North Carolina Newspapers

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Price: $100 JPer Year.
Single Copies, 5 dents.
NO. 36
JSf ft flSI L 1
11 hi iii nir
vM -
, Ar-" v v.-' ; .... , ,
' ' m i .,.. --..oj
for' Infants-and
- s . . i
It u
tr tWi WiU. It wOI uw
- C t 4a dtrey W .
Cart la allay Twwmrimmtmm.
Caitaila yumte l May 8aar Cmra.
c ;- r Caataria alrr T tHag Ti M .
taa afceta ml
OayUraa aaiahi
kmk ft tm Ja.t a. gaad 1
Children Cry for
- atihn aaaHky aad aataral ml y.
CaataHa fa yrt wm la -! Vattlaa aaly. It U mat Jd la talk.
1 t allaw aay a ta aall ymm aaytalag aUa aa tka alaa ar pwalw
; , . -v. - -r-j Saa taat ywm rat OA--T-Q-B-I-A.
-v. , ., . Wholesale & Retail Grocers.
Jobbers of Lorillard Snuff and Tobacco.
' .iyrie3quartra for Ground Allam Salt, which we are selling at
the extreme low price of 59 cents per sack.
fEIoor we bay direct from the mills by the Carload. It will
pay job to aee as before 70a bay.
;? .-.Ifo, 71 Broad .Street, opposite Stewart's Livery Stables.
.--:'"I'.Per GMton Hoase, South 1ioiiI Strict, New Berne, N. C.
'f'rx. - FULL JtrVK OP
Ctoves, Carpenters Tools,
Table Ware;
.C ":t Lime, Plaster and Cement.
r Personal attention to the prompt and correct filling o( all
orders. mg3in w,dow
li-vH; Cutler &
R Reed's Fine
.1 1 1 IIstb Jwt Arri veil
JUo laeW of rrJUGLASS and COg
laea'a SIMMS, al a lull line of
v s r-all taer grade.
rif' XuS goods were all purcljaaerl
Woe the KKat avtrnnce in Wm sod
bt aoid at old price.
j Wm kT k lew picres oi mil wool,. 44
' Henrietta and Serge
ivSacka and Btars, wiU" be closed oat
, - v ai M e?Bif per yard.
. T1t buyer who trie lobeat you down
Ja s prioflghter.w Anok.
Some bnjers will try to do that
very tblngv bnt aa near aa possible
ye try to haTe one price and that
the lowest. We do not think any
buyer won Id bare the conscience
.after aeeing one of our 110 en its, to
' flak M to take less. We think they
Veold be perfectly satisfied. We
Jure a nice Bine Suit, guaranteed
all wool and fast color for $10. That
down's anything in the city. Re
member na for Shoes, for Hats, for
Ties, for Scarfs, for Socks, for Um
bretTas in fact anjthiag in our
xatrxB rAKe
s SSsEfexm yskxi-oar Lemon.9 300
Xaiuqr. 'kC1-a-e3. XTtxta,
Na Nunn 5c Co.
w r donBTi ,
m. t f U without
y fog IhU ad Cfclldr
CliUdru Ilk It. It
tlub 11-r. I it Mothf. kT.
amd rUtmUaoy.
earVoala acid t fMrnamama air.
ayiam,ar athar marootle pr.pgi ty .
fmmi, yaylat th. .taiaack aad bawal
wiH mwtr mwmry pai i...r
Pitcher's Castorla.
Barbed Wire,
Not one pound of Scrap Iron
to ever oaed la these goods.
All Modern Improvements to UjkUi
Baaaekeealas Care.
Twenty different Uaes and kinds.
Every Stove warraatea AgaJast Defects.
Price, not morn kipher at this time
than on conunoner kinds of Stores.
CaU on or addrtm
Co., New Bene, H. L
So I Wear Pasts
We have some stunning values In Men's
Boys and Clill. lien Hals tin J Caps.
I Still the .talk ot the Town.
0rLlllan Kusael) anil Trilby Felt Pail-
or are In the price ss cents sells else
where at 1 i5
Bargains In BIX' K and BLACK
ew he rne barg ain house
ew Deknk Dargain Uouse
nri.. a i.tnlvi uMiiin for
Blue Dress Goods We
have them, a collection of
"Things in Blue."
dfPrices begin, for all
t"y wool, as low as 25c.
per yard.
MU llttlC
book oa
Kid OIovm,
W. E. & 1 S. Tito & Co.
KB, xr.o.
ulluuli mmiji.
Iii the City Kim. mI Vicinity,'
I Umkrrrd In Brli-lly Told.
j Another cargo of 01 s'pr arriv. .1 '
by Hie l,ottie. '(-apt. Frui'; Hal1. tr.Mii
I Beaut'Tt lor shelling Uc trie'. :
The firran''eme)ls tor the bicycle races:
at I lie ()ks hilii) srp lommtj nil nicely. I
' Tl.e proraiiian will U- Hihliliril in n ,
I few dxys. I
i Mi .! Hat--helor. rnnv-ssini; lor the i
1 O, ,hn-" Frien-l. is i i tlic city Htoiiu;
:it i lie ChaituwkH. expects to work
in New liMH- ilioiit. ri wiek.
! Mr. (Jeorv-r- I,. li:i ln
i hosen bv tin- Ciiii is H ink to Ik- iu
i ch .ri ,t the Sl:ir Cl-atiiu t-tab!isli-!
j Tlie Kin -tou Fr.e l'ri'S m " Vtoln r 3 1.
civw tliU iteiii: Kev. D. II. I'etree, the
'rve pa-tir of Ibe Christiau cliuiih. will
I l-sj'U h.. year's uoik hereby jir.ui Imni
I next Sund iv inoriiint; nnd ni:;lit.
We ropy from the N. w York Fife- j t rnl apartment- lie inl .h s pi. i r, the
ineo's Hrrald llus uior lit; its lUtcunt fl diparl nic-tit i-ontainiu I he e:m les tor
tlie At'ant i FueTi. ic's races. It will bcjlni-i. ami liariK roon s lor liaice .
iiolict.l ilmt the New n b v 1 eiel j ui n-e and for iJe-s thv offices. Wiui;;
full ii-edll lor Itit- s; jdi'l tt'.H l''.cy 1 apartments for m-lp'.' XC.
oiade. ! To p irtii ti'ariz - more tully. this buil.l-
We notice sonn
ion ill v
sized Beriiiuda cni n ol t e wlote vauciy
at Mr. .Ja K. T-cy orb. t he e ar.- -piri.
n en- aiiioii'j ihciii wlreii weitih tier :i
pound hii I a I'Sll at.d m.asnie ver a to. t
in cii en inference.
