North Carolina Newspapers

.Price: $1.00 Per Year. INDEPENDENT IN ALL THINGS. Single Oopies, 5 Cents.
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unSon VCo.
Kigfi Grade Tobacco
Santa Claus
TchprP ITI 11 Nl I
111 ail nib,
,m. iG-lnry
W9 ksVe olil more XM.VS
OaodToyri,jethan nr store
faiUMeity and at pri s that
oeneel49 co-al l rench.
Our Sales have cJoubl.M wluit we
exiiectevl ami it was neces ar"
tor as to ilnp'ieat-e our first ortter
tor X nas UxmJs, and now we
re n..w opcnluR the latest a9
str-uteot we h-tveyet nail, ana
... . . t
at the nmt stunnlni low rtjures.
Toys, "Games, Boots, CeMoifl !
Gcccs, Toilet Sets, k
t3Ooly one i-lac to et nor i-riees.
1 ' '
Goods I
i i ' Bilk Mufflebj,
tl - - AITI
X . - giXK Handkerchiefs.
-C"'-" . Gents Tie,
r". 6- NEW STYLE
o - Collars and Cuffs
:f v-v A FIXE LINE
- " : - Silk Umbrellas
. Silk Sr spenders. ,
tj- Clothing.
To the Trade.
500 Bags all size Shot.
200 Kegs Powder, all seizes.
100 Boxes choice Pule Cream
100 Boxes Cakes anil Crackers.
Also full line Nuts ami Cainlies.
F. Ulrich,
"Good words are 1-ticr tlian bad'' Shakesi'e vrk.
How when vou go into a Cloth-'
injf shop and buv a readv made suit,
1 -- , ,
Trliich the Kilesfiian sells you by ,
mach tafk, and its turns out badly, j
nd"you feel yon have been "taken
In you have had both "good words''
and a "bad stroke." That's not
the way we treat you. (if we know
it). Oar idea is to give you your
'money's worth every time. When
yon need your Fall Suit, don't for
get us give us a trial at you. New
Goods constantly arriving.
To All Whom
It flay Concern:
I will OJill your special attention to
- the Largest and best welecte.1 stock
oi flue Wines, Whiskies, Uran.lies,
" Bnroa, Cordials. Ac.ever kept in the
city or Statu, at rprtces to suit the
ran fnllowlnir Is a list of some ot the
O. r. C.
Tmmmaur Club,
Upper Cnutt,
Pure TMrmntaln Com
T, - ,
cti re tirtu tan.iuia
Apple, ana reacn
OW Peeper
Old Tavlor,
Jinialea. St. Croix
ami N. E. Kuim for
EiTS Ni.i;,
stierrv. r.irt. ( itl.Hw
!.. ' HI irk 11, rry. '
Me.'.eral. Sen jt-r
non. Miiii- at el.
Claret, Ul.ine,
Oil Henry.
Uid Crow ,
Okl Thompson.
Wast Moreliuiil cltih
IXd Cabinet,
Manhattan XXW.
LiorUen ,
ld Forester,
Old trlDSOIl,
ttlU BonrtH.n.
Nations Prt.te.
Old Mononiroela,
Maryland A AAA
IHamontl Kye nn.l
lots ol t-Uier
and last i.ut not
ci AM pause
iml a mil lin c,f
col; in a l..s
w vi nnt K STIIFET.
7-no it f 01 to s e it h n yon want the
. above grootJs.
' AAatMIIR rinvinalivuii f rarroir, oi Kiu-t ui.
ErroB-PIet inform yorn-reatL'
era that I have a txTsitive remedy for the
- r .- .
bore named disease. By ito timely nso
tbooaaads of bopelesA cases have been per -
nanemuy cored, i aoaii oe gum w"""
two bottles of my remedy free to any of yonr
r readers wtio davo oonxnmptlon li mey win
- oend me their expi ewa nd poet office addreaa.
figMeXfo31j, T. A. Sloeom, M. O. ,
!RiM Llda Urr, Dna(hlrr ot(ol. J S.
( nrr, tbc niHtinguinhecl Millionaire
NAiiafAdarfr brromet Ihe Rrlue or
Mr. Henry Cowan Flower or 31 isnonrl
-EKqntnil? Deeoratlonw anrl Rich
Cofllnmlii); I'i.N.irpnitMe.1 Array ol
Prenentn Amoiijr Itae Donort Wiim
Vice I'reoi ! Murns.iu
j On Dei etui r 18th. Mr Hcmy C'ow.m
i Flower of Kausi.s City. Mo., led in '.,,,
'altar M:s L tin M'uvhi sil Cair, ilau.livr
! ol Col. Juhan S. C'.rr. one of ihe n . -1
i d stiugu shed citiz lint (tily ill Dm ham
hut ol tin.- St..te.
Tin' nujit ials. im ri' t cle! .rated ;il Sunn r
' set Villa, the eleg-int lit lin.-l ed aed
! f it rti ; lit'i I. one of i h- bride-' p. inn;-.
Accounts of i he v etli 1 i n l: sv tv v. ;
'boln-e !id il look gay, and though
j only ! .:' iliefils it In- i .nl V w. re
ieeut ill'' l : lifi'il l)V i 'a:'i;c i
j n-fineil eon our-e "t people.
1 riic front anil Wu-k j . . 1 1 . . r . Uu ohniry.
f tl e spacious HiUI-h ol I he. ipaaili.- nl
halls, t: out and back, nnl .In- s ni i nnl-
in?, were itei-oraud with piuk r -e-. wime
carnation, an I u wealth of mdi!-..
jLL.I ... tl.w x . li .,.1 .-,,.:. -i-li ll,m
nr.tnhA ol.. I J ,1 n, I r ... I c 1
V V Udl r I u u vc- f- 'lilt", V l . im. ij-ii".-
r Jtr-i. li,Tll oi.ol. Ilia ... ra L..,rln w
day, mid tventli- sr:, io i- a , ,- .,,,!
rl.)wer b ds in ti e law n wen i'. tituiu .t !
with colore lamiw, the w h..': t tl . l i.t-!iit
From ecani;i-s wetak.- the foil. m ii.L;
acx-.iun! i f i he . u-eresi eve '.:
'While the toaipan. wa'tinji for
the bri-l-d pa: ty !, i i.l.-r th-it at pifior,
w here the . e'.-mo y .i to te pet t.-rtnotl.
lo. ill. I'.oitse me.' was retail r d
Tucker, of ll.leisli. to theaccmpae,-
; lher,,.; v rrofessor Yerrou ,
! HaiV-dl, of I'.ace I-wtuut.-. '1 :.en cm. '
i. .wm- o.der ol pr-cosio:, was !.. :
i -erve .: Seven cupl, entered tir.-t. the ;
; dresl in white, bcurtim lxii,,ue,s
of pink roses tied with p..,k nbl -ons- :
! vjz: ;
'Mis-es Tess Temple, of Kmi-js City; i Mr. S S. Bichelor ol Rdeih. repre
Nora Patton ot CtirweOsviil.-, I',.: .June i the Imperml Iusuranee Co.; Mr. tlcu. C.
Andrew?, of Haleiuh: Ani.te 1'eiy, Mahel j M. tiilvrev of Ilaleiith, n presenttuij the
Toiulit.son; Lit lie l'.ni-ii. of Duibum. N , Hanover lo ; Mr. Milan II .ward of New
C; Mid Mr. ami Mrs. lii.fus K. l'.tti isin.l I'e ne, reiiresentii'i; both cocipanies; Mr.
.f I. diimotp. Mil- Mi'Wirs. .1. K. W'il.-v 1 P Willis .-inert machinisr. nn.l Mr.
,T , F p A. (in-ru Ceor-e X. !
, .. , , .. .. ... , . . . . ,
ittrahau', Kd. I. C.rr, . A. dtt line. -Ir .
all of Durham, N. C.
Tl ... n. a. I ..... k.i.l, m
... .,r ...... i.i.. .,.. i..'i.. . i
r it tu iu ii t cm etni. ,i ii ii.iii v , 1 1 i
She was . resse-l in a manirie. ut '
t . 1 I . i - 1 . 1 : .i t
u.a ..MtM,,. j.a l'-"-'.
Irimuiinrs. cut d.Coliette. and .lia.iionds
I of d-jzz'ii. beauty adornetl hei per-on. j
Ihcn tollowet M;si Lila Uulh C .rr. a
younger sisler ol the bride, aciim: ..s mat
oi uoiair. uuti nauusouieiy iiresoi in puiK ;
Uitip. mid rxamr-Vuik .Osc-s. .
. . . i l l i .. .1 . :
I The IthIc tntercvl upen ttic ar.n ni In r
I ldlli,-r lliriinrrli l Ka ror rvirlrir o n 1 a
it ec qt the aiiar l y the groom, who was
attended bv Mr. W. K. Dtxima-js, ol Km
sas City, his best niao. The u uiilc took
their stand in lhe biv- ii:dow ol the front 1
i-ii rli.t nn.l.r a m .rr,..,ra K, 1 1 ,.f -or,,.,. 1
ti, ,n3 aud white roes. 'I his rere-s w;.s
lrf , ni it n 1 1 b di-.-nr-ile. I l nn roilinir tin-
backsioutHl bt iii";. curtained nilh point j
lace and hand paint, d plu.-h drapery oi ,
costiy material ami lovely des -rn. 1
the cerkmont. .
