H ii ill fi. f'ifl- J:.'?.- i i t in WccVSlOO Per Ye ar. INDEPENDENT IN ALL THINGS. Single Copies, 5 Cents. NEW BERNE, CRAVEN COUNTY, N. C. MAY 7, 18. VOL. XIX. NO. 9 A7 .'Kr W 1 i ! i t I ' - t . l-4 f f tl E IVHiSS C I I ?- Cr...k-rur SKsr .US?.' If-- fev.'V'rJ ! ! i .The Biggest You Ever "Sa The largest piece of .good , tobacco ever sold for 10 cents Ihe' 5 cent piece is nearly as jargeasyou vget of ofher , hiSh trades for 10 cents Tobacco " 30,000 poonl Ut SI IK ET IKON in st..ro ami 2r (XX) p minis om th wy. All io want ot" Klaos will il wrll t pl. - il. r ordoi ertj, ao that tUey will bo sure to get thorn in tunc. " Tin 'otl Shet Metal Work of every diwript'on promptly loe. flo. 23 Craven Street, - J. Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Hoar. Pork, C(T Bagxr, Lr, rntter. Cliche, Syrttp, TinJCr, Snoff ToIa'0O, Cigars. Cannc.l r.mnN .1 all TeaM, Spic, ul evcrylhinr; else ns iallv 1, nml 111 ... . FlliT-CL.VSS O ROCK It Y STf-IlK. ryW hve Uounht in Unr quantities for ensh ami an to ell M law h auyonc-. (,'ottntry villX well to get onr prices before show fooda. Gtables Free, 47 road t 353i To Boat Builders and Marine Engineen -IN PARTICULAR 9ar rr--'r iiiirtj la aMirotaf balMlac Maary la aaall ul BMdiam HIGH imiTTEEOin'OIJlTn-TIUPLE EXPAlTSIOlij and PADDLE WHKKL OUTFITS. EITHER WOOD OR COAL BURNING MARINE BOILERS. (No StrUoaary or "Trmd" .Machlacrjr.) ClT10UH AWO SOUTMaOWT AVII. Wttr-r mm w-f It Tear. The Southern Cultivator and Dixie Farmer. ATlNT. (i.. TW aMMt rrliaMe tin.l naaalT imrnl ol if Kind ba.laa a rir-rta. allr Coancrj. Farmer, Lawyers an.l I'.iinness 1 arK-riimt cr r.rtv t. hi ..rr-1 t . WolljMhlVMil4.N-lfci.s in tli,- -.miCi '-2' Clwaiatiiia LM-jmrtiut-tii ux- ini.irti. -e. t?frhi OrLTITATOK 3tl Tear for $.50. 1 TlIK if TTKXKTTTT mm: $ Is the wily costttve RnJy known to the Medical Profession for JUstt.alC&roaJc Rhessutism. Gout Lnmtagb, Sciatica, Nenralia. tnrlia HesralfU. DlstaeuorThoea. Psoriasis, Scrotnla, Liver and KUnty Diseases. A Positive Core effected in from 6 to 18 davs. E. W. SiblALLWOOD, Under QMton HoafU, Boutb Kroii: ticrt, New lierue, N. O. FULL ltlVli OF General DLXard-Tvajpc. Qtoves Carpenters Tools, Cutlery, Table Ware, Barbed Wire, GALVANIZED PIPE, PUMPS, Lime, Piaster and Cemenr. DEVOES .PURE READY MIXED PAINTS. - ' fPersonarattention to the erd-r. 3 i Flues ! - NEW BERNE, N. C. O. W IT fl' f V ) Molasses k Mills. a . prepared MercliAiifs ami the general public buvinjr '-Isewhrie. No trouble to St., W .wBeme, N. C. (ts ordet-v covplcU eatflts at fcaaiM MARIN mm mar la nwijr iaca cynaani. MARINE IRON WORKS, CHICAGO. I 'jlllllllll-l III l0 TI" nf - . .i-.l t. .gn red l Intllll tl A ll le.lltio ' da-trlnl l.r.'it .illtll 's Mwtifl" tl ... iix i Men IUa-1 Milfii1S.i in I'ic Copy I n i Iti'-i.l. :l I "l ' n a niim "W 1 :te Hi.- Wk.RKI.V. .IiilliN.M. sent One prompt and correct filling ol all mg-ltu w,dow ADRIFT. la lh t II) f r.lmx and Vlrlnllj. Lmhrrril la uil HrloBr ."Voted. Our -liiK-nl" was 11 I hi- bike last night for l s Inst l.ini'. an.l ill.- pr m u i "dev.i on i. lo 1 him ni. ely. Tin- name of tho post-master ut I e 1 .ru ' 1 1' - should have I u given in ycster- i ' paper a.- John E. instead Geoige E. Wb .,x. Mi-nii.m i. made ;in Washii gton news ill t S- ii i ' r i'ril. I hi presented lie I e :' i 1 1 . ! N. w 1 V r i citizens jir tying nil I r ! 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 u I ih J dial, v prove mi .a elul. . i Mi i i vv lio hu ll tul-lln S- I f. W II. . h 'it r"ii me :l' ! .r 1, rfporie-l t h ' Inflii ; well i.kely e ro. I iloiwi H'.iit ll'llnni i.ou. (lnile Pu v ill .soon lie '-n iii'' l"Vi r- i t ll ......I sport aroiin I New IVnie al-o, as ihev have :it limesi before. Mr. II II. IVinson of I'-ro el i reek, '.unl'i'o Oi'lintV. lost h;- i ook house aii.l I etilire conti ul bv the lire winch n Mill. . I from the plucc liemv! struck hv Until iiinsl I our ii'j ilic recent ihuniKr storm. It wns st i ik k U ten o'clock at niht. Mr. N. .1 liamo-, a very clever epntle-l i ii mi . repres. ni ini; llUickwell's I)ur!nim -mokino ioImcio im ill ihe mv ith a xlnll o: iiwn ponutii; aiHl h.ivi rlisiii: me i o Uull which is now known nil nur tin iorhl. ("oni'C pietuies are no sm ill por tion of Ii in oulli'. Tho Olmerver stule; that Churl : le will have a stroao delegation at the S. tiler--Convention at Southern Pines, May -"iih. I nml the re 18 talk Ol n sp. ceil ir.ou ii in Charloile to Soutlx rn lhnes on that day. We hope to see much inteiest nianife-hd m the nibiei t and an enlhnsia-lic delet;ii l:oti leave from New IJ rne tliere. The City water works c ut:i ie to irai" new p . trolls lor diinkni mel nil oilur domestic purpoea. Not only I- il a iri at c n vellirllee, but il is 111 -tell ill". re health ful io u-e a pure and w ho'e-ou e water -uch as out City very foituuiUiy pos-es-ses Mr. A Iv Hollon, ( liairman of the St ,tc UipuMiotu I".cul;ve c .inmif ee, who h.n bito in Ihe e.lr a few .'ay-, h It fhuisdiy niornin. Ieli;.iies to ihe Craven county eonvenlion, tell U5 he was hi rv woikine; in the iuierest of Heed, D kery, Se'tle and !iinsi II, hut that he out h ft (in all. Mr. K 1 in c r Fiinnan'. relief conductor o i the fniht train of the W. X. N. K It. nut with vi ry paii fill iieei.len' while the train wm at t h,' depot in llii ciiy. An iron ril led mi 1 si ruck upon lu bin loe. brui-mu it budiy. Had n -irui k a lillle hilu r on 'he f.Mt t i. usull- would have I ft n ipiue -eii- u. Mr. K. H. Crolle ol Ilalid-, was ill t..e Cuv Friday and cnlle-l around i. l lle his nu' scripl ion. Mr. Cndi. has letn :i sul 1 1 1 r hlmut (ifi.eu . i .in.l oy promptlv. lie siv-lhat m ! I ihe d ht In owes m Ihe world is .',2 i-enl-. A phii.iid show ll'. Craven c. ami y j ii - vi ntee i pnoiiers Fi ve of tlieni i re I whl 1 Ihis week I as in nuns. in! im lxr. ! I 'ml il S'at. s pris- oners. One w..iii oi i- anion l- June lllli She is in tlle iium for twelve nionUn lor inn. i u leiii I y "diinn a en- - n. All i ho n n n 1 1 vi aieiolor, d eve pi oae. Capt. II. H Dowdee bemj ju-t ii! Irom M.