Messrs. John V. Wanent n nnd Pres
ton Hasel have foriiifd a parire'hip b I
carry on a t'rrh n raf bus;ues-. They I
have opeued in the 1 'on' siall oi l
the Watson iV. Dani. is nirket. They I
nron s to keen evei'vlhiD i'.i thiir line!
in season.
A uooil numler of our citizens took ad
vantage of the cheap rules over the A.
& .S. C. U K. and weut up to Sells' cir
cus. They pronounce il un. x -ellid by
any they ever saw. Fine performances
were voin on in three lings at oiie. nd
1 he menagerie w cwvl. The erowil in
attendance was estimated al eight to
ten thousand.
Rev. U. S. CrowdV-r, of Avon, and fam
ily, alter spending a couple of days visi
ting the dimly of Mr. V. II liishop,
lelatives of Mrs. Crowh r, left on ihe
steamer Neuse to obtain tnatiiiiut for
their infant sun who was pania'.lv pnra
lvs.l during a spell of sickness. Mr.
Crowder erpics to leturo in alx'Ut ten
doys, Mrs, Crowder s stay will le leostli
end. Telrpha.r In Oaeratlou.
The telephone fer'iie started up yester
day with Miss Mollie Davis in charge of
the ceotral office during the day and Mr.
Willi Salter at night
The service, in the mam, was nil right;
there were a few little irregularities found
in some of the phones as may be expected
in the first starting if abniit any new
affair. These are receiving attention nnl
everything will quickly be adjusted ami
the whole system be running smoothly.
Where auy oue Oods sr.ytiiiDjr w hatever
ainli the company desires to know it so
that it can be remedied. Word can le left
cither at the ctntial otjire or at Mr. Jouu
Donn's store.
The New Ofrar.k Ckaaul,
The steamer Gen'l Thorn, Capt. Dave
Rolierts, came up Friday Irom her usual
n.onthly trip to Ocncoke. Mr. W. II.
Chadborne and Mr. Owen Fulford, one of
the inspectors, came up also.
There have been two dredges at work
on iherhnnnel. One oi" them, the Bish
op, on which Mr. Fiofor.l was inspector
was laken on" Friday to to Norfolk to
h ive a new biler put in.
The work on the icw channel is gctlioe
on finely. Inaie.vdiys ur re on'--ha!f
tlie width of the cut will be completed ah
the way throuah. T' 1 chrn el .s in such
condition now that i un begin to be
used The Gen. Xh. in i .ssed through
it this I rip.
Petition lo Cnnug-e the Sebednls Bach.
We have seen One nil Mgned I'st of
petitioners containing : out i huudre l
names, mostly of i u. bn iie-s men, re
questing the autliojiiis f ihe W.
N. & N. liaiiroa t' i hinge it
?c-hedule back lo tew .y it was
prior to the reoen. c. ang''. We knew
irom the start ilia' f'e f . Iim..' in Ne w
B'-rn-? was strong'- ir favor of the old
schedule and since t ie . . ang ent into
effect the prelercnee ha. r.-uiiiiesied itsill
ereu moie ?trougly ha before.
For ihe Odd Fellow. Orpban.ce.
At the session ol the Grand Lodjjp I. 0.
0. F. of North Carolina, it wa- detidtd to
raise 10,000 by taking each Odd Fellow
in the State one dollar for no a.'.diiion to
Ihe Odd Fellow 's Orphan's Home at Golds
boro There aie 480 Odd Fellos in this
cil v. nd we learn that they have plciged
$800 Ai their part of the amount ueeiltd.
This is very generous on the part ol the
' Brothers here, and we learn that they
will give eveu more, if ntcessary. Wil.
Valuable Lumber.
In a speech at Raleigh fair last week
Col. Wm. Green, in speaking of the value
of North Carolina timber, said that in
Watauga county a walnut iree, some four
leet in diameter, w as sold u it stood for
150. Sawed up into veneering it was
sold lor 1,400.
We have given some articles recently
shotving the great profit that would be
made in the course of a materially long
term ol years from land plmited in Wal
nut trees. We have no idea that many
trees could be grown to sell as high as
this, but they are always in idledemannd at
and there are large tracks 01 good
Isuda in this State which could probably
be put to no better Use than to plant ibem
in walDUt trees Ic the course of a lew
yeais several well tim'ereil acres would be
worth a small iortune.
The Cherry Point Lumber Company. I
Mr. Milton I'eddicorde of ihe Cherry j
Point Lumber Company wos up to the i
city Friday. He inlorms us lint 1 In y j
rave re-sit the mill, puttn g it in a some
what Ixttir location, though 1 lose to
where it slool before nnd 11 has started up
cutting lumber lor the honse to go ovir it
and for a tiamway that is to bo built.
Wnh fnir weather it is a question of only
a few days before the mill w ill be iegulur
ly cutting for market.
As our readers know, those comprising I
the company are new comers iu our midst I
and we are glad to find that they are well :
pleased with their new home.
Acting Solicitor Ward.
On account of it conflict 111 the
time of
1 holdiug Superior c.tirt Solicitor W. K.
Darnel will be unable to attend the term
of Craven county Sop. rn.r court which
beginc Nov. 2"lh, s(, he has appointed
our townsman, Mr. D L. W aiu, to act
his stead.
Magistrates and ot hers who want
information can accordingly obtain it from
Mr. Warel, instead of having to write to
the solicitor.
Beauchamp & Beach, Luftiula, Ala.,
writes: We have b; ndled your Japanese
Pile Cure for two ye .'s now aid can cou
scientously say it has given eutire satis
taction and is a go d seller. We regard
it as being the best thing for Hemorrhoids
or Piles that we have ever sold, at F. S.
Do fly's.
HcmiMlt'llt'd iiiut Enlarged.
A t omplelc Culnklliiliiuent or IIh Kind
A Itxlel l I iiuirull'iil Arranff
mriil, nl Kvfrj lltlnifjlerlinlnc to
I he Bimiaroa Kepi In Full Vnrlety.