'The ceremony was performed bv Bev.
1, - 1 , r
Berjamm B. Hal, the p..stor of lr-nit i
Methodist church. The oru e pre-tt,t,d '
11 love v iippearance in an ivon-smni ,
djefliA'f isi?ite a--riW2t-iiieiijitb-i-iheil
tf.apry 01 piVui . n. e."wT,Ti p.-..n 1:1 n "
mings, simply. Put eleitauUv, mad - d- - 1
col ette. The veil was ftstoouttl by or.i
bh.ssanis, Hnd a .hainond pm. She car--
ried iu her hand a boinjuct of liUks of the;
valley. :
"The ceremony ended, the and 1
aroom reaiamed at the altar rceived
ihe congratulations of tin ir iriend-. At
'J o'clock they retired to the dunne-rooin.
where, with a few intimate fiends, they I
partook ot lhe elegant supper, which n. ,d
uen funiisl.e.1 by Curl G. Essner. ol ,
Fhiladelphia. who brought his eh. I and i
waiteis i here on special curs t..r the occa- j
s'"' , ,. , , '
-1 ne we.ldin- remembrances from ihe ;
tneoth dispiayeii m the nui-ic-ioom wtie j
not only numerous but i-lab .lately hand- j
some. Never have they been surpassed ,
in Has Stat.- in number or 1 1--anc cut I
ilass of all descriptions, -ond s-.:,.: w. :v.
handsome pieces ..Murnuure, tior.tybi.c-,
a-'.rae.; them wire a tretik ot ,
silverware from Mrs. J Can- .md hei .
-..ns; a beautiful chati. s..,, '.,v let- :
I'resitletit Mrs. Steve;..- m. wlm uere
'so 1 harmim. iy eutenuduu t c oiou.i :
' Carr dur n.u the c.u.p dun of loi-3. '
Miss C ;rr is not n!y one of the love I
lirst VOU'iL
-u North Carolina has ;
produce.1. bul is a youn-r woman of tlie j
-u,, ra' , '. , , i
..races as well. More than that, she is I
of spirit that n-akes lit r loved j
lor goodness of heart und s'renh of j
C-iaraeter. naei .tin. .ut. ...... '
serveal to stimulate In r intellectual lite
iiodadd to her accomplishments. She is ,
as moUt-st as sne is ( narni ng una is ine ;
, . c , . .1 .. i-
be-t tvoe of the true North Caiolina voung
,. . y, TSi ,
"Mr. Henry ( orw in r low er. the 1 ap. v
,- .. . 1 .
rooui, is a ni-ti uii'a isu t . 1 ...emu. a oi nie
i. i l
Kansas City tr where by a deeo and
thorougi. Koowie.tge oi ine law, a iapiii -
aoi, its I'loiiist. i. v.."-
to business, though a vourg ma--, he al
reuly ranks with the b, st lawyer- u: the
L mted 5tatt-s. At onsen: he is eng-.aed
... . 1 In-. ...ionr. ... i.. . .T 'l.
in, aui I'"""";, 'i
leriiiniHlion, the u-.Teanizaiion it the
Lombard Investment Company, the ulti -
mite era pie-i.m of win. h niaiks him a . -1-iKn.i" , .,u...v ....... ... -
time is divi.lcd lH.-tweeii Kans.s City and
Uostou where he has n.auagen.eui ot
important ei.-a, molests
The I ri'ial couple h ft at i A. M. fr
Florida 01. a spcial train, the Pullman
j coach Of wlinh leu l n beiiu'.dudv . e
V.Ued with tut-tiiweis anJ Otht'r olia-
1 "Tliev will reiurn 10 Durham f-r the
' r-v, -; - .,C l.o,..l.,o or.,1 v.-i,, . l.o,-, o I t.r
ui ta.iii i o mi, , i .s. i.n.,ic.i.
i ........ .0 t-. .. ,!, .
wuere uie .uuiii ua-. un luimi.i .t-;.i
r. V. I.. Abernethy ol Ihe Reanfort
Herald. Wed 9K. Minnie Hay t
hnelslitJi BrtiKe.
Bev. J. T Atx-ruetl.v iia-s.d ihrongh
Friday uigi.t eu route to his home at
; Beaulort. lie had I een up t.. Speigm's
i Britlge, to officiate at the mmriage of his
S,ln Ir' c ll:,rles L. Abernethy, .d tor t-f
mo ucuu.uu in-. it,u, ami au ai oiuey hi.
i law of that city, to Mi-s Minnie May. '
I They were married at S o'clock Thursday :
i night at ihe residence of the bride's par- ;
ems. Miss P..pie May. ot Speight's
; Bridge, si-tcr of the bride, was tirst ;
j brides-maid, and Mr. J. R. G ask
' Tii.niUaii.,, i.e , . o , ;
I k a. iw. " "T J . i.e Ol 111.11. .
The other attei..lnts wen : Mi-s Su-ie
May, of Wilson wi h Mr. E. S. Dar l.n. ot
! Seighl8 Bridge; Miss L.urie Speight, ol
: t remonl; wuu Mr. J. W . c,,, ,,i Kin-Ion;
land Miss Meta Darden of S1ight, Bridge,
xne ieooiog Ji.rcn was pia-f.l
Miss Irene ji , v.
Alter the .ert moiiv suPp r was served
to a large r.un.hero, ,be guls.
t Tlie next morninj-r Mr. Ami M a. Alr
. -i - -- -
( net by lett to speu I a c.upie of weeks
! tue Atlaula Expeniti'in, afic- ih.
, wti .0 dinct to Beaut. rt.
The Journal extends; te -
coDgratu alions and warmest, wishes for
ihe life-long prosperity and happims-ol
IU brother editor and his brioe.
m;s a i k if
In Hie I II) of Kim and- Vlrlnily.
iib, rei in nd Brim, xoted.
Coldm si'is Tlmr-dav were fit 7 :l-s to
Sc. New Y. rk Jai.u .rv mtures v-erc
opt hp 1 t s U am. r'.cl M S.u. i
Mr. .1. ". Sin iK....i ' .s : vary txnou
i ivilfii'' ill i' !'v of r. i t hi mi MelcaM":
-wet a.!ii:i.,n.' C:ii , K. II. J.i:e-'. on tl: i
!it wl-a-h he- r. . i-t'y pun ...-ed from tlc :
captain. j
Mr. Nace P.:-. .-k li:. am ih.r . f e '"M-e ar. .i. Tl. 'a- ca-;.,".
.... , xi.i li' l. .si Mr. M irvin V. "ere ln-ar.t e.te:ila an i - alter i.. on
X ili" wim low, a country m em- wln ie a
o.ry 1 - s'-.irliii'.1 to l. r.l ho uml- while tin y
-i.n.l in pumt "i : -- ta i -. r.i'' aio .in1.
The i xpre ion- ar- .-.! Inoiuht out.
i'r. .1. W. S-1 w ,i rt - mikitiL.' thiiiirs
iti I.'m bti-lic "ti ! an tli.-r e..r
lo i.l of ii ii'c-i. I w.-litv
1, ,ip -; n i v. .1 fr i i. i
nv i ..lutm; in livt-'v !'
T.n v u a- w .
- I -a'i - .iwi in .1.
.lit i i number. :
1. -. and I'lfjcii-s'
that , I-. I'iU-tmeiit. 1
o ,i l'.-t S-viialj
Frdav. 1
, i . ss . . . ii i;m if iiii(i, i , v . i i' ii
an,! . . Mil-,' ot Y .i en ere, B.
1 !:n ,1 I ii, V ,!,,. . , ii- i i the city
T It It V -tl I V
Am ii iiner '.ninne tliev
ll"n 10 1 K -'ottKNAt. tor die coming
Fr..!.,v w :i- t'" t".,e llxrsl f.r
I' .in'a o coimtv tie.- .'e ir.urderer.but tne
a, iita' tti.ici w:.- t .k. u tits .-tl' t'ne event
; -ea-t uuti: aft. r ta,- , a-e conns up in
the Snpr-.-me curt the first week in
l-'cPniari .
,, ,. , , . .
-dMo ap,r,., .-.000 lor a pub 1c
,,,nl; !" K,r ",!iV n- , ; "-uld like to
sx "' mi, .,t u ,,
l,!t'I"nil ! appropnatt -n it w.ll to
n,iak" ,he al,c:.!,t,,,u 01 P'T neccs?ar-v ?T
'l,e 01 ;l '""er putting up o a
',' wn ci.K-k on the New Berne l'ubhc
V. IK D.-ekUm one l the owuers. went
, . , ...
down to the rums o- the burned mil I ot
iiheSipnson Iaimher Co., ai Wliiteoak, i
.i. - . ... 1. ; .u ... . f I i., k. I
, -m, .. .. , i ... I
1 1 1 : i ' i 1 1 Jat i i v ji i i n 1 1 i j : i iiit-v i pliii lj at
umi.t. Tiicre was :J,r,0t insurance.
. . . I
nenlh or n r. Redd Inr Stevenson.
