North Carolina Newspapers

    14 U
NO. 19.
U 0 AT ST.
Two Waal Vk liAirirM Mm. Brpnlx
liaas aad Deatrrals Blh Con
flaat. A4mlaUlritllin .o
slp. ( lif Und'i Posiflou.
JlU RN u Br it K V V. (
Washington, D. ., J i'.v 20.
Wbtt will tlie Sf. I. . uis convent. ons
doi Thst the question row . f-cr.c.-t
asked by Demoorsi-e, Republicans an. I
PopulUtS. Xhe majorily ut" bolh IVir.o
rra.'s and Popnlit be'iev that th- P p
ultst aul .:! ver co--. v.-a: .o-j, b-.'.h of
Which are to be In id in St. I,u;;s 'Aw
week, will either endorse or nominate o a
neimra ! ticket, Bryan an.'. S.wi.l A
majority of the R-pubiias also exont
that outcome, UJ"U;'i .- of litem will
sny as much pnb'ic'y. N ot withstand! ng
these opioious, it i known th; f ;he
Popalisx conveotioa, in'ar, can be
controlled by money, it wi.l n t endorse
Bryan and Seal.', but will put up so
eutirtly separate lickeL A man who is :i
oct of a cna between & pof. a lobby
ist, and a profesics.l politician, u 11 i who
ia now at St. Loui", said in Wasliiiigtoc,
several day ago that any iMly who could
guarantee the nomioaliou oi : separate
ticket bj the Popu it convemion Ci uld
pick op one million dollar. Jle w as-.-,
talking for publication when he sa:d that.
aod be isot a delegate to either of the St.
L)oi convention; ne.ther is he tin re f r
a health. Ia fact, lie .s know a as nun
wbo never does anything is
aoaey ia it for him. People who kiu w
little of uch thiog are apt to th nk thit
" mcb mn can iodaeoce n- bo 'y, but those
who are familiar with convert o - at; :
Coagreaa kaow a heap siUt be' tt r. Th:v
can aodl do Lcflasoce men, to the
eitctil of succeeding inputting through
ih scheme whicli ernpiov them lr the
vote too, of hoocst mep who brieve thai
ihey ara voting strictly ia accordance witli
Ibeir coaacientioas opiai n5, ami it they
ar not csjreAi'ly watched at St. Ix)u
Iboir infloesce iiibeecD in liic action
ttb Populist coarentioa they will
bother aboot the silvir convent. on leiau-e
t tut will not rcpnt!iQt an orsjiU'red ;
frty, aod because it is already committed
to Bryan and Sowall anyav.
ombudy Ls evidcutly exprt.-l.g a
coofdeoce that they ii not feel ia the
outcome of the coroiog cam.
balgu. It is to be presumed that promin
ewt Repablkftna and LVcnoerntss p-sses-i
qaal fiicilUiea for ascerlainiog th diift ol
pubhc lentitpent throughout the country.
( Yt, the former are exprrwmg a(wo'ntr
confidence in the election ot McKmley
aoJ Hobart ami the Htlet in the eUction
of Bryao aod Sewill. Senator Stewart, of
Narad, said j ust before leaving Wash-;
InittOO lor the S. Loail Convention, that .
oothlttg oa earth coohi prevent the
intfmph of ailver this year. Senator
Jooea, of Aknsaj, Cbairmaa ot the
Democratic National Cxnmittec;, who, by
the way, wfll aUo be ia St. Louis when
the Pope lint and silver conventions" meet
he aaji, he will merely stop there oa
b way home for a short nt expresses
ecftxieoce that both of ihoee conventfom
will be lor Bryan and Scwall, and tint
with tee silver force united they are
bona! to win. Oa.l be other band. Chair
man Babcnek, of the Re cblicaa Con
ftressiooal Campaign Committee, who
haa lust returned imm a visit to McK'm
ley aod Uark Hanna, Chairman of the
llepobticae Nation al Com re it tee. say
that stive: has no chance to win. that tue
Republicans will elect a majority of the
aext Hwose aod VcKmiey and Ilo'iart to
a dend certainty. It may be that each oi
tbaeegeatleroerl retJly feel the conti lence
utey cspvesa, out n tney oo son e oi tem
are uoqneetiooably t lie victims of m;s.ri
JbrrMtoo. Only ooV party cm elect a ma
jority of the House tod only one Presi
dential ticket can be elected.
Sooie ,Try qicer St. ru- nr.- rl latir-
aroand Waehiooo as to the :?.-. r.t:
ot the administraliou. Dae of them c e--
&r as to say tht President Cik veim :
has sent Uartc Dana word that McKin
ley and Oobart have nothing to f, ar ::o:n
the adminiat ration, and that he hopes '.h-
will be elecUd. While t
b:s sto-y
Irsa cocoes very near to comct'.v r. presect
iag the attitude of the drr.;r.-.s:ri: .. r.
wards tlie Democratic and Republican .: k
et, it is not protible ttiat any mes-ae I.
tbat effect has been ent from Mr. (". ve
laad or any member of : he i 1 -i, i ; - r
iff. Cleveland ha.i beeti iautv : n.a.-.y
lhinjj, cut noooeir. to my
called biai a lo-l. T :
the administration See:-- :.i
. Uerbert who base puM:.'