The lniil.litnj-ot'.l. V. Stew art's liv. i y.
side an. I !. I sia'.lesol this itv
h ive ju-t Uvn e'llare.l an. I improve !,
have Li. ii in nil- int.. as i. .vena-lit a
p'ai e f -r -ii. b jmrposes ;i - i iui. n..bibly
tie foiui.' anywli' i'.- iu I not only coii
venieiit, but tlipv lire tiiii.iln .l in a -t le
Unit make it a -how V ami alll icuvc l.iok
in:.' business place
'u iurv mi Mr. St. wart' laii;u bni
n - iVvjii' i . s eon sulcr i Lie, me. buil
dings cover 118U leet. I'l.ev i X
l. n. 1 tioin N . CS l-i to No. 7i Broad,
s; n el.
flie main tMi;klin.' ij one with a t.el
linr.l double t' ibles. It contains ov-
I contains all the bu-imss except the
. ' buji.'y and h iifes. the p nntinq
aul r. pirniLJ deoai tun n' an t the black-
sinii b shoi i.
I he heathpuarti r- of the '.u-ineS" arc in
the centre of the Iron, puilioii ol tins
iiKttii l.uildiut;. au enclosure ol five 1'oouis
beiu jiariitiou-.-d otf l..r it. The two
drive-way i ntr: nee- to the building are
on either side of this cenird business
part. Ii contains three distinct oHic. s
the middle one is the general office, where
the hook-ki epir, Mr. V . N. l'cj-h, who
looks after the u-ii.1 run of busine ss i
touuel; to ihe right ol the general cilice is
another, desii-nali d as the waiting room,
aud to the hit is the private office, where
Mr. Stewart receive, and attenils m
special busine s tranwactnu9. Each of
liiese offices has both a street entrance
and one Irom the oemral offic e. All are
neatly tiuished, aud supplied witti all
all necessary tipjipmeiits; ill
office especially has in en mad
pr.vate ;
comfortable, cozy, pl .ee.
There is a sleeping room lor white help
back of the private office, and the blanket
room for the blaiikes in use ii ju-t opp-1
site back of the waiting room. I he I
harness in use- is kept in an apartment to j
the rear of the i fnce which h .separated I
from them by a drive way.
The eastern drive way leads to the
stables propir. Tie tine i hi vers ud
draft horses are the first encountered, and
they are a splendid lot. Back ol them in
commodious quarters are strong and well
conditioned mules, and the crdinary
work horses something to suil every
body. The western driveway jjives entrance to
the department wheiethe large nuijjber of
vehicles for hiring out are kept. They
range irom ihe elegant $00.00 larrmge
aud $75.00 harness eluwu to the modest,
but pietty aud pleasant lilile road-carts
and sinijlar vehicle-1. As we -aid, ilns
and tlm liore department are connected
by a drive way iuiuu'diulely bick of the
business portion
Th.; harness departinitit is iu the e
treme western room at ihe front. It is
admirably fitted up with a view to making
a good display of its contents and of con
veniently handling them, being well sup
plied with tables, shelves and hooks. All
kind ol ha rues are kept in variety, both
in entire su mid separate pi eves, al-o
roljes, whips, &c in ptotusiou. An idea
of the ful Int ss of the slock, m .y b.- ob
tained Irom the fact that in one single ltn.-.
whips. $400.i)0 worth is carried.
The beat vaiiety of goods in each line is
an elggaut as any one need want
The carriage depirtnn ni is in a separ
ate, large, two-story building which haa
just beeu doubled insiZ '. Twenty m-ik.s
ot buggies and carriages are kept, and
tli re : uiMkes of farm w Tuc ve
hicles fill the first floor. Tm- second floor
is used as a repair aud paint io n, and
the bl:ick9miiu .shop, separate from all
the rest, completes the . stahlishmeut.
The feed is kept in the lofis over the
stables proper, the location of wbch we
have air. ady described Th- cu'tmg o!
the fuage and thegrindiDg of other food
is done at the stables', sipani p-er b. ing
us.-d lor one and horse p -hvit for the
oi heis.
It can thus be .seen tha in this stable.
we have1 an establis rnen' lin t l'cfl -els j
credit not only upon e-' l-ercie but upon ;
this whole seelion. V r. Stewart started
with small means in a limind way at C r.- '
creek not far hisna' -se home, moved
his business to New B. r e in i,n i !
has bad a remarkably ucci-sfui career'
ever since so successiu: that he could
10-day, thou.'h st'.ll classed as a young ,
man, retire with a competency ii he chose I
to do so. '
Mr. Stewart has done much towards
bringing New lieine up to the fav
position, she now bol ls as a hoi-e mar
ket aud he deserves credit tortiie enur
prise and Sound business judgment he has
1 xhibili d.
Khipwreeked Seaman of Onslow
County Reaciied In Open Ocean
From the Cabin of a WreeUed
The following telegram was received by j
the Norfolk Landmark Irom New York::
'Benjamin F. Weeks, of New River, j
Speed's Ferry, Onslow county, N. C. j
sole survivor of the crew of the schooner :
Harry Lord, landed here to-iay. He re-;
quesli tidings sent to von."' Inquiry j
uround the wharves failed to any'
1 ut .rmatioti 01 any eotisi quen. e.
The schooner has not ln-m to Nor
folk recently nor is the captain or the
crew known.
Au Associated Press dispatch fom
Siaten Island to the Landmark last night
brought the follow ing information in ie -
gard to the shipwrecked seaman: The
American schooner Star of the S a from
Cliesbolm Island. S. C. having on boar.t
Benjamin Weeks, of Wilmington, N. C
a seaman of the schoont r Hurry S Lord
Jr., arrived lier t..-da
iiv. I lie Lord was
w recked by a squall anil Weeks look re -nge
on the top ol lie cabin, w in nee he
was 1 1 sh. ne I by the Star of the Sea 111 the
open oce.n. The Harry S. Lord wa
rt recked 1 u the morning of tlctoier 2Jr. I
aud We ks was lescued on the morning
of ihe 2"th. Weeks was in the w ater up
to Ins waist addlwaving his coat as a sig-
ual when Captain Hopkins, ol Ihe Star of
I the Sea. disc overed him. Norfolk Laud-
! mark. Oct. 30th.
Japanese Liver Pellets draw the blood
from the head to tlie stomach, thereby 1 deuce, 7!i; Dr It S Primrose Residence,
curiug sick headache ami cleansing thelo2;H W Simpson Residence, 4; L II
I complt xion
Fifty doses, 2 acts, at 1
Dutle s.
Apple Tree in Full Bloom.
Miss Hatcliie Harrison has an apple Ire'
at her resi lence which has twice been in
full bloom this year in the spring and
again about a wee k ago. The blooms are
I now falling off leaving young ap
court i uies.