Mr. Ueddin-j St.t ven-on. of Bellair, died
Wediies.lav nih'. the lHih. inst., at the
residence of his brother, Mr. Jos. II. Slev-
ensou. He .lied ol pneu.iloDiu
Ile was
taken Friday before, but it was at first
I considered on v a s vere Col.l. nnil . Veil US
lte as Tuesday before his deaih Wt-dues-
Isy iiihr, he was out on the premises.
though very poorly.
M f. Stev. u-on w is alx'Ut 30 years o
lie had been a ineinot-r of IJeech
(irove church for several vears and will be
0 L OC-
The iw nrliw ut
, .11 , ,, 4 c. v n
UCU S thaw in the A. CO N. C.
ai;n)a(1 britL'e T eul river was put
. . , . ,,
into position vesd-nliv an . lhe train
pt-scd over it atn'-nt for the lir- time.
Il wis a line d:u' wo- : t 1 uet the
drawer into p --iiio . nwee. 'Ik-
t. .r.i ,-r tile .-. ...lii-j 0 t;.- iiei.ula
trai 1 and the iz-'iptr down 1 t 0: Lht one.
i,ut it was accomplish d
Superintendent I)i 'h wire fore-
thought had everythui'T in re-i bness for
the transferrin:: of pnseo ; f- in --use it
had not in en reulv. bu: the pri par .'.tons
ma !e were not needed.
Home Made Molasses.
We notice with plea-: " as one of the
;,Tn5 ()f etpr it v. r
(j mi.r;,piD., UIM,
,ies iua,.a
(,imrt ;u x ,.r,vv
p.mdent at ( Verm .:
;iKnt,on f,,- wiialI,
10.. tafminir,
of -no ir c .ne
i,.i,'U':li the
1- 11 A eorres
'ie followuns:
do e n thai
sj0r.diuin m.ikiti s -e - t 'he best
.i..'io'v pi'otit 'iu ur neiirhb rhood.
M. p N, Hu..,i us ,,e la() boiled
lor .,al-ti, s this se; -o ; . v. r 1.100 gallons,
Mr. West Smith n ,.l c- okedover 800
.Mom an,, Mr L-h.,- Barber had boiled
(1V, r 000 .aions. niakm -r a total of 2,5lM.)
.,!.i,. , 1',,,,,,, ,, , .oo!e nl this
Death ol Mr. '. P. Breton.
Mj-. I .initali 1 HeClon, widow Ol Ml'.
J. II B ct. u tiled at her ho ne at the res-
of In r sou-iu-lavv. Capt. (ijorge W.
VoIP, en ll'.ln..a,bv IW Islfn near 1 0
o'clock, ol cousumpcon. wuh which she
, . . i . ' . i i. o-
,jeen " -Viai and il hvlt
1 li4Cton w.lS 54 Vl.,r, M tlu. 21st
nf Uw, Tn,v ;. W1 ., n,m , ran ernt
,.,-'. . .aiA, vv-
- ber husband and
. ... , ... , , , . , .,
,1.1 I. U.l U.-llU" lliu l o l IK" ii.i-ij io'.L.
; ., - 7.
1 .1111.11 u e'uui 1.
.... n. ...,., "1, ,,.,. .,.,,1 .i .s,
Jl I ?, Ull ll'U 11,13 Ut. U ll U'.'l HUH I I"
, . , ... ,
ststent mt-mlx r oi t he Methodist church
; ;u. . ,.-.i AX..A o, K.-...1.1 l.n.wa of
l liec ,iiu,,', uu.i uim in uiiia.i uu i'i
! - j
i .
Oyster IMrales.
l..,uty Inspector of Shell Pish, ,T. B.
. 1 J ,
''.' "' ' ' "l1 ' ,,V . ... ..
I ', . '. , I , - .Vil li'. Lllll.
1 a Virginhm oyster vtsscl ni-.nned nd
, armed, is in Pamlico sound dt-iyu g thci
. aUs ol the btate. Chief White is after
aii, - puiicaui nai uu.iuuuicu j ui.u,, i.iui
j to justice.
Deputy Parsous h.,s iu-t closed a case
! lor t i.e Male w t.t-re a pu .vna-sc r i o en 10
men. Ihe par. v -u'.umted and 1
L-t,st of pi ose ulion.
Th' F"m" Allianee llarbeene.
Mr. G. L. Hardison ot Thuruian was
no lo the ci;v F.itlav Hein'orms us that
' l..,.-,,,.,' .,.....,-.. . , .- 1 . ,-o ., A
ill,-, ii.tic "IC o. ...:.-- oi-i -o,. i,..u
,, ... v..,.
10 I ue r o ue i s .v m.intx- oa i m-i ue uuti
speak um ttliuli w;ii le l. Id at Kiverd.dc
tna , iv. an, t in. i u.eie aie i.i-o intiica-
it,ini thiil h ,M, i'i,,,-,, will i o mp t i'i, ll
ilii upper put il Cra.e.i county and
some fn un Ca: tefel .
The sp.-aku.g b. Dr. O i a s l'ii.i) pson .
pi'e-ident i t lhe Mate, l-anu. t Alliance
wi'd begin at ten- c" ckand .In ner will
servnl at id- cone u-m-;. Wh.'e Dr.
Thomp-on wd I e mem . t -i" f the day.
I there will p -sMbivbeaiew r. u.arks ' local
i -peaktr?. " "
. The exercises wi 1 be le d at Ai.iance
All are invited to t.nie. bring
their baskets and eni 'V ihe social reunion
:in, tK. .li-cus-ton of topics peitainiDg to
the ..rd. r bv its president.
ttt A(Cinst .U1.
ive this morning m another col-
. , , . .
v e give in;.- morning iti anotuer coi
umn a cmpihuiou taken ir
York Advertiser, shovvin
Ihe New
the exact
oh of K, .,l.,n,, and 1 :,,i.e,l si,,,,
both on land and -en.
e advantage
4 , .i;t. r-, , .
t.v Kn.' evi. is i,, tlie o.t v r..o T'.,;.. .1
Slates hn- a total ,e ui... li-l wur vessel
,i (wr;,inn. ..,,; i' " i " ,, . 5,n
-eijbt tin, 9 as , , . OI "
- i.l-.. .I;-.,, x ,., ,i v
- Is C llJv- t I lp I I M U Ic tl U Jll t Ll V I I LA 111 I 1
i ,.Uus and men
- y " '
t The price of -.
on i - 1 . i : ing
futures opened m New- ar S.OH aod
L-los.-d at T.'.CJ o-3.00bd-s Wfn- sold,
1 The sales in New Beit.e were ui, 7J to 7L
- -
ifjve Defendants Cunvicteil am
Belnif All Inillcteil El-ril Those tliHl
Turned Mlnli'ii I'.vt.lence K cry One
Appealed. tiHvo Bond hiiI Weill
Home H ill r'ijfht lo I lie I.hsI.
The sensational Ue iiiioit gisivevnr-I in-
j .luile Crahani .rot.oimei-.l tin- r:,!etii- .
The la.-t trial held n -tilted m th, i n
T.ction of C. K. Ilassell, and Dr. T. 15.
i eh-HK.r on tne charge of c n-;irai .
i The ca-e iiain.t I-uvi T Not'. piirtcv
' uas continued, on acvottnt of theab-eni,
ot a witne.-s. whos- I has just died.
S. H. Ielainar mal -I. (.'. 1 -l:in ar
i bar-t d .t ith firtt-r w.-re a. .pii tie I.
The sniiiiirir)' .f the ie-u.t ,,t tins,
trials is as follow.-:
Kvt-ry iltf-.iiil.nt except Dr.
L. W . kins, who tun. id S.ati'- . vi
ilence. "as envied d mi one of lie re
ch.tig.s. t).d. on,- n i:io w.i- i .in i. ltd.
Kvt-rv ne!'io t- rept hi, ...who w .- ii,dii-d-,i.
turnetl Slate's evidence.;e (ii-.diam s.i.-n alter noon pin
r.omicetl the scntiiic'i s. 1 hey were as lo.
low: C. W. Ilass, II, s veil years in tin- p.iii
to.ntian ; Win. F.-her. col., live y-ar.- i-.
the jietnteiitiary. Dr. T. I!. De'aniai-. Sel
doti D.-iauii.r and J. C D la mar and I. vt
T. XcelAu vciif-tticli ta Crav.-n coti itv
I'.-flt-l. !'..., e tlionr , vei nli a.
' v- .,'
npptaled to the Mipteme court o North
v ill ui : Liu. a ..t . c i hi- n.ii.i'' ' "ui
and are alloivr.l umi!'y 21st. lS!n;, t.
make up their ca-e o-i appea.l. 1'hey
i. ill ...o.-li llio Stn ,- in It m t:ll-eh
" - "" . . .- ,
ine aiiioums tu me oou i- ai , as ii
lowsv C. U. Hassell S1.5P0: all the others
1.000 each. Cilizcu- of littuifoft stood
men uou.i-
All tne ueien. eints ana me w musses
..oc.l ll.rAi.nli To- Tt. t-iin W ,-d i V . Tl
1 '- ' , -
route to tin ir hem s. Tuere were en ueh I
of theru to about til, two cars.