-rs. Di'iiidiur-: and ti l t. Ai lo.oloii farm, a nhort aia nM-r b -'o-a i Iterm , i;i v s us a vary i;l"in' de .-r:plion of Ihf line emp n .w up. n t. II. -peaks of it as i 1 oid "! plent v .in I -av-be h is i ev r s.i-n Ih.- 1-..I10 ,01-. p- is. e irwnnd 1 ri-h po-nto n ex.eil'd at tins .-Ha! ol ll.e yrnr, and he ha- leten I n 111 nir f 'r lieuty ye .rs. Tlnva- nsino water fiom one of 1 lie cil I pomps have r .(ici d U'ely lb it n h .s 11 l tieen a (J'xxj as forn.eriy. Now some om I li . been o'rve-l wnsiiini liilhv Vissd: ud workm J. uuplen cnls nt it. A sharp j 1 1 lib should v kept for 11UV QUO wli w-,,;,,l. mv thiuo; to 1 up or ill- nui't. of th vvat-r m any 11 1 p or o:l.r it d'jr- it. arxl Ihe ordiance :ie;.insi uch U -U e i y enf-ircul. Mr. Iauiel I. ,ne, of IV:l iir. the Ci'y ou Ilie 3lli unve us ih, iu; sialemeiil cor.i tilling crop-: tie busy for a le-v davsnlHiut liell p 1 ti o; peas, lurnips, c. Cabbage in to move t.s) ill a lew ikivs. to vt ir. w.ll h-p- ra w - irries me nice, ami with a few more showers will be plt-Lliful.'' P. as will tiaidlv be half oi a irood crop li- 11 ral'y ' Ibouah a. lew pau In 8 are much al ve li t I average. Mr. V. W. K.i-li left for Con. onl t attend the Cuitid Sui"d ol the l.u'her.n church, whi" li meets tlu re to-lay. Me noes as commis-i tier for the ri 1 eutiy or - aanize-l St Luke's F.v in:c i' al church ol New 15. rm until it is ad ni .Cd to Sv uo.l ii it li is cp.c:ed to take pl.u e soon iftcr it us-cnib'e , I 11- n his tuuctionsl -liiiticr" to those of a ''e ejaie. lie a'-ol rrpn s.mts SL Matthew's chunh ol Wil-i Owen F ai-011. Ketailinir vv llhoilt ll- i.inston as a iiei;ati 1 h it l iiiir al ownl : cen c .ludement suspended and delead i.s Ihe two churchis have tin- same pislor. ani diM-haiVed. liev. li. D. Ucrohtim, D. D. The following sentenees were pro- iioiinceil. The T.. I- and H. s. ran Terrace. 1,0,, II Walkins thirlv ilavs iinori-on- lvVv. F. A. Bishop, Mr. T. A. Crecn aud Mr1. A. H Powell red 1 rne I from ( !old!ro where they hive betn attend ing ihe lii-l s. ssi.-n of the Kpwoith I. i-i o ue no. I Siin.Uy S. hool Conl'i rciu-e ol the Nor.h Carolina Anini 1! Confeitiue of the M. E. Chun Ii S mb. The m. etinc; was it-.l as w.ll attend,' I n o w 1- hoo.-d n would le-, I lit tl- - -- t I ions w. re 1 H. 1 i : a ' ' I '- lo lie-- nil. ndim'. Kxcelh-nt ad.lie.s-e- w , re made by l'rol H. Minis and II. I,. Flower- ol Trmilv Colh a,-.- and It. v. F D. w.i.dell, P. K. liesnles e at 1 inu 1 our- oth- Prof. - A I I' ef Mims w.i e'li'trtl Fl ovpi-. Scrrtary and 1 1 1 iron. Tri--iin r. re-nl Mr. nl , Tn tine ( rayon Partrail. Mr, .1 -I llivlir', ilry u"l- mil i.olii ing so re p esenlcd very larir,. ly Ih.- ap iirame "I i p'ct.i'. oilier-,. Mr. I'...v-le- h i 1 1 ..-t r, .-eived ei.1,1 , , I t , h u -iMii'. iieariv h e-i7e ci ,von p ir i ra.t.- w ii a h he :- pr s. ii 1 1 1 o b-, i lil.lv ;i,f M1 , ii.' '" in h "I h i - , a -h , ii -! "in- I wh Irvlc- wuli Inni to the ativ.utit ot i. u dollar-, w leih. r the pinch. i-es are made :.t .me .r inoe lime-. Toe portraits are i. e'lent hken.s-and ni fine worKmae-liiji. The p r: it s w ho ri i e ve I ih m eoiuiteil tlt-tiis. ivi s ip.'le forte. riau- in obi iinn i; -u.-h a.oks of art wale ui spending ' anything for I be n. Corrertlon. A tntence in Jacksonville correspon dence receutiy pjbliheil r.-ad, a- it ap ienred in prini; "We prniche.1 tie funeral of Bro. (i. J. S -olt, ev,-." w hen r. sboold have read: "We priached the funeral of Bro. CiXirad Kimball at ihe home ol Bro. (i. .1. S otf iScc. In settiu'z the c .rrespoiidi-uce a line ac- i idenlally ItOt omitted in settu w hu h alive. we much n arret. Mr. Na lxDg rasy he continue S' 'It IS Sli Johnsnti's (. ient.nl Soap is the most rilicate la;il snap in existence, leaves the skin soft and velvety. Atisolutely pure ami hlchlv mpilvoitei I Two larue rakes I j package, 25 cu. For sale by . S. llufly. SLNATOU I'RITCIIAKI) Inlrrpillnir lliiimell in Our WlUfr Way nml I'ulilir Bnlldlnit Hope lor lli Tnurr inl Town ( look. Tin- t . i r and town clock lor ihe pu ' -lie building which h i bun petitioned lor wou'd a Id so much to this important si rue lure t hat they mi rely ought to h. ad. -id. We have hopes t hat t Icy nil!. The follow i-lLT letter to M iyor I'-1' - -peaks : itself: W-hin -ton. D April 2s, 1 s'.'i',. Wil 1,1 M F, 1. 1,1 J. . ' '11' -N-t- . Dinr i i : '. ur . -te. nnl lavor of recent iTit..' i:iciu.-in' petition a-kinir Con--r.-s to m ,k an aililitioiial .. p pi opjia! ion i r pu l . e "II. a clock tower a-,.! clock up.ni I lie new lie i)U:lii nur in your cilv has h en ivul. I v. ill introiluc 1 he petition at e aeil it will eive in pieasare 1 i lo -o. iUi I et w i-he--. I ...... so.ier. !V youis. ' l'i!irriiAi;i. Snilor l'riichar.l also uiite to .Mr. V. K. Clarke, 6:ividi "I have n cured a provision in the Kiver and Harbor Bill providim; for the -ui v.-y ..I Nense river is provide. 