i that they would .-upport 1
suy tbat thy would mpp
w .e 4 . :.a
y a : . :
- v i i
It can be stated oo h jii au'.i
Preaideot C'evjtr.d s pu'.l : g
at his cocao;aii'. to br.-g i'r " '.':
-natioa of S'd Den-.ocrJ"..c
the silver Democrats are hop rg
Mueceect. Such a ticlxt ou..i
twlver men because it wo ;'. i a:
eratic votes whiih would '.her
MrKinley. and :t woc'.l :
of a fcinc'.c silver IVn: - r I:
abtc. however, '.hi: ' '
atrJstit oce bet cer. . ,
Ttiere may t other
be merely t.ele jhows. i her
WcKinVy will our nev Pre-
The adm:ntat ration ii.v -poe::
rrt Mirmort Brvar: s:.d a :u .
rr -
what it will support u f a
be solved, r.-e-aiet:'. Clex e a i t
al membt n oM.i-i '. r.e : .:
favor of putting "? a s' I V".i
lickrt, aael, for once, th- ' I1-'"
ar al! wishing thit M-. I'
have his way. They bel.ev, V.,..:
Dwrnociatic t.cket woi:M iuid '.'.r
Cbtarcbaace ot :z -;ri
.1 W .
N 1 1 1 I . ir t c 1 by
I !
'; as::
x ':. WO':'.. I other x iv
! y au 1 tloba-t. Re pub
are i: ! ffer. :.t a- to what
. r.i' - n. .iv :. I ut it is i.n
O," n .-evret
ava..ab!e w
. f ano' her ;
that th ey
re to TlVO
t : L k r t.
pulling every
.e putting up
Tli? I'o u'.-t- rt.cfi'.'.y resififd the plat
forin a lopte 1 i-v the I.:n ic ratio o.'tiven-ti.-n
ai'.d t'... 11 miuat: iti if Hryui as a
irrei! trurnph for t'ieir pri i.o" pics, an I in
order to impress th it i Ua upon meni'rs
..t hi p.irtv tary Turner, of the
l'opti'.ist N iti'Hia! conniiitue, has islJtd
. 1 e u-e
IVm- t.r
r M. K.'
t they
r I II no
i scried statement, urging the Populists Republicans and Populists is in progress
!o u:ine : i supporting the Democratic , tnniht, to see what can be done
tKktt, su 1 tie platform, which he sjis is towards arranging for State fusion,
to :.V.ti:; and purposes a Populist j There is every reason to say that ar
p: .i; r:r.. He u s) says that Mr. Bry .n is ranp?ments will be perfected,
i popu'.tst. and calls .itteution to h:s hav- . Kepub'.icans s.iy all their people and a
:ng acted with the Nebn-k.i Populists for ninjority of the rank and file ot the Popu
the last two years. After colling that i;sts now urc in favor of fusion.
P m a ",t principles have captured the Senator? But ler and Pritchard are pres-
Ie:r.ocrat.c p .rtv, he ad is: "All Popu
hats in these Fn.e.! States should n l uce
i Ih-K the'r principles hive Uk"n such a
hoi 1 upon the Atr.cricm people that one
oi the great pwltt ptrtu-s of the nation
has been compel !el to adopt those priuci -
pies an 1 nuninatc a tick
crrv ttieni icto execution.'
Iged to
Fi( DUrliHirrn on ( ODlrovrnr Sho
Ihli ( onnlrr lo be Fine ol Kelln.
qnlntslnir nnj Flrl ( litlm.
W ash im i Toy, D. ('., July 17. The
efforts of the United Slates Hud Great
' Bntdn to a;ree upon a general arbitra
: : ntriaty, : t t i;e .v. tt len-.eut of all col-i
tr vi r-:e- t'.r. :: Ji ai et.ibii.h:ui nt of a
permuiect t::--'.:r.a., a- wi s.- the progress
..f.i:!,'.,):- n,,mii,i; inn-.r.ij .mv;,
ii,,v,n,JM',!,nr'mi,i.m - frti, in
in- thirteen communications majc
'lie ' v the Sate Department to-
iiint, n i:,
thev constitute the first
aui lio'ita' ive disclosure upon these gr--at
questions, s-icce President Cleveland's
famous Chritmastidc .Message to Con-
will be found that previous
reports t-1
the negotiations have been
fairly well u ' iiue.l h v
previous dis-
'pitches, that litt'e sulistautial process
ton irds s general arbitration treaty is
dlscio e l '.y the d. cuments. ;
An outl ne in part ot the propo-ed
prrxe. d:r. is laid down and view of the
tw0 governments is so explicitly sta-i
Iei1- future dtscu-sion may be con-
leii, '.hat future dtscu-sion
riai-d to ards narrowing wit.j lew iliver
gencies ol tru thod.
The further fact is mi le apparent that
the United States lus nt rel.-xetl its vig
ilance in demanding ju-t settlement of the :
enzaeian bxindary qiu-stion and has'
rejected tlm British proposals lor arbi
tra. iog that dispute, under terms involv I
inu' a surrender ol auy part of N'ene
lue a s c'.ain.s. i
"0 lord "ry ReKardi.c the
Venemaelan Claims.