The def ud iuis tleclare they w'rl tiht
the ca-ses to the very last, ai.d will it neces
sary, appeal to tut- Supreme c urt of the
United Statcg.
a'AnvonA t inn nnnrnnrip hhiiiui ,
4-hll.. Thi ritv Fridav Alter
" "
l-h.l.i.-..Th. lrA.rrl.n.m.
The Fiiior. of the Atlantic Bipti-t As. :
sociation will convene in this .it.. Fi id-ay
December 2. in. IS'jj 1 is se-sion wo 1 re
held in the Taoernae'e Banti -t church on ,
Ucriie s1 re t. The f
win:: is : lie iitii-
10:110 a. m. Devotional servi. e by Bev.
J. . Bose. Ul'L';'. -it ion ol the I num. ;
11:30 n. m. Ho x . i.u pr- :k liin.-; be ,
made more . tfec:uilr J. C. Wint-v
2:3o n. m. The Destitution in our As-
sociiitnui; How to in, et it- ne. ds. by Kev s. :
B. W. Spilh tan. and F. Ft" v. " :
evening session. :
7:10 Introductory S-riiM"
D. Can oil.
SAT I' It D A V .
v Key.
1 0 a. m. Devot on a eseri i-e. bv Rev. J. I
W. Noble.
I0:.)i) H. 111. Vila! lul ..11 tile ureal .., . I,-:..., . e. a . . , ... , . . f I U" wiit-tloo; atu-pe.ti w..l Mir,,,.-.
.1-e.l of th.- ctmrcu. bv lie v. .1 Foul'. ! "In niakuiL: t !i s, , m . i ti a -tons, i , '" . ... i anything ever aiteuiptcd hv ai.v evei
ll:oO a. in. The r-"anon .-f the pastor ' am t'ni-v nine fe u.-p n-ihii ty i cur In the .latin ,fy is-ne t: '-DtlPn-, a heid in the Sou-h.
to the Stindtv Si hool ' v 11 v. J W. j -e.i .u i k.-en-v re ,1 z a. tee . oiee.piences . month !y luauiiine published in New; There will be a grand p tilde . f pi'e-R.-se.
' that in y f-.d-.w. ' V.-rk will aope.r the tir-t number of mium M-itk. Bio -d and Iiio. de I M..i. -.
2-Sll n ni. Devotional service hv Rev.1
It Ward
8:00 p. ni. Foreifrn Missio. s by Kev. S.
J. Porter.
8:30 p m. Duttisof Chui'eh nembi t.-
to the church i.v Be". -I. ''. .I. nkn s; t .
ine v orit o nev. j i. v.a:r u .
evf.nino session.
7: W p. in. Devotional Servce.
7:45 Fducali'in by W. F. Fr-. I
8:12 Tciup-rance by lie v. 1$. W. Spill- !
man. " i
sundat MortNiN.i 1
11:00 a. m. Missionary sermon
J. I'. Jenkins.
S. J. Porter.
C. S. Bcroess.
The discussions mentioned in the pr-
gramme will b- opened by the "lie-
specially as-igurd d. that duty whose,
names ioiiow me suo.ieei, utii uie u stu
sionisnotconrin.dll, them. All mem-
b-rs h.vve a ngnt to pariicipite an..
. , , o . . . 1
edilying talks on each topic. - ,eg .mzation which Ii is ni mned ami run , ,, aides, 1 s ;n .1 brdliant coloring, and ' aramme of aumseineuts im lmie- all ih.-
The following entire countits are e::t- a r. "Ul.f iin.u of war. the Mas.-ai h us- t is the thdomi.- ;- uitfa in -'in- d i- icil and 1 lad st novelties and ailiactiou- that p- i-bi-aced
iu the Association: Lenoir. Craven, lj.t.a.i.ui b'-u'!i the oniy n- iitie.t.piiu cou ri. o-i- lanuuiige o'.' i he ear'.y t ighieouth tain to a lir-t-class Fier. and i-
Pamlico, Carteret and Jones. Also portion- ,U)U);n,r ,,(,;,,. 01-r. 1!s experina e eultifv. ' ' arrange.! as to offer special altrat tloin I.t
of Wayne. Onslow, tiieeneatid Pitt et un- ! 'n eonlincd to dving and .iul.tu on We can i.d-1 to what the New- and '. e.,cb av.
ties. . oarii il e Wahits-i at t i.e Bo-t m -Navy i r0.-. i ; i -1 v-. t he f .1 1. wm..-: ' Two lii'st c'asg ban-U will le constantly
The follow ine; are ihe ministers I t-lonL'- ..,,!. Ti,..- r.-pon a- to the Mi--i- Ab "it ivv-iitv fr.e vp r- t'.i !r-. K n- m attend. me.
ing to the Assoeiaiimi and th.- .hurelie : ;.lU,.u Batt.dioti. (which is th,- ohie-tin ri,iv s, h..el Jui ,,i New Berne. 'ixcur-i ,n tiaitis and steamboats r : i i
they serve: G.ddsi.oro, first ciiuich. Jtev. ; ,. ,-ouninl -In the main leelu g vva.- ;.i Mis' Same. On nop. She u .- th, n visiting daily. Fare on r ii ir.eids an -1 -leaiii' .oat
.L Long; seend church, Bev. A J Tavioi: t'.e eul oi ti.e w.-. k or.o if con-eiei d ' a .lt Jude Clarke's: b.- wife Mrs. Mary ,.t "jVeatlv redu -ed lads.
IaGrange. Bev. J W B 'si ; Avd.n. Rev. -oiua-eau nt. " Bivard Cliik-. a -o an aiilhort a!id
J D Carrol!; Kinston. B v. B Spill
noli unopmerp. Re v. V t . v: More-
. ..
head City. Kev. .IT Jenkins; M .rine-.
I Rev J W Noble. Ward's Milh. I'm liei-.l
I N an-; New iiei ue All-M'l- Nle i ctin i en.
Il.-v S J l'ortt-r; Tab rnacle. Bev C S
: There are also ;.t in.- i',ilo-
: ing places in the Assoc m'l- n utncli -ir.-.
i .,, ,u-esi.U, without a pi.sto' : Beaufort.
. . . .
lVis Shore, Woodvilh', Smyrna, Polloks-
vine a,i ,ii.,n ii'.-M that was
. untll 1 1, s n .on i ii . St re. u Diitev. j. i.
1 Rose; it includes Truilt, ' Vaticebor...
I stpnng Gar.leo and Ove.
,. s i-e who cotm.. .n ed ihe Am-
U -r u k .-nniuTiiv a iiv..r .1 Tl
Xo Longer the Orpan ol t onferenee-
i Another I'aper to be IlotiKht or e
one sttarieo.
. -r-: .,. .. , ,.,rt.l,
ineii I i,nc ie linn'-. ."H mi
,.,.:. ..
re la 11. 'Iisui ) w u u uie .v ' v ot aie. i u'mai.o-
ing t he i iiZ't to t out r. d the . ,i:' oi ml man-
; ano, n- ,i. ine owmi- niu-eu ion
own. 1. lusc
. .- 1 ., i ,i ,, d ., i .pr, i, 1 ua I ,, hi ,rv n i t 1 1 n e, ,11
4iition-,l sippnt 1 i.e e.. nm .p pie-
s, rjied a corn pr ue :se p, p. y. I liiea -
0f , he . ' w n. l's w, i e :n a in : no r t
. Kloqu.-cl speech. w. i hv Rt-v
K. B. John, auaiu.-t the rs p.epo-:
1 tion. aud Dr. wi..l- 1 1 r it flic
, Conference seiarat.-d f o:i tlie ...a-.t-r a-u
:tppoiBt.-d a c m ,1 , ,- p. am . ,-
We-tern Non n Ca- li a miliiviin- oin-
j niittee if they will appo.u- ne. to bay oi
I e.-ta'di-Il a paper or. 11 . ee-s-. : V, lot-sui"-
i Rsh a pnper separate! v.
. 1 lie Conference net. o reluct mi ly but bv
. 37 msijoti'v. Klizib. th C'dv -pi cial lo
Charh'dte Observer.
. . , X i ..
- uooti v n.-on ;i voting in n luinn s
I land, fifteen or sixi.i.n ..on- ot '. il I
Monday night the li'.in. in-.. Hi- .:e..u
was occasioned bv ii j.o .- r. ,-eiy. .1 in a
game of foot ball at li" (ire. nv i;. .- ho.,
ot two weeks previous.
He received a kick in the brea-t
- ..:... i ,i ..; , l ,
w 1 "u.l""T "'I uu.t .' i.':
rr . '""eU ' ""'
II your s' stem is clogged and v-mr cir
' cuUiion sluggish, it wil- cans." disea-e
n..nnt ri..i-.r"hnt talr.. .i..i. ..." Sir.!iii..
rilla antl Ce'erv I' wip ch-ans, the bloo
and pure blood is h S ifeguari amdest
disease. Large bot' les 50 cts at F. S.
1 11 Lll .AAllll.