1 f.r ii. your le'.Ur in ihe lower N i use below New Kerne lo I he. mouth ol the river. This provision is to deepen the river so th.it there will be no ditin ulty even at the lowest wa'er for .my b vus to come to New Heme tint are ol a size that would net d I" do -o. As the water below the iiiiui i Ii of the river have already hei n pro vided for ihis . h epeiii iil; ol the liver may I mean a meal dial for New Fene'. I . s. DlklKK'T (1)1 Kl'. So Iho Acnlnal (apt. AkouI u Ihe Kurire Mrl'nbe Triiil o Dr. J. W. Smiilen iu VroKrettH. t'ouit convened at l'i a. m. 1 The jury in I he ease of John K. Wil 1 cox relnrnid a verdict of uudiy. (iioiije McDaiml, col. was brouoht into court and di-cbaioo 1, the (irnid i jmy haviiio found it was uol a tine bill I aoainst him, on 1 he charge ol openini; a ! letter. L apt. Kol rl Au'ent. of the stiain l.are Will It Me(,' ihe was aiso disth ii i o d lor ihe suiii: cause ihe jurv failin; 1 io li id a true l.ill a,'iinst him on the i ehaioe ol delayinu' tlie Culled Slates mail . I.y "willfully ilama:i:io; ihe draw bridge 1 of ihe A. i:"X. C. H. K. ill Trent river at New Berne. I The ca-e of ihe Fniie 1 S'ates vs .1. W. ' Sanders. Ipo-l master at Ocean, Carteret couni v, w is ca! led. lie wa-ciii: ;e.l with lllakllio iie.Iauicn uie i o i i iiiiii iil o nuin.1111; l:i"-.- leports of the amount of mail jr-iing i 1 1 om that posi-otli'-e, The fo! i. 1 w 1 nvj iurv wis drawn and em- , ptl iehe l: A S. Aidrahe. S. S. Howard (iieen Clark, ll.nr;v Landlord. John FonvieHi , l.iwreme Howe, .lo'.in Wil-; son, h Ttl illd 1 Ward, (ieoli McCottcr, j C.oroe Cre lle. F, H Il.aih, S. II ltoiiu , I I'ce. I Taen'v -even wilm -s were -worn for, lb. I n'led Stales a! this tri;i'. Tin r.,-e was -till In proLiress when court :i''i unie.l. It is I -ei 110 loue-hi vary -lubli Ti'lv on l.oih sides. The (iiaml iurv came into court, lk-nd- ui'-: 11. e trial of the Sanders case ami return. d a true bill in the c'jses of ihe Cniiid Slale.s vs. Owm Fai-011, and I'. S. vs. D W. Patterson. Or. Munilrni Arqnillnl .. V . Carpeii-li-r'n ne .Nnl.PriKuril.v taken The ev deuce having ail lie 11 Thiir-day inornim: was consumed by irjniiiiiil ofioiinsil in the Dr. Sanders c i-e lie had Ihe doiii'lc 1 luir-r against I-1111 . I'dedini: ic stamps contrary to pro v :-, .1- ni i.le lor po-: ina-tcr-, and niak iiiL.' fa'-i relurus ot aiiioimt nt'canci llation ,1 .n, at Ins , llii e The. jmy w. re out a .out 1 wo hours and then returr.ul a ver dict of not mildly. The ca-e was fouirht hard on loth -i h s and able speeches made by all the alloineys. The United Stutes iiltorncy and his nsaibtai.t, Messrs Aycock liud Weil, were the prosecuting ones Messrs. J. ilo.'ie iiml W.W. Clark represented Dr. Simdets. The pen-ion case a;;ain-t penter w as callul and nol w rppre-ented bv Messrs. E. W. Car- oro-seil. Ue W.W. Clark, O II Union and L. J. Mooie. C. II. (.l.iskins submitted. A dumber or 'ae Trleil -Tli4.e 'on- ,lt-i-il Henleneeil ran1 Jury l)i i-hiiruril. The following ca-es were disposed of : I'. S. vs. Fre l D.uiirhis-, col ; fraud in l,.e piusnni husinexs. Not pro--al with b c I . S. vs. W. It. Bond, mm--: the mails lor Iraudu'ent purposes. Not ouillv. E. F. Watkms and Albert I ,. it ifs- illii.e;. Nol guilty. Watkins. . .) Until. Iii- lt distillin-: jot,, iv. 1 ; , j, Cutlne 1. j r,.,:l,t ubmiis 1 Nel-on Willil Micit ru-ti!linir. De 1 ud nieht -lispehdeil. id. I. net e , ),.,, n,ant submits, .1. ,hn Cratt. Illicit list llllllL. fi.fend- an 1 mi bin i . . , . .. :, !,. ...... . .1 ini-nt 111 1 m-low couni v 1 111, T mo uue aio - - iiisii In ihe ea-ses of Craft antl Wtlliford the1 di ten. funis u'ave bond fa- apiiearance at ! ihe fdi leim ol Foh-ral court for seuttuce t h en 10 b.t ir,,iiiniiiri d u po.i them. Monroe Bryan, relailuiir w ithout license. I .luil'inent was -iispcndtxl upon payment I ,1'eost. ' i .1 : al -in ni w as -11 - pi n- le 1 1:1 ( '. 1 1 . I '.as-kin- 1 upon 11 1 y 1 1 1 1 nt ol 1 11 t. The ii-iiid .1 111 v '- labors beino ended' I In v were di-chari-i d for I he lei 111. l'hotograhH iif Interest. wire shoan venter. liy an excellent ; r:i 11I1 of Miss Leah .Iota s' entire We photo; S. Ilool. tnkcu in trout w liii h lb- - hool i w a.- 1 ken by M r. X. well. ol I he I lllldilio ill held. '1 he picture B ro, k. 1 1 show s : r. .-idly look pho nic 1 hi bile bin him ir r I he ( iov ern iin nt I tl.llll to Wl-ll- Mr. ! o-a Ir.'in K I w ai ' I leroi'l - ,. the New B w.. p -ii i. n- : - no -i tor w i r Ir :tou Married. d 1 V i t II I U o . ,- r.-ide ce l'ici-int Hi I In W, l-.es. it tin April . i f Mrs, u ;l y. O l ie, K II nir. iii m. a Mr. I. T. W I. Pitt eoiiuiv. Miss Marv I. rtht'iid i t, Mew-born, lb-v. A'hm ti reaves iillLnatiuir. E ierv ihieL.' i in i ibiitc.l to make it a nn'-l phasmt occa-ion. file oiie-is were til ietl V ne.i r 1 1 l.li v es "i ihe bride. At tin- appoin ted hour. :'. o'i lock, the room, which was beaiili u'.ly deer ite.l. wa- fill', and after' the s. rvice a coration was .sa rved. Mean while a little -in prise greeted the btide' and bridegroom the colored land ol (irifton h id m mli'-.l np, and o.ive a s?r enadj. In a sleet dine Mr, and Mrs. Wortbinton will vi-itihe northern cities. Tliev have Ihe br.t wishes of many friends Durham Globe. Fine Hook and Line Oram Fitliin;;. Capt Mark Mason and crew caught o 1 drum with hook and line one day this week. Two of liieni were weighed and ' they weighed 3ii pounds each. Capt. Murk says Ihwy would average at least 25 pounds. This is the 1 irirest catch of drum with hook and line that has been known around here for many years Beaufort Her- ald.