London'. J.:ly 17. Lord Salisbury
laid before the IIou- of irds, today, the
papers on the subject of arbitration.
He said the negoti il i us between the
Umtid S'.ites and Great Britain were not
compete but wi re amicably advancing.
Regarding Venezuela, he said, the first
thing was to get at the real facts, and !
when thi- was done bv the Commission,
:q whom all concerned had tub contldence,
he felt that the many diplomatic matters
uhvh w-.-uld foil. i vv w.-uld not lie verv
, j- I. . ; , ,ii
d:rncult ot aiiiustment, luteen it there
wns. ihoe d.ftiulliis w, tild be overcome
. , , , !
bv arbitation.
. .
Pnbllc Opinion I'nbllshrs a Symposi
um Showing the t'.dllnrlsl Policy
On Ihf Drmorrsllr Sllanllou.
Hbnl They Sy.
New Y.-kk. The We-k'y P-;' lie
Up .-ion of New Vol k. put t thi uk
ympo: :
oi.r.mec'.i :
all i :r :
, i u '. . - r.
1 ' . . e.
i v i :.' e.,1
s en are :
T.-aM- f
f caret'u iy
. l,a din.
selected press
i e s p ,i p e r s in
I K-:r..Crat:.
; o: tti
i re
urn i' -.
i' . i
cau.p i:g'i
'or its.
s pe.' I 1 1
.l.y :e . te-i
y i a. p' a
I VujO ra'
:nes an
Hi ees-
: t w-1
s r -.
1 . au
.r-ei an
-.1 ver.
iv thai
Me K
OrrirlI Hk-llrr lor Jul). All
duel Shtiw fine ln-rftpi,
-Ti. -
;: . v
; t':'; cot
t:.:oes !i'l.
.MlU'.s '.'j.
Hnrclly n Qnrallon tlint f union Pro
vnil. Rnll. Prllfhnrd. Bailer.
Prnnou. Ntnlr Trfmnrf r Worth,
Oiho Wilton, Ilollon.
H AI.KIOH, N. C , July 17. An ex
tremely impoitant nieetintr of leading
- , ent .tThe lomier is the Populist Slate
j Julge Daniel L. Russell, Republican
j state Chairman Ilolton, Congressman
j Richmond Pe-irin, Speaker Zeb Vance
j Walser and other prominent Republicans,
a8 wei ns the State Trea.-urer Worth. S.
tDtho Wilsin and other leading Populists
are participating.
(Jreat secrtcy is observed as all say
they cannot ive details ol their plau9.
There was nt one time much feeling
against Senator BulU r, nnd criticism d
him by Republicans becuise they thought
he was ab uc to desert them, and luse
with the Democrdls.
But Congressman Pearson says il is
discovered that theso criticisms were un
warranted. :if the rejiorts reg irdin
were uutrue.
Senator Butler declares positively that
a Democrat will uot be elected Governor
of North Carolina, this year.
This of course means lusion.
oerjaior i ,ucuaru says tuat uis canvass
will Ixgin August '20:h, and he positively
ileclines to Ik; interviewed.
The Slate Railway Commission In
crcane Valuation on X. A- C. R. R.
and JT. A- H. R. R.
IUleioh, N. C, July 10 Tlie S'ate
Railway Commission increases the valui-
uon per mile ol the Norfolk &
railroad to $8,500.
Also the valuation of the Norfolk &
Southern railroad to $7,000 per mile.
A Snmkfr or Musicians of BntTalo
Bill's Wild West Show killed golng
I sdrr a Bridge.
Canton. U., July 16 Buffalo Bill's
Wilel Vet band wngon was elr-awu
under a bridge across M.iiu Street this
mornin;.', the musicians leing all
Half a dozen are reported dead or
Took Platform from Pops.
Kansas City. Mo., July 18. Senator
Better, who is en route to St. Louis, de
clares that Bryan is an ideal c-andida'e,
and that the Chicago platform was stolen
from the Populists.
Secretary Herbert's Plana. !
Washi.noton. I). C Among the im-, tluse nu.Df klt town this wetk, their
portant m liters that have necessitated a;uH;tuneJ8 on the Messenger being at an
a week's postponement of Sevietary Her- j eu(j
bens voyage of inspection on the Dol-, The Second R-iment went into camp
phin nre the plans fo-the three new bat
' 1
t'eships and thirteen torpedo boats, the
contracts for which, in accordance with
iheactof Conires approved Juue 10,
must be award within 120 days.
: That limit will expire Octcler 8, and
as some time had to be allowed lor can-
vassiii-j and considering the proposals, the
advertisenunts w hieh have already betn
issued calieel tor opining the bids on the
torpedo boats September lo, and on the
battleships lour days later. Plans and
specifications for the torpedo boats, which I
i are to be of three classes, makioir, respec
tively, thirty, twenty-two and one half
'and twenty k::ot-. have alieady been.
prepared f riiirht bidders, who have ap
plieil for theui, and Chief Constructor
H.chborn is coutident that the drawings
and details of I lie battleships will be in
possession of tiie only four establishments
in the e. oiu1 ry c ip able of sueh bi; work
u t later th m Augu-t 1.