President Cleveland Writes Almiit
ciii'iiclan Di.-i'iili'.
oi it iiok mi sr isi: m i im i
V. ii a 1 a d llniiiis Itelused lo Sulniiil
the Mailer l Arliif rnlioii it is K -
1-oiiiuii'iiileil 'llial li t-oiliiiiiHSion In
Appointed I o I i x I lie line
,!-' ' Venezuela and HrilK.ll
t.iiiiiin mid I liat it be Maintaineil by
I lie I ii 1 1 ed SI at ex.
the d t ( 'evja-ii on !a-t Tu.--. iy
lo -ay l ran -m: t, d t ,. ( uiieri -- i h. .-on,--
j -.,ndei. e 1 .elw. e ) tin- e, n ei'n f n i s ,.f lhe
'. I'tiiti.l State- and tJt'eat Iil'ilain with re-
.yard to Vt i c n ia. ,oi th' r wda . s,-i-,-iai
'tiu aeiu w.otta it I ' nitiii 'o . I'tccnt
p i m ,i a, e rat i.m ! e sn -:
"It will lie seen I'm n the -. rr- sptn-
1 .lenee lei i w .ta -n 'UiitleiT ! led t hi- p: ,...
' sition lei- ! i. - It el i tu . I by lhe Ht't t-h
1 iov i-rn mi n' . n p ,'i i; r, . w eii-ai. in tin m-i-iii to be lar from -di--
tac'ol't. ll i- dei ply ifs , pp., utile: thu
sui-'i an pi a. a. ta iteil ny -I
t fiend y e - in-.' '.owar i both mil . - . ti
renioi. a diP-sp I to the sc sent j-i-i-.-i'
' and to the in i hi tint v "f oi.e ..f sh.
yre it power-of t he w orld ana t .11. hni'
it- iiiiiion- in one i-iiiiji iintive y weak
and sin ol s: on . , nave pi "ii leeu 1 o i n.t let
,.T p ur.p ,0 , p
eminent in lew ol tne pn -en: ("ii in; n-
il-.tif not appear to admit of Fcrio'is .l-tibt.
I Ia vin' lab'.ie 1 i'.et'j lul y lor in m v yeais .
d ;n 111
ire d
di.-iiiite to imparti.ii arl'itiatiotl. :-u 1 h-u-
niL' hetn i uw !ii iil!' iipprt-cl f re-
lu.-al to d i so. n itht'iu' ri mains hut to t.c- :
L., lt lhe
u ition. ;.. i, c Lin.e its plain
. ,, . . , , ,i...,i ,, i. p ,,,,.
t .
,re ,t nnl on's pr, -ent pi opo.-iti ,n lias
i evi r thus fai I eeii re o.rdL I as;idims.-ab;n
bv e- e.e,eia. thoiuh nv a. ju-lm tit ol
tie' b am i-irit s whi, h th:P country in ii
deem for li-.r adva itae at d may e, ter
into of her own If. e w 1 ! c .tin t, oi cot, r-e,
Iu ofi-cted to by l ie I'm t- i State-.
-As-uuun:'. however. Pat he aittinle
of Venezue'a w:
i lein.iin urchitnee I ih.
lied siieii a --am; as to
dispute lias leu
....'.xt , . ...t.'.. ,
i ' i I 1 1 I'J lilrvL 111' l l I i t UC ' I tni.C n.lll
-,,.U. ..- t.-,.tv f.r it- i-.m.-J.V,
wh.-t is tie; I rue .Pv.saea,
be' w, o-i
1 ue ret uu.ii- 01 en.'. i'- 1
iu iiia. The 1110 1 tv " t! at 1 nu -ii .rl-.l.
,,(- ,.,,UisP. j, c.udiit d- I .a.. :i;i.y a .d
due weLdr -hold I ''.ri :. ai; a n:i ,1)1.'
1 cue1.', record- ;i' d
. the ci..;sns f h ; a p ,1 ' a-
"la o.'o. r that such
-h u'd he nr. , te 1 in
x 111 : 11 iii'-n
ouix 1 an i
tad '.he '
, . , ... .
, n . . ' .. ., .. , :l,,,)r.,nr; ,j,.n ,
. ,. . , .. . pi .- ,.....-,,., t0 , ,
amioiiili ,1 bv the e.v-i r,t:ve illl 1 N-. ho -h ,11 ,
make tie. a s - . 1 y imf-:,: ihon ur.d r p !
upon tie, r with die 1 u-l p. -s-n
d ;.v. When .-lit li r p ft 1- maieaii
.ce" ted. it w il . tny .'pin on. be the
iRr .-f the I'n't.d Sire- to i-.--i.t by
!e.y me.,,,- 1,1- !'-. 1. n- a mail.'
i a . s-wi.i upon its r ml :n ; ' H - ; -. : in
J ,ppr pr; t' u bv ii' :r Br.limi ol a-
j Ian s or he e re-, of :.ii-r...i.. ll'tli
jnr -d.cli -o o 1 a v terutor. wh'.eii.
d er
,v, -ti .-;,
tet ili
I am ., Ma he:. -.-n. in in my tnnic-i.
i te n dim win a His a "ii, a ii- thnm to :
'' ' I
I ee tin two "peat Miu:l;sh .-peak- j
iui": - o! tnewolai .,- , e n: tuner- .ucinpii's, iim-i. i m- ii,.ucii -m ,e- . i i-ie r.x u i on ion win oe 101 mailt oppu.u
I w is.- i ban 1 1 'em i y t a .iu pel ito! - ui i he on- i h.-erver in not:ci iej t IPs piospective si ory ' by I Ion. J. S. Carr, ami many other th
! ward ii.aith ot civiii item and -if. nuous . has this to say . f the author and i he char- , ii nun 'shed men will be present.
U:i wiiilnv 1 v a . s in a . i i,,e;uis oi piaee,
tie ic is i i-i calamity vvhich a i: e.t nation !
- ...... .. i.,..i, -.
L it U III. lit W ll'l ,' I Jll.l .T 1 I, , I I, ,1-11 .
isiipui -ubmi-sion to wr e.ii; and ii jus-
luce 'ami i,.e c ui.t ouent l"-s naiiou-i! 1
-ils-rcspect and honor I ieu, alii which is
sine ddl an-i deic-nded a ptop'e's safely
and errearnes. :
(siumetlj (MIOVEH CLEVELAND. :
Fx.cutivt- Mansion. Dec. l,, ismu.
IX case of war.
The 'ortli 4'arolinn .aval Reserves
Second t one in EHiciency-eed
The offic'ml report of the Seretu-y "'
she Nuvv upou the mi, it. a 01 tne
v;,OWi inflation to the Nnh
- ...... , ,.
. -iro inn mi 0 a :i i - pi e o. ..
, As to the N"itu Orolie-i Bitta'pon the
. , -T eo - I '. i ; 1 -i i i , , ; m i ii n " i all 1
ii , oil. -',-.
n;!Ker. .1 i h- N mtueket bi'm-i her do , n
rm Wih, itt -n p. So.m.p- rt and re -
, , , theie lor Ine ! .vs -.n I tl'.uii 00-
H1, lll)lU u w -,- d ue ui a h;m, iv . t ml:;
, I in , :- wem h. id ,, be, id
the N'an'iicktt un u-r ih- d.rec-.on of hem
... ...
ovv ,,tli.-eis aud wt-n-vt'i-t cr-.-.i.table. 1 1..-
,,,,,1:11111- wete all e v mi tub e fee
eJttc;. v ,,f h- se , 111, 1,.' ships, a
.lUj Vii-i-hien w.-r.- i.i-h y
the tnti ii;,,n - .- re. v and n a ,at; e p.
. m,n ;l ship of war as .'ha: ; a,,v m
tne e.-untrv "
, ... .. a- . , 1
ladou to the Nimtuek i'-ciU;- aadiolae
N C Ue- tv -: -1 oetii id iwo (dliet-
to,estv,the Naval M.u i vvl.l.e inn
i.-ng the -hip- It spp.h- w,;: or thetr
l the t
the to i-v, -koi ; ml p ttioie eniliil-! i-m
.1.,,,, , o '!,,,
when t. m..u ....I at .
mi,., , .., .. , i , , ,, , m t ,-
o ;v ,t. , n. ; , 1,, theiii a.-
i-ti i et "ii ,n
- l n.i - w d i - ;
h v a. e: eu I
I . "I s : . I e s
, e-
- "iv
o" ha-
ti le.
,,',, ,1 . 1 ap
.-e 1 ,ii y ; ", e- di
lein , -- ail 1 ,1 le
a d s a. a." ii :n ,n po
vv , a llley w. 1 in '
i 111 lg- ,,eV. t ile ot t
I ha
a a . . -
-lip- ,11 l'-s ne
s a ii- ih.-eo st
k :y ti e .d in
I d
tut'ii. o oi er to our naval mtia It has
sno'-vii it.-. J' capable ol lioiiggO'ii work
wiili r ools. ai,, i it s -mi 1 . ii .w have
a . haiie to try b -ti. v ones.
In aiidili.'i . th - coast , f mmi-i Gar"! u i
i-'i,,. moie vui ,, i-1 i- ... oiide as
. . . ,. w , . i
- i.:,p ;i- t aio: inv -toe. om
ii. .,ie: nd d
iv to :ein i:i:
- I . i
I on leel ionery Chaiitreo tinners.