-j . BU VO.IKTS AD IIIIADS. i Hon Improvements nl Ihe I. niter Fol lows lli liilroil iirlinn ill Hip In I ler. "Our b:rveh-ts 1: roam in the country, that the bicvc'.o will good roads. ' The farmers have bicycles ;o il w heieas :ve r ommcr.r el to We tirnil e v'en t u.ill v believe ! COM Del ri'mimem exl to ri.li." helore, lie hiir.len .. fh.nl 1 ..i:! fill- upon Is fell upon the. horse, it uw the l.ievele ridincr f inrer. It has opene I hiseyis to lluir lOii'Mtlotl ami he has eo'iimeLH'e.l to think. When a f irmer thinks lie e ilculatoi "-It ihe-e f Oil' Ii weie Mi.oolh" lie s:is "one hoist' emilii Hi'.l the l"ii'l that now reiju'uvs tWO.' " fieil Ol.fl IloISe w onl ' i ?e lat tin. I sltek in-l.'nl ol leuu ami weak."' "1 c-U i;oto(on in ii tew minutii ii.ita.iij "f hours as it iiijiiircs now. "My i!nerty wo n 1 1 1 ( I ou Me or I tvehle in va'ue," ami no , ,,,, im, "Wherever yu fun) gooil reads y. u tiinl irood stouC, aud whttever you limi ; bid ioadi like ours you jqd small, lean, i weak flock, fitcady pulling oval" heavy, J bad roa.i M ill rcniler unflt any horsejiu i one year. "Ix't us do nnethina ..Ii ml our roads, Good roads are csnential to prosperity and ; in the near lulure they Ail) he an ah.s ilulc ne.essity. Ihe above is taken from the l - ayitte - vi i le '...server, it is u ue mat wuercver bieyelinir develops to any conideintile extent road improvemeiit seems io kiep i:u:e with the adoition of the wine', li is ipiiie likely that ihe reison I tliU is laroely, us ihe Ob-erve:- sys, because the work . w hen li cithiiu.lalls. upon the mm h'.m-elf instead ol upon his dumb animal, ! and he is not slow lo realize liud appre ciate the iiilf ri nee. I Jf bicycling becomes a popular in the country a it ;s now in the cities both place? will in all likelihood, pull t. u'-ther for belief r. ads tinlil in Some Way or oth. r they conic to be a leilily. ' MP IK.I IOHS t'KSTIVAI.. iliinly Hall Well Deeorntetl-RelljcUI-tnl Kveiijiit The Bnmfe eontewl The Xiieeelnl I.ily AVa.Minw I'earl I'OHI'll. The ladies, with he'iv rs, ni ide Uiemsel j 1 ves busy iln-oiih the day Friday ncl- I in-; Stanly Hall in u' iod and attractive 1 -hap.i lor the O Id Kd lows festival to be I held last hi-M. Fverereen decorations adinud the wall- i and pillars, and well mane bonnes "t beautiful (lowers raci . of tables with winch 1 u each ol the score commodious hall was tilled. The first part of tin: evening tli atten dance w ax sh 111 probably many held hick until the later hour 011 account ot the in ; tcre-l in ihe ratine voting conte-i. at any rate, ere Iohl; U'li'diy numlx-is l-eaii lo , arrive and tin; pines at t he mimi-rou- tables were soon liiihii with visitor erjov uii; the delicious ( dible--uiti-d to siuh oc I ciisiou Uime vanei y. I The le.-liv a! was for tin- hem lit ol Cler mont Canton No. '' The members ot Ihe canton were oat m full l.uce in lln ir line 1 military unilonn, pr.-s-nlnii; a striking and handsome appe.rance. The special fiatuio of ihe evening w as the voiino of 1 he sub-tiintial, sorviccable, ele.jimt Buck's steel ronre to some lady. The sa:e of tickets was continued through the evening and the votino vvas held i toward- ihe lime j , r clo.-iiiL.'. i ' 'lt' rin-e v:n plaee.l .u ihe most eon- jspicuoas place in Hit- liiuloinir, tlieientie j of Ihe platform, and was cril ically 1 xam : Hied and adniireil by many of ihe vi-imrs both ladies and oentleinen. It was froui the Slover Hardware Co s. store. The two leadiiio; 1 onteslants were Miss Pearl Powell and Mrs. II. C. I.timsden The former received 1 14 votes, and n no.w the owner of the Uane. Mrs. Lumsden was only nine votes behind rtceiviii" loo. KOI TIIKK.V .SHOW MtKTII. Material BeinK Collected in f Berne For it .Sonic Old Time eotton 1 , . naeliiiikrv. I Mr. E. Y. Small, President of the Southern At traction Co , who hr.s been j here a vvi ek or t wo trilling up inaierial j for the show which they will exhibit at I Coney Island this summer through the j sea-on, has bfoiioht to the front some I antiipJalcd cotton n achinery. There uie j three pieces won by ot r.ote wheh he ! f und about Vanei boro ami purchased I irom the owners. One puce is a cotton I 1.111 which looks as if it milit be one of j the lirst pattern ever made I: is a sin ill 1 atl'iir with hard wood ribs instead of I metal. It i- made to run by hand by 1 itiininj; :i crank j Tne other two pieces are an old loom I anil oio spiuuii'o w ueei wiucn ;ne up I posed to lie ah-uit a hundied years old. 1 .111. .-111.111 IS Ui'VV Mr. Small is now of Aihmta. He i I". ,i-,in-rl i- ni" W ,ish i lii.l iin "ST. (' nni! is a relative "of Mr. .1. II. Small ot that plats. lie informs; us that tho.se in his company ait- mainly North Carolinians. Their aim is to yive at Coney Island a representation of oid limes in the South with as much merrime it mixed in as pos- I sib e. The immense exhibition hail is lo i lie dressed in nio.-s and other Southern 1 IZfOW ih. , .... , ,. 1 ; iit els -lli'ii a we have iu t spoken of1 wil: lie on txhibii.on and ocniune nero pel fol'inanCes will !' 01 Veil, -'Cake walks ' will lie a special feature, irofessinnals a t that busine-s having been tngigcd. Mr. Small suvs he expects to take ah ml thirty New B-nu- m-nrots wiih him, and to have iiboul as m my more from else where, all of whom aie lo oath' r at New B.-rne an I .-tart li m hereabout the mid dle of 1 h is in. nth. Free Will Baptist l'ienie. The Free NN'ill Baptist cl urch w ill have its Sabbath .-chooi picnic at l'-iock.Vllle Mav 14th. Thev w ill be the steamer Pea i lie May. " Tbr-y propose so -ell tickitsat od cents each loradiil's, anil 'Jo cents lor children. Tho-e who have the tickets for sa li are Mi-- Annie Btill-on. Miss Mol-i, Banks Mr. J. li. Hi ins in, Mrs. Bri.-e Anderson, Mr. B. D. II oiullo'i. and Mi-s Iv a Smi: h. No ticket- will be 1J b. 1 after til A di-oi I iliousue-s, d, spepsia. Ueoulaior deied I.i , a r ea u -es j ludltie-lion. llilu'an uiKlice. V and .lohii-on's Kidney and .ori'ects all liver trouble Liver and t he-e aibneuts il: For sale by F. S. appear. Dull 'v. 