There were 1 lew blossoms prior to this
full blooming and from them 1 lie tree
now has apples 1 u it an inch and a half
If your system is clogged and your
circulation sluggish, it will cause disease.
Do not delsy but take Johnsoo's Sarea
parilla and Celery. It will cleanse the
blood and pure blood is a sufecuard
against disease. Large bottles, 50 cts.
at F. S. Duffy's.
A 'eiv HoriM1 Iiieiifion of ti real
VhIih'-TIip Mrtehlnes lo be lttle
Here Tlie Wninirnrlurliit IIokuii.
The(iikill M ittrcss machiue is now
IjeiriL' built in this city, a company
Iiuvimi; cecii formeil fir lie purpose.
I bey aie made m the Il.uilT Hall adjoin
ing the former New Heine Sieain Fire
i Kniune l.'o"- hoii-e.
(i ASK
, , , , ., , I the plav al tin; Lyceum in Hal 1 1 more tlieni 1 bey po,scs advactages i, yA Akiri'oc in which Mix
whic h weaie i,.f..nn.d no oilier .,,, h,e VV,tlll:1I1-ri .ime i,,,,,,.. h,Uxr, llie
ever made 1.., the pu, p. has. lll.s l .iu.r . , 1(1 The S some fa. I- d
niachinc; it,- niaterial use.1 for lilhn - ,.!lli;tJ.eM hl . . , ,h;(l ,,nli:lnt
plac e., u. a lame knoun as the tide,', , w .(n ,U(1 ,,,..., , lh(.
has a. solid top lunched on to U. ! writer and his umn- biide. I., lug on Ihen
material b in- ii aceel in ihe liber it is run j Ul.M s Vr,;, ,L( Ml
into the uiatticsM tick by a crank aLout ,v, i.,. , ," p..., :,i..,
mi iwav i i.e machine which oi-r.ite
en I less eh ii ii. By h ivver-e motion of
t lie ciank, i be tiller is hrouuht back out
ot the tick liav.n..' the material behind in
proper position. I
In ali other mac bines the tick is plaice!
ri ii. 1' r an oli'. .11:; mouth and the material j
is presse I in s.. after the ;'yl: ol
a Kins fj. -' uff-r. 1
Il Can re di. b xou as bt tWce'i the
two plate . t l.c a.HauUi-'C of t lie ti.ckllli
j. ne material can oe piaceu in n en uiv ;
i siiiuuir i pciiecriy. an., as u is ee.
and as it is placed 1
so il wnl I e in tin
Aud, W Ol U ( all
Hie entire op. rati
ho done .,1.1,-kly;
U Ol tilling . an
be in riot in. i
then tun-
uies. I
Tne machines ale made of good strong
maurial, Ij.nshcd iu go. .1 si le and an- j
well pui together. We led that j
every factory using t In It) will po-se.-s a
gnat ad:in;:iL:e m t!io- width do u .t
have the in. Mr. ia-k:il has hecn at
w .i k pei t'.-ctiiig t he machine and he has !
w oi kt u out a g ioc i one.
Ot 31 f . Siarli Lonlne Dauffhlrr of Mr.
jlll 'r. A. MemloWM.
On Wednesday cyeiiing tht ii"lOh, inst.
ihe hospitable home of Mr. ami Mrs. J,
A. Meadows was ihe scene of festivities
rarely eo, Haled in thii city. The occasion
was in honor ol Miss isiimh Louise, tlieir
daughter, whose tenth birthday was
nbseived, and w ho entertaiiuid her nume r
ous little friends with charming ease and
Willi soft, clinging white diapcrlis and
closuring curls, she was a fair picture to
gaze upon, and many c;)c:oninms were
pitscel upon her innocent loveliuis. The
larlors and halls lavishly dic.or.ned
with ferns and alms, while the abun
dance of cut rtiwers testified the kind
consideration of appreciative friendj
But in the diuing room was taste and in
genuity exhausted to devi.-e a beautiful and
exquisite effect.
The walls were covered with our
graceful abnilioo, whorp verdant lux-unou-iiess
Hailed to meet the stately
palms, aud raie plants, whi. b were
massed ariuintl the r.-oni.
The windows were draped artistically
W;th pink and gree-n, twelve candles over
each. loS.-i-lSOa in gildid letters occu
nied a proiniiu nt dace b.-tue.n two
The table, in L sliape, to accoir,moclate
sixty children, was replete with every
thing that could appeal to the most
fastidious, artistic late and w as decorated
with ma den bail leal), rose.s and chry-au-lueinuui?,
while numerous cuide'abra,
wh. so sparkiing prisiuis r tl cted the
light, gae addiiiotial balliancy.
Mi;. Mea-diM'-'s well-ktinwii lvpiuaiion
for g. od things Wils fully sustained, aud
the table dill the piovet'bial groaning.
Muc h credit i or the suci:S of the even
ing is tlue Miss 'lannah Osgood, whose
taste and culinary skill, is only .quailed
by her kindness of heart, and who so
readily and cheerfully Conns to the assis
tance of her friends iu au emergency.
Oue More to be Added to (be M limber
Mow Katabllanert (Man In Prog
ress. In a'-out a month more New Berne will
novo a . ther livery stable in aodition to
tii. lour good ones already i s.aUished.
Mr. H. Scott who has been preparing
to .ml. ik iu the I .usiness intei Js to open
a'-, c.t t- e iat'ir part ot the month or the
tiist of Deccinb. r.
i ne o'd'New I. rne fire engme house,
a commodious brick building on Middle
s re. 1,- tid building now in course of
erection bac k of it will be Ids place of
business The old part will be for
offices a-d for the kiepiug of the buggies,
harness, etc
An addition is being made to the build-
in' the same width it is. thirty feet. The v.ltX exli.nds f. a depth "of 'J0 feit
I :,nal ll
sfalls on each ;ide, "20 i-iien and
tip b-.x stalls, a two strong building is to
oe en tiled back of this for a mule pen be
low aud teed storage above
Mr. Scott has a good location hd.1 good
quarters tor bis business and we hope to
see him make a tine success ot it. He
wi'l continue his grocery business at the
j lua,ket dock as beret, fore.
! .
I.iNt of Subscribers With Their Num
bers Other Matters Pertaining; to
the Service.