'r. A. M Inker ",- 1. nglu out lhe
e" i . ' i ; n rv i -t i hi 1 - ! lien . t "dr. Numa
Xir.i: ai .1 a nm ontnuie at the same stai d
alld.ariv ills' lhe sunC liu-.-s oi good 3-
f,- Vn-.n' l.-ul t-iv,fti ti r.i rv. t,. ;inf
1 - e ...... ' ' - .' -
- smok r -uppin -. The bu-in -s n un w ill
be A. vi. Baker A: Co.
i. iii i. . .-w ,s t, ,.--, imn.b . of v, ai s in
t. busiues.- iu the city Cut has
son e i im-- b- en P av.-lb ng. We aie glad
io see him preparing to locate with us
a 1)V.imiti: i:n.osiox.
it RIowh.'i Hole- 'Mir.Miuii a Slori' Floor
.-mil 1 n j ii ri-s Mr. Mill Shim ill.
Ti.uid:t j-.v i a: d "lie
..Mockaa .-,.-.1.1.1 .-t -tn-what u-.uua!
1 nai a. !i 1 liapi on, . 1 in--!, i!t , 1 1 .Mi---Iftk.
r ,V liii-hav. --on. '! 1.,- ! !-.:'-. 1, u !--.
'im. flu lir.!:i.:, o' u .., Ii an-
-, . ; -,..', i-i i ia- , . : v ach h . c in :l:t-ui a
cap. the i-i'inl I...'. .-! -.ii: h i- s.n I to
be .iyiaiiniU'. Xi, i, er- of tr.. tufpedni:-
have h. -en ns e-e uid .-..Id line Mr.
Frank Tu ia ie r i . i ;,i: ,juit a ,c:aUil
Mtli loll-, til. V v. ,.-k,ii- - t- al li n.d- in
, n.e.r in ui!!l-i.
- n.-k.i.,r (,i:i:;,;,;;'lL; of i!,o .p.-,
li-- of w i.i h :oi Hi 1 1 e i a-- of .-a. li to -
w. ,a l,.ei, f in .Me-I-. li.'ker.V
l-Jicliar l.-or. At M,t tinn-of the
iict'ideiit iheie were -e-.eittl pt'op.e ii, P e
store be-id.-s the l.roiirietois. Mr. ibidi-
. ar son see-in M r. .-:;iin ili i.e n I la p .. k iw;
c 1 1 t out him u .! to -hp on d. II.
! ,,-k, , V!i r V, I ,-u i- ti;-'
Mr. 1 !ieh . : : - , 'i i.piaii. Dv u.u.e ! .' '
Mr. St.i...i. n,-; ,! : '.kii.u
f,e iidm mi an i 1 1 h-i m t: e m : . ei-i
m ,-: o k it 1 1 1 , a j. ,- and lepii. d, 'li.
voiiare .i .-. a-.-i p,. -t.!'v --.pinion
tin- p ,( k:i,.-. 1 i i , ; i e-1 . a ' - .y the ' th 111::
w n: oil. i .!. . wi ii4 . ie !,. itM i plank- u h ie
1 in, I a' in a 1....1 i.. I a Ii . : .. - t ie ,r
lii rmi Lrh lii e th i ani 1 ia ;u: , n ' Mr. Sat-
ei ' a ! i-: I the f. .ot so he- i ii' 1 p w i : h ,!,
t..;iii if -in- .re I a ..m u.
I ) . n unite, it is at. t xp-i' 1
. 1. w ii . a r i- -Did -ale .vise ii.ore t
w if .; I, ... M .- i. . t er. :-.- th
.,1 ii ; y , - (., ,t :l ,1,1,- it u ,;..,1 l
-iiii-!,ii , ri-.i'-! v if n -t ; '..
if. e
f. -
Mnnci, I.
The ! t'.!; pi tin- liooii r'
th - s'. p r. I the p -ck ,-t - i, ,d !
reetiv the sic -per :n-ei
it, th-- ur.ati.-r n-si-t:.ue.' I., low would no '
doti d iiave a a, I..- the upwatd ! :u;d
i niiau-' iiiiitli 'til'.
Tl.e; w;i-.lealenilii; an 1 th.-".-cat-
u rati-m" ,,i a 1 ia-ide of t ,e bui ,1.i,l: wa-
M- ,llo S(.xt Ksiiibiiioii ol the Knt
w. . .... i, n, i : nit an.t lncreasin;' me iiioiuuiuii
I a roll n a I ,-iir-t.o.i.t Ail dresses are .. , ,
ol ihe work.
Wanted that the Lists May te Lflec- P., sitl. s ndvi-rti-iu tllUS. the Fair end
tively I'la.-oil. i out i.oOO choicely ! ttetl Up pie muni
The iir.-iiuua. li-t- of :,.,- !'a-t Carolina -
be preiiu :i;
Fist i. i u .t, ,-. i i nn - and In. ! n--1 i i! As-o-
- ' '' ' ' .
ei it.o'J for 1-s Ninth Ai.,,al Kxblbittoil. i
,.-.,..- i.-.m, ...... i... , ,,,,dii
sv v ' "V 1 1 1 . i i I u I . . . (IV inn i i
,,,-ee,i The V,,-, 1 ,,-v
M r. I 'mi-'. 1 1
, f ... siiiibl
1; . - b;;i h- eau use , thin -. Tlie 111 in h aim 11:1! Fi r 1 f 1 h" K-i-t . ' ro
- ka .w ..f p ii'iu-s to lina Fish. Uys pr. (iauie m d 1 11 lu-'ii .1
,, i. ,i to - lid . . . py. - Ass, c .-itioii will b li. Id at New 11, i nc.
,1 -,ied t' .- id !h pieiliium N. (', on Monday, Tu sday. W'e. iia - ia .
'.-.'liu-i .a.- y -:!' v i-ot too . Thursday, Fridav aful Sat tin lay. F. h
h :I. !.. d to s? d them whe.e i in iry 34, 3 i, "Jfi. 37, 3 is and 3ti. ls'.iil.
I., e.i d to par; it s who will ; The 1 lviuium li-t h s 1,1 en n-t's d an i
il any
whom :t w
I ' 1- no:
much f.-r
ihPV w
apre. late th-.-m and wlm are likely to
eil'.er at'eii.l .-r exhib'l. who miht j
he menus 1 -e 1 in w hat ever id 111- and lire-
uar.,ti..ii- ihev -i:e ;'o;an:n-'l' th- -e eii'. i
If ativ ..! 1 1 .Jell- ' all Mlpp'.V ad - .
life--, s ,) si .1 p. --. n-
;;sa;e -poken of '
iiio-. e to .in-, lte .eivstt in, copies 01 tuc 1
premium n- - v,.i,oe mane. 1 iiieui nun ,
pia-in-. i
t, 111 l.IM: SKHIAI. STOIlY. ;
By n Lady ol ew Kerne Aneeslry
iiiirotliieinv Charneiers nl f-eenes '
..I l.-.o Year A-o- - still, s V ill In mil-
, . ..;., , i
. ' " '- ' -' . - i
"J -Nt's. r-umu i.e. n uimi l ie,ine..y i
,ii-un ,iuu -e-m - ,,.i-.-..oy.
"Mis. Keidu ly w ill l-c b. tier known I '
n..r -. .v p ,.i -ho I).-vp..i-.v f,,..dv
1 . V .-. 1 - ' - - - -,
ot New Berne aid of Hi i"-11. .i wri't r.
whether ot proe or p city not unknown
loliune. .....
"The s( ene of the -toiy is laid princ-i-
p illy in New Berne, duriii'i the tlays ot
the Colonial-; ivernor Tryon, and it is in
mns piu ,ce, m iii-oiiHu,ai meiiioiy. uiai
many incidents of the romance mctir
indeed, in the Ih-st chapter, ii 1ml! given .
; ;.t the -I'a ai r" l-y Lady Tryon is descri- j
"M my of i he mine-"! the ch-iractei's in '
the file. L:an. l..-rwyn, C lar,. l 'aves :
,n . ; ie rs. w :i 1 oe I am1 :. if. and tune 1-'
niir-h else ia it :..c.-lc the h'ue-t ot"
N..rtli Carolmia- -
The llli.-ttmion- a-e ni-uiy and well
ex-'euti d aud l.f, -e: v , ; utiouiv. the tuc
1 1 1 re-, me p.,-' 1; m.-s o! I h 1 1 1 lii v. with llieir
i.o.'-t. -s . fn. te. ua- h,-r aunt. A litt'.c later.
M ;. i n , - ,, ; : , . I p' I.. t tl,,,,.
,oi o . .,.'.. . ........
tlis h- m n-:-le rt-oris. Bi-uf. rt and
. M -l'.he. I city, she in .ni.d Mr. Walk.r ol M, muu;s Teun.- then ol the
Falex-Apied s.'e herself w as a native of
, i . T, it.
i;. Kennedv has done con-iderab'.e
iteuirv work. , .r.-.y .1 urmiksde. Ihoiuh
mil - i--'-e,l ut as a wriierof poetry be, .oe m coii-iih-nible demand tor lhe seUbv u,,dnl, t,,e extract fiom Pr.-i-ai"1
writiiej ii-.iVe on public occasions. ',m,,vo,.. ., w. ,.,
su. j, , i el -re th - written o .. serial
s,,v. me -eeiie of whict.i. 1 .10 in J.ime--
town. ',.
M . -. K, in ed v's moth. r. Mrs. Vorah
. - . . ,. ,i . 1 . . . e 'I'I,,-,- 1 I 1. -
,.,:,. ufKil, ''i and a -ist.r of Mrs.