'J" and 30 els. A llonil Stout War Claim. In April, 10), four days before tin surrender, thciotton factory at Laurc Falls, iu Kale Mills township this county was burned ov Sionemau's men who then infested this reoion. Tile prope owtie.1 by Mr. .lohn V. Cray, ltv was iiow of Stati sville, and Mr. Gray has presented Fncle Sam a bill lor f 173,000. the esti matid value of the property burned by hi s soldiers. Congressman Shu ford has introduced a bill in Ihe Mou-e to pay Mr. Gray's claim and the killer's friends here hope he will get. I lie mom y Maksville J,aun mark. Johnson's Magnetic Oil Horse Brand is the most powerful and penetrating lin iment in existence for external use only, lor man or beast. Sprains, biuists, swell- i ings, rheumatism, neuralgia and lumbago, ! Iirge bottles, 23 and 50 cts. For sale by !f- o. Duffy. IHUSL-Mi II.WFAX. A Ken ii li In 1 i il 1 1 i li in Iteeeh linivc ( lllirll III Iteilair lt i . W. .. .( slon ol ,ftt Ki'mo, Oili.-ial Inu:. For s:ia,e dn- t ui ti.e youn-r folks. ol tee you iii. an. I some ol tiiu niiu. r iheir l lionuhs mi. 1 niiii i In: nppriMi-iiliiir w .-! or.i s !ia e c. ntei ed h of iheir time on i::ir. an I at i inU' ! uVlnck, p in . : - 1 1 . A in 2:i. Mr. Hon G ii ' v bond tl W. Mi I ! ne in ! I .Miss Mav to the hynn neal alt i ii in i ii a "ii i J i v e: i- it in He. cli i-.iled in the .1 in if Ke i; ihn- sloi). I or I) s mica o New Ik-me. X t tilitc a i low.: wil ne-s 1 1 e e, r. liiMie chu ; . ii w a- The ( hurcli ua- I 'ii. c t i d lleich 'ee r.led ch. fro'i, . n !e. I a ci ip,ef. Ii-- ui: ire am 1 the coil iii1 -to id Ii: I. eh ii ;a-' n-p i tl8 'f II .fa i b. ii w r I. Mmli ..-!. v-i llor.ii off. r n Tne a t ti lid ml and Mi K M wp;v S r. e M;- :: M. Mi -M;s i-s i Ma iiia Lane s i Smilh n l):xon Mav and and Mr. Ilei and Mr. .!. ' it Ilou-e II u-e: i.iiii M: and Mr. .1 c ij,on M:-- Ni pp Mr. S. I.. Kilpaiia'l.:. Mis .J :n;e L mi i'ie-:di .1 at and reiiij. rod Mcii'll ohn - ihe or;:o; weil. lino mal Il wil il VC1V olta-: nt i if'et mil the he pre i bii'hil puny niari h. J in ua'.i : ; cisiou o! old ol -lei, i After the elo-e ! Uie rrreinotiv the ! hrliliil p.rty anil in my of the neighbors ; repaint. I to Mis. M livvau's, one miie i f,-,.m the i-hurch. uh.re a r. eeption j uwuiti.l ih.em. Ai ihe ... of l ie re icention the bride mi I "tooin retisnic I ti ; his bom . near the clri'.vh. u Ik r tin v will rei-hle. For many 1 e ir- there wa in Beech ('.rove cliKlell i'lll lil'-t one IO0; place, and 11.. the lovely month oi May. allot her. It lis. d loin- ihe nobody ooine, t,, o, ( niarr 1 li ova cl.uri 1 1 i" N o .v 1 he Cl lUlLTe.l, all I l he il 'I'li ' V e :, 1 mavn ii;c la-t tail tie: iv l ist before w e have li id j.s "1 on, "I n 1 1 111 He ( li .iiies'.ion has me-: " '" Next ? ' We wo:j'd lie ulad ti w -'n- -in Commutiity many no :'. tileh a-hav and we extend a hoiiny we'e nil to or.r come, to du ll ie on r'ye to ! new I. ride, a-d coiuni'iilaln ii iw iunip;.. and !ji i'e:-io -lu-i, :l ju- Bi llail'. May the b!es.i no ol our Father an ..'oinfoitini; inilu. in - s , t his -pint in ihis ncw.v ni.ule ho ne, and w'n (bl Ii I ben 1 d.cliou abiding all love. neace "I'l I.. An intimate friend ' parlies furnishes us the ference to the iiniT aui : ElllTOl! iOl'liNAb: 1 tiie conlract ini: . liowiiio in a- It was the privi - le-'e of ihe w rue. to vv due: at Jjeii h tirove church on Ihe nioht of tic 211 h hist., one of ihe pivli:e-l niairiaoos he h us ever atund .1. Tne o. eaa on was ihe maniane i f Mi-s M. M iy Hon-.-, dan h r of lie- late Dr Ho-i-c 10 Mr. ( has. W. Mi I'.wcun, b"th u-i lents of 1 hat ihriflv, liioh-loii' d ami deliohiful neiuh- barhood known as Helia:r, which in the opinion ol the wrdi r Ihe LT 'i'd1 n -pot 1 1 Nort h Cai olina. The event li;b I1M1 looked forw ard to t'.r s uue lime and .-11 ai count of the popu lai ity of I he v oiir.o e.ir.'e.a Ire r.endiu erowd assembled to vvitin--lhe impressive ceremony I- miir b. Ion- -he appointed hour, ihe l :n 1 1 1 1 11 1 Into church was libed to oyeitlowii.oandall ava.huile sp:c: ne.,1- by wa- utilized by '.he eaer and eariies-i hi. nils ol the en' raci'u'--: iar:u-. T 'ii mi p 1 1 v at s hour, Ihe bridal 1 o'clock. Ihe iippointid ar: v arrived, and -iflcr a liille jin luiiiiiai v :u raiiLeaieni s, inleied Ihe chur: h in the following order, while the i:i-o;oi under the skililii' iiiaiiipu!ation of Miss .J.inie Lane, vvas poiiiine; . .nil ap propriate and soul .-liiino music. Misses El'ti Lane, Li--a Smith. Fiien Dixon and Penelope Mav pasino; U, ,,iU. isle and Me-sis. 11. H. IP use, .1. T (lou-e, J. .1. Dixon iind S. I,. Kilpa'rick the other civssihir at ihe altar; then came the maid of honor, M'ss Meli-sa May. cousin of ihe bride, followed by the bride leaning ou the arm ot her hi other, Mr Edgar Mouse, wdosc duty it was to iive her away. Lastly came the eroom with his liest man. Mr. E. M. S reel, who by the way seems mere sucicsslul in nia.ry in"; otf ot'.-er folks than in nettim; there himself. The ceremony wns in ifiniinl by Hev. V. (1. .lobnsloii of New Berne, in an i'lipies-iv.- 111 diner. It was a beautiful srene the litt'e chunh W'aS bliliianliv liuh'eil and 111 fl Hill d.C'.ilalioll- -0 ! eaiH'ifill and alt sti- cally an. nmed as 10 con-li'aite a vendible I bower ol roS(s, whose frauiance se.-im-il to ' saturate the atmosphere; add to this the : beamy of theu'ul.- in their irowns. I snow y I whiteness and the ilipiity of 1 lie fall It !;-- j ly drtssed men and you have a miniature picture of I'., iry land. ; The music for Uie oica-ion was that j march which i- -n univer-aiiv lemlerid on , such oi ca-ions the ceh-hr.iti d wedding; inarch of Mei.di 1-ohn. No musie :is ; ever so completely nu nopoli d these f I livilie- as thd ihriliirtr pr.Miuciion. To I subs'.ini'e any o-.her woibd be to take away half 1 f the ntliusi asm. ll is almost ; nt e-.-enlia as tin- bride hei so t. as a v ainL; lady remarked. She woutdn t leei iliatl Ihe cereiiiiony hui been properly per-; formid if Mendelsohn's wi-d.'ini; march! had h-cn omitted from the proji un From the church, rela'iive.s and ninmite. friends ot tin: eoinvaetiii'4 partiis repaired : 10 the home of the smoni's ni"ther, Mrs. 1 L M. Mcl'wain. where conorat ulidions w'ere offered mid rein shinents partaken of. 1.1 III 1 I 1....1 1 I 1 o.O ,1 .. ' anil a i u:y o,,,,,, ii.m . .n, looo .. i late hour. I The pre-eii'i- were both u-i fill ami cle- i tiuit. One i .