L II Cutler Co, 1; Moody's Mill, '2;
W K Guion Reside nee, 3; C K Foy
Residence. 4: A&NCR R Depot, -5 j
Ceo N Ies . Son-Fish House, G: Cdi
zens Hank. .1 H Ilae kbnrn - Store, 12; wpi consist ol members of the Stat,- F.xe
.1 S Manix Residence, 1"; Dr R S Pnm- , cut ive Committee, all speakers named in
rose Office, 11; . H Meadows Resi- lne program 0i the cnvi-iitio 1, an-1 five
d.nce, Fi; Burrus & firuv, 1C; Clark j delegates fn.m ench county.
Lumber Co. 17; W B Blades Residence. 1 (J eatly reduced round-trip rales of fare
1-; cu nan, o. .u' ueuie ice cu, ao;
1 Water Works, 20; 0 II G111011 Office. 21);
j John Dunn Residence, 30; Water Works
' Office, 33: Ilollister Cox. 34; Fi rnie
I Jaskill A- Co. Fish House Zo: Wm.
Dunn--Farm, ;:ti: I'll l'.lleiier Office
44; O I! liiiion Kc si.leUee. 4,
Coal Yard, 47; Chattawka
h B Ellis
Hotel, 41,1;
P II Peileti. r-R. sidente. 40; J R B Car-
raw a Residence, .111; J A Meadows
Residence, 51: Fee M Hank, 73. National
Hiiuk.liCi; F l lrich Stoie. (il; J J I) s..s
wav V Co Stoie. 02; .1 A Jones R. si
diiice, 03; W N .V IN R R Depot. 04; M
Marks Residence, 05,' K 11 it J A
Meadows Otfioe, (50; J R Parker Store,
C'.; Hotel Albert, 70; Halm's Stables, 71;
Hackbum ii Willett Store, 7'2; John
D.inn- Store. 74; Stewart's Stables,
O Murks -Resideuce, 70: C D Bradham
Pbaruiae-y, 78; Or t Hughes Kesi
Culle r- Residence, 85; J W Stewart
Resioei cc, yd; O .Marks !c Son Store, 87;
T A Gi'ein Ri side-nee, !"0; John 13 Ives
Residence, 92; F Uirich Reside nee, 63;
JA J lies Stables, 04: Goo N Ives
Residenc e, 95; J E Latham-Office, f6;
BSlluion Residence. y9; James Reo
mond Office, 100; Blades' Mill;
fhe central office will be closed Sunday
from 10 a. in., to 9 p. in. With that ex
ception the service w ill be Continuous both
day una night.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The '.est salve in the world for Cubs,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rueum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands. Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skiu Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 2o cnets per
box. For sale by F. S. Duffy, Druggist.
I lll.ilt A. 1MF."S BKTItOTHEl).
Remi n iHeenees ill' Mm
iiiftu liy Kk. .folin H.
or .ew Bf'rne. -N . 4'.,
A hlr-
kllu'. 1. 1.. It.,
li i iiHiiiiin by
Jf nrriHice.
The folic iw ( ciinir uiiieai i
lo iisinan, Dr. .John S. l..n;'. c)liin
it:-eif. Ii appeared 111 the lia Itunoie Sun,
from which paper weepy jt :
Me-srs. IMitois:--'riie production ol
p. late- an:., . WUitneii.-s o,.,!lii.r Wa.-
i the diiect :inei:.-!or of I la' Warm-r -i-;ei'.-.
I the authors of "'jhteechv" and -The
Ide, W ale nil.!, ol the late l.o ern..r
Fowl.-, of North 'm i nl i n i . aid ol tin
writer's own children. Kv. u llien her
coim. etion with Foe Was known l" all the
finch" in Noith t" croiin i. and ec v , lold
in it u. r-hipii! tier f..r i er yeeio" n'licn
I tir-t met tier : he a- hetwe.n ' r( y and
lib v e ii - ot agp, but w as one oi t ho in. "-t
j lnitiliil wiuiien 1 ev
i s ,w . fst r. i l-1 1 1 a-
yoiiti; poplar, with Loac lui l"l'm, with
, -l,:,,,ed lik.
u.. Vl s .,, 1:M ,,,. .
. j,, .,.,-,. T,ev , uld not
, -p.' , , - ...
i the de,
lie d -s -r,
A III OO -I .1 ..... ....
si m-
si t full of unspeakable thoughts I ln-y
told the s'oty 111 it swept l'..e llolll his
solitude and si ring hi- lyre ; f. i sh F.w n
now. the 'ajise of mi-re tlcili forty
years, the writer asks him-elf what was
the sec fit of liiose: wond-ititl r.o. lief
voice was low. so It and swiel 1 1 or
wordh were utlf't'ed wit In ut ai'tti-i.i
g.u uishing, but th. y glowed and gi. auied ;
like clcetiic lights. !
She was Kdi-ar A. I'oe's biavi-s
lender, though she knew most of hisjereat floods wha
weaknesses. A prominent author had : ma s ami the .
just publi-heil the statement that her en- proportion of 1 lie
gagemetit t" l'oe was broken off because j dig immense d,
he went to her house intoxicated and the lu te ;i"d there an
police had to lie called in to remove him. . JL caught ami its
This publication alttietcd In r very mudi.
The very thought of it flushe 1 her i la eks -
and shook lur form. The very idea i f.
.ailing In a p-dicem-m to iay hands upon j
the trail, lor ilooiiii-.l boiiy 01 i'ue. w tin
its st. icki-n spirit so lull I' grandeur and
suffering, was to her a desecration. An 1
slie so expressed herself. Oa the coti-
trary, she seized every opportuudy to
shelter him, to hide his fitt.ts from the
public and lo inspire him with the hope
Ol a nobli V future. Qf coi)."sO she knew
that no woman in her sober tenses woul I
think of mairying Foe. That meant d- s-
olalion, utter ruin. And after the evident
impossibility 01 bis retortn m itun lieiuu
Whitman let that dream go with the last
funi ral of the flowers.
After the writer b came fully acquaint
ed with her she 1 n ught to him oue day a
large bundle of dainty manuscript, lied
with fuling ribbon. They wire Foe's
love h tteis to lur, and by their light she
was ke ping watcii over his tomb. And
what letters they were! Faeh was u piece
ofsiaiuaiy catved fresh from the heart.
Such radiant thoughts, Mich unearthly
Hinges, sii. li burning wmds 110 une but
Foe couhl write. Au-I the letters
bfitUhed such a fragiauce til good taste,
such an iiiomti of respectful and mndest
admiration. They wcru he r last, b. st
treasiiie, and she valued ll-pm
jeWi Is.