.p,rv llavud CI .ike. Tha it
wp ,e -eea that .uir tow n-e p'e. Mr. W.
K Clarke ;v-d Mrs. George M.uilt.m ate
), r !i 1 -t c. .11-' i s
( :
W 1" '" C.
Mr-. K
is 'he
d Hal-
l'n d A. l.l.d-.
; ae.iv i.ei.e- i f . il-: ing liished.
e.i iitii . -u v. them are
ami la
j,,;) ) x u . one of til 1 at uders ot
i in- Nt w B.riieA. .-I, my. and llo- l'a-
ie e o' 1 : t'il.if.s -nl:.,- H'"l'. lUl-lit
,-i' the ; .ot n a i li uii.o.f i- in 's ptfc a-eil
i m- g: an; s from B iron D.Gn.iletiiie.l. the
f.-uuder. ( .e of the piinc;pii streets ol'
Nevv Belie- and the in ighboiinir village
oi P .Ho. k-vil ie at e named lor ibis eeutlf.
man. Mr-. Kelirei'.v i also a oirect !e-
sc n dan' of Rev. Jointhan E.I wards the
iii-iingu sh, d Nevv K -gland congiegalion-
i.-t tie oh.giaii an-1 also ol E'i. Whilnev.
,,f C, nnect ietit, the inventor to whose
genius the vv. I'd I is uukbtul to nu itical-
i-n la1 hi d- gi ee :. i hi - re y--hit ionizing iuven-
ti-m. i he r-i: t..n gin.
Co si a r.-b e ot tlie mad-ri d for Mi's,
Kiiiiiedv's si. rv was 1 1 1 1 ni.-htd bv our
. - , ,. a, . , ,1,
iowi.siuuu .m;ii m .iiau.uii e'avts. nun
an whom vve ;.no,v of no one i-tPer versed in
ioc o niell ill Iii-iol v.
Advatre le
I .v.- been pi i
K'-nneilv's -tarv
posses-iot). We
1 ,p 11.1 a: Oi
'm',-n,,,,l'ivi"'-!,ai, d'!
' n.i.i st.-
r,11-V ,u l;c::011 0" lN
sci iptiV
Notion to l ho Public
1 1 the Raby i Cutting- Teeth.
Be sure and u-e that old and well-tried
nnu- v. Mrs. U uislow's SiothtPir Svnin
tor lor chhlren tee; hi tig. ll soothes the child,
softens the gums, allays all pain, cures
wind colic and is the best remedy for
diarrhoea. Twenty five cents a bottle.
Tite Largest ('until in I'i!'l Sij nan
Feet Each.
For Advertising tin- llnsl i ai-olni.-i
Fair 'III- lair.-Ht and I'i.iesl l..t
I si',1 in the'. and L'.IMIO More
'Mian Were lai-r I hi-.I Ii- th.- I air
'fh,- p, stcr- winch -u-- t" be u cl n - n
vt r; i-in' t lie iirt evlibitioii oiihi-l..--
' ilo'iir.a I'l-h. ( v-t. r. ;..llli' a... I I : '
tiial Association ine now In ii- a- .
Ii .ndoiiie set t'.ev are. too. 'I'h.-v !
tit V(T before licet) T;."e 1
li 1- in the past led in the etet:- .-i
I ibi r ilitv and hri' liancv ol ii .- :-.b
u.flhods and this year it piop -
'lhe !a'i.e-l "I lle-p t.-; -
for lhe viaii-of If i,l ulii ,-.
l o ei s ot . I. p t -. ed- . ni,a.-uie h
h-et bv -even. Km li is i-mud' d
a of lifts .-.juarc f et.
Tin- is in three ,1 t'ti .,-tit
A 1 1 ou , thei thi i -i n- 1 e, - : I , ne ,
- ;. it.- l the p...-t-I . .', th
t in ti-ind in nuiub' r whi b ,s .,
!' i wo tli"ii-aud "Vi r the m
Ucv. I'M ward Bill udl .J. i!ll II
a. i vet i i-i nr tr-p all i.m r
i . 1 1 t i e
in t in ;n -
and m pi .1 lion- ol
-ta e-
let --1 of the Fair.
II j will siai t T!iiif-.':iy. 1 v, em' -er
-Jhll. the day attel h I 1-1 , , a.-. I', i J
'.o Mr ::i ue abii.tlatiiiy -r.pp'.e I with r,ir,r
eiatiire thin n-iri'. lei.- Will I., die n,
p.pel nl t li-, t mi-rli trip he has t made. !t i-
., u di- likely to enibiacea somewhat n.oie.
ii' ar I lie tend. .1 territoiy th.n i.up. and ',-
attention will also le pah I t advert.-.'
wall inarat lioine. iu mi .! -i-u!t im u
anil in -i-o i t'.wns.
Tiiis will be Mr. iht'l's s . o-; : i . ani.te
tnp of lhe kind. The c.i.n oxhihi'to .
i 1'tiie Fair will b't i s nil th. T em w
no advirtisin- ti:p ina-ie lor the tir-t on. :
the SC' On.l year lhe llt'st trip w e if la
Mr. W. H. (iuion and Mr. Bull ha- m i.n
one every jc-ar since th it, gradually ex
list1 to caietuliy selecie I nam, s and a -
special 1-a;r eilnioii ot the .1 or rs a i..
bieh are .-c itlered bv thou.-an s ivmi- ,
eer ,t is jii.l-t d tliev will do the in,,-i
i.,,i i.,', i..,-c . . i.;..i. .... i,...
ill tu.. inuui 1 1 v. I r . i i i v. . i .i i i .,i v
i Trei-uif-r. -poken of the manager- 111 tke l-ie tod o
oe,o.: -uptdy announcenn nt:
tularuetl, and includ. s u a:ly al' a:i;ti;s
i-ntervd lor es'.ibitto.i. C'. mi, petition in
jail the 1 L.-sc
nl al v uivi e. i a 1 d :-
cih n to a!!.
:f ami I lame ,
et tiOIl
w ill be the liast ev.-r e.v i.-h -itc.!.
I he
nrm complete and aitr ii-me r . 1 . 1 1 , t -
Mint ever i.eiti.
'foe pouhry exhibit w ill im la'e , h- i, .
-peciiiiens of id! the note I si 1 ,ie-. an 1 :e;
cm eoente aim vj..e. ii,.-
will uu-lir pas-etl.
Tie re will l a until-1 flora! oi-plat.
r his display will -til J as- th 1! of a I pr- -
v toils 1 .lubit!oii. and wi.l be Id! a-.-;
Stadions, lo,a,isers. thofoii-lil. fed-, hai-
ne-s, sadiUe and all pui po-e hof-es. nui'e-.
j,,,,,; t.u t.,c.
ioul i.m m aueini aim t amipcic i"i
prizes ott' re.l in all departments. N
..i,,,-,,! oviiii.imr, ...r :, ., i
I. U.l - -' . l.llll"lll-1.3 ' " 1 - ' " -
-lahlt?, no charge for feed of any kind. '
and eomoctent men to care for vock. t te 1
The Indies' department will contain j
hundreds of useful and ornamental aiti-
cles. It will surpass any previou- effort.
There will be excitum races trotting
ami running on i uesasy. v euuesoav.
riiuisday and Ftiday. mi one of lhe b.
tracks in the State. Piuses !igur.--:atiii
.i:J,0Ot..0O. the lurg.-t ever olfered by aa
Fair in lhe State.
The haudsOmcst display of Fire-woik-
ever t xlnoited in North C arul.u . w id b
Buildings nod grrund- will 1 lighted
throii-jhout bv e'eetiicilv.
Th-V arelfd yards from tie-.
railroad stati m. The -atts are oneu
. .lnilv Imm 0 m lo til o m The
vvviti.iKi: ATTin ni:
lueen Klisl.iml null the lulled
Ktates on tlie lnet ion ol British Ati
U'ression in 'I'his Country.
Diplomatic nutters between England
;,C); tlv TJuited Slates aie assuming a verv
,. ,, , ,VMI.,,k(, ,.,.,. . ,, i , .".
gr.-ss and tne Btitish coma. e-.t- tin r. on
wh'rh We pnbiis'i I o. lay.
Clevelatid lakes oeeiind mid advar.c.-d
urouud aLiaiu-l allow i""; any Biit:sh ;,g
UiessiOU on t his continent.
Secret..! v O ney suv s the no.i-iut. i n n
lion ol'i his cou, 1 1 1 y in Elifopeati
niCtssafilv imp'i' s iior-;at-ne " i -n b.
European counpi s in Am--li.-.n nlViii-.
The Pit siu. ut an.! St . el se. m to b
upheld almost unanmiou-ly in the -tan. I
they have lake:, by 1). nioc-at-and Repub-li.-nis
alikt : al.-O '' lhe pr. -s ol l-.e
E"gii-h and ( itmdian paper- on th
oih-rhati . us li.iiiiy iidv(i.-,.li- J-'iil: Uid'-
i -i . ; : n m-t'i.ttg a. u ai-ra.i.i u v. ,,'
sh-- ei mns by ,m meai s.