The entire resources of the Navy De
partment hive been straine I to t Lei r ut
UK't to expedite- th xxotk. all 1 as soeHl
a s it is out ol the way a gcm-ntl ff rt is
to lie' to h isfeti tlie c.m pletion of
i M-t:ni: C. tltr;u ts, mmiij i f which are be
hind t.uie.
t.old Flihl In Wisconsin.
M 1 1 . xv u k kk. Wis. Gen. Kdward S.
i!rao'. Senator Vi!.;, Janus J. Hogan.
;uh1 .Jani'-s ir. t .nuu-rs, tde .u-ieg-ito-ai
lar, roiii this State to the I' con
ven::o::, held a c. nt'i rone e and i-r-ued a
deel.irati. :i explain ng the at t ; 11 of the
delejat:.-!. ;n n. t xot::.-; ;:: the v- invention
As i ia t ol the meeting it is eertaiu
that the -r--'.d Dt moi r 1 1 i f Wi.vons u w i ':
ii ti, k
. reg-i
e s. (
. f t'.e
-t :n t!
ither on! y
th :t
.lit the
b-.-iie vl-s
lie 11
who -
t! e f .
w ; . ,
.1 J
be ab'e to
eon vent ion
Iloirin ex- .
t- I he!
when he
I be
is ;:i !av
a' -le ei'.e
In the
and wi..
deli ijab
"em e rat.e
j te.idvr V
s, n : in, en: .
the s, n : imen'.s e I ill
e ti,.. rit v
le ve the ..T.'.i:iu nt id a large
f the Democrats ol the Stale
r of a r.e'A ticket, and it is prob
w ill be j ut in the li-'.d."
st.l'.eilll III W hie h ll.i- belli iwieel,
h signed by 1 itlete etl e f the
to the x'hi.aej,, convent! m. reder-
ence is made to a mas- unetmo or a con
vention of' '.he ii"ld men to take iu tioti to
repi.di .te H o Chicago li.tfonn and nominees.
Secret Service Ajjeiili Discover nnd
Arrcnt n Vnng: ol Silver t'onu.
Nkw York, July 18. Ti.e Sec.-et
Service agents, after two weeks hard
work, have identified the woman arrested
at tlobokeu, N. J., lor passing counter
feit silver dollars, whoe name is Mra.
Mary Knupp. Her husband did the busi
ness for the woman in Boston.
The accomplices are George Sand and
William Sands, both well-known coun
tei feiters.
The two itarted out from Kansas City
some weeks ago anil worked their way
east to lloboken, before they were cap
tured. Depew Loaves for Home.
London, July 1?. C'huuncey M. De
pew wmt by special train from here to
Liverpool today, in order to catch the
Cuunrd Liner Lucauia, on his return t
! Xt-'w Vork. where he goes on account of
tlie serious n incss oi Cornelius vauaeroui.
The Jlfuwniter's
ling: MacliineN.
.ew Type Set.
Encampment nt
The Mntlcly
Wn.MtNOToy, X. C, July 18, '90.
This has been a week of crowds. All
kinds of humanity have drilted through
! our town, to the resorts, filling the streets
I almost to their limit. Standing in an
elevated place, and gazing down Front
St an animated scene is presented to the
j eye, very unusual lor Wilmington. The
street cars are aomg a --rusning- ousiness.
Extra cars have been put on and they are
! constantly tided. The jolting motion of
I the cars has proved too much for some of
the country people and some veritable
cases of seasickness are reported. It was
not necessary for thtm to take a tiip on
the ocean.
The Press Association meeting this
week, has augmented the croTris. The
men who are rilled with thought, seemed
j anxious to lorget their cures, upon arrival
' here, and with the least attention to the
business of the association possible, es
; caped to the Ocean side on the first day.
I ter, and take a dip in the aea waves.
I Next day, it was a trip down the river
J and out to sea. and the election of officers,
j was made at Carolina Beach, where the
roaring surf, drowned the eloquence of aDy
speeches that wre made.
I The editors were delighted with the
j outing, and would be easily persuaded to
come our way every summer.
The Wilmington ilessecger ever
progressive, and adopting all the latest
conveniences for rapid work, has put in
three type-settiug machines, to take the
place of hand setting. They do splendid
work and the readers of the paper are
much pleased with the improved printing
of the paper. Not long ago the Messeu
ger put in electric power in place of
steam, for running I he presses. The
type-setting machines are very discnura-
. ,i r
ling to the punters. A procession ot
at Wricrhtsville. Fridav niorninir. The
Uvihrnrton Li-ht Ir.fantrv is one of the
companies composing tlfiis regiment. It
was a sorrv d iy for uniforms, for a dis
agreeable penetrating rain fell all eluriog
the day, thoroughly saturating the tents,
and making life miserable for the poor
so'diers boys. It is to be hoped that be
fore the cueumpment is over the xveather
will have chinked. Girls, in light summer
dresses, will not be frequent visitors to the
camp unless the sun shines. Without
them to view our uniform, tell me please
xvhi re is the pleasure of being a s delier.
With a weeks constant xv. rk. putting
J iu ii tent ti ors. drieitiL; pumps, and
other pre lunations, the ciinr presents a
very good condition, and now i
with animation.