Just as the shadows o,' our civil war
weic ga'hering deep and dark she pub
lished a little- book called "A Debus..- of
Edgar A. Foe." Unambitious as a lit
erary work, it was yet elfigant, scholarly,
candid and earnest. It was ihe last stioke
o; her bright blade against the enemies of
her dead friend, lur hut womanly tribute
to his memory.
Tho writer had the honor of corre
sponding with her almost to the very day
of her death. H.ying loving relatives
and friends both North and South Ihe ap
proach of ttie war was a living horror to
her, She pan Id not take any pleasure on
either side. And so she went to England,
where she spent mo;t of the time She
lived to a ripe old age, true and happy,
lull of spleu. U d memories of urund men
and gifted women. Horace Oiei-lcy and
the Tribune were hr first teachers and
patrons 111 literature. Niarly opp site
tier home in Piovid nca- lived he poet
Pcabooy, who was lur Idiom I rend.
Pnaneis Osgood, who ''pas-itl 'hioiinh
the tti rual gates e'er June's -c o; reus
Diew, was anoliier. aim a 1 ; mi u:ii-
liant company 01 poe's and wi,'et
gave lustre to her dav, did c
1 " h"
Sa' ah
her. I know ot no large pic tor ot Sa
Helen Whitman, but Mr,. n F. Y
41(1 Mosher s'reet, her kinswo-. an, lia-
I very good small picture 01 her
j ' Iiev. John S. Long. LL. 1).
j Newborn, N. C.
I '
1 Ol the Stale ol North arolinn to be
Held at (ioldsboro Comnieiiciiit;
! Monday, Nov. 25lh Representation
j From All Schools Oesired.
The Fourteenth Annual Convention ol
ihe Sunday School Workers of North
Carolina, will be held in Ooldsboro. com
mencing Monday, November 1 ISM,
at 7:30 o'clock p. m., and continuing
Tuesday aud
Wednesday. .Nov. 20th and
The convention will be
ttended bv
Prof. II. M. llamiil. Superintendent
f i
Normal Work 01 tin; Ibiiois Sunday
School Assoc'ation airl prob ihly by F;iti
gelists Wm. P. File and Weston It
and other piominent workers.
Th... rutimlu'iitatimi in ten e-rine-pril inn
q ,n ue obtained irom all la 1 1 n -a s.
An outline program and information
concerning railroad facilities will be pub
lished as soon us pncticable.
AM couuti. s which have not held Con
ventions this ear, are earnestly n quested
;oi urged lo take miiti
ate actiou, hold
le egtites to the
. conventions ami elect
State convention. A full lvpie-seutatiou
from every conni v in the State is greatly
desired. We app. al to ihe ministers,
superintendents and every lover of ihe
Sunday school cause throughout the
10 see 1 hit county conventions aie held in
counties w here none have been held dur
ing the year.
'fhe County Associations are utged to
prepare full statistical reports for tiie 011-
! I lention
bianks tor which cm be obtained
; trom Mr. J. W. Cuus-v. Statistics! Sec re -
j tary, Greensboro. Let every Sunday
1 school in the State determine, if possible, I
', to te reniesc-nted at Goldsboro by its best 1
I workers, and it should he the piayer and 1
i expectation ot the christian peoule 01 I
North Carolina, that the npproai hmg !
convention may le the most u. c ssfiil and
memorable one of ail tire seines, m it s j
lervor, us nigu itaDe, its pow ei uu ami per-!,,,(
manent spiritual ett'ects, and in its te uits: ' -p
ol good fruit in the vineyard whu-h we j onjv
tin; euue-toui my in c eiiuwue-.
N. Ii. Brocghton, Pres. i
H. N. Snow, Chm'u. Ex, Com.
"Gorman will win his fight,'' said a
Democratic politician, commeniing upcu
the registration in the city of Baltimo'e,
to a fueud. "All the counties may go
Republican, but the Democratic vote in
Haltimore city will save the State ticket,
as it did in 1875. Everything has been
fixed. We have the votes and we taoDOt
In Ouston Cotinl.v
V. v I iurl A ii i ma I
- Ri' I oni'il
II4IW KlK'll
I U llll
A re A croii n I etl
en- !' I.eil4
Mr. Nac c lire, k ha
t 'Oil I w 1 1 i c 1 1 . I'e c '
Mr. ( 'ad K ica's 1
( h'lmv i' iiinlv. at :
I he t( el h are ;cl jiul i
eithei to a ii iisiedoii
awn us Iccn huge
out of a canal on
le ar I In lila ml-.
eiHii of -,- t;.et.
I t
tin r. i; iii.
both c 1 w bicli annuals :
-eienti-t- t i have e i-led
1 he former ill Ii1l;1i an Is
le aceoiiiit. .1 by
ig(.- In for. man.
the latter in In w
lauds 'I'liu inasiodoli e:i- .SoiiK W hat the
la i .'er of the two but t he ni"ga thei'illui had
I In- 'j ; eali'sl length he wa- ah ait thirty
I. . t long, and b i:i:siu;; hitn .It up ami
IT si ii g 1 1 is fi'oiil tee I on lice- limbs or oliiel' .
support lie c 111. 1 gia.e upon I lie lops ol !
moderate i r e- I' i- to this hitler
animal that Prof (..'has. Hail k. who has.
se. 11 skeletiuis of c ii
lo have belonged.
li e ll locitil h e- t '.
..p in i ne- .lilt-, l.oi
. 'lie I 'I- .eh r w iv.
Ihe t.-.i' Ii -iiinc-w !i
1 1 1 1', e l o -,v - ol s i w i.
ll... 1'.. . .
T-.ev 1 1 .1- I s . 1 1 . -,
th ' crown to I In- en.
measure -j m. !. ;
a I.e I loll I I le I . : l
is in ai'. v eiil.r. cm I
i o- a - ha dug 1 lie i 1 1
-iinp'y ttie Upper h
l. etl i
ntul OS on
si i e ntra)
the ton ol
a ei
- I i
i i
i.i ii
,i - . t
1 W o I. illl til
w .
1 ol II
. ro ¬
il In -- boili
Pi .1 . Hid the',
- la i .It 1 1 lei ' le n
h- r. I "ne toot.,
-ii) . 1! i. i i l ..! I he
n k- I) .-ll
ther !s
1 i it is
dl: the i...
inin.:lv reiii
i utile w. edi- tin
Sou e holies.
s of the
. !, were
i e-! a id
air inal to wh cii the tee: Ii Ix-h ug.