-pei i a I iy a trai led Ihe .alien.- i lion: an oil painlinti, done in Xpert style, i by Miss .) mil- l.ane. the oiiied dauoliti r ! ! oi Mr. Daniel Lane and a present by h- r ; ; to the bride. 4. 1 The bride is a inniinilii-enl lype of wa; I manhood wilh all these graei- of person. i and i raits of i banu i, r w i, ich aie too sel- doinfoiuid lib ruled in me personality.- i pac omoni is one "I the best yoiino men i ; of out' ai i(u untai'ce and is among ihe ' weal t hie-t and m. si tin ifi v of that well to !, do neighborhood. ' gi alul iiions -and we The it:i-t:nted con- ; wishes of the entire 1 i do- newly mati d I ; comiuuniiy rest couple and a lonir happy and pro of ihe hoio-c perous pc for hie. i- tin. them.. Mai i iaee. ti.e on io a. ca-l I wa v - au. . , i va n when . I:-! -me,: and pc"f tin- !ai -bo'od d or. by ' and a-1, lintr me- Ir. n " 1 1 r he h nei s' e I- a way fi on est l;' in- ol 1 "hrmkiiig the ,bo i o 1 1 1 e lloom to friends; i!ie:e is ..-ven then no objection to tin: rile, but when the parties to the contrac. have been raised, as it were together attended the -aniej-chool as playmates, weie thrown toother Con stantly and owing up. they became con -. i ais of attachment k 1 1 r one another whiih had it- date way back in their barefoot day-; when a- s.veot hearts they had the same amount ol -pads and r- coned iation i When marriage is tins result 1 lite- 1 long mlachnient among menus wuose i "first love'' has remained t lit ir only love. I as is the case in ihi irlv insiauic there is f tscltlaling about it. something pecuh The young & uple b g.n bf. under very Ilitiering c'ueumstances an 1 we express the hope that their lilt may !e as full of cheer as was the crowd vvno gather lend thtir ass stance in l iiinching iheir I ' matrimonial ship a s.. a. One of 'Em. II the Rally is Cut tin sr Teeth Be sure and use that old and well-tried remedy. Mrs. Win-low's Smithing Syrup lor children teething. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty five cents, a bottle. It Kl'l lll.K A IIIWKMIIIV. lel'Sii(on nml AlleriiHtoN lleeliil tn Stme. oiiirr-iofinl nml SnniriRl 'mi viil imii. Tic ( raven ( 'oiiniy liepublican Chi. vintion was held in ihe New 11. rne Theatre Thursday afternoon lo eiect lei .late.- to the Slate 'ouv. nl-oli wincil nueis in Ualeioh on tho ltih of May. t . she Coiioies-i mnl Convmlion which nieet in Warsaw May 12. atil u the S.-natori -l C, nveuti'iii, 1 1 1 1 i urn and ddeof wha i i- y t to h: lixed. The loliowint: Were Ihe dcleoales and ill. r ,,'.e- i h ep d lo eai h conveht on. Iu ;e ..'i i ;s!aace the li st one nuned i- uhile. ! Oi 1 the ,-GeOnil eo"'ed x. i Q j 1 1 1 h. allel- iiiw-lo Ihe Conyi'. ss'e ii d ( onveutioit. 1! .1 h ol I host are co!"i Pd. -TAT K l oN VI-. N 1'loN i- J), , o ,tes .lohn Puddle Old W. v ha w iinn ii. All. males J is I. Malm, and Henry V. 1 ) ..w-oii, COM. li KSPIONAI. ( ON vi'.X I 1 ON. Ileleu'ale Koheit II meock a el A. A. I in an. A'ternate- Wil is P. Itepln r. and II W . Thompson skn: Delegates Doiielasn, Altcuiali T'Hti vi, -11. C. I.NVI.N I ll. Iv hoe and Fivd -S. W. Hancock and .1. ( Bryan. Tli.; delegates were. not ins: 1 u P d. neither were imy candid.ile- end .r-ed. Iml tho.-o tlccied are 'iiiown as MiKmle;., l!u-.-ell and Pi iichard iiiei;. A. A Hi van was the permanent hair 111:111 of the convention and W. .1. H ma tte. sicretary. 15 .'Ji are color, . I. .1. 1.. 1 1 o 1 1 1 1 im sail i at the temporary or.;:) nidation l,y virile ol Ins muli (Uity chairman i(t the COUUty c mittee and Frederick Don . ( 1 1 1 1 v u com- la-i actid is temporary secretary. The work of . iVj.-tinir the pcriua'.ent oramaiioii was attended with stormy ' mnieis anj "i,,,i a n o. I(ir im- ci--1 eues, Pineciallv when it ca.nu t' 1 lie i let 11 nickel- end .lone-, lol.ere- 1 .ii ei-u,;i ..j a con test, lor ueli-y 1 te Irnin t he loiirih ward between I II. Smith an-l M I'. Holly, both colored. The- lipier wu t he one I ha "'rfot I here.-1 Dinino tli i lime tlc-re vvorc three attempts at fighting in w hiili Smith vva Ihe most couipicuous Miiro. At the olf siarl of the wild time he orabbed Chan m in Halm's chair imd broke it into kind ling wood by sinking it witli svvinn.n blows unon tin- floor. Chaos nliuosl. i-pi.r in.I tor fl K.111 1 I Ii ti'i oinrtors ol .oi l.eiir - - J" " .. ... .... ........ At one. time motions w, re made to lav : ev er) thino on the tiib.'e Tind put Smith I mit. I After Ihe permanent oraniz ui 11 was 11 f tl'ecteil matters becilmc mme rmiet, ihoiiyh i they were nmsy enough Ihroiioln ut. tu Miiiilrs war 1 I iii or mon were cast at Ihe meetino which the deleir ites, although only 127 were on the secretary s books. v otes i-l-i te-. n.l'ins There wci't times ;dso in the 1 u. ct in -r yesterday when more votes wire cad than theie were ilcle-,'.itcs. IIVSri.lt LAW VIOLATIONS 1 11 Ref'erenee lo Oynli-rt Taken Otil ol Ihe Slnle Slrltl F.nlorreiiienls ol the Law I'pon Home 4ly slernien . El)ITOIl Joi knai.; If our memory I Is'1 ve- us corieclly, we read a teller 111 the Wekkly Jodrnai. published over the 1 name of our chief shell ti-h C'immis.sioner some liwu- in the f ill or early part of the winter ju-t past, in which was spite-1 that the law in relereiice to lakmg oysters from tne public grounds of the Slate would lie rigidly cninrceil. Alhr staling some ol the facts which have been d ialed lo us in reicrence to this matter wedisiieto ask a te.v questions which we dust will be answired through the columns oITiik -lot