The wate i s of the river still hold an
unusual quantity of up the country mud
Tlr; uiiuj-uallv heavy rains hav
river at flood Ir.i'ii 1 r a long
now it has bemi-.i to .-ul-lde. Large iimn-:
titles of drift I'll die rixer, ami it xvoii'.i
seem tlie lowlands of the interior miht be
fairly will ideated of the ir n fuse.
The Oriental l'l.a-ure Club is the title,
of an omatrz.tion of pii jile, bent on
having what tiie::' names implies. Almost
weekly, they a-!vert:-: a moonlight excur
sion. Th-- excursion tak. s place, but the
moon hill- to appear, the clouds are
l.oavv with rain, but this eloe-s not
elami e n the Club'.- ardor, though :t elous
The "Dispatch'' i ewsp.ipe r office is the
local head qcilU, is of the sill T pe Oplc.
The-ie almost iliily i:..;y be found a mem
ber el ard nt i :vi rites, tr gaged in dii-
eif till- all i riU'OsMUg subject. Mr
15. F.
. . rr .n, 1 1
Si. ve r C
eei .tor i f a xveekly silver
t . St. I. Uis to il.te-lld '.hi
ll. L'O'
I isns! riMM Kori-Nf fires.
Si-ok.vni:. Wa-h. l'ere-t ti:s are
rag'isg thror.uh.-ut the country north if
this c.ty In Wa.liing'o'ii, Idaho, and
British Coium' la.
Millions of feet of tlniN r 1. i ve already
been e'.eslroyed, and throughout numer
ous mining camp-situated in the path
of the tires u' ii. image is being done in
tiie ele-truetion oi property. The smoke
hi re is so dense a- to almost shut out the
suu, al.d at P.osihmel and othel towns
further north the atmosphere is so laden
with s-uoke and the heat ll'-un the trees
is -ei intense tint
The Meeting- Friday BMffht. Fusion
Seems Salisfactory lo Republicans
nnd I'opnlists. Oilils on He HI n
ley Oarrylusr North Carolina.
JouRXAii Bureau,
Raleigh, July 18.
Public iuterest was considerably excited
by the conference ot Senators Butler and
Pritchard, ex-Judge Russell, Chairman
Ilolton, Congressman Pearson, Speaker
Walser and others last night in this city
It lasted until after 1 o'clock this morn
ing. Then maoy at the conference left.
All those present favored fusion on
conditions and what was done last night
leads towurds it. The Republican State
Committee is called to meet here August
10, the Monday before the Populist State
Convention. The latter will meet Thurs
day, August 13. Its date is not changed.
Butler is solid against Bryan, those
Republicans who were with him last
night tell me. Here is what tbey say
further: "The whole thing is to check
this Bryan movement among North Caro
lina Populists. Butler is told that Bryan
is strong here. He is mum, not saying a
word. What we Republicans uced is a
leader; that is one who will talk and act.
It was distinctly understood and ordered
Ust night that we were not to tell the
inner secrets of our meeting. There was
a wide difference of opinion. But we
will say to you Russell will not come
down. There are those ol us who will
bet $1,000 to $1 he will uot come down.
If he does comu down there are some of
us who xvould bolt the State ticket. Rus
sell told us last night that if the committee
thought he was not the proper man to
lead he would abandon his candidncy.
All that xve did leads toward fusion.
August 13 matters will be settled. Then
the Slate ticket will be completed one
way or the other. If Bryan is endorsed
by the Norih Caro ljna Populists, fusion in
the Stale ends. We Tiave let this be dis
tinctly understood. Fusion or no fusion,
McKinley will carry North Carolina.
If the North Carolina Populist leaders
do endorse Bryan many of the voters of
that parly will cast their votes for Mc.
Kinley. They say so openly, and add that
they do not propose to vote for anybody
the Democrats nominate. So far as we
j now know only two Populists of promi
nence oppose fusion Butler and Guth
rie. But Butler's name today is taken
out of this list, for he is red hot for fusion.
He has I be appearance ofbeing mighty
tame. It is the first time he has really
been open lor business. No man can
really yet say just what the result will be.
But there is blood on the moon. Guthrie
hopes to be Goxernor. Butler wants to
take Russell down. To be frank, some
Republicans want him taken down too.
Mew borne and Hileman, two of the Pop
ulist leaders, want Russell to head the
lusion ticket, and favor filling up the
planks cow left in the State ticket. In
case this is done Mewborne will be Secre
tary of State. There is no opposition to
W. II. Worth for treasurer. Ho favors
fusion with all his soul but does not say
so. He is as gentle as a lamb. The result,
is going to be that il Guthrie does not kick
out of the traces he will be put on the Su
preme court bench. A place is opeu for
liim. Maybe he will not accept it. Pritch
ard is anxious lor lusion to continue.
But he stands squarely on the National
Senator Butler left for St. Louis this
morning. The BepuWicans say he will
head the anti-Bryan forces. He does not
say so. He is reticent. At the depot he
said: "I say every man ought to wait until
the convention meets and considers. We
must xvait development there. We must
stand by the action of the convention."
As he was leaving on the same train
with Butler chairman Ilolton said: ''You
know we did nothing definite last night
We only considered. This is not the time
to talk."