I.ciuii ais... bat i ne, w . iv . d. . ,
i -r 1 1 1 1 ) ' i y to t ;ri nun n.
Mi. lialh ck inloi in-, u- that c out lit' y
van. ti -s of ail': in:i! r. iii i iw M,nie ..i -tii-ct
spe-ies an t . , .ptM ., ,,1
eX'ti' t can In 11 tin- great South
( ai-.iin 1 ph.. pi. ,te b ds. The iuniK u,:
ace ii inn 'a t ' on - ar.- ai count, .1 b.r by scien-
' - ' tilic men i i th s u:i :
iy 1 bete were
li .how .,.-d 1 11! the uni
iii r. ins s.vept ti.e gr, at
ui to the plac es w In iv
posits are loiind, while
all 111 il or two wotil I
i') -1. iii' lelt elsewhere.
hs ia U)l. , ai(; ,,j tin
itarv animal now
found in Onslow c unlv.
,)r. H illock g-yes "i; U:
t ihe or gin of such deposit
follow ing aa
and the i x-
tinctioa ot c-rtam species;
-Uistoiu ai geology imght iiil'ur.n us
! that ouee upon a time, during the early
p;l, t f 1 he C'eti-. :e Age. iuthepni iel
, ,,ruioc te-rtiiry, a miuhtv flood fr.nn
! wnieh theie was no 1 s. ;n: submdP'ed
! nearly the whulc ic.iiiiuent, as it n?.w
isonuiime- does jiurtious of the Mississippi
Valley, and involve I these innumerable
creatuivij iu one cointnon destruction,
I Then did the overwhelming down-pour of
rain beat tin: lielpl.-.-s
It drowned out the
and reptiles, t he alio
tapits, the mailali es.
in wis to the earth
imphibiotis animals
gitors, tne turtles, the
, the sauriatls an,d the
1111 gat in mi u hich cee('.pi. d the lowlying
swate.p . and l igooiiH. And l ie uioghty
current wliieh surged toward the s. a bore
upon its tut bulent, lido the dead b -dies ol
the animals w hic h had bn u drowned iu
the uplands and carried them con tward
until a sii lili-n subsidence ol the waters
left them tloating among the 1 areasses,
which already polluted the lagoons und
basins along t In- shoro 'Ie-,nu hile sliarks
and other rapacious fishes, w hich had been
alil'ai lod to the carnival o! decaying ff -sh.
were impounded in the ba-ins by ihe re
ytdiiig tl 01J, aud so also miserably
perishc 1.
'lb iv, iu the still and stagnating wa
tcis. ttie processes ol decomposition and
sedimentary deposit went steadily on.
The drift of oihur partial floods which
succeided gradually covered tlietn. Silt,
till. Vegetable, mold, and all k in. Is of or
ganic matter accumulated, itn-ltl ling 'he
decayed portions of the carcas-es; and
finally, -the la.oons filled up, tne water
t-vaiorated or ran off, the land emerged,
or lather was raised by alluvial deposits
canted irom higher legions, plants and
tiees germinated, grew and mtituied, and
so by natural and intelligible processes the
phonp.ian b.-ds were formed. Portions of
tlieoonesand pachyderm did not decay
but became pres rved or petrified. In the
aggregate no better material for a com
p .st heap count b- gotten together.
''I'ncs phosphate hcis, tin relore, are
the records " tne se.-on I gteat submer
ge!) e of the comm. nt, the first haM'ig
t . 11 piaoo dtirii the tirit glacial period
ho toei'o w-c. 10 a mi .1 1 fo. The par
1 i i - 11b nt re u-. s or I ; r flo .ds which
O Ctl .' d sll isi (pi- lit i aci led to tne depth
j 0t th
ml t,
ae a.-s--
itn.ent ot
I aunn I 1
111 ou-, ihii- accounting for re-
i-ia:i. of exlinci and . .tant en
iK:t four.. I '.nether. But r Was during
tne -i'e .t sub 10. :g ueet'ia' tuanv of the
1 1IO.V .-XllUct illli: II cis :
Woman Suirrng;e Iieicated Substitute
(llti rllt-Iliflllml ol Ielesate Sent
to the Convention by Negroes Cited
to tlieni us Proof That Their Race
IsN'ot Fit to Have the Itnllot.
Woman's suff:-:;gi: has be-on defeated iu
the South Car Iina f oii-i it utiona! i-i.uvi-n-ti.m
by a large ni'ijoiity, 101 to 26. Oco.
1). Tiilman made a great spiech in advo
cacy of it. claiming that by enfranchising
WD in u. with a property qualification
white pe. pie cc-uid cany the elections by
t i',r and honest met h 01 Is and sa i-1 that in
; no
Iv r way e..r,i.l ihev do this.
A' the tiigth sis.-ion i l the convention.
De'egale Pat Ion introduced a substitute
'siitl't'..'.. iilao biino ihe tr.-mchise lmon
I military -e; vice, guong Confederate and
Cut..:, so'iiiers and iheir descendants th
right to vote re.aidless of e. mcati-.uai or
pro.i. rt y qu-diiic itious. w h tie these quali-li.-a
i o- w ii.i.l ipply to oihe- vob rs.
I 1 speak nj 1 ! tt-e plan, lie iep:iel to tin
s eec-nes f lie c i -.r.-.l del-gates, and
said the fi f that tiny were elected to
tin-c'onveiiti.-n w i ab'indnui proof th it
the hi'gl'oes We. IV not tit lo exercise the
stiff 1 age. One of them t-Smali-) halt been
coiivi. 1. d of bnne taking a,m
a no 1 her :
(Wliippet) h id boon 1 le cted a j.i le
1 boon 1 le cteii
uis-i -li by Co
tctu-.da coiiitni-si ni by tiovernm Caam
. i" i laiu bccaiis in. y,,s ttie deepest ot a .
j of the hoiele ed' coi 1 up'.ioniits in dishou jr
(Woman's Comlort)
L'sed during Prtgnaniy and Confine
ment, is guaranteed to produce a painlest
and ijiiiek tabor. Price $1.00 per bottle
at F. S. Duffy's.
! Return to thy bosom the rest there for
I Restore
f,ll cases , Suppressed Men -
struatioii. Iriegul-ir, Paintul or Kxcessive I
Meiislru .lion. 1.1)0 per bottle at F. S. 1 Alas! many turn to some scenes or nil" c
Duil'y's. J tion
That seems to woo backward with well-
I'le-auni as Honey.
labs l o et o th w rm
tr in
I'll I
en, b I., e .fly ..ud late. 25 i t
botlie d 1- -s. Dully s
above ihr e i in dns manufactured
For Sale by F. Duflv . New Berne,
N. C. aug31 defcwly
If the Baby Is Cuttlnic Teetb.