iinai. lor the information of law abid ing cmzi us ol ihe Slate. Some ot whom have p ud nn exorbitant tax lor a license io dredge oystcis from certain leniiory in Pamlico sound, upon which grounds tliere vv as no marketable oysters (Is this oh tain ng money under false pretense ?) Notwithstanding the injustice of this section of the law we have not heard of any violation by the diedgers although there are an abundance ot tine oysters on lo; bidden grounds, though it is no secrel lb it t housacdsi upon thousands ot bushels of oy-sd-rs have been taken from the public gjoiinds of ihe Stale wiih tongs anil car ried out of ihe Slate without culling upon ihe -rounds from which thev weie taken. Many if n..t all ot these oysttis so taken mi' I i arm d out of Ihe S ale weie metis uted iu tub? biri'ir than those prescribed by taw. Tlin iuspector was cngnizini of these violations whether In- authorized it or not we cannot i-ay. Has the chief commi-sioner laken any steps towards chastising these wholesale d -si rovers ot our natural rinks':- Is ihe Governor awarj ol the extent to whiih ihe law has In en violati-i I '. Citizens of the State are prohibited from diking oysters from public ground without cubing for the purpose ot pilot ing bet. .re the first d iy of M .y. alter which dale ihe weather is so warm thai many ol t lie jilauts die. A tax ol two cents per tub hi- Is-cn levied and colluded for a 1 t In- ov-t'-rs t ikeii troill private gardens in 1 h s si c' nm. 1- Hi i- i lie law, if it i- il has b. i n - gidly enloiced. Citizkn. Appropriation For KalelKh Colony Memorial . representative Skinner r.cently intro dni ml a joint resolution which we noted at lb at time to provide for the commem oration of the landing of Sir Waller Hal eigh's colon v at Hoanoke Island, -Inly 4, lfiMl. Il appropriated for the purpose s 'iil.OOO and pimided lor proper ci remo-ni- s in laying i lie corner stone of a monu ment ou tl te 4th of.Iu'y. ls'.ni We have Iu ard n ahing of the resolu tion since. The putriotisin of both bran ches ot Congress ought to be suHicient lo carry ihe measure through wbh dis padh. 'imiiio-K Coal Company in the Hands o t'a Iteeel ve r. The Cumnock (.'onl Company, fornn rly Langilnn, Ileii-zey Company, al Cuni no: k, Chatham county, has m e into a reel vi rs bail' Is .Iinlge S-. ymoui, of the I'uiied Stah s di-ir,ct t-oiiil. iippointed S m tiel A Ilemzey rueivei. The com- ' pany 1 1 .is been embarrassed i ver since the; expio.-ioii last Dicinber, in which 40 per sons were killed. It is thought (hat the Company wasj forced to lake this po-ition in view of the ' large number of suits whiih are pending in Cuatham county again-t the company : for damages. News aud Observir. I Ilev. L. C. VasH. I). I. and Mrs. Vaxs. Mrs. L. C. Vass arrived to spend a lew weeks in the city visiting relatives. Dr. Vass attend, d the Western Pan Pr.-sbyterian Council in l'hiladel. lie will also attend the meeting of Ihe South ern General Assembly in Memphi-, and afterwards, accompanied by Mrs. Vass he will visit Glasgow , Scotland, as a commis- , sinner to Ihe Presbyter um Council, nnd m July Ue will go to London as a delegate I t" i io the International EvaiiL'tli tal Al.i- ' ancc Dr. Vass' ahilitv, scholarly attainments and devotion to gospel work, have caused him frequently to be chosen as a member of the most important representative bodies that the Presbyterian church has. It ie an honor vorthily bestowed, for he ha the tiuse of Christ und the advance i J i j ment of t .s kingdom thoroughly at bean and is will titled to be a leader in ilia work. KOANOliK (OI IIM nii.HOKIAI. ii- iikki si ion I Hill I oliiirrn I irra onlrlhiile iin Such In Sniiill Siimik Tli i Mi'hiin ill II omiri ii u ltal.ieli. I lie l iillliilrr I Anli'rlt I lrl iiiiui) mill I lie liilrmliiror ol liilmi-i'ii- lltHr Money lor KalrlKh Memorial. Not loiiu' since we culled atlenlion to a cm ular sent out by Maj. Crahiun Daves ol this eily, whi. h staled tie- ol j. i f of ihe Assoi i ilion , find mule a spnid ilppeil eai;o,; upon -i I j llsel- loll w ! i o 1 "' ,;, M i : i on- II -n:al hi -I' d dial Ih li.HL' lO : n o - In hi !' I Iv wn norlo I he uol. . 1 i help in IIIOVi I e i ! in- on 1 1 y. ' n this eoiutl V I. ho ul int.. Ij'Sl mliodiici d at lima.", a' I he u-e of loh.ujic d : i. 1 I, i him and A in. i ii an ii- t.- o for much ( omloirt I l'.i-.t II- et.l,, cj are nil ' iied ie ,n.l eii 'Vini'fii m lb, ir ui hi IK e i n lis I a I la fete n-c. :i'..l a i;ie:il r u l "I I he w .u Id : 1- 1 : k. Wi-e nidi hie-1 fun e lal dm I valu ili'e ;:- an art n le ot ihiiiiii e pro- , n e. We see llll ( :. io Ti ibune oave II lon noli, e to ihi- uppe d mi I 1 r- e:ly all.rwa'iU the follow i sr 10, u aiii alcal "ii 1 1 "in a ed 1 a n ol 1 hat pl,u . ap pe 1 1 ed hi Ih I'll luiiie. Editor ol The Ti.lue.c Yiuii ..:. 1 1 1 1 1 1 noli' e in The Sunday Tribune of Ihe ippcd of the ll. inioke Colony Memorial A --01 ialion tor contr: I 11' iocs, lare;c or mall, "Ihe value of at hast Inn or Ihr.c 1 in os," io aid Ihcm in placing a 111111111- llil-lll lo mark the sHil It eoi.'ke l-lalld, X C whi le eoloni-ls -enl out bv "sir W dter Italtih in 1'iH'i lir-t ellledi and l'loiu where I of;i. , o wa-li:-l intioduee.1 to the e.vili il wor'.l, oii:hi IoIiiiul.' oood n - nil- lion the loli c v.o 11-: no public "fChiitaoo. 1 sent Mr. (ir ili.un Dave- I iv ! New Hi rne, N. ('.. the President of lb,- :w' ciai 1011, j. 1 louarus 1 ne 1 nno. 1 iiiuik 1 would lie a I lhih'.l ,11 theciuar -toie.- in Chicago would aid in Ihe colli c- 1011. I le y c ni l pul a i , ou 1 lien I ui'iuo 10 .111. waves, 10 1 o in. iiinnuiiieiii 1 Im I fill sine that ( hn a-o -moki r finely re-poull. w, Color v no M v l ir uo. ' Il Ihe movement were to spr. ad among tob ui o u.