J. C. L. Hairis. Populist-Republican
fil'ed s:13s lie U1U' liepubliean State commitlee
I mau James H. Young had a conference
this week and as a result he sent Young
i to Wilmington to see Russell. There xvas
nve ke-pt the a proposition to have an immediate mcet-lou--'
period, iu c' tne Republican State committee.
and Harris says he advised against this
C. M. Bernard went to see Russell also.
Picsident Winston of the State Univer
sity was here today. He has secured Mrs.
Hunter, of Goldsboro, to take charge of
the new "Commons hull" at the Univer
sity, at which 200 students will be board
ed at a month.
July 27 the Seaboaid Air Line people
will go to Concord to look into the mat
ter of binldiur- a branch line there from
G. B. All'ord xx ho is an independent
eandielate for Congress in this district on
a 'fsotind money " basis was here tuelax".
He Siixs his whole mind is on this ques
tion: that he is a lnmetalist. He says the
extreme silver men are so bitter that if
one does; not precisely agn e with them
thcv term him a -gidelbug.'
1. R. Tille n. ' f Weldon wiites ShUe
I'lia-ut'er Wor.h as follo-x-: "I have
joi n.) ae rcs of j Ivor lanel adjourning tin
Ca'eeioui.e' fioin on the Roanoke river,
but nol subject to . veitl nv, though lying
on the bank. S I wiL give you the entire
farm, with the farming utensils and 30
mules, for the amount of money you (the
State) lost during the hue freshet.
Some of the silver Democrats today ex
pressed great delight at Whitney's bolt.
The ex-Confederate veterans in Western
North Carolina are to have a graud re
union at Sylor, August 19-21.
Night before lust and last night tine
rains fell here.
i- made almost tin-; James A. Cheek, a prominent Kopub- some military prisaue-r-'
lican, of Hillsboro, offers to bet $l.n00 offences.
to $100 that M K-nti y will miry North
Carolina. lie al.-o oilers big odds on
Congressman Sett'e's re-elect ;ou.
It is a fact that not one of the three
State chairmen, in North Carolina is will
ing to bet that he can, within lo,00J esti
mate correctly the vote of his party.
The Populists declare tlrey have no lead
er; that the man culled a leader si m ply
walks ahead, but that they drive him.
This they may believe, but Butler is both
leader and boss.
Jealousy') Axvinl Crime.
Rock F RD, III. James French, a
tailor, met his wife on the street in a
fashionable part of the city nnd fired
eight shots into her body, killing her.
Albert Barker, a prominent citizen was
shot in the wrist while grappling with
French, w ho ran through the streets eight
blocks, pursue'1, by an angry mob of 300
people. He held the mob at bay on the
river front, where he was captured, but
after firiug the contents of two revolvers
without serious results, he shot himself
through the head anel jumpetl into the
French xvas dragged out, resuscitated,
and taken to the count' j iil through the
mob, which made strong threats of lynch
ing. His wound is not fatal. Jealousy
was the cause of the murder.
Killed His Friend.
Jacksonville, Fla. F. M. Ector
was struck with a chair by his liiend, W.
W. Haralson, m a quarrel over a game of
cribbage, and died of blood ch,t on the
brain. The quarrel was in relation to the
The men w ere friends, and the sequel o
the uninentional fatal blow has cause!
Haralson great mental suffeiiog.
Ector was (ormerly of Atlanta, but has
recently been employed in the auditor's
office of the Jacksonville, Tampa cxb Key
West Railro.ul. Haralson was traveling
auditor of the same road, and is known
in Tennessee and Alabama. He is related to
Chief Justice Haralson, of Alabama.
His Head Cut oil.
Frederiicksburg, Va. Jas Coates,
a citizen of this- place, was
crushed under a train of the Richmond
Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad,
near this city anel instantly killed. Coates
was attempting to jump off of the train.
His head xvas ssvered fiom his body.
What Thurston Nays.
Chicago, July 20. The Republican
Executive Committee selecteel its head
quarters, to day.
Senator John M. Thurston, of Nebraska,
said that Bryan couiel not carry his own
Bankers Come to Rescue.
Nexv York, July 20 The engage
ment of two millions of gold for export,
caused a meeting of bankers, this alter
noon, at which they pledged to exchange
millions of gold for greenbacks.
The banks here hold twenty millions of
Itradsl reels Report.
Nexv York, July 17. Braelstrcet re
ports the merchandise markets dull.
Little disposition to engage in new enter
prises. Merchants in city and country
are purchasing with great care.
Bank clearings are three per cent lower
than last week.
Failures show an increase of forty one
in past week.
Stock speculation is dull, prices slightly
better after slight liquidation.
Among the favorable features are the
relatively encouraging reports concerning
trade at nine business centers, together
with improvements in quotations of wheat,
corn, oats and pork.
Firm price for print cloths, leather,
lumber, sugar and xvool.
Clement Manly, ol' Winston, to
Chairman. HcimU-uarters Con
tinuc at Kaleih. chairman
Pou "ol : Candidate.
R.xlkioii, N. C, July 21,
State Chairman J. U. Pou. was
lere toelav 1
and conferred with the Slate nominees
regarding the date of the- State committee j
July 30th was the date fixed.
Mr. Pou will not allow his name to be i
USCelJas a candidate fT re-eliebon.
