0 IJuiMin .,:-. elf. 1'JiK'n! ion. Mcnnprriiplij-. JT i rll 1 -i-, .1 ,ii: -l.llf. i..viunai' : .;nii-1i : . '-.n.I lor Clltillolll 1: ; t" e-1;' IV 11 expenses, write :a:2 ve Remedy (or Prntfurlu Jtetstori if-' Cures Trnr i,r Tumors, U:-.; '. AND PROiV AND Also, Mjn?--;i- OttKT Dllllli'lri'fl, Fiords, J:i!;-,.;rs, ' " - a it i .- n 11c as, n net ;.- ,y.'tt of the old. in:!laiion,Styo . .1. ::ih:d Eye Lashes, !-:.- i;l ICK RELIEF -VNKNT CURE. S., Principal, Norfolk, Va. THE E,T0I' C BURNETT Business OoLleges l;i;uir. Are I lUIK'lit Id., itini ;i-hliiglou, I). C ire 1 ti) jr.-t- their student the li 11 ley " Oil !l will be a successful oue. uid b : J. F. duct the We lit pe i! Swansboro Corresiioudpnee. Mr. Edwin Watson one of our mer chants here, returned from jour city last night, wlune be went to buy goods. Mr. D. J. llooie, our polite and popular merchant is coming agnio come to see him. Capt. Tom IJartly is out upon a drumming exposition this week and last week, guess he sells lo: ot goods. Politics seem to be brisk for the soonness ot the occasion, lot ot impendant candidates a we hear. The Kads and the Pops seem to be in confusion., without the Oon." and the dark'es don't eeem ii tie 11 nscI in K.veii ran J leers. Fever Sr.!! Itboum Files, or Kiifri ioritiilainraalion oxlsta. alvn?:f ;;;;e. SOLD i;Y ALL LSRUGGwiS AT 25 CENTS. Can You Read The Future? Do you know what your con dition will lie 20 years hence? Will your earning capaciLv be equal to the support of yourself and family? This is a serious question, yet, you could confidently answer "yes" if j-oit had a twenty years Tontiae Policy iu the Equitable Life A method which guarant-. es all the protection furui.-htd by any kind of lif insurance, .'i-.ul iu addition the largest c-;sh returns to thuse p. Iicv le.'lders lives :i . ; . longed, and who : n luoucy rather th- 1 : .vt For facts aud i". a;-.., .-..'.;...; rel if ( Uliee, li.uik. itnd Counting- !e u--e 1 i aelu e m a. I ; heir ilotaiis. J.oiu nii'i i .veiijivu t-;i' rienee lut- per ecte.l !;K'ilitie for the liighe.t develop ment of Siuressliu Ln-un-ss Men and In- tellii'Oiit Citizen Weekly' l"i tr.ii Coinmcrciul J.tiw. Current Kvent-uml I inportant Questions of the day. slvuth ind and TypeWrit- ng courses iiiie.xcel.iii. Day school open 'he entire rear. F..1- lurtlier p.uti' tilars eall on or mliiri'M. A. It. Eaton. na'timore & Charles St?.. Baltimore, Md. Or I. II. Drill ino, 12th cfc 1- !-ts., Vasliinjrtou, D. C THE C0LD1EM UNIVERSITY vr a s n ix g ton, d. c. The Preparatory School opens Sept. 24. Thorough preparation for the Colleirc, lor the ientiiic School, for the Xaval and Military Aeadtmio, and for business. The ' CoiicLre opens Sept. 31. Full classieid am! x.iintitic couises. The Col lege is opt. n to -tudents oflmth sexes. Kntrance c nuiualions on Sept. "Jl ami 22. The Corcoran cieniilic School opens Oct. t'ie y-seve-i eioics-ors and in strnctors; ttvent v-three full depnrtinents; luelvc lull coui-.-es ol study. Sjiecial stud ents admitted. The Law School opens Oct. 3. Twelve professors, mcludini; t wo Associate Just ices el the unnen Snaies .-sujiii'iui- voun. The THIS FIXE RATTAN ROCKING CHAIR. At Suter's for $ 1 .50. Also the Lare Rattan Advertised elsewhere at $2.r0 for $1,75. ri;iu:HASi:i) straight no-ion lot. Largest, issf and Finest Stock of Furnitue of al! Kinds Ever 'Drought to Hasteni North Carolina, and at liOOK BOTTOM 1rices- .1. Hiitor, South Front Sf roe', under diiittawka Hotel. 5 HEAD HORSES AND MULES" 50 RANGING FROM 4 TO 7 YEARS OLD, And Weighing From 850 to 1450 lbs. Each. Some oxtni lino Drivers in Horses also adapted to all juirpoReB Exceptionally line Draft Horses and Mules. A full and complete line of Buggies and Harness always on hand. l'.lue Front Stables, Middle Street, New Berne, N. O. md f 1 Medical School opens Oct. 1. ill is lour vcar-. Thiity professors !).' RODDEV. For the Ca? :il School opon Oct. 1. Scv-i--. 1'iHisu d lacilit'es. t! '-'. e year-, en lie Sehoi'l open- let. t ..ev.'.necd i nst :n i t i 'Tl ;ire ol t.. M. -V.. M. S.. C. !-:.. K. 1). :;u;x desrriptive ol these ev . Address. ;oj:i.i:t II. M vkti.v. Set t'v. to ktiuw wlut to join the '-Pern - st iv in line with 1 the "liAdn."" d.