-u-rs to contribiiie ( i I his nionu j nn lit il would not lake Imio lo raise a 1 ne siini, even Irom veiy -m .11 conlribii lions. Cigar an. I tobacco - loivs could do I a- the Chicago gcntlcinaii siig.'i-sli, i nth ! pui up a btile box for Ihe conli'ibution-I alt I ii conspicuously placid more small change might go into them ih in would be I at firs: siippo-cd. W by not irv Ihe plnn Woiildu't New Bi rne, the h une oil he President ol the Association, and our capital city, n imed lor St Waller Hah igh, be good places in wh'n h In give the plan a start. We submit the nit a to our lo bacc. mi sis for such action as I hey -ee Iii . Adroitly Attempted I nc-enfl lariwiii. I he limely di-covcry of a mean allempt al incendiarism Thursday night pre vented a cor fl .gralioii whi.-h otherwiw might have destioyed sev. ml bail. lings The house upon which ihe attempt was made vvas a d well ing on Eden street be longing d, Mr. W. F. Hill. It has beer faciint a lew days and Mrs. 1 1 e 1 Ion Hull who lives in t door kno.ving thai, and seeing a light shining from the inside lol.l her husbaud thereof and an uivi -ligation was ii. a, It. The result was the finding ol a regular tire tiap set in a back L. The tl mr an I walls had been saturated in one conn r wilh kerosene, and a lighted caiidie lour or live inches long sot on the floor v. here ihe kerosene hil' I been poured. Moreover, paper h id been scattered ar mind ihe can die. It was on the prim iplc of a slow- match, giving the culprit no opportunity io make his escape dctoie ihe i mill igni tion should begin. Whoever set Ihe lire cnteri-d by n w in dow. His tracks could le seen ihereand also where he had broken a plank loose iu climbing over a side lonee. A watch was set hoping for his return but no results follow ed. Mr. Hill had no insurance on the house. Nwlndled tbe Oymlermen. The Bc-aulort Herald gives ihe follow ing piece of rascality: The oylernien of II ir' or Is! and hive lost about $2,000 on their oysters this sea-on by one Lew is, who came from Vir ginia heie to purchase m dcrs. He pail lor hi - oysters in du-1 hills and n ov the Country around Harbor Island i-sanl to lie full ofd..e bills while Mi. L- " is and his boats art gone, taking llu ir depiidne in the night I line. Ir. Bag-tly'N ThIIImk .Maehliie. Dr. G. K.Bay by. who has been otf to Richmond nrr ingiug for the miniuf acinic i f his mattress liifung machines, returned home on the steamer Neu-e. He has mad.-an improvement upon iin first ma chine which maki s those to be mruiu ficlure I adapted to the various styles ol' matt res-sv s. Dr. Bagl'V has lie- assurance ot hi-j patent attorneys I hat his piuenl ih a sweep-j ing one, that in im wave in a u v one el -e have a system ol nee. lies- penetniiing n ni .tl less or hold a mattress on a Irani, lor : he 11 . pose. ! IWMKNSC IVIIIIIll In Cotton Acreage and Salen ol Com mereiiil Fertlllr.er lit idrfli Caro-I Una. The State Agricult ur il Depart menf hns J issued a bulletin stating Ih d ihe-aii.-olj ' commercial fcrtihzcis in Noilh Carolina j ihi- -eason. ncany all for u-e on i-,'tlon. are .'(' per cen I gn -.iter than la-t vear al j tin- date rm l thirty per e. in. gn ad r than j : t-v-r U;fore: that the total sale- an- ov. r two and n halt milli n dollars and thai it 1 i will require one-third of last year's cotton ' crop to pav for tins years ferdb.'-is. The department deplore- this immen-e increase in cotton acreage and uiipricc- ' I dtnled outlay for fertilizers. j The Chiirlolle Observer has the foil , vy ing lo say about Mecklenburg fold: "Mr. F. M. Hinson.ou his w ay to low n y sterdav, saw an old negro man digging on Ihe side of the road ou Mr. A. .1. Wil son's place, iu Clear Cieek town-hip. Mr. i Hiusou a-ked the "Id man what he was doing. He aii-wend "I aui hunting tor gold, ' and to Mr. Iluisou's r-urpri -e t hp old negro handed him a pn ep of ore c.,n tniuing several pennyweights ot gold he, had got from win re he wa- digging. Col Pat Mungo, ot Clear Creik, want- the Observer to telegraph the Tiea-urv De partment at Washington, to hold oil is-uing gold b.m. Is fir awhile, an he nml his Clear Cock mighboi.- wiii soon oe able lo furnish any deficit ncv. eno i d 1 1 vVh.-n V. .ny w ..- . ., vv.- ,: When slie was a ( 'lol l, she When sli,' nee.-lln. Miss, sin WTien 8l' lul.l Cieidr.-ii. -li Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Children Cry for Pitcher s Castona. . n., . . , . I Children Cry for Pitchers Castona. - True Lovers Coffee will put up with iniiKt any koH of a meal so lim tiH (lie 'nllei is 001 1. l our cill'c will Hptnl an i( her wisio irroprodiftlle ilk last, wit hont (li nner, and Hi e: ;mii1 ciiU'i'i' im thought ol. not lo lie Wo make point to have it a particular only I he Nest of each Jennie of codec TEA is another Specialty ami tea drinkers will find it to their advantage to come here. (Quality ahvayH higher I Ini'i prices. -"Tiy any of our Groet'rien and yon will find them of bent quality and price, riphl. IN OUR Dry Goods Dep't we an' showing the inOHtVom plete line ol Oxford and Slipper e ever diMplayetl. Sonic tln.IanLgr Special I Two cases ('lenient, and Hall' Oxfords which sold at. 2.K) in sizes 1 lo ,tj (J iV I laid., we oiler I hem at 75c. locair. HAGttBsdRN & WILLETTi To you wnnt In l.n In 11. T The rtlrrrlo htiMtneaii In rm-ln( enormouKly why Dot try 11 T Yni can buy one wticel, or l tunny M yoo Ilka, and sell your frlaoda BICYCLES AT COST. A a order sent now nt1Uaa yoa m a big dlm-oiinl. Apply ynlrk fktr U ajrency for .v onr pl.u-e- Our whfmla arc Uio lilirhoKt Krailn, mmt reliable bli-yrleii mmlo to-ilny. 1'arllculara and Intnilxomaly llto. trated printed iiiuttw by lualL CAKLIN A I liLTOH, BalUaMnj, MA, 4

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