Mr. Clement Manly, of Winston, xvill be
the new chairman.
The headquarteis xvill continue at
Loaded with Allium n i I ion.
Havana, July 21 The examination of
a house at San Raafel, in which arms and
amaiurdlion xveie founel last week, a
trunk, with a double bottom was found,
with forty eight dynamite cartridges,
with an addition-d b ' of a thou.-and
The ()uecii Regent's Birthday Cele
lii'Hli il in Cuba.
Havana. Juiv 121. In compliance with
a degree of lieucral Weyler, the occasion
being the birthday ol the t icon R. gent of
Spain, who wa- born in 158. tie-neral
Lauo, t'-e Military Governor ol Cuba, xvill
today vi.-it piisomrs. for the purpose ot
liberating one- hundred and twelve of those
imnrisonee' for political i-il'en-t-s, besides
conlintil for trivial
Conference anil Comnroinlsos. a
Oouhirnl Situation. Those Promin.
cut lor Nominations. Kaperted
Hitterness In Convention.
St. Louis, July 21 Conferences and
compromises, take up all the time of the
The nctive propaganda started Sunday,
by the partisai s of Bryan, was continued
yesterday and last night, with more or
less grati'ying results.
The. siluation is still in doubt, Loth
factions claiming to be victors.
Jerry Simpson says he expects to see
convention endorse Brysn nnd Sewall
and a bolt will follow.
Outside sentiment seems to le for
Paul ,-indervoort, of Omaha, Neb.,
ex-Commander Chief of the Grand Army,
is more frequently mentioned for Domina
tion than others, today.
Other names mentioned aro Congress
man C. A. Towne, ot Minnesota, Eugene
V. Debs, and Senator Pettigrew, of South
Today has been dark anel rainy, like
The Populists were early to bed last
night, and early to rise this morning.
Notwithstanding the confidence in their
success of the Bryan managers, they are
not relaxing any efforts. Tney are not
adverse to any split which shall take the
radicals out of the convention.
The battle will be upon the floor of the
convention and no one doubts that there
will be a display of bitterness and bad
Tiie National Committee was wrestling
today, with the question of organization.
Tie Bryp.n men put forward J. B.
Weaver for chairman, and do not believe
that he will be strongly opposed.
Railway Facts and Flgnre.
Washington, D. C The leport of
the Interstate Commerce Commission for
the year ending June 30, 1895, shows the
total railroad mileage on that date to
have been 180, C57, an increase of 1.948.
Du ring the year fourteen roads were
abandoneel, nine merged, thirty-two reor
ganized, aod tweoty-eight consolidated.
There appears from the report to have
been a decreased efficiency in passenger
service and an increased efficiency in
freight service during the year, and an
increase in the number of men employed
by railways of 5,420, as compared with
the previous year. There was an increase
in the amouot of railway capital during
the year, aggregating $IS2,S29.312.
The gross earning of the railwavs for
the year ending June 30, 1895, were $1,
075,371,302, an inciease of $20,009,605.
The passenger revenue was $252 246,180,
showing a decrease of $33,103,378. The
freight revenue increased $30,502,549.
The number ot railroad employees
killed during the year was 1,181, and the
number injured was 21,696, a decrease of
12 killed, and an increase of 2,274 injured,
as compared with the previous year.
TI12 number of passengers killed was 170,
injured 2,375. showing a decrease of 154
in tne number killed, anel 659 in he in
juied. The Statistician re-commends that Con
gress be requested to proviele for a Bureau
of Statistics anel Accounts, which shall
have the right of inspection anel control
over the accounting departments of com
mon carriers.
Christians Massacred.
Atiikns, July 21. Ten christians have
been massacred at Hereklion, on the Is
land of Crete.
French and English men of war have
arrived there.
Vanderbllt's Condition.
Ne.v Yohk, July 21. There was a
tumors of a relapse in Cornelius Vaneler
bill's conilition, which is empliafically
The eloctors etid not remain with him
last nlidit. He is doing well.
Murdered His Children.
Attica, Mich., July 21. Gorman
Svxaiu killed uis tnree youngest cuuuren
ut his home, one mile Soutn of here, a
three o'clock this morning.
"He set tire to his house and shot himself
The children were, Frank, 11 years, Lucy
years James, 7 years.
The murderer drove his other e hihlren
lrom the house, and they fled to the nciih
Remains Quietly at Home. Mark
llaunn Mill at Cleveland.
Cleveland, July 21 Major McKin
ley decided he would not attend ihe
exercises of the Centennial celebration
this morning, but remained at his subur
ban home.
Mr. Hanna will remain here- until Fri
dav or Saturday, cxci pting a few hours
at Alliance, Ohio, Thursday morning,
whe re he will attend the commencement
exercises of Mount Union College. JHo
intends to return to Cleveland for a New
England dinner next Thursday,
ire wjn s-)uak on'y once tomorrow,
Founders Day.
For Bryan. Against sillver.
Atlanta. Ga., July 21 Hoke Smith's
newspaper, the Atlanta Journal, comes
out for Brvan, but is aguiut free coinage
of silver at 10 to 1.
Reserve Is Now Below the NlBAty MU
Hon Mark. M neb Is for Hoarding.