- vr hut her to P or ' 1 e,mms. Died Snddently From Cig-aretteg. Lancastee, Pa., Sept. 14. The body ot Barry B. Johnson, agent of the Anglo-American Saving is Loan Association, was found on one of tne principal streets ol laaf niahr. ThA jm i i.. tufM noiaers oi me aiioduc anu xorm tmo- oner s iarv renaerea a veratct - iMiIrdorftt 1ms the orioe is 37 i1? v ComPany wllVbl,ld, atf death from excessive cigarette .MwaOf BB w prioo ia af Morehead Citv on the Fourth Thursday T.i. i Mnta. nM, mai I muniiK. uuuiisuu.uiuwu.i.utrai, "ThU il vool esjnel'i halz serge (td F C. Kobebts, Sec y. ' constantly when not sleeping. (rone With all the Funds. Pittsburg, Sept. 17. Can. -r lV Levato, proprietors of one nf tin half dozen or mote private banking aud exchange institutions in the Italiau quarter on Washington 8tr-e', bave disappeared, fiking wit h t h-m all I the fnnds on tl - poult, unionising to about ii',u(i0. All y entei i1h . i.i-tt night anil t his morniDg, crowtis ot loreifjueis swarmed about the vicinity of the bank, anxious to liu.l some one upon whom they might wreak theii veugeance. The defaulting bankers disai- leited Fridav evening. Toe onl propertj ol v.due iu the jilaee i now In tbe hands of a constable who levied upon them lor rent due owner of the budding. It ia sup posed tbe defaulters aie heading for New Orleans and officers in that city have beeD asked to ap prehend the guilty pair. il t- ---ii n'ARXIXO 's troul.le nhpad 'iv getting thia. that your blood is impoverished, and your ui'.'ins deranged, so that vi::irever ou eit foils to proiicrly nourish you. And just as long as you remain in this condition, Consumption, Pneumonia, a.-.i; tbvr .Scrofulous ana dae.i'ious liisouscs arc lilely lo fa-l.'n upon you. .'ii bUoiiIU build your self up iviih Dr. Pierce's Golden Jit dieal Discovery. I'lu-ifv and enrich the ius.1 every organ into natural ac .! build up healthy wholesome, ilesll. ei... T t r Vl. Jl (J- ( , J., . u . I'r. ii. v. Piebce: Veer Sir Wo have used your "i; vf.D." jp our family and find nothintf else to ei j ii ul it. One of our children hud the pneuiii..iii;i, and one lung: become consoli dated, but by the IN.' of the "Discovery" she liaa entirely recovered, and is now iu good health. ! i I AT T. J. TURNER'S I P- vt r jr -T r- - A H ! I v.-?w-.pair i7Kia:-v -.- ii:. --. c :ia x ' rv- i i ji. ii. . iiYA'rr's Kinston, o o- Diseases of, the Eye and General Surgeiv.- blood, turn. net-ess,'-! i o s: o ZD Notice to School lencliers, There will lie a niei l:Ii' ' i eoniiuitlec of ,,i. 1 l.iwn-h:) O. I-. Kice. Meudotn, 111., writes used your Japanese Pile (.'tire and it a sure and permanent cure.-' II- in Yaiici-iiern .1 tl.e pu on Satunl i v, Vt r ' ))UI piisu o: ell I ''i.e. : ' U tlitf nut -eii.-.o1-. Tl-o-c wi-hi: - a - u... iiiii- ition tlial iln-. :n in i'- wh'.ie u ufln i' id di nine o K t'oairetl al (0, two n'.-lni-ii. e in. K. A. Ar-K'iN. Clun'ii. ,0 ii-... le he! .o! ll.illH t, for tin - iir tin CO ifc3S:-7-i-' -V"!l t (- P m H 4 iff r 2 K li K b-T &424i slS at g -s - -r-n. jt-mw J&i: . . ' - -1 & f-' x K .tfl-:5Wv v r ft j mi: tg ?T -4.- nis 1 1 J - fb re N O O 3 Graham Academy, MarsMHierE Carteret Connly, 1 C. rairni... Iia inu thcitlseh e.-. i 1 bi- pi hildre.n ttiey wish to educate, or Yotm Men wInIiIiir to educalo used to learn that this school is the .. m ike up; Meeting f..r I have Just Her.ived 5 Doz. mors of those large Rattan Rockers direct from the Factoay. 72 Middle St., Mew Berne, N. C. School in Eastern North t urolinii. Aided by the Methodist church we prepare 5 oiiik men or ladies lor College at a total cost ol HAUVJ&IN IX I ...AHts l'KH MONTH. 'J'his includes I'.OAltli in the Hoarding Hall ; Tail ion in any branch ol Study; l.ijrlit h, Kuel, Washiiifr, I.aundrx -nm, el. . Mnrsliallbei'K is 11 nuiel eoniitiy lilace Ten MllnH tuni ISeiiulort. Tin ei- t. hu rehes wit li Sunday .Schools regularly conducted nein . No llarrooius Hillianl rnunis or ol hri- leinptal ions, l'lenty ol tlsh oysters, etc. ubonml. '1 he st hoid isiimv nioi. M 1 1 . bait s can I'll I er al an y time and will be charged Irom t ime ol enli-i ijm 1. 1 . !. isc (l 1 1,,. i ci in, I leeeiubt-f 21st , 1SII4. Come and gl e us a trial. We can 1,1 AHA T K V. ATlsKAt Ti i . Kor 1 11 it her i iiloriiiat ion , aildrrss with stain petl enve- KUV. W. (J. A. GRAHAM, A. B., UniUara Academy

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