If .ic 'mis 1 o a ii .:;!, Enl mil and ib
I'nited States are not likely to "go it
alone '' lielrtnd. no doubt, -tan.!-
to-knife England at the tir-t oppori mill v
and otli, r i t h'-r depcnilehccs might tl .
Tin re ate also more Irishmen in Anien
c i th in in Irel .nd il.-e'f ai d lin y .-'ii! hate
England "iike mi ikes.' l he
Nutioiial Alliance of America have al
ready is-u d a manifesto lo Presni, in
Cleveland, icndeing the immediate sei i,- -of
''100,0011 soidiers as brave as ever
slioitlderei I a r lie. "
Ex-Confedeia.e organi. dions have alsi
lio'iiin tn otf r r, sol iithins i-vm-.s.ii i ot
,-diues-to do hattle forth- l,r
of the cunt'y and ih" glory of i'- ling.
II war iouis it will pi'.'bab y h- severe
em sohlie.s. tigllli. 2 side by side we he
jjpve iheie is now uo power on eailh that
could withstand them.
All persons are hi reby notilted not to
give any credit to Mrs. J. W. Moody.
niv wife, before consulting me. a- 1 w : I
not be lesponsible for any tlebts cm rat ted
by ber alter this date, December 12. 1 '..
j (Signed) J. WT. Moody.
a nitian OF MOTIIF.R.
I . V I I.I. A . Kl. I..
', ..mi at :.-U t-.i! and glad the day wf.s
I -,e:;!it r, po-i- lieni .-ith a suar t-re.
U ,', ic oil I it lure, u hen wtary, I had
w. ,n
T- ' pi-a.c and ic-t known only to the
fl . e
I : .-a w.i i in.
t .vas n lovely unmier
: .ht.
Th,' woi '.' !- ab ,
ione out in lull ar-
I i i s i li,- k es u it h
thcir celestial
A i 1 -p.rkle in t he ni( alows' dewy
: .
i wa- : 1, 1 1, an
1 pou-cil its nu How, plain and j
10' Is,
i.-l -
e s'ladows , roppin" to and tro
" p' a n mils, , we i tin- in, until i n .
ti e . .: d le ..
-. t either, bv ti lul (lanes put sue 1.
1 ' i- h 1 1 i n o -1 ' 1 1 j s went divinu'
I ;i h the air.
. ;:. p n.ons nt the sold tide
.1 -e n ed I . reiii unbroken every
win re.
I '.' ii ! , , 1 ; -ecu
, '.a i an -.
1' 1 -a tti'e' tl' I the
rell-ctina; on its
i.,n'i i t line had .
t foUL'llt.
I 'n'.ii in v - if. i in li arid in slumber;
a 'i.-,
v.'..- t . h.- ond the realms of earthly
i:-Ya,,-l'- -ho
1 1 a ' -1 1 1 t '
- u' le'liiil
( ) blissful cons.'- I
scene surjiassint: j
'I " on
ich I saw r. . .. mpense
i a 1 stirin.'Ut.te 1 death and
.-.n Ut th it sou" bem IhmiihI witU mor-
till eor. j
I b't hail '.: or mk the bitter ( up of woe: ,
I. e o ba 1 it b r--u the weight of human
t .i !
And - il i. inaitied pure as the driven j
s : , , l .
. a- - -iti
it -tru.'ule l on tin
le-n-e.1 hv ev.ry phase of grit f and
Yet -
,, i o.
throiie'u ad with lhat evalte.r
worth 1
Whi-h or ul'y .-ptirns all impulse to
Til. i-
A- d
15 r. t
Wit . -;
11 .'er warn d upon its humble
1 ee 1 hi- shafis against its shield
i k. ' a '.
ic lo ('mist, it triumphed through
I lie stt'i'C,
II hn-: all who'dai'-d' its faith i.s-
'l '
, ,,, . ,.;;, ),.. . ,1. .,,1 ,lntv's daunt
h might,
I ; -to.d un .wad asain-t all evil rule.
nl pr ivid itsi If a victor in the tiht! ta, samts of the mar.yn
i - wa ; .... r. its domicile of cla.v
W -I'll
re-t beneath its kindred'
- !.
Wa e sua above the spirit made its
T.. ii- happy home in the house t i
Sot. u,v .Ilium, I siw it rn.u-.ll the.
When- i lio-en saints are ever kept on .
piaf' ::
But b m, th i-.k C, nl, it had not long to
w lit,
o n
,:ii r :
he wav in welcome was mi-
The portals pa-sed, 'mid strains of harp I
all I soil";.
d -p i t -tood beneath far heaven f
rr it-.d -I i-v a bri"ht serai.hic throntr, !
Who .une to meet 11 lo its. final
j.; .,,),,- 1CCI .,,; ki-sed hv each and every
u, . h th ,t h .si, it knelt the
ti,,-.., ,.
pYm )i:eii the streams of life immortal
. - w U, re the L imb receives and
' . r. vvn- II, s own.
The -i pr.i-i-l, when Jesus s-poke
i-n !.!:
,11 t he" -i sefi ant undeliled ;
!h v i row n, i , e.-ive it on thy
h ad
An, 1 w , , . li a- le;
,me- the
s ivi,
No in ".- -li it thou strive in that world
, f w oe.
Where thou ha-t borne the scoffer's
en e! rod.
I J it th "ii -hail think where founts of ioy
.I., now.
Ani fast upon the blessings of thy
Now crowned and blest, and robed in.
-pot less wh.te,
'fh ;i -oui was numbered with the saiDts
And took us place amid the seraphs
T i shine forever like a star oflove.
Tlie in Imm nt pist, then rang the bit nued
( i; h .rps and lyre-, and tongues of sa- I
t ied mirth.
In praise of Him who was so rudely slain, ;
That all throuiih Him might have im-
nioiia! L.i th.
-u, h w i-tlie that I behold that
n ght.
Aid I shall hope and pray to see
, . "!hcr
Like U. except to never leave my tight, ,
For 'twas a dream of oiy darling
mother. !
, Woman's fomlort)
I "-ed during Pregmincy, and "Confine-.
eat, is guaranteed to produce a painless
,1 .pm k In', or. Price $1.00 per bottle,
F. S. Duil'v 's.
. .M N -
A N" !
Restores id 1 c is. - ot Suppressed Men-
strnatin. Ineg'ular, Painiul or Excessive
Men-I ruatit m. J?l.oo per bottle at F. S.
lilt.l'.Ks' l.AltI V HIIII) Woum SYIit'i'.
I'leanant as Honey.
Never tails to get all lhe worms from
children, b-.tli earlv and late. 2-" els. per
1 .rge bottle al F. S. Duffy s.
Tl..- :il,,,vc three n rnedit-s manufactured
only by
OMi'iiN S'l VT1 MI.HICINK Ct.,
Athmtii, (ia.
For Sale by P. S. Dully. Now Berne,
'.v C. aug31 tlA w ly
IVIcIDEtiiiel So GrJa.sjli.ill.
Wholesale & Retail Dealers in
I'loni . Poi k .('. dice, Sugar, Lard, Butter, Clieeno, Syruji, Molasses,
N'liii'gur, Sniiir Tobacco, Cigars, Claimed Goods of all kinds.
'It us. Sjiict's, au.l every Ihiug else usually fotunl in u
"We have hoiipbt in large quantities lor cash ami mo prepared
to soil us low as anyone. Country Merchants and the g.-iiein! public
will d i well to get our prices before buying elsewhcie. No trouble to
show goods.
Stables Free, 47 Broad St., New Berne, N. C.
. . . . Rca)crs.
A fell lioe of Colgate's
Perfumery. -
l 1)7.. JJmXJ'LK .' ;."ii'
1 OZ. BOTTLE 1.0:1
tcyThere's none better 1. 11 v if.
Then there is our
Cashmere Btxiuet, 25c cake.
Kirks Juvenile 25c cake.
Jocky Club, 2-c cake.
To..oO;i to,. ! - ..-
Ina Oil, iOc-d lor 'oc.
A Hplendi.l imitalion " of Lima
Oil at l.V per I.ov .; cakes.
ryTo rni tlie climax we offer
for 10c.
A box of Cotfou States lCvposi-
tion Soap, consisting of ; long
' "
Do you need a box of
.'(c i:x
2c BOX
Peacemaker, at
Wo mention theso because wo
consider them F,xceptionally
Fino Goods for tlie prices
Come take a look at the Case
of Trinklets consisting of
Pin Trays, Barometers,
Blotters, Children's Pets,' '
Ash Receivers, Card Re
ceivers, Cutis, Nat-
kin Kings, ,Vc
Your Choice from this Cne 'tc.
REMEMBER, we still have
some Choice Frames, Looking
Glasses neat designs, Albums,
Collar and Cuff Boxes, &c.
LTandsomely mounted in gold
Several 5 o'clock Teas lef t, prices
?3.00, f.'!.:.0 and 1.00 each.
yNiiiv heiir in mind, we have
what von wish don't think "be-
cause we don't mention' it, W0
haven't got it.
The grateful chink of saved
dollars is the ph asing ntraiu
we play for our customers.
Respect liilh.
47-41) Pollock Street.
- -1
e V
',' r"
v. : -
. v - ' -
,ei f
;-. t-
". . r
' r
: ;
'.pis (-'. j'

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