Washington, DC The gold reserve
yesterduy declined to $89,701,336, with
withdrawals of $3,706,800, ol which !,
030,000 was tor export The Jsrge
amouut, nearly $075,000, tukeu presum
ably fur hoarding purpose was regarded
by Treasury oflicifdn iu (he unfavorable
feature of the ilny's traun tioni.
For the past two weeks small amounts
of gold for the purpose have been with
drawn, but yesterday's withdrawals for
that purpose are larger thon for any one
day this year. A reassuring rumor which
reached here to the effect that the New
York national hanks have formed a pool
nnd xvill turn into the Treasury $20,000,
000 in gold for legal tenders was well
received by Treasury officials. It was
pointed out that they were amply able to
do so.
Mint Director Preston on July 1 estimate-el
that thrre was iu the United States
$598,00 ',000 in old, and by the last re
port the nitional banks, of the United
States hud 8178,000,000, and the national
banks of New York slone bad of this
sum $46,000,000 This total ha been in
creased since then, and it is doubtless Dow
nearly $50,000,000. The administration's
policy lo keep the gold reserve up to a
poinl of confidence has never wavered.
This policy, it slated, will be maintained
even if a new bond issue is necessary.
On March 4,1893, there was in the
Treasury 103,000,000 iu gold. This
amount, added to the sum realized from
j the bend sales since, make 9390,000,000.
By subtracting from this amount the
gold ou hand elay, $89,000,000, shows
I thatsince March 4, 1898, $307,000,000 in
.t ,.1,1 : , 1. i rr.
B""-- "-' iwu Hiuiumwii. iroiBsxry
officials attribute the heavy withdrawals
to foreign holders of American aecurltie
throwing them upon the market.
In view of the fact that the Treasury
has lost since July 1 $13,000,000 ia gold
and present indications point to further
withdrawals this week. Treasury officials
who have had confidential relations with
all former bond issue's, say that it will Im
much easier and more advantageous lo
the government, if a bond issue has to be
made, to do it before the gold reserve
reaches the limit of $60,000,000. If tlie
national banks, however, it is said, come
to the relief of Ihe Treasury, a lKnd issue
may be n verted altogether, certainly for
the next lew months.
North Carolina Railroad to Aa.
eaaed. On Seaboard Air Ll fl
lwm Ralelch and Son t la Carallwa.
Kalkhih, N. C, July 21. The Hail
way Commissiou ussesses the North Caro
lina Railway at $10,( 00 per mile.
Heretofore it has not been asw-sscd but
taxes liave been paid on its capital stock.
The assessment of that psrt of the Sea
board Air Line between Raleigh and the
South Carolina line is increased from
$8,500 to $10,000 per mile.
Revere Storms In Kentaeky.
Frankfokt, Ky., July 21. One of
the worst storms in years, carried away
two hundred feel of the bridg of the
Louisville & Nashville railway.
Conway's mills, houses and other es
tablishments on Benson Creek were swept
People coining into town lrom every
direction, today, report damage.
Cotton la Higher.
New York, July 21. On the Cotton
Exchange, today, cotton was several
points higher.
American Barkentlne I'd ta Into
Port- Mntlny on Board. Threw
Halifax, N. S. July 21 The Amer
ican barkentine, IIerlort Fuller, Captain
Nash, from Boston, July 8th, for Rosano.
with lumber, put into this port, this
had been mutiny on board.
The Captain, his wile and second mate
were killed in their berths during the
Campaign Opens In Tennmsre-
Knox x'ii.i.k, Tenn., July) 21. Ei
Governor Taylor opened the campaign
here toeluy, by endorsing Bryan.
1. 1st ol l.ejlcrs.
Remaiiiine in the Post Mtiee nt New
i Berne, Craven county, N. ('., July 11th,
I lS'.Ui.
j A Mr. .T no. A. Alexander.
i B Mr. duo. Bauly, Miss (irace
Benge, Mi. J. Burton, Misx Surah H,r-
(' Miss Iiviiiia Credle, Miss Eva
1 Chimons.
I D Mr. Jno. Dob-ton.
F--Mr. Albert Foreman.
! G --Miss Harriett G reou, care of Thus,
l Carter, Miss Lucy S. lireeti.
j U Mr. Jas, llardison, Mr. Wm.
j Harding, Mr. J. W. Humming.
' .1 - Mr. I umes J ouch.
I. Mi.-s.Iiiipv Eumrd.
M -Miss Kath'erine Martin, Mr. .1. T.
Melziil, Mists Mary Mickimr, Mr. Jas E.
Morris, Miss M nth t I'. Most ly, care ..I
I Ellis Hall, Mr. Calvm McCUmO.
( -Mr. Jno. ( Ilivi r.
P Miss Francis Paw, Mrs. .1. H. Pur
ser. If Mr. ('has Hum',
S Mr. Jeramiah Shepard, Mr. II. A.
Shepard, Miss Mary Simmons.
I .xi isr itenex-cit
i Henry Thomas.
Persons calling lot
Ihonia-. ami Mr.
letters will
give date
ph ase s iy a'. ert d
of li-t.
The i Luis now
cent shall be- collected
re.piirs that one
on t lie . lei i very oi
each ad ci tised letter.
i M. Manly
P. M.

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