B. sure aud use that ol t and well-tried
reme iv. Mis Winslow's Soothing Syrup
for v.tildren teething. It -oothes the child,
softens ttie gums, allays all pain, cures
wind colic and is the best remedy tor
diarrhoea. Twenty-live cents a bottle.
sal ilc-draped banners.
measured tread,
The flower laden ranks pass the gates
the dead,
And seeking each mound where a com
fade's form rests.
f' ive tear-bedewed garlands to bloom on
his breast
Fueled at last is the labor of love;
t )nce more through the gateway the sad- j
dmed lines move
A wailing of auguish, a sobbing of
grief, j
Falls low on the ear of the Utltle-st-nrred i
chief; I
crouched by the portal
haired child
mmi -
ught him in accents with grief ren
dered wild:
-ir, he was goo
say he
died brave
Why! why! did you pass my
: I know he was poor, but as kind and as
t rue
, As ever marched into the batlle with
His grave is so humble, no stone marks
Ihe rpot.
You may not have seen it. Oh, say yoti
did not!
For my poor heart w ill break if you
knew lie was there.
And thought him too lowly your offer
ings to share.
He didn'tdie lowly he poured his heart s
In rich crimson streams from the top-
crowniug soil
Of the breiutworks which stood in front
1.1 the tight
And died shouting, 'Onward! for Go ! and
ihe right!'
all bis dead conirad"S
your bright
my papa's
garlands wave,
But you have'ut put one on
If mamma were here but she lies by his
Ilor wearied heart broke when our dear
papa died.''
"Uitlalion! file left! countermarch'' cried
the chief,
"This young orphan'cl maid hath full
cause for her grief."
Then up in his arms from ths hot, dusty
He lifted themaideu, whll ein throngh the
1 The long line repasses, and many an
Fays fresh tribute of tesrs to the lone or
phan's sigh.
'This way, it is here, sir right under
this tree;
They lie close together, with just room
for me,"
'Ilalt! Cover with roses each lowly green
A love pure as this makes these graves
hallowed ground."
"Oh! thank you, kind sir! I ne'er can re
pay The kindnees you've shown little Daisy
But Fll pray for you here, each day while
I line,
Tis all that a poor soldier's orphan can
I shall se papa soon, nnd dear mamma.
I dreamed so last night, aud I know 'twill
come true;
And thfy will both bless you, I know,
when I say
How you folded your arms round their
dear one to-day
How you cheered her sad heart, and
soothed it to rest,
And hushed its wild throbs on your
strong, noble breast;
And when the kind angels shall call you
to come,
We'll welcome you there to our beautiful
Where death never comes, high blac'i
banners to wave.
And the beautiful flowers ue'r weep o'er
a grave."
C. E. L. Holmes.
O let not the peace of the valley be bro
ken: Tlie vale so delightfully tranquil and
O "et not the sound of the harsh pislon
stroke in
The dells of that w ild w ood its echoes
1'he'B the nested bird peeps from the leafy
limb swaying
Above the hushed waves that so dreat 1
ily run.
And low bleating sheep and white OX'11
Across the lair hill-slopes asleep in the
Where the stream is most placid the wil
lows' green tresses
Touch others that hang Irom the dc. p
under skies,
And the rosy-lipped maidens at morn
gather cresses
That grow among blossom as
as blue eyes.
Dark moss tinted boats in the shade of
thick vines lie
Where float tallen petals of many bright
And by the green shore w here the silver
shines lie.
The indolent fisherman's
j Dear valley of beauty, away from the
I world where
I The noise and the restlessness make tile
j heart sore
I have thought ot thee olten ot the
peaceful smoke curled where
The red aud white roses entangle the
OI the days when 1 wanelereu Ihy tieius,
1 or with paddle
1 Hough-cut rowed aud dreamed awny
I manv a mood.
! Or on bright dewy mornings leaped into
the saddle
Ami sang as 1 daslieil tlirougu the
i green solitude.
I have thought that some day I would
suddenly sever
My life faoni the lives Hint are stiungcrs
to me.
1 ,m.e..c.
comiug arms,
Aad go but to find, with most bitter elc
jeclion, A il broken the beauty and facie i tin
charms. Written on reading ot the proposad
improvement of the Yadkin Valley and
River by the introduction of the railway
aud steamboat.
The Newton Enterprise say s: A forcc
of hands have been enlarging the under
ground reservoir of the Newton Cotton
Mills by tunneling out from tho main
shaft. The other day they struck a chest
nut log in a pretty good state of preser
vation, it was tortv leet oelow tne sur-
face Qf the earth. How did the log get
; there is what everybody is asking, but no
piasible theory has yet been advanced.
1 wish to call Ihe attention of
my patrons lo Hip arrival of some
1 seasonable goods, and invite them
o call and examine mv very com
plete slock.
For Bieakfast,
We Have,
Old Fashion Buckwheat
Prepared Package Buckweat,
Pure Vermont Maple Syrup,
New Orleans Molasses,
Oat Meal, Wheat Flakes,
Hecker's Flap Jack Flour,
Ferris Boneless Strips.
Breakfast Coca All Makes,
Perfect Brands of
Tea and Coffee,
always fresh.
For Dinner
We Have
Franco American Soups
very fine.
Delicious Ferris Hams,
a little high in price,
Imported Macaroni and Cream
Cold Packed Jersey Tomatoes.
French Peas, Early June Peas.
Sunbeam Sugar Corn.
Boston Baked Beans.
White Potatoes.
Queen Olives, Hoinz's Pickles.
Blue Point Catsup.
Richardson's and Rob-bin's
Plum Pudding.
Oranges, Bananas, Apples and
Perfect Blend Mocha and 'Java
vlixed lea and Huyler's Coca.
Canned Salmon and Lobster.
Lunch Tongue.
Whole Ox Tongue.
Deviled and Potted Meats.
Jockyey Club Sardines and Chip
Delicious Cream Cheese.
j Plain,
Salted and Graham
Fresh Assortment of Cakes.
To make all these meals a sue-
j cess y0U must have OUT
Elgin Creamery Butter
on the table.
. ' c. .
- "
' "y' . '
4 -
'. . 1